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The Hammer Man /// Part 2 /// 691

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1973 - Seattle, Washington; When 15 year old Katherine Miller did not return home from school, her mother notified the police.  The following morning an investigation ensued.  Katherine’s disappearance was immediately considered to be suspicious by seasoned detectives.  The disappearance reeked of foul play.  The detectives were quick to find a suspect and other cases that shared similarities to Katherine's.  Was all of this the work of “The Hammer Man?”   When one wants to do a thorough historical review of U.S.A. True Crime, there are those stories that must be told.  This is one of them. 

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well give the true grand garage where view or whatever you were doing thanks. We listening I'm your host naked with me, as always is a man who, much like myself, believes that the slogan for our show should be true, crammed garage, try it with cold pizza
here is the cap or how yeah it's gonna be seen and good to see. You thanks for listening thanks for time we're still seven on this powerful old ale called the bible sales. This is an old style, ale, aged and bourbon barrels. It's dark and boost drink it in your garage or garage grade. Three and a half bottle caps out of five and here's some thanks and praise and cheers to those that helped us, philip. The old garage fridge this week. First up a double fist achieve two mattie and christine the t s e g was causing twins. Thank you to the wisconsin sisters on last, but certainly not least here's a big shadow, gratulation tools. if I'm time listener and new friend of the show rebecca graduating from michigan state university with a degree and criminal just
so big cheers and congratulations to rebecca and a big thank you to ever one tuning in this week and to everyone who has contributed to the beer fun. Were you the boy you in beer run make sure you got a true crime, garage dot com and sign upon the mailing list, a new promo code goin out this week it is enough for the bees ran, everybody gather around grab a chair grab a beer. Let's talk some true crime
haven't seen reports the criminal history of a one party, l, kerrigan, detectives, dwayne home in and william bowman of seattle. Pd are investigating this individual because he's the owner of the successful gas station. Where suppose Lee the missing girl, fifteen year old, Cathy sue miller, was supposed to go to fill out paperwork to apply for a job at this gas station. Our situation is this: police are armed,
two things suspicion about a man that they know has a lengthy history, a lengthy violent history that includes rape and murder. They also have this other item of two persons, Cathy sue, Miller's, mother And her boyfriend both saying that they were aware that she was supposed to meet with that man on the night. This she never came home. The problem here is captain. We don't have a body, we don't have a witness saying that they saw Kathy
Miller get into this man's car. All we have is this: guy. With this lengthy criminal history telling police, I went to the location. She wasn't there. Now police go back. The detectives go back to Cathy sue, Miller's mother and they teller. Look. We are every bit as concerned as you are here is our findings. We talked with the owner of the gas station. We interviewed him, there's nothing suggesting that we should arrest him. There is nothing jesting that we could find any evidence to build a case against the sky. However, here's what we know about him hears his background. We are terribly afraid that he has done something very bad to your daughter. Missus miller of course agrees now, she's beyond words right inconsolable,.
All of her suspicions. How have now been verified, minus physical proof, minus seeing her daughter and she tells the detectives okay. So what are you going to do? Are you going Get a search warrant, searches, home searches, property searches, business, his cars, she's, hoping that they could search his home and because we have such a short window of time, that's expired. They possibly they would find her daughter may be being held captive at his home reluctantly. The detectives have to tell the mom we're sorry there's nothing, no evidence, no proof here, we cannot get
cannot secure a search warrant at this time. We will keep watching him. We will keep interviewing him. We're gonna continue to talk to other people, but we need to build a case against the sky at the very least, to get those search warrants to try to find evidence or perhaps find your daughter, while the man that Cathy talk to last has a suspicious and deadly past as a pair
I think that would raise the worry level up quite a bit a couple of days after she's missing the mother receives a phone call from a male caller. This is very strange. This is a crossroads for this mother because on one hand you gotta feel like this is horrifying right. Could this be the person that took my daughter? The other thing is he could be somebody calling in a ransom bray and that the daughter has been Kept held against her will, but is unharmed and healthy and now they're calling in the ransom, so they can collect and returned the daughter and keep in mind. This is nineteen. Seventy three. This is still years, not too far removed from when ransoms were very common when a child- or
