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The I-5 Killer /// Part 2 /// 314

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The I-5 Killer /// Part 2 /// 314

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At a time when random crime was at a new all time high, an evil man traveled hundreds of miles up and down the I-5 corridor. This man was a bandit, a rapist and a killer. The police were learning about the traveling killer so they may end the terror. Join us in the garage as we discuss one very violent criminal and the crimes he perpetrated. Beer of the Week - DDH Noise Pollution by Southern Grist Brewing Garage Grade - 5 out of 5 bottle caps

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when we left off yesterday gap- and we were introducing to everyone in individual by the name of randy- would field and he came to the attention of police because they were investigating a homicide they took place. His name was connected to the victim. They were able to prove through witnesses
Randy would field knew the victim and they strongly believe that whoever killed Julie rights knew her right. So he worked with her at a bar at some point, and I also believe that he possibly one on the day or alleys pursued her was interested in dating her and police found several pieces of evidence at the crime scene itself at the murder scene to suggested whoever killed julie rights. She let the killer into her home and spent some time speaking in spain time with this individual before the martyr occurred. Now he is put himself in the hot seat, because when they go to interview randy and talk to him at his apartment, he says he did not know her and they have proof of otherwise. so now there very interested in taking him down to the department where they can further question him and may be turned the heat up a little bit on this guy, so
let's find out more about randy, would feel real, quick. He was born in december of nineteen fifty in salem organ. He grew up in otter, rock organ. He is the third child of a upper middle class family so aware on last week's episode we were talking about. Children growing up with disadvantages. This is not that situation this guy. He had every advantage out there going for him. He was an upper middle class family. He had a good family and then, on top of that he was He was a gifted athlete. Yang is a white male yeah and he was a football star at the newport high school. Now he was also a basketball star. He play baseball. He was on the track team. This was the athletic darling of the high school. Now he did have
some problems- and these were problems that he calls himself what failed began to exhibit sexual dysfunctional behaviors during junior high school. This is because he was exposing himself public, and this can be levelled also entail yeah or show. No tell you this continued when he went to high school as well, but there there are different. variations of the following statement, depending on who you talk to, but its belief that that there may have been football coaches, or maybe even his parents or people in the community that try to conceal these incidences after he got caught. They didn't want him to be ousted or removed from the
ball team, which is pathetic. Well, it's absolutely pathetic, but the reason why I wanted to point out that there is different variations of that is, I don't know one which is true and to a lot of times, especially back way back then this was not. It was not
common for something like this to be committed by a minor to be swept under the rock, and not necessarily just for the sake of this kid to play football after graduating high school. What fields criminal record was expunge, so he did give rise to charges on some of this. His parents on the record state that they forced him to attend therapy over the incident that he was convicted of. I wonder if there was some kind of trauma and his childhood or or somethin like this will do. We know as religious background was he raised. Catholic was just there's something where it's like him. Exposing himself and middle school and high school
Where's that coming from it may not have to stem from anything that happened to him. He could just be sexually dysfunctional right cracked year after graduating highschool, whatever criminal record he had at the time was expunge. He went on to attend portland state university in portland and nineteen. Seventy. This is where he played for the portland state vikings and he played wide receiver. He was an offence football player. This would carry him to the nfl. He was that talented of a receiver doing no, what team he played for once. He made it to Annabel. He put, he was drafted by the green bay packers, so he was drafted in the nineteen. Seventy four nfl
ass by the green bay packers. He chose to drop out of college. This is just shortly before graduating. He was attending school seeking a degree in physical education, but when offered the position in the national football league here dropped out of school very record of him. I pour out his dinghy and then fell swell. His career did not last very long though he was drafted in the seventeenth round, with the four hundred and twenty eight said yeah. Well, we gotta keep in mind medea heart nfl guide, the nfl back then in the seventies, was not what it is today One. You didn't have the number of teams that we currently have, so they had they. that alone made them have a lot more rounds for drafting, and this too, because believe it or not, they didn't
