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Taylor Robinson /// Part 1 /// 406

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Taylor Robinson /// Part 1 /// 406

Part 1 of 2www.TrueCrimeGarage.com This week we discuss the still unsolved case of Taylor Robinson. We have a pretty good idea who is responsible but we need your help. If you have any information please call 1-330-730-3524 or email tadimoff@sacsconsulting.com Beer of the Week - Gravel Donuts from Outerbelt Garage Grade - 4 and a half bottle caps out of 5 Thank you to our great Garage partners - check them out and safe some CA$Hwww.SimpliSafe.com/Garage - get FREE shipping and a 60 day money back guarantee!www.BetterHelp.com/Garage - get 10% off your first month with the discount code Garage! The full archive of True Crime Garage is available on the Stitcher listening app - for FREE. Our show “Off the Record” is only on Stitcher Premium. For a FREE month of listening go to http://stitcherpremium.com/truecrimegarage and use promo code GARAGE

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We see cases where sad to say the worst outcome is not totally unexpected. Some people live a high risk lifestyle. Some people make bad choices, We can all probably think of someone in our lives that can fit that bill. These types can end up as victims, and then there is the other side of that coin. The sad side, persons who are victims of abuse or subjected to domestic violence, and they too can end up as victims. make no mistake: all of these cases are tragic, but once in a while and it's Ashley poignant story touches us because
the unlikely nests of the victim and the senselessness of the crime. And when these cases are unsolved, they deserve special attention in our story today, a diligent Telling hard working young woman who had her huh life ahead of her was. And by someone who, as of yet remains unknown. is true crime garage. This is the case
of taylor robinson the taylor robinson, was born on january, twenty, eighth, nineteen, ninety four to parents, Carmela robinson Rucker and winslow Sanders Jr taylor was an extremely active teenager in all the right ways. Listened to this captain, I know the both of us played a considerable amount of sports growing up, so we are not easily impressed. But right now I am at her high school taylor competed in volleyball softball, track and field, and she was a cheerleader so for sports. That's year round baby. Anyone familiar with this case, who has in photos of this young woman. You can tell by her smile in the
right look in her eyes. She was full of cheer and spirit, and not just the kind that is meant to excite fans and inspire her we make, but genuine cheer and spirit that extends to every one around her taylor graduated from kenmore high school after studying child development. Now, where we are going to pick up, this story is in two thousand and thirteen just seven years ago, taylor robinson is nineteen years old and living with her mother carmella and her stepfather Jeff rocker, and her thirteen year old brother, the family lived in arch wood avenue in akron Oh now, akron ohio is one of our larger cities. Here in the greatest of states, ohio there's about two hundred, and people living in akron, proper akron is about thirty miles south of good old cleveland and the list of notable and famous persons from akron is very impressive.
Two of the more well known individuals from akron, are lebron James instincts, curry both mba superstars back to our star taylor Now we said this young woman was very active in high school, while that lust for life did not stop there in two thousand and thirteen, she was just a busy young lady taking classes at kent. State university start campus in preparation for obtaining her neonatal nursing degree very important work. There capped the other sir biggest satellite. That's like their satellite unit city, I'm more familiar with the downtown area of Kent, so I don't know much about the start campus on top of her busy.
College schedule, she's also holding down to jobs. One was at bonn, worth's clothing store as a sales clerk bond worth is a chain clothing store for the ladys according to their website. They have been a leader in mrs clothing for over fifty years, captain so shot out to all of the mrs her other job. This goes along well with her studies. This job was as a home. Health herr aid for hands of care limited. This was a position where taylor would provide in home care for patients who were incapacitated in some way, whether because of handicap, illness or injury universally. The reports I'll taylor say that she was basically a model young woman. She was never in trouble and, as we can see, she is driven and was hard work.
