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Scott Peterson /// Part 2 /// 246

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Scott Peterson /// Part 2 /// 246

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On December 24th, 2002 - Husband and father to be, Scott Peterson left home at 9:30am. He was planning on a short fishing trip but first he would have to go into work. When Scott left home his wife Laci was watching television. She was planning to do a little house cleaning and then take the dog for a walk. Later that day Scott returned home to an empty house. His wife’s vehicle and purse were still at the house but Laci was nowhere in sight. Scott reported his wife as missing and told police the family dog came home with its leash still on but no Laci...Beer of the Week - Blackberry Daze by Anchor Brewing Garage Grade - 3 and a half bottle caps out of 5

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some true grime firewall very good morning. I go for a walk in the heart, right, nobody had a hacker without a lot of hard work.
What more than anything is that I am over the years a daughter why
We don't know that a law that he left beforehand, I forgot all about a half hour, go nowhere around the human heart The How do
the february fifth, two thousand and three lacey, since family they step up their criticism of their son. law. Scott Petersen say that he sold his pregnant wife's car and he was considering selling the couples? While my you always say when something goes missing, when the family stays in the area that that's a sign of something yeah More importantly, I think when they leave the area, that's what always scares me especially when a person is, is just lost, you know because especially when you have a child, they goes missing. Usually too, of the mother and the father is typically
we don't want to move. We don't want to change our phone number. We don't want to do anything, but that will permit prevent our sun or daughter from coming home me. That given the opportunity, if son or daughter, who was being held captive, has a window time. That's even three minutes long if they can dial a phone to call me me where they might be or if they get away on foot. If they get away somehow from their captor, that they would return home at the very least right and this- and this has been so worried about his wife so worried about his unborn child- that he he sells her car and he's so worried. So he's thinking that maybe he should sell the house yeah yeah yeah, and so what we do know for a fact is. He did sell their car
are, I dont can't say for certain captain, but it might just be her family in her for her parents that were saying that he was considering selling the house. I dont know that that's fact, but still selling her landrover is a strange to do, I would think one and then I don't really have a date for win this occurred. I dont know if we know the exact date of when it did occurred, but what was later reported at some point was that the nursery room remember that for the baby, the expected baby for Connor pete since they had already painted the room blue. They had already decorated the room. It was sitting there waiting for the baby's arrival only thing that room was missing, was the baby and guess what, when his baby and wife- went missing at some point. He then arts to use that room for other things. I believe it was. He used it for storage or something he altered the room at some point when appointing
here is these are actions of a man that I don't think is expecting these two to return right in play. Devils have kit. His reasoning is that the cops have my truck and I need a truck for work. So I had to sell her land rover, which pretty much a truck and he had to get a new truck yeah claiming he couldn't do his job or whatever be needed as vehicle for using the land rover- and here I mean I it, but here again is another situation of a guy. That seems to have an answer for everything and if he does have an answer. He makes one up and then changes. It know that that's exactly what I mean he's squirming and wheedling his way out of what the truth is. The truth is he couldn't get further from lazy? an connor fast enough, is really what I believe- and I again
I don't have the date for this, but I I have in my notes. It was roughly like five weeks into the disappearance six weeks into the disappearance at some point his words. He said. things like in point we have to move on. You know what we re write again. This is it. This is an individual did, the as opposed to the mom sane laces mom sane they'll never be closure. They'll never be moving on from this that you know that. That's the huge difference right and that's what I meant yesterday when I don't think you know, I don't know Think I don't care what his professor and high in college said about. You know he was a model student. He was intelligent. I would have loved to have a whole room. Scott Peterson's. I don't find this, to be dick noses I'll, find him to be belgian at all, at least in the and scheme of getting away with this cry. I dont think
I really don't think he thought that he was going to have to go through this scrutiny that he was going. Be under the microscope. I think he thought that if he set it up properly narcissist there, and at some point that they would just believe that she was abducted and every else would move on. he would move on and they would move on. Now we have february tenth This is when lacy petersen this was her expected due date. They comes and goes and then february seventeenth, scott peterson's, mother, Jackie. She tells you socio press her family believes. it never kidnappers, abducted, lazy, peterson the intentions of holding her captive until she livered, the baby and one of them
reasons why they thought this was there's three women and modesto that went missing pregnant women that went missing from that area and in a radius of a. I believe, like ninety miles to one hundred miles there is. There has been eight missing pregnant women will the whole case is gonna, take a turn captain because on April thirteenth, two thousand and three the remains of a late term. Male foetus were found on richmond point isabel, regional shoreline, north of the marina, where Scott went fishing, the day lazy disappeared. The next day, a pie. Sure female torso, missing its hands feet and head were found in the same area later these bodies are in fact identified, be late, lazy and connor and autopsies were performed, but due to compost, cindy composition. The exact cause of death could not be determined them
go. Examiner did note. That lazy had suffered some broken ribs pre. prior to her death. So these injuries we're not caused? They were not caused after death. This is when she was alive and prosecutors suggested that she could have been suffocated or strangled inside the petersen home right. So this I put the police on high alert because now that they found the bodies, the girl, there actually afraid that Petersen is going to run for the border because he is hanging out and diego golfing down there with his family. Now have to admit here watching coverage of this investigation and as the news breaking you know I didn't want them. No, it's one of those situations and we ve been through this before. In other cases, we ve covered cabinet, It's a situation where you hope they find something, but you also hope they don't find something. You know, because you