pay extremely well. It wasn't like you went to the nfl and you were a millionaire. Let you are today that was not a guarantee and people that were were drafted later and just not as good day made about as much money as people they had regular jobs or regular enough. You went to college and had a degree programming more money. You might make a little more, so we already said that. Ninety, Eighty, the national average salary was roughly thirteen fourteen thousand. So when he signed with the green bay packers, he did sign a contract. His contract was for sixteen thousand dollars, and this is nineteen. Seventy four now this did allow for some incentives should- he performed extremely well, so he had the opportunity to make more money. But on top of that too, I think that they were having so many rounds for drafting these players. I believed it and said
three seventy four there may have been a strike as well, so now They need to fill rosters, because people players are saying we're not going to play for any number of reasons. His. I have his scouting report here, which I find interesting. So they'll randy would field Wide receiver he's listed depending on where you look at six foot or six foot, one hundred and seventy pounds played for portland state born december, twenty six nineteen fifty he was timed at four point. Seven in the forty yard, dash notes on player, cuts on a dime has good hands and catches well in crowd, fluid and smooth hustles and is a good jumper. He pulls out has provided yogurt
clear faster than anybody well in that is its generally believed that that's why he was cut from the team that these these incidents is, where he's exposing himself or allegations of such continued. Even once he joined the green bay packers. He technically did not ever play a game for them. He was signed the contract and eventually cut. I believe that the green bay packers official stance on this and statement on this is that he just was not good enough to make the team. I dont know if this another situation and I'm not gonna, be very, very clear. I'm not accuse. The green bay packers of anything I dont know if this is another situation where maybe there were others somebody somewhere,
covering up or not reporting these these, the no incidences, because he was it. Nfl player was a great way not to get tackled, though this is true, This is true, so he was in the nfl an for any number of reasons that you choose to believe he was cut from the team. Personally, I believe it probably included some of these flashing incidences. The one thing that I found interesting regarding his short time with the team, is they offered him a flight, a paid flight to get to their training camp, to which he turned down and chose to drive? They make his own way there and I'm not there don't to suggest anything but go ahead and suggests it. I just I just wonder if he chose that, because he he intended on
exposing himself for committing any type of crimes along the way it just or he could just been afraid of flying. I don't know, but I found that I found that to be interested Now after he was let go from the team, he did stick around little bit and played on their farm team, but ultimately he's let go and he returns home back to portland. This is where randy's going to get into more trouble and early nineteenth the five there were several portland women who were basically attacked while they were in a park in the that these attacks would go down. Is it would start off as a robbery? The offender would find individual or female walking by herself approach them with a knife threaten them take their pocket book. During the course of the attack there was some type of sex
war sought. This went on long enough in there were enough of these attacks. That police decided, hey we're gonna, have to figure out who this guy is and we're gonna have to come up with some good strategy to do something about it, so they come up with a sting operation and they take a female police officer. Put her in plain clothes. She signs up for this, and god bless her because you have to be brave to do this. First of all, you know that the person committing this crime is threatening and bringing a weapon to the attack. Oh yeah, on top of that you're out there by yourself and the other officers that going to assist you in the sting operation. They have to be a good deal of ways away where because they can't risk being seen by the potential attacker. So this is a very brave officer who puts herself in harm's way potentially goes out into these parks and walks alone.
it doesn't take very long until she is robbed and attacked. I dont know one hundred percent of the details of the attack or if it was if she was able to thwart the attack and just put a tool to an end right, but on interesting thing that they did was when she would go out there remember robbery was a big part of these attacks, so they put numbered bills. They issued numbered bills and put him in her pocket book. Each time that way, even if the attacker got away, they could trace the bill and then made try to figure out who this individual is there. sting operation results in The arrest of randy would feel so he is charged with now.
