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NATALIE WOOD ////// 19


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I'm your house nick and with me, as always the resident stoner, the man who can't seem to find his way out of the garage captain. Fantastico here to read the five star reviews ok, the first one is from lovers: sixty nine novel lover podcast keeps getting better, I hope so yeah, thank god Big shouted domino, surprise for the five star review capacity, bells all by rail. Twenty two, I think it's bells orilla titles which people use a real name is drives me about the wild, slept twenty two at yahoo, not noted, not use that name and we like to cut your jib bells available. Twenty two I'll go Jenny go forever. Amazing! You, my friend, are amazing nice job.
And then the next one is. We got a mac for whatever it is. It use real the themes, people she our day, whoever it is- I do like the captain To show whether be the same without any one else as the host- and I may we could try to get some new host Let's see you some real handles of beaver hunter. Thirty five we ve been how to get the incapacity to count. Go home with you, but you won't return. My phone calls the godfather of true crime, blackness If you want to hear the captain butcher your hand or your name or you wanting, The captain. You want hear guy that uses a fake name complain about your fake name, go to
itunes and leave us a five star review. All five star reviews get red on the pod gas and we got a lot of special shows coming up a lot of big things happening here in the garage. So if you want to be in the no salute the captain by going to true crime, garage dot com and sign up on our mailing list, so that's enough the business and excited about this case. I'm excited about what you. I have to say about this case. I'm actually excited to hear you talk for once all right, I'm excited to grab a chair, grab a beer, and let's talk some true cry, This is true crime garage. This is the ace Natalie. Would the child star grows up to be a beautiful, sophisticated lady, a wife and a mother enjoying
life with her handsome hollywood husband, the two set sail on their magnificent yacht, the splendor. After a night of drinking and debate he would starlit goes missing. Distress calls go out shortly after The harbour patrol boats, light up the dark waterway helicopters. Crisscross the ocean and the hollywood starlit found face down floating in the world, The celebrities death often comes as a public shock, especially if it's shrouded in mystery. The cause of It is apparent that the circles answers behind her death or not
Why was she not on the boat? Was she try? escape, or was it foul play. Welcome back and we have our beer of the week this week. we're drinkin russian night by hollywood, brewing company. We give this three and a half bottle caps in the garage. russia night as a smooth, sweet, stout, medium, dark color with coffee and chocolate malt. The stout is a heavy flavorful beer and it's a really good tasting beer for a higher alcohol stout. So pick up a six pack of russian night by hollywood, brewing company
when you're out looking for a good beer and thanks to Melissa from connecticut who provided the beer for this week, cheers melissa. and you can do so by going to true crime, garage dot, com and click on the beer fund. We appreciate it greatly keeps the show gone and the people hollywood brewing company want to wish you safe boating cheers. We are discussing the mysterious death of Natalie would most of you out there shouldn't who she is. She was a famous movie star. She was in the movies for most of her life. Natalie wood was born, natalia zack ranco, that's a russian name. She was born July, twentieth, nineteen, thirty, eight in san francisco. Why and enlist there's defence, though I mean, when you first said narrowly, would I have no clue who you're talkin about natalia zeppa wrinkle? I probably butchered that aim, but does, was the daughter of russian emigrants, Natalia father, change the family name to gird in,
He was tired of being picked last. You know that their last name started with the letter z. So I'm sure he came up last for a lot of things and he had the brilliant idea of let's change the last name to to garden while a lot of emigrants to once they got over here. They were really excited to be. A man cans and they wanted to be as as american as they could be. So It's another reason why people would change names and her parents gave her the nickname of Natasha Oh, she was born to tell you, as echo and at an early age she's going by the name of natasha gerda and that's name that she would enter into hollywood with in nineteen. Forty three her mother took her. They were they were filming a movie and santa Rosa. The name of the movie was happy Lay and her mother really pushed her into the lock
In light, she wanted her her daughters to be stars and hearn her for her and her husband saw movie stars as like. They were royalty and she wanted her kids, her daughters to be royalty, so she takes natasha garden down to the set of happy land in santa Rosa. California. And this is nineteen, forty three and she she pushes and prod so that her daughter will be up there and in she'll get noticed she chats with the with the director and the director fines or try. And she works her way into the movie. Now she has a simple role: it was just going to be a small role in the movie. It ain't what it is yeah they needed a kid to drop a ice cream cone. so she drops the ice cream cone and then I think somebody picked her up in kind of carries, are off off to the side there and you and she's no longer seen in the movie so she's only in the movie four seconds. I wonder if you want to ask her for
Well, her mother believes that this is going to push them into into the limelight that that this will carry on into some kind of career for her young daughter So she decides to move the family to LOS angeles. You know that's wherever things happening so, get the los angeles and after being cast in another movie, she's offered a contract. Natasha is offered a contract. This little girl and she's, offered a seven year contract, but the the people of the studio oh and and the people in charge. They decide that we we don't want this child actress, Natasha garden. We want a more american sounding name, so they came up with the name. Natalie would now at the time. Natasha did not like that name, but reluctantly she signed the contract and becomes a star under the name Natalie. Would she signed a seven year contract and she's, making
one hundred dollars a week, she's providing basically for her whole family yeah. This is this: is a family, a mother and a father and four kit or two three kids, sorry an order how many kids, just so we're clear on that. Three kids, there, there Natalie had an older sister and a younger sister. one of her most famous roles. She played the little girl and miracle on thirty fourth street: that's the the movie about santa claus and in the macy's department store and the little girl doesn't believe. She's cynical. She doesn't believe in in santa claus. saint nick and by the end of the movie she does, along with a whole bunch of other people, for other. Big donors have thoughts exactly how the movie goes, but it's something How does the vigour? I think she actually believed in santa claus from the beginning, and then the mom is trying to convince her now. This is to santa claus. It works in macy's, but that the famous line was she was test
think the guy to see if he was, he saying the whole time that he's dunno I'll watch the santa claus lips of this when's. The last time you watch this. I watched some clips this week. I watched this the end in its entirety. I was probably like ten because my father really dug the movie and he would. It was a good excuse to play it around christmas time yeah. So I anyways, so so choosing this movie. Is she at least populars as a class? today well yeah, and she was also in rebel without a cause with the james dean and Jimmy dean, and she played the the love interest. I'm guessing I've never seen that movie and will never. be alone again ass. She was also in west side story, which was like a musical now. She wasn't allowed the sing in that movie because from what I've heard it with it, the singing was incredibly hard and in it, even though she could sing pretty well. She couldn't chow
have the range to be a singer on that movie, those gerstein right sure so, but west westside story would go on to be nominated for eighteen academy awards and unfortunately, Natalie wood was not nominated. My bad, that's its leonard Bernstein, not curse one side. Another movie that she was in one of her famous movies was splendor in the grass. This is opposite, worn, baby, a couple of things. It will point out her personality and and If that people knew about her her friends and family during some movie making sessions, I don't know which movies in particular, but there was one movie where she was on this bridge, a makeshift bridge that was just for the purpose of filming and
bridge collapse, the brakes and she falls into two water. Nearly drowns breaking her wrist, her mother doesn't take her to the hospital, doesn't make a big deal of this. She kind of pushes natalie onto just you know continue along continue long work, do the work and her mother didn't want her to be one of these get a a reputation as a fussy, actress or or someone that was difficult to work with, and that was the reason for that. But but this will point out her fear of water, which she's she's always said to have had a fear of dark water or fear of being alone in the water. There is another situation where, in a in a separate movie that she's, recording and filming
She's playing the daughter of Betty Davis, very famous actress and Natalie learns that her character is supposed to swim at one point in the filming and she has a big problem with that. She does not want to be in the water if she doesn't have to be and bette Davis kind of, comes to her rescue and tells the director look, not a big deal. Just use a stunt double for this just use somebody else yeah. This is kind of the point that she realizes, while I'm kind of important. So if I don't want to do something, I don't have to do that within the movie. Also, if you watch the interview that her
Sister gives her sister talks about how her mom always kind of talked about the water and house. She was afraid that nellie would die in the dark water. Yet her mother apparently went to a gypsy at some point to get a a reading a fortune telling reading and the the gipsy tells her that her second daughter will be very famous, but she will at some point die or drowned in dark water. An creepy it in it was very nice of the mother to point this out to Natalie, would at a young age and remind her about it. Several times gather doesn't scare the crab. At any rate, this would make you definitely afraid of water. When my mother told me
I'm gonna die and water I'd be afraid of water to. But I have a clip here of natalie explaining her fear. Always terrified still say why river in her late, teens Natalie comes a good goes on to become a kind of like good. Not oh, I want to say a party girl, but she gets into the dating seen a little bit and she's rumour to have dated when our own dates, with Elvis presley and on her eighteenth birthday? I guess this was kind of set up through a studio or set up through somebody in hollywood. She goes out on a date with Robert Wagner, whose very famous, at the time he twenty six years old. Some of these things are set up by their agents. You know like you somebody any go all that person's pre q, your agent finds out about. They call them
agent, hey, you got, you want to meet up for some coffee, yeah, they're, they're, very famous, I'm very famous, it's. Why not introduced the two of them yeah and and then even if the date goes horribly bad. Maybe it shows up in the paper. It helps everybody's career if the date goes pretty good, because a little more than a year later, on december, twenty eighth nineteen, fifty seven her and Robert Wagner get married, so they become kind of like a hollywood power couple. You know a young hollywood power couple, but sometimes life in the business and trying to have trying to have this young couple together. Both in the business can be too much can be too much for a marriage, so they do separate and june of nineteen sixty one and they would go on to divorce. In april of nineteen, sixty two and nineteen sixty six natalie wood at the age of twenty eight.
