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Nevaeh Buchanan /// Part 1 /// 613

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 On a Sunday night in May, 2009 in Monroe County Michigan an Amber Alert was issued for a little girl. Nevaeh Buchanan was last seen in the 6PM hour riding her scooter near her home. This very quickly was believed to be a child abduction. Local authorities were seeking the public's help looking for several witnesses and the driver of a green minivan. Oddly enough, within forty eight hours of the girl going missing the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office publicly announced two persons of interest. This is a case with no shortage of viable suspects and as you will see this may have helped or it may have hurt the investigation. 

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the the Sunday night may twenty. Fourth, two thousand and nine monroe county michigan authorities issued an amber alert for five year old nevada buchanan that night, they alert indicated but she was last seen at the charlotte arms apartment complex in the parking lot area around six thirty p m. She was three feet: ten inches tall about forty five.
he was wearing a light. Blue sleeveless shirt with red white, horizontal stripes and a white vienna collar and kneeling genes. Shoes Therefore, when she left her mothers apartment police, warm the large apartment, complex and started talking to the residents search. Are these comprising a one hundred law enforcement personnel, five hundred volunteers, fanned out from the complex checked everywhere they could think of helicopters. in the area from overhead divers, plumb, the depths of local courts, her mother jennifer said he spent all day and all night looking everywhere for her little girl people search frantically four days to no avail. within five days. It was reported that the local sheriff Department had talked to two hundred and fifty people
michigan state, police and f b. I helped out making up a task force with the local police all the tactics and strategies for low. getting someone were deployed, but nevada was gone this it's true grandeur, Five euros available. Ghana, loved her schooner and neighbours were accustomed to seeing little girls
whipping around in there charlotte arms apartment, complex parking lot. The apartment complex is located on north Malcolm street. In monroe michigan it was may twenty. Fourth, two thousand and nine. This is the day before memorial day it's a sunny day and a great time for children to be outside playing with france, nova and other kids from the complex like to cut through a hole in the fence and play at a playground that abutted to the complex's grounds. Sometimes they stuck to the parking lot, some kids, salt and avaya here that day, on her scooter speeding around and then she was gone. Nevadas mother Jennifer was used to her daughter running around the complex with the other kids. It's unclear whether nevada had rules in place about being allowed to go outside on her own.
After all, she was only five years old jennifer was home sitting on the couch in their apartment. Around six thirty p m, watching the tv show, John and kate, plus eight nevada was bored and tells her mom mom, I'm going upstairs to ostiense. Austen was an eight year old boy that lived in the apartment, one floor up from nevada and jennifer nevadas austin were buddies and his apartment was somewhere where she hung out regularly. We will go through the events, as they have been reported that led up to the disappearance of nevada, but it is important to note that at the time five year old, nevada, her mother, Jenny,
for our living with jennifer's mother, sherry. The apartment is technically the grandmothers apartment, so Sherry's apartment, and on this memorial day weekend, Jennifer had a friend of hers and the friends little daughter, staying with them in the apartment as well. So So little cramped, nevadas mother, says around the six thirty times period. She comes into change her clothes. Yet she changes are close. She grabs a popsicle and then Jennifer says that nevada went back outside Jennifer would later say that she assume that her daughter went to eight year old ostend apartment unit to play there. She assumed the two friends were playing with. Toys are watching tv now, jennifer says it about thirty minutes, later or so, jennifer's, friends daughter, which is a little girls well She came into the apartment said: nevada is writing her scooter in the road. You know one little kid tattle
on another little kid. Jennifer spent some time looking for her shoes because she wanted to go outside and confront her daughter and let her know you can't be writing your scooter in the road, so she spent some time looking for shoes, we don't know exactly how much time- and this is kind of key as this is something we will circle back to around and a bit, but she makes her way outside and she's looking and all the normal spots and cannot find her daughter, Jennifer checked at other units in the apartment complex as well, where she knew that novaya had some france this, including the little boy ostiense apartment she not locate her daughter born at this point and looking around this complex, you know where she plays. You can't find her. Obviously, some panic is gonna start sending in with her mother, so she calls the apartment manager to help her look for her guy,
