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The Lemke Murders /// Part 2 /// 659

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The Lemke Murders /// Part 2 /// 659

Part 2 of 2 


On the evening of Tuesday, June 16, 2020 the small quiet town of Sumner, Wisconsin erupted with fast and furious chaos.  Sheriff’s deputies responded to a scene where they quickly found one dead body and were met with gunfire in an ambush style attack.  Kevin Anderson is a 64 year old, white male with blue eyes and balding brown hair. He is 6 feet tall and approximately 200 pounds.  Anderson is being sought by multiple law enforcement agencies for charges of murder, attempted murder, arson and illegal firearms charges. Don’t not approach. Kevin Anderson is extremely dangerous and is most likely armed at all times. His picture is available on Twitter. You can follow the show @TrueCrimeGarage & @TCGNIC. If you have seen or you believe you may know the whereabouts of Kevin Anderson immediately contact one of the following - The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office 1-920-674-7310 / The US Marshals 1-877-926-8332 / We Tip 1-800-78-CRIME 

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In new orleans, twenty twelve bruce twelve here chair, I drove to an address some one had given him that didn't exist ass. He stood in the park. Lot where the address should have been, he was shot and killed I'm dvd umbra join me for the newest season of counter clock. As I die the motive behind bruces murder, a series of events that have never been fully investigated until now. Binge all fourteen episode. Of counter clock season. Five, wherever you listen to pod.
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having piano said is also wanted for intentionally burning down his late fathers home authorities still haven't been able to find. He is considered dangerous and twenty gallery joins us live in jefferson county. Twenty would also be learn. Well, george, we are here in the reign of jefferson county court house. Kevin cabin andersson has gone from person of interest to murder, defended as authorities say, his anger over the terms of his father's will oiled before he allegedly killed his sister and brother in law. Criminal complaint issued at the courthouse a few minutes ago, states assures deputy found the bodies of fifty seven year old, natural mp and fifty nine year old, Jim lumpy at the fathers
I consider home and also found Anderson and let these developments elite challenge brother in a car on the property undercurrent, but unable to speak authorities say that deputy then exchange gunfire with someone on the home second floor of war. The home erupted in flames. Now the complaint also says anderson felt, betrayed net rule empty was chosen, the executor of the state and that Anderson had taken guns out of the home and changed blocks. As you mentioned, there's been a search for cabin anderson for more the weak one of his acquaintances tells authorities that he is. Exceptional wardsmen. They also say that remain in the fire. None of those remains were of care. Anderson. They continue the search and they continue to tell people that he is, as you mentioned, armed and dangerous accordingly from jefferson county tony
twenty seven news you heard it. They are no longer a suspect and now a defended. The authorities looking for Kevin P, anderson, he is it is on the run he has some that they need to apprehend you heard all the charges that he is facing? We know dangerous. This individual is he's also known to have a very violent temper, and we ve seen this play out and the public from the Eighteen, ninety three charges: where he's firing guns at people that were coming out of the bar, we know that he is charged with two counts of homicide and had
every intention of killing that deputy that arrived on the scene there that day and god bless he probably was intending to kill his brother, his or brother that was sitting inside that vehicle Luckily, he was able to get out of their unharmed on that day before the house, of his father was burnt down to the ground sean something. Yesterday captain and I wanted to delve a little further. And to that thought, a lot of this goes to wear it will end up, and that is where could this man be? Where could this very dangerous individual be hiding out we're coming on almost three years, since this guy was on the run and one detail that I find fascinating in this case and this
comes from the police records, and it says that when the police, he's scour the scene after the homo burned to the ground. Now, unfortunately, they found are two victims already deceased. They find the suspect, the defendant, his views, go his dodge rayam truck. Inside of an out building on the property broken windows just as natural describe in the nine one one call, but they also fell. Ned your cell phone at the scene. They found the cell phone near her her body at the same rate, they were able to recover some information from that cell phone. One a message right, a text message was sent from her phone to three phone numbers
one of those phone numbers is Kevin Anderson's phone number and in that text message she says: high everyone just one, To put this out to see. If anyone wants to take up the task of keeping the farms grew ass mode this summer, it's getting long, then at twelve forty one p m so that text which came out at nine thirty. Three, a m that morning the same day that she was killed at forty one p m. There is an going call from herself on too Kevin anderson's phone. This call holds in a voicemail, so Kevin does not pick up the phone in the car on the voicemail madras as high kevin. I have plants get the mowing done at the farm, so I need access into the shed to get to the mower right. If you could call me back can let me know how I can.