she took an overdose of pills after lots of therapy and treatment. She paid the warner brothers company to get out of her contract and she ends up firing her agent. She kind of steps away from hollywood. She wants to take a break from the business and she decides it the best thing for her. If she wants to start a family She's always wanted to be a mother may of nineteen sixty nine. She marries british producer richard Gregson. Now she would go on to hear she would over here a conversation between her husband, Gregson and her secretary. That is very, she very concerned about this conversation, because it implies that they are having an affair. This is enough evidence for her. She kicks gregson out of the house and they would go on to get divorced in April nineteen. Seventy two Natalie did have a dog
with richard gregson, and she would bring that daughter with her when she reunites with Robert Wagner. They re mary in july of nineteen. Seventy two. So just just a few months after her divorce from Gregson, they re mary, Ann robert wagner brings a child from his previous relationship, his previous marriage, to the new family as well. I don't I don't like this by the way I dont think P. I should get back together with their exes. It is kind of like taking a shower and put them back on the same underwear doesn't make any sense. Well, they they. They do appear We very much in love in and they both. I think in time, around were second time around they, the charm. They were both very much ready to have a family and focused on family and a couple years after their marriage. They would go on to have their child together. Courtney.
Now later in the marriage there, their marriage is enhanced by their love of the sea. A robber Wagner was a big fan of the sea, and now would who was not. She was not into the ocean not into the water clearly, but is more enhanced by his love of the sea. While they purchase a yacht and they together name the yacht. The splendor- and this is named after splendor and in the grass, which was one of her favorite roles. This played one or one of her favorite means a horse was a horrible horrible im for a yacht splendour. What's your favorite name for a boat to go on c cups know I was going to go with the jenny and they would go on and they would spend most of their weekends in their holidays, aboard their yacht, the splendor and contrary to some reports,
Natalie did not seem to be afraid of the water at all, and we would even hear her sister laana tell us that natalie kind of it has presented it to. Her sister is such that this is. This was a big boat first of all and I'm on the boat about it. It was in that not enough at multiple rooms. I mean it was you I mean I wasn't Ghana growing? Will it wasn't the titanic, but it was. It was a kid, a yacht of considerable size right, a vessel, ok, herbal submit she wasn't so worried about being on the boat like she, she was afraid it she's still afraid of the water, but because she was on the boat. She felt comfortable being at sea is basically where we're going into exactly, and I think this will that has brought us up enough to the to the point of the important stuff, the meat in the potatoes successor to do that
the back story. Let's get right to the point, so nineteen eighty one they ve been married for nine years now, and it's the thanksgiving holiday weekend and there they invite a friend flits was com, a friend opulence onto the boat with them. Now, unless this friend this friend is a well known actor christopher Walken an he s baby here. He co, starred. It well was co starring in the immediate motion picture. Brainstorm now he's cos going with Natalie? Would this is be the day they were in the process of filming natalie wood was not loving the movie. She was not loving her role. I have heard that it was because that there it was a movie of such that they would do some improv and that it was a little off the cuff and she wasn't used to that. She was old hollywood where you read from the page, and that was your material. That was your piece yeah. I heard that
Then, basically, you know she wanted to write the line for me I'll say it, but if we'd just gone off the cuff, it's not her thing. Natalie wood is looking forward to the holiday week. End she's, looking forward to taking a break from filming the movie brainstorm. She's gonna spend time with her husband on their boat, the splendor they decide to extend the olive branch and invite Christopher walken onto the boat with them to spend a couple days on the boat, and they also have a helper with them. Now they leave, the helpers name is Dennis davers and he will work uncertain about his role. He we don't know if he's more of a handler he's rumoured to being have been natalie personal, bodyguard, he's rumoured to have been the captain of the boat. I've refer, I've heard him referred as the skipper. The boat is the skipper same thing. Is the captain you jerk captain huge. You know this right now,
from things were different may seriously. How would I know not a real captain cook well anyway, kept a day they d from marine adele re in california, they're gonna head about thirty miles west there heading towards the island of catalina. and they're. Gonna spend their time there and what? What a lot of people will do, as you know you can you spend the day kind of out boding her out on your yacht, and what a lot of people will do as they have these little boats dinghies and they would hop on their dinghy and they would write it into to the shore or write it into the dock, their doc, their dinghy at you, and don't you know that they would have you know marinas and they would have restaurants and things like that. The people would get I have a couple drinks to enjoy their time now. Bad weather was predicted for the night of november. Twenty eighth
cold, piercing reign was sweeping over the area, but other people would report that this did not even though it was raining in and the weather was chilean and predicted to be bad, that there was not it wasn't. Choppy water wasn't creating choppy water that people were easily able to navigate their dinghies up to the dock and returned to their boats. This is a very high end area. The way, I don't think we have to point that out, but but we did, today's episode is sponsored by pay pow honey, the easy way to save when shopping on your iphone or computer. It's no secret take a look around in the prices of everything are going up up up with high prices. How does it feel when you do find a deal? It gets exciting and it's a relief. Well thanks the honey annually searching for coupon codes is a thing of the past. Honey is the free shopping tool,
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Thank you to the geniuses of spoken audio. and make the stories change your perspective connecting changes, everything eighty eighty, so one guy Paul miller. He was involved in in the investigation of this case later, but he would later he would report that he had seen
twice on november twenty eightth natalie would buzzing around. In the dingey alone, around five p m miller and a few friends they end up going to a place called doug's harbour reef. Now this is like a restaurant everybody's, their drinking eating. Having dinner, they go there for dinner, and while there there they notice that there is a table there and its natalie would Robert Wagner and christopher Walken, and he notes that they were drinking champagne and seeming to have a very good time now. Robert Wagner. His account of the story is that natalie, wood and christopher Walken went to this place by themselves to have drinks and dinner. Anticipate. Dennis tavern and robert Wagner to join them later. He does. They do around seven p m the wagner parties seated for dinner,
and they order another they order more champagne once they get to the table dates. to be enjoying themselves and this miller guy. He leaves Paul miller when he leaves he seat. He noted notes that there still there and they see having a good time. Don whiting is the night manager of the restaurant and he's a worried he- he felt that the wagner's were so intoxicated that they might have trouble making it back to their yacht when they left. When the wagner's leave the restaurant. Ten thirty pm don whiting calls Kirk Craig now Kirk craig is a guy who works for the harbor patrol. This is like a local they have
If a local group, this isn't like the coastguard or anything. This is a local group that kind of oversee three and keeps people safe and if there's a distress call or if there's an emergency, this is who would be called first cause. They're kind of the first responders are right there in the area. The manager of the restaurant cause Kirk craig of the harbor patrol, and he asked them to make sure that the group reaches the yacht safely, and this is like common practice cause it's bad for business. I mean especially, you got these two celebrities, you don't want them something bad to happen And then that's how your restaurant and everything's known yeah, it's a it's three really big names, Christopher Walken had just won the academy award for his role in the deer hunter and so, as
restaurant owner, or somebody that has a business on that island or in that area, these people being there and having a good time eating at your restaurant is good jude you for you, because you know they see ice, guess what I was it. I was at a doug's harbour reef. Last night I saw Christopher Walken I saw Natalie wood and robber Wagner in this other guy in india, and in that I don't know who do you have have some fourth guy, that nobody knows now and then and everybody wants to go there. What we know is that at ten thirty p m Leave the restaurant they do appear to be very intoxicated, but they did make it back safely to their yacht.
