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The Cheshire Murders /// Part 1 /// 154

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The Cheshire Murders /// Part 1 /// 154

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Two petty criminals met and became friends at a halfway house. This was to be part of rehabilitating both of these criminals with lengthy records back into society. After the friendship was formed the house burglar taught the car thief how to break into homes of well to do families. In July of 2007 the two men broke into the home of Dr. William Petit. Petit had lived at the home on Sorgham Mill drive in the quiet safe town of Cheshire, Connecticut for 20 years. At home with Dr. Petit that night was his wife and two daughters. The two men found Dr. Petit asleep on a couch in the sunroom. They beat him with a baseball bat. From there the two men went to ransack the house and terrorize the girls. This is the nightmarish true story of the Cheshire, Connecticut home invasion murders.Beer of the week - Lonesome Boatman Ale by Outer Light BrewingGarage Grade - 4 out of 5 bottle caps

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In new orleans, twenty twelve burst catch. Here I drove to an address some one had given him that didn't exist ass he stood in the park. What were the address should have been. He was shot and killed. I'm you d. Umbra join me for the newest season of counter clock. As I die, the motive behind bruces murder a series of events that have never been fully investigated until now, binge all fourteen episodes of or clock season. Five, wherever you listen to podcast
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We have a waiting in our bank right now that has been in children are being held there, how the people who are outside the bank she's getting things out and dollar two point out to them the police at all. They will get older children on the husband they have their say covered. She is too they told us they wouldn't hurt anybody if she got back here with the money she believes. Jennifer was born in september of nineteen. Fifty eight now
nineteen eighty five she met william pet it who was a third year, medical student at the university of pittsburgh, hake went by bill will call him bill. So bill was talk. He was tall guy six foot for he play basketball and high school in his freshman year in college before decide to focus on his studies. So the two met jennifer, a new nurse and bill was on pediatric rotation at children's hospital. Their first date this was a very casual one. With dinner and drinks bill brought his parents along for the date more that that's a movie, don't normally see yet not not common thing. Here I need my parents, I guess this was not a plan to move you know this wasn't bill like trying to take this. This first date, this
in relationship immediately to the next level. I guess bill was from you know, even when he was a child, but more so as an adult. He was very close with his mother and father man's, who close some said well to the point where they were like they were good friends they would hang out together. So bill is getting ready to go out on this day, getting ready to go, pick up, jennifer and go to dinner. When his father called and just said casually, you know hey what are you doing this evening and bill? bills like well, I'm gettin ready to go out to dinner and have some drinks. You wanna join me, and so it turns out there. Four of them have dinner and drinks together. Bill would later later say that this worked out very well for him, because his parents presents did not make jennifer nervous at
all I'm so everybody she had a great time. Everybody had a great time and bills. Father insisted that he pay the check at the end of the night. So bill jokingly says that that made jennifer a cheap date. They they pretty quickly, fell in love, jennifer bill and would eventually Mary jennifer and bill. They purchased a home in nineteen. Eighty, seven, this was a corner lot on sorghum mill drive and cheshire connecticut. This is a quiet street in a quiet neighborhood. You know the type of street that not many traveled down unless you lived there. Unless you were visiting somebody that lived there, you would not drive Sorghum mill, DR now, this is a pretty writ area. Yes, this would be an upper class, town and upper class neighbourhood. Their daughter hayley was born just about two years later in nineteen, eighty nine, their sex
daughter, Mikhail. I was born in nineteen ninety five now, some time during this time period, jennifer pet. It was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis hastily the older of the two daughters. She was an active fundraiser for m S and Michaela she loved to cook. It was no secret that she loved to cook the grandparents she cooked with and for the grandparents she cooked with and for
Her parents, now basketball, remained in bill's life and became a part of his family's life, a bill held to season tickets to both the women's and men's university of connecticut basketball teams, and he often took his daughters to the games. Now in two thousand and seven haley, the oldest daughter, she graduated from miss porter's school and she was scheduled to attend dartmouth college Michaela, attended chase collegiate school right. So that's a little bit of the background that this family, beautiful, family, smart individuals, upper class, neighborhood, a doctor, nurse, smart kids and that kind of brings us up to two thousand seven yeah haley was getting ready to go off to attend dartmouth, I would be lucky to be allowed to say,
