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Noah Donohoe ////// 458

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n the summer of 2020 Northern Ireland was hit with a missing child case. The bizarre disappearance of 14 year-old Noah Donohoe. The boy went for a bike ride to meet some classmates. What would follow would be wild speculation. Everyone wanted to know, what happened to Noah?

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This week we travel across the sea to the emerald isle to look at an ongoing missing persons, slash death investigation case in
there ireland, but this isn't your average case of someone going missing and turning up murder in this case, no one is really sure what happened here and the victim is a juvenile, a child who simply went out for a bike ride to meet friends and ended up dead in the strangest of places and in the oddest of circumstances detective called this. The strangest case he'd seen in his over thirty year career this The true crime garage- and this is the suspicious- the investigation of Noah downhill
on Sunday june, twenty first, twenty twenty noah donna her age. Fourteen set off on his bike around five thirty p m to meet friends at cave hill country park this in belfast in northern ireland know was a pupil at saint malacca, ease college, a private catholic boys school founded in eighteen, thirty, three
courting to the irish news. Noah was meeting a group of school friends to work towards his duke of edinburgh award. Now the duke of embargo ward is a civic self improvement award given to young people who complete the requirements of each level at noah's age. The four requirements would be community service. Mental skill building physical record asian and adventurous journey. This last one requires that an adventure be completed with a group of kids working together, which was pre approved by an ward leader when Noah left the house, he had a large backpack containing his laptop and some books he anticipated needing for the days
It is no is regularly described in the media as a talented cellist at school. He played rugby and basketball and sang in the choir. He was an exceptional student and receive the multiple awards in the three years at the school, including the spirit of the college award, the perfect attendance aboard and various class prizes that sunday afternoon Noah never showed up at cave hill. yeah now Noah's. Mothers, gonna plead with the public for any information about her son. His disappearance was completely out of character for him, and it seems that the police recognized right away that something was wrong once they received the report that he was missing no was I'd leave described as last seen wearing a black skateboarding helmet. A catchy green north face jacket, gray, sweat
what's with an emblem on one leg, a tied, I blue, hoodie nike sneakers, with a bright yellow, swoosh and a khaki backpack know as missing persons case became big news in belfast with people holding vigils and participating in searches. In fact, according to the belfast telegram, his case became one of the biggest missing persons cases in the history of northern ireland on the day that he disappeared on that sunday, searches sunday, night and monday. Focusing on the area he was believed to have been heading to cave. Hill park came up empty, but on Monday night police received news that a woman named Karen crooks called in she heard all about the missing boy as it was all over the news she told police. on Sunday night. So this was right after Noah went missing. He left his home at five thirty pm she found a black apollo
mountain bike lying in the road at her north wood road home this. residential area. So at the time you know This assumes some neighborhood kid left his bike and would come back and get it later right. She left it in front of her house and went to work on Monday morning. It is an odd place to find a bite, maybe see one on the sidewalk. We don't know that So we don't know if there was sidewalks or maybe you'd, find it children's bike and in some areas yard, but industry. I think that's a little suspicious. So on monday she heard about an hour from the news and just the description of his bike, a black apollo one bike. So when she went home she finds that the bike is
in her yard no one's come to retrieve it. She called the police at seven p m and on Tuesday police confirmed that it was in fact no asthma so police now had an idea where no, I had gone, no, this northward road neighborhood, is totally residential and is know where it is no where near the park where Noah was supposed to be going, his is supposed destiny, yeah. I wonder how familiar he was with riding to the park, This was actually two and a half miles away from cave hill and no one had any idea why Noah would be in that particular area. One thing that irish crime fighters have at their disposal. That is of tantamount to this case. In cases like this is C.
