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Shaker Heights - Episode 4: Chinese Whispers

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Shaker Heights - Episode 4: Chinese Whispers


In the early morning hours of Friday, September 14, 1990, 16 year old Lisa Pruett was stabbed to death in Shaker Heights. This is a 6 part true crime series. The bulk of the story comes from actual police interviews. As the story unfolds, ask yourself, who do you think killed Lisa Pruett?Directed and produced by True Crime Garage. Co-produced by The Philosophy of Crime and narration written by James Renner

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flora card dot com. What come to shaker heights episode. Four chinese whispers. sixteen year old lisa approve was stabbed. Behind mansion in mansion heights, shaker heights, ohio on September, fourteenth nine? Ninety Her murder remains unsolved. This the story of the police detectives and
all town were led to believe the weird kid in school did it. Based on nothing, but testimony from a group of teens we're friends with leases boyfriend dan dry, for what you will hear our actors, in from actual police interviews conducted during the course of their investigation? No words have been changed, and the interviews remain. In chronological order, so that you can see how the case against Kevin young was construct This is texts of richard maloney at the sugar hides police department and are viewing one christopher in Jones. Mister Jones can you can t your statement. Dan was pretty angry about being a suspect or the way they
trade that pray from their many people came and left dan's house at night. Eventually, the indian messenger got a ride from scot free arrow to prove its health. We talked to MR prove it we went up into their house and spend a little time in LISA's room then me and dan messing her we're going to walk home We got to write about halfway to dance house from randy stokes. We got back, dan drivers house and I spent the night there, We then went down to dance basement and talk. Therefore, while Debbie driver came down in this, the possibility that Kevin young might have done it. Start from shane and John who had heard about a month before that Kevin young, wanted to kill both dan and LISA, because he had been with for two years I had stolen her or taken her away from him. After a while, we went back up to room. We just talked until pretty late and went to bed. Then the next morning, saturday september, fifteenth nineteen. Ninety Dan had to go to the police station.
and I got a ride home for mrs driver. to the best of your knowledge who knew at liza, was planning to come to Dan's house on thursday night dan driver myself, tax and kim call may have because she was over at least house that night, so they may have talked about it how long have you known dan dreifort, with an sent winter of nineteen. Eighty nine. Could you briefly scribe d and referred, it had a rough family life because of that. Different, been kind of extroverted, a sense he's pretty much. Joking around he's truly social. If you feel something seafront for all is put on show of being in a good mood, talking and stuff under that he's afraid, trust people, the television and he has a sense of what he should do. LISA was one of the only persons he really trusted you, had that many people that he can trust he loved her very much. How long have you been friends with lisa pruitt
pretty much the same as Dan. I had done some stuff. With her before, but it became good friend with her that winter of nineteen? Eighty nine. How long have you known text. I don't really know him that, well It's pretty much know of him. probably no more than six or seven months. Could you briefly describe text from what I know he's not really concerned with school. More rebellious he's not really violent, but he's got a lot of anger at things. seems like a really nice guy as a person. How long have you known Kevin young, I know dan dreifort? there are seven months. Also, could you briefly disk I've given young externally touchy very powerful, a sense of that a physical sense of strength, very angry. He like I joke around about things, but you never really know. If he's serious or not he's always on edge. Like wired, I really don't know him that well, have you observe dramatic
changes and kevin young personality. I haven't heard about these changes taking place. He always seems like he's sort of about to burst out or go over the edges, think he makes you feel uncomfortable to be around. Can you describe when young's relationship with girls. He takes things too seriously about them. They'll do anything like being nice to him or something he'll. Take that. The fact that they like him more than they actually do with the girls he's around he's very possessive about them. He misconstrues takes too personally what their actions towards him are. any conrad and I were at a party when the girls I felt he was in love with because he knew or from band. I was kind of going out with her at the time whenever he would come over and talk to me or come and sit by me. Me, this really dark lances, he was trying to get drunk
He was acting really angry and hurt kind of. Basically, simmered down after I talked to him a little bit said to him that she didn't want to be around a guy who gets violent when he drinks. He just made me really uncomfortable. Basically, can you think of any other example of Kevin young behaviour with girls. He s back about right to prom but I can't really remember she refused. I believe she refused. He began to hate her for that and verbally despair Her and he made a lot of rude comments about her, seemed angry. He then asked Ellen Donald who is a freshman and he was a senior. told him that our parents wouldn't let her go? He seemed her to about this, but that's all I heard the best of your knowledge, have any your friends abuse robitussin cough syrup? Yes, several I tried it once
