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Nancy Eagleson /// Murder Investigation /// 609

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Nancy Eagleson /// Murder Investigation /// 609

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November 13, 1960 - Nancy Eagleson was abducted while walking home. A man driving a dark car  pulled up alongside of her and asked if she would like a ride. Seconds later the car was gone and so was Nancy. Unfortunately her body was discovered a short time later and only a few miles from the abduction location. Who could do such a thing? This is a small town murder that shocked the community of Paulding, Ohio and still haunts them to this day. This week we take a hard look at the murder investigation and the suspects. 

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These kinds of stories from time to time never gets any easier stories that involve the senseless murder of children. Last week we told the true crime tale of an innocent little child, walking to church no less taken off the streets, just a couple of blocks from her home and then executed Her body discovered just a few hours later in a ravine and a force preserve what kind of monster shoot a little girl in the head Then, just one day later, in two states away, two girls walking home, one of them is grad stolen in the night just for how is away from her own. She met a similar fate as the first girl was
I'm just a short dry from where she was abducted. What kind of monster kidnap one sister front of the other In plain view of so many houses only tools. Her body and the cold dark woods. The answer in both cases is: the kind of monster was left to walk around a free man, while early on it seems investigators we're looking for a connection between the two murders. But after a few days they failed to find one. and so the two homicide investigations parted and went their separate ways. Police in chicago landed on the theory that a local man,
who likely committed several similar crimes was probably responsible for the murder of the little girl who never made it to church. That saturday morning, in ohio, the sheriff and the people of the tiny town of paulding could never quite agree was it a local man or someone driving through responded, two sisters war. In the dark forever took one away the individuals responsible for these heinous acts never paid for these crimes, not these crimes anyway, now too a we continue to look for these monsters, because, even if they themselves are dead, justice still has not been served.
on that terrible weekend back in november of nineteen sixty evil one twice. This decision crime garage Last week we ve told you about the horrifying abduction and murder of two girls Gloria koala wits in chicago who was just nine years old and also nancy eagle, sent a fourteen year old paulding ohio early on the to murder, investigation shared the same suspect. This was seventeen old, robert least oval, whose question about both murders extensively
this after he was arrested in indiana found by police they're sleeping in a stolen car. The car he was found in was reported stolen from the chicago area. Police wondered if Robert had stolen the car and killed the girl in chicago before leaving the state and while travelling through ohio, spotted Nancy and was also response, for her murder, all but or turning around and heading back to illinois police determine that roberts mobile lived in jacksonville illinois and was recently released from the state mental hospital there. This, of course, not go along with Robert least oval story, who first told officers at he lived in montrose michigan and was
mechanic for the general motors corporation when he was arrested for the stolen vehicle. The state trooper discovered bloodstains on the inside of stoves coat and on his trousers, and that is how he found himself involved in not one but two Homicide investigations, Robert least oval had a lot of miles on him for a seventeen year old he looked a little who rugged into dirty for seventeen and, frankly, probably could have passed for twenty three or twenty four years of age. He was described as a go teed,
nick type and he told officers what they called fantastic stories about his whereabouts, that weaken, he told police that the car was not stolen and in fact he had borrowed it from his sister or maybe it was his sisters boyfriend. But of course it wasn't his sister or even her boyfriend's vehicle. The car was in fact they stolen car, he told police they. His clothing became bloodstained in a tavern brought in detroit investigators, took note of stovall having been a patient at the mental hospital and described him as a psychopath ec liar stoves clothing was sent to the chicago crime laboratory for
domination? Robert least deauville was charged with ato larceny, but he quickly and quietly fades from the newspapers and both murder investigations without the public being told exactly why. But we can look at these cases and arrive at some past. or conclusions last week here in the garage, the intention was to solely focus on and explore the nancy, eagles and murder. The ohio case in just two episodes. However, glorious case is a part of the story and again still unsolved, so that warranted further examination to tell a more complete story. We decided to go to for episodes and take a really good look at both cases. This week we will really be focused
