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Murdered Joggers /// Part 1 /// 185

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Murdered Joggers /// Part 1 /// 185

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August 2, 2016 - Howard Beach, New York - 30 year old Karina Vetrano takes off for an evening run but does not return after. Her father Phil with who Karina is very close to, goes out searching for his daughter. He finds no trace of her and she is not answering her cell phone. Police later locate her body near her home. Five days later and 175 miles away an attack on another young woman was eerily similar. 27 year old Vanessa Marcotte did not return to her mother's home after going out for a jog. This week Nic and the Captain discuss the senseless murders of these two young ladies. Beer of the Week - Sweet Action by Sixpoint Brewing Garage Grade - 3 and 3/4 bottle caps out of 5

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In new orleans, twenty twelve bruce twelve here chair, I drove to an address some one had given him that didn't exist ass. He stood in the park. lot where the address should have been. He was shot and killed. I'm You d umbra join me for the newest season of counter clock. As I die, the motive behind bruces murder a series of events that have never been fully investigated until now. Binge all fourteen episodes of counterfeit season, five, wherever you listen to pod. Today's podcast sponsored by june's journey, journeys. The perfect game for those of you looking to channel the inner detective in it yields in june parker on the quest to solve our sisters. Murder each chapter presents a dick mine, teasing puzzle is, open to an air of mystery murder in romance set in a roaring twenties and investigate a wide variety of characters. But that's not all you can chat and with other players by joining a detective club downloads,
The journey for free today on iowa, an android. I The. I welcome the telegram garage wherever you are, whatever you are doing, thanks for listening, I'm your house nick and with me, as always, is a man that took himself out for dinner and a movie on valentine's day. He is the key
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the word that's enough of the business captain. Everybody gather around rapid share grab a beer. Let's talk some true crap the medical examiner says the missing jogger died of strangulation and was possibly sexually assaulted. Police have new information on this murder mystery, including new evidence that could lead to the woman's killer. We ve now learn from police forces that, when katrina corina veterinary body was discovered, she was still pledging grass in one of her.
hands an indication that she was likely dragged from. The main trail sources also tell us that one of her sneakers and her headphones, we're missing from the crime scene and tonight. The search for that evidence and her killer continued reward posters spell out. The tragic news this thirty year old woman was murdered, and now police need help to find her killer for those who knew corinne of it. I know she was much more than just a face on a flyer. He word girl at tons of friends. She lit up the room when she walked in family friends and neighbors came together and lit candles outside the vetro, restaurant and lounge. Where verona worked, she was found strangled tuesday night after going for a jog, just a few blocks from her howard beach home in the spring creek federal park land near the belt parkway police also believe she may have been sexually assaulted. They say her body was found with her shorts and sports bra pulled down police said, but toronto left her home to go for a jog around five tuesday evening. The avid runner often use the unpack
trail and usually ran alongside her father this time an injury kept him at home. I have to run this path now without him. Police said, but toronto was texting with a friend when the texts suddenly stopped. Her father began to worry when his phone calls to her went unanswered. One point after that I finally began to get worried where she was. She didn't return home. Normally, he called a member of the service police chief who lives nearby, who then called level one. He helped police retrace their usual running route and pings from her cell phone, led them to a marshy area about fifteen feet from the path her father discovered the body, Imagine his angst that we found her face down in the ground, while the community continues to mourn veterinary death, the focus shifts to finding her killer
they just catch the animal that did it august. Second, two thousand and sixteen thirty year old korean the trot was out for a routine jog near her home corina lived in the howard beach area, in the state of new york, she lived in this neighbourhood as her parents now corina. Typically, and the path with her father fill the toronto. Who is not with her because of an injury he had asked or not go warning her. It might not be safe without him, but she went anyway. Her typical route would take her through portions of the neighborhood, in along a bike path that ran along the belt parkway this taking her over by spring creek park.
during her job, Corina had been listening to music and texting. A friend, the last known image of korean of a trauma was captured at five forty six p m on august. Second, when a Valence camera recorded her running passed a part car later her father repeatedly tried to call her cell phone. Corina did not answer, but let's talk about you, corina was well, she was born in nineteen. Eighty six in new york- and we already mentioned her father- fill her mothers Aim is cathy and career I was one of three children. Corina graduated from Saint John, with a masters in speech, pathology, she's. Aspiring writer. I believe she was working in the restaurant busy at the time of this attack. Now her father phil, who corina said it was her best friend and obviously her job.