in any conrad back about right and dan driver in tax and every driver also. Could you describe What effects using robitussin had on you? I took it along with alcohol. Nobody else really did that. Then came extremely nauseous. I couldn't see straight really. distorted perception of what things really seem like. It became extremely talkative kinda, dizzy, giddy, feeling but really nauseous. That's the only time ever tried it How does a young man with no ties to the crime scene become the main suspect in a murder investigation. It happens, One flimsy story at a time. Remember that game who used to play in school, chinese whispers He called it. The telephone game a rumor starts, and it's past like a virus through words from one person to another until it changes
it is something new and altogether dangerous. Listen for it. In this interview with jennifer margolis a sixteen year old, high school student who was about to point the finger at Kevin young simply. cuz, she heard his name at the right time. First found out that Dan dry for it had come back. I wasn't a youth ending hunger meeting after school Judy Miller came into the room to tell me that Daniel was back. She was very excited once I realized who she was talking about. I was also very excited shortly after, came in Kim rathbone came to the meeting and she was very excited and emotional, which is how kim gets There was an element of surprise because we expected him to be in there longer because he said he had fulfilled his requirements to be able to leave the program at the clinic.
Basically, we were all surprised and excited that he was back. I talked to LISA pro that night. It was before her flute lesson. She was rambling on about how wonderful her life was and how wonderful that day was. She was excited like the rest of us about dan being back and especially because he was special to her. She had been down about bandcamp and the beginning of the school year because you couldn't do anything for him and she missed him a lot and she kept the only thing bad about the day was that she could see him as much as she liked. She saw him momentarily after school and I asked if she could go over later that evening and she said she had to go over to lesson
and her mom was making a special dinner in honour of her getting her driver's license. She said her father and she might stop at dance halls after her flute lesson and her father only wanted to stop and say hi, so they could get home for her celebration. When we were talking about what a good day I had been, she was listing the things I had made it that day, primarily dan being back and she got her driver's license. I told you not to forget that I had given her a necklace that day that she had ordered from my grandmother's jewelry store when we were discussing her going to dance house after her flute lesson I mentioned, can't you see later that night, because sometimes they met done because with his family situation the way was they didn't get a chance to see each other often she said yeah. I was planning on it. I think, then we just talk for a few more minutes about everything was grey and then we both had to go. That was alive,
Simon spoke with LISA, so I think that about wraps it up about my impressions of the day that Dan came back. I also needed to talk to you guys about Kevin young. I found out that Kevin was a suspect when I heard the rumour that he was a suspect on Saturday night right after lisa was killed. It was Judy who told me that, because she heard it from back a boat right, that was a dance how's. On Saturday night diminute Judy told me, I got really upset for some reason. It had never occurred. me before that he could be a suspect, because I was running through a list of people in my mind that I thought might be capable of doing something like this or knew she might have been going over. And although I thought of everyone, I had ever seen an error. Beaker Kevin never came into my head, but the minute judy told me, I believe
I mean not so much in my head, but in some non thinking way. I believed it because he was the only person that had ever entered my mind that I felt was capable of doing something like that. That really should up. So I started thinking about why I was so convinced that it was he and the more I thought about it. I remembered about three or four conversations I had, plus the general knowledge that he was pretty disturbed rachel, lowenthal and ted folk men, an errand miller, and I had gone to see you hunt for rhetoric toper at the colony theater? I know it was a bridge night for my parents. Afterwards, we went to our beaker and Kevin was her Eric and anthony garvian, their brothers Kevin started talking about gaze and was making offensive comments, and I always felt
for him, but I was never able to tolerate a when he talked like that. So errand and I got up and went downstairs and when we came back upstairs, they were talking about Kevin's favorite topic of discussion, which was how all women hated him and how he hated all women and why he even try to have relations ships. This was how he had talked in the past, but there was a specific time that I. Is reminded of. As I listened to him talk that night, which was another night when I was up or a beaker, and he was telling me- and I think rachel- and I don't remember who about a girl- he had liked in middle school I mean one of those are typical, perfect people whose parents were going out of town and she was inviting Kevin over to her house. He got the impression that there would be something of interest to him going on or just interest that she wanted to spend time with him.