youngster would go missing and anne was abducted and the detectives told the mother to actually hope for a ransom collar, and we do know from other cases that we ve covered in stories We ve covered here that you can get a ransom called. It could be a hoax, but in a weird way, missus Miller is hopeful when she hears the man's voice on this phone call. Now it turns out not what she wants to be, but it is had crumb, hopefully a breadcrumb trail, leading her to her daughter. The collar says that they had found some schoolbooks, he's calling from a business right and in their parking lot area found and recovered some schoolbooks and when looking through the schoolbooks they discovered, the name
along with a phone number and they were simply calling to return the books, the lost books to the rightful owner. This is her daughters, schoolbooks remember, she went directly from school, never came home and was last seen waiting. or the owner of the gas station to pick her up police, get these schoolbooks and they're looking through the books for a clue. This is really interesting to me too, because this is something I've seen with primarily with plastics. And things of that nature, but I've seen it on occasion with papers. Well, you talk about the job in a case,
and there's been other ransom notes and in the the Larry gene bell case. They fingerprinted some paper in that case as well. This case, what they did was they they tested. They attempted to lift prints from the schoolbooks hey and, if you're going to be a part of the true crime world, you're going to have your moments where you're going to really lay into law enforcement, bash law enforcement. But this is one where you have to give kudos to them, because what what do we have already? In this case, we have a possible suspect. So this guy's saying eh, I never met her, never picked her up. But if you can find fingerprints on those books that match his fingerprints, then you know he's not telling you the truth, yeah and even if you can't trust
back to this guy. Let's say you pull prints from these books in the ets from somebody. That's in your system. Right now you have somebody else to talk to the unfortunate situation ends up being that the only prince they pull from the books are of the persons at this place of work that they were covered them from an because they have such strong suspicion on harvey kerrigan, and they have no reason to suspect the persons that seem to just be a good summit in trying to return these lost books right, so it doesn't really give them any bread crumbs and it also doesn't really lead them or build any evidence against their prime suspect who we know they will have harvey care against prints on file because he's been convicted in charge so many times prior to the disappearance of Cathy sue miller,
Unfortunately, captain Cathy Sue miller's body is found months later by two boys who were hiking on an indian. reservations, north of ever at washington right. She was wrapped in bundled in a sheet of this queen plastic and beaten with a heavy object, believed to be possibly a hammer. The left, nickel sized holes in her skull is this plastic unique. The plastic is not unique, so this queen. Some of our listeners will be familiar with this. This is the type of plastic that you would find at like when somebody's doing a home, remodeling project or construction project that you would by these large sheets. These large roles of this queen and you can roll it out and unfolded, and then you can use it kind of like dexter to corn
coffee, a whole area, and so you in- ongoing projects. You dont get Dustin debris everywhere, specially when you're, when you have to do demo and things like that, this fish, We know is going to be a potential breadcrumb trail and, what's so great is this will allow them officers home in and bowman to get that search warrant that they were desperately seeking in the Cathy sue miller case. So you have the body the vis queen becomes important because what they end up doing as they get all a gentleman, reaches out to the detectives and says oh by the way I
kind of no harvey. Kerrigan were kind of friends, and I happened to give him a role of this queen plastic prior to win this kid went missing and they say: ok, great. Do you have any any that you used prior, but I still happen to have any that use prior and luckily so I believe, The way the story goes is that he used some delay down in in the trunk of either his wife's or daughters car, so their are able to retrieve there now what their hoping the detectives are. Hoping is that they are going to get some kind of match to one cut sides are torn sides of the vis queen that they found Cathy sue wrapped up in and what happens is a compare the two and of.
