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The Barbie Doll Killer /// Part 1 /// 653

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The Barbie Doll Killer /// Part 1 /// 653

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In the middle of the night someone took little Rosie Tapia from her bedroom.  Hours later her body was found nearby.  Days after the funeral services someone left a Barbie Doll on the girl’s grave.  Could this doll hold clues to finding her killer?  Rosie’s case is still open and unsolved.  The person(s) responsible needs to be held accountable so that this will not happen to another family.  There is a substantial reward offered in this case.  If you have any information please call 1-385-258-3313 or email whokilledrosie@gmail.com - This phone line and email address are answered and monitored by representatives of Rosie’s family, and not law enforcement.  No detail is too small.  No fact is insignificant.  Someone, somewhere has information that can help solve this crime. 

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Recommended Reading - Lou and Jonbenet; a legendary lawman’s quest to solve a child beauty queen’s murder by John Wesley Anderson 

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the longer you'll wake up, feeling refreshed every day, even being at agrees. So did the wacky bedtime rituals had to actually to take home a temp repeated today, welcome to true grabbed garage. Where view our, whatever you were doing, thanks for listening abbe, your host naked with me, as always, is a man that no,
when the excess l starts our ratings. Way up here is the cap is because its crimes, It's good to be seen and good to see you things for listening, thanks for town, a friend This week we are happy to be featuring pavement from foam brewers. Payment is a double india, pale ale, smoothed out with some juicy tropical fruit, including citrus mango in ashen through a baby, a very deliciously, dangerous, eight point, two percent garage great for and a quarter bottle caps out of five and how about it? both cheers to some of our friends, a big we like the jib timmy. From that green mountains D and also have Jamie Gordon, currently
living at fort Lee army base in Virginia everyone. We just mention they went to our website. True crime garage dot com and they helped us out with this week's beer fund, and for that we thank you be the way you double. Are you in beer run for everything? True grime check out true crime throughout dont come in on it. for the rhine. Everybody gather around grab a chair grab a beer. Let's talk some true crime, the the
the murder. That is one of the most common cases that we discuss here in the garage now with over six hundred fifty episodes of true crime garage. We have seen just about everything when it comes to the topic of murder, Murder means the manner of someone's death is a homicide, the cause of it. Homicide can vary. We have discussed shootings, stabbings victims who were beaten or bludgeoned to death. Some suffocated, around burned or even dragged by a vehicle the victims themselves or even more drastically different from one another. Then the causes of a homicide, every case is unique. Every victim is different. Beer innocent victim or a low life drug dealer in the
and they are all listed as homicide victims. Most annual crime statistics will typically show the majority of homicide stem from domestic disputes or they are. Drug related deaths, than one law enforcement. Official has told me that, then the silver lining is that it is more sleep criminals, killing criminals, but they also tell you the no murder is justified, but there is a phrase or a term common amongst law enforcement officials. That term is true victim a true victim or the kids moms dad's bro, are sisters who either did not know their killers. Where did nothing to provoke them? this week's true crime story would be much easier for us to tell if it were just another criminal, killing criminal story, but it is not
This week story is about one of those true victims, little rosy topic was just six years old when she disappeared from her bedroom in the middle of the night. Back in august of ninety ninety five rosy lived with her family at the heartland apartments. At sixteen sixteen snow queen place and beautiful soul, city utah. This was just one of seventy five homicide cases state wide for the year Ninety ninety five, unfortunately this was a year. This all rise in the states, homicide numbers rosy was taken from her bedroom and dumped into a nearby canal, where her body was discovered hours later, her killer, has never been arrested. Now
over twenty seven years later, her family still seeks justice. They want an arrest. They want you not to just help but to solve this horrendous from the website who killed rosy dot com, the families king for people to come forward with any information that might help and be useful in any way they want to hear from air one who might have information, but particularly, if you lived in the heart, went apart, the ninety. Ninety five visited the apartments or we're in the area in them surrounding the murk were with rosy or family members had kids, who played the playground there or new kids who did work. Miller with. Anyone who lived in the apartments who might have seeing someone on the playground or round the area help us solve this cry
there is a reward of up to one hundred thousand dollars and rosy tapioca case someone somewhere as information they can help solve this crime you may not even know it no fact is insignificant. No detail is too small. If you have any information, please call three. Five to five eight three, three one three, this now or is answered by representatives of the family and not the police or you can male who killed rosy, a gmail dot com also monitored by family representatives. this phone number and email address will be listed in our show notes join us as we discuss rosy too case in detail and talk about some cases that
