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Missing Welch Girls /// Part 1 /// 107

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Missing Welch Girls /// Part 1 /// 107


In the early morning hours of December 30th, 1999 in Welch, Oklahoma a trailer home fire is reported. Firefighters arrive and put out the blaze. The dead body of wife and mother Kathy Freeman is discovered. Her husband, daughter and a family friend are missing. Law Enforcement theorized Kathy’s husband Danny shot her, set the home on fire and abducted his daughter Ashley and her friend Lauria. The following day, to everyone’s surprise Lauria’s family looking for clues at the scene of the fire find the dead body of Danny Freeman. Tonight we gather in the garage and discuss what could have possibly happened that night in the trailer. We also want to know what happened to Ashley Freeman and Lauria Bible.

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of the missing welsh girls. Lower Bible is described. Five foot five inches tall, one hundred and thirty pounds with brown hair wise group, Shelly Freeman is five foot. Seven inches taller. One hundred forty five pounds but dark hair and blue eyes, she has scar on the upper left side of her forehead. Both are cock
asian females and were sixteen years old at the time of their disappearance They have been missing since December thirtieth. Ninety ninety nine from welsh oklahoma- they are both classified as endangered missing it's true grime garage. This is the key the missing welsh during the free and family lived in a trailer home outside of welsh Oklahoma and the family consisted of parents danny and Cathy free men and their sixteen year old, daughter, ashley onto
number: twenty, ninth nineteen. Ninety nine, the family was celebrating Ashley's, sixteenth birthday, Jen, like a typical thing. She's going to have her best friend spend the night and our best friend is laura bible. Yes, they are both six years old. By this point they are lifelong friends. Both were very good students. Ashley was basketball player lore was a cheer leader and both of us we're very well light, so actually and laura went with Cathy freeman, who took the two girls out to dinner. Some have stated that they went to a pizza hut. Others said that it was big bills barbecue, but regardless they go out to dinner that evening. They also picked up feed for the freeman livestock and water from Cathy's ma. My house. After dinner, they went to their local walmart store. There actually met her boyfriend. Jeremy Hearst Jeremy gave Ashley a silver chain with a heart shaped pendant that also contained her birth stone.
This was her birthday gift and then, after the walmart, Cathy ashley and law all went back to the freeman's home and jeremy joined them as well lore. I spent the night the night before at the freeman's house, but since it's getting dark, they're going to stop by her family's house to see if it's ok, if she spends the night again yeah, was, it was going to be for one night turns into two nights, because lorries parents do not let her drive after dark she's already driving by this time. Her car is parked at the freeman house now they drop by just to make sure to be ok because its work after dark by this point and we can assume that their own when our break that at this point now back at the freeman home Jeremy Hearst, the boyfriend He says that while he was there, he didn't think anything was abnormal. He didn't see anything out of place. He says that he left the room. and home around nine thirty p m but danny the father, he had some relatives there at the freeman home and one of the relative said that jeremy left close.
The ten thirty p m, so about an hour later than Jeremy remembers, We know with eyewitness accounts, they can be off by a little bit both of the girls. The next day had things that they had to do actually was going to take her drivers test and laura head scheduled. A dentist appointment for following morning, well, the following morning, around five thirty a m, passing motorists reported a fire in the vicinity of the freeman trailer when fire and police first responders first showed up to find the trailer ablaze they put out the fire and inside on the bed, they found the body of a female. They would learn that this is the body of Cathy freeman and they on that she was not killed by the fire. She had been shot in the head before the fire, so We have a dead mother and we have amiss and father, and we have the missing two teenagers. Yet Lauren ashley the sheriffs department, they're going to start investigating and
have a theory. They immediately have a theory in their theory, is that Danny Freeman probably lost it and he shot his wife. He set the trailer on fire and he took off with both of the sixteen years, girls now he was known to have a temper, and he had a few running with the sheriffs department will get to that in a minute. The next day, laws parents, J and loreen bible. They are at the scene of the fao. Air in the murder, and they looking amongst the rubble for clues. Regarding the girls whereabouts. They see the freeman family, this is a rottweiler. I saw a very big dog in the door, this kind of laying on a collapsed portion of the trailer and IRAN
the dog or, as some have suggested, underneath of the dog J spot, something and its clear to J that he is looking at the dead body of a man. The body of danny fremont always been superfast maiden to me how in tune with the world and surroundings. Dogs are well the this crazy thing here is that lore bibles parents they could tell that danny did not die as a result of the fire either because as they described it end quote, he did not have anything from the upper teeth. All the way to the top of his head. Tat portion of the face was totally gone. Please us now the first quite a gunshot blast to the to the face. Yes and the first question that we have to ask ourselves is: how did the police and the fire fighters miss the body of danny? You note in does this, make you think that they could have overlooked the bodies of the two sixteen year old girls as well. One then, obviously, that the public
as access to this crime scene. Yet we have a situation where the bibles were up there. Looking for clues about their daughters and her friend, and the thing is here the once they call and report that they found the body Annie they get a little push back from law enforcement stating that you know we ve been over that crime scene and you must be mistaken. Well what took place- I guess Did you know that our mistaken we saw guy with his face, blown off the they showed up and they put out the fire, and this probably took a good deal of time, after that, once they're. Looking amongst the rubble in the debate, We they find the body of of Cathy, they fail to find danny's body, but they
