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The Bakersfield 3 /// Part 2 /// 563

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The Bakersfield 3 /// Part 2 /// 563

Part 2 of 2 


In the Summer of 2018 recreational swimmers found a duffel bag containing a severed arm in the Kern River near Bakersfield California. Around the same time three families had come together in an effort to locate their loved ones or find justice for them. The three were Micah Holsonbake, James Kulstad and Baylee Despot and were either missing, dead or missing and feared to be dead. These cases are all related. Please help. There is a reward set up for information. 

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of australia. Ladies and gentlemen, the captain I got my major might sandwiches, grew to be seen and good to see you thanks for listening thanks for tom afresh Today we are still sleeping on this warm hand splash by the fine folks over it dancing, nome brewery. This is a bold delicious. I too, the p to the a dvd eight percent garage, great four and a half bottle caps out of five years to the peeps over at dancing burry and cheers to super fans mike and militia and pittsburgh mikey melissa brought us some fears at our life event last month. So a double cheers too ike, Emulous obeyed. Cheers may given for her when in california- and we go captain. We have a cheers to william in north Glenn, colorado and last, but certainly not least, we have mike in cayley and can't know. Heil
one we just mentioned. Well, they helped us out with this week be run, and for that we're gonna. By the way the bar you in beer, iran for everything, true crime check, on our website programme, Brad, dot com. We have a bit of store page and you can support the shown, gets then returned? It's a win win. So what are you waited for down to true grim garage that common peggy up something fancy and colonel? That is enough of the bees all right. Everybody gathered round grab a chair grab a beer. Let's talk, some true cried a poor one. We discuss the disappearance of thirty four year old, mica, wholesome baked the disappearance of twenty year old bailey des spot
and the dry by shooting of murder victim age. Thirty, eight james calls then to missing one killed all within thirty three days of another, the families of three were united, drawing media attention and working with police in two thousand and nineteen police said the cases were in fact connected after the horrific discovery of the arm inside the duffel bag. Murder victim mica, his father, lance wholesome bake, said that the family thought They would feel better once they knew what happened. Mica, but the knowledge that he was dismembered was hard to take. His mother, Cheryl, said: quote: really: the call to not only know that your child was killed, but that someone thought so little of them that they dismembered them and threw them out like trash. The other question is there not able to tell us whether he was members when he was alive or post mortem one year after
She last heard from her daughter, Bailey Jane, said I cry more: I go to counseling. It's just hard, not knowing where your kid is in thanking she's, possibly chopped up like mica end quote: james is mother said that the three moms had become very close during their together and they looked at each other up. The three had lobbied: the current county board of supervisors to fund the secret witness programme of the current county sheriff's office to facilitate anonymous tips
Jane was determined to find her daughter, bailey and suspicious of baileys boyfriend that she was living with Matthew. Queen Jane was right to be concerned in suspicious, as just mention queen, head to pending criminal cases against him at this time, and both were for being a fallen in possession of a fire on the charges were brought after bailey and mica disappeared and he would soon rack up more charge. Well, let's take a look at what one f b. I profile said about this case. Yes, captain s, He mentioned an episode of doktor fill of the doktor phil show, which aired in January. Two thousand and nineteen brought national attention to the bakersfield three case. Now, a former fbi profile name, and is still long addressed. The case positing that one person killed mica
And was also involved in baileys disappearance and someone else connected to that same killer shot. James quote, there is a connection between the three they ran in the same circles. They knew some of the other parties involved in those other power these were involved in criminal behaviour, gun running illegal gun sales and drug sales, and quote that's what the long said. She also said that We believe bailey knew what happened to mica and that, in turn, put her endanger the same man probably ordered the hit on james missed along
I've had inside information because her profile of the killer was eerily accurate. She said he was a white male. Thirty five to forty who co habits with a woman and also has kids quote: he's a violent guy and people know that he's a scary guy he's also smart and dangerous end quote: he likely drives a macho car bomb, no expert unto sir captain but sounds to me as if the proof Tyler is describing Matthew queen. I they get spot on my friend by january, two thousand and nineteen. Some information started to trickle out about the bakersfield three case, which was being worked by bakersfield police department at the time with the assistance of the currents county, sheriff's office So in june of two thousand eighteen, the sheriff's office executed a search warrant,
the news agency. Cagey e t, reported that the search more revealed that law enforcement was investigating, bailey, mica and Matthew queen, as well as three others for manufacturing and selling illegal gun. Remember mica had told his dad that he was proof adding guns for people before he went missing, James was shot and killed, leaving the home of a doctor who was arrested on illegal gun charges. Bailey had been arrested with Matthew queen in december of two thousand and seventeen on gun charges. The guns that were matthew, queens vehicle when they were pulled over. It was beginning to look like one big gun conspiracy for the bakersfield three jane told cagey e t, all the stuff they were involved in these people know they all know each other. It's a big circle of criminal activity over here in rows d.