share some commonalities with roses case, as we search for the man that we call the barbie doll killer, This is still unsolved. Homicide case of rosy topic and this The shrew grand garage the the this was no accident captain, but that is certainly what police thought that they were responding to when they arrive. on the scene, in the early morning, hours of august, thirteenth, nineteen, ninety five. The police responded to a call about a missing little girl. The call came in just before six a m
so we have a police car to on their way to an apartment, complex back and night ninety five. These apartments were called the heartland apartments located at sixteen sixteen west snow. Queen place. This is a very large sprawling apartment, complex located. in the Glen neighbourhood, just four miles south west from downtown salt lake city utah and the quaint neighbourhood of glinda. We have what its currently named seasons at pebble. Creek apartments now They say that they provide residents with the ease and convenience of a central city with a peaceful environment of a residential community. So back and ninety ninety five captain they were listed as the heartland apartments today of people want to look them up their listed as seasons
pebble, creek apartments. These are very nice. Looking apartments from what I can see, they have for different types of lay out we're talking. One bedroom tube from three bedroom all the way up to four bedroom apartments. But again, This is a large apartment, complex there, fifteen buildings, and in some of these buildings they can vary from twelve units. I saw one unit that I suspect may have up to thirty unit, so a lot of people living in this area places enforcement of gonna call just before six. A m and they're gonna be on the scene relative We quickly there on the scene, therein the apartment and what they are observing is a open window in a child's bedroom. the venetian blinds had been knocked to the floor. The
His screen to the window has been removed and is sitting outside of the apartment, propped up against the apartment wall and does an almost have like a prime mark on it. erect, but there's a little bit of confusion when police first arrive on the scene, so the apartment itself is what's referred to as a basement level apartment and there is one window for this bedroom in the bedroom. We have three children sleeping there. We have six year old, rosy tapioca and we have heard two younger siblings. This is a brother and sister, their twins. Thereabouts three four years old at the time underneath the No from the inside of the bedroom. There is a chest which is like a dream:
or drawer, when police arrive on the scene, there's a bit of a suspicion from the police angle there, at this, and they are wondering. Could this child have climbed up on the chest and then climbed out the window? Yeah that's possibility went wandering around in the middle of the night right now. The parents are frantic, of course, they are already and have already been searching the neighborhood for their little one to no avail you're telling police look, she would not have taken off in the middle of the night. Now keep in mind. the majority of the time when police show up on scene, and we have a missing kid they're, usually just where they should be, and kids do wander off. Sadly, around ten, a m. A body is this covered in a near by canal. This is It is one of those surplus canals, so this
plus canal would be feeding water into the Jordan river. The body that has found it quickly I to be that of little rosy top here in this. around approximately ten a m this morning, so they start looking for her around six and ten, a m, the body is discovered, but not discovered by police, discovered by a man who was walking or jogging with his dog, and he says that when he first spotted this object, floating in the canal, he thought that made it was a large doll and this will make some sense because she was found floating face down and she was fully clothes but only a portion of the body was visible from the shore line. We know this because
he alerts, police and it's not until police are over there. We have other people involved that the body is removed from the water. At that time they vary We identification the body to be that of rosy top here and there send her off to be examined by the medical examiner. Now This does not change the police suspicions at the time. In fact, it could, underlines what they had already suspected and they started to think. Well, she probably climbed out window and for whatever reason, wandered down to this can now, while the canal wasn't that far from her apartment know we're talking. This is approximately about a football field to a football field and a half from not just the apartment complex from their physical actual apartment that they lived in right now, our bodies gonna be found further away, but its very possible that she
could have climbed out the window walked down. Like you said not that far had an accident fell into the canal and then floated down downstream. Yes, so we should be clear here, because I don't know that we are giving a great description of this canal or where the body was found. So the canal does in fact run directly behind the apartment building the rosy in her family lives in ok, but her body is found about a football field and a half from that apartment building, so the canal hans, so her body was found south of their apartment complex. The can How does run directly behind it and it would be a stone's throw. You know. One of us captain could punt of football from her apartment. Building into this can now if you go south south of south street nonetheless
