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The Evansdale Murders /// Part 2 /// 394

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The Evansdale Murders /// Part 2 /// 394   Part 2 of 2        www.TrueCrimeGarage.com  What could be more innocent, more everyday America, two little girls setting off on a bike ride to explore the neighborhood? Something they had done countless times before. Except this time, they did not come home. This week we discuss the unsolved double murder case of Lyric Cook and Elizabeth Colins.    Beer of the Week - Easy Eddy from Big Grove Brewery  Garage Grade - 4 and a Quarter Bottle Caps out of 5    Cheers and thanks to this week’s sponsors!!!

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One time listeners of this fine program will know that one of the tactics I would certainly use in any of, These investigations is what I like to call the old pervert roundup, and that is exactly what law enforcement did. Investigators track down approximately ten registered sex offenders living in evansdale and cleared by police, but according to cnn, there were two hundred registered sex offenders. a ten mile radius, the scary stuff The town of Waterloo has a did. You make sure that there was a prison? I did
The town, a waterloo, has one registered sex offender for every two hundred and thirty six residence for comparison purposes. Evans Dale has a registered sex offender for every four hundred and eighty four residents over all the d c, I says it looked into over three hundred sex offenders to date threw out the investigation. Investigators had a hard time figuring out exactly how the girls were abducted, where the bikes, where I was quite far from their house and was not in an area. Cars could travel on further. The girl sense had seemed to lead into the woods how add, a predator or predators manage to get control of two girls silently and sight unseen in broad daylight yeah. But we've we've talked about this many times. Normally, I'm going to guess that it's by
threat of violence. I show you a gun. I show you a knife you're a little kid. It's not going to be that hard for me to you. Almost little, kids are not gonna. Think hey, I could take off running right now, or maybe I can scream or I could do something. You gonna see that gun and once that threat is made now that perpetrators, income, yeah and what you have to wonder about too is: do you take that a step further and say where lured to a vehicle, perhaps by someone they knew and trusted was no reason for them to scream or run away a. I think. That's your second option, the other thought too,
They been grab from another location, perhaps a long road alongside a road which would make sense and in the bikes left by their of doktor on the trail and the dogs or just mistaken or confused bomb. We talked about this a little off. The record was the idea that what if the perpetrator had a truck or had a truck with, maybe a cap on it where he got the girls got control the girls there now and his vehicle that he has the their bikes. But now he is afraid that once he takes off them, maybe somebody sees the bikes in the back of his truck here's. The other thing to consider as well staying along the idea that it was a stranger abduction. Could we have a situation and where they were somewhat targeted, meaning had some watching the two girls. As we said this bike ride was pretty routine. They were out riding together,
often, and I would imagine it would be roughly about the same time of day so did some put together a you know, a carefully planned attack, a snatch and grab of these two girls, especially if they were following home and then followed them all the way to the lake that might have presented the opportunity. The perpetrator was looking for their or a rash of child abduction attempts throughout iowa in two thousand and twelve. The following reports appeared in various media publications and I'll kind of go these wanted a time captain and you just kind of jump in where you see fit, may nineteenth two thousand and twelve authorities say they were looking for a man suspected in the attempted abduction of three girls on the west side of perry, iowa, perry, police, say the man stopped his car about eight p m friday.