only robberies but he's charged with sexual assaults as well creeper. He alternately plead guilty to reduce charges of second degree robbery and what field was sentenced to ten years in prison. He did he served. Five of those years or four and a half somewhere in that ball morning, but he didn't do the full ten years. Here was the problem that we have psychologists that were making suggestions regarding the charges for randy would field at least the charges he was facing, not what he pledged guilty to, but the sexual aspect of those crimes, the psychology were pointing out that that was the driving force. They believe that was the driving force for the way that randy would field was acting out right before the actual robbery, so the driving force of sexual, not the actual robbery correct that that just goes along with the whole rest of the attack,
mind you, especially in the in the mid seventies and our country. One thing we were really big on trying to do. Was rehabilitating offenders and treating criminals to try to make them not be criminals and make them good citizens, and a lot of that reason is one. The mindset at the time is that a lot of people they just need to be rehabilitated. They just need treat they don't need prison bars, they don't we're neighbors, walk opportunities as well right, but on top of that, you have an extenuating circumstance of a lot of these prisons were free, full there's, no more room left, so you have to really push the angle of trying to tree and rehabilitate these individuals to try to lessen the population lessen the prison population.
Why he's in prison? I wonder how many times you see no permanent. Now I from all foreign. A years that's a lot of poland and out well from all of this, records that I can find he was a. He had a good record. He was a good model. Inmate. Let's say he had some infractions the opening of the wind, the one infraction this, bans out is he had illegal shoes need somebody had sent him basketball shoes now in the prison where he was housed at the time They were to be in prison uniform by from had to tell he chose, do not wear the issued shoes and he had she was brought in this. He says because he had ankles and he he needed he required basketball, type or tennis shoes to wear.
So that was his only infraction. He was a bit of aim jerk about some of the the prison rules. Like he one thing didn't make sense to him was why should he get penalised? For bringing in the EU. legal shoes. When you have other inmates thither, they are getting with bringing in drugs right to the present. So you had a big problem with that. I dont know that he would have had to expose himself to get. kind of satisfaction or whatever the hell he was looking for when he started doing that in the first place, one. The population is males in that doesn't seem to be his victim type right, but to his other complaint about prison was that there were female employees that worked at the prison and he said sometimes these employees work in a position where they would see and made showering more using the restroom and where on the outside, he would tell us that he has a big price.
With that, they didn't seem to go along with flashing your junk off a bridge to some some girls in the park rang. It just doesn't, does not add up my big data. So now we are questioning randy would field about this murder that took place of Julie rights so they want to know everything. They know that he knows or everything that could possibly link him to their case. He does seem somewhat cooperative once he's back at police headquarters. Answering their questions where he starts to waffle on being cooperative is when they say look. This is very easy. We just need a blood sample. herr sample and take a polygraph test, and we can just clearer and will move on with our investigation to this. He says you know what
before we do any of that jazz. Let's how I think I need to call my attorney these detectives or not eighty its. They are going to call randy's bluff, they save no power what's his name, what's his number, we will call him for you to which he says. Maybe I don't mind We don't need to involve. My attorney and they continue on with their questioning. They want to know how well he knew Julie rights because eventually he does admit to knowing her so we're going down the path. A little further re number have that work I in Maybe you don't know, but it sake, how does he backtrack on that? One all willingly? Oh yeah, I know Julie, I'm guessing that he would feel like he was backed in a corner and this point and he asked offer them up something, because now there not he's on their turf now they're, not gonna, they're, not gonna, back off into
We arrived when you see what I mean like theirs. It there's a big difference between some eight come into the revelation themselves or getting back to the corner where the now the law enforcement officers. Now that he's lying about something right and he caught, he does try to present this in some form that they could be saved as believable? He doesn't admit to knowing her until he has shown a picture of julie, and he's going to add to that that yeah he knew her, but not well, and that I think he even said that he was unaware of her last name right, which is very possible if you work at an in a bar or social setting where you might not interact with her Co workers really well he's also going to provide an alibi for the night that Julie rights was murdered. He was somewhat in the area and