in july of two thousand and nineteen, your boy if you queen, captain was arrested again charges unrelated to bailey, but these are still very serious and scary charges. They were kidnapping, burglary, manufacture. An assault weapon, possession of a firearm by phelan in resisting arrest, and those were all. There were also charges of assault on a person with force causing rate bodily injury, making threats with intent to terrorize and brandishing deadly weapon other than a firearm at last charges particularly frightening to me. I don't know exactly what That means, but here's a run down of that incident captain while out on bail, already in trouble, now he's out on bail and still up to no good after the december two thousand seventeen gonna arrest.
in January matthew, queen and two others went to the home of caleb sealer sealer involved. Any legal gun, manufacturing and drug dealing along with matthew, queen matthew, queen and his cronies, were granted access to the home by sea. roommate. Somehow they either push their way in or the roommate. Let them in my guess here: captain is it the room felt extremely, threaten or saw guns and said you know what gettin killed today, Matthew queen, is wearing a bulletproof best he, is now in seal. Room, Caleb, sealer's, bedroom, right and he's, waving a gun and yelling sealer. When Matthew, walks into this room is actually asleep with his girlfriend. So he starts to wake up. He wakes up to see this dude and a couple guys with them matthew, queens
in a bullet proof vast waving, a gun and shouting threats at him in his girlfriend matthew, queen accused look sealer of snitching to the cops about queens possessing guns, result in the december arrest. So there's one thing: that's really would be very and thing to know about this story, because this situation of Matthew queen, and bailey. Despatch getting pulled over in that car and all those guns being found in the vehicle seems to be a really big, kicking off point or one of the kicking off points in this case right, the information I would like to know- and I know this is probably gonna whilst sooner rather than later and we'll get it here in a minute, but information I would like to know is why were they pulled over? Why was that vehicle poured over because its pulling
over that leads the cops to finding all those guns in the Kok. Now we have to look at this through matthews perspective, matthew, queen. He again is either paranoid because he's up to all this criminal activity or paranoid, so the criminal activity and drugs it gets very difficult to say, but what what the issue is here captain we don't know why that vehicles poured over, and I would Love to know why, because Matthew queen seems to believe then his car was targeted and he was targeted because somebody, next on him. That rapid amount that hey this guy's gonna these illegal guns and maybe just pull them over willing We are found a reason to pull him over because they knew guns were inside yeah. If, if, if somebody calls in a tip to law enforcement, yes, you can't just they, they can just go pull
were that vehicle, but they can follow you and they can knit pick any little thing You do wrong all year. You turn any day used return signal all without you got a little too close to that. Curb you not wearing your seat. Belt you sneeze the wrong way: you're picking your does little too deep so again in vienna. To find out why he was pulled over because that whole incident is what leads us to this. portion of our story, where he's now in this caleb sealer's bedroom, waving a gun wearing a bulletproof s, threatening this dude it's because he accused caleb of snitching to the cops about him possessing guns, that resulting in his december arrest. He also accused caleb of riding him out about the location of a gun safe. He then force caleb into a
chevy silverado at gunpoint, where Matthew queen sat behind him, holding a gun to head during the drive and per bakersfield dot com, one of the victims, roommates said he looked scared to death, that caleb looked scared to death, as he was forced into this chevy silverado. It said that they drove around the city with Matthew, queen interrogating caleb about all kinds of different things, threatening him. In saying things like he was going to smoke him right now. One topic that seem to be of concern to Matthew queen was the identity of an individual, whose name was rejected in police reports. Matthew queen had police reports in his hand, while he's in the back silverado gun to collapse, head threatening him he's, got the police report and it says who snatched on him, but that name has been blacked out. He can't see
who snatched on him while he's off the boat if the caleb possibly could have been the person whose name was blacked out from those police reports. Matthew queen tells Caleb that the snake could only have been one of two people. It was either m Caleb or it was who he was then referring to as his ex girlfriend bailey right, so they eventually drove to the river. Van down by the river matthew, queen forced caleb, to walk into the river with the gun, muzzle pressed against his head but for whatever reason, you didn't shoot caleb, it's not cool or why he would let him go, but first he took the cellphone batteries from both caleb and his girlfriend. Remember she was in the bay, room with Caleb. He took the cell phone batteries out of both of their cell phones Kalen.
