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The Connecticut River Valley Killer /// Part 1 /// 636

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The Connecticut River Valley Killer /// Part 1 /// 636

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For about ten years between 1978 and 1988, eight women were murdered and the bodies scattered in  wooded areas in the Connecticut River Valley region near Interstate 91 along the Vermont and New Hampshire border. Many of the victims were stabbed to death. Some stabbed in a specific pattern across the upper body. With some of the victims a cause of death could not be determined due to decomposition. Was this the work of a serial killer? Many think so. Join us in the Garage as we take a look at this strange case and review some of the suspects. A very special thank you to Jane Boroski for joining us and talking about her experience as the only known survivor of this vicious killer. Check out Jane’s podcast - Invisible Tears. 

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seven women stab murdered a series of suspect was the form of a serial killer, stats multiple times times. That's why those families enhance thirty four years have passed since then veracity spy. through the new Hampshire night pregnant covered in blood and stab wounds chamber ski was just twenty two years old and several months pregnant and No it that night, but she may have in a serial killers, only survivor late in the evening. saturday august six, now in eighty eight jane borowsky driving home from the county, fair and keen new hampshire.
Along the way she decided to stop and grab a soda for the remainder of her dr, she stopped convenience store and west swans, but little Where was closed, but no big deal there's a vending machine out front Jane pulls into a spot right in front of the store by this time it's already dark out, The parking area is small and not well lit, there does not seem to be any one else around sugar out of her car and walked up to the lit soda machine. She put in a couple of quarters made, her selection and bingo. The can. opts to the open slot in the machine near her knees. She grabbed the can turns around and immediately notices that someone else has pulled into the parking lot.
a jeep wagon ear part right next to her car. jane returns to her vehicle through her rear view mirror. She noticed. the driver of the wagon ear walking around the back of her vehicle, it's a man and he approach James, open driver side door window. He something like hey that pay phone working, in starts to answer when the man immediately grabs the door handle and opens the look ardour. He grabbed sir, and pulled her from the vehicle, as he's pulling her from the vehicle, Jane screams and says to the man, please You heard me I'm pregnant now, she's out of the car the to struggle during which the man accused her of beating up his girlfriend and asked If she had massachusetts plates on her car brows
responded than she had, New Hampshire blades jane manages to break free from the attack she tries to flee. the man chases after he grabs jane, and then he stabbed sir twenty seven times. The man then calmly walks back to his vehicle opens the door and gets in then he drives off. This is true crime garage, and this is the true story of the still unsolved case of the connecticut river valley.
killer, seven, stabbed and murdered a series of workers. The suspect was the work of a serial killer, stabbed multiple times times the results of those families Wednesday night in october of nineteen. Ninety one, I remember, being a little boy sitting down to two into one of my favorite television- shows unsolved mysteries, my favorite mystery back, then where the legends things like the munich triangle and the yeti, my least favorite mysteries feed. Heard on the show were the lost loves. Selfishly, I thought let these you will find each other on their own time, because this is my time one hour each week that I get the tune in and be amazed and entreat by the mysteries out there in the real
world, many of them because of my young age. I was learning about for the very first time all with the great voice and delivery of robert stack to lead us through each story. Now the night of october nice. Ninety ninety one, without it prior knowledge. I was going to learn about something much more terrifying, then magnetic in frequency, shoes leading aircraft to disappear in the western part of the north atlantic ocean or some mysterious harry ape like creature, the habits. The himalayan mountain range on this nights episode, MR stack, is schooling, us all. On the subject of serial killer, The first mystery of that weeks show flashed on the screen with the bright blue letters. The bold blue word hit my screen and red wanted. The title of the case was the Connecticut river valley killer. My first It was well, I might have a hard time falling asleep tonight. So
it's lead in was as follows: police estimate that there may be as many as one hundred serial killers living among us on our streets and inner neighborhoods. They are cruel and calculating choosing victims indiscriminately, with little or no remorse for their actions. The overall My task for authorities is to determine how the serial killer think and hopefully learn where and when he might strike again. One such astrogation is currently under way in new england, since nineteen seventy eight, the bodies of seventy young women have been discovered within a fifty mile radius in the connecticut valley along the new hampshire vermont border near rout. Ninety one police believe this six of them were abducted and
egg to promote wooded areas where they were murdered. All suffered, similar stab wounds most were found after roads. None were sexually assaulted and police began to suspect that the murders were the work. Of the same individual, a serial killer, pretty haunting. Seeing you see Robert stack walking through the woods with his trench code on it and, I believe, The comment was something like fbi, believes over a hundred serial killers out there and like well. If there's serial killer, he's responsible for seven eight murders, then I'm set by a hundred, and yet a hundred and some victims out there yet he's reciting, a step that was well delivered and for the time anyway. So in the eightys and ninetys one typical conversation that was always being had.