Leave the crime scene around five. Thirty two six p m that night now keep in mind it's the winter months. So it's getting dark about that same time when there was a good chance that they may not have found it just do the time by the rent right. So by the time they get the fire out. You know son is setting and they find the one body, but let's celeste not real, jumped down law enforcement throats too quick baby at sight. Well, now it's dark we're just gonna, stop start again in the morning. Exactly, but I don't think they planned on starting again in the morning because they release the crime scene. They they they leave the area. While that's that's a air, that's irresponsible! Now that now the bibles or up they're. Looking for stuff! fine danny. Then we are also talking about a very, very small community. Extreme in a remote area as well, I mean like six hundred people live there yeah. So I mean, let's say under a thousand. We know for sure under a thousand so
the bibles or up there. Looking and now, once they get push back from law enforcement law enforcement wants to take the crime scene back. However, by this point, the bibles or up there with a bunch of their friends and family that are assisting them looking through the debris and there actually lifting up heavy objects. You know of refrigerators beds there looking or anywhere that these girls might have hid and maybe passed away in the fire or hold up a second, that's, definitely not what they're thinking they're thinking. If they died in that house, it's not from a fire. They were murdered just like the other two victims well, and they are also freaking out, because all of the cars are still there in front of the freeman home. when we're talking about a big stretch of land to you know so, there's a lot of areas ground to cover when you're, when you're conducting the search, but one thing
I found in arresting was that the bibles had said to law enforcement. You know all the cars are still here. Have you checked the vehicles? They claim that that law enforcement tells them? No. We we didn't. We have and take the view calls yet and of course, you know the bibles and in their family members and friends or their wondering what kind of searches this you miss danny, the first and then you ve not even thought to check the vehicles. Could these girls be in the vehicles? Could they be in the trunk of one of these cars? Well, again was not jump down law enforcement too much. So it has year you're there with your friends and family touch and all the debris? That's a crime scene, theirs to murder victims, and you just contaminated that. So good luck, you, if you do find some aid, sponsible. Good luck, they have enough evidence could vic them. Well, let's talk about, annie's run in with the law will quite grey.
to do this we're going to have to introduce shane freeman shane was eight, was Ashley's older brother on what is now and we'll have to go back in time a little to tell the story in nineteen ninety eight shane was experiencing behavioral problems. The family was ordered to participate in a counseling program. This was after shane stole his uncles pickup truck. Now I do want to be kind of clear here, because I've heard this story a few different ways and less shane was out stealing multiple vehicles. I've heard it reported that he had stolen the uncles truck or he had taken the grandparents vehicle Maybe it's the one one and the same I don't know, but for whatever reason he took this vehicle teenagers liked to say bar
I mean yeah and now there's there's another story that has a few different perspectives. Let's say on it and regarding this vehicle being stolen, danny calls it in, and he reports his son shane as missing at the same time that the vehicle is reported as All and now shane is picked up for this. Now. During this situation, the chain has been abused. Ok, it's obvious to the deputy that the arrest him did did chain has been abused, physically abused, yet beat up. that's one way that the story goes. The other way that the story goes was shane was at school and a school counselor or a coach had noticed that his his buttocks area was was bleeding and he was extremely bruised up to the point. Where wasn't just you know what
it. Wasn't just mama dad with a little discipline to to straighten shane out it was it look like an obvious beating type situation. Unlike we said before the father danny was known to have a temper, some, maybe his parenting. was getting a little out of control. Yet in this was not the only situation where we saw his tampa temper flare up back in nineteen. Eighty five, while Hoddan on were assuming it was danny that was discipline in him too hard or maybe just be an adult, can beat in his child. Well, where are we assuming? We are assuming that it was danny because he would be charged with with child abuse of the situation and what what law enforcement would contend that that this was excessive force
if danny had used, where danny is saying, no you're you're taking a family situation and you're blowing, it way out of proportion. But again this is not the first time that his temper has gotten him into trouble because back in nineteen, eighty five he got danny got in trouble for beating up his father in law they had some kind of what sounds almost like. A minor disagreement gets, gets craig and out of hand and danny ends up getting charged with that and that's the evidence of danny haven't attemper problem, yeah and after death, he is charged with abusing his son and ninety. Ninety eight shane does not want to return to his parents home. He ends up staying briefly with the with Ashley's family, with the bible, and in early january ninety ninety nine, the bible family, filed a complaint with authority stating that and took some of lorries, belongings and her money and that he also said several of the bibles firearms. While you know no good, the goes unpunished
come to our house, still our stuff yeah. He takes it Some of lorries. Money takes the firearms. Now the pole. These are looking for shame and he ends up. Take another vehicle. This is somebody in the freeman family oh he's out on the run. Well, he this is very strange. He takes the other car, it does. A guinea doesn't steal some males his car. He be takes one of his own family members, cars, correct and while the wild law enforcement are looking for him, he he tries to pull over a female driver and the the female does not believe that this purse is sheriff or a police officer, you know he's he's nineteen years old, he p way doesn't look anything like law enforcement and she calls nine one one and she reports the situations stating that you know. There's this guy saying he's he's law enforcement and trying to pull me over
not going to pull over? I'm going to drive somewhere where I feel safe before I pull over, though not entering into, because cell phones are really superpower ninety nine and police already looking for the sky, so what ends up happening is that the vehicle that he has taken it. It eventually breaks down and law enforcement, locate him on the side of a road. When the encounter him. They. You know they're they're, doing the traditional things, but keep in mind shane scott firearms with them. By this point- and I know he does yet in the report- are stolen- he had told sir people you know friends in, but not that he was suicidal and that he was thinking about doing suicide bike.