in in on Nancy eagles since case. So why would the authorities move on from Robert least oval and both murder investigations? Well consider the evidence. Stovall is arrested about five miles east of laporte indiana, so proximity doesn't really put him up front and centre on either murder, or does it, but the car he was found sleeping in was reported stolen from chicago so the car puts him at the centre of glorious case correct, but inglorious case. They also have a decent amount of evidence. Remember They have a finger and or palmprint we say either because it was reported both ways from all that I have reviewed, I believe that its likely that they had both a fingerprint, Andy partial palmprint. This was found on the victims purse. There was a tire track found at the scene where glorious body was recovered. We,
the bloodstained clothes were being examined and stovall shoes were sent off for analysis as well? They were checking mud from the shoes law enforcement knows he's from illinois and now he's any down this bar fight and troy, while he would have to go through ohio to get to troy exactly so. With this evidence, they would have ways of not necessarily clear stovall, but they may have ways of moving on from him from glorious murder because of the evidence, now one real troubling thing about stovall. Being a good suspected nancy eagle since case is the timing of everything. The captain just point that the car was stolen in illinois, and then he says he was up in Detroit. He would have had go through high at some point and, unfortunately, northwest ohio
is where he would need to travel through and nancy. Eu Wilson was murdered and north west ohio, but the troubling thing for him to be a good suspected nancy's case again as the timing. The reports are not really clear here on what time Robert least oval was pick, stop by police in indiana, just that it was sunday night. Well, we know that nancy was abducted at approximately seven forty, two seven, fifty p m that sunday right, I'm not really wondering about what time he was arrested there, because the port is not terribly far from paulding, but I'm in distance alone could potentially eliminate stovall from her. When committed the nancy eagles in homicide to give a little more perspective, depending on current day rouse from paulding to five miles east of laporte
He was picked up it's about a two hour and thirty minute to closer to three hours drive. So if he's picked up thirty minutes one hour or ninety minutes after Nancy was abducted. It makes it very difficult, nay, impossible for stovall to be responsible for nanny murder. The other thing to is, he tells the story of being involved in a bar fight in Detroit Michigan, and I know our calling him a liar and he's and telling these air quotes fantastic stories, but is there a chance that, upon further checking law, forcemeat is able to determine that. Yes, he was in a bar fight in Michigan. Why, or whatever the cause police in both cases, move on from Robert least oval, just because he is known psychopathic,
higher doesn't mean that isa psychopathic killer. Why or whatever the cause police in both cases moved on from Robert least oval. So will we as well so the next item on our nancy egos and investigation timeline is a strange one captain this is, When it is reported that quote, authorities admitted their investigation of the slaying of Nancy eagle. Syn was pretty well at a standstill. Note the date of this statement. This is on november. Sixteenth Nancy was killed on the third the body was found in the small hours of the fourteenth howard already at a standstill, right this the share of telling us less than seventy two hours into the investigation that the cases already gone cold. Maybe he's turn us that his incompetent, you have to wonder
This comment more indirect relationship to connecting the two cases that we ve already discussed, or that's good point. The coil its case in Chicago an appalling case of nancy eels, and then the suspect Robert least oval altogether, because he's in the news quite a bit for those first two days he fades from the news and its at this. same time that we have the sheriff there's a sheriff killer. And paulding ohio, saying the case is pretty much at a standstill. even if this is where you're at cause. But you know, there's that show you just brought it up affair. The show the first forty eight first, forty eight being the most important, well yeah. I guess her really important in this case, but even if you came to a standstill after a couple days, you'll need to address
to the media yeah. This is something that you write in your notes to not say yeah to the newspaper. Reporters and what's money to tell them what you don't know, what we're doing we got nothing in our investigation and what's interesting to is the articles themselves? Are quite short. So there is no room for explanation as to what that statement means what its indirect relationship to and I'm sure that's the trouble right when you, when you speak to somebody else and you're talking about an investigation in you're talking about something as important as this year, then relying on them too stand, that information correctly and then liver it properly to the audience and who knows sheriff killer have gone into great description in great detail, about what he meant and what he was talking about and
words just failed to make it to the articles rain, so we gotta look at it and say: well, maybe killer did know what he was doing may be the person the wrote, the article painted a poor light or didn't know what they were doing, our captain so sure we do a review of the timeline simply because it's been a few days since most people have listened to Nancy's case, or should we do a view of the evidence. First, I'm goin with what behind your number. One will start with the timeline I like it. I like it. I tell you what why don't we do both at the same time, considering that we just pointed out not too long
