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Princess Doe ////// 594

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On July 15th, 1982 a grave digger at the Cedar Ridge Cemetery in Blairstown New Jersey made a gruesome discovery. On the very edge of the grounds near highway 94 in a wooded area near a creek he found the body of a young female. She had been bludgeoned to death and left there for an indeterminate amount of time. The good people of local law enforcement and the people of Blairstown named her “Princess Doe.” Unfortunately we are coming up on forty years since she was killed and we still do not know the true identity of Princess Doe. This topic led us to many other topics while exploring the theories surrounding the mystery of Princess Doe. Those topics include but were not limited to - The crimes of Arthur and Donna Kinlaw, The “Tiger Lady” who’s remains were found in 1991 along highway 94, The Long Island Serial Killer and Joel Rifkin. For more info go to PrincessDoe.org

If you have any information please help by contacting the Warren County Prosecutor’s Office. Call 908-475-6275 or email - Coldcase@co.warren.nj.us

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All right, everybody gather around grab a chair, gravel beer. Let's talk some true crime the princess, dough, was found July, fifteenth, nineteen, eighty, two and blairstown new jersey, she was given the name of princess, so she would not be just another jane doe next week will be forty years since her body was discussed
and there are so many out. There is still hope and pray That one day her headstone will bear her real name after the gruesome discovery of her body and his time arched on in nineteen. Eighty two princess, oh, remained unclaimed in the morgue for six months. The good people of blair's down hold together their financial resources for a price per barrel for the girl today, she lies in eternal rest in the cedar ridge cemetery steps away from where her half closed body was found down a wooded embankment on that muggy summer day, to this day, princess True, identity still remains unknown, her name for ever imprinted in cyberspace. The Warren county prosecutor's office cold case.
his website, the headstone placed her current resting spot was paid for by local donated funds the stone, simply reads: princess: do missing from home dead among strangers, remembered by all born question mark found July, fifteen nineteen. Eighty two This is true crime garage. There are several law enforcement agencies involved in the investigation into figuring out who princess do is, who princess do was and who is the perpetrator of her murder? I will
directly from the prosecutor's website so that we don't misconstrue any of the facts here and from the Warren county prosecutor's website. It states unidentified female known as princess. Do A deceased female was found on July, fifteenth nineteen, eighty two and worn county new jersey, her body, was found behind cedar ridge cemetery highway. Ninety four located in blairstown the female, had been deceased for less than a week prior to being found. She is fifteen to twenty years old. She was petite standing, approximately five foot, two inches tall and weighing one hundred and ten pounds now keep in mind. Those are both approximate numbers on the weight and the height Her left ear, lobe was double pierced, but no earrings were found. It is unknown if her right ear was pierced or not. The female had been treated by a dentist,
at one point in her life. As a few dental fillings were observed in her teeth was found wearing a red v, neck short sleeve shirt and a long red wrapped around skirt the had peacocks. Shared around the lower hammer border also wearing a gold chain, necklace that had white beads, along the chain and an ornate cross, pendant images of the skirt and cross our featured on the prosecutors website, and we will put that on. Our social media. The thing that we need to point out here to captain is that facial reconstruction was complete.
By the national centre for missing and exploited children, forensic artist and picks what the female or princess dough may have looked like in life. So we have those sketches. We have those artist renderings of what they believe. Princess dough may have look like. Another interesting thing is that she had read nail polish on her right hand only and that she had known. No. Surgical scars or distinguished birth marks or tattoos while wally's. This is what we know of her body. We don't know if there were scars or any marks on her face, because she was so badly beaten in the face. I want to say a wonderful story
that was put together by a natasha Mullins on the website, medium dot com and Natasha titled her article about the princess dough case. She titled it the woman who lies dead among strangers. It's a really good reed. I recommend that everybody check that on medium dot com, I'll read a portion of it here, which gives a little more description on the discovery of the body of the remains, and this is titled a brutal discovery which it exactly that's exactly what it was. And it reads cedar ridge cemetery is a small cemetery nestled in the forest of blair's, new jersey off of highway. Ninety four blair's town was a fine
community home to just over five thousand permanent residents in nineteen eighty two and was a quiet, little town without many disturbances. On July 15th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty two george kris a grave digger for cedar ridge cemetery was walking through a wooded area towards the rear of the cemetery when he came across a whole riffic discovery lying face up on the bank of a creek bed was the decomposing body of a young woman. She was wearing a red t, shirt and a red peasant skirt was folded across her legs. Her face had been bludgeoned to the point that it was unreal inaudible and a gold cross necklace was tangled in her hair crease notified the police immediately and an investigation began no identifying possessions were found on the body of the woman and because of how she was found. The case was immediate.
