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Mont Vernon Murder /// Part 2 /// 434

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Mont Vernon Murder /// Part 2 /// 434

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In October of 2009 a home invasion murder rocked and shocked the small affluent town of Mont Vernon, New Hampshire. These horrific and senseless acts forever changed Mont Vernon. New laws were established in hope of deterring future offenders.

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everybody gathered round grab a chair grab a beer. Let's talk some true crime.
As hard as they were too. Here. At times, we have sat through the interviews of four of the five individuals being interviewed for the murder of kimberly cates, and now we have stephen spade or who is left chris griddle guy thus a good amount of information and he showed us what kind of heartless individual he actually is a stiver stephen spade her. Did he tell the same story as grable in a nutshell,
No, instead spade or through his childhood friends right under the bus. They affidavit sums it up best, quote spain or told the police in substance that he did not commit the charge crimes that he did not know. Who did it that whoever did it should get the death penalty? He also stated that on october four, he was at the pheasant lane mall in nashua with Christopher gribble, while he pawned jewelry. Presumably the jewelry taken from the kate's home Spain or then, lawyers up and refuse to talk to the authorities. This is confusing, as we saw these boys took pains. To make sure that they were not caught. They wore gloves. They got rid of their clothes. They clean the blood evidence up with bleach and other cleaning agent.
But then they told everyone they knew about the murders. Here's! What the apple David says, the boys blabbed about people, During the day on sunday, spader told Jamie hollins remember he was at kyle fenton's house all about the murder quote because he trusted him. As we know, they also told then all about it in his mom was the one who actually called the police. Grable said that they threaten elden spikes on sunday. Remember that spikes was hanging out with the for them that sunday, and they all gone together to the pawn shop, to sell some items stolen from the house when spader found out spy girlfriend knew about the murder he threatened him, and so did. Grable they showed a number of people the knives on sunday, but then became concerned
it's so many people knew so they clean the knife in the machete and the she's, with bleach and alcohol and buried the knives in the woods they also a pearl necklace. They saw from the kate's home that they could not part these items collected by investigators after griddle led them to the burial spot. This is laid out in the appetite of it, but it seems likely that at least one of them told his girlfriend as we know that gloves girlfriend called and yelled at him about it. Also gillian baptist spatters girlfriend was included in an outing to the pheasant lane mall, where they pond the jewelry. She testified that she later learned what they had done and cut ties with spain or right unless go back,
The idea that we know that gribble is a horrible person, but he's also telling the authorities hey spiders, actually the real deal. So now, let's get into the autopsy and the charges. The medical examiner found. The kimberly cates died from thirty two sharp injuries to her head neck, torso, left arm and left leg from who different weapons manner of death, of course, homicide. She was alive, unfortunately, for the entirety of the attack per the medical examiners. Testimony during all of the blows she was alive, these and wooded, one that broke apart. Her upper arm bone and two that broke open, her skull and sunk into her brain. The medical examiner also said that her throat was cut and on. I was dislodged from the force of the blows jamie. The eleven year old girl suffered multiple debilitating injuries,
had a broken jaw. She had a punctured long. She had to have part of her foot amputated as well as skin graphs for multiple aspirations that required plastic surgery. One wound penetrated and fractured her skull. Her elbow was broken. She had multiple stab wounds from what looked like a small knife per the sentencing. Memo quote her treating physicians at children's hospital in Boston testified that they had never treated any patient, adult or china. With that many stab or hack wounds, and quote a doctor testified at one of the trials that Jamie would have died of a punctured long if she had lost consciousness before calling the police within two days.