the floors at dartmouth college. They actually declined. They turned me down for that and now our story takes place in the summer of two thousand and seven starting with Sunday July. Twenty second, at the Pettit family attended, cheshire, united methodist church sunday like many others, they went to the nine thirty, a m church service- this- it was just the three just three of the four family members, though bill jennifer and eleven year old, mikhail. Ah now seventeen year old hayley, as we had said, who had just graduated high school, she had stayed. The weekend was
with friends. You know every one. Her age was spending much time together that summer, before they all went off to college right pretty typical after church, the three members of the Pettit family went home and haley returned home from the weekend with her friends, it was a beautiful summer day a bill and his father went to the country. Club to play round of golf jennifer and the two girls piled into her van and drove off for an afternoon at the beach that evening, Jennifer called bill to tell him that on the way home from the beach they had went to these stop and shop grocery store? This is a local grocery store and picked up some grocery. michaela as she did. Many nights wanted to cook the family dinner with her mothers help. So Jennifer was asking bill to stop at a local farmers market on his way home, to pick up some fresh veggie to go with the meal bilge
home and that night, the pet it family had dinner together in the sun room of their home on that quiet street in cheshire after dinner, I will read the newspaper laying on a couch in the sun room. The girl sat the family room watching tv, and at eleven p m, the girls turned off the tv. They went upstairs to bed, locking the doors and turning off the downstairs lights. Bill had fallen asleep on the couch in the sun room with the newspaper on his chest Mikhail a went, and she got into bed with her mother and the to read a book together. Now this brings us to Monday July twenty third, it, sir time between two and three a m bill is not really sure what is going on he's, not even sure
If he is awake, he can't see anything but he's being hit in the head with a baseball bat he's in a lot of pain boys on the cap when he can finally pull it together. He can see the black silhouette of two men standing in front of him, one with an arm reaching out to bill and, in his hand, is a gun. Its barrel is pointed at bill and the gun is right in front of bills. Face the men tell bill to get up, and they tie his hands together. First with zip ties and then with rope, they put some kind of cloth over bill's head and then they force him to the floor. So again he cannot see. Then they tie his ankles again. First with the zip ties and then with rope, they tell bill that they are they're just here.
Money right, we're just here for the money and then we will leave they asked bill, but with a smash, your face and tennis ball back yeah. They asked bill where the safe is bill tells them that day. They do not have a safe he can keep. He can hear one of the men walking out of the room and he hears that man tell the other if he moves put two bullets at him. One of the men goes up stairs where he finds Mikhail us still in her mothers bed. He wakes them any tells them the same thing. He told bill that hate. We are just here for the money here pulls mikhail out of the room, and he puts her into her room. The men then cover the mother and the daughters faces by putting pillow cases over their heads. Each is tied to their own bed the feet and risk bound to the bedpost after this bill can hear the men searching
through his home. At some point, the men are once again standing over top of bill bill by this is really unsure of what time this could be bill has beaten very badly so badly that it's hard for him to say if he has lost consciousness at any point anyway. they cut the zip ties that are round bill's ankles. While here he has, you know three to four inch gaps in his skull and he's bleeding pretty badly. Yeah he's been he's been hit in the the front and the back of his head, and it's it's kind of even hard to say how many times he's been struck in the head. With this baseball bat yeah cause his whole you know, forehead is basically split open, and so I mean he could have been going in and out at consciousness the whole time yeah tape they cut the ties that around bills ankles they pull him up to his feet:
they assure him to the kitchen and then down the basement steps so that the basement steps are directly off of the kitchen here, his hands are still tied together at this point, in his face is still covered, the pet, it's the pet it family there basement is unfinished, so it's kind of easy for us to picture this basement right. You have a concrete floor, cold, concrete walls, though steel support post in the center portions of the base and the men then remove the zip ties from bills wrist. They sit him down. His back is up against one of those support post in the basement. Then they put his arms behind him and around the post and zip tie his wrist together. Once again, they zip tie his ankles together and tie rope around both his wrist and ankles, and then they leave him.
