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Morgan Nick ////// 361

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In June of 1995 a little girl was abducted from a ballpark in the town of Alma, Arkansas. This week we get wrapped up in discussion regarding possible new information about Morgan Nick’s case. Beer of the Week - Shook by Black Hog Brewing Company Garage Grade - 5 out of 5 bottle caps!

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True grab the Morgan chantelle nick was born on september, twelve nineteen, eighty one disappeared on friday, jus, ninth, ninety, ninety five: she Six years old. Four feet tall: fifty five pounds a blue eyes and long blonde hair. She protruding purple vain on the lower left of her rib cage and five, visible silver caps on her mowers. Scheduled, to be removed later.
The amber alert in arkansas is named after morgan net and a why magazine, article by jean jones titled the morgan next story states an old superstition says if you, make a wish. When you see the first lightning bug of the year, the wish will come true, but for kali, nick lightning bugs her of the night, her six daughter, morgan went missing. In kali nick had this to say in an our view back and ninety ninety seven, ms nick and she still has hope. Morgan will be found alive quote you can't give up until you know for sure I dont worry, They have to look my daughter in the eye and tell her gave up She goes on to say, quote I don't know who these people are. They think they can do this to our children.
The day in question six year old morgan nick was, with her mom calling the two drove from their home in ozark, arkansas thirty miles away to alma and saw almah is a tiny town. Population was under four thousand back and ninety ninety five, the town is so in the ozark mountains. This is a rural area, but almah is bisect by a major highway. This is interstate eighty. Emma is only thirteen miles from the Oklahoma border. Morgan and calling travelled to a ball park to watch some little league baseball games with friends who lived in alma they were meeting their friends there It was a long day of baseball with the final game between the pipe
and in the marlins starting later than scheduled and stretching into ten p m timeframe. They estimate that there was about three hundred people watching the baseball game, the crowd was involved, active in it. I'm allowed more was wearing a green girl scouts, t sure denham shorts and white sneakers morgan state, those to her mother hanging out with her on the bleachers, the little guy enjoyed silly pranks and that night she was trying to trick her mother by climbing down by colleagues, feet tying her shoelaces together. Sometime around ten, Thirty p m, according to Colleen morgan, was asked by some other kids to coming catch fireflies with them apparently it was common for the kids hanging out the games to play on a hill with grassy areas and a sand pile. This is adjacent to the parking
morgan was shine at first. She did not want to go, but then decided to ask her mom if she could join the other kids die saw. It reported that the mom at first nah. I don't want you plan away from us. One of the other mother, said: hey, it's common for the kids go play over there. Yet, The tricky thing here is the time involved. It's awfully late at night, it's going to be dark out there. Yes, it was common play area before the ball park, these two kids for my standing They already knew morgan. Like they were new to morgan right. So this a boy named tie. He is ten years old eight year old girl named jessica. So I think it also helps when greece, ding permission to go off and poor in a different area that these two children are a little older than your six year old daughter down. I don't
This other mother was out of line, did say: hey kids play there all the time, but baseball games are not played there. All the time late, so this area is fairly well lit and com lina said that she could see morgan in the other kids running around from where she sat in the bleachers. Now she does admit she occasionally lost sight of her daughter this play area was approximately seventy five yards from where calling was sitting. But then the game ended now, it's right around ten forty five p m, so not too much time has passed between granting permission to go off and play in the end of this game at the time I and jessica. The two other children ran back up to the bleachers but calling quickly notice. Morgan was not with them when she Ass, the youngsters about morgan, they said they last saw morgan sitting in the parking lot. She was emptying. her shoes. According to the kids,
out sand from her shoes and after that, the two kids lost track of their little friend, Colleen is now on high alert and she starts racing toward the parking lot. In this situation. The two kids just described, Colleen, that morgan would meet her at the car. This is a nissan stanza, but when she got there to her car there is no sign of morgan, she looked for. It in the area asking everyone if they had seen her, but they had not. The ball park was clearing out, and was no sign of morgan, Colleen got the other parents, and even some of the bay ball coaches involved in this search, someone with a cell phone offered. The phone to colleagues and she called the police authorities were very quick to respond. arriving within six minutes of colleagues frantic call once the scene. The two little kids that were playing with morgan tie and jessica all authorities at while they were playing a man that the tourist
I simply as creepy. This man came up to the three children and spoke to them by arresting since its ninety ninety five that some had a cell phone, so that's lucky for them and good for the police to respond as quickly as they did do we have a report of what our creep oh said. Kids, we do and we don't, and I think we can dive into their more later when we're looking at the details of this possible suspect, but I think what we should talk about here is why He immediately becomes a suspect so far, the general understanding that we have situation. We have about three hundred people at this ball park Yes, it's allowed at times its busy there's a lot going on these games or stretching far into the night? Much later than expected, this man? According to these two children spoke with morgan,
member this this timeframe, this one, of time when this little girl goes missing about fifteen minutes, pretty short right now sky during that time frame, speaks to this little girl and the two others now. The reason why we don't have a one hundred percent confirmation about what he said to the children is because police aid early on this guy's a suspect and we are holding back the information of what was said the children by this man right because we need something We'd out any possible false confessions or false confessors that may come forward he becomes an immediate suspect, because during the short window, he interacts with the three children, one of em who went missing and apparently, why it is known that morgan is missing, has disappeared this and is gone to nobody, remember seeing him or his vehicle after they know
