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Serial Offender /// Part 2 /// 668

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Serial Offender /// Part 2 /// 668

Part 2 of 2 


Nikki Cleveland was working as a Real Estate agent. She listed a unusual property for sale. The property was not occupied. It was a secluded 3/4 acre property with river frontage. Perfect for relaxing, swimming and canoeing. The property received some attention from an ad she ran in the local paper. One day she went to show the property and she never came home. Join us for a true crime story of a most unusual Serial Offender. 

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go to audible and check out next new book, one of he's right here right now thousand books, you wanna you wanna check out the first one is available on audible called the delphi murders. The sir for the man on the bridge near raided by the great Kevin pierce. Some people. Ask me why you know really yourself and I said: look I'm not you're, not a reader. He never learn to read and that's enough for them. And everybody gathered round grab a chair, gravel beer. Let's talk some true crime
the on this show we talk a lot about monsters, depraved killers, rapists robbers, home invaders, people who are just evil. People who are on the fringes of society who normal citizens describe as odd sick or just off people whose inner pravity shows on the outside. But who are the scariest? monsters of all the ones who don't look like monsters, the ones who blend in the guy next door, the nice guy, the friend to all our story this week tells the story of one of these nice guys a who everyone said, was charming charismatic and intelligent this man,
considered by those who knew him as an all around great guy. But This man had another side, a dark side, but he kept hidden from every one fill it emerged with an explosive urge to assault terrorize an attack. This happen over and over again with this man with unknown numbers of women and girls being victimized by this monster until he finally killed someone when police in maine finally caught up with william jaw calk, he was ready arrested by the authorities from new Hampshire picked up in north carolina. After he's in custody in new hampshire We learned that this guy was on the run at the time that he killed Nicky cleveland. He was on the run from
a fournier authorities for a bunch of attacks it he committed just months prior to Nicky's murder, and they will talk about this a lot with an escalation in crimes specially sexually motivated crimes and when the attacker was not identified by name, he was given the moniker of the want, add rapist. So it seems like this all started around may of nineteen. Seventy nine captain. This is when I'm in the san francisco bay area experienced a terrifying phenomenon. The one add rapist struck over and over again the emma was always the same. The female victims, some of them with husbands, had run classified ads in the local papers that they were buying or selling an item of furniture might be a crime. Were high chair or sewing machine items typical
own by women, but occasion some other household items as well. A man would all the home telephone number in the ad and set up a meeting to view the item some The man would often fanatical time. The sellers at their homes when they were home alone. This would be typically during the work day. When he showed up. If a man answered the door, he would pull a gun and robin if a woman answered the door he would be sure that they were alone and after pretending to interested in conducting the sale transaction. He would turn and on the unsuspecting woman, he would pull gone and he would them to a bedroom where he would bind them with wire or surgical tape, and he tape over their eyes and he would gag them. Then he would rape them
afterwards, he would leave them tied up in helpless, while ransacked and rob their hopes. Then he would disappear the rapists did not appear to discriminate based on what the victims look like simply what spawned these ads- and I said if there was a man He would pull a gun and rob em. If, if it was a woman, the answer the door, he would make that they were alone, and then he would attack rape and rob and then flee police. All over the area where scrambling to catch this guy he struck again and again and again and in more the boy areas there were: thirteen victims of this evil scheme, and Of course, many more were suspected word of his activities, spread all over the state of california. Much like the golden state killer.