I know, but before they leave him, they cover his face with like an old quilt, did they I found lying around in the basement yeah. So once again, bill can hear the man ah, but he cannot see them so at this point he can hear them rummaging through the home. Apparently, looking for valuables. They are opening up closet doors, they're pulling out drawers, but they are finding very little bill is trying to figure this whole thing out. He he gets the idea that he should start moving up and down on the pool. He wants to create friction against the rope in the zip ties that are on his wrist
Here's here's! What he can figure out right bill has no firearms in the home and he didn't have zip ties or rope in his home. So those items he could figure out that the men had brought with them the bat that the men used to beat bill in the head. He believed probably had belonged to him that they had found it some place before they had attacked him. At some point he can hear birds singing and chirping outside bill knew that this meant that, at that point it would have been about for forty five a m in the morning. He then, something in the basement. Click on this is the irrigation kicking on. So he knows that the irrigation at his home comes on at five thirty, a m
Amber bill has lived here for about twenty years, so, even though he is he's in this concussed fog, ah he's doing his best to try to figure this whole strange and painful situation to which he he woke to he's trying to figure. This thing right so he's doing his best to monitor the situation, even though he is bound and helpless and his own basement
and by now he has lost a lot of blood and he's he's very weak at this point, one also than ebay's than cuff, with no ties before I mean that cut your wrist really bad. So, even though you're trying to create that friction, two against the pole to release yourself, you knows price cut in up your wrist, pretty bad will at some point he can hear his wife speaking with the men. This means bill believes them to be in the kitchen, as he could not hear them before, and the kitchen is the closest room to bill. Now we said that the burglar- had not made the big score as they had thought. I mean you got it. You got a picture. This situation, like the captain, said this is a nice neighborhood. This is an upper class neighbourhood. This is a big home as a little bit beyond nice. Yet
when you view the home from the outside. These guys are thinking the authors, diamonds and gold and stacks of cash inside war. If you look at a lot of the average houses and in cheshire it's like one, looks like some a bill, a house, and then they build another house, and then they connected them. That's the normal size of houses there What I find funny here and well not funny is not the right word, but maybe unique is, is the better word bill. He's he's a very successful doktor right he's he's considered like a specialist in diabetes, especially for the area, his wife, a nurse she may have have become a stay at home mom at some point, I'm not I'm not certain, and then we have the kids. I do this. We have the kids who are very smart, kids and the
thing is, though, even though there, but we have to very successful smart parents, they seem to me to be pretty modest and reasonable people like they don't to be there not living above their means. They're. Not they don't they don't have a bunch of fancy possessions. The house is not extravagant. These seem to be very down to earth successful people. The house is still pretty big though it is. It is a nice as it is not but, like I said, the normal house in cheshire is like a house connected by another house. And thou, be your house in their house. It was definitely modest compared to those while they do have
the the well manicured lawn. They have the you know the nice landscaping outside, which I believe and jennifer bill and the kids spent time on those things together. Ah, as far as the upkeep of their home and now so, we had said that the burglars had not made the big score that they were hoping for. By this point, the men had confiscated bill's wallet and haley's wallet well now bills, while it had no cash zero dollars in it. Haley's thee she's, the oldest daughter, had hundred and three dollars cash and a bunch of small gift cards to light local stores in shops. These she had received, as presents for her
Recent graduation, the two, had also found a big ball, a big jar of full of change, and they had emptied the jar into a bag, so they could take it with them. So a pretty pathetic score for these two house burglars. So we said the bill could hear his way jennifer speaking with the two men. She is calmly impolitely telling the man that if they are going to go to the bank, she would need to get her purse for her identification, and she would also need her husband's bills. Checkbook right, so the burglars head ransacked the house finding very little right, but one thing they did find was a bank book men. According to the bank book the pet, its had an account with about thirty thousand dollars in it? The two men had decided on a plan there at nine,
I am the banquet open and after the bank is open, one guy is going to derive missus pett it to the bank, where she will withdraw fifteen thousand dollars, and this is at what time did they come up with this plan right. I do not know what time this is, but it would would have been asked. Five thirty a m when bill heard the irrigation click on. So for whatever reason the two of these guys it have broken into the home and tear rises family. They come up with this number of fifteen thousand dollars that they are going to withdraw from the pet. Its bank account with miss missus pett it in tow. When the bank opens up at nine a m meanwhile weird that you don't want to have her withdraw the full amount yeah I do
I don't know the reasoning behind that, but meanwhile the other man. The plan is, for the other man to stay behind at the pet at home, so the two bad guys will have the ability to communicate with each other via their cell phones. If MRS Pettit rise. Anything funny. Then the man left behind at the home will kill her husband and two children, so now the men and the pet it family to which they have taken captive, they are just wait- four nine, a m to happen in Meantime bill hears his wife, leaving a message for bills, nurse and assistant. This message is just a bill's wife, Jennifer explaining that bill is not feeling well or he won't be able to go into work too.