Actually, it's not a match now that doesn't mean that it didn't come from the same role by it. Just it just means that it wasn't. It wasn't directly torn cut from the sheet that they had as a sample, and so this is, it is a bit of debbie down or for their investigation as far as building evidence against harvey kerrigan Gallo. But of a of a let down for old homan moment, but because they get this search warrant, they are granted permission to search his property and his vehicles, as well as the business itself inside his vehicle. They are able to take a bunch of print now. This is interesting to because the other part that you have here captain is you now have an additional crime scene, the location of where her body was found, and so this is the two lip
reservation, where her body is located. They find some witnesses at this reservation that described a truck that they had in driving into the woods. So this would be. here the body recovery site on same day. The Cathy sue me vanished. They described as go as a shiver. Lay camper truck yellow with black stripes and a silver canopy That's a pretty unique description: yeah that sounds like a unique creepy camper, chevrolet, camper truck, yellow with black stripes in a silver canopy. I think when you go to buy the the truck camper bed combo, that they make sure that you have
in our history or you're not allowed to buy one thing here, and this situation is: that is a spot on description of harvey carringtons truck right. We get three different colors their product, yet we get the make. We get the canopy so overcome be covered and all of that lines up on the day that this kid went missing so police or like okay. Well, it We have a murder case here, but now we have the ability to check for fingerprints in this vehicle because Unfortunately, what you're looking for is you're trying to put your victim in that vehicle you want to I find her fingerprints. What they do is a pull a few prints. They were palm prints off of the window, pane the inside of the window pane and they know that they're not harvey carrigan sprints.
They go back to the mother with this information. Here's the problem- and this happens still to this day- fifty years later, but I suspect the problem in nineteen. Seventy three and we ve talked more one time here in this garage show about the identity kits that you can get from the fbi. You can get them from our friends over at the nick mac, the national centre for missing and exploited children right. These are identical to update all of your kids information. This is fingerprints. Palmprints. data picture, updated description of heightened weight in I colored hair color, all that stuff, with your choice, childs information. This is key here and Look in this situation. It's not going to save costs sue miller, unfortunately, but what it could do is put her proof positive in the killers vehicle and get this monster off of the streets before you
yet again the problem. Here, though, captain is Cathy sue miller. Fifteen years of age, three weeks before her sweet, sixteen birthday had never been printed had never been fingerprinted. They He unidentified palmprints from the inside. Interior of this vehicle, but nobody imagined to nobody in the system and they came then compare him to their victim, because she was never printed and by the time she found she's in the state de composition. That does not allow them to pull. Went and they took. They took some great efforts to try to two still fingerprint her after death, and they were unable to put her in place, are in the car. The other problems, too, is the people more within one person. witnessing this very unique, the three different colors on this vehicle, the make they had it down to every description. Every Tell that you can think of.
The problem ends up being none of these witnesses, while they all the vehicle on the same day they couldn't described the driver, they they also, but we never saw the driver. I never saw anybody get in or out of the vehicle while we see this alot with many serial killers, especially back in the day because of less technology, but it seems like these killers that are able to kill for a longer span of time, there's a little bit of luck on their side. Unfortunately, it's been my experience that the killer gets lucky and the. Victim just never ends up with much luck and you have to believe it was never reported, but I would I would be willing to bet here that they probably try to find her prince in the business or at his home or decided to not go that route once they learn that she had never been printed,
you pointed out- and I second and I echo- that statement of Here'S- these two detectives doing everything that they can. Then before its confirm that she was abducted or missing wasn't some runaway. So what's the next step for these detectives, the next step is trying to build a case against this guy right wheel, build a case against him for Cathy sue, Miller's abduction and murder. But if you can't there in the dead end after dead end. Here, the evidence is, always leading them back to her, care again, but not giving them enough proof to make an arrest, not enough proof to. charge him with anything and bring a man and in bringing before the courts. I do a point out something that I did. I failed to mention earlier when we talk about the efforts that these two detectives were baking against harvey kerrigan, even before Cathy sue, Miller's body was found. They
or following him when when they had any extra time that they not working other cases, they were sir veiling harvey kerrigan one. we're hoping that he might return to the body and that they can that they would find her that way and that would be their smoking gun. Always we followed you to the recovery right. He never did any of that when they ve following him around and so they're trying to build this case. against him. Now her bodies found the evidence all leads to him, but it's not proof that it was Actually him the did any of this now we end up having another situation very similar. This is month and a half later approximately, where a young woman, Mary townsend, is attacked the she's eating at a bus, stop he approached and attacked or from behind knocking her unconscious. She
up and when she does, she is in a vehicle with a man. This man begins commanding sexual. favours and she manages to leap from the vehicle. Now. This is very unfortunate. She was running away from home by an. even though she's attacked and everything this guy saying sounds like it's going to lead to a sexual assault. She thankful is able to escape. She doesn't report this crime at the time. Part of it was because she was running away from home. And so this goes unreported and then, during this time this is where police are going to try to get their break, they entered harvey care family. Remember he's married.
to a woman has to children and during course of all of this. We a whole lot of stuff. That's going on inside of the four walls of that home, one, the law boy, eleven or twelve years old, at this point billy, he does to go and live with his father. Why? Because he says that harvey his step. Father is physically abusing him, beating him up the door still lives there. She is roughly the age of our victim, Cathy sue miller,. She has told I this part of the story is a little bit. Call for me, I don't know she's reporting this well after the fact or of this was known at the time, but it soon point. She would tell others that she didn't like the way that her stepfather looked at her. She always uncomfortable around him, but never really reports which that he did anything to her.