this guy. He was so scared. He later told investigators that the two of them left town he and his girlfriend just left town. He stated that he did not want to stay and their zeal for any reason at all, because he was afraid of what Matthew queen could do to him. This is scary situation right. In the end, this information when I get back to law enforcement. Yes, somehow it's not clear who reported it. I have a hard time, believing that it would be caleb or the girlfriend because they clearly just wanted to get out a dodge and it may be fact it may be the truth that somebody else While this report and later police found caleb and or the girlfriend and interviewed them at that time. But somehow this whole kidnapping threatening to kill caleb story makes its way to the police and in July the police decide
we're gonna go talk to this matthew, queen guy, about this specific incident. So when they, up at a construction site that Matthew queen was working at. He sees police, he decides to run, he's, jumping fancies and scrambling over obstacles. We have pieces of the charging documents here that say he being matthew right, disregarded numerous commands from officers climbed over several fences onto the roof of a business and ultimately entered the river where he continued to ignore officers commands for more than one hour. It almost sounds like a little bit of a stand off here, right captain, so this Matthew guy he's he literally, jumped into the river and he's clinging to one of those concrete pillars later. Charging documents allege that, while resisting arrest, he tried to he's like egging. The office
on trying to get them to shoot at or come on of. Queen was a black man. They were shot him when he first started running and jump in those fence and now he's torrenting them. There should be a good taunting penalty like there is in the interval each time. The pleased too much they get a hit you with their billy clubs. This Matthew queen, is, though, a lunatic; yes, yes, the lunatic, in our, amongst other things, as well. Now, Matthew queen knew that he was cornered. He eventually surrenders in this situation. Afterward they searched his home in his car and, of course, they found it and gun like that described by caleb, a non red stirred semi automatic rifle was also found a loaded, Thirty round high capacity magazine and they found drugs as well. Now as a felon matthew, queen was not supposed to be in possession
of any guns, and he was already on bail for the december two thousand and seventeen weapons arrest. This guy gets in trouble. He continues to get in trouble and even when he threatened with jail time, prison time he's going to continue to get in trouble because he's a career criminal he's a person? It's just going to offend and re offend again and again, and what also seeing here captain is this dude is gone. to go and enforce, amongst others when he is threatened with punishment. He's gonna threaten punishment on those that he think may have led police to him by a very dangerous person, because that they have nothing in their life. They have nothing to lose and they have no care
and the world. Nor do they have any empathy for anybody or these career criminals like this. There almost said just a different breed of human right. It's almost like they're, not! human and all right that they don't share the same brains are souls that to the rest of us, do so matthew, queen and are being held on bail of over one million dollars. Thankfully, onto firearm, possession charges and one charge of ammo possession, charges were piled on this in december late December december, thirty first to be exact, including two counts of possession of an assault rifle and two council possession of a firearm and ammo I fell in police still had not charged matthew queen in any of the bakersfield. Three cases up nor had they even and him as a suspect or a person of interest. By this point now,
was locked up. They could take their time, and the families felt more at ease now that they could help work the case with police and that this Matthew queen could not hurt anyone else yeah because he's behind bars. The eu also then hope that other people than come forward with more information. Yes in it, that's when you circle back, and you start quest in people that you have tried or attempted to interview before and you're, starting off the new conversation with gone. Do you know we have Matthew queen in custody and he's not getting out now. We need to talk to you about this this in this year, because you could give us more information them, keep them away from everybody else and keeps everybody safe, impossibly locks, em up for the rest of his life and you may the risk of retaliation by Matthew queen that has diminished greatly. Now the problem, though, captain
the uneasy feeling that many are still going to have is clearly What we're seeing here by this point in our story obvious to everyone that a lot of these people running in these circles that involve a lot of criminal activity. and so you have Matthew queen, who obviously seems to be some kind of enforcer, some kind of psychopath but you know he might not be the only one within these circles that you need to be afraid of. So it's a really it's what I mean really a horrible horrible situation, No one would want to find themselves in the middle of an may. Have twenty twenty? There was a huge announcement from the current counties DA's office. A massive investigation, including dna testing, cellphone, triangulation, wiretaps prison call recordings, multiple search warrants, social media review and scores
interviews, resulted in many criminal charges. Here is the press release in its entirety on Wednesday may twenty? Seventh, two thousand and twenty district attorney cynthia Zimmer was joined by bakersfield police department chief gregg terry and announcing the filing of first degree murder charges.
