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Mollie Tibbetts /// Part 2 /// 235

2018-08-21 | 🔗

Mollie Tibbetts /// Part 2 /// 235

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On Wednesday, July 18, 2018, Mollie Tibbetts was last seen jogging in Brooklyn, Iowa in the evening hours. There have been no credible sightings of, or communications with, Mollie since that time. Mollie is 20 years old, 5 foot two inches to 5 foot 3 inches tall. She was about 120 pounds. She has long brown hair. She is caucasian with a tan complexion. It is believed that she was wearing athletic clothing when last seen which could be describe as black jogging shorts a sports top possibly red, pink or black in color. Running shoes, color unknown. She likely had with her a gold IPhone 7s, a FitBit and white wireless ear buds. Anyone with information should call 1-800-346-5507 or visit www.FindingMollie.Iowa.Gov to submit a tip. Beer of the Week - Cherry Limeade Slush by Wiley Roots Brewing CompanyGarage Grade - 4 out of 5 bottle caps

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some true grab twenty year or at the university of iowa college student. Molly tributes went missing. Its believe captain, either on July, eighteenth or made even the nineteenth. We are still at this time a little confused about when she did in fact go missing. Now we wanted to cover this case this week to shine a light on her disappearance to generate some leads in further the investigation and hopefully bring molly home just within the last two hours, we were
you're breaking news on this case and depending on which reports you check, we have some reports. Adding that molly's body has been found in a roar area near this location and the other report state that a body has been found in it is yet to be idle, fight. What we do know is this during this investigation, law enforcement has been very tight, lipped about what they know and what they were looking into. We you know that we should be hearing more information later today. All reports that I could depending on whether it is in fact, her body or not states that there will be a pleasure. A press conference later today dependent five o clock, we depending on what part of the country urine, but we should get more information later today, all along during the course of this disappearance. There have been different theories about what could have happened and
I just want to start off with the euro. We might get sidetracked and go to into some other things, I really want to focus in on what the three main prevailing theories were amongst the media in the public during the course of her disappearance, the first and this is one that we always have to discuss when when somebody has just not been found, it molly ran off either alone or with someone else. Did she sings chose to run away or leave her life now that theory, you and I agreed, as well as the family and a lot of people close to molly everyone. Really believe that that is by far the least likely the three prevailing theories and we The information that's coming out today. I think that it even points more so too. That is still a tie. little possibility, but it was, unlike to begin with, and now with the news we have today seems either more more unlikely, also seems
finding her body almost raises more questions than gives us any answers. the other theory that was a popular one was that molly was abducted while on her run, and then, of course, the other theory that she might have been abducted from the home in which she was staying so maybe, after her run. Let's get into the the jogging theory. First, okay. This could be by opportune some one saw her and grabbed her it could some one who knew her knew her patterns and had planned out an attack on her or it could just be some random person that happened to spot her out on that run, blip and brooklyn, I was only three miles off of interstate eighty witches.
