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Ricky McCormick /// The McCormick Code /// Part 1

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Ricky McCormick /// The McCormick Code /// Part 1

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Episode 187 - Late June, 1999 a woman finds a body near a cornfield off a rural road just about 20 miles north of St. Louis. Investigators are quick to make an identification however the Medical Examiner is uncertain as to how the man has died. Police have their theories and suspicions. They believe the man had been killed somewhere else and dumped in a spot between the road and cornfield. The man was 41 year old Ricky McCormick, a loner. His friends called him a vampire because he would leave home after the sun went down and not return until it was coming up again. Ricky had a checkered past and he ran in some circles that likely could have led to his death. When searching the dead man’s pockets police discovered a strange clue. Two pieces of paper and on each of them long messages written in code. The FBI has released these codes to the public with their own message that these notes could tell us who killed Ricky McCormick.

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In new orleans, twenty twelve bruce catch. Here I drove to an address some one had given him that didn't exist ass. He stood in the park, what were the address should have been. He was shot and killed. I'm You d umbra join me for the newest season of counter clock. As I die the motive behind bruces murder a series of events that have never been fully investigated until now. Binge all fourteen episodes of or clock season, five, wherever you listen to pod,
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behind? Maybe three years behind we're not really for sure what is really far behind on beer shot out so be patient captain. That's enough with the business everybody gather around grab a chair, gravel beer. Let's talk some through crime, late june nineteen. Ninety nine a woman finds a body near cornfield, awful rural roads just about twenty miles, north of saint louis. Investigators are quick to make an identification our the medical examiner is uncertain as to how the man has died. These have their theories and suspicions They believe the man had been killed somewhere else and dumped in a spot between the road in cornfield man was forty one year old, Ricky Mccormick, a loner, friends called him a vampire because he would leave home after the sun went down and not return
until was coming up again. Ricky had a chequered passed in a police record Some suspect he may have been dealing drugs rigging. Was associated with some bad people. Is it possible wikis pass, but sir that he may be running in lead, his death. Ricky was always a little odd, but leading to his death. Behaving especially strange Did ricky? No, he was in trouble and if so did, he know who was after him? Why ricky seek the help of others around him did Ricky. here that his loved ones would be in danger if they knew what he knew. After death police discovered some strange clues clues. Suggest, Ricky knew who was after him and why This is the case
key mccormick. Thirty at ninety- ninety nine near west, all missouri, a war is driving her car on a road off of rule? Sixty seven There is a large cornfield that runs along the side of this road. While she spots something the open part of the field. The kind of fine that is going to ruin the rest of your day, captain it appears to be a dead human body. Police are called,
the scene, and they find what most reports say, a body that was very badly decomposed later the authorities used fingerprints to identify, the body to be that of forty one year old, Ricky Mccormick Mccormick was a high school drop out. Who had held multiple addresses in the Missouri Illinois, regions of saint Louis Bellevue and fair view heights at the time of his death, ricky worked and lived about twenty miles from, whereas by was found. Ricky did not drive or own a vehicle, so finding his by There was strange in itself due to the decomposition of the body, the medical examiner, could find no cause of death. There was no indicate in the end would have a motive to kill ricky Mccormick and no one had even reported him missing. So the authorities at that I'm initially ruled out homicide, bookkeeping and his body where I have an issue with this guy
is his body is found almost twenty miles from where he lived and worked what is the reason that he was miles away from his car address and as we said he did not own a vehicle and the area that he was found in there is no public transportation in that area. He didn't take a bus to get there. He wasn't reported missing, which is strange as well. Now, rick Mccormick. He was last seen alive just three d. Earlier before his body was found. The body was found on june thirtieth. So when the report's come out there, body was badly decomposed, I'm thinking that they mean in relation to either win. Ricky was last seen or what They believe the time of death to be now both of these would be on the twenty seventh just three days earlier. So what this murder was in this area, known to be a dumping ground, yeah, yeah police would later say that
This was a dumping ground for quote known criminal activity, but is also very hot, so the decomposition could happen quicker because of the temperatures and thought, yeah. So let's go through. This actually looked up the weather report for that week that he was missing, so some reports state that he went missing on that when he fifth, we now know that not to be true there. There are reports that would later come out that he was seen on the twenty sixth and then the twenty seventh. So, let's start with the twenty seventh that was a sunday in its june at the end of june, so you would back the hot day. Ninety degrees was the high captain and sixty nine degrees was the low, so pretty warm day on that day now on Monday, the twenty eighth. Eighty six degrees was I seventy one was the low and then on Tuesday june. Twenty ninth, seventy five degrees and sixty two degree, so the twenty ninth is not particularly hot, I would say so
