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The Connecticut River Valley Killer /// Part 2 /// 637

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The Connecticut River Valley Killer /// Part 2 /// 637

Part 2 of 2 


For about ten years between 1978 and 1988, eight women were murdered and the bodies scattered in wooded areas in the Connecticut River Valley region near Interstate 91 along the Vermont and New Hampshire border. Many of the victims were stabbed to death. Some stabbed in a specific pattern across the upper body. With some of the victims a cause of death could not be determined due to decomposition. Was this the work of a serial killer? Many think so. Join us in the Garage as we take a look at this strange case and review some of the suspects. A very special thank you to Jane Boroski for joining us and talking about her experience as the only known survivor of this vicious killer. Check out Jane’s podcast - Invisible Tears. 

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are believed to be connected to this Connecticut river valley killer and the ones that are debatable. We went into some of the evidence we went into the great debate of if, in fact, one individual is responsible for all of these murders, or do we have a situation where we may have a couple, people that are involved in some of these homicides here working unrelated to one another, and one thing: that's trouble. When we start to look at suspects in any of these types of cases, we start to see a weird pattern that there is a lot of bad do adds that seem to be in one area during the course of just a handful of years, and that's always terrifying- to learn so we'll go through the suspects they have been listed or named throughout the years in connection to the Connecticut river valley killer. Once us
act was Christopher wilder. Now this is a known serial killer. He killed in the area, but not he's not likely. In my opinion, to have been the river valleys kill it. We know that he abducted and raped at least twelve young women and girls. He tortured some of them and killed. At least eight of his victims, but this took place all within a short six week, time period when he went off the else, and he went on this cross country crime spree in the united states in early nineteen. Eighty four So his series of murders began in florida on february, twenty six, nineteen, eighty four and then continued across the country through taxes, Oklahoma, colorado, nevada and california, and he had attempted abductions
in washington, state and new york state before he was eventually tracked down and killed during a struggle with police in new Hampshire, now he's killed by police in new Hampshire on April thirteenth. Nineteen, eighty four, so when you just factor in those dates now there there are people that suspect that he may have killed before he went on the six weeks, the six week, long crimes worry that lead to many other victims he's not in the new Hampshire area. Until he's track down by police when he's killed, there are nineteen eighty four that also means that he would die I've even been alive for some of the later a ten year. This a real dish- canoe ship princess, but it's hard to put him in that region during the times of those killings are next aspect, is edwin town. He was looked at big time in a couple of these cases this guy,
no doubt a killer. Now I don't know about edwin being a serial killer. He may have been one in the making, in my opinion by he, certainly was a serial rapist. He is one of these horrible, true stories where you here that this dude it's out a prison and then he goes out and commits another horrible, violent crime. This guy, unfortunately he's one of these dudes man that he was locked up. He had been arrested for a sexual assault got in trouble. They knew that he did it. Then he goes out. He gets out of prison, goes out and commits it her sexual assault. They arrest him they thrown back in prison. He supposed to be doing this lengthy prison sentence because he's a repeat offenders he's a violent offend
rain and they let him out early and then, unfortunately, when he's out key abducted, a teenage girl in and killed her the victims, father rightfully, it has been up front centre for all media pointing out time I'm again! Look if this guy, if edwin town, would have been forced to serve out his time to the sentence that that was granted to him. He would have been locked up at the time that he abducted and killed my daughter, and so this one's as much as that, Town is to blame, so is the parole board and the people that let him back out on the street yeah. This is a huge stain on our justice system and it makes it look pretty pathetic. Next, on our suspect list, captain we have Delbert parliament,
tall man on may twentieth. Nineteen. Eighty four is suspected of having abducted sixteen year old, heidi martin, who went out for a job and heartland vermont. The next day her body was found in a swampy area behind heartland elementary school she had been raped and stabbed to death toll men, who is twenty one years old at the time after he's picked up captain he confesses to the rape and murder, and then he, brought to trial. However, he later we can't his confession and then gets an acquittal. Now nearly three years later, barber Agnew's body would be found up
exactly one mile from where heidi martens body was discovered. So in the general same general area tom and was a resident in bellows falls springfield an windsor vermont as well as claremont new hampshire. This is the epicenter of most of the connecticut river valley killings. He was later convicted in nineteen. Ninety six on two counts of lewd and lascivious conduct with a child and was incarcerated at lake county prison in florida for failure to comply with sex offender registration requirements. He was is released from prison and two thousand and ten yeah makes you wonder how they got that confession. I'd like to dive more into that, it definitely does, but his later crimes would back up the thought that yes, he should be a suspect in that heidi martin case right now If you want to look at victim, ology and say well, this killer, this river
Allie killer likely would would home in on a certain type of victim. Well, heidi martin doesn't seem to fit that victim ology to a t anyway, and if his later crimes are any indication of who he is and what kind of monster he was, then his prefer victim ology seems be younger people, children and he's acting on this. If he was guilty of the heidi martin, casey's he's acting at a at a young age of twenty one. So he's one of these people, just like the other two, where you can certainly put him on the list. There is good reason to put upon the list as a suspect. In this case, but I think, where you probably have the lean with torment, is that you can't eliminate him. I can see reasons why to eliminate Christopher wilder heave likely wasn't even in the
area. He wasn't even alive when some of the killings took place. Edwin town looks better than wilder tom and looks better than both of young, like you said, if the if, if his victim ology, if the victims that he is looking for is is of a younger age then? It doesn't make sense to me that this individual will be driving around as much as they would have to, because the I guarantee you and I I don't know what the percentage would be, but I guarantee their driving around and go into these spots in looking for opportunities. A lot more, their visiting those locations, a lot more than their actually finding opportunities and finding victims, and just how much driving could this person be doing? If we do in fact have one individual, that's responsible for the majority of these kids. you take a serial killer like william stuff, for example. Here
