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On a hot summer evening in July of 1996 something interrupted 29 year old Rob Mohney’s dinner. Rob got up from the table and left his home in a hurry and he has never been seen alive since. Rob was a hardworking guy, with a lot of friends and it is within that group that we feel we can get some answers. Join us in the Garage for a couple of cold ones while we see if we can heat up this cold case. Beer of the Week - Red Bird Ale by Portsmouth Brewing CompanyGarage Grade - 3 and a quarter bottle caps out of 5

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The dispatch article from two thousand and five on the anniversary of the disappearance of rob, bony, titled police still searching for man go on nine years. This is on the nine year anniversary captain and the article states rob monye, backed his red pontiac firebird out of his driveway and disappeared down two lane road, this, according to a neighbour working in her yard, on central college, rode on that hot July evening.
he saw him go as she said. She had seen many times before said that it seemed routine, but, as we know, captain, unfortunately that was the last time any one reported seeing rob alive now fast forward. All of these years later, today is the day after the anniversary of the day, he was reported missing way back in nineteen. Ninety six He was reported July, eighteenth as missing and as an even though his body hasn't been found in this.
Echo westerwelle police, detective dave king, said he is convinced that rob has been murdered, but they do not know how and back in two thousand and five they released investigative files on the case that showed that police suspected foul play early on in this case. Why would that be again? This man goes missing and what we learn here, as we talk so much yesterday about his red, pontiac firebird. What this article makes clear is that when they found that vehicle and because he was missing when they found the vehicle, they called in Westerwelle police called him columbus police and the oh hi, o bureau of invest,
the they come in and they take fingerprints they're looking for fingerprints on different parts of this vehicle. They come to the conclusion based off of not finding fingerprints that it seems that the car had been wiped clean of fingerprints and I'm guessing here captain if you're sitting in a room full of detectives, we're all go on what this guy, probably Didn't dr his vehicle to hoover reservoir over by the damn park, it leave the keys in it, wiped out all the fingerprints from the car and then walk away from his life. So somebody cause this man to go missing and somebody is responsible for why he's missing and where he is today. In fact, I firm believe, and I think that there is a lot of evidence that suggest that this case is only the recovery of his bow.
de away from bringing forward charges again. We stated yesterday police had already honed again on a suspect and refer to this person, as he is thus aspect in this case. So a mail is the prime suspect in this case one what you're saying yesterday's leaves his house, but we have no sign of any kind of struggle for anything going down anything going house. We see his car no sign of a struggle so at first for discord. What work? Where did this guy
Was he meeting? I was somebody what's the issue, but then, once you start investigating low further and you go, we came and find a single fingerprint bright. That's that's very fishy, very fishy. The other thing that people thought to be a little strange as well is. There are two different reports robs listed at five foot, ten inches tall or five foot eleven inches tall, depending on which report you see, and several people have pointed out that when the vehicle is found, the driver's seat was pushed all the way forward closest to in the position closest to the steering wheel, people that no him best say that rob when it
never sat that close to the steering wheel. These people, it's their belief, that whoever moved that vehicle was shorter than rob and that that might be a telling sign of who put the vehicle there and then, let's take that a step further and does not take a very big leap to go from well. Whoever placed that vehicle at hoover reservoir either is responsible for why rob disappeared or knows what happened to him because assisted in moving that vehicle? I spoke to the detective and a couple of things that that we agreed on. I asked him: is there? Do you think There is any way that rob is in hoover reservoir in the water over there, because that would make a lot of sense right as vehicles found there. We're talking about five square miles of of water, ray and, of course,
detective said. Look until we find him. Nothing is one hundred percent, I said, but would you agree based off for this urges early on the dive team. The teams that dragged the the water over there. Would you agree that the statement is of the west or real police that we are very confident that he is not in the water? And the detective said? Yes, we are department based off of our searches, are very often it that he is not in that water over there of his, so are learning that there's no fingerprints in the vehicle again, like you, said the obvious answer is he goes missing it? Is he in this water and cops for whatever reason, love foresman, for whatever reason the same man, I wouldn't think he's there we their basing that off of their extensive searches of the that water,