Tv cameras all over the place ran the police service of northern ireland p s and I was able to put together a tie, line of where no a went and when by compiling cctv, footage from businesses and hope I believe that over twenty pieces of video footage with noah on it, yes, so this was from twenty to differ sources and they were able to watch nine full minutes of noah's journey. This was broken up footage from twenty two different cameras that captured Noah as he went. passed by utilizing the time stamps on the footage they were able to track his travels that sunday evening here are their official findings. One note
Will we get into the route noah took that day, Noah's home address where he lived with his mother. Fiona has not been published. Rain media outlets like belfast live, have published maps showing the different points where noah seen on cctv that afternoon and they place the starting point at the intersection of absolutely reed and or may you avenue, and I'm going to spell those just in case- I am not pronouncing them correctly. That's a p s! L e Y, ST and o r m e, a you ave. The bike ride to cave hill from this area is six point seven miles, so it would take. No Over an hour to get there and, like you said, he's not in the area he's supposed to be that that is one of the biggest mysteries of this
yes in there's no real reporting about whether no I had bite to this area before. Or if he was even used to such long bike rides by himself. So we don't know if he's Oh you're, with this area, where he's not supposed to be right, the eye which news reported that it was thought that Noah may have taken a wrong turn. You know simply got lost from his home in south belfast on his way to cave hill. And ended up in the shore road northwood area where his bike was found. Instead, but how many times have you been driving or riding your bike or whatever you're doing you make a wrong turn, because you think it looks familiar and then for a mile or a few miles, you're goin out came now. This doesn't look familiar ran, so you just keep goin like I'm gonna, see something pretty soon that
that makes me realize I'm going in the right direction, but you just don't well- and this is just last summer in this boy, vanished. Keep in mind. No one had a phone with him and he's a smart fourteen year old. If he made a wrong turn, one would think he would just use a map app to obtain directions regardless a wrong turn. Even if that's the case, it's certainly logical, but if that's the case, it does not explain him vanishing right. Let's go through the timeline presented at the august and november preliminary hearings. Okay, so to be clear with everyone
They have held these hearings to try to determine what happened in this case. This is not a trial. This is simply a people getting together and trying to decipher what happened in this particular situation. The timeline is as follows: Noah left his home in south belfast on Sunday june 21st at five hundred and forty one p dot m his bike he had on his jacket and his backpack. He then traveled a long or mayeux road. At five hundred and forty two p dot m towards the city centre before cycling, through victoria square, at five hundred and forty nine p dot m, then he hit high street and royal avenue this at five hundred and fifty p dot m
His bike, covering a decent amount of ground. No was then seen travelling alongside the ark college, near the corner of york, street and frederick street at five. Fifty three p m cctv footed shows no a traveling toward york gay by which state No, it is clearly seen to no longer be carrying his backpack, weird stuff he's not interacted with anybody. He simple traveling on his bike, and when we get to this clip, we can see it back he's no longer carrying his bag. Act, Noah than travelled along york street crossing great patrick street and the motorway, which is another word for their high way. before turning left onto broome street
and then ride along north queen street, at five hundred and fifty seven p dot m moving toward the north of the city. This part is not on cctv, but came from a witness statement saying that it's six p dot m asnoa cycled toward the grove well being center on north queen street in york, road. fell from his bicycle just before the junction with the shore road, a motorist stopped at the intersection witness this it seems she did not actually talk to Noah, because Noah got back on his bicycle with one minute and continued along shore road at this stage, was no longer wearing his green overcoat. He can
vineyard along york. Road cycling in a normal way. According to the barrister presenting the timeline one minute later at just before, six hundred and two p dot m Noah was seen entering with crescent from sky go neil avenue. He was wearing his black skate, helmet, blue hoodie, grey shorts and black nike, then because A story involving video surveillance footage would not be complete without glitch in the timestamp there, as an initial gap in the timeline, it was reported to the public that the next sighting of noah, cctv was it six eleven p m? I think we're a hundred percent and the cases we covered when their cctv, where something is wrong. There's a time stamp is normally wrong. Correct, it would be abnormal if there are hundred percent correct. So
What we have here is the the initial reporting at these hearings estate. Hey, there's nine minutes unaccounted for where no is not visible. We don't know what he's doing. Who is with a feeling? I want at all this guy The timeline was enough to cause all sorts of rumours. Conspiracy theories. including that Noah could have been abducted and had fallen victim to a child, molester or even been kidnapped, some politically motivated plot against british loyalist, but this was all