highly travelled. Didn't we mention interstate eighty when we covered the lane, bryant shootings, believe so many and yet it changes in our states and in no numbers route numbers from tat. the time, but I looking at it on a map and pretty much spans. The van majority of the united states yeah. The tricky thing here is: it's only a few maybe an hour or so either direction. You gonna hit major cities. Ok answer under this harry under the molly, was abducted while on her run theory captain. What makes this theory likely are the following: somalis fit bit iphone an iphone holster an ear buds seem to all be missing this now,
We believe, although this has not been confirmed by law enforcement, that her running clothes and shoes are not in the house where she was staying that day. No one had any can firms contact worth there after the general time of when she should have been out running. Let's talk about the home where she would stay, was a four bedroom home adult and said that they never lock the doors he said that when Molly was how sitting she have not lock the doors even at night, he said she would have instead slept with the dogs in the bed with her molly's mother agreed. With this statement we do know When police arrived, the house was found to be unlocked, and there was reported sign of forced entry of any kind or any type of break in several
Those belonging to molly were found where we should expect to find them. They found her laptop he found her wallet with licence in debit card. They found her brand new passport, she was planning a trip Remember. We have Dalton her boyfriend Dalton his brothers getting married to his fiancee. They were going to go out of the country for this wedding, so. She had a new passport for this trip. Also, her glasses were found and some contact lenses were found as well. So these are items. Do you know seem, like would have been. You know, might have been taken with her. If was taken from the home rather than on the job. The only item, We can believe that are missing other than molly were the eye is that she would have had with her while she was out jogging yeah and then the other theory is that Molly was taken. Why shoes in the house dog sitting, while we just went through
what we know about while she was out jogging, let's go through what could point to her. Having been doktor from the home or may not point to that work. Open it up to discussions, then so it does not appear that the house was treated as a crime see what I mean by that is there's no reports or couldn't find any information regarding the crime scene. Tape was even put up and we do No, that the occupants dalton, blake and Amy were all I'll back into the house fairly quickly. The law in force stated no signs of forced entry or a struggle ever theirs. He signed the fourth century. If you leave the doors unlocked, there is some evidence to back up this theory, though, so that, be that you know she returned to the house after her run and then disappeared. This theory is popular for two reasons: one No that molly's boyfriend alden opened up a snapshot for molly at ten p m. The picture was a selfie of mali and she
here to be indoors. Possibly he said in his home right now. We have no idea when she actually sent the snap police believe it was sent that day. Snapchat has been working with long for so they're working to clear that up police would ve much like to view the snap as we stated before, but for obvious reasons in which- oh potentially, where Molly was at the time of of that time of night, and there was some text on that snap Dalton not recall what the caption said now: evidence for the posters Abduction theory also. Is that at some point over the course of the investigation, some people talk to the media, whose The investigators told them there was reason to think Molly had
home dolphins home that night working on her computer, specifically, that was the neighbour of the jack's david column, Nan. Supposedly there, some google searches, correct lorry called her. Would molly's mom told that, moyne register that she had received a call from an agent who was trying to discern specifically whether molly had been quote in a home at nine forty five p m on July eighteenth. So those are some things that point to the possibility that she had. returned to the home. Now we have blake jack dolphins. Brother said he. He echoed what we heard before, that there was no sign of any kind of struggle or disruption inside of his home, blake also said that they were told there is no way to tell whether molly had returned home after the run, but is that really true? We have to question that
Surely, if Molly had returned to the house, she would have let the dog out of the basement. Maybe fix something to eat. Did some work on the computer and got ready for bed. You would think that issue had returned and been there for a while that there would be evidence at the home to suggest that she, return home unless she arrived back at the house after her run, and someone was waiting for her since all of her running stuff all seems to be missing it up to me likely that she was still wearing it when she vanished. I saw lotta reports about this black ass movie yeah. Well, this kind of ties into another thing: there were reports coming out that a black you ve, was seen driving around town in the middle of the night. On the eighteenth, this received a national level of attention, the story seems to be true and then later we would learn that it was in fact true. Now, let's move onto this real quick
and you'll understand here. Why, in a minute, but the true value heart. where store in town was vandalized or broken into on the night of the eighteenth, this was also widely reported and do they know what was taken well. turns out to be true as well, but what ended up happening in the long run, because some people had spent, like elated, maybe items stolen from the hardware store that were used to abduct molly the unknown, makes or to break into the home. the thing here is: oh captain what we would later learn, and sometimes it takes days it takes a while for these items to trickle down and the proper information and get out the black. Ass. You ve seen driving around the middle the night. It happen The true value hardware store broken into her vandalized. It happened. we later learned that it was just straight up vandalism, it doesn't appear that any entered the store that they vandalized the outside of the store. Now back to this black, as who v I mean cause, there was reports