But what more can we learn from this? Well? Some of this is a little repetitive, but bear with me everybody are you you're kind of like a parrot there you go. This is the article that states that we talked about the half eaten steak dinner. We talked about what is not public knowledge of the the kool aid placed in the freezer that night, his roommate being at work. That is confirmed by by all parties involved in this investigation and you're, not misspeaking, it's freezer refrigerator. That's that's what I was told by more than one person and then on top of that this is the article that states rob left his wallet filled with money at his home, and this is coming from he's in this article saying that that is further evidence that he wasn't planning on being away long. So
trying to go back to figuring out why he even left at all this article to police, saying we don't believe he was ever put in the hoover and quote. This is sad. This is a sad part of the article where his mother had turned to psychics for answers for years, and it was only through the council of close friends, some of them being rob's friends that had told her kept telling her look. These psychics are just using the they're, giving you false hope that you're gonna find your son in that he's going to be alive, she's cleaning out hope, she's, desperate. he's hiring hiring psychics to talk with you These twenty nine years old, but this is still her baby. That's right and she says there and then she says also This article, that that eventually, she stopped spending money on psychics when she caught a saw the light right. One of em tells her that his he was close to water near an outlet, mall and churches and then
he realized yeah? That's pretty easy to state that, because that could be anywhere yeah or hinde did some digging. I mean this is this: is where sunbury road or that sunbury, that the area that's what his car would have been around this? This is where we get the best information, yet the article goes on to say that western police have solid reports early on that he was them rob was the victim of foul play. Rob was dating a woman who had once stated a friend upsetting the man. Now, let's use this term friend very loosely, and I will get into that just a second. The article says that, just before rob Van
the man might have forced robs firebird off of route, one sixty one in retaliation for rob dating this woman. Now this article refers to this woman as robs girlfriend so says, robs girlfriend told westerwelle polices. She had talked by phone with him at about eight p m July sixteenth. This is the last day that he seen and according to remember, we have the neighbour witness, so this air quotes girlfriend as they refer to this woman in the article says that she talked to rob at about eight p m July sixteenth one hour later he pulled out of his driveway, so that's the neighbour witnessing him out of the driveway around nine p m. and we know that the vehicle his vehicle is found. Point three. My
it from his home opposite direction that he travels less than five hours later? That's when it could have been there much sooner, but we know. based off of the security logs from the park, ranger that it was spotted shortly after midnight, so we're starting to see a little bit of a picture here. Right now,. Here is where this running rob off the road comes into question as well. This article says might have run him off the road. I spoke with two people. That said, one hundred percent not only was rob, run off the vehicle of what rob in his vehicle run off the road on a friday night before he disappeared, but that rob knew the man that ran him off the road. So you room, do member captain, the billiard club on one sixty one: they they hosts bans they
Often they got a bunch of pool tables kind of a bigger club. It was. It was very popular in the nineties, well in the late nineties, rob his room may in a bunch of people and rob circle, a bunch of the people that rob went to high school with therefrom westerwelle. This club is in columbus proper, but not for far from westerwelle and a lot of that the west or veal people that were of robs age would hang out at the billiard club in the late nineties. Early sorry the made too late nineties because they knew the owner. They went to high school with the owner.
on a friday night before rob went missing. This is very some reports say that it was the week before he went missing. Other reports say that it was the friday before he went missing it's hard for me to sort that out over twenty years later. The story is this: he's talking to a girl, a woman, the he knew that's rough. His age at the billiard club on that Friday night right, let's call her shirley, ok, don't come refer, that's right! surely leaves with rob and we know this because robs therewith several of his friends who have all told me the same story. In fact, one of those friends was with rob at the billiard club and was in his own vehicle and would be meeting rob and other friends it robs house after that.