or an jennifer, does a lap around the building and around the other side and says where she finds a big major red flag here, because leaning up against the back of the building jennifer found her daughters, purple and green scooter. abandon it seems that jennifer may have underestimate and how long the veil was gone. We have to know here that she told many people. This included reporters in this included true crime, tv personality, Nancy grace. Then it was only about thirty minutes there, her little girl was but in reality all the news outlets later have reported that she didn't actually said looking for her daughter into closer to eight p m right, so we have a bit of a time discrepancy there and it could just be,
you know a mother's panicking, she's nervous? She gets her times wrong, or As we will see, there are reasons later to call into question jennifer's behaviors and her words yeah or she doesn't want to look lego horrible, individual. So she's gonna tell everybody that she's been searching all day when really she didn't pay much attention to her daughter, that's a very, good possibility, and often I find when my mind is racing. My time a little off, because things seem to be happening rather quickly when you're in that panic, state brain so Jennifer calls her. Other sherry whom she and indonesia are living with. Sherry was at work, she's finishing up her shift at a food town grocery store in monroe. With this news, sherry puts down what she's doing she leaves worked in raced home to help look forward. Nevada was given
with a background on avaya. There is a justice for an avaya website, so we gathered a lot of the following information from that website, and the site says that novae, a buchanan was a typical five year old girl. She loved stuffed animals and, like most little girls, she named them all. Her favorite was a stuffed beagle that she named harley. Now she named him harley because, in addition to stuffed animals nevaeh loved motorcycles, she was born February third, two thousand and four people that new nevada described her as shy adorable. A little girl who, like the where her hair and a ponytail neighbours, described her as timid, with a soft voice, real fragile and then someone said novaya had a smile that could melt a gleam
you're her mother Jennifer told the media that her daughter loved motorcycles and trucks. She was a tomboy and was obsessed with the movie jungle bobo, who isn't now a more complete history of nevada, is that she had just graduated from pre school and was heading off to kindergarten in the fall. She lived in the charlotte arms apartment, complex with her maternal grandmother. Sherry now one detail here: in his that sherry actually had legal guardianship of nevada had legal guardianship of her for some time. This was because jennifer Nevadas mom at one time was a drug attic and was and to present when this went down, Sherry had taken her grand daughter, Anne and nevada, had lived with sherry in that apartment, under sherry's care for several years
Jennifer serves her time in prison and then, when she's released in early two thousand and nine, she moved in with her mom and her daughter. So this has been her home for quite some time. Yes, it has. and one thing that is kind of clear here is that, as far as being taken care of and being raised at look like novaya considered sherry more of her mother, because that's what she knew from of her life law and the vague goes missing in may two thousand and nine, and so her her mom gets out of prison early, two thousand and nine, so she's, really not back in her child's life. For that long until she goes missing, I think that might be kind of key here as well. Now, We also? We also should note that jennifer Nevadas mom was only twenty four,
years of age, when her five year old daughter, novaya, went missing. The father, shane Honan Josiah was only twenty two at the time when the veil went missing, so he was seventeen fish when nevada was, can see, if he wasn't really in her life according to medium dot, com, shit. in. The father had not spoken to his daughter nevada in three years, but when she went missing He travelled to monroe. He lived in ohio so men row is very close to monroe michigan is very close to the ohio border and Jane for my understanding lives in toledo, ohio, which is the northern part of our state. He try
apples to men row to help look for his daughter, even though he's not spoken to her quite some time. This, I think we need to I do commend him a little bit. We we don't want to applaud him for not being a part of her life, but at the same time he actually risk being arrested going to ro. He had recently not been able to pay his child support since losing his job, so he goes in there with the intention of of helping now We can see here captain very quickly in this case and we're gonna fan out quite a bit ourselves in our search looking for actual suspects, but we need a paint this the picture for what it is this other than sherry the grandmother. This is not a
The situation for young avail, my father's absent he's he's a boy pretty much when she's born mothers absent because she's got drug addiction problems and then myths crimes I mean she's. She was imprisoned for actual crimes, not drug related crimes. From my understanding, so not a great situate as far as mom and dad goes share. The grandmothers stepping up stepping in and trying to help and try the erase this this beautiful little girl was so sad because it's like the odds, are stacked against her and that sound So where we stand now, captain we have a little girl missing from her apartment, complex monroe michigan. Let's look at the earliest stages of this investigation. First, someone And this is a little weird, but it's never been reported exactly who this could have been done,