said: morgan was missing ryan. I allowed. People would assume that this guy's a creep was driving around in Al Qaeda van by, but he was so this and is described as having a short or clipped beard summer, port state that it was in a half an inch thick he's estimated be about twenty three to thirty eight years old. About six the tall one hundred and eighty pounds slicked back, dark, hair wearing denim of shorts, no shirt or shoes with a hairy chest so as a hairy jesse's wearing shorts, he spoke to the kids in what they refer to as a hillbilly accent. So I'm just assuming that these other two kids are passed not from around there, because I think this would be kind of a standard, local accent cause. It is and saw the two children were from almah from tee from that area earnestly
in that area who knows where they could have been born in alaska for all, I know right some, but so maybe it wasn't common and their local area. Yet at the end, thinking here to captain is that the two children were not the only ones to see this. What we will refer to, as quote the creepy man one female adult witness reported seeing the man as well. She apparently also verified the description of the man. She saw speaking too that the kid right. She says she only saw him from afar, but the imf thing is. She is providing authorities with a very similar description of this man later This woman was actually hypnotized by for and low rock to see if she could, I'd any more information, unfortunately, she could not. Now we or continue to revisit this creepy man that was spotted talking to the children
being one of them. We will revisit him as he is. The crux of our case of her disappearance other than the three persons. We have already discussed the two children playing with morgan and and and woman. No one else, seems to have remarked about this to investigate and mortgage mother never saw this creepy guy correct now nobody else coming forward. This could be for any number of reasons. It could be that this is a small town. This man, is known to locals and not seen as a threat and is really just a red herring or He could be someone who had a legitimate reason to be there that night. So and trigger any alarm bells, or it could just be that no one other than our three witnesses it is this man at all right, the creeping
and that we have discussed is considered a suspect, not just because he was seen talking with these three children, but also because he was seen by the woman when morgan is there and accounted for then justice, What time later, Morgan has gone, and apparently this man seems to be gone as well. What it says point morgan's mom also saw her, so we have a window of fifteen minutes. Now we have an eye witness seeing the creepy man, we also have probably other sites. indians from morgan's mother c and morgan play, so you could narrowed down this window to properly within a couple minutes and when she was actually taken, a skin of the man was circulated. Any description of a vehicle that the creepy man may have been driving was also circulated shortly after the abduction. The Charlie project website states, based on reporting at the time that witnesses
the ballgame said the unidentified man may have been seen near a red ford, pickup truck with a white camper, which was about five inches to more for the truck bed. The campers Windows were covered with curtains. The truck had a doll paint job because it was clearly old. Likely vintage we estimate between nineteen sixty eight nineteen, seventy four and had a shoe. We'll base and was possibly damage on its right, rear and reports that it had. Arkansas plates also circulate. Now breaks my heart to report that morgan. She is never been seen or heard from since there are some really important aspects to this abduction: our key and unfortunately not very helpful to investigators no one saw morgan leave the ball park at all, no
and saw this little girl leave the ball park alone or with any one else. She simply was there, and then she wasn't. Woe and nobody saw her leaving because susan camper, the baron, truck. It is usually reported in connection with this case. It there were other attempted abductions around the same time, one in particular reported was that earlier that same day and a law andrei matt in alma, there was a bearded man trying to pull a nine year old girl out of the laundromat and into his truck somebody stepped in intervene in this abduction was stopped. Red truck says his truck. I dont have a description of the truck itself, also on the day. Morgan was abducted june nineteen. Only five there was enough attempted abduction. This was reported to from earlier. In the day, this is and regards
a four year old in alma. The attempted abduction stopped when the girl screamed and was saved by her mother. The suspect it's been reported resembled nix of doktor the next day june, tenth and attempted abduct of a nine year. Old girl is reported in fort smith, for smith is just about fish eighteen miles away. The girl reported a son back resembling next abductor tried to get her to go into the man's restroom with him, but she resisted I do throw out a little caviar to everybody listing out there, those three attempted abduction Those are legitimate reports that we found. I have some suspicions that there were actually only to buy and that one of the the stories of an attempted doktor has kind of change sure, but you know been moulded throughout the years. So it sounds like it's a second report, but there are
are to legitimate. At least two of these are absolute legitimate, the third possibly as well. It just important to point out here that we have at least two situations where somebody stating somebody that looks like this same guy right, possibly could have tried to do a young girl. Just within twenty four hours of morgan, nick going missing, I will put the composite drawing on instagram facebook, twitter audits of that true crime garage just a couple weeks later, his on june, twenty sixth, a gardener claimed he saw morgan. This is albert harvey he's a gardener for state representative, wanda northcote, he told lease saturday morning that, while clearing brush from behind mrs north cuts home, he saw a man trying to get into his truck. He, said the man had a blonde headed girl with him and when the man realized harvey had seen him, the man grabbed the child's risk and fled,
