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The Little Rock Slasher /// Part 1 /// 661

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The Little Rock Slasher /// Part 1 /// 661

Part 1 of 2


From August 2020 through April of 2021 four people were attacked, viscously cut and stabbed and left to bleed out on the streets of Little Rock, Arkansas.  Little Rock Police were quickly able to connect the attacks via evidence and announce to the public that they believe a serial killer was roaming the streets late at night. The killer was apparently attacking people that he saw walking alone. Since then police have not been able to link anymore attacks or killings. Did the killer go dark or has he moved on to another hunting ground? If anyone has information about these attacks or the suspect, call Little Rock Police at 501-371-4636 or email at ASKLRPD@littlerock.gov  There is a reward available for up to $20,000. 

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the pint glass which helped us out with this week's beer fund, which funded the beer yeah b w w. Are you in beer run? If you haven't left a five star review on apple itunes, podcast do so it really helps out the show and colonel that's enough for the business all right, everybody gather round grab a chair grab a beer. Let's, Some true grime. death,
is frequently imagine as personified force most often personified in the mail form and so mythologies a character known as the grim reaper causes the victim's death when coming to collect that person's soul? short period of just eight months, some one was killing people on the streets of little rock arkansas, a monster, perhaps between august twenty twenty in April. Twenty twenty one for people were viciously. Cuttin stabbed in the dark of the night three of the attacks prove fatal some have suggested the because the prey is nocturnal he hunts at night, Then I pondered the opposite, because he is nocturnal. The monster hunts at night
hiding in the shadows watching waiting for a vulnerable prayed across his path capture on camera, the monster appears to be less beast alike. A more of that of a raise. A shadowy goes like image seen shortly before after the murder takes place is preferred method of death slashing and stabbing the victims. Their blood. warms his blade stains his clothing, though them fall to the ground and the wraith. This nocturnal monster moves into the darkness there. Calls his anger and coms as hostile brain, be it bayonet, blade, dagger, sick or sword it clean his blade and hides his face. He is a terrorist of the streets of little rock, but this
colonel monster, this wraith, did not go out into the night to collect the soul, but rather to take a life. This in crime garage- and this is the still unsolved case of the little rock slasher, the. According to the police report, an officer responded to a subject down call the call comes into emergency services. Just after two am. This is on Monday august, twenty. Fourth, twenty twenty officer: Third, from the little rock police departments. Fifty second district is the one spot, and here I have seen very quickly the
Education is twenty two hundred south gains street in the great city of little rock arkansas? Now it's him didn't. You know that the offence, or whatever it is. That happened. Nor officer does not know when he's arriving on the scene, but it's over with when he gets there, the offence, completed as they say in police, speak This means we have a subject down, If there is a suspect, the suspect, is nowhere to be found. Nothing in progress, the officer could tell it was too late. Actually was too late for this victim. When the call came in the victim determined to be sixty four year old, Larry mc christian layer, Mccrae is dio air His address is four to five I've marian county road and yet belleville arkansas now this
is about a two and a half hour drive from where his body is found by the response police officer. Now not gonna like lie. Captain this address confuses me and the distance are victim is from his ported address, which is a single family property? There was sold and twenty twenty one, the distance between where his body is low, aid after this call and where he is from his residence is a bit bizarre being it's a two and a half hour drive and this and appears to have been on foot Larry Mcchrystal are victim who was attacked and found. dead on arrival by little rock arkansas police department when they respond on the scene
if I'm law enforcement. I want to know why he's in this area and why he's so far away from his residency are responding law enforcement officers categorizes this incident as an aggravated assault, homicide with major injury and the suspect is unknown motive unknown. The weapon used was determined to be a knife or a cutting instrument, so we have more will stab wounds here in this case the homicide and crime scene units were brought in immediately the police key county corners office arrived and Mr Kerr since its body was taken to the arkansas state crime laboratory for an autopsy. Unfortunately, we have sixty four year old, Larry eugene MC christians in he was found, having been stabbed to death on the porch a person that police said he did not know the call
men from someone passing by apparently mix since it was reported missing two days prior to this incident. The circle, dances of who reported him missing and why are not known, but what is also unclear is the time of death. Here. If MC christians if his whereabouts were unknown for approximately two days. Fourteen hours, roughly, where was he during this time period, and for how long was he dead before the little rock police department responded to all that came in that night, while I had said first sign of bizarre is that is biased. Two hours away from his residence. or two on the list of bizarre he's found a porch of somebody. They don't believe he. You or was he attacked on the street or sidewalk, and then attempts to go
for help and then collapses on the porch yeah. That's a good play the other indicator here to captain. It's not stated in the report in its not stated online anywhere, but it would seem to stand to reason that police identified the nine one. collar because they do state that the purse the called emergency services was a passer by so either so walking by that sees this man or here Is this man and pain or driving by and witnesses this situation, but again what we don't have, is unclear. There's there's a little bit. That's been released from the autopsy, and that is that this in fact, is a homicide one and two the manner of death is the result of cutting stab wounds from a knife or a cutting instrument now, what is unclear as if they were able to determine at a time of death, because.