what lazy to be alive? You want connor to be alive and well, and it is Where feeling to me like, this guy, was not going to get arrested like he was going to have to go to trial, because I was ultimately starting to get very concerned that they were never going to recover. Her remain right- and I remember it being early april- when I really started worrying about that, and I worried about it a little more each day, as the days went on leading up to April thirteenth, when they finally made a discovery and then remember, we had await a whole day till they fly the female remains and then another day to get confirmation that that was in fact the two that they had been missing and look. for for so long now, at some point they
did, however, rule this investigation, a homicide investigation, they flip flopped from missing persons to a homicide, and I think there thought was at least for public perception. Let's turn this up. Let's crank up the heat on this thing. and let the public know that we consider this a homicide investigation, because at that moment the public opinion of this guy was so And was so terrible. He was already convicted in the public's eyes and lead make this happen, so we can get an actual arrest warrant for this guy because, like you said the I think, even days before they found the bodies, they were concerned that he was going to. at some point- he was going to leave the area now. After the bodies are found. Scott peterson by this point mostly in staying in san diego with his family santiago. an allegedly. He says this is to avoid media attention right, a scot peter,
and was ultimately arrested on April. Eighteen, two thousand and three this is near a golf course where he claimed to have that he was going to be meeting his father and his brother, for a game of Gough right where the real some shady please stand up well Scott peterson's, naturally dark hair, dark brown hair had been died. Blonde. His He was driving a mercedes benz, which was courting quote over stuffed with Miscellaneous items, including nearly fifteen thousand dollars in cash survive, oh gear, camping equipment, several changes of clothes for cell phones and his
brothers driver's license right now, which I can't claim that he used the driver's license to get into the golf club at some point and yet you can or can't that's what they claim, that he used it for right. They also claim that the hair dyeing and the shaving to have a goatee was actually- and at this point he hired mark geragos to may be his attorney in margare, go said: hey we, we should all two year image that way. Media would leave you alone. Yes I want to talk a little bit about items found with scott in the car or on scott, because there are some conflicting reports from everything I found him. You know the above items:
that I mentioned the fifteen thousand dollars in cash survival. Gear. Camping equipment, changes a closed for cell phones by just think about ever. Second, all that cash and or cell phones and then his brothers driver's license those items. I can confirm multiple, multiple, multiple, almost every report, I read state that those items is what was found on the sky. Some items that I think are interesting. That aren't mention and everything report one is that scott Petersen had his driver's licence on him as well. This might backup scott peterson fathers story. The story I heard was that he was intending on using his brothers driver's licence the day before to get a san diego resident discount at the golf course So I said for the gulf yeah, like you said, there's we can't confirm if then actually happened or non, but on that
same topic, a couple reports, this was from one in particular, was from fox news states that he His brothers passport, which is whole different. Bag worms thinner than the driver's license to get the discount right? There can I get the discount on crossing the mexican border right, but I'm gonna to disarm believe his his father on this one. As far as the driver light driver's licence is concerned, some ports also state that he had twelve viagra pills to hundreds. Being pills, but when you're watching a lot of porn and you're a little chubby, India can get it up. You might need him pops, Will a combination of thy pills and sleeping pills have me very concerned suicide by boner. Now I think
with the multiple affairs we had during the course of his marriage with the excessive porn watching after that parents, which we now know is that was the death of his wife. I think that are talking about an individual? The is very likely a sex antics. and my concern is that the sleeping pills are not for him that, therefore other people and he intends to use the viagra being pills. At the same time, just one person in the groups gonna get the sleeping pills. I scap Peterson's gonna take the viagra pills, yeah yeah. Instead of giving them oh palmer or shirley temple or a jack in co, he's gonna give them the old built cost me now: We also have in several several states I don't know how it did work its way and all of them, but I believe this to be true. Either
Agur or a knife was found and on him now she said, I think the confused thing here: is that a lot of time, survival gear is mentioned, and it might just beginning lumped into that. Rope was also found in the vehicle he's probably again getting laugh. You know ropedown I into this arrival here, but the tricky thing here is: we have a mapquest map printed off of amber fries general area in which she lived in ever, and we have a guy who is said multiple times that he would still like to meet her. We have a girl. We have a lady amber fry who is Maybe the number one witness against this individual right and I just A part of me really wonders what his plan will speak. there is no way
there's no way anybody's talk me out of that he did. He was fleeing that he wasn't taking a one way trip to sky was going on a permanent vacation law and the way they arrested. Him is that they followed him, and then they eventually to say they are like what ok we who have to pull over now, because the second body was so, it wasn't like a body was found and then he fled, but be he had all the workings too. At some point, I think, he had a plan to leave if he decides to take that that jump. I'm all ears. I think there is a good chance that they weren't lying that did, he was planning to go off with his father and brother and then was assigned aura too to his
no one last possibly, but what I'm saying is like. I think we have evidence that he had it everything ready to go right and if I decide to jump right side to jump in he's whenever he needs to. He can pounce and he can jump, and I I do not personally. I just think that that kind of a good bye. Do you think he's gonna try to kill amber? I think there's. Maybe more evidence that something I think they were still talking I think if she would have agreed to meet him somewhere, then he would have or if she would have it, invited him to her home, which I dont think would happen in a million years. Obviously, but I think he would have attempted something I think he was planning on leaving that day after the golf adding an eye, all oh, have information stating that that mercedes Benz was, I believe,