he said when he got there. He was already a little bit drunk and and her boyfriend, and I think that some friends of hers, are also there. I'm not sure about that, had laughed at him and kicked him out. They made him leave, he was upset about it and he went from this one situation to condemning all women. He referred to women as sluts and bitches and whores. That was the way he talked. I remember feeling bad for him that he would feel that way. I think, except for that incident, that's pretty much it that's what I was thinking the night we saw hunt for october, and when I was listening to him, I remember he was talking about dan and lisa. Specifically, he was that he could never get any women himself and I'm
there were derogatory. Usually he said I hate bitches. I hate sluts a lot of kids talk that way. It's and insecurity thing he was complaining. How guys like Dan could get sluts like lisa to suck on ox and how Kevin didn't have any one and raving on about how unfair was the conversation change to more normal topics. The next thing. I remember that scared me was that same night, but later on, when we were sitting out on the lawn in front of our beaker and rachel and myself, and this guy Chris, who worked at captain tony's and Kevin, and I think one or two fright guys. People who hang around school and don't attend classes and Kevin was talking about how he didn't ever seem to have any successes with women at all.
He said to rachel and I that if we ever got the chance, he was sure we would reject him, and our friends would reject him. He said that if he would go out with a girl well. He would call her a week later and she would put him off and ignore him basically he said how he didn't like to be ignored and said: I won't let people ignore me. Rachel said, how can you change how people feel if they don't want to see you there isn't much? You can do about it and he repeated that he wouldn't be ignored and that people can make impressions on people and has been done, and then chris who is a serious pragmatist, said well, a good impression or a bad impression. Kevin said: whatever works, it was kind of chilling at the time
and worse when I remembered it in this context, in the context of what happened, Kristen asked coven. Well, are you talking like hitler or something and Kevin said? Well, it made an impression: the net there was a silence. Then we change the subject. I think them Recent time I talked to him was one Dan was at the clinic and rachel and Charlie Martin, and I had stopped rebecca and Kevin was there with can meet some moto? The two of them came and sat down next to us, and we are talking about down, can it's rachel, I haven't seen you all summer. Where have you been? She had been to Interlochen and she was kidding and said I was in rehab, he believed her and she said she was kidding, and then we talked about Well, isn't
Charlie said much about the situation of Dan being at the clinic, then rachel a nice set them straight were Dan was and why they talked about some ridiculous rumours they heard and can talked about when he wasn't rehab, then Kevin said well, I'm sorry he's their meaning Dan Kevin said. I have some unfinished business to take care of our member thinking. That sounds ridiculous. I think I laughed at the time then he said with and a slut, and it was either the slight or bitch or whore. In reference to LISA Kevin continued and said I was gonna fuck with him real good. now he's not around or something along those lines. When Kevin said that I looked at rachel and she looked at me- and I said you don't need to talk about our friends like that, and he apologized and said sorry and continue to talk about dan when
and said what I said before then Rachel said it was nice to know your friend support you when you're in trouble and she was trying to gild trip them into shutting up as far as I remember that was all I wanted to talk to you guys about when you refer to LISA gone over to Dan's house late late. That night did, she usually go to Dan's house, or did he come over to her house? I know she had gone over there at least once before, because she talked to me about it, but I think more often he went to her house late at night when I talked to Dan last night. Whenever she came over, I waited for her and he gave me the impression that she had gone over there more than once. Have you ever known lisa to use any drugs or alcohol drugs? No, we were in germany. She got a little bit tipsy and we all laughed about that because it was so uncharacteristic of her other than that. No,
is there anything else that you wish to add to your statement. Now is now September twenty second thousand ninety hundred and one week after LISA's murder, Kevin young, the weird hidden school is the primary suspect. They have concerned with the fbi already about how to get Kevin to confess to the crime? and only now do police detectives sit down for a formal interview with Kim rathbone the sixteen year old girl who lives behind Dan dreifort house. She has been home, onto some very important clues Though her memory is already a bit foggy. Are you a student? Yes we're at shaker heights high school? What are you in?
