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The Hendricks Family Murders /// Part 1 /// 711

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The Hendricks Family Murders /// Part 1 /// 711 

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In 1983 in the state of Illinois there were few stories bigger than that of the Hendricks Family Murders.  The Hendricks family of five were very religious folks.  The kids were young, and mom and dad were as well. Susie Hendricks was a stay at home mom who took care of the families big nice house, and even read the Bible to her two daughters and young son at breakfast time.  David Hendricks was a successful businessman.  He was both an inventor and great salesperson for his invention, a medical device, a very popular back brace that was selling quite well in the midwest.  While away in the state of Wisconsin on a sales trip David’s family was killed in their beds.  This case remains unsolved to this day.  Join us in the Garage for the true chilling tale of a family killed in the night and the aftermath that followed. 


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geisha, but specifically the encyclopedia for interpersonal violence. Famille aside, is a type of murder or murder suicide in which an individual kills multiple close family members in quick succession, most often children, spouses, siblings or parents, and a half of the cases the killer. Lastly kills. selves and a murder suicide in cases where all members of a family are killed. The crime may be referred to as family annihilation. According to experts cited in a two thousand and seven san francisco examiner, are of the over nine hundred victims of mass murder and the united states between the
Years of nineteen hundred in two thousand defined. As for victims within a twenty four hour period of those more than half occurred within an immediate family, although the familiar side. Cases are relatively rare. They are the most common form of mass killings, but famille aside, differs from other forms of man. Smarter and that the murderer kills family members or loved one. rather than anonymous people. This has a different psycho, dynamic and psychiatric significance, as stated in the book, homicide, a psychiatric perspective and finally, the how're journal of criminal justice and academic journal, published on behalf of the howard league for penal reform.
And the uk five times a year. The authors of the journal divide famille, aside into four groups: anaemic, disappointed, self, righteous and paranoid in this type biology. The economic killer seizes family purely as a status symbol when his economic status collapses seize them as surplus to requirements or no longer needed or necessary? The disappointed killer seeks to punish the family for not living up to the ideals of family life. The self righteous killer destroys the family to exact revenge upon one of the family members and often blames the act on that family member.
Lastly, we have the paranoid killer, who kills their family and what they imagined to be an attempt to protect them from something even worse. Some cases that we are Featured here in the garage related to this type of killer are charles women, the university of texas, tower shooter, Jeffrey mcdonald, the fatal vision, fort bragg, killer, bradford, bishop bethesda maryland man who killed his entire family still remains at large darley row. Tier remains locked up in texas for killing two of her children, the grant a model house of whores case the watts family murders in them nah murders all come to mind. No problem
blinking on one or two others. This week's case takes us to three thirteen Carl. Arrive and blooming ten illinois, where a very similar cry may have taken place, but yet here we sit years decades later with questions. It is not so much the what that happen inside of that home, but the wine, and by who, what could be the motive for such a heinous and brutal set of crimes, multiple murders and who did this and why
ever know for certain. This is an examination of the hendricks family murders case, and this through grime garage, susan lowers palmer was born in peoria illinois on september, fifteenth nineteen, fifty three too proud parents, charles and nay dean palmer. How do I know camp The charles and may deem palmer were proud parents. Well they had seven children together,
charles, who went by the name of chalk, serve this great country in the army reserves at fort hood taxes from nineteen, forty nine to nineteen fifty one and then at the age of eighteen chuck, was saved and became a christian. He was associated with the plymouth brethren fellowship and devlin illinois, so he. and may dean were and still are quite religious and raise their children to be so as well. Their wonderful daughter, Susan, grew up religious as well and carry that with her and to her adult life. We also have David James hendricks. He grew an oak park illinois he and his family were members of the exclusive branch of the Plymouth brother
susan palmer and David Hendricks- met an oak park river forest high school. So captain for my understanding here, the way that this works out both of these families are very religious, and these this group called the plan brethren now, the two of them, even though they are the same age and their practising the same, very specific group of christianity. They don't know one another because devlin where susan lives,
about thirty five minutes away from where David Hendricks is growing up, so they meet at high school. But that is because Susan was taking correspondence classes and when I think that means here, captain is she's, probably home school, for abortion, if not most, of her childhood, but it was required that she actually go to and take an actual, be present for in a classroom before she could graduate from high school. So she has to take this course at least one course or may be several This is at the same high school ass, David Hendricks, her senior year. She makes us achievement and she graduates, but while there the to meet and from Understanding susan was David's first real girlfriend and they became very close very quickly after high school. The two got married
I even went to school to learn, prosthetics and orthotics. He and Susan were blessed enough to have three wonderful children. Together, we have rebecca Karen hendrix born in nineteen. Seventy four grace esther hendrix born in nineteen. Seventy six and benjamin caleb hendrix born nineteen. Seventy eight. So all three children born two years apart, so the two high school sweethearts to get married husband goes off to school and then after school he is gonna start his business during this time of new babies and raising young kids together, David Hendricks started a prosthetic orthopedic practice also invented a new orthopedic brace and started its successful business manufacturing and distributing spinal braces. This would be his claim to fame, as it would seem so what he does here captain is. He starts up there.