driving around and trolling for victims, so much putting so many miles on his vehicle. The day said that he had to replace anywhere between three to six tyres a year on his vehicle. So all of us just think think to our own personal lives on how long it is between times when you have to put two or four more tyres on your car. This dude unlikely whoever is responsible for a lot of these killings and in connecticut. River valley, but change out attire almost every other month because are put in so many on their vehicle, their spending so much time so much time of their each day. Each weak trolling around looking for a victim for every one of these victims. This is fortunately, and unfortunately, all the same type for every one of these victims that we ve named here today, there is likely
Four or five may be more that, for whatever reason he decided not to take a chance on my either he attempted to get him into his vehicle or he pulled up and was get ready to do something, but somebody else pulled up and he was interrupted. There's any number of reasons why other victims didn't look good enough for the time. Just wasn't right too take them and make them a victim one of the more popular suspects here captain is a man by the name of Michael nick allow. He is incredibly interesting to me he's one of these guys. That's a giant pile shit that we should light on fire. I'm convinced this guy was a serial killer in crimes that we know that he he did well back a lot of that thinking up. So in two thousand and five he kills his wife and his step daughter and himself and Tampa Florida.
petersburg. Private investigator comes out says that she is certain that there is a connection between Michael nick allow, an to six homicide victims from the Connecticut river valley case. the problem would nick allow is his residence was in holyoke, which was about ninety miles from Claremont as of now, this poi. This private investigator was able to determine that his wife, one of his wives, her her name was michelle. Had relatives in this area that might explain some of the gaps in the killing yeah. It's pretty fascinating, HU. We potentially have a killer that is operating in this area, but only when he is in
the area, and that he's not there all of the time right. This is an interesting thought to ponder, because one we got this guy that we know is capable of homicide. He kills his wife. He kills a step daughter and then himself. This is all during the course of a police stand off, but it go a little more psychotic than just a disk. Losing his mind and taken his wife and stepdaughter hostage and then in the course of a stand off and kills them? No, he travelled to tampa to do this to his wife. He travelled to tamper. They had been separated. He went down there with the purpose of harming unlikely with the purpose of killing her and her daughter. He then kills himself. We know that this private investor was able to create to link ties to the claremont area where the epicenter of these killings were taken
place, one. We don't know what she learned about him. Is it possible that she learned something awful about him, and that was the straw that broke the camel's back and he decided that they had to die in that he had to die as well. What's weird about him, though, his first wife disappeared, she's never been seen again. Well, surprise, surprise! Do we have Wait where these marriages are getting in the way of doing what it is that he wants to do the thing that's really interesting about him to is that
Michael nick, allow owned a jeep wagon here in the nineteen eightys, which is consistent with the vehicle described by the living, the surviving victim, jane brassy yeah, which will get into more details on her attack in a low. But one of the thoughts that the profile are put together, captain was it is their potential that this guy travels for work either only kills when he's home because he lives in the area or
kills when he's out travelling in the area. I've reviewed at least one other killer and I'm sure that there are probably more out there will no doubt others more than one killer out there. He genius, but there's one killer, that I reviewed in his name escapes me at the moment, but he is suspected of three homicides convicted of one and confess to another. So, within those three he's been convicted of one and he confessed to one of the others. They can't lock him down for the third one.
But he didn't live in the area, but he traveled to the area regularly and he chose to make that his hunting ground, because the problem for the investigators became that this guy's, not local, he doesn't live in the area, he's not easily lie. It's not easy to link him to that area for when these victims disappear or when they're later found bright and, like you said this guy lived roughly ninety miles way. That's not that far of a drive, especially if he has I'm an he has the means to get out and chooses to hunt outside of an area where he lives with the purpose of making it much more difficult to detect him as the actual killer,
So, like you said there a great debate, whether these cases are connected or they're not, and in a lot of these cases we just don't have a lot of details. We don't have eye witnesses, but we have a possible case that is connected to the rest of them, but we have a surviving victim and I was able to sit down with Jane barofsky to go over the events. Terrifying horrible events of the attack, which led to her being named being dubbed the the surviving victim of the connecticut river seven months pregnant. I was just looking forward to being a man decide to go to a fair where I lived is ass it our community, and they have an account
fair every year in swans in Hampshire, so The fear that was hot, hot, inhuman that summer was blue driving home from the fair I met up with evil. Start off at a closed door. It was was right on our main rule of roma. to win winchester. I was living in winchester at the time and root ten I stopped at disclosed clothes store. They had a vending machine outside a soda vending machine, so I just want to stopping and grab it quickly, On my way home and then your met with this horrible experience in this terrible man approaches your vehicle. You know I hate to kind of try to crawl into the mind of this individual, but I really want everybody to fully understand. situation in how everything played out. So when you pay, into this closed door with the intense hey, I'm gonna grab something to drink it. Is it dark out at this time
I was fairly, it was between having eleven thirty at night, the fair and just closed yeah. I pulled in I grabbed my sooner. The sort of the name is machine got back in my car. I opened the soda took a couple of steps and I was getting need a pull out at home. This jeep wagon here pulled up beside me on my passenger side and anything anything of it was you know at their. There was the vending machine and there was also a pay phone next to the vending machine. So I really didn't think anything of it was getting ready to leave and- I see him walking around the back of my car next thing. I know he's out my driver's door and he says on, the pavement again and right. He said that he opened the door and tried to grab mean. Take me out of the car
I was so scared I was screaming. I was fighting, scream, so much, and so here that I broke blood vessels. In my eyes, Somehow I got my foot up to kick him. And I was kicking Amman as I was kicking. Am I kept my way, shields and smashed. My when shield next thing I know it takes a knife out and his- and maybe this will persuade you to get out of the car so obvious It did I got out of the car, he was just doing so calm lake. to me to go with him that was that was Yes, he wanted me to go with them and I determined I was not going with them. He is, Not that I beat up is girlfriend and said that make I was a massachusetts car in and I was I think how I I beat up no girlfriend in my car his knee answer. My car has new hampshire plates.