eleventh, are you aware this statement is being recorded yeah and is this in recorded with your permission. Yeah Is your father aware that we are recording the statement at this time? Kim? Could you exactly explain how you know least approve it and also how you know, damn drivers and go back and give me a little bit of background information on how you know these people. I met lisa once and fifth grade in the band and we both played the flute together and I did and that's how I knew her and fifth and sixth grade seventh grade. I went to middle school with her and we were all part of the im group are kids that hung around together in middle school and in high school, but I grew closer to her from eighth grade on as friends like closer friends, I know dan dry fruits in sixth grade
He lives right behind me, so we've always been people who, if you can't find anything else to do you just go over to their house. So I knew him better than I knew LISA he's one of my very best friends and oh, I went out with him in sixth grade, which is nothing it was like for a month or something, and we walked to school together and stuff is that all you want to know what contact did I have with either lisa pruitt or dan drivers on the day of thursday september thirteenth nineteen. Ninety, to the best of your knowledge? Okay. Well, first I'll tell you Dan first cause he's not. There was a first day that he can out from the hospital at least, and I were sitting down together. I was helping with chemistry, which is funny because she's the smart one and we were down and he came around the corner like he'd, been there entire time so Well, I'm
I saw him then got Hugson everything cause. I haven't seen him for a while, except for like on me guns when we had a pass home and then school I went over. I was cutting his hair cause. That was my special treat for seeing him at home. because he never let anybody cut his hair. I got to do that and then my boyfriend asked to go to danny's house, so he came and picked me up and said, hi to Dan, and then we left not till Sorry, dan, we were just talking and at least I saw at school, I had lunch with her and beyond with her and maybe now and then in the halls when everybody else to r o and shaker right with her that was tenth period, that's when we we both finished. Articles. So that's why we were seen in the halls on our way home. We were anxious to get home and then I saw her briefly after school and then I went home and then I went home and I saw danny and cut his hair. That's all I'd seen except
I had heard her scream that night, not knowing that it was her but I didn't know that she was coming over either there's all the time around lee road and south woodland, and I was my history and I put it off and when I heard the scream woke up and looked and walked through the house, and it happened on the back house? My little brother leaves his window open and our rooms are connected, we're through a bathroom and the bathroom doors were opened, and window- was open and I hear scream and I went off I to my window to see if there were any bicycles or cars or anything there wasn't anybody. I thought it was weird, but still didn't do anything about it, and I found out friday at like seven o'clock. Seven in the morning yeah and didn't even know it was LISA. It was like keeps and dogs and everything- and we don't even know it was lisa and stuff. So my parents were all in front of the house, my grandma. lives with us, and my brother sleep like a bump on a log
and he didn't notice anything, and I guess my grandmother's windows were shot. I don't know why you didn't hear Do you remember about what time that was. You heard those screams like one thousand two hundred and thirty just a little bit after one thousand two hundred and thirty I was hoping that it wasn't her, but but just from I heard from other people and everything putting every together? It seems to be so I'm not even lily sure that it was her, but it just seems like the normal way, How do you know about what time it was were you aware, then? What time it was or did you just kind of what time it happened later and then, oh no, I glanced at the clock when I heard it. I dunno why because I was just like working really hard and it was distracting me out of my work, so I just and to see what time it was so you were awake at the time yeah. I was up doing your homework. Studying my history. Do you remember what the clock exactly what the clock said?
in other words between twelve thirty and twelve forty five, because I forty to at one. It had. I was then So that I understand you correctly, your bedroom faces sedgwick, yes, on what side of the house towards facing the house. towards south woodland say if you're facing your house is your bed. Toward south woodland or towards shaker boulevard south wetland. My parents are towards shaker boulevard, last time you saw LISA pruitt was on thursday at school. Is that correct? And did you see her any time after that? did you hear or mention, or did she tell you what her plans were for the evening now? I didn't even know that she had been over at Dan's house before she had left the house for the night. I didn't even know that she had been over there for then think I must have I don't even remember what I was doing that night ain't dinner with. family, that's about
I remember? Sometimes you can from Dan's back yard. You can all the time here if Our screen doors are open. You can hear what goes on in the houses themselves, so I guess I just really wasn't concentrating on what was going on over there described for me, as best you can. what the scream sounded like like a scream like somebody was scared. I was just didn't exactly sound like a place. im. Can you hear people are driving by and stuff, and that's why I got alarmed and I and stuff, but it still and actually occur to me that it might be somebody really getting hurt. Cuz. I don't know why it was they being scared. it sounds like a male or female, our female definitely yeah. Did you hear, was it a long scream or just like series of short screams.