Harding the billiard club so rob talks. The disk woman shirley robin shirley leave in his firebird their driving toward robs home on central college road and the guy that she was either in a relationship with or previously in a relationship with, let's call him Andy. He spots the two He's aware that the two are hanging out. This drives him crazy and he decides to force robs car off of the road. Now look there's no damage done. Nobody was injured. Some would say no harm, no foul, but let's keep in mind. This is a violent act. Somebody could have been heard severely hurt or injured in the situation or possibly worse. We have a whole bunch of peace, you're telling police the same name who would want to her rob the sea
named use coming up over and over and over and over again. Well, it's not too big of a leap to go. The guy that random off the road just days before is probably the same guy, the name that keeps coming up to police. The friend meets, rob and shirley back at rob. Place that night after he's run off the road. Remember the friend was at the billiard club prior when he gets the robs house. He didn't witness robbing ran off the road. What he witnesses is, he shows up it robs house and member robs living for the weekend. Work hard party, hard bunch of people, roommate everybody. the house, and what are they talking about that Andy guy ran rob off the road? Oh, he just ran him off the road he could have killed him. That is the topic of discussion that night that they hang out, now listen to this article, what did they say
They refer to this woman is robs girlfriend, which I think is difficult to say because we're talking day state, they would have if, if they were dating at all that this started days before he went missing, I think there is calling for that because I didn't want to use her name were calling her. Surely so she tells west urville police that she talked to rob on the phone at eight p m on July, sixteenth, then the neighbors see I'm leaving in his car by himself about an hour later, his car is found less than
I've hours later abandoned at hoover reservoir? One hundred percent captain, whatever caused him to leave the house that night led to his disappearance and police, are saying that he was murdered. Now this man is not unknown to police. This article article continues: the man took a lie: detector tests, but results were inconclusive. How do you feel about that captain you like. Sometimes police are telling us results are inconclusive when they can't throw the guy directly under the bus. Publicly or to the newspapers of both as the throwing them under the bus yeah, let let's let people speculate as to what what this man it may have said so you have. What I wonder, though, so are we saying that the night that he goes missing that maybe he s a car from somebody? In their say,
Hey you know that guy that ran off the road he is here, for I saw him there and so that rob would have ran out of the house. Maybe then confront this guy. The problem becomes that the neighbors don't see anybody but rob right. They see rob hop in his car and leave I'm going to when we get to the theories here. I this the breakdown of that I'm line according to the person, surely that they refer to as robs girlfriend, is very telling to me now real quick before we get to the theories. this woman, that their referring to his robs girlfriend says that, a week later week after rob disappeared that she is at a place called hammer jack's bar on route, one sixty one- and I do not recall hammer jack's ever I don't know where it is where
was it's not around today in ninety ninety six, I was not of drinking age or close to it. So if this, wherever this bar was but it's on one sixty one so not terribly far from the previous club that we too it's about, and this is the same. Woman shirley says that she's at hammer jack's bar on route, one sixty one and she runs into what is referred to as a another man. So This is when they say another man. There clearly point. now that it's not the same man as the suspect right. This is another person article says she ran into another man who ran with robs westerwelle crowd that man tells her. Your boy is six feet under quote your boy is six feet. now police say we interviewed that man who then denied making that statement
and the police go on in this article to say that they are optimistic, that somebody out there know something, and this is nine years after the fact they say. I hope one day that they are going to do. The right thing this family- and they do say in this article that they are confident that they could solve the case at some point. Given the right information now before we get into the theories captain we should state rob is listed on name is on the name is website. He is missing persons, identification number mp, one one, two three so much more to get to join us back here in the garage right after this. There are people who say things are made in this country. Any
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the alright, we are back make sure you go to true crime, garage dot, com sign up on the mailing list, and if you want to join the colonel at crime con in orlando make sure you use promo code, t c g ten to get ten percent off cheers captain cheers to everybody out there cheers to the people the back now. Let's can we all agree here in the garage. I say that like there's thirty people hears, it's me in your current law, there's a there's a couple of people in our pockets. If the police tell us that they have good reason to believe
there's foul play: can we can we move past? The idea that may be robbed just walked away from his life right. Ok, so let's take the police at their word. They are telling us that there's foul play, I believe, there's foul play to, even even if police work up front about that. I look at the sing and say it's got foul play written all over it. Now, where is rob? That's that's. Whole thing here, I believe that the one thing that is holding charges back from being brought forward against an individual is the finding of robs remains, and the thing is, there's been a bunch of people over the years. They have told police what happened rob. Unfortunately, they cannot confirm that, without