She had never run away. She was close with her family and she was diligent and conscientious about her schoolwork and her employment duties. She lived at home and always even as a young. adult she abided by her curfew and was all in touch with her mother was a home body, taylor, loved animals, both real and stuffed, she loved shopping and going to the movies and she attended church, reg early, and there was someone new in her life, she adored her new baby, a new family baby that was a six month. all long haired chihuahua named writer who love to fall, taylor everywhere and tag along whenever taylor allowed now didn't we have a missing persons case to deal with. So, of course we want to go through the details of when she vanished
We have already discussed the things going on in this young woman's life, leading up to the day in question, and now we have a very specific window of time to discuss. So that brings us to the night of friday may. Third, two thousand and thirteen taylor was scheduled to work and overnight shift at the home the patient. This meant that she would arrive at the home in the evening care for the patient overnight and then depart in the morning This has been a long term situation. I don't know for certain how long she has been in this position, but at this location it's been for several months, maybe even about a year wayne. Taylor's patient needs cared for pretty much around the clock. Taylor was dropped off at the pace. Home by her mother Carmelo around ten p m when carmella last saw her daughter. She was
ring gray leggings, a white t shirt a. Why black bandanna and shoes. They said good, bye and agreed that carmelo would pick taylor up when her shift and this would be around seven a m the next morning. So then taylor meets with the mother. Briefly, you know, a quick check in most of taylor's overnight shifts will be book ended by war and or two things carmelo dropping taylor off meeting with. mother, then a long night shift followed by mother returning home and then carmelo picking taylor back up in the morning This is something that happened. Dozens of tots and the night of may third, and going into may fourth should have been no different. They should have been, as they say, business as usual
but it wasn't on the morning of may fourth, the homeowner, the patient's mother. Arrived home around seven m from her overnight shift when she entered the house. She found to her surprise that taylor was not there. This was cause for immediate concern as the patient, a round the clock care and was not meant to be left unattended. That's the whole purpose of having the caregiver taylor's position. There was no sign of the young caregiver now an article in the act, beacon journal, which you relied on heavily in our research, for this episode, states that the homeowner found the doors locked when she got home it's on
and whether taylor had a key to this home. Okay, so I've been told a call was placed from the mother to taylor's mother. I don't know if that call was received or answered. This was the looking for the caregiver right so either Carmela was already aware that something was strange when she arrived or found out right after pulling up to pick up taylor and then having this discussion with the patient's mother. That taylor was nowhere in sight. The reports we have say carmella arrived on location right around seven fifteen, a m: this was very disconcerting, she was very alarmed to find that her daughter was not present. She told the beacon, jerk
that her daughter would never ever leave a patient. She was responsible for and tailors she left behind some personal items that were very concerning as well like what we'll get into that and in a bit here, because that that is something that's a little further: our timeline. Where would this girl have gone? Where would this young woman have gone so The alarm was raised taylor their instead father there on alert, but that hold hey Taylor never showed up at home at all. She called home. She didn't call her overnight. Job too Give any reason for why she left and, as we already said, taylor was a hard working in value that job and she loved and respected her own mother, but for taylor's family. This is going to. from bizarre and worried too extreme
really concerned and frightening very quickly, nor, like you said, she's, a caregiver and so by her leaving on our own accord. She's putting somebody at risk and of this person needs twenty four hour assistance you might put in this person at risk too, at fatal risk. Correct correct so where they get extremely concerned is when the the the parents, the worry, starts amount with every passing minute, every passing hour we also have another situation where taylor was scheduled to work at bond worth clothing, afternoon of the fourth. This is really going to be the acid test. Here she was missing. if all else failed. If for some, in taylor was just you know, maybe up to something or if for some reason she could not call home everybody expected. She would, at the very least,