eventually addressed by the ps- and I this is a statement from one of the hearings says quote: police- have since confirmed that the one thousand eight hundred and eleven timing is wrong. The timestamp on the actual footage, is one thousand eight hundred and eight police misunderstood at the time of its retrieval that the clock on the cctv was three minutes slow and hence the report. Actual timing of eighteen, eleven police now understand the clock on the cctv to have been five minutes fast. Hence the new last citing timing of eighteen o three, these timings, will be evidentially verified at the full inquest
that's very strange and when we have these gaps in time, but the fact that he is leaving his book back behind the fact that he's leaving his jacket behind, we can't safer hundred percent certainty that he had no interaction with somebody, because we don't have obviously every second of his travel that day there's
Yeah, that's correct! We don't have every second of his travel. However, what this means per the statement is that there is in fact no gap in the footage at all. The next sightings of noah are at six o three p m Y yeah, and I and I think what they're implying is. We don't think there was any interaction, because there is no time gap showing that he would have stopped to interact with somebody correct, correct and again from the official statement. This is for the next stage in the timeline at six o three p m Noah is seen a short distance away outside of eighty five northwood road. without any clothes. He has seen on this cctv to go between numbers, eighty, nine and ninety one northwood road, which leads to an area of waste ground behind the two houses.
this is a wooded area behind the neighborhood. Okay, just a recap: no real gap in the cctv footage footage pulled from twenty two cameras. Where we can see no a travelling along on his bicycle. However, there are articles of clothing, they seem to be disappear, and, as he continues on his adventure. That's my jason first, the backpack then his his jacket and then to the point where he's is visibly naked right so he's then seen walking in this residential neighborhood naked Tv footage that captured this was from a camera on the northwood road home of a linda patterson.
We are at this point, no possessions no close, as bike is gone at. This point will correct now, Linda patterson, which her cctv captured this footage. She said that she was sitting in her living room watching television when she saw no a bike past and he was not wearing any clothes. At this point she said She called to her husband, but by the time he got into the room and they looked again out the window. The boy was gone. And they saw his bike just lying in the street. She said to the media quote: quite a few people saw him, they just saw him from the waist up and didn't think, anything other and quote. Yeah they didn't see, is dingle dangle. She also said
the boy did not seem to be in distress in any way at all. But again, this is a very quick citing out a window here right. This is the last footed showing Noah Donna how before he vanished, but here s what we do have those we do have it. Some point that we know that. There's a mistake between law enforcement and the information on the cctv. So I some people wonder as their power the blame more mistakes that law enforcement just didn't catch. Yes, Linda's house, the eye witness her home appears to be a condo with multiple units in one larger building. This is also a call to sack Noah had last been seen in between numbers. Eighty, nine and ninety one the addresses eighty nine. Ninety one northwood road. One of these is the home of Karen crook,
she's the woman who found noah's bike and later reported it so Noah was there biking naked. This is not a situation where the child was abducted. At some point in somebody dump the bike off in this neighbourhood. We have I witnesses and footage putting him there before he disappears and now simply it's a bike in the street None of the footage, however, actually shows him removing his clothing at any point, it's report The police believe Noah left the area on foot. They did not suspect foul play because in all of the footage they reviewed which seemed to account for noah's journey from his home to where his bike was found. He was not seen interacting with a single person
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the orion back? Cheers mates, cheers to you captain I give it cheers out to a good friend of ours, Larry family. We asked away within the last week. So it's with a heavy heart that we we give a big cheers and a big toe to Larry Finley He joined the us navy and served this great country from nineteen fifty nine to nineteen sixty three afterward. He had a thirty five year career in law enforcement where he served as a patrol officer a detective and a courtly on officer- and he was one of the first dare officers in the state oh ohio. He was my dare officer who was the dare officer at our school when we were kids, so he was a damn good,
and he will be dearly dearly missed by all so cheers to defend our captain back to the information at the hearing. It was reported to the court that on Wednesday, noah's helmet was found by a member of the public on northwood road. On the same day, his hoodie and shoes were discovered by a member of the. public lying on a wall at sixty three northwood road. Clearly, here guarded his clothing and then gotten back on his bike and I'm sorry that with a question mark at the end and where, where the rest of his clothes. You know we don't have his jacket his shorts, so now that the police,