Serial killers. Well, how many are there- and it was almost like you think- of him like senators while there's probably too in every state- was the general thought, and so that's how you up with that number of one hundred now, while stacks narration was spot on as usual, a few updates one today, the estimated number of zero killers walking amongst us just hear the united states is between three hundred and fifty two five hundred another terrifying update here. Captain the cases covered in this segment of unsolved mysteries that air it over thirty years ago well they're, still unsolved, many of them on the cold case shelves in vermont in new Hampshire and the one that they All the connecticut river valley killer has never been apprehended for these homicides. Nor has anybody else. The connecticut river valleys
or is the name given to an unidentified american serial killer, believed to be responsible for a series of stabbing murders, mostly in and around claremont new Hampshire and the connecticut river val, primarily the nineteen aid. yet some scary statistics. Anyone that would like to view the unsolved mystery segment for themselves. This case was featured on episode for of season for of unsolved mysteries and that is currently available to view for free on amazon, prime, yes, I'd just watch again this week. We briefly discuss the attack and the attempted murder of jane veracity, and today's trailer leading into this week's Yes, she is interviewed on unsolved mysteries for their episode is well her voices, disguise and she appears only in the shadows on the show to help maintain in her anonymity now keep it If she is, as the show portrayed
the only living survivor of this killer of women. Well. This is for not just for her safety number one and the safety of the case as it stands, because if they can prove that any of these cases, in fact connected to each other or to the horrifying attack that took place in nearly killed, Jane Brodsky. Some third four years ago. Well, then she would have been pair. now to the prosecution in the states case against the offender once identified, arrested in charge ray a vermont newspaper. This is the ratlin daily harold did a follow up article on the shows coverage of this case now, keep in mind at the time in the late aid he's even into the early ninetys this case had many of the women in the area. Terrified and, of course, the case head. The detectives perplexed
nobody could really agree if these cases were all connected or how many of them were connected amongst the cases that they had outstanding. The detectives handsome leads, but one thing that we are going to see in this case captain is it. The remains of some of these victims were not located for a considerable amount of time. This, of course, causing. Major issue for these investigations. Remember we discuss this all the time here in the garage that time is the killer. Time is the killer of evidence of witnesses of their memories. What Since with key information, in any case can verify- or even remember, we just time does not help as it goes by these invest,
geisha won this area too, as well as heavily wooded area new Hampshire, vermont area, a lot of back roads, a lot of places to hide bodies. Here's a good summary of that follow up article. The headline was exciting and entry getting it reads: mystery showed leads to tipp on I. Ninety one murder, in fact, article states that the new hampshire state police received about hundred tips from around the nation, since unsolved mysteries aired their coverage of the case months earlier. The article goes on to state that the new Hampshire and state police are investigating crimes, including the murder of Barbara Agnew aid. Norwich nurse who disappeared you wary of nineteen eighty seven from arrest area off of northbound interstate ninety, one near white, river, junction.
Barbers body was found eleven weeks later, eighty nine feet off of an isolated road and heartland police said her. Death was caused by multiple stab wounds. Barbara Agnes murder at the time was one of seven unsolved homicides in the connecticut river since nineteen seventy eight. Now this article goes on to point out something very important to this case and is stated as although police have not officially linked the killings? They were portrayed as the work of a serial killer on unsolved histories. New Hampshire state police, detective sergeant clay young, said quote that one theory which we have investigated but have not fully endorsed. He said the decision by the unsolved mysteries crew, to portray the killings as serious crimes
probably made it more appealing to viewers quote. It gave exposure to the case. It did generate phone calls from all over the country, anything that keeps it in the eye of the public. We welcome end quote through the hard to definitively connect. These cases, because the physical evidence was so there's so much decay that we have a lack of physical evidence in these cases. Some of them are not found for weeks months or even years after they disappear unlike the captain, the captain pointed out. Many of these victims are believed to have been stabbed to death. That gets a little complicated when you have such decomposition with some of these victims to actually discern exactly what took place or how the victim may have even been killed. Let's get into the victims here and some of the victim biology. In this case, the short version of it is this that
Roughly ten years between nineteen, seventy, eight and nineteen. Eighty eight eight women were murdered in the connecticut river valley region that straddles the border of vermont and new Hampshire. All of these victims are believed to have been stabbed many and a specific pattern across the upper body and adamant. Again, that gets very hard to decipher in some of these cases, because of such levels of decomposition right to questions remain, amongst others are all or some of these victims connected to one killer or is one or multiple killers still free the first one in the series. Many consider this to be the first one is the unsolved nineteen. Seventy eight homicide of catherine militant on october, twenty fourth, nineteen, seventy eight catherine milk in age, twenty six she was
Last seen photographing birds at the Chandler brook wetland preserve in new london new Hampshire, her body was found this yards from where she had been taking these photographs and was determined later that she had been stabbed over twenty times, she's one of the key. This gap and where she's last seen in this area, her bodies found not here far from where she's last seen, there doesn't seem to be any kind of threat than anybody else recognised at the time yet she's found in she's one that is actually she's one of the few victims there were actually found relatively quickly. Next. That brings us to Mary Elizabeth critically, the details of her case are, as such, measures critically was last seen on July, twenty fifth nineteen, eighty one near exit, thirteen of the massachusetts turnpike in farming ham, Massachusetts
Mary had been dropped off, thereby a friend and was then going to be hitchhiking to waterbury for marked this where she lived with another friend Mary was attending classes at the university of burma and at the time of her death was working too get this education, finisher schooling and go into a career. Sadly, her body was found on august nine, nineteen, eighty one in the woods off of unity, stage, road and unity, new hampshire them go examiner was not able to determine a cause of death because of the condition of the body. So there's extenuating circumstances here captain we know that the circle, fancy surrounding her disappearance and her death are considered by law enforcement to be suspicious, and that's why this victims name finds itself on this list and as a potential victims in the series right, but the complications in the condition of the body.