in partner he is a retired new york city firefighter. He was one of the many brave brave first responders at ground zero. After these september, eleventh axe now the area where the veterinary family lives. This is it. This is a nice area. However, we did hear the warning phil recommended to his daughter that she not go out jogging without him. That makes it sound quite dangerous, but What this really means is there is a what people living in the neighborhood refer to as the high weeds area or tall weeds area. This is toward the spring creek park. Neighbours have said that this area you know a lot of the girls in the neighborhood have been told not walk alone along this area, and one neighbour even stated that this is typically warehouse, and bombs would lark is very similar to the girl. Go beach. Death went well. We
corina, didn't return from her evening. Jog her father, Phil called her cell phone three times on her father. Phil was, he is very physically fit is a handsome man yeah and she has a beautiful mom. So you put those too. Whether they gotta beautiful daughter, well she's, extremely fit as well avid jogger, when she didn't answer any of these calls. Phil went out despite his back injury that had kept him from participating in the job he went out he's looking for his daughter. This is this is actually perfect because he knows the route that they would normally take. He knows where to go, to look for her phil does not find his daughter and bank. He finds no sign or trace of her. He calls the please any notifies them that his daughter is missing the police response and they join in the search. They quickly use Corina cell phone him for action to help narrow the search.
they're, using the very same calls from phil when he had called her cell phone to gather cellphone tower Information to locate her from somewhere in the brush off the path corina phone was located and then police and fill the train o found TK. Green body at around nine p m, this was in the spring creek park area was an interesting here, though it some air base. Had woe. Was it hard for you to find your daughter, and he said that he would prefer that he found her than somebody else yeah. I saw a bunch of interviews with Phil the toronto end, the thing was, he was extremely close to his daughter and he almost. He also said that you know finding her and being a part of the search like the one last thing he could do in a form of protection of his own,
are you know all he ever wanted to do- was protect his daughter and be her best friend, and it was the one last act that he could do. I do want to to make reference to kind of his feelings and the feelings of the neighbours at time when they were searching for her. I don't think they were expecting a good outcome. You know I hate to say that, but I think you know people were some. Or a little surprised by fills reaction. I think he was already kind of trying to on some level accepted that this is what I'm going to find as they search for his daughter. I believe he also said he had a feeling in and we we hear this law times with cases where some are goes missing and and right away, some as feeling that it's bad yeah, while the police and failed they katy corinne body it about nine p m that night in the spring creek park era.
She was located face down about fourteen blocks from her home in the marshes of the park. About fifteen feet off of the main trail us talk about the initial investigation into this matter. the first captain, what were the n Y p d, 's findings and what was learned about the attack and the perpetrator that had killed this young woman that, while the first suspect was the the father yeah and we can get into some suspicions. But I want to wanna go through the evidence and the investigation first before we get into that so she's found face down now her clothing, someone had pulled the shorts down she's wearing it
typical, joggers outfit sports, bra and jogging shorts. It's not just a sports bra, but you know it'd be like convert. Half shirt goes down the stomach. Now now it's! If, if you watch the clip of her running it's now kind of I dunno I'd, come biker shorts and then some kind of top, but you could see or mid drift there's on theirs. There's gotta be names, for these are a loving and we just don't know what they are right will end like yeah you'd, you probably look at in, say sports brabant. Normally you have a sports prawn. You put something on top of it, I'm assuming it just don't walk out with this sports bra she's dressed as a runner right. her phone ear buds in at least one shoe, while they all located. None of these items were found with the body she bruising there was a lot of facial bruising and a lot of
bruising on her legs. Her socks were wet. They found quote tall grass in the clutches of her hands, note the grass and weeds, Forty five foot tall in that area that time of year detective said all of these factors told them. Ere. She had been grabbed from and the trail that the attacker that he had dragged her dance, who beat up badly very badly. They they offered this hypothesis. They said they Leave this was a surprise attack, but she had put up one hell of a fight the attacker grabbed her beat her and dragged her along a path into the wooded, more secluded area I'm she's biting scratching clawing at her attacker. Her ear buds come out and fall into the brush. The attacker grabs, Corina phone and throws it into the woods then
