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Rey Rivera /// Part 1 /// 429

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In July of this year an old favorite of armchair sleuths made it’s long awaited return to television and streaming to your favorite device. Unsolved Mysteries kicked off their return with the mysterious death of 32 year old Rey Rivera. The episode was titled "Mystery on the Rooftop.” Now this story has everyone talking, including Nic & The Captain. Join us in the Garage for a couple of cold ones and a lot of mystery. Beer of the Week - Bonfire Imperial Porter by Napa Smith Brewery Garage Grade - 3 and 3 quarter bottle caps out of 5

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the with over five hundred so's, the television show unsolved mysteries, household name. The show first aired on the NBC network. On january, twentieth, nineteen, eighty seven, this
went on to cover hundreds of real life unsolved mysteries over the course of the next fifteen seasons. Many of us remember tuning in each week to see Robert stack step out of the smoke? Where in a trenchcoat and telling about alien abductions, conspiracy theories, ghost stories This week's true crime story, like some of the others we have covered here in the garage, was featured on the show. Today we explore a story that is so much more than a unsolved mystery in Israel. A bundle of many small mysteries, all tied together with the unfortunate loss of a very loved man. This big mystery starts, Just a simple question for a woman named Allison and for her
that question was. Where is my husband? He was supposed to be a home working, but it was not sensing that something was just not right. She went to look for him soon. The entire family was looking for this man. and then the police joined him and this question becoming missing persons case, then the questions not only grew in number, but they got louder and louder as posters went up and suddenly a city looking for a man named ray rivera, his body was eventually found in an old hotel, but how did he get there? and why nothing seemed to add up and over time this story goes nowhere. It just sort of sits there and goes cold
can seem to agree on just what the hell happened. This is a true story: did ray rivera, commit suicide, or was he the victim foul play join us. Perhaps you can help ray Omar Rivera was born on june tenth, one thousand nine hundred and seventy three to angel and maria rivera older brother named angel and a sister, a lina at the time of his disappearance. Ray was just thirty two years old and recently worked as a finance writer and a video contractor how many of you from listening to today's tray
are already know what case we are talking about, and that is because, when unsolved mysteries came out in July of this year on netflix one of the stories was titled mystery on the roof top, and it was all about the mysterious death of thirty two Old re Rivera re died in baltimore, maryland and may of two thousand and six, but the how and the. Why are the and solved mysteries here, let's start off with some background information in some key events and dates, leading up to raise disappearance and death in two thousand and four re in his girlfriend Alison move from California to baltimore maryland. This is for the purpose of re, taking a job working for his long time friend from high school, frank, porter, stansbury, porter stansbury is the founder of stansbury and associates which operates under the larger company. A gore pub
ray is a writer more specifically a screen play writer re was hired to be an editor for the financial newsletter that is called. The rebound report sounds like their describing my dating life. Now captain. I think that it's important to mention that rate is not Seem to have any real financial background. He has. I think back ground in as said it will be his job to be the editor of the finance Investing newsletter called the rebound report was soon like. This is a pretty big shift in his life and his career yeah. The rebound report offers investment advice. Specifically, it tells you
these one time high performing high valued stocks. They have not been doing so well as of late. Well, they are about to make a comeback, and here is why they're gonna make a comeback. So it is time for you to buy these stocks while they are still low now Alison says on unsolved mysteries. That rate took the job, so he and Allison could get married. Some sources say it was to purchase a ring for her. But regardless this move does not overly seem like a desirable one for re, but the job seems to me.