did not allow the medical examiner to determine the cause of death. Even though she's found relatively quickly notice that we have she's last seen July, twenty fifth and her body is recovered august night. Well again, legged said this breeding ground for serial killers. This is, though, you have heavy heavily wooded areas, and then those areas which are not highly they're, not highly traffic it by by individuals, and then you have a plethora, rodents and other animals that are gonna get to these vic, the problem being with a lot of these cases and You take a look at him and when you dissect the case, you start to see similarities we'll see similarities with these victims, where some of them were hitchhiking, were known hitchhike in word known to be in the act of hitchhiking. On the day,
did they were last seen, and then you compare that with the location of where the bodies are recovered from later and it look like you, have, if not the same killer and allow these cases you at least have someone with a relatively trite m o. But a very similar modus operandi picking up a hitchhiker pick a stranger and then went discarding of the body and a remote wooded area yeah. I would define all these cases as crimes of opportunity, but I believe this killer or killers is put in themselves and the right positions for. Those opportune opportunities yeah, I think, you're spot on and end. The experts would agree with you in this case, captain that you're exactly right
These are mainly victims of crimes of opportunity. Predator spots, pray random, procures them whether its snatch and grab Talking them into a vehicle or showing some kind of threat, gunnar threatened, forcing them into two being captive now, a captive victim and your exactly right, we often in anything that we do. We often create our own opportunities right, and what you have here is very high probability that if. Look, I I'll go ahead and get it out of the way. Now we don't need to dance around it too much. I don't think that all of these cases are in fact connected to one killer. I do believe, however, that several of them are in fact the work of one individual, and I think it gets a little difficult to to do
I'd, which ones belong in that category and which ones don't, but whoever whoever committed these crimes is somebody that was out looking for somebody right? I think that the perpetrator of several of these homicides with somebody that, without trolling in the area, trolling near interstate ninety one for a good deal of time for several years and years. Crimes of opportunity, but the killer created one opportunity by constantly be driving out by themselves. trolling around in their free time. In looking for a potential victims that brings us to Bernice court comanche. That brings us to Bernice court. and she she was only seventeen years old. She was seen alive around three thirty in the afternoon on may thirtieth, nineteen, eighty four she was
seen hitchhiking on route twelve. This is near claremont, new hampshire. She, was working as an assistant at a nursing home part time, while also attending high school court man. She was a nurses aid and she's last seen on the thirtieth of may nineteen. Eighty four she's reported missing the very next day. Authorities said that her skull it remains were found nearly two years later, so this was april nineteenth nineteen. Eighty six, the remains were discovered off of cat whole road in newport. Her body was He can pose an autopsy revealed that Comanche had been stabbed to death. Comanches case has been popularly linked to these this series of crimes, the unsolved killings of the connecticut river valley, killer, but cold case officials. Don't believe that all of the cases that we are going to discuss
are connected the thing that they keep pointing out, though, when they anytime that they say. We don't believe that all of these cases are in fact connected. They use followed up with a statement that similar to their saying that the possibility can't be fully investigated until one of these cases get solved which makes sense, so you have this the span of in depending on where you go for your information or who you talk to you get a very degree of how many victims are we actually talking about that could be in the series and on Julie, we're gonna be telling you the same thing that we we can't look at all these. Aces and say there are one hundred percent connected, no ifs answer, but but again I feel strongly that many of these cases very likely are connected. So those numbers we keep sing, sing, women are ten women, but really those bears very captain from as few as seven victims, all the way up to potentially thirteen or fourteen victims.