Was it like continuous? It was Then last four hours. You know it was a long one and then there was a long one and I don't know how you define, which are short and which is long. But long did you the person that was screaming, yellow out any words or any names or was it the screen justice scream? I didn't hear anything else would tie. Did you go over to the driver's house on that day and it had to be after four because some last until then wouldn't have been much after all. I remember why my friend came over. We were study for the history test in the afternoon. Also, I just which, from a higher to a lower class, and she was making me take the test anyway. Ah it must have been like four fifteen or four thirty p m. So about half an hour. forty five minutes or something
so you went over there between four fifteen and four Eddie p m and you are over there for about forty five minutes I guess so. Who else was that drivers at that time outside with us? no one, just you and Dan yeah me and dan and babbitt after my boyfriend had come. He came over and said: hi, that's Brian keating yeah find keating. Did you see anybody else at the drivers house I'm trying to remember whether his mom was home or not, I don't really remember whether anybody was home go in the house at all. No stayed out in his backyard that port area yeah? cut his hair. Then right, in general, you and dan talk about that day. Oh well, he had just gotten back. He was telling me about the people that he had seen and just
for some reason. I remember Brian coming over and saying. Well how do you like freedom? Now? I guess oh Oh I had sent him a care package. It was just mementos and stuff when he had at the hospital. I gave it to his sister and his mom to bring, but I wanted some of it back, because it was the only things that I had about him and he had stuff, me so I still needed those things. So I them back to me. Ah, he gave You're. Welcome to him just as a joke, then, like a big, prize was cutting his hair and we talking about how short he wanted. His hair and whether he wanted me to put it in a point in the back or not just the way he wanted it and said that he trusted me and I could just do whatever. I wanted to hear complete faith in and I guess that's just about it- he talk about his plans for the afternoon or evening. Now
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yea fire things up at outback, steakhouse for a limited time. Try a bloom and fried shrimp will get fresh with our new strawberry salad go big with a bone in ribeye or the filet grilled shrimp on the barbie. Then cool off with a cucumber crush for a while on trial before they're gone. Let's outback, the the I'm going to ask you about some people that are friends or of me did you friends of leases that are dan's or maybe all mutual friends. what you know about them? Do you a fella named, can workmen, they call him tax, oh yeah, sorry about that, how do you know him he's Debbie's boyfriend, derby? Who driver
he's dan sisters, boyfriend and I went to see dance with him and her an anti one when he was in the hospital Andy who conrad she's a girl and about right and I He was really nice. He didn't look like the kind of guy that would be really nice to somebody. Just being the first time that I had met him just like them, a lot He was a really nice person and he seemed to care about Debbie a lot. Did you see him that evening tax yeah I have just seen dan gino Chris Jones. Yes, How do you know him from score yeah, I can't even remember how long I've known him proud we just since ninth grade, but this year I more classes with him and stuff with her and launch in English it's really. Nice he's a sweetie. He has these odd necklaces that he wears and always lets me wear it. If I like it he's friends with
Oh, I forgot to tell you tax, I think, had met LISA a couple times, but he didn't really know her and then new dan real well and he knew LISA real well too. how about their messenger him since either side and our ninth grade and I in ninth grade, I hung around with him a lot and that kind of drifted. I guess you know LISA. Well well, and he knew real well and him indian used to go over to Dan's house. They must all round with a camera and stuff like that. These pictures that they would take, he was real good friends with both of em. He was really sat, do you know any one that might want to hurt either dan driver or lease are proof that you are aware of. That would actually do it or that I think, might do it that might you know seeing somebody would actually do something is No, don't know we don't know yet I have a hard time believing that anybody's capable of it, but my gus,
kevin young Kevin young. Well, he used to threaten them all the time he used to say weird stuff like what he said he wanted to. well. He was in a mentor, psych ward or something when he was off more, and he said that he wanted just- really. He said he wanted to get back at the rest of the world for putting him through what he had been put through and he going to do something to make everybody remember him, and he said He was going to get LISA. He said that how come dan get any good girl. He wants getting something girl that he wants to and to suck his dick, but he can't get anybody stuff like that, he's scary, but you never think that anybody's actually going to do so. And even though they talk? Have you ever heard of any of these threats from Kevin young directly or do you just hear about them to me. Not to you