five being the high sixty two, the low there no rain on two of those days in a very light rain on the monday before he was found on that Wednesday june thirtieth. Here's the thing that that jumped off the page to me is when we, here the description of this area of where his body was found. Now I know that that we set a country road. Okay. So probably, not travelled often or you know- you wouldn't expect a lot of traffic going through their. However, this body doesn't see, to be concealed in any manner, there's a cornfield near this rule. if somebody wanted to conceal him, you could have put him in the cornfield. However, it looks me like somebody just pulled up and dumped him that he would have been killed elsewhere and dumped in this area, because its he's found in an area, an open area in a grassy air. Between the country, road and the cornfield, and keep in mind
person they found him first discovered this body she's not Looking for anything she's, not walking alongside the road when she spots this body, she's driving so it is to me, seems like it's right out in the open where just about any, buddy if you were traveling during data, on that road that you would see his body It's never a mannequin right right, right However, while I was actually very happy that when I found reports about this, no one, mention the word man again or because they always do the thing, though that gets me captain is. I think this has to be a murder and I'll. Tell you why? Because I think that if he would have somehow died, there or you know, let's forget about how he would have got there. Let's say he manages to get there or he's there for some reason and he dies there. Yeah! Ok, let's stay on that point, real, quick! Okay! I don't think it's the realm of possibilities that this individual that does not have a car
probably has multiple times use his fee as transportation of class that it's not out of the realm of possibilities that he would travel. Now. This is a far. This would be a very long walk this, take several hours right well, this was a man to that was known to hitch rides, and I- and I dont I say, hitch rides because that's how his family described in, I dont think of him as a hitchhiker, but this would be somebody that would wooden would often ask me. Go for a ride. Right, you know, could have got a portion of the way without even walking zactly. So let's forget about how he could have got there, because we both agree key could have potentially got their right. Is what I have a problem with. If he somehow died of natural causes at that spot. On the too, he was last seen on the twenty seven,
His body was badly decomposed and we're saying so you can't say like all right managed to get there and he didn't die until the twenty ninth or the thirtieth april likely died on the twenty seventh when they believe the time of death to be if he die and fell in that spot. I think he would and found before the thirtieth. You know we have two and a half three days go by his body, wasn't concealed in any manner at all. Somebody else would have spotted this body possibly, but I guarantee you there was people that drove by that body she was the first person that drove by the body and said: oh, my god, it's body. So my other thought too. Is regarding the badly decomposed body. I dont think that we are seeing
pictures or the elements being harsh enough to expedite the compensation. To this point, I think I think what we're looking at is that he was killed elsewhere and he was kept somewhere and probably dumped in off the side of the road in the middle of the night before He found him the next day a day like the other temperatures, one that hot. I also this question in others ricky, seeing a little bit of a loner, and yet they have eyewitness reports and that this on three days earlier, but there's a lot of people that mistaken you know, can be mistaken.
wait. Oh yeah! I saw him on thursday, but you actually didn't. You saw him on Monday, so that is a possibility. Well and the thing I think, your captain- this is just my suspicion. What would speed up the decomposition process if he was in somebody's trunk in the trunk of somebody's car for for a couple of days it would get. It would get quite a bit hotter in that trunk in that vehicle now, and that could speed that up. So I think that might be what we're looking at. But what we do know we're looking at here. Captain is it they do eventually changes to a homicide investigation and I think what we have is you know? Well, let's, let's talk about that for a little bit, because initially the the coroner couldn't really figure out the time of death and cause the autopsy. I don't think was done correctly. They also didn't state. It was a homicide at the initial autopsy right. The decision
how we don't know well, they they were actively investigating a homicide in this situation and what I had. But why, though, because your corner? comes out and says, we don't know how he died right right and then so their actively soon it as a murderer investigation, but why we have no cause of death well because they did change it to possible homicide right. This is where the case to made the starts kinda. Weird right right from the gate, go well is that you have one person saying we don't know how he died and then later on, we have the f b. I come out saying he died by a gunshot. So how was that gun shot not found in the first autopsy we had the we do have the the stating that I found one local report of the police, a police officer stating that the man appeared to have suffered a head injury. Now they don't go into specific on the head injury. What my guy
His captain is that either a your right and this this examination was not done properly or be. It was conducted properly, the they don't come up with cause of death, and so what happens in a lot of these cases and we ve seen it in other cases. I believe it was the bill combings case as well, where, if not certain as to the cause of death, you gotta keep might there making that recommendation based off of the evidence, that's in front of him off information that they have at the time. So if they examine the body say well, we can't determine that was a homicide. It's an unknown one cause of death. Well, then, the esther gaiters the detectives that that responded to finding this body come to them? go examiner and say, look for are trained I from our years of expertise in this area? We feel
we have a homicide here and why? Because we suspect this this this in this, that's why I think that first report, we see where it says he. it wasn't known. You know he didn't seem to have any known enemies, or would they find any known motive for somebody to want to kill him. So I What we have here, though, is I think we have the police in the investigators going back to the medical examiner and saying a couple things one. We think he was killed elsewhere. Why we think that my guess is that day they share my thought that his body probably would have been found earlier. Had it remain there for days? The other thing to is the speeding up the de composition to the body. You know that in just happen on its own and if you can, if you can prove or