this. We are planning on doing that tonight, so It would be really helpful. Ok I'll talk to you later, bye bye, nice friendly message, quick into the point. What's the point, of discovering this information early on in this case, it was suggested that this fall out and the after ass was due to some kind of argument, and we said maybe its due to some kind of ongoing argument. What I see here at the scene and what the captain sees here at the scene- I He premeditation, that's a different kind of evil, here. In this case we have a few different factors to consider when, Do we make an argument for premeditation. I absolutely think so, and I think we do because that points out just how all calculated how evil and how bad this individual is kevin, p Andrews
because what we have is. We have evidence that his sister makes contact with him, leaving Some voicemail she's basically tell them, when they're gonna be at the property and when they go to the property, unbeknown to her he's at that property. He didn't have his truck parked in the drive he had a hidden in a barn and then which gets the property they have broken out, windows cousin, the call nine one one. Why again I has broken out. Windows were so he could snipe his family members. Let me pay this picture for you, because here's where I think that there is obvious evidence that this whole situation is far more sinister than just some arguments some I'm of passion, I think was premeditated murder, and I think going on the run, the him flee this farm,
and being on the run for all this time. I think that was the only part of this crime that was not premeditated. I think he thought he could murder his family and get away with it that day. So, let's describe this right. We know based off of that text, message that came at nine a m that morning the voice mail. They came in Early afternoon of that same day, the german or were killed. Him was aware that they fully intended to go to the property that evening. you'd know their location, Healy, six miles Kevin Anderson at the time of six miles from his father's house from his decease fathers house. he arrives there early enough that he knows a couple thinks he can I and conceal his truck so win his stir and brother in law pool into the property
They will not know that he is there. They will not see his truck he's already positioned himself at a vantage point where he can find air down upon them. From the second floor he broke, those windows within mention of shooting at the people. it arrived that day and has taken a couple, steps further We know that the family came out later in investigators, came out later and said: look the locks have been changed on the house. everybody is saying we must presume that it was an address in that change. These locks, we note wasn't natural or jim, and there were guns missing from the home I We have a situation captain where he showed up with the intent of ambushes his family yeah he's
the scene he rigged the game. had no chance like shoot and fish in a barrel the thing here that he didn't plan on was the nine one one call right and his stir and very observant brother in law, very observant. They show up. They were poor probably already a little squeezed out by his behavior billy a little on edge, because the lock had been changed, their lights on when they returned to the property. It looks, somebody showing up and do things and making alterations to this property in the house. While they are gone. so they arrive there that day and they didn't stand a chance. Unfortunately, he set the system up. He rig name against them, and here's a you hit on this yesterday to captains cause I'm a genius that doesn't go up like a match book with oh accelerant used,
That's where I think there was a possible escape plan. If this plan doesn't go perfectly, the alternative becomes like the house on fire and then I disappear appear. I think it's possible. He thought It out to that point again when be aware of the known when one call, but that doesn't mean he did, have hey. If this does go wrong. How can I get out of this situation? soon. As that deputy arrives on the scene, he makes the decision the consciousness. into fire down upon that deputy hat. He had he hit him. I guess I ve like once this deputy arrives on the scene? That's when he has to flip right. He has to go up now. I have to flee, even if, even if I kill the deputy? I have to flee the situation because There was a call that went in. They responded to the call it won't. Take too
the put things together, but if you did this, if you were able to take out your family. who's to say that he did not intend to conceal the body somewhere. Yes, because this this case one is its nuts rang- old, Kevin, p anderson honour what the p stands for. I think it postings for pee pee head, but When you hear of this crime- and you want to think about the lay of the land where the barons are where the houses are, it's not about this whole thing is can go on line and watch the I can footage of the responding deputy and you see the lay of the land, you can see what he saw you could see. The vehicle he saw you could see when he gets behind his vehicle. You can hear when the gun shots are fired at him, can see him running across the road and taken cover and you can hear him.