Considered a homicide. An autopsy concluded that she had died of blunt force trauma to her head, but weapon used, could not be determined found without undergarments, but no evidence of sexual assault could be confirmed because of the state of the d composition. So the killer, unfortunately, did not leave any collectible dna behind at the crime scene. There was no evidence of drugs in jane doe system, but they met examiner, initially reported that there was alcohol and our system was later discovered that d composition had made her blood firm it, which made it implies soul, to determine if she was intoxicated at the time of her death. However, it was clear that she wasn't income passive stated during the attack, because there were defensive wounds to her arms and hands. She had fought
against whoever attacked her. It was initially estimated that Jane doe, later name princess dough, had been. The graveyard for two weeks, but later investigators have changed this number to just a few days I guess the moist air around the creek likely sped up the decomposition and as well as the hot muggy days making appear as though she had been. Therefore along a period of time what we have stated here here in this article captain is that july. Eleven July eleventh, is the approximate day of princess doze death, although it is uncertain as to what the exam day is the other thing that complicates this thing of coming up with the time of death or the date of death. Here for princess, though, is the article points that moist air around the creek, the location of the
cemetery, where she's found, plus its hot muggy days, is July. This all kinds of speeds up the process, they d composition, process. so while we know that that would speeded up, it gets difficulty even deterred when she was placed there. So We don't know how much of the d composition was actually spent up in her situation, I mean we could be too. Thing about any number of situation is going on here. It's a real mystery. Unfortunately, there is not a whole lot of bread crumbs to lead us anywhere here. In this case I mean we could be talking about. Think about what we spend so much time talking about here in the garage recently the americas highway serial killers Some of these victims were transported hundreds of miles, if not a thing in miles away from where they were abducted. We You know where she was killed, but we do, investigators who have been on the record saying
we believe she was killed elsewhere and then eventually placed in the cemetery. Where she was found, but because it was such a remote location too, we don't know if she was found within a day or so of being dumped there or a week or more right, and so I I think that I would be hesitant to put July eleven as the approximate of death, I think that it's interesting that they give us one. They provide us with one. But I would, if that were a job. I would not be wanting to put my stamp on that think there's too many factors and variables to consider when trying to come up with that. That window and again I keep going back to are america highway serial killer soda and thinking. She's found right off of highway. Ninety four-
there's a chance. It. That's not a coincidence that somebody drove this person drove this victim, killed them elsewhere days before and then transported them in and placed her there where she was ultimately found with other problem. In this case, it will be because who so badly beaten in the face that they're not able to figure out what her eye color would be. So another but then a fire that we just don't have the information for animal weirdly enough man. We have a situation here where she's found in a cemetery and then later buried in the same cemetery, so that the townspeople of the good people Blair's town new jersey they pulled together their fun. And they decided to give her a proper burial with a headstone, but it too he is a little creepy she's being found in the cemetery and then later buried there as well. I'm Guessing here captain that there I don't know what this creek is like
in this location. It's likely that it's not bigger, four powerful enough for her to have been deposited by the creek. You know that she was dinner in a larger body of water or and somehow the why Her carried her here, it doesn't seem, like any of the investigators, believe that to be scenario worth considering so have to go off of the fact that they have now Mention that plus a wood. There should be more evidence, her being in a river or being and water for a considerable amount of time before she's found in this location, one item of concern to me, and this would be very helpful to art little armchair investigation here. Captain our little garage investigation, if you will I would like to know from this george crease, and I hope that I'm saying his name correctly he's a grave digger, caretaker for this cedar ridge cemetery he's the one that found
her body on July, fifteenth nineteen. Eighty two. I would like to no from him, if he could tell us when he believed the last time he was in that exact location of the cemetery right. Because then we could. Probably narrow down a little bit better as to when she was place there- and maybe that's it nation that the medical examiner has in the investigators have, and there are taking that to consideration when they provide us with this date of approximate death of July eleven, and if you look at the cedar ridge cemetery on a map, an aerial view of the summit, very will show you did the location where she is found is, is rather on the fringes of the cemetery itself, like I wouldn't even consider that to be its probably by longs to the cemetery, but it's so close to the creek and in in the south.