even his mother's name register to his mother of clothes. There could also be there could also be some help and assistance. prior knowledge of from his immediate family right now on April, twenty First, two thousand and three petersen was arraigned. He was charged two felony counts of murder. With premeditation and special circumstances the first degree murder of lacy, obviously and then the second degree murder of connor. He did plead not guilty at this arraignment, Lacy, family and the prosecution were seeking the death penalty before his arraignment Scott Petersen was represented by kirk, mcallister, nay, veteran criminal, defense attorney from modesto, Kevin's father? I don't know who Kevin mccallister is Kevin mcallister we have, then we have chief deputy public defender,
Faulkner who also was assigned to the case petersen later indicated that he could afford a private attorney and this was the famous high profile attorney mark geragos. The judge changed the venue of the trial from modesto to redwood city, because obviously petersen scott petersen was receiving increasing hostility in this modelled modesto area. Scalp peterson's trial be and on june first, two thousand and four and obviously was followed extremely firstly by the media and we should say bye. About every media outlets. You can think of Scott peterson's defence lawyers based their case on the lack of direct evidence and played down the significance of circumstantial. Ever They suggested that the fetal remains were of a full term info.
An theorize that someone kidnapped, lazy held her. Until she gave birth and then dumped both bodies into the bay one, one of the main themes of the point out is probably the biggest error that the police made, and that was right. After lacy went missing. They actually said that scott was fishing in the bay area. The day she went missing, whom this is what is truckload psych and so their theory, as somebody took her hostage, she gave birth to the child and then afterwards they dumped it in the same area that Scott was fishing and yeah. Gara goes scots attorney, suggesting a satanic colt had kidnapped the pregnant woman and, like you said, you'd information that they gain for media reports, frame him by dumping. The body embodies in the bay,
we have well because there was a attack on a woman and modesto and actually, during that attack, they they claim that there would be murder sacrifice and they would. It would be on a pregnant woman. Okay. So there was claims of this, and this was actually looked in two by the police department. They found this not to have any validity to it. The prosecution medical experts contended that the baby was not full term and actually died at the same time as his mother and eventually was expelled from her uterus kind of. Naturally, I guess was the cleanest rises way to send their their expert on the stand. Have you ever seen the experts this expert on the stand now and I'm gonna be full disclosure here, captain iced, I did watch portions of the trial but
I didn't have the strength to sit through the entirety of of the trial he basically on the stand to say that the the babe did not even that the baby went full term, but that the baby died weeks and weeks later and once he couldn't really prove that the defense's right, asis right right, the defense star witness at some point. He discharge, yawn, hey gimme, a break. This is not an exact science. I'm, not even qualified to do. He loses his shit like it's. I mean it couldn't I have gone any worse for the defense on this that's so unlike petersen, the had he's disk is unable to squirm he's on aid. To lie gimme a break break. I don't even know what I'm doing is not even an exact science wells other weird stuff at the trial.
There was some weird stuff with the jury: one was remove. One member of the jury was removed and replace early on The trial due to misconduct and then later the jury, foreman, which is a very strange thing, see the foreman la remove, but this wasn't really so much remove because its requested, his own removal during a jury deliberations, why I hate to keep cutting off, but the the first one was there. Was on the way into a court room. There was some talking and ngos simple, that's the the dismissal of the first one, the foreman he he decides to go, but that was during the decision. Making process went once it came downright a verdict is when he said. Ah, basically, it was like a couple. People thought. Maybe he was innocent
and then it got to a vote I believe have like eleven to one and that he was like the last one was the one holding out and he he just didn't, think that they're giving it due process and gone over every point and eventually- and he also made claims that he was you know some of the jury members threatened. His life and that he got in physical confrontations with him and the other jury. where's obviously deny that. Well. Regarding the evidence itself, you know like we said there is a lot of circumstantial evidence in an hour were well amount of sir. stan, show evidence that pointed against Scott Petersen. Now as far as physical, evidence goes. The only piece of forensic evidence that was identified is that single hair that we spoke about, the strand thought to have been laces that was found in a pair of pliers on skype, peterson's boat, now
this presented as prosecution. Evidence during the trial was the fact that Petersen changed his appearance and purchased echo using his mother's name in order to avoid recognition by the press more evidence. Scott added to pornography graphic television channels to his cable service, only days his wife's disappearance, the prosecution? stated that this meant he knew. She was not coming home petersen expressed interest in sight, the house, as we had said that he had shared with lazy sold her landrover, so he he sold as we stated, sold the land rover and changed the nursery at some point. That fans had a lot of different theories as to what happened too lazy, conner One such theory this one I found to be very interesting and its so little different than the say ten, a cult theory, but this theory
is, there was argued. Was there a sex worker who was accused of stealing checks, from the peterson's mailbox might have come in tact and murdered. Lacy, apparently the modesto police detectives said this woman. We know she is. We have identified her she's, never been a suspect in the dust parents and furthermore, the prosecutor would argue that the noted checks, the checks that were stolen were stolen. After lacy had already vanished, arguing that this means that this woman was not around was it was not their doing this item doing these bad deeds before place feet or someone else
around she has made you know a captain. I have the apologize to the good folks they're gonna, cheers you, because my undo it sums up with my throats my voice this week, I'm battling through it it feels it some heavy lifting over here. So I apologise if I sound terrible, but I wanna circle back to the the prosecution and the police is thought that scott petersen made homemade concrete anchors and that these homemade concrete anchors were missing. And they stay in court that they believe that scott made four or five of these homemade anchors and only one was found. The one that you'd pointed out was found on the boat.