didn't that that Noah was biking along naked and the witness had reported seeing him fall off his bike. People began to speculate that perhaps Noah suffered some kind of head injury during this fall You know we reported he was wearing a skating helmet, but regardless theories abounded that perhaps he suffered some kind of concussion underneath the helmet, the fall from the bike and the motor is saying that he may have hit his head is what led police to believe no might have been disoriented, got lost or simply hiding the p s n. I superintendent clark said quote: the one thing we are majoring on is that he has in some way suffered a head injury which led him to being disoriented. An appeal was made to the public to please search there
homes, gardens garages, outbuildings and surrounding areas for the boy police said we still believe he may have gone into an empty building or shed foot searches. Ported by an aerial unit, police dogs and a tactical team. Covered the area thoroughly as well as Oh uh voluntary, but they still could not find the boy they can find. No, the fall from the bike could not explain one thing: noah shedding his backpack and coat because this would be before the fall. Rain, and it also does not explain the direction he was traveling it. This not direction he should be going by the time he fell off. His bike was in a location he had no business being in that anyone knows of and it's far from his alleged destination? Okay, So then, you asked about the backpack on friday,
june twenty? Sixth, it was announced that police recovered his backpack here's what a known drug addict. His name is Darrell Paul aged thirty three found the backpack, he says, leaning up against a wall, we don't know exactly where he ransacked and he tried to sell off. Some of the items he found in I have the backpack it like a they call it a cash converters shop, but it manages like a pawn shop, mind you there's the laptop computer inside this backpack. This was two days after know, went missing on june. When he for unknown reasons the store refused to buy it. Paul was arrested that week on unrelated, gorgeous and was sitting in jail. Meanwhile, this is bizarre, an anonymous call police, inform them that darryl Paul was in possession of the computer backpack and school books with me
child, no a daughter whose name on them. They don't find these items on this dude when they arrest him on unrelated charges. He's sitting in sell because of these, and really charges as unrelated arrest and magically an anonymous. Call comes in saying, hey kid that we saw found this dude add some of this kid's belongings police. Her going to search his home to try To find these items are hopeful even find the boy and they did recover the backpack and the books they then recovered the laptop from a friend of Paul's. I guess he said that he. Loaned it to his friend or maybe possibly trying to sell it to the friend. Again, we look at these cases and we say if you could have just you know. One question answered
this case you're going to have a whole long list of them, but here at this point the timeline, I would be fascinated to know who, called in this anonymous tip about these belongings, this lead It is strange to because it turns out there was no possibility that Darrell Paul had anything to do with what happened to Noah, and this is per a police statement quote c c amy footage confirm that the individual who took the bag was, a number of miles away when no was last seen with the bag at or about the art college right, this individual is being investigated for the offence under the theft act and the police deal with this manner separately, so paul per cctv footage they can put this guy at a complete different location, miles away from where this,
boy was when his backpack disappears. off of his body off of his person. On the sea, ctv footage right according payments made at the preliminary hearing, Noah's phone was discovered within a few days of his disappearance. This was near a playground on north queen street, a citizen found the phone and turned it in. It was reported that both the phone and the lamb were undergoing forensic examination, as one would expect Although initial investigation did not discover anything useful, any useful information on either of the device right, we don't have any good of him making connection with somebody through these devices yet doesn't seem to be communicating with anybody. As far as we know, he's not looking up a map app to indicate that where that he's lost again. We are also don't have any communication of why he would
be in that area and not heading towards the park. So, as you will recall, the final piece of the cctv Footed showed no walking naked near a house on northwood road where his bike was found. Searches of the area at the time turned up nothing but by third day police seem to be onto something, and we say that because by that thirst, hey there now asking everyone to stand down on their public searches. Remember they were asking the public for help for information and for them to search their their properties, there now asking the public to stand down on Saturday june twenty seventh
six days after know was last seen. There was news police found, Noah's body at nine. Forty five, a m in a storm drain complex underneath the shore road area search and rescue teams had been searching the complex apparently for several days. Captain p s and I Four and ten o clock made a public statement, saying quote: while we have no official identification, we believe it is the missing teenager. What donahoe clark asked the public to stop spreading baseless, rumors about noah being murdered, stating that said, he did not believe foul play to have been a factor yeah. I don't think there was a puncture wounds like bullet holes. he wasn't stabbed with a knife or than right. We do have some information from the autopsy it was conducted and rumors flew.
