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The Law of Disappearing /// Part 1 /// 455

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The Law of Disappearing /// Part 1 /// 455

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In 2003 and 2004 something strange was going on down in Collier County, Florida. In the span of four short months two young men both in their early twenties go missing. Felipe Santos and Terrance Williams both now missing were last seen in two separate but very similar incidents. Both stories involve the missing person, their vehicle, some kind of traffic incident and an officer on the scene. The officer on the scene was 17 year Sheriff’s Office veteran Steven Calkins. Steven Calkins has been publicly named as a person of interest in both of these cases. We need your help and there is a very substantial reward for your help. If you have any information please contact the Collier County Sheriff’s Office @ 800-780-8477.

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higher handymen method for nearly a decade and tonight it intact and hence points and former colleague thing he fell apart and of interest in this. Soft kate and that's not all around a hall talk to one mom who still has no answers about what happened. Her only son amanda, that's right, detective, only with a major crimes unit and been on both of these cases for most of those eight years it tells me he's been all the way to.
in about chasing leads, but that all of the real corroborated evidence leads right back here to call your counting who am I talking about I was also it's been eight years since Marcin William spoke with her son, terence eight years his poor children have been without a father and though the oldest to our teenagers. Now they don't speculate about what deterrence. the graffiti. Come on terrance williams the right to a convenience store.
I hope everyone was paying attention and listening closely during this week's trailer, because that was a great summary of this week's cases. That's right cases because, as you heard, in the trailer we have two missing persons, but these two missing persons cases are much different than the case we covered last week. In fact, these two cases are much different than any other missing persons. Cases covered here before For starters last week's case, logan chandelier in that case is truly a mystery because, unfortunately, just like Brandon swanton and Brandon lawson logan's disappearance is a story where the leads or misuse
so much so that the leads may not be leads at all or could have nothing to do with his case or why he is still missing. This week's cases captain have a potentially they lead and share a commonality that not only link the two cases, but the possibility that the reason that these two individuals are still missing as of january twenty, twenty one is that just maybe someone is responsible. For the two missing men, both of these cases and the men we are looking for are fully bay, santos and terence Williams. Both of these cases are classified as missing in danger and law enforcement speak endangered is a classification upgrade from simply missing when
more than reasonable to infer that the missing individual or in this case individuals, are missing because of foul play is involved. I think these cases are make people look at other missing person cases a lot differently, But here we have two missing males and both law enforcement believed to be endangered again the names of those two fully bay, santos and terence Williams. Now these two individuals did not vanish together. In fact, there is euro evidence. that the two men even knew one another, but these cases, unless we find some and to tell us otherwise will forever be linked together, because first we have Philippe santos who goes missing and other than his close friends and relatives. There was not a whole heck of a lot of activity as far as actual
looking for this guy or any type of investigation is concerned until later, when Terence Williams goes missing and then both cases become very active. Now we are not the first obviously to tell this story, but because Terrence disappearance really kicked off the major investigation. Often the details surrounding his disappearance are told first, but here captain in this garage we will start at the beginning as to not make things any more confusing than they already are philippe santos, his last known whereabouts, where from October fourteenth two thousand and three when he was known to be alive and well in Naples florida. My research found that fully bay has to birth dates listed with different agencies assisting in the search for him
As of this recording felipe would be forty or forty. Two years of age, depending on which agency is reporting felipe, is a hispanic male and at the time of his disappearance october, of two thousand and three he was in his early twenties. There is a listed by state of january. First, one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine and some agencies give his date of birth as may 26th. One thousand nine hundred and eighty and a good