Of this wooded area that would like to know. You know if George could recall one what days of the because he there is he thereby appointment only it sound to me like. This is a job that he's there monday through friday every week, but also taken to factor. When were you in this location of the cemetery, because her he's found in a spot where you could be there be working, you could be. They are visiting a path, family member and not see it. Be obvious that there was a body there. It was somewhat concealed to concealed from
state route. Ninety four anyway, and there are several reconstruction images, the the one that's in color by the n c m e c. To me she looks like Kat VON d. Remember that tattoo artists they had a show the tattoo show. I do not kat VON d. She also was famously dated Nikki sixx. I think she also dated jesse James,
so, but but looks very similar to to this are artists rendering, and there are so many different agencies, as we pointed out earlier, they have been involved at times with this investigation. I've been told that the proper people to contact should you have any information would be the new jersey state police, but we also reference. They warn counting prosecutor's office and nick mac. They ve worked with the national centre for missing and exploited children as well, and then we have the doe network. So there's a lot of information on this case, even though we don't know who she was or have very little clue as to who she could have been, but I do want to point out that, depending on which outlet you get your news from more your information from, I should say
information is a little different on each of these websites. So if we're looking at princess dough, dot org, which is a very comprehensive right website its its substantial there's, a lot of stuff going on there a lot of good information. I no, when the last time it was updated, it looks like it may have been a couple years since it was last updated. But on that website we get a little bit of different information that we want to point out because the best chance of figuring out who she was would be to crowd sourcing, and this is something that they ve been trying to do since the eightys to crowd sources it to figure out who she could have been an on. The princess, dough, dot, org site it says the victim was found with red nail polish on the right hand, only as the captain pointed out, but here it says both ears were pierced,
where on the worn county website, it states that they could not determine this, as both ears were pierced, the left ear twice. So some some differing information here, whether information I found that they found too the earrings in her left ear, and then they go on to state. This seems to be pretty hardcore fact here. Ah, and everybody seems to be a agreeing on this information, no known, surgical, scars, birthmarks or tattoos were found on her person scars or marks on the head face area would not be known due to the condition of the body, and it also goes on to state that the the front two teeth are slightly darker than the other teeth. Dental Records are available for comparison. So that's good. They have some dental records, which has come to help clear
their potential persons that could be princess dough, that aid determine based off of dental records, that the person is not princess to one other identifying factor is that this victim has never given birth nor been pregnant, so she was pregnant at the time in and she's never, birth before so. This is when they start trentham age her and that their put in her between fourteen to eighteen years old yeah that varies again by website I've. Seen fourteen to eighteen, that seems to be the majority consensus, but I have also seen fifteen to twenty on other websites. I think just to play it safe. Let's say fourteen to twenty here based off of everybody's speculation, but really frustrating me again as these images you can find a lot of these. If you just
google search princess do online. But to me a lot of the images just look like completely different people, so it's kind of throws. You would be really hard to compare and contrast. The author photo half of somebody with these drawling well and the other thing that we need to keep in mind, and I want everybody to to remember with this at all times when you're, when you're thinking of possible theories, when we're going through some other situations here trying to fill in the blanks keep in mind, no one has come forward to identify her or to claim her that
a big part of this mystery into me. I think that that is what likely holds the key the answer to this mystery, but let's go through some of the timeline here, and this is based off of the timeline from princess doe, dot, org July 15th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty two is when the unidentified body is found, who she would later be known. As princess, doubt she's laid to rest six months later so january, twenty seconds, nineteen. Eighty three is when she is laid to rest and agree if not far from the location, where her body was originally discovered at these cedar ridge cemetery, now she's named princess dough by the investigators and by the good people of blair's town new jersey, because I didn't want her to just be another Jane doe. So this is a way to distinguish her from other jane doze part of that being her young age. You know that.