And at this time I'm thinking how I got this guy's a whack job, what the hell, what is why you know I just can't understand easter. walking around the backside of my car at that time. I didn't feel and any more, I thought, maybe you just convened. New with somebody else. He lived at the play and then started walking back to his vehicle on the other side of my car and I'm thinkin, wait. A minute I ever saw asked windshield. So, of course, feeling threatened ice to him ass. He went about my windshield in our region. those words for the rest of my life, but I didn't feel threatened, Oh, he came back around and put the knife up against my neck.
You, had no way of knowing what you're dealing with. In that moment, you think you're. Just this is some guy he's AMOS took me for somebody that probably got into some kind of Situation with his girlfriend he's Gary road shoe either he figured out you're the wrong person or yet you have no idea who this guy is in the in that moment and then it sounds like you're pissed him off. I didn't know what he was capable of doing. I had no idea what why in asean in there, I why he was approaching I mean this is a small community swans in asia virtual no major crime and nineteen, eighty eight safe community and no forget back then in nineteen? the eight. There was no cell phones, there was no social media. I
now about these other hey society now that there was a serial killer, hunting name for my. I had no idea so came back around the car and he put the knife up against my neck. I I vehicle start driver was driving by the store and I knew the only way I was going to get out of that situation was to run to the road and scream and try and get their attention. So I did. I just dashed I started running to the road I was screaming and the car just went right back next thing. I know he tackled me down on the ground like a football player late right on the pavement and he got on top of me. I wasn't. back and he just proceeded to stab me. Lake just was disturbing uncontrollably, I alternately was stabbed twenty seven times
I was doing everything I could to protect my baby so I have a lot of defensive wounds on my hands. I wasn't just start stabbing and he got up and walked away I could hear him walking away like not running anything like that. Just walking away, and I'm thing and myself I gotta kill believe, is just happen for one and I like. Where is he now I can see him. I heard the view we'll start and start driving, by this time I new? I needed to get help, so I got on rolled over on my hands and knees, and I started getting up and I could just hear that the the blood just gush anatomy, I have been a look up any just drove right by and looked right at me and I looked right at home, but he name rush. It was just a slow drive by my head and then it- alas,
Obviously my body went into sharp and new. I need it to get help So I had a friend of mine that lived right on that mean roadway. Ten about two miles down the road signs. Ok, I'm gonna go to his house and he's gonna get me how? So I got my car I started driving down the road and before I knew I was driving right behind him and I was like- oh my god- he's gonna- know where I'm gonna pull off he's gonna see where pulling in, and I just fear all over again I pulled into my friends, house and- and he came right, screen door and he said I told them. I said some asshole just stabbed the shit out of me. I need help and I collapsed on his stops. And then a few minutes later, while not even a few minutes later a minute later also we hear the vehicle drive back by the house and lakes.
Its tyres, like almost slim alone, is breaks and then took off so we We know, we know it was him. He definitely knew that. I would I was at somebody's house? Get your attackers aware that you survived the attack. Is he aware that to your knowledge best year, knowledge anyway? Is he aware that you survive the attack before he leaves the parking lot of the? store? Well, he knows that I was getting up. I was trying to get up and- and you know get to my car- And I believe he knows I was behind him either As you will never turn around and came back when you were parking lot, did you see? When did you become a we are of the other vehicle, the deuce. Do you see? in poland or Are you only aware once he pulls up next to your car yeah, pretty much when he pulled in part right next to you
I mean, like I said I, they really pay much attention to it. The soda, She was there, a pay was, was their ages pulled in impaired? Next to my car on am I drive a passenger side Did you see what direction he came from? Did he poland, from the same direction that you were coming from or or identity? I never noticed ass described the vehicle for everybody out there, these a vehicles, and I know where we're talking about this well, after the fact you know where, where many years later and but vehicle description, suspect description. Those things are very important ever say they believe about nineteen. Eighty five jeep wagon here. edward green sides now accordingly waiting in the parking lot because they are legal fluorescent lighting. It was either a dark, blue or dark green. It was born
I'll drive, you sake not to awfully tom, maybe five, nine five, eight five, nine slender he is here. Kind of her brown, his hair slipped back. While I was in the hospital, I actually did a composite of the others. That's been out for a long time and I was gonna wonder I was wondering: are you responsible for the the one, the one I remember the most when looking into this case years ago, is the one with the the the dark kind of circles around the eyes. More than one composite out there for this case but the one that I remember is kind of the short short hair, dark, colored hair. The! U know, though, wrinkles ass, a forehead in the dark. Around the eyes, slander,
phase yeah, there's two of em there's one further random lender more case and he was wearing glasses in a recent lights. They have a tendency at night time to make a black or blue vehicle appear to be that green color, exactly inside. So he approaches you and what is I mean aside my blowing now, knowing that this, your attack is likely connected ill these all these other cases. But what kind of mine blowing in the heat of the moment is wait the way describe this to me. he says something to you that smoke and mirrors. That's the old magician trick right because its human nature, when somebody speaks to you to look towards their face with going to draw your attention away from what he really wants to do, which is get that land on your car door open before you have a time.