or the original night stalker. But there is also a level of sophistication here, because if the plan was just, I only attack females, then the male victims, which, if he didn't decide to rob them, they would be able to get a better look at him correct and end. So when you put somebody in in a state of fear or a state of shock, there are less likely to remember details about. You it true that the other strange thing, though, is you? U reference that level of sophistication. It is a little weird that he doesn't attempt to disguise himself. As far as we know, I have been told and read that this guy was kind of a ted bundy, type that his appearance could change fairly dramatically by with the idea in a facial, hair or different hair cut. So maybe,
He was using those techniques, sometimes people so offenders will wear glasses when they don't need them, so he could have been using those techniques in your right. You you, you, stick a garden somebody's face, guess what they are paying attention to now right the gun, not your face. Not your bright sign teeth, I'm guessing because he's not disguising himself in, of course, if he was wearing a scheme, ask nobody's answering the door if they see that in advance right unless they have reversed people, but given given his emma oh, it's very easy to connect these crimes for law enforcement. these are women that are placing adds, selling item. Dude calls about said item and then attacks the woman in their home. So in november- nineteen eighty we have the redwood city, least there like hey. We gotta come up with a plan and catch the sky, so what they did was
place day. Air quotes dummy ad similar to the ones that the rapists head responded to in the past and used a female officer to answer the phone when he called the phone number in the ad. So this is Much like what's his name Chris Hansen, you show up to under age, girls, home and Chris Hansen sitting there and the dude walks in, and he goes you know what are you doing here, how to catch a predator yeah, hey? I got gotta It's so they use this a very similar technique, places ad in the paper. They got the feeling officer answering the phone and they give him address to show up to and, of course, he shows up, they arrest the guy. Now here's the problem. when the guy that day, the guy shows up and he's arrested. This doesn't
firm one hundred percent that this is your rapists that you're looking for in a perfect world, you let him start committing the crime, but you can't take that change now, because his emma was to pull a gun right in how you have a very bad situate criminal with a gun on your officer and even if you can storm the place still run the risk of him shooting her or shooting a bunch of other people in the process before you can take him out there. But what you do is you take a vote and the lease liked person on the law enforcement team. I don't care if it's a secretary, the least likely person in that department. You put them as the bait yes, so this is a good plan. However, he's not gonna show up to the scene and go hey. It's me, the one add rapist, so the guy,
that they arrest could just be a normal innocent, looking purse yeah. But what they can do is take that pick and put him in a line up and see if any of the other victims can identify. So what they do here. Captain is they're going to at least give him an interview and ask a bunch of questions. Now they do the interview process. It sounds like nothing to them, screamed out this our guy, he's the rapists and they don't have Lee any evidence to connect him one one thing that I will criticise the police here in this matter. Here we go is you would think that arise flag, would go immediately up when you find A roll of heavy duty tape in his vehicle when he showed up to the scene, yeah but depends, we know the tape was used in the other crops.
no no, I understand that, but it all depends on what else you find in that trunk. I mean, I know some of my friends that are very handy and they they help their friends with hong projects. Whenever need be, that they'll have you know some tools and some some items like tape, and and other things in their car. At all times. The other major red flag should have been the guy you arrested joel bill cock had a previous record he's a criminal he had been convicted at the age of twenty two and march of nineteen. Seventy four burglary assault with a deadly weapon assault to commit rape and rape with force.
Sounds to me, like you got your guy anyway and good, but this is the problem that we always talk about in this. As you know, as much as these cases, you know we can criticize you know little tiny moves or big moves, that law enforcement make or don't make but the fact of the matter is, you can have a bunch of red flags, but that doesn't mean you can convince the purse one hundred percent. I agree with and in and that's where I I always feel for law enforcement, because their constantly asked to do things most normal individuals wanted do. I may do so. you're saying that a guy smells and it goes into the woods, finds a dead body. He then has to call the police. The police then have to confirm that that would not be a fun day on the job. For the night,
teen. Seventy burglary assault with a deadly weapon and rape joel bill cock received five years in prison. Unfortunately, he gets out. For good behaviour after twenty months. So he's released in december of nineteen seventy one. So let me say that again he did less than two years for rape. That's shameful that again that, but the sometimes law, enforcement or prosecuted their hands are tied. so there this they're trying to get some kind of time to get this animal off the street where they got five years. It is up to the corrections that let him out for the good behavior, but we're not done with his police record. Yet I'm so tired of this good behaviour. Shit and just like the case that we're talkin about, I believe his last week with it when they were at the time of the crimes. The person is a drunk in alcohol
work in care have those substances in prison, then, yes, they might behave themselves a little bit better or they might behave themselves because, there's bigger animals and bigger monsters that are locked away with them and if they dont behave themselves, they're gonna get killed and so when they get out than they pray on weaker individuals. So I just think this whole good behaviour shit. She go away to get rid of it. He do I'm gonna do the full time. I don't give a shit how well you're behaving yourself when you watching your basic cable and your lesson: the pod cast and yourself to sit there and rot when we're not done with his police record yet. But I am asked about myself: well, and this is why I am saying it's shocking to me that there they don't believe that they have their
And you're right, they don't have anything to one hundred percent. Take this to court and convict the want. Add rapist but I mean listen the similarities in this next cried this takes place in April nineteen. Seventy four! This is when he knocks on a woman's front door in santa Maria. and he asked to use her phone of course, nineteen. Seventy four. This is a lot more common. Nobody would do that today, and if they do don't let him into your home Soon as he's inside the house and as soon as the doors clothes, he pulls a handgun He tapes are eyes and mouth shut. He brought tape with him too.