Believe that she could possibly be a child. We said it earlier as young as fourteen, maybe as old as twenty right she was also somebody that was in good health and well taken care of or took care of herself leading up to her death So this wasn't somebody that was malnourished or never been to the dentist or anything like that. Some situations that we have covered in other cases, In nineteen eighty three hbo airs a special about unidentified human remains and features the princess do case. This is also the same year when princess dough becomes the first unidentified person case entered into the air and sea icy computer database by the fbi the next month in July of eighty three, is when we have the unveiling of a lifelike bust of princess, do based off of the interpretations of the remains. So, as a captain pointed out over the
years. We will have different sketches different computer composites of the victim, and also we have this lifelike bust. That is put to you right now in nineteen. Eighty five- something really interesting happens in this case and in something that that really, I think still we sit here and where, for forty years later, one week from being forty years to the date of when princess dough was found, but this is something that also needs clear, up, even though it took place in nineteen, eighty five, so starting a nineteen. Eighty five investigators- new jersey became convinced that princess dough was diane die a teenager, who went missing from San jose california, in nineteen, seventy nine so die and I ran away from home there real problems at home when she decided to take off now they
or believing that three years later, she's found unidentified beat to death bloodshed to death in, new jersey and she could be princess, do now: diane die was thirteen at the time of her disappearance, so she was the fall in kind of perfectly into that age range and the I in weight range of princess dough, so this a bit of a debate right. We had die family. That says no. We don't believe that the princess dough is are missing. Little girl, we believe that she's, probably still alive and well and just doesn't want to come home. We don't believe never have any reason to suspect that she made it all the way to new jersey but then you have to argue what we were talking about earlier. This is right. next the highway. Ninety four brain is it up,
possibility that she was killed. Hundreds of miles away, that she didn't make her the way to new jersey. The person response for her murder made her way to new jersey. My big issue with this whole concept, those that diane dies family, doesn't believe that princes dough is Her yes, and there was as said allotted debate, there was not just debate between die family and law enforcement, there was debate with in law enforcement itself by law enforcement made an announcement publicly. I mean, I think, that's very irresponsible. right writing. We should point out that that was one purse and decided to do that. The kind of We want them off on their own wonderment without permission without proper evidence without anything kind of sealing the deal here, because we We would later learn in two thousand and three: they
able to make a dna comparison from the dye fan to princess dough, and it was determined that the two were completely unrelated. So no chance that I am die- is princess dough. What what boggles my mind is that that was left open ended for so long from nineteen. Eighty five to two thousand and three before they could determine that. It was in fact not diane die, and, as you stated, captain some someone in law enforcement says publicly that princess dough was I am die. It still remains too day that there are a lot of people out here and out there that once knew of this case and believed that ITALY, The identity portion of it is soft and still believed the princess dough is was diane die and weird
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bilbil, evil, fun times real, quick thing too. If you want to check out that missing the hbo die many very fast any information on this case, but also on the johnny gash case. Now that we ve cleared up The whole diane die angle of this investigation. Let's jumped back in time two years: price or to nineteen. Eighty three, this when police release photos of the clothing that princess dough was wearing at the time of her death. There was, she was found still wearing when her body was discovered. This is because they believe that the clothing was what unique and hoping that somebody would recognise the clothing and then come forward. information about who princess dough could have been now. We should also point out that initially- and this makes sense anybody- that's reviewed any murder case- will know that initially the blairstown police-
Yes, they believed that it was going to be a local girl when she was first discovered, but then very quickly. After a couple of days of nobody coming forward to identify her now they start going well. We're gonna have to expand our our thoughts and considerations here on who this could be. It could be somebody from a nearby town near by city or even out of state I wish they would have. I understood and holding onto this information. I understand not wanting to release it until you feel like you have to. but I also look on these things with hindsight, and I say I think that your waited too long, you know weent, we do in this case, have people coming forward, saying oh, that clothing, while that That reminds me of something here, some information for you, but I'm wondering what kind of information and how much better could the information have been had you release these photo, perhaps earlier mean people forget stuff.