Time to react to that and happily and That to me tells me one of two things are both that this guy one has done this type of thing before or he's practised to do this type of thing but for whatever reason, we will never know until he caught, but for whatever reason you survive this attack because he leaves. you you know in and, as you said, we believe, He doesn't think that he's killed you at this point when he did when he does To leave or do you I believe I survived, because I didn't go with him. You really want me to go with him and, like the other victims of the connecticut, were valley murders. They are worth whether it was willingly or deep? He forced them to go with them, but then accept Belinda more, they are what went with him, so I believe
If I ever gone way with him, I would not be alive. I wholeheartedly believe near the the thing here to describe them again. I know you. You gave a good description, but I really want to home in on on what this guy look like back in August nineteen, eighty eight it's hard for me to describe, because I mean Thirty four years ago, you know I I I can remember his manner. How are you reed himself, which was very cool in very calm and not nervous I believe he's done this before before me. In his first rodeo. That's an obviously your I mean you're fighting for your life, your ear, the adrenaline kicks in you're, not so much paying attention to him and taking notes on what he looks like, but was there anything in particular? There was that stood out to you about him and it is his appearance or his clothing or anything that youth was very distinctive.
Well, I remember the way back when the detectives were questioning me. and when I was hypnotized here had no smell to him, so he wasn't a dirty and he didn't have any body odor smell or anything like that, which was unusual especially being such a hot humid summer, so they felt like he was arm obviously a clean person, a member here I remember him wearing dark clothing, but exactly what kind of dark clothing? I really don't remember. See. I wish I had paid attention to these details at the time, but again
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Heads it's a story about the desire to avoid death, the links that people will go to, that a reality and what it means to be alive to begin with, listen the latest episodes of frozen head, where, ever you find your favorite pod guest terrifying stuff. There. Thank you to Jane bureau C4 sitting down with us and in educating us and giving her insights and in what actually happened to her that that terrifying evening now, bosky mentioned rich
turning to her car and then driving on new hampshire, rout, thirty, two she's thou fleeing to a friends house for help. After this attack ass, she gets close the house. Now we have this. It's like straight out of a horror flick. Oh my god. I I'm right behind the vehicle of the person that just attacked me. The just tried to kill me. She then to her friends house, the friend comes running out too to aid, her she's barely able to walk at this point, and this is Says her attacker apparently made a u turn and then drives slowly passed her and her friend staring them down before speeding off into the dark of night Yes, so when you hear this part of the story and when I heard this part of the story
it makes it seem like. Maybe the attacker knew that this could be his victim and maybe that she was still alive. I don't think that at hall, if we connect all these cases- and I think there is a strong argument that you can- because its crimes of honour opportunity, it's a killer and his vehicle driving around hunting. Looking at stores looking for people broke down on the side of the road. Looking for hitchhikers looking for anybody, that's vulnerable heeds driving away from this attack. He is miles away from the attack. A car drives is driving me.
Find him. This is also these areas that these huntings, that the hunting is taking place in there were moat, there's, not a bunch of cars all the time, the time of day there's not a ton of vehicles out, so he sees a vehicle turn off into a drive, and I think. This was just another thing that he did another way of hunting. Ok, I'm gonna he? U turn because this car just turn off into their driveway. I'm gonna drive back and drew back slowly to see if there is an opportunity. I then once I look he might not even known it was the same vehicle he might not have known that it was a a female driver, but once he sees
more than one person he drives away, and I think that this proves that all these case, the victim ology in these cases. Don't really matter too much to me because I think the more important thing is: when he's out there, hunting and having these urges that when there was an opportunity that seemed there's no their cars common in, like you, said how many other victims would there be if a card and pull up another car didn't pull up or maybe that when they saw somebody at the pay phone, when they pulled up to two points, themselves into a better opportunity to commit this crime that they saw multiple people in the car waiting on the person? That's making the phone call either it's more about that. They, they didn't see that
miller come back because he thought it was the victim. I think he was looking for another victim yeah. You could certainly make a strong argument for both sides of the fence here right. We know the with other killers that, when they set out to do something, a lot of them have to do that they have to achieve that before they are done hunting for the day. We know that to be the case in several other serial killer, so we have the experts here who say all right well, if Jane brass keys case is in fact connected to these other ones. Well, it's only different. The result is only different and circumstances are only different from some of the other attacks and the other victims, because the killer must have been interrupted. So your exactly right captain if these experts are correct- and he was in fact interrupted
was aware that he had not killed this victim that he found in the parking lot was his dark passenger, his factor Ex not associated was it was he not able to get that thrill that was seeking that night and why He trolling for another victim and happens to see this vehicle and thinks all they turned in there I'll see where they turned into and how vulnerable they look as are getting out of, vehicle and then realises? Oh, no, that's the the woman that I attacked and she did survive and then drives off, The other thing, though, to the other argument for that forego against. It would be jaynes description of that night where she says: oh shit, the first car she come in contact with? She is very aware that it's the it's the vehicle of the man who just attacked her. So we
that she's close enough to identify his vehicle right, even they were only together for a brief period of time in the parking lot together. She was well aware of what vehicle. He was driving, he there likely as well. She was close enough for him to identify her vehicle any he has his oh shit moment. I've gotta turn around. She pulled in I'm going to finish the job now as he slowing down to get a look at what's goin on he realizes. There's somebody else there. This is a safe place for jane, and I can't Go into further risk by by attempting to attack both of these people, now I'm better off to just drive off one thing that I thought was amazing in her case. And terrifying. This is one of the things that stuck with me from being a little boy watching that unsolved mysteries when they show that reenactment of her hypnosis session, where she say.