ago how the timeline can be evidence itself, for that was in the options you write, so captain approved dude abides. Let's move on whatever you. The timeline is, as such november, thirteenth nineteen sixty around two p m Nancy and her sister leave home to see a movie after this movie. The girl stopped ray soft drink and then went to the bowling alley before heading home on foot. This is, in the seven p m, our closer to eight p m. The two girls notice, a car is following them: the car stops to ask them if they would like a ride, and we know that Nancy, the older sister who's fourteen explains to the driver no, we are getting closer to home. We are only a few houses away between seven forty p m and approximately seven fifty p m Nancy is abducted by the man driving the car right in front of her sister cheryl
Cheryl is very little at this time. She's only five years old, she says that the man through Nancy into the back seat of his car. Let's examined this. This is very bizarre to me. we know from covering so many of these cases that the perpetrator, especially in an abduction, what they want to do, is control their victim. This man does not want nancy to escape. This man wants to control her, yet according to are surviving witness. The man threw her into the back seat of the car and, of course, he's gonna have to drive the car from the front. this complicating the situation of trying to control her, as he's fleeing from the abduction scene was possible that there's obey the back seat that Sudan see. That is one thing that I always thought there could there be some that was maybe law. Down or concealing themselves in some manner and helping and assisting and they
wasn't just a single perpetrator that there was more than one person involved. The other thing That we also have to consider is This is a lot of things happening very quickly, cheryl explained to us as to garage guys here that she was already afraid when she felt the presence of the vehicle following them, and so may the memories not spot on. Maybe it's not one hundred percent that is first that's what she stuck to for all of these year. So we just have to believe it, but she was five. She was five years old and again terrified at the situation, then blame her of her memory is correct if she doesn't remember every detail, but my thought would be just the two door car or four door car, the witness cheryl. She says that it was a ford or vehicle, because that makes more sense on in her in the in the back, because it would be easier to actually do that ebay with the two door. Car knows that you'd have to lift up the sea in your move things around
into the back seat, and maybe has he set up this situation so that his cars caught a rigged like a police car, where, if you put somebody in the back seat, they can open the doors anyway, I may we know other perpetrators, their killers, have outfitted their vehicles a rigged them up, so that the passenger or the victim or the abducted person, is at a significant disadvantage once they are inside the vehicle. Ted Bundy altered his vehicles in many different ways, ram men. Camper did something as simple as taking a little chap. Stick a little. one of the little chap stick things and wedging it down in the door handle. So when you try to pull opened the door using the handle, it wouldn't go all the way you couldn't pull it open all the way and get you know allowing the vehicle door to open- and maybe
killer had a destination spot because, like we know, she's found not that far from where she was abducted. So was it. Let me put her in the back seat. I'll drive ass, far ass, I can to that spot and then I get out cards controller. So after midnight on the fourteenth. This is around two. A m Nancy's body is found by hunters. Now, let's go laws and home in on this. For a minute right, the abduction location was in, a housing area of state round one eleven, the spy, where nancy was taken from was well lit. She was abducted in full view of seven houses. The state runs between the indiana state line and the city of defiance. Ohio most of this round is a word two lane highway and passes through both farmland and residential properties. The body recovery location is a rural wooded area,
near junction, ohio so now his body was found by hunters approximately one hundred feet off of paulding county road, one. Seventy six. This is just seven miles from Nancy's home and the abduction location right and, as explain last week this road takes a couple of curves, but it's much a straight shot. If you stayed on route, one eleven in just didn't turn left to continue to rout one eleven because it cuts there and it goes left if you just went straight ahead. Your now on holding county road one, seventy six, so it's essentially the same road. Now. What is weird here. Captain is, I walked the abduction scene with share and she explained everything ass. She remembered it from that horrible. My back in nineteen sixty rain, then afterward she
her car I got mine and I followed her to wear the body was recover. And I had a friend riding shot gun with me and we two very different opinions on the distance between the two locations. I thought that it was a very quick I was like shockingly surprised at how quick it seem like we went from. Abduction site to we're the body was later recovered right, so so quick in such a short distance that I was right, surprise that somebody that was committing such a horrible crime and that would want to get away with it would would not have driven further or to a more this. Is it loaded location, but again because your essentially on the exact same road, it doesn't feel so secluded the person was riding shot gun with me, thought that it seems