What did he ever make threats against Dan or lisa, and your presence he well. I sat next to him in biology because he couldn't finish it his sophomore year when he was in the institution, whatever it's called, he must have something like that every now and then not really often but do you remember any instance that he actually made threats in your presence? remember a day, it was in biology. He did that. One, but you heard it and you were present do you remember what it was exactly what close to exact, as you can remember, he was like wow. It was nearing senior project. Do you know what that is no splain there? in the high school. When seniors, I think, must be in may or something when seniors don't have to take their last set a finals because they do like a project or working project or something
I know what you mean and they don't have to take this out of and he was just and it was ring ban, because He was only in their second semester with me and he said he was just so happy to be out of there and he just wanted to hurry up and get out he was going to make everybody. Remember him, that's the one and he was angry at the world for putting him through this. But what I was talking about specifically the threatened day and dry furred or lisa pruitt directly in your presence. Now, just the world the world and this was in his senior year yeah. That he was going to make everyone. Remember him What did that mean to you and your mind while it was kind of freaky to have thing like that said to you, but I guess, I'm kind of weird, because I just put those kinds of things out of my mind, just Kevin's weird stay away from him and that's it, and I won't have to worry, then
keating sat next to him and banned all the time in my concert band and he said that he used to hear carbon talking all the time, but he never thought think of it and that he'd actually act on it. Did you go on any of these band trips like to germany, liked it? Bernie yeah, Kevin young. There nea if anything happened on that trip out of the ordinary significant. That's when Dan and LISA were really kind of started like going, what I guess was there any the committee on the trip with any member of the band did you won't get in trouble, you mean any relation to this, or did anybody get in trouble in general? No, not anybody amory connected with this group of friends there we have discussed. No, I don't think so. Remember this one girl but she's in the band, and so she had. kind of relation to lisa, but I don't really know her
kevin young at all the day of thursday september thirteenth at ninety. I haven't seen him for a long time I haven't seen him since school. I guess now, I'm going to ask you a question and the answer I don't care about who's involved and what, but did you ever hear? if anything about any. The parties at drivers involving robitussin, drink and robots. To get high. Do you in did I ever hear of a party that we did that or did I ever hear about them doing that period Did you ever hear about them doing that period? Yeah? Okay. What do you know about? I know it doesn't show up on your drug test. It always up negative and you can just tell them that you had a bad cold. You want me to tell you who did it or how they did it or yes, both. Yes,. I don't really know how they did it. I can never figure
really. I guess they drink a lot of it. Maybe they like the taste. Will you ever pressing when anybody ever did this. I just I saw the bottles, but I was never present when they ever did it. Okay, So how did you know just? just by seeing the bottles that somebody, just have a bad cold. Oh no, no Dan had told me about what did he tell you about it? He told me that he got high off of those, because that way, he wouldn't ever really be using any real drugs, and he could still feel good. I guess. And that was just, I can't remember who the people he said he done it with they were. I remember when I was there jaime greenfield, was there with me in the same room and I think, eve somebody, I don't remember- Do you know who they are they're, friends of dance? I don't think they ever met. Lisa, What are their names? Jamie, green,
old and steve, something they gotta. My youth group, and that's how they know Dan is through unitarian youth group. I just remember: it was in his dining room that they like took off the bottoms. Any showed him to me- and I was just like what are those Damn showed you, those yeah dan put them out of like a paper bag for I mean not all the way up to the rim. There was like seven bottles or something tell you what he felt like when he took robitussin. He said the first time that he did it. I'm trying to remember the words he used what he used to describe being high. Did he mention other than being high any kind, Unusual reaction or effect that it had on him, For him. Talking about his friend was just totally like out of it talking about like going into a forest or something like there are trees right there hallucinating or something
do you remember who the friend was he talk to now. You have to talk to dan about that here. That, but I don't ever remember him talking about- I mean he never hallucinated like that. I don't think he ever did it to the point where he was like. Why are? Why are you asking me about the robitussin anyway? It's just something that's come up in other statements and conversations, so We have to clarify that. Well, Dan, don't drink anymore, because he was ill with robitussin. I don't even know how he heard of it. I don't know how he did it either. That's why I asked if you might have known anything about it, alright, when I turn the tape over to the other side. Now, To your knowledge, would Dan drivers have invited kevin young over to his house for any reason lately yeah lately, I don't think so cause hand. am I allowed to swear on this sure.