she's, trying to see the license plate the rear license plate of her attacker and this as portrayed on unsolved mysteries would have been from when she pulled up from behind he's already fleeing this. The scene where here the killer. She survived she's fleeing trying to get help for herself, and then she sees the the attackers vehicle sees his license plate. He struck she's trying to make it out, but in that hypnosis reenactment she says the license plate is dirty. Ok, well aware, get near as a vehicle that you could have taken off road you could see, given terrain off of some parts of interstate. Ninety, one that yeah you could have muddy tyres are or dirty vehicles or vehicles that appear to have been off routing. But I remember as a kid thinking how scary is that its very likely that
dude simply at some point stuck his hand in modern puddle and rubbed it on the back of his license plate because he knew he was going out trolling. He knew he was going to be out doing some very suspicious committing some very suspicious behavior and any deterrent from people being able to identify him, as that person is in his favor right, or is this guy a sick son of a bitch and wipes his Own ass, with his own hand, then uses his little shit hand to cover up his license. Plate means possible, thankfully, Jane survive as we all are well aware, from the interview there but- and I say that chuckling, not just because a silly for
meet a lead in that way, but I do want to get into some of the some of the details here, because it's it's important. The devil is in the details. Her life was saved that night by herself and by her friend and by personnel at the hospital where she was later treated right. This was a horrific attack. She suffered a. severed jugular vein to collapse, lungs, a kidney laceration and severed tendon in her knees and in her thumb, she's pregnant at the time, and fortunately, god bless her baby survive, although with not without complications. What we do. Get, though, is Jane is able to provide authorities with the composite sketch and then later the first three characters of the attackers license plate. There are
me that believe, given the manner of her attack, the weapon being a knife and the location in which it took place. That jaynes case is absolutely connected to some of these other cases. I personally believe that its connected to some of these other cases too, and I say that simply because of the nature the attack, the vending machine in the paper- and I know that sounds silly, but we cannot discredit the fact that in two of the other cases there is a pay phone now. We know that Jane didn't use the pay phone, but to me it is almost mesmerizing and in some forms, possibly even brilliant, if that was purpose, we done in the reenactment on unsolved mysteries and again it's just a reenactment that we we don't know how much truth is in that it. We can't say that it. One hundred per cent went down that way, but when the attacker ask her about the phone, is that
phone working, that's in then immediately opens up her card or that's almost like a magician strict, a little sleight of hand right also talking so your eyes, your eyes move up to my face up to my mouth, where the words are coming. and, in the meantime, I'm using I'm I'm moving my hand toward that card or which you do not want me. Opening up that card or I've taken your attention off of the corridor. Now away from my hands, the other it's almost brilliant too is- was that just a very simple way of figuring out very quickly had she called anybody brain because if and again I think in some of these cases there is evidence to suggest that may be the victims vehicle was moved if he intended to a doktor from there
before she puts up a struggle, he may have intended to go back and move her vehicle yeah. That makes a lot of sense, but you don't really yeah you don't really want to do that or you don't need to do that. I guess if somebody already aware that you are in this location haters that pay phone She says- I don't know she doesn't know, because you didn't use that might be good intel for, the attacker originally shortly after her attack, we have a big shift in the investigation. Now we have with this with this composite sketch and with her statements police believing that she would be able to identify her attacker. Should we, some in a line up there. How very optimistic that they are finally going to be able to bring closure to potentially some of these other cases. While the view call that she describes a jeep wagon near and
she doesn't describe it as a beat up vehicle and so again, you're in this area, your hunting for victims use the people that are their hitchhiking? If you have a nice, vehicle there more likely to get in the car and also that type of vehicle hard. If you attack somebody at one location that you're able then to move them pretty quickly, it's it's not like it's a two door sports car and be difficult to get a victim in and out. This is this is a vehicle. They as a big hatch back a few commit a crime somewhere else. You can take that body and put in the hats bag drive down Road and then quickly get
now the vehicle as well. She described the attackers driving a jeep lagging ear with foe, would paneling and that that is more concrete. Then this portion, because we have the hypnosis session, which leads To her, stating that the three of the numbers on the license plate were likely six six and to an she also states that it's possible that the license plate was from new Hampshire, again I think you put. The heavy waited material in evidence here is the jeep wagon here with the foe would paneling. She seems certain on that. The six two on the plate and potential new Hampshire play a lot less credible, although all she's trying to do is help now, she goes on to describe the attacker as
blonde with thinning hair and had a narrow face and was between five seven. Maybe five, eight hundred fifty two hundred sixty pounds. One thing that was interesting to me here captain was, I always thought, of this type of vehicle. As rather unique, you know not certainly not one, kind, but more rare than then more commonly driven vehicles yeah, but we have information here that police armed with this information from brusquely from her attack. They tracked down sixteen hundred wagon ears, they were in the larger area here and they were unable to connect one of them to james attack, and it would appear that the killings stopped following Jane. Barreaux skis attack