derive as scheduled for her shift at bonn worth my, but she did not again she's pretty young. So now you go ok. While this doesn't make any sense, she doesn't seem like the type of person to just walk away from her job, walk away from a pace in that would need her care again, she's pretty young, so it's possible that she made a mistake or possibly seems been irresponsible Well, isn't that just it I mean even you take somebody as response. Was this young woman taylor robinson look at her life and oliver hard work and how diligent she was about all of her activities and responsibilities. But then you go k, but we're all he didn't expect any of this, but she's she's. Nineteen now taylor, clocked in for her job that saturday afternoon, it was at this time when carmelo in the family decided hey, we ve, we ve got to go to the police. Now the acronym police department response
and from everything I have seen. The akron pd took this case very seriously from the outset, Immediately announcing and treating taylor's disappearance, as quote suspicious, this makes total sense right. Of course, taylor is an adult free to go off on her own if she should wish it is her right to pick up and take life elsewhere, but that just does not make much sense. We talked just this last week, on off the record about the long island, serial killer investigation out in new york and now that case is moving forward and thankfully, in the right direction. After so much time has passed, it sat there stagnant for for years really, but earlier this year after process, in evaluating dna samples remain belonging to someone only known as manorville, Jane doe, just one of
several murder victims in the long island serial killer case she was finally positively identified as valerie mac from philadelphia. Any one that wants to learn or about that, get our show off the record on state your premium or go to the website dedicated to that investigation. That's gilgad news, dot com. You can submit tips air as well, by the way Especially if you have any information regarding valerie mac, but what we did, what we talked about on that up a so captain of off the record was weak, about how victim ology is the foundation of any investigation, and now they invest gators finally know the identity of one of these victims. In that case they have a completely new starting point for their investigation dramatically, increasing their chances of catching this killer, and our case here captain we have obviously we obviously know who our victim is. In fact, we know just
everything we need to know not everything, but a lot right. Taylor is close to her fan. She tells them what's going on in her life, taylor is busy. She is a busy active lifestyle and she's attending college she's were two jobs. So not only is she busy but things in her life that are keeping her busy while those things we mentioned that are all up the majority of her time. They all come with time stamps on them, so she's busy and her time is easily accounted for in it's easy to figure. Who would be the people in the circles of her life and the circles from work and her social circles are from school and we have school records. We have work records, we can likely who is in and out of her life outside of school and work we can get
information from her family because she is close to them and what we can't get from the family. We can get from france, so taylor, knowing who our victim is looking at the victimology here captain we know taylor was a bright and genuinely good young woman moving forward in this world this Likely means that most of her friends will be cut. from the same cloth. If you will. Now remember when profiling, we are going to attempt to profile everything, our victim, the crime, the location and, finally, our unknown offender. Starting with our victimology, we can tell you everything we know about taylor that she was living a low risk lifestyle, meaning she's, not frequent places known for high crime or violent crime, and she is not hanging. out with bad people and not making pour choices. So knowing this,
this dramatically increases the likelihood that taylor was either targeted or the abduction that took place at night was the result of another crime or something else. It here, happened or something that was going on in taylor's world. We are very likely looking for someone in one of taylor's direct circles. So now you are looking for two things in our missing persons: investigation and trying to determine what happened to the ship, woman, you're hoping to find one or the other or both. I guess because. That is going to be where you pick up the bread crumb trail, leading you to taylor and her whereabouts or her abductor and evidence of what happened and possibly why you're looking for who