Calling again for back up. One of the things that your notice in that videos. there's a lawnmower, that's out so then you, There are two ok. Well, they told you there come by and then access to lawnmower. Is it possible that he went well I'll, go get there conceal my vehicle lock, although Barnes, but have the lawnmower out, and when they go to get on that lawnmower I'll, be there to snipe them. We don't know if Kevin could see his sister on the phone, obviously, even if he did, he would not know she's on the phone with right but when his cell phone doesn't ring, the thing here is the above all, on you're in the middle of nowhere and as is it not
cars running in cars driving by he might have her every single word that she said right and when I'm point out, though, is kind of regardless. It's almost she's found right next to her vehicle. He could have done did to fire the shots as soon as he start seeing people get out of the vehicle that to me, implies that this was an ambush that it was intended that he was going to do. This when they showed up there was no confrontation. There was no back and forth between them and we talk about yesterday how quickly things went down between the time that they arrive and call nine one one to the time that the debt it is on the scene and now he's getting shot at the time between the times. Back up arrives and now the house is on fire its. It all goes down those foam all's shots fired in the house, fully inflamed all takes place in
less than thirty minutes, probably closer to the twenty minute mark. So every happening very quickly, and that too that's that's where I get it a little while Key in my head here we're trying to figure out sort out what happened. We know that and accelerate had to have been used for the house to go up that quickly and in flames like that, I would believe accelerant would be used that that that gets ricky on. Was he planing on concealing the bodies or was the fire premeditated and he hoping to conceal the bodies there in the house in the burning house. Right and Stage the scene or convert, the scene, a little bit for when investigators arrive, youporn it Something yesterday There are no houses that are near now. Of course, flames go up, smoke go up, those up, somebody would have seen it eventually, but how long would have taken for somebody
spot that and call it in two authorities, then to mention the hands of acreage and woods that he could have taken the bodies to try to dispose of them plus to hide them as every one in the family asserted the grandfather, his father own, there were guns inside that house. Did he use water two of the guns inside that home, to make it look like maybe some random person broke into the place found the guns and they stumbled the victim stumbled upon a break in there's shots. Hired their killed and the person the random person burns down the house. We end flee. into the night gone. The highway. We don't know who did this because that's a whole different story than nine one, one being called beauty showing up, and then
if in a day telling us Kevin Anderson, we believe he's responsible, we know how hesitant law enforcement are these days to say this. Person is a suspect, hacking, other jurisdictions these days there very hesitant to even say somebody's a person of interest was named as a suspect, very early on and then within ten eleven days of the homicides he's charged theirs active work out for him by mould agencies, yeah. I want a spin autonomy. I'm just gone over my speculation bite. if there's multiple guns, I'd be interested to see which guns were used on what victim, and is it you said a scenario where you and then places bodies into this burning building europe.
six miles from home. Did he have some kind of plan to make it back home and then all all I have to do is explain away my vehicle being there. Well, we do know that they did serve. Multiple search warrants at Kevin Anderson's property and his home, and so they say, property extensively on multiple occasions where he when immediately after the fire, its anyone's guess, I would love here some of those gases, though, because we're coming up on three years, if you want the public's help, if you want the public's assistance, give us some bread crumbs here, The other thing to do is what items do they believe he took with them? What items do they believe that he took with him. these guns, are missing from the scene. Did they recover them from his property, but if they didn't likely use them in the commission of these two homicides he may have
making them with him when he left and then in september, Won twenty: this is where we get the pub. service announcement, the request from the public the share, department, reminding the public hey, still need your help, this guy still on the run, we don't know where he is and by the way is hunting season, hunting seas, starting very soon and we want to remind all the hunters out there, this guy, that we're looking for Kevin Anderson he's a hunter himself. He's an outdoorsman he's an avid camper. We think there is a chance that he could be surviving out in the wilderness, so high tears when you take when you go at this season beyond look out for this individual in call us immediately. If you see him, are you spot somebody who appears to be Living in the woods somewhere now september of twenty twenty yeah. I don't think
Look Kevin Anderson could be the best hunter there ever was or or the best camper there ever was. I have time, believing that almost three years later that he still living off of the land I think we probably might be sitting here with the situation that somebody could be worrying for him or helping him or hiding him. or maybe he's found a situation and taken. Self and placed himself in a situation. Maybe he's taken somebody's idee thing is with him and the reason why I think it's important for the public to no of some of these possible breadcrumbs. They could be it hell to him. Is they help law enforcement? think about how dangerous this dude is. He killed of his family members, he was prepared to kill a deputy. I betcha. I can't say one hundred percent, who knows what going to do do his poor brother and then that the the father, the key
I don't know what the relationship was with his parents be burnt their home. This seems to me, like the kind of guy that will do anything he has two to survive You cannot tell me that he did of what he's been charged with and he kill somebody for their identity or wouldn't kill somebody to stop them from phoning him in. This guy's already made that deal with the devil. Here's, what tough those but we know from law enforcement they have no credible sightings of them. They are very few tips. If you have hundreds of acres If you tell me that you, you did a search of those acreage, I'm gonna believe you, I just don't know how in depth those searches would be like. You said they did use drones. But I believe it was the share of that said. I don't have any.