or in his warehouse is on the boat and They believed that these additional way as were used to hold laces body down rat underwater and what they found is when people do this and they or a body down that normally, whatever body part that they used to anchor down. Ah, if the body services deadline will be ripped off and so the way that lacy was found, I mean as graphic as it is when there's head, there's no arms and there's no legs, so it is basically a torso and one thing that I wanted to point out, and I wanted to make sure that I brought this up was I had read on several blogs that people were confused, why they spent so much time at trial. arguing about what was used or what would have been used to make the one anchor that they did find. Okay, we have the defence who sang Scott Petersen used a like a pitcher of some kind,
smaller item, to make the mould for this anchor that was found by these words. There was a big anchor a lotta people, see this and think one. Those big work buckets well, that's. The prosecution is stating that it was either a paint bucket or some type of bucket from home deep. that was used to make the anchors and the reason why this is important is because keep in mind. Only evidence that we have other than the purchase of way too much concrete to make just one single anchor. You know we will no about that purchase that was made how much concrete he purchased right. So we in other words, rest of ngo. He he claims that he used it on some concrete work at his home. While thing lay dead was took some sleeping pills alone, via agro shoved up his ass. Well, regardless his his
statement for why he purchased so much concrete goes against the prosecutions theory. The prosecutions theory is that he you. an item that was larger than this pitcher that the defence kept pointing to to make the mould for the concrete anchor The reason why this is important is the size. the size of the anchors that he was making is important because other than the of the purchase of the concrete, the only other evidence that we have that these ever existed, or the rings that were found left on that table on his workbench. Let's say and so they need the prosecution needs those to match this. Of the ranks. The anchors, We believe he made needs the matches, as the ranks where the defence is gonna say It all matches size the rings because look he you
this, rather than those bigger buckets. Now, on november, twenty two thousand and four a jury convicted scott peterson of two counts of murder, first degree, murder, with special circumstances for killing lazy. And second degree murder for killing Connor, who she was carrying the penalty phase of the trial began on november thirtieth and conclude december thirteenth when the jury rendered a sentence of death on march, sixteenth, judge, Alfred delude: she followed, the jury. Sentencing petersen? To death by lethal injection and ordering him to pay ten thousand dollars towards the cost of laces funeral calling the murder of lazy, peters and cruel, uncaring, heartless and callous and later press appearances, Members of the jury stated that they felt that peterson's demeanor, specifically his life
of emotion and the phone calls the amber days following laces disappearance indicated to them that he was guilty. They base their verdict, on quote hundreds of small puzzle, pieces of search, financial evidence that were revealed during the trial from the location of lacy's body to the lies. Her husband told after her disappearance, yeah and from if you watched, there's a really interesting documentary on this, as I believe, a six part series on a and e one of the things that everybody says defense and prosecution is. The trial was one shitty for the prosecution. People were bored out of their mind. The jury looked like they were fallen asleep and then, when they called amber fried that's where everything changed, and even the day before the closing they thought mark geragos is a better closer he's gone
he's gonna to it's. Gonna, come down to the closing argument, a mark aircars score. When for whatever reason the prosecution, which was so boring and lack of emotion- and this whole case is based on emotion. He came out hit it out of the park and mark cargoes. Gonna know pooped his job research by so we have gara goes. Who from public perception was kind of gearing he too over deliver bright and he did not deliver and then we have a prosecution who was kind of expected to hand us of a boring statement. lustre if you will and that that endeavour comes out in and nails. It really hits at home for the jury and there's some thought too. You know in regards to the foreman that the jury form and he
asked for himself to be removed because he thought that the rest of the jury we're going to try to vote him out or Let him removed somehow get from jerk, and if I could be called in wrong. But I believe mark goes at the time thought. While look. They don't have enough evidence to convict him, but this is emotionally base case, so they will. so he was actually hoping for a hung. Jury. Now, if that foreman stays on there and votes not guilty, then he got a hung, jury and then you have a new trial. So and then you could then argue whether or not amber's, testimony should be an an lot of people argue that, but it's pretty simple. She is a character, witness right and- and I think by her being in there and listening to the hours and hours of the tapes of,
talking to her and him lying to her on the phone and and the jury also gives the here where, whose actually at when he's making those phone calls and- and Think that's very damning and she in regards to amber being allowed in and at the trial I mean come on. She look at all the time spent interacting with him whether be face to face or on the phone leading up to the disappearance of easy and then afterwards, by sky petersen, arrived at san quentin state prison, a march seventeenth, two thousand and five, He joined the more than seven hundred other inmates in california, soul, death row facility on october, twenty First, two thousand and five a judge ruled that proceeds from a too
fifty thousand dollar life insurance policy, Scott Petersen took out on lacy petersen, we'll go too lazy. Mother then we have the appeals process captain, so we have cliff gardener. This is Actually, Peterson's attorney stated that, as I think marcos was like I get, I can get ahead of this. So gear goes. You know, I couldn't think I like geragos slot. I is very intelligent. I listened to him a lot when he has a a podcast with Adam corolla and it's called this doubt. So, if you're interested in hearing what this guy is like check out his podcast, it can be difficult, sometimes. stating- or you know telling others that you like a defense attorney, because I think that a lot of time captain, then people not every. I put a hard for me- it's good. I like to tell the truth. Now I get