for her mom could have been. Graham. All sherry could have been. The apartment manage could be somebody else entirely. Somebody called nine one want to eight fifteen p m and least issued the amber alert for five year old nevada that same night now nevada was gone monroe county sheriff tillman crash field, announced that they were looking for two witnesses? This very early on in their investigation announces the public were looking for two witnesses states at these are elementary age. Boys who were seen playing on the playground at the hollywood elementary school, the backed up to the charlotte arms apartment, complex. He said that this would have been around the last time that the veil was seen. They were also seeking a green. Boxy minivan there was seen parked at the playground between six and seven p m on the evening. That novaya disappear
He said that they thought that the van driver might be a witness, but of course, and known van in the area where a child went missing was cause for raised eyebrows ban, the green minivan Bala. He said this he's really tough, because we know that she's outside plain, but we don't know how long was gone once she was reported gone again, for though not familiar monroe michigan, it's a small town about twenty thousand people somewhat near the ohio line, the river he's and runs through the middle of town, the apartment, complex itself, the charlotte arms is located between north, Malcolm street and river view avenue. Next to that hollywood elementary school. Reportedly, this apartment complex has a hundred and eighty unit. So this is. their large apartment, complex. In my opinion- and it's made up of a number of buildings, these buildings
in our only three stories: hi I've seen it reported The residents were on the lower end of the socio economic spectrum, as with most neighbourhood. Some of these residents have a somewhat chequered past now, novaya, sherry and jennifer's unit was on the ground level. This is important to me when we're looking this case so for anyone or, in this case, nevada to get from the apartment. where we know she was safe well and fine to the parking. Area where its suspected that she was would have been last seen or went missing from this based off of the or where the scooters later located. All the little girl had to do was walk out the front door, which is what Jennifer seemingly allowed her to do. The other thing, too
We all know this is a five year old girl, yes, she's, probably used to playing outside with other kids, but we get the jennifer's friends die, who seems to be keeping an eye on the but not jennifer herself, so be it situation because so your daughter's been raised by your mother. You then come into the picture There is some kind of routine there's some kind of familiarity already happening with discipline. and whose telling you what to do in an all that stuff that you always have to take a back seat as I am.
Right, and these cases are incredibly difficult to report, and it's not just because we're talking about a little girl, that's missing, but it's also because when you have a situation like this, it's easy to blame the parent or the parents, and you also have to keep in mind that they, if they are innocent, if they did nothing wrong, wrong here you know, maybe they could have been a little more stricter, kept in better a better. I on nevada or obviously put her in a situation in her young life as far as being a father or mother goes, but if Neither of them did anything wrong, but then they are very much victims too. So these are difficult to.
Try to walk that fine line of telling not just what we think and what we see, but also trying to stay, keep an open heart to to these victims to absolutely irresponsible, an unimaginable to spin he years not talking with your daughter, not being involved in dollars life, it's ridiculous. Now we will fast for two june. Fourth, two thousand Nine. By this time, novae has been missing for almost two weeks now and of these true crime stories. We hear about fishermen, finding bodies in the water unaware that a person is actually missing. They catch a glimpse of something unusual. Maybe bobbing in the river stream as they cast in their line, but fishermen don't
usually find bodies by stepping on them, like we have here in this week's case, but air in the garage captain there's a first time for everything right. So now we introduce guy beckley is fifteen year old, son ryan. Guys, father low. So we have three generations of the bickering family setting out to spend some time fishing on the river rayson near dixon road in raising vill township. This part of the river is roughly about thirty or so feet across. This particular spot is about ten miles away from the charlotte arms apartment complex. They, the big liese, had never fish this part of the river before they said that they part off of dixon road inside the guard rail, on the edge of a steep side
hope that led down to the river, the trio followed an overgrown path down through brushy terrain, leading to a good spot along the river bank. At this spot there were some rocks, which is typically ideal for fishermen and the situation because you can stand or perch up on these rocks, while casting another group of rocks was easily accessible by walking across a small patch of concrete. That looked as though it may have tumbled there from the roadway above so guy beckley is standing on that concrete patch and he says a chunk of it broke off. He noted that the concrete was thinly spread, so when what we were later find out would be an eight inch by six inch chunk
of this concrete breaks off. He says right away. He smelled and saw that something was not right. He said flies or buzzing around in the area. guide shipped off a little more of the concrete to see what was going on. Then he stops because he does see something under the concrete was what look like human skin and hair, and he said it smelled like death, so they call the authorities. Excavation of that concrete revealed a shallow grave containing an intact corpse of a child. Everyone knew. Who was that kind of situation? even before nevada was formally idead. The sure Little body fit the description of the one avail was last seen wearing. It was not immediately apparent what the cause of death was very said