Unfortunately, what we do know is happening is he is regular, you getting upset with his wife and being physical and abusing her. So his wife Alice she's in the process of trying to leave harvey. She files assault, charges against him, so the taxes or at least able to pick him up on these assault charges now fortune they're not going to be able to hold him for very long, but they take them off the street they were hoping that this would be the crux of the future case that they could build against him. Maybe Alice alice's, his wife are soon to be Ex wife knows something about this or she can provide evidence to them. But that's not gonna go the way the detectives wanted to go now, because at some point
Harvey's going to convince her that they should be together and that she should drop the charges now. What ultimately ends up happening is it she doesn't decide to go back with him, so he harvey kerrigan again. This is incredibly talking to me. He ends up finding another woman to date. She's. When he nine years old tune. nine years old, a humbly and they strike up this relationship and they move out to minnesota. Remember he. He had been soda prior to going to seattle, washington right the detectives, tell em
you shouldn't be leaving the state were investigating you for several different crimes, one including murder- and he says you Don'T- have a choice. I have to work, he decides to sell the gas station, he moves to minnesota and its obvious two detectives. It he's tried duck. These charges go to a place where they have no jurisdiction and they have not been able to build a case against him. Yet. And once in minnesota, they are living together. Him an elite Huntley are living together at some point. She decides to break off this relationship. I dont know why exact she decides to break off the relationship, but we do know that he was physically abusive to his two prior wives. Bodies thuggery right. but you better have a nice personality when you look like harvey cared net, it's hard to use hard look at
she breaks off the relationship and then presto change, o poof disappears. I mean he is so ugly that he can't hurt your eyes stings little bit. I am unsure how they narrowed down this date. I am sure that a lane huntley probably told some of her friends or family. What was going on in their relationship, but the report is that she laughed harvey kerrigan on august, ninth, nineteen, seventy four! This is, after their already settled down living in minnesota. She leaves him at all guest, ninth of nineteen. Seventy four. It's reported that she's missing had disappeared. The next day, unfortunately, Elaine huntley her body would be found a little under five weeks later and
she had been murdered. Her skull. She was beat so badly that her skull had imploded by blows to the head and she had been raped with an object, tree branch, and that was rather obvious during the autopsy. Of course, that is going to now put harvey caravan under the microscope in this Eight of minister? Have you read
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garage arrive. We are taught hands in their pleas back and about the lunch without a lunch for years. This brings us. Two september of nineteen, seventy four on our timeline here: captain when a young woman, her name, is gwen. Burton she's picked up from a sears parking lot. This is because she's having car trouble and a man who she thought might be helpful, a good samaritan decides to stop and offer her assistance. He gets out of his vehicle, takes a look at her vehicle and says: look I can help you out here, but I don't have the tools needed
To take care and fix the problem, if you hop in the vehicle with me, we can go to my house real quick pick up. The tools are fixed up your car and send you on your way, so Glenn thinks Here we got a situation where maybe someone's come to help me and she gets in the way. and she realizes. Look this right. Seems very long. Why would this guy? I would anybody agree to help me if, if we gotta go so far away to get to his home just to get these tools, so she starts feeling uncomfortable and and says to him. Look Could you please just return me to my car? You don't have to fix the car. It was nice of you to to attempt. It was nice of you to try to help me how, but you know you make excuses, I'm in a hurry or any reason to get out of that vehicle at this point, because she's now getting very nervous and she doesn't feel like we.