Her shoes comes off as he continues to drag her corina grab The tall weeds and the grass now mind you These are thick and wood. Have almost acted like ropes, like lifelines issues, she's grabbing at this slows. The attack down but does not stop him. The attack is what caused the bruising on her feet Yes and the dragging is what caused the using on her legs after the attack he leaves her lifeless and face down in a wooded secluded area. Just fifteen feet off of the path. That was not the only thing that the attacker had left behind. He left his dna, the medical salmon are determined that she most likely had been sexually assaulted in died of strangulation one they're gonna have dna, so they get dna from under Her fingernails dna from her phone from the prison,
get him on the phone and thrown the phone. I then touch dna from her neck and back area, because that's they assume that this person stuck up behind, her well after running that dna through nation wide state and local databases. The police. They found no matches since the national databases were only started and ninety ninety eight, the n Y p, said it was all they're going to look at records, who might have been in jail before that time or someone younger who might not have done. Any jail time now, one thing they're kind of leading towards here is it their suspicions? Are that this might be a repeat offenders. now we mention the camera. Footage shows corina jogging at five, forty six p m. Unfortunately,
nothing is learned from this, as she is she's alone in that foot it she's not being followed in she's on her normal rout. Now this footage was obtained from canvassing. area. The other thing that knocking doors talking to people in the neighborhood in canvassing the area produce produces, is this people told me is about a man seen in the air. No one had recognized him so armed with this info the Nypd released a sketch of a man seen leaving spring creek park, awry The time korean of toronto was killed, the man in the sketch is not considered a suspect. However, that's their announcement to the public aim, but this person may have been a witness to the murder or may have seen something they could offer the police and much needed clue the description of the individual is as follows is listed as a blackmail. Thirty five
would five years old height, approximately five foot, nine or ten medium, build wearing dark pants, with a red t, shirt and a dark wool hat, and what or some other suspicions that people were while there was plenty of it early in this investigation, that's for sure that the public had their suspicions that the truth family had theirs in the police had suspicions as well, and I think we can look at each of these now. When you talk about the public first, it obvious by comments from persons living in the neighborhood. When you have people saying things like girls, no not to walk in that area alone and hoboes and bombs typically lurk in there. They, while not not shared by all of the people. I think it's it's pretty lie Please say it's pretty reasonable to say that a good portion of the neighbourhood believe that some undesired herbal person that does not live in that community was sneaking around me.
Even lying in wait to attacks on and walking alone, we're running alone or that evening, but a lot of people suspected to that that she was targeted for awhile, because she is you know she was such a attractive woman that they thought maybe should have been. yeah, know tracked and monitored, and all that stuff. The problem with this thought is that she ran almost every time she ran. She ran with her father well and that's what made people think. Maybe the father was and you know that was, I saw this on the internet, then in news stories, but some people suggested that the father may have killed her. Now. We mentioned that they had a closer relationship. He was typically the one that would be jogging with her. He did go out looking for her, which some have suggested that that points towards some form of guilt and then some other stories, you know we're
add here that he along the police found her together, but there are some reports that indicate that he may have found her. You know seconds before that that the police were following him yeah I did they were. They were assisting him in the search that he was kind of the lead dog on this search, and he was the one that found her first think: that's how and down but again he's avid brown That runs its track all the time, so he's got No all the areas- and I know we always have to look at people close. You know on that hurry inner circle of the victims, because a lot of it I'm that ends up being the person that has killed the victim. However, that debts I don't have anything to base this off of other than just my gut feeling when, when I first dove into this case, I didn't see that from the relationship and I didn't find anything weird about their relationship. What I saw was to people that were.