That day she will need to call and cancel all of bills, appointments bill hearing. This is hoping that this would be a red flag. I dont know that it would be, but his his reach, thing is, you know, he'd had this practice for many many years and he he couldn't recall, having called off before if he had ever been sick to. The point of cancelling appointments have may have happened once so bill hearing. This is hoping this could be a potential red flag that somebody on the outside my contact, the homer call the home anyway, one of the men, goes out to bill pedants garage there. He find some empty washer fluid jugs. The man then derives jennifer pet it. She has a chrysler, pacifica van threat. He drives this van to a nearby gas station. The man fills the two empty
washer fluid jugs with gasoline ten dollars worth. Ah, he does not put any gas in the van at all. He pays cash for the ten dollars worth of gas, and then he drives back to the pet at home. Twice throughout the night bill heard remember: he cannot see anything because they have covered his head, but twice throughout the night he heard someone come down the steps of the pet it's head I have a refrigerator in their basement inside this refrigerator is mainly soda and beer, while twice he had heard someone come down the steps open up the fridge and crack open a can now bill gets a little hope from hearing this whole plan of going. To the bank. You know it's a bad idea. Yeah I mean he hears, he considers
to be a bit of a dumb move by these men. You know because they are going to have to go out into public with jennifer. You know so. Bill is hoping that this is an opportunity that the men could make a mistake be someone at the bank can become aware that jennifer's and trouble, maybe the police, get notified in are sent to the home, but at some point he hears what sounds like the man one of the men returning to the home and a little bit later hit. Now I'm guessing. This is some time now nine a m, because bill can hear what sounds to be like his wife, and one of the men leaving the home he's assuming that they're going to the bank right and that's exactly what's taking place so as directed jennifer walks into the bank america after she's, driven there by one of the men in her own van and her chrysler pacific event. This is their law
go branch of bank of america. She walks in there she tries to appear com, even though, Her family has been tied up in terrorized for hours, and you know basically under the control of to mad men who had broken into their home in the middle of the night, so Jennifer walks calmly into the bay. and just like. We all have before she waited for the next available teller. Well, when the teller comes over ask if she can help her with anything jennifer requested a withdrawal of fifteen thousand dollars which, as a teller, you gonna go home, it's a big, withdraw yeah and the teller asked jennifer for identification. Jennifer, explain that she did not have any, but she would still need to withdraw
all the money. The teller then tells jennifer. I need to see your idea and I will need your husband to be present as well to approve a withdrawal of this about that is when jennifer as calm ass. She could she explained to the teller that there are two men who have broken into my home and taken my family hostage.