The evidence that would be his remains more. The location of his remains as to which theory or which story that's being presented to them, is true. We ve talked about the several times here in the garage. If you find rob what will happen, it will confirm one of those stories for police as being true that will be the lead that they need. That will be the evidence. I need to go out and charge somebody with this homicide. Now the car it was moved. Can we agree on that? Rob went somewhere. He went in the opposite direction of the car was later found. Things happened very quickly here now did nay, because we know that, according to his air, quotes girlfriend shirley, who he it may be, already dating just days before he goes missing. She says she called him around. Eight o clock neighbours see him
around nine p m park rangers find his car a ban in the parking lot less than five hours after he leaves his home. Things are moving very quickly. Something, happened to rob in that five hours and in early enough that whoever is responsible for his disappearance was able to move his vehicle after the fact too that location yeah I'm not sold on the idea that his car was moved. I I would, I would go with you on the idea that that's probably more likely what happened, but what we do know for certainty. Is somebody wiped down that car they altered that they altered that vehicle
destroying evidence, so unless something, unless rob drove his car to that location, right and somebody abducts him from there, which we do know, is in the opposite direction of where he he was heading when he left his house, I don't think it matters what direction he was heading when he left his house, then that car had to have been moved. The thing is, if that car was moved to me, I'm looking at a minimum of two percent operation here. somebody to help the perpetrator, the murderer, whether after the fact or after witnessing or being a part of the murder of rob, mony Moving that vehicle and then getting everybody back to where they need to be away from that vehicle. now we should point out here. Remember shirley was Relationship prior to with them
and who ran rob off of the road where calling him andy where we're not using his real name, even though he's we'll ship bag, because he's charged in this crime should he has been convicted of other crimes, but right, we're not gonna use his real name here, because he's not been charged in this cry. So we'll just call him Andy. For short, Andy's parents live on central college road, the same road that rob lives on not far from robs home in the direction that rob was leaving that evening Remember all signs point to rob believing or or his actions suggesting that he believes he would be returning rather quickly back to his home and possibly back to his meal. That night by own emission, surely says:
she's on the phone with rob at eight p m there any chance. It surely call is the one that lead rob to leaving his home And then we have people telling crime garage that they were well aware that win Andy and surely were in a relationship together that there was violence in that relationship. Could a three against surely inspire rob to leave and maybe go confront? individual who had run him off the road, or was he meeting did he think he was meeting surely in running to her defence because she was at this man's residence. There's a lot of stuff going on there and I feel like we are just one may. two pieces away from solving this puzzle alike
said over and over the, whereas vehicles found his minutes from his house and if its, unlike you said, if there is evidence that leans towards the idea, The car was moved again, whether or not we agree on that doesn't matter because we do have some ie isn't messing tampering with the car, and so is it out of the realms of possibility of. We do not have rob we wiped out. His car would toss them in the water and we go about our yeah. They think the thing that's telling to me, too, is even though police are tight lipped. The question that I gave to the detective was: do you believe that it had to have been more than one person to move his vehicle and put a it. That location where was found, and the detective said
the vehicle could have been moved by one person or to the key part of that answer. To me is it sounds like police or of the belief too, that the vehicle was move. in place there yeah the reason why they're saying one is because of the our prime suspect is Andy guy. His parents live on the same road. Then I dunno I get that. What I'm saying is. That is the question that there's Answer within the non answer that question the answer is They believe that the vehicle was moved by one to twenty thirty people, they're, not saying maybe They don't know how many people move the vehicle, but they are of the belief working on this. Read that it was in fact move now, Own back in on something that was stated in that article by surely who says I was at hammer jack's bar once it
what about a week after rob, went missing. I ran into another man. Who ran around with rob and his crowd, and this man says to me: your boy is six feet under quote your boy is six feet under police. Say they interview that man and that man says no. I never at that? Well, guess what one of them is lying either. He said that. Surely is being honest with police or sure He is lying to police and try to implicate somebody else having knowledge of what happened to rob, but why
She do. That probably wants to take herself out of the equation of being involved in whatever happened, to rob. If, in fact, she was the one lie. This case is difficult because I've been told by a few different sources captain that it possibly could be linked to another homicide, and this is a columbus homicide that took place a few years after rob disappeared. So it robs case law enforcement has a lot of reasons. To believe that this is a foul play. Maybe charges will be brought if they could find robs remains, but some people have speculated that robs disappear.