Very close and She wanted to be very close with her father and her whether you know she lived cheap. She lived in the same neighbourhood is them sheet which she was a grown woman who had arrived at her own successes. She could have moved elsewhere if she could have lived elsewhere right, but from the outside. Looking in somebody could say well Maybe she lived in that neighbourhood because our parents major, I think what happened There was one of her father being a fire fighter, he's firefighters and all my friends with police officers. So if there was any suspicion towards him, he handled it perfectly because he probably said hey. I understand that you guys are just doing your job and you're trying to find out one. What open and who did this to to my daughter ran so reply was pretty cooperative and there were able to clear him pretty quickly. Well, you
if they were in- and I want to. I want to go on record saying that I just saw a healthy relationship between her and her parents now yeah, but okay, by your detective right up and she goes missing on a path that she runs with her father. He should investigate that angle, of course, as one hundred percent aid, because you don't have a feeling of it. In weird there, you gotta investigator I'm saying it because he is a part of the system. He is able to say, hey, do your job clear me and must move forward yeah, and in fact that is exactly. Why have and do you know they had dna in this case, so it makes it, the easy to clear people. If they are willing to submit to the dna tests, which father did her boyfriend did and
family members did as well. They cleared a bunch of people immediately early on in this investigation because of those dna tests and being able to compare it to something now as far as the but toronto family goes. There theory, when this case broke, I shared the same says: nations, as korea's parents, that someone living in the area. You adventure maybe she was tracked, because she was very attractive and she did run that same ral, almost really did someone living in the area was responsible for this, in fact fill the toronto. He had- and its publicly that he was looking for a man filled it not the name of this man, but he believed this man that must have lived in the area. This is because the man regularly ran along the bike path. The man Phil said Hoddan, been seen running the path since the date of the murder,
later, when Phil announced this during a radio interview and then a t v tv interview, the man phil, was describing was listening and the man had came forward. He explained that he had had some type of surgery, I believe and was not running due to his recovery- might to cite the father now the man. While he remains nameless to the public, he did vote and here. Dna is so submit dna and was checked, and he was clear think of this the ape you just some guy that runs a path right This happened to see this. This the attractive woman run in with her father right, but you see them constantly because you guys run the same path, and then you have surgery ego out something happen. I can't run new here on the radio that you might be a suspect that the father considers you
be a suspect which which he should have, I would if I were her father and there was like some dude that I'm here to see him, and I would be like wait a second I'm not seeing that guy since this date right in you, let's make sure this is not just a coincidence, it turns out to be yeah, but if you're that guy you're looking self in the mere in your thinking do. I really look tat creepy really put off this creepy. Vice I'm just run in I'm just running for health. reasons on run into stain shape and you think I'm a cripple you know what I mean, I'm just saying: you'd have to look at yourself. You'd have to think about your hairstyle, maybe think about the shoes, you're wearing and and change that you don't want people thinking that you're some keep running in the park. Let's get into the police suspicions, and I want This is one thing that seem pretty clear from the get go they outwardly stated.
They believe that they were looking for someone with a record with a with a previous record of similar type offences. One is because it was such a violent attack right and an is also in broad daylight. Pretty much a me, even though you cannot be pulling this girl into this marsh, there's people out there doubting so rightfully, so this seems like an act that somebody that had priors would commit, and I think it's all those elements that that makes them convinced that this was a cereal offender. Maybe a serial rapist or cereal murderer, who you know this because This was stated to reporters and to the public and from what they said, regards to the dna testing. Remember they said that they had ran it through. nation wide state and local databases. No She's were found since the net nash national database. Look sorry about that.