against matthew, queen and bailey des spot for their alleged roles in the two thousand and eighteen killing of michael wholesome back James call stead Michael wholesome bake and bailey DES spot have been referred to as the bakersfield three, as they were a group of connected people who were either killed or went missing in two thousand and eighteen. The murder charges are part of criminal filing that includes thirty. Four criminal charges encompassing allege criminal conduct. That ranges from December two thousand and seventeen through July, of two thousand and nineteen, in addition to the alleged
first degree, murder of wholesome bank matthew, queen and bailey despot are both charged with a conspiracy to murder and torture. Wholesome bank, as well as with the actual torture and kidnapping of wholesome big despatch and queen, are also jointly charge. in with the unlawful manufacturing of assault weapons. The majority of the Additional charges pertain to queen and include criminal threats, kidnapping assault with a firearm and other unlawful and other unlawful weapons charges. Although Bailey death, It has been reported missing since two thousand and eighteen there no known physical evidence that definitively confirms her possible death as a result of the filing of charges and arrest warrant will be issued for bailey D,
spots, arrest, Matthew queen, is already in custody and will be a ring on new charges. Some of the file charges against queen are duplicative of several filed cases, for wit he is already in custody awaiting trial. The filing of this case incorporates all of queens pending charges into the current filed case this.
If the attorney cynthia Zimmer offered a reminder that an accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty in the court of law and commented about the dedicated work that led to the filing of charges, and this extensive investigation saying quote this years. Long investigation was made possible by the combined efforts of the bakersfield police department and the district attorney's office. Our common goal is to never stop searching for answers on homicide crimes, and our combined dedication to solving this case has never wavered and quote so. This press release seems to indicate that not only do police have no clue what happened to bailey
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The other thing that we learn here captain is what prosecutors are basically alleging. While we learn a doubling storm, don't do drugs, don't sell illegal weapons, don't be friends with somebody that sells illegal weapons, don't be friends with some of that sells illegal drugs, the depressed peters are alleging that matthew, queen procures and manufacturers are fifteen's using. You know, connections that he has in equipment at his door basel baileys involved in being involved with ham and possibly advertising that this guy's making and selling weapons and my Gaza is the one that is believed to have actually sold these way. or at least some of them. Now this
bring us to another person who ultimately, is a third defend it because remember this state is charging math queen anne missing baylee despot, both with murder charges. So those are two defendants right now we have a third defendant and his name is matthew. Vandy cast steel, who was also charged with kidnapping and caspar conspiracy. Prosecutors allege that vandy cast steel was part of a criminal enterprise. As with Matthew queen with mica and with bailey. They were illegally manufacturing guns, including our fifteen's and, as you said, selling drugs. Now, when this guy was charged with conspiracy in connection with Michael martyr well matthew, Vanni castillo struck a deal with prosecutors. He spoke to detectives, while in moscow state prison
serving time on unrelated charges. Here's what he had to say about what happened to MIKE and what happened to Bailey, this is all. According to cagey e t, who we ve cited multiple times, who we said have done gangbusters work on this very complicated case. They found the following through court documents, and it says it MIKE. A wholesome bank was in way over his head. He was dealing cocaine according to informants and he was also in debt to various dangerous groups like the hell's angels and air, quotes the cartels he had made some seriously dangerous enemies, then allegedly stole a gun for matthew, queen, probably maybe even for self protection and- this vandyke castillo, told investigators that might had lifted a forty four revolver off of matthew, queen ann queen knew about it and was pissed one
towards the end of march. Two thousand and eighteen queen, asked vanity castillo if he could use his detached garage at his home is an apartment at thirty, twenty, nine, north half moon drive and bakersfield matthew, queen and bailey, remember she's his living girlfriend at this time, kidnap mica at gunpoint d, take him to vanity care steals house where they had already prepared the garage for his arrival. If you will the plan here, is to get information or get whatever they want from mica, and they might have to torture him in the process to get him to confess to the gun theft and tell them what they want to know so bailey and matthew, queen the zip tied mica