option at the time Philippe went missing is as follows: philippe height and wait artless that five foot seven inches a hundred and fifty pounds the charlie project list, Philippe as a hispanic mail with black hair and brown eyes, santos wore his hair and a ponytail at the time of his disappearance. He is a mexican citizen and speak spanish and very limited english. As for clothing, Philippe was wearing what is described as a t, shirt, blue jeans and boots on that day. Now the details of this disappearance, as said fully bay, santos was last seen in naples, florida on october, fourteenth two thousand and three a lot of the reports out there. Captain a lot of the online reports list him as missing on October first rate of two thousand and three, which is just incorrect. If you do a little digging, if you go to the
collier county sheriff's office website. They clearly state that he was last seen on the fourteenth and they have police reports and other records to back up. That date right so disarm, clear, clear, you're, saying that use a citizen of mexico is not a citizen of united states, correct b and undocumented worker at the time of his disappearance. He was dry. To work with two of his brothers Felipe is driving a white one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight ford truck at six hundred and thirty, a dot m felipe's vehicle hit vehicle near the green tree shopping center at airport, pulling road and a motley road. This is a busy air in the immediate area. We have a lot of storefronts fast food restaurants, gas stations and behind most of those storefront and businesses, there are neighbourhoods and condo communities, rain people
The area would tell you that the multi, a road is busy road, even at six hundred and thirty, a dot m on a tuesday. So we have this vehicle accident. No one is hurt in the accident and the damage to both vehicles is rather minor. A collyer county, sheriffs, deputy corporal Stephen Henry Colchians arrived at the scene. Now there are three persons and fully bays vehicle, including him. and he is straight with the officer and tells corporal calkins he's one driving and katy I have a license more insurance on the vehicle Neither of his brothers would have a license or insurance on the vehicle as well. Bring felipe santos is the at fault driver in this vehicle accident situation. The sheriff's deputy,
kids sites, felipe santos, for reckless driving and for driving a license or insurance? Now there will be plenty of witnesses to much of what happening right as we already established. This is a busy area. This is a well it area, even though, would be in a rather dark at this time, so we will have plenty of power, sir buyers, and at the very least we will have fully two brothers that were going with him that morning and we have the driver of the other vehicle, so we have witnesses as to what's going on now. The driver of the other vehicle says that, when officer calkins of brown, on the scene, he seemed agitated right from the get go. Yes, people were mad to have to do their their job. I loved those people yeah the people that grunt and sigh and yeah may make noises when you ask them to do that,
Job that you're paying them for my favorite is when you're in line, and somebody has a max just now they don't want to be here. So what we have here is a very differing opinions. We have calkins who says that he did not arrest santos. However, we have all three witnesses to. Others in the other driver do we know anything about the other driver. We do. I know her name is on record somewhere and we don't want to give her name, but I'm just saying I'm assuming that she's, a legal citizen that is correct. That is correct in and she has been interviewed multiple times now, what we Here, though, is we have all three of these witnesses that would later that they all just assumed that Philippe santos
was under arrest by the officer, because they all witnessed officer calkins, put santos in the back of his patrol car and then the patrol car drives off, and did they say that handcuffed. No. I don't believe that that is in the reports re, but we can assume he may have been, and there's also a chance with this being. These are rather minor infractions I mean him being here. Undocumented could lead to him being deported, but these are not violent offenses I don't see much of a reason to slap some cuffs on this guy. If, especially, if it seems like he's cooperating, you know he is at least been forthcoming with hey. I don't have a license: and I don't have insurance on this vehicle, but you can't let him drive away, if you're the officer You know he doesn't have a license. You can't let him drive away so basically