Now they are going to go onto the yacht and they're gonna, presumably have a few drinks may be talk, hope. Hopefully, a few laughs and they're gonna hang out before their night comes to a close. What ends up taking place and we're going to go off of Robert Wagner's? accounts of the evening. The arrest are with the original story. Yes, this was what was reported to investigators back and nineteen. Eighty one robert wagner explains that they went back to the boat they go down into, they have several rooms in this shot in the in the bottom portion of the yacht. Forgive me to the sailors and the people out there that understand nautical terms. I don't do maybe happened can help me out, but he's not roca he's avoiding these these these things. For me in the questions I plead the fifth, so there there out there having a good time now. One thing that Robert wagner points out in a lot of people have pointed this out, including Dennis tavern.
the there seem to be some tension, the whole kind of weaken that that maybe they or getting along swimmingly as everyone thought that there there were some kind of underlined tension and there they might have been bickering or a little bit of arguing who knows Natalie wood and her husband, Robert Wagner could be arguing, but there's also rumor that wagner and Walken were arguing, and part of this could just be jealousy. I mean Robert Wagner was just a tv door at this point he's a big time. Tv story was on one of the one of the biggest tv shows at the time heart to heart yeah, but this is the eighty. This is when tv and movies as a huge difference. Well, you're exactly right, and on top of that Christopher Walken has won an oscar yeah. I mean that's the that's the creme de la creme
alright. So it's not like. Today I mean I, you know the guide for whiplash. You know that won an oscar last year for whiplash he's in commercials, Jj, simmons yeah, and so it's to me it's a it's. It's a big difference. We need to point out that tv star, whether or not it's a huge tv star, you're still a tv star compared to a movie star. I love jj simmons. He does the voice of the yellow, peanut m and m, which I think I think that should have went that should win plenty of awards right there. That's all the oscars Robert wagner states that Natalie wood goes to bed. Dentists tavern goes to his quarters. They all have separate quarters, you know, but the husband and wife share quarters. He says that
What goes to bed Dennis tavern goes to bed and he and Christopher Walken stay up and they get into a bit of a. He doesn't say the word heated, but he said that there is a little bit attention because they were discussing politics and they weren't really seeing eye to eye, so they stayed up a little later than they probably should of discussing it a little longer than they probably should have, and at some point they decide to call it a night. The robert says that this takes place after midnight after midnight. He goes to his room and he does not find Natalie in the room. He starts to search the boat. He supposed excuse me yacht. He searches the yacht and he even gets dennis tavern involved, thereby searching the lot yacht and they check Christopher Walken room she's, not in there either Dennis tavern goes up to the deck and finds Robert Wagner
their probert wagner, says, to Dennis Natalie god and the Dingey is gone as well. Now some time passes- and this is what's unclear according to what listen a robber wagner story or even christopher Walken story. Who's who shares the same in nineteen. Eighty one he shares the same story is robert lead and Denis tavern as well. They all have the same story. Some time passes it could be an hour. It could have been a couple of hours eventually that local harbour patrol that we discussed there called, And this turns out into the coastguard being called, and now it's all hands on deck they're out there with boats, helicopters, they're looking for natalie would distress call went out from the splendor. We have some one that is missing from our boat
At seven thirty a m the next day november, twenty ninth nineteen eighty one The body of Natalie wood is found about approximately one mile from the yacht. The splendor she is floating face down, she's wearing a red jacket and a plaid color nightgown, with some socks, she's found floating face down in the water in the dingey is found not terribly Far from her it's found up on shore the corner in the medical examiners office, they have to date they have to embark on an investigation. They have to figure out a you know, any time, there's a debt that they got unless you can determine natural causes pretty quickly. They have to investigate this woman's found face down
in the water. There needs to be an investigation on when they pull out of the water she's, her bodies covered and bruises. Yes, She has some bruises and you know there's questions why. she and the water. Why would she not on the boat, what was mister wagner doing? What was mister walk, walk and doing, and in and all that good stuff, and they the story that we just told you is the story that Robert Wagner, christopher Walken and Denis durban, give to the police, keep in mind it's late november, its november twenty eight november, twenty ninth, when she's found the medical examiners office, they rule her death and accidental death cause of death drowning induced by hypothermia, so the waters are very cold. This is taxing on the body. This leads to her drowning and the detectives
they have S gate this for almost two weeks. I believe yeah they give close to your right just about two weeks before they release their ruling, and this was just a question people in the area and to figure out what was going on the examiners. This. They release the death as an accidental death, as we have just said, and around that same time, there's info should that comes forward, that a woman had heard somebody crying for help, and she thought that that the cries were coming from a boat. She she she didn't know that the what the the cries were probably from the water right, and she had even thought that she had heard somebody say we're coming to get you or help is on the way. Something of that nature. A kind of unicef Is that she's on guard and now she's letting down her guard, because it seems she doesn't know where these cries are coming from, but appears that it's going to be solved is going to be taken care of right to ask
to the confusion. Maryland wayne, as, though is the woman that heard Natalie cries or thought she had heard. Natalie woods cries to add to the camp fusion. There was there was a party going on near by, and there was you know, people with a couple of loudspeakers set out on a porch and their blasting rock music. You know blaring across the cove, and it's it's keeping people awake at the time and is also drowning what other noise the tabloids want to sell papers. That's what they you know, that's their business and unfortunately, when a tragedy like this occurs, where there is a bunch of well known people involved, they love it. They love the cut of that jib and they get a hold of this, and they get a hold of the information of this maryland wayne. Who thought that she had heard somebody calling for help, and especially this
airline wayne saying that the the cries could have been coming from a boat while they get a hold of this and they're gonna run with it. Now that they're saying, while there is foul play involved or her husband, must have killed her or pushed her off the boat. something of that nature, and this is kind of rumours are running rampant in in hollywood in on the west coast in everybody's, wondering what actually happened to natalie would so basically, at this point the coroner report is being put in place. And by the tabloids. So this is a representative rebuttal too, that get a represent.
From the medical examiner's office, kind of backing up their claims and their findings. So that probably substantiate our theory that she accidentally fell in the water trial. We said that we don't think she was knocked unconscious when she went into the water. We think what happened as she stepped out in a swim step, which is really odd. She attended an orange rubber dinghy, which is somewhat unstable. We failed at the dinging slipped away from the back of the yard and that she felt the water at the time she scraped the lesser place on this from stuff. It was not severe enough to cause unconsciousness and consciousness research. What we believe so, therefore, are going into the water
becoming disoriented, probably panicky, scream for help. It all ties right in with our belief that it was an accident, alright. So to sum that up for people that didn't get a good, clear understanding of that cause, the quality we're hoping is decent enough to hear yeah. So, basically, what the coroner's office is saying is that Natalie would at some point, went up to the top deck. She went up to the deck to secure the dinghy that the dinghy was. The little boat was banging into the side of the bow of the yacht, and this was keeping her up, and so she went up to tighten the ropes on the dinging and when she went to do this now, if you, if you could see pictures of this, the yacht is quite I mean it's huge compared to the dingey. So, there's a little bit a distance there, even at that, even at the back portion of the
I hope so she would have to bend over considerably to tighten these ropes and when she did so somehow she lost her balance. Keep in mind we. We all agree that the group was drinking heavily that night and somehow she had lost her balance. and when the dingy was unsecured, unsecured from the yacht, she falls down into the water and now her in the dingey her loose in the water, and they start to drift away from the yacht. this causing her accidental death and after being in the water for some time hypothermia sets in sets in she loses strength and she's no longer able to keep herself above water. She was unable to pull herself out of the water and into the dingey. This doesn't make a of sense to me or fit well with me, sit well with me.
Yes, a fit well with me his works, but doesn't not sit well with well. You share the opinion of the general public. A lot of people were unsatisfied with the coroner's off his findings and, even though it does kind of down and it goes quiet after awhile and people at some point time passes in either they forget or dismiss or begin to believe, for whatever reason this just starts to go away at some point. so that this is basically you like. We said this event happens then, nay to a two week investigation. The coroner gets involved, does the autopsy, so we got all that stuff gone and there is a lot of speculation and there is some scandal, kind of stuff goin on and there's le tabloid for a little bit, but then it comes down for what twenty thirty years, yeah and well in along the way I mean, keep in mind one thing
makes this interesting here is theirs for people on the boat. One of em unfortunately passes away and there's only three people left to tell the story. There's only three but people left to say what happened, because people want to know what happened. What took place between the time you got on that boat in the time that she was not on the boat anymore, and you have three characters here and two of them are famous christopher Walken, who pretty much from the get go sticks to the original story that he dennis tavern and robert Wagner have to police and investigators at the time and he doesn't really have a whole lot more to discuss about it for two to this day, and should we touch on that, and would you like to touch on that a little bit or not? I just think assist. You know some,
all up and the idea that so nineteen eighty one happens. The all these events kind gonna happen in a robert Wagner obviously has to talk about it, a little bit throughout from eighty one to now and yeah, and he especially in the beginning, he does talk about it. Quite a bit he You know a lot of times he's really not answering questions: you can find this interviews that he has done. You can find them. You can read them, you can watch them. These are use it he's done and you will notice one thing and I dont know if this is at his at his demand: There is not a lot of questions about the events. Are the circumstances are what led up to her not being on the boat. There he's not asked that very often he's you know they. They basically will ask him. You know what happened. He goes
restoring. He takes about thirty seconds one minute to tell the story and in not in great detail a lot of times and these interviews, the interview you know, if it's like, entertainment Snyder some immigrant interview, somebody they submit questions the star in the agent and lawyers will say: well we're not answering these one, so these are the ones who answer more often than not the more often than not. The georgie of the interview or the questions are based around. How did he handle it? How did he and his family get through this great tragedy? They just lost their there. You know his wife and the mother of these children
and he in he states. You know it without my kids. I dont know that I would have been able to get through this. I was very much in love with this woman. I sought their p and treatment afterwards, because I needed help dealing with this issue. He says that his their past explains the him that the best way to get through this into a kind of survivors, this, it's nothing that you ever really get over, something that you accept at some point and a big waited to start accepting. This is to not downplay it. It is what it is she has. She has passed away. She died accidentally. It is what it is deal with it. You have to deal with it and you have to talk.
about it or you're not going to get through this, but he doesn't really talk about it. He just kind of talks about it. He could have he. He very well may have discussed this with friends and family and people that are important to him, but as far as far as the public goes as far as the public goes, he kind of keeps an arm's length distance regarding the circumstances of that night and basically just discusses his emotions and how he got through this.