I would actually argue that it could be double that and the reason why is because, like I said this, is these are grounds for hitchhiker that we have in this area that we then found the remains of how many of these hitchhikers were never found, and so ass, we have eight bodies that are found. Now we gotta figure out of these bodies are connected in any way shape or form, but how many victims did they not fine? How many missing persons. Within this time frame and roughly this area and again, law enforcement is putting these crimes within fifty miles. Is the hunting ground for this individual or multiple individuals even further than that? So if you then figure out there, couple these cases might be connected and he had put him in this group overhear group a and then you connect a couple other.
The other victims and their connected put him in group be, and now we get to killers humming. Victims are not found in that area and I think for one thing that I paid close attention to captain was more so where the victims were last seen, roar what evidence suggests to wear the abduction took place or where whatever went wrong started to occur because in this is gonna sound, very cold of me to say this, but this is nothing new here in the garage we talked about this way back when we first covered the tony anthony muncie case He had seen in several cases in the eighties, where victims were either abduct did or somethin went down that which lead to their death. There, murder in Columbus or the greater columbus area, but it was not uncommon-
especially in the eighties and still, unfortunately not uncommon today, to then ff and a columbus victim to find them in delaware, county north of columbus, north of franklin county and sometimes. Unfortunately, you have a situation where you find bodies and similar areas over a great length of time or a period of time and it doesn't necessarily mean that all the cases have to be connected. Sometimes, unfortunately, again, this is going to sound cold, but sometimes there's just good places to put a body and therefore people do it one it's the easy place because of the terrain just to get lost yeah, and you see there in the unsolved mysteries coverage to when it shows. Robert stack then later shows the psychologist who helped police on the case, then walking
This would in area and very quickly when you're looking at the segment, you see them in the woods ago. Yeah, I kind of get it why somebody would place the body there and that you have these cases. Where the remains are not found for months or even years of two years, almost two years in this last case, that we just talked about and Bernice his case, and you understand why it took so long for the body to be recovered, there's nothing that, suggests that anybody hell Bernice current ranch you for a long period of time. It's very light. Lay the. Unfortunately she was killed shortly after she was abducted or shortly after she hitch it and got into the wrong vehicle, and so, if you can
can look at the terrain, as you have pointed out, and understand that there are reasons why a killer or somebody that killed somebody would place a a victim there. It's in the hopes that they're not recovered or if they are recover, that time is the killer in evidence has been destroyed due to time that leads us now to Ellen freed from newport. She was age. Twenty six when she was last seen talking on pay phone. She was talking to her sister on the pay phone outside of LEO's market. This is a convenience store, small, convenient, storing, claremont. This took place July. Twenty seven nineteen eighty four freed sister would later tell investigators that at one point, During their phone conversation, her sister
Alan, told her there. A car had driven by an out of fear freed, had checked to make sure that the engine of her own car was still working. This car had spooked or they had drove back I'm getting the feeling here that she price all the vehicle more than one on one occasion, if she's checking to make sure they her end is still working and then noting that to her sister there's, a bunch of things in this case, or these cases bother me or give law enforcement trouble. One is just lack of eyewitnesses, but. case and particular out of all of them really haunts me because, as we have all been, there when we ve been somewhere or we feel like it hours following us or something, and seem right, sir, I can some of these cases, like especially with the hitchhikers. They were hitchhiking and got into the wrong vehicle,
but in this scenario she's well where of what's happening, well aware, there's something not right going on here and then she goes missing. And her case reminds me, captain of James iraqis case the survivor, and it also reminds me of another one of these cases- I can see some connections in some of these cases. In some, some similarities as we go through these now She's last seen last heard of talking to her sister on this pay phone. then. A few days later, Ellen frites car was found two miles from the LEO's market, she was on the phone, with her sister, her skin toll, remains, were found in a wood. It area next to the sugar river, this in kelly veil and the greater Kelly ville area of newport new hampshire. Now
Her remains or not, recovered until September nineteen, nineteen, eighty five so again We have a situation. This is over a year later after she was last heard from alive and well. The autopsy revealed the cause of death to be undetermined again because the kit, the skeletal, remain Things were in such a state of decomposition that it didn't really give proof positive evidence as to how she was killed. However, the circumstances of her disappearance and the findings at the scene, where her body was there were covered, were consistent with Ellen having been sexually assaulted before her death, the case has been treated as a homicide. Her body was found,
in the same wooded area as Bernice comanche. We also have the unsolved homicide of eva morse. Her remains were found in unity on April twenty fifth nineteen. Eighty six. She was twenty seven years of age at the time that she went missing. She was Last seen on the morning of July, ten nineteen, eighty five hitchhiking on route, twelve near north charleston, new hampshire, the medical examiner determine the morse had been stabbed to death if you had, the needs to be brought back to life hundreds of years in the future. Would you take it wonderings, newest podcast. Rose and head hosting
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all right. We are back things for journeys here. The garage cheers to everybody and happy holidays, happy holidays. Merry christmas, everybody have a safe wonder, four holiday season. I want to give a quick shot out your cap into dennis and jack's and beautiful parts unknown dennis checked his bought a five year and review and he has listened to over twenty nine thousand minutes of true crime garage and twenty twenty two that's over four hundred an eighty three hours of captain and colonel goodness for the ear balls big ball. So if you have listened to more than dennis- we'd at me, a screenshot at tc g- and I see I want to hear from you. I'm searching for the garage is most avid listener of twenty twenty two, so pictures to dennis out there in his dog jack sue. I imagine jackson,
the great shape as well denisov. If that, if all of these minutes- listening work conducted during dog walking sessions, this now captain brings us to one of the more difficult victims in this series for me anyway- and this is the victim Linda more who was aged thirty six and go and throw this out here. Right now, her murder, her the detail surrounding her murder and the speculate she's on her case, is, is enough to cover one or two episodes on her own. And this is the one to me where I quickly look at it and have a very difficult time- lumping it and with the others. This case is quite different and my mom simply because she was killed in sight of her house and so extends river vermont on April fifteenth nineteen. Eighty six.