the means motive and opportunity to take her meaning. Someone had a reason for targeting taylor and the ability to carry out the crime If looking for something that happened in her life that would later Trigger this abduction and set the crime into motion who was involved in that event, likely would be involved in this event. So what is the event and or who would target her the problem with this for, in which event may have led to tailor. Having gone missing would be fairly easy to identify amongst all of the other events going on in her world, because everything with her is work and school and toward her goal. So this event, this it will equally stand out. Amongst the backdrop of the rest of the events
hang on in her life, but by same time. You are hoping that someone one of the many very good persons in taylor's life is aware of this event, but here's the troubling thing, often something so powerful that cause someone to have the reaction of abduction or, even possibly, worse, while often one does not sit around and wait to react, because this very likely is just that some of hurtful aggression reaction and often that means that the event that sit type of terrible reaction into motion, we went down a short period of time before, whatever two to taylor and unfortunately that could be just minutes or even seconds before she went So now we have to look into her life and look into what was possible
even going on that night that led to this young woman having gone missing while we are thinking through the scenarios of either taylor left work for some years unknown reason and never returned or someone forcibly removing her from her work Either way, I would say hope, is fleeting and we say this because Based on our victimology, we can say what Almost one hundred percent certainty that this young woman did not just take off and leave family high and dry. So again we're back to square one. Someone took taylor, but who- and why the the
The alright cheers mates welcome back. So a couple of questions I have or what I think investigators need to look into is who, from our work, would know that she was there and and know that she supposed to stay overnight also, knowing that she doesn't have a ride of her own or doesn't use a right of our own when she's working over night. To me, that's a safety hazard, as you have no way to get help. There is no way for you to flee, so where would she go
go on foot, possibly and then I also want to know what is her social media activity? Is she on instagram? Is she on facebook? Is she on facebook messenger? Is she talking with individuals through for media. Is she on any dating websites like tinder or or any of these other dating websites and talking to any individuals through that these all excellent questions, I from my understanding of taylor's work in particular the job where she went missing from is this would be kind of a small small step Let's say right, so we only need one caregiver for when the mother of the patient is not at home. But again, this patient needs around the clock, care
from my understanding, so there would be other nurses, not just taylor or other caregivers. Whatever you want. Whatever title you choose to use, because I can imagine that taylor is probably not covering five nights a week, but again what I understand of the situation, this she would be working alone and as you, ok? Well, if there's a situation where she has to leave or flee, I don't think that's ideal that there you know, of course, never ideal that there be a situation that she would need to leave our flee, but again the whole purpose of her being there is to care for this other person. So if you can't take this other person with you
and you're out or not. While I'm wondering if the work structure because allow these yelled at the family calls a service that service that person that runs, that service might not be a nurse themselves, but has all these connections to these at home, caregivers, and so who is her boss? Who did the scheduling? Ah because one of the things that you have to look at in specific case like this, with a though a female I taylor is that key word female, there's, always a possible motive, because she's female, sometimes you right, sometimes ladys are targeted just because their ladies, and you're pointing out several good things here. Who how would somebody know that she is there alone that night
that's what I think we're we will really get into, and that's where we're going to see some good potential suspects along the way. In regards to this we with her her mother, taylor's mother, carmella My understanding that, most of the time, her mother dropped her off and picked her up, but there would be the rare occasion where taylor would bar the vehicle and drive or self to and from so. I think it happened a few different ways, but what we have here, now captain is. We have a nineteen year old woman who's gone missing from her work. We now have akron police department in they have already publicly announced that they find the disappearance of taylor robinson to be highly suspicious and they are investigating it as such. So again, they're taking this case serious right from the get on plus we could have all these sus