practice, and during this time he selling medical supplies, as well as the spinal braces there is his speciality or his expertise and he's quite successful he's a very our individual and he's a very good sales person as well. So smart with the business and sales come pretty easy to David hendricks. Now. David had his wife I believe, is called a chair back, brace that he patented he founded and operated a highly successful and profitable business and blooming in illinois selling that or the peter back, brace that he panted because of David's petted design, his intelligence, hard work and, let's not forget about his wife, Important dedication to their children. David ends up being very successful.
making a lot of money during this time period. The maid till seventies and early eighties due to his success and his growing family and a desire to raise their kids in a nice neighborhood in community. The hendricks is bought and moved into a large house at eight and new development and blooming ten eleanor. So is a very successful young man has a young family and they move into a better. I guess location for their kids, for them to raise their Emily, yet this was a newly developed neighborhood. So when they You ve been there. It's a new build. It's over
very large, home or or a larger home. This is considered to be an upper middle class neighborhood, but when they're they are captain, they are still building developing this neighborhood. So there are homes and vacant lots, but there are also homes that are still being built around this time, because this is going to take us up to nineteen eighty three. So all of this achievement by the hendrix's eye is complete in done and all the success by a relatively young age. So now it's nineteen. Eighty three and susan was just thirty years. Old David was twenty nine, almost thirty the children. We have who is now nine grace is seven and the youngest benjamin is just five years old when I we get to november of nineteen eighty three having talk
Now all of this everything should be peaches and cream. This should be pie in the sky type stuff Here we have the hendricks family, a five devout religious folks, successful kids growing plenty of money living in larger home in a great community David, has me I need enough money to not only provide to a high degree for his family, but also for recreation as well. He has a motorcycle. He has his pilot's license and owns a small airplane. This is the white picket fence american dream playing out right in front of your eyes, while that is until everything comes crashing.
now. This is because it approximately ten thirty p m on tuesday november eighth, nineteen, eighty three susan hendricks a thirty year old housewife and her three children were discovered slain and the hendricks family home by blooming tin police. The victims were all bludgeoned to death, found in their beds. The husband and father David Hendricks was out of state in nearby wisconsin on a business trip. A blooming tin police officer was at the hendricks house when Turning to the chicago tribunal, the officer entered the house through a rear door. This is a sliding glass door at the back of the house. I want to be very clear about something here: captain because there are several accounts of the officer entering the home right, so we have a sliding glass door at the back of the house,
This door is inside of a screen and porch, so the officer had a into the screen, imports and then finds this class store either opened or unlocked. What we do know is the door had to be unlocked, because this is how the officer made his way into the home. I'm clarifying this because I do believe it has significant relevance to the case and possibly some of the evidence in this case the two different accounts. are one that the officer found the door unlocked. The other account is found it unlocked and slightly open, and both sources are very respectable sources I have a hard time figuring out, which one is the most correct here, but regard we know that he enters the screen and porch and he finds this back door unlocked. He enters the home and, in fact,
we already have some of the hendrix's relatives on the scene shortly after the police officer arrives. He's actually startled by the family members. You know he turns, and he shines is flashlight whose there you know it's pitch black out. And he's responding to this call at this home at three thirteen Carl drive and when he shines a flashlight he's looking it too jewels are shining a flashlight him and one of em speaks up and says my sister lives here and with me as my brother in law, we came to check on them as well rain. So now we have a seat patient, where this officer is their checking on this family family members are also there. At the same time, checking on the family. The officer tells the to individuals very rightfully, so you don't. If this is going to be a crime scene, we don't know what we're walking into. If this is going to be a crime scene.
we don't want to contaminate this crime scene at all. He very astutely too those two individuals you guys you're gonna have to stay out here. I'm going inside and I'd like you to stay out here. for fear that you might see or encounter something that you wish. You had not seen or encountered, yeah, which isn't it back up for one quick. Second, because wise the place of sir there in the first place, a police officer is there because he is doing performing a welfare check on the whole bread, a police station, the blooming tin police station has received multiple calls from different family members, requesting that someone check or look for susan and the kids So some of these calls came from husband, David Hendricks, who's out of state on a business trip, and some of these calls came from their relatives, so police are responding to multiple calls to check,
when these individuals put yourself in the shoes of that law enforcement officer, you're doing a welfare check you're going around the house, you either find that sliding glass door open or you find it unlocked you go in the house and pretty quickly. He discovers one of the family. Members have been murdered. So he's going to have call that in to the station yeah he walks into a pitch black house and using his flashlight he navigates his way through the home. It's reported that he entered the master bedroom first act making his way through the home, while on his way there, he does note that the the house appears to be messy, maybe even potentially ransacked but again he's simply just using his flashlight, not flipping on any lights as he goes, and when he makes his way to the master bedroom, he
sees what he believes as somebody sleeping in the bed lying still in the bed and a shining is flashlight end, and the officer when he gives us gives us his account of the events of night, he says: look. I've responded on many of these welfare calls. Many of these welfare checks the overall majority the time, there's nothing wrong at all. My right usual like somebody left the phone off the hawk or maybe there's a situation. Where one family members mad at the other in his calling to try to check on that can't get a hold of them, so sends the police to the house. That's commonly what happens according to this officer in this area bloomingdale's a very safe area and will get into crime trends. Here as we go, but He says that the only thing he ever worried about on these welfare checks when he finds himself actually entering the home
was it. He was going to encounter a sleeping individual, that's gonna, pull a gun or shot gun on him because I think he's an intruder ray and so he's a little help. Ten, as soon as he notices that there's someone in this bed, but then by the time that here It is in that beam of light makes its way up to the upper portion of the the person or the figure that's lying in that bed. He can see from afar that this individual has been been physically attacked. and very brutally attacked, and is no longer alive. It's that obvious to the officer in that moment He retreats outside calls in the back up everybody's now on scene and remember that at ten thirty, between ten thirty and eleven thirty p m here's what goes down Susan hendricks is discovered, killed, slain in her bed.