you're telling me is this off sir arrest him put. Some of them Could the cart leaves who drives the vehicle away or did they have it? from my understanding, the vehicle was not toad and the officer did not request a toe because he said that it was not in the way of traffic right, but you can't let one of them. others just drive the car, because you know they have no license ah but see what you are stating here. Captain are all things that make a whole lot of Hence why I like to show up and do my job well, what we're going to see here there is a lot of officers, officer, calkins actions and what he will say he's doing. It doesn't really add up. It doesn't track. If you If you try to reason with it and make sense of his actions, because what he says is look,
santos. I changed my mind. He was nice, he was polite, and so I decided not to arrest him not to drive him to the jail. Instead, I drove him to a circle K gas station because I didn't want him. driving the truck off, but right again, as you already pointed out, that makes europe sense because you are fully aware at this time as the officer that the other two individuals in the truck they did not possess, legal driver's license either, and you just left them there. And what do you do if your them you're left? You don't know what to do with the car. Are you going to call somebody to have them come pick you up you probably have to get to a job site or you're, going to lose your job, so one of them probably jumped in the driver's seat and drove both of them to work. So these
or let's, let's track this in in how it's going to really become known, that something fishy is going to have a hold on the second. When have you ever heard of a police officer, any law enforcement driving somebody to jail, and just you know what changed my mind. Change my mind I'll just drop you off at this gas station. You know I play it out my mind a thousand times because you- and I are nice guys I can envision if, if we were the officer, yeah you're chat and up the guy chattin up the purple little bit and at some point you back in you, you know what son I like the cut of your jib. You need a break. This guy needs a break. I'm going to. Let shout yeah, but you don't let him out and you take him to the police station and he say call somebody from here: I'm not gonna to arrest you, I'm not going to book you
but once you take ownership, I guess of that individual, it's your job to make sure that they are safe, right, he's he's officially regardless. Of how colchians wants to spin it later. If this deeds in the back your car he's in your custody right and you are then a steward of him. You are responsible for him right what savour haven't I get a ride from the police department or drop in him off at the circle k? Well, let's let's go through this, because there are some details that we we need to get so how this all comes about, or at least how everyone, because Aware of this rather quickly of pretense. This young man having gone missing is that later that same day, santos, his boss contacted the local jail because he wanted to bail him out hey. I need my worker back right, so nice boss, going to bail.
this young man, so he can get back to work. The next day, He doesn't speak a lot of english, but he might be like the contact person. yeah I mean like where, where he's able to communicate with the other workers for his boss, boss, man finds out that felipe santos was never booked at the jail. Okay and we've kind of circle around this a little bit, but let's go through it in in detail. This is because officer coffins never took santos to jail when questioned. While this is what he's claiming officer cock and says he changed his mind about taking santos to jail, saying he found santos to be a polite and nice young man, so instead calkins drove santos to a circle
a convenience, store, slash gas station. This would be about one mile away from the sight of the accident cock and says one. He didn't have santos his vehicle toad away from the scene, because it was not obstructing traffic cock and says he took santos. where the santos could call someone and he could get a ride from a licensed driver there. He didn't want to leave santos with the vehicle, fearing the santos would get back in the truck and drive off so officer coffins according to his statements, took fully base. Aunt, owes to the circle, K and drops him off their culture and says he last saw santos walking toward the paper at the circle k again he's your responsibility, you don't just leave him walking towards the payphone. and this is a mile from the wreckage it's roughly.
He says roughly a mile: it's actually fairly close you look at it on a map. It's it's pretty cool. I mean I don't want start poking. In his dumb story or d have more to go now go ahead while for of all of your concern that he's going back in his truck? You might want to drop upham off somewhere farther than a mile I'll. Take him less than fifteen minutes to walk back and jump in his truck and go correct right and you don't even sit there and wait for him to call somebody or to wait to make sure that he gets a ride. It just doesn't make any sense, and on top of that, okay, stay and not towing the vehicle not in the way, is not damage so make a drive it off, but you left to other Illegal immigrants with no job license by the truck.