evidence that he's the sea. So I'm gonna have to consider that he's alive and well, or is it likely that he went to those woods when he escaped? and then he took his own life because we have no credible sightings of him. I My suspicion is that I believe that they would have found him if he's not still on the run, They did use dogs yeah. I have it in my notes here and I'm trying to find it all of the search efforts that they did So here we have a right here, and this is the statement from the sheriff. He does say that look, not hundreds of acres. We have thousands of acres
that we are concerned about, and then he goes on to say that we know they are suspect or or now are wanted fugitive Kevin Anderson was known to frequent thousands of acres in the area, of county highway a in state highway, one o six, he does say we ve searched, that area, those thousands of acres using planes, helicopters, dry, owns canines sir, imaging and of course, boo on the ground officers actually walking through the woods and fields? Theyve, unfortunately, come up with anything in the hunt for cabin aims. Every minute in your morning, routine counts, and I get that my name is: Jeff Pierre, I'm the host of the seven from the washington post. It's a new
I cast where we give you the seven most important and interesting stories of the day and all in just a few minutes, you'll be caught up and ready to drop knowledge without missing a beat. I promise, listen to the seven weekday mornings follow the show now I'll meet you there. In new orleans. Twenty twelve burst catch. Here I drove to an address some one had given him that didn't exist ass, he stood in the park. What were the address should have been, he was shot and killed. I'm dvd umbra join me for the newest season of counter clock. As I die the motive behind bruces murder, a series of events that have never been fully investigated until now. Binge all fourteen episode Of counter clock season, five, wherever you listen to podcasts
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location of Kevin Anderson authorities are again here at his fort atkinson home and they have been concentrating on the back of the property, with its investigations. Large instant command vehicle, the centre of those operations, law enforcement personnel, have brought seized, items off the andersson, property and would authorities say, is at least the third court authorize search in connection with the shooting debts of anderson, sister, natural mp and her husband, Jim authorities began searching for and the day after a deputy found his sister and brother in law dead at the fort atkinson home of the andersen's late father that home went up in flames. After that responding deputy exchanged gunfire with someone there, both anderson and victim, never lumpy or in line for money from their fathers will, as the search for cabin anderson continues law enforcement sort.
Tell me. The search could even intensify as early as tomorrow in fort atkinson, tony allie, twenty seven news, The all right? We are back cheers mates, cheers you colonel jirsa, you now the first Oh that we need to make sure that is the one that is being distributed, and this is in my humble garage opinion here and if anybody reads weeds. What we send out- or you find a photo of Kevin Anderson, yours often you want to get involved, then you want to show the photo to people and put it out there, which are command and hope that you will. I think that the key photo here then maybe we need not limit ourselves to one photo, because I do believe this guy looks considerably different from photo to photo, but there is one
that is being circulated. There is, of course, anderson, an atm so, Your online and you find this photo or you see us posting it. It will be the one where Kevin Anderson is, you know just as most people would. At the drive up atm they're kind of slightly their driver side window right and when you hear this picture was taken at an atm. One that makes a lot of sense, given the his this evening and in the photo itself, it explains a phone itself when it Explain is: when was this photo? Take? so the reason why this photo is in circulation. It's because it is the most recent photo. Of Kevin andrea makes you wonder if this is the day of the crimes or was this week's after the crimes
suspicion is that this photo, this atm photo was taken prior him going on the run prior to the homicides and I only say that, because one of the statements that law enforcement has provided us with, is it there. All of the vehicles associated with Kevin Anderson are accounted for, so he's gone, but his transportation, his means of transportation prior to the homicides they're not gone there all accounted for. So this dude could have started off fleeing on foot. So then you go ok well. If it were to have been taken after the homicide and once he was on the run, then fill in blanks a little bit force, because, if he's not jefferson county. Wisconsin if we know, other areas, it has ties to, or he uses atm card or a credit card or laid down
some kind of bread crumbs trail to let us know let the public know you ve asked us for your help. We are willing and able the other thing to the complicated here, captain is we know the? U S, marshals are involved the aid. F is involved and for obvious reasons he has firearms charges wanna know, did they ever recover any of the guns that were in that home in his father's home? I searched the property and they searched all bakers did they find the guns and those searches right and if you didn't find them there, when you, sir his home his property? Did you find them on his at his home or his property? I, which is a great point, because I was david earlier on Also, if you do find those guns on that poverty, that then it becomes a there's, multiple questions. There.