well in this situation to decide by come. Yes, and in this situation he ends up reaching for the gun. There's two different stories here. One story is that he pulled the gun on the officer, the other stories that he was reaching for the gun. What ends up happening is that the office or shoots chain any kills him and what will be disputed, though, as what was then or action between doff, sir ensuring this is ok, homer law enforcement officers. David haze he shot and killed shane on january eighth, nineteen. Ninety nine. Now the incident was investigated in hazel actions were found to be justified. David haines acted in self defense. The freeman believed that shape was attempting to run away from haze at the time of his death. Several of them
family members believe that the autopsy results proved that shane was killed as he is back was turned to the officer right, so the bullet entry would have been in chains back. We can't say that certain. What we can say is that the family members believe that his back was turned that the incident was investigated and it was ruled to be justified shooting now this is what's going to bring on this whole kind of thing. That's going on. Tween danny freeman and law enforcement because he believed that his son was murdered by the police. Now danny reportedly enquired about the location of David hazel residence, this was one month after his son was killed. Investigators, apparently leave that danny was planning some kind of revenge against chains, death, the free
its claim that several officers vehicles were parked in front of their trailer after after he had inquired about their residence. The that I've heard that this has gone down was that the danny would go and he would park his vehicle in front of the officer. Home any kind of follow around his family members from time to time, and this is mind you'd, like we said this is Small town there's not a lot of people, their release, things go unnoticed. And so what ends up happening is we have a situation where it looks like danny might be harassing law enforcement or their families and then the means believe that in turn, law enforcement starts harassing them by parking their vehicles in front of the freeman hall, while right, I'm gonna, obviously that law enforcement have they have to protect themselves and they have to protect their family. On the flip side of things, the danny,
lost his son and even if it was based off his own actions that he, you know, wanted to have suicide by a copper or you know who I'm going to pull out a gun and they're going to shoot me or maybe he's just going, pull out the gun to shoot at the officer he he lost his son. You know: n n said that grief. lot to deal with. I mean you shouldn't go around harassing people, but it's like I kind of feel for him on that on that angle, now, law enforced They start following danny. Basically everywhere he's going, maybe look for any reason to pull him over or give him a citation or arrest him for something, but he believes that he's being harassed by this point to the point where he informs his brother as well as other family members, stating that, if anything ever would were to happen to me and I
No look at the sheriff department that they're the ones that are harassing me and you know he also gave a statement that he said to the fact that when he was in some kind of verbal altercation with law enforcement, They had told him that they could do whatever they wanted to him and danny's family. There was nothing that they can due to stop re land, but this is second hand. You know we don't know that this this interaction actually took place are those exact words were set. Well, we ve all been pulled over, buys you know some, wagon officer right, says run in their mouth. You know over nothing, So whether or not a police officer was in altercation. Now verbal altercation, with dancing he'd, say will do whatever we want. We are there the eyes of the law whatever it is, that doesn't necessary
I mean that they are responsible for these deaths. Well, we have this situation, though. Here captain were two months after the death of shane. Now, Danny Freeman he's got to go on trial for the child abuse charges in this place in march of nineteen. Ninety nine. The jury ended up. They deadlocked on this situation because they asked the judge. If they could order danny to attend, counselling, rather than to send him to jail or to present the judge says no. You can't do that this, this the sentence, easy easy, either guilty and he's going to face these charges and get sentenced in this way or he's not guilty, and I think this is a tough thing for the jury to to make a call on here, because we got it, we got it Yes, where we don't have the number one witness that did think the kid that was,
was supposedly abused. We don't have him there to testify as to what took place in situation, and now you have to question appearance where's the line when you discipline your child. So what they end up stating is that they he's acquitted of these charges because they wanted to send him to counselling, but the judge would not allow and after the death of Cathy freeman, her father and mother. They wanted people that you know danny. Not only did he have this bad temper, but he was. also abusive to his wife and two both of his children. So this leads
to sum up the early theories, in this case, one of those theories being that, after years of physical abuse ashley with the help of her friend, they shoot the parents with one of the parents, own guns, with their guns and they flee the area. The next theory is very similar to that, but that the two girls left town with two men or boys did that may have assisted them in the attack on Ashley's parents. The third theory that we should discuss here is the police. killed, danny and then his family and set the fire to destroy evidence their number four. As that law enforcement wasn't involved and danny was targeted due to drug activity. Theory number five: is it: the girls were the actual target that the motivation for the attack was abduction and that the parents were killed in the fire was set just as simply hide evidence,
and the final theory is that someone that new the family had killed in abducted the girls. Then this would be any example that you can imagine, but you could also consider possibly the boyfriend Jeremy Hearst. Who was there that I as well as relatives of Dan Is that were at the trailer that I so those are the six theories that there working off of early into this investigation. I think we can need to look at this evidence of point us in the right direction and what theory makes the most sense the skin to that ran for this quick beer break still, but was dead, loves to that work is hard to see us, so this fathers date given get he'll love to use right now. He dollars on the steel episode, fifty seven battery dreamers it setting clues,