The scene for this purpose. He rapes a woman, steals money from her purse and then leaves the home that to me sounds nearly ninety percent identical to the want. Add rapist, ammo. Yes, so the survivor is able to very specifically give a great description of very specific description to police who work up a composite sketch. This sketches circulated to local law enforcement and the police. later say that this sketch and though the witnesses stating the victim statements, is what led them to the perpetrator. So the police quickly tie this attack and rape to joel cock, he's already out he's on parole in a nearby county for that earlier, rape, conviction that he got out on good behaviour and they suspect him
several other cases at the time as well. So once again he sent away- and this is from mid nineteen. Seventy four until early nineteen, seventy nine I understand why we don't have longer sentences for rape anyways, we we do today. This is the seventies right. So what we are seeing here is you have to talk some of this up to it being the seventies. sex. Crimes against women, unfortunately were being overwhelmingly ignored by the legal system at that time and we ve, we ve done some good work in the decades later to correct This again to you of men, were and were given raped as often as women were, we'd have would have sentences up to life for four, even just it
to rape while he's in prison for the second time again gets out nineteen. Seventy nine, a prison Psychiatrist, who evaluated him said that this said that he Well, on his way to working through his basic conflict and and labelled joel a good candidate for parole, this guy is, this guy's, the farming malik of psychiatric. Why Well, and we know what we know. Captain is these individuals, they cannot be rehabilitated and this man certainly fits that description. that when they are in prison yeah they might be behaving well in. Behavior, while in prison, but a lot of times there simply sitting there plotting in coming up with a more sophisticated way to commit the same crimes,
landed them there. In the first place they are refining there and they should do what they did to that psycho untrue, detective, get rid of the weapon, therefore, that individual crank commit a rape ever again. Well, what they do is take his picture. They take his information, they showed around to the one add rapist victims and we have several of the victim saying yeah, that's the guy, you, you did get the right guy. Why. So in november of nineteen, eighty warrants for the arrest of joel bill, cock were issued by santa clara county and there were also war.
They were issued for rapes in robberies in three other counties as well, but calc was not so dumb. He didn't want to go back to prison. He had been there twice before He wanted to continue to rape and rob people, so he split town. He was in the wind and in fact nobody could find joel for nineteen months authorities finally caught up with him in north carolina. That's when calk admitted to a of the attacks in several different counties that took place in nineteen eighty, but he didn't really take responsibility because he told police that he struggled with a quote bad guy inside of himself.
who emerged about once a month and drove him to do the bad things that he did Joe said that he couldn't recall the victims or what they look like. They were just objects to him. He said that he answered hundreds of ads, calling them to find a woman alone, and he told police that he wanted psychiatric treatment to rid himself of this alter eager The in the all electric equal e s: u v from mercedes benz with optional digital light lcd technology, even the headlamps are intelligent. Spotlighting pedestrians and projecting warning symbols ahead, learn more at md, usa, dot com, slash e q e dash s? U v! When
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I ask you to do all right. We are back air, cheers everybody back talking in the air. That's right way hold on hold on job Joe Joe. Are you listen hello job. I just back is with us last july of nineteen. Eighty two Joel cork is up to it is up to his neck in it. By now, right he's been provided to new hampshire on the armed robbery and rape warrant and five additional chow Jews were added for burglaries and rapes that he had committed in the granite state. He ended up pleading guilty to six charge.