This garage in their questioning him in the garage for several hours Van de Castillo said he didn't see the victim and said as far as he knew they were just going to torture Micah. To get him to talk. He didn't know that they were going to kill him, but he admitted that at one point, bailey came into the apartment where he was grabbed. A pairing knife. And returns to the garage. Then a second time she comes, to the apartment, grabs a pair of scissors. Now here we are quoting from cagey e t said, quote eventually DES bought. This is bailey. Re entered vanni cast eels. our men and was visibly shaken pale as a ghost in seem flustered and responded to a back bedroom to change her clothing, the document say before DES bought and queen left
We told vanni castillo that he had cleaned everything up in. It was ok to go inside the garage, vanity castillo, entered the garage and noticed a red, grapefruit sized spot The current regional crime lab later concluded the stain tested positive for blood that was a d in a match to bike a wholesome back the day. The garage incident, vanity castillo, told police Matthew queen returned to his residence in said he needed help disposing of something Matthew. Queen had a law. The black plastic storage container, with a yellow lid in the rear of his suv, bandy castillo, stated. He believed storage container had a body inside but does not know that for a fact, he told Matthew queen he didn't to leave his home, and so if you queen, leaves good idea, panty castillo, yeah, yeah, don't leave don't go help.
those anytime. Somebody says I need help disposing of something the answers always know nope, it's gotta be I always know I don't even want to know what you're disposing. Well, some people just need to dispose of old, like tv set or maybe some video games, or some comic books or baseball cards. That's just a large sum of ash. I'm not helping you dispose of it. You can dispose of it right into my account yet to chain so queen rich. and stew vanity castillo residents ro hours later. This is after he left after you know, of any castillo, won't help him dispose of something when he wrote earns. There are several hours later Matthew. Queens suv was muddy as if he had driven it off road and vanity castillo, then finds out about MIKE a wholesome bake missing two days later, or at least what that's, what he told the police now so, let's be clear here, it seems certain
the Van de castillo new, more about what was going on in his garage. Then what he's telling police rain it seems like he was either lying about the extent of his involvement, or he had deliberately looked the other way. While this torture and murder occurred, he says at least he tells police that hey. I thought they were just going to torture micah, but what kind of freaking sentence is that what kind of statement is that to the police? When you hear or have knowledge of torture? Doesn't any psycho reasonable, logical, psycho, half intelligent person, psycho no, the deck, and in murder psycho killer right? You don't just go all they were just they were just gonna talk. for him for a little bit nobody's greeley. Now you all gotta assume the possibility of that ending a murder. What, if mica or whoever? victim is doesn't tell them
what they need to know or what their look, to find out why orders No the information there you go, but please had no choice but to cut a deal with his vanity castillo guy, and this because they needed to secure his testimony so what how did they might never have been able to put together a case against Matthew queen now. What's weird, though, is they also charged bailey according to van de castillo. She was, equally involved as Matthew queen and this murder. But it's all right. It's kind of a weird thing charging a missing person for murder seems as though it could be like some kind of tactic to get other jurists dick and to be on the lookout for this bailey person dead or alive or maybe they're right. Maybe they they are correct. And she is indeed on the run running from future charges or potential charges of murder
or possibly running from them right. You just saw. We don't know what her involvement is. They they must have some kind of evidence. I don't think they were just take this individuals, words. They might have fingerprints of hers that might have heard dna if they know she's involved in this. It's not that far out of the realm of possibility that she got spooked herself and then took off, and she knows one if I, if you, if I come forward you around me, but if I come forward, there is a possibility that somebody's gonna cut me down and torture me and murder me as well we're on the other that I gotta believe two here captain is you have a situation where you probably have all the circumstantial evidence against Matthew queen for at least the murder of mike a wholesome bake, but if your if your number one weapon for putting