if I say fifty seven battery tremor plus the eighty in battery and l wanna, one charger offer only two hundred and forty nine dollars and many mind since real steel, fine, yours and steal dealers come one. Ninety nine undermine emma s authority off about through six eighteen, twenty three eh participating dealers while supplies last. in new orleans, twenty twelve bruschi chair, I drove to an address someone had given him that didn't exist. Ass he stood in the park, What were the address should have been, he was shot and killed. I'm You d umbra, join me for the newest season of counter clock, as I die, the motive behind bruces murder a series of events that have never been fully investigated until now binge all fourteen episodes of or clock season. Five, wherever you listen to podcast asia, it connects an ode to part, casts connect the alarm J,
the part cast. You stream connect this news. Ten more minutes to dream, connect a shower lather up with the news sports talk, comedians or movie, reviews connect with that three our philosophy show change the drive into work and trap, so slow connected dishes, two voices, they glow thing, You, too, the geniuses of spoken audio and make the stories change your connecting changes. Everything agency. Our right, we're back, cheers mates, make she's support our sponsors because they support us our atlas git to this evidence. Yes, so we both. We know that both danny and Cathy had died of a result of guns. wounds. The medical examiner determine that danny's right collarbone had been fractured prior to the fatal shot. The
warner also determined that Cathy died approximately five m that morning and, of course, investigators believed that the fire was intentionally set in an attempt to destroy evidence of the crimes now, regarding the family itself regarding the freeman family in their home, lorraine I'm told reporters that Ashley Freeman had been saving her money to purchase her first vehicle when she turned sixteen in december of nineteen. Ninety nine You said that she believed that actually had accumulated twelve hundred dollars in her savings account now. Jeremy Hearst, the boyfriend said that ashley actually didn't have a savings account, but Ashley had told him that she had saved between three thousand and four thousand dollars for her first vehicle. She was employed,
part time at roscoe's, which is a convenience store in welsh jeremy, went on to say that that you know she didn't, have a bank account and she kept her money, sealed in tupperware, an tupperware container and the families freezer authorities were unable to locate any evidence of the cash after the fire. Lorraine stay the ashley and danny had been arguing earlier in the month regarding the vehicle. You know she wanted to purchase a certain vehicle. He had it one in mind and they were not agreeing we ve all kind of been there. You know the teenager has earned their own money they want to make their own decisions with their money and do you know dad is disagreeing with her, while some of that can just be to tell on a tall tail as well. You know like la first volume, Tom, your friends, parents, wagon savings account. Well. Where is the evidence that young
now that they're missing and then on top of that you're telling the boyfriend. Why? Yet you can get three to four grand which where's the evidence that he had any money and the the other thing here to which I want to kind of talk about this for a little bit, because, because it's very unclear now the authorities at some point disclosed it. There were rumours, the ashley had been sexually abused, but they were on well to buy her arm. These rumours, That's why I wanted the father. That's why I wanted to talk about this because it nowhere does it claim to state by who you know could it have been? Could it have been her father, her her brother could have been a family friend or or you know somebody at the school right when you say sexually abused. You know your your your imagination, wonders immediately. Who could it be? But we don't have any body to point the finger at the other thing
I kind of thought about here in this situation was we have you have a whole? You know this town of six hundred people in a day goes by. The town, the people of the town there, under the belief that the father killed the mother abducted, his daughter and her friend. well, is that long enough? That's gotta be long enough for the the people in the town to start. You know talking about these rumors. Well, if he abducted those two girls, he must have been sexually abusing her and I wonder if I think it's a lot irresponsible of law enforcement, to say that there were rumours of this right We are unable to confirm these rumours again, a very small community, so not probably the best or most advanced law enforcement unit in the in the world here and that causes a lot of problems. Could one you leave the crime scene without knowing how
the victims? Are there and then then you dont clothes off that crime scene and you allow people to come in there and contaminated. I then, on top of that now we got this thing they were year. Creating rumours right in your ear, fuelling the fire really is what you're doing and in guinea, your creative, your creating a motive and what saying. Is that the birth of those rumours could very well be that because they do discover deniz body until the following day: wine right and but that's if those rumours established then or if their established after, because if you establish that- while there's rumours that she was sexually abused. your create an emotive on. Why the girls would want to kill the parents, and I feel like whoever's, establishing look what have said it before. There have been several cases that we covered and oddly people will
establish alibis their creating their own alibi and when some starts crew, in their own alibi that to me, that's a sign of guilt right, and so it's odd then, on the other side of this drum when people are creating a narrative for motive. For you to look at some other individual rights and to me that's a shade of guilt figures, what to be clear. What you are saying is that the the sheriffs department it by stating that there's there are rumours of her being sexually abused that that's all creating an alibi for the sheriffs department because your presenting a whole different theory that does not involve the sheriffs, having committed any crops correct and the first of all its this very eerie response. the board that year stating mom, there's rumours, dont state rumours, you're, the law enforcement state banks state.