Rape, armed robbery and burglary for crimes that he committed in new Hampshire. This in in july of nineteen, eighty two, in june nineteen. Eighty three, a new hampshire judge, sentenced him to ten to twenty years for aggravated felonious sexual assault and five to ten for burglary to be served consecutively so he wouldn't be eligible for paul until nineteen. Ninety eight,
new Hampshire. Wasn't the only state that wanted it's pound of flesh California got in line filing charges against him for the attacks that he confessed to in their state. Now how this works normally write as if he is charged first and one state, even if the crimes took place earlier in a different state, if he's charged first in state a he has to then live out that sentence first and then, when he's done being sentence for that, he doesn't get to be released. He has to then face charges. From the from state be typical: yes, that's how it works, sometimes, if you're convicted of a much more heinous crime in another state. Sometimes
I'll? Send you off to that state to face such argue that in ghana and face time there, one? If I was the judge- and he was sent, hey look, don't put me in prison, he how we can work this out, I'd, say, look good or would I do we are going to water board? You were run a cane. You or I do this repeat- have plenty for years, less hears that needs serve in prison and if you couldn't survive, we might think about letting you out. So now we're nineteen eighty three right and we have the convictions in new Hampshire. We have this individual in custody that gets convicted. He also confesses to all of the crimes in new Hampshire that he's discharge with and to a lot of the arms again of getting charged with in California. He, as part of these confessions
He says the rate charges are true, but that a demon I gave him a supper person with uncontrollable. Urges and drives they made him act. They they were controlling him. And he's going to use this part to be a defence in in his defence. On the charges of murder of Nikki cleveland, so just so we're clear, let's circle back to those murder charges in that trial year captain. So we had touched on this a little bit yesterday when we said that hey they have the phone records that show that the calls came from his home to the real estate agents office, an home the day before she met with the potential buyer and was kidnapped and then found dead.
We also have the evidence that we stated about the gun that he had stole from somebody in an attack that he committed in california, telling police that he used it for other criminal activity. After stealing, the weapon police say that track down bullet set a firing range that matched ballistic. We match the bullets that they found in the victim Nicky Cleveland, but that wasn't, yet. The additional evidence that they have was a droll calk left work at eleven thirty on the day of the murder, without excellent and this was July thirteenth- he doesn't return to work until July. Sixteenth doesn't tell doesn't come up with an explanation why he missed work where he was. What had happened?
But we know he's unaccounted for at the time of the kidnapping, because the appointment was set for one to two p m on the teeth. We don't know where jollies after eleven thirty. I am on that day, and nobody can tell us where he is. The other thing to is, we have our eye, witness who says yes, Joel calk looks exactly like, the guy that I saw that day driving a group in blue blue green vehicle ass, she described and Are we learned that he and a blue ford maverick at his trial. The prosecutor told the jury quote: Mr Kok is a man who has raped and abused women coast coast. He is a monster. The state presented evidence. I'm a deputy medical examiner that Nicky was shot in the head
while she was kneeling her hands bound behind her back. She was killed where she was found, call kid urged her into the woods may, I heard kneel and shot her at the trial. Caulked did not take the stand. The jury found him guilty of Nicky's murder. This was in July nineteen, eighty seven she was killed and eighty one they deliberated for less than two hours. So it sounds like the but since the mountain of evidence against him was enough to convince them and relatively quick fashion at sentencing, calk addressed port, he maintained his innocence in Nicky cleveland case, he pointed out that he had played guilty to other crimes he had been convicted of. He said that he pledged guilty in those crimes because quote I put my victims through enough without putting them through something again in a trial
the reason we had a trial in this case is because I didn't do it. And that's the only reason end quote. The judge was not moved by this statement. In fact, the judge said quote: the mere fact that you admit to some and don't admit to this doesn't mean a thing too, He cited the sophistication premeditation of the crime and the lack of remorse the judges job as he saw it to make sure that Joel calk never sees the light of day again, so he sentenced him to life in prison. Without parole, while, like we set em, there's a level of sophistication with him. If I show to this crime it's a female. I do this crime. I act this way. If it's a may, I act this way.
But there's an escalation, and so he's raped and he's robbed and assaulted. So many people and now we have this murder so a murder that he's charged with I I have it. have a hard time, believing that this was the first one Or the only one rikers right, the whole situation with our victim nicky Cleveland here to me, is so little bizarre. So she unfortunate bears the dubious distinction of being the only one of his victims that we know of who he actually killed, did see a report, and I wish that I could have found the victims name, so we could get details of that crime, but I- saw a mention that he is suspected in.
