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Samuel Little - The Killer of Women /// Part 1 /// 585

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Samuel Little - The Killer of Women /// Part 1 /// 585

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Bundy, Gacy, and the Green River Killer. All topping the list of some of the most prolific serial killers of all time. But the number of victims taken by each of these monsters is dwarfed by the evil work of another killer. A killer who was so stealthy and cunning that often, not only did we not know who was doing the killing but in some cases they weren’t classified as homicides. This killer of women stayed under the radar for decades, killed dozens, and murdered in multiple states. Join us for this True Crime tale, have a cold one, and listen to this serial killer profile delivered by the Garage Guys. 

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Serial killer in american history has contrasted like it's a disturbing to listen to what investigators one figure at all Thank you the most prolific serial killer in american history or beachgoers killed. The little says he has a photographic memory and has drawn sketches of the bronze sculptures, the Mary bradley. Was a woman, the intimately knew the real life meaning of the word struggle. Sadly, she
at first hand knowledge of what it meant to struggle and she fully. understood the continued battle of struggling for Mary life was far from easy. Her childhood was difficult, and her early adult years were far worse. She kept finding herself falling into the arms of abusive and uncaring men following for and falling in love with men that, just beneath the surface, where anything but desirable They say that life is a journey and not a destination. For mary. There was a journey of hardships and strife The road map of that journey was not an easy one for mary to navigate. She was broken by the husband and boyfriend than abused her. injury ailment, an addiction found herself on able to care for her children marries roads on her life's road map, if there ever worse such a thing,
the to single, dark and damp tunnel, the lighted, the of that tunnel was so dim that she was convinced the fairy man blew out the flame on his lantern when she was looking. She had many physical com patients and challenges the physically abusive boyfriend. Injured her so badly that she had to have hip surgery which left her With metal parts in her body in a limp, There was also a self inflicted injury from a kitchen accident. when Mary nearly cut off her finger while chopping vegetables and then refuse have treated. She led the seven. Portion dangle until eventually fell off, leaving her with us dump at the end of the digital, but eighteen. Seventy mary browser Thirty three years old and she was struggling, not struggling to make it she was struggling to exist,
of her troubles were roadblocks set up by others somewhere The calls that she created herself By now she was a severe alcoholic. She suffered from cirrhosis of the liver. It was nearly anorexic standing, five foot, four inches tall, weighing a very unhealthy eighty pounds. She was pretty much estranged from her family, time in june of nineteen. Seventy mary, walked away from her life in Massachusetts, without so much as a single goodbye to anyone her, kids were already and foster care, the shooting care or any of the men in her life reported signing of Mary is from a story that came from a family member one of the very few. Who had not turned their backs on Mary. This was Mary sister clare
Claire says that on june twelfth nineteen seventy she was told that the night before police pick mary up walking along a highway mary told police. he was walking the highway, because two men had pushed her out of their car and palmer massachusetts, and she heard her shoulder its unclear where Mary slept at night, but her family was Does she was planning to take a bus back to boston where she was still with her parents. Mary never showed up in Boston. She never return to her parents all clearly told the media, the mare, would often rely on and get around by taking rides with strangers and mary could can be found in the coming of any one that would provide her with alcohol, his family, never heard from her again roughly seven months later on january, twenty fourth, nineteen, seventy one afar
and somewhere out on a hunting expedition. What they will find certainly is not what they went out. Looking for one of the two spotted a leg, sticking out of the ground they report this immediately to the authorities and as you guessed it, the leg attached to the rest of the body buried in a shallow six inch, deep, makeshift grave, but the father and son, we're not hunting Massachusetts know they were in the order, everglades one thousand miles away from where mary was last see the boy He was badly decomposed and detectives could locate. No. form of identification from the body recovery site. This was a homicide. The victim was a female with highly probable sexual saw suspected based on the facts The body was found with both legs through one leg hall of the victims. Panties detectives believed that mary
killer dressed her after the assault murder, before bearing her body since investigators could not identify the victim. The county gay. the victim, a new name. One that no one wants eighteen. Seventy one mary became another jane doe mary simply disappeared in decades passed but one indication of her face. Life moved on children grew The body remained jane, doe, four, forty seven years, but thankfully one day this Jane doe get her birth name back and sadly her family would learn what they may have feared. All along mary didn't just disappear. She was taken taken far away and killed. Mary broadly was located after all these years, and her killer was to marry might have been
This killer of women's first kill, but she was far from his last. This true grandcourt, zambia, go california, thursday september. Twenty seven, nine san, diego peaty receive a complaint of a violent crime. Laurie oros called nine one, one from her sisters house. She told police.