I wish we knew exactly how this went down and I'll. Tell you why? Because it could it be something as simple as as the sheriffs top departments being interviewed. There asked by reporter, hey there are, there have been rumours that actually was sexually abused, ran the sheriff simply says we have heard rumours by now change The whole, then you have somebody later going the record, stating that the sheriffs department says that, were rumours of her being sexually abused. When really there acknowledging that they have heard those rumours- I see what you're saying with them, establishing an alibi. I dont know that it's that for me, because for me, For me, it seems like there was opportunity if that kind of stuff was going down with how close ashley was. Laura they spoke on the phone all of the time and at sea to me, like loreen, laura's ma seem to know a lot of what was going on in the freeman household. While she knew what she was told.
And there was also that that mandatory counselling that took place as well, we regarding the situation with shame. So what I'm getting at is. I think there was opportunity for that to come out where I I feel These are rumours that were just kind of created by the townspeople during that time period that they felt that that she was abducted by her father and we know how these rumours go right. We it's, it's like the ever ending game of telephone. Now you got six hundred people involved where, if I say you know what I'd betcha, he was section abusing her and that's why he took her in abducted or and then twenty four hours later we find out what he's doing. poor danny he died too. You know he was murdered and he was killed too. We know- that's not true, but there doesn't immediately put out the fire on those rumours. Why? Okay, so answer me, these couple questions one out is now: how did his collar bone get broken
right like do we know I mean- is that reported that this case is difficult to cover, because there was a it's such a small town in such small community that there's just now a lot of you don't information. As far as it goes on the internet, the white, but how? But because there's multiple ways that that could have been broken. I mean it could have been a that. Collarbone could have been broken. It's not too difficult to break a collarbone. Now it can be broke by a fist. It could be a butt of a shotgun m and then what? What is the evidence that points of what kind of guns were they killed with right? Well, the dave. Not the law enforcement has not disclosed. What kind of can they shot with, of course, that they they ve, held that back as well as they have admitted that there was an accelerant used to start the fire. This wasn't an accidental fire that happened after the fact
They know that an accelerant was used, but they have also not stated what what? In fact that was now the thing he as if you were to be considering that the girls did it or were involved in it. You know that we have a. We have a situation where the freeman they had a lot of firearms in that home. They of an under that such situation or scenario, they could have been killed with one of their own firearms one. the other problem. There is their avid hunters and the gun walls were different, also and so how many guns were in the house that were weren't registered, I may there'd be no way of knowing, as it gives, the two people that would now they're dead, yeah, so the shotgun missing we want it now. So if you have, if you get the ballistics right, if you, if you're trying to test to to confirm if they were killed with
of their own firearms, you wouldn't be able. If that firearm was not found in that home, you couldn't confirm that of their own firearms were used, because you would assume that if you didn't find it, then it was. Their taken from the scene or that the perpetrators brought their own firearms with them. Let's talk about the the freeman, the house, real, quick, okay, so the freeman trailer it did not have running water. It was primarily heated by a wood burning, still that was located in the living room. The family, as you have said, was described as avid hunters and outdoor enthusiast, who enjoyed living in a remote location. This was a very remote location. The trailer was equipped with a telephone an electricity. There were numerous firearms stockpiled inside the home and ashley assisted with hunting food. The family would go out and sometimes hunt their own food,
food nanny enjoyed walking outside on their property, the mobile home? He was a collector of arrow heads and his relative stated that he had an extensive collection of items that he had found. They were rumoured to be valuable. Here's another one of these rumours, but we don't. You don't know, that's causing a motive of the idea that some eight came in to break into the house to still valuables and they killed two people in the process and possibly stealing the cash they dab young, Ashley was keeping in the freeze, which I'd argue that it? That is more likely to happen. If you live in a remote area. I know that's gonna sound a little strange to some people, but I'm serious it's like when, especially if you I've lived, you know my house you're exactly right. You are exactly go ahead. Sorry, but you know my house was out of this.