It could be conducted to another local homicide. Yes- and this comes from, as you said, captain crime stoppers, who were looking for tips offering up a reward for information leading to an arrest in a separate, completely separate homicide in the and the crimes stoppers request. says man shot unburned beyond recognition. A man was shot and killed his body burn beyond recognition. It's a murder case that columbus police have been trying to solve for more than a year, and we have a quote from the victims: mother delors, donoghue, who says quote. I want these people off of the street. She wants to see justice for the people who kill her son, the victim of a gruesome murder that took place in January two thousand and two the last time her son, troy donoghue, was seen alive. He was hanging out.
With some friends at a pool hall in north Columbus, you're gonna recognise a name that we just spoke about previously. Troy left the billiards club around eleven o clock. Now. Keep in mind, though this is six years after rob, disappeared, five and a half years exactly after, rob disappeared. Troy told his brother and friends. He was going to the parking lot and would be gone only a few minutes as minutes turn to hours. The remembers. Watching news reports of a body found near freeway drive. It turned out to be her son. He had been shot three times in his body set on fire burn so badly a delivery. Man thought that it was a pile of trash,
close. I will never understand why he had to be hurt so bad, because he would give anything to anybody and, what's likely to be more than just a coincidence, someone also broke into troy's apartment that same night, the night, the disappeared right, so this article more than a year later, columbus police saying we need the public's help. We do not want some other mother to have to sit by and get hurt as bad anna family her as bad as this one has, so they offer up at or a reward. Now, let's cut. The story short here in this troy donoghue murder. Ok, it was no coincidence this that his apartment was broken into that night. His apartments broken into there's money stolen from the apartment and they find blood in the apartment. Now, I'm not certain I've sorted through this captain. I can't figure out exactly where the blood came from. If it was true,
blood. It sounds to me that this is what happened, because we know based off of eye witness statements from the billiard club that night that he said, oh a corpse up in the parking lot of vehicle pulls up into the parking lot. I believe, as a Van areas. All I gotta go out there and talk to these people I'll be right back. He goes out, doesn't ever come back into the bar, I'm guessing that those people abducted, Troy donoghue. Fuck him to his apartment and either used him to gain access that or or threatened him while they gained access to his apartment, they were looking for something in that apartment, money, drugs, maybe even weapons.