sky away, is vanity castillo testimony according to what he's telling you is that he not only witnessed Matthew queen air in his detached garage, but he also witnessed bailey there as well. So if that I want to be your your number one avenue for putting this guy away, while you're going to need to imply that, on the other person that he sang was present as well bright because if we're gonna have a jury believe his story. Well, then we need to believe his story, and if we law enforcement believers story, Then we better be charging every one that he's naming as guilty parties. So, of course, a warrant was issued for her arrest for baileys arrest But knowing what we know about Matthew queen and what violent dangerous piece of shit this guy is, he says she is really difficult for me to believe that bailey got to walk away. I agree,
and remember. We have this other guy caleb. sealer, who saying, when men A few queen was threatening me. He had. these documents. He had the incident report that had a name blacked out of the person that rapid on Matthew queen and this name is blacked out, Matthew queen is telling caleb as he's threatening and gone to the head standing in the river like dude, I gotta do- is pull this trigger and right where you drop is right, where the body will be disposed of, you will fall right into the river, and hopefully the current will take you away. That's a pretty pig, that's a pretty big threat. We had this individuals tat, saying to police the Matthew we told me that the name could only be one of two people me or bailey, so very difficult to believe that bailey got the opportune Easy to walk away here or that Matthew would let her walk
and I think that a lot of this stuff tat we ve already discussed is indications that he didn't let her walk away. One, like you said I mean they're they're suspicious of her, but we have no evidence that she's still alive. They obviously dont have law enforcement as having evidence that she's dead, but. That's where I lean towards any right. They also don't seem to have evidence that she's alive either. So, according to cagey e t, Bailey was freaked out by the murder of Michael which she either witnessed or actively participated in an matthew queen, was worried that maybe bailey was going to crack and wrapped him out. Then we have banned castillo who's going to testify against Matthew. Queen he's telling police everyone, including matthew, queen, believed that bailey was a snitch and that she collapse waited with law enforcement in connection with the december two thousand and seventeen case where, where she
and Matthew queen were arrested on those firearms charges. So this fanny castillo guy state that after the murder, bailey started falling apart, mentally and matthew, queen probably thought she could not be trusted. Fanny castillo, told police. He believed bailey was disposed of because she knew what had taken place and vanity cast eels roger matthew, queen denied any involvement in baileys disappearance, and it's not just that. He said I didn't do it. He told investigators that bailey had cartel connections through her father and that they probably did something to her and he suspected her of working with law enforcement. He said perhaps turning on him, but he's not saying that she won t like some witness protection programme. He say that she had some connection what the cartel and once every bay figured out that she asked next on every by that somebody murdered her cousin that exactly he's he's not given,
We hope that she's alive, in fact he's saying that his belief is that she's dead, but somebody else killed her know when you see these shows like ozark. He just don't think this stuff is real, and this is a real life case that could this could be a netflix series and a very recent case too, as well, and so these charging documents that we went through they contain some more formation about what possibly happen to mica cause. Remember at this point, we only have the arm recovered in the duffel bag so called to some informants. His body was largely dissolved in acid. Others reported that he was buried somewhere outside of laughed and remember how we said it seems likely that vanity cast probably knew more or was more involved than what he's telling police well, according to cagey t detective search vanity cast eels, gmail account
and found it contained. Searches during the week of wholesome bakes disappearance for lie can goal formula or lie for sale, and how long does it take it is all the human body specifically vanni castillo or, of course, someone with access to his computer searched. How long does it take to dissolve a human body? Could you imagine, being this type of the and then deciding that you needed gmail account of careless, sir, about guns, drugs, boats in house at gmail that come well. These charging documents also seemed to imply that mica was not just killed over this little beef between him and matthew, queen about a stolen gun. Rather, it seems possible. The Matthew queen was working for some one else or at least acting on behalf of someone else when he took mike out and this
Ten per reports, as several people told investigators, the wholesome bake was dealing a large amount of cocaine, the court filing say and a couple witnesses surmise that he was killed over drugs and that there was cartel tie involvement that I mean who knows how how big this thing could get according to several witnesses, Matthew queen had quite the reputation of this, I mean, I think it goes without saying that this statement right. I guess he was known ass The buggy man of bakersfield vulgar everyone agrees, That he was dangerous, terrifying and not to be messed with an abc twenty three reports that witnesses told investigators that mica was afraid of matthew queen and that Matthew queen may have kidnapped and threatened mica in the past before he was kidnapped, tortured and murdered