The mike may be some sort of sacrifice he's willing to make so that he and Allison could start their marriage life together off on the right foot. Now any ban the arts now that it's a struggle he's with this girl that he loves and she wants to move things forward and who prey felt like he was unable to afford them moving forward. current position and also the moved across the country. True- and I mean as your pointing out here, I mean even stephen king- one of the most successful authors of our lifetime. He started off as an english teacher because you need some kind of base some kind of in come to build your family life and your life around. While you pursue your dreams, if not you're, just a starving artist, so likely
what they want to do here. The goal I am guessing is to have a good financial foothold to start off their marriage plus. Not only would this be steady income for re, if the cost of living in baltimore has got to be less than los angeles, so it makes all kinds of financial sense and also he is given this opportunity from one of his friends that he is successful. Yes, I think that when your body that is successful, maybe you'll, look up to him in that way and he's saying hey come over here and I can help you get get where I'm at yeah. It's certainly an opportunity in december of two thousand and four ray and alison purchase their home in baltimore. This is for about two hundred and eighty thousand dollars after this race starts to express some unhappiness regarding his job different sources, state different
reasons for raise occupational unhappiness. Allison recalls that the job was simply just not a good fit for ray allison says ray was not a desk guy or your typical nine five type of person. One thing that is so important to any relationship, be it marriage or otherwise, ray and Alison had a set of shared goals and their plan was not to stay in baltimore forever. As said, ay and Allison were both working hard to build a good little foundation. And a short term and very realistic goal for them. to move back to california? Now I don't have an exact date for this next event. In the timeline, I've seen this listed as early as the summer of two thousand and five, but I actually think was more like
later in the year of o five, but re quit his editing job and according to everything, I could find that this was on good terms. So now done with the newsletter job re started, a video per she company he took out a fifteen thousand dollar cash advance from Alison's credit card to buy equipment re in his new start up, gets some contract work, producing videos for the agusta company on Saturday november, fifth, two thousand and five the happy couple ray and alice and get married and isabella porter rico. You can see some of the video footage from the web.
An unsolved mysteries, both ray and alison, are tall and good looking and they both look extremely happy in the videos, though now here is a weird event on the timeline on december: twenty seventh, two thousand and five, a friend of ray's and an employee of a gora. This is tom, hickling dies in a car accident while visiting his daughter in africa. It is said that ray was quite suspicious of this death. Don't you think that, is some kind of red flag if your husband or your partner, somebody at their work died now now they're, not in the united states, they're in a different country, but they're gone that suspicious if they died. Maybe within the country right. It's to me it's more of a red flag that he's suspicious of a death
it happened even in another country like, but also who are you working with? It's also a red flag. Is this some sort of paranoia that setting in that? It's not realistic for him to be suspicious about death right? You know you could go either way with it, and it's really weird too think, as I really wish that we knew more details regarding this death and why he believed it to be suspicious. I mean we have his his former wife and his friends who who have said this. They ve echoed this throughout the years that he was suspicious of this death. I dont know why thou right, I was this I ended some kind of hot water with the company. He was working for the war or did he have gambling debts and, like you said, if somebody is going to set this guy
this Tom hinkley guy to die in what is to look like an accident. They're gonna have to go The trouble of going all the way to africa to do so now
if you go there and take care of business there so to speak, because you don't think it's going to be investigated the way it would be investigated here, it's just really a difficult situation on the surface, but also a difficult situation to analyze his thoughts and feelings on it, because we just don't have really any of the details regarding this whole event. This tragic yet and wouldn't be that big of a deal of all this guy died in a car accident. I'm suspicious of that. While why, ah, he was a drinker, maybe he was driving drunk. I well that's a big difference between, I think. Possibly somebody killed him who possibly from the company. I was working for an doing contract work for currently, but the the streets in the traffic and traffic laws or lack of traffic laws in other countries. In some way
countries. Not all- and I dont know specifically what country this ban was an when he we pass away, but there quite chaotic the traffic itself. So I mean you can see the some countries have a much higher rate of accidents than than others. So I mean really could be, could be anything didn't didn t elsie, didn't we lose one of the members, a tale see to some kind of vehicle accident, another country and left her. Now and peace left eye in the spring of two thousand and six, and I think this was in the month of April and allison return to los angeles. Now, one The major reasons for this trip was to start adding their move back to las angeles when they return to baltimore according to Alison she's,
as there is a noticeable change and raise behaviour in demeanor, she says re seems to be nervous, which is totally out of character for the sky, Jim another red flag. Yes, she says he is added aid and he seems annoyed, maybe with her I don't know with what she's not specific on this. He says that she says that he was concerned or overly concerned bout, her doing things by herself by her doing things alone, there's a particular story of alison going on a pretty routine jog. This is roughly a week for. Re goes missing too, which re insist on owing with alison, and he does go with her. He sits in the bleachers reading a book while she's running during the run, a man enters the track area and re.