you're gonna, find her body is about a football field to a football field and a half away from her apartment building. So this all and very close proximity to wear She goes missing from an. Can tell you, unfortunately, with personal experience, that this type of situation is not incredibly uncommon. In fact, I know of a situation that took place about a year and a half ago that is similar to this is haunting, but in this situation that I'm talking about the girl snuck out the middle of the night and the we hours of the morning in fact left the home and was known to feed the ducks, have a love for feeding the ducks and the fish at a nearby pond and unfortunately, they and her body in the pond later that day and it was a complete accident, with the removal of roses. Body police have not
change. Their stance on it there still looking at this is a possible accident that the I willingly left her own apartment in the middle of the night, is what was going on? That day? Was her parents roses? Parents went out for a dinner and to go dancing and choose being watched by her older sister, so they go out. They had seen and go on out to eat and they open up the sister open up the window, just a crack because of hot. So what was meant thank his while the window was open up. is it possible that she decided to leave in the middle of the night and then went down to the canal and accidentally fell in and then drown
what's terrible here, captain is after the medical examiner after they do the autopsy they contact the police and say hang on a second. This is a homicide, the injuries sustained by this young girl. We could fully know that one she was sexually assaulted and to this is a homicide now what is also badly beaten. The cause of death is listed as drowning, but do too the injuries and due to the sexual assault. The medical examiner could confidently say that this is a hammer. So now we have police shifting gears here and you did say badly beating, you did say badly beaten, and that is true the difficult thing here, though, is I've seen this reported so many different ways and its reported that there was some kind of blue
force trauma to the body and its also been reported when they pull her from the canal that it was not clear air, and would not have been obvious to anyone to see this from an accident to a homicide based off of what they were saying when they pulled her from the canal. It was only once them Echo examiner did the autopsy that they had to shift gear here. My my guess is that there was blood force, trauma, turf, skull and pride. This weren't able to see that due to her hair in whatever. Well, we don't know for certain because they ve never released the official results of the autumn. He again it gets to be difficult, because a large amount of those injuries could have been covered up by her clothing. She was found fully clothes when they pulled her from the canal. Let's go through time line before
the murder and leading up to the body being found and a little more detail, while I he always say, timeline matters, but the devil is in the details. As the captain said, we have roberto and le Wean, who are the parents of six year old room the top. They are going out on a date night on that night. They have their daughter, they have their daughter Amelia. Who is eighteen? She will, baby sitting rosy and the four year old, twins, robber and angelica for the night. Now around seven p m a meal. Drops rosy off at the park. This park is its referred to as a park on some online websites. However,
this is simply a small playground area that exist inside the apartment, complex and is relatively close to the building that rosy lives in an so sheet eggs rosy to the poor around area and does leave her there, which is a little surprising to me, given that roses only six years old, it's not so so, rising, giving the very close proximity to the apartment, building that they live in and again this could be part of some kind of routine. She drops the girl off their returns to the apartment where she, as the two younger kids and then we have a person who would later be labelled as a good samaritan because they have not identified this individual, who were turns rosy to the apartment. This takes place within about fifteen men
of Amelia taking rosy to the playground area. This good some It is a male and he arrives at the doorstep of roses apartment with rosy and his arcs. He tells eighteen year old, Amelia that rosy was kicked in the back on the sly that she had slid down the slide and another kid comes downright behind her kicking her in back very likely and accident. Yet rosy is injured from this, and so this guy says he I carried her home to return or two. You Amelia thanks Man she's a little surprised by the events, but thanks him and inform him that she will look and make sure that there is no. Your injuries too rosy. The weird thing here
and this has always been a strange part of the story- and I dont know what to make of it. Captain, I'm gonna be perfectly upfront, honest with everybody regarding this scenario, according to Amelia the man who she did not know the good samaritan, says goodbye rosy right and What Amelia would later say is she does not know this man. She asked rosy Did you tell this man, your name and Z, tiles her. No, she did not a meal is uncertain how this man would have known where rosy lived again. is a large apartment complex and this is not only playground in this apartment, complex rosy could have lived in any of those apartment. Yet I think it's odd, obviously that he knows where rosy lives, but not so odd, that might he might have heard her.