going to his house to retrieve tools, take me back to my vehicle at some point. She starts telling the man or you can just let me out here and I'll figure it out I'll find my way back to my car or to my home. It is then that he refuses you let her out of the vehicle and he gets physical with her ripping off of her ripping off her clothing and he's choking her in the vehicle. He then takes her to a field where he sexually assaults, her with a hammer and then beats her with said hammer and fleas. The area unbeknownst to the man. Gwen Burton survives bloodied and close to death. She crawls to help well to have the strength to keep goin. Sometimes the will to live
the stronger than the will to die, so that was september fourteenth. Now this will bring us up to september. Eighteenth. Four days later, we have two teenage girls who were walking on the side of the road when they are approached by a man and a vehicle, and he offers them. He offers the pay them twenty five dollars each and what he is requesting is that he needs to go retrieve his sons, vehicle. from in a location that he may have told the girls I'm unclear on that, but he sang look. The problem is on by myself on foot solo here I need somebody else to dry, either my vehicle or his vehicle. Once I get to it,. I will pay you each twenty five dollars, it won't take. Long is his vehicles only a couple I was down the road. This seems
easy money, a lot of money at the time for the girls, and so they say. Yes, they get into the vehicle with this man that they do not know. and after their driving for awhile. Again he's he's now going out into out into the country. Out to this x and starting to wonder linked. This seems a lot further than what he had told us in one of em questions the man and says: look where are we going? This doesn't make a lot of sense Since this is a lot further than you had said, and we we have things to do with you know our path. you're gonna be looking for us at some point, and the man says to the two teenage girls. Would you rather be killed, or would you rather be raped? And the one girl nudges the other girl and speaks up for both of them and says we would rather be killed. The other girl agrees and says we
rather be killed when the man finally stops the vehicle he instructs. The girls at one of them is to stay with his vehicle and the other is to go with him to retrieve his sons vehicle. Unfortunately, for the girl, who agrees to go with this man. I believe she agreed to go with the man to spare her friend this trip. This walk Trip away from his vehicle is going to take them into the woods which, of course, these are teenage. Girls they're not idiots their wondering. Why there's no way this guy's kids sons vehicle was in the wood,
now, but I believe she went with him simply to spare her friend you I mean, I think, once once he poses the question rape. Would you rather be raped or killed? I think they know that they are not going anywhere. I think that point. They know everything before that question was a ruse exactly and here's weird thing, though, what we would learn is it said that he didn't say that, unlike of like a threatening man, even though just those words in themselves are threatening, but they said that he almost posed, like us, philosophical question by a hypothetical of some sort, Regardless now she's in the woods with this guy in and he does physically attacker, he he hits her with a hammer and then for
unknown reasons. There he decides to letter, live. And he gets it his vehicle and he drives off, leaving the two girls there. Now what we end up having here captain is in Course of these four days, we end up having three different people: three different, ladys, come forward and go to police and they describe the vehicle that they were in He described the man that they had had talked to. He we what we ultimately learn. Is he used a fake name on both occasions when introducing himself and talking with the the victims that were in his vehicle Unfortunately, this does not lead to an arrest fast enough, because on September twentieth, nineteen, seventy four two days later. Eighteen year old catherine schulz disappeared, her body was found.
the very next day and a cornfield, she had been beaten to death with a hammer so badly that her skull had imploded and they knew that she had been sexually assaulted, but not in a traditional rape manner that she had been assaulted. With an odd act. Okay, so we're starting. A lot of these things are starting to align. Where you have these victims, it survive these attacks, and their describing attacks that are very similar to the ones that we end up, knowing led to the death of catherine schulz and allow, in hungary a lane huntley was in the relationship living with harvey kerrigan. It all this will lead to them securing a search warrant for his. Vehicle in minnesota. When they search his vehicle underneath the sea, they find maps to several different states and they find like
It's all is described almost like a hare ball or a clump of hair, but but the hairs not all belonging to one person right and so, detectives and minnesota believe is it. This is the hair of several different victims. They found it way, either under the seat or a mad it into the sea, but these maps or of extreme interest to the detectives, because that has many locations that are circled, indifferent states now, Already covered the harvey character and lived in alaska, he lived in a state of washington and he lived in minnesota. What what they find is. Two of the locations that are circled on those maps, one of them there No to have been the location where fish Thirteen year old kathy, sue. Miller's body was recovered from in the state of washington.