That, and in Robert Wagner's defense I mean his agents. His lawyers could be telling him look. We only want you to talk about these certain things, so you know it's. It's not like a tell that he's not talking to the public more about this event. The other defense to that we should do we should mention, is the obvious fact that he is lost. What could be the love of his life and that this could just be an accidental death. This could just be a tragedy and he's a guy. That's morning he's a guy that you know it's not like. We said it's not something you ever get over, it's something that you just accept.
okay, so then, let's talk about Christopher Walken. Well, we we should should we touch upon Robert Wagner's book that comes out many years after that, his wife's death. Okay, so Robert Wagner writes a book. He he writes a book, it's his memoirs, the you know the story of his life and in that he gives his accounts of that evening, which I always think it's so silly that oops people write. These wars. Why still alive, like I mean, obviously got right when you're still alive and get the paycheck Well, no, but I mean but like in the middle of your career, you know I mean it's like I don't know to me: it's it's
it's silly well now, let's keep in mind. Robert Wagner was twenty six when they got married so he's about eight years, older than natalie wood, and she was born in nineteen thirty eight, so he was born in nineteen thirty. So let's say this: I don't have the exact date of when this book came out, but I believe that it came out about twenty, approximately twenty years. Nineteen twenty years, such after she had passed away. So at this point he might have been seventy close to seventy. So if you are going to put out a book at some point, you gotta, you gotta, you gotta, get off the pot and do it. You know what I mean yeah to.
I just find it a little silly that says my personal opinion. So in his book he gives the accounts of that evening, and there are some minor discrepancies between what he says took place in nineteen eighty one and what he says many years later in his book. The first major discrepancy is they found a broken wine bottle on the ship when they came to investigate the accidental death and his He gave a great exploits explanation for it at the time he says you know. Did the weather has been bad. We got into some rough waters and this is just what happens on a boat. You know things fall over things break and but has a flat out lie
well. It seems like a good enough explanation at the time for the police and the investigators, but it must be incorrect or he must be miss remembering because in his memoirs he says that he and Christopher Walken got into an argument now this is this is supposed to be when there in a discussing politics when they're in their political debate, let's say while there are two kinds of stories that one there discussing politics, the other is that we are discussing now early woods career. Well, that's what I'm getting at his original story. Nineteen eighty one is that the waters were choppy in this wine bottle fell and broke, and I went to bed after discussing politics with Mr Walken right now in his memoirs, it's completely different. The the same. Period is Christopher Walken and after Natalie went to bed, we were up and we were disk
seeing Natalie career, and we got into a heated argument regarding her career. He thought that Mr Walkin was being rude and he picked up the the bottle of wine any smashed, so two very different stories, in my opinion and in any way opinions will in not only that, I want to say like how could he be miss remembering because he's giving it in such detail he specific about this is why broke the bottle? This is This is why I broke it because we were discussing her career. While it sounds like to me that they are, you know, let's not talk about me, breaking this bottle, because we don't want to show any reason for motive or show any.
Sign that I was a motion or any sign that I was angry or upset. I think that's why they didn't talk about that in nineteen eighty one. So that is that the discrepancies in his stories now. This is gonna bring a lot of things in speculation. The public is not blind to this. They realize wait a second, this guy's, giving a different account of that evening. Now this is when Chris her walk and is going to be bothered again, and everybody wants to talk to Christopher Walken. What happened on that boat? What are you know? An christopher Walken, pretty much has always just basically no comment. You know stuck to his story and not really discussed the issue at all again, something that he could be vice for his lawyer and agent and friends, and the other thing to you- and I had spoke about this earlier and we we had hit on something that I think might be might be something here. You know he was five years younger than natalie. So
presumably the youngest one on the boat. I dont know how old this Dennis tavern is, but Wagner's, eight years old, older than Natalie, would Natalie woods about five years older than Christopher Walken. It's been reported that they were drinking heavily you, you used the phrase consuming a volcano amount at well go ahead. That's not my phrase, that's from a vanity, fair and episodes that I saw about this case. So all cano, that's their term. Volcano amounts of alcohol. That was pretty like a considerable amount. So here's a couple of thoughts. Do you think any chance that maybe walk in was just drinking and partying so much that he's not really clear of what happened that night, and so he just kind of this was the story. I've said it once I've said it a couple times it floated. It was good in nineteen, eighty one and it's still my recollection to this day. Well, yeah I mean there could have been
I mean volcano amount of alcohol, but there could also be drugs or could have been quite louder. There could have been cocaine main, who knows what they are doing, and so I mean he could it just passed out. or maybe even blacked out for a while, exactly in just in because he won't can because he doesn't provide further details or further evidence or or or further our different account of that evening than Wagner he's blamed you a lot of people of rumoured that oh something bad. happened in in maybe he's to blame, or maybe was involved in something yeah and it could be as simple as he just doesn't remember. So, basically, Wagner's changes story a little bit and christopher Walken hasn't really changed his story. But now we have the captain of the ship yeah and I in again
Think walk in his according to all the stories that have been given over the years. I think that walk in his change not changed his story, because it sounds to me like out of all the people on the boat. He has a lesser understanding than anybody else of what act he took place. It sounds to me like more than likely, he just went to his room to go to bed and all the son he's woke up in the middle of the night. Line disturbed and middle than I am, and now now too much has taken place where he too, he can't do anything and wheat. So we have the captain. As you said, deniston Now his story is the weirdest of of all of them. He has his girlfriend at the time would several years later report that he was telling her you're gonna to things in the newspaper you're, going to see things on tv, don't bother
watching tv dont bother reading the newspaper, because all of it is law since all lies. several years after the incident laana would whose natalie woods YA Her sister she's also an actress. She was a bond girl at one point and in several movies she gets a phone call sheet she's a little quick background on this debt dennis tavern. He wasn't just somebody that just started working for natalie wood and for robber Wagner that week at he had he had worked for them for some time. He would. He was known to be close to Natalie an unknown to be close to the Wagner family, and so he knew Natalie sister laana. Her younger sister and at one night late one night, he calls her the several years after the incident lotta with
that he sounded like he had been drinking and might have been had been drinking heavily on china, how cato about about that's what she said and she Dennis starts to tell her a very different story of what took place Dennis states that they went back to the boat, all four of them. and that they went to the bottom of the boat, they were going to hang out and they were going to have drinks and they were going to talk. They open up a bottle of wine they're sitting around having drinks dennis puts on a teakettle because apparently Natalie liked to have a glass of hot tea before she went to bed. Well, an argument occurs, and robert Wagner basically says him and Christopher Walken are arguing, and robert Wagner basically as what's goin on, are you trying to f my wife, and that is you're allowed to say it, because we have the e rating well that
that is when Dennis Dennis states. Our wagner's says that in that heat, that's when he smashes the bottle of wine on the on coffee table, the tv star being jealous of the moon Dennis would go on to say that natalie is embarrassed by this display an she leaves, but because she has to finish the movie with christopher. So it's it's not like your husband was as the complete dick too guy and I still gonna work with him. He says that Christopher Walken then stands up and just kind of dismisses himself from the room that he doesn't want any part of this, and so Christopher Walken wreaked retired to his room. Natalie has gone to her room to get away from the situation, and this is made
Dennis very uncomfortable robert Wagner, according to Dennis then follows Natalie. Shortly after into the bedroom the doors closed, he can hear them arguing and he hears it's. It's it's a very it's. It is a loud argument right he can, he can hear what they're saying he can see hear what the that they're yelling that they're shouting. He says that he even may have heard a thing or two being thrown in the room, and his way of dealing with this was that he was going to crank up his music and because he worked for the wagons and he doesn't want to be. He doesn't want to make it sound like or make it appear that he's listening or prying into their business. This is their marital business and he's going to let them take care of this on their own, so he keeps himself in his room, he's blasting his music and at some point he doesn't hear that he hears them, go up to the deck.