asked the girls ages, eight and nine for directions to a convenience store. He then tried to get the girls into the car. King for them to show him the way show the directions police say: the girls ran to a neighbor's house, thankfully on june sixth of that same year, metro police are teaming up with following a string of attempted child abduction, in the des moines iowa area, no, the This is like a hundred and twenty five miles away from Evans dale, but I want to go through some of these as we as we can hear. The most recent of these attempts happen in pleasant hill on may, twenty third of that year, police say a man in a s, You ve tried to lure a young girl into his vehicle in the same
article they're, talking about waukee police, were investigating an incident that happened around the same date. There were two girls, they say they were followed by an su. in june parents at four city iowa were notified of two abduction. Attempts one of them. The driver of a tan panel work style Van stopped three children on bicycles on north eighth street and told him he was going Get them the children ran away and the driver drove off seems like need another stranger danger campaign. Through this country I, in with all these creeps and all these pieces of shit to teach these kids one stay away, run away run to the nearest house. For help. Well. What I always find interesting in these situations is when you do have some a child for children who actually go missing and then the thought is abduction we'll see these little stories in the news
whereas in the local newspaper but papers, and they are just that they are little tiny stories because they don't know much about the affair. They don't really fully know what the offender was attempting to do. The actual crime they were attempting to carry out, but it's scary stuff in there really just delivering a little short warning to the community and to the parents in the area. What happens once you? a child who actually goes missing. These stories all started, cycle back through the news because Oh, you have people making connections and you're going all right there shark in the water and he's over here swimming around in this area and look try to get somebody. Try to get somebody there in the same order, Oh captain, there are going all the way back to march of that year, where they say the police department investigated a possible attempt to abduct a ten year old boy, the boy who was in front of his home
He was approached by an asian male, approximately fifty years old, with a thin face. The suspect was driving. order, gray van, possibly with iowa, license plates the man. Thirdly, try to lower the boy into his van after asking for directions to a church whether these attempts could have been The same person who took Elizabeth and lyric is almost certainly thing. The police in Evans dale would have been considering at the time on the four month anniversary the disappearance, a letter appeared in the newspaper and it read to whom it may concern. We would use your name But we don't know who you are, or maybe we do You are someone who knows the girls, maybe you're someone who just acted upon impulse. Maybe you plan to take them
We don't know because we don't know who you are, but we can. Sort of imagine that you must not have had the things you needed to grow up feeling safe and loved because only someone who hurts inside would hurt another person and their family. We ve all heard the saying: hurt people hurt people. We believe this to be true. We are so sorry for what happened to you when you were growing up. Certainly all children do not receive all the love and care they deserve. Some are even abuse. It by those who are supposed to have taken care of them. When that happens, it is very wrong. Taking the girls from us has caused much pain, pain for them paying for us and our families.
as the time you took them. Maybe you ve wondered more than a few times how you could ever make it right how to be a hero, not a monster. Things probably look pretty hopeless for a good How come we want you to know that we are praying for you to do the right thing. By releasing the girls, everyone wins, even you, the person who took them. Imagine how it will feel to have everyone, remember that you were the one person and All the missing children cases, the one per and who cared enough to let the girls go. You will not be remembered as the one who took the girls, but as the one who let them come home. Our lives have not been the same since July. Thirteenth, please let our girls come home to us. Do the right thing be a hero since
yearly that signed by both of the families while and then we're going to learn that that's not an option anymore to return the girls, because the girls would be found yeah. This takes place on December fifth of that same year, two thousand and twelve, the family they get the phone call that they were really hoping not to get. The family was told to Bob. It had been found, and at that time they believe them to be. The girls three hunters found two small corpses in seven bridges wildlife park in Bremer county north of install. This was a totally off the grid. One hundred and sixty six acre wildlife area about twenty two miles from myers lake. Twenty two miles from where the bikes were found The area was not one that someone would just stumble upon. It was frequented, mostly by
hunters, a t, v, writers fisherman. You know outdoor people yeah. This wasn't the type of park that you just take your kids for a hike. This was like you said more for hunters and fishermen, a t v writers, and to kind of clue. Everybody in that's not from that area. When I see these types of statements it really, it really puts it into perspective. For me, what kind of place, what kind of area where about. This is also an area where people would drive and dump appliances. You know how you see things it that are just dumped that are on one. Why did that they have no other idea of how to get rid of them right. They just dump these appliances, the middle of nowhere so- and this is also a place that pretty much only the locals know about you want to know about it. If you weren't from the area
I mean you could find it on a map, but, as said it's it's very much like you just described, it's only going to be frequented by people that are specifically intending to go to that area for the purpose of hunting or fish, and now some locals used to use the area as a party spot. So if you were oh go, you were aware particularly high school kids. You know, kids out looking for a place to drink some beers. The bodies were found by hunters making their way through the brush near a river. The hunters nearly stepped on one of the corpses, the two corpses were lying about twenty yards apart from one another black hawk county sheriff tony thompson said even the hunters you know in describing this area? He says even these hunters if they had just gone five ft and either direction They would have never found those bodies-