I think he's going to drive the truck, and this just doesn't make a lot of sense. No, it makes it makes zero sense at all. What would make the most sense is he does, I did to arrest the guy and take him to jail in santos should have arrived at the jail at some point. That's what would make the most sense yeah again, even if you changed your mind on arresting him and you won give him a break, you didn't even-
make it a mile away with the guy. He must have been really nice and polite in a very short period of time, yeah to convince you to let him go a guy that we know doesn't speak english that well now he so Felipe santos has never been heard from again since this incident right here after his disappearance, his brother filed a complaint against calkins with the sheriff's office, but calkins was cleared of any wrong doing. I do want to point out captain that this was over the course of a couple of months. He wasn't. Here, I believe, until early january of two thousand four of any wrong doing, there's a lot of reasons why colchians should be cleared. I can see why he would be cleared in any wrongdoing. In this particular case now we're going
into some things that are not very nice and don't put officer calkins in a very nice light here, and I don't think he's going to have any friends any garage friends by the time we're done with these two episodes by but we don't have any garage friends we need to look at this one we're going to stay water here, and we also need to look at the actions of the collier county sheriff's office while okay. My other question is this- is a busy road so we should have I witnesses at the gas station at the circle k, possibly some video footage from businesses in that area. That would be able to back up his story yeah. This is a busy road. This is a busy area. at circle k would be busy, I'm very familiar with this area. This is an area that I travel to annually and these roads are always busy. Especially in the morning hours and
morning hours, you see a lot of workers keep in mind. This is florida. It gets very hot there and so What we have going on is a lot of these people that might be laborers or have very physical jobs. They want to get an early start, You want to start early world. We are before it gets way too hot. These guys brothers were in concrete masonry work work! That's tough work, especially it gets to be eighty ninety degrees out and what you will? in this area. Typically, you will see, a lot of construction, guys a lot of land capers and such that that are up, and you see the trucks moving on these busy roads. Early in the morning, six seven a m gettin ready to get that early jump, get the get a good work and, on that day, I was kind of circling around the sheriff's office. One thing that we
have to keep in mind here. Is they did clear calkins of any wrongdoing and santos his case? This is initially they're going to go back on this later, but initially They clear him of any wrongdoing, and I think you you can see why as I lay this out here for your captain, as said earlier: santos is a mexican national at the time of his being in florida illegally. It looks like he had been living there for about three years at the time. His disappearance. We said he was on his way into work before the traffic accident. He was employed with a concrete company, he was sending money back to his family in mexico. I've seen different reports here. Some reports state that he was married, some state that he had a girlfriend. Some state that both some state that the girlfriend lived here or his girlfriend or wife still lived in mexico regardless.
of whom was living, where what we can say for certain is all reports indicate that he had some family here in florida and some he's still in mexico and he was the money back to the family and mexico from time to time now- The reason why you're going to clear coffins of any wrong doing is a warrant goes out for the arrest of Philippe Santos. Ok, because this is next month in november of two thousand and three a warrant was issued for santos after he failed to appear in court for a hearing regarding the traffic accident of the day that he vanished now at that time, in late, two thousand and three investigators believed that santos probably return to mexico or was in hiding to avoid the charges he was facing or avoid being deported right so reasonable.
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at slash garage. I love better help you're going to love better help. I know you will check out better help dot com flash garage today. arrival or back shears maids cheers to all the true crime. Attics chairs to you, colonel cheers their captain. This brings us to our second case. This is the missing persons case of terence Williams and the details of this case,
are as follows. On Sunday january, a labyrinth before he went to bed jason gonzalez. This is terence Williams. Roommate says that he spoke to terence on the phone on that evening. A little background on Terence Williams. He grew up in tennessee before moving to naples, florida to be closer to his mother. He has a roommate. This is jason Gonzales and at the time, terence Williams is king to jobs during the day he works as a construction worker and in the evening he works at a local pizza hut. Restaurant he's working to jobs because he has for children and he has to pay a lot of child support is work our little caesar pizza. right right now on this night on the sunday night, terence Williams,
invited to go to an after work party with a bunch of the pizza hut, employees and coworkers. He does not have an active or vat valid driver's license at this time was all these people that don't have driver's license driving around well you're an undocumented worker, alright, somebody that is not supposed to be here, leave already to get allies. You can't just walk in and and get a driver's license now, terence, he is a different situation. His license has been revoked from a dui. okay, so he recently purchased a white cadillac. Now this one of those big old school white cadillacs. I leave. It was a nineteen. Eighty three prime here right was a primary for the cadillac while he purchased the vehicle because answer point and fairly soon he's going to get his license back right.