So we know she was an out hitchhiking. We know that wasn't found, you know somebody out trolling around and finds a potential victims, arrest area or on a pay phone. This woman was and killed in her own home. We know her body was found in her body. You know it wasn't like shoes at a pay phone and that their body was in the woods like some of the other victims. But this is what I think makes it so difficult for law enforcement about connecting these cases is because, if you have these killers and we see this all the time these colored could have a loop all white. I drive this gas station cause they have a pay phone, and I see if anybody's, at the pay phone, and then I go This rest stop and I see if any base there and then I drive along the freeway
see if abies hitchhiking see if any bays card broke down right, and is it possible that this killer stopped at a convenience store in and sees her and followed her back to the house that possibility to the good thing for the investigation, and her case is that you have a good deal more of evidence and information to really a home in on what exactly went down and who is responsible for her homicide, where you don't have that in many of these other kay, so in the case of Linda more look that afternoon, her huh is the one that round her stabbed to death inside their home, and they did there's this. tragic story. This true tragic story of not only of this wonderful lady, This mother of two, who is key in her own home, but they try
I too, ok, so her husband finds her in the afternoon. He drove home from work discovers, his wife has been murder and inside their home. The police are now on the scene and they're looking through the evidence, in trying to figure out what happened, but at the same time they are scrambling to stop the school buses. So the all buses are out in the area and their driving the kids home from school that day, Linda more Two children were on a bus en route to their whole, they were scheduled to be dropped off at any minute. That's awful and, of course, the fog in police. Nobody wanted the children hopping off the bus, walking re enter this murder scene. And seeing their mother, and this condition that they are even remove the body from the senior and the police
I'd their damnedest. But this is one of those edition Tragic stories that comes along with these stories that we tell each week that they kept stopping bus after bus couldn't get a car to the bus. It actually had Linda moors children on it in time. The kid showed up and were dropped off at the driveway of their whole, Fortunately, by that time Of course, we already have their father on the scene, he's the one the discovered linda having been stabbed to death, but their grandparents We had also been notified and were on sea on the scene and able to intercept the children, put them in their car and on actually deliver the bad news then, and there to them at that time, so they didn't have to witness anything unnecessarily. But it was just one of those weird stories where police did their damnedest to try to spare further trauma now, prime
to being stabbed, lend more was sunbathing. On her long, several people were seen out, side of linda moors household, including a mysterious dark, haired man with cheap sunglasses. I should be clear with cheap glasses, there's nothing to indicate that they were sunglasses. and a blue knapsack, although Linda more, was not left in the woods like the other victims, her body she was stabbed in that specific pattern. shown in other standing victims in the valley, profiling philip and who we talked about he's the psychologist that assisted police in this investigation and others related to the economy, it river valley homicides. He believes that its past, well the killer had been interrupted, which prevented him. Then moving the body to a morsel,
who did area more secluded location like we found with some of the other victims. The other thing that gets difficult in these cases captain he's trying to determine where the victim was killed. I'm of the belief that it is possible that some of the victor, were killed where they were found or near where they were found, but like you had said earlier. There is also the possibility, in one two or several of these cases, they may have been killed. Vehicle or killed elsewhere and then transported to the secluded area for the purposes of hoping that the bodies would not be found, unlike we said, there's not a lot of eye witnesses that are connected to these cases, so we don't have a vehicle that we're looking at that connects all these cases together. After the murder of Linda more, this brings us to what many believe to be the last of the deceased victims. This is Barbara Agnew, who was thirty eight when she vanished
Agnew was a divorce say with a young son. She was well as a nurse at a cardiac unit, barber was last seen at the stratton vermont ski area, where she had been skiing with her friends and jane where of nineteen eighty seven per vehicle this is a bmw was found at a interest. Ninety one northbound rest stop in hartford vermont on the tenth. This is a few miles from our whole on me, twenty eightth, her body was found. And it was determined that she had been stabbed to death in the rural area of heartland vermont. She to do so, that be shaped, stabbing patter. This cases is really weird to me too, because, where her bought, where her vehicle is found is just
a few miles from her home, so police, friends and family have been baffled as to why barber Agnew would stop her vehicle that night she's heading hole And I said her corps was later located, just a few miles from her home now some have suggested that look. The snow was here that night? Maybe she decided to take a break from dry? being. Maybe she wanted to throw out some garbage from her vehicle or even make a phone call, pay phone at that rest area, but or the sum This thing as the she had to use the rest. She, yes, that that's on that list of of speculation, why? Why did she stopped again? Many people have said, but if she, if it wasn't an emergency, Why stop at all when the vehicle she's just a couple miles from her home? You know tooth, for more minutes, she's at home. I look at this.