to Alice and has some kind of reaction to this. He seems startled or whatever, by this man being there, but this man with some one that was unknown to both Alison and, if range, sky. He didn't tell her that he did nothing about that for a second, you just show up cause. You want to run around the track and all of a sudden, this guy is causing the scene cause. He thinks you're there to hurt him or possibly him his wife and this guy. He leaves the area and for all we know he could have just been like you said, showing up to go for a run or just a passer. By now. I do want to point out that this quote change in behavior it's only really suspicious if you believe that ray was murdered or think that was truly afraid of something or some one rate does not seem to
Tell any one of this if he is in fact afraid of something specific to do at what point as the spouse. Are you going to say hey? I know we moved out here because your friend had this opportunity, but my first question in this cases was this initial opportunity. Actually, the job that ray was telling her. It was, or was there something a little more involved that he may not have told her about. was this opportunity on the up and up yeah that I don't know and can say for certain. It appears to me from everything I've seen did that did the job that he was working was in fact the one that he was offered long distance before he moved out there by, but we don't again. We have a guy that suspicious of people's death
work at that company right, and I think what I'm trying to point out here is what I would like to know from those closest to re when they observe change in behavior. Is this something that I clicked for them right away. You know when he out back from Ella. Was this something that was just so obvious to them, then, or is it only something that they are seeing? Now in hindsight, where they're gone or something this poor man, oh come to think of it. He was Acting a little strange, acting a little different. You know it he is suspicious in itself, if it, if you think something horrible happened, that this guy was set up, are killed. The other thing that I want to point out here to again going back to let's say he is agitated. Let's say he is afraid of something, because that's what allison says, but again he doesn't
anything specific to any one that we are aware of. He doesn't say hey. This happened in this happening I'm afraid for my wife, I'm afraid for me, because of a b and c Anybody this is all him having a certain way and people later saying that they noticed some kind of change in him You have to wonder, since he does not cite anything specific to the people closest to him at the time. Could this just be something in odds to his environment. That does not have anything to do with him personally on a personal level right because ray is relatively new to the area of baltimore as a whole army. We just talked about that. He just moved out there in two thousand and four. It disappears in two thousand.
Six baltimore has a higher violent crime rate than most cities. Is there a chance at? This is something that he just recently became aware of. Your baltimore had two hundred sixty nine homicides in two thousand, five now that may seem like a low number, as baltimore has managed to score over three hundred homicides. Each of the last five years but for two thousand and five to others see now murders is a high number of days before re goes missing, he spends time reading the builders, it's a story and study of masonry. This is by Joseph fort Newton, there's a different version.
Two different versions of this book. The one that I am referencing here is from nineteen fourteen. So it's a new release on sunday may fourteenth ray and alison go to church. This is a regular weekend activity for this young married couple, Alison overhears re, leaving a voicemail for some one, there's a couple: different versions of this story: captain some say that he excused himself from the church service. The other report is that this was shortly after church was over regardless. What is the saying,
and all the reports I could find is that this is coming from Alison, his wife who says that she overheard her husband re leaving a voice mail for someone. She says that he says something like hey man give me a call back. I finally got it all figured out and that's as much as she says she hears so who is this call to now? I couldn't find anything to formally back up this next statement, but this next statement comes from a red. It post that says that alison at some point later learned that the phone call was to raise friend, porter
Well, he worked for and this post goes on to say when questioned by angel Reyes, brother porter says he didn't know what it was about, or what re meant by the the the message. Hey call me back, he wasn't expecting a call and did not know what the the message and the next day this is Monday may fifteenth the rivers have a home. Security stone and the alarm goes off and one am now police do respond, to this alarm and they tell ray and allison after king around and checking everything out the day believe it was likely that a squirrel or some type of wildlife had caused the alarm to go off This is a little weird and allison says this is super weird to her, because they had lived there for time and the alarm had never gone off before about twenty
hours later. This is in the early hours of may sixteenth. The 16th Kennedy alarm goes off again and on unsolved. Mysteries Alison says it. This is one of the front downstairs windows and Given her description, this appears to be a window that could be easily accessible from the outside dick, I think, I had some other windows, but there were bushes in the way. So maybe Someone was trying to pry this window open or tamper with this window in some fashion, in the middle of the night in the dark, I do question this a little bit like I'm, not saying that if she's, wrong or wrong to be suspicious? It seems weird to me that the alarm would go off two nights in a row and they've lived there for months and it's never gone off before so that I agree with her one or one hundred per cent seems very strange to me what I kind of question:
is the location and knowing what I know about security. This does not This would not be the window that I would choose if I were wanting to gain access to the home, it's easily visible from the street? It just doesn't seem like the type of window that someone would pick you get to choose for multiple windows to try to enter a hall and lay that morning, the morning of may sixteenth ray and Alice spend the morning together, and then listen leaves to go out of town for a work trip and within hours of her leaving for that trip one of the.