The detailed arrest affidavit we have been reading from was filed with the milford district court. That laid out the case against the four who participated in the attack on the cates family per w m. You are, quote a little after six, a m on tuesday october six, the state any general's office issued a press release to the media. They said for a ride must have been made in connection to the mount vernon, killing and attack before noon. On that same day, spader Gribble, Arts and glover were arranged. Why buy one at milford district court, so they're gonna charge all five of them chris rebel and stephen, spain or poor, charged with first degree, murder, attempted murder and conspiracy to murder, as well as a bunch of lesser charges, william mark in queen glover, where child
with burglary conspiracy to burglary robbery there warned that prosecutors would seek additional indictments when they presented their cases to a grand jury in early. November, more charges were forthcoming autumn savoy was charged with two counts of hindering apprehension or prosecution, and one count of conspiracy to commit hindering apprehension or prosecution. This was, of course, because of his throwing the evidence bag into the river and then lying to police, about the false alibi question for you. Maybe you some do they have to charge. These individuals, therefore, They can use that as like some leverage against them to testify well
yes, of course, but they also have to charge him just to hold continue to hold them at some point. If you don't charge them, they, they have rights as a citizen to who's not being detained, and they have to be released so think what you have here. Captain is when you got up a whole batch of holes. The: u s new charge within a short men of charges. I think not only does take some time to it takes time shut out who's guilty of what and what will the public decide there? guilty oven and agree to as well. So it's hard to overstate the shock. You know we just spent an hour or so on this case, but I want Everybody to really kind of sit and think about this for a minute, because it's really hard
to state the amount of shock that ensued from the arrest of these boys. They had their problems, of course, but in general, no one saw this coming. We talked about the that this place had not had a murder and over one hundred years, and then, when you solve it this quickly or you are making a this quickly and the public can see. What's going on and now they're being told that the perpetrators are children. Essentially it's it was the the area was in shock from the murder itself and from the attack itself, but now You double down on that that the perpetrators they look like on the evening news, they don't look like some monster this rolled into town and it took away one of your own mind gin
It also depends on what picture they're getting you know we eat. If you take any of these kids and go back three years. Some of these kids were doing all right then, and obviously beige is lot younger, so they look way more innocent. But just imagine what the parents are going through. We know through some of the testimony that some of the parents knew that the these kids were down the wrong path be down the wrong path, for some kids are led by our now he's he smokes or we caught him smoking We are caught him with a beer or we we are weak. I'm making out with his girlfriend or whatever whatever it would be right to go down the wrong path like most you're, not going to assume the wrong path, is taking them down to heinous murder, for no reason other than they just wanted to murder. Somebody d, abc news. Put it pretty simply saying that friends of the team,
Jurors were shocked at the boys who came from middle class families and dissipated in activities like school musicals in the boy scouts would conspire to commit such brutal de the community. They now only blamed the the boys, but some on the community, were blaming the parents of these kids as well saying that the parents must have ignored the signs that they enabled them. Yeah and labeling the boys as evil monsters psychopaths who deserved the death penalty. Many people I also believe that there were varying levels of culpability among the pack of five. After all, according to what the boys were saying Only two of them actually participated in the physical attacks on our two victims. Savoy wasn't even at the troll road house at all. Thankfully, none of them were granted bail. They were
owing to sit in jail and wait for their trial. They would have to stay there until their trial date. While all of this was going on Our survivor sixth grader Jamie cates attack. In her mother's funeral. In a wheelchair. She was able to return to school the week of october. Twenty seventh. She and her father issued a statement that thank all of the first responders: doctors, law enforcement and community member. So what's the story about the the highest your book. This is an interesting one, and this is not something that we would have in a lot of our cases given the age of the perpetrators, but right now. We have these five young man as disgusting as they are there sitting in a jail cell waiting for their trials, and we have the state that's going to be busy preparing, indictments and working to build their case against these individuals. And,
Meantime, the two thousand and nine two thousand and ten school year is drawing to a close and the yearbook is going to be released, and this place a march of two thousand and ten the high school yearbook contain pictures of all students, as one would expect, but in this case it includes even the ones in jail for the kate's murder. Remember too, if these guys were still in high school at the time of these crimes. In fact, they were picked up at school when the police wanted to question these guys. So David cates he's the father of our young surviving victim he's the husband of our other victim. He sent a letter to the school administrators requesting it up apology for the inclusion of photos of quinn, glover and william marks in that year's yearbook, His letter read, I
understand why you made such a disrespectful decision. Jamie is going to the school and two very short years how can she have respect towards the administration when you were so disrespectful toward her mother's memory, Jamie and our families will survive this slap in the face, but I think the bigger picture is the message you sent to students by condoning the immortal asean of these soulless young men, that consciously with intent, invaded our home and took my beautiful wife from Jamie and me chances are that this was the last thing. On the administrators mind, they probably you I'm saying Maybe one of these kids played on a soccer team earlier in their career. High school career, and they won state championship in their pictures
somewhere up in the hallway administrator might not that might not pop into their head that they need to go. Take that down. Just like the administrators are not in charge, have every decision that the yearbook is making there normally is a class for that or after school group for that, so it won't be the first thing mine now mind you again, the person who were ever teachers charge of putting together. The the yearbook probably should have popped that into their brain right. I mean the the school administration is in control of of whatever classes in charge of the the yearbook. What's crazy is that this is. This is a conscious decision. It's not as though the yearbook was in for printing in september and when the murders happened in october, no one thought to take out the pictures of the two boys. Rather the school consulted with