If she does not give them fifteen thousand dollars right away, they are going to kill her daughters and her husband. The teller then turned and went to the branch manager, the teller whispered, what she knew too, the manager, the manager approach, jennifer petted and asked her for I d jennifer held her pocket book open, showing that she had no identification with her. She explained to the manager that the two men had taken her idea cards and would not let her Have them jennifer then showed the manager pictures of her two daughters and then told her how the men would kill them and her husband if she did not bring them this money right away and then what does man sure do
well. The the man at the manager is supposed to assess the situation as quickly as possible. You know to figure out: is this some kind of scam or is this? Is this somebody that's in trouble and that we need to help out here? So you would think that this branch would actually know who the peasants were yeah. I didn't get that impression that they did, but they did it, but you know maybe build didn't do his banking at the local. in its by we went somewhere closer work? Who knows yet end? The the thing here is the manager basically says, having seen the pictures of the two daughters and then the look on jennifer's face the look in her eyes. She could tell something was not right for jennifer that day, and so she very quickly approved the transaction thee. Tell of the teller started to process this transaction
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Honor clock season, five wherever you listen to pod. The cheers mates, happy, halloween, happy hollowing. So we have the situate and where two men break into the pet it family. Who I'm in the middle of the night, probably between two and three a m, and we have for people in the home bill, his wife his to die there's an they devise this plan because they don't find much value in the home. They devises plan that they're going to drive missus pett it to the bank and they're, going to have her withdraw fifteen thousand dollars and If she returns to them with the money they say they are going to leave, they will
eve her and her family. After this action takes place. Well, they take her to the bank and, of course, the bank surveillance cameras. They captured the transaction, which shows jenny, for pet. It ass. She informed the teller as to her situation. As we have said, the bank manager then called nine. When one reported the details to the police, while jennifer was still with the teller, Manager reported to the nine one one dispatcher in real time as jennifer left the bank and was then picked up by the van driven by one of the men who had broken into her home. The bank manager described the man and described his clothing as he drove away with Jennifer one described the car as well, but a lot of people you know, have speculated widened
for try to stay in the bank longer. She is actually in their longer than actually originally planned by the invaders. Yes, oh she she kind it. She tried to give as much information if she could and stay in there a little bit longer. But you know you also have you you have that fear in the back of your mind that you know, if, if I don't make this transaction quickly he's going to assume Things up, and he is one call away or one tex away from possibly my family being murdered yet we played the nine when one call for you at the beginning of this episode. This was Mary lions than did the nine. When one call she was the manager there she tells the nine when one operator. Basically, we have a lady in our bank that says her husband in Children are being held in their house, the people who are waiting outside thereupon well that are waiting for her outside of the bank in a car she's getting fifty
thousand dollars to bring to them. If the police are told they will kill her children and her husband, they have their faces covered an she meaning. Jennifer is petrol How'd, they told her. They would not hurt anyone if she gets back there with the money and jennifer believes them. The cheshire police responded to this nine. When one all by sending an unmarked car, several unmarked cars, in fact, to the pet, its neighbourhood. They began calling officers and sending marked cars to the neighbourhood as well. The march cars were to block off traffic in and out of the neighborhood. Once the police started to arrive on, seeing they would establish and build a perimeter around the house. This would be after they do. A couple of these dry buys to see
if they can gain any knowledge regarding the type of activity that may be going on inside the. How and of course, the why and, of course, see if they could learn anything about the two perpetrators? One? They don't know if it's just to correct their? you're told to, but you don't know right and We don't know how little you know. Even though jennifer toll the bank teller in the manager what's going on, don't know how little she knows. You know there's a situation where it's a big home. She seemed to people there could be other people and that home well when they first HU the drive by when the police first do the dry by in the unmarked car. They see that the chrysler pacifica van that was driven to the bank had already returned to the house and it is in the drive.
They can see no lights or activity in the windows of the home right, but their curtains are drawn you you can see into the house yet and I actually we have a situation where I believe Jennifer sister stated that, and this is how kind of modest the pet its were. She said you know they had. Big beautiful home and my sister didn't even really own. Any curtains didn't put curtains in the window. and so they see no lights. They see no activity. As a captain pointed out there there's not a whole lot of structuring their view. We have the officer in charge, He has the telephone number for the pet it house, and he also has cell phone them As for the members of the petty family, but he has to go off of what information he has. You know what has
reported to them. The men had threatened missus, pett it and her family. According to mrs petre, according to jennifer, they had been nice also they were going to leave. they were gonna leave at once. They got their money, but the other information. had is it they would kill the family. If the police had found out about the situation, and keep in mind that this is a very small town. Sapphires pretty small mean the population at this point is well well under, but it's definitely under thirty thousand right. So it's a pretty small community. So what kind of technology and what kind of training did this police force have yet and these type of hostage situations? There not comment you know, and especially you would. You would guess, in a town of of that size, that this may be something they ve not dealt.