spit it out. There was only started in nineteen. Ninety eight. They said they were going back to look at records to see who might have been in jail before that time or someone younger who might not have done jail time, the chief stating that they could be looking for a teenager. This might imply that Corina as attack was the killers first and that there would be more to follow, but the f b I actually did a profile on who that This suspect was well and they were this criminal profile to the public and hopes that it would drum up. Some leads and reads as follows: the person who committed the aceh, is likely familiar with the park, and he may have spent time therefore end of a variety of reasons. The park is routinely used by fishermen dirt bike there's, environmentalist and other outdoor enthusiast, certain areas within the park. Serve as a gathering place for homeless and recreational
drug and alcohol users, he may have been frequenting. Or even living in the park for days weeks or months prior to the assault and was equally a familiar face to others who used the park on a regular basis, Following the assault on Corina, he likely stopped visiting or living in the park abruptly he may have moved his recreational activities or residence to another area. He may have provide a seemingly reasonable excuse for them. Change in behaviour he may have even suggests, his avoidance of the park was due to the danger there in the hours following saw on Corina. Anyone encountering him may have observed him to be de in appearance with possible, scratches or cuts to his hands arms neck or face. It could have appeared that he was in some type
fight or accident, and he may have given any of a variety of excuses for his appearance following the assault he may have noticed noticeably change his level of alcohol, drug or tobacco use. He may have paid careful attend to media reporting on the assault of corina, he may have taken steps to limit his exposure to the media reporting and he may have changed his appearance. Well, that's f b, I profile, but what did the chief have to say, chief robber voice with the issue Pity said the detectives believed that the killing was a random attack. He said one, theory is that the killer retreated through the weeds and emerge. Along the belt parkway in brooklyn, pointing out the detectives traced, all possible escape routes with no suspect on camera, no evidence indicating any one person, the chief added that detectives think that the wool
tat there was seen in the sketch of the men. that they wanted to talk to. He thinks that could be the key to figuring out who this purse is reminding us that the murder took place on august second, a hot day Korea was in short, as we had discussed, stating that you usually don't wear a wall hat on a hot day. In fact, this is what made the people they had seen him that he gave his description to the Please this wool hat was one thing that made these people. Remember him an too to take a closer look at him when they had seen him too. To begin with the well that spotted this man all found it to be strange that he was in fact wearing this on such a hot day. Keep in mind this path, file the information provided to us by the police and the sketch the
all released months after the murder, and hopes that someone would come forward who knew this gap In new orleans, twenty twelve burst catch. Here I drove to an address some one had given him that didn't exist ass. He stood in the park, lot where the address should have been. He was shot and killed. I'm you d umbra join me for the newest season of counter clock, as I die the motive behind bruces murder, a series of events that have never been fully investigated until now binge all fourteen episodes of counterfeit. Season. Five, wherever you listen to podcasts. today's podcast sponsored by june's journey, do journeys the perfect game for those of you looking to channel the inner detective in it yields in june parker on the quest to solve our sisters, murder each chapter- presents a dick mine, teasing puzzle into an air of mystery murder
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The state police are asking for your help in the investigation into the murder of a woman who wept for a jog in central massachusetts this weekend and never came home. The body of twenty seven year old vanessa marcotte was found. A half mile from her mother's home in princeton sunday night At this time, please do not know whether she was a targeted or random victim random, we're back cheers, mates and You just heard in the audio clip just five days after korean of toronto, was murdered while out for a jog about a hundred and seventy four
miles away, another woman is attacked and murdered, while she is out for a run vanessa, more caught twin, seven years old, who lived in new york, was found dead a wooded area near brooks station road. Just about a half mile from her mothers. Princeton Massachusetts home vanessa was in princeton visiting her mom. She was getting ready to return to her home and new york later that day, but was going to go out and get some exercise. First, police said the town of princeton. They haven't had a homicide in three decades. We're talking about a smaller town captain. I believe it's like four thousand people live there so yeah. This is not a common occurrence for the princeton police department. Now who was vanessa market. While she grew up in leominster and attended the bancroft school in war. Castor
and then she graduated from Boston university in two thousand and eleven with honors known for her love of running. She spent her free time. volunteering in helping others market was being in new york city where she worked for Google as an account executive. Now, the breakdown of how this last day went goes like this around one third, ten p m vanessa leaves her mother's house. This is at one zero. Nine brooks station road at tool seven p m is the final transmission from her cell phone she's not heard from police actually believe that her phone was either disabled or turned off at this point. So at three p m her mother Rosanna is gonna report. Her missing this triggers a search that expanded into neighbouring towns
and eventually the local police department. There they brought in the state police helicopter into the area as the hours dragged on an vanessa was not found, it was it until eight thirty p m that vanessa body is found just not a quarter mile from her mothers home her feet and hands, had been burned with gasoline all. her clothes had been removed, except for her sports brought. Why? her shoes was found at the scene, but the other shoe and her clothing, including a baseball cap and her iphone, were not found. When investigators searching with dogs found her body, her nose was fractured and her throat was crushed. Avenant showed vanessa. Put up one hell of a fight against her attacker now regarding the initial investigation on august eighth, one day after