Said, a man whom she did not know beat her up, raped her and strangled her and then left her for dead on the side of the road. She was able to provide police with a detailed description of the events that took place as well as the assailant and the vehicle he was driving at the time. According to the report, lorry told He said the man of ducked at her. She was walking and this man pulled up in a large american car. He got out ran up to her and he pulled her by the throw into his car once inside the vehicle. The man threatened.
We're repeatedly all the while driving to a more secluded location. Once he arrived at a spot that he found to be satisfactory for whatever it is that he plan to do he put the vehicle in park and then proceeded to brutalize the woman choking and punching her. The l a times described portions of the attacks as follows: quote with his arm still wrapped around her neck, he drove to a deserted trash strewn lot at the top of a steep hill. He pulled her into the back. see and tied her hands behind her back with her nylons. He tried to kiss her and when she tried to shove him off, he began choking her. He asked her to swallow. He did this over and over again, captain lorry finally played dead and the open the car door and dumped her out onto a pile of garbage.
She believes that the man intended to kill her and that he actually thought the heath succeeded when he discarded her. She was not dead, however, but she lay right where he dumped her. She lay still taking extremely short breaths, even though she wanted to gasp for air and fill her lungs with oxygen that he had just denied her. She laid there not moving a muscle. She was afraid he was watching as the minutes past. She started to convince yourself that he had gone, but she lay there still because now the fee or was that he would return and find her alive, and if so, he would most certainly finish. The job lorry believes that she laid therefore, over thirty minutes or so before. She finally got up stumbled to the nearest pay phone there. She called her sister
immediately rushed out to get her once she finally felt safe. When she was back at her sisters house, she called the police and reported that she was attacked and luckily she was able to provide please with a detailed description of the vehicle and her attacker. That's correct a good amount of detail. In fact, in regard to the events, the attack that took place, the attacker and his vehicle or the vehicle he was driving at the time the man that she described to police. She described him as african american, approximately forty years of age, about so foot, one inches tall, two hundred and thirty, two two hundred forty pounds with a dark complexion, dirty unshaven and he had a gold pinky ring with two diamonds in it. Now she said
the the attacker was driving a door large american made car with a maroon colored interior, the passenger side window of this vehicle was broken and there was white tape on the window. So this making this vehicle very distinct and possibly easy for police the spot. He had foam dice hanging from the rearview mirror. She said the vehicle did not run well. So that's a pretty good description of everything right captain. While the key thing there is the broken window with the white tape. Will that description from lorry well in fact led us to this later event the following month on Wednesday october, twenty fourth san diego patrol office?
I just happened upon a black thunderbird parked on a street. This was in an area of the city known for stolen vehicles, sex workers and drugs, the thunderbird fit the description of the car reported by the victim of the September attack the one that we just covered. So, of course, they stopped to check it out the police. Now, as officers were shining their lights on the t beard, a black man emerged from the car zipping up his trousers for the heath, He handed sticky. According to the officers statements, the man quote appear to be very nervous. One officer set of the man he kept looking at us kept looking at the key are then looking at us and then looking at the car. They approached him and asked him what he was doing. The story he gave was that he had had a fight.