into a nearby thicket claim the man match the description of morgan next alleged abductor right he's concentrated their search on an area around mrs northcotes home searchers com. The area on foot, horseback and four wheeled vehicles. They used police dogs and a helicopter This article goes on to say. The nation wide search for morgan has produced hundreds of leads, but nothing concrete. A widely distributed. Composite sketch of the suspect shows a white man with salt and pepper hair and a short beard driving a faded red ford pickup with an ill fitting white camper. Shell police find nothing during this search, not even a clue or a lead. Then our harvey took a polygraph afterward. He said he made the story up
poligized and had no explanation for morgan's family- it's not so stupid, again why we point out that they hold things back. to weed out the the crazies, the false confessors they come forward. This man just wanted to be a part of the story and he offers a false lead to police the aggravating thing here, for the victims and for the families, is it police efforts, are concentrated on this man's bogus story or the time in the ever they spy searching them in your your alliance, ship princess. This is less than three weeks after the abduction. This is. This is crucial time here being way sit on a bogus story. It's very crucial and also of his story, is correct. Its tone telling us something it's telling us that this perpetrator kidnap this, girl and that she still alive and that there is
yeah. I mean like it's false hope for the investigation and that the girl still alive the fourth of July backs bulletin. Newspaper ran a story about the tv show america's most wanted, which re segment on morgan's case just July. Fourth of that year which produced a lotta tips, some coming from other states, taxes, washington and alabama, leads it. Police were calling hot were run down and nothing came of the tips in the information provided by tipster. Then on July. Seven ninety ninety five less than a month, after morgan was abducted, baxter boy and headline red girls report kidnap attempt third such incident. During last ten days The article goes on to tell this was a possible abduct attempt in late june in carter, and one last week, so that would be late june,
I early July, this took place in mountain home ray the article does not describe the attempts just saying that the suspect, in both cases resembled the composite sketch of the creepy man. There was released after morgan's abduction. The third attempt stated its detailed and the alarming taking place on July, fifth and sixth went to man wonders it is twenty to thirty years old, about six feet tall. Weighing about a hundred and seventy pounds was short hair and a black beard black shirt and black pants. Now the other man described as younger, possibly eighteen, you're, with blonde hair the younger man was driving in order to tone brown car with arkansas plates with sir in one one as the last three digits, the two girls we're both eleven years old
The two men tried to pick them up in a pebble creek subdivision. The report states that they try to run the girls over when they refused to go with the man the girl said they saw the men again the next day. you're, seeing them the second time they told their parents and the police were notified, their was in active man hunt for these two men. however, sheriff benny Magnus who would have now a good deal more than We have here to report stated he did not think these ends hands were related to the morgan nick case boy, right, less unpack this little bit We have several eye witnesses, see possible other abductions and they state airs single individual- and I mention this truck. Possibly a red or faded truck.
So you're gonna, be that on common, if the abductions, we're gonna, continue that the perpetrator would switch out his vehicle for a red truck to a faded brow, vehicle. But now you have another suspect with that individual and- and I think that's whether their separating the two well, I think that presents a lot of good questions about the description were given of this creepy man at the ball park. re. How much do we really know about this guy, don't even know if the vehicle description is describing his vehicle right you know. This guy was seen on foot, we don't know if he if he walked to the ball park and then left on foot and the other. Thing too, as we don't know, if somebody was with him weed
oh if it was indifferent vehicle completely yet, but we do have aim by coming forward stating hey that was my ford red truck with the camp on it. We also don't have anybody coming forward, saying I was the man who spoke to those children morgan's parents calling and John set up residence in the local firehouse for six weeks. After the disappearance eventually, calling move to almah full time to keep searching for her dog? If you heard that to be brought back to life hundreds of years in the future. Would you take it? Wonderings newest podcast, frozen head home by ashen alina of the hit show morbid, tells the true story of lawrence pilgrim, a lifelong scientist who plan for death his entire life, because for him death, in the end, it was just the beginning
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And ninety ninety five, there were two supposed sightings of morgan in the company of a man in south carolina that resulted in a sketch being circulated there is avail, or on the internet, with a partial license plate. Nothing came of these two sightings that we know of, but then on september, twelve nineteen. Ninety five three people in a small town in central arizona, satan saw morgan. Nick three people reported seeing a girl who look like morgan become company, a man matching the description given composite drawing driving aid late model- ford pickup with arkansas plates. This is pace in arizona hunter. of miles west, of where she disappeared, police, sir,
the town but found nothing. While this is a scary suspect when you think about it, I witnesses see a man at the ball park with a truck, possibly a camper attached to this guy. This a vigil could be a nomad yeah and really with all of these stories, there be a citing or another possible abduction. I really just wanted to learn more of the details of such is there really left out of these stories here and to see if we can find anything that matches up with we do know about morgan, nix, disappearance and abduction. Usually, what I find here captain is when you have that type of situation where it's actually not connected to the case at all or followed up on in it just really goes. Nowhere that's. Why there is a lack of details because they're, not necessary to this story, so one
To wander is their truth in any of these other possible connections, or even some of the sightings of morgan net but it does show you the grand scale of this instigation and how everybody out there was aware of this missing girl right there. is a story from may of nineteen. Ninety seven and I'm not gonna, be the entire article, because there are some details is as far as victims and name that I I really want to get into because again Another situation that seems like you could be linked. We don't have any evidence to one hundred percent back that up, but I think you'll find this story strange and interest this comes from may of ninety. Ninety seven in spy row, Oklahoma, This is where police were collecting ballgame videos. Looking for clues, in a girl's abduction, ok, so