The police are now on scene, searching the property there looking for evidence or trying to figure out what happened and who is responsible, who could be responsible? What they find captain is, unfortunately, fine, all three of the children debt as well, so the daughters shared a bedroom. They each have their own bad in this better than little boy has his own bed room. They find the two girls and each of their beds, and one in the boy is in one of the girls bets they're all In very bad shape, they're all dead upon arrival. now. We have not only police there, but we have detectives investigators there. They are Processing the scene as it were, the extended family sue Ends brother, who was on seeing that we talked about in brother
law have been notified as to what the police have found. We now have susan's parents there as well, and now David Hendricks arrives at the house. So all of this happens very quickly between ten thirty and eleven thirty p m on that cold november night in nineteen, eighty three so some time before eleven thirty p m that night captain Mr David Hendricks arrives home. shortly thereafter, only to find police, abe surrounding the property and his family. the show is sponsored by better help. Do you look forward to the holidays? Maybe struggle with seasonal blues this time of can be a lot and its natural to feel some sand as well.
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provided to us by police birds and family immediately, after that horrific fine. Well, we know this blooming. Ten illinois at the time is a city of about forty thousand people located. About a hundred and thirty miles, south west of chicago illinois and leading up to this event, the crime trends that we were able to find statistics on in the five years. Price or to nineteen. Eighty three blooming tin, illinois experienced thirty murders. Now this city and these officers would go on to tell him not just in nineteen, eighty three, but even years later, that none of them in their careers had ever experienced a quadruple homicide. Why not them in their decades. Experience as an officer detective had ever experienced a triple homicide,
and only a few of them had ever even experienced a double homicide. So this is murder is, is somewhat rare, but not heard of in blooming illinois at this time, but this type of case, this type of investigation, is extremely rare, not just in coming to know annoyed, but thankfully, everywhere according to the early reports, the hendrick sphere He was murdered either in late Monday november, seventh early morning, tuesday november eighth, nineteen. Eighty three, this is established easily due to several facts. One we know that day left for which cause in late Monday night. He says his fate they were all in their beds when he left safe and sound, they were, found still lying in their beds, with the exception of the boy who was in the girls room David and others, several
others tried on several occasions on tuesday to call and speak with susan. No one ever answer the phone. We learn that the kids did not attend school on that tuesday. The school principle says that did not attend school, but he was not concerned or alarmed by the absence, as he assumed maybe they were traveling. This is what we need to discuss here. Captain is business trips, so David hendricks had a business and at one point he had a practice where he selling medical supplies and specifically his back brace that he's design he's he's the designer in the manufacture of this back brace rights.
The business owner. But this is a business where you have to travel quite often correct at one time he had. He had a practice where you would come in and even actually have patience and he went out fit you or suggest hey you need these crutches or you may need this wheelchair or here's this back brace and he would not only attempt to is not a doktor per se. But he would treat you and outfits you for whatever acquitted a medical equipment or supplies at you may need to help you with your day to day and at this point in nineteen. Eighty three he's not only successful because of this back brace, but that previous company was successful to which he was able to sell that at a profit. So somebody comes in and takes over that business buys it from him and they are running the old outfit that he had at this point in his life. This back braces so successful that he
He is simply operating a business where he is now a salesman. Ok, he doesn't on any patience? He doesn't see. You don't come in and talk the David Hendricks right go to your local doctor. You go to your local physician, your family doctor and he, travels around two different states. Talking to these doctors, talking to these medical practices and hostile, and saying, oh by the way, my David David Hendricks, I have this back bracelets, really helpful. It's really great everybody's buying and so he travels around and he is actually selling this back, brace and notifying these different practices and hospitals that look. You don't have to get this from some middle man. You can call me up and get it.