On an wonder if we have a completely different situation in this case that we might not have in some of the other ones. I wonder if. She had been forced off of the road or someone someone tricked her into stopping somewhere along the way- and they could this a situation where the killer or killers moved her vehicle after you're very possible but, like I said in that scary to think about, and once we get to jaynes case because Jane stopped, cause in Jane's case. She stopped to get a a soda and a vending machine. So ought to just to think about this. We have a killer, that is,
goin in some kind of pattern and he's checking the areas that people hitchhiker he's, checking convenience stores, he's checking for people that or their cards are broke down on the side of the road he's chicken rest stops his check and pay phones. He check in places her vending machines and its probably theirs there's, probably some kind of high that he's getting just by went into these locations knowing He might be finding a victim more than once. You see somebody at his locations or how many people around is there, opportunity for you to pounce yeah think you're exactly right here in this situation. Captain I think that its very similar to some bt k activity. You know after
The writer was arrested and even tried and convicted and in he put guilty to a lot of charges, and one thing that was weird: was they the experts and the authorities kept pointing out to him? You know you're one of the these, stranger serial killers, because you, unlike most of them, stopped killing well, first of all, very few serial killers killed for the length of time that, right radar did, and so naturally, there are going to be times when they stop killing and stop. As a weird word to you, because it's more like a pause right, it's a pause between homicides. an raider pointed out. He said, look, no! I never stop killing. I may out of actually killed anybody after this, this last homicide, but the of killing involved. So many other things for him and a law
Part of that was trolling and driving in in the excitement that he got looking for victims or his projects, as he would later call and you may have a similar situation here, where this guy doesn't ever truly stop killing. He just didn't acquire a victim, he was always out driving and looking around and, like you said, had his spots where he would like to go these hot spots. Cities checking for a potential victims and a pay phone given the time frame and given the cases that weave broader The victims are we ve brought up pay phone seem to be wrapped up into a lot of this guy's trolling or the methods that he's using the other thing go. Back to this idea. Where maybe you have this one case where
We're ag car may have been moved later to throw off investigators. I think you can go back to the Ellen freed case as well. Age. Twenty six she's on the pay phone talking to her sister. They find her vehicle a couple of miles from that LEO's market, that convenience store where she was last to be alive and well, you know it did did this Killer find a way how you find a way if Ellen gets back in her vehicle and starts to drive off find her vehicle. There's no signs that there was a stir, go in the vehicle, there's no signs that the vehicle wasn't working she had mentioned to her sister, hey this car, his spooked me that's driven by a spook me. So much, I was double checking to make sure that my engine still works. I can get in the vehicle now. Could she have run
the car trouble and they were able to trace that when they found her vehicle. Yes, that could be a situation, but if her or was working fine, as she indicated to her sister, then how did she get back in her vehicle she's already spooked she's already said that to her sister spooked enough to double check that the engine work. How does then somebody her out of her vehicle or get her out of her vehicle. To me. It almost looks like a situation where she may have never got back into that vehicle and whoever a hold over, did it before so and then chose to move her vehicle because they, when they spotted their victim, they spotted her on the payphone. They wanted to distance that vehicle or finding alan freed from that payphone yeah or the attacker attacks her in her car and takes off in her car then doubles back on foot to get his vehicle
you're right captain? That could be the scenario because we know with jane bureaucracies case are surviving victim that she was taken from her vehicle So, yes, we could see a similar ammo and some of these other cases are right. I think it's now time? This is the part of the case in that I like to call the great debate the real That's for an reasons against that. These cases are in fact all connected now, a great website, new england, unsolved blog spot, made a list four similarities between the cases, as well as a list of a case against a serial killer offender. In these cases, let's go ahead and review those now, Four similarities between cases, the first that they know is that all of the cases, except for criminals
definitively involved a knife attack. And yes, this is true. We see the choice of weapon here. In most of these cases, but one we have a knife attack that is involved for the cases had a specific stabbing pattern across the upper body in abdomen. The other cases may have also displayed this pattern, but were too composed to tell, although an attack to the upper body was present. Yes, oh similar injuries. This is interesting. This is. Little more specific than just victim after victim being stabbed to death. This is a specific stabbing pattern across the upper body and men, which is found in at least for these cases, could have been present in some of the other cases. But due to de composition, we can tell third on escaped in his with the exception of linda, more and jane veracity. All of the victims were killed,