With before, and so basically that's what you're working with here, you have the situation where the they ve been nice. The perpetrators have been nice, they're going to leave once they get the money. We know they have the money but they're going to kill the family if the police finds out what's going on. So that's what you have to try to form a game plan with an officer in charge. Now he starts sending officers to position themselves. He sending them to positions in the wooded area behind the pet it family home run. So let's go back into the house for a second here right, because by now it's got to be near ten. A m. This is bill. Guessing bill is still tied up to these steel support pole in his basement, he has been beaten in the head with a baseball bat
His wrist are still bound behind his back in the round the pole, nearby less not go with what he thinks of the car came in to the police at nine twenty four. So by the time they head back, this is before ten o clock right, any still tied up with those zip ties in the rope we should point out. that the zip ties are so tight around his wrists that they are actually slicing into his skin. Like I said before, his feet are bound with zip ties as well and the rope the man who put them there for some reason they put this cloth over his head. Obviously so he couldn't see, but they ve also thrown some type of quilt. Over top of him as well, so what he can see are really only shadows throughout the night ran at this point, but they also oddly place down pillows, because his heart concrete floor so again
I think that's some evidence that in other motive is money and not murder. Now they have he's lost a lot of blood like we said from his head wounds. Bill has spent hours moving up and down on the pool and twisting his wrist and his hands, hoping the friction in the twin will eventually, where on the zip ties, so he can break free and, like the captain said, For some strange reason they put those cushions under him. The cushions by this point are now stained red with bills, blood and bills, eyes sting from the blood in the sweat that are running in damn them bill can hear noises from upstairs, but is unsure of what he is hearing here, some kind of some thumping. He says that it sounds like somebody was throwing. You know like of a twenty pound bag of sand onto the ground. on the floor. Above him, he tries to yell out and
When he does he, he, then here's a voice from the upstairs yell back at him. That says, don't This will all be over in a couple of minutes. Well, bill, take system mean that the men terrorizing his family will soon shoot all four of them. and then leave them dead in their home bill, works hard and faster to try to weaken the restraints around his wrist and arms. Finally, after trying for hours, the zip ties on his wrist they break the rope comes loose bill reaches down, but he cannot break the plastic ties around his ankles, the pet at home. on sorghum mill drive has two doors that led to the basement. One like we said at the top of the flight of stairs, which leads to kitchen, the other is this: it's a cellar door that leads to the back yard up to this
our door is a a shorter flight of stairs bill is going to attempt to make it up the stairs and out the cellar door and over to the neighbors home. Hoping that he can notify the neighbour what's going on and call nine one one and notify the police bill goes here too, the stairs and one step at a time he pulled himself up and then pushes open the cellar door by this time. It's raining outside he swings his legs to the lawn and then through us. worries of rolling and crawling. He somehow makes his way. This is just a little more than fifty feet away from the store over to his neighbors home. His four dave a bill still lying on the ground. He pounds on Dave's garage door after several temps the door finally opens and there's day
Dave has known bill for like eighteen years by this point. Remember we say: bill lived in the home for twenty years before this. This incident took place, but but Dave looks it bill and he cannot recognise him bill is so badly beaten and covered in blood that Dave shouts at bill. Can I help you? Can I help you, sir and bill louder than Dave, yells back davits me davits me it's bill its bill call nine when one call nine. When one now remember By this time we have police officers that are stationed in position all around the pet at home and throughout the neighbourhood rights. I assume some of these officers actually saw bill coming out of the house yeah. Yeah, one of em who has been watching the pet it home, I'm not sure if it. one from the street or from behind a tree in the backyard thy own backyard of sorghum
I'll drive, he approaches the two men this being bill and his neighbor dave. He approaches the two men with his gun drawn, aiming the gun at the bloodied man bill on the ground and the officer, the officer orders bill to stay down, and then a second officer appears out of the rain one of the officers shouts at bill who is in the house to which bill replies the girls, the officer yells again, who is in the house and bill yells back the girls. The girls are in the house, and this I think so
of training. Well at should bury quickly. After this. This takes place a call on the police radio reports that there is a man at the neighbors home yelling and its belief that the man is from the pet. It house right now, the officer in charge he station to close to an end with a good view of the pet at home. He hears this call go out on his radio he's actually reaching for his radio to request more information when he sees one fleeing the pet it home running with a bag in his hand toward the van in the driveway and another call goes out on the police radio, announcing that the suspects or on the move, the officer in charge, then the second man wearing a hat fleeing the home, the younger thinner, suspect, gets in the driver side,