the least one murder in california, but I again couldn't find any information on that case or if it's even still outstanding, if it still open right, because a lot of this information that we were able to pull on this guy came from the time period came from nineteen eighty one, nineteen, eighty six, nine, eighty seven so in eighty six keys indicted for the murder of nick cleveland in maine. We do know sometimes these rapists, gradual wait. If you will to. A more severe crime of murder. It's not terribly uncommon The other thing, though, to as we know, he was on the run from caliph new authorities for pretty for crimes that he he did. He the same m o each time and it's a pretty soon civic emma, so he could
have gone two main and, as he says, he's got this thing inside of him that once a month makes him do these bad things. Yeah believed the doctors call that a serial killers monthly period. Clearly he could control his urges to victimize a woman and maybe this was the only one. Maybe he did it this way. Maybe he kidnapped her put her in the trunk of his car driver to another location and kills the witness the victim, because he thought well. Police will easily put this together and figure out that I am on the run for similar crimes in california. If I let this victim live Right, so maybe she is the only one listeners not to give everybody a whole guess, I'm it. But if anybody has a clue what this other cases that he might have been suspected foreign, california.
please send us the information We would really like to know. We would really like to to review it and cross reference it with the information that we ve built up against the sky, because. I frankly have a hard time, believing that he didn't kill somebody else yet again, because there s listen, but also this guy is in every definition of the word. He is a sick monster. We already talked bout Mary critically, the person that was found august- ninth, nineteen One found nine days after Nicky Cleveland and the she's ways been suspected to be a victim of the connecticut river valley killer, who had very specific m o the is very different,
the crimes we know that joel cock committed, but we do not get a cause of death in her case because of the de camp that took place the medical examiner wasn't, what a cot to determine the cause of death- and we don't get any information as to what type of injuries she suffered, what I'm getting at you captain is a lot of times these guys. The crimes are committing. Yes, he is orchestrated some of this he's put some of these in place by responding to ads in california, but it wouldn't be difficult, to believe that he's probably driving around with a rape kit and his car at all times. If we have victims that connecticut river valley cases that are hitchhiking,
to say if he is willing to walk into somebody's home and do this to them. There. There's nothing preventing him from picking up an unsuspecting hitchhiker off bring her a ride and then put I got on her there right, so it's really difficult to believe. It is its I know they tell us this man. be the only murder that he committed. But it's a very hard pill to swallow. Please also robbing these victims and by robbing those victims than he doesn't have to have in full time. Employment just gives him more of a chance, step, more opportunities and other strange thing that this guy did once he's in prison. Apparently he didn't want to serve out the sentence, or at least serve a long sentence of life in prison with no parole. So at some point he decides to stop eating airstrike yeah
but not necessarily a hunger strike because he's he has no demands for them to fill it's just, I'm not he. I'm gonna wither away and die. Well, they don't like this. They should just let him die law law enforcement does not like this day want him to serve the sentence that he was convicted, in sentence two. They want him to live. Like you said earlier, captain sit in prison and rot rot away, but I have a issue with this meme because the taxpayers have to pay for that rotting away, that's true and so have the guy just doesn't want to eat and then go hey.
Let us know when you can't take it anymore. I have been easily swayed to your side captain, but this is a a part of the interesting part of the story yeah. So the new Hampshire supreme court decides. You know what no no, no joel cock. You are not in charge buddy cause he say. Look. I have a constitutional right to die without interference from the state, so they determine that he's mentally competent to make such a decision, but they decided that we are going to permit the correction fas correctional facility to force feed you if you will not eat.