That no, I had been murdered placed in the storm drain system to hide the body. Yeah look my issue with this examiner, saying people shouldn't question things so much in this area. They did have people that were being harassed and stalked online. So that's not out of the norm for the public to have some questions about that. We have a. We have a child that we have on film basically moving all his belongings, it just doesn't add up career in the thing that we have going on here too, is the baseless rumors that the investigators are telling the public hey. Can you please stop with this? This is not helping our investigation at all, because what you have here captain is. We know that his
it was found on northwood road, and then we have the public statement of well. We tracked him via, camera footage to where his bike went was found and then about a week. Are we find him in this warm drain complex, it's it's! It will go through the storm drain complex here in a little bit. We find his body in this area what as you have accurate asians by people online, who are saying: ok well, dispersed that lives on northwood road. They must have killed him and abducted him and killed him. This person that lives on the street must have done this break and that's not helping their investigation at all. I'm just saying that I don't think it's uncalled for for the economy. de. That knows that people are being harassed online and start online to have questions so the autopsy
again with the rumors and everything like that. Of course, they're looking for foul play and the police suspected that Noah may have some, a head injury resulting in this unusual behavior. The was also looking for any signs of head trauma or head injury, Results of the autopsy were startling too many. It was found that the cause of death was drowning, no had drowned in the storm drain system or the peers to be there way and to make things even more puzzling. It was also revealed that he did not sustain any severe head injury. In fact, there was no detectable head injury at all. According to the BBC coroner Joe mc chris kin, said? There is no evidence that Noah was attacked or that any other person was involved in his death. He also expressed concern about continued baseless online speculation about the incident. Now. What about ai has mental health? Do we know
is he on any medication or do we know of? He was a d h d or anything like that. It does not appear that he had anything of concern, because if, if he had like severe a d h d or something like that- and they had him on a high dose, I have something that may be, but his parents stopped giving him or maybe he stopped taking. He could be having symptoms of like withdraw, which would make sense on why he was taking his clothes off, because one of the symptoms of a of a drug withdrawal would be that you feel like your body's on fire, correct, correct em. go through that storm drain system here, because anybody that's not familiar with this case. They're, probably just picturing, this boy being found in a ditch somewhere
you know a large puddle of water, so to speak, so the storm drain system and also puts try to figure out how he got there, because this is not what you're picturing if you're not familiar with this case, the police believe that no entered the storm drain of his own accord. This is something you would have the physically get into and they say the police say that they know exactly where he went in now. We don't know exactly how they quote. Unquote know this, but they figured out that he was in the drain system and went into search for him and also They retreated his body. There is an obvious location where he could have entered if you believe that he's entering the nearest to wear his bike was found. So that's that could be how they quote. Unquote know that he entered the storm drain system. This location, I don't think anybody knows anything in this case- is why I'm using air quotes there
the enemy. Nobody knows anything while nobody can see that you're making air quotes rare for me, but I think the thing here. The evidence that there does not point out, which is obvious, is that there's latches with locks on the storm drains, so process of elimination of all of them are locked goin ford. You know that Next, five or locked and the five I know sir locked, but this one it. I think, that's where they know the point of entrance. Yet so remember Karen crooks isolating who found noah's bike and reported it the entrance to storm drain where it is believed that Noah went in is at the bottom of her yard behind her home. Now this is not a. man hole or one of those small under the curb openings like we see in our cities here in the? U s, this drainage system is
as if it's a maze of underground tunnels spanning one kilometer and the drains themselves are huge yeah, I'm I am not saying that looks just like this, but if you think of like stephen kings, it knows exactly what I thought of you know the dairy sewage system. That's that's what I'm a magic! These have been described as culverts carrying underground waterways and the entrance behind the crooks home is a very imposing looking opening photos of the access point to the storm drain system. It is thought that no entered are