A very long drive, so two very different perspectives and my friends, that they were just picturing themselves being back seat of this, but all this murders, car and being scared being terrified, and I felt that the minutes felt like much more, your question for you were you talking to your friend as you did this drive, because briefly, I was more looking around and trying to make some observations. As you say, maybe your story was a little long winded in there, like. Oh man, this this is a long trip, but it was as we got close like I was unsure of the exact location of where they recovered the body right, an When I saw the brake lights come on an eye I all her vehicle stop and free me in part to the side of the road, that's what that's, what
occur to me as like all snap, where they are already. This is that was incredibly fast and I had seen reviewed it prior on a map rise. I knew it going a great distance, but it just seemed like it. Like a two minute drive. and according to cheryl statement when the guy took off with Nancy in the back seat. He speeds off, so this dude was likely travelling much faster than I was again I was a little shocked at that. The perpetrator didn't go further, but again As you pointed out last week, captain there could be another I'm seeing that we are unaware of? He could have in fact taken her too. Other location and then brought her and in despair. of her in the area where she was found,
looking at the scene in being told what I was told from the family. As far as what they found back in nineteen sixty, it looks to me, like my gut feeling, says no, that he abducted nancy rush off to that that spot may have been pre determined may not have been pre determined by our killer, but the way that they described the what would have been probably tyre tracks and they found paint on, a tree stump that was located near her body. They believe at the time that the paint may have come from the perpetrators vehicle that he didn't see the tree. Stop we're talking. There are no lights out there, even today bright oh nineteen sixty and that he, like
he didn't see. The tree slump in either hid it with his vehicle, brushed up against it, somehow leaving paint from his vehicle to the trieste up. One thing: that's a picture here, though my friend is nobody seems to be able to recall what color paint it was. I was told. It might be this color. It might be that color, I'm choosing to leave out both of those colors, because nobody seems to be certain as to what color it could have been. We have our witness share. who said that she believed it was either a black car or a dark green car. Now, now there of those colors match up with the color of paint that people thought it could have been back, Nineteen sixty yeah definitely seems possible misstep in this investigation by its seven miles away in this martyrs driving high speeds is
taken less than seven minutes to get there. So I would go with you idea that it's a that's a shorter ride, again, we don't know if they went somewhere else. Let's go back to were throwing the victim in the car. We don't know if there's any by in the car, to control her the possible that she started fighting him off and he had to pull over very likely that he lost control of the victim and he had a pull over to straighten out the situation and again. That would mean that this was a location that here determine in advance. We know that criminals are typically. Nobody likes when I say this, I don't know why, but I find that the majority of criminals, we are rather dumb and who knows this could have been pulse of act? He said Two girls walking alone, he's not really planned. Anything out grabs one of them
drives off with the intention of going to a specific location, but, as you said, she starts the fight him off. He starts to lose control the situation and says I gotta stop car. I hear this. This is those crimes where you were view it and you can argue file six, seven points of reason. That say this was a premeditated well thought out crime and then, on the very flip of all those items that you just list there, you could say well that points to an impulsive crime, a crime that wasn't really plan now, if you had the chance to be brought back to life hundreds of years in the future, would you take it wonderings, newest, podcast, rose and head hosting ashen alina of the hit, show morbid, tells the truth
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And all right, we are back, needs chairs the people on the bright side, these back I'm back people on the ground and the hare pants, on the ground, pants ground, looking like a fool They are very grew. That's. Why or maybe you should be arrested if your pants out looking very cool with on the ground ground continue on this time line in the set of evidence wow going through this evidence. In this time line, I want to make sure that we take a little bit of a stop here, to kind of honey and on what cheryl description was of the man now. One thing that I do not appreciate
in my research of this case the sheriff killer, he's a weird do because I have asked a lot of people about sheriff, killer and remember he is the main investigator here he's he's leading the investigation. He was out searching for Nancy, that night that she was abducted and it's a mixed bag. Man half the people To tell you that sheriff killer was the greatest man that ever lived and that the town of holding in the county of paulding are better for having a sheriff like him, and then there's their people that you talk to, and they say a bit of a weasel, yes squeezing the june a bit of a guy that you might not trust. So I think it will be fair, even though dealers not here to present his side of the argument. I think it will be fair to salmon some of his actions throughout this investigation, because we are sitting here sixty two years later with an unsolved case. One thing I didn't