we can say that you know what the the natural elements, the elements and the weather and at that time in that place, did not speed up this process at all. Then he has to have been elsewhere for a portion His death Denham Ricky, was known to have some health issues. Yes, he did. some health issues, and I think that's what led to some of this confusion. You know he had some asthma. Choose any had some heart issues as well, but I tell you what let's let's go through his background: let's go through the timeline leading up to what I'm going to go ahead and call a murder. While you have every right to do that, I mean that's what the f b I closet. Okay, well ricky was born june, fourteenth nineteen fifty eight. Ah, he grew up living in the Saint Louis area and he lived there throughout different times of his adult life. In fact, his address at the time of his death was a saint louis
ass, his mother Frankie, sparks, describes her son as challenge Now I have some questions about the relationship that he had with his mother. His frankie, his mom is she's a straight to the point kind of blunt speak person right. She uses some negative terminology when she speaks about her son then, on the other hand, ricky I lived with his mother as an adult, not all the time, but on and off so where one If the appearance of a poor relationship between the two, the other may suggest otherwise Ricky's cousin. This is Charles cormac, these two guys they were tight, they have relationship. That was much more like two brothers for most of their lives. Charles says, Ricky would often too look like he was in another world
and he suspects ricky might have suffered from maybe schizophrenia, naka or bipolar disorder. Yeah dinner has like doctor when he is a kid to see the mom called him slow mike. This is what the mom called them are or were call him, but she caught him slow and then the doctors were saying it cause he was he was and he was never diagnosed with anything right, but didn't one of the doctors
so about that hit. A brick in is a brick wall yeah in his fine. Well in, unlike you said, you know, even though his cousin suspected these possible disorders, nothing was officially diagnosed, of course, so some people close to Ricky suggested it, but by his cousin, would possibly be right on the bipolar or schizophrenia. If, if he was talking in such a way, there are some people that go into a manic state and they kind of talk in a way that almost makes sense, but almost seems from another world in speaking of people, that ricky was closed with you also close with his aunt Gloria Mccormick. The family calls her cook a cookie, its unclear. If ricky ever received any formal treatment for any type of mental illness, but his family member, recall ricky's displays of what they call unusual behaviour
and they also stated that he was known for concocting and telling tall tales now teachers when he was school teachers kind just shuffled him along from great degrade, but its believed that he Hardly read or write as a youngster effort? I think his mom said he couldn't read. alright night and he could actually right was his name. He did eventually drop out school. He dropped out a high school Ricky Mccord. Usually relied on occasional, odd jobs to help support his income. I did things like mopping floors, washing dishes, bussing tables service station attendant. He did I disability checks due to those health problems had mentioned earlier. He had a chronic heart problem and he had you know so he was these healthy,
he was probably limited the amount of work or the types of work that he could perform. Ricky preferred the night shift when he did work. He did he developed a reputation as a night out. He worked at night and he did his thing at night. Then he would be leaving his place of residence when the sun was going down in returning home. When the sun was coming up, as a teenager and later as an adult it was known to frequently hitch rides or take the bus to distance himself. This is his family, saying this to distance himself from the street toughs who were dealing drugs and picking fights on the street just to be. You know, just to be safer. Now, St St Louis is a tough city. There are some very rough parts of old, saint Louis Ricky did have a police record. He was arrested when he was thirty, four
years old. This was in november of nineteen. Ninety two in saint louis for statutory rape. He had some kind of ongoing relationship with this girl. That was for too young to even know or understand being in a relationship with the an adult ricky father to children. With this girl They were together. I believe, like three years in this quote on quote relationship. He had been sleeping, the girl, since she was eleven according to the court files which the court files protect the girls identity. So we do not know the name of this a person now, while awaiting trial on the first degree, sexual abuse charge ricky, was represented by a public defender, his car,
sold noted that there was reasonable cause to believe ricky was suffering from some mental disease or defect, and his council requested that the judge order a mental health exam now this was granted by the court. However, the court certified ricky Mccormick as fit for trial six weeks later on september. First of ninety, ninety three ricky plead guilty to the crime. At that moment, ricky became Missouri state inmate number, five, zero, three, five, zero six! He spent thirteen months behind bars and the farming tin correctional centre before being sent home a year later. Now, let's fast forward, june of nineteen. Ninety nine. So just days before the disappearance and of forty one year old, Ricky Mccormick. Now we said that Ricky often worked on jobs,
well ninety. Ninety nine was no exception for that. He was employed working at a gas station. I believe part time hours oh in june of ninety nine, I actually captain I am wrong. We need to go back a little earlier than that. We need to go back to the early morning of tuesday june fifteenth ninety ninety nine. So this is two weeks about two weeks before his death: ricky Mccormick walked up to the counter at a greyhound bus terminal in downtown saint louis and he purchased a one way ticket to orlando Florida. This was not the first time making such a trip and travelling by himself. It would turn out- be the last of at least two brief trips to florida that he had made that year on this trip we she got there. He checked into and stayed at the economy.