things get lost in people's memories. Things get lost in time, but they do have people that come forward. After they release the photos of this clothing in some dough was wearing one of the witnesses claim that she had seen a woman, the woman princess dough at a store near the cemetery, another set of witnesses confirm this saying that they had seen a woman at a grocery store two days before the murders I m. Guessing this is before July, eleventh nineteen, eighty two They saying that she was wearing her hair and a bond at the time and reportedly had a stoic expression like him. Kay. Unfortunately, none of these witnesses said that they spoke with the woman, but did they were all certain that it was princess dough that they had seen based off of this unique clothing. Now another witness revealed that she had seen very similar,
clothing to what jane doe princess dough was wearing and clothing, or on long island. They witness was certain that her clothing had been bought in long island is so police began investigating disappearances in that area. They also check school records. for a girl matching the princess, doze description, but no further leads were found there were some eye witnesses that believe that princess dough was working at the motel. Yes, one of these witnesses state that this was a motel near Blair's town, jersey. This witness said that they actually spoke to the woman and said that they were told by her. Then she was a run away from Florida and that her father was a dentist and that she was looking for work and that she is also anti dente well, and then we have others that come forward from various motels over a new york. Also
a new jersey and in maryland that are coming forward, saying that we think that we saw her working at motel over there. If, in fact, this was princess. Do it sounds to me captain like she must have been living under some different aliases at the time because this information. While we only have bits and pieces of it. I'm sure law enforcement have a significant amount more and they have not been able to tie this information to and identification of, princess dough yeah. We don't know for sure if it was a hoe, so low so holiday in also wasn't like. There was no press or no be talking about this case, but it had its ebbs and flows, but we're gonna have some significant break, or at least some significant information. In this case, seventeen years later and ninety ninety nine yes. So this is when we have an arrest that that would seemingly he unrelated to our case, and they
es is of a donna criminal law and so is arrested for fraud, she's committing fraud and she's a bit of a career criminal. Well, her husband arthur who's a few years older than her is a bit of a career criminal as well. Now, for my are standing here. Captain Donna was picked up in California, I believe, but was originally from new jersey or from the new jersey area. and she stating that they had committed some crimes in that area before she left ends was committing fraud in California and they were running. I say they heard her husband according to data, were running a sex trafficking operation were a sex ring where they had working girl. Sex workers that were
either employed by them or forced into working for them. It's a little unclear and I think, you'll understand why, once we start going through some of this information, but Donna is telling law enforcement that she believes that her husband is the one that killed princess dough. That was responsible for her murder, stating their was a of prince at the time of her arrest. She stating that the couple was angered when the woman now known as princess dough, refuse to work for them as a prostitute, and she said that her husband left with the girl and didn't come back with her now. Why would she suspect that he had killed her well because she had witnessed or been a part of her husband arthur killing two other girls, and now these other victims, one is known
Linda, but again there linda with quotation marks so you don't know that Linda was her actual first name and their other victim is believed to be suffolk. County Jane So, let's point out something here: captain that's rather obvious. First off we have this couple that confesses, first, the wife confesses and then the husband confesses to being the the perpetrator of the murder of princess, this is gonna, be highly debated amongst law enforcement. What is in their favour for them? Telling the truth in this situation would be that Other victims still remain on identified. They were identified the time that they were found ray and the other victims share similar injuries that we have with princess do
that is in their favour of them telling the truth. However, we have investigators who were on the record that state that they don't believe that the current laws killed princess dough based off of the confession: They received it. It doesn't align with the facts of the case, the facts that they know about the case the other thing to that I want to point out here is well, is if our princess dough was killed, a stranger or somebody that wanted to harm her. What I would suspect, I'm not saying it would have to happen or be one hundred percent, but I would suspect is somebody that knew her that loved her or even once knew her or once loved. Her would have come forward by now and said: hey. I think that that is my missing daughter or my missing niece or my missing right stir anybody like that, I think, would have come forward and because
We have no one coming forward to claim princess dough as being somebody. to me, where I think the suspicion lies is that very likely, somebody that was very close to her is responsible for her murder you ve seen this with some other cases that we were viewed here in the garage where you get somebody that's a strange from their family and there, killed by a husband or a boyfriend, or a fiance right and placed outside where, if they're not identified that these families where's aren't coming forward. She may have already been estranged from her family, maybe even a runaway or running from abuse of situation, but we were viewed plenty of cases where a husband boyfriend or fiance who lives states away from the victim's family will even contact the victim's family at some point, maybe months later and say yeah. She she took off she saw runnin around all means she took off last night. I was away,