The other thing that they noticed too, is that one of the circles on that map for the state of washington is where they found the body of a victim. we previously mentioned, but did not go through the story, and that is of laura leslie brock. Remember she was a woman who went missing. Just seven days approximately seventy days after Cathy sue Miller went missing right so the story behind this captain is on thursday september fourteenth nineteen Many to the body of a young woman twenty year old, laura le Brok, who was a sophomore at western washington state college, was found in coop, Phil Washington,
a dirt road about one half mile west of oak harbour, the body was nude, except for a pair of navy blue socks. She had been raped and died from severe hammer from several very brutal blows to the head with an undetermined object? The body was found. on the fourteenth and then later identified on tuesday september nineteen nineteen. Seventy two authorities founded no at miss brock's roominghouse right that she was even for the beach, and she spoke with her grandma prior to leaving and by all accounts. Her intention was to hitchhike. We can confirm this based on the facts, that her grandmother told her and that conversation do not hitchhike and warned her of the dangers of hitching and lore explained to her mother or grandmother that it's legal to do so and that she was in fact going to hitchhike to the beach she was going from bellingham washington to the olympic peninsula. This
is one of those cautionary tales that all parents tell children and their friends worn one another about saying things like Remember: law brok, her first hitchhiking trip was her last. This case became political at state level. In fact, this is one of the policies that was in debate for a few years in the state of washington, we have Jim coast anti running for state, senator, pointing out that centre. Senator Petersen voted for what coast. Dante's team was calling a legislative tragedy, bad judgment for government as what he called it so of just because something is legal which you stoner grandma does
in that it say exactly and here's that's the exact problem. So, oddly enough legislation made hitchhiking legal in the state of washington that year the very year that she goes missing and she's later found dead. With this horrific event, the goal then became twofold for the state, one any crime involving a hitchhiker to be sent to the state police and to make hitchhiking illegal again in the state. But to your point, captain listen to this statistic: washington, state police and the seattle. Washington police department reported that, over the course of about fifteen months that once hitchhiking became legal in mid nineteen, seventy two, the stats, are that the state of Washington averaged about twenty hitchhiking related crimes per month, two of which resulted in murder
That's too many one is the law brok case that we talked about in september of seventy two and the other is catherine, Mary, divines murder in november. Other crimes related hitchhiking range from robbery to rape. So not good. Bob now note that huh heavy was never charged with lore brock's murder. In fact, no one else has ever been charged and her murder either, but harvey here again in all these years later, fifty one years later remains the prime suspect and lore brock's murder, based on the fact that he received a speeding, in the area where her body was found right around the time that she went missing. On top of that, we also have a witness who claim that they saw lord get into.
Vehicle that when they provided the description to police, matched harvey carignan truck but, like we said, sometimes these killers get unlucky, but this killers also just dumb. I mean he has a very unique paint. Job and color scheme of the vehicle using to abduct these women. Yes, in this situation, you know he's he's getting lucky time and time again, because they have a lot of sense they being the authorities law enforcement detectives. They have lot of signs pointing directly to heart, character in a lot of this, but they don't have any direct evidence until they find these maps. Now. What they're gonna do is they're gonna build a circumstantial case, a mountain of circumstantial evidence. Against harvey care again in the minnesota cases, the two cases that we circle back
do Kathy sue miller and Laura brock's cases. They took place in washington just a couple years prior to what would ultimately be harvey, carignan being arrested and interviewed interrogated by the minnesota police. What ultimately happens here captain is, he gets an attorney and harvey kerrigan then tells police yeah the minnesota crimes that your charging me with, because the problem here in here is:
three living witnesses why he might get lucky and the murders that he cost, because, unfortunately he silenced those victims and they are not there to put him away, but the three living witnesses are, and he alternately tells the detectives. I did what you say that I did his defence insanity. He says, god told him too. kill those women now the good thing here. Is it this horrible evil man? Will one hundred percent be off of the streets? It's? Where do we send him to buy an institute or a prism
This thing goes to trial and they were very smart here on a few different level, so they they charge him with attempted murder and aggravated sodomy and he's going to have to go to trial for those charges first before he will face any of the murder charges in court, and he
