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Sherri Papini ///Part 2/// 336

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Sherri Papini ///Part 2/// 336

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November 2, 2016 - Keith Papini called 911 and reported his wife missing. He told law enforcement that she went for a run and did not return. Her phone and earbuds were found on the side of the road 1 mile from her home. This week we look at all angles of this very interesting case. Beer of the Week - Indica IPA by Lost Coast Brewery Garage Grade - 3 and a half bottle caps out of 5

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Have you ever been so enthralled with a podcast that it stays with you long after the episode ends. There's an apple tv plus original series called truth, be told truth be told. Follows poppy scoville true crime. Podcast host who died deep into her stories even after her mike stops, recording whence teenage girls, mysteriously vanish poppy vows to find them and bring the people responsible to justice feature academy award winner, octavius spencer, Gabrielle union and macao pfeiffer truth be told. stream. The new season now exclusively on apple tv plus bedtime is rough, even for peanut Its white people will try anything to fall. Asleep had stands before bed, even blowing bubbles, but actually has a trick that works every time. A new temper, peter mattress, it adapts to your bodies, needs
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on fox news on cnn on Amis NBC on the good morning, america, setting this morning, something president even said. The show was vaguely vaguely yeah check out our other show off the record. It's available only constant your premium right gather around grab a chair grab a beer, less talk, some true cry on thanksgiving day november, twenty fourth two thousand and sixteen Keith Peppino says he got up. Early that day and a fourth de I am his cell phone rang now this call comes in and he says it's a number. He did not record
is so he didn't answer his phone. It's an unknown collar yeah. Then the home phone is ringing to which he does answer. The home and he told twenty twenty- that it was his wife screaming the background yelling his name and a police officer. to which he could hear the officer telling the wife that she needed to be calm. She needed a calm down twenty two days after she vanished sherry, pepin turned up a hundred and fifty miles away from her home was found in YOLO county around four, I am on the side of an entrance ramp to the northbound I five highway, This is near county road, seventeen, female motorists, Alison Sutton called police upon seeing a frantic why roadside waving, what she believed to be a shirt now Alison says she didn't stop
because she wasn't certain that this whole situation was safe for her to snipe. She does this, maybe crazy person on the side road, a second driver. This was a truck driver he'd. He did stop and he called police. A Sherry Peppino was found. She was clothed in light gray. Sweat pants in a dark I sweat sure I point out what she was found in, because this is not what she was wearing when she went missing? there was also a chain wrapped around her waist and her left wrist was tethered to the chain, with a zip tie according to the local papers, specifically the sacramento be in the room, the record searchlight sherry also had hose. Clamps around her ankles, to which sergeant Brian Jackson said quote, appear to have acted as pain. Compliance restraints is very important to understand that nearly
everything. We know about sherry's ordeal and her release. We know from her husband Keith sherry, has never made a public statement. She is never well she's, not even appeared in public at all about that And the sheriff's office shasta counting sheriff's office, They ve only really addressed any of these circumstances regarding share ordeal, possibly because they feel that they have been forced to because of Keith's public statements will present what he says. What key says and then dress. What, if anything, we actually know to be true, so I'm gonna paraphrase some of this stuff that follows. But this is what Keith told twenty twenty about sherry's please. He says that she was bound that she at a chain around her waist. She had a bad.