appreciate the killer, did was the following. He said to the papers at the time. This is just days after the abduction and the murder of Nancy eagles in the newspapers say that shares description of the society. is limited, though he may have been wearing glasses. In fact, a quote a trip did to the sheriff at the time said quote: only no two things for sure it was a man and he drove and automobile. I do appreciate this, because one thing that we do have is cheryl claiming that the suspect war, glasses and she's, not she's, not willy nilly about this. This is something told the sheriff that night when Nancy was did. This is something she told her parents and everywhere. Willing to listen and sixty. Two years later, she still says the man was wearing glasses, one
be silly or nit picking here, but this is also at dusk. So this kidnapper would not be wearing sunglasses that she would be mistaken me out. She assaying glasses. Angling somebody that's driving with classes to me mean some of that pride needs glasses. Twenty four, seven very likely answer I dont really appreciate him. Taking away that one detail, I mean that's of that's a pretty vital detail. If you ask me, when we say hey were worried about the description we're getting from our eye, witness we know thing for sure. Cheryl NOS one thing for sure: one hundred percent this man that night was wearing Ass is now she did tell me. She said nick there's a chance that he had disguised himself. Maybe he was wearing them just because he knew he was going out. Looking to take somebody and that's a good point, but let's not steer away
from the fact that the man was wearing glasses. That night yeah could be again a disguise were aware glasses. This will throw them off the scent, but this h: m wool posted on answer graham and facebook and twitter. This sketches to me the eyes: hits you right away, varied dead eyes, doesn't put me in the mind frame of a younger perpetrator. Seventeen to twenty this puts beats to me. Wait twenties mid thirties yeah, you know we have that old joke that we reference from time to time here in the garage that back in the nineteen sixty men either looked like two men either they look like the zodiac or they looked like Charles manson yeah. This This is much more zodiac act, short hair, shorter hair in the sketch we are high.
In front of us has glasses on once gets no glasses on the other sketch, but this man is wearing a suit and tie dressed almost in his sundays best short harry, looks like a like an ugly version of pee wee herman to me, an older uglier, pee, wee herman. Mr Herman, and we'll put these suspect composite sketches that to my knowledge have never been released to the public, which, again a bit of a mess, doesn't make any sense they may have. Obviously you know with the case being sixty two years old. We can only review so much or can only our hands on certain things, as some things are certainly lost time, but everything, I've reviewed everything the captain's reviewed We have not seen these being released to the public anywhere, so it's a little if, if have not been released, its long
or do because you were looking for this guy cheryl says this is the guy you are looking for now in the profile picture, the man looks a little more distinguished little more power copper the hair- might be a little bit longer than expected? When you look at the front view of the suspect, but again we will post these on instagram and twitter so that you can put your own eyeballs on them and see what cheryl says that she saw the antenna to me. They they look like two different people. I agree. I agree like when I the front view, and then I put to the profile. That's not exactly it's not completely off, but it's not exactly what I was picturing the profile to look like after seeing the front view, there was some evidence. In last week, we Qaeda complained about the lack of food
entire tracks. Both situations, the abduction scene and where Nancy's body was recovered from one, would think that there would be, or tracks, and we know law enforcement are very good at looking for cars. They are very good Looking for cars and very knowledgeable about vehicles, tyres, vehicle lights and things of that nature, so I think that was a misstep if, if in fact they failed to collect, though nowhere in the file does it say that they had any tire tracks or collected them can. We know that the scene They found the body thereof. Of people in and out of that scene, they really didn't secure the scene, but some things that were collected in this case were two pieces of a dress and a jacket with blood on them. These were Nancy's. They found a scarf her purse shoes. Her brought her under close garter belt
necklace. They found some of her hair on a low hanging, tree branch and the here's, the things that are kind of missing, though some things that you would expect to find, or have as your evidence. We know that a very thorough autopsy was conducted, however, where in the list of evidence, do they say anything about fingernail clippings captain just brought up the fact that our victim probably fighting this man in the vehicle parts billy fighting him at the scene, the final seen in full seeing him during the course of the sexual assault. We could have very good suspect evidence underneath her fingernails now, just