the area where the bodies lay was accessible only by one road, this is to seventieth street. This road had a dirt road off of it that went a short distance to a dirt parking area. and a turn out near the riverbank. The bodies were found about one hundred and fifty feet from this turn out in the woods. The whole place is incredibly desolate the kind of place where you could go and know that you're not going to see any other human beings, the iowa state the goal examiners office, confirmed after autopsies, that there remains were in fact, that of lyric and Elizabeth, the Examiner was able to determine a cause of death, but this ever been released by law enforcement law enforcement made statements to the effect that details surrounding
Cause of death would be known only to the killer and evansdale police chief kent smock said investigators had an idea of how much time passed between the girl's disappearance and when they were killed. However, he would not release that detail to. Investigators have also never addressed whether they have suspect dna. In this case, although, given that the bodies were exposed to the elements for what could be close to five months, dna recovery could be difficult drew he has stated that he was never informed whether dna of anyone other than the girls was found in the family shows to learn how the girls were killed by think that important
that they're putting out there is, we know roughly when they were abducted and we roughly know when they were killed. Yes, yes very much so, and then one of the more famous in this case. Captain this comes about on July, twenty fourth, two thousand and thirteen and there's some different parts to this lead. I We think they had a good amount of this information in advance, but this is when we become aware of it. This is almost a year to the date of when the two girls were abducted, The authorities announced that they received information from three witnesses who saw a vehicle that could be important to the case, all three witnesses, reported seeing a large and clunky y s. U v an older model, likely a chevy, suburban or ford bronco parked on arbutus avenue on Friday July? Thirteenth
This avenue is crossed by the evans. Dale nature trail and is the road that is closest to the part of the trail where the girls bikes were found. Two of these witnesses said that they saw the white ass. You ve park between two bike, trail signs and the other witness told police. They saw the vehicle park near the woods on the east side of the lake, a few hundred feet from where the girls bikes were found. Robot, though I would be where the scent dogs took investigators yet roughly the same area. What made these witness statements so intriguing was that all three witnesses said they seen the suv some time between eleventh three, a m and twelve thirty p m on the play the girls went missing and if you recall the cyclist, my boy ted G told police. He had seen the bikes on the trail sometime between sometime around one thousand two hundred and twenty
so this whole time period is all really fitting together. Two of the witnesses made their statements as part of the original police canvassing Third came forward months later, having assumed that someone had already reported it. This third report caused police. go back and re examined the other two statements about the suv and decide that it likely very important to the case. it's unknown whether the public release of this information regarding the white suv, dredged up any further helpful tips and two thousand and thirty The year after lyric and Elizabeth were murdered,
bessie gaiters, where alerted to another double abduction of two girls on may twentieth. Twelve year old, desert hughes and her fifteen year old friend, katharine shepherd were abducted while walking home from school. This is a round. Four p m in the afternoon in Dayton Iowa. They got into a vehicle with a man who offered to pay them to mow lawns, but he just keeps driving with them and actually taking control of the two girls by waving a gun while there in the vehicle this, Adam was actually described as a gun to be a gun but later would learn that this instrument was actually used to euthanize livestock, their abductor
Michael klunder, drove around for about ninety minutes and then took the two to a hog processing facility where he worked at the time he zip tied there and he then left one of the girls in his truck and he dragged the other girl off into places unknown, break the girl in the truck she bravely escaped the vehicle and hit out in the woods before approach. a nearby home and then asking them to call for help around eight p, dot m police located klunder's truck at a nearby property. Where they found that klunder had hung himself yeah. I believe that he wasn't that far from his truck and I think at some point he came back to check on the other girl
and she was gone and that's when he knew all games up now I'll do whatever I'm gonna do plus I'll take my in life. Yeah Desiree was the girl who bravely escaped and unfortunately, when police, when they find callender, who hung himself catherine shepherd is nowhere to be seen know there was significant amount of blood which they believed to be hers. That was found on his truck. Her body was found some time later by fishermen about fifteen. To twenty Whilst down the des moines river, she had been stabbed and beaten to death by a sharp instrument. Michael klunder, who was a six foot, six inch tall, forty two year old farmhand he had already served. I am in prison from nineteen ninety two to two thousand and eleven. This was half of the sentence that he received
or the nineteen ninety one kidnapping and assault of a young woman. He grabbed her hit her and pulled her into his car and an unrelated case club abducted to three year old, twin girls, this is like the strange one. The strangest stores I've ever heard were later found in a trash receptacle. These were the authors. They were alive think on these were the daughters of a female acquaintance. Clutter said, angry with one of the little girls, so he kidnapped them, drove fifty miles with them in his trunk and then left them in the garbage. One of the girls did show signs of possibly have been choked club.