and then, as we pointed out earlier in our coverage, a lot of these cases, if not all of them have become very cold sense. That's a good difficult thing to because- With some of these killers, we see that they wrestle with this demon themselves and is possible that this serial killer was wrestling with these demons and then I realise that one of his victims got away and that she would able to identify him now, there's a sketch out there. Now the identity of my car. is out there. Is that enough for this person to try to put that part of their life behind them and not only put that part of their life behind them, but if they weren't even local to the area,
rain and chose this as their hunting in their killing ground. Maybe they then say you know what it's got too risky. It's gotten a little hot air for me I need to move on and pick another area. Sir operation. Up in another location, while what I would like to know too, as out of those vehicles that you're able to identify as law enforcement, which of those vehicles were, sold because I could see somebody gone well. I was done five by vehicle was a den of fine. I'm gonna sell this vehicle. You also like to know the details of the tracking down sixteen hundred wagon ears. Right What does that in fact mean? Does that just simply mean? Are we we, we gotta, pull up records on sixteen hundred wagon ears, and none of them had a six six to license plate. So we we moved on or does
I mean boots on the ground actually going out and talking to the owners and looking at the vehicles yeah. The other difficult thing in this case and it was tart, I think, a little bit. I mean I watched so many different things on this case and, like we said it was an unsolved mystery
but I believe at some point jean claims at sea believe that soon she knew the identity of her tiller. Yes, in she cleared that up when I spoke with her, because what had happened over the course of some years was Michael nick allow the man that killed his wife, his step daughter and then himself in december of two thousand and five and keep in mind his first wife had disappeared. He suspected for being responsible for her disappearance and many believe that that he killed her and is able to tucker away somewhere that nobody has been able to locate. Her remains at one point: Jane does identify Michael nick allow as the man that attack
turn that night and for a lot of people? That was the final solution, o k case cloves this guy? That killed himself is responsible for a lot of these. If not all of these homicides that when unsolved and responsible for the jane barreaux ski attack, there are several people they think Michael nick. Allow is good for all of these. I think there's a good chance that he could he could be responsible for some of them, but Jane says. Look she changed her mind later that Michael nick allow was not the man that she saw that night and she says that she simply fell pressured by other people to name him as her attacker and she did name him and she faults herself, but she says look I was vulnerable and I felt a little book
and I felt pressure to name him as my attacker and she said that for maybe a portion of her life, she even believe that herself were convinced herself that Michael nick allow was her attackers now says all these years later. No, it was not Michael nicolau allow that attacked her that night when he had fallen for anything, because the amount of trauma that you went through with the attack, then after the attack and again lucky to be able to deliver her child, but then her child has repercussions of the tec and then and what your life must be after something I mean, can you imagine she stopped to get? something to drink on our way home. No big deal
Then that small time frame she is confronted with a monster. The fact that she can even get up and get out of our house ever is is. It is a huge win, because I dont know how so make it go through. That And find the strength to trust society again, where an that's. What's so tat lying when you were view, these number of cases as it that we just did in this coverage of this connecticut river valley killer. Whether or not these attacks are connected, it's terrifying to review it because you can go all right. Well, three of the victims were hitchhiking and not the victim blame here, but every one of us does this. When you review these things are going well, it's not very safe that a dangerous thing to be getting into a strangers car, especially if you are a woman out walking on a road by yourself for you.
in an area that you're not familiar with, but in chains case, it's likely a pregnant craving the nudged her to stop and pick, soda on the way home Mining, our own business she's, just a woman living her her normal life and then out of nowhere she's attacked in a parking lot and damn near killed. There is of working in one thing, that is good in this case captain it received a good amount of coverage. There are a lot of websites out there that are dedicated or devoted space to the investigation and into some of the information in this case, and it's been covered fairly well on tv as well and in the media. There is a profile what they're? In again, depending on where you go, you're gonna get various forms of this profile. But I'll give you the simple version which states that.
The killer is a loner now to really kind of dissect. That statement you look at somebody like Dennis radar he would have been considered a loner as well, even though he had a wife children, he was active in his community at his church. He was involved with the boy scouts. You look at that. You will disguise not really much of a loner, this Dennis raider, but when really start appeal back the layers of the onion and you get to the core of dennis raider. You realize that, while he's while doing these other activities. It's a facade he's only he's only pretending to be the guy that you know the friendly neighbor, the active boy scout troop leader, the person that's involved in their church, he's that he knows that he needs to pretend to do that. All of his true self is experienced through
who loan activities through solitary individual activities he's trolling around four hours by himself in his car he's fantasizing Bout, killing and torturing people for hours by himself. This dude dennis rate or events would go to a head. tell in check in and spend the night by himself just to have a knight to himself that's how much of a loner he was with putting off the act of being normal one, I think Dennis dennis cases not unique, and the fact that see some people close to him knew a little bit about these demons.