a little bit, and if some is coming on to my property to still something I could end up very bad for for me or them so that. That's all I'm saying is if he- and he also that such a small town that you'd go well, there are abacha avid hunter. If I'm gonna rob this person, we know how this is going down. This is this. Is this is robbery by force and again, but then It also goes with the creating the motive, because if he has drug activity, then maybe it's like well, you know he has a bunch of guns, maybe hasn t there may be some drug money there now yet, and we should talk about this drug activity because there's their several yes, it was not just a rumour dry, theirs,
There's a lot of different stories about what drug activity could have been going on in in the area so that its believed it danny was himself a drug user. They were both theirs from cancer drugs. Pierre and its believed. It's it's pretty widely believed He grew marijuana somewhere on that property for his own personal use. Okay, so that's that's. What's widely believed there is other things that come into play. Here, though, there are some people that state that he was, he was selling marijuana, brain that he was, cahoots with somebody else, and they had a little drug operation where they were both moving potentially growing marijuana. There was one report that stated the inside the trailer. and I want to be very clear about this- one single report- all the little reports out there there's one single report that says it: they found evidence of drug manufacture,
during which to me using those words is completely different than growing marijuana and less and less you're, claiming that mother nature is your manufacture, rev marijuana. So what then like the means that they must have found some kind of drug equipment. You know some, and of creating these drugs equipment. Now I dont think that he was running any kind of math operation because corner we see. Well, because this is just my belief I have now, evidence of such but we have seen where, where certain- people will use certain terminology and certain words and then, when you dig, down deep and you find out exactly what they are talking about. Well, they ve kind of they ve kind of stretched it a bit right. They ve kind of embellished a little bit where evidence drug manufacturing could be something as simple as that they found a small digital scale somewhere in the trailer that might now
I've had anything to do with drugs at all, but but bragging. I get your points c, where I'm going with this. Then you have if you find a digital scale and you find a stack of baggies red. Necessarily mean that I command you actually drugs will right, but they could be used for pot as well Have you grow in your own pot? The smoke it? I got, nothing against it, if you have a little extra and your son I have a baggie here there to your buddy, that's not to me that it hasn't you're, not a drug dealer, you're, just kind of helping out your buddies. That's not like drug operation, but one report. Now, let's go, This is the dive into this little bit because it's ninety ninety nine. This is not a wide young- is not this epidemic like it is now, you know heroin and crystal meth and all that stuff in these rural areas. Now it's killing the it's killing the country. So
so, maybe there's only one report because a lie that crystal meth stuff is can a household items. You might not really know what it was says. Also accelerant, while this stuff is very flammable, so was that what was used for that alright, it's almost like because of the lack of evidence or the lack of them collecting the evidence or the lack of them presenting the evidence to the public. It just becomes more question after more question and we can speculate on that all day, but but to me a family. That's not doing so well, financially wants to move out to the country which nothing wrong with that, but maybe The father was also using this as an opportunity to make ends meet like we're gonna move out. Some land on into the trailer, but because we're doing that I'm going to have
job opportunities and that's gonna, be drug activity yeah and Happy was the breadwinner. She had a good job. Danny for my understanding was kind, was often unemployed, usually between, jobs and, like you said, maybe or maybe, selling a little dope here there was- was a way to make up for that. Well, this is what I find: ok, first you're the breadwinner you're the mom. This guy has city temper. You know- and we know that he's abusive to to your son, so chances are. He is abusive to you but tesla leave. You know what I mean to find somebody else, some and I understand you're you're in a town of six hundred people, but move to another town yeah. They were originally from the neighbouring town, which had like over six thousand people on it. I believe they're just a few years before this whole incident went down,
but yeah, I'm with you. It seems like up but again there's different dynamics to every family, every relationship, but it from the outside. Looking in. It definitely seems like the freeman family was odd and dysfunctional, while I'm just saying that she could love a winner with money as much as she and this loser with nothing is arms. Ok, so let's you know before we move on from the evidence and start seeing how it might apply to these different theories, became a ruling some of them out as we go one more regarding the evidence, though, the police did state that remember. We said that the the freeman had telephone service to the trailer. They did state that there were no outgoing phone calls from the freeman trailer late that night or during the early morning before the fire was set and theirs
a report by any bay that we know that they had a cell phone of any kind correct correct in the thing here is to you know: we stated that all of the vehicles were out front that were located on the property. None of the vehicles were missing but regarding laura's car that was still there, the keys were found in the ignition. Does it probably probably just means that she never took them out of the car that the house was quite a bit of a ways off of the road might not be any need to do so, but she did have a per worse and she had approximately two hundred dollars in that purse. The purse was located inside the trailer after this incident took place. So where you have money that is rumoured we ve been in the freezer. A substantial Madame money, depending on how you talk to between twelve, hundred and four thousand dollars where that is not found.