correctly. For me, you can place orders directly with me, saving you and your patients in your clients, money and time and making me very successful as well, so his business at this point captain primarily, is him travelling around and networking and pass our business cards and pamphlets, and in people test out his product, so a business trip is relatively calm and for David Hendricks right on top that about half of the time he will take his family with him, his wife is a housewife she's a stay at home mother. At this point, the three children are still pretty young and as weaken as we can infer here from what the principle of their school is saying
I will say this, I'm a little clueless. If the boy- because he was only five if he was actually in kindergarten at that time and attending that school, but we do know the two daughters were and what we can infer here from what the principal saying he sing Well, I didn't come to school, but we have no cause for alarm, because I justice that they were traveling that they were out. dad on the road for a day trip poor for two? days on the road for one of these short trips. Now we should also talk about here. David does have a small plain that he owns and he will fly this in and out of a local plain hangar, he did not take this plane on this trip? He would on some trips. He would take the airplane and about half the trips. He would not take the airplane before this trip. He left the night before and he took his vehicle, his personal vehicle
so picture this within a twenty four hour time period. This guy leaves his house and now he's back at his house. The rest of the family has been killed and now he's surrounded by friend family inside the whole very much like what we have with that but a case if people remember that one. and police are now looking at the sky saying what we want to talk to. You so here's some other things it back up that time line of of when they were killed. Not only did the kids not attend school that day, but we have neighbors who say that a neighbor kid one of the one of theirs and knocked on the front door of the hendricks home around eleven, a m on that tuesday? No one answered the door David calling the house around nine a m that morning now he's in wisconsin when he didn't get through during a chicken phone call with his secretary soap.
he's on the phone with his secretary, slash assistant, who is back and blooming tim and the assistant. After talking to David, says all you don't get ahold of your wife and he's a nice calling her I wanted to tell her what hotel I was could have been a motor hotel. Whatever Did you tell her where I was staying so she could get a hold of me? This is nightingale. Three, he doesn't have a cell phone right, hotel, motel holiday in that's right, so he's Some of these cause he's gonna, make multiple calls throughout the day, and some of them will be to his home. We do know, we have at least two times it he's on the phone with his assistant. Some of these calls are going. I'm from his hotel room. Some of these calls will come from a pay phone, but his assistant, whose work form
for a very long time, in fact a nineteen eighty three. She is the only full time employee that works for very successful david hendricks at this time. Right because he does, it does have a store, is this driving around sellen his product? Well, his expertise is making this product and selling it people you need somebody else that can handle all the other day to day operations. That's very good and very smart at that stuff, but also, if you're traveling a lot. You need to help you with the the booking, exact january and then probably making arrangements to meet these different doctors and the set up the different meetings at the different facilities, and so she says you know, you're gonna be out there on the road he's not going out there, just a hit one facility or go to one hospital or one practice and try cells product, he's gonna, be out on the road hitting several different practices, and
actually going to hit several different cities in the state of wisconsin, so says David, don't worry about it! I will get a hold of susan I'll, get her on the phone and all let her know where you're staying and I will ass along your phone number the hotel, where you are staying so now, that's her job. For the day she says it. She made multiple attempts throughout the day to try to get Susan hendricks on the phone to no avail. Now to further things along here. Captain susan hendricks and the kids were scheduled to go to, since brothers house for dinner that tuesday evening they never arrive now. This is where he bore starting to get concern so dear. even being out on the road having not been able to get hold of his wife for the entirety of that day. He's now concern and he thinks well, no big deal so The may have come up, maybe she's running around. What have you shall be
her brothers house I'll call their oh. What we see in all these cases is there's a big red flag moment and so Okay, I can't get a hold of them. There could be a reason, they're, definitely going to go to her brother's house later and when they don't end up there boom that your big red flag, you know sound all the alarms and bells and whistles. So this is interesting because we have multiple people to confirm what time this takes place. Susan and the kids were You know, hey come over a five thirty and Susan says yes, we'll be. There are five thirty David is on the phone with his in laws at five. Forty p m on that tuesday. In law, say nope she's, not here yet and now both her immediately. Can
Because she was very prompt bright soon. Susan was very prompt, and on top of that David's now telling her face, we look. I've been trying to get a hold of her all day and cannot, and so now David calls the blooming in police department. and for my understanding, the the relatives on the The end of that call that sounds the alarm they offered to call because he's in another state, but I think day I wanted to make sure that nobody got confused as to his concern he says no, I'm going to call the police myself so he's on the. with blooming tin police department blooming in police. They offer go to the hendricks home in check and he says: well, I don't think home I've been calling all day and in fact, by this point says I've even talk to a neighbour who lives a couple d
down who told me that they went over knocked. And nobody answered the door, so I dont think that their home and the police. Well, what about the car was the car in the driveway he says well that wouldn't matter I think they ve been in some kind of accident as my concern of vehicle accidents and that's why the cops about the car in the driveway and he says it doesn't matter because she always parks in the garage. So you would know if they were there based off of that are not re so the police are saying: well, maybe we should go check. The house david saying I think they're there. I have other people telling me that they are not there, I more did they had an accident? Is a thirty five minute drive from our home to where they were going for dinner and devlin, I'm is that something happened to them along the way, and so the police department says all right: we're gonna get in touch with the sheriff's office. The count you know because they operate the county is their jurisdiction,
and will see if there has been any reported accidents in the area or if there are any body at the hospitals I believe even states like. I think this is where there are heading, and I think this is the direction they would await yeah. He says yes, this is there, the nation and typically, when we go there, we take string town. Where is the name of the the row that they are on for most of that trip. So now that gives police somewhere to look for these individuals. However, they very quickly note that there has not been any reported accidents within that time period of when they would have been travelling so, Now we get to the point where we learned that there is no accidents. All this conversation first started. I forty with the laws, so several several minutes
we're gonna, go by the time that he talks to everybody. But what David says is that once her family became that concern, and once He finds out that there have been no reported accidents. He does He's gotta get home prompter, so David is stay, or attempting to stay at a motel in madison wisconsin. So he's a bow roughly three hour drive from blooming, tin, illinois right. He says upon this level of concern. And talking with the laws and after talking to police, he checked out immediately. He gathered his things. He loaded up the car and he's now headed back home We know that he arrives home and finds this horrific scene with police already on the scene. Police are allowing us captain that there was no sign of forced entry into that home. In fact, they say:
not only was at sliding glass toward the rear of the home found unlocked, possibly slightly ajar. the front door, was found, unlocked as well, so they ve checked the entire house. Police chief would he's addressing the local news and he would not say if the.