available online. The entrance is a very large concrete opening that descends into the ground almost resembling the entrance to an underground tomb, or maybe a crypt and opening is topped by a very imposing iron barred, great clearly intended to keep people out so the great intended to keep from going into the drain system at first, there was some question as to whether know could fit through the bars karen crooks said her small boys. Their ages are fine, seven told her when they were discussing the case that they were able to squeeze through and had done so the bars were seven and a half inches apart now, according according to the irish news, keep in mind, Noah's fourteen he's not five or seven, so I
It's highly doubtful that Noah could fit through such a small opening, and the captain pointed out. I don't know he's a man he's rail thin as you pointed out, we would later learn that this great it was unlocked yeah, so intended to keep people out, but if you don't put a lock on it, it's the same as the unlocked door. Anybody can walk through the thing brain. This is could just simply be a tragic coincidence. I guess the complex had been inspected on june. Eight oh did the access hatch was not locked rain, so on june, twenty first, when no ahead for unknown reasons that I did to enter the storm The infrastructure officials placed a padlock on it on June 24th. This is after they discovered that the police were considering whether Noah could have gone into it yet three days after this is three days too late.
They discovered that the police were considering whether Noah could have gone into Yeah three days after this is three days too late. So again from the from the public's perception you have this boy who went into what should appear to be a locked great and it's going to be be reported as such now, you're wondering how did he magically end up in there and then you find out well it it was only locked just before they found him. It wasn't locked on the day that he went missing may hold on new smell that last so once it was established where Noah access the storm drain system. It took police several days to find his body. The waterway tunnels were pitch black inside and it took many twists and turns the p s, and I superintendent clark told the media that the storm drain system searches were quick
extremely challenging one. What's gonna be very challenging here. Is that even if they say he died from drowning again, like we ve talked about the case yesterday fired destroys evidence, water destroys evidence. Equally, yes in the superintendent included this in his statements about finding the body saying in I thirty years in the police. This is one of them Most unusual missing person, inquiries that I have dealt with at the second preliminary hearing. This was on august twenty eighth. The coroner addressed the court with his findings about the storm drain system and Noah's demise. This is quoted from the belfast live quote today, in conjunction with the police and my counsel, I am providing some details, which was which will dispel the many baseless and inaccurate rumours which contain
way to circulate. Today I will set fact against fiction to me. It seems likely that Noah entered the storm drain to the rear of eighty five northwood road by lifting a metal drain cover which, at that time was not secured. I have examined the drain cover as heavy lease officers, and it seems entirely possible for noah to have been able to lift that cover and enter the drain system at that location, and quote the coroner described. drain as running underground from northwood road to shore road and again, with him found over a kilometer away from the entrance. This is a pretty big underground. Ton system. Yeah I mean he get. It took them days to find him, but also could he. Down down to the system without going through all the actual points and different roads and stuff, because I think it would just get confusing here in this
down to the system without going through all the actual points, indifferent roads and stopped, because I think it would just get confusing here in this audio format that we have but there are maps online to one show you, his journey that he took on his bicycle right before going missing, and there are also maps that will show the different entrance points to this underground, waterway tunnel system, I'll posters on our website and also post those on social media and scream at true crime. We roger facebook at true chrome, garage and twitter at through congress, but something that's incredibly important to understand here is the environment within the drain system itself, its described as, of course challenging. There's a lot of twists and turns the drainage system there. If it back phil, with water during intervals between low and high tides. So what we it would here, is