And the older heavier suspect gets in the passenger side of the vehicle, the driver slams the vehicle into reverse. This is the chrysler pacifica van and the pacifica goes flying backing out of the Pettit driveway yeah, and I just want to be clear that this is the pedants car. Yes jennifer. It's van that was driven to the to the bank by the perpetrators now they're fleeing in her van as well. But we have a couple of problems happening here, so we have the suspects leaving and the pedants vehicle. We got to stop them, but the cops also heard screams from inside the house and also the houses now on fire yeah. And I don't know that they that all of the rat that the officers have recognized this by this point, the officer in charge says that he has not seen the fire he's kind of focusing on his van at this point, which is right in front of him,
and it violently backs out. You know at a very high rate of speed, backing out of the petty driveway and into one of the officers cars, the police, near the police vehicle. They draw their guns and they aim them at the driver and passenger of this van. The driver slams the pacifica into drive and to drive mode squeals the tires and She from in front of the driveway down the street at a very high rate of speed and takes the corner ahead, The officers can no longer see the pacifica, but they have. You're allowed crash the to suspects had crashed the van into a part into two parked police cruisers. They had been set up to stop traffic going in and out of the neighborhood, both of the suspect so are forced to the ground. They are being asked by the officers who have guns on them.
Who they are a what was going on in the house who was in the house and then the officers take the two suspects into custody. They make arrests there and now they can focus on clearing the house at ten fifteen, a m bill pet, its mother, barbara calls, husband, this bill senior. She tells him that the alarm company from their sons house has called the smoke detectors triggered this call when no- at the home answered the alarm company. They then called the backup number listed, which was bills parents. bill senior, was already out and about that day he tried cos
calling members of the family himself, but he got there voicemail greeting then, since he was in the neighborhood, he thought he would swing by bills, medical office he gets there and the nurse tells him that jennifer had left a message. That bill was sick and not coming into work. Bill senior then decides to go to the pet at home because their home is relatively close to bills medical office. So he wants to go to the home in check on the house and check on his son as he gets near the home. An ambulance in several police cars pass him going in the opposite direction. He then sees what looks to be jennifer's, chrysler, pacific event
crash and smashed on the side of the road. He can't get too close to the house, because the police have set up a roadblock re. He tells one of the officers who he is. You know I'm I'm I'm bill pet senior, I'm I'm bills, father and tells them that the crashed vehicle looks to be his daughter and laws vehicle and he needs to be let through the officer explains that he will have to get someone to come over and speak with him. Well, while bill senior waits he's trying to peace. This whole thing together. Why was Jennifer's van smashed and was John for okay and what did that have to do with the smoke alarm going off at the home or his or his son being sick and missing work at this point, the pet, its property- I mean it's too, so it's a giant crime siemens, chaotic, while eventually an officer approach,
bill senior and explained to him that there has been a fire at the pet, its home. He tells him that your son is on his way to the hospital, and there are three people deceased in the home Bill pet: it senior calls his family members first, his wife and then his daughter and tells them the terrible sad news. He struggles to get the words out. He has to tell them that their his wife's son bill junior and his daughters, brother, is is near death and going to the hospital, All of the girls are dead bill pet. It junior was rushed to the emergency room likely said he been beaten, very badly beaten so badly in the face and head that his parents and sis
sure when they arrived, they didn't recognize him. He has bruises and cuts around his wrist and ankles and he has lost a lot of blood. He's lost seven pints of blood by the lucky to be alive with losing that much blood, and also just the the gash that he is there. He has some gashes on the back of his head, which can't really see because of his hair. Obviously, but it's it's the gash on the front of his face, I mean it's, you know, may not to make lightly of it, but when you think of somebody dressing up on halloween cost
him or something you know put in a big, fake gash on their head. That's what it looks like yeah, it's it's gruesome and it's big yeah and in pictures of pictures of bill. Shortly after this took place. Like you said, you can't really see the damage done to the top or the back of his head, but you can see where there's large portions of his hair, that is missing. You can tell that from the front pictures of him and the best way to describe this wound to the front of it. Had. Is. It basically runs from his hair line down to one of his eyebrows and it almost looks like somebody put a zipper, their right and it's terrible, terrible womb one and then light we set up with the zip ties. You know he was only bound, for you know a handful of hours, but the amount of damage and bruising they did to them. Is I mean that's pretty severe yeah and some of that he had to do to him.