And because of that, I think is, is another reason why he was involved in his church so heavenly, because then the facade is maybe not just to society, but the facade is to the people closer to him. The profile goes on to state that these are calculated attacks, that the killer has attention to detail in an routine and is alike
a collector, that's interesting, because where we have these cases and many of them there's no signs of sexual soul. What we ve been told for years by the expert is the at by the experts, is that a knife is certainly representative of a psychological sexual assault and that a lot of times when there's no sexual assault present by these cereal offenders, that they are collectors they take something of the victim and it is a sexual component. There always is sexual component to the killings. I think, with some of these cases, it gets incredibly difficult to deduce exactly what happened because of the d composition, because the amount of time between the victim was abducted and then the remains later found. What again, I know I keep harping on this point, but these are all crimes of opportune,
So therefore, in one case there could be an opportunity, the crime, the crimes starts, it evolves, and maybe then there is the opportunity for sexual assault or rape and then some of the other cases there were there wasn't, and so I think that's what makes it so difficult to figure out if these cases are connected. Because, like you said, you can make an argument whether the ages are different. Their backgrounds are different, but to me that goes out and the wash and it's the hunting ground. Are they within that hunting ground and if they are, then that that's a possibility
the same killer, the killer in their normal life will experience. Outburst of rage will have strange relationships with women were the inability to have real, true relationships with one. His father was either abusive or absent his ireland shows he could be re, creating an early experience or reacting to an early life experience blood times with the serial killers. We see that they have multiple wives or that's. One aside, that they can keep a long term relationship, and I think sometimes, these people get married again. Like you said, it's a facade, you start to see the real person once you live with them and spend that amount of time with them, and they can only keep up the act for so long
and you are right- he may have the ability to get himself into a relationship with an adult woman. He just does not have the ability to maintain that relationship. The killer, we'll have a history of voyeurism. This is one that you any type of cereal offender, especially if there's a sexual component you're going to see some kind of voice, aristocrat behaviour before the killing start. It's all I mean you can almost slap this on every single one of them, because you see it time and time again that either this would be a peeping tom situation or exposing themselves to someone. We ve seen it time and time again where there are these types of behaviors that led up to eventually murder or series of murder. This suspect is reliant on his car or vehicle and spend a lot of time a lot of ours.
On the road that is just echoing what we ve been saying all along. When we look at this victim ology here, the suspect spend so much time. I that driving is a form of therapy or self hypnosis for him again just backing up what we were saying earlier in the book shadow of death, the hunt for the Connecticut river valley killer by philip Ginsburg. He creates this book. He wrote this book with a lot of help from psychologist john philpotts, who is the one that has featured on unsolved mysteries now, John in the book, shadow of death gives a very much more extensive and thorough suspect profile in chapter twenty. Three. The profile takes up the entirety of the chapter. I recommend checking out that book, especially that chapter as its very interesting
you are if you find yourself eyeballs deep in this case and want to learn more one thing that I thought was intriguing here. Captain was an editorial in the claremont paper that I think, while its elementary. It sums up this killer very well and, in fact, sums up many serial killers out there and it reads as follows: he's a man who took the innocent at random and killed without reason and then went hunting for the opportune b. To do it again, these cases are always going to be debated, whether they're connected or not, until we solve one and that might then lead us to be able to connect the other cases together or eliminate them from being connected together. Also in these cases, captain the case is not just that we talked about here today in the garage, but cases that
our serial killer cases. We usually throw out the possibility of a death bed confession, and rarely do we ever get one. Sometimes you have confessions of evil men once they are caught? They come clean with investigators dennis raider comes to mind ted Bundy, even though he lied a lot and even one of taxes is most evil of all time. Kenneth macduff come out. They tell you about additional victims, they tell you had a fine victims, they tell you what they did in, how they did it. One such death bed confession a lesser known, one was a case that we covered these still missing person case of Judy martens. We discussed a death bed confession they're, not in judy's case but connected to our case when William posey finally admitted to abducting and killing iris brown in nineteen eighty one. He admitted this in a death. Bed confession the judy martins
It is very intriguing in any one that wants to give that a good garage, listen check out are two episodes numbers five, twenty two and five twenty three titled missing on campus, so those are just a few examples of how such confessions in cases that we ve covered, come about and with the william posey confession very much a death bed confession he was terminal and wanted to try to fully confess his sins in an attempt who get right with god before die. So while it's rare death that confessions do actually happening- and we have one in this case- believe it or not- now Ben Montgomery wrote a beautiful piece for the saint petersburg times now owned by Tampa bay times, but his story
so masterfully told and in a very story like manner. So I didn't want to change it up too much here. So, let's review and explore ben stored and starts off with I'm going to Helsinki, I'm going to hell Gary Wes over was pale and sweating. Maybe he was on drugs, maybe the nightmares that robbed him of sleep they caused him to wake up screaming and soaking wet were now robbing his mind. West over was full of hell and fire. He had been paralysed in driving accident, leaving him with partial use of one arm. He lived his adult life in a wheelchair, collecting disability checks
selling drugs on the sky. The leaves outside were changing that fall of ninety. Ninety seven and west over fell as if he wasn't going to make it to winter. The forty six year old was dying. He called his uncle the person he trusted most. He needed to confess his cousin. An uncle sat down his cousin took his hand, I'm going to Hell west over said, don't say that jerry said his cousin Cindy. I've got something to tell you uncle howard. He said uncle. Howard was howard men in a retired, sheriffs deputy engrafting county new Hampshire before wes over, could continue
his uncle howard told Cindy to leave the room. The two men spoke while the women of the family waited in the kitchen when uncle howard emerge. His face was cold and staff. In the following days, he shared the details of the conversation with his wife and daughter west over told his uncle that three of his buddies picked him up for a night of party they loaded his wheelchair into a van. They insisted that he go with them so that he was culpable, recalled his aunt, his aunt Louise goes on to say quote: he had no choice, but they took him over in the van with his wheelchair. They made him be their end quote west over told his uncle that he and three men abducted a woman butchered her and dumped her body.