He will be legally driving, but not on this day, and that's he's calling his roommate, you saying, hey, I was invited to go to this after work party. Why don't you go with me? You can be the driver right. You know you, you take your vehicle, shock and will go, have a good time at this party them roommate says I don't wanna go right so against better judgment. Terence decides he's just going to drive his vehicle and go to this part, but we could all agree. This is a bad decision, but it's also that there is some evidence of him making bad decisions. He obviously gotta do you. I he obviously was drunk at some point and decided to drive a car. Will you It is not like what I would call a bad guy, but he of he's no saint either he's he's done. Some he's had some infractions, yet good people make bad decisions from time to time. On this day he decides to drive now, as far as all witnesses are concerned,
Terence left this party sometime around six, a m the following day, so this would now be Monday january. Twelve, at the time he has twenty seven years old and he's coming up on his twenty eightth birthday relatively soon. At some point,. he is pulled over or he's involved with. This officer and again- and it's a little it's a little confusing as to why, because what we're we now have is called. Can statement of why the two were interacting with each other officer cock and says that at some point on the twelfth he witnesses, a cadillac, who is it appears that they're having some kind of mechanical trouble with the vehicle He says he asked the driver if everything's, okay, the driver tells him that he's have
trouble with the engine and that's when they start interacting with one another re. What goes on from here is somewhat well to what we saw in the santos case, where Williams is eventually put in two coffins vehicle and then they drive off. Problems with this whole story and we're going kind of back into it here captain. So what happens? Is we have terrence Williams is family? they call police and they filed a missing persons report. This is because some point on the thirteenth, the roommate jason Gonzalez. He reaches out to Williams's mother and says: hey my room
Your son went to this party the other night. I've not seen him since I spoke with some of the people that he worked with. They say he left it. Six, a m on the twelfth now it's the thirteenth, this dude's not showed up for work, he's not come home. Do you know where he is mom doesn't know where he is now we're getting concerned? Relatives the ant. Get him evolved, everybody's kind of call and around kept in check in local jails, hospitals. What they end up doing. Is they end up tracking down his white cadillac? They find that the vehicle was towed, oh the way that they're going to trace the back is the person that signed off on the tow is an officer corkins. While looking, look you're lucky, so now They want to know why the vehicle was towed and where
your family member is so they're calling the sheriff's the collier county sheriff's office and asking did calkins drive off with this guy our son or our family member They have reason to believe so because by this point they I already know that the vehicle was towed from a cemetery right. The family reaches out to that cemetery. because of course, you're going to want to know. Why is my relative in the cemetery wife? Why was the vehicle towed from there? They speak with a couple of the the please have the cemetery who tell them. We witnessed a collar county sheriffs car drive off with terence in the back
right now, I'm going to jump ahead here, just a second captain, because I want to go through an incident report that was filed by officer coffins. This was just a few days after he picks up williams and again that's in dispute. Okay, and we will see that in this incident report calkins report states that he first came in contact with terrance Williams at twelve fifteen p m after noticing that the vehicle- and I did some checking in my notes. It was a nineteen. Eighty four white cadillac was driving quote in distress. The officer claimed that he followed it to a cemetery parking lot
and then terence- asked him for a ride to a nearby circle k convenience store because he was running late for work. Ok, little clarification here. This is not the same circle k that we ve previously discussed in the santos case, However, this is still collier county and these are not. You know the distance between this traffic. Stop and the previous one not terribly far. way from one another. What goes down here is to fill in some of the blanks that are missing from this report. Here is the caulking it's, the terence Williams only gives him. His first name tells him that he's having trouble with the vehicle and that he's running late for work. He works according to cockades. Terence tells him that he wore