over her head he said I can't remember if it was her right or her left arm that was chained to the chain, but one of her arms was chained to the chain and then the other hand was chained to something inside the vehicle and to be clear. The interviewer wants to clarifying says this is make sure that she didn't jump out of the vehicle to which he says yes. Now he says at some point they cut something. to free her restraint that was holding her to the vehicle. Then they pushed her out and they drove away Sherry had one hand free and took the bag off of her head, and at this point she has no idea where she is. She runs to a house to which she doesn't say she says they him that it didn't look to be like a good idea
so she then ran to another building but couldn't get inside the building, and that's when she chose to run to the freeway men. How far away is she found from her actual home? A hundred fifty miles took, quite a distance yeah, and he goes on to tell twenty twenty that she's, you know screaming she's coughing. He said that she's coughing up blood and screaming. To get people to stop. You know get a vehicle to stop, so they can help her, but she tells him that she thinks that, because of the chains, the chain wrapped around her. That may be thought she escaped from a prison or or escape from somewhere that you know The she was a bad person and maybe That's why they wouldn't stop. So she purposely tried to hide the chain to try to get somebody to,
and eventually we know that somebody did stop why I guess she was severely beaten as well. I mean she had a broken nose and she had bombs. It seemed like oliver face so that this could be in I dont know if there was any dried blood or what the perusing situation would be, but that that could startle somebody, the twenty twenty broadcast, They played a radio transmission that that some the ambulance to the scene. Where sherry was found, you can hear like radio chatter. But what what I heard in their says attentions. eight unknown medical problem. It's going to be north on. I five female needs medical attention, she is heavily battered. It's going to be some sort of an assault now Keith after the phone call. He russia's the woodland memorial hospital this to see his wife sherry? He says when he got
de sherry's room. He was horrified, he told good morning. America quote. Nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to see upon my arrival at the hospital nor the details of the true hell, I was about to hear my first sight of my wife in a hospital her face covered in bruises, ranging from yellow two black because of repeated beating The bridge of her nose broken her. Now macy ate a body of eighty seven pounds was covered in Malta, colored bruises severe burns read, write she's in chain markings her signal. long blonde hair had been chopped off. She had been branded and I could feel the rise of her scabs under my fingers. End quote shasta county sheriff's office, Our information has been much less detailed than that of her husband
authorities, actually expressed frustration that Keith revealed so much information to the media, because this ongoing investigation. So he says that her injuries the way he does This is pretty severe stuff re yeah, the the thing that would kind of go against that is. This regarding the severity of her injuries, sherry puppy he was released from the hospital and went to a hotel with her husband that same day right and this Turning to the sheriff she was treated for her injury. And released just as someone would be if they sprained an angle. That's what the sheriff said yeah, but this year did say that they were were ecstatic to report. The sherry did she was located and had reunited with her family right in, but to be honest,
the side of Keith and his wife. Look at some of these brutal. U of c fights. People go five rounds, twenty five minutes of punching each other in the face and kicking each other in the shins, and these guys barely can walk out of the octagon their faces looked formed. They look awful during the press conferences. They go, get checked out by the doctor and then there they are sent away. The investigators from the major crimes unit did speak with sherry. This was briefly in the hospital and then they did question at length five days later after she recovered from these injuries according to sheriff beside go. Sherry was quote: cooperative and courageous, and the intense and dramatic interviews with investigators he said, Sherry reported the following. She said she was abducted by two hispanic women in a dark colored.
you ve with large rear windows? She had no other description of the vehicle and she could not identify on any video surveillance footage taken in the area around the time of her abduction. Note that the sheriff's office never came out and said sherry was definitely abducted, while on her run, we know that to be believed to be the case by her family beforehand. Aren't so what else has Sherry only gives the officers a lets, a vague description of her abductors right,
And she went on to tell police that she avoided looking at them, so they would not beat her and that her head was covered for some of the time that she was held captive and we don't know how dark it was in this place, her anything yeah yeah there again. We have vague descriptions of everything because we're hearing this. This is what sherry tells the police, and this is what they have chose to release to the public. She says that one of the women no. She says that she was abducted by two women. One of the women had a long curly, hair, thin eyebrows and pierced ears. She had a thick accent and she appeared to be between twenty and thirty years old, about five foot, five inches tall sauce
number two according to sherry was older, maybe forty to fifty years of age, about five foot, seven and head straight black hair. With some gray. She had thick eyebrows and pierced ears. Both were armed with hand guns said that the kidnappers drove for about two and a half hours nonstop. On the first day, the kidnappers spoke spanish. Most of the time the female captors worthy only to people with whom sherry had contact with for the duration of her captivity. But sancho confirmed this. She was bound with this research when she was found and jackson. The other officer said that sherry had been branded on her right shoulder after and appeared battered and bruised I think those branding was something like actually said. Something you