puts together this defence of god, told me to kill the horse, and these women that I assaulted were horse and I'll. Tell you what this guy. This is. What strikes me about harvey carignan? He comes off as this kind of oh, like this. Dumb, oh, like it, and part of that is his appearance, and part of that is his delivery and the way his speech the way that he talks, but, unfortunately, he's not an unintelligent man. He is intelligent enough that, while on the surface, this god told me to do it, defence sounds salute the crazy and sound so backwards, but harvey takes to the stand. He's gonna testify a court and he does a pretty good job. I've reviewed the transcripts and, in fact, if you read the one, add killer,
by the great an rule. She goes through large portions of that trial. He takes to this day and he goes one on one with the prosecutor total and one thing that is so bizarre, but again, he knows he's being locked up issues where you want to send him to, but he's gonna play the part He should maybe you give em the oscar- I don't know, but when he's on the stand, they point to one of the women, that's their court, who he almost killed. They point to they point to gwynn bert the poor woman. The he picked up from the sears parking lot offer to help that he'd nearly beat to death. In fact, we know captain when he left her there in that field. He believes was already dead. She crossed
safety and later is facing him in court, and you know what he says. He says you know what yeah, not only to god, tell me the killer, but given the chance again, I would if the job he says that, on the stand trial in front of the jury, this is meant to be a tactic. To convince the jury. The god is actually telling him to kill the horse. What they want, they trim map on is all of the sexual assault did she had experienced before he attempted to kill her. He gets convicted of attempted murder and aggravated sodomy charges and and we're gonna follow that up with early the next year. Nineteen, seventy five when Harvey carignan is then found guilty on both. Ah sorry, then we're going to follow up that
Then? We are going to follow that up with the following year: nineteen seventy five when he is charged with second degree, and first degree murder and then found guilty on those charges based off of a mountain of evidence, and this defence of god told me to do it. One tactic that I thought was really interesting here captain- and this is where it's mine hunter issue. This is something that the four generation of mine hunters would would tell you to do harvey kerrigan did not like the two detectives. They stayed on his tail so much back and see
Washington omen and bowman dwayne home in and william bowman. He did not like them. The minnesota authorities, the prosecutor, reach out to the two detectives and said please reach out to the seattle police department. Please would you send one or both of the detectives to sit at the trial just to unnerve harvey carignan just so he asked to see one or both of the detectives that he despised so much following an tailing him all that time and base running him out of seattle, washington. He fled that area. He makes it look like it was
as of a relationship in a job opportunity. They had a successful business in seattle, washington sure enough. They put one the detectives in the courtroom at trial, but again the size of this man and the fear that this man instilled into others- and we ve, talked about this before captain. It's rare that members of law enforcement, especially season detectives, are afraid of a certain criminal. One of the detectives did go to the tribe he told he told the prosecutor and the police out minnesota. He goes I will go because it will help you at troy, I'll, and I want to see this guy put away, especially because we weren't able to put him away here. Four murders we know he committed, but you have to promise me that I get an I'll seat because I've seen harvey kerrigan, mad and angry and upset and if he gets there
way. When he sees me, I don't want anything standing between me and the door. Oh, we, the hammers loves, would finally run out at that age of ninety five years old. He would die in prison. Yes, unfortunately, harvey cargan was never sentenced to death again after getting off of that charge for killing, show Walter way back in nineteen, forty nine, and so he is convicted sentenced to life in prison at the age of forty, nine, so think about that four minute. Thirty year time span roughly
this man was out in killing and we believe five murdered victims, probably more, and I say that just based off of the randomness of his crimes and the time period that he committed these crimes he's at at the simplest form. He said a stranger on the side of the road and then assaulting and killing them and then just leaving them out in the open he's he's you're, typical disorganized, killer, serial killer, charged and convicted of three murders definitely did five in my humble garage opinion- probably more. He died in march of two thousand and thirteen. So fifty years after He killed fifteen year old, Cathy sue
Miller, he was diagnosed with he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Nineteen. Ninety seven and lived all of these years in oak park heights prison in minnesota until passing, way this year, when they give everybody for join us here in the garage this week Do we have any recommended reading for the beautiful this? Yes, we do captain this week, I'm very excited to recommend to all of the listeners. The want add killer by one of the greatest and one of the legends of true crime story telling the great an rule the suggest. one of her many during and thought provoking. True crime stories make sure you check out the one add killer and all of the other great titles in an rules can
log in check out all of our recommendations by going to our recommended page on the website. True crime garage dotcom so next week be good because. the. Here at ford we don't know any first responders alone. They give ninety percent of farmers work, to build our towns. Roads infrastructure fails
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