I believe it was like four hundred and eighty miles roughly away from brooklyn iowa, where they saw this black s. U v. I want to claim that it was like couple of weeks prior where there was a a jogger on a road and there's actually a surveillance footage of this where the blackest eyes. It looks more like a van to me than a s t v, but it pulls up next to the jogger says something tour tries to grab her, maybe and she took off running and then she called the cops and then they had this video. So once this molly you know molly went missing this sub law enforcement departments, set this information to the law enforcement up in brooklyn iowa? Well, the the black ass you ve- that is in question here regarding brooklyn iowa tied into this true value, hardware store because we know who the black s: u v, belong to,
true value, hardware store vandalism was called in by a bar tender who was leaving and got off than that night all the vandalism go down called in the report to police. Well, the bartender owned. The black suv and after having called in that information to police occur, drove around town looking, for who they thought they had seen. Vandalized store that report that I heard from four hundred so miles away? I thought that was somewhat of a stretch. I mean that's a pretty far distance right, right, but we have heard of situations where individuals decide to drive cross country and in commit these types of horrible acts against people. But that shows that in this case that there a lot of their lot. Eyeballs on the case, there's a lot of different departments train thing, even if there are five hundred miles away there, still trying to help the molly tippets case. This shows the effort
you're exactly right. This shows the effort that was made by everyone to try to find her Now we have some f b, I profilers that have came out and they speculated that they believe she was taken on the jog. She was abducted on her jog, but by somebody that she would have known like that. Maybe she would have been willing to get into a vehicle with somebody now, it might not be like some may very close, but some way that she would actually recognise okay. So I think this is a situation where we ve talked about this several times when you're an fbi profile or you take information that you can find regarding the own facts of the case things regarding information about your victim. And then you have to kind of play the percentages, it's like you're playing poker. You have to say all right, it's more likely that this happened and I state that, because of this
now that doesn't mean that something else didn't happen. It doesnt scratch anything Of the list of what could have happened, but what I think and why I think they would come up with this information here and state. This is for one simple fact: it very likely if she was abducted during the course of that jog it would have still been outside, and we don't seem to have any reports of somebody saying hey, I saw a fight go down between some guy that jumped out of a pickup truck and a girl that was jogging. They got into a fight next thing. I know the truck is gone and she's gone. We don't have it statement of that. Now I've looked at the suspected rouse this. She would been jogging on that day now, not do. We believe that some portions of that rule or some portions of those routes would have had surveillance cameras
the police could later received that information view that footage but these are also areas where I would have expected people to possibly see her. We do have those witnesses, or at least three individuals that believed that they saw her I'll jogging that night or someone they believed to be her. So again I they're playing. The percentages of it was still daylight out, We don't really seem to have any information that she were turned the home or any evidence of such and therefore there was no scuffle if there was Oh struggle, yeah, she willingly got into a vehicle with somebody now given her what they know about her. She wouldn't have done that with the stranger she wouldn't
just got into some guy random guy's vehicle. That's tricky! That's tough! I believe what they're saying but go ahead, possibly, but I think the problem here is you don't know what you'd do a face. Different situations, one hand to hand, combat fight, would would molly put up a fight guarantee, that's what her whole family said taught her boyfriend said. That's what her brother said. That said, they would that she would fight them. You know, and so she was as tough. You know. The tough individual now put a put a knife in the perpetrator's hands. out in the perpetrators him. It could change things and you might not be willing to give him a car with some a you know, but if they got it In pointed at you, you might be willing to do so
and and I'd argue, and in this I was talking to local detective here, and he was saying that if, if you're faced with that situation, that once you get in the car, he your chances of surviving are slim slimmer, they're they're very low, yet your chances are extremely low at that point. So you do everything you can not to get in not to get in the car and if somebody has a gun that you owe even if they're somewhat close make them shoot you out in the open. You have a better chance of just taking off running and zigzagging, and just doing your best to try not to get hit. You have a better. of staying alive, doing that and that that's coming from a detective that worked cases like this for twenty some years. So if you find yourself in these situations, one one of the things that the true crime community needs do a better job of is to say it,