The description I read was that the brand appeared to be a message rather than a symbol whatever it is, it is unclear what it what its intended to be I think they know what it is, or at least the rumours that I heard it. They know what the messages there did not release in that the public kay, I saw that it was the they did make anything out of it. But I dont know that to be true, so I don't wanna to want to steer. but in the wrong way. The other way I mean that's pretty creepy that some I would and you and not just brand you with some simple but some type of message Sherry, told investigators that she was not sexually assaulted, we do have investigators that they did confirm. The cherries hair was. Shoulder length when she was found now, I do want to point out that a lot of people suspected sherry,
exceedingly long. Hair was actually extensions that were may have just been removed. The thing here to give the best description to those out there listening is that when she was found, her hair was not what I would call short it was just shorter. It was, it was shorter link at the time of sherry, told detectives that, just before she was released, she could hear her captors having an argument followed by a gunshot. She said the younger of her abductors then took her from the room where she was being held. Captive, drove her down a winding road and dropped her off near interstate five, a on the look out a meal Italy went out for a dark, colored suv with two latino women, but Everyone acknowledged that in california that description. Well, I didn't go very far on the day after sherry was found. Her sister
held a press conference and she was reading a statement that was prepared by sherry and keep the gist of. It really is just giving thanks to all the people that helped search for her and just being thankful that she was returned and allowed to go home in time for thanksgiving. Now, following the statement, Sheila agreed to answer some questions But where this whole thing gets tricky again, sheila seems to have very little information. She didn't know other sherry had seen her kids. Yet this is the day after she was she didn't know whether a ransom was paid. She seem to have any interest in discussing who might have done this to her sister. She didn't then have an answer to a reporters question. To whether sherry was employed or not at the time of the abduction. Really she
kept repeating that the two had a louis reunion it it will. Anybody that saw this. For me anyway, captain it was just kind of a strange press conference and probably too, things cleaner. It might have been a whole lot better if, if she would have just not open it up, Questions at all right gave the statement and walked away right because it up? for not having having the answers to some very simple questions. It really didn't help. The public opinion now keep in mind at this time even when she was missing there were people out there that were suspicious of this court. Unko abduction there was it a voluntary. Situation right was a cry for help with this oh yeah, and they when she's found and clean.
to have been released, those people that were suspicious for their even more suspicious, now bluntly bologna. Right now, because of very sparse d sales provided the tide of public and began to shift sheriff percent. Oh said his department continued, Follow investigative, leads and warned people that quote until we identify the suspect. The public should remain cautious and quote but contradictorily also said dick. Details of this investigation. Point to this being an isolated incident and quote yeah. That's that's a weird statement: yeah he's but the police still did not know the motive for the abduction or whether sherry was a specific target, or this was a
random abduction. He also said that, because the case was still active, some sensitive details were being withheld and he expressed concern that some of the information provided by keith could affect the integrity of the investing. Hi. I really want to know those sensitive sensitive details. Yes, What I'm getting at, though, is it can't be? They can't be both right. If your saying that this is an isolated incident. It, but public should remain cautious. It's just it's very confusing these statements coming out from the sheriff parliament. Now you don't know when you, when you review this. You look at at at it and you wonder: ok is this. Shares
hartman, just really in need of a pr person or or are they confused themselves about the whole investigation about about what could have took place? Kindness thinks tom, the stink of well, the sheriff said, despite over six hundred tips quote. None of the receive tips have been able to generate a viable lead or information as to who is responsible for sherry's abduction. Sure due to a lack of information. Rumours and gossip really took over. In this case. People begin two theorize that perhaps there was more to the story: the theory that that sherry and perhaps keith we together fabricated, the whole thing This really started to gain some traction and in
article ran in the huffington post on December. Second, two thousand and sixteen they reported the following. That did. The half post had spoke to a communications officer or asked to speak with the communications officer. at the sheriff's office they were connected to a woman named kelly, to which no last name was given the half post ass kelly. If authority suspected some kind of hoax, in this case, Kelly stated, I don't know if the words ruled out can be used, then, on December six, George step monopolise asked sheriff bas anko, whether he had any reason to doubt. Sherry story anko responded apps. Lee none so far we still investigating this as a kidnapping, abduction and everything that she has provided us thus far is indicating that the sank o backtracked a bit in an interview with people
using a double negative saying a thought These have no reason not to believe Sherry, but he also said actions are rare in themselves, especially adult abductions. On top of this being to women who Sherry described as her cap? This is even more unique, so there remains a number of concerns that we have meaning we the sheriffs. If you have the chance to be brought back to life hundreds of years in the future. Would you take it wonderings newest podcast, frozen head home by ashen, alina of the hit show morbid, tells the true story of lawrence pilgrim, a lifelong scientist who plan for death his entire life because for him death, In the end, it was just the beginning.