the motel in orlando, he was an room number two, eighty phone records, Oh that either rick, or his girlfriend. This is sondra jones They made a lot of calls to several different people in central florida. Just a couple of weeks before ricky travelled to orlando and the reason why we say either ricky or his girlfriend was. He was living with his girlfriend at the time talked about how he did odd jobs, sometimes to make extra money I'm one of the things they who'd do. Is you know if you have something that you need to give to somebody? Well, I can take it there and I can hitch a ride, and so there was a lot of speculation that he was running some drugs for some people. That's Sadly, what he was doing down in orlando. Well, while he was there ricky in his girlfriend exchange. Many short phone calls during the two days that ricky had stay in orlando and he may
At least one call to the Saint louis gas station, where he worked. Those parttime hours, ricky's, girlfriend saunders old police after his death that she suspected ricky was running drugs, that he went to florida pick up some marijuana accord. to the sheriffs department, their investigative report, the guy friends, explanation when something like this ricky would, like you said, would accept, offers to pick up and deliver packages for money. and he made trips to florida before and on several occasions when he came back brought marijuana into their apartment, where the two lived in this or area. This poor area, south of downtown saint louis room drugs, would usually be sealed in the lock bags rolled together into bundles. She told the police ricky told his girlfriend that he was
holding the statues of we'd for a guy named baja, hum de la right. The police report, a humble yet the police report states is. Are you can't make the stuff baja I'm de la one. Everyone called this dude bob, thank god for makers I probably not saying his name correctly. That's wooster So bob and ricky, not only you know, Ricky. Only held we'd for bomb, but he also worked for him at the gas station. Ricky didn't tell Sondra much about these trips to orlando. He actually told very little about these trips. She didn't know who he met with while he was there or even no by name who might have been going to orlando to see, but his girlfriend saw said that the last trip had been very different from the other trips because
ricky got back for more lando. She said ricky was different. He was very scared in new orleans, twenty twelve first catch. Here I drove to an address some one had given him that didn't exist ass. He stood in the park, what were the address should have been. He was shot and killed. I'm you d umbra, join me for the newest season of counter clock, as I die the motive behind bruces murder. A series of events that have never been fully investigated until now binge all fourteen episodes of or clock season. Five, wherever you listen to podcast. Support for this programme comes from arkansas escape to natural state, outdoor adventures to indoor attractions in just a few miles or a few minutes near it all, but faraway planted trip at arkansas dot com
Sometimes we lose that don't know it's still fun and fun, sometimes one and sometimes one and one makes me love it. That's why nationwide is on yours that nationwide mutual insurance company and affiliates columbus Ohio all right, we're back cheers may cheers captain. Let's go to june twenty back in nineteen ninety nine, so just about about eight days before ricky's body was found
Now, on the afternoon of june, twenty second at three o clock in the afternoon, Ricky Mccormick walked into the barnes jewish hospital into the emergency room. He's complaining of chess pains in shortness of breath. He was by himself when he checked into the hospital. Now He, as we had stated he had suffered from both asthma and chest pain since childhood yeah. He told his doctors that he did not abuse drugs or alcohol, and now this is a statement. That friends and family would later back up as well. Ricky did However- and this is not good, if you have asthma and chest pain, wealth not could, anyway, He did smoke at least a pack of cigarettes a day since his childhood and he drank a lot of coffee practically
all day long by his own estimate by ricky's own estimate, he told his doctors that he drank on average more than twenty carbonated beverages a day. That's a lot! That's a lot, and I like my coffee, but it's a pop there's a lot of coffee. Well, doctors ruled out a heart attack, but they decided to keep ricky there for observation for two days, so ricky leave the hospital until june twenty. Fourth, he was actual to return for a follow up visit. This was scheduled for the following week, but of course he never made it to the follow up. Is it now ricky uses public transportation. He took the bus to get to his aunt cookies house. to her apartment, and once he arrived there, she said that he only stayed for about an hour. She oh police that he would visit her. Often he was extremely close to her. He was actually by her account closer to
her than his own mother and because your own mom thinks you're slow so amy that's has Why you're not visit in her? All the time it likely said she has some negative things to say about her son right and it here's one thing that, proves that he's closer to his anthony is to his mother, his mother, if right around the corner from cookies apartment. Yet would often go and visit cookies house without we're going over to his mother's. So she said that rick would go over there and talk with her, sometimes for hours, but as mentioned on this occasion, he only stay for about one hour and she said, he seemed like, chatty on this visit than typical. She said that she thinks he had something on his mind, something intense. Let's say
She said that she offered him a ride, but he insisted that he not take the ride and he left her house on foot. yeah, maybe something intense on his mind, or maybe the fact that he was in the hospital for today's report with just pains and possibly but but cookie. Looking back what she's she says, something like it here, here to be mine fully why king, his words when he was speaking with her, she thinks that he was worried that he was going to say something he didn't want to tell her you know that he that he didn't want to reveal too much to her when he was there visiting with her now cookies last image of the is of him walking down her street awry Five p m the next day on june, twenty fifth ricky once again was in the emergency room, but this time he went to forest park hospital. This is less