He was killed. Investigators with this state police and with the war kester district attorney's office. They stated that Recover dna evidence from the victims body. The district attorney told the public We do not know if this is a random act, we are asking residence to be careful to be very clear. Right now we have an active homicide investigation going on and you can't be too careful. Now police did a twenty four hour tipp line specifically for this unsolved murder case and a tip really started coming rolling and it eventually, you know, after several months, gone by. They had received over thirteen hundred tips regarding this case now. Some of the more notable and helpful tips that came in ours as one according to eat to a. go. Witness vanessa stopped at a mountain
I had the market on on harbinson road in the afternoon to purchase a drink, and this witness Saul heard, leaving that market walking and talking on her cell phone. The best that the witness could provide is this would have happened some time after one p m on that day. And wasn't there another tipp where some day saw a vehicle. Possibly following her that day, yad someone had seen a person, it resembled vanessa. walking in the area that that was told that she was walking. And they believed that they had seen a vehicle that they thought to be following this person. there's not a whole lot of information with inside this tipp. It sounds to me like it's something that was observed that was seen by Witness in not you know, sometimes you see things here Don't really pay attention to them because you're you
you're going along about your ordinary business on an ordinary day pittance I would applaud cast every week. That tells me I need to pay attention. You carry around a little steno pad and just write down the events of the entire day of these Google glasses and record everything. Now, maybe the tipp that would provide the Most information came from a princeton resident by the name of andrew squire. He provides a tip that, on the day the NASA was murdered. He had been driving on the road that she is believed to have been walking and jogging on. He told invest. haters that around one forty five p m on that same road here saw a man standing next to a dark ford escape. That's a YAP suv he passed the vehicle. He noticed that the hood was up and a man was standing next to the s you ve, the man was on a phone now squire Andrew
wire believed that the man had been talking to someone about getting help for his car. It appeared to him that the vehicle had broke down possibly, but we ve seen this ruse before yap no act like my car's broken, hey lady. Can you help me? He then drives andrew squire than drives passed a second time. This is a few minutes later right. and ass. You ve is now closed and locked, so andor must have stopped to see if the vehicle was not locked. According to a statement, it's locked, weird he stated that no one is standing near the vehicle at this time and that the windows were so dark that he could not see in side the vehicle were so high drives pass. The area where, where milk markets body is eventually found, he sees this man standing next to a dark ford escape. The hood is up the suv and the man is on the phone appearing to talk to somebody now one thing Want to get into here a little bit captain is I
You know when we said that that he drove by a second time. This wasn't like he's all this in immediately thought it was suspicious. So he turned around any came back there immediately to check on the situation now, and was going somewhere. I believe he was dropping either his family. for people. He knew he was dropping them off at church that day, so he had drove them to the church, from picking them up or from his home and then dropped some off at the church, and then he returned going back the same route to return to wherever you come from now. I want to point out here is the as far as what time that was. We have this one, forty five time marker of the time that he first saw the vehicle. According to new paper counts. It's all a. The shop. What time he saw the vehicle to be locked and no man standing next to it. So I'd only want to begin to give time for that, but He drops these people off and he said
going back through the area. He must have thought. Well, you know what this vehicle still on the side of the road. Maybe I should see if this guy ever got a hold of anybody to two to receive help. You know this, the smaller community. I don't that everybody would do this in every community, but I can certainly see is going on in a strong in a smaller community, stopping to see if the person had received any help this time the hut is closed on the truck it's locked up and he can see into the window. So he just goes about his business above your car breaks down in, and maybe your cell phone dies than you get up, lock your car up and then go to convenience store to make a call or whatever you, ok We have two women that are attacked. Why running? We have under two hundred miles since yes across my a hundred and seventy five miles from howard beach to the princeton massachusetts area,
and the strange thing here captain is, we have to attacks that are so very similar. We ought. We have victims that are so very similar. In areas where you wouldn't expect these type of attacks to go down, and this is occurring just five days apart from one another, and it makes you wonder because in the first case we go this possibly as a teenager. This is possibly the per. This is possibly this it's first attack according to n Y p d. Those are their words. Yes right did this person drive. You know two hundred miles, which would then also explain the car breaking down. Possibly is this person response? well for both attacks. Well, in the other strange thing that links these two crimes together as well, is like, like I said, the victims are so similar. You have a coroner's case. A thirty year old woman from
new york and in vanessa case you have a twenty seven year old woman from new, Work is well she's, she's of massachusetts, visiting her mother and her her extended family. So we have very similar. Victim ology is a very strange situation. And both of these cases, really jumped in the spotlight at the time and think about it. It just want less than a week ago, art the media immediately linked these cases together, and these Victims will forever be linked together because of the media, putting these both in the spotlight. Now, in the vanessa case in vanessa markets ass. We have something similar here as well, because it's about six months later in february, two thousand and seventeen the district attorney in that area released more information regarding a suspect and actual suspect, vanessa, murder and a profile was bad,