seen per abc news. Monroe county sheriff, Tillman, crutch field said shortly after the discovery of nevadas body, that there were no visible signs of abuse and that she had been buried along the river rays and for quite a while. He declined to comment specifically about how the body was buried only that it had some type of concrete or cement. On top. he also would not say what else investigators recovered from the grave. Obviously, some in this trend to conceal her her body- yes very much so and went to some great lengths to do so now. You know that the share of himself is probably in a bit of the state of shock as well. They ve spent almost two weeks now looking for this little girl
this is how she's found nobody wanted to find her. This way, he does throw in the comment when he's being asked about what they found. He says: authorities are looking for a disturbed individual, which I feel like that's kind of, your hands in the air kind of sit and not in a good way. You know three, he's in the air. Like I don't know, I'm I'm kind of at a loss here for words. I dont know exactly who we are looking for this point go back to the day she went missing, like you said, there's. Over a hundred and eighty units so lotta individuals in this town. Looking for this little girl and talking, spreading the word that this little girls missing. So this is big news when they end up finding her in the concrete and from my experience following these cases and from what we ve covered here in the garage captain, we know
these strange, her child abductions, rather rare now saying that that's an impossibility here is certainly could be the situation, but often times at somebody somewhat close to the child that is responsible either, somebody that is known to the family or in this case, in what I think you're circling around here is it the possibility is that the threat or or or whoever is responsible could be somebody that they lived in? That apartment complex or had reason to be there For any number reasons, when also he said, there's this playground, that's a budding the property, that's beside the apartment pop property.
Creeps are going to find out about that pretty quickly, yeah! That's that's the thing for me that I kept. I I can't shake off. Is this idea that, if you were somewhat oh cool, stranger to the family, stranger to people from that apartment. Complex we've always said this with when it comes to, especially cereal offenders. Right cereal fenders typically have a victim type and they know where to go looking for their victim, that they prefer it's almost like you and I are going to the grocery store. We I dont go out and hunt maya, meat, because there's a store right down the street. Where will it will have plenty of it? There. and how are you and my own meets all the time that bit here
is the thing, though, to is what do we know so far? This girl was taken from parliament complex. She has now found the same town right about ten miles away from the apartment complex, but before we move on to something else, what what I wanted to point out was if, if a predator was looking for this type of victim, a younger child boy or girl. Unfortunately, this is an ideal place to find said victim because, as you pointed out, playground the elementary school, the apartment complex, where there's kids outside buzzing and zip round and playing all day long and there's a pool their as well. I mean that's the hit. Some of the key locations for these types of creeps to find this type of victim, and all smash together,
and one low cow right and will the point in history get out before rudely being cut off, Is this to me sing, location, that you'd have to know by being a local and be and where her body was found. Yes, I'll tell you about the apartment, complex Look if you, if you're, not local, just gonna, drive to the as part of town and go almost here's. This playgrounds connected to this apartment, complex and which is connected to a poor which is connected to this elementary school? Are you said that this problem, somebody that lives in the area or knows the area is familiar with the area, and then she is ten miles away. So, to me, this evidence is saying that this person is local.
And when we mean when we say local, you know twenty thirty mile radius from the abduction point or the the point where our body was found. Now I want to hit on some things before we move on to our next items here in this investigation, and this is in regards to the body being found, so we we should note here that the police have never said what state of undress or dress the nevada was in. But there was a now deleted fox detroit news, peace and said she was in the whole, without clothing and her clothing and a bush beer can were thrown in the whole. With her fbi have traced, the boy Your can to a highlight market in monroe. So they
able to trace where this beer cans came from, or at least where was purchased from the thing here. Is it what's not clear? Is this beer can being it's actually not clear whether it was found in the whole or just near by makes sense, but one thing that kind of confirms. clothing being tossed in on top of the girl? Was that one of the guys guy Beckley, who found her confirm that he could see her bare back when the concrete bro part, so that gives a little more some of that speculation. Some of that rumour again a lot of those details. coming from what is a now deleted article news article about this case, but if those If that information is in fact, true gives a little more insight to the scene, but just to be clear.