marks and glover parents who said they wanted to leave the pictures of their sons in dearborn, so the school, decided to go along with that I get what you're saying if somebody plays on the soccer team- and you got sixteen other kids on the team and Coaches- and what have you you, it's very difficult. go back and retake. That picture it's pretty easy to leave if the little guys we're picking her out of the actual yearbook, and I think too, to take a step further. That david cases is very right. His daughter who was attacked by these guys she is going to be attending that school and two very short years, and it just seems as he said, I think it's a slap in the face, and I think that it's, I think it's
respect for its sort, suddenly disrespectful for the fact that actually talk to the parents and then they, like you, said they actually had to make a decision I was on their minds yeah. I thought it was just something that they might have just overlooked and then it's like, y'all come on, give him a break. They got so many things to deal with to run a school that they might overlooked at the fact that they actually made the decision talk to the parents. At some point you, just the parent I well, I know why you want to leave the day the kid in the book, but we're gonna take him out at a respect for the surviving family members and, the victim. Well, inheres. Here's! Here's! The issue that that I have with it I'm one never sent on david cases side on this in an I, I think I find it actually appalling and in the reason, why is it? Why have taken no more effort to reach out to David cage,
You realize that this was a decision you were going to be making and that it will have it would Some way this important decision that you're making you understood so much that you reached out to the parents of the students reach out to the member of your community and say we reach out to the parents. They would like to keep the picture. in the year book at least get his opinion. They didn't do that right and an here's. The thing: here's the issue its innocent until per and guilty. These two have not gone to trial, yet they have not been actually convicted or sentenced for these crimes. So I get maybe the ideas leave them in there, because they're innocent the problem What that is. We have situation, where we have confessions of these individuals, and these confessions check out it's not it's not like there confessions and that the police,
I teenagers to admit to do something that they didn't. Do these confessions track as a man's trader. You you go. I call the apparent ring ring ring pants, allow. Well. We have confirmed that your kids appeal shit and were taken about the year, but yeah in all kinds of things you you can have excuses. Why? If you wanted to defend yourself to the parents and say, look they didn't finish school, so we're not including them, if they we are found. Innocent they attend next year, will put their picture back in the other. You can do is personally, I wouldn't even even consulted with the with the glover or marks parents in this situation. Now we have the trials that we need to get too, and this will be five criminal case is there were scheduled to go before a special grand jury which would possum
hand, down murder, indictments, PA the blue hand, down additional charges. This was apparently enough to scare some of these idiots straight because what we have here now. Is it three of the five defendants? This would be glover marks in savoy. They all agreed to testify against the other, to Spain or in griddle of course they want to avoid murder charges, so they're willing to cooperate, we're both indicted on murder charges im sure law face mandatory sentences of life in prison without parole. If found guilty of first degree murder. They were not eligible for the death Emily under new hampshire law, capital murder, for which the penalty? Is an option was defined at the time as only six types of murder. One
killing in an on duty law enforcement officer or judge a murder for hire murder, committed in connection with the kidnapping murdered it'd during rape, murder committed during certain drug offenses and murder committed I a convict already serving a life sentence without parole in the granite state. It's three hundred and eighty year history, New Hampshire has executed only twenty four. People and none since the year. Nineteen, thirty nine. before the trials in august of two thousand and ten one of the scheduled witnesses died. This was Jamie hollins. He was the buddy who was with kyle fenton when spader and Gribble showed up in bragged to them about what they had done. Holland's himself no angel. He had a record for burglary of an ice cream. Shop must have been some good ice cream and at
time of his death was facing. Another burglar, recharge. His mother told w em. You are boston. That quote, her son was tormented by what he knew about the cates murder. She said he could sleep after being told about the attacks and being shown the weapons he was stressed and afraid to testify. Mom found him dead in his room one morning in august. He this is her quote two w em, you are, she said quote. He went to bed perfectly fine, and when I woke up in the morning, I found him dead. I didn't know what to do. His lips were purple fingernails everything she continued just the other night, he was so stressed out sitting in his room rocking himself back and forth, because he so stressed he What to do. She said her son
was on sleeping pills and antidepressants, but see okay, that night, when he went to bed, it's unclear whether this was a suicide, accidental overdose or what but hollins was. He passed on and was not available to testify against spader or gribble makes me wonder what spader ribble might have done. We are not aware of because, like I said, Boys will sit around and go I'll. Just go prank these people. Let's go. Do this or that. It seemed like there's a very steep escalation, I would probably argue that maybe it wasn't so steep that maybe there there are other actions and other heinous things that these individuals did that were just not well aware of, and when you have a a friend of these guys
I don't think it's just as simple as well. I now they're know that they're capable of murder, so maybe they'll come after me, one day or maybe get somebody else to come after me. I think they would have to be or actions that were just not aware of that that these friends would know about the top that off, you might have a situation here where somebody is already struggling with some other things. Some other issues, maybe they're a bit unstable themselves, and then each you add to that the fear of one testifying against these people, but also is there some guilt that this individual was was harboring, did that they felt guilty for Who knows I mean, maybe this person said to themselves when they were being told what what these two monsters had done, that we're going to turn him in her. They weren't
want to do anything about it. So it could be a whole whole bunch of stuff. In in regardless it's just, These events, these horrible things that people for whatever reason, do to one another and then they put so little thought into it that there are real victims. This isn't just something this isn't grand theft auto that you play on your playstation four? These are people these are the consequences: we not only killed this woman and really almost destroyed the life of this this child, but then Every one of her family is a victim and then the perpetual is everyone, and their families are victims, as well as its. just amazing that the did there so little thought put into.