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some people are calling this whole abduction a hoax right captain. I thought- let's take some time here in sort through some of the things that people point to some of the theories, if you will ok for one thing- and this stems from a two thousand and three blog post- that turned up on a defunct website called skinheads at sir with a z. This was essentially a well a racist block writer, hence the name right any chance raises two thousand and three yeah, it's not about haircuts. It's about being a racist right, so
the two thousand and three post was written by sherry graph, and I think I have that right- I actually. I think I have that wrong it, but I'm going to spell for you, Shari g r, a e f, f from shasta lake right. That's ferry's maiden name correct and I believe that's her hometown, the post Rallied against latinos, who the author said hated her because she was quote drug free. Why and proud of her blood and heritage, the blog posts. Founded a story of a violent altercation with a latino girl. Now sherry's ex husband, who we referenced earlier, says that sherry did not write this post and he says that sherry wasn't racist when he knew her
sheriff, but sanko said quote: we are familiar with that blog. We do not know if it has any relevance to this case or not. End quote sherry and Keith, of course, made no direct comment on the blog posts. Although Keith seem to touch on it and his good morning, america interview saying quo. I understand people want proof that this was not some sort of hoax the plan to gain money or some fabricated race war. I do not see a purpose in addressing each preposterous lie and quote sherry also maintained a public pinterest account they contain section marked cultural differences, featuring means expressing concerns about illegal immigrants and muslims. This section has since been taken down there. clumsy to point range, yeah, there's plenty
We do that sherry did write the blog post as you pointed out, it's her maid name, it's her home town. I guess I was also a rumour that that somebody thought maybe one of her friends road it to basically smear her. Did you hear that anywhere? well. I heard that plus other reasons why people suspect that it was not her or the theories on who could have posted that pretending to be her additive, Here's to me what information that would indicate that it was her that wrote it is all information that anybody that new her could have known they would have known all that stuff. You know people people point to a point in the post where, where it references her
family's pizza, restaurant, which her family. I guess her parents do own or did own a pizza restaurant at one point while but lucky whether it was her whether was fake, whatever the fact to them as there is evidence that it was there and so have that would have ticked off gang or ticked off anybody, and they said we want to go after this individual. There would be gone. After her, they were there, wouldn't have any knowledge that she didn't write. It well right and I don't know- I think it's it's all weird- that we had that poe and then later she saying she was abducted by two hispanic women or hispanic looking women, and but
but the other thing to that that I find odd is we're talking about sport like thirteen years apart fifteen. Yeah twelve thirteen years later, that seems yo. It say seem strange that somebody would find a posts from thirteen years ago and then track the person down and then kid, them so digging into sherry's past revealed something else, and Two thousand and three shasta county sheriff's office incident report, which is only two sends, is long. It stated that sherry's mother, Loretta called the sheriff's office to ask for help with her daughter, sherry who had been harm herself and blaming her injuries on her mother. This, by loretta to the sheriff's office about sherry was one of several made by sherry's family about her. This is during the
there's between two thousand and two thousand and three and two thousand her father richard a lead. his daughter burglarized his residence through- years later, he alleged she made authorized withdrawals from his checking account and in two thousand sherry sister Sheila alleged, her back door had been kicked in and she believed sherry did it. The reports provide no details. and a rest and it is unknown whether sherry was ever charged with the crime, any type of I'm resulting from these these. But the reports, like you, said it several years before again. Yes, we're talking thirteen to sixteen years beforehand and everybody goes through fair. look I'm laughing, but I'm only laughing because I'm a visual as somebody kicking in there, there's door yeah. We,
We go through phases, but I don't hate fuck you care. Yet, although that overt I've never kick, at anybody's door, and now I bet yeah I'd bet you bet you bet that I have. I bet you've tried not saying that they succeeded well, listen to this. This. This, I think, is, is more interesting. The the sheriff's office this is in response to a form of request made by the sacramento, be the newspaper. This provided expense reports for out of state travel in related to this case, based on these receives two detectives travelled cross country to Detroit Michigan and its suburbs of new huts, in north plymouth and can, between november ninth in november, eleventh two thousand and sixteen the senior that she was abducted. This is this actually, while she still missing so sure. Sank, o declined to space to spur
If I why the detectives went to Michigan or what they found, if anything, their brain but about a year after sherry was returned. The sheriff's office confirmed in an official plot press release sherry and a male acquaintance from Michigan. That's what they were calling him were involved. An online texting relationship now sergeant jackson wooden specify whether the relationship was a romantic one, but he did confirmed the text. Message. Messages went back several months. He also stated that the male acquaintance visited caliph yet in the days before sherry went missing a press release later clarified, quote days prior to share its disappearance, sherry and the male acquaintance text each other attempt to meet while he was in California. This is according to certain jackson, right according to him, that is