off of dna collected where her body was found and based off of witness statements. and this is what they release to the public. They believed vanessa was most likely, attacked at random by a stranger and that the killer it's likely lived in or frequented the area surrounding princeton, the killer, is a has spent. or latino mail in his late twenties to thirty's within athletic, build average height. In either short or shaved hair. It is I also believe that the suspect, either owned or had access to a dark, coloured, ass. You ve on the day of the murder, would have had visible injuries to his upper body in the days following the attack at this very area how somewhere they are well. The thing that jumps off page. To me here. Captain is we're talking about six later, ok february, two thousand and
seventeen. Both these murders occurred early in august of two thousand, and sixteen And what I'm seeing here is a concerted effort by both police departments to really take these cases on very hands on because we're seeing a lot of information coming out and being released to the public. And why? Because both of these kids They have dna evidence found on each of the victims this means guess what, if you can get us in point us to the right guy, if we can get him to take that tester or make him take their dna test, we got this. Do we just need? We need the public's help to come forward and point us in the right direction. I find it very interesting that you know we're talking about to cases where you don't typically see the fbi come out in release a profile usual
they sought not not always based on a single attack or a single case, em. Both instances, we're getting a criminal profile of this individual. now, when I say individual, there's a good chance, these these attacks are not linked other than through the media. Now. What do we see in the first one? We see an fbi profile where their specifically talking about an individual did that some kind of link he's anchored to this park. For some reason, that's what the fbi below lives, and then you have the Nypd, which I want to get This whole whole thing here by them. It's it interesting when you, when you trace back criminal profiling and as far as you know the fbi being involved in this whole thing if you trace it back far enough
and actually find that the genesis of criminal profiling kind of started with the nypd with it with an old case from a long time ago. So one thing that I'm curious about, and we have a lot of new york listeners. We have some officers that are in the new york area. If you guys know this, let me know because one thing: I've always been kirk curious about with how big the police forces there if they actually do some criminal profiling themselves, because you have the fbi information coming out about this suspect it's anchored to this park. They believe that this person was somebody that was in the park up to that actual murder and then poof he's not that park anymore and then Have the new york police department stating that we believe that sketch that we released rise the secret this guy that was spotted in the area wearing a wall cap on a very hot day. This is the guy that
You need to talk to you, dont know. If, if he's the suspect for certain we just now, we need to speak with this guy and their able to release this information? They? Don't always one to release profiles you with skaters, don't always want to release these things they I want to show too much of their hand, but in these kay says where you have dna and you only need to be appointed in the right direction to get that guy. You have to keep this in the public's attention. You have to keep this on the public's mind and that way wires releasing new information from time to time to keep the case in the spotlight and provide tidbits of knowledge and nuggets of information where people somebody somewhere Aha, aha, I remember something horror or I know somebody like that and you see that in this situation, with vanessa markets case as well, where we have we have even more information and the cure This thing here is theirs
this information in our profile is based off of dna that was collected on her body and compiled with witness statements Remember. We have andrew squire stating that he saw a man standing next to a dark, coloured ass you in the criminal profile that they give their saying I believe that this man is a hispanic or latino mail is late, twenties to two thirty's, so we know that the end squire, and maybe even others, provided law enforcement with physical description of this man right there not just pulling this out of the air there, also stating that this This individual had access or owned a dark. Colored suv, which was described, is like with andrew squire, but with these cases possibly being connected, they both have dna so say, and the fact that the media's connect in these cases they could do a dna tests to see if these dna even match correct and I'm curious to
curious. If they did do that. That's one thing that was never mentioned. Any report that I could find where we the media linking these cases together. We don't see that from either police department. We all see that publicly, but your law enforcement- you don't have to show your whole hand, but this has to be an angle that you're lookin at especially if you're in boston- and you go well shit. This does happen, you know five days ago to one hundred and seventy some miles away. Yeah and so we have to young successful women both murdered with the same week. Under similar circumstances, we have corina, but trot or murdered on august. Second, two thousand and sixteen and the vit vanessa market murdered just five days later on august seventh now want that was very obvious in very apparent from the get go and we talked about how
close of a relationship that the veterinary had with their daughter, and one thing that they were not going to do was let this case fall from the public's eyes. They wanted to keep. This her name in the news they wanted it. Keep her name and picture where everybody can see it to be removed. of what had happened until we can get this thing solved. It's the old john, wash theory that if you can keep the public reminded of this situation, that's the only way to keep the tips and information come in yeah, and we have a very powerful piece of audio here where we have kathy for toronto, addressing the killer of her daughter. Yet she uses a loss as a captain language. So if you have kids in the car, you probably want to know let em, I really right
given that my husband said a hundred fault. I thank how it beat beyond words. Every single one of you and now look into my eyes, everybody, because I'm going to address the coward, whoever you are, whether the one, whether you ten I'm gonna, give you singular, but I'm here to remind jail case. You don't already now that now
well, it's the whole entire world against you, the whole entire world knows what a pathetic puny weak piece of felt piece of shit that you are the whole world knows that an suv. I know there will then, and now you face as well. Soon we're gonna have a face to the dick less piece of garbage that you are.