Storm drainage system is title water levels would ebb and flow with the tides right it. entirely possible for someone to enter the drain when the water level was low, when very low thinking that it would not pose any type of danger only to get trapped down there when the tide rushed in on July. Sixth, Fiona this is no as mother issued us. Meant that red in effect at this time, we are working with the p s. An on matters which are our standing to the investigation and we are seeking answers to questions which arise knows disappearance and ass undoubtably raise questions. However. Public speculation in theory is unhelpful. We are dealing with the facts: ok, here's
questions one. We dont know why he was gone in the direction he was gone in and not towards part. That doesn't make any sense. We have some time gaps, but we don't think that he was We have items missing from them, but we don't have video footage of him actually discarding those items. Other question: why does it get off his bike? Next question he's Magid? Why? I then what was the reason for going into the drainage system? It was that because he was naked and he was looking for a place to buy, I don't have any was that because he was naked right now and he was looking for a place to I don't have any clothes on. I need a place to hide and then, like you said, the the tide comes in. He he drowns or was he having some kind of break? Was there
classmates know about, I mean the only reason why I say that possible. The only reason why I say that possibly a symptom and we came The only reason why say that possibly a symptom- and we can't even say for sure, though it was a symptom- was like that he would feel like he was burning, because why else would you take off your clothes right? So as far as like misdiagnose like? I think there's even some stuff to do with diabetes and stuff, but again, like I said, did he have some kind of attention deficit disorder where they pulled him off his medication, or did he have a mental thing that he was on some kind of narcotics I pulled him off his medication, or did he have a mental thing that he was on some kind of narcotics that they pulled him off and he started going into some withdrawals and just didn't know how to handle himself. I mean he's only fourteen years
well in some people that have never heard of this case are probably asking wise. The garage covering this one well, first of all its been requested, highly request and then, second of all for a week, while this child was missing, it was considered by the public to be an abduction and possibly a murder, then he's found, then the autumn she's conducted to to confirm that he drowned and its believe, he drowned in the strain it system. Well, a good amount of the public still question what the hell happened here, and so we have to. august, ninth, his mother, put a post on to Noah's facebook page that says: why do we ninth his mother put a post onto noah's facebook page that
is. Why do we not all wake up? My son died. We have no answers. We have nothing. Please start questioning why I have no answers that same day. petition was circulated on change, dot, org. and this petition was people requesting that the p s an eye questioning the investigation itself, an ps and eyes handling of noah's case. This petition got twenty two thousand five hundred signatures: ingest is that the world in which state this tell us about, and what I mean by that is just because they say that you know the walls are blue, sometimes you're. Looking at the walls and go those damn. Walls are red, The world we live in the world in which they just tell us about and what I mean by that is just because they say that you know the walls are blue. Sometimes you look, it up was go. Those damn walls or read, but ever based,
Tell me their blue and that's I was saying, is the cctv footage accurate and as the information that law enforcement is putting out to the public? Is that accurate? And if it is accurate, then then there was no communication. There was no nobody else involved. There was no person of interest that he came. contact with, but you you have to start with believing the information that has been given well in many people have stated that the autopsy did not yield results that anybody felt good about people believe that the top itself, which we are only able to report a little portion of it, I dont know, could find what I believe to be the complete odd topsy to have been released right at all, and then we ve seen in multiple cases on I smell them although Fahmy malik
we, knowing in plenty of cases of suspicious deaths or possible murders, were the autopsy. Is they don't make a lot of sense or theirs errors? We saw that in Kendrick Johnson's case. We see that with. the boys on the tracks case yeah, but I think that's quite an accusation there to be. No, I'm just saying that. I'm just saying that there's people in the public that will question that, because of those cases because of the the rumors that they've heard about other a foul play. I'm not saying that you should assume that the odd topsy wasn't done correctly or that there was some weird workings of the odd topsy. Understand that that's because of other cases, people go, we stood or have any answers right. Well, was this autumn she done correctly. the investigation known correctly jus- the parents actually know but their their hiding something from