x in that area as well, because if you would know that this individual, I cannot take care of themselves. You'd be seein. Nurses come in and every day, I can so if you had a predator, if he had some, citgo in the neighborhood that the old pervert round round up right that the persons going to be well aware that there's different females, attractive females coming in to take care of this in and again they're, basically alone, now right, so there there's no protection there. We also, of course, have his family and friends, and people at her work and and all involved looking for taylor and actively seeking information about her whereabouts. While this is. Going on while this case is still fresh and still knew something totally unpredictable happened,
robinson, went missing during the night and early morning. Hours of may third and may fourth, but then just two days later from, neighborhood in cleveland. Remember, cleveland is not terribly far from the akron area and from where taylor was working. where she was working. We should also point out is located right by the freeway. So just days later, a nine one. One call sends police out on what can only be described as a dramatic call to the tree. Man neighborhood in cleveland? This is from the journal. tribune out of cleveland, the associated press was reporting nine when one call the woman collar her voice was frantic and breathless, and she was choking back tears, the woman all are said help me. I amanda berry, I've been kidnapped and I've been missing for ten years, and I'm here, I'm free now
who is amanda berry. She is a De seven year old woman who disappeared at the age of sixteen and April of two thousand and three amanda berry was working at burger king. She left her job at the end of her shift to go home. She never made it home a man named Charles ramsey said he was in his house, eating mcdonald's. I dont know why it feels like every single we captain mcdonalds, its way onto the shell. They really should be a sponsor. Then I think it's word of their marketing plan. You know, let's bilk the garage which of thousands of dollars of advertising and just sneak into these these story. Somehow so Charles is sick. in his home eating and he says he hear screaming. He runs outside and at his neighbor's house he sees quote
his words. I see this girl going nuts trying to get out of the house. He said was trying desperately to get outside and pleading for help to reach the police door that the woman was trying to get out of wood only open wide enough for her to stick her hand out so he's just her hand, mid mcdonald's, yeah, mid mcdonald's he's like screen. and then he runs outside? He sees this. You know just a hand coming out of screen door and some and yelling saying call the police call the police so he decides he's like hey I'm and I'm helping this person right. So he decides sit down and finish his meal well he ran over he started kicking out. The bottom of the door meanwhile, a woman, sitting on her porch nearby with some friends says she hears the commotion and runs to see if she could help the woman is now freed and
she tells them so. The woman that ran over her name is anna, the woman. That's now free She tells Anna that she is amanda berry and anna. The responding woman says. This woman claimed to be a man to Barry? She was visibly nervous and she was crying? She was wearing pajamas and sandals, but Anna says I told the young woman you're, not a man to bury a barry is dead. The woman then again told anna. I am and a bury I have been kidnapped and was being held captive. Anna gave her. The telephone at that point in the report did nine one one call this woman, cleared I'm a man to bury I've, been on the news for the last ten years. She said she had been taken by some one and begged for police officers to come to the house. from before the man returned. Those words led police to a house near downtown cleveland, where am I
The berry and two other women were found, tailors mother, taylor robinson her daughters missing, has been missing for about two days she watch the breaking news on her tv as she others were busy, in together missing persons flyers for her daughter. Now none of the women found and recovered that evening were taylor. The three were identified as a man amanda berry, gina de hazel michelle knight, all three two decades earlier, they ve been kidnapped and held captive for all this time soon after the rest, you police arrested fifty two year old homeowner, ariel castro. police also found a six year old child piece of shit. I mean this guy
One of the women gave birth during their time in captivity. Castro eventually pled guilty to this is this is a high number here captains who get ready castro, eventually pled guilty to nine hundred and thirty seven counts of rape, kidnapping and aggravated murder. He was sentenced to life in prison, plus one thousand years with no possible what a parole, the rescue of these victims brought much needed. Rejoicing do the streets and neighborhoods of cleveland. It also brought hope taylor robinson's family and to that community as well. Of course, we want to know where taylor is, where her whereabouts, but in the investigation the who took her question is one the investigators will be working on, but almost as important is the. Why.