all right. We are back cheers mates, cheers to all that morning. May sixteenth ray and allison they spent the morning together. Alison says that re made her breakfast. She carries. He carries her luggage out to the car and again, Alison is leaving to go out of town for a work related trip. She is going to richmond virginia later that day, ray talks to a maryland freemason member at the local mason lodge talk to him about joining later w b, a EL tv, eleven news question the member
He stated there was nothing unusual about this conversation that it was a typical conversation of some one enquiring about a membership. Now note some time leading up to this re purchased. A book called freemasons for dummies at a local bookstore freemasons for dummies is your key to the history, beliefs and rituals of free masonry. Here is the book description. It says fascinated by freemasons freemasons for dummies is the international best selling introduction to the masons, the oldest and largest secret society in the world. This balanced, I, opening guide. Demas defies freemasonry, explaining everything from its elaborate rituals and cryptic rights to its curious symbols and their meanings find out what
goes on in a may. Sonic meeting you'll understand the true purpose of may sonic, secrecy and philosophy, meet famous masons throughout history and discover related organizations like the knights templar, the scottish right order of the eastern star and the shriners explore the controversies and conspiracy theories that swirl around this organization at the center of Dan brown's novel the lost symbol and discover the changes coming to the craft. Alright. But it's confusing to me that somebody that's planning to head back to california is gone to tried to enter this group
and baltimore. Yes, that's a good point, but it would be like cause. They have chapters re, yes, so essential. You could join in baltimore and then relocate to california fashion be much of an issue its also we don't have anybody to explain to us why he is carrying out these actions there or if this was talked about months in advance. Wherever this was just all my wife's gone, I got some time to kill. Let me go ask The freemasons? Well, we have allison who tells us that he was reading the book, the builders, so that's tie to referee masons. We know that he purchase this freemasons for dummies book at a local book store. I dont have a date on that. I've seen that it was the day that he went missing. I have also seen that it was
the weekend before or a week before may, and one thing I want to point out here too. I think with a lot of this information, or lack thereof, specific detailed information? Is it the number one source for this case seems to be the episode of unsafe history is not just for me and you here in the garage today. It seems like to every one out in the whole big world. and because they're giving you a a report of this they're, not super detailed about days and times, and things like that, as they don't want. Due to get kind of lost in the minutiae of it when they have this bigger story to tell, and also what is their purpose, their purpose is not to inform ever detail, other purposes to get some spotlight onto this case, but also entertain you. So most people aren't entertained by every little detail.
Correct. So I also want to point out here, like people have really pointed to this all this activity that he seems to be doing with the the masons as again something suspicious or something to be worried about he's a wannabe. screenwriter. Is this where he serves as screenwriter? He just does not profiting off of correct. Is. Is this real search for you know you write, you write a lot of songs. I'm sure you do some research for the lyrics that you into those songs, yeah I meet with different groups like the freemasons and figure out how to write songs about them right, but I mean you're you're making. of what I'm saying, but it's it's not far fetched to say: okay, dan browns novel the lost symbol, the divinity code, the huge books at the time and oddly enough if you want to try to tie the freemason.