Was robbed or if they had any idea as to motive for these horrific murders or anybody that grew up with a sliding glass door knew that, like those locks, were finicky yeah and you could almost like just keep messing with the door and sometimes it just kind of come unlocked, and so you have that unlocked front door, but that doesn't mean somebody entered that way, but it could be that maybe someday exited that way exactly and sliding glass door people put like a broomstick or something down. Therefore, when you don't actually make the connection to to lock that door, so there's something to jam that door for people from the outside, Now police do say that they found a sharp object in a bed room so there being there they're, giving us some detail, but being a little vague with it right. We found a sharp bobby,
in a bedroom that could have been the murder weapon, but the police chief would not describe. site, I'm in detail to the news. Now, though, The news, on the other hand, was telling the public saying that the murder weapon was an ax or that the least the news believed that the murder weapon was an axe. The county corn, I would only say that the autopsies revealed quote massive surreal, oh and various internal injuries on each of the victims. It was done with a sharp object and does quickly to back up to your point of the put in a stick or a broom handle into the sliding last store. I couldn't find anywhere where they said whether They had something like that or not it well. What we do know and were basing this off of David Hendricks right account. He because he's question that night and in fact, is actually question at.
that night, which is a little rough, considering his situation right, the that he's walking into and the lack of sleep that he's had within the last twenty or to forty eight hours body spent the last what twelve hours trying to get a hold of his family we're so he's worryin, and now he has three our trip back home. He comes to this crime scene. His wife has been murdered, viciously murdered, yes and then his three children have been viciously murdered as well exactly, and so he says you know that they don't ask him specifically if they would ever wedge anything to stop the door from opening right, but they ask him about the doors you know. Did you did you what happened when you left yet? Did you lock the doors and lucky as far as long was
it goes. You know that there's you know. I there's a part of you that probably goes hey. It's in poor taste that we interview this guy or that we not not just interview him, but we gotta kind of interrogate this guy cause look he's the number one suspect, because ye he's the one. That's close. tore them, and you have to ask him now, even though his emotions might not be intact because he could be, he could be killer and you you're losing time, and also you don't want to give some time to get their story straight yeah. I think of it is a bit of a double edged sword ray So what we have here is not only could this guy be your suspect right, because the statistics would tell you that when you have
of an entire family, but one wiped out, usually the one is responsible, so that's the unfortunate statistics, so they would tell you This is the guy you should probably be looking at, but then, on the other hand, you have this will. Even if this is not your suspect, have to talk to him and squeeze every detail out of him and every bit of information. We can add a him, because, even he didn't, kill them. He might be the last one to have seen them alive before the killer did, but he is also the only surviving member of the family. So he has information about the crime scene that nobody else would have exactly so when they're asking him about details of the night before he sang a couple things. When left the house in an ongoing based off of the questions, they chose to ask him that night, did you lock the doors before you?