she was a maryland or she was a michigan and they, are thrown out these different states of where this person could be now. I in agreements with this speculation against the crim laws, arthur and Donna, because the the injuries to their other victims or damn near spot on to what we have with princess dough. But again and we have investigator saying that they don't know the facts of the case. There confessions don't align with the facts of the case. There confessed only aligned with the publicly known knowledge the publicly known information that has been released in her case and keep in mind too. I think with princess dover. Probably talking about the likelihood of some kind of sexual assault is, I would put it on high probability, end spectrum here of our investigation, based off of the fact that she's not found with any undergarments on her person
even though they could not determine that because of the decomposition. I think that that is probably the case, and probably the situation here but again difficult thing here is because some people confessed to crimes it don't commit and they have other victims that they don't have the dam of these four so as possible that this guy did kill somebody in the cemetery. It's just not princess dough. It's possible. The grim laws killed more than just the two people that day are adona. Krim law is out. the last time I checked she was still she's out on the street she's a free woman at this point, but the arthur, grin law remains in prison to this day. I'm guessing based off of the two murders that he's locked up, for that is very likely that he has committed more murders, and I think, where we probably have some did
connect could be that donna, crim law, the wife, could be confusing princess. Do with another woman who her husband killed. I think with his confession. The problem becomes you know, did he kill some other girl somewhere in a cemetery again, the investigators have stated they do not believe that she was killed in the summer. harry. They believe she was killed elsewhere in the place there and then Top of that we have him saying that I killed her in and play stir in that blair's town cemetery. So it would be difficult to believe that that he's confusing one victim with another here when we had this specificity of his statements of that blairstown, cemetery. Interestingly enough, it's believed that it was the potential fame that they might have been seeking with being connected to the princess
the case, then we already have a situation where they have murdered. Where he's going to be locked up for italy, two homicides and their homicides are somewhat similar to what they've read coming out of new jersey and is, if he's gonna be locked up for two anyway, he might as well get some fame and notoriety from being connected to what is a famous victim with this princess. Do yeah it's sad when these shit bags will confess to a crime that they might have had nothing to do with to so it's it's almost like they're. Getting a trophy and look at me. Look at me give me attention now, some of the identifiers- possible, errs on princess dough or really interesting. To me, I'm wondering here, like with the finger nail polish on one hand, but not, on the other hand, ray is this something that was deliberate. You know I've heard it suggested that well, maybe that maybe the killer put
nail polish on one hand for whatever weird reason, or maybe she remove nail polish, but I know several women that will purposely where nail polish it doesn't match. You know, maybe the toenails toenails done different than the finger, nails or they'll do multiple colors on different fingernails, and so I wonder if it was just simply a style thing for this young woman that she preferred to paint only one hand. If that was something that she commonly that would be a little unique. That would be a way to potentially ident fi her, if anybody was friends with with a girl at one time that that was known to have done, that only paint. One here
but we know the location that she was found. I think this is definitely a case. That of the true crime community got behind and shared her picture enough, the maybe we he could get somebody to come forward and say that that was my sister, that was my cousin or or something well in we talk about possible identifiers, and I know we ve ruled out. The dying and die connection here. But what swear to me: man, if you look at the I am die picture and one of the pictures that was rated by nick mac, the national centre for missing and exploited children of princess dough, their airily similar their airily similar. So I can see why somebody started to put that together. But again we know that to be not the case, but you think with the vast bits and knowledge for dna that would be able to at least link this princess dough back to
family right. And you wonder if that's how we're going to end up solving this thing? Because again, I really think that I think that her not being she's not connected to any missing person, if she was, we would be having a whole different conversation. There is achieved. Since that, whoever she was, she was actually report. the to be missing, but on the flip side of that coin, also the possibility that she's never been reported missing to anyone and therefore, if that ends up being the case, I would have to strongly suspect the person closest to, That being a father or mother, a brother of a husband, a boyfriend, fiance fancy, the person closest tour is probably responsible for for her murder would be my belief
if now there is some interesting things here, though, still and some potential leads with this isotope testing and we've seen this in some other cases and the barrel dough cases that we ve talked about where they do, Testing on the remains and based off of chemicals and other sorts of things they can determine or take an educated guess as where the person may have lived for an extended period of time way and when they do, isotope testing on princess dough. What they come up with is that she likely lived for a considerable amount of time in the state of arizona, so that information that they come up with actually puts her or multiple states, but with them saying that the the strongly most suspected state would be that she lived for an extended period of time in arizona. The other no two is, I don't think we can discount these.