we also have a situation where there is money found in up in a purse two hundred dollars. It could have been taken that was left behind by here's. My issue, that is, law enforcement, allowed people looking into this case like to say well, there's two hundred dollars, in a person there. That proves that proves straight there that there was a robbery. Well, that does improve crown. that proves it wasn't a robbery for just money, or random belongings. This could have been a robbery just for drugs or just for drug money and so that doesn't really prove anything just because there was on the left somewhere that's on putting out there exist I'm in time again when you see the stuff about this case, wilder's too radar leftovers are therefore that doubling wasn't robbery. I dont think but he saying that because big
everyone saying that there's I that's what this report it all the time. Every almost every video that you ever see made on. This theme is like well, there's two hundred dollars left so chances are. I wasn't a robber it just wasn't a good I worry. Maybe they made off with the twelve hundred or four thousand dollars who was in the freezer and thought. Well. This is all the money they got and peace. I'm outta here right or like I said I mean if he had some drug activity, then that's white and that's why people would be there. You know for his drugs and for his drug money so do you shall we go back through these theories that we all none? I think a stay on this two hundred dollars right now, right. Ok, I think that two hundred dollars to me means It starts ruling out the idea for me that the girls would be involved right. That's why I asked if you wanna: go through the theories cause theory number one is that after years of physical abuse, ashley what the hell of laura that they should
the parents with one of the guns that they find in the home and they together. They flee the area to go off in live wonderful lives elsewhere, away from this git oak and I'll say, code on quote abusive thought. Why think he can say abusive father just on the evidence of physical abuse, not sexual abuse, but we can definitely say that there is enough since that shows that this guy he abuse shane, where we have evidence of that. I don't know that we have evidence that he abused. Ashley is what I mean. What would I have I that we have all the speculation or all the the accounts brought up by? I think what a grand put I think calling somebody in abuser of it's a very powerful label to to put on some We can, and I see what you're getting at half a me agrees with you, but the other half of I'm talking about half a view as smart and the other half is
in the smart home, the smart half of me as it is stating that, in this situation, we're talking about a situation where she no longer exist knives. We're talking about situation where we're going to say did ashley kill or participate in the murder of her own parents, because she was being a used by your father is a very poor. Full statement and I dont think that speculation would would point me in that direction, strong enough for me to believe that I would want hard core evidence that he was in fact abusing specifically ashley. Ok, So, what's your long winded point, my long winded point here is that I dont know why the smart, half Emmy cannot fix the creek in this chair that I'm sitting on every time. I move it. So I apologise everybody out there. If your hearing weird noises, it's it's me for a moment from his ass. That's that's where the crew noise problem that areas of I didn't have a long winded point. I think you got me upset because,
calling him a specific, specific abuse, but but regarding this theory. Okay. So what do you think you're this first theory yeah rang it doesn't matter. It doesn't your exactly right because- and I think- That's why we bring up the two hundred dollars and laura's purse. It seems strange, me that lore would leave behind her own money right or our own purse. Correct Even if you wanted to try to make it look like you were abducted, I dont know the kids. These are kids right and others, eighteen years old, another good students. I know that there are smart young ladys. the thing here is, though I dont know that that a kid would come up with this wild theory You know what we can kill these two and will take off and maybe we'll get lucky and they'll think we were abducted, so leave behind your purse. You know and furthermore, while Furthermore, none of the vehicles, none the families, vehicles or law vehicle was taken. So
by then. By that point alone, you can crawl soft theory, one in my opinion, because now you have to have outside help there has to be some form of trance trance. rotation getting you out of the area while look the hoes behind not that big of a deal leave the purse behind the cash is big. You need the cash right and you know buddy, I dunno was their cash in the freezer, I'm going to say not, look. We we vol. I look the other question. I have two which might seem a lot pretty silly to everybody, what But how long was she did in her boyfriend? I don't know, and all the reason why I want to know is because sometimes in the initial stages, you can't just you know over exaggerate, maybe a little bit. You know I've had that happened before been on a date where its obeys, no telling you what they do for
living you know and that kind of little braggadocio about it and- and I think, and and these are you know, women in their thirties right. So what's a girl in there, her? Sixth, I know she's sixteen years old. Oh I'm going to get a car. Well, what kind of car you're going to get home go? Get nice one could well. Have you got money for that pocket couple thousand saved I guess I'm cold hard cash in the freezer right. The thing here is: oh captain, ok, so I want to work with china something that I was thinking about the other day. What if I were to think that, maybe ashley killed her parents and could could the tipping point or could the trigger moment could that have been if she came home and covered, that Oliver hard earned money that she had saved and saved and save for her very first car tat. Her father had taken it from
freezer and went often did something with the money. Not look at lord. I see that and then you gonna drag? You gonna drag your friend into this its we're goin on how many years now. Well, it's been six sixteen years ago. So sixteen it has been in hiding and your friend hasn't came forward now, and the other thing too, is a. I think, if it was a based on the abuse right, then here's what would happen- or this is my speculation you're overcome with whatever embarrassment or whatever you're feeling re ensure that your father would be abusive towards you sexually or physically, and you ve had enough and- and I'm not gonna, take any more any snap and shoot your father. How does that go onto shooting your mother right at