And at some point he doesn't hear anything anymore. His assumption is that either they made up or they got tired of arguing and they just went to bed, but his assumption is that the conflict was over a little bit later. Robert Wagner is pounding on his door and he needs dennis help. He says he says we need to search the boat. I can't find Natalie, she left the room. She left the room. I was sleeping I'd, I dont know where she's gone so Dennis helps look in the bottom portion of of the yacht. They check christopher Walken room as he's checking christopher Walken room and makes note that there's no natalie in christopher Walken room. He goes up to the deck and that's where he finds robber, wegg robber way. up there and he states Dennis Natalie gone
can't be found anywhere in the dinghies gone to Dennis has a couple of things that he wants to do he's. He's rumoured to be Natalie protector or the wagner's protector, and the first thing he wants to do is he wants to turn on the searchlight and look for and which is basically a giant floodlight. That's connected to them. And if, if this story of dennis's is true got to say that I like his call to action here. I like I like him, jumping in there and trying to help out here. He wants to turn on the search light he wants to call for help, send out that distress call and he wants to call the restaurant, and I tell you why you want to do that because that's as we had said, that's where people go to have a good time they go to relax. His thought was the only reason that she might take that dinghy is it. She she's go out into the middle of the ocean. This is now
would that I've known for a long time and she's scared of water she's not going to go out into the middle of the ocean. He's also convinced that she doesn't want to be taken the dinghy anywhere yeah. He he he's. He would state several times that there is no way that she would do that that she would never take dinghy out alone that she wouldn't go out of the water on her own. She wouldn't attempt to tie up the boat on her own. She would come and get me that's my job. I work for them. I would tie up the boat or I would go with her out onto the water when he states that Robert Wagner does not want
him to do any of these three things. He doesn't want the shirt searchlight turned on. He doesn't want to call for help and he doesn't want dennis to call the restaurant scenes fishy. He says that about we ve had several counts of this, but but from what I can tell he says it about an hour to what about an hour and a half his past. Now some people even go as far as to two hours, and this is when Robert wagner allows dennis to call for help he and he and robert, or he by himself call for help. and it takes a little bit of time, but eventually people get there. So we're talking now, according to Robert Wagner story, a lot after midnight is when he noticed natalie missing worth looking at roughly about two clock: to thirty:
We go by Dennis as new account yeah two to thirty. They would have called for help and he states by by two thirty three o clock there actually out they're looking for, she's found at seven thirty a m the next day. and it would go on to tell- and this is something that he told laana- that night- that he called drunk too lotta telly the story. He would repeat this or he later in his own book, but he also also told lotta did Robert told me Don't turn on the light leave her out there, this a teacher lesson or something to that something to those words where you know she took off or what it for whatever reason she's in the water. Don't don't go looking for this a teacher lesson, I we'll get a different claim about that. Later.
Would go on to explain that he is not certain how natalie ended up in the water he's, not certain how the dingey ended up unsecured from the yacht, but what he is certain of it. Robert Wagner didn't seem interested in search four natalie and that he believes Dennis believes that had they searched for her or made a better effort sooner than natalie would might still alive today. Ok, so now we got the original. Nineteen. Eighty one story, qana, all the little pieces that came out since nineteen eighty one and now we're at kind of present day. So that's kind of timeline too said the timeline three would come from the court first report. Yes, this is from the medical examiner's office. These were the people that conducted the the investigation into the accidental death. They would ultimately rule that it was an accidental death and this is going to suit them
drowning accidental drowning and I'm going to kind of some up their findings, because we don't we, we don't have time to read the report verbatim but basic. The medical examiner, this medical examiners case number, eight one, one, five one, six, seven Natalie would now what they would report and I want everybody to listen to this carefully, because I believe that, had they been more direct and been more and more particular about about the the what took place that evening and their findings and gone more into depth with it, I think that it would answer a lot of questions and so basically they they report a lot of the same alot of the same things that led up to it is confirmed. You know that the at five o clock that they They were seen in the restaurant at seven p m
They were seated for dinner. This was noted by many people and again it was also noted by the restaurant manager and other people that they left around ten thirty p m and that they made it back to the yacht safely. There's no question there. There's multiple people backing up that portion of the store. Now here's some other reports that that did not come out in in eighty one. One of the reports is by Paul Miller now. Remember, Paul Miller was the gentlemen said that he had seen it on two occasions, Natalie would buzzing around in her dinghy alone earlier that day during daylight, he at all
seen the Wagner party having dinner at the restaurant, now here's his account of what took place after he had returned to his boat. He says that he was on a boat called. His boat was called the easy rider and he was saying that hit that his wife couldn't sleep there, their quarters, was in a portion of the boat that was facing. The shore this in this was the shore where the party was going on the party that we spoke of the loudspeakers their blaring, the rock music and he's tired of his wife not being of a sleep. Now he can't sleep and at one fifteen a m. He gets on the radio any tunes into the harbor channel. Now this is a channel that all the boats monitor, whether while they're out boating or if they need to know. What's going on. can hear the other boats. Any concern
If they have they can they can communicate with the with the harbor patrol he gets on onto the harbor channel and he intends to call baywatch the private bay coast guard and hasselhoff exact kind of called David Hassell, who will of course, he's he's the It's always comes back to the half now he's calling, and why is he calling he's calling because he once somebody from the bay watch to go over to the party and tell them to turn down their music? It's very late. It's one fifteen in the morning we can't sleep. It's disturbing the people out the walk He calls and he calls me cause no response if the music too loud, you're too old, while at some point it occurs to Paul miller
the that the most likely reason. Why he's getting no response from the one guy? That is all that is supposed to be patrolling rain is because that one guy is probably at the party himself possible. So, while he's trying to get through to this call, he gets no response and then he hears a voice, and now this is not the voice of the bay watch patrolman. This is the voice of Robert Wagner and miller would go on to say that he did not recognise the voice at first and he's. He would state, though, that roberts voice did not sound, nervous or excited but tat. He he described wagner's tone as quizzical. Weird waded scribe voice. Well, I did think that that was we're too, but hearing interviews with Robert Wagner, he kind of talk that way all the time. So I am not a fan of his. I dont know that it was completely out of character
anyway. Robert Wagner, according to Paul Miller, says easy rider, argue cruising in the vicinity and to which Paul Miller replies no. Wagner thence as well. This is the splendor. We think that we may have some one missing and eleven in an eleven foot: rubber, ding mocha, now don whiting, the night manager at the restaurant. You remember him he's on his boat. He lives on above year round and after working at the restaurant, he's retired to his boat, he's on his boat reading a book and he hears this conversation over the the radio. And whiting, here's the conversation between wagner and miller, and that is when whiting, he radios a friend and he asked them,
go to the wagner yacht immediately and report back to him regarding the situation, approximately thirty minutes late. So if that call went out at one fifteen, a m, as reported by Paul Miller, this would put us at approximately one. five am this is when the light beams from the harbor patrol boat show up. These are private boats from the baywatch and then shortly afterwards, the coastguard helicopters begin to crisscross the ocean they're out there. Looking for Natalie, what has stated natalie woods body is found floating face down at seven thirty that morning, on the morning of november, twenty ninth, she's found by a sheriff's office helicopter, this helicopter was heading towards catalina to aid in the search when they bodied something red floating in the ocean. This was the jacket that she'd the coat that she was wearing. They go down and they get close to the water
And they they confirm that it is a body and that's when they pull her up onto the helicopter. The location of the body was no less than one miles south of the wagner yacht. it was located off an isolated cove known as blue cavern point The missing dinghy there was that was supposed to be with her. That she was thought to have been on was discovered on shore. This was even further south. Now this thing he was found just a few hundred yards from where her body was found. The key to the ignition of the boat was turned off, and the opposition and the here- was a neutral and the oars were tied down. So there is a lot of things pointing that this dinghy wasn't actually used or operated, and we don't know for sure if she knew how to operate it issues. I mean look. The fact is, if you're afraid of the water- and you don't ever- have to drive the dingey
then Y know how to use it with friends and family would question her being out on the dingey by yourself. They would. They would say that that something she would never do, but we do have. Am I a pin Paul Miller. His accounted that he had seen Natalie at least once out on the dingy, buy or sell abba. I don't know how much I buy any of what he's saying. I mean he never claims to see just Natalie and christopher by themselves when they went to the restaurant before wagner, so it he doesn't make that claim, and also I mean if you look at that dinghy, there are sides to the dinghy, so her and christopher Walken could have
gone too, and you know the dock, so they could eat at the restaurant and he could have been laying down or there there's a million of reasons why he does Saul her by by herself yeah, but he also doesn't have a dog in the fight. So it's not like he's. I don't know that he needs to making things up or or protecting us at all times, people to see something wrong. He could have seen it wrong and in one thing that you do point out there that is important to this is the the sides of that debate. It's it's their rubber side and if anybody seen like like oh, like oh white, water, rafting, a raft or something of that nature, you you know that if they can be tall on the sides in and they can be cumbersome unless a few laid down or whatever you and see that person you want to see. The other person is welcome. Stating the police end up. They dare not surprised, they're, not completely,