this is another stay away, but remember we said earlier that almah only what thirteen fifteen miles from the Oklahoma state border right- and this is a town. Spiro spiral how're. You say they will come up in this morgan. Nick, investigation, time and time again, so I find this story to be so interesting. This is a abduction, a successful abduction, not just an attempted one like we ve already discussed of you're old girl. It sounds to me the way that this article reads. My first thought was: oh shit. This little girl was abducted from a ballpark Just like morgan neck, it To me, like her home, was right across the street from a ball park ray and she may have been abducted just outside of the ball park or from her home from her property regardless they were collect
in it. You know mom and dad shows up with a video camera to watch daughter or their son play sports failed. Everything while we haven't doctrine that took place. If you were there, we want to see your video. We want to see why is on that video. What did you pick up in the background? Vehicles? Did you actually yo tape, unknowing to yourself, the the abduction this little girl right or people taking pictures of their kids playing playing games and what what evidence is in those photographs yeah and the reason why I don't want to give out the victim name here is again. We don't know that this is connected. It seems very interesting not far away. In two years after morgan? Nick was abducted The same type of area may be same type of ruse used, Fortunately, this little girl was let go. She was, and hours later
on the side of a of the road. Apparently I dont know what took place during course of the time that she was missing, but eventually her captor dropped her on the side of the road miles away. Watson interesting too, because allow the attempted abductions we're coming for on girls. Around the age of ten or eleven. So the other thing here too, that I want to point out is a say for certain that this abduction is sought or unsolved. I couldn't find any record of it after this situation of them. Finding the girl in collecting evidence right, but we got the victim back and in seems, like she's harmed, I'm thinking of reaching out to her to see what information she and provide you never know, because sometimes these things are most, let's face it most. Child abductions are a parental
issue, a custody battle. Where apparent takes the key without the other parent knowing or allowing to happen. That could be the case here. But I find this one very interesting now. We do know that in morgan nix situation, they did the same thing. They were look for anybody with a video camera with their camera to see if they could find evidence regarding morgan next disappearance on those videotapes we're on those pictures. The interesting thing really the real the important thing. I think that we have here three hundred People at the ball park of all that that was collected. We don't have Any confirmation of this faded red ford, pickup truck
any of those videotapes or on anybody's pictures from that night, which again I don't does not impossible I'll. Take that up as big a deal. It's once you add the camper element. This is a truck with a camper attached to the bed. yeah the fact that there has not seen in anything it is kind of odd. But again, I don't think these. These I witnessed we're making that up. I because I think there. The devil's always in the details are when they see the campers. They camper seemed maybe five inches too short for the bed of the truck. That's that's tail in october of nineteen. Ninety seven, the baxter bulletin, reported that the police had confiscated some items during a september search According to the affidavit filed in Crawford county police searched in named man's home and vehicle them,
his name was brought forward to police by another man who says he was friends with this now suspect. For about thirteen years, the suspect talk to the informant that's his friend or former friend. Whatever you want to call on my about morgan's abduction after the informant hold police they set up a video surveillance operation where again, the man made, statements about morgan's abduction, this time on videotape police use, this videotape to secure a search warrant. During this of the suspects vehicle listed as a dark blue nineteen. Eighty eight ford, pickup investigators found a glove any piece of paper, both with dark red, staying on them, which investigators thought could possibly be blood ran in sighed, the man's home? They found a pink tooth brush and hair fibre. on a roll of duct tape when they attend. To question the man, he gave a thought
these his lawyers business card and they were on well to arrest the man even question him police are able to move on from this man until the results of the test. Regarding the mention items comes back. This would end up taking about year for the results and when they come back police are unable to link any of these items to morgan neck And this is where things are going to get wonky, and that's the best word to describe this. I prefer things to below one well in two thousand willie wonky, the hugo in two thousand and one arkansas authorities circulated a new sketch, a new sketch of the suspect, suspected in morgan, nix abduction, do this. They did that what the delphi martyrs as well delphi, they amy, mahal of ex case we ve seen this. Actually, this is more common than people understand. To be often, I
find it is, much shorter duration, then what is this? five. Six years now the abbot be somewhere like with the delphi murders they actually had a sketch. Earlier their distant release correct so this is this is what we know. because that's where you really go, ok making a new sketch, maybe they're just updating the old one. No they. If you look at the new sketch, that is not the same man. There is in the first sketch that's obvious and they have said so. They ve said that is the case now what they dayton this in two thousand and one is it arkansas forty circulated a new sketch this one, based on actual actual witness statements from the ball park,
and this sketch does not really resemble the sketch, initially circulated rights on looking on the first sketch her. What I think is the first sketch thicker beard looks like thicker, hair thicker eyebrows Definitely indifferent knows a wider nose and a very distinct square jaw. Why right and that's the original from nineteen, any I've and then- and I wouldn't say anything from their original drawing looked. It doesn't look that creepy. Then you go to the new sketch and- its creep city, which is a wonderful place to vacation with your family. No, it's not I go to uk fly there on any airline that I know of the bad they lose its right by parts unknown.