and on top of that, then you have to light your house on fire. I mean other than your covering up well run murder with another year, but I think for somebody that by all accounts you know was a good kid. Radio had sunk, the live for was progressing in our own life. Didn't seem like she had many problems. You know she celebrating a happy time. You know. Sixteen is a great time you know you didn't get your freedom! You gonna get your independence, more independence! Sixteen is a good time, so I, snap, and then on top of that, then you have to have a friend gone along with this and she's gonna drive everything that's going on in her life and she sixteen and has a bunch to live for. So she can. This help you out now, it's you know doesn't seem too, equally well in and then, when you run away, you gonna forget the two two hundred dollars right and I think that's. What does
all those things that you said plus the other fact that date and take a vehicle and they left the two hundred dollars. You just you Don't do that you wouldn't leave behind a car. You wouldn't behind additional funds. When you know you're planning on starting a whole new life elsewhere, because you gotta run from these murders, you committed and just like the captain, was state there is nothing in the background of either of these two young ladys were smart young ladys, honour students. They were good, they you know worked. It sounded like it sounds to me like laura bibles. Family life was probably much different than ashley free means, family If it does sounded me, though they actually Freeman was very close with her mother, even if he hated her home life lifer hated her father, she only two more years to go to be out of that house, and I just don't see any
in their background, to point toward them having committed this and taken off yet because We don't know what kind of gun they were showered with. The thing that points towards them is that half the deeds face was missing and, to me, thou, be a shotgun blast. To me me, shot gun or a rifle would be something if she was gonna use, something I would assume that should use something that should more familiar with and again just also assuming that should be more familiar with the rifle based on honey. But then you have to have the coneys you gotta be one bad outbreak and I'll shoot your father in the face with a with a rifle and keep a mine his his collar bone. Broken this almost points towards some kind of scuffle before he shot where I would thank you know if you're dead
situation. If you're gonna shoot your parents, you're gonna walk into their bedroom in the middle of the night and shoot him in their sleep. You know that that's typically how these things go down, it wouldn't led to some kind of altercation. So I think you can scratch off the first theory that the two girls did it themselves and took off on their own and that kind of helps us and off theory number two as well, because it's basically the same theory, but that they they had the assistance of one or two men are one or two boys that may have assisted in the attacks and that they left town with this person or persons. What's your gut feeling, boyfriend, I mean look. You know that he claims we left at nine thirty, a lot of other people say was probably at ten thirty. I I I that doesn't bother me either way. You know if you're off a little bit we're not in about a detail there were people their afterwards right. So too
that little detail is not you know, he's not being nefarious intranet, we'll cover his his ass, you know, but ah what got feelings on this guy, so Jeremy hurts my gut feeling. Is I like him? I don't I don't like them. I don't. I don't like him as a suspect why I don't even know if he's attractive, but the thing here is captain first of I'd, like you said, doesn't bother me that he's off a proxy ITALY an hour on his time, because the other dude that city state later could be off on his time brain what think we have is a situation where he reports that he, left their home it at such and such time. He probably he's a chart is under eighteen. He go straight home to his parents, house time is probably accounted for. That's what I'm getting at during his time between it's a small window. It's not like these people. This crime happened some time in the week of this. No, this crime happened some time between, let's say ten
p m, and we leave the mom was killed at five, a m the next morning brain. So it's a small window. I believe his time was easily accounted for during the course of that time and on top of the disconnect seemed kind of range, but I will say it anyway: go for the birthday gift that he purchased for his girlfriend. we all love that young love right. That's that's! That's great! Those those high school romances that you have. His brother, what are you doin with his birthday? Well, we were all I was in high school when you're in high scarce haven't I love the high school. Romancers are ok winner in high. I no longer participate in high school room Eric, but I want to need you around colonel and I'm playing to the ladies now, okay, okay, ladies hey, how you doing jeremy's birthday gift to his young girlfriend seems to me to be well thought out, then
he didn't cut any corners on this birthday gift and what I mean by that, what did we say? It was a silver chain with a heart shaped pendant that also contained her birth stone. Let me tell you men as a whole. Sorry man now that I'm not playing against the men. Sorry men, especially when men are sixteen seventeen eighteen years old, we do no, what birth stone, but you have depending on what, what month, you're heat I'm getting as its iron, keep he put in good effort a put put together, thoughtful gift. That tells me that I think he truly cared for that young girl and that I think the because of such he wouldn't do anything to harm her family or harm her yeah, but if he really it's better that much. Maybe he would harm the family in help or covered up. then it, but then he stays in town. He doesn't leave with hit this. What this young girl that he's
Men have done some strange things for ladys, but you point out a good you, a good reason why. I think that theory number two can be scratched off as well, because ok, if they have the head, the assistance of a boy boy a couple of men or whatever. Where and who are these men and boys, you know wooden, they he reported missing at some point as well or your living in a town of six hundred people right winter. will disappear. If there's another two missing the pretty avi right, you know, so I think we can scratch off theories number one in number, two outright colonel wade, scratch off some. Larry, I'm not the colonel. I hold no rank anywhere. Is the captain. The colonel show I'm nick, which or change in the name of the show to the captain, the colonel true cram gay ridge anyways
for listening and we're gonna have to get to these theories and there's some suspects that are going to come up, and this next episode, plus we need to get your chair fix, cause. I'm tired of hearing your your butt squeak dates for listening dates for town, a friend thanks for sharon, on social media and until next time, be good, be kind and don't let this fathers day find a perfect give further. Dad who loves differ
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