prize, that the boat was not used, but they are startled by Natalie woods, clothing. She wearing only a nightgown, knee high length, wool socks and a down filled jacket. Now this jacket is going to be very important to their findings. It was apparent to them that she's not dressed for a boat ride. And but police still believe that she untied the line which held the dingey to the yacht and now leave His body was taken to the morgue as as normal, and it was placed in the hyperbolic chamber for safe keeping
now when the corner in the medical examiner when they arrive, they notice that Natalie is wrapped in a plastic sheet and she is still dressed in the flannel nightgown and socks. The jacket that she was wearing when she was found floating was no longer on the body. It came off when she was pulled out of the water. At the time when she was found in the water sheriffs personnel note that the body was absent of any rigour and that they noted foam coming from her mouth. when the corner in the medical examiner see the body in the makeup. Medical exam there's office. She still has foam coming from her also and rigour now has set in its now present in, and they suspect three to four, maybe four plus hours of rigour at the by the time they examined the body. They noticed that there are numerous bruises to the legs into the arms and that now
These eyes are also a bit cloudy appear. They appear to be cloudy no other tree. What is noted in foul play was not suspected at this time, doesn't make a lot of sense to me if you have bruises all over your body like how you get those bruises Well, let's go into that nine, a m the following day: nine a m november thirtieth This is when they have the autopsy. The autopsy scheduled and they're going to performance. Now here are some noted facts regarding that out the first thing that they notice is a bruise. This bruce is on her right arm and its above. The rest is its approximately four inches by one edge and then they notice a bruise on the left wrist, and this is a very small bruise about a half inch in diameter,
now small superficial skin bruges bruises are noticed ass, scattering over right and left lower leg legs, sir left knee area, shows a bruise maize measuring approximately two inches in diameter. The right ankle had a recent. whose majoring about two inches in diameter and their small superficial loses measuring yeah measuring or whatever you're and measuring. Ok, keep got you say so the taj icy sabotage known on measuring keep people s
they they find several bruises on the lower leg and dad it. This is basically the the accounts of all the verses and some of those bridges. Could it came weeks before months before we don't know that for sure right, correct one important fact here that is noted is that more than twenty four hours after she had been found, the meadow examiner and the coroner they they figure out. The flannel nightgown, the socks and the jacket are all still wet, they're all still very well and now keep in mind that jacket was not still on the body. This would. This fell off when they pulled the body from the war
the medical examiner notes that the jacket seems extremely heavy and it weighs probably between thirty and forty pounds in a saturated state. They'd perform a toxicology exam on on her body and they find that her blood alcohol level was point one for a witch's point: zero four percent above intoxication standards set by california at the time, and they also find traces of some drugs in her body. Now these are listed as a motion sickness pill that she would have taken and a single painkiller pill that she would have taken yeah, but no alcohol and painkillers don't mix too well. They note that in the toxicology report that that the combination of alcohol with these
two pills could significantly increase the the effects of alcohol and that probably don't know exactly for sure when she took the either one of the pills correct, but it would have been soon enough to still find them in her blood because they could find no evidence of such and because they know that she had not sustained any deep, traumatic headwinds. There's. No, no, against approve such so they knew that she was conscious when, in the water. The bruises to her lower legs. They believed at the time occurred when she had fallen fallen onto what well she they believed that she had fell between the boat in the dinghy. Okay. So then, on her way down that her legs,
I hit the bow or they hit the dinghy or something like yeah or or even once, you're in the water. You kick a bit in and trying to get yourself up could bang into something at that point, but they believe that that the module, We at this time they believe, there's also a laceration on their face, and they believe that the laceration wouldn't have been enough to knock her unconscious. Yes, I'm glad you brought that up. That's a vertical abrasion on her cheek and they believe that this possibly came from when she had hit the water neck right in the know and possibly hit in the step I also believe that this could actually came from hitting the step, but again this abrasion, this bruise was did not. It was not significant enough to cause. Dramatic a moron. Lastly, lasher rate like like the skin broke. Yes, it didn't as any trauma. I don't know anybody, that's deauville
salt water and have their skin break because of the water doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Yes, this lateral laceration that you're talking about they believed that it came from hitting the water or from attempting to board the dinghy and falling off and falling into the water, and I just don't understand how you get that big of a a bruise on you from him the water or cut or cut right right. You know their stating its and bring us all a report. Where rob, I think, if you type in like Now we would In our view, are now what death and youtube there's a small clip of Robert Wagner, talking about him, claiming that he didn't believe that she fell into whatever that's the claim any ways, but he talks about how he believes that she
when she was trying to tie up the dingy or whatever that she hid her face on the step down. So that's his thoughts on that on how she received that But keep in mind, there are a lot of things that are going to take place between the time that she either falls off the boat or However, she ends up into the water, all those bruce in the abrasion don't have to come from that one fall. There are things that are going to take place between that time and when she expires, that would that can lead and will lead to these bruises in and possibly the abrasion as well. Now the medical examiners office firmly believes that she fell, or so. how accidentally ended up in the water outta that she was near the dingey near the ito at the back portion of the yacht and her
in the dingey or in the water. The dinghies unsecured from the yacht now here here is their big the examiners office knew of this argument. The argument that private wagner would later state that did they got in a heated argument. He smashed a bottle that there was everything wasn't great on the boat and this helped them lead to their find that the general public didn't know about this at the time. They think that they just kind of came up with this conclusion and didn't know some of the facts that we know today or that are coming out late. So what what they are saying is picture this hollywood somehow ends up in the water on one side of her is the yacht. We know she's, afraid of water on one side or as the yacht
on the other side, overstating what what proved it. What what? What made them question their findings, the most was if she was afraid of water, why would she choose the dingey? the yacht. She you, you fall in the water, you you have you have.
a limited amount of time to make a decision and to figure out which way to go, she can swim. We know that she could have taken a couple's couple, strokes, couple of swimming motions and probably been on the yacht or been on the dig they find out about this argument and they're convinced that she probably wanted to leave the boat. That's why they think that she went for the dinghy. This would end up being hawk her demise. This would lead to her demise was probably easier to get up on a dinghy than it would be the yacht, but I believe there are some kind of steps or a ladder on the back of of the yacht, which might what might make that easier. But what ends up being the problem? Is we had discuss that there was some bad weather that weekend and the way that their boat was positioned in the bay was that it was positioned in a way such that the wind would have would have,
and came from the west, and it would have passed through the island mountains and it would a shot right down towards the bay. This would basically create a wind tunnel and anything that is loose or, thing that is small, especially these rubber dinghies. Think about this is like a it's. Basically, you know that kind of vessel on the water Is kind of like a balloon in the wind: it's just going to kind of go where the wind pushes it right. So that's why you tie it to your yacht. She goes to board the rubber dinghy she's unable to get onto onto it, and the wind is pushing it and, along with it her out into the water further and further from the yacht. Even though the thing is tied to the note, the dingy would have been unsecured at this point, how she unsecured
They believe that she did she untied the dingey, with the intention of hell with the intention of getting into it and in the process fell into the water because she doesn't want to go back onto the both because of the army. in the things that are going on. She attempts to get onto the dingy and she cannot it's going out to the water. Now. Why can we not get onto onto the dying because her jacket down jacket that she's, wearing which noted by the medical examiners off their money order. Hounds yes- and this is this- is a- and maybe it's not thirty forty pounds at this point, but it's the say it's even twenty pounds, yet and you got to you gotta admit you know we ve all. You know own down jackets or down pillows or or any of that, not all of us, but but you can imagine if, if they are completely in water if there completely submerged in water how heavy they could get. My, even if, like I said, twenty pounds, take twenty pounds, put it on your chest and do some crunches
the other fields and you, as you had stated earlier, you had pointed out how big and cumbersome the sides of this thing. He could be she's down in the water, with this waited jacket that weighs thirty to forty pounds, trying to pool and hoist herself up onto this little vessel. She can't do it and the the longer that it takes the more she's wearing herself out and in the process of doing so. Trying did several different methods to get herself out of the water she's, causing bruises abrasions to her body, and when this takes place it keeps push her out into the water and she they determine that. She made a great effort that she did not die without class, that she made every attempt to say:
herself and she decided that she was going to try to drag that she was. She figured out at some point that she could not get onto this thing, so she was going to throw one arm. She was going to try to pull it and paddle and kick her way towards the shore hypothermia. Sets it she's out there for a considerable amount of time. We don't know exactly how long, but at some point the water's very cold in between her wearing herself out from trying to get onto the little vessel and to try to bring the vessel into the shore hypothermia starts to set in she. Unfortunately, Passes away and drowns due to hypothermia and exhaustion and the little boat continued on without her, and that's why it's Why your honor Ok, no of alcohol and drugs. So it's gonna make it harder for her to do any of the stuff anyways and then is probably gonna affect her stamina greatly.