completed a sex offender treatment program in prison and registered as a sex offender. Upon his release, he have a you shall be his servant. Half year sentence, he should have his pillow more than that or let's make the sentences a little bit longer if you're only going to have to half of them yeah. There should be like no good behavior for this man. I mean this show nothing but bad behaviors keg gets out a year before this and he starts committing crimes like this. This is a monster. Is a very dangerous individual and police in evans, dale and dayton. Iowa thought that the cluster case could be connected because of Obviously, the similarities between the two abductions, two girls take. in daylight from a public place. Klunder spent some time in we're county, where seven bridges was located in the ninety, so he may have,
familiar with that seven bridges, location law. Look. We have evidence that this individual likes to drive, commit crimes and drive. So you know when he takes capture of these two girls. Nine ninety drive, you say and then the other one. We have fifty miles right. So this is individuals not afraid to commit a crime and then drive, Two different locations like I said it when we covered ted Bundy. You know long time ago ice. I reiterated that when we covered ed camper, these serial killer types, and we don't know if numbers actually would put klunder into the serial killer category but it seems like he was going that direction heap. He kidnapped two girls that day, we know he's guilty of that. He killed one of them, but the serial killer types their vehicle is one of them
since an maybe one of their most important weapons. A lot of these guys a lot of driving a lot of trolling a lot of hunting. I I just think he this guy has a very good suspect. I do too now they claim that he's not a good suspect, any more yeah and it here's the thing when you see a suspected that field This good feels like a a possible connection. I want a little bit more of a reason. Why he's not? Why and- and I know that, Oh me that, but I'm I'm selfish boy Here's my problem with their findings. As is, and again we don't. We we only know so much, we don't even know if there's dna that they matched or didn't match and that's how they ruled him in or out. What would the statements they have given to the public or but I've heard is, if you look at these crimes, yes, there's allow somewhere these, but there's a lot of difference in that's why we rolled him out
argument for that would be. He takes one girl way to isolate her. He comes back. This is again what I believe he comes back and finds that the other victim is gone. Okay, now everything has to be sped up now. Did he kill the other girl before this happen or after I I'm not for sure, but again these things were sped up and then he kills himself. So I I don't think you can look at that actual murder or the manner in which it was done and compare the two and say it was similar different. So what you're referencing captain is on may fourteenth two thousand and fourteen, where dc I said they were, and this is this is their words they were pretty confident. Michael klunder was no longer a person of interest in the Evans evansdale case brain. So here's what their citing
This day said that he did have an alibi for the day that the girls went missing, that he was at home and stratford, and I don't know how people are there at this home or what puts him there that there that they sound this competent in this area? by now. One thing we should note, though, Strafford is about a hundred miles away from Evans dale, well that far, though, no not even half, not with how much this guy seems to like to drive and then, as you pointed out, they stay there were forensic differences between the two cases. That's an interesting choice of words, because with The information that they're holding back in the Evans stale case they can't clearly come out and tell us exactly what those forensic differences are because could be showing their hand in the Evans dale case so where
we don't know if we have dna suspect dna in evans dale case if they do and they compared it to calendars d, and they don't get a match. Will that technically would be a forensic difference? But you don't want to say that out to the public and let them know that you have dna, remember their holding back just as much in this evans sale case. As are in the delphi case and other cases that are so if you're, looking for more true crime garage go download, this stitcher app, it is free and you can listen to all of our old episodes on the stick wrap. You can go all the way back to the beginning. Hell we have almost four hundred episodes you can choose from and if that's not enough check out our boat show called off the record. That's exclusively
on stitcher premium our rights we're back this case. I mean this. You know I've heard of it before but to spend the time and dive into it. It's very complex, and thence very confusing well and it's one of those cases where we have enough information to lead us to more questions and we're sitting here now, spinning our tires trying to answer some of those questions, but it's an intriguing case It's one that I am very confident that there still very active with and we'll get into two, some of that as we go