With that that two days that he's missing it's not politely out of the realm of possibility that he may have laid there for a period of time before call even came it right deadly. Another thing that you have to add to the bizarre list is what was his activities and what was his time line in those two Is that he was. quickly missing and I'm gonna throw this out there. This is, I would put more in the rumour category, rather than fact so take- for a grain assault, but it is it has. Stated that he may have been missing from an a home, but but again the address that I traced him too was listed as a single family home. So I don't. This is a silver alert situation. You know where we have a person. That's up there years and they go wandering off again- did the details of his disappearances unclear. Why
keep your residency and then be placed into a home, so it's possible that but again there, there There is already a pile, that's developing, of bizarre things in this case well and spoiler alert you can tell from from today. Trailer and the title of these episodes that we talk about a serial offender and one thing that we are gonna find consistent throughout this time line and throughout these attacks, as one thing working in the favour. Sadly, working in favour of this. Cereal offender is There are a lot of black spots in the formation the knot, came out, but I would believe information a view. level and details about these crimes avail more to the person
investigating these crops now. Look rock police department. They would have better information on these two details. The ones we ve just stated that we find a be bizarre confusing. So me, me. They ve been able to in some of these blanks, but more importantly El Pd. They do catch a little bit of a break here in this investigation. This is when they discover portions of the attack on Mr Christensen that were caught. On security cameras belong into the homeowners in this general area, where Mc Kristensen was found so this is going to help them with a couple thinks this will help them. Determine time of death. This will help us m. To determine the time of the attacks we get
The information we get is what time the call came in what time the officer responded on the scene and then later we get a public warning from little rock police department that states that the the tax? This series of attacks all occurred during this time window? You know from from this hour to this hour on these different date swore. Obviously this is one of the things that technology is doing to really help law. force meant. But what do you think law enforcement learns by capturing This murder on surveillance This is something that I absolutely love here. Captain we're talking about keeping buddy, safe right and also detecting and figure out who the perpetrator is of these horrific. and violent crimes and in this case, a homicide. You know we talk so it's about the advancements in technology and how that's working out for the good guys.
in the favour of the bad guys with dna and things like that, genealogy detection work, that's great, but Where we are also seeing a big benefit I you know just another couple of tools to put your batman utility bell here to fight off the bad guys is the ring doorbell cameras, companies, simply safe and aid. t that are putting surveillance cameras on residences and businesses and then, of course, the smart once the advancements in cell phone, so these are also things that are overlooked when people talk so much dna genealogy detection work these phones and home, security cameras are solving a lot of crimes may be even more than dna is in the current day here in this situation. The foot captured images of the actual attacker, so yeah.