aim being called to her on the playground or when he went to attend to her when she got injured. Did some may say her name at that point add further suspicion to this story. Amelia says a couple of things: one rosy was not cry. When the man brought her carried her to the door, which she thought was a little surprising. Why, when you just walk the six year old who she could find. No sign of an injury on rosy and rosy told her that she was not hurt now The reason why I say I dont know what to make of this is because I think we have two sides to this story: one. We have emilio story where she saying there's these points of the story. The raised my suspicion level, and especially, of course after
We later learned, the rosy was abducted and murdered. Of course, she's gonna be suspicious of these different items. I've had a lot of interaction with five six and seven year old children, and I guinea body that has talking parents out there. I think you'll back me up on this. Children do not always tell the truth specially when they're trying to get something they want, and we ve all experience how much fun it is too take a child from the playground they do not want to leave when they are not ready to leave yet they will throw a fit. They will make up every excuse in the Look why they should be able to stay. There may be He was in fact kicked in the back in this. Guy was just trying to help out. Maybe she did say until this man where she lived. Maybe she did tell this man her name and when
and by her older sister thought that maybe I'll get in trouble. If I may be have done something wrong because it could and told multiple by her parents or family members or teachers don't talk to strangers, and so then she was her in the stranger comes up, and maybe she gave the stranger information, and now she feels bad about it. One thing we do know for certain is amelia- does not know who this man is. So that's it trusting and that's insightful, but at the end of the day you could have three different scenarios. could have a scenario where this man label, as a good samaritan, could be responsible for Or her disappearing in the middle of the night and was watching the girl and law information about her one investigator add something very interesting to say about the scenario saying that taking the girl- the apartment could have been a bit
of a surveillance gathering intel situation for this perpetrator. If, in fact, this man was involved in right, the abduction of rosy too yeah. Maybe he was carrying her there to one verify where she lived and who came to see once the door opens up who was in the apartment? What are we? going on verified that it is her apartment that's an interesting angle, but you could We have the angle where this guy was just trying to help and nothing nefarious was going on with the situation. The problem here captain remain. With this individual being unidentified even all these years later, while it gets quite complicated, it gets difficult to sort it out.
and police move on from this good samaritan man and will discuss that in a bit because at one point they thought they had identified this man. So in our time line before rosy goes missing? That brings us now two seven thirty or a little thereafter. This is when Amelia prepares dinner for rosy and her two younger siblings its bath. after that, and then we're going to get everybody ready for bed again this playground situation. Captain sounds to me like it was commonplace this she would go to the playground leading up to dinner bath and then bedtime beds.
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that ran and these salt lake city tribune September tenth. Ninety ninety five, because this provides us with the most thorough breakdown of our time line here and we're gonna go back a revisit some things as we go through this time line so before them or roses mother. Louise tapioca and her father, roberto tapioca went dancing at the love from terror cafe and bar the night of Saturday august twelve Nineteen. Ninety five, as we said earlier there eighteen year, old, daughter, Amelia, would be baby sitting rosy and the four year old, twins, robber and Angelica. A meal says that she put the three children to be between nine and nine thirty p m, that night she left the window open because it was hot in their basement apartment. I think we need to describe this basement apartment for those that
not experienced this, because this was something that was a little new to me right. So reviewed photos and I've spoke to people that have visited the crime scene and what they able to tell me, and what we are able to see from these photos is that the basement apartment is kind of what it says where a portion of the the apartment health is below ground level, but a portion of it is above ground level so this particular building captain. You have apartments on three levels, so they stack m three high. Basically, you have Basement level you have a mid level and then you have a top level and in apartment they have to bedrooms and roses apartment is one of the two bedroom units right. So we have the parents sleeping in one bedroom and the other
room. We have three of the children. We have rosy and her two younger twin, siblings,. The eighteen year old, daughter, Amelia, was sleeping on the couch, so Amelia lived there for a good period of time and then moved out and winton stayed with a another relative for an extended period of time and came back to stay. Sounds to me. Captain like this was scheduled to be What of a brief stay? I dont know of brief stay meant weeks or months, but it's always been reported as she was going to be living there briefly. So just sleeping on the couch now that she's back in their only to bed room apartment, the basement level, so if you are inside this bedroom inside of roses, bedroom ray you- and I happen where over six foot tall,
taller than I am if we were in there were dry. The window would start at about our chest level if you were standing outside of the epp, meant the window to the bedroom is only like sixty inches off the ground, so if somebody came in there in the middle of the night, like we all think happened. This did not require a ladder or any method of getting up to get into the window you're actually getting down and crawling in right, all need a ladder to get up into the window, but when you're coming down from the window, that conveniently you have that chest there and so you'd have to have something to step down on cause. It'd be quite the. Quite a long drop when Louise and Roberto got home that night they get home around two thirty. A m marines