these actions by some of these people spader his trial, would start in two thousand and ten he pled not guilty. Needless to say, the state came out swinging causing some jury members to shed tears with the prosecutor, prosecutorial statements, like quote kim and Jamie. We did not stop him their crimes they're begging, their police did not stop him because he was so merciless and he and Gribble were focused on what they intended to do and planned on doing all along and the simple way to put that is to break in and kill. Whoever was inside for fun for kicks all, ultimately
for a few pieces of jewelry the. The biggest cheers to everybody, a big cheers to you, colonel and a special cheers. Who anybody that is still homes going their children. That would be a very tough task, so this drink is for you and cheers too but all have a drink, but cheers to those that are still dealing with their parents, home schooling them that can't be easy either during
poor little out for everyone. My dad doesn't know math we're all in all in this together the spade her trial is the key born here. Captain because remember he is the guy You want to sink he's not only one of the most evil of the five, but he also the guy that didn't really admit. To anything. anybody else singing like a bunch of birds saying this is what happened but spider. Last time he spoke to investigators, he says yeah I was, global when he was out there upon in some jewelry? I wasn't there that night, I kill anybody, and I don't know who did I told you how big of a douche bag this guy is at his trial? at some point it was his birthday and he asked his lawyer. Do you think the jury will sing happy birthday to me. And he like, laugh and all smug, and why
say nice about his lawyers. That heed definitively said. No, that's the dumbest question you ass. You idiot well. Speaking of Spader's attorney, the attorney mounted a defense which included testimony from a forensic scientist that stated no dna or fingerprint evidence belonging to Stephen Spain or connected him to the scene of the crime. Of course, an awful lot of circumstantial evidence did connects bade her to the crimes such as his sweat with his name on it, found in the trash bag containing stolen items from the cates home and the defense attorneys also want, warned the jury that spain is co, conspirators or people that had already confessed to some of these crimes. They were going to test, against him, but keep in mind jury that marks savoy and glover. Who will testify
against my client all received deals from the state lessening their sentences, and what do we know about? in spain or people who knew him said that in years past he was a good kid, a nice guy. But then, in the summer, before his sophomore year, spain or seem to change here opt paying attention to his schoolwork started where all black and painting his fingernails black. He drew a swastika on his head, declared that he was a member of the crypts. I do not mind. I think that their symbol, I do not mind the children or the peeps where in the black and do not the died air black paint. The finger nails does bother me where I get a little concerned saying that sarcastically, please hear the sarcasm in my voice is the swastika on someone's head and then clay
to be a member of a criminal enterprise such as the crips. That's, how minded so much at least they're branding themselves, so you can see their dumb ass coming at some point and it's seems to be linked to a possible bad breakup. He began cutting himself and he was too. be on medication for bipolar disorder, but he would often stop taking this medication, and he was also running away from his parents, home. he had anger management issues and his anger would increase if he was off of his meds or taking recreational drugs. I dont know if his adopted parents knew this, for neither there is speculation, they did some trauma in his younger years before they actually adopted him
yeah, and it is a bit of a question mark if they knew this in advance or not time of the murder. This once good kid was now a high school dropout who still lived with his parents but d. Know anything about when he was real little yes and I was going to get into. and they were forcing him to seek counseling, and they did tell him he needed to get his g d, which he he did and he was taking class at a community college. This all at the time of the actual murder. Now, according to the boston herald, friends, told the paper that they believe spader was a candidate for suicide, not war homicide. His mood and behaviour grew darker, as he matured they said spain, or was in and out of tat and programs he shaved his head. views, marijuana and speed and cut and burned his own skin
yeah, while there was actually a call from his therapist to his parents, stating that he made several threats against them note saying that he wanted to kill his parents in the parents were like. This is something we should be worried about, because I would be as a parent. I could say kill me and there's a no. No, it's actually more about coping mechanism and- and he probably actually just wants a hurt himself right- new eight two that their best while you're wrong about thou one, because if this would if they would have free any longer. I would actually think that spader would have went after somebody either on his own or with the help of these guys. That's, I think, that's for certain how his grandmother Mary Ann, spade her said of spiders parents. If they did everything for this boy they gave him everything they were devoted to this kid, his parents. She says where the nicest people
oh, I don't know how something like this could happen. Staters adoptive parents who adopted him at just five days old, had forced, to go to a treatment program when they observed a term a change in his behavior. This was when he was sixteen years old. This live in retreat was just months before the murder, the it was an expensive program that they took on themselves and hope of turning their son around at the trial prosecutors called allow. of witnesses, to establish that spain, or was in fact a psychopath and that he planned a martyr, someone long, advance, they presented evidence that, in the months leading up to the attack, speed