This is a whole that was covered by concrete to describe it as plain and simple as I can, it appears that somebody dug a somewhat shallow grave placed items in there and then created this concrete slab there. Likely there or brought it with them and placed in over top. Whoever did this really hoping that she would never be found. The the. If you had the chance to be brought back to life hundreds of years in the future, would you take it? Wonderings, newest podcast, frozen head hosting
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all right. We are back cheers maids cheers get into the windows, the walls chairs to everybody in the front and back the ski back into simple he searched the river area near where the body was found. They spent two days air poring over the area, looking for any footprints, any possible debris that they could find in the area and see if it's connected to their case. They did take dna from the three bigley boys so they could eliminate anything with their dna on it. They issued a press release. Asking all who may have fished in that area to call the police call the sheriff's department if they had seen anything at all during their time spent there because keep in mind at this point. As far as what the public knows is. This girl goes missing and then
just a little. Under two weeks later, her body is found in this location. Ten miles away. We don't know us the public, we don't know when she was placed there, Was it the same day she was abducted? Was it a day before she was found? I mean, there's a there's, a considerable gap of time they're. My guess is that she was kidnapped and taken somewhere else, but this locations weird to me, because it would be, I'm not remote, because it's for fishermen, but it would wait, maybe that this spot would be known by fishermen. Almost the person would want to put her out while this is a secluded area, but I'm going to cover
so well that they, this dark secrets. Couldn't you right underneath everybody's feet why their fishing yeah? I can't speak as to how popular this fishing spot was because we have Qaeda conflicting thoughts when you want to create an educated guess on that one. We have the big liese who say they fished often and had never fish that spot before, but at the same time we have bigley who says it he was told of the spot from other fishermen. So it is somewhat known this particular spot anyway
and though investigators wooden address it, they clearly did find something else at the grave. Maybe it was the clothing. Maybe it was the beer can, as we mentioned earlier, but we do know that they did find something else at this site where her body was recovered from because in mid june articles said, the investigators were awaiting results of forensic testing on items recovered with nevadas body at the river fraud.
Sheriff crutch field told the Detroit free press quote. We have specific information that is known to the perpetrator and we are going to hold that near and dear to us end quote: the police have never discuss what else was found in the area and never really gave details about the concrete that was found on top of nevada. We should note here that this particular area was a fishing spot known to some locals, like we just said, but the detroit free press reported that, on the day after the body was found, investigators were contacting area home and prove meant and hardware stores. This is because they were trying to track down. Purchases of quick setting concrete mixes, reportedly specifically, ninety pound bags. So this is from medium, and this is only a few stores and the area sold such large bags, one of them being coleman cement company. Now this could be
this'll is likely unrelated, but it's interesting to note that the fence outside of the com in cement company had recently been caught. Now, there's no report of if anything was stolen and if it will, if things were stolen, what they would have been did they fly find something at the scene indicated to them that they are looking for a ninety pound bag search because Sarah and Andy pound bag purchase, because that's what they were. civically asking for when they were calling all these different places and eddie I'm his saying that calm and cement company was one of the few places that sold bags that size, and it was also reported that, at that sometime around this time frame, the a fence outside of the company had been
outside of their building had been cut right. So I'm saying that we have that report that there's damage to the fence. which would indicate to me or most people that someone was trying to steal something. However, that report does not tell us that one that anything was stolen and two. If anything was stolen. What it was yeah they provided some kind of measurement of the concrete, and I mean that's how they get to the ninety pounds. Possibly I mean you could buy two bags the smaller size in a very good point and maybe later There is a flap from from the concrete busy these bags, when you go to make the concrete you just rip them open,
and toss them to the side so act, maybe they're there was the bag there. Well, that's what I'm saying I you know they spent two days at that crime scene. Looking over all of the debris in the area. Maybe they came across a ninety palm bag of concrete mix- and I say that, because guy Beckley, who found the grave just so happens to be familiar with concrete and the general workings of concrete. He tells the news they in his opinion, whoever buried nevada, probably used river water to mix the concrete. He said it looked to him as though some one had dug a hole, put the girl and poured a bag of concrete mix on top and poured water over the whole thing, so not act lee mixing it up in a proper way kind of hastily doing