is that she then went to the children's bedroom. She kisses them gently and she pulled the window. Clothes. Remember it's in the us position when she arrived. She pulls it closed, but This is not one of those windows captain that we see typically today, where it has the latch on the top of bottom pain where you can and then you twisted or turn it in its seals it and locks it in. You know it's locked right. This is those why you saw a lot in the nineties where they add, the locks on the sides. You would push me man open up the window and then would you would pull it closed it? You would hear it click and it would lock and it would latch gravesend effect now. Lou wean says that while she pulled it closed, she pulled it closed and she did not pull it tight. She was afraid that the clicking
That lock would wake up the children brain so as far she's concerned. The window is closed, but not in lock position. She also says that she closed the curtains too window at that time. Now, here is where she becomes incredibly concern because. Five thirty, a m. She wakes up she's king through the living room, but to her surprise she can see that the children's door to the bedroom is now shut, she left it open when she went to bed she goes inside the bedroom. She mediately notices that rosy has gone in the window. Is open. The screen as were moved in the any and blinds knocked to the floor. From my understanding of this crime scene here captain it is exactly what like what you said:
there was some kind of marking on this screen that was placed outside the apartment window and now leaning up against the apartment wall there was more He's on the screen. The indicated that somebody you some kind of tool to pry the screen from the window was terrifying here. Not only would this in router need to climb down and use this chest as a stepping stole into the children's bedroom, but the positioning of beds and where all the kids were sleeping. This individual would have had to crawl over one of the other children to get to row yeah. It reminds me a lot of them madeleine, mccann case where you have. Multiple kids in a room, but
one of them was abducted, and it's probably because of you, if you have only one individual, you can only carry so many children the marking on the screen. It could be nothing berger and the sense of that rosy sister would have her boyfriend sneak into that room. And he would use the same window. So is it possible that these prime marks or from earlier events of the boyfriend sneaking into them, window, regardless of how they got the screen off. We know that the scoop screen was removed, intruder climb to the window crawls over another child to get too rosy what's difficult. Here, though, then I can see reasons why I would suspect. Maybe two persons were involved. I would like to know if they have any clue or any evidence to suggest
all the intruder left the apartment, because just because they gain access to the apartment through the child, bedroom does not mean that they had to exit that way as well. What we you have. As far as evidence goes. There are fingerprints on this screen. As the captain pointed out. These could be the offenders fingerprints. These could be maintenance workers, fingerprints could be the boyfriend could, where you goin the ex boyfriend. The big piece of evidence here that we have in her bedroom is on that chest. There was a town and there's a footprint in the town. That's a bit of it, the cold thing you're exactly right. They found a partial footprint in the room that bedroom. The difficult thing is how much reported it's been reported, a couple different ways: one on the tao on that chest, leading up to the window, the other
report state that it was on the blinds that it was found on the blinds. Now, what could we have? Two partial footprints in the apartment, possibly right or somebody just got some information wrong. The problem to with this guy captain that I don't love and I think that these lake city police have done a good job working this case it they will. At least spent a lot of time and resources. On the case, I think that there is some crowd sourcing, that they could be doing, that they are not participating in their there's. There's information. There's me on the bone here in this case, but data want to release hardly anything on roses case the biggest problem right away as the size of the apartment complex, and how many but we have living within that small area, so all those individuals become suspect
upon discovering her daughter is missing. Lou wean then calls nine one: one and phones, family members, and we have family members and police both on the scene who arrive to help to search. This is before dawn. We have least calming the banks of the Jordan river and they drove them neighbourhood. Of course, family members posted flyers thereon posting fires at nearby convenience stores with roses pictures. So we have two things going on the police their thinking. Maybe this girl wandered off and immediately the parents are of the idea that she might have been abducted now, just by posting flyers doesn't mean that they believe one hundred percent, that she's abducted just straight up missing by happens: is they spring into action very quickly? I would she have to applaud them for that she has brother or brother in law whose at kinko's near by making fliers
around eight m that morning and he those out with the sister in law and immediately starts posting these flyers everywhere that they can unfortunate. This is all for not because a man and by the name of gustavo barbara was jogging with his log and at ten fifteen, a m according to this report spots, roses body loading any surplus canal at the nineteen hundred block of west and twelve hundred block of south. Let's get it This investigation, or at least the information that's been released in this investigation. The autopsy report was completed with in a couple, days of finding the little girl and officially listed of death is drowning, but the case was ruled a homicide. As we said earlier, as traumatic roses body would indicate that this is a homicide. Now they state that trauma Roses body was limited to wounds of a sexual nature. In this report she was not stabbed nor
she beaten according to this report, which is a weird, because a lot of the other reports do list. Blunt forced try get a majority of the reports that you read on this case lists blunt force trauma, so I wouldn't we think that those trauma there that that makes no sense to me. Again we can't prove one way or another, because the autopsy report has never been revealed to the public. We can simply go off of what persons who have reviewed those documents and what their state are to the media of another question becomes because she's fine in water, and we know water is one of the it's. It's a whore fain to find a body in water because it washes away so much evidence. So with this sexual assault We wonder if they have dna of the murderer dave,