because there is no mention of these on any evidence list, doesn't mean that they never existed, but from what we can say in sea today it looks like the finger finger, nails were never collected, we another misstep, the other thing too, as we are told time and time again that this was a rape and murder. Well, there's oh mention of seamen, samples We know in twenty twenty two would solve this. Case right away. It'd, be a very quick and got him moment. One thing that we did have is that they believe that the type of weapon used to kill Nancy was a twenty two caliber gun. This based off of some evidence that we find in the article where it says. Quo around the base of the brain is found, a fragment of aid led jacketed bullet. It goes into measurements there, and it says it is run
we arrowhead in shape and appears to be a bout. Twenty two, oliver. So, yes, he is abducted on the thirteenth. Just three days later on the sixteenth bomb. German saying hey, whereas standstill, which look look, there is not a lotta witnesses to this crime. but you'd, think in this neighborhood more people would have seen this vehicle and maybe they could have followed more of the leads, but maybe they worked every lead that they had and Once they made these announcements to the public, maybe they thought well come fourteenth and fifteenth we're going to get a ton of leads and they just done it. I don't like their statements. I don't think I would have put that out to the public, but maybe they thought if we put that out to the public somebody They come forward to help us? Maybe if we show a little desperation right, it will a fire and people come forward and help us out. I agree that it who knows what the straw
Energy was if there was a strategy in that statement. Again we don't know what the sheriff told the reporter in what what didn't make it into the newspaper article on the question, of course, when we talk about a village, this small county with a very low population- is people wanted to? did Nancy potentially know who her killer was was Murder simply away to cover up the abduction and rape was the killer from outside of paulding. Oh outside of the community or was the there's somebody known to Nancy known to the area was the killer. Is this? The killers first were last murder. These We don't know so when we investigate and we look at these pieces of evidence, we have to question do they suggest that
This is a man from outside of the area or a local man. Now one thing that was told to us from the family are too things in my opinion that would strongly strongly suggest that this was in fact a local man that abducted and killed Nancy. The Family says that, on the night of the abduction, the phone lines were cut at the eagle sent home. now. I have not seen this reported in any newspaper. I have not seen it in the police file. I have not seen it reported anywhere else, but the family has said to me that That night the phone lines were cut. That would suggest that this was a premeditated abduction and somebody all had start to set things in motion before Nancy, was even abducted. The second and this is one that is you
I want to be clear: I am not questioning what the eagles and family is saying and in sitting here going well, do doable them, or do I not believe them I. I have no reason to not believe them. This second portion see even more credible, because this is said by several different people. More than one source says that cheryl, the eye witness who witnessed her sister being abducted, was almost taken in what they believe to be a botched abduction attempt that took place about three weeks after Nancy's death. According to the eagles in family, someone tried to come in the back door of their home in greece. the little girl. The lock was
jimmied or the door was jammed open with a screwdriver. There was visible. Physical damage to the door was scary scene, Now cheryl, thankfully, was not abducted and not taken right, but that would strongly suggest hey. I've got to shut up this person, the one per in that saw me do this. No one person that knows who did this they could I do To find me, they could pick me out of a lineup is still I've and, oh by the way, I'm a local person. I know where she lives I'm going to do and shut her up our. What, if we're out in public- and she sees me, can she identify me or is he connected to the. Emily somehow and knows that hey at a family party, she's gonna, see me or hear me or something might trigger. Heard of screen bloody murder.
maybe sheriff killer was a sly dog. Maybe he was a little wiser than we're giving him credit for but he was heard it. Maybe he was enjoy right. Maybe he was just posturing, for the papers and, as we said, maybe he's acting desperate so that the public will come and help his investigation, because you that statement and then you look behind the scenes, and you see that no this case was far from a standstill and in fact they were to see if they could extract more information from there. I witness cheryl would be the to finding this killer, if she could tell you like the license plate ass. She could tell you, give you up a very good description of the vehicle or a better description of the perpetrator. Now one thing that they did in an attempt to extract this information,
per to remember better. Is they subjected cheryl to several hypnosis sessions, and I've taken some notes from those sessions, and these were condemned. Did within weeks of the murder and from her statements while under hypnosis. We learn that this is she's remembering the suspects vehicle was facing the same way that the girls were traveling, one person was in the vehicle. She says the suspect was alone from what she could This aspect was wearing a white shirt wearing black clothes and black glasses. He was skinny with black hair. And when asked to give an age, she doesn't provide an age for the suspect, but she does say that he appeared be older than my dad older than my father. Any she also is it. The man was not wearing a hat. The vehicle was all one color.