go running, carry a knife. Carry them carry mace, make sure that you You don't molly had her fit the tracker honor, that's gonna leave. evidence haven't phone on earth. Gonna leave evidence you know by if, if she would have pepper spray or a knife, or if she would have known that hey. If somebody's going to try to abduct you with a a gun, you your you, have better chances of staying alive. If he does take off running well the the profiler stating that we believe it was somebody that she knew that's also kind of lucy goosey too, in a sense that she may not have willingly got into the vehicle, even if it was somebody that she knew right, but that also, if, if They know her that allows them the opportunity to approach her without causing oh an alarm and immediate alarm from her and immediate ray action that they don't want from her in actually goes against
we ve already reported on here in the garage you know. We talked about the case that we covered murder joggers. We had two women, they were on similar situations jogging exercising and in both instances they were abducted and killed somebody that they didn't know that by somebody that did not know them. Now we have to completely different situations within those stories themselves, one it seems that the one individual that she was out running and very likely attacked from behind and then old there, and then we have another situation where The woman was out running and the guy pretended to have a vehicle that had broken down and probably ask for help or at least enough to draw her in and draw her close so that he abducted her and got her in his vehicle. So it's a difficult situation to really try to
pull the pieces apart and try to figure out what's going on and what likely happened here. While the craziest thing, then I've heard that law enforcement believes that the person responsible for molly gone missing. Now, Molly's death was involved in the searches for molly and also was at the candlelight vigil. Well, that would go along with a lot of effort. Theories. Regarding that, the the perpetrator knew her that they had they knew each other. Somehow it could. Very loose sal, they knew each other. Maybe it was. neighbour or second cousin or somebody that happen to what our a store somewhere will hold on this, and it is this case has been strange for us a cover, but we're gonna go to a quick break because we're getting some new,
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has been good news. Everybody wanted molly to come home, safe and sound. Maybe there was just some misunderstanding. It now looks like, have found molly and work as we get closer to that press conference at will. and later today is more and more likely that that is the body of molly tippets. The information that we just recently received is that the body that has been found was possibly found on or near the pig farm that we have discussed on this show, and that has been discussed on other shows as well. the strange thing regarding where the body was found is it. It sounds like there might be an individual that has been arrested, they might be have already taken into custody and it's not the the man who's been referred to as the pig farmer, but instead
act, a neighbour of her boyfriend's of somebody that live close to the jack house, and this was nate, hop. Wood is in, and I want to be clear here, until we have this press conference later today, the things that we were Where did on this show regarding who was found where the body was found in who has been taken into custody. This is all unconfirmed. You know we and yesterday in the show earlier today, we stated that you know when we cover these cases that are fresh there is a lot of misinformation coming out and I What I want to make sure that we are not part of misinformation. This is we are hearing. This is what we are seeing now, but to be absolutely
or until we have this press conference. This is just things that are more or less rumored to be going on. We, we should be very clear about that ma yeah, so I mean again to this has never happened with us. I mean we normally cover cases that are older cases, but again so many emails have listeners. Saying hey cover this case and shine some light on it. You know it's your responsibility to do the true crime community to do so, and so that's why we took this on and then to wake up and on the way to the garage record to get text messages saying
molly, has been found that I mean I mean I've been choked up all day about it, but and now as we're recording it to be getting text messages from friends and a good buddy of mine morgan. That is checking the news constantly for us and to sin. I mean the first thing he sends is, and it looks like she was found on or near farm. Then it instantly you go to the idea of this. Guy was question five times this guy wouldn't take polygraph. This guy then takes a polygraph. We don't know if he passed or not, and then the next text message is this: the snake hop wood, which is when the neighbors he's not. The tube clear he's, not the pig farmer right. Ok, well, let's touch upon what you were talking about earlier, that the fbi or local law enforcement suspect that the individual response-
The for her abduction and death was probably somebody that participated in searches for molly, while she was still sing somebody that may have even participated in a candle light vigil or any of the ceremonies that you have when you're looking for somebody, that's seems very likely first for many, reasons, your captain, and this is something that the f b, I will usually tell local law enforcement to keep an eye on. You know if you have. If you have to conduct a funeral for somebody, then you put some agents, are some undercover officers there and see who shows up to the funeral and, like the f b, I said they had suspicions their profile hours. Former profiles stay did. They believed it was somebody that new molly that knew her somehow. So what does that mean? Well, that's me is that a person that new her somehow even if they lived together?