that had I don't have any problem with care goes. I actually find him. I don't know a ton about him, but I do find it to be attractive, very television in very. good at what his role is to be right. You know I did say that I liked canting was jose biased. Did I get his name? I don't care at first but he is about somebody who could stand, casey anthony you know. I couldn't couldn't stand that woman I answered I guess I mean. Not only will this time get into that right now, but I do id like her attorney well in the role that he played now, What I mean by that is sometimes people we'll go. Sometimes people identified the fence attorney wit, the person it's on trial and they go well, that's the guy that represented
got petersen and you know what I hate. Scott petersen so therefore goes piece of shit. Well, why yeah and somewhere to like one of the things that you see as when, when scott pearson family is leaving after they sentence their son to death, the the amount of people attacking the parents. You know like you're, going to watch your son die like they had nothing to do with this girl's disappearance. They they wanted to become a grandparents. You know he rip that he he he you know. So I I think when people attack people like that, it's just it's ignorance, bright, I agree well, so we have the thought of some appeals because we have his attorney his later attorney, stating that there were misled, made there was incorrect evidentiary rulings that deprived scotty
son of a fair trial on July six, two thousand and twelve, his defence, it when he filed a four hundred and twenty three page appeal of scott petersen sends now the state attorney general's office filed their response brief on January twenty six, two thousand and fifteen. Then the defence a response to the states brief in july of two thousand and fifteen. This is where the claim that a certified dog, the detective lacy sent at the our key marina, had failed two thirds of test with similar conditions. Yes, a one things we skipped over in the trial is that they had a cent dog and that this dog magically got to the pier and picked up on lacy sat- and this is weeks afterwards and if you eat
and by the prosecution story. Ah, lacey was never on the dock. She would have been in a bow and then that boat would have been from the trailer put into the water. So the fact that they went with a sniffing dog doesn't make any sense anyways, but this dog has failed multiple tests, anyways. Sometimes I see the prosecution do this. Where are they are battling a defence. The defence just keeps coming up with all these random ideas as to what could have happened, except for their client, their client and do it by any of us. of these other possibilities are a possibility right. You know there establish reasonable doubt, and I find sometimes that the prosecution get swept up in this the same thing they start saying. Well, here's all the reasons why he did do it all, but it doesn't. with our story, it doesn't go with our theory, which is a dangerous waters too, for them to be enough
November twenty, two thousand and fifteen, the defence filed a habeas corpus petition claim The a had lied on her jury application and that there was evidence that neighbours lazy, alive after scott left home that day, christmas eve on august, tenth, two thousand and seventeen. The state attorney general responded by appealing if, by to the appeal by filing a one hundred and fifty page document contesting notion disputing the claims put forward in the peel, stating that the appeal ignored quote overwhelming evidence that yours and murdered lazy stay that the time line of the crime was established by the neighbor who found the peterson's golden retriever wandering in the street when it's a leash was still attached before the sightings of lazy and her dog started coming out. Your may break down this point row, quick. Yes,
so the idea is that roughly about ten eighteen as when the neighbour finds the petersen dog in the peterson's yard, Shazam find it in the parks doesn't find it down the street. She finds it in the yard. She said this would happen all the time they might playing outside or plain outside, but doing work in the guard and work in the yard, and the dog would be outcry and should bring the dog back around tomb. This time it was a little different because the dog had a leash on it, so she claims that she took the dog with the leash. Put it back in the yard, shut the gate left. The leash on dog is secure in the backyard which I find strange because if I fail
my neighbors dog with the least on and it was wandering around. I probably take the leash off when I put it in the back yard. That's me, but she left the lease on and then the then about fifteen. Twenty minutes later, the male man delivers now. He said that their dog always barked at him, whether inside or outside the dog always barked at him. He claims that the gate was open, the soil of all these scott pearson supporters. Say if the male man is correct in this time, which he should be because he is his time is based off of him scanning and mail, which document documents the tide is
be roughly half hour later after the neighbour states that they put the dog in the peterson's backyard bright, fenced in back you. So what their claiming is, since the gate was open again that this proves that lacy was home, and this proves that if anybody open that gate, it was lazy, that's what they claim this proves. It doesn't prove that at all get the you, don't have to be a genius to figure this out. There are so many possibilities of why that gate was open. The gate was open. Then the dog was put back and then the the neighbor closes the gate. Did she not close the gate? Well enough, we don't know, did Did the gate have a bad lax and that's? Why was opened in the first place? We no but we do know is that when Scott petersen comes home,
guess who still has a leash on, so it's if, if, if lacy was there and she re opened the gate, then, while I was to take off the lease of the dog, I mean they think that they claim that this is proof that she was alive at ten thirty. Ten forty five- and I I think, is proof of nothing well proof that the gate was open? People get confused, you know. If you go to certain websites, you watch certain. Are you. Things are skewed in certain way showed under a certain light at a different angle. It's easy for somebody to flip sides and think hey. This person might be innocent or this person might be guilty or we're so on and so forth while and he gets tricky, but here's here's what I think that we will hold on by while I was gone says, but if you're scott peers, and you're lying to everybody in line to everybody for a really long time and you're lying.