above and beyond you all you now that my daughter was a force to be reckoned with, and I guarantee you, I guarantee you, you, mother, fucker, that you will be reckoning with that force, not only for the rest of your pathetic life, but for the rest of eternity as you fuckin burn in Hell. I guarantee that my daughter was a big believer of karma ends, as you could see, she
magical. The whole world knows she's magical and I guarantee you, you will pay for ever good for them. I love these parents. I wish they were my parents. yeah, they're, very good people, and it's easy to see why corina was so close with her parents. They were big influence and a big part of her life, and we see that as well with our other victim vanessa mar caught. I mean she she lives in new york, she's very successful. I mean that's a hell of a job to work at google and she is, she goes. F, goes home, every other week to visit her mother and her extended family. So we're talking about two
very good people, the abbot. I love this mom because she has a whole back. She says you're week, you're, a coward and then here hear dad in the background is says piece of shit cassettes which are your piece of shit. So I applaud her and him. I think that's the right approach are right, there's a lot more to get too in both cases in the murder case of corina the toronto, as well as vanessa market. and captain you keep saying that there is some kind of announcement to make. Are you leaving the garage leave, I'm pregnant is what will happen had lived, It's fun had too much bourbon, and now I'm pregnant no on some other stuff,
can't talk about yet because it's not finalize, but one of the things that we are working on, trying to figure out how to do and will be doing preach soon, as will be doing Twenty two thirty minute extra episode every week. I don't know how this will be released yet colony, loosely titled. You no true crime garage. The record there's a lot of conversations that mean you have about true crime, documentaries about other cases that we covered in the past that maybe there's a new. date that we have been able to get too because really hard, some sometimes people say hey there's some new information on the delphi, murders or or the brain schaefer case or somethin ring and Sometimes I information is only fifteen twenty minutes worth of new information or less an end,
Finally, this here are regular weekly show is not really the platform to get that information out and back to you with. you're lucky lucky and thankful that we have listeners that stay active on some of these cases have not all of them checking for news it's coming. checking for updates and then a lot of times the listeners, providing us with those updates in it, and I will I do want to make a clear announcement. I did not respond to all the emails, but I must have had forty or fifty people tell me that been an update and the boys on the tracks case. Now I, if in response to your email. I apologise, but I got so many of them, and I appreciate the update them something that will discuss here on our blog and we have always used our blog as kind of a way to keep the discussions going about these different cases and to provide some updates, whether becoming from the listeners or from us ourselves. So this
If we are able to get this off the ground here captain this will not only allow us the opportunity. To do and discuss some different things on a weekly basis, but will also provide us with a good, solid platform, for where we can provide updates to cases that we have already covered yeah? It's gonna be a low above a catch. All really, I mean khazars. Some some we're on the phone for four hours talking about cases may be, will be able to record some of those clips and and really release those as well. So that is part of the big enough. but there is more to come, but I didn't want to keep teasing ya. You know right, I don't want to. I don't want to be like that. Alright see you back here in the garage tomorrow. Until then, everybody be good, be kind in don't live,
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