for we leave you today. We will give you the tipp number if anybody should have any information or thoughts that they want to pass along to the proper authorities on august, twenty first, two thousand and fourteen more than two years after lyric an alley, a bit were killed, evans, sale, police held a press conference announcing a new website dedicated to the girls case, and I used so With that. For my note, taking when doing research for this case, part of this website, captain discusses the likely characteristics of the killer, because law enforcement developed a profile of sorts with the help of the f b I's behavioral analysis unit,
who believed that the killer was a single individual stating he was familiar with both myers lake and evans, dale and seven bridges, wildlife area and brimmer county. He likely selected seven bridges as a dumping. because he was familiar with the area and knew it was secluded according to the profile. The offender blends in with the community at large and may be a resident of black, hawk or brimmer counties. likely used quiet coercion to subdue the girls and coal it's them into, leaving with him using
a ruse or threats of violence. Like you pointed out, the cousins were possibly the victims of opportunity seized by someone who had expressed interest in under age, girls and possibly had attempted abductions in the past. Finally, the suspect likely altered his appearance and or cleaned painted or disposed of his vehicle after the abduction right, but this this profile matches cluster bright. They just described michael calendar yeah, so I just really a manner ass to know what they had that that that points away from him. I agree with you captain. I cannot shake this aspect. I can't I can't get em off on my list because he just seems too good. He seems to fit to well with what we believe we're looking for very vital
yeah history of violence, also a the same victimology that we would see in both cases. He doesn't might look. A lot of offenders are looking for that opportunity to find a vulnerable, a person. That's in a vulnerable position alone. A lot of offenders will be turned off when they cannot find a potential victim by themselves. He seems have tube to be able to overstep that obstacle. We know that for a fact, because he took two girls who are walking home from school. There might be a part of his emma and he used quiet corner, right just like they described in the profile and that's really what these offenders in these perpetrators want to do
they're trying to get somebody in their vehicles, be it in an adult or child. You dont want screaming. You don't want a violent altercation to have to go down, because what does that create a creates, ear witnesses and I witnesses and that's bad for your business. His business is getting the victim into his vehicle site. Seen in that can be done by offering to pay them for mowing lawns or, as you say, waving a gun in the face with threatening you know with threatening violence toward them We do have some. You know just when this case can't get any more strange. We did get two confessions over the years, people who alleged that they were responsible for killing the girls who he has always had start done from now on, if you confess to a crime that you didn't
man, we just put you in jail. You get thirty days just for fun. No, no! No! You you get whatever that crime would entail. So if, if it's murder- and you confess to it- and we know you're lying- you still get thirty years- just lock you up, because because it makes zero sense, I don't understand well, but the problem with that is it. He often it's somebody with some pretty severe mental issues. Okay, right right, they come forward- had put him in a hospital. Usually these people need some kind of treatment that they're in a bad place and they're confessing to something that they they weren't, even capable of doing and I mean that from on many different levels, while on that's the point,
we're not bad people, they're, not evil people they're just they're confused because of all of their illness right, but the that that's where law enforcement holding things close to the vest is important, because when these individuals come forward, then they they can match certain things up. And if your story doesn't line up or or the evidence doesn't match us We know that your your line right and unfortunately, hundreds of years ago, we would have just hung the parson or a lesson police department would have went ahead and put this person and in jail or taken them to trial, while, but some sometimes with these crimes. As look at like germany rams it, we ve had so many people come forward and confess well, there's so much information out there. It's really high! to all care, they got this wrong or they got this wrong. Will what? If they all? I got a couple things wrong: you go wild. Did they dismissed? Remember that