he's been cagey about the dna and we'll get into that as we continue along, but looking for physical evidence, we know the investigators publicly have stated that they look for signs on roses mouth to see if it was taped shot to silencer. They found no signs of her mouth being tape closed. They wonder If the killer may have used chloroform a clear liquid that, if inhaled, can leave a victim unconscious, unfortunately the The river water would have washed away traces of that chemical, this, as per the pathologists, who performed the autopsy and then, as far as the family goes, this report again this is coming out less than a month after the homicide and this report states that the topic of family members have been cooperating fully with police, they have provided fingerprints to match against those lifted from roses window and
have even found clues in rosen Room that they provided to police, you have your long law me. You have to look at this case from the inside out, so you start gone through the time line of her her father, her mother, her older sister, and then you wonder where their visitors to the older sister and if she is, she telling the full story about what her events where that night, this gets if call to, unfortunately, the oldest sister Amelia has passed away. She passed away just a couple years ago. So she was involved in this case and she was up front and centre for a lot of the media attention that was given to this case. Let's go through the reports for us because there were reports, they came out years later. They had some speculation in it. The Amelia may have thrown a party or had a gathering at the apartment. That night before
it goes missing. The speculation was that may be one of the attendees of that gathering took the girl, there's a couple problems with that. Well, first, If we have the mother who says that she physically saw and kissed the girl good night when she arrived, the two thirty in the morning by there's no reason not to believe her. Also, police that went on the record after this rumour starts going about made its way to the paper. The police there not very and centre about a lot of things in this case. But one thing they were was regarding this: this air quotes party that did not happen. They said they they both to a lot of people. They could find no evidence that such a party took place now, if somehow, this party managed to happen, and nobody was aware of it. the police found no evidence and mom, and dad does not believe that a party happen if it managed to fly, that fall under the rate are well, then that would mean
that if one of the attendees is responsible, then they came back and enter the apartment through the window. They didn't take the girl, after on their way out the door from the party, because Llewellyn tells us the girl was or she was present at two thirty in the morning I arrived home Police have said emphatically that the time frame that they are concerned about here in rosy tapioca case. Is that too ready a window to five. Thirty am window. We gotta through our time frame that they are concerned of, and they believe that that is the timeframe in which rosy tapioca was abducted. I wish that they were able to narrow it down even more than that three hours, but that is what we are currently left with right now. As far as I witnesses we have some in their stories.
a little difficult, because some of these people come forward years later, but one potential witness statement that we have comes from Robert roses little brother, who was asleep, and Same bedroom as her that not bright, he gave a statement that he may have seen. Someone in their room. That night down by this, was made right away. He tells this to the parents. Then relay this to the police I'm a little hesitant to report on this, because it's been reported so many different ways. Then I have a bit of it. A lot of question marks about the statement. First off it's coming from a four year old child We do not know exactly what he saw, because the reports very
other thing to could some of this be from his imagination after the fact, because now he's terrified Unlikely having nightmares because he saw in the same room where his sister was abducted from others, it was something that there was a bearded man that told him to go back to sleep bearded man. They told him to go back to sleep. It makes sense the robber would have a statement compared to his twin sister, because that was the bad roberts. Bed was the one that the perpetrator would have had to climb over to get too rosy so we're clear, you're, saying that this statement was made immediately to police, were I thought this was made years later. The way it's been, the four. My understanding I should I should say that, because it it's been reported different ways. My understanding is that child, told mom and dad about this relatively quickly
in the investigation? I believe it was. within days of them fighting roses body and that the pair were laid this statement to the police. Now I spoke with somebody. That's very or to the case and very close to the family, and they give me a much different story than what's been reported, because I ass, I said- was there any witness statements? Was there anything that the other two siblings may I've. Seen that night and I was told that Robert did say that saw a man in their room, I said: was there anything distinctive the individual that he saw was there any identifies that the child was able to Ride regarding the man that he may have. in the room that night and this individual me that the man Robert that the man had hair on his arms, nothing about a beard, XO
While a beard might be helpful, I think you're on your arms will be much less helpful, as most people have care on their arms. What That was a little bit of a speed. Bump, though, was that Robert refer to this man as the cocoa man, which I think misinterpreted by police that we could be dealing with a person of color possibly an african american man right, however, in spanish culture, the cocoa man is similar to the bogeyman, pray. It has thing to do with the color of an individual. But I think it also be very difficult in the dark. This murderers climbing over the bed- maybe his arms for close to robert at the time. So that's why he saw the hair, but maybe that's. Why can't find couldn't see other d?