hung out often with gribble marks, glover and savoy. During this time he talked about breaking into people's homes and killing them who he also talked about eating people and roasting their bodies. Pudding heads on stakes, putting bodies in a wood chipper, creating displays out of the bodies for the media to later fine, torturing, creating clause form to knock out victims, so they could be killed in silence. He spent time trying to make chloroform at his home, and he had purchased a knife just days before the crime and spy are formed a group of losers, cod, the disciples of destruction, d, o d for short wow, what a cool name yeah? He was the self appointed president of his little club,
He actually drafted a mission statement that called for bloodshed and he and marks cased out the troll rode home. As we have already talked about and selected that house to head, they then told grip that the crime was to be grizzled initiation in to the deity spader told savoy to provide them with an alibi, It's not clear why savoy was not included in the sure committing of the crime rights, we have all these guys say that look spade her he's the evil one or the most evil one. He is the leader and weave all confessed not only to what spain or did, but what we have done and spain are still not facing so now. They're gone to testify against him.
And during the testimony this is going to offer some more details about that actual night and things leading up to the crime and even after that you know spader attended a high school football game on that saturday. There at the high school football game, he tells glover to be ready that night because he was going to call him so that they could go break into a house. He also gave glover a list of ingredients to purchase and instructions to make chloroform glover was to bring gloves with him and a knife. The group texted about their plants rout the day about ten p m griddle texted, spade her cool oughta, be a good party to which spain or responded will have fun around one thirty, eight, Spain or texted glover. You ve, got to get out soon because we're ready we need. Completion of the two o d to go on cover
awful about going, and spain are ordered him to join them. Eventually, Glover snuck out of his house and guy integrals car, with the rest of the d o d and on the way to trow road, spain or declared that the purpose of the night was to get chris into killing. So again, we keep pointing out that this could on the server to some seem like. Oh it's just teenagers talking. This is a lot of talking. Yeah. This is a lot of preparation for things that sir to be about what they're all talking about them. I'm saying I guarantee there was there's other stuff, whether its cruelty to animals weathers bullying, whether it's other break ins other little crimes. That was all I guarantee new happening or this murder and I'm gonna to try to go through this without getting too much more into the d.
of the actual attack itself be one it's hard to get through into. We discussed it pretty well so far. Unfortunately, now quinn glover did testify that he saw spain or physically kill kimberly billy marks testified that, in the light of the full moon that night, he could see spade or chopping at the people. In the bed with the machete are they turned the light back on. He saw stephen spatter kick jamie in the chest and hit her in the head with the machete after griddle stabbed Jamie and through her spade or made him come over and stabbed kimberly a few more times. Then he went over to jamie and kicked her and struck her with the machete and said something. This is beyond bizarre. He stated I'm bored, despite this, seemingly lackadaisical attitude toward the murders.
Hold his buddies that the whole thing was a rush. He was your fork and felt like he had just gone off of a roller coaster. He joked about how kimberly woke up to being hacked with a machine when he found out that Jamie had survived spade or turned to gravel and said you're an idiot, you can't even kill a fifth grade. Spatters friend, kyle fenton testified this that spain or brag about the killings afterwards as well. Now the defence did their best to raise questions about who actually did the killing and try to undermine the testimony of the three witnesses, glover savoy and marks they pressed marks about boast. He had made about stabbing. Somebody with a knife. Defence attorneys presented evidence that governs weapon of choice was an ax saying that he posted a photo of himself with one on his myspace page so
a really just trying to present the idea that these other three could have done. The murder without spade her, but the defence called no witnesses whatsoever in the course of the trial and spain, or did not testify in his own defence and Spain, as behaviour prior to and at the trial did not do him any favours. He threatened three of the witnesses testify. Against him, while they were on the stand, this is right in front of the jury. Testimony from space jail. Me gang member named chair Landry was probably the most damaging landry told jurors. He and spader would pass notes or or kites back and forth inside the books that they slid down the corridor between theirselves landry was no dummy,
And he saw an opportunity he pretended to flush the notes down the toilet, knowing spader could hear it, but he actually kept these notes and contacted authorities to you the letters as leverage to get himself a reduced sentence. These letters were gold for the prosecutors, since spader had not confessed to the crime. Landry read some of these notes on the stand. baker wrote to landry that he whacked the mother thirty six times and that he could see brain and lots of blood and that her eyeball was hanging out of its socket. It was so in adrenaline rush, he wrote. I almost hit gribble with the machete. And one of the latter's spain or called himself the most sick and twisted person you will ever meet. He said that he found tor
her highly enjoyable death. Dozen frightened me blood excites me he wrote I've got more shit wrong in my brain and then you can think of but such as life another letter explain how he wanted to start a crew or brotherhood, and he set up the home invasion as a test to see if his friends had the guts to do it on a piece of work. Well, this testimony right. Here is really the slam dunk for the prosecution, because we have all these other people who are saying yes, this is the things that Spader was saying: before in the actions he was doing before the murders. This is what he did at the crime scene when he killed Kimberly and these are the things that he was saying afterwards. This guy's testimony is different in the sense that they are presenting, notes in spain.