His wife, but they had now made up and they were making love in the back of that car. But the cops could see bloody scratch marks on the man's necked brain. They took a look inside the vehicle and saw his I'm using air quotes your captain wife. She was stuffed on her back behind the driver's seat. explained on the back, see naked her eyes rolled back in her head bleeding and bruise. The officer thought the woman was dead at first, but then she started gasping for hair, so the officer could see fresh choke marks on the woman's throat and remember he saw the scrap
marks on the man. You don't have to be on the job too long to have a good idea what you think took place. So obviously this guy's line and obviously his turn a choke. This lady to death and good thing there were there to stop it and arrest him. Yeah, there's a few things. It work out here in our favour. Right. First, we have the great detailed description given by the first victim. We have the good police work by these two. Officers by spotting this car in an area that it sounds to me like if you're lookin above somebody or issued a ticket, you can just drive to this any time of day and find somebody to put the back of your car. Somebody that's up to no good, but they check on this vehicle and, like you said they, they see that there's something strange going on here. This woman appears to have been assaulted very badly. This man story doesn't
sense. Of course they arrest him and they are told by the man that his name is Samuel macao, so sam story, well, his original story will start to fall apart, very quickly, and he started to admit some truth to the officers, although of course he was not going to be entirely truthful. Sam said that he was angry because he had not gone his monies worth from his victim, so this one's name is tanya Jackson and she is a sex worker. At this time, SAM said that he met tanya at a bar in downtown san diego, where the two of them agreed that she would perform a sex act for him for twenty dollars. He said she directed him to the location where the officers would later discover the two and his vehicle. He says they got into the back seat of his car
and tanya started fooling around with them. Sam says that he wanted more, but then she started to refuse this upset sam. So SAM says that he threatened her and told arnie, that she wasn't going anywhere until he got what he wanted. Sam says, tat attacked him and he grabbed around the throat in self defence and he's telling the officers. This is Wild officers are driving him back to the station after they arrested him there. So I ask him what happened back their swords? them on anything when he said when he said the victim was his wife and not so worker? Well, and then you have the situation of he saying not yet I grabbed her. in the throat yeah. I was choking her, but this was in self defense and he's I mean he's not making any buts about it. He's telling the officers I did this and you know what she deserved. It
So while the officers are driving him back to jail sam ask them several times quote how's the bitch: is she gonna make it whether to span? Then they accused him of raping You SAM, continue to deny raping her, but admitted that quote. I did kick the shit out of her. He also told police. I should have killed that whore and both of these cases, the September case and the october case, rape, exams and kits work conducted. This included collecting sammy douze dna, so SAM was quickly connected to the attack on law, borrows the previous month, because their findings are gonna match up and both of these cases- and this is back in the day when police officers have Billy clubs. It'd be nice, They were just pull over on the side of the road and he never made it back to the station for
The attacks on lorry and tanya salmon now was charged with several charges, including attempted murder. In both cases, the states best evidence in these cases were the two victims themselves. course right, their statements to the police and then later what would be their testimony in front of a jury but salmon. Up only being convicted on lesser crimes. This is due to some complications with the trial. The two victims were both sex workers that complicated things and we'll get in. here in a minute, and little argued that his only crime was hitting one of them in a payment dispute after she tried to cheat him now, this SAM Mcdowell, in core also produced an alibi, witness this was a respectable looking woman carrying a bible who said that the two of them out of town on the night of one of these
tat so the one where he's caught red handed a hint do much about other than to claim that whose act in self defence, but the one where he wasn't caught his able to produce an alibi for right. So what we have here captain is a situation. Yes, those rape kits and exams were conducted in both of these cases. They also connect. They also collected the sami douze dna. But keep in mind. This is one thousand nine hundred and eighty four they're not able to go. Oh well. This is the same guy in both these cases, so he can come up with a defense for the first one saying that one wasn't me, even though you pick me up a month later for about the same thing- and now this lorry borrows, is picking me out of a line up I'm telling You I'm not this guy, and on top of that I have a witness who comes in she's carrying a bible saying you know what the two of us we are together
We're in a relationship- and we were both at a town on the night of the September attack, so he's got a somewhat decent defence here for what should be an easy conviction of two accounts of attempted rape, while also you could make an argument that the second attack that he was caught red handed, that that's an attempted murder charge yeah, but in both cases he was charged with attempted murder now per the washington post. It says that this SAM Mcdowell was convicted of falsely and listening, the second victim but acquitted of kidnapping and sexually assaulting the woman in the first attack and the jurors, were deadlocked on a host of other charges so this trial, all of a sudden it looked like a slam. Dunk was Go on so well for the prosecution, so prosecutors word not very anxious