Could see the hacker heading toward gain street, but then he we would later find out that this is a male attacker. Then later stops. He stabs my Christian said, then the hackers takes off and its decision as he's walking away now to me There's always something so much more frightening when the corruption is, or the video shows the attacker slow killer just calmly, walking away from the victim to me that special kind of evil, but here that's not because no the attacker then stops he's calmly, walking away fleeing the scene. Now he said in decides to turn around he returns to the victim stabs him again and then what again turns and walks away. So I guess
the killer was for a lack of better terms, yeah, he's double checking his work, making sure that the victim was dead before leaving the scene of this bizarre attack or, if you, Think of it and, moreover, sadistic term Maybe this one the feeling again He leave so calmly its again upon a bizarre after all of the security camera footage leads. After all, those they provided any leads at all after they dried up. This case starts to get a little chile for the investigators. Now, We have days and then weeks they go by without an arrest, police really don't seem to have much to go on here. In this case people, friends and neighbours of the christian put together A reward
or anyone who can provide information leading to an arrest, so they collect and put together a ten thousand dollar reward for their friend hoping to. Drum up some tips that may lead to this aspect in and make an arrest in this. In this way, was to be a totally random stabbing. Cutting attack in the middle of the night it looks like in this situation, even with that reward money that we may still be waiting on the right tipp to come in, but they In the great city of little rock go from bad to worse, it was just thirty days later, captain or thirty nights later. I should say this is when the little rock police department their responding to a subject down, call the cops comes in it to fifty seven a m. This is this time: it's
rock police departments. Fifty fourth district respond They are on location, about two minutes after the call him and so roughly a two minute response time very good response time. we have a male victim who is down. There has been some kind of violent knife. A tear, the suspect is gone when police arrive hack, the suspect was gone when the person calling it in arrived and found the victim already down. So this location is the four two hundred block of west twelve street and little rock police at the scene thereat seen very quickly, because this violent attack takes place just two blocks from the little rock police departments, west twelfth street sub station, so either the killer, a does not care that there is a strong police presence in the area or be does not know,
and they arrive they be police. They quickly make contact with the person who called nine one. One this time, the normal. collar is identified to the public. This is Mr Taggart junior, sounds like MR tiger is houseless long time winners of the show will get that one I was looking for a place to get out of the stormy weather. This was a particularly wet period for little raw There are lots of rain in the month of september, twenty twenty four little rock, so MR taggart, trying to find a place to go himself a little bit of shelter. He is mine too occasion where he believes his friend would be now when he arrives at this location and finds his friend who he knows only by a nickname his friend it did. He find
goes by the name old school, so he finds old school down an old school. breathing he's law hang on a front porch where what is being described as thou front porch, with obvious view, The ball signs of trauma, the victim old school has various puncture wounds on his neck. Of course, homicide unit is called and immediately after police get to the scene and see what's going on and talk with MR tat the nine when one call, but he despises friend he doesn't see their attack- go down corrected. I see the attack, he doesn't see anybody fleeing the scene again it sounds like we have a situation where this attack went down and on Fortunately, this this man old school. May have been lying, therefore appear at a time before. Anybody found him and he's discovered by his friend
after the autopsy is conducted, medical examiner concur simply rural rules, the death, a homicide and later fingerprints would identify our victim old school. Remember Mr Taggart does not know his friends real name, the prince will identify our victim old school as that of sixty two year old Jeff welsh, Now, oddly enough, even though were given the description, the old school Jeff Welch's found down unresponsive, not breathing on the front porch little room Police department have no address that solicited, for Mr Jeff Welsh says possibly not his front. Porch yes, in based off of some of the other reports I have read, welsh may have been houseless just Like his friend who found him, very sad, very sad, so to call called a front porch could mean it. This could be an abandoned, hauser abandoned building. It also could
be some type of. Overhang or some type of shelter that they're going under, and it just miss reported as a front porch. Now we do now the area where this took place, the forty two hundred block of west twelve street, we don't have an exact address, which makes it a little bit difficult, but this is a very populated area of the city. There's lots of house is in single family homes in this area, so it would seem The reason that this is either a house not being occupied or an apartment that is not being occupied in this area? city, but we have no other eye witnesses that saw the attack are sorry babe coming or going from the crime scene. Exactly and one thing I do want to really honan on while we're talking about creation here and where are we them is found in where
friend is going to find because his friend says that he goes. I was seeking shelter I was going to where I knew my friend was he would he would let me stay. Either with him or you know, the area with them so that I wouldn't have to sleep in the rain tonight. One key thing that I think, is of interest to or should be of, interest to, the investigators is remember no addresses listed for the victim, Jeff, welsh and no addresses listed for his friend MR tiger. and police would know this from talking with MR tiger, but this is not something that I've seen in any other reports, but I suspect, may the situation leave that there's a good chance if miss taggart knew where to find his friend old school, who he didn't even know his real name. But he knew where to find him. It would stand. A reason did jeff welsh