Own handwriting, confirming all of the things that these people are saying rights. So now not only are his friends turning against him and confessing. Now we have basically a written confession confirming those infections, so the jurors only deliberated for ninety minutes and that's because they also went out to lunch beef before they decide The speaker was convicted on all counts on his nineteenth birthday. Remember that is where he made the joke about the jury. Singing him happy birthday. The states sentencing memo says his attack was calculated, vicious and unprovoked common to find a house render the occupants unconscious, get bank numbers Large sums of money, torture, the residents in the house and eventually kill every member of the family as described
in the sentencing memo under new hampshire law. He was sentenced to mandatory life without parole. On the first degree, murder charge in the court imposed a consecutive max I'm sentencing on the remaining charges, which was seventy six years, but that description of his sentence does not convey the fury with which the judge sentenced spade her hillsboro county superior court judge Gillian able, wilson said I could go on for days and days and days about the depth of your depravity, but it is sufficient to say that you belong in a cage and I will send it to you to the maximum and you will stay in that cage for the rest of your pointless life. I wish an affair world. What they would say is look we're going to put you in this cell for the rest of your life, but we're also going to give Jamie. The victim then survived we're going to give her
shadi and going to give her keys and whenever she wants to you go in there and attack you so have fun, sleeping dat cells fair to me, but more than likely she's, not the animal that this guy is. You know and wouldn't want to cause that of harm or her too to anyone. Now, Chris scribble, we though got to deal with this guy. He didn't get a traditional trial, and that is because he play not guilty by reason of insanity to all of the charges against him under the hampshire law. This means he forfeited his criminal trial instead his lawyers, had to prove to the jury that his actions were the result of a mental disease or defect. The question was not whether he participated he already confessed, but whether he did so in his own right mind
the judge was the same one as in the spader case. The way this worked is a little complicated, but basically, if jury found unanimously the grid actions were the result of mental disease or defect. He would be committed to a psychiatric unit in the state prison rat then just go to regular prison and he would entitled to another hearing every five years to determine whether he still presented a danger to society, if gribbles attorneys, fail to show that his actions were the result of mental disease or defect. He would be found guilty of murder. If this was a unanimous verdict, he would be sentenced to life in prison without parole. If neither does and was unanimous. It would be a hung. Jury and gribble would be retried at a later date. Gribble's attorneys
you'd that he suffered from antisocial personality disorder and all sorts of witnesses testified either for this point or against it. It is interesting to see the sure painted of this guy by people who knew him. He was described as a dork awkward, one who would ramble on about uninteresting topics. He was always miss reading social cues and the girls called him creepy. Chris some testified that he was very smart and nice all He didn't really seem to understand others, one called how he said he loved her cookies and seemed devoted to his mormon faith, but he also dressed in camo gear. All of the time this
Might seem weird, I guess, but he was a: u s: army cadet, core group. He was in that group. So maybe it's not that weird, but sometimes the hour, the are tc guys. People would pick on them because they had the way uniforms to school right, but I think what they're pointing out here is that he wore the stuff all the time, and that, in fact is weird, but I'm pointing out he did have a reason or a purpose for wearing it at least some of the time he, dungeons and dragons again, that's just a hobby. That's weird, some people, some Do it that's about as weirdest grand theft auto to me in a lot of people play that, and I think grand theft auto probably even more violent. He got good grades but started to change around two thousand and eight autumn savoy. You no saint himself testified that gribble was wrong albin to spiders, batman, gribbles father richard testified that
son was intelligent, well spoken, but that he was socially awkward and also had a warped world view in which he was always in the right. A friend of criminals told the Boston Harold that he himself at that he saw himself as a destroying angel, and he had he hated. His father, apparently part of his insanity, defence relied on griddle, testifying that he was abused by his mother. Griddle took the stand and admitted that he advanced eyes about, torturing and killing her from the age fourteen on because she was abusive. Now was it, Was it gribble that also said that he was possibly sexually abused when he was younger