off back road. His uncle wrote the names of the three men on a scrap of paper, then called the authorities, his family those on to back them up, howard west over eventually pass away, but his view it goes on to back them up saying that he was. He was hurt more than anything, the the uncle that the inform the authorities because he reaches out to police- and he says, look I have this information from my nephew who passed away, making a confession the three of his body- pick them up and they abducted and killed a woman and dumped her body, and he says that the police didn't seem interested in his information that they didn't believe. This death bed confession which truly hurt the uncle because he's like I'm former law enforcement.
I heard this confession and I believed it to be true, and that's the only reason why I am bringing it to you guys Gary silver died and ninety ninety eight and the details of this confession are murky. We have the family that says you know he told us. He gave this detailed confession. It was passed along to law enforcement and, as far as the media goes, that's where the confessions sits, but what's interest It is within that confession. Michael Nick, allow is one of the individuals there is hinted at being one of the three men they picked up jerry west over that night dunton down and made him be a part of this attack and unfair act. The family believes that this can fashion was in regard to the barber agnew case, the still unsolved bat barber agnew case makes it so they could munich
did all of this information not only to the authorities but to Barbara Agnew's family as well. They stated that, because of Gary west overs health, you know he's quadriplegic and that he was involved in this. The of course he's not innocent of any thing, but they believe that he was simply fraid for his life and that's why he didn't tell anybody until he was at deaths doorstep because one he didn't, have the ability to defend himself against these three other men or the ability to defend his family against, three other men. I think his family lays out a good point of view and why we should believe the story, and I wish law enforcement when taken in this story way more serious. I would like to know the details of this case, because it seems very odd seems very strange that three men would pick up their there,
and their wheelchair bound friend and bring him along for something that it on the surface from what we do know, it appears that he might not have fully been on board with. Well, I didn't know what he's going to be involved in part of me wonders: captain was he used and in more ways than one, but maybe as some kind of rules or lore to two to obtain a victim which his prey sick? Remember when you go back in it, you look at some of the details of the barber agnew case. We know that her vehicle was found at that rest area. No one's really certain fact there ass old ass, to why she would stop so close to her home. Why would we find her vehicle stopped so close to her home? We know that it was snowing out that night I mean, if you're out there looking to procure a victim or get somebody to stop to be a potential victim. A guy
Wheelchair on the side of the road on a snowy night might just get somebody to stop barber Agnew was a nurse a person they cared cared about. How helping other people she took the oath might be her love in her care for her oh man, that that lead to her being tricked into two stopping that night. Well, if the convention true, which I believe It is. I have no reason not to believe him or believe his family. then you have three in the jewels that are capable of committing any of these crimes or in the same area. Are these crimes connected and was there one killer on one of the crimes to killers on the different crime? Three killer? on some of the other crimes. is that why it's even harder to peace, this puzzle together,
Sometimes you have one killer, and sometimes you have multiple killers and do not let the west over death bed confession, deter you or anyone else from bringing information to the authorities, because, while all of these cases sit very cold at the moment, we are minded by both the new Hampshire and the vermont state police that these are considered active homicide investigations that if there is lead. If there's no information they're going to follow up on it in the west over case, we simply do not know the details of that confession. did in fact, when the information was provided from the west over family and made its way to law enforcement, where they able to check very quickly that one of those names or some of those names that were of those men that were named by westover that it was proven quickly that they,
would not have been in the area or that Gary west over was simply mistaken. There he died, he did have a history of drugs and drug abuse, and so again we we don't know the details of that case, so I wouldn't go so quickly. Out of way to discredit law enforcement. Here again, if you have any information at all in one or any of these homicide cases that we discussed here today or any case that you think may be connected, In any way to one of the homicides that we discussed here today, the vermont stay police and the new hampshire state police are still actively seeking leads in all of these cases, please
job. Seven women stab murdered a series of suspect. It was the work of a serial killer, stats multiple times times. That's why those families I want to thank everybody for another awesome year, such awesome year of support and love from you guys colonel. Do we have any recommended reading this week? We are asking, You check out jaynes podcast the invisible tears podcast from trauma to healing that's the invisible tears podcast available everywhere. You get podcast if you don't have time to that title downright now. Don't worry because you can find that great time
and many many more on our websites recommended page at true crime garage backup and we hope we have a great holiday season. With your family and friends, we will be doing so and will be off next week, but will see here in the garage next year. And until then be good became and don't let it.
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