He had called Kevin an asshole which he is I mean he's a jerk really. So I remember him hawking before like at the end of tenth grade who talked to him before Dan. He just said that that's when build demise, was there and the three of us were sitting down, and he said that you know dont, don't know who that is either bill. Demarco he's home this weekend from bowling green. He just graduated last year- and I said damn I heard you been hanging out with Kevin. Why and he said that he had done one or two with carbon and decided that he was kind of a jerk and just Kevin kept hanging around covenant kind. pushy but Dan didn't want him around. I remember that and thought about Kevin since back in the tenth grade. When was the last time you saw Kevin young, though you can recall that I think I recall ever talking to him or just saw last time you saw them in the tenth grade
You haven't seen him since then. I didn't If he went to college early or I don't really care. so that would have been in the spring or early summer of nineteen ninety this year. Right, yes,. What do you know of Kevin young's feelings towards lisa pruitt? If he had any feelings towards her, out of his mouth I don't really know, but we're calling from other people's mouths and just everything that I've heard You mean since LISA's death or before then, and before but mostly senseless as death, that it seems he might have been jealous of lisa spending time with Dan. Like him being jealous of Dan, because he has lisa. It seemed It was the other way around just from what I've heard it sounded kind of weird, okay, So this is what you've heard from other people here.
who has been talking to you about it, jennifer margolis. I've seen her around lately. LISA and me and her had diet jokes going on, which was we screw sisters- and I had just gotten- grounded a lot in ninth grade. That's when it's done and we just thought him. A lot of weird names. Jennifer was fat lawn, LISA, west chicano, and I was a no no and we were the turk of honour sisters? What sisters turk Ivana It's just a name we made up than we had. I guess we attempt a whole bunch of commercial and put them all together, and it was some like oh henry bars and sprite in something, and then it was just like a simple thing. To make us laugh cause. We had sat next to each other like in a row and beyond, and what grounded? They brought me a package of the pop and the ten of those o henry bar thing and gave them to me in a care package. Make me feel better because I was grounded
have you ever heard, or do you know of lisa pruitt, sneaking out of her house the dance house prior to the incident or dan sneaking out of his house and going to LISA's. have you ever heard of that. Have I heard it from them, from Dan or lisa have you heard of it from anyone else before the incident yeah, but it was even a big deal. It should have been, but it wasn't. What did you hear that Dan used to go all the time like ten this house I think that I have ever heard of LISA going to dance house, but he used to go to. House and they sit down in his basement and bring his guitar and they planes in songs. But that's all I heard I just kind of disregarded You never heard of LISA coming to his house now Never talked about it to you not really. Well, he was gone for a month. I had been work. I had drivers at in the morning on weekdays and I worked in the afternoon, so there wasn't really a lot of
for me to see him in the beginning of summer and then I called him to see if he wanted to go out to a movie with me or something and that's when I found, He was in the institution. So then every chance I got. I talked to Debbie and his mom to see how he was doing things like that. What were you aware of the thing? Where did Dan mention anything to you about the relationship between mister and missus drive worden dan, How did they get along well Dan Father have always had this thing going. I mean it's a lot, it's a lot what's worse now I mean haven't because I told you when the screen doors are open. You can hear everything you could hear. Dance they're screaming at him, for whatever reason just clean your whom in shaven? Why don't you help me with yes and stuff like that. I always
heard stories about what had happened when they were younger, like what like what well they're kind of farming? itu t. I never knew whether to believe them or not them, but I had heard that his father had gone violent with dan and Deborah and I think his mom I'm not sure, and that's why dance started lifting weights and like the sixth grade, he wanted to stand to his father- and I had heard at once the sounds really far fetched, but I remember it and remember whether I heard it from Debbie or dan when Dan was little, he had to use the bathroom and his father said no hold it as long as you could and then he hold it any longer, so of winning his pants and his father, got mad because he wet his pants and, like pushed his head into the toilet or something it sounded very far. and I had always known mr dre forward as long as no dad and I've, always known him to yell, but I
had known him to use violence, Zurich anything that you know or anything that you feel that could perhaps help us in any way. In this investigation you mean is there anything other that I could tell you some tip or something Avian that you ve heard ordinary anything that might have about telling the police were thought about, calling us and letting us know Then you heard something that you feel there may be. No one else has thought about, like maybe a threat or maybe some reason that somebody would want to kill is approved. All I know is what I have heard some of the room about who has tax and stuff like that really don't believe that dan or stand or tax either or any of the three of them are actually capable of they. They wouldn't have done it because of all they wouldn't have done it to Dan stand or tax, wouldn't have done it too. Damn tax