I didn't get into that. I didn't come across thought. I saw some them up, but he said this is per an associated press article. He said he fantasised about taking his mother into the woods and cutting off little pieces of her bit by bit listening to her scream. He also said he all about pouring boiling water over her sensitive parts. and bending her limbs out of joint and sprinkling her with sugar. So the crows would come and pluck at her saying, hey if I'm going to kill her, why not make her pay, but his father testified his parents were loving, not abusive, and in fact his son gave him black guy in the course of an altercation mother said all she had done was once when he was five whack him on the back,
with a wooden spoon. There was no abuse. Other witnesses testified to gribble's. Parents were very patient with him very evolved, homeschooling him and supporting him by participating in the boy scouts and participate and dungeons and dragons with him. Richard was in e m t his father and cub scout and later troop leader volunteering, so his son could obtain eagle scout rank as described in an article in the nashua telegraph, Richard Gribble said he and his wife tried to teach their son right from wrong and to instill a set of values in him. Assistant attorney general peter hinckley asked him if he thought they had succeeded and said given the floor, that he's admitted to committing to very heinous crimes. I'd say now: his father testify
that the machete and the knife used on kimberly and Jamie were taken from his home before the attack, and he did not know this until after his son was arrested, rebels facebook page was found to her I liked he considered himself a devout mormon who love god. Had a gun and knife enthusiast. He wrote on his age. Although everyone has a light and dark side, mine are very extreme. If I like you, or at least don't dislike you, I'm the sweetest nicest person ever but Heaven help me. If I truly lose it, it's not pretty and a different posed. He reference a hit list. They contain seven people whom he said he hated the most philly park on his facebook page at eleven, a dot m on Sunday october. Fourth, just hours after the attack, gone jamie and kimberly cates. He wrote
an awesome time with steve and autumn dexter is such a funny show? Why think their downfall? Is there trying to claim that he's insane right? But it's not just insane at the time of the murder, it's just insane in general, but they put One the stand- and I think this is actually a problem for them, because he he is very well spoken yeah. He took the stand at trial and testified about the attacks. He admitted that he and spader intended to kill anyone they found in the home that they chose to burglarize, he even demon's
traded how he had held the knife as he used it on the victims, and he testified that he wanted to shoot people, and he was not certain that he would not kill again if he was given the opportunity and described himself as dangerous on the stand. I think the thing here is from a defence side, or at least from this eyes. You know this gribbles what what he's hoping for. He doesn't really have a whole lot to lose right worst case. mary. He ends up getting life in prison without the possibility of parole, which is what he's going to get if he's found guilty. guard LE. So why not? Try to you now poop your
ants and rub it all over your face in front of the jury, maybe heat? Maybe he could have put it on a little bit better. I think, is what your pointing out here now the prosecution had experts, including a psychiatrist who interviewed griddle for several hours, and these experts testified that global was in fact saying he knew the difference between right and wrong and prosecutors, pointed out that gribble had been sane enough to plot the crime, try to cover it up and try to evidence in lie about his involvement. The jury rejected Chris scribbles insanity, claim and declared him guilty of two counts of first degree: murder, attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder conspiracy to commit burglary and witness tampering. They deliberated for only two hours and seems like their lunch was a little bit long,
then the previous juries, our brave resilience, survivor jamie by this time is still just twelve years old. She was in fact in the court room for this trial. She was not asked to testify her father David gave a victim impact statement, as he had done in spades trial as well and thanked the judge for being impartial throughout the trial. The judge thanked jamie for her presence the courtroom, saying it was nice to finally get the chance to meet her. The judge assured her that the men involved in this horrible crime could never hurt her again. Then she almost
happily impose the mandatory sentence of life without pearl telling rebel infinity is not enough jail time for you. She added a sentence of fifty years to life, plus a maximum of an additional fifty two years. On other charges, but on press of is that that she was able to one she lives through the attack she were covers, but to have the strength to show up and face the attackers in court and twelve years old. That's pretty bawler billy marks agreed to plead guilty to conspiracy, to commit murder and burglary and to being an accomplice to first degree, assault a change for a reduced sentence. Marks was sentenced to thirty two sixty years. His sentence was in fact a stiff one because he admitted to helping plan the crime. There are some interesting things with it.