To ray rivera's death. It's weird that the it's a little in the movie, the DA vinci code came out the same week that he went missing. No, I think your point is very valid and I'd almost argue that it's it's more valid that he was doing research then so you will need to join another interesting thing that happens that day we have re who calls chesapeake systems and he speaks with a man named Adam gold. This is an employee at chesapeake systems. He calls late in the afternoon, and this is for the purpose of booking a video editing suite for the weekend. So he could edit a video for a stansberry associates. Conference ray was an occasional customer, of chess, a peak system, so Adam gold was somewhat familiar and he knew ray and gold says that the call was, business as usual race
the normal, but maybe a little pressed for time. Sometime between six and six hundred and thirty p dot m allison checks into her Oh tell now, this is when she calls ray and she gets no answer. Alison calls the house guessed that is staying at their house. Ok, so we have to explain this bit. a little bit, and I think it's a little weird that they don't explain it in unsolved mysteries. This is this in itself is a mystery there is a woman named claudia in the best description we get. Show. Is that it's a work colleague of alison's that is staying at their house and is staying on the day. That re happens to go missing, there's not a whole lot anywhere else that I couldn't find that it
planes any more about this house guest. Are you sure that she works without allison and didn't work with ray What I recall hearing and reading is that she is referred to as a colleague of alison's I could be, could be wrong on that. So, claude, says when allison calls and speaks whether claudia says that re got a phone call around six. Third, he had a brief conversation with someone and at the the call re, says oh shit and then runs out of the house in a hurry. She says that ray turns a few minutes later for just a very brief moment and then leaves again yeah and I believe they are both upstairs and I believe the rooms were connected like being. There is a wall separating them, and so she could really kind of.
Not only just hear what he was saying to the the person on the other line, but she also talks about how he kind of thrust his chair out. You know like you're, saying you know even in a hurry yeah. So the way that it's described is it Claudia would have been staying in what I am get. What I'm guessing is the guest room, they had an upstairs office. That re was, you, know, he's working out of home at this point for the most part and I don't know if he shared if he and Allison shared this space as an office space, but on Today, that's where he's working and, as you said, it's like next door to claudia where she is doing so he leaves in a hurry returns very briefly for just a few minutes and then leaves again. There's no description given by claudia or to the public any way of what or
I re returned to the house that could have been something as simple as he left. It was a sum wise to him that he was leaving, and he you know. Oh, I forgot my keys phone forgot. My wallet forgot. My wallet forgot, my my phone. The the interesting thing about the wallet, though, is one thing they state is that he left with like twenty dollars in his. pocket and assuming that he left with his money clip as well I dont know that he actually had a wallet, but yes, he had money, clippers same purposes, a wallet. His phone could have been the keys that eu turn for I dont want to throw a ranch into things. I dont believe she actually saw ray He returned now, I'm guessing that she hears commotion. Of all of this, she hears oh shit. Here's the the the chair move
and then he runs down the steps she probably hears the door open and closed door open and close again yet again of sin. A couple online forums where they question, if it, if it's ray, I would assume, like you said, because it was such a quick, come back to the house that it was something as simple as forgot, his phone or his wallet. moreover, and it said that re left a soda, some chips and is invis, align retainer on the kitchen counter. Now, I'm not certain. If that means it, he, place these items down there before leaving or if they were just already there and he left abruptly Alison continues to try to reach ray a couple more times that evening to know male. She does find raise unavailability strange, but she says that
new. That ray was very busy with his video projects and it sounds like he had a deadline coming up at some point. I do want to reference another source here, and this is a good source for people to check out in regards to this case. There's a book out there titled and unexplained death the true story of a body at the belvedere- and this is by makita Brockman, in her book. She writes that ray had left a website up. You know when he leaves in this hurry, he's busy working at his computer and whatever
it's believed he was looking at was still up and running at a later point was a porno. Yes, it was of the wicker. Man's zealand could be very embarrassing. Well, so the website that he left up was a website that gave the time of that day's sunrise and sunset. That's weird! Well, I can't say that he was looking up Baltimore specifically, I don't know if, if he you know was looking in his city or another city, you can look up, all around the world on that day. Just for for reference on that day in baltimore, the sunrise, is listed at five hundred and fifty two a dot m and the sunset was set for eight hundred and fourteen p dot m I do know that people, you know directors, people that make movies like the film things. I don't know what it's called there's a word for it, but there