Your parents and you're lying to you certain your line to whoever you There's whoever your line to line to the world, then there's a party. You know if you're his father, you want to believe him. You want to believe that you raise some a better than this right and- and so I feel bad for them, because they're trying to prove that he's innocent were well back to the whole dog thing. The neighbour placing the dog in the fence that occurred at what time they think rough right out and ten fifteen ten eighteen, ten twenty. So let's in the window of ten fifteen ten twenty. What I think that people failing to recognise here. Is that remember: The statement of eleven witnesses stated that they saw lacy petersen with their dog walking her dog
ok and remember those statements, the statements that I found do not specifically, namely lacy petersen. They stay. I saw a woman and her dog or a woman matching lacy description and a dog matching that description by the other issue. Here, that's very difficult is if the neighbour found the dog by itself places the dog in the fence between ten fifteen and ten wani any of those sightings any of those witnesses that come forward and say that they saw the dog with lacey after ten twenty. The nazi lady did not see lacy and did not see the peterson's dark, bright and less and less. here's what happened. She'd, let the dog out right and then she went and stuff Another dog that looked just like her dog and walked that dog, that's private,
Well, I think, ultimately, what happened is I think the jury got it right. Stand that all they had was circumstantial evidence. I see what I, leave to be a mountain of circumstantial evidence I know that it is called into question my next statement here, but I do believe that it's likely skype, nurse and told his in laws that he went golfing that morning and then later he's saying that he went fishing instead. I dont think that this guy with smart enough to understand or I believe that he was going to have to. Answered the amount of questions that he was going to have to to come across I don't believe that he thought he would be investigated as early into this as he actually was, and I think it some he squirmed when it when prison, with the idea that he was golfing any had approve where he was well guess what fishing still proves that I
kill my wife, the in the window that I'm going to lead you to believe that my, if was murdered, I in here or available or with her during that time, because I was fishing and here's. My proof that I was fishing, here's my launch, take it here's the receipt for that, and I think this was Absolutely premeditated murder? I think he planted her before he purchase that boat. I believe is she likely didn't know about the bow and persons close to her in him. Didn't know about the boat. I think he pre keep pace, meditated, the murder of his wife and his two be son, and he did this. I think I think I don't think he did this for amber. I don't think he did this because he wanted to be with amber. I think he just did this for himself. And what I mean by that, as I think I think all this all this stuff. You know the
purchasing online by lacy that morning, I think so what he he took her debit card, credit card any bought something on a website that he knew that she shopped on yeah. That's not hard to do. He turns Martha stewart. Why he's preparing things to have to take it to san francisco bay any listen. So what's going on and his eye, I remember martha talking about this in this in this while lacy was watch, that morning and then conveniently goes into work where he's picking up his boat, transferring the body at some point from the truck the boat taking the body out into the water, tossing it over the side of the boat at the trial the trial. We have the defence that says. Oh, the prosecution took out a boat was similar to poland. I'm sorry. I got this backwards. The defence stated
We have a bow same exact boat is scant peterson's, took it out too the bay and using the weight of petersen as an example and the weight of lacy as an example trying to toss them. Howdy over into the water made the boat capsize. Therefore, Scott petersen could not have in that small of a bope, the prosecution fired back and stated of well, let's do let's use scott peterson's actual boat and go out there and conduct the same test and the defense quickly. Let that slide they didn't want to see that happen, because I dont think that they believe the the show that they put on my, like the show this scott Peter, was putting on this whole time. I think he fabricated this alibi. I think he did things to me look like lacy was alive longer than she was and that he was gone at the time this she disappeared.