This portion of the story, though captain because remember spiders, defense lawyers, they actually tried to pin the crime the murder on Marx. They emphasised that marks had been alone in the house with the victims for some time on that night This was when he climbed into the basement. Before the others got into the house. They implied that he had perhaps, the killing on his own before the rest of them got into the house. The interesting thing about marks to is this is the only bit where I could find that any of the five at one point said whoa whoa whoa wait a second. Maybe this is not such a good idea.
Nobody else seemed to be going along with this all the way. So what we found here was text messages mark actually texted spader, that they should wait to rob a house until the family that occupied the home was not at home. That I guess he's trying to deter them from attacking and killing. Everyone in the house, like spader, said that they wanted to do now, unfortunately, and to discredit parkes, that's not what happened and he went along with this whole nightmare of a plan. Quinn glover was charged with only robbery, burglary and conspiracy to commit burglary on condition
that he would plead guilty to all of those charges and testify against all of the others he was sentenced to twenty to forty years. His shorter sentence was due to prosecutors, wrecking and of the fact that he was the first one in the group to cooperate with police and start telling them what actually happened and who did what? Now? What open to autumn the one Wasn't there I'm savoy plead guilty only to charges of hindering apprehension and conspiracy. Annex XI, he got a sentence of five to twelve years in prison. He was in fact paroled in two thousand and fifty team that bring the captain to the sentencing review. This took place in june of twenty twelve, and this was a: u S, supreme court decision
handed down with a ruling and the miller v alabama case, which required the sentence given to stephen spade or to be reviewed This is because he's a minor and he received a sentence of life without parole. We're not gonna get too much into the minutiae of the legality of all this bit. What does happen? Is he by his own rights gets this review. He decides that he does not want to be reviewed. He does not want his sentence. Reduced or changed any manner he refused to cooperate. He would not allow himself to be transported to court for any of the hearings regardless if he wants to participate in this review or not it's going to have to happen per the law. So he's not there to argue
his side, however, someone will argue his side for him. Basically, the prosecution is going to make All of the arguments that they made previously this guy's, a psychopath he's admitted to killing people he's a violent offender, he deserves a sentence that he got. We should not change anything, but what is interesting in this whole bit of legal proceedings is that this, when it came out about the evaluations of spader and regards to his having been adopted. spain, or was adopted at only five days old from a mother who had substance, abuse problems, baby stephen tested positive for marijuana and cocaine when he was born and then two thousand and eight. He starts having all of these problems that we talked about leading up to the murder. It's worth asking the question
was spader pre, determined to be a violent offender or violent killer because of his exposure to drugs in utero. The court during these proceedings did not seem to consider this to be a factor in their sentencing process. The court also took into consideration staters statement of regret, though, by his attorneys in court? This is basically his statement of what using too go along with this procedure, but also stating that he was in fact sorry for the crimes that he committed in the harm that he had done the sentencing judge was not swayed. The court says that they find these sentiments self serving disingenuous and inconsistent with the defendant's. True regret
the judge ruled that spader will forever be a danger to society. The court exercises its right of discretion toward sentencing the defendant to life without parole. They upheld the sentence that was originally handed down for this guy There was also a nasty poem that was presented at his trial, while his original trial that he wrote, It shows very It shows no talent at all. as far as being a writer, but it really just goes along with him, proclaiming to his his jail mate he's this horrible despicable monster who enjoy killing someone and would kill again in june of two thousand and eleven the new governor, signed a bill expanding the state's death penalty to cover murders.
during burglaries and home invasions. This law was passed as a direct result of the kate's murder. The bill was named after Kimberly kates How speaker william o Brien said our homes are our sanctuary, and this was a necessary enhancement of protection for those in their homes who have the right to be safe and secure. Jamie is now in college. Her dad has been hersel. order, every step of the way and the two remain very close. They still live in the house on trow road each year on the anniversary of the attack David cates host a golf tournament to raise money for a scholarship and his wife's name, many of the police officers and prosecutors, who were down the case participate the for young men who invaded the cates home and carried out their despicable, thrill kill will spend a significant part if
all of their lives in prison, the town mount. Vernon new Hampshire is forever changed by their actions. It's a small that these young men are put away, but it's deeply disturbing that these promising young people who were given every privilege life and were members of mainstream communities found each other fed on each other, and together carried out their darkest urges, Thank you guys so much for tuning in to true crime, garage and spending. Your time with us Colonel do we have any recommended reading this week? Yes, we,
you this week. We are very happy to be recommending the cases that haunt us by John douglas and mark all shaker america's foremost expert on criminal profiling, provide his uniquely gripping analysis of seven of the most notorious murder cases in the history of crime check out the cases that haunt us, by on douglas and mark all shaker. You can find that great title as well, many others on our website. True crime garage dot com, absolutely one of my favorite true crime books, I have listened to it twice on audible. and until next week be good
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