And we know that the apartment was all busted up in at the end of the night, Troy Donahue is killed and set on fire. Now he was killed. It was ruled by the coroner that he was set on fire after he died. He he was already dead by the time that happened, and eventually they catch up to all these people, so the vehicle that these people were out stealing a bunch of vehicles. That night, too, there were three of them and they arrested them and charged them with the stolen vehicles and charge them with breaking into troy, donahue apartment. It would take several years for these people to turn on each other, but eventually what we end up with captain is all of those boy evolved, start spill,
in the beans, and then we end up with three people being arrested and charged in some form or fashion, with either donahue murder or with abuse of a corpse? How does this story have anything to do with rob's disappearance. rob and try knew each other a little bit? Ok from my understanding, the way it's explained to me is that rob ran with some of the people there Emma, troy and troy ran with some of the people that ran with rob, but the two never really ran together make sense, a person that new both of them says that they went to troy's and I'm having difficulty
recalling this, because we have grandparents and parents that are named throughout this story by different sources. It was either choice: parents, home or grandparents home this person is close with troy goes to troy's, parents' home or grandparents home Troyes, the two with the purpose of meeting troy. This meeting takes place in july of nineteen ninety six same month. That rob goes missing. this sore says, Troy was out in the back yard, doing yard work when this person talks detroit troy is sweating, he's all dirty. He looks like he's been digging in the back yard and the is what's going on. You look tired. You looked all beat up, you look. You look you're sweaty, what's going on, I just
the backyard digging and doing some work. Nobody really this person doesn't think much of this at that time. This person then sees troy again at another time there at a different location. This person has told us that troy pulls this person assign and says. If anything ever happens to me. Remember just remember that there's something buried in my in that backyard. If any, it happens to me, remember, there's something buried in the backyard now to be perfectly clear to be perfectly clear this, this common I'd. Poor, troy, Donna hughes killed may have nothing to do with robs case at all. Why
buried in that back yard. What was troy telling to trying to tell this person may have nothing to do with robs case. It could be money and that by backyard it could be drugs. It could be weapons who knows what it could be, but it's the circle that might be connected. It's this another shirk its exactly it's the circle. In its this person saying, I have always said that somebody needs to dig up that back yard because of the time coming of every thing he's out there digging in the yard not terribly long after rob disappears and by the way, whatever he's digging or why ever he's digging in that role than that yard and alive your time tells the same person. If anything ever happens to me, remember, that there's something buried in that back yard and what
Unfortunately, we know something terrible ends up happening to this young man. So this is one of those things captain can I believe, whoever is responsible for rob going missing, probably had some kind of help, whether there Help was killing rob making him disappear, whether help was moving the vehicle. Whether that help was bearing the body. I believe that he had some help and I believe There are probably I hesitated to give it a definitive answer here, but after speaking to all the people that I could get in touch with the help they have inside or knowledge
I have this case and the people that we've discussed in this story that there's probably about we're, probably down to about four places that they should be looking for. Rob and again, I can't speak for Westerville police department, but I can, I can speculate. and you ve seen this a hundred times. I've seen it a hundred times. I believe they one body away from charging somebody, and we do know that it point they had a prime suspect in that primes aspect was a mail. You any would think that maybe there would at least be able to search that property with cadaver dog, from what I've been told by multiple people, the four locations that that
not going to talk about here today in the garage that we are choosing not to announce the public these locations and for good reason. But what we ve been told is that these locations have been discussed recently with police by its in their power. If if there are able to do something with this information, they might be doing something with a relatively soon frustration, as is pro
the key word in these cases, but let us not be fooled. We ve talked to so many people on law enforcement and when they believe they know who is responsible for somebody's murder, they want to get the bad guy distance as much, if not more than anybody else. Well, here's the thing! We you look further, that weak link right. You are the weakest link. You look for that, because what do we have here? Captain if, as stated by law enforcement, they have a primes spect. In this case, we can't say for certain that it's the person that were calling Andy, but, according to everybody, we ve talked to all roads lead to this person that were calling Andy and then I think the way to go about this. Your talk, over twenty years later, and no,
solution to this homicide case. You ve not been able to crack this person whether he failed that lie detector inconclusive. Whatever you want to call it. Testy took years ago, you not been able to build a great case against him. So what do you do? I believe, based off of the vehicle, its location. Where was found in the events of the night that rob went missing, an off of statements that have been relayed to us. The prime suspect had help whether was in the murder, the concealment of the body or the moving of the vehicle or the destruction of evidence them. The murderer had help. The prime suspect is probably the murder and had help. So you look for the weak link. You look for the person or persons,
helped the prime suspect and see if you can get them to crack or see if you can find or build a case against one of them so who could have helped the prime suspect? Well, we already mentioned the individual that were calling shirley who says that they called rob that night is there. Why rob left did this person were calling, surely come up with a story to convince rob to leave that night to go to a place to put himself into danger and he where he got ambushed? We also have that person that same person that we're calling, surely that says, I talk to some guy bumped into another man like a week later, and he said your boy is six feet under police say we talk to him. He said I did not say that one of those two his lying right- if it surely is now too hard to believe that she's lying about a whole bunch of other stuff. In this case, oh, let's point another weird thing here: the people,
Were calling surely, in Andy years, to rob is gone now. move in and rent that house, but ass a little strange now in it that's a little weird. They read the same house that rob was living in that rob once rented in life. in himself, though the home he was living in when he disappeared, and then so who, who was that's where we want to go with this now we talked about toy donoghue, who had said that weird statement to a person that that new, both rob and new troy, If anything ever happens to me, remember, there's something buried in that backyard. Could it be rob it might be? We don't know right, it is very likely is not, but it could be again if the prime suspect had help could Troy danny. You have been a helper,
Then we ve had a couple. People tell us it. There were two strange guys that they believe or from Columbus or the columbus area that were hanging out at rob and wrongs house the weekend prior to rob going missing. Could they have helped our prime suspect, oh and lets? Take that a step further? Could one of them have been troy? Donoghue was who was from Columbus? We ve had another source. They told us the two very evil man suspected of other evil deeds from nelson ville may have been involved, and while we will not disclose the locations, the eggs locations of those four properties that one should call into question, and that that I believe- and I would hope that some day they can be searched. The one of those properties is obviously that property.