there on the scenes are not a professional job, not really the proper method for for making the concrete rain, but maybe that speaking good, because. The concrete cracked and we were able to see that she was buried as if they, a better job, maybe that concrete net cracks and we we never finer. There was reward for finding novaya at the time of discovering her body. So after the body was positively identify using dna, the big liese split twenty thousand dollars. This was reward money that was being offered by the fbi now, reportedly guy, reportedly the big the where a little they accepted
The money begrudgingly right they guy beckley, says on record. If the reward money came from the community, he would have declined it, but since it was funds from the federal government, he accepted it and he told the news sky with the money. It has released a lot of emotions that I don't like what he meant was he hated being the one finding novae his body. He said he would have preferred that someone else had found her. He found himself breaking down at the memory of seeing her little body in the concrete grave and said that the emotional pact was wreaking havoc on his daily life, but that something he's never gonna forget. How could you mean that devastating. For anybody, I feel, can to give a warning here. I know there are a lot of shows. Give you a warning at the top of the show saying that some of the information discussed here might be graphic in nature or disturbing to hear
We here at the garage don't feel the need to to always give those warnings at the top of the show, because it's a true crime show it's dark material. You should expect to hear something. That's uncomfortable, maybe even something that you don't want to hear, but you know, I've I've become a little thick skinned when it comes to a lot of this stuff- and this part still bothered me a little bit. So I feel compelled to give a little bit of a warning here, because we are going to go very briefly through the autumn he not not the entire thing. An autopsy on there remains was performed by doktor Carl schmidt of the wing county medical examiners office. There export that I'm gonna red is directly from the autopsy report. Says quote this job found in a shallow grave part of the body, was interred, was found face down and the back was covered by a layer of some
like material the body showed moderate signs of de composition. Doktor Schmidt's opinion was that the death was caused by aspiration of fine particulates material. Here he means dirt. Her death was caused by heard not being able to breathe and she couldn't breathe because of dirt. The particulate material was found in the upper air way, the trachea and the medium of the small, caliber airways. This means that the child's face was forcibly maintained or embedded into a dirt surface. Now whether this resulted from another person forcibly pressing the child's face into dirt or whether she was buried alive, cannot be determined by this autopsy, but the manner of death, of course, was rule
homicide while in this difficult to be you of the killer. put her in their knowing that she was dead or not. You I mean like exactly put her in their assuming that point. She was dead. The novel We now know the cause of death. Yes and again, there is a certain level of de composition that had already taken place. This to me indicates it she was likely there for a considerable amount of time likely shortly after the abduction or closer to the time of and day of the abduction, and
you're exactly right. Captain we ve seen plenty of cases where someone attempts to smother or strangle a victim and they come to, and maybe this monster thought that she was already dead before placing her in in the ground and then leaving her there. But the. again the it's it's. The autopsy gives us some insights, but not a whole law as far as figuring something's outright booger, because we don't know the facts So it is that she was still breathing when she was either buried alive under this concrete or suffocated by someone holding her face into the dirt bet that those it pretty much the two options that were left with There was no visible trauma to her body, such as blows to the head or sharp force injuries.
Today we have no puncture wounds, we don't have any bruising around the neck or even around our arms that the autopsy tells us about nothing that came up in the art. taapsee. It doesn't mean that it didn't happen. It just means that the state that her body was found in those things could not be determined. But yes, there's no. What is clear in the autopsy as there's no visible signs of trauma to her body, such as blows to the head or sharp force injury, so that clears up that, in my opinion, now sheriff crotch field is on record as saying that the body had evidently been, therefore quite some time, those His words this leading many to conclude that nevada was killed shortly after she was lassie debts one because of, if I'm playing detective here again ten mile gap.
between where she is abducted and where she has found. Something in local both spots. I think he could argue that you need to be local to know them well feel safe around, because again, if you're not from that area, and you go to the apartment complex with the the play, we are in the pool and everything you might not for as brazen too, to try to take over dumb. If you know the area better, if you study there a better you're going to feel more inclined and feel safer as the killer toot to try to take a victim, but then we have this Half ass shallow grave, with some concrete that we don't even think that the individual took the time to mix.