because we found them unlocked, he no heed their pride, not telling him. We found them unlock, but he sing. Did you lock the doors before you leave and he said? Well, I that I did. That was my routine that when I would go on these trips that I would lock the doors or even when I would go to work or anywhere. I would lock the doors before I leave the house and he specifically references the back door first. He says: I think that I locked the back door. The front door was locked. I got my car. left, but I did not locked the door from the garage into the house. I closed the door door behind me as I was pulling Out and leaving the house now, the other thing that he tells them is that
his wife and children were in bed and that his wife was awake when he laughed and the kids as far as he knew were asleep and so that he laughed and he went on this trip now to further give detail to this regard about David hendricks being talk to that night, he was in fact interviewed for approximately eight hours. Some reports say eight and a half hours in we can question. I think we should question this, because this information would later becoming from David hendricks and from the individual that he would hire as an attorney to represent him now, of course, he should have representation. But if your attorneys talking to the newspaper and wants to get engaged sympathy for you less client
he might exaggerate a little bit. How long that the distraught father who had just seen his whole Emily killed and just was notified of that of how, terrible and rude. The police were to interview this guy in all, not only did they interview him on his worst night life of his life ever, but they kept him. Therefore, and a half hours, can you imagine how they treat them like an animal I don't know that I fully believe that he was, three and a half hours, but what it made its way to the newspapers. According to David's attorney is that he was in our view for approximately eighty eight and a half hours after the bar, These were found an question very early on and a lot of this questioning took place at the actual police station and
What we learn here is that very early on right away, David is like yes, no problem, you search the house. Of course I don't need his permission to search the house at this point, but he saying search my car, sir, a motorcycle make sure you search my airplane, that's at the hangar and so police. They search all these locations and then top of that they even drive the route that they believe that he would have taken from blooming tin out to wisconsin and they drive it back to blooming ten as well. They they check in urge the hotel room that he checked into an on the way back. they're looking for if he would have discarded of anything along the way.
So, police are obviously onto this dude right away and they have doubts about David hendrix and his story right away. We were talking about how he called, and he was calling all day trying to get a hold of his wife figure out where she was at and why wasn't she answering his phone calls? But if you look at the transcripts of those cause, one of the things that I find strange if I'm law enforcement is how he keeps pointing out but he's out of town, yeah and but that's one of those things where it's like, but if he is at a town. I guess it's not that strange that he he pointed that out. Yet that's where the so. What we're going to see what this case captain is it this this case is so interesting because of the evidence and also the lack thereof, evidence, and then you
You just mentioned it right there and then you hit the nail on the head. This is a double sided coin. Almost every detail in this story is a double sided coin. Is it heads or is it tails right, David Hendricks is reminding the police I was. I was out of state. I was on business. I would hit all these different locations. I spoke to my secretary. I spoke to extended family. I try to get hold of susan. Well, that is absolutely true. Every bit of that is absolutely true. Now is it tales where he's trying to to establish an alibi? Could it could be both? And so you have this sitting nation and let's throwin another double sided coin: ok, heads or tails Please say: well it's awfully suspicious that when we asked David hendricks did you lock the doors before you left and David goes right to the sliding great glass door. With his answer, I think I locked the back door. I know the front door was law
right and the door to the garage. I did not lock and then I left in the garage or closed as I was pulling out police go well. We entered the home through the back door that suspicious that his mind went to the back door first rather than the front door, and I agree with what police are saying. I think that most people's minds would go to the front door first, of course, but here's the problem We don't know, did police when they first start talking to him at his house before he even goes to the police state. Do they say hey, we came in through back to warm and we found this scene, we found your wife in there, I so so. If, if that was, conversation that was had or information that was given to him. Of course, his mind would go to the backdoor first right, that's what's difficult and allow these cases when we heard nine one call, we we examine and we start thing about what we. What would we say?
What would we do, because, if I'm innocent than I do this, if as guilty, I do this and, like you said, if I'm tired into law enforcement and their say, hey, we entered through the back door and the back door was ajar or the back door was unlocked. I'd, probably why question about: did I lock the doors? I'd probably start with the one that you enters there's another one, heads or tails the police say at this is this is about twenty four to forty eight hours after finding the bodies, the police tell the local news. We have some
surgeons about david hendricks because he didn't seem to be surprised, shocked or incredibly upset. We don't think that he behaved or acted the way that we would anticipate one that one should act when discovering that their whole families been killed. Okay, so that's heads the tales of that is the neighbours and his family. This is David's family, an susan's family, the neighbours and the extended family. The exact opposite David was a wreck. He was destroyed. These people know him better than the police do by, but let's go back to but also it say it's also after the fact. Yes, so it goes back to the old, they were piled. My client is I mean heck? Please Adam. Therefore, eight hours Please go while you never were targeted or try to day
they didn't seem to upset about anything. I then people that are on his side. How upset you he was just upset, he was destroyed follow these coin flips. You know one thing that I think would have really helped out this case that we just didn't have because it wasn't typical protocol for nineteen. Eighty three is that period of time, you're exactly right. and what we have here is we have several different witnesses who have different the un's varying opinions of David in his emotional state when he's at the home that night, when he discovers that his family has been alt right. We have the neighbors and family saying oh, he was he was a wreck. He was destroyed, the police saying he's not acting as upset as we would think one would act. What we don't have is any one but David's word versus the police. His word once they are back at the police station
We don't have that's why it so important that these interviews ard now videotape these days in almost every jurisdiction right, because we we would have here with us today and we would be able to play back those recordings and bigger and be able to make our own observations and say you. I think that detective his right david doesn't seem to be. He seems to be awfully casual when he seated at the table with the police answering questions during that eight hours or whenever was back at the police station or this man's erech he's completely lost his mind is is gone. He doesn't know how to answer these questions because of the situation? What he's just been through it, but think about that, though those again?