were able to determine that because he stayed or at least booked a hotel room. There was a few towns away lindsey, so he wasn't too Billy far, but his alibi is look. I went out. I went to this bar this bar this bar. This bar went to bar hoppin an I met a girl along the way and she act along with me for the rest of the night. He never really puts himself much closer. The need be with with this very flimsy alibi, he's unable to provide them with the. Full name of the girl. There was tagging along with him on his adventure. I think the name was Sarah members katy. I a livia, well they're, trying to figure out what kind of relationship acquaint is or otherwise randy and Julie. Have we
question they want to know is: did the two of you ever have intercourse? Did you ever have sex together, to which he says? No, now we're going to circle back around two. We want your hair. We want your blood and we want to do a polychrome and we want your fate care as well and he is going to play along with this for a while and pretend that he is going to do that. Here is where things take a turn. They contact his parole officer, because, after they ve after he comes in, they already knew he had a record, but this record states that it was for a robbery remember: he played guilty to second degree robbery right when they contact his parole officer. They learn a couple of things that are very high sitting one. The parole officer inform them that, yes, he he did confessed to second degree robbery
but these crimes all had a sexual aspect to him and then, secondly, they figure That he's not living where he was where he told his parole officer that he was to be living. He had informed the parole officer that he had moved to now He's already, in violation of said, parole and he's p, from behind the april? At this point, the parole officer also informs the officers that randy would field was a suspect, insist in a couple of other homicides. it took place just months before. Really these were women He knew at one time, in his life- and he was question in both of those incidents- are so one of the crimes took place. This was the murder of sherry air,
this took place, and then you have, a month later, the murder of darcy fix in her boyfriend. Now that both of these attacks and murders occurred in the homes of the victor This is why these crimes would not immediately be tied to who they are looking for. As far as the eye five killer goes, because the eye five killer goes into a business and attacks and kills there now. This is what so interesting about this case, and about this could detective work. We have two detectives that are looking to solve the murder of Julie rights. They are speaking to randy, would field regarding, the murder of Julie rights, their whole intent at this point is to either connect him to the murder of julie rights or to clear him and move on try to find a better suspect. The problem here, though, is take it too
Information from the parole officer now so much more intrigues with this guy. They dont believe him to be truthful. They believe that his answers are evasive and now he's not while operating he doesn't want to submit blood hair or to the polygraph. Then Further questioning now we have a very nervous and a very scared randy would feel he started to show the officers that, is nervous he starting to show them that he is afraid of their questions, for them shown as Peter now being backed into a corner. He points out to them. Look I'm not going to give you the polygraph, I'm not going to give you hair I'm not going to give you blood. I didn't even know that Julie rights was murdered in tool. You guys came here and told me and into which he follows up with just because I had sex with her does not mean that I killed. If you had the chance
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What we are seeing here is what we ve seen in other cases that we discuss before when pushed into the corner went back into the corner. We have individuals where their story starts to change and maybe you're getting a little more of the truth or you're getting a bunch of more lies. So in this situation, Randy is now changing. His story. The investigators are telling him your story is not adding up. You said one thing here and another thing there and then, on top of that, you are in, a minor. It is a minor violation of his parole, but he is
in violation of that parole to which they are going to really push the issue of the tests. They want the blood tests, the hare test in the polygraph test randy would field and forms the officers that he would prefer to go back to prison than to submit and subject himself to those test. That seems like an odd thing to say now, if you're honest and in these three tests can clear you of this murder. Why would you go yeah I'll, just go back to prison doesn't seem, tussock seem to make any sense if they can vote you, that's why you're gone anyway. It's very strange. What all of this weird yes and then him not being cooperative will ultimately lead to a search warrant and I believe I said earlier that he may have been living in eugene organ. He did move around a little bit, but by the time of the questioning he an apartment in springfield organ
and this is where they are going to serve this search warrant and find some items inside that apartment. What they discovered is a spent thirty two caliber shell casing. They found this inside of a racquetball bag. Remember this matches the caliber some of our crimes that we discussed yeah. The other thing here, too, is when we were discussing the offender or the profile that was put together of the offender they had mentioned that he was wearing driving, gloves the open up in the back. They did confiscate some racquetball gloves from his apartment. There were similar in description right to what they had. Probably the most interesting thing that they found in his apartment was a roll of tape. This was actually a box. There were,