why they went to Michigan and he said, ruled out, went went actor, michigan and rolled out bright, that the acquaintance was involved. Why? I think this just shows you that you know the the the thought process of their marriage being so grey and so romantic and and so paste picture perfect. It just was not true yeah and it seems it seems, like most people believe that Keith nothing about this relationship, regardless of what kind of relationship it. It was his in the thought process that shoes text in this guy One of the reasons why they think Keith knew about it was that the guy's name was saved as a females name. yeah, and I saw some I mean that safety, where I saw
information out there to that would suggest. It Eighty euro, this man being saved under a a woman's name in her contacts may not have been a one time situation that this might have happened before where, where other men were saved under female names, how bout this theory The theory that the well remember go, find me campaign. The the purpose of the go find me campaign, which was started by key sister suzanne on his back ass was to raise money, to quote brow, sherry home, safe for like private investigators and stuff like that to all funds, were to go directly to the fan. The go. Find me raised forty nine thousand seventy dollars. Their goal was fifty thousand dollars,
raised this amount of money fairly quickly. No one's seems to be certain what Funds were actually used for sherry and all of her family members, including the ones who were in the public faces of her search, have completely withdrawn from the public. Regarding this end money has not been returned. We know sherry rang came home, but we don't aware that money went down. Keith has never made a statement where that money went. The other thing, that's weird about to it that you use in this resource and your year updating people to get my Then you get a bunch of money and then, when she's found, you don't even update these people and these some of these people, because these all your story, and people magazine on Magaziner today show or have they saw your story, there's people from all over the country that were
we're donating money to to help find your wife and in you didn't, even put an update on the page right now, almost a year after sherry vanished the sheriff's office issued a very interesting press release. A document entitled kidnapping investigation, update, stated that sherry had both male and female dna on her. When she was found, the samples were uploaded into quotas. Dna database on it looks April or may of two thousand and seventeen, but so far there is no. Been any matches to any known offenders. The dna from sherry's husband Keith was not among the two profiles they tested against Keith them. EL dna was compiled from the close. Sherry was found,
was wearing when she was found. Look. She allege that the Shia two female doctors she alleged did They gave her the clothing to wear so it is possible. This doesn't have to mean that a mail was involved in her abduction or in what what's going on here, it is possible that there, Dna was already on the clothing when it was given to her to wear right, but they release more information right, yet it sheriff's office, revealed that sherry told investigators that, during her abduction, she got into an altar occasion with the younger of doktor in this took place in a bathroom and so sherry according the story, she's allowed to take a shower, and at some point they get into this altercation. Sherry says that she slammed the captors head into the toilet in the back
and before she was subdued and then returned to her room where she was being held. She reported that she cut the side of her foot during this confrontation. People have pointed out that there were photos of sherry and that they they were being reviewed by the police the apartment by the sheriff's office and there doesn't seem to be any evidence in those photos that they can see that there were cuts on her foot or either foot to back up this. This whole story right, but you you it makes you question when did this or this happen during her captive time? Twenty two days to happen at the beginning. Was it not that bad was she dismissed stake in I met? Was she drugged at any point
during during this capture. Who knows well, what we do know is that they are saying that she is providing very little details, because she can't recall them right. Did she just not able to provide complete information to the sheriff's office and we'll get back to this october? Two thousand and seventeen press release in in just a minute? I do want to point this point out this. While we're going through these suspicions and dick theories right. So we talked about the neighbors. Well, there's more information there too. So the neighbors who live. near the pennies said that sherry wasn't a runner, to their knowledge. Right now, neighbour, Joyce Alison said: quote: I've been here twelve years and I've never seen her jogging
Betty VON, whose home overlooked the spot where sherry's phone was located said quote: I've. Never in her jogging, never seen her come to the male boxes. Of course, a couple of neighbours told police did they thought they saw sherry. on the day she disappeared, one at nine rwanda around eleven, although it's not clear if she was actually running. According to those I witness reports yo, both these neighbours. Could this be strange individuals yet so for those did we keep referencing these mailboxes? I think we probably should have done a better job of describing that speak for yourself who hell yeah sets it's such a rural area. They actually have a unit like a bank of mailboxes, all everybody the lives in that community. There they have a bank of mail box, and so the rail carrier just pulls up there. It like you, would see it. Condo were an apartment complex, and this is what about