So the thing here that I find we are too is we don't really know why these children described this unknown man or potential suspect as a creep We don't have any details to back up that statement. Oh, He was creepy because of a b and c. No, we just have their general statement of and your old in an eight year old, saying that he was a creepy man yeah. But again, I think if you look at the original sketch from ninety five, it looks more cartoons. me so I think I see in that I go. The creep bells are alarming: they're not going off by this new one kind of looks to shovel can looks like it's a somewhat like a beard that it's the guy's not trying to grant a beard. He just hasn't shaved,
maybe possibly receding, hair line, again slick tear, but it almost like greasy, not because they put product in anything, but since greece, your hair and then the eyes to me. They look like dead eyes, but what's interesting to me, but what I want to know is how we got from this first sketch that looks nothin like the second sketch. Yes, that's what I really want to talk about here bell, but also we have two on some level re examine all the possible abductions where people said hey. I think, the guy that I saw trying to abduct this girl looked just like the original sketch. Well, one phrase: the hit me hard not too long ago, and I've repeated it. A few times is I found this during the course of investigating some of the cases that we've looked into. Douche canoe is
Sometimes we see what we want to see, even if its subconsciously, where, when you're later asked what did the main. look like well. If he didn't look, unlike the suspect, are unlike the sketch that was released, you might say he look like that. Guy, rather in the true statement would be. He didn't look unlike that man right. So you ask a very good question: how do we get from one composite to what is obviously a different man that has drawn? in in released to the public and the second composite draw it absolutely dries man saying so, there's some good information on that regarding in comparison, the first sketch to the second one thing that I find interesting to captain is the first sketch we have script of what the man is wearing he's wearing the cut off. Jean short, no sure, recalled george, no, socks no shoes in this
I can composite. We get no description of what the man is wearing right originally, when annex set in the community when Morgan nick was first abducted within the hour. Where's in days of the abduction. The original thought by the locals was that this had to be some outsider. This be some maniac some sick pervert passing through the took morgan and we don't to be afraid, because he's not a local he's, not here anymore, when they were lease the composite. A lot of that thought in fear shifted to that it could be a local. Why, description of the vehicle states, it possibly had can solve plates. Might then top of that when you really the think about it to the discretion. Of the man, shortlist, with no shoes hairy chest I dont know I just don't see some guy driving from states away
listen shoe less. They just pops into this ballpark all the sun at ten o clock at night. Ten. Forty five at night answer the golden opportunity and adopts a little girl and it works out great for him. No one saw the abduction. Nobody knows who he is. Okay, behold on this quebec, you don't see an outsider driving The ballpark, go over that. Why don't you see that? Well this one off of the highway. It's not like. He just happen to happen upon the ball park and these unattended children. And on top of that, what I'm getting at to me, shortlist, enshiu, less suggests that the meat could be local more so In somebody passing through, I would agree with you if there was enough freaking camper attached to his truck. If that is his truck right correct,
You are correct, sir. The other things are saying that makes more sense. If that is his truck and we have a camper, hey, I'm just I'm, I'm relax him because I'm at home, this is my home. This guy is a he could be from that state if the license plate suggests so but I almost feel like that this individual maybe they're not so much to abduct kid but hey. We can go park at this at this baseball field and we will have to pay for give ground, and and now that I'm here and I'm just gonna lounge and around our- I am a predator and there's victims all over the place The other thing I want to point out regarding the first information, regarding our suspected came out was let's go two are what the Charlie project website states base.
On reporting. At the time, the witness at the ball park game said the identified. Man may have been seen near a red ford, pickup truck with a white camper, which was about five inches too small for the truck bed, I'm with you I like the detailed information there right the campers windows were covered with curtains again, that maybe he's considered creepy, because you don't see these campers all the time. Maybe they just found the kids found that to be where ya mean with it a big campaign last year about ban in the van. Maybe it should have been banned in the Creepy, icon, cowboy campers well ya, know about a ban that creepy, camper and I'll be a truck with a camera. Here is where I think that the description it's a little wonky. Remember we're getting monkey here, really want the truck at a doll paying job, because it was
really old, likely vintage nineteen sixty eight nineteen, seventy four with a short we'll base and was possibly damage on its right, rear and reports that it also had arkansas plates. I'm just pointing out here, tie is ten years old. The girl is eight years all right We know from the woman statements that she said she saw this man, but from afar we can assume two things. either. She is able to provide better detailed information because she's order, wiser more life, experiences she's, an adult these are too small children or she's able to provide less detailed information because she's far away from this person That's what I'm gonna try when trying to point out here is right. I don't did the woman is the one. We have a statement from law enforcement, saying we like
information that she provided, because its backing up the information that the children provided us, which could be asked bull is a vague description of this man, and I saw him talking to those two kids and the two kids later telling police. We only to one man, and so that's their there. validation, for those witness accounts right, I don't believe, or I have a hard time, believing that this woman from afar saw this man's vehicle or was able to provide a detailed description to down to the the make of the vehicle potential year of the vehicle I can get. It She saw the distance mind you it's dark out right now. She saw Me- distance ass, a dull red meat the orange pick up you'd be able to see the camp. You would be able to see the camphor, that's about the best description you're going to get from afar in the dark. So what I'm getting at is this detailed description I have to believe comes from
children I got that you have to believe that I think also very possible possible when are viewed the three hundred in some people, watching the game that summits, edward see this I'll creep, oh by the creepy camper, but I I did see the truck and- and this is what I notice about the truck. So we can. a hundred percent deadline, that's a possibility, but we do have statement saying that these are the only three witnesses right that night thy. My windows is of the man we do now, the police were looking for video tapes and for photographs. That would contain any of the information that the witnesses saw and confining you that I'm not question if the truck as there are no question, one bit what I'm sorry thing is, I believe that the description of the vehicle becoming from the children. If that's the case regardless,