else, because it's dark in that room and I dont want to question a victim a year and I believe this little boys simply trying to help, but it also could be simply put that he's handsome nightmare since the situation and tells parents I saw the bogeyman all the bad man, the ruling by sister yak as one reports eyes reading stated that there was no eye witnesses or no credible, I witnesses initially and that then the twin siblings. They had nothing to report to police but again young. That's why we have to dive into multiple reports, because something it's just as bad reporting. The other thing to keep in mind, though too, is that we are dealing with a situation where nobody knows one hundred per cent. What happened for a couple of days? It wasn't until the king Pollution of the autopsy which took a couple days after the body was recovered too.
This determination of homicide? Whether may also have eyewitness that saw a teenager by the canal? Yes, this per in the was seen by the canal. Is later refer to as wet pants man, because the witness says that they saw this person, The witness was up early that morning was outside and says that they saw a truck a white truck and that drives off and then later sees a person who we're calling wet pants man, and they described this individual as a hispanic mail with slight build possibly sixteen december. Ten years of age was short, dark, hair and the eye witness is a neighbour of the top. Yes yeah. I believe that first of
They were stating ok, he's wearing a white shirt. He were he's wearing multicolor pants, but as they got closer, that's all that's up, multiple colored pants, just the bottom of his pants or wet meaning that he probably was in the canal at some point, which is interesting because that's one of the few facts that comes out about the autopsy, the the investigators, stating that they have evidence that she wasn't thrown from this or into the surplus canal that she was held down and drown in the water. So this is make a lot of sense when we go through some other facts of that day after they were over the body, police and search team still doing the hard work? They are still trying to peace, everything together because they need to know full story of what happened, so they bring out. what hounds to try to discern where this girl
entered the water run, my There are still under the impression that there is a possibility that this is just simply an accident She wondered often went into the water now, the bloodhounds, unable to hit anywhere prove having them a location of where the girl may have walked into the water and arrest. And so this would go. Two things that we were viewed in other cases right off in time. They say went when dogs follow assent and then they stop assent. only when that sent leads them to the edge of a road once they stop that indicator to police and investigators that the victim then got into a vehicle and the vehicle drove off here, we have the bloodhounds unable to tell us where the girl went into the water and based of what they're saying about the autopsy that she was held, and in the water that indicates the perpetrator.
In the water, with the victim and also It's me, based off of the law, of information from the scent dogs. The perpetrator carried her into the water yeah, which would make a lot of sense in it, and but first of all, I hate it the com. What pains me cause? I was my nickname and kindergarten and if paying your pants is called and consider me miles Davis but yeah. I think. if anybody wants to go online, there is a map of the apartment complex, and this can now in the canal doesn't run the parallel or purpose killer. It's coming out an angle so where I witness was seen or roughly where he was seen, is the closest entrance point to the canal, from
The apartment complex now she's found a little bit further down, but you would expect that once she's in that can now that she would be moved around little bit captain we keep citing this article here and I will, point. Something out here. There's some disappointing angles to this case in this investigation. was a little shocked because you get online today and you hunt rosy tapioca. There is captains waiver word a plethora. Would you save a plus I would say we have up a plethora of stories regarding rosier case today, as we say in twenty twenty three, how ever back and ninety. Ninety five. Ninety six, ninety seven, ninety eight, ninety nine, two thousand- I can't count above two thousand so we'll stop there. Ok, there was not a plethora, in fact,
There were very few local newspaper articles regarding this case. There one though there is key and paramount to our storytelling- and that is the one that we reference already it's a September tent. Ninety, ninety five salt lake tribune article and guess what it was, and by your boy, joshua be good pay. it's out there of your last name is good. You should always name your son. Related zani began middle name. Benjamin fits every single time now. This article is interesting because there is not a whole lot of information. There's not a whole lot of articles that come out and factors Just simply one of a few, it ran for the first five years locally. In this case, but this article itself is multiple pages It's pretty in depth. It's pretty detailed and it's pretty thorough
One thing I love about this newspaper article and it I've been reading it in september of ninety ninety five, when the article came out I would add high hopes to solve this case because they brought in a guy named kenneth lanning from. the fbi and in the article they state that the victim was thrown into the river. Of course later we would learn from future information that comes out that the victim is actually held down and we just and through the whole scenario of why we believe she would have been carried in to the canoe going along with this witness statements of wet pants man, the article states that the be. I was working on a psychological profile of the killer that the fbi would be poring over recent burglary reports. They would be real viewing recent paroled child molesters. There were purled in the state of utah.