mile from their house yeah, that's where keith goes looking for share worry when he's tracking the farm. Again, I don't put a ton away and to people saying hey, I never saw her run because she wasn't a runner. She was newly or what keith says as she is back into running and when he says she's gonna back into runny, it could have been something she did fifteen years ago right, so she was getting back into running to run with her family. She did lived there for quite some time now again, though, like it could have been something that she did in high school or or no. I I get what you're saying. I just want to be clear and point out that these the neighbors who, regarding their statements, they were neighbors of hers for years. it wasn't lie which understand about also stating that there's a bunch of people in her family, not say,
and she was an avid runner saying this is, and this is a new thane, the you know what I mean like she was training for this. This one event with her family hm yeah. I'm I'm not suspicious of the running itself. I'm suspicious of the wording that keeps circling around there. so. The normal thing sergeant Brian Jackson, said to people magazine in october. Two thousand and seventeen quote: what was the purpose he's talking about the abduction? why would she released? It is hard to keep somebody in captive for twenty two days. Why would somebody go to that length? Those are all types of questions we still have. The the other thing to his lot of peoples that. This is real because of something as simple as the broken knows,
and my argument would be if you're a whack and do enough to plan out. I'm gone missing that you're also wack. I do enough to break your own nose that that would be my argument to those people. The other thing, too, is people. I've been hearing, a lot of people say well. If, if this was for tension that she hasn't really shared the spotlight. She isn't really received any attention because she's been hiding pretty much like she's, been an urgency hiding, but she's a wild loose she's basically become a recluse. They moved They don't live in that town, any more so move away in a neighbours yeah. We never see her. We don't see her at all, and so so that doesn't make a law since the attention part, but their when
will save money ago, our while she did this for money or or it can be a fake because she didn't get, honey, but we know that we have about fifty thousand dollars which isn't a ton of money, but its money, that's not accounted for man, and so but then people go while, but that's just a little bit of money, think about how much money can make if she wrote a book and my argument about any of this stuff is maybe all this stuff is coming. Maybe a book is coming. Maybe a movie is coming, so you can't ruled out that our as apposite only that monies wasn't a motivation to fake this. Well, ok, we'll get into this. Now because look you luck as far as the money those, let's keep in mind, fifty thousand dollars
according to one I could find was, was equal to, or very close to being equal to their yearly household income, yeah that, Fifty thousand dollars sounds a lot bigger when you describe it that way right. It takes somebody a whole year. It, though the whole family together, the whole household income is equal to this for the entirety of a year. So that seems like quite a bit more money. Why just rhyme right out and if somebody recently just lost their part time position and now as us stay at home mom. Maybe you need the money well and then people that point out hey. This is real because she had a broken knows right. I I to answer. You know or a question with a question, but.
Whose saying that she has broken knows or that she had a broken knows ray Keith. So if Keith is in on it or let's say he's knox. Let's say something went down and he doesn't know what's going on, but she has convinced him that something went down he's either standing up for or could be covering for her. So that's where I think you I get these arguments back and forth. I do want to get into something you know I said, would get back to that press release. While oh one more thing. I also want to say that you know that during the price press release or the cops have said multiple times,
What's your held in captive for twenty two days? What was the motivation for them to release her and, like you stated before, there was multiple statements saying that we'd give you this money if they were released, and then it became the day before she was released, there was another statement, is a threat right. This is a captors, not a not just a threat, but the like again, maybe there was some contact and maybe that's the reason why we don't know where this go find me money went because it actually went to paying these people off to get her out could be could be, but but the threat that was going out there, the day before she was released, was not that this money is going to be given to you too, to write, pay a ransom for her, safe return. We're gonna use this money to find you right, but I'm just saying that all that can change if the people are to try to make contact
say: hey yeah, we got her and we want the money. So in october, two thousand and seventeen. This is when the authorities finally released two sketches of the women, described by Sherry. The release noted that the sketches were being release ten months after sherry's disappearance because of sherry's difficulty in recalling what her abductors look like now, this part captain. I believe it is quite important as well. The fbi Mr states quote: the federal bureau of investigation in cooperation with the shasta county sheriff's office is asking for the public's assistance regarding the disappearance of sherry. Porcine end quote this poster was released well after sherry was returned alive. I question why the post would use the word. Why use the word abduction instead of the word disappearance bright. Also, the poster says,