so that means and some over this guy's half hazard. I think that play into the other the psyche of this individual member It's time to bury her to make this grave, but I'm not going to do a good job doing it if that makes any sense. So when I look at this spot where the bodies recovered from it's remote, you're getting there by one of two methods, boat or vehicle- and I purposely described how the bakeries had to park and where they chose to park their vehicle to go fishing in the spot to demonstrate what it would take, somebody to get from the road to this spot, where novae is found
and what I see here well, what I tend to believe is there. The perpetrator is haphazard, Lee putting gather. This air quotes grave to conceal the body, but does not feel comfortable and does not have a lot of time to do this. If a body is going to be discovered, there. You really don't want your car, your vehicle, your truck your license, plate being spotted parked side of this country road right, but you know that the beckley said that they parked, on the other, side of the guardrail I live near water. I live near
an area that that a lot of people fish in a lot of people park like that they park off of the side of the road off of the guard. You know behind the guard rails, so some drunk doesn't come along and accidently crash into their car and it has nothing to do with true crime has nothing to do with the our job here. In the garage, but for whatever reason take mental note when I'm driving in these somebody part, especially at night, even though there are fishermen you know owe me like this is an area where people fish, but it's it's either the spot a vehicle when its part, thereby itself. When you don't see anything in the immediate area, it's easy to go. I saw a green bronco there or a red s. Ten pickup truck brain My ex out because sticks out and if the other method would be for somebody to use a boat or some kind of water
I to get there. I don't know a lot about this this water way here. So I I I can't really speculate on angle, too much, but I see somebody that's hastily putting together in trying to conceal the body that to me would indicate- or I would lean towards the opinion of they probably drove to this location. Now. It's also important to note your captain that the autopsy report
did not even a dress the following items, so we don't know one way or the other what the conclusion was, but it did not address whether the victim was sexually assaulted. Now per fox news, jennifer buchanan, the mother, said that police told her that nevada was not sexually assaulted and that no drugs were found in her system again on record police would not discuss whether the child was sexually abused. But there was a detective on record stating that the talks, ecology reports came back. Negative here I want to point out something and be perfectly clear: jennifer You can and says that police told her that she was not the victim was not sexually assaulted. I don't have a strong belief that they would tell her factual information about the case special
Given that the living situation and given jennifer her situation her past her police record, I don't know that they're going to be giving mom all of the facts here in this case and when we get when we get I the deep into this investigation. You will see why it's it's, nor it's perfectly normal for these types of investigations to have whole back information and what the public doesn't always understand is that whole bank information is not just hold back. Information from the general public, its oftentimes hold back information from the person's closest to the victim in closest to the investigation itself, meaning mom likely does not know much more about this investigation, then the public does once we get eyeballs d in this. We will see- and you will understand very quickly why police would be hesitant to discuss particular details
out this case evidentiary details about this case with jennifer for a second here. Let's pretend that there was no sexual, so bright red. That makes me go what the hell's going on here. Why would someone kidnap and murder child if not to sexually assault them? Typically, unfortunately, that is the motive and a lot of these cases so to offer up an educated guess here we have a couple of options. In my opinion, captain one novaya could have been source of some type of sexual pleasure for the abductor without any actual contact taking place to perhaps or of debt. had every intention: of sexually assaulting the victim, but something happened. She fought back. He panic and killed her before going through with it
Three? Maybe the abduction and the murder was the goal the entire time and was the only goal. Perhaps too I dont know silencer over previous abuse, send a message to someone get back at some one or even potentially, set someone up again to be clear that the body being found in a state of undress is from one source. That source has deleted the article. We do not know why they deleted the article, so something could be wrong could be factually incorrect. That was in that article and the the factually incorrect item could be that she was in. clothes when she was found, but there seems to be a lot indicating that this she was in some form of undress when she was discovered. Now the community really pulled
gather here they went all out they donated for nevadas funeral services. The funeral was attended by a thousand people. There were funeral homes are offered to donate their services to the family, so kudos to the community for for pulling together to help this this young girl and to help out her family in this work. situations now every one described monroe as a quiet, little town, a tranquil community where things like this don't happen. That's what we hear so often when things like this do happen is. This is an area where these things will happen, but her horrific murder was. absolutely devastating and terrifying to the residents nevadas headstone, which she was buried in saint