and you're, using the heads and tails analogy, and I think it's a really good one, because if I'm law enforcement, you go man this guy. His case seems like he's losing his mind that sake or that could be a guy that lost his family and knows that his family was brutally murdered and he wasn't. Or to stop it. He wasn't there to save them, but on the other hand here, while he's losing his mind because he just killed his whole family as he can, it's almost dislike. maybe the answers tall or what you think your opinion tells us more about you than it does the actual suspect. So heads or tails we have David hendrix, who tells police? Yes I'll, go to the police station with you. Yes, I'll sit across the table from you and all or any of your questions and according to his attorney he's. Therefore, eight and a half hours at night after discovering his family's been killed.
and after not having hardly any sleep from travelling and in working for forty eight hours, but then the flip of that date. You know David before you, the flip Davis's, yes search. The house search my car's search, my motorcycle, the airplane and put in please sir The hotel room that I checked into no problem search whatever you need to our eyes. I'm an open book, the flip too, that is then he's asked if he would take a polygraph and David says. Why don't know if I trust the polygraph task This is nineteen. Eighty three keep a mine in nineteen eighty three and I don't want to get an email, because every time one comes up again, the email from somebody goes. You know it's not admissible. Court does the same. Our first came our first go show here, where you get a reply that says no shit, Sherlock de D, you age,
yeah, but what we've said in the past and it's true, whereas the plus side, if I take one and I passed with flying colors, then people are going to say yeah, but we don't know if those tester correct and then, if I fail, then it's nobody's gonna come to my rescue and say well, those tests aren't always correct. It's. I think it's actually more difficult to say because it's forty years ago I think, because it was nineteen, eighty three that there's a good solid chance that he would have taken the test and passed with flying colors that they may have moved on from David hendrix. Given the time period. You have a look at the ramsey case. I mean they took three polygraph tests in the past and they didn't move on. But David tells police that he as a reason for not trusting the polygraph exam and he says, look a friend of mine,
remember. This man is very religious. The plymouth brethren community that he's involved in very religious he says this individual- that I know who's, who I consider to be an extremely honest man and religious man, had to take a polygraph exam for his work. and failed the polygraph in lost his job because of the test. The results of that exam so David is telling police. I don't. I don't feel comfortable taking the exam number one because of this experience that I know of, and so I dont trust these tests, but I might consider taking it, but I wouldn't do it until I have an attorney. So what we learned by that statement is he sat there police, according to his attorney, that he hires at a later time for eight to eight and a half hours at night. Without any representation he's not requested
presentation, but he sitting there with nothing in his arsenal. Answering the police's questions. and so the police say well this week. This is a tool that we that we will use to move on from you and David says. Well what if I fail or what a fitting inconclusive and the police tom. Well then, we would probably focus our investigation on here and to that he then says I think I'm going to need again attorney, but I fully so I mean police are asking these questions and eight they ve even said. Look. We might be We might be moving in focusing our investigation and on you more as we proceed. So what we have here captain is a little bit of back and forth because
in the coming days. In the coming weeks, we will have the police chief and the this is. The county attorney ronald dodger, he's Brinley telling the newspapers after a couple weeks, a David hendricks, is not cooperating in the police's investigation into the murders, and you have his now attorney Harold Jennings, who is telling the papers look my client Cooperative fully in the early stages of their investigation for eight hours and now that they, the detective, see. To be honing in on him in refusing to look at anybody else. Yes, my client is reluctant to speak with the police. Yes, I've advised the keys.
taken polygraph exam, because I have advised him not to do so. In fact, his iter, Harold jennings, who officially wasn't hired yet because, because. David hendricks, has not been charged with anything, but Harold, Jennings is still representing. Him is at least as far as p argos or in relation to communications with the police But jennings is saying: look not only have I advised hendricks to not take the polygraph exam. I've advised him to not speak with police all unless I am present- and I want them to submit the questions to me in advance- yeah. I mean this is a common tactic for a lawyer and you pay a lawyer to protect you and protect your rights. We need to get through some of the events of the night leading up to the martyrs right, because the question still is.