were or are they really not the killer? And this is pretty. especially when you have a case. That's like famous on the state level mean Amy Mahal that we've covered several times. There were multiple people that confessed to to her murder and we have every reason to believe that none of them actually killed her one of the guys confessed in the middle of church. up on a sunday morning and started marching up and down the the aisles confessing to the whole congregation that he had killed. Amy Mahal that now that's a weird. That's a weird church experience right. beyond weird right put a few extra bucks. collection plate for the theatrics. For that day, now wait let's get into another good suspect. Now that we're past the two confer
should that they don't go anywhere, there's no validity to those gouged man and when you should go over the suspect, it's almost like you're, making this up Jeff all meyer, yeah yeah. So in late, two thousand and sixteen iowa authorities received a report of an attempted abduction, a man pretending to be an undercover police officer. try to lure a young girl into his car. This is one of the more bright spots in this whole story, and let me go through this in in good detail here, so the girl tells her parents and police Ok, so she's she's, going through the the layer of agri within this ship bag. Yes, yes, so so she tells her parents about this. Attempted abduction write her neighbour and some brothers raw
now, and they can still see the guy's vehicle. She gave a description of the vehicle to to her parents into these. These god he was still in the neighborhood, was just leave in the neighborhood, so they get. a vehicle and they start chasing after him and there A really good article about this in the des moines register that that I recommend, but what what it ends up being here captain is this pervert was fifth eight year old, married father of two Jeff. All he was arrested in charge enticing a minor and impersonating a public official never was interesting is he has a little tiny ford focus, so they easily catch up with him. Right and then they're yelling at him, and then this guy is threatening. Them and he's law enforcement. A10 you better You know, leave me alone. The the coolest thing of this is, and I don't have the guy's name infer.
me, but the kind of the leader of the of the group of guys chasing after this man after the pervert man and the silver little ford folk, as oh shit, This is a younger do like he looks to me like he's like a teen or nineteen years old and he's not put off by any of the things that this Jeff all my are saying. because they pull up window to window there and he's not like you know, Do you have any grey poupon he's like? Did you try to nap, a girl in the sick, fuck and the guy. Like he's like. No, I didn't air I'm an undercover cop and stinking the dash is going to end this situation out, to which he then all says too to this guy is chasing him. If you don't leave me alone, I'm going to beat you up so then says: ok get out of your car and all I like nope, I don't I don't want to get out. a car to which he then
says again: I'm under cover police trying to scare the guys off the guys that eta give you could get your hands on somewhere like that he beat his ass. Take the guy says to all Myra says: that's fine, one of my relatives, is in law enforcement and they're on their way, and we've called the cops and we're going to we're all going to sit here, and in a few minutes we're all going to find out the truth yeah. So what this leads to is Jeff Altman. obviously being arrested and charged with I see a minor impersonating, a public official once police had all mire in custody, they started to connect other abductions and attempted abductions to him. it turned out that all mire had been trying to lower kids into his vehicle for months, if not possibly longer his mouth.
this operation. I was to entice children by offering them one hundred dollars to get in his van were his vehicle, I'm sorry once they did, he would molest them or attempt to he eventually succeeded in sexually abusing at least two girls yeah. But what was his job? Didn't? He have a a a job where he traveled around that scary thing he was a traveling. He worked as a traveling automobile damage field inspector, which means he spent a lot of time in his vehicle or what might be his work vehicle, which could available so driving around. This is I it sounds to me like captain. He drove around in multiple states.
Now. I wonder if he's always used in his own vehicle or if there's a company vehicle, but what you're saying is that two cars get an accident. The insurance companies called at some point his jobs to go out there and look at the damage go out and assess the situation, so he made a ruling right but insurance or are normally just the laws only apply to that state like if you, even if you live on the border. You know like that's true. probably only works in iowa, but he probably works all over iowa well, but that the information I have says driving around areas of the midwest, which makes me is maybe believe it might be multiple states, but all in all all regardless of where he's driving police were able to link all my or to nineteen. That's one, nine one short of twenty such incidents in nine different counties.