what an area that they had been transported to weather they were transported there and then attacked or if they were attacked and then transported afterward. That is certainly up for debate, but what we do know is it with jane bureaucracies, attack her attacker attacker in that parking lot, and that small parking lot of the little convenience store that was closed and essentially just left her there to die and you pointed out may have even it thought that she was close to death when he left her and then we have learned a more who we point out is very different, just simply for the fact that she was killed and found in her whole some of the experts. In this case share the opinion that Linda more in that attack in her home that the killer may have been interrupted and some even say that
The attack on jane ascii, who survived mason, we have been interrupted as well. They go on to point out. The two sets of victims were found in very close proximity to each other. That's one thing that look. We pointed out that sometimes you just have a good location. Where people tend to for lack of better word, dump bodies or try to hide bodies, but one thing that we cannot move off of is the fact that two sets of victims were found very, very close to one another. It's almost like green river killer. type situation, where he was dumping in discarding of victims in clusters right thing that's problematic, for that. The investigation is that three of the victims were known to be hitchhiking at the time that they were last seem to us attacks. This is in the freed in the Brodsky attack, definitive
involved a pay phone and were near pay phones at the time of the attack. We know that freed was on the phone, with her sister and then she vanishes. We know that the barofsky attack, the killer or the attempted killer for whatever reason used the phone as a way to communicate with the victim saying: hey does that phone work? What we don't know is with some of the other cases. It is past bull data, pay, phone or soda machine or a stop at a convenience store may have been. An element in some of the other cases, the agnew case, the moors case a critically and the core mansion cases that certainly a possibility just because we don't know exactly when our victim was abducted right now
right. I mean since, as the captain pointed out earlier and John phil been points out with his assessment of these cases, that he speculates that its past All that the killer would regularly check these areas. Looking for spots along his route is trolling route that that include pay. Phones that include soda machines are places where victims may potentially stop and arrest area. It john filled and goes as far as to suggest that it would be interesting to learn of who would sir,
these machines, the pay phones or the soda machines, the vending machine, yeah or similar too late. The bt k, I believe, BT came ordinance. Raider got his job with eighty t because it gave him the opportunity to hunt when he was working, and so, like you said, is somebody services in these pay phones, earth services leads vending machines or possibly even cleaning these locations, breast stops or convenience stores or where even maybe trash pick up her multiple different jobs that would allow this individual to be trolling or hunting for victim. Any right would bt k that job with eighty t gives him insight, gives him entail
into people's homes and their concerns with their own safety, while their at home, and that's very interesting. It's it's like on the job training right. Where he's their he's getting a job in doing a job that he's getting paid for, but at the same time, he's getting intel and he's getting insights into things of his fantasy life of his cubed life of the cuban version of dennis rate or the one that wants to gain access to some. He's home and then kill whoever he finds inside. We also don't know how large the hunting ground was, because it could be a difference between the hunting ground in the dumb sites, so there could be a smaller area where the
a person can go out on me. I'm going to tell my wife I'm going to the store real, quick to to pick up a couple of items, but I can drive around for about thirty to forty minutes without her suspecting that I'm doing this, I think he would get off on the hunting as much as he did the actual killings. I think you're right, and I think that there's plenty of evidence to suggest that you're right, this case here. They also list a case against a serial offender and hear some the items they suggest. That would say, hey where these are not all acted were not looking at one killer, whose committed all these groups so, and they point out that in the past twenty years, the vermont in new Hampshire, police have officially declared their opinion that these attacks could not all be related. One case to be made
is that all of the women led very different lifestyles, had different appearances and were a variety of ages. They go on to point out the serial killers often work within a particular groups such as young women with blonde hair. Another concern was the timing, even if a few attacks were related and occurred within a short amount of time What could explain the long gap between the killing of male again and then critically, but in a very abbreviated period of attack between the other women to some these attacks off the top line seemed unrelated to the three attacks that occurred in just one year, and two months in claremont knew how
Sure. Finally, one must question why so many different suspects have arisen with different physical attributes. The person believed to be involved with Linda moors attack was described as having dark hair, and then in some of these cases we have a suspect that is described as having blonde early here. I think that the this list here is a little problematic. I like that. It was put, gather and to be honest with you, if someone asked me to create such a list, I would put together the exact same list of a case against a serial killer. However, we keep referencing decay and that's not by mistake. That's because you- and I were- I knew and hopefully, I'm not talking out of turn here captain, but from our congress nations about this potential serial killer here right. I've already stew,