Self worth. Try to to eventually be able to weaken them to the point where he could escape from his own basement Yeah and then his wife's family is going to show up, and I think one of the sad things reading was you know he loved his wife and his wife. Family shows up to see him in the hospital and he's basically apologizing that he couldn't do any more to help that he didn't stop him, that he left the house and he wishes. You know, like we said, there's two exits one outside the house to go, get help to go. The neighbor's house call nine one one and the other option would have been to go upstairs and try to attack these.
And again you don't even know how many people on in yet two guys beat you up. You don't know that there's only two guys and and he was apologizing to them and which he could have done more may now had been said since such waste and yeah and her parents Jennifer's parents, explained to build it. You do you, don't have thing that you need to apologize to anybody for, and we are lucky just to have you and if you know thinking about that situation of bill being in the basement, you have to again it's a similar situation where you, you have to think about the cops outside that are trying to build. This part.
what're, you can only go off of what very little information you know. Bill doesn't know. What's taking place upstairs in his home. He doesn't know that his home is being surrounded by the police that they have already been notified. When what he does know, is this at one point, there's a gun in his face. He has no fire was on him? He is you know if they choose to use that gun, he has no ability of defending his family and secondly, by this point, he's lost seven pints of blood he's extremely weak by this point. This is a guy that that also suffered from low, brought blood pressure and we know losing that amount of blood gonna cause that blood pressure to drop and drop and drop and drop to dangerously low number three, same before it.
It went in and out of consciousness more multiple times and might not even realized it. And by this point he's he's week he's been beaten upon the head. He can't get the ties off around his ankles. I think that that the thought here- and it has to be the thought here- is that your best bet is to go and get some real help, because what kind of real help is bill going to be able to offer other than that once: he got upstairs if he gets upstairs and he tries to defend his family. It's very easy for them. To put one in his head. Put a bullet. His head and boom that debt that help ended right their law and I think that's the big conundrum when it comes down to horses situations. Anyways. Do you fight back, you know and does that cause more harm to yourself and two others, or do you let it play out? And I think that's the question in every house: it suits you,
and I think that's a question that the police have to face as well now remember, Jennifer's van had been driven by the two men who broke into the home crashed into the two police cars that were blocking traffic and thankfully, the police arrested. The. his men. So now we have two guys in custody. The police arrested, joshua karma, said Jeff sky and he was the younger thinner, a suspect that we said was fleeing from the house and joshua was in his late twenties back in thousand and seven a career criminal in and out of trouble for most of his adult life. They also rested Stephen haze. He was the older, more heavy set one, Stephen haze was almost twenty years older than joshua. They arrested
those men on that day on Monday July. Twenty third, now the damage that was done as the captain. It said the home was very badly destroyed by this fire. There was a fire that was set in several rooms of the home. We have bill pet, it junior who had survived this incident and sadly his wife jennifer and his daughters, hayley and Mikhail, did not. Then the question becomes for the pet it family for law enforcement for the community will. Why did this happen and what actually happened and what is gonna be the punishment for the to individuals and what could have been done differently to stop this type of situation? I we want to think
everybody for listening. We want to thank you for telling your friends about the show. Hopefully, everybody has had a wonderful and safe and happy halloween. We have much more to get too in tomorrow's episode the how in the why there's a lot of answers that we he'd here captain? Hopefully, nobody found any razor blades and their hollowing candy have been happy halloween to you to everybody out there until next time be good, be kind and don't live the.
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