The toy donoghue referenced, if anything ever happened to me, remember, there's something buried in that that backyard Other property should be down this from where rob lived, the direction he driving that night is in the direction of the poor and we're calling andy of his his parents home where, He was residing at the time that rob disappeared. Could something be there could Robbie there on that property, these bad guys from nelson ville? there's a property, and we we know the address, there's a property and nelson ville. That might have something. There were
looking for and then another location that that that we can't, we won't give a description of here. But this is one of those cases captain that so damn frustrating because there's it feels like there's its described. As this very mysterious case of this man just disappears one night in his cars. By the water, well, you start peeling back the layers, and you see that there are some very plausible theories here. There's some very suspicious looking individuals involved in this story and they start digging, you go maybe there's some low hanging fruit here, but here we sit all these years later, without answers as to what ever happened to rob, mony. It also with a lot of local rumours and and speculation, and and people say whether there could be a body. This backyard well have had plenty of time to move it.
Law enforcement says oh well. We don't believe that his body was in the water, but he could move the body and put in the water, so there might have been answered that they could have found out one time at one time, but that doesn't mean that people haven't tampered with evidence even more since being questioned and hearing these rumors coming from law enforcement and, like you said, there's still a lot of hold back information, but we believe the law for thanks if they could find a body that they could bring charges to these individuals. So please, please, please remember, rob mony
rob twenty nine years old, who was ambushed killed, embody concealed since nineteen. Ninety six, if you have any information regarding the murder of raw mony or if you can provide a lead or a tip so that his body can be found in recovered. Please call westerwelle police detective grubs as six one for nine zero one. Six, eight eight one if you are not comfortable speaking with long for You can go to our website. True crime garage dot com, please! If anybody has information, please pass it along and the westerwelle police phone number will be listed in this week's showed the
wanna, take each and every one of you for trains here, the garage colonel. Do we heavy recommended really this week, captain we are recommending, in the tantamount, the pursuit of the freeway phantom serial killer by blaine, pardo and victoria hester, I've got to say these two are probably the best in true crime writing. Today, I am blown away by their books. They're amazing, their research is second to none. Tantamount is about the freeway phantom, who was stalking the streets of our nation's capital back in nineteen, seventy one and nineteen. Seventy two still an unsolved case about a deadly predator who stalking the streets and leaving the remains
of his victims along busy roadways. In plain view, some of the victims were held captive for several days if you enjoy reading. If you enjoy true crime, if you enjoy audible, you'll want to make sure that you check out tantamount the pursuit of the freeway phantom serial killer by the great blaine pardo and victoria hester. You can find that title and many other wonderful recommendations on our recommended page true crime garage dotcom. Then it's
next week. Be good, be counted and don't let the. It's no longer about answering the most emails. It's about power. Retiring. What's most important is guinea Directions to eagles peak hiking trail, calculating
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