Why would someone take her one, real? scary reality. In this case and in a lot of cases is human trafficking, now I love my home state. the high. But unfortunately, we do not have great numbers here regarding human trafficking, in fact, according to the ohio department of health, At one time, ohio ranked as high as fifth fifth out of fifty states in the u s, while technically this this crime with castro I mean it's technically a form of human trafficking. Right I mean it's not just kidnapping. Well, we are, or or is it does kidnap well Actually I mean they, he he abducted these. They were girls
When they were abducted and then they grew up to be women, but he abducted these girls and held him captive and basically made them sex slaves during this time, And so I mean you can see, the state came down really hard on him as they should. I mean his. His crimes are just of the most despicable nature. But again it was automated started chopping off all these dudes pee pees. I, like you, get a he rape, a girl with chop, your pee pee off. You think that would stop any of this. insane. Well then you have the situation did if they do, they get it. Do they get a wrong for conviction. You can't go back on that. So well, then, is this in his people, but everyone in less peace in this world. So let's go back to two. These numbers here, captain let's work our way through this,
oh hi o, according to the higher department of health at one time, a high ranked as high as fifty out of fifty states in the u s, with some of the highest statistics coming out of two lido cleveland and the akron area. So the city, akron has seen its share of arrest in regards to human trafficking crimes. Obviously, but in fact, summit county had some pretty big bust there this year in january, so the stats in ohio and akron they're not good, but, This is where we go back to victimology. Our victimology here with taylor is quite different than a Stan shall chunk of the cases we are seeing in human trafficking cases, especially in that area, so again, taylor would still be. Very much of a low risk victim. For this type of crime, but as we know from having
been doing the show for so long. No one is ever truly excluded from being a possible that vignette of really any cry now that we are armed with the hope they came out of cleveland with the rescue of three kidnap victims, but also the threatened fears of what might have happened to our young female adult victim. Let's see what we can find from the actual investigation, For me, it's strange because when I see a scenario like this this, what hope you found some people that might not be connected to your daughter's case at all. I don't get what the hope is, if anything it's pointing out how messed up this world is and how individuals are out there, but you gotta keep in mind the desperation of of the of the other way
of the family members and the friends of people who have gone missing while maybe this is glass. Half full glass empty all the ardour, but it's thy I see stuff like this and go ah in and by the way, my daughter's messing up porters. What were hope do we have this when he gets sick owes like this guy out there, but that's why, through in the reaction of anna one of the neighbors respond? to the commotion where she's told by this woman who is freed from the house I'm a man to bury and her initial reaction is no you're, not a man to berries dead right. That's that's what I mean by hope. Is it the the all of the other victims, the family members, the friends of these missing persons of people that they won day. They had to come to the sad realisation of waking up one day and in an going. Ok,
maybe they're never coming back, okay maybe they're not still alive, but then something like this, where whole community? You dont yvonne, but a whole community just accepted the fact that these three and were probably dead or are dead, and then this again something totally unpredict. Bull boom one day, all the sudden, that's not the case that we are still around in, and thankfully they've gone on to to be able to live, get relationships back with their families and have families of their own and talking about. Go time, though, to him to hear the the screams. Or to hear her yelling from that house, because there's probably mean you said she is missing for how many years ten ten years,
There's, probably I don't know say a hundred times that there was a possibility that she could have got free or maybe a thousand times. Okay, we know his schedule so we're going to try to break loose or whatever it is, and now you're, have this moment where the door is cracked or something your hand. You get your hand your hand is in the land of freedom right and you're screaming for help. but if he came home if castro came home at that moment, I know, but one thing's for that neighbor to hear that, and I don't want to talk about go time. You know a moment of I. What kind of person are you deep down and how fast you react and and because you also don't know, what's on the other side of that door, I mean you.
Obviously protein know your neighbor enough to none other than there should be some girl screaming, but I'm the sanely. You dont know, if he's there hmm. Well, it's a day that the nobody in that area has forgotten and in it it it will remain that way for a very, very long time. So, in regards to this investigation about Taylor robinson's case and the night in question. We do have some information that didn't come out immediately. So, according to the beacon journal, akron police detectives have pledged to make the case a top priority. To that end, thirty officers and detectives. spent days scouring the area around the location of taylor, taylor's shift on the night in question some of this time devoted to scrutinizing abandoned homes, garages and anywhere.