that magical hour of the day when you want to film things, because the way that it will look, especially the sky is actually say there. Good point. I didn't think about that. So knowing that that is his business at the time, it might be something that is import. the ham, especially if he was planning a future project. we're not even that, though, but this doesn't have to be that time period. It could simply be I'm going to meet these people at whatever time. I want to see what the daylight's going to look like, because that's and when determine do, I need to bring this camera or that camera or do I need a brain, some lights with me, so that's definitely a tool that photographers and obviously filmmakers use. Another thing that's interesting, and this is just it's one of those little tidbits where I find
a statement, but I can't find anything to formally back it up. Was that ray at some point within a The period of time before his disappearance had inquired or spoke to somebody about filming something from the belvedere hotel from the top of the belvidera oh, tell there's no more detail that I could find on that. But then you go okay! Well, this is a major city. Does he want to get some footage from a top of a big building at night, the skyline get the city all lit up. You know very cinematic type type stuff, so any anybody's guess they're gonna use should be a director I'm going to throw a little wrench into that idea about him contacting the hotel, because
we have no way of knowing how he did that whether was by phone or in person, I think the speculation that was it's just by phone and I'm gonna put out there is so making con easily say that their re and not be right. But again, I I don't know who the person was it. He is supposed to have this conversation with, so I dont want to take it a step further and say that someone called the hotel or that this is a hotel employ ye. That information is not there. This could have simply been a friend that he mentioned this to rain so that evening, on the sixteenth re was on the receiving end of a phone call that claudia Pasta believe led him to running out of the house in a hurry. And the short of it is that re never returns police state that the last phone,
all received by re originated from fells point unsolved mysteries says it came from a switchboard at stands, berry and us see it's from my general understanding of this captain, if possible that this could be from both meaning someone could have called in to stands, berry and associates and get redress did or type in some type of extension and then get then along to raise phone right. later Alison reviewed the phone bill from that day and is on record, saying that there were only four calls that day and all of them, or from raise work, and that's it as far along as we get of a description of you could have been calling ray, especially that last call before he runs out the door may 17th at five, a dot m allison wakes up. She calls claudia
Ghana and unfortunately, Allison learns. That re still has not return here come home, and it's now been overnight. Yeah doesn't You know all I heard him come in and then he left again. No, he he never came back accords. to the house. Guest Alison then decides this might be so type of an emergency. Something Weird is going on, so she decides to leave her work trip early and head home. A frantic out in return home and by this point the house guess Claudia has left she left some time that morning, Alison is quoted as saying that Claudia quote: had her own drama end quote again another then it doesn't make sense yeah. It could be some more details here. Please it could be something as simple, Is she just happened to be staying there, that night and
She doesn't want her, you know herb Her information out there she doesn't want, you know sizzling be involved. Well, I don't know that she and want to be involved, but, but she probably has some kind of private life that she may not want. Every detail somebody says says she had her own drama. In my imagination, doesn't have to run too wild to go well. Maybe she and a significant other or somebody she's, living with her for whatever reason she needed a place to stay that night, and I don't think that it was just because she has to be working in town that night. Really they don't referred, a work is drama and Alison's goin out of town. So People are showing up dead from your work that I would consider that drama angel
He gets on a plane that same day and then the search for re commenced in the next couple of days several other family members arrive in baltimore to assist in the search. On saturday may twentieth. This was the video editing session that re booked, so he's now been gone for a couple of days, and this applies and that he arranged on his own has come pass and we still don't have any ray rivera. Two days later on may twenty second raise car is around mid afternoon and a paid parking lot behind a building which is near the belvedere hotel well, it's also near stansberry and associates. So it's not really. It's not really out of the realm possibility that you would find his vehicle there.