possible sightings of her living in the area right. We have multiple way this is it come forward. After seeing the clothing saying that I spoke with a young woman that worked at a motel that worked in the new jersey area, new york area, ocean city strongly mentioned so is long island and though, locations are really interesting to me, too, for several reasons. One part of the current laws confession states that they meet woman that wanted some work, and so they're gonna Try to make her a sex worker and she threatens to rat them out too lease, and that is what pissed off arthur to the that he kills this young woman. The thing the thing that's interesting to me about the criminal Confession, though, is that it does
coincide with some of these possible eye witnesses who said that they saw and spoke with somebody leading up to the discovery of princess doubt that they may have spoke to princess dough. Oh that that story kind of goes along with it. Now the sun suspicions. To this day, captain are that the grim laws were not involved in princess does murder that since dough likely lived for considerable amount of time in the state of arizona may have been a run away from the state of florida and her There may have been a dentist all based off of these. I witness statements and some information that they ve collected over the years, but we have law enforcement who are on record saying we don't believe the criminals confession. However, we believe eve- and we have reason to believe that, princess dough may have lived or worked
on long island in new york. does go along with part of krim laws confession, but again, law enforcement stating everything and criminals. Confession is based off of public knowledge, public information stuff. They could have read in the newspapers. What is weird me here, captain is Nineteen- may be to your weird me still unidentified right. Is this I like the idea of linking this to somebody else right like someone like criminal, whose other people in similar, fashions and disposed of the these and similar manners. I like. Doing it to somebody else? I also. I cannot shake the idea that it could be a trucker Travelling, the region or even cross country, and
is the reason why we have we ve gotta, disconnect between linking victim to who she actually was right on identified, remained sue the missing person, I think that's a strong possibility. The other thing that keeps nagging at me, your mother, Is the long island serial killer? Yes, We have long island serial killer victims that are still unidentified to this day. The way that the remains were found. In the long island case, would suggest that they were killed these, Those were killed in a manner other than bludgeon to death. From everything I read. That would be the suspicion. I don't think they ve come right out said how exactly how these victims were killed, but I find it interesting that this happens in eighty two We still have some unidentified persons in the list case the long island serial killer case play found new jersey not terribly far away. They believe that
there's a connection to long island or to ocean city. I think ocean city is in maryland, so in general area. There are p, that have also suggested that may be this might be one of Joel Rifkind earlier kills. They could make some sense it joe riff, kinda, weird one for me, because he doesn't seem to he will confess some things, but I also believe that he's holding a lot back. I think there's other people that he is killed and has held back information and and chose not to confess to an extra or to than what we know him to be responsible for make sense of this. Victim is as young as fourteen right and he's not willing to confess to certain things so do we have, a situation where she's found a new jersey and he doesn't want to be prosecuted or charge by a different. restriction, then his other crimes took place. I
this. I not saying that that I think that its connected, but I have this nagging sneaky, sneaking suspicion that long island serial killer, someone some type of serial killer that was active in this gender area in this region said region One point or another is responsible for this princess though it could be, could be their first kill. or could be one of their earlier, kills it's not being connected. The other thought too Is that in this Strong theory in this case is that whoever is responsible for This is already locked up for another crime
potentially another murder here. The problem with the rift can too is an again. The EU could have more more victims, but it seems like he didn't start killing until the lee eighties and obviously princess dough is or early eighties victim on the princess dough website. The website dedicated to her case into helping determine her identity. They added a couple of interesting pages on their captain. One is a theories page in one is a of questions and answers page and I'm not gonna go through every thing on both of those page, because we ve kind of discussed some of those just in in our general discussion here today. But some of the on substantiated prevailing theories in this case are again this year,
a possible run away! There was known to have worked in ocean city marrow and again this is inconclusive, but it's it's a theory that remains strong to this day, at least amongst some, and there or other theories that she was running from Florida, a strange from her family again. This is based off of those I witness statements that came forward and nineteen eighty three. There is ups, unsubstantiated claims that maybe she was a local sex worker that worked at the truck stop or at local businesses. Again not confirmed just the theory this one seems interesting to me, though I tend to believe that she's probably not does not have deep roots in this general area or any gender
area near by where she was eventually found. I think, if that were the case, that probably wouldn't be sitting here. Almost forty years later,. still wondering about the identity of our victim and weather Questions on the website is who is currently handling this investigation, and is it still active answer that they provide again. This would be from, I believe, two thousand and seventeen, so we're going a little bit back here. but according to the information that they have on their site captain, it says the worn county prosecutor's office is current. Handling this case. And yes, the case is active and being investigated and pursued. Now that would still come side. With the information that we found on the worn county prosecutor's office website and