As stated in the divine register between may thirty, first, two thousand and sixteen and november sixteenth, two thousand and sixteen altmire is suspected of trying to entice at least nineteen children He sexually abused, two of them. His victims were all girls with the average age. We talked about the victimology here with the average age of ten, but he went after kids as young as six and as old as thirteen. I am. But these are the ones we know of him in. There could be way more that that we don't know of well there's one possible case that did, it was unsuccessful for altmire, thank god, where he he's trying to get somebody into the vehicle. Ah, child enticement case from cedar falls which was only about twelve miles from so that, if
want to try to link him as close as you can to our case. That's about as close as we can. We can place him or suspect him to be and reportedly approached three young girls in that situation at a park and cedar falls and offered them money to get into his car he's not been charged in that actual enticement case, because it can't prove that it was actually him. But they suspect that it is the guidelines in today's debate that guy right, I what I'm saying there could be a another hundred cases of this creep, yet one the things after his arrest did they showed in some of the newspaper coverage of his arrest. Was these one hundred dollar bills. You know he's he's that is offering children one hundred dollars cash, they showed a picture of like I don't know fifteen twenty one hundred dollar bills. He must have been keeping them on him on him at all times.
when he saw an opportunity. He had the the cash on him to to try to that ruse. On these. These kids and I am assuming working five days a week, but he's so his traveling five days a week and an way different parts of the state that we were not aware of. You have to go back through his the cases that he was assigned to, but also just the surrounding areas cause how how easy would it be for him to say well, I got a flat tire or actually took the wrong route. Now I was at the scene longer than I thought it would be well. He was actually just
driving around as a sick, predator, and I think that people would be quick to point out. Like look he's he's got all these other cases and it seems like he's. Let the kids go all the time we don't know. Could something else have gone down something unexpected in knee jerk reaction, he killed one of the two girls and then had to kill the second one you know it doesn't it doesn't always have to fit. You know there are these one off cases. There are murders that take place when people are really just trying to cover up other bad behavior. one thing that made him very interesting to law enforcement into to me into us garage guys here as well. We touched upon in the first episode how how rare it is to try to abduct multiple children at a time. Well,
We know of several cases where that is in fact, what ought Meyer was trying to do so again. He's already stepped over that obstacle that potential obstacle in February two thousand and eighteen jeff, all my was sentenced to first degree, since four First, a green kidnapping, second degree, sexual abuse and two counts of enticing a minor and jasper county. He got life in prison and his wife of several decades has divorced him since he's gone away to prison. Well, that's what I meant by this guide to me when I was reading about this case. I go with this. Guy seems bt kate, like That was married. Dials seem like a normal guy when always thing in planning these things out in advance, yeah or while actually putting yourself in that position. I mean
it could have been. The reason why took the job without good too much into it, because there is a lot lot. A little details there, but I want a circle back to the family. We were talking about Dan morrissey and his legal troubles and remember he was facing a trial at the time that his daughter went missing eventually He ends up getting ninety years in prison for his charges, so he's that's where he is to this day and misty his wife, she continued for a little the time to be in and out of trouble, looked at the drug angle of the lyric and Elizabeth investigation does not appear to have lead anywhere. Apparently, it's is still a working theory in the ace. Personally, I feel captain like. I have a little bit of an issue with this theory and part of that, being I see the efforts put food
word and how many different agencies were working together. On this case, I kind of feel like if that were what was going on here. I kind of feel like it would have been solved by now that that would have been an easy that would have been an easy thing to investigate for them, because it's it, the circle and the possibilities of suspects is much smaller than what we are probably facing. In my opinion, what what appears to me to be more of a stranger abduction right, but does because it's easier to investigate, doesn't mean it's easier to prove and that to bring charges against somebody that you have to be able to prove that they could that they did this now. Many people are probably recognizing that this case as a lot of similarities to another case that we ve covered on true crime garage with numerous episodes and that being
delphi double murder case that took place in February two thousand and seventeen it's very call to do internet, sir, is in be looking around snooping around on either one of these cases without bumping into to the other. Now some of the the possible similarities or things that I believe seem similar, and some of these just seem a little too much to be coincidental, but so we have two cases that involve the abduction and murder of two young girls in midwest towns. Now the towns are four hundred miles apart, both cases occur, on or near recreational trails, but also in is where the girls were not supposed to be. not known to frequent both cases
occurred in the middle of the day in broad daylight. Both cases occurred on the thirteenth of the month. delphi was on a monday and evansdale was on a friday. The dates are palindromes to which I've never would have picked up on that. But my friend just pointed that out them being the same backwards and forwards to one thousand. Three hundred and seventeen and seven hundred and thirty twelve two one, three one, seven, seven one, three one two in both cases, the
Bodies were found in remote areas. That investigators believe required someone to be familiar with that part of the area with those specific areas. Both sets of investigators stopped short of declaring the offender to definitely be a local. In both cases, a close family member had ties to the drug world and rumors flew that drug connections were responsible, while in both cases, very very small towns, very yellow populations. Yeah neither case is is the cause, has the cause and manner of death of the victims been known to the public. Nor is it known whether there was sexual assault, so we can't really pair some of the more important aspects of the killers m o in these two cases and of course there are significant differences between the cases as well. We do have authorities on.