Else in the largely residential neighborhood, where the young woman could be further, the bi provided for agents to assist in the investigation from the third day on the investigation, looked into taylor's friends and associates. They feel a tip I up on leads and basically did all of the usual investigative things? Meanwhile, the family handed out flyers and searched the streets. Looking for any sign of tailor, tailors step, dad seems to have taken on a significant role and looking for her. He spoke at rallies and vigils and was instrumental in handing out flyers. I do I'm going to throw this out there as a bit of an aside, so we can kind of just move on from it. There are some things about. This
vested geisha that I am aware of in that I'm not allowed to clarify or go into detail of. One thing that I have seen in some areas is is a question. Would the step father has, he ever been a suspect or looked at by police ever was looked at as a person of interest. It has never been mentioned in any newspapers at all and from everything that I see again he's up front and he's helping led the investor haitian. He was even though he's her stepfather. He was much in the role of her father of her actual father and there is no reason to believe that anything anything strange or he had any type of involvement other than helping in the search for for taylor This is not a situation of very difficult, though I mean anybody when-
when a family member or friend goes missing, anybody can then become a suspect, as I think, a really hard thing for people to deal with. But most people realize that that's a possibility and if you're looked at it as being a suspect, I mean you could even They well look at her. Mother dropped her off. So therefore, her mother becomes some somewhat of a suspect, but you just gotta let law enforcement y'all. Let the detectives or no rule you out, so they can go on exactly better better. suspect some, better ideas. That's exactly right and you have fathers, it's it's not uncommon. For a father to be looked at within first hours or days of an investigation, and just as you said, that's us that the sucky situation to be in it's a horrible city
waiting to be an but where it goes best you have. You have the police department that very clearly is taking this disappearance very seriously, and when you observe that as apparent you go, okay take your look at me, I'll tell you anything you need to know so you can move on to. Are a real suspect and there's no problems. Looking at me now, taylor's mother found hope she was vocal about this found hope in the news about ariel castro's kidnapping, victims being found alive in cleveland on may sixth, but on that same date, an article in the beacon journal. Akron detective Brian Harding, said in regards to taylor's disappear, it's that it was totally out of character for taylor. She had zero history of trouble, adding the quote. We are at a dead end, one this case be into
as in thirteen, we know that people are very connected to their phones. That's what brought up The questions in my mind of what information can we find out about her phone right and so with her situation with her work situation, one would think that that phone is not just for her. For her use, but it's also her lifeline should she need something. Side is not knocked a bunch of stuff over should she needs something during the course of her shift or if her patient the person that she's taking care of requires. anything other than what taylor able to provide then that phone is rare, We truly a lifeline. So so here are some clues. Cat this information was not reported right away, but there was information gleaned from taylor's cell phone. We need to
jim to tailor phone was not found at her place of work, she's missing the phones messy report say that this phone was shut off shortly after seven thirty a m on Saturday. Now we know taylor's mother arrived at the patient's house to collect taylor around seven fifteen. Presumably, after finding taylor missing she called her daughter's phone. However, it is not stated in any reports that I could find what happened when she called did the phone ring the report? I'll say that it was shut off right around seven thirty. So presumably it may rang when carmelo called, but she was now never able to get a hold of taylor there, as other information on the phone as well- and I believe, information is very likely evidence evidence that
could shrink the window of time a bit in this investigation narrowing the gap between the start and the end of taylor shift to hopefully point out Are we can say? Okay, we know it she started work. We know what time it was supposed to end. She went missing during the middle sometime during the shift we on to shrink that window a little bit and be able to go ok, some time between here, and here is We believe that something happened to this young woman this phone had been used on the night of may third to interact with, people she knew here's what we know an ex boyfriend whom taylor dated up until recently, I called her cell phone late Friday night. That call by reports lasted two minutes now. The exact time of this call has never been published
but to me when I see those reports in the newspaper that say late friday night, obviously we're looking at before midnight before the midnight hour. her shift right, I did digging- and I spoke to some people close to this investigation, and Flat out asked do What time somebody tell me what time that call took place- and I was told a very specific time that that phone call was at one thousand and sixteen p dot m. So shortly after her shift began now pay close attention here, taylor or someone. This is other information regarding her phone taylor. Or someone using taylor's phone texted, a friend at about five