yeah and you're right. Many people have have put forth the idea that the autopsy only presents more questions than it did answers there was to be. an inquest in the case of no adopt a hose death that was set for this week, in fact, except for Monday January eighteenth, two thousand and twenty one, it appears that that has been postponed because of the covert situation. So now what they're saying is- and I am coming to pull up this article here- because. This is a very fluid situation. Again there are supposed to be Preliminary hearing, where, They were going to go through everything all the facts of the case just earlier this week. What statements have come from that? Is it why
it's to be postponed. There is some type of further hearing which I don't understand, the difference in what these hearings are, and I'm not gonna pretend to. But what I'm seeing here captain is it. A further hearing will be conducted on April twelfth, two thousand and twenty one so this year, however, the formal final inquest will be held january. Tenth, two thousand and twenty two per that we're going to be left with with little in the way of answers until We have that. I guess that far intelligent good. Looking kid again, I just their stomachs is: why is he heading in that direction? Why why is he taking his clothes off? Why is he taking his belongings and just tossing them aside? All the way down to where he's not even on his bike is on nothing and then he goes into a draining system system, and why is that system? Why was it unlocked
He taken his belongings and just tossing them aside. All the way down to where he's not even on his bike is on nothing, and then he goes into a draining system. The system and wise at system. Why was it unlocked well, and I can only go what what of off of what I'm reading and what I'm seeing and it does not appear that any one's denying or questioning if the gray itself was unlocked, it seems to be pretty understood across the board that that happens to be the situation. What is completely bizarre- and I think you know- I saw somebody post this, and I think this is the the only way to describe this case in this situation. We we had
the chief inspector who says this is the most bizarre missing persons inquiry that I've seen in my thirty years on the force, but take that step furthered. The best way to describe this. As someone said this case is a real head scratch her and that's exactly what it is. This case is fascinating to me. I have no freakin clue what happened in this situation, because we can say things like well. Maybe there was a mental break. Ok, there's no history, there's no evidence leading up to this event. Of that that we ve been made aware of the we can say what about drugs, what about toxicology report there doesn't seem he doesn't seem to have been a drug user number one and number two. There is no report of of what was found are not found in the boy system.
The thing here for me captain is its question after question after question. To get to this result. Theirs in the resources to correct his route. If he realized it any point, he was lost eddie was going one place. He added in an entirely different place the means and the sources to correct his rough. If he realized at any point, he was lost right, then we have his personal items and clothing seemed to be disappearing right before our eyes. All of this stuff comes off of his person, but yet at no point on any of this camera footage now mind you there's
tiny little breaks. You know it's twenty two cameras piecing together, nine minutes of his travels, but its boom is fully clothed. Backpack helmet everything, relax picture, no backpack next picture no jacket and then to the point where he's naked is he's off of his bike. None of this makes any sense. all an ike. I can't I cannot sit here and say that I believe that a crime was committed. I can say that I, that one hundred percent there is a huge mystery before us feel bad for no and I feel bad for his parents, in and hopefully, by April. We have some more just so bizarre. This case is so Patrick know was a lovely boy. He and his mom were very close. He was someone that would
By all accounts, no was a lovely boy. He and his mom were very close. He was some one that would not be expected to behave in such a strange way at least as far as the mainstream media has reported. There no background issues that would indicate that noah was anything but a normal teenager b. raised in a loving household either, attending a rigorous religious school and working on being the best that he could be so what on earth and I can poke holes in every single one of them rather quickly. It is very interesting and it will be very interesting to see whether the popular theories on line, and I can poles every single one of them rather quickly? It is very interesting and it will be very interesting to see whether the inquest is able to provide us.
With any answer for our bonus show called off the record download this teacher app. It's on stick your premium and for all of our old episodes, their free on the stage rap the he had so much for listing they you so much for tom friend see you back here in the garage next week for a new off the record and a new case until then
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