two miles from barnes jewish hospital where he had been just days before this time he complain that he was having trouble breathing following an afternoon of mowing grass doctors diagnosed his wheezing as an asthma attack. He was not admitted to emergency room. However, he was officially released at five. Fifty pm so less than an hour after arriving there. Now, it's not clear, what time he actually left the hospital, because cookie says his aunt says that she heard from people that Ricky actually spent the night at the hospital buddy did the night in the waiting room, for leaving the next morning and that's gonna burn us two june. Twenty six, which is four days before rickets by would be found now. On that day, Ricky's girlfriend told police that she spoke with ricky on the phone around eleven thirty, a m on the twenty sixth room. She said
he told her. He was out of the hospital and he is on his way to the ammo coast gas station to get a bite to eat, at least Go ahead of us are amoco, is that's a gas station ring so you're in more than a pack of day right. You drinking twenty, some chinese carbonated twenty- some are more calf, unaided beverage and you're eating at gas stations yet well we gotta keep in mind? Ricky didn't have a lot of money. No, I know that I'm just I you know, I'm just putting out there that that's another source of not living healthy right to smoke in a bunch of cigarettes or drinking a bunch of coffee. All the nutritious food served at the right amoco station down. Look trust me, you just put amoco business. None are not now it's three o'clock in the morning when I'd be driving home from gigs I mean I tried some weird shit. You know you know like you
her drive and you're just hungry and their small and you don't know how long they ve been their triumph. not the revived and mourning roller food is roller coaster. Its cooked on the rollers. That's when you know your desperate again for food, but I want, but I should have been a little more clear because this Amoco gas station, that's the same when they he works at parttime, where he says he's going to get a bite I guess I let me they're gonna be on their involved in this trip to the gas station, possibly or the fact that he could go get a couple hot dogs for free there right, I said I worked at a bee p. Gas station briefly, and there are a lot of free meals from from the roller food section at the BP anyway. So go he's tells his girlfriend that he's going to go to this Amoco gas station to get a bite to eat. He also works at the amoco gas station. Now
thing here that I would love to know- and I couldn't figure this out because it's not stated anywhere the person's name. But what is stated is at least one gas station employee who remains nameless for some reason, told the police that he Ricky there that day at the amoco station, but this employees also says that he saw Ricky at the gas station the next day on june. Twenty seventh right now go examiners while not having determined inexact cause of death. They manage determined that they believe that ricky had died on this day. So some after leaving the amoco station on the twenty seventh ricky In my opinion was killed by somebody right, so let's go through some of the statements that ricky's aunt. He did. She has stated when she looked back to the last time that she had saw him and regards the last week that ricky was alive.
She says that she suspects ricky's hospital visits could have been attempts to find a hideout you know a place where he could lay low there? Maybe he was hiding from somebody and she said: Maybe he knew he had got into something that put his. If on the line, He knew he could have stayed here. She says me at her home, but me He didn't want to put her life on the line as well, so following our timeline captain that brings us back to the day when Ricky Mccormick's remains were found badly deacon posed in an open field, he was lying, face down, Ricky was wearing a filthy pair of Lee brand blue jeans had a stained white t shirt now rick. was only five foot, six inches tall and his bag. Decomposed body
It only wade seventy two pounds when they examined it at the autopsy advanced. Composition made the autopsy very difficult. The path all adjust with these saint Charles county medical examiners office ultimately ruled ricky's cause of death undetermined, but the police, this is where the police come in and they are talking to the medical examiner and they say we suspect foul play okay. So let's chat about a few things here. Shall we right time of day how if they don't know how he died, you no bullet wounds, no stab wounds. Possible head injury time of death. How do they come up with this answer they don't know how he died. My guess would be stomach contents right. We we know he tells his girlfriend that he's he's going to this place to get something to eat. We now
the police spoke with some one at that gas station who confirmed that he here? seen reiki on that day and the next day as well. Yeah, that's so weird cause. He got it placing twice you know, and then we also said that he, whoever he worked for. He was also known to yell transfer some drugs for that individual as well right right. So was that the guy, or was it other coworker right, it does not give the name. All we know is that it's a man that debt saw him because the police in in their report is, is he brave He states that he saw Ricky on this day and that day now the key This thing to me to captain is, I don't know the situation with him in his girlfriend. I actually I'm sing? I have little to go off of here, but I'm guessing that they weren't super tight, because either I've been in relationships in in think about this
goes down orlando and then basically tells heard nothing of this trip. I dont know about how relationships work for other people out there, but relationships I've been in you better the woman, why you're, goin orlando and what you doing when you were there. You can't just go to orlando and come back and be like I'm not going to talk about it. Yeah! None! Your business the weather was nice, but here's, here's the weird we have the guy station person stating that they saw Ricky on two days, leading the two days the day before his death. and the day that the medical examiner determine he died. We have his girlfriend saying that I last spoke to him on the phone the day before the medical examiner says that ricky died right. The gas station is blocks. It's it's literally a couple street blocks from where ricky was living at the time. So for him,