so supper incident, so one witness says that in early two thousand and eight she and mica were hanging out at her mom south Matthew queen shows up pick them up but instead of driving them to his house, as I guess the plan was, he takes them too and orchard out mistakes somewhere off of rent for road for nice de she We knew that Matthew queen, had a beef with mica, not we had mica stolen a gun from him, but he also owed matthew queen money. Mica was worried that queen was going to kill him so as queens driving, mica jobs. this moving vehicle and runs away. He calls his friend caleb sealer. Remember him. We ve already talked about him and asked caleb to come and pay
Map but ended up getting arrested by passing police officer in it's. I don't know exactly what the charges were. Mica told Caleb after this incident that Matthew queen had kidnapped him at gunpoint. Once mica was out of the car matthew. Queen takes the female. We still have the girl that was with mica, he takes her to that orchard. Any forces her to her knees while pointing an eight hour fifteen at her and asking her how she would like her child to grow up motherless. He threatened killer. If she didn't tell him whether bailey was faithful to him just days later, police, alleged bailey in an matthew, queen, murdered and dismembered mica causes this guy's, a real dangerous
ship bag. But we know that the bigger fields three are all connected in some way by how does James is murder the dry by shooting relate to the other two right, difficult, because we have long force meant that eventually do say that they believe that all three cases were related, and you know it, it doesn't seem unlikely. that Matthew, queen or someone he knew possibly took James out, but charging documents state the detectives found. No evidence linking James is murder to that of mica or to baileys disappearance, so this is a newer development. In this case now they have said that the three of course travel, in the same circles and new many of the same people. So while it still possible these charging documents. Clearly state the detectives
no evidence linking those two cases, remember captain that we talked about how the families were an intricate part of setting up that secret. Witness hotline members, because we have possible witnesses. We have people that no these victims, no the perpetrators that probably do not want to talk to police cause either their worried about losing their own lives. The threat of violence or Are being tortured in the ground, they may be committing crimes of their own, even if they're just lower level crimes. They may not want to have much involvement with law enforcement because of the circles they run it well. One thing that these documents maintain is that, once this secret witness hotline was set up- and in this case in the bakers field, three case actually Matthew queen, was phoning in false tips, though the secret witness hotline pray so he's basically
throwing out their misinformation and false tips and trying to lead police down different avenues that do not lead to him. And they were able to put this together based off of language that was used during the course of those tapes in the times that they interviewed him, where he would use similar word similar statements and they hurt able to make that connection. And I mean it really seems it's a little dumb It's also quite diabolical when you think about it. It's it's this, this career criminal, this enforcer, this and that's gonna retaliate against you and he's going to to all these efforts to cover up his crimes. Look at look at the efforts that were made in the mike a wholesome bay case, and that leads us back to back them like a wholesome back on. August. Nineteen, two thousand twenty one. Another piece of this man was found
A skull was found near and overflow parking lot at piles boys camp off of Henry mayo drive in Valencia, disgusting, santa clara river. It flows near by the all was determined to belong like a wholesome big, some sick shit and per news outlets. We have the family again, stating quote we want bring Micah home but bringing him home? One piece at a time is just unbearable and it could last for years, that's his father's statement and his father goes on to say because every time there's something else found it's a good thing, but it's also a very very difficult thing worse things that makes this case. Although more interesting to me this week is Matthew queen the trial Matthew queen is basically happening as we speak. Yes,
So this is very much alive and an active case still to this day, while we're covering it now in temper of two thousand and twenty one last year, Matthew vanity castillo who and he was already in prison. He entered a new contest plea on charges of being an accessory to murder, false imprisonment and felony possession of a firearm. He also admitted to a robbery he had committed in washington in return for a four year sentence on all of those charges and remember he agreed to testify at the upcoming trial of Matthew queen the trial.