Fbi is seeking information about the to quote individuals depicted in sketches, they may have information. The poster does not call the women suspects or perpetrators or even persons of it is an according to sherry? She has told law enforcement. These are the people that abducted me at gunpoint. Down. And also about a year later authorities release surveillance, footage from a church and woodland. California. This is new where sherry turned up this up to show a distorted image of a figure running through a parking lot in the dark and then running back law enforcement confirmed that the footage time stamped for fifteen a m shows a newly released sherry penny. Seemingly darting around looking for help just before running, onto the highway entrance ramp. Many people believe that police released
this video, as well as much of the other official information meaning the male dna found on sharing the right. In man story. The stated inconsistency is about the cut on her foot to make sherry feel pressure and that maybe she would crack in in if, if there was different story. If there was a different truth to what went down that she would come forward and give that information yeah. I wonder of its the idea that law, enforcement and say only do we have this footage, but we have even more footage. There were when I m going to show the public, gonna let you know that we have it cause maybe day, maybe there's some footage of her earlier than that who knows and I do want to make sure that we go through some more detailed theories here about what could have had. and I am, I am going to skip ahead a bit one of the
Mary was that this is a sex trafficking case. I do want to if anybody, wants to explore that angle, you can but I will just kind of some that up with saying that the police say that they have ruled out sex trafficking as a motive for where sherry's abduct one based off what keith says there is no sexual assault. in the thing here is: I think that there are some more plausible, so more likely theories in this situation. If, in fact it was a hoax if this is not truly and abduction One of those theories is a liaison gone very wrong. This theory probably stems from The revelation that Sherry was in contact with the michigan man. Some people believe that police revealed this info asian, to show that sherry was conducting an affair or maybe affairs with men outside of her marriage. The theory goes like this. The she text a key
to find out whether he'd be coming home for lunch, this to ensure that he was busy. The kids are gone all day and she was meeting up with a lover or meeting up with an intended love lover and I or one of two things happen- one. It went wrong in the guy turn out to be violent and dangerous, and she escaped, this man twenty two days later, but was too embarrassed to tell the truth. The other angle of this is that she bailed on her husband in kids to run off with a guy this guy and then fake the whole abduction thing so she could return but returned we're family blame free people who buy to this theory, while they they basically claimed in that the sheriff's office knows. no, that sherry made the whole thing up. They just can't prove it right now.
Do you want to be clear here. We do not have any insider information, but from what I can de the general rumour of people in that area, it seems They believe that the sheriff's office is pretty much split as to whether this is a hoax or if this was an actual abduction, And the rumours that I have seen from that area. Point two to lead investigators. Well, I should be clear about this because it sounds like the first led investigator on this, but that it's a hoax, but we know that we have. We the head sheriff in charge, and we also have sergeant jackson, who have very publicly stated that they believe this is a real abduction. The rumours I've seen is that those are the only two that believe within the sheriff's office that this abduction was real
so you can see why it's easy to really question. and really be suspicious of the whole thing one other theory that I saw captain is this could be a drug situation. Now I choose so leave this end, because I find it much more likely than some of other theories that are out there, but I will be clear. This should be taken with a grain of salt of because this was this pulled off of read it. It does come. I'm someone who's been granted verified insider status as but he being an insider on this case. The post states that Mary had a serious addiction to benzodiazepines and they It was using some other type of drugs. and she was using other types of drugs as well. This insider using air quotes
says that Sherry relapsed you times in had resorted to. Pills on the street. Now this insider theory Is that sherry had gone on a bender or someone the oh drug money too, had abducted her again. This would pull to a similar theory to that of the hopes to gain the go, find me money. The go, find me funds. While that this is is more likely than some of the other theories that are out there. I want. I want to be clear: I think it's one of the least likely theories that we discussed here to day. I've purposely left out areas that seem just totally off the wall, totally unlikely at all: bigfoot yeah, SAS, squats so
the thing here. Captain we have, we ve talked about revenge, we ve talked about an affair. We ve talked about drugs, all kinds of different reasons, different theories as to why this would be a faked Abduction, you ve pointed out some reasons why it would be a real abduction. We we be remiss if we didn't bring up a story from two thousand and fifteen. This was the kidnapping of Denise hoskins in valerio. Caliph denise in her boyfriend. Aaron were asleep one night when a man broke into their home and made her high up aaron and kidnapped Denise. He raped and assaulted her but eventually released her dropping her off from his car. on the side of the road detectives at that time assumed the couples. Brutal abduction story was a complete hoax, but eventually the perfect.