yet that gas station on two different days, but not have stayed at his apartment. That night is very strange to me Well, I'm assuming he didn't stay there, because we sondra the girlfriend saying the last time she saw was the day before they said that he was dead. The hour mu, Shu stayin, somewhere am I right where she wasn't a possibility? I mean he get the the guy goes to the hospital. You know twice in two weeks and she doesn't go visit and once the hospital so may. What kind of relationship is that now that the the death was ultimately change to a suspicious death? not quite a homicide. But I think this is what we talked about earlier, where we have the medical exam you're saying I don't know and then we have the policing. We suspect foul play
what I stated early were was that the f b I that comes out years later and says that he died from a gunshot wound, that's actually not factual and we can't find the cause of death and it's reported in multiple sources that possibly there's a gunshot wound or possibly a stab wound or possibly a head injury head injury. So is not clear either way. Yeah. I to me, though, like I said, I think that, because it took so long for his body to be found, I don't think He was in that field the entire time from that from the time of his death to when he was discovered. This almost three days- and I just feel like that to me- and I think, that's probably what the police were working off of- is, we suspect, five foul play, because dead body that, just as in transport itself, too miles away and put itself in a field
there is also other reports. I mean as what drives me nuts about the news, as in others, a report that is found by this lady right driving along the freeway. She found that there's other reports that he was found by a farmer, so she could have been a former one possibly or he could have been, not as close to the road and back a little bit further and was found by a farmer. Hmm, I mean that's possible too. That's all I'm saying so is it you know. Could he have been there for three days very possible depending on where he was found in what location and by whom rate selfies, as if, if it's found by the side of the road by this lady, then probably not likely that news there for three days bright, but if his body was
Further back is found my former, it's very possible that he could have been there for three days could have been there for weeks and nobody found him well. He couldn't have been there for a while now, but what I'm saying he you know something could have been there for weeks, but the the thing here is, though, The local reports that I found multiple reports state. He was found by a woman, and I think One point I even had her name, I didn't see appointing include it here and my notes, but I am also reports saying she found by women, but all the reports stating it was an open area that it's an open grass area that it wasn't can see old in any manner by that it was just out in the open. Now one thing you mentioned earlier is that this was a quota dumping ground right strip of land where he was found has been quoted as
criminal dumping ground for years. This is what the policing to back them up. We have a ninety. Ninety five authorities discovered the bullet in body of a woman in an abandoned house, along the same stretch of u s, rule sixty seven, And then two years after ricky's death, state road crews, bowing grass. Some three yards a proxy three hundred yards away from where they found ricky, they found the new bodies of two more women. So yes, this appears be an area that, for some reason, dead bodies keep turning up here. So ricky is unemployed and he gets disability. So he to supplement his income. You he run some drugs. So there's this guy, the gas station a he works, part time and a gas station, but also possibly run some arrow
for this individual, and then we have his girlfriend saying that while he went to orlando- and that was possibly because he has been there before to get marijuana so then he goes,
possibly gets marijuana, possibly dozen of marijuana, but when he comes back he's noticeably different almost like he's scared. That is what the girlfriend says right. Then we have a noticeable difference reported by his aunt, and then we have these things where he's checking into the hospital, but she says that's a way to get away from somebody and then he's last seen at this gas station, which would be the plates that he was employed at the gas station, but also to possibly run a marijuana for this individual for bob and then he's right for bob and then he's found dumped in this area. That's known as
kind of a dumping ground to be follow. That trail, then your number one suspect is bob lawyer, And- and so why are they not saying who saw a rickie last? Is that to protect them from Bob? I would guess I would guess he did it's one of two things it's either bob himself off if somebody that they want to protect from bob. Let's Let's get into this, because you're you're you're circling around something very important here is that when he was discovered dead when ricky was discovered dead when that, when the police started interviewing ricky's relatives his friends his girlfriend, people that knew him. This is one
the thing that stood out when his girlfriend was asked. Was there any one that may have wanted to hurt ricky or kill Ricky? She told the detectives that bob she suspected bob would want to hurt or kill Ricky the man that Ricky worked for at the amoco station why ended that she said she suspected? He the same guy that was sending ricky on these drug runs to orlando now, so so here's the thing: let's go through this amoco gas station cause. This is where I, with. This is the last known citing of him and there some bad people that are involved with this, station, so the original owner of the business listen what's going on here that the gas station with the different owners over the years. So sky, the original owner, he killed his neighbour with a butcher knife during a front yard argument. This was in may of nineteen. Ninety four, that's I so
settle all neighbourhood argument really You don't want to cut down that tree. Let me go get my butcher knife yeah, any he ended up. He ended up serving. He was later. He self, was later killed in prison while serving a life sentence. For that second degree, murder charged com, a bit yeah. So now we have a another guy. he's a it's another hum della, ok, his fur name is somebody's gonna. Tell me how to say this. J I m a humble he's: a palestine an emigrant who, until two and in two he used the name David rat again. He then became the president of the business after this other guy went to prison for killing his his neighbor right. Well, he hires his brother