two retry sam, so they allowed him to plead guilty to two counts of assault with great bodily injury and one cow of false and pray. Now I want to read to you a portion of lorry bars his testimony there Swill kind of describe are attacker here and his method and what he was like in that attacking situation. Her testimony says quote: he liked to feel me swallow with his thumb on my neck. It became a game right before I'd go unconscious. As my I started, in back. He had let go and ask me to swallow again. He loved when I swallowed it excited him and he had a smile on his face, so she talking about. While this man is choking her strangling her to death that when she would start a blog, out, he's letting go so she can breathe and come to my so he can do it again. Tour
and going so far that she says it. He had his thumb right the portion of my neck, where he could feel me swallow in wanted to feel me kind of swallowing gag and try to gasp for air this guy. Isn't there salute creep. It's sad, but the reality is especially in these types of crimes that the surviving victim is your best evidence. This is often your best tool if you will for apprehending your unknown perpetrator in these crimes. and the victim stories and reporting these crimes. They did get this monster off the streets, but not terribly long, so Fortunately, the way that this plays out in court again, we said It should have been a slam, dunk and it should have been, but I I'm not trying to blame this on any one or two people here, but the victims themselves just kind of fell apart in the courtroom, so the october victim,
who had an addiction problem was drunk and early drunk in front of the jury. when she was at trial and when she was giving her testimony this be from her addiction? This could be from the terror that this man brutal I saw her and now she's gonna sit in front of him just feet from this guy, the woman from the September attack. The problem end up being with her situation. Is she started to lose credibility with the jury when she first starts off her complaint to the police and then her testimony to the core was that she was just walking along the street. This guy pulls up jumps out of his car grabs or throws her into his vehicle and he's abducted her and off. They go to secluded location where he tries to kill her well very quickly, its figured out that she wasn't just walking on the side of the street she's a sex worker.
she has an addiction problem, this car, her to lose credibility with the jury and now the first attack he's not looking so guilty in the second attack there a little confused as to what's going on because he's Look I yeah. I did fight with this woman. I did assault her but intranet killer. What we end up with here is SAM Mcdowell, most certainly attacked. Both of these women He most certainly try to kill both of them, but unfortunately, because it fell apart at court. for this. He only serves two years in california prison and he's released on parole and why she's, released on parole within months of salmon, douze release, women
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in july of nineteen. Eighty seven, where we have the first of three bodies, were found that all displayed similar characteristic they were all found within a few miles of each other. The three bodies were dumped like tracks Now I know that that is a rather over used statement in true crime, but in this case these three body, we're actually dumped along actual refuse, the first victim forty one year old, carol offered her body was found on July, thirteenth, nineteen. Eighty seven, the other two homicide victims that were found were audrey: nelson h, thirty five in guadeloupe, a Apodaca,
forty six, they were found in august and september of nineteen eighty nine respectively. This killer, though unknown at the time to police his identity. Let's think about what we know here in the garage as we review those attacks it took place in san diego, he gets locked up and then he's out he's released and we have these three murders that take place and you go. You know what this guy is he's asked he's increasing his frequency of attacks, but not necessarily this guy already has escalated to this level of frequency, because in nineteen eighty four those two attacks took place. One month apart, just like here, where we have two victims that take place just one month apart this guy whatever is in two. He requires this type of stemming
patients so much the east to the point he's going out and attacking women can them or in the eighty four cases, but leaving. He had killed them within a month of one another. Obviously his crimes or sexually motivated. Yes, Now, for a little more of the grim details of each of the body recovery scenes all of these victims are found in this, central avenue, alameda street corridor near downtown los angeles, so within five miles of each other carol, was in a back alley against a fence. Audrey was found in a dumpster which was located in a night club parking lot. Guadeloupe bay was found in an abandoned, creepy, old commercial garage structure. All three had been manually strangled and it was determined that all three
dead when they were dumped all had been brutally beaten with blows or punches to the head. All were nude below the waste all had crack in their system. One victim had male dna under her fingernails two victims had seamen stains on their shirts, but in the eighties before code is. This was a very little help to the murder, invest gay since, and so the three dead women remain victims of a nameless, faceless, predator, their deaths not linked together until much. Much later, these attacks seem somewhere to me of that of a ted Bundy but again we have another survivor from these attacks and this is believed to be an attack connected to these others, because it so similar nature or similar in belief as to what we think happened to the
Other three victims: it did not survive. So another Ella woman who narrowly escaped the same fate comes forward an reports, the assault and per de los angeles times. We learned some details of that attack and the times reported that the woman reported, to the cities police that a man had pulled her into his black thunderbird. Here we see that similar vehicle again sexually assaulted. Her then repeatedly choked her unconscious. She awoke to find herself lying left for dead. Amid crash in broken glass with bruising on her neck and popped blood vessels in her eyes, but she couldn't name her attacker when she reported this to police and so just like the three dead victims. This case, too, would go nowhere. This investigation really had nowhere to go tonight. We're gonna skip ahead to over two decades later.