Seem like an entirely strange place to find the vehicle room, it's in an area where I'm also curious, like Would this be an area where he's parked before for work in the past? They don't really go into detail about that. But what we do have is a parking ticket. You know you have to pay to park there, so they have a parking ticket that confirmed that the car had been there for six days. He is missing for six days the vehicle's been there for six days, this car somehow got to this paid parking spot the same day that re went missing according to the parking attendant. This man left work at six p m that day the day that re went missing. Right
He says that the vehicle that's a later identified as re were vera's was not there when he left that day at six p m, he said that he returned to work to monitor the lot the next day may set, at seven a dot m. He says when he arrives at seven: a dot m on the 17th race car race vehicle was there at that time, but the four calls that he's getting. They might not be significant at all. You might have stopped writing for them, but he was still doing projects for that company. Correct, there's any number of reasons why those calls could have come in and had nothing to do with him going missing or later his death. Two days later on may twenty. Fourth, some oxford club employees, some reports say to employees, some say three, regardless the
would have been like one time, co workers of ray rivera. We said oxford club iii, the companies a little confusing on the surface. Ok, he worked, he being re workforce, stansbury and associates worked for porter stansbury sans marian associates is under the parent company of a gore same with this oxford club there under the parent company of war and where it gets more confusing about the calls coming in to raise phone that day they necessary really do not have to be from stands very and associates, it could have been any of them companies that fall under a agoura and a lot of these share office space or have buildings together or
businesses are located on different floors of the same building all in this same area of baltimore, the same little intersection really. So these three employees, on time, co, workers of re rivera on may twenty fourth there out and about in their looking for re or at least looking for clues about raise whereabouts in the area of the belvidera hotel, keep in mind. This is not, They went way out of their way to do this. This is right by their work. The three employees go to search a parking garage that's located right by the belvedere hotel. While on the top level parking garage. One of them looks over at the roof below them and sees a hole in the roof. They also spot what they believe to be flip flops a phone- and I
ass. They immediately call law enforcement and detectives go to the belvidera. Raise body is found lying face up, wedged against a wall or in an unused portion of the belvedere as disused for a special events or something, be it's a little unclear to me because I've seen it refer to as a conference room as a banquet hall. I've also at one point, the guy on unsolved mysteries, who actually becomes the property manager over the belvedere right refers to it as the. What does he call like the old? The old racket? Ball quarter, the old tennis. He calls it something that seems seems strange, but it been that at one time and then repurposed for something else later regardless. This is not an area that people frequently go into, it's a locked door, a locked space,
you have to believe, has been unused from the time that re went missing until they find his body is lifeless body, they're lying face up against the wall, and it appears he came through the roof that whole that we just talked about, which created a ford in diameter hole in the roof, and seems like a lot of layers that you'd need to go through to go through a roof. Yeah he's not a small man. Now he's listed, it was six foot four six foot five and about two hundred and fifty pounds yeah and if he jumped from the hotel one would assume that he could go through the roof yeah, depending on what height he fell from or jump from or was pushed from. I mean branch where you start getting into will.
Why did this happen and how did it happen? Yeah, it's crazy! Now, all three of those employees that we mentioned that were involved in actually helping to find ray. They were sent off to the police station and of course they were. They gave statements at that time according to Alison and a retired detective. A now retired detective still active at the and some others. They all say that shortly after ray's body is found that porter stansberry raise long time friend. He becomes uncooperative where, before when re was simply missing that he was cooperating and he was involved in the search
for right. He even offered up a thousand dollar reward for information leading to his missing friend, but they say yup as soon as the body was found magically. Now this guy doesn't seem to want to be involved in any of the discussions into what could have happened to ray yeah, which is very suspicious that you'd be I'm offering money if you can find them, it's almost like in the way, in which he finds him that that lets porter know something he's I'm saying all here. This is a murder or possible murder or murder. Where is trying to make it look like suicide. I know who did this. I know who's capable of this. I know what circle
that these individuals are running around in his. This is my business, and so these guys that did this to re, are capable of doing this to me. So I need to not be involved and I need to keep my mouth shut or I could be next. That's interesting that you say that, and I like that, you say that, because I have always found looked, many people are suspicious of of porter and his behaviour and what he this is his involvement in this whole mess. There is no question about that, but what I find to be weird is I get why people question his actions and are suspicious of him, but I'll would like for everybody to keep in mind that if porter knew in advance what happened to ray and why or if porter was involved,
and what happened to ray and why he knows that the body is very close to him in proximity rain, so it seems range to flip this behavior from cooperating when he's not found to not cooperating when found so to give a little background here to those that don't know the area from the place that ray parked his car. Well, we don't know that he parked it but from where his vehicle was found right in that paid parking lot.