He likely he likely after driving off with her body either in the truck or all you know. you keep a mighty, we even had the dog with them and releases the dog side of the road. A couple blocks away, hoping the dog walks home returns home in the neighbour, finds it and We have this situation of of his boat, the peace keeping at the warehouse. You know I really think he had a. He had a place that he could go and he could conceal moving that body very briefly into that boat and then those out onto the water are. What day christmas eve, why he's not expect to see anybody else out there and he doesn't want to see anybody else out there. While does the play. We advocate the fence. Did president the idea that you saw somebody out there
They claim that there was eye witness that saw Scott pearson in a boat and that there was nothing in the bope, and that was false, because we knew that we had. He had fishing equipment. He also mysteriously had a tarp in his boat, but this credible eyewitness that they bring up in all these documentaries and say that once he gets the trial, he had this information. He could have called him in the first trial. You did it. I think they did, because I think this guy was full shit. He saw a guy in a small boat because again it's a fresh water, boat and you're in salt, water, and that was kind of funny and you're wearing camouflage clothes, and I don't think this guy saw that also this idea that there's the satanic
killings in that they're going to take a mother and take the baby and blah blah blah, there's no evidence of that. So I come up with something a little bit better. Now the missing pregnant women- hmm that's kind of a interesting theory. I love They say there was eight of them. They don't tell you what happened to the aid of them. How one was found? One was not found. One was found dead, one was found alive and yes, there was somebody from modesto pregnant woman that she was found. She washed ashore. They did not find her baby and same scenario. It was a torso, so the the the cost made a huge mistake by stating where scott peterson was because if somebody did do this killing, you got a perfect place to end up the body, and then you get a frame. The sky
So then, the other thing too- and I think this needs to be looked at more- is the prosecution claims that the burglary took place on the twenty fourth work took place on twenty six and not on the twenty fourth. Well, they actually can't prove that and base on reporters that, on the twenty six, the scott pearson neighbourhood was filled with media. So we're talking about the house, that's right across the street and the people right across the street. You think that robbers are not gonna break into a house when there are tons of media sit around on the twenty six that's something you know. If you want to argue that point, I might listen to you a little bit, but let's start with December ninth you get caught
You're dating a girl, you're married you're having a child and you're dating somebody, you get caught and you tell them person lie upon, lie upon lie, and then you go all by the way I was married, but guess happened to her. She went missing all. When did she as in bright before christmas, it's gonna be my first christmas. Without my wife doesn't say that she was pregnant, still again, another lie, and is he a fortune teller? You know what are the odds that he tell somebody his wife went missing on the ninth and then on the twenty five fourth, she goes missing the defence likes to say, while you know on the twenty. Fourth, that lazy gutter hair done and Scott actually invited the hairdresser back to the house, and so that prove was that he wasn't planning on killing her that night, that doesn't prove nothing
come over to the house watch some football with us eat some pizza, I'm going to kill her in her sleep anyways. I think he probably then they went back there watching t v eating pizza. He probably put a little sleeping pills and in her drink she passed out he suffocated her. I think he had two tarps. I think he put our own one tarp but lined with other tarp, so the tarps tar for touching, but only one tarp. Worse touching the body, I think he then wrapped her body up and that tarp, I think he put her in the truck ah and had to tarps and then on christmas eve. He decides to take three umbrellas, two giant three giant umbrella, from their backyard and storm at his work warehouse. What is the point of that cause? I have to
cover up the fact that I'm taken a body and put it into my truck and then what They do he he stages it like you, said. Ah, let me put her bench out. You know they. They claim that the bench in the her putting out the bench and having her curling iron and all that stuff proves that she was alive on the twenty. Fourth, maybe she was live on the twenty fourth, maybe ugh on the twenty. Fourth, maybe he suffocated or on the twenty fourth or maybe he staged it doesn't prove she was alive, disproves at somebody. The house moved the bench that somebody in the house put a curling iron out that somebody in the house turned on Martha stewart. It does not prove that lacy was alive. You can't say, while the scar,
it's Martha stewart, so she was alive now now it proves nothing. It just proves that that Scott watched Martha stewart and then he pulls out a bucket put some cleaning supply in it. Probably bleach cleans up the place then puts a bucket outside takes the dog puts it on a leash, opens up the gate. I don't even think it dropped the dog off anywhere. I think he just opened the gate, knowing that the dog is going to make it's way outside the gate. He then takes. Lacy's body is unborn child's body. That's wrapped up in a sharp. He goes on to his warehouse where the boat that nobody knew existed, no proof that any by knew about this bow And he had anchors made and what are the big things that people point is he had this saw that was ordered and it showed up that day and he looked up instructions
sembled the saw well, it was a would solve right, but is a guy that takes a fresh water boat and puts in salt water. He doesn't give a shit if it's a wood Saul or if it's a metal saw- and I think he use this the reason why he had put it together. Could he had finished the anchors he was making, so he makes these anchors, which we have. That he has won in his boat. That's tied to not they in that proves that's avenue stop it wasn't being used for ankara is going be used for something out else, and maybe, when he gets out there again, he has tarp. He has So yes, her body and the tarp she's in athens. he's now either in the back of his truck or she's in the boat and maybe there was I witnessed- that's all scott. Maybe he didn't see
the boat, but maybe the boat was packed up yet and at that, that's my own explanation for that. Where the guy just did see what do you know entire witness states he saw. writers and roughly the same time, that I'm theirs but I witnesses that actually saw petersen at the dock, and that's because this guy that's supposed to be this. the fishermen and this guy has a bow. He was oh bad at packing up the pope, put it in the water that they were like wool and we're talking about a small boat so again lie after lie. You also then say I didn't want to go guy and because it was wendy and rainy and mackay you want to go. often, but you won't go boning when it's when its way de and rainy. So then you get out there she's in the boat. Now,
you have your little homemade anchors that you got from home depot and yeah tat tire limbs up and he get her out of the boat and you're gonna about our I then he decide hey I'm gonna collar, I established there. Gone, because what you're trying to establish is that she went missing and you weren't there not that she was I heard that she went missing and you weren't there, so you call it hey honey. I forgot to pick up that thing. Can you pick it up and I know you can't because I killed you, but can maybe you can pick it up? four pappy with ever the bucky said and then get back in the new like. Oh, I gotta take a shower I'm to put my clothes in the washer, because I need to have them wash because it might have some evidence on it. All that bucket of.