We are. It is either started by the time this, the your your balls or it is in the process of starting. So we will be interested to hear what matthew vanity cast eels testimony is against Matthew, queen now, caleb sealer, the guy that was threatened by math queen at gunpoint he's in his own trouble, and this is because he was engaged in all, kinds of illegal activities with Matthew going in october of twenty twenty one. He played no contest to possession of a firearm by phelan and in june of twenty twenty one, that this is stemming from an incident in june of twenty twenty one. When probation officer, found a short barreled, a our fifteen style rifle to nine millimeter hand, gun frames to silencers ammunition.
high capacity magazine in caleb home and, of course, as a fellow he's prohibited from having any of these items. I would like to commend. The probation officers for checking in on this guy a lot of times these guys they they go off to prison, they get probation and they might have to go with their p o, but a lot of time The people are not doing. House checks. And I dont, know what exactly led the the probation officers to caleb in this incident, but I ll When I hear that pianos are going to going to the individuals out on probation, going to their homes and checking in on them in in their own setting matthews. As the captain pointed out, matthew queens trial was originally scheduled to start february. Twenty eightth, two thousand twenty two
There has been a recent hearing that may have change that may change this date. So what kind of waiting for this thing to fully kick off here and unjust, A buyer! Beware that when you're listening to this again his trial, may have already started by the time that this hitch, your ear balls now matthew, queen, unfortunately, we know, the captain and I don't mind a little prison justice, but Matthew queen to me seems like the type of guy that will thrive in prison. May even have some connections already may already have some friends before you gets while rumor has. It has very soft hands, as for the baker, field, three moms the news that one of the kids was alleged to have killed another. You know what the bailey being involved in Michael's death. Thankfully,
It did not tear the group apart right, you know they. There are united group there going through something together, not of them signed up for this. There still do not have these mobs these parents done these family signed up for this. There. All fine- themselves themselves in a situation that no one would sign up for. I am very glad to report that it seems. None of this information has torn them up from one another. They remain strong, they made a video together Thanking everyone for their support. This case is finally coming to an end. Getting some closure here, the charity they form together. It's called the bakersfield three charity. They worked with the current
on a board of supervisors to provide seventeen thousand dollars towards new sonar equipment for the current county, sheriff's office and search and rescue unit ran. The three moms told ABC twenty three: that their mission is to bring victims of violent crimes missing persons and their families together. To build hope and strengthen current county through community engagement and victim advocacy now, sadly, captain yo were often ass to give our opinion and give our. inclusion in our final thoughts on these cases, and really what I see here long story short to me, it's a very soon add situation that I'm sure is unfortunately, repeated and other great city throughout this great nation. But here I see all indications that point to three and division,
that came from good backgrounds and had their whole lives ahead of them, and they were leading good lives at one point, but they got mixed up in drugs and became seriously predicted to opiates and or math method, actions that lead to associations with some psychopath ec hard core criminal here, and we you feel bad for the parents, because they they raise these kids. Essentially then, at some point there are good people there on the right path. Then they get hooked on pain pills which leads them to become drug annex, in that sense, em down a whole life of criminal activity. In the end, it is fill bad because they didn't have a chance to get better and to do something productive with their lives
lived the life said there were pride, meant to live, and just because we have Matthew queen who is facing trial. We need a remind everybody that this thing- ain't over we still have bailey. Who is missing. We also have james call stead. No one has been charged in his murder, so the police still I need your help, still need information from the public and look I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed. But it's easy for me to suspect that there's, probably other individuals that are involved in this overall situation. Time and again a lot of those individuals, as you seem as we go through name after name after name there, all involved in lengthy months and years of criminal activity There's a lot of bad people in the story and the
We still need your help. This community needs your help and getting these bad people off of the streets. So if anybody who has any information. This case is not over James call, says: murder not solved nobody charge the secret whitney, Hotline is still available for you to submit information. There is a reward in this case and I urge anybody with information now's the time. come forward. The threat has diminished. The threat is a lot less than it used to be. Please call six six one three to two
four zero foresee. What did they give away for listing thanks for joining us here? The grass, thanks for being our friends base for smelling soap, good, like flowers, colonel. Do we have a recommended reading this week this week are recommending the latest from one of my favorite, true crime, authors and, of course, long time. Friend of the show. I'm talking about author Brian whitney Brian has several great true crime books out there for you to check out, but pick up his latest its titled store, front sting and eighty f agents life under cover. The eighty f agent is bad. Ass, lou, va lousy. This book is about a fictitious business run by undercover agents that an able
eighty five to infiltrate major criminal organizations and carry out secret operations. Many of you will remember other brine, whitney from his other books supreme gentlemen killer, my son, the killer, the shawl cross letters and the son of SAM and me brine has been a guest several times on the nastiest show on any radio dial. That, of course, is the true crime garage off the record. Podcast that's available on stage or premium check out all of brien's work, including his new book, store front sting available in kindle in, paperback until next week, be good, be kind and don't let.
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