if it comes from the woman whose afar or the children, the description of the vehicle is too detailed, too from children or to come from a woman who who, her own words says. I only saw the man from afar. She never says I saw his truck. She never is that I saw him up close standing by the truck. I find it. We that a ten year old or an eight year old is saying that this is a late model vehicle with a short we'll base area. I get there's probably damage to the vehicle that a child would recognise that a child would profit would definitely recognise arkansas plates the region, I'm goin through this whole tailspin here is: because once you change the composite sketch of the suspect, now change a lot of what very little we and the police know of this abduction or possible suspect you damn good question? Why do we even have a change in the composite sketch at all? Well, I'm sure
People were thinking that, but the only evidence, the only work that I could see dawn on the rest why change came out. Two thousand and eighteen, many years after Morgan nick was abducted and many years after the composite itself changed one the gate of journalist and you can find these articles. On today and fort Psmith, dot com, fort Psmith as me, we already know is not very far from from location in question this reporter and some of this information is backed up by police, but not one hundred percent, not one hundred percent backed up verbatim, not word for word. Just a few of the details have, confirmed by police and in a statement to which they are kind of apologizing or saying that there were missteps in the investigation. What This remembered adepts in every investigation did
problem is where we calling anybody bad at their job when you're investigating something you are you are following a phantom An easy too follow the moves of a phantom. When you have the peace altogether, there will be missteps, that's how you ve That's how you eliminate the the inner people from the one guilty person yeah, especially in a case like this amendment? We have several people in the location but very few eye witnesses and that we have this very like you were saying, it's very willie wonky situation where you have young kids as I witnesses. Now we have this odd vehicle, this truck with a king. her? That's us all in general ones is very willie, woke the script and changed according to today and fort psmith dot com, because it was not based off the abduction of morgan neck
the original composite sketch that was put out. They contain what this man was wearing and not wearing along with the vehicle description came about from witnesses to the other. attempted abductions they took place. He said the time having no information to go off of they both did. They likely could be connected, because of whatever this to me. so points out the lack of information provided to them from the three witnesses at the ball park. There going this because they have nothing else to go on in they said was we made composite of a man that was seen in one of the other abducting abduction. Attempts showed it to our three witnesses at the ball park, and they said yes on a scale of one to ten. It's an eight and so that being only thing and only information that they went off of they released into the public. Is it
it's in desperation that they do this and they're doing this, regardless of anybody thinks this is an error mistake or just wrong doing they did this, desperation because they were trying to find anything they could to lead them this little girl and bring her home safely, so you're saying that this whole report that he's wearing shorts and he has a hairy chess. This is not coming from thy witnesses of the ball park. This is coming from the other attempted abduct. That's what's confusing here and that's. Why question that the vehicle description? I question the clothing description, because we know that the man's description has changed. What we do here is police later saying when when they say look, we had to do this, and this is why we now have to do anything they ve taken, I mean, don't fault them, they feel guilty for, I feel bad for it. Raw data, a half, I'm not gonna fault. Somebody for for doing
what they believe in the heat of the moment. To be the right thing, you could easily say that these attempted abductions we believe are linked to morgan next disappearance and what that perpetrator was wearing at the time. Was this so the statement that the police gave in two thousand and eighteen regarding the clause because that's that's an ex question that everybody wants to know. Well, you'd, you change, composite, but now we're realising. We also have this description of a vehicle we have option of what the suspect may or may not have been wearing. Does that change? The answer simply put? Was they had a heart? I'm confirming between the three witnesses at the ball park, exactly what the man was wearing that night. So, rather than make another mistake they chose. Not to include it on the new composite. They came out five six years later,
I can understand why people would be confused when you see something that looks like genes, but their short like shorts convey, in well again loud people don't see george the problem here is, is simply put always stated earlier but he saw morgan nickel leave the ballpark. Nobody saw her leave alone or with somebody else. My nobody heard a scream, nobody saw a man, grab a child and throw the child inside a vehicle and speed off right, but they have. gone down, we would have better different description the two children and from the woman from afar plus we would have other eye witnesses that would have noticed something going on. When you have a situation where but he knows it's something wrong is about to happen. You lose some of those details people are not really focusing in her honing in on certain details at the time, because life most
The time is just ordinary. Was just an ordinary moment until later. They realise that this girl was missing. Why? I don't think so. I think I think mothers intuition, I think, her daughter was saying when morgan was saying. Let me go play and the mom said now we're not going to do that. I don't think it was so much that it was dark. She saw other kids playing. I think those mothers intuition that something right something's, not right, and then she got reassurance from somebody else. Don't worry they play here all the time and then she let her out of her sights and and but I that was some something tanner. Don't don't let your daughter your play the other thing to, and this is just a reminder like we ve, in so many other cases, Amy michalek comes to mind immediately, if you suspect someone or suspect something,
in regard to someone. You know- or maybe you only kind and no them bright, do not hesitate to provide that information to authorities just because anything given an either composite would cancel your suspicion while, unlike like you were saying, there was a couple. There was at least one abduction where they say there was a truck, but they believed the truck was blue. If the eyewitness accounts of the truck with the the camper, maybe it wasn't red, maybe it was blue and and but that's the stuff that frustrates me because somebody could be reading the newspaper, let's say ninety ninety five and says: okay, while the kid was abducted. Oh, I can. I know this weirdo. He has a. He has a red truck where he has a blue truck or whatever color truck. He has. He has a brown truck with a camper too small for the bed, kinda strange
But it doesn't match the boy who has taxes plates roar. You know, there's one thing: that's all for a couple, things that are off and you go well call him quality and I dont want to disrupt his life because it can't be him cause he's not from arkansas or any other number of reasons and the problem. Is then you learned later on years later that scratch You really know nothing about the likely sus back tonight, in two thousand and ten federal investigators, this took place in november that Investigators search a vacant trailer home in spiral oklahoma for dna evidence in the morgan nick case again, this is where we hear that town name again, they see rodion on this trailer because they received a tip they searched.