am on the morning of the fourth reports, only state that this text made vague reference to seeking a favor from a friend. This text received no response, We don't know anything more about that text, but it's a text that you you say is seeking a response about a favour to a friend correct that that the reports of this text are there. we don't know if this text is coming from taylor's phone and asking for help or asking for favor or if somebody is texting and saying hey awry, hey, I need a ride or you owe me a favor or I can help you with this. I don't know in regard to the relationship of who was going to be, you know, handing out, favor asking for a favor or what, but the
mason we have is the taylor, and I think that that's that's the key to this bit of information here that comes out taylor or someone using taylor's phone texted, a friend about five, a m on the morning of the fourth. So we know that she answered her phone at one thousand and sixteen and had a two minute phone call and the reports are- taylor or somebody using her phone out at around five. A gives us a timeframe of less than seven hours, it shrinks it a bit. We were looking at a a time frame. roughly nine hours, and now we ve got that under seven hours to be concerned with next portion will further balls or the shared theory that taylor did not walk away to go off somewhere,
This bit of info was held back initially, but was released to the public. Eventually, and this is very important here- captain the report's worthy tailors jack, get in shoes were found at her place of work after she went missing. there is no indication from the reports put out there. The police blood hair or really any sign of a struggle at her work. There is no indication that investigators found any evidence of forced entry at her work. Nothing to the there's nothing to the windows. I'm just wondering if she brought a pair of shoes. And I'm losing my bullet an additional pair of shoes, while the ones that she was wearing yeah might be a leap, but I I know with some nurses that they like to wear certain shoes while they work, so maybe they would bring a pair
With her, but we have one thing here that you don't have in most investigations in regards especially We have the eyewitness that dropped her we have her mother, saying hey: she didn't bring a pair of shoes, what she was wearing. This is what she brought with her too jangle ready at night, yet a jacket be in there that all mother me people all the time without the jacket but going to leave without your shoes, an that's enough Actually what her mother pointed out that terrified her the most when she figured out What was going on because Cuba, She knows the public, don't they. know that there was a co in a and shoes left at the scene that we don't find this out until much later. But her mother immediately knows. I dropped her off yeah. She left her jack there are no big deal. Like you said people I was. I went to a friend's house just a week ago and left a jacket there.
But people don't leave without their shoes right. Make it home and go where's. My shoe. Oh shoot. I left my shoes at my friend's house again. While I have sensitive feet, I can't be walking around on the concrete with my sensitive feet does not going to happen and the thing here too, we we, we got the evidence that that she left some things at her work, her purse, items. Those were the personal items that were referenced earlier We also have the reports stating there was no forced entry found too work while no force entry, and we also believe that the doors were locked? They were found locked according to the reports after she's found to be missing right. So no forced entry to the doors, no forced entry to right by the window rights that this ponder this mean. Even if a friend has pulled out, if you're going to go talk to him one.
I would you lock the doors. Why would you walk out there with no shoes doesn't make lot of sense Right and that's what I'm pointing out that this information is going to leave us really with fewer and fewer possible working theories to to further this investigation. Captain it it's looking like one of the following theories. Would work and I'll start with the least lie. lee and work my way through either someone. This could be a stranger maybe even someone she knew grabbed her from the porch or outside, but still on the property of her work. While she just so happened to be outside with no jacket new shoes, and then taylor puts up so little of a struggle that there was no evidence of anna, outside and no eye witnesses, or better yet ear witnesses.
This seems highly unlikely, given the very low probability factors for that to all come together. or maybe we have someone who was targeting taylor and knew that at her place of work, taylor would basically be alone and in a state of vulnerability, and if it were a stranger. Perhaps using a ruse of some sort, convinced taylor to open the door or maybe even let him in or it's someone she knows and willingly opens the door or, let's this person in I think, given everything we have gone over, I would be shocked if anyone by this point is leaning toward the idea of an affair are unknown to our victim and given we have no ear witnesses to scream or struggle outside. We are very likely He had a scenario where taylor opened the door and let someone in
to her work and something happen inside that resulted in this person taking taylor, the for everything through crammed, raj check out three grams erasure, dot com and make sure you sign up on our mailing list, and we got a bunch more at two tomorrow. Regarding the case of tailor robinson, please join us back here in the garage, Imagine until then be good, be kind and don't let
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