if cemetery in monroe michigan, it reads: Monroe's little angel. The entrance to the steep rocky path leading to the river bank, where her body was found was marked by a cross and rock sculptures and mementos of things like stuffed. Animals were placed there by people in the community. Now before nevada was found. Of course, police were focusing in on finding her in the investigation centred on interviewing residents of the apartment complex following leads generated from eye witness statements and interviewing those residents, and also tracking down registered sex offenders and so on? But of course after she found the investigation went down a little bit of a different avenue. They
He started following up on the twelve hundred tips that they had received. Remember they were very quickly and actively asking the public for help right from jump street on this case, and it appears that the public responded in the form of over twelve hundred tips that were received by law enforcement. Well and that's a lot the tips, but what a devastating situation for the the parents in their community you'd be afraid that this could happen to your child and, if you're child and this community you're afraid that this could have
do you know what I said in the early stages of the investigation? They focused on sketchy people in the apartment, complex and, of course they visited the apartment where Nevadas little friend, Austin baker lived with his parents. She had played there with austin earlier that day. This fills out the timeline a little bit more so at some point, she's at all since house or apartment earlier that day and then Jennifer comes to the apartment. To collect and the two of them walk to kmart now austen is also the same boy whose apartment jennifer said that she assumed nevada was heading two when she left the apartment later around six thirty and then vanish police took carpet samples. This was a little confused.
To me here captain when they visited us in place, interviewed his parents and interviewed him. They took carpet samples from the apartment, I guess they're trying to match fibres. It's been reported that possibly fibers were found under nevadas finger nails, but what spin reported is that all. most, if not all of the apartment units were believed to have the same carpeting. So it's not the clear to me how matching the fibers from all since apart an or really any other apartment at charlotte arms would help them focus in on a specific suspect and keep in mind nevada lived in an apartment complex in another unit, so bright. Marketing in her own apartment could be identical to those in the other part, Unless it's one of those situations I actually used to work for a company that would wonder, would move out
we go in and with change the carpet went paint, and so is it possible that they changed the carpet and so they know that some of the buildings have older carpet. Some of the buildings have newer carpet and that would give us some kind of looking. we have a hundred and eighty units that maybe that tab divide that in half right and so now now, I'm looking Ninety some people that could be involved in a hundred and eighty one thing that we were able to find was the surveillance situation. If there were any type of security cameras at this apartment complex, it's hard to believe that in two thousand and nine that there would be not at all but if there had been in this case to me, it seems very likely that At least they were no cameras on the back of the building where her scooter was later found, because if we had
that information. If we had surveillance from that area, I feel like We're not sitting here over a decade later with an unsolved case now I mentioned earlier there we, are going to call into question a lot of jennifer's behaviors and to me it's not so much about the time. Frame in which her daughter goes missing. It's more about her actions leading up to her daughters, disappearance. So and before nevadas body was found police already had suspects, and these were publicly name suspects before the body was even found. In fact, this was within twenty four hours of Little girl missing police were already honing in on a couple of potential suspects. It was to gas, and these two guys were both axes ex boyfriend of gender,
first and they were both immediately picked up on probation violations as soon as investigators got their names from jennifer? so what probation violations where they picked up on their picked up, because they were both registered sex offenders who had victimized children in the past oak repose. So after it came out that they were each hanging out with Jennifer each of these and kudos to the police for doing ass. They get these guys names and there, like you, know what it's a pro asian violation for each one of these guys to be associated with the child, or violation. So let's go find these guys pick him up, arrest them and throw their ass, is in some jail cells and weaken it view them talk to them see if we can get them to talk, because we,
interested in what these guys have to say and what they may know because for so many obvious reasons, the very cold cold world we live in a mean, go, take a look at her and To imagine that some I would want to harm her. This makes no sense so technically. Capped in both of these guys are arrested for quote simply being associated with a child. This per abc is there parole conditions required that they have no association with children and that they not even have romantic relationships with women who have children the sheriff publicly named both of them as persons of interest through them in cells, while the investigators did their thing, the
in all right. Thank you. So much for join us here in the garage make sure you sign upon our mailing list at true crime garage dot com, so you are in the know, and you can get all the promo code like a guy promo code. Common action week, if you're on the mailing list so sign up at true crime, grads dot, com till tomorrow join us back here. The grounds be good, be kind.
and don't blow.
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