bob hum de la okay. Now these two brothers, they have a very rocky relationship to say the least. In august of nineteen, ninety nine to less than two months after ricky's death police. from maryland heights investigated in incident in which David alive Thirdly, shot bob bob survived the shooting but filed. Charges against his brother. According to police reports, detectives look, into the shooting gathered information linking bob to a gang in saint louis, So these were they also linked bob to narcotics by is reported to be a violent man and in possession of several weapons, including hand, guns police. ports and witness statements spanning several years illustrate repeated episodes of violence by this man
Shortly after moving to saint Louis and nineteen, ninety seven from cleveland, ohio bob, who was then Twenty two years old he was cruising, the streets of saying, who is in a blue Mazda protege, when a police detective saw him pull up alongside a man named Terence clark. and they saw bob lean out of his car window and fire a shot at this man with a thirty eight collar revolver according to the least, report of the incident and a wit and witness statements, while these are bad dude. Since the dick knows brigade Well, not only bad deeds gift in this bob guy, apparently he's add shot as well because he pulls up next to this. Guy leans out his car fires at the guy, the guy, His unharmed he's, like you, know like the matrix he doesn't get hit by a single bullet now You no witnesses, saw this. We have upheld, This officer that sees this go down. They end up
resting bob for this, but he and never being prosecuted bout nine months later in march of ninety. Ninety eight bob was visiting one of older brothers at his brothers job, his brother worked at a like a family market. Small grocery store something and bob goes there to visit his brother at some point. They get in some kind of argument and then allegedly grabs a gun. and he goes across the street, and he said firing from the other side of the street at his brother s, big pussies. several shots were fired and he ended up actually hitting his brother with one shot so he was shot. I guess I'd rather him at some point and indifferent brother therefrom brother yeah. and so violent family. Well, I d love to those like you know that
just be a man if you really want to fight him, but do a little fisticuffs right step, put toe to toe right up. Get you get your fist up to low fisticuffs. Why bob took off after shooting his brother, he, but any days later, he ended up turning himself in yeah it was me they charged him with it now and then his brother. It comes forward and tells police that he doesn't want them to prosecute his brother for this so later that same month, while working at the families amoco station bob was arrested again time on a felony charge of civic second degree assault for julie, beating a man with a rusty hammer, so bob, allegedly threatened to kill this man that was described by his family and acquaintances as a sometimes homeless drug. At. Now Bob beat the man because, according to
he wanted the man to get off of the property. And, according to the incident report, bob told the police. I just figured I'd, take care of this myself on august, dick dick knows He is probably one of these guys. I'd love if there was a picture of this guy, but he's probably one of these guys, even how big and tough- and he goes out there and there's this homeless guy that you know is bothering him right and bar bothering the customer, so he has to go out there, and you know somebody goes we'll just call the cops. No, I'm just going to go, beat 'em up. You loser well, Here's another strange incident- this could just be a coincidence- could be a coincidence idle now, but on august, seventh of that same year, this is just two weeks before that was that case was scheduled to go to court. For bob beating this guy with the rusty hammer, the man
the victim, the guy that he beat he's gone down. I'm just blocks from the amoco station on a residential, three tall, really yeah in an bearing housing projects. So depending charges went away in the and murder remains unsolved to this day now confidential and mormons, have told the police that this man was killed because bob either a paid for the man to be killed or that he ordered it to be done according to louis police reports? Why pray order there are paid it because we know that his shot is so bad that yeah copy here I'll hire somebody hereby claimants now hit sleeping homeless man. Here's the thing, though, by the other. Ninety, ninety nine. It was learned that the Saint Louis police department they were investigating a man named Gregory Lamar knox now
Knox was a major drug dealer who operate in and around a housing complex where Ricky Mccormick had lived. Knox was also a suspect in several homicide, including at least to murder, for higher schemes and a court to police records are confidential, inform it also told police that knox was responsible for the murder. a black man who worked at a gas station whose body was was dumped near west. All to me like their describing ricky Mccormick without saying his name down so saying, was police captain. They. They ve, also linked the bob guy in
his alleged family to criminal activity and in a possible connection with this Gregory knox. Okay slot to unwrap here, hm okay. So, first of all, if he was martyred, quote unquote, most likely he's working for Bob bob's piece of shit by bob use a piece of shit, probably bob right right. If he's going to, if he's going to die
as seen by a gunshot, but we have no evidence of a bullet hole right right. So then I'm guessing no gunshot guy says they saw him at the gas station the day before they think he died and the day of and the day of so and the cops think that the the body was moved yeah. He killed him at the gas station then you move the body yeah and here's the thing ricky would have gone to that gas station and would have been his natural habit to probably go to that gas station multiple times a day within the same day right, but he he we have A report of him go on there below recently, right so
all I'm saying is no report of him going there recently when you want to go down this rabbit hole with me, for I got to get back from florida. We have no report of him goin to the gas station that it works at that he possibly runs some drugs here and there.