the same community but didn't know each other directly than that somebody that you would expect to be involved in those searches, somebody you would expect to be at the candle. visual, and the thing here is that something that the guilty party does that the suspect does, because they go look. I couldn't I I've done anything wrong here. I couldn't have killed her I'm out here, searching like the rest of you, like all of the other good people, like the actual good people, he's not a good person but like the actual, go people I'm out here, searching and looking for her. Also I'm here in memory of her I'm here one celebrating her life and celebrating the hopes and thoughts that she return that we may find her so it so. Is that what is real piece of shit? it somebody that would fit in to both of those scenarios, somebody that would not have seemed to be out of place it either of those scenarios. The other thing and we ve
thus as plenty of times here. The reason why the perpetrators do this is for one could be for four disgusting method disgusting reasons that I don't care to get into right. I want to try to get into the mind of this individual and play around in there for too long, but the other thing is the simple fact of just it's a way for them to keep an eye on the investigation to kind of new what's going on one. Is it fair to say or so fair to speculate mean that this pig farmer, this expert, firmer whatever He's probably not going to the searches he's, probably not going to any services for formality, right I agree with that. He doesn't even seem to want to talk to police that much it seem like he was willing and at the start, like hey ye, I heard get the single on. I answer a few questions, but when they come back time,
I'm a time again is when you say hey these people are wasting my time than war. ok, so he's he's not coming around. So I don't know Well, let me get onto this while so to me. If, if, if this pig farmers not involved and its fat and she's found on the on the pig farm or near or near then, if this individual, if this neighbours responsible that that person is watching the case, they that this guy's under suspicion, and then they take that body and they move it to the farm. Therefore, raising more suspicion. Well us talk about this for a little bit and I think it's very smart that law enforcement came out and and make the announcement publicly that it was very possible somebody that new molly or possibly somebody
came in contact with her did harmed her. Ok and- and I say that because of this, when this case first broke, when she was missing in the early days of her missing. We keep hearing reports of while this town is so close to interstate eighty. There's somebody could have snatcher up and could have been thousands of miles away. Very shy Thirdly, within you know a day or two of of this abduction ran I think, is important. Here is law enforcement, they knew that they needed tips. They needed information from the public to help steer the investigation and point them in the right direction of what likely happened to this young woman and what did was by stating that it somebody that new her or somebody that the community. What they're saying
they are really kind of shrinking that suspect pool in the eyes of the public, meaning. Then what you have to think about is ok. She attended I university. I write well there's only so many people that attend or work there are faculty of the university. There We have a community that we have already said is only about fourteen hundred people or less. So what You ve done there is we ve already shrunk, the suspect pool where before pool before. We were saying it's closely. I interstate eighty, It had been anybody in the entire country, nowhere shrinking that down, and why is that important? Because on the thirteenth of this month, a spokesman for I would department of public safety, gave a much anticipated press conference regarding the status of the case didn't learn a whole lot knew about the case as far as evidence or what actually happened amali, but what he did say that was of importance. Was this tat molly possible
came into contact with someone who harmed her. He said that they do not feel though the public at large is at risk. He said that while suspect, may not be a member of the brooklyn community. It is likely someone familiar with that committee and then laid out some things that the public should be on the lookout for with regards to the person with people in their lives, they could have been involved in the abduction of molly. They stated look for the following: should a change in normal routine, which might include missing school work or routine engagements without plausible explanation of vehicle unexpectedly taken to a repair shop or sold or disposed of unexpected