It is not to bring up my notes here, not hurried cameras in this parking lot. Nobody has reference cameras in this parking lot at anytime jasmine. So if you were to walk from his from that parking spot where the vehicle was found that parking lot, it's a one minute walk to the belvedere hotel. If you were to walk from that parking lot to his old place of work, stansberry research, it's a two minute walk. So all of this stuff is really within the same intersection of baltimore I'll answer this one porter stansberry sounds again: do she rich character from a john he's movie or something from the eighties according to Alison and the now retired detective and some of the others? They say that they find port.
to be uncooperative immediately after the body is found. They say that porter is not returning the detectives phone calls and win the day. I've tried to contact employees at the office he has told by company lawyers that employees are not allowed to speak with him right. He claims that this is some type of gag order. Allison said that porter spoke directly to her and that he told her that he doesn't want to speak to the police and fears that they will be against him due to his prior s e c investigation. This is all this is all a bit much see right here in this, because it is true that porter in the company were under investigation at the time by the s easy rain to be hundred percent clear, though we should point out that this investigation was an ongoing one that started before.
Re even moved to baltimore before he started working at stansbury and associates by its isabel should excuse, and it was still going on after ray's death. It might be a bullshit excuse, but we're we're not hearing this directly from her we're here. It were hearing at second hand as to why he says he doesn't want to speak with police that day, my oh, they might be suspicious of him, because there's already a government agency looking at him and his company for miss dealings previous to this right right, as is so strange because when you, when I finish the episode of watching unsolved mysteries, you you go this this character. This porter characters is extremely interesting and extremely suspicious, but, like I said it's like well did he have.
Something to do with this, and if he did, why would he be so involved in their sleep in the search unless that was a cover up and then once they found re that he decided that he needed to be less involved or more figures would point to him. I believe that there is a reason that porter brought his friend out there from baltimore, not just to help him hey, come out here, there's great opportunities for you, but I think there were some opportunities that got them in trouble, got them into situations that they couldn't handle and I think that's why ray was so concerned about people. I worked with thine with that one person doorway to see
people, makes it sound like their drop in like flies over stands. Burying associate lulled stands burying associates their drop in life, that's our motto in again would drive and life flies. We have serious information on that car accident. A right in this and died in in africa. That's a whole, that's a whole freaking continent like wheedle. We don't you have a statement that narrows it down to a specific country right, so it seems Harry. But it also seems like in a sense that this, stage to make it seem like he committed suicide that he jumped off the the
holding, or maybe he was thrown off the building who knows, but if it was a possible suicide, then why would porter just we held pack it in and cut off all communication with law enforcement? Again it's the description of a select few people that are saying that's what went down and how it went down. Yeah, as you've pointed out in plenty of our other cases. There's two sides to every story: three! Well, you we can argue that we vote we have in the past, but sometimes there's just too there's his. Heard in the truth, and sometimes one of those people are telling the truth. That leaves two other cases you do have to stories. And then the truth is somewhere else out there. That could be the situation here. I don't know, but I have worked for companies in the past
There is something some news: tidbit that hits the papers, and I have been told this by several different companies that, if so and so contacts you that you are to refer them to such and such an that's, so non descriptive, but well will give europe right, like I mean you and yet oh yeah, the yadda. Now I've been cold called by people in the media at different jobs that I add and were like. We wanted a just so so here from channel four, so, and so here from the columbus dispatches, want to ask you about blah, blah blah and you're, not supposed to speak to that, because they ve higher paid someone to give the official statement of the company and people can look into that and look at it with a with the occur. I or whatever, and and say that this is suspicious behavior but
and everywhere all the time, which is necessarily mean that it is suspicious. I think we It also direct something to dive into something too in regards to the belvedere hotel. People that do not know this case might be a little confused by the term hotel. The belvedere at one point was a hotel in maryland. and it was built in one thousand nine hundred and two and one thousand nine hundred and three, it's a you're, probably a historic landmark in baltimore by this time but in nineteen ninety one it was converted into condominiums. So some of the some of building remains open to the public from my understanding, but the majority of the building is now
privately owned by these homeowners tat last week's case a strange and this one is already very strange and we have so much more to go well in this starts off the missing persons case and eventually his body is found, but again it is the how and why he got there no like he was just shot out of the sky through roof into that room such a crazy case, and I want hear from you to go to our website. True crime, garage com and go to our blog? And let us know what you think of this case and join us back here in the tomorrow for more garage action until then be good, be kind and don't litter.
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