Clean in supplies that I claim that you run a mob the floor. Now, I'm gonna dump that out so do that, then you call o time goes by think you'd be gone. Hey. We have a party to go to what the hell's goin on where she at you call nine one one. You claim that you're talking to the neighbors, you claim you're goin to the part, then you go any tell the police officers. Our marriage was fine, which was a bullshit lie because you have a fair lie upon lie upon upon my and our if you keep going on and on and on it's like it's just ridiculous, and then their bodies are found. miles from where you were at one mile. How do you explain that? You sell her car. How do you explain that you'd die your hair and I understand
that there's this idea, that if there's a point of evidence, but it also points to guilty or innocent, I suppose go to innocent, but how many times are we supposed to do that? If it's a high, times. Are we supposed to do that? A hundred times no absolutely not does you being a liar. Does that make you a murder? No debts You haven't affair, make your murder now you lie a million times? Maybe you are a murderer: you're not to assist for one and- and I think, here's where we'll get it wrong. When people sit there and say, while the media did this to him in the no no, no, no, no, no. No, he did it to himself he's the one that chose to have a fair he's, the one That shows tat to lie to the girl that was his girlfriend he's the one day then told her that his wife went missing, he's the one that lie
to everybody over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again right and he so he did this to himself. The media didn't do this to himself. I do think the cops messed up a little bit. They were searching in the bay for her body. Then they find the bodies. You know what you need to be certain for the anchors, because the anchors that your murder weapon bright, she might have been suffocated beforehand, but those those anchors that that is a nail in his coffin. That's To me definitive proof, I think they could have found those anchors. I think they could approved all the all along the way. You know people have these things where they go. Let lazy about the boat, no
There is no proof that she knew about the boat. There was this proof that she went and took a piss at the warehouse at their quota. They could attested the cleaning supply that he dumped out. Was it bleach? There's all the speculation that people smell. shhh afterwards. Is it and if it was believed that doesn't mean he's trying to cover something up? I don't I
nancy grace which look you can hate her for a lot of the stuff. She says about other cases. Fine I'll hand you that, but one of the things that she said, which I thought was very interesting, was this case. Was you you wake up right, go to work, it's a sunny day beautiful day I'll get to work. It's time for lunch, come outside branches. All over the place leaves on the ground. Puddles everywhere did it storm did not storm. He didn't see the storm you don't. He didn't physically see that it stormed, but you can see by the evidence that it did- and I think in this case that's why he was found guilty and that's why he got the death penalty out that he got the death penalty because he killed lacy. It's
He killed, lazy and a baby, but the baby was about to be born. You know, that's why I got the death penalty. Well, you have to wonder too, you know and people all these little arguments you have to wonder: did he purposely by the boat with the fishing gear for the dep finder, because he needed to dump them deep enough that they may not ever be recovered bright? He also looked up current current patterns the day before, and the thing here is scott petersen thing god he got the death penalty and hopefully his the situation where they do in fact execute him. California is not very good at following through with that part of the penalty phase. But you know who he reminds me of an
he would have went on to be like had he not got caught because again, I don't think he did this to be with amber. I think he did this for himself I think that it had. He got married again and another town in another state somewhere a deck, or two later he would have done this. Thing to that person as soon as he decided It was no longer working for him and this be a pattern. He would continue to repeat time I again, he reminds me very much the individual felix veil that we discussed so many cases ago. While now- and I think the thing to do is alive people look he's claim in his innocent he's he's telling his family he two innocent The reason why he staged or is trying to stage that his wife went missing is
that he can it be man enough to say, look I'm home fair. I don't to be married. I dont want to be father, but he couldn't be a man and say that by its kind of weird, if you have a child, he should want to be a father He didn't have the guts to say that, because it Him look like a pile of shit right, and I understand that his his family wanted defend him. All this stuff, but how many points of ev and do you need that your son as well The biggest piles of shit that ever walked this earth the
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