old school may have been known to use this location as shelter or was, staying there overnight regular basis in the spot where he is found dead and using as it is. Yeah. Basically, what you're saying is that this Lee towards idea that this was random, it could totally be ran up. The attacker could just be passing by and spots the sky and decides to attack him, but all If this guy was known to be there, which we we can, we can do use that immediately from his friend statement, going I went to this location because I knew my friend would be there. It's just like when you see Unfortunately, you see somebody who sleeping under and overpass or sleep in a tent on on it somewhere, and you know that they are always there. They are their night after night until the police
take em out or or tell them to move along herb. Or what have you You do see this and we do know that the victims friend believed he would find his friend in this location. So them me wonder, because what we're goin be told later by police is that these seem to be completely random attacks. I'm not going to argue that, but I'm pointing out this to me is a breadcrumb that this this particular that may not be so random the other crazy thing here to captain is we talked so right? We talk already about the passage of time when we gave the dates of these two attacks, dates between these two very similar blade attacks, resulting both resulting in homicides they're, just thirty nights apart. So scary, close in time scale
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fresh dot com, slash garage, fifty code garage, fifty four, fifty percent off, plus your first box ships, free hello, fresh america's number one meal kit. all right, we are back, cheers may choose to you. Colonel cheerfully, you can't and to everybody out there, especially the people in the back. You know I have Have much love for the people in the back after Jeff welsh was attacked and killed for a period of time. Here, captain we don't see any more, or at least we don't have anything reported the woods. say: hey these two similar attacks- they they keep seem
they take place right but Fortunately, that would not stay that way for good. This brings us to the new year and our time like it's now, won t twenty one and, let's not all forget how much twenty twenty socked and we were all looking for word to the new year of twenty twenty, what yes sucked eggs so twenty twenty one was going to be the year that we came at a covert and we're going to come out of this thing with our heads held high, and little rock in as far as this cases concerned, maybe people were starting to become a little less fearful about the knife. It Ass, they were in the news in the murders that we just discussed. You have to wonder about the people there in the same or similar circles to that of our last victim right. A person experiencing homelessness. What were they say what were they here?
at the time. Rumours happen in these circles, whatever that would be most likely either change or was wrapped up in the month of April twenty twenty one. Because this is when we have forty three year old, Deborah walker. she's attacked at nineteen o six south pulaski street- this time police are responding to what they're calling a cutting in progress call comes in at three thirty, three, a m. Once again we have little rock police department district. Fifty two responding the call in responding very quickly. They find them. Come down again they find no suspect, incite miss. Walker was stabbed fifteen times firms and left to bleed out. But she is alive when they find her, so she
is able to communicate with the officers and tell them what happened to her at least will tell them at some point She says that she was walking at the inn section of nineteenth and martial when a boy male approach her, she stated He started stabbing her with a knife. She said tat left very quickly, but here traveled in an unknown direction, unknown to her victim. She was able to walk to where she failed. So we should note something here for the listeners captain this spot where she's found by the officers. This about two in a half blocks away, so the addressed to which the officers respond to and where they find miss walker is two and a half blocks from where the attack actually took place she's attacked and stabbed and manages to make it all of this way
have the reason why she was walking this early in the morning. Well, there There are some concerns about the victim ology here in this case, and I think that the when we look at some of the problems with the investigation? It's my belief that the albums with the investigation may not be. may not solely rest on the shoulders of are women and men in law enforcement? I think did lifestyle, some of our victims and I'm not victim blaming here- sounds like it well. the lifestyle of are victims, and I will I will come and be their champion here later in our coverage of this case. I promise you that.
We look forward to you patting yourself on the back. We we see this time and time again in cases like this, where, where we have this type of victim Sometimes they are either up to now. good themselves on a much a much much all or scale. Of course, then these homicides in these knife attacks that we're talking about, but or they have had bad experiences with law enforcement and they're, not so forthcoming with everything she could have simply been out wondering the streets at night. We the point out here too, unfortunately, with our latest, them with miss walker. God bless you survived, but She too is listed as having no address. I think well you're, trying to say as far as victim ology too as well want the first victim
we don't know why he was so far from his house and his possible that he was out that late at night, looking for sheltered, looking for a place to stay again are second victim, same scenario is he out late at night, looking for a place to take cover third victim, Is she out there late at night, looking for a place to take cover, those early hours of the morning snorted to save time to be out. Especially not when there's somebody basic hunting during that time. Right, not with this monster on the loose