box that contains several rolls of adhesive tape. Some of the roles were used and a couple of the roles were missing from the box. Le conte was as I and now that we know that he was an athlete. I kind of wondered if this was some kind of tape that was used to like back in the seventies and eighties. A lot of people that played football would like taped their fingers up taped their hands up. My guess. I've never seen the tape and throughout some of the different attacks and murders, it's described differently. You know sometimes a band aid, sometimes surgical tape, sometimes adhesive tape when its confiscated, an rule, simply describes it in her book, the eye five killer as adhesive tape. What I Envisioning is what you just said: that white tape that strong white tape that you see football players wrapping around their ankles. Some us like electrical tape by
serves wrapping at around their their knuckles. So, yes, that's what I'm picturing. The great thing here for the detectives it seems they were, they were ultimately searching for a gun. They did find evidence that randy would field had guns or had access to guns, but they never found a gun in his apartment. They found like a receipt for a gun purchase. The caliber didn't match any from the attacks and they found a gun, cleaning, kit, yeah, but see here's what I wonder if you find a receipt for a gun, but you can't find that gun doesn't prove to you on some level that this guy purchases guns then gets rid of 'em. Well, that would be your suspicion by your looking for the gun that matches the description in the caliber and the ballistics. By or the crimes that you know were committed again. I won't ever
I need to keep in mind when they serve this search warrant. These two detectives are not looking for the I five killer. They are looking for whoever killed julie, writes ray. It was not until they found the box of the adhesive tape that the alarm bell started going off, because the detectives well aware of the search for the eye, five bandit in the eye, five killer, but they had never linked that individual to them. of Julie rights. It seems different right, it seems one hundred percent different. The cool thing here is randy would fields, is very concerned why they want that tape. Why would you be the out of all the things to take for my apartment. Why You bother taking tape from my apartment, This is going to lead to a domino effect that all of this is happening very quickly, but they are able to. They have his mug shop
eddie. What fields mugshots they already know all these jurisdictions that are looking for the eye: five bandit or the eye five killer, or both so now, they're gonna now their information that they have on randy would field with a picture of of his most shot from the first time he served in prison as alison general information that they know about em, mind you. What was he driving at the time of e w bug? They send out this information and what we have is LISA garcia. She will positively, Identify randy would field in a photo lineup lisa garcia is somebody that was robbed by the eye. Five bandit so shortly after the search of his apartment, Randy would field is too into custody. This is depending on where you read and look into this case, your get some variations of, why they took a man, I'll cut I'll cut, Qaeda, the crap here, they took him in simple,
because they knew he violated his parole. That's what gonna bring you in on that's what we're going to hold you on all this stuff that we collected from your apartment could just be a coincidence. We have to prove that it is some type of evidence, then, once he is in their custody. This is when we get LISA garcia that comes forward and positively identifies him as the robber as the person that robbed her This is also compounded with several other organ robbery. Victims coming forward positively identifying randy would field as their attacker so this is not just one witness. Now we have multiple victims coming forward the other thing that they're going to figure out through the course of their investigation and evidence that was collected at randy would fields apartment there was a roll of tape. Did they found that matched tape that was found on the victims Not only did it match by how it was made, the materials used to make it,
also lined up to the point where some of the tear marks met up with the tear marks on a peace, it was found on one of the victim so what we had a year is: yes, we have a god himself. Wage and guiding he is taken into custody custody. On march seventh, and it's just nine days later on march, sixteenth- that indictments for murder, rape, sodomy attempted kitten being armed robbery, any illegal possession of firearms are initiated this from multiple jurisdictions and both of the states of washington an organ. So how does his trial panel? The trial takes place in the summer of nineteen? Eighty one and ultimately, randy would field was tried for murder and attempted murder is stemming from the trans american title building attack that we discussed in which sherry hall
was murdered and Beth wilma survived the problem for randy here is. They do have some evidence linking him to this crime, but what's going to really seal the deal what is Beth willman survived the attack was also able to sit in front of the jury, described the attack to the jury and point to randy woodfield as being the assailant and being the murderer of her friend, on june, twenty six nineteen, eighty nine it took about three half hours of deliberation, but what was convicted on all counts and he was sentenced to life in prison plus ninety year, a few months later, there was a second trial that was being held. This was in relation to the sexual assault charge from the drive in restaurants, where he walked into the restroom and locked the door behind him bill.