Can you imagine your correction officer and you have to hold a grown man down and they force food into his face? They say hey. I know it's monday, but I and I, but we gotta pull you into the office cause. We got, mission for you. You know that I'm Joe cock, you don't have to force feed son of a bitch. Well, and you know it's what's kind of interesting to some weird psychology here is. We know that It is more often about power and control and less about the sex act itself and look all the women he victimized that he forced himself on them in here he is now sitting in a cell. Can they are force, feeding him so of course, he's not gonna like this either and they it sounds to me like
force, fed him just enough to keep him alive. It wasn't something like they're like up. We gotta go three meals a day. No, nothing like that. It was like every few days they force fed this dude, at some points, is look. I'm not. Go through this routine of being forced. at every few days he did lose a whole bunch away like that are being taken away from him. I saw sure of him and then one that was taken it about a year later and he looked like a skeleton version of himself and he He agrees that he's going to like drink milk in and drink juices, and things like that, so that they will have have to force feed him going forward. But this co heads
takes, don't stop there now. This is a very violent individual in when we, when we criticise the justice system for the lack of justice in the rape cases in the nineteen seventy case and then again in nineteen. Seventy four, unfortunately, there were other people that were victimized in colluding our murder victim Nicky Cleveland. That one could make a very strong argument that those people- never have had to experience what they did. Nicky Cleveland may still be alive if they had proper sentences for key, of rape back in the early seventies that this guy have been locked up during that time now. What clear to me is, I think, regardless of how long you lock him up when he gets out he's going to go back to committing these crimes and and maybe even
billy into more violent crimes like he did with the cleveland case we had john douglas who told us what we talked about: prison sentences and the death penalty, and things like that talk to him and he said nick captain. The problem with some of these individuals is: you cannot rehabilitate upper and who has never been habituated. To begin with, I agree and nineteen eighty seven, while serving out his life, Dickens, Joel slashed, another inmate, this inmates name is Robert duff slashed him with a razor a twenty four times in the face. Arms and back duff was serving time for five counts of felonious sexual assault, so hard to have any sympathy for robert duff. That may mean that just made me think of remembers,
celebrity death match on mtv when we were kids- yes, maybe that's what they should do in some of these presence around. I dunno just saying why and- and the thing is as if they put it on pay per view- that we could take the money and instead of taxpayers, money pain for these animals to be fed- and I know they're not fed well but grew yeah. It's it's one step below dog food. No wonder he quit eating yeah, it's a privilege, here's another victim of cocktail as well, because nineteen, eighty one, a woman placed and add for a waterbed foresail. This is in north carolina, Jacksonville north carolina on march. Thirty, four First, a man called her at home around ninety em and made an appointment to see this waterbed when he arrived at her
at ten a m. She took him to the basement to see the the bed frame. then to a bedroom too the remainder of the water bed, and they're in the bedroom. This man turns a gun on her and threatens her life. He tapes her hands behind her back tapes. Her eyes shut gags her with her underpants and ties her feet together. He then rape, sir, and the Then fleece robs the house steal some jewelry and some valuables an splits the victim was able to, scribe her attacker in detail and was hypnotized to enhance her recall Then she shown a photo line up their included. The image of a man named LEO walter's who had been arrested in the same restriction for very minor
times unrelated minor crimes? She ident fight him, she points to him and says: that's the guy that attacked me. My blood typing evidence at the time and the rape kit showed that the rapist was type o blood which LEO waters was that sucks. So this man convicted in nineteen. Eighty, two and given two consecutive life sentences. While in prison. He petition for an updated dna test of the samples that were taken from the rape. Now it wasn't until two thousand and three sophisticated sdr testing. Finally excluded LEO waters. He was not the rape, as someone else was.
so all the charges against waters was. They were dismissed by the district attorney in november two thousand and two ray. He was released after serving twenty one years in prison for a crime that he did not commit, and there s the hour sample from the rape kit was finally entered into quotas in two thousand and five, and it got a hit. It comes back to joel bill, cock, nother, rape. The thumb in this poor man. Joe waters serves twenty one years in prison for a crime. He did not commit yeah. I felt awful for him, but I also feel awful for the victim because she thought he was the right guy. So then she feels like there's some juts justice and then, when she finds out he's not the right I the inside cheese victimize all over again and then she probably fills awful,
She had a hand in putting this innocent man behind bars. For so long. I mean it's just that what a messy situation jaw bill Cox remain. In maximum security prison to this day, it's not clear when he is scheduled to be real yes, but when he is making California most likely north carolina are all via to be next on the list of states that he gets to visit on his present or cause we'll be locked up for the rest of his life, but his crimes were not careful. They weren't well planned. He didn't disguises. his in his scheme of pretending to be a legitimate purchaser chatting with his intended victims. Almost ensured that they would get a good look at him before he had the opportunity to blindfold them. He
the gun stolen in one of his crimes to commit murder. He made appointments with his victims from his home phone but what scary about somebody like jaw kok is, is not his cunning or his level of planning. It's it's that, like of ted Bundy, he was very much. able to operate comfortably within mainstream society He was well liked even admired by some with no one guessing that he harboured the add guy inside of him. Who would urge him? Any given moment to strike again, What are they give away for join us here in the garage on our way? a thousand and one episode Colonel do every recommended. Reading this week,
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