Same area again on December eighteenth and nineteenth, seven years later in two thousand and seventeen and a cadaver. Dog alerted to a well that was found on the property, but nothing was found in the well right, but they could be alerted to some remnants of something year. There was nothing found in regards to morgan's case and up Lee. This tipp was from a narcotics officer who alerted police to the abandoned home, which belong to a convicted child, molesters who was in prison at the time of both of the searches the tipp technically didn't, tain specifically to morgan's case, but because the guy, was on their suspect less. They searched it.
And he may have just been on the suspect list because of where he was living and that he was convicted child molester. I'd like to know what is vehicle. History was back to our creepy guy captain in the cowboy camper but the faded red truck or who knows what he was doing, how the creepy camper further occur to the two thousand and eighteen investigative reporter looking into the case, this is the one that I feel Now some good information you can call to leak, you could call it speculation. What have you it's thought provoking regarding morgan next case I am hoping, does not dry up this Instigator of rapporteur said that the fbi profiles. They took a look at the case. Concluded early on that these shortlist man, seen talking to the kids, was not a likely suspect. Really. They thought that it would be
really strange for someone shirt, listen, soulis to abduct a child in his son Ragged appearance seems to indicate that he was likely, a local who live near by what they are caught Suggesting here. Captain is: maybe this individual didn't belong to that vehicle, but that too, that true Maybe it was Sunday that live near by that happened to be passing through on foot or had a reason to be at the ball park ray shortlist shoelaces awfully casual again. I don't know that casual if you're, if your house is in the back of your truck right, but I think what the the fbi profiles, are pointing out years a couple things one. We don't know if this man, and that was seen. That spoke to the children in fact took morgan right does just suspicion to we don't know if he and the vehicle belong together brain three. We don't even know if he had a vehicle there with him right. I want
get into some of the details of that night one. I question immediately. The timeframe Thirty nine, whose playing a little league baseball game at ten thirty at night ends at ten forty five lives? question a little colleen allowing her six year old daughter to go off and play away from her that late at night but that very question, because she questions herself correct any in I throw no fault at her, especially when you have locals people that you know and trust telling you all the kids go over there and play like it's it's lit. We can see them from here, no big deal plus the games, gonna, be over pretty soon right. I think that the where you would think that the number of people in the ballpark that evening. That night would help you, in this investigation you know he gives you ma sets of eyes more sets of ears. I think it, situation. It may have hurt the investigation. I
wonder if we have if we have a crowd, its active, that's loud, that's volume in the game. My understanding is, it was a tournament, the going on that day. Right. That's why they're place away because his pride, the championship game and they're trying to get it over with will not only there, my understanding is. The game was supposed to the game that they were watching was supposed to start somewhere like two and a half or three hours earlier than what it actually started and you and I go, up. We played in soccer tournaments. You pray played in baseball tournaments. I was terrible baseball. That's why I like to watch it. I was bad a baseball too, but I play tournaments. So now with me, you watch, but they were morning, these tournaments in basque, while tournaments so and so forth. We all know that if the first game runs long or if there's kind of slip up and between games it pushes ever back and then there's another slip up or another game goes along. It pushes everything back and further and further
and especially in a tournament setting where you need to win or lose to determine who moves on. You can't have a tie. These games can go extra innings. While you also have people traveling from out of town. That's why I was saying they'll push things back in and maybe not you their best judgment, because I look, I just don't think it's safe to have that many kids and and and those that many unknown people in this park, starting a game almost ten o'clock, so I've always wondered about morgan's case. One simple thing: that we don't have anyone that saw her snatched and abd and taken away. We didn't have any but he here a scream or a yell. There's no body that witnessed an altar asian between a little girl and creep man right, so you have to wonder to things. Is it possible all that she went willing with this individual it could be that she,
thought she knew him. She knew him. He offered money or reason to get into the vehicle, and she just went quietly and willingly right or deity, We actually have to grab her and of doktor and take her away, and it was just missed because all the eyes or on the baseball game, and this year in going off and there's noise and you dont, you don't hear girls yell or scream seventy five. odds away because everybody next to use yelling and screaming it's just one of those tricky things where I could keep going to what the sheriff has said. Time and time again in this case the its such simple case in that's what has made such a difficult case to investigate is there one minute and then she's, not there and you don't know what information we can trust from some of witnesses, especially when its compared to these other abductions, the war. one of those abductions. They may have
contributed to the description of this man. This is not verified by police. I couldn't find a statement them confirming this, but what the statement was from the article that I was reading was that they were putting food the idea that one of those abductions was actually a custody dispute. it later. That's what was that's. What prompted least to change the composite sketch of what they later really saying. This is from actual witnesses from the abduction of that night at the ball park, then they later find out o the man that tried it one of these little girls. In one of these situations it was accustomed to dispute that's why? I wonder if the the vehicle description that is so detailed if it may have come from sir on that new that man or saw that vehicle up close and personal, or
for a longer period of time, rather than what these children at the ball park so yeah it bothers me like, like I said I m, but if there be eyes look they have the best profiles they ve done. Profiles on individuals were they they say some the craziest stuff like we think that the purpose your favorite, colors orange or he might have a disfigurement or a speech impediment or he's did there's all kinds of things that are interesting the up by the, but when their correct- and in like this, this very tiny details how the hell did. They know that how the how could they profile for that detail? And so for them to say well, look we got no she's got no sure were were thinking this guy's local guy, again