at that circle, K originally cock and says: look I can call a taxi cab for you, I'm not me a ride. I can call a cab for you. He says Williams tells them. I can't afford to pay for a cab, so at some point, caulkins agrees to take him to the circle. and he points out to him. Hey, you know your tags are expired. You've not I did me with any information and cock and says that terence Williams told him All of the information that the officer was looking for is in the glove box of his vehicle and after he drops him off at the circle k. I imagine if we're going to believe this by the way this is going down. His williams tells him this in route to the circle, k right and says you can go back and you can and all that information inside the vehicle after you drop me off there. The thing about this for a second on is it believable. It makes some sense
I have a dui I don't have a license: I'm not legally allowed to drive this vehicle. So if I'm stop on the side of the road, and here comes a police officer as long as I don't give him my full name. He can't look me up right and, if I'm not in the vehicle at the time that the officer approaches me, he can't prove that I was driving I write so all that kind of makes sense, and then you go well. Everybody then says well well, look he didn't work at the circle k bogus that's another, I'm not going to give you my full name and by the way I work down the street at the circle k Could you give me a ride? What's at the circle k a pay phone or possibly the work phone? Does the story kind of makes.
and this in the way of somebody not trying to get in trouble for illegally driving yeah in that's what will will go through, and I think that you know a lot of people view this and they go while this is complete, we made up- this is all a bunch of bs, and I I don't think so. I think that there are details in this story that some of them are probably true and just by making some inferences like you did it just did, you can see why some of these things might be true here continuing on in the incident report filed by officer calkins. He says that I told him that the paperwork for the vehicle was in the vehicle's glove compartment and the officer claims He then returned after dropping terrance williams off at the circle k, He returned to the cadillac to discover that the prop registration. The information that he was looking for was not. It was not in fact in the v.
And so now he's sitting there going okay. Well, this guy lied to me and I fell for it right. I was being this guy, I gave him a lift. I fell for so he says it this time that the officer says that he called the circle k from his work issued. Cellphone he's got like a next tell that they carry backed in mind you. This is january to thousand and four top of the line. You know one thing that I always wonder about is get sidetracked here for a second write. Those next tales remember had they had that walkie talkie feature yeah, where you could just hit the button you had like people, all through you just hit the button and instantly year communicated with them like they don't even have to pick up a just talks right. I thought that was the key
sing. Somehow we ve gone away from the hat is maybe it's an invasion of privacy so where I think there are some truths here. Ok is one thing that I find interesting. Is this circle kay the coffins claims? It Williams asked him to dry. I am too there is evidence that Williams was a regular at this circle k that he would frequently get gas there. They he okay, because I'm trying to figure out what what is a regular at a gas station or somebody that gets gas there may maybe buy smokes ribeye dude anybody, that's worked at again. station will tell you there. There are some people, you see every single day, really yeah you have certain people that will drop in for off. He on their way to work every single day that they work in some people. They pick up cigarettes on their way home or pick a beer on their way home their people that you will see several times a week, and I imagine terence, was a smoker in the comments
found was that he purchased gas there regularly. He purchased cigarettes their regularly. So that makes some sense, as the gas station would be it in a resting job, like you'd, see alone, Interesting people in a lot of interesting situations go down I enjoyed working there. One thing that I enjoyed was I enjoyed seeing the people regularly. You know the regulars. Have a very brief interaction with them and it's usually very pleasant, and so anyway, the thing Here, though, that's that's interesting is cock and says he calls the circle k disease like all right. This dude tricked me he asked for Terence Williams cock It says that a female employee, a lady employee, picks up the phone. I think this is orton and we'll get into this in a little bit. But he says that he asked for Terence Williams. The lady working who answered the phone tells him. I don't
who you're talking about. I dont there is nobody here. Nobody works here with the name. Parents Williams, so now he's I all this guy really pulled one over on according to the report officer. Calkins then called in license plate number and found that the plates were expired, weird that he didn't run those plates before he gave him a well, there's a lot of weirdness with this story. So far, weirdness with you right he's now back he being the officers back at the cemetery with the vehicle and that's when he called