I assume, unfortunately, if she could have just made it a few a little bit further a couple of hundred feet cheap, she would have been maybe or just be able to do a pull up. You know or take the jacket off yeah. Maybe she yeah if she would have taken the jacket off. What why? Why did she take the jacket off? That's that's interesting. I I ok that's their theories yeah in. But I think that what I was getting at is it. That is a more detailed explanation of what had happened. They may have it makes things seem a little clearer. You know. Had we heard a couple days afterwards had we heard two weeks afterwards when they released, you know when they were released. Their findings had given keep em. and oversight? What I'm saying is had them go examiners office said yeah. We
that there was an argument on on on the boat yeah. We knew of that people, thirty years later question the argument that took place on the boat, they would go well, they knew about argument. All right you know and if they would have in my appeal and been more clear on their findings and what why they think that she didn't make it out of the water. It seems posible, no, no! I mean it Devon's it. Definitely, there is a huge possibility that it happened just the way they said, and even if you just take a couple there panes and switch them around again. She could, ah, ah, the task, the dingy from them the yacht and then when she did fall into the water, the abrasion from
the sidestep or the water actually cause some, maybe not fully unconscious, but in enough of a haze to just be out of it at that point or yet in that, maybe it wasn't the argument the major reached for the small boat instead of the yacht. Maybe it was just being disoriented and from the fall that that they actually she just try to reach. For the first thing, maybe she was recovering from the fall. She grabs a hold of it and this thing's going to the water and she's being poured along well hazy erle list, but let us try to get some order goin. I know it's tough because its way a story, so we basically covered three different accounts, basically, while bunch different accounts, but those are that's pretty much all the stuff, we know we know anymore
facts. Well, I'm going to go ahead and go on the record and state that I got the believed that the medical examiners report is probably the most accurate account of what took place now. They do not stay on their work the argument was about who was involved in the argument how the hell Natalie, into the water they dont all, although the date they say that you know, we believe this is how she fell in the water, but the thing that I find that are interesting. This is what I find this interesting. We have multiple counts, floating robert Wagner himself stating that what approximately a little bit after midnight, I discover?
My wife, Natalie wood was not in our bedroom. She was not in their sleeping. I go looking for her now. He says that Dennis at some point comes up onto to the deck and that's where they see each other Dennis states differently that that proper got dennis involved in to the search for natalie, and then they both meet up on the deck at some point, and then Robert states she's gone and the dinghies gone I now let us think about that for a second. This takes place at midnight now you and I had as minor disagreement on the size of this shot. Now I think of it as a large, larger boat. You you think it's not that the large, but I, but regardless it still yeah it's not the titanic. It doesn't take an hour to search the boat to determine that she's, not on it right. When does this person
when does Paul Miller state that he hears Robert wagner on the radio, approximately one fifteen. When it gets onto the car an hour and fifteen. It takes an hour and fifteen minutes to search your giant yacht, so here's with two two people actually three people. Looking yes and I think that's what was for a walk. It might not shut up I mean he might have been his bed and, they might have said, hey alleys, mason and he might I who knows he could have been well. I think that you know pete, you know, some people can relate to this, you know you're at a party or you're at a place and and there's people sleeping in different bedrooms. You go looking for somebody or something. What do you do you basically open up the door and you go hey natalie in here and you'll. Look around. You can see the light coming from the hall and christopher Walken you're laying in the bed laying in the bed. I opened the door, I go hey, I is Natalie in here well, first of all, I might
a little more because it might be my wife- and I am, I think, she's here, but what it, what chance, but what you're immediate reaction? Ah, ah, yes, you just you just had glasses a champagne, and I got some queer eludes, maybe some cocaine in that we were not certain about that. We want to go on record gay, not sir, Well, he did win an oscar and I think they give that to you. When you win an oscar yeah, he clearly cares less how he could acquire loads and leonardo dicaprio has a bucket of qualia now cause he just won the oscar. I know okay stay with me, okay, so where we are. So what we're doing you were meshing, everybody stories together and the thing that, after meshing than what we ve, what I find interesting as it it is approximately an hour after she she just date. They think that she is missing before there is a call to to
to report her missing an end and again that seem strange to me, but maybe he wanted to make sure whom who knows? Maybe he was embarrassed about what took place at evening and he thought she just stormed off. We all know you know everybody's been with some if something goes down and somebody storms off and they come back later, maybe he was giving time for the for them to come back later, Dennis states that it's a considerable more amount of time and here's. I here's why only half believe him. I might be able to believe that Robert Wagner said this. A teacher or leave her out there. I might be able to believe that rob Robert Wagner told him. No, let's not turn on the life. Let's not call anybody yet and maybe there was delay, but I cannot believe dennis that that multiple hours went by
why, because I have somebody else that was not on the boat. That says I heard and spoke to Robert Wagner at one fifteen about what time they get back on the boat. It was like ten thirty rank. They left to get back on the boat around ten third, but out of their back on the boat roughly a ten thirty, so as mrs not much time after that's when we need dennis to come forward and we need dennis to give us a definitive time of wind. Natalie went missing because all we can go off of right now is Robert Wagner's original account, which Dennis originally, act up and around midnight, or shortly after midnight lays notice it out with a night that deniston I have eaten high. Exactly then give us a definitive time of wind. She, whether he was drinking too so, maybe doesn't know for sure. Then then he should have backed up the account of it even now miller, but even eleven. I if she goes missing well it's still on fifteen minutes, but that's what I'm saying, but
starting to bring up a while. They were on the boat for at least an hour before that. What if she missing immediately. Well, then, we need for us to be able to to to figure out anything else. If that's the case, I mean, I don't think we need. I don't think that's, the smoking gun here, no its not. But what I am saying is that the data on a boat and anybody goes missing for more than twenty minutes. You need to be doing everything and ten minutes you're on about drinking doing drugs, ten minutes go by, I mean you, they drugs again or hearsay, while not her. She had painkiller, it could have been prescribed. That doesn't mean it's good, too drinking and no its not but doing drugs implies that you're doing certain kinds of drugs and what all I am stating to you, is that in this does not provide us with a smoking gun, but what I am stating to you is
warning to meshing everyone stories together. I can only believe half of what dennis states, because he says that they waited a couple of hours before they called it. The only report that we have is from Robert Dennis an christopher did noticed that she was missing shortly after midnight and we have two peoples meaning that they were, on the other end of the radio hearing robber wagner at the same time, yet at the same time, not just miller no miller just mill had the conversation with wagner, and that is when the restaurant manager, don whiting overheard the conversation and he called for help so we have to- people that are not on that vessel. That state that around one fifteen we heard Robert Wagner's. there's somebody missing from our boat so and lesson.
I can provide us with a different approximate time of when they notice that natalie went missing. Then I can only believe half the story because he's wrong about her having been out there for hours before they called for help, or he like some I thought you know well and here's another thing. I would round up here's another thing. I'd like to point out- and he doesn't I I would I do need to read his book because it's it's unclear. I've heard multiple accounts from him, one where he states that he was going to call for help and one that states that Robert was going to call for help yeah. If you watch any of these interviews with these people, there's constant like conflicting stories and they're just little tiny
details, but you know that can add up over time and- and we should also- I mean- I'm- not- I'm not apologizing for putting on on a free show, but we were doing a case every week. So as hard, we headed cram a bunch of research into this whose heart it we could. Neither one of us could have his book and this time period so well and there's more than one book out there about this I mean if we, if we had all the time in the world, we would have read roberts book. We would have read Dennis his book and there's one or two other book
out there too, we would have read them all and try to figure it out, but what we can go off of is the accounts that we have seen. Yeah, there's a bunch of information from the book, that's out ten internet, and I think we've done a good job of of piecing together, Dennis's story with robert story and, more importantly, the medical examiner's office findings. Okay, so you just want to go through everything again yet well. We should note that they at some point the in two thousand and eight the medical examiner's office- did change their findings from an accidental death to an undetermined death, and I think I'm not positive, but I believe that they're basing a lot of of this off of information that they received from Dennis many years later, two thousand and eight
what they did do was a reopened the investigation. Now all that that means is that what they are trying to do there not saying that she was met with foul play there, not saying that she was killed by somebody. All they're saying is that we have new evidence of we didn't have back. Then we would like to look at this one more time and we need to determine what the cause of death was, and I don't know for sure, but does the coroner have to change its findings for them to open up the key? while I believe that its like euro, you are innocent until proven guilty, so right now there are regional findings were death by an accidental death by drowning. So what they're going to do is look for evidence to to point out that that was impossible? That did she die alone? Did they? She died some in some other manner and until they can find evidence of that
There's no other investigation going on that. The only investigation going on right now is to confirm or deny that it was an accidental death. Okay, ok, so that's a bunch of stuff to try to keep up with says is: go through all this and a little bit of our thoughts on the matter. So Christopher Walken. What's your thoughts on Chris work and I think that his, I think that he has so little involvement in this that he really doesn't have anything to offer. I mean he probably has some account of what took place between the time that they got back from the restaurant and and got back onto the splendour and he probably has little to say about that- and in he's not had anything extra to add to that in the public demands more but he's got nothing more to offer their was it. He got back on the boat. They they continue to drink. very well could have been more messed up in there.