In this trial. He you know there is some of it, again, but mainly it's the living witness. The comes forward that helps the prosecution, get randy. The conviction for which he received an additional three five years that is added on to his all addy and stated sentence for so yeah life plus ninety plus thirty, five plus thirty five and but then I see our when its claiming on the inter webs is a life imprisonment plus. One sixty five. So I wonder if there was another case brought against him, this Here too, that's a little weird is and you I find this in several parts of the country, especially during this time frame, but they really have trouble.
All narrowing down. How many potential victims, murder victims, randy would field could have the big problem with him is he he struck so fast his his and he was so rapid between attacks, was a very short cooling off period for this serial killer, dive scene numbers anywhere from twelve possible victims. All the way up to forty four yeah I've seen eight eighteen, forty four and despite the apparent links with countless other crimes and which include homicides, what field, what actually not be prosecuted for the majority of the crimes that it is believed that he may have committed right? And this is because he's not getting out of prison. You ve already discuss his lengthy prison sentence and the state was unable to afford these additional trials for
What are crimes that are generally considered by victims, families and law enforcement to be closed cases yeah. I think law enforcement can close them on on on some level, and I think, as long as That's you know, because you don't want to have all these trials and give this guy more attention than he deserves and then spend more money on then on these trials than he deserves, and- and I think of as long as the detectives can come to a consensus of here's the evidence and we can prove it to the family and that gives the family closure on that level. Ah, hypothetical question for you: okay, so you you're on trial, doesn't matter if you're innocent or guilty right, but you're on trial and you get sentenced to life imprisonment,
plus one sixty five. What's your reaction? Who had him from it? What's mutton we catch, I it is going to matter if I'm guilty or innocent my reaction. Ok, if I'm guilty you kind of right ear like yeah, I did this shit. Ok, your anas! If I'm innocent Am I'm outraged, you're you're in hell any statement given to the courtroom. Now I know because you you're, hoping in your betting, on some appeals during that. You know too, to write the wrong. If you are in fact innocent. Yes, I would refrain from acting like a jack. ass in the court, which is going to be brought up time and time again, which would also that be law enforcement, the prosecutors pointing out look at the time.
Braun this guy right? How can you not but look how he behaved? How can you not believe that he would be a vital individual or murder people so scenario. The judge right and I want you to sentence, may to life imprisonment, plus sixty five years seen go. I hereby sent in june to life imprisonment, plus a hundred and sixty five years, so you're saying there's a chance, the third, my reply, whether as innocent or guilty, that would be my reply. Well. Randy would field has never confessed to any crops. Okay, and he is he's even gone as far to proclaim his innocence. there's a book out. There called the serial killer letters a penetrating look inside the minds of murderers, and this is where several serial killers or alleged
serial killers, depending on how you want to look at it share letters become pen pals with the author and In sum of randy, would fields, letters to the author. He states that not only is he not guilty, but he's he's innocent and furthermore, he has a suspect in mind for these crimes, and he says that Larry more likely committed one. Or many of these murders the letters themselves. You can actually find so of them on the internet, because I think, for whatever reason, after the author was done with, these letters. Somehow they ended up being sold on the internet. I don't know how they came about, but so these are not super uncommon.