were intense cleaning of a vehicle, possibly at an unusual time of day, unexplained lack of contact or inability to get in touch with someone. You know the evening of why eighteenth into the morning of July, nineteenth altering of physical appearance, this would be simple thing. Like the growth or removal of facial hair. You no change your hair cut color of hair. You could follow your hair, plays of anxiety, nervousness stress or irritability, unexplained injuries chain. Is in consumption of alcohol, drugs or cigarettes. Changes in sleep pattern interest in this status, the investigation, including close attention to media coverage or an unwillingness to discuss the investigation, the
the thing they did in that press conference captain, it was that they announced a new website dedicated to molly's case, finding molly dot, iowa dot gov the website allowed people to submit tips anonymously. Now I want to talk about this first. can here, because we do not, we have sounds like breaking. Who's coming out today, that they could announce that they found her body and that they have asked mate, but I want to remind everybody about their website because of this, even if they announced to us later today that they have made an arrest the cases of the invest, nation is not over. If you know something or if you saw something you should still go to that website. You should still submit that tipp. You cook should still call law enforcement and tell them what you saw or what you know to help further this investigation, and if you live in brooklyn iowa and you ve. Not
did that website, yet finding molly dot, iowa dog gov go there because of this, the webs also contains a map showing some very specific locations where investigators are hoping. People might have witnessed. Some Sometimes we ve seen something that's of importance and we dont we're not even aware of that. But if you work in either of any of these locations listed there in that time, where she suspected of Having been out on her jog my reach out them and say hey. This is my name. I was that this location at this time, Let them know if you saw anything at all all of the locations there, either in or somewhat near brooklyn. Of course, authorities walter us why they are interested in these particular spots, but you can use our imagination right, notably one m is a self serve car wash located in town. We talked about the possibility some and meeting to clean a vehicle. The spots that work
Kate, on this website her or listed on this website. It appears that they, However, at least twelve mile in total, so meaning that not likely all spots that they believe that she ran past that night, but they are spots of interest to these investigators for some reason why? yeah. The car wash always made me wonder if somebody like accidently hitter, why their driving so maize coming home from mars may has drinking problem, hits her wise driving home it's molly put certain car has go wash his vehicle. and for whatever reason says, is coming forward in saying this is what happened that they try to cover it up, yeah there in the fit bit portion of this case. Though very interesting and very important to me, because it likewise
We believe it is missing. We believe that, We don't know where it is no one was saying during the course of this that I could find what what model? In fact, this fifth, it was, but this is crucial as some fit beds have gps tracking them and some allow for rout sharing online as well. So do some iphone acts that runners? Would you swore here's what we're gonna burn? and were reply not grow. Learn this in today's press conference, what we're learn is they're gonna do autopsy, so gonna know how she died we want to know. If there's any dna evidence on her work.
When she died, was she abducted and taken as somewhere and was alive for awhile or or did she die the day that she went missing, work and also, I think, later, find out and maybe not even till there's a trial, but the information on the fitbit I guarantee you they have information, I mean it might have her vital signs, so we might know down to the minute if her as long as her fitbit was still on and possibly connected to her phone, I think we're going to know that information, so I think there's going to be a ton of evidence that comes out and the next weeks downward. We might not hear about it till the trial. We want to thank everybody that was involved in the investigation. Everybody that helped molly's fan along the way and and think are
nurse in our garage army for reaching out to us and encouraging us to take on the task of covering this case. Each has been a it's been a very sad day, feels like it's been a lot longer than I know that it has here in the garage today, a very, very sad and we will hopefully learn more in this press conference and again our hearts and our thoughts go out to Molly's, family and friends and until next time everybody be good behind. In and
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