it is to have the vehicle toad saying that he believes that the vehicle was either abandon or potentially stolen, because it's not registered to Terence Williams right at the last person than was register to the registration makes it makes little sense or no sense. I should say to me, so I am sure that giving him the benefit of the doubt here, coffins probably thought. There's a chance at this vehicle could be stolen. We go through that incident report because what we're going to have captain is we're going to have witnesses who tell us something very different: okay and those witnesses will be the workers at the cemetery now mind you this is at noon. It's all going down around noon and one o'clock in the Afternoon- and I I have a question in here that that
may not have anything to do with the case, but I found myself one We have a witness saying that he left the party at six, a dot m and then we I have anything with Terrence Williams. Until this vehicle if the situation around noon, so we got a missing window of six hours that could potentially be important to this case. What we do have here, though, is if we are to believe Annie or some of kalkan story is that he decides to give Terrence Williams a ride. He returns to the vehicle, and then he has it towed. There's a couple of problems in here and the cemetery workers will say a couple of things, one just like in the previous situation. They believe that Terrence Williams was being placed under arrest. They witnessed him being pat patted down and then placed into the back of the sheriff's.
Vehicle right, but sometimes when an officer gives a person a ride, they still pet down and make sure they have no weapons on them. That's correct. The other issue is that they say that when officer calkins came back to the scene that he now had access to the keys to the vehicle cadillac, and this is because they say that he moved the vehicle got out of it. vehicle and then threw the keys in the grass they believe. That he moved the vehicle so that he could say that the vehicle was obstructing traffic and therefore it needed to be towed later. When question coffins is going to say that he found the keys inside the vehicle, when he returned to the vehicle, to find the paperwork and the information The EU was looking for. That Williams told him. He would find there
problem is. We have eyewitnesses from a distance there's no way they would know when he had the keys or how he came about grace. All we know is he had them in his possession at some point in the time it frame where he has these keys. tears. Williams is no longer a round he's no longer with the vehicle coffins does not say he never says that he moved vehicle. In fact, he denies that We have some terry employee witnesses, saying he in fact did move the vehicle and then threw the keys away, as so that they would not be found very odd thing for them to lie about. Well, to give you right in our eyes, then credibility, one situation that they have no dog in the fight here, have no reason to make things up, brain and then take that. Step further. One of the employees is retired law enforcement. Look if he, going to air
on the side of protecting his fellow officer. Well, we're just getting the truth, is what I what I really believe from these witnesses brain the circle k convenience store where hawkins says that he dropped terrance williams off at that day. It's located in the vicinity of wiggins pass road, and you Forty one now both of these circle kase, are still still standing in an operation. Today they are different locations, but I'm giving you the area of this one so that we can determine one thing, because we have witnesses that are by the cadillac that say that they are seeing officer coffins returned to the vehicle anywhere from ten minutes to one hour later and this matches up with him, calling in the tow as
because he's calling in the tow remember. He says he first encountered terrans williams at twelve fifteen and then he's cos. calling in the tow at one thousand two hundred and fifty seven p dot m. These are purple ice records, dispatch records and such so that all lines up with what these eye witnesses are saying, and this circle k is roughly about a seven minute drive from the low haitian of the cadillac at this people's memorial cemetery begin there's. No video footage of caulking on the property,
That's! What's really really difficult in this situation: ok, son to miss a police car. Well, yes, I know- and that's why I say it's difficult most report's most online reports that you will find, will state very clearly that there is no eye witness having seen cockades his vehicle at the circle k that day or having seen, tear williams at the circle k that day, we do know because mind you, Williams is family there actively looking for him within days of him having gone missing so air filing a missing persons report and they're piecing things together, there, ones that are coming up with the breadcrumb trail to try to lead to their missing loved one and what they uncover is this