This is going to bring us to two thousand and twelve. Now in two thousand and twelve homicide, detective missy roberts was assigned to the lapd's cold case. Special section which was funded by a grant from the national institute of justice, to try to solve the nine thousand. Ella murders that remained open after five years, her job was screening dna evidence from cases long since considered lost causes many. Of these cases were murders of women. The dated back to the eightys, the height of the cocaine epidemic in the city, good things he gets involved, cause she's, going to come across a codec search or two of these crimes that happen in nineteen. Eighty, nine, yes, she's work this case, in April of twenty twelve admits, he runs across a code
urge on the dna that was found on the two women murdered in los angeles and nineteen. Eighty, not this is the audrey case and guadeloupe ace case now, keep my missy's working with resources that the investigators just did not have, and nineteen you not missy, arrange for the dna testing on swabs in items found from those two victims bodies. Now, in both cases, She got a hit to a man who had been arrested and required to give a dna sample in connection with a previous arrest, This man's name was samuel little. Yes, an officer captain. She was horrified at what she found when she started reviewing his record so this man had a rap sheet. One hundred pages, long detailing approximately one hundred arrests, this from an Nickel in new york magazine by Gillian lauren quo over six decades,
He was repeatedly arrested in ohio, maryland florida main connecticut, organ colorado, pennsylvania, new jersey, arizona, georgia, illinois, Missouri, California and the list goes on. Charges include burglary, breaking and entering the sultan battery the salt, with the intent to rob the salt with a firearm armed robbery, assault on a police officer, solicitation of prostitution. Do you I shoplifting theft, grand theft, possession of marijuana unless full flight to avoid prosecution, resisting arrest, battery false imprisonment, assault with great bodily injury, robbery, rape and sodomy. End quote, and he left out being a huge douche bag. Yeah, that's quite thee, ramp sheet, their captain Leon, scary, individual scary, individual, not only that we
didn't even name all of the states that would have been listed there, and so this It is up to no good frequently up to no good he's, got all kinds and nasty horrible hobby. And he's fine doing not mean your neighborhood, my neighborhood in everybody else's. all in all this. Samuel little had served less than ten years in prison in total, despite repeated brutal, sexually motivated attacks on an attempted murders of multiple female victims. So, of course, missy roberts reviews us information and she freaks right. Why are god's name was this guy on the streets? she decided she was going to be the one to put an end to this due to stop him and put him away for good when others could now but now the samuel little had an outstanding los angeles bench warrant for two thousand and seven narcotics violation. So that
good news for us and our investigation right. We got this really bad guy here, he's got this lesser charge, but it's an outstanding warrant. That's a good excuse for us go pick this guy up and have a long talk with him now are you going to be able to talk to this creep, but you're probably going to be able to put him away for at least a short amount of time, you're hoping so now, roberts officer roberts decided to in fact use that warrant to bring him in, but the problem's going to be that She couldn't locate him from her information. He didn't appear to be in California any longer and she discovered at the samuel little who was transient moving from place to place? Well, there's some of you out there scratching your heads gone why didn't you say, Samuel Mcdowell earlier now, you're saying Samuel little well, that's because this guy he's got list of aliases almost as long as the list of crimes that he's been connected to and convicted of.