record stating that they do not believe that the two are related yeah. I think they are too far apart for one. We also in this case. In the Evans dale case, the victims were moved or taken maybe brought to a different location and and then to twenty two miles away from where the body from but the distance between the bodies and the bikes? We don't have somebody took them somewhere else before that a delphi? It's really tough because the new research that I've come across and we've talked about this as there is now debate if there were murdered in that spot and left in that spot or if those bodies were moved, but they weren't moved twenty two miles. I've heard plenty of
law enforcement statements and in regard to delphi, that the two girls were killed where they were found and then when we go and we take a look at the evans they'll case, we will I have no clue how many different locations they could have been before they were found at seven, and, as you pointed out, how long they may have been kept by whoever took them. We do have some thoughts. by the family. Members now keep in mind. The family has chosen not to know how the girls were killed, but we have one family member, who is on record, saying it's of their belief that the girl We were alive when they were when they were brought to seven bridges and then killed in that location.
I don't think that there is a lot that their basing this off of other than them, knowing the area having been to the area and really just their suspicions, my guess would be that it's it's an area this easily traveled on foot. from where you would have to leave a vehicle, thus just making it difficult to trance. or one body, let alone to bodies, and two thousand Seventeen authorities had interviewed over one thousand. People in lyric and Elizabeth case, none
the murders remain unsolved. The death of the girls wreak havoc on their families and people on evans, they'll say the town has never been. The same, drew Collins said in an interview that the deaths of the girls devastated, the town drew continues to assist in cases of missing children even having reached out to mike in Becky patty and the delphi case to let them know he was there They needed anything. Also similar to delphi evans. Dale has turned a small island at myers lake into a dedicated memorial called angels park memorial island. It features memorials to the girls and other female victims of In iowa, as well as gazebos memorial, brick walkways murals and decorative landscaping. This was an expansion of the two thousand and thirteen announcement that the trail and park
myers lake would be renamed to honour the memory of lyric Elizabeth, the trail runs around the lake is now known locally as the trail of angels. There is a substantial reward for information leading to a conviction in this case and tips can be submitted by calling eight hundred and fifty five three hundred and six one thousand eight hundred and fifty five three hundred eight hundred and forty seven on the seventh anniversary of the girls abduction authorities reminded us that there are still several agencies that are actively working. This case, the evans they'll police department, the black, hawk county and brimmer county sheriffs offices. fbi saying they get together regularly to review information and evidence in a valley.
Wait. New information drew collins tells interviewers that he remains confident that the investigators are working hard on his daughter's case and that eventually they will catch the eye who did it? Let's hope he is right, hey. I want to thank everybody for joining us in the garage, but I want to thank everybody. That's been sharing our show with their friends on social media, especially on instagram stories. Thank you guys so much you captain. We also want to say check out the new book, murder and mc com. This case started when the body of a twelve year old, tina Marie. andrews was found underneath the discarded sofa in the woods outside of MC com. Mississippi she
last seen accepting a ride at a local teenage hang out to this day. The case is unsolved. Trent brown's book, murder and macomb is the only comprehensive examination. of this case, you don't have to write that title down just go to true crime, garage dot, com and click on the recommended page and until next week be good, be kind
don't let the.
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