Letters there is one that stands out more than others and that's the one where he out rightly names larry more as being the eye five killer or who he suspects of being the eye five killer. I've read all these letters in this correspondence and not all of them have to do with him proclaiming his innocence, but within some of those letters it seems weird because it seems at times like he's willing to say that maybe his general theory and it's tough toot, to deduce this just from the letters cause he doesn't out rightly say this is what actually happened, but you can pull bits and pieces. And it appears to me like he is willing to admit to being the eye five bandit to which he is actually saying that the eye five bandy in the eye five killer are two separate criminals right and that he might be good, for
Some of these I five bandit cases, but he's not good for any of these. I five killer cases which he points out. That Larry more would be a better suspect to be the I've five killer. Who is Larry more? Why would he suggests Larry. More could be the eye five key, Larry more was convicted of the organ museum, tavern shooting which took place on may seventh, nineteen eighty one. So it's all about the same time period right, in this case we have Larry more, who basically walks into a bar with a river. A priest pulls a gun on the bar tender shoots at the bar tender and then turns the gun on several of the patrons at the tavern. He shoots multiple people- this is a mass shooting, really is what it is now, thankfully, for a lot of the people there orridly some of the people there. He is
the hand gun that at some point he has to reload and the patrons that work. Fired upon realise what he had to reload that gun. Let's get this guy charge them, and they take him down. He's arrested on the scene unfortunately, the killing spree ended with three people dying at the scene. It also injured twenty others. One of these people die. In the hospital later that night and then there was a gentleman that he died, nearly thirty years later from injuries that he suffered on that day. So you have randy would field? Who is going to point to this other killer as being the actual killer? is some problems with that, though, because we do know that in two thousand and one And in two thousand and six randy would field was linked by dna. We don't need your confession body. He was lying,
by dna testing to to additional murders and organ that occurred, and nineteen, eighty and nineteen eighty one. I think that is fair to put his number somewhere around that twelve marker seems appropriate it. But the scary thing here is: it almost seems like that, might be a very conservative number we have a gentleman from the portland put police bureau. This is Jim Lawrence, he's a cold case detective. When asked to describe the eye five killer. He says he killed and then five weeks later he killed again. Then it was three weeks then two weeks. I believe that it would have soon been every few days he was like the buggy man in
broad of nineteen. Eighty seven randy would field filed a twelve million dollar liable suit against author and rule the true crime other who had written the eye five killer, which is the account of randy, would fields, life and crime spree, which became a best selling book in nineteen. Eighty four. the federal court and Oregon dismissed the law suit in january of nineteen. Eighty eight thankfully randy would field is serving his sentences at the oregon state penitentiary, and salem- and he has never ever getting out of here- right, big, yes, so much for joining us other weak in the garage and thank you so much for town, a friend and sharing on social media
want to pay tribute to the late great, an role if any one would like to look further into this case. The source everyone goes to is the true crime book. The eye five killer by an rule that will be our recommended reading for this week and you can find that title as well, as others listed on our recommended page. It true crime, garage dot com An rule is one of the best true crime, authors of the last fifty years when she started out. Captain writing true crime books. Back in nineteen, sixty nine editors and publishers told her that no one wants to read true crime written by a female author. So for years she was published using the pen. Name, Andy stack, so they told her. She couldn't be successful female, true crime, author and by god she did it as well as any and better than most so cheers the late, great an rule and cheers to all of you out there until next time be good behind
Don't worry.
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