wouldn't have done that to Debbie, and they had no reason in the world to hurt LISA anyways he barely knew her I strongly don't believe that they did it. That's just all that I've really thought about to tell you just who didn't do it. now, who did it? Who is stan Are you talking about? I heard it stand with somebody stance, just a friend of mine now No stan yeah you know his last name. You know it money. I've known him since a ninth grade, but I dont, even his last name, but I Recognize him from a mile away. Describe him for me. He. well everybody's big to me, but his big, and he has long hair- probably to his swell. it's shorter than his shoulders. Now he looks awkward. He smokes I'm trying to remember whether he had an earring or not. I don't think so. Well, maybe he does. I don't know about that. One don't know just justice
that does he go to the high school. Well, he was kind of he did last year and then he ended up dropping out and then this year he was enrolled again and he was caught. Smoking on school grounds and he was suspended, then he was caught on. All grounds when he was suspended so now? He to pay some thing or serve something in jail or I don't I don't know, what the outcome is, but he's supposed to go to school. The I you heard the screams. While it actually the morning of september. Fourteen ninety ninety did you hear just before or just after that, Did you hear any other type of noise that might have caught your attention? That's why I thought it was so freaky cause. I heard The scream and just walked- and I couldn't see anything else, so I just and oh, it must have been somebody in their car or something you didn't hear, any kind of, maybe a car pulling away or screeching tires or not, even though
When I came in the middle of the night, you went to bed about one a am just about exactly when the police were all around looking around eating at all, I didn't hear it at all. I was so tired from staying up so late, studying the screams that you said he heard seemed to be. from behind your house yeah, because my windows in my room are closed, and so was the eye. two closets and the door to the hall to window and the door to the bathroom. The only one that was open was the door to the bathroom, so I figured I came from any other direction. It would have sounded more muffled. Did you know lisa to keep any type of diary or anything like that? I knew that you always shared her thoughts with her friends. I know but she had little poems and stuff that she liked that she would share. not worth sharing it with some of them worth sharing it with certain people, though
who else? Besides yourself? Would you consider to be her best friends? I don't think, best friend, just jennifer was really close to her, and rachel Lowenthal was very close to her and Kim group. close to her in the summer dan was really to her and Judy miller was close to her. I guess kind of on the outskirts of people that were close to her, who would you say, would be dams best, friends, tens best, friends well lisa He was very special to me. I don't know whether He would call me a best friend. We spent a lot time together used to share a lot of hidden thoughts, I don't know if he would actually call me one. I would like to think I was one key, I don't know who, call his best friends now all of the people that I just named, were close to Dan also another. one guy that he met in the institution with him, but I don't know if he would call him his best
do you know his name Oh he was just talking. I was just were it dance house yesterday and he was talking to him on the phone mike page- all maybe that's the closest. I can call him. I think that His first name is MIKE yeah. I answered the phone said. This is the dry for residents, and he said, is he This is mike, so I not sure on the last name? I know bill demarco spends a lot of time with them before they left. Used to call each other over the summer gene a kid named David brain again. Ah, he is a baby sit for me. He lives a couple houses down. He's really nice did you see him at all on thursday? No, I didn't even know he was home. I just saw him last night at arabica. I was with my parents. And I just said: oh wait a minute there David and I went over and I said hi What time I saw him was. I think it was right when school was ending and he saw me in the hall and caught me and took me to a
and we were talking- and he told me about this girl he met and all the data do the girl's name was megan. I think, is rooming with her now or he's going to be rooming with her soon. I don't think he's going back to school this year, but he's working down at the in the flats. At the era wicca is working at yeah. I forgot he's working in the flats, though he told me, but I can't remember, very thin ass. She wished to add to your statement that help you really. I don't think so the- and here we come to the moment- the detectives make their move. It happened on September 26th, one thousand nine hundred and ninety twelve days after LISA pruitt's homicide
Police officers from shaker heights drive down to a higher state university in an attempt to get Kevin young to confess to the crime. They have been briefed by fbi agents on how best to do this. The profiles told them their best. Chance would be to support kevin and talk to him at night.
How about? We think that tonight, how so you get a little fresh, adsense dean, scissors and spy white you're talking about going out back again in a fire zone, but outback steakhouse for a limited time. Try a bloom and fried shrimp will get fresh with our new strawberry salad go big without burning ribeye or the filet grilled shrimp on the barbie, then cool off with a cucumber crush for a while on trial. But while they're gone, let's outback.
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