for bob. I think we could. We should assume that he had visited the gas station at some point, but between returning from florida and going into the hospital, maybe by ghazal, spell twice but at some point he gets out of the hospital the second time and he tells his girlfriend I'm going to go there to get something to eat and may be. He was going to do that, but also maybe he was going to try to set something right. I need to go talk to Bob. I need to go apologize from whatever or I just need to see if he needs any work done whatever so last place. Seen of a bunch of criminals working there running the place and possibly murders guy ends up dead if he was murdered. That's that's the place. You look the second one where he lived in the sa community where it was run by a drug dealer. Is it possible that m
ricky ransom drugs for him, that's very possible to, but because the cops believe the body was moved, I'd, say it's more likely bob and the gas station yeah and well what's what is bob's relationship with this Gregory knox, because you have ok, here's look the way on the street is this right that there, the poor, sir being told by people on the street that this Gregory is rumoured to have killed a black man that worked at a gas station in his body was dumped near west. All that one hundred percent describes are victim, Ricky Mccord, ok and then there's other people stating that you know this guy was a big time drug dealer in ricky's neighbourhood. The problem with that as we have the gas station, which is essential, the same neighborhood. So you have two things: either did did Ricky, do something to piss somebody off enough to want to kill him,
like his girlfriend, told the police, you know look at bob or what the competing with this drug dealer and lost some kind of turf war that that the knox killed him to win some kind of turf war over bob, not over Ricky well after the police find out about all this information. All the things that their hearing from these people on the streets they decide that Within weeks they start conducting stake out of the gas station and of several homes of owners and the employees of this gas station. Now this, and turn into any arrest doesn't leave, many arrest, despite their ongoing suspicion, an investigation, the detectives they could never substantiate claims from the inform it suggests suggesting a connection between bob and his family and knocks
to prove that one or either you know that one or both of them were responsible for ricky Mccormick's death, but both of these men bob and knocks they. Both they still ended up going to prison knox was rested in July of two thousand he pledged guilty to charges of possession with intent to distribute crack cocaine and carrying a fee your arm during a drug trafficking crime, a more two thousand and one report to congress noted knox, was a suspect in at least four homicides that occurred ninety ninety eight and ninety ninety nine in the Saint louis area, he was all The number one supplier of narcotics to le sale park, homes area in south saint louis, on october. Thirteen two thousand your boy bob. He was my boy he's it
dick knows, was now managing another store at the time. This is called the charlie's food market in madison illinois, where he into an argument with the customer, different versions this event would be late. Presented in court, but ultimately a jury convicted bob of first degree murder. for he shot the man in the face the nine millimeter glock outside of the store casserole piece of work and september of two thousand and two a judge sentence bob to thirty eight years in prison for that killing. However, later bob, when he's going through the appeals process, he caught a break in which later the court's decided that the gun went off while by when the man were struggling for control of the gun so on may fifteenth. Two thousand and eight bob walked out of court, a free man, and he has sense. married and relocated to cleveland. Oh hi, son of a bitch gypsies
starting over in good old cleveland, ohio and as for knox. I think he was dont quote me on this, but I He was released from prison in two thousand and thirteen or fourteen craned grounds, So we have some bad criminal elements that are very close to Ricky Mccormick, our so if he was murdered of ricky was murdered. Then it's one, that's by one of these gas. I I think so yeah, I'm a terry simple. It seems like that may now now something that we purposely have not mentioned. Yet. This is because it was publicly known until twelve years after Ricky Mccormick was murdered, that when they found ricky's body homicide detectives, they searched the forty one year olds victims pockets for clues reading his identity and possible leads as to who could have killed this guy and they found several things in his pockets. Now one
was a ticket for an emergency room visit? We knew he had those two visits book shortly before his death, but they also, found two pages of notes. These were written in some strange kind of code. The detectives eventually pass these coded pages, onto the fbi and after exam the documents, the f b. I concluded that these ciphers could tell us who killed ricky, mccormick, are things for listening dates for town a friend will see asmara as we dive into the cipher and until then everybody be good, be kind and don't let
the. sometimes lose. That don't know it's still fun with fun. Sometimes rolling is a swan, and what makes me love? It is that's why nationwide is on us that nationwide mutual insurance company and affiliates columbus, ohio.
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