So he uses aliases like samuel mcdaniel, samuel make dow willie may clifton and willie louis, and the list goes on. He was nearly impossible to locate an officer roberts and her team spent weeks dashing from town to town across the southern. U s as they got hits on a usage of a prepaid walmart card to which little social security disability Benefits were being paid, so this is one of those situations where boom they get. These hits on these this walmart credit card, that's directly tied to the visual that they're looking for and we're lee dashing from town to town or state to state looking for this guy or through the snow, because we are convinced that he's guilty of all kinds of other stuff. In fact, we ve already connected him, too. homicides you're, always a day, late and dollar short, because you're you're always chasing the sky, and
getting your information days after he's probably already left that town so they're running about looking for this individual. They were all. ways about two days behind him. She said samuel. Little had been arrested in kentucky for possession of a crack pipe so they knew that he had been in the blue grass state. Recently final in early september of twenty twelve. He you, that walmart card some many more in Louisville Kentucky and the sheriff's office was notified and in turn notified the ellie thordis roberts, cod, acted the? U S, marshals and gave them the address of the homeless, shelter that this man was registered at this? Was the wayside chris? In mission, they had him in custody within hours. This is after six years of committing crimes, but once they arrive,
them there are able to get a dna swab from him, so they could do a dna test against the evidence they have in these other crimes. Yes, this dna swab d: a test in absolutely links this man, samuel little too unknown male profile that was found on two of our victims. This is from nineteen eighty nine, the victims audrey in Guadeloupe by samuel little was extradited to california on the outstanding warrant for the narcotics charge and he was sentenced in november of twenty twelve to three years for that crime, but soon he would be termed a ariel killer for the murders of audrey in guadeloupe, ay and Carroll, who was the nineteen eighty seven victim that was found in the same location as audrey and what a loop and yes in quickly they'll be able to charge them with three murders.
parties to see me a little this again from Gillian lorn who we will be citing quite a bit in these episodes as she's done, gangbusters work on these cases and spend a lot of time. Working on these cases, she says: quote: levels: genetic material had been detected on the broad and finger nail kid of forty one year old carol offer who had been found. Strangled anna residential south central alleyway enjoy why of nineteen. Eighty seven, it was the tipping point. In january, two thousand and thirteen assistant district attorney Beth Silverman filed three charges of murder against samuel little and quote now at that time, California investigators had no idea that
the three murders they were charging samuel little with were only- and this is a horrible horrible statistic- three point to two percent of his actual murder cap, but once they started digging. to him. They noted a very disturbing pattern, just in his known But when you see crimes like this that are so vicious and new sea multiple crimes by the same disgusting individual, it has come to mine. What other crimes is he often that's correct in the situation that you have here captain is you look at this and you go okay. Well, we have dna evidence connecting him to these three murders that took place one and eighty seven to a nineteen, eighty, nine, but, prior to that, this dude had been locked up for a couple years on those two attempted murder charges and once youve secured
The arrest on him and he's facing three murder charges in January two thousand and thirteen this is: no young man he's no spring chicken. At this point is an order dude with a one hundred page rap. She too attempted murder charges that he somehow dodged. He got off light three pending murder charges and you're gone. What else could this I have been doing to turtle doves he's been out running the streets and running and hopping from state to state all of his life. But what else has he? What else has he done? Who else
has he killed the areas you have to look at a bunch of different crimes that you know he's capable of attempted murders, rape, murders. This is going to take us to the great states of florida in mississippi, so missy roberts to her whore to everyone's whore actually, the records she says, reflected the samuel levels name had come up in connection with two martyrs into attempted murders of women in the gains will florida and mississippi areas in the early eighties. It's amazing how much area that same little has covered. But again we we ve, seen this with other killers, like ted Bundy, while on these cases gap in this same, your little was never brought to trial. On
ray mississippi cases, which were as follows: one is from the summer of nineteen eighty. This is a sex worker name hilda, who met little at a club. The two agreed on a fifty dollar service fee and went back to her apartment. As soon as the door closed he punched or in the head knocking her out. She awoke on her bed naked with little hands around her throat she passed out again. He then attempted to drown her and the bathtub using a scarf wrapped around her neck for leverage she passed out and woke up only to have him choke her out again. This on several times. Luckily, Hilda had a pact with another worker, dolores that, if either them left with a john and weren't back in twenty minutes,
then the other one would come looking for their friend dolores knock, on the door of her apartment friends apartment and then yelled through the window and little let Hilda go and he took off hilda woke up in the hospital. Somehow she survived this brutal attack. She didn't bother to report the incident, though, even though she spent three days under the care of medical, physicians and staff and nineteen eighty one samuel little hired a twenty year old sex worker name, Lila mclean, who had three kids when she got in his car sam little cold cocker, while he was still clutching the steering wheel with his left hand. He then punched her, when the eyes he beat her so badly