One where these guns used in the murder of his family members. If so, you find him at his property. That means he got back to his property before he next into thin air. This case, too, was big news in this little area of wisconsin amber hopefully, big news for the great state of wisconsin itself, some complicating factors here for or a fugitive on the run one. I pointed out with with this guy being as dangerous as years and is capable of doing whatever it takes. to get away with it and avoid prison, as he is This guy is limitless when it comes to what he may do to remain a free individual. We know, wisconsin not terribly far from the an alien border from the border of canada, hit to go through Michigan.
in minnesota. Minnesota would be closest to that minnesota. State line would be closest to where he was located in four actions. in or sumner wisconsin. I wouldn't think that that would be out of the realm of possibility But the thing here is too: I would love to, and I'm hoping in some small way that our garage show captain can help contribute to this. I think that case needs to go more on a national level. This case needs more nationwide than what it has spent three years This is an incredibly dangerous individual. We talked about jason brown last year how dangerous he is young that case went on a national level. They are still looking for jason, Derek brown. I would love to see, and I haven't checked it this week or last week, but Last time I checked the fbi's most wanted
There was room to add a new name, I think. Maybe here is the. Time, that we consider adding somebody like Kevin Anderson too, that FBI's most wanted list and bring this story to a more national and more nationwide and get some your eyes, an ear balls this story so that we can apprehend this guy and get him off the street these incredibly dangerous law. Like has tone you colonel, I was searching for a way to copy. That party came footage video, because I do think it's important. If you watch e, I think you can see how dangerous of a scene this was and how dangerous of individual this person is and what we talk about a vanishing poof. They vanished into thin air. It's not
like? A missing person case like a Brian shaffer or maura murray, but this is different. This is poof disappear into thin air and this guy is a murderer and does not want to be found, know and he's not going to be. Look if you're willing to kill your family members over a property that I think he had not only intentions to kill his family members, but also intentions to just burn the place down, and then he shoots at a deputy. He he's not going to be gone willingly. This guy is
heavily, should be viewed extremely dangerous and the problem is again some of the pictures you see of them. I think you can see that the evil element in him, but I can also see people being surprised by his appearances and and not looking the way, you'd think a psychopathic murder, would look like he looks to me like he would fit in, and I think part of that is largely his age right there, thing disarming about a man in his mid sixties. but I think that in most scenarios. He's gonna to kind fit in he's, got Look like he belonged sees. Not go, stand out in the crowd to me now
We talked about him being an avid hunter and camper. I'll, see him being on the run for close to three years and being out in the wilderness somewhere. But what do I know. You know nothing. I know nothing he's worry to nothing, but we do have several individuals that knew him extensively knew him from a young age and well into adulthood, and we're friends his it said. Look, this guy was a incredibly good shot He could hit shots and make shots at most. People could not that some even more dangerous, maybe even makes him makes it easy or for him to survive now Chris, being spangler. Is the former managing editor of the daily jefferson county union newspaper, an online articles
They did a really good coverage. Local coverage of this case and local coverage of this man hunt for Kevin Anderson, but again needs a go to a nation wide level, because this guy could be anywhere and if he's out walking around free amongst us and breathing he's dangerous he's a day. To you and to everyone else they show in pursuit with John, why such somebody. Everybody knows the famous job What famous don John watch from america's most wanted fortunately, the father of Adam Walsh. They covered this case, in season three episode ate, it was title bad blood and rightfully so and they did a gangbusters job of trying assist law enforcement and educating the public to help find this individual.