We know that they were killed either late monday night or early tuesday morning, but really need to be a honan and isolate the time of death for these victims. We know that David Hendricks was at the house until sir point that Monday night, and we also makes this difficult for me. I don't care about it all you, other people were for me, as of on law enforcement, it's a three hour drive, so it's very possible that david drives checks into the hotel. Make some cause does some stuff, and drives back home, commenced. The murders drives back keep in mind. We, we have a couple things going on here
he's hitting multiple stops. That's the intention for the sales pitch right going to these different practices, his first location that he goes to is a little more than six hours away from his home. He where he ends up he drives back home, is three hours away bright, but what I'm saying is says we can't without having his cell phone. Where we can track his locations. We can only track. It were when he's entering a point. Where is excellent, point right. If people solemn or didn't see him right, so what I'm saying is there can be gaps and his travel that we could be unaware of
to the making sense? No, it does but keep in mind. We also have some markers along the way. They argue that we should back up his location, so we know that he's making phone calls from pay phones. We also know that he's making a phone call at least one phone call, probably multiple phone calls from the motel room. So all of that, because its long distance and because it's a pay phone, we can track that and we can confirm hey. You said you were making this phone call this time around: well, let's double check. Okay! Yes, we see that you were making that phone call this time plus we have him checking in and speaking with other individuals. It's not just. I called susan. Nobody answered it's. I spoke with my secretary at this time and at these different times on this day and also he was active heat. He was actively going into different practices in giving his sales pitch and networking with these individuals through
the course of that tuesday. There, because I understand if your law enforcement, like we said, he's the only survivor of this family, so he would know critical information about the house and about the neighbourhood about their friends and families, possible people that could be connected or possible people that law enforcement need looking. into so you're, going to question him on that, but if you're law enforcement, I think the first thing that you have to do instead of trying to get him to confess or take a polygraph or whatever is to go, did he have the means and opportunity to actually commit these times and here's one of the problems for your case. If your cases to build a case against David hendricks, this
seen, and I don't want to. I don't wanna dance in the details for too long, because its horrific and heartbreaking to discuss this is an incredibly bloody, brutal scene What we would learn is that the victims were killed with at least to weapons. Sharp objects won an ax. This is not a hatchet. This is a long handle acts. There were also killed with a butcher knife now Both of those items belong to the hendricks family. The axe belong to the full lay the butcher knife came from the butchers block in the kitchen. The visuals had there some of them had their throats slit and everything one of them were hit multiple times directly in the face with a long handled acts not once not twice not
times not four times not five times we're talking individuals being struck directly in the face, while they lay there defenceless and silent ten to thirteen times each. There was blood everywhere at this scene, whoever killed them should have blood on their person on their clothing and on places that they cannot detect or disguise or hide. The problem for the police, with the scientific evidence very quickly became this in David's motorcycle airplane his car that he drove to wisconsin zero victims, blood found in any of those locations, his clothing that he took with him his luggage that he took with him the item,
for business purposes that he took with them zero blood on all of those items, the hotel room that he checked into and state. I briefly zero victims, blood found at that location as well, and we're not talking about we're just testing it with the naked eye we're talking about ninety Eighty three: they are doing their damn best to try to find blood somewhere that the victims blood got outside of this house, because that's your trail to the killer. They took that car apart down to the nuts and bolts looking for blood in his vehicle, They did not find it. They went through that motel room to the point that they were dipping in checking
in taking apart the drains to the sink into the bathtub, no blood found and those locations either no blood found the traps or the drains at the hendricks home. So they don't have. Thing, indicating to a great degree that the killer completely cleaned themselves upon before leaving the crime scene. They they drove the rout, Malta times that he would have taken, or they believed that he would have taken from blooming tend to his destination. Roughly six hours away didn't find any Discarded, along the way, could he done a really damn good job, maybe but the the items that they tested every location that they searched. They did not find any victims blood, so that is difficult for your investigation. That's the physical evidence that was going to lead you to your killer.
Find the axe they find the knife there was used to kill. All four members of the family they find? those two items lying on the floor and the girls bedroom, where three of the victims were found. Now they have to interview David hendricks, because the bay part of their case in their investigation is simply going to be this because within five any blood evidence leading us to David hendricks? But yet we don't believe him and we don't trust him. He won't take our polygraph exam. We need to figure out the time of death. That's going to be key here, because if we can, then, prove that he was still at home during the time of death, then he had be the one that killed his family. No way around it, so scientific
you have the coroner. You have the experts, medical examiners knowledge is all trying to determine the time of death for these for victims meanwhile you have the police getting statements from David hendricks on the night of the that the bodies are discovered getting a timeline from him for that monday, because if they can prove that, they were all killed. Late Monday night, rather than early tuesday morning, David Hendricks may still have been in the house when they were killed, he's our killer. So they talk to David and They get some information from him. The interesting thing from his story of that Monday night is again we're gonna have markers witnesses, people they can back up portions of his story to be absolute fact agreed upon fact right. So, let's start off roughly around five five. Thirty, so for this first
Marker on our time line of events, we don't have an exact time, but what it is it's a neighbour and adult neighbor who says my kids were out playing with the hendricks kids in the hendricks front yard. and around this five to five thirty, maybe even closer to six o clock. Susan Hendricks comes outside to the door and she calls her kids in for the evening. ok, so kids and mom alive and well at this time we don't have an exact time for, but what we do know that takes place sometimes shortly after that, David Hendricks takes his three children to a mall there at the mall very big flee they were shopping for something I can't remember exactly what it was, but after them all, They go to a nearby chuckie cheese restaurant for dinner. Now, why is it just tat in the three kids well mom susan hendricks, is attending a baby shower that evening
so she's, often alive and well in visiting friends at the baby? Shower? That's not in dispute now. that will become very important to this case, will be that, while their family for split a vegetable pizza Thank you, everyone for joining us here in the garage the day, if you are a member of law enforcement or a first responder, and you have a case from your jurisdiction that you would like for us to feature here in the garage. Please go to true crime, garage dot com and look up our contact information. So much more to
to join us back here and the grants to morrow and until then be good, because I don't like it.
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