and a great question that is asked on this case. What forensic evidence is available and the answer that they provide is hair. Fingernails finger, prints, dna and teeth have all been collected into evidence. The dna has been entered into the nation. Wide code is database. One of the other questions. It's interesting to me here. Captain- and I I reference earlier that maybe this could be tied to a person who is killed. Other female victims is the question that says: does the princess dough case have anything to do with the tiger lady question mark? So the answer is the tiger lady a is a woman who is on identified
a bengal tattoo, was found on her calf. So that is how she gets this name of the nickname of tiger lady. She was found near by. I guess this is knowlton township in ninety ninety one now long for smith has stated that they do not believe that the cases are related, but there is the strong suspicion, because you have these two victims. Found mind you nine years apart, but relatively close to one another and the same counting of war and county new jersey. and we have two of them who are still unidentified these pretty simple to me again. If we could do some dna testing and connect her to a family, because the problem, two is the person that could identifiers, possibly also the person responsible for death and that's why they haven't kim, came forward to identify
I her, and that is my strong belief, my my strong suspicion there and I think you're exactly right here. Captain let's get some dna seeing some familial dna genealogy work detective work going on this look there's their several. Since he's out there their several of these labs out there that they can do all of this work in house from start to finish. For you, We already reference in this case as well known. You know it's o It was no nation wide HBO covered it. America's most wanted cover several outlets of covered it over the years and if you want to get your name in the papers for solving a big case in point out there hey. This is a service and a technology that we offer that we can sell to people. Is a great way to get your name out there, and
hoping that there are these labs that are coming forward in offering their services to the great state of new jersey. Now from the Warren county prosecutor's office website and I know This is a problem in a lot of counties. We talked about this and sam little case we talked about, in our america's highway serial killer cases that we covered for part series but for worn county, they seemed a have a bit of a problem with unidentified remains. We know that they have princess dough, who was found July, fifteenth, nineteen, eighty, two and war county new jersey found behind these cedar ridge cemetery on highway. Ninety four located in players, town new jersey. We also reference tiger lady, who was recently identified in this- is interesting to hear captain because
this is a laboratory, that's more than capable of coming up with some answers in our princess okay case in July, two thousand and twenty one body laboratories and virginia was able to Ok, family members of the deceased victim known as tiger lady in genealogy, the deceased female, was positive. We identified as windy, Luis baker, Wendy baker travelled through multiple states prior to being found in the gravel parking lot area along rule. Ninety four in Norton township, worn county I would like to know what states she was to have been travelling through because I get it
it's nine years later, but is that the problem that we have in identifying princess dough was she from another state? Could she be from one of the states that windy baker was known to have travelled through and then in two thousand and seventeen we had human remains that were discovered by law enforcement as well. This was freaky stuff here, man, the police. Spotted to a call that somebody had discovered a shoe this still had a foot in it so was a woman's size, seven reebok sneaker. They contain gray, colored crew, sock, an expert used lower leg. Balance was recovered by the great site, recovered may two thousand seventeen and again there is additional information on the worn county process
nurse website. But what can we do other than china? Some light on this case here in the garage? What what what we can do is share these images with people on social media asking for help. Thought, though, be images on our website, a true chrome garage, dot com and also, hopefully, we can put some pressure on law enforcement to do these two ass to a den of five, this victim and hopefully body or somebody like body technologies, body laboratories, will reach out to warn county and offer their services free of charge and the captains exactly right. We here too, we need to share. We need to view. who in share the images of princess dough, but what's also very important, is that
we view share in review and share the information and princess doze case, because again because of how badly this victim was beaten, we they're kind of guessing as to what she look like. So that might be, order. The problem to just base off of off of looking at our view dumb or what she may have look like nobody's connected any dots. I think that the information of the items of clothing that was found on her and where she was found. The time frame. All of that is just as important not might be more important. In this case, then, the actual composite sketches of princess. Do
now. If anybody does have any information out there again, it's warren county who is actively pursuing this case, so you're going to want to get in touch with the Warren county prosecutor's office and their phone number is nine hundred and eight four hundred and seventy five six thousand two hundred and seventy five or you can email Old case at sea, oh dont, warren dot and j dot. You ass you so much for joining us here in the garage oversight to be heading down to nashville. You can you're all about it. If you subscribe to offer, the record will be talking about it next week, do we have recommended reading for the beautiful list? Yes, we do, captain
it's right down in nashville. We're gonna turn that mother out this week we are recommending. I do children tat your wife. This we are recommending ruse lying the american dream, from hollywood to wall street. This is a memoir from the man who lived this wild ride called his job. just to get by and then to thrive. Robert callbacks juicy memoir tells all, and with a bit of a spy novel type of thrill quebec bears and shares all of his wild business secrets within the world of corporate espionage check out ruse lying the american dream by robber quebec, you can find that grey, idle, and many more wonderful recommendations on our recommended page at true crime garage come when the euro for the can you need support and make sure you share. Our show with your buddies on social media means a lot keeps the show
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