and she describes it as both black but also said that she thinks that it could be green, a dark, green, the lights were off ash remembers- and she says that it was a new or new or car. It was a ford or vehicle. The black clothing that the sun, that was wearing, she says, is black pants and a short coat. Black shoes. She says not boots black shoes, and the man had a walk around the car. She actually says he walked around the front of the car and then after the doctrine in the hypnosis sessions she saying that after the abduction he drove toward town so there's some can thing stories just within cheryl story itself some versions of her story. She says that
and pulls up of ducks nancy and then drives off continuing going the direction that the girls were walking, which would be heading out of paulding, heading away from politics, or hypnosis in one of the sessions she says that the mai and actually pulled up said something to the girls went way drove away from paulding. Then bones around, comes back and then that's when he abducts Nancy now vehicles facing the opposite direction and when he speed would Nancy. He is heading I kinda town so that ports a little unclear but again we're getting one statement from her when she is awake and other statements when she's under hypnosis. But this- to our time line of law enforcement get in a new suspect in December, is a weird story. This almost sounds like something out of an old movie where we have? a man. His name is Virgil, Johnson and in fact
kind of know a little bit about Virgil. Johnson already, remember, said, the man in her little sister stopped off at a restaurant, a locally owned restaurant to grab some sodas, sit, are in the restaurant chat with people sipping sodas before they walk off to the bowling alley. Well, the o- of that restaurant that they stopped off to have. These sodas is Virgil Johnson, so Virgil Johnson becomes a suspect if you will in the minds of the public. By Be not so much in the minds of the sheriff for law enforcement, but the way that this story goes is that he v we'll Johnson is hearing rumours that have a suspect and the suspect is a local business. Man.
Well, what he does not realise for a couple of days anyway. Is it that suspected him? He is the local business man that the public are talking about as being the killer of Nancy eagles robot any of the place. That they stopped on their walk home people going to say we should look into those those individuals, of course, but again we have people in town openly discussing Virgil Johnson as the man who killed Nancy, ios and maybe he's a little odd duck. Well, part of this may have come from a statement. This says that virginals wife said that she found blood on his clothing and that he explained that so there was blood found in the back of his vehicle and was blood found on his clothing. According to this statement now the blood
in the back of his car is very questionable right because talked about this last week, where some people have suggested that Nancy was not where she was found. Some people said Asked and believe that there is evidence that may point to her actually being killed in the vehicle that abducted, her bright and then body transported one hundred feet off of the road in life In the words, that's true that we would see a lot of blood in that vehicle for mine, standing, Virgil Johnson says well, of course, there's blood in my vehicle, I own a restaurant, and I am regularly picking up beef. You know big side of beef up, you know items from the butcher shop that is- I was away and driving them to my restaurant, and the blood found on my clothing. Is
from unloading these items from the car. Now that seems somewhat reasonable, given that its nineteen sixty and He is in fact a restaurant owner. We don't know if this blood was ever tested or even collected, to be Did it sounds to me, or at least the way that the story goes as the vehicle was cleaned up by the time he becomes a suspect, The other interesting thing, though, is remember, he's hearing these rumours is people are open talking about him being the person that killed nancy egos and for several days and then, realises all they're talking about me ray, I better. Something about the live there, not looking into him. Until a week later, you can't say suspicious that his car as clean, because some people- that's their weekly, the routine stretching back then
while this in berlin december, so we ve, we have a minimum of two weeks, have passed by the right and we don't have an exact day I did have. I did I do now. the day is I failed to put it in my notes, but I put it down as early december because, what's weird here, captain ill stubbins, my office cause your fire again. He does not appear to be a suspect per law enforcement. This is Local suspect this is the public thinking. This do did it. He goes to the ship griffin says everybody in town, saying that I killed nancy eagles him. and so the sheriff decides he's it's here and rumours that the townspeople have decided. Virgil Johnson did it and they're gonna go get justice them. Damn selves gonna go find Virgil, Johnson and they're gonna lynch him up in the center town, so sheriff Healer decides you know what I'm gonna have to put your button jail, not because I think you did anything just so that these
people don't come in here and kill you so he throws Joel Johnson in jail and then he comes out and tells the village of paulding, an olive paulding county. I share of killer. I've checked individual johnson he's not the guy Weise. We subject. to a lie: detector test he passed the polly and therefore he is not a suspect, do not harm this man and they publicly announced Virgil Johnson is cleared as being the killer of Nancy eagles and the law yeah, and if he's here in these rumours than you know, law enforcement is and then once you start here in these other rumours of. Let's take him to the moon, town and and and hang him, but how you better start doing due diligence very quickly and then so yeah. I was said to that more