The article goes on to state and remind us all that child abductions by strangers are rare. Only about one percent of kidnappings in year fall into that category and they also point out the entering a child's home to abduct the child through a window is even more uncommon Y know that there has been some criticism of this investing asian, but I always like it when they ask for help, and we got the f b. I the m, F, f b I and is not just any agent. We have kenneth landing right and, as said had I been reading this article nineteen. Ninety five, I would have had high hopes that this thing would have been solved because Kenneth lanning is extremely capable and experienced at solving this type of crime he's brought in to view the burglary reports review the raw some parole liese in the state of utah he's going to go through the crime scene, he's going to go through, police report. In fact,
we recommended one of his books before and I reckon did segment on this very show. His book is titled, love, bombs and molesters bombs and molesters were two of his areas of expertise during his time with the fbi mother, fucking fbi. Unfortunately, a couple things happen here: captain we're old by law enforcement that there was a psychological profile, an offender profile that was put together by the ep I buy the behavioral science unit of the fbi that files never been released to the public. It's not common to monopolise the great thing about it, some of our tax
dollars, go to the f b. I write well yes and to the law enforcement agency investigating right off so so we have a six year old that was adopted, a sexually assaulted, possibly butte, brutally beaten and drown. Em for, like you, said, polly forcibly drowned In this can so we should have a community, that's gone hake. We we we want the soft and not just for the justice of her family, just as the community, but the safety of our community. In the safety of our children, and you guys did a profile. you guys, don't you want to tell us about yeah and to so to back up the fbi on this situation. Had very minor involvement in the rosy tapioca case, and we
being told that there was a profile, those provided to police from the fbi. That statement comes from the police, the choosing to not release that profile comes from the police. The investigating agents What are we paying you guys? Four of the case now I want I wanted and everybody here. I think that Is a bit of a misstep do not release some of the information from a profile. In fact, that's actually what the public see most of the time there has been profiles done on multiple killers throughout the years in the profiles of never been released to the public, there's also be profiles done on killers where they release a portion of the profile I can. See without going into great detail here. Captain I can see reasons why you would not want to release the profile in its entirety because of things that I suspect made
be in low profile. However, I think that there are things that you could release to the public that would help your investigation. I think that there are things in that profile that were once released to the public could hurt the investigation, so I get it, but I also think that you could release a sure of that profile, one thing that caught my eye in that article in particular, was they can't the fbi and agent landing would be revealing and poring over recent burglary reports. The reason why That was interesting was because gear and the nature of this crime. We know there was an intruder. We know somebody came into the home and removed the victim from the home she's later found dead when we spoke with retired. Agent, Jeffrey rhino. He explained to us that its very common to find cereal, rapist or abduct
there's through these burglary reports, because off times able get arrested for what is misinterpreted as a potential burglary they break into the home. And the homeowner is able to stop them or police arrive on the scene and catch the assailant fleeing from the home and the individuals arrested and charged with burglary yeah, or that its criminal relations, you have peeping Tom's that decide that they want to then start at entering homes and then was their entering homes and the then it's more like what what's a get comfortable with entering the homes that they would then up, abduct a victim correct. you're? Looking for somebody, that's already pass that escalation, if, if that is the it, if that's the route, that this criminal behaviour talk
What I am simply saying is what Jeffrey Ryanair was saying: was the oftentimes? These intervened Those who have already escalated to that are picked up on board a retard is because what do they have to do to carry out the ray or the abduction they have to enter the home and when they are arrested, its misinterpreted, their intent for being in the home as burglary, so very interesting that they poured over this. But again in this situation with the parole child molesters from state of utah as well as he's burglary reports we don't get any follow up. Information the one. I think everybody for joining us here in the garage if you're looking for the first fifty episodes. Those are now
the available on our website store so check those out things for join us so much more to get too in this case. Join us bank here and the grass same bat time same bat channel
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