I don't know the ball park that well so ballpark, for my understanding is now a parking lot. I was trying to look up the ballpark, even if I couldn't find pictures from ninety five. If I could find something closer to today, I get it not find anything to get it idea of the lay out and the size. I really wanted to know the size of it in what was in the immediate area, because some of the ball field we played a grown up. Some of them were very small, containing one one diamond one diamond and maybe two others are contained. Twelve. He didn't play a lot of baseball. I was wanting to call it a field court. The court was a court. I was more of a field guy no yeah cause some places. travelling for music and stuff. Like that I'd see these one I'm in the middle of town, and there was a couple parking spots around it, as is almost like people to spark to their houses and walked to the
I'm in and then there's a lot of other places that have multiple diamonds so you just wander again because we don't have that info. Nation on hand it's hard to get a perspective. But again I just don't see. Look I'm fbi profiles are most time homage idiot, but I just don't see that it's that hard for people to think if this individual stopped and parked there to stay. I'm with the hamper dynamic, sent that why wanted they just throw on some sandals and I just can't. I just woke up from a nap. I have no shirt on him. I got this, harry man chest and I'm gonna show it off the one alone. Peacock in the wanna be pro filer in me tells me that this ball field the ball park. Whenever you want to call it is probably
on the smaller scale, because if the games did in fact get pushed back to the point of a half hours to three hours delay break if they had multiple diamonds easily move those games to been diamond right. You see, mean rather than rather than just making Everybody'D slots. Therefore, an extra three out but hold. I played a lot of softball tournaments and so times? What happens? It's somebody that got into the loser bracket and they just kept winning, and then it became a situation where it's like. Well, we think that this team, you know you- have to lose two games and you're out, while the team, with one loss in the destroying a bunch of teams getting and facing a team. That only has that has no losses and they have to be them twice in a row. So that might be a reason why somebody got pushed back so far, but
so question? How again our people from this town will know in, and hopefully we can get some conversation on the blog about these diamonds and and how many were worthy and how how were they connected the rest of the town and worthy by a lotta residencies I'd like to know that, because I think that could give us a better outcome. in this case. The other thing to that you have the question: is the profiles fbi agents at work this case early on them Hey, unlike us, would know exactly what the children said their conversation was with this man the information that they ve been holding onto yeah because again, if there could be something very simple and that conversation of I am that's, that's my truck. While the profilers are saying that they think it's unlikely now
question a lot of this stuff, because we don't have actual agents names to apply into attached to these statements of we I believe that the man that spoke to that learned, the shortlist man is an unlikely suspect, but one thing that comes out, and some of these articles captain is that this was a leaked. This is not confirmed, but it was that man came up to the children and yelled at them, because they were breaking bottles and he was concerned. Broken glass in the area and in the parking lot right. If, in fact, this is true That's where you have the fbi agents going. Ok, he he has a reason. He has a purpose to speak to these children because of their actions rather than some, he's trying to do, therefore we don't he is a likely suspect, there's a chance that the man just doesn't recall speaking to children, that night or spoken any children that night what I want
do call into question- is why has this man not come forward? Just you pointed out earlier with the very detailed description of that truck. If you saw description of the truck. I heard it immediately and that your truck you that's your truck you'd. It's not. There is no question about it right yeah well now, and they account for also somewhat makes some sense. As far as lake travel baseball goes is because you'd be plain, this tournaments, and you would you know one of my neighbours has a big camper and they got the big camper to start going to their grain kid sporting events and they just thought what a great waited go in and give the family of a place that they could hang out enduring during their off times it, so it makes sense for a lot of the people that were possibly at the ball diamond that night to have something like that. There the statement that I found captain that does offer some hope for this investigation and that comes from chief Russell white. He is the owl
while PD police chief back in two thousand and fifteen. He acknowledge that they have a quote lead suspect in the case, but not enough evidence to make an arrest rate, which that is very hopeful and again, but maybe we can create some kind of conversation, some dialogue. As far as the blog goes good, a true crime garage dot com you have any information about this case, even if you think it's very small put it out there there's a lot of intelligent people that visit the blogging and put out information and some theories not not not that we always agree with them, but we I like actually posting the ones that I don't agree with, because I think it's a different viewpoint out there, like, I said I think we can create some dialogue. Hopefully that helps maybe even create a new lead or a new angle that the
kid go after this suspect, with after receiving more and more invitations to speak at schools and churches, Colleen nick. form the morgan nick foundation, which is a nonprofit headquarters, Our colleague said interview quote, we still don't know where she is or what happened to her and we, absolutely intend to know that are met to morgan. If she ever hears or seas or reads anything about her own case is that we are coming for. You and we are coming with an army of people who have been fighting for you, the nick foundation offer support to families of the missing and acts as a liaison with police in the media. Members strive to educate teachers, students in communities about If these skills and preventative measures they can take to ward off possible kidnappers,
a nation encourages lead insulation that protects the rights of children and enhances law enforcement, ability to find the missing and bring them all right. It's so good to be back in two thousand and twenty the year of the garage for all of our old up, such checkers out on the stitches app and also check out our bonus episodes caught off the record on sticker premium until next week.
Good, be kind and don't let.
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