blood, ran from her eyes like tears. Each time she tried to escape, he grabbed her and threw her back in the car I mean you just if you just close your eyes and try to picture this, how it's playing out what this woman is saying was done to her it's horrifying. It's absolutely horrible. This guy is like something, a horror movie each she tries to escape. He gets out. The car is thrown back in the car. Finally she's able to get out and she ran half naked across a highway, so she could help, so some good samaritans pick her up and take her to the house I'll saving her life. Then police did talk to her about the incident at the time, basically, no one in
position of authority at this time seem to care about what happened to Hilda or lila. It said we ve seen so many cases where the victims or sex workers and doesn't seem like law enforcement works the case as hard as they should. I do want to defend law enforcement a little bit here in these situations, because its unclear, if with the first attack its clearly stated that this was never reported bright to authorities, unfortunately, when you have the situation we ve talked about this before we talked about this, when we first started up the garage that you, if you were to criminalize prostitution or sex work or whatever you want to call those titles or or escort, sir. What have you a lot of the time? The victims will not report the crime because they are committing crimes themselves,
And so you get into this really dicey area of we want these things to be reported, because the men that are up to this kind of behaviour are the absolute worst. These are monsters. These are, individuals, the guy we are describing to you right now- will stop at nothing to choke, allow breath and choke again until the some blacks out. Who knows how many times before he has done and actually kills the individual and then dumped on the side of the road. So luckily, and two situations. He was not successful and I think that you know you have to question to this nineteen. Eighty one things are different. We do learn from our mistakes- and I do know that in most locations, if a woman- shows up beaten and battered like this near death to the hospital
a lot of locations, I dont over its every stay, but I believe that the die There has an obligation to report this to police, whether the where whether the person in his care or her care wants to report sir, not this, is a matter that needs to be investigated born this. This episode have already talked about so many crimes, but we have to finish off because we haven't got to the third attack and them specific cases, yes- and unfortunately, this case here, the victim does not survive the attack, and this took place in september of nineteen. Eighty Two, we have a twenty four year old victim. Her name is melinda le pre. She was a young mother. She unfortunately was working as a sex worker at this time similar situation to what we ve seen at other attacks. How a man drive up to the king, william motel. This is where loophole
was living at the time and also working and Melinda gates. Into this man's car while she's never seen alive again. In fact, her nude body was found on October fourth dumped in a cemetery. Ditch her death was rolled a homicide. The there was another sex worker that was at the motel as well. That was able to tell police that Melinda got into a pinto woody with alabama tags. So now we're getting some good information right. The last time that she seen this is the kind of vehicle the Melinda was getting into and by the way, has added state plates on it that car attracted attention of police when it
down in the area on november, twenty fourth and three occupants were suspected of shoplifting, turkey's from a local grocer. The cops put together that the pinto was in fact the same one scene at the king, william motel, and there They arrested a samuel Mcdowell on suspicion of murder, and like we know, Samuel Mcdowell is samuel little, but he's going to get some breaks again and these cases where his victims aren't so lucky. He is having some luck with the criminal justice system. Unfortunately, it always seems to play out that way right if anybody's going to get lucky one of these situations, it's almost always the murderer. The murder victim is never lucky because, of course, they lost their life yeah. As o j about the investigators in mississippi started to put together a case against samuel little slash, samuel, macau bringing
hilda and lila too, and testify these were the two surviving victims. We have a grand jury, that's put together, but unfortunately, for whatever reason and you'd have asked, these people. I don't know, but this grand jury that they put together didn't seem to take any stock in what the two female sex workers had to say. After all I guess you know they agreed to go with samuel little. We know that, unfortunately, There was no physical evidence linking samuel little to the murder case, Melendez Lou pre, the only witness who saw them together was another sex worker, So this goes to the grand jury, but it does not get an indictment and because of this you're not going to charge him with murder or attempted murder or assault or anything samuel.
Samuel. Macao was free to go in this pattern happened over and over again, except that it almost never got his father as a grand jury. I guess prosecutors that their only witnesses were sex workers are attics was it happened here. Captain is that they cut deals or reduced sam little charges and he walked after doing little to no time at all, so much more to get to days for drug as here in the garage thanks for town a friend and sell tomorrow be good. We came in,
what's the.
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