But here's the thing. If somebody is housing, Kevin Anderson, if somebody's helping him give missed the obvious, You ve put yourself in harm's way, and maybe you don't even know it, because what it he's threaten your controlling you, you're hoping somebody and you might have signed your own death warrant, this guy, I'm telling you can see as previous crimes, you can see what he's wanted for you know that he will stop at nothing. comes down between you and him. He will choose him every single time and evil and you This case is so difficult for me because, because of the acreage I just wonder what is it possible that he just he disappeared to a place that he's familiar with and if they caught him, living in these woods for the last few years, when it surprised me but
Also one surprise me that he knew of places and those woods that most locals din it as possible that he went to one of those places realise what he did. And took his own life and that's why we don't have any sightings of this individual. We also don't. It doesn't seem like we have a lot of credible leads law enforcement hasn't. given us a lot of information again that that's a tricky situation, one something's not solved, Of course, we want more information, will we want to be able to help them, but in some of these cases, that hold back information is very important. The other, two is it's his whereabouts that are concerning right if they have had any credible leads on his whereabouts. Very difficult, very dicey for law enforcement, because you want to tell the publication- we thought we were onto something or we tracked him here. We have
credible leads on him that point us in this direction or that direction, but at this in time. If there's a hit of a chance that he still in that area. You don't want to show your cards to him him to find out or catch win that you are on to him. You wanna spook Kevin p anderson, but also that it That issue, though, to is a law for let's just say in the brain, Case will say murray's case of of lawful said here. We have some credible, leads credible. Eyewitness accounts that we possibly can mara, Murray and columbus ohio. You would start getting eyewitness calls.
And so, if you put out too much information, you might find yourself in a situation where now you're spending your own tyres tracking down these leads that amount to nothing if the trails gone cold in this situation. Looking for Kevin Anderson, then I say I think, You have nothing to lose at this point, given that its been over two and a half years, yeah again, I think There needs to be more investigation that locally, I think they need to go over. Those acreage is again I think they should also reach out to the locals and ask a heavy, Have you noticed anything missing from your property? Lately, that's a good call. You know: has there in a time where you came home and you thought why law, The door was unlocked or Am I missing a loaf of bread right, my mom's been ransacked and oddly enough, the things that are missing are alive.
in turn and food while right right, but but not ransacked, am and not to be picky here. But when you come home, If you thought your house was ransacked that would maybe throw up flabby a little obvious yeah. So what I mean is possible. They came home and you I I thought I got milk yesterday, milks gone Nothin else seems out a place. I must. believes in my mind. Ask him the locals about that. Because I said it's very possible that he knew I'd look mice. Election as if he spent any time, that woods maybe try to me contact with family members, maybe maybe they won't do by this individual and he had no solution and and maybe he took his own life
and his body is somewhere out in those woods. His remains were somewhere around those woods. I dunno, if they'd ever find those unless they consistently looked for those and, like you said before, reed's thousands of acres. This is a lot of resources that this small department in these small, counties around this rural areas, the venom I have the means to just you. Are willing it willy nilly pay searchers around the clock to be searching for this guy in the middle of nowhere And if its easily, if it's easy for you to access it. I recommend checking out the and pursue episode again. I was season three episode. Eight tattle titled bad blood. I believe you can walk,
on discovery plus and here's the thing you watch that in your heart breaks for these people and again I cannot get over the experience. of hearing natural voice on that nine one one call they play a portion of that call during that episode, and you can hear it. How sweet and how kind this woman was in for her to be ambush like this is just I mean this horrific and then the daughter in some of the family members are interviewed and the wonderful beautiful things that they have to say about their family and their parents, So if you have the opportunity of its easily accessible to you, I recommend watching that episode again. We have details in the show.
Notes on how to get in touch with law enforcement, but colonel. Can you go over some of that information again the Kevin Anderson is described as a car male six foot tall weighing approximately two hundred with blue eyes and balding brown hair. He is in his mid sixties and if you see him again do not approach him do not confront this individual, This guy is so dangerous. This is one of these individuals, fugitives, that law enforcement would apply, each very cautiously yeah would set the situation so that they are not here. Armed or killed by this guy because that's what he will do, that's the lengths he will go to we ve already seen him do it before he ARI attempted to murder deputy this guy.
Is a scary individual and if you talk to him, please don't tell him that the captain said that the peace stood for ppm. If you bought this individual Kevin Anderson. Please contact the united states Marshall service headquarters at one eight, seven, seven, nine to six eight three, three, two and locally thee jefferson county sheriff's office can be caught active at one nine, two: zero, six, seven, four seven. three one zero or you want to anonymous. Please call we tipp one: eight hundred, seven, a crime, the wanna. Thank you guys. So much for join us here in the garage and remember pass tag ban the Van colonel. Do we have a recommended reading this
we are very happy to recommend an old ie, but a good go and check out in red no mercy by the great john walsh we are coming up on. The twenty five year anniversary of the books, publication, no mercy features. John describing sum of america's most wanted most remote cases, putting the show's successes and failures. This is a great read, no more see by john wash, and you don't have to write that title down now, because you can go to crime, garage dot com and check out our many recommendations on our recommended page thanks again for joining us here. Once again. in the garage we will be back next week and until then began
be kind, don't move.
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