action with officer calkins, so we have collier county sheriff's office, they're, going to go to the circle k they're, going to review surveillance, footage, that's available to them, and to which they never find any indication at all. You know they don't spot parents Williams, they don't spot the officer calkins either. Now we should Now again, this is a very busy area middle of the day. There's a chance, I believe, there's a chance that either of them or both of them could have been there. Maybe they just weren't picked up on camera for whatever reason. The reason why I say that is because there is one person. There is one employee who has said that they saw both Terence Williams and officer coffins that day the circle k write this employee. She says- and I find this-
be interesting because remember from the incident report officer cock and says that he called the circle k and spoke a female employee wherever feed. I would write. This could just be something coincidence. What have you how Were it lines up at the end of the day is still lines up, even winkie. The greek eating key. This witness says that she had work. There for a long period of time and she recognized terence Williams as a regular. She didn't know him by name but recognized him by face, as he came in there often for gas and for cigarettes. She says: that she saw, terrance Williams, fill up a gas can outside. You know if you'd a walk up and you you fill up your can and then you make You know you make your way out of the place she says,
she believed that he was walking off in the direction of wiggins pass road? She also said that she spoke with officer coffins because he came in to the gas station, use the restroom and then asked a question or two about terence Williams, before leaving gone, she remembered how bad it smelled. I don't. This is what's difficult captain, because you think, if he went inside and use the restroom and spoke to her inside that he would definitely appear on the surveillance footage. Now I don't know where, they're filming and where they're not filming at this location. So it's difficult to tell. We do not have a an extremely detailed report from the sheriff's.
That's why I think the other problem too, with these reports is. Is it possible that he was seen on on film, but they didn't collect that evidence because they didn't know that they needed to from what I been told in this situation, and I believe in the santos situation as well, is that officers reviewed hours of surveillance, footage from both of circle case the one thing that we know to be true: okay, there's some question marks in the things we just discuss, but one we know to be true- that is an apple. luke lie as far as his incident report goes. The next tell cell phone then officer cock and says that he used to call the circle k to verify. If Terence wynn, comes worked there or was still there. We know that that is a lie, because that cell phone is owned by the sheriffs
they are they're trying to back up his story. They look it up, there's no. Call in their records from that cell phone to the circle k and in his incident port he's very specific about this. He says I used my next tell sheriff's office phone to call the circle k and I had the circle case number, because I keep a phone book in the patrol car with me. That's very specific, detailed information to which the sheriff's office can one hundred percent say that's false. We can tell by the records you did not use that phone to call the circle can so now we are left with the big question law.
The questions and at the top of that list is what in fact really did happen that day and where the hell are. These two missing meant that not only are they missing, but their endangered missing, terence Williams is described as african american five feet: eight inches tall, a hundred and sixty two, and seventy pounds with brown eyes and brown hair. He has several tattoos a t. The letter t above his left chest tea on his right, shoulder and terrance in red, with blue highlights on his left forearm. He also has a gold crown with the letter t on the upper right tooth and the other upper front tooth is solid gold, so some very distinctive, more
an identifiable on Terence. He also has a vertical score on his right shoulder and a dark birthmark on the right side of his adamant. he was last seen wearing a short sleeve shirt, blue jeans and brown timberland boots He was also wearing diamond earrings and a watch with a silver band. The face of the watch was surrounded by white If anybody has any information in either case, please contact crime, stop at one eight hundred seven, eight zero, eight four seven So much more to get through tomorrow in the garage make sure you join us, make sure you share
in this case on social media. It needs your help it needs our help. It needs a good spotlight. That's right! Captain everybody get back here in the From tomorrow, until then be good, be kind and don't.
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