I do not think that all of these cases are connected. I think it likely. Some of them are, though, the result of one single killer. However, it's not by mistake that we're referencing bt k, because if you look at the extended profile of this individual. It aligns with that of somebody like Dennis rader bt k, somebody that is not just fits into the general public, but is a part of the public that is a part of the community, could be a father, could be a husband and, other probably works a job, maybe maybe even attends church, and member of their community and active member in their community. I think that there is a chance of the chance for that here. I also think that there could be reasons
that would explain away why you had these weird gaps in the killing, so we know what dennis raider he took gaps his killings and a lot of it had to do just with what was going on in his regularly in his normal person, life right that the life gotten- way of his hobby and his army was hunting in killing. and we know that with Gary ridgeway, the green river killer. That happened with him as well went through a couple, different marriages and when he was in in the early stages of his marriage? He wasn't out hunting and killing, and we ve also reviewed other serial killers and other offender that only offended win, their wife was pregnant or when they were. triggered by something some event in their normal life. They were laid off from a job and in because they had nothing to do for six weeks, they managed to kill two people in a six week
window where they had only killed one person a year leading up that wasn't with a lot of different serial killers is they they kill somebody, and then they tell themselves they're, not gonna. Do it anymore and they're not going to succumb to these urges that they have So did it was just a mistake. It was a one time thing I'll, never do it again. I lost control bright. So this whole to me it's poppycock, every I'd say not every, but I would say the majority. The majority high percentage of serial killers have gaps in their killion. So to me it's a poppycock stay. I think of where I fall is a little differently than then europe, I think did. traditionally the killers that I have reviewed. They tend to kill and then they increase the frequency and which they kill, but at the same time there there are also going
off the rails, they're losing control of themselves, while they might be getting better in the early stages with the first handful of victims. Eventually, they start to go off the rails and they're losing control of themselves and start to create a whole lot of mistakes, and then they get caught. the problem with applying that here is if, in fact, the serial killer is responsible for the majority of these cases, we're talking about a killer that has not got caught right. Somebody that is different from those that do get caught. So I think, when you were view, this list of a case against a potential serial killer you could easily take serial killer, that we reviewed here on the show and other wise and look at this and say yes
while all of these items certainly do present a case against a serial killer, you could then argue: okay, well, here's three examples or five examples of why it fits with this, this other type of killer that we know out there we caught that that we are fully aware of who he was what he did and who, as victims were right, but I'd, make an argument. Look, I agree with you. Yes, there's a lot of killers that you can look at, that they kill somebody and then then there's a time gap. Then they kill somebody else and there's a time gap and then eventually those gaps become smaller and smaller. That happens a lot of the time, but I would still argue that before that urge him and we've heard it from dahmer- we've heard it from
body. Some of these guys go look at some point. It just got to the point where I'm not going to fight it anymore. I am what I am, and I'm just going to do this and I'm just going to go full full board, but I would argue before that moment that you could find gaps in all of their killings. That brings us to another interesting question: are the victims that we discussed? Are they all the potential victims of the connecticut river valley killer. Now, if you do some digging on this case, there are at least five other cases it. Some people include as part of this series, there's one still unsolved case way back in nineteen, sixty eight Then there's an elderly woman in nineteen eighty to theirs even a male victim in eighty six, we have unidentified
means founded nineteen, eighty nine, and then we have the cold case of carry moss of new boston who went missing in nineteen, eighty, nine and then her skeletal remains were found almost exactly two years later. A cause of death in her case has never been determined due to de composition. Her case has been treated as a homicide, though now why thing here, captain due to time constraints and due to the fact that we already agree, as do so many others that when you were view this list of seven or eight victims, and it gets hard to quickly discern who is connected and who is but it seemed a little ran bumptious to me to try to dissect all of these other five cases. Them victim seems to be an outlier where doesn't seem to fit just because the victim ology and then the first one. Nineteen sixty eight may just be way too early in the series
and then you have the complications with the cases in nineteen. Eighty nine, with the the unidentified, remains and then the cause of death unknown in the carry mosque case. One again, we don't know if these killings just stopped or of this killer, reload did and for armchair detectives out there that want to do a little further digging themselves? The new Hampshire department of justice has a victim map that is helpful. It's not limited to the river valleys case, but if you go to d, o j dot, Annie each dot gov, you can navigate from there to the interactive victim map and a victim list for new hampshire, homicides and missing persons cases. Should someone want to troll that map and see, if any
The new Hampshire homicides fit into this potential, Sir When did they get bay for joining us here in the ground, so much more to get to impart to some stick around? Why don't ya and until then be good?
guys and don't let.
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