cases I mean look at the delphi case. I think there's a lot of suspects that have been identified publicly, that they could it came out and and ruled out or and you don't by late december of nineteen sixty the reward fund for information about Nancy's murder, was increased to six thousand five hundred and ninety five dollars. That would be the equivalent of approximately sixty five thousand dollars. Today. That's a lot of money for a small town. This Lord money was raised by business, is business men and other community leaders and in hopes of solving the Nancy ios in murder in january of nineteen sixty one. This is where we start to see the kind of drag on. You know we talk so much about the first forty eight are so important any murder investigation was also the first two weeks, the first two months now we're getting outside of that world and work beyond that
in january of nineteen sixty one sheriff key, is trading and swapping information with a town up in Michigan that experienced a similar murder run. So this is where we need to make sure that we give sheriff killer. Some well deserved kudos, give him an old attaboy right because this is one thing that most law enforcement agencies did not do in nine, and even in nineteen, eighty or ninety Seventy, let alone nineteen sixty. this guy's reaching out to other agencies, other law enforcement agencies and comparing notes and saying hey, what happened there. We had something that happened here that similar, let's discuss. Let's see if we're talking the same perpetrator or is there things or case, and your investigation that you got right or got wrong, and we can from that here and apply them what we are doing and paulding ohio, so we
to give him some credit for reaching out in discussing this with other agencies and other jurisdictions? Because again, that is stuff that just did not happen back in that day while region out through other jurisdictions. Other debates, man to lock in this guy up clear and people? All this who paula that's gonna, bring to another suspect. Yes, this is a grown man. His name is thomas ball and reason that he becomes on the police radar, and this is to be clear- a law enforcement aspect, not a public suspect he gets onto sheriff killers radar because in nineteen sixty one in february, thomas ball is charged with the rape of janet burgstead room in defiance county ohio, now they're, looking at hamleys charge with this, rape with this assault, he's about thirty thirty one years of age at this time, and so
They start looking at him ads in the Nancy case, because they see some similarities in their cases Now, where I will say that I dont think killer did a great job on this case is we will see again here he questions thomas ball about the nancy eagles in case he said jack's thomas ball to a lie: detector test and ball according to keep passes the polly and he is publicly cleared the sheriff. whips entails everybody. This man was volga nancy, your since case the problem with this. is. This really seems to be their only one of their few options. Back then, in nineteen sixty especially when they didn't feel like they had a great evidence and Nancy's case. they're using polygraph examinations to
terms, whether they should continue to investigate and individual for her, murder, or if they should move on from the individual in Nancy's case they are publicly clearing people based off of the results of these polygraph test, which we still do in some jurisdictions, they still do to this day and the captain- and I don't like it now- we don't like it back and nineteen sixty either, because exports would tell you the individual that was capable the type of individual capable of abducting, raping and executing a child very likely could feel no remorse very likely would not be nervous at all about your questions and very likely could look you in the eyes and tell you whatever it is that you want to hear. Tell you what
story? Will get them out of the room from you and their heart beat their heart rate won't budge? at all. Why like, given severe polygraph test to see like it's a barometer? Really, are they too ass the truth on anything. Are they begin? Are they turn all tales about everything are just a few things to secure barometer of where this person is, but no she performed? Should you be clearing anybody of the murders because of these tests, s Finally, somebody like thomas ball, so that the charges for the in the assault that took place in defiance. County ohio were eventually dismissed. Right in that what gets him onto the police, radar and paulding county right? They look at him. nancy eagle, sins martyr. They give him the polygraph test. He passes it. An sheriff killer, says, cleared,
and we move on. But here's what you don't move on from somebody like thomas ball, because in nineteen sixty three in september he Lord, a nineteen year old girl into his hotel room in detroit Michigan and then stabbed and killed, that nineteen year old and so Nineteen sixty four he's convicted of that murder yeah this guy's, a psychopath he's capable of anything really. He gets sentenced to twenty to forty years in prison and then Nineteen. Seventy six after serving twelve years, he's moved a psych facility in Detroit which he escapes from, and then he moves down to ten, a sea where He remains there under cover undetected and two thousand and six he's living under the name of thomas fry down tennessee. And one day police
sharp, knocking on his door down in tennessee and arrest. Him say, this is thomas ball who escaped from Michigan back in nineteen seventy six or they find him thirty years later. right he's eventually paroled in two thousand and seven in michigan, but for me captain he remain And should remain a suspect, nancy full since march so much more to get to import for join us back here, and the drugs tomorrow in cell then be good.
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