later, a harvard trained attorney named Matthew, mauler was caught after meeting another crime at a similar crime rate, the the valet who police department settled with Denise hoskins for two point: five million die dollar. So this is just another situation of where they come out and. This situation, they were very public about it being a hoax. They didn't believe the store where we saw another. She asked a county sheriff's office, they seem to be confused or or not quite clear, on what their actual stance is right, yeah, but that's because there was a rape involved in, and I mean let's just be honest as far as sexual assault
in this country- it's maybe the only crime that I can think of- that law enforcement. After you and after you make your statement and after you claim that there was a crime that they go, are you telling the truth? I mean it's like the only crime that that happens. For I mean you don't go hey. My bike was stolen from my garage and have police come out and go. You know within the first couple minutes. Ask you if you're lying about it, so the that that I think that does happens. Far too often with that type, will appears, and it appears that that's happening with abduction stories as well. Right because that's what reporting on today, and it makes it a lot easier to know that the police were just straight wrong in the Denise Hoskins case, because they do app. Hence the perpetrator, you know where you
have questions about sherry story about her abduction, but tomorrow they arrested to hispanic looking women that they could prove abducted. Her right, I mean that wipes everything completely away all yeah. It's It really is a difficult thing. It doesn't seem to be that there is any clue your answer, I dont know if you have an appeal and on what you think may have happened here. Captain I don't want to. I don't wanna ramble too long, but I, come up. With conclusion wise oh my god. What do you think is the word that comes to mind is sad. Is if this is real adds a horrible situation, This is real new maginnis horrible, twenty two days of torture. A brandy in on your body, possibly forever cutting your hair,
Can your nose what it says: that's awful! If it's a hoax enshiu! is going to go, hang out with some guy in that went wrong or well or whatever- was that that's sad to the fact that she is talking to multiple men behind her husband that sad, you know if it was a drug thing that sad that she would go missing from her kids for twenty two days because of drugs that sad, the fact that she is now a recluse at least we have some proof of that, or at least that's what some neighbor neighbors claim and that's what her husband claimed that sad. It's almost like any theory that you come up with that. You think happened, it's sad event if it was just for seeking a tent.
And that is sad. That is somebody that has serious mental issues that needs help and is probably not getting it, because this hollow ordeal and now being a recluse, but my gut doesn't tommy either way because, like you said, the most difficult thing about this whole case is where the information is coming from. I dont know what those this branding is. I don't know if there's some message involved, there's there's different things that point me to believe one thing over another thing, but again it's where the information is coming from and I dont believe the sources
I tell you what I'm going to give sherry the benefit of the doubt here and say that I believe her story. I believe that she was abducted and I hope they continue. I hope police continue to search for her abductors and whoever whoever you know carried out these terrible crimes right. The only reason why I lean that way- I am so. vicious of some things, but but here here's the problem, I'm suspicious of a lot of the things that I see people being suspicious of online and then the fact She was released. Das, to even bolster people's suspicions. Like all sheet she turned up. Nobody ever lets. People go that doesn't happen a lot. We do know that, but we do. We already pointed to at least one other case where that did in fact take place. The captor release them any time
somebody is missing if they were abducted. That is what we hope and pray for. each and every minute of every hour of every day that they are gone, that whoever has them will grow a heart and release them and if, in fact, as happened in this situation, whether it be that the abductors got scared felt threatened, got of, holding her whatever happen that cause them to release her. I am thankful that they did I kind of lean towards this story being being truthful, sherry story being truthful and it What I want to point out is the the rate. Oh called. It went out to the ambulance that states that there was an assault that she was badly beaten That to me, is the one. That's the only other part where I can see somebody other than her husband stating did these injuries actually took place or than she appeared.
Who have been injured now, if, if, in fact, this was a hoax, if, if she wasn't really abducted, if this was carried out, We know that somebody else had to be involved because she was missing for twenty two days she did. Here for twenty two day. Somebody had to help her with that. If there were is anybody involved in a hoax? I I have no reason to believe. I actually believe that keith does not know what really happened. I don't I don't I understand these theories and I understand population, but I don't see anything that points to me that that he was involved in helping carry out this whole ordeal
In november of two thousand and eighteen sergeant jackson told the local abc ten tv station that he did not consider sherry's case cold and that there are still several avenues. We are looking at, but now nearly three years after sherry, pennies, perplexing disappearance in reappearance and what has been described, as quote one of the largest man hunting california history. We still have no answers. We ve never heard from Sherry. Her family has gone silent secret, witness California is still offering ten thousand dollars for information, regarding the abduction of sherry, peanut, and as always thank you
all of you out there for listening. Thank you for telling a friend thank you for the wonderful five star reviews on Itunes. Please join us back here in the garage next week. Until then, big be kind, don't let.
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