Secret been drunk or than anybody on the bow. Who knows they they talk, they have an argument. He goes to bed and then he's They wake him in the middle of the night. They can't find Natalie and now he's in the storm. So he was acquaintance or co star? I just happened to be on this trip during this tragic yeah. It doesn't appear that he was close to them at all and an eye he didn't remain closed to them afterwards, and- and I think close enough to obviously go on a trip with them yeah by So it's hollywood. I mean he again, it's around thanksgiving time, so it could have been their working and there was enough time for him to go back home then with their family. They felt bad and said hey, but wanting you to spend the weekend with us exactly I I I'm guessing that even before Natalie went missing that it was not the most enjoyable weekend for any of them that they did their personality. Maybe just didn't didn't get along real. Well, did our there's jealousy problem yet there there were so
thing going on there, but I dont think that that Christopher Walken has anything to add. As far as I can in guilty of anything or him being a part of anything sinister. So then this talk about the captain, the one that you don't believe too much I have stated that I Don'T- I can only believe power of what he says did you have The thing that you want to put in on the regarding the captain why man his motive? He has motivation to come forward and tell the truth. I mean, and I think that's what he's trying to do. I think he was put in a situation where he was told to tell a story, and he didn't agree with that, and it took him awhile to actually want to bring this to light and no way shape or form, as he Colin and robert a murder. Ernie thing is saying that the events that took place at night were not what we originally stated here.
Also doesn't believe that there is any way that she would get on that dinghy by herself again, with the the same you and Denis are in the same boat right now. You and the other captain are in the same boat. I can only believe about half of that, because, because there's a couple things You're saying he you know he has motive to come out later. What is his motive become out later and does he also have more if the change of story in a way, that's not factual, that is not truthful. Does it was it? Did there end up being bad blood between him and in MR whacked. I don't know who did it For some reason, he cleared assume that there is clearly not employed by Mr Wagner, or he most likely wouldn't be coming out in saying these disk bringing fort these discrepancies and, second of all yes. He is said repeatedly that she would not have got into that both by yourself. He also claimed that, even if the dingy was banging up against the bow and
She went to this. Tie it down more. She won't even do that. But again I have Paul Miller, who states that he had seen only right in that's if you believe that she was on that dinghy by yourself, and I believe when it when, given the two I'm taken Paul Miller's story over dennis Davis story, but you don't know you are one of them now I dont, but but but giving given the facts that have been presented to me is it? Is it possible that miller mistaken her, for you know of course as possible. But what I'm saying is that that that, given the facts that were presented to me, his story rings true with those facts more than dennis historic, how so made Dennis new story, talks about a fight miller does ever bring that fight
Does he wasn't there Dennis claims that it was a couple of hours before they called for help? according to dennis and Robert Wagner and christopher Walken? They, the natalie, would went missing shortly after midnight and that Robert Wagner, its confirmed by more opel people that were not on that boat. What robert Wagner is on the radio. one hour later at one fifteen stating that sir but he is missing from our boat right below they. She goes missing at eleven thirty and there were just off there this off on their recount of when she went missing again as far as the eleven thirty two one thirty does it matter to our kid. Just listen to me, you're asking me, Who, I believe, I'm not stating what have I don't know what happened? What I'm stating is, who I believe, is in accordance with what the stories have been presented to me?
and Paul Miller. His story rings true with the facts. More than dentist, aver still augustine This comes off very genuine, like he actually to help out with idea and even the new investigator. What I liked about him and his statement that we're not true and approve it that there was foul play? Word is trying to find out what happened and I think, but isn't dennis basically supporting the fact that there would be foul play. He stated robert Wagner told me knew that she was out there in the water and told me you know, I don't call for help. He saying wanted to call for help. Mr White, you're told me not to call for help? doesnt, that's actually foul play its because Ok, have you told me you were drowning. I wouldn't lend a hand now does I mean that I'm guilty of something, but ok.
He could assume that shoes and the boat she's in the dingey and the guy. In this argument I dont know, all I'm saying is basically all done ass. The saying is, we knew she was out there and we did. Do enough, that's basically what damage the seine agreed and that doesn't make them. Ok, even if she gets on the dingey, even if she falls off whatever, once you know that she's out there, what what time period goes by before you do everything possible to save a human being right away. and I just feel like, it doesn't matter if it's an if they waited an hour on fifteen two hours that doesn't matter. isn't five minutes, but then isn't he just as much to blame is robber wagner yeah and I think I, but I think he believes that I think that's why I came forward
I dont think you in any way shape or form saying that he is not responsible on some level. I think he knows yeah, this guy told me not to, and I fucked up you know, and you know, It be like you run and in the house and somebody getting in a car wreck, and you gone, We both run out and others a car wreck. We need to call nine one on- and you say no, it was just a slight to it It's still my job as a person to go fuck. You man called the cops, I think they're both if Dennis the stories, true, that that's how it was, even if his stories not true if they knew that, whose missing for
around midnight tat one fifteen before there is any call that's master on both of their parts, so Does it make sense of what were we don't even need to know if his story is actually true, tat tell us. I mean it, matters that it's true or not. What I'm saying is that to me it I mean den
It was thomas story, but even if you take Robert's story, they knew she was missing for a good chunk of time, where there weren't two and as much as they could to help there's no spotlight put on. There was no call for help. That's pretty factual right. We pretty much know that well and that's what makes it important if his story is true. That's what makes it important if Robert wagner stories true, because if both of their stories are true, then they waited at least one hour before anybody did anything yeah, but now, but Wagner's not stating that he let called immediately, though, is he he says he says that they. in a brief amount of time and then caught. But we don't know how long that time exactly so. His brief amount of time could be five minutes to ten minutes or whatever anyways. It's an interesting case. It's it's it's very,
interesting- and we may never know what happened within those few minutes on that boat. Okay, so, basically, what's your theory, I did or wait. Do you believe? I'm not gonna give a theory My thoughts, because the thing that really concerns me that thing that strange to me is I dont know how she ended up in the water I dont how she ended up, you know not on the boat it she doesn't appear to be dressed. For anything other than maybe adjusting the dingey or tightening the boat to secure it to the yacht. I think that could see myself. You know you go out to get the newspaper and it's called that morning or you go out somewhere, you just throw on a quick jacket, whatever Erin overtopped she's wearing no shoe she's where no pants and she just
out there with the jacket on and unfortunately, she picked the wrong jacket, something that's going to weigh a considerable amount of weight after being submerged in the water. So I don't. I think that she, probably more than likely, fell off accidentally, and I think that I think that to call examiners office was right in their findings. I think did wildly with me: they're, not certain how she ended up off the boat, but they think that if she accidently fell off the boat, this is what happened to her after she was often this is what happened to her after she was in the water, and I think that they got a great explanation and I think that if it would came out sooner, the details of such this would be a less debated topic now regarding the individuals in the casbah characters involved. I believe that Paul miller and john
hiding the two that they heard? The conversation over the radio, I believe, everything that they say because they back each other's stories up in their accounts of what took place regarding Robert Wagner, Christopher Walken, dennis dave- and I believe that the three of them somewhere in between the middle of their stories in the middle all three of their stories, that's probably the truth of what took place in the circumstances it led up to it. I don't think that there was any foul play involved. However, it could be that people waited longer than they needed to write a rush to rescue and that could this be simply people or drinking too much and then everything becomes slower, just confusing and general right. Yeah, maybe or maybe they appear they could be unaware.
Undecided on why she's not on the boat and they believe that she left on our own while and few walked here, far from a bar see. I walk a few blocks. Sometimes that takes a lot longer. You know, if intoxicated, but I think we are agree would really like to know just I'm here's the thing really like to know? Maybe you agree, maybe don't is what she really that afraid of the water. Was she raided dinghy. Would she not which she not it if the she's trying to sleep, and if there's an argument, but she hears the boat rock and against the side and she's gonna than tie it tighter to secure that something should do these are the stuff. I really want to know because then the accidental drowning seem so much more likely
I firmly believe that she had on at least one or more occasions gone out on the dingey by herself. I believe that- and I am but here's the thing. The thing that should be noted Dennis could be right in his day. that she would never do that that she would never go out there on our own, but I want him to be some specific. Does he mean that? Because it was dark before was nighttime. Does she would never go out there at night by yourself? Is that what he means There's something plain flat out: she'd never do because I got. I got one person stating he had seen her out on our own during the daytime, and I got robber Wagner also saying that on several case, she had gone out on her right. then it could also just be that too, that there was an hour She went for a walk and that's how she felt she slept, and there are some interesting so I mean, I think, that's all I want to know is cause like look if she had this deathly fear
you never been on that dinghy dingy alone. Then that's only them out point more towards foul play in my books, but our rights, That sums up the case. Do we have a recommended reading for the week? Yes, we do kept in it's corner by dr thomas noguchi, and in this book the doctor recounts his colorful and stormy career he's going to explain techniques and investigations that lead to the full story. And all the behind the scenes, information that you needed. No, regarding famous peoples that such of such as Marilyn monroe, Robert Kennedy, Sharon, tate janis Joplin Natalie, would John belushi and many more so go to our website. True crime garage dot, com, click on the recommended page and on their you, fine, all the books that we have recommended this week, its coroner click on there and it will take you directly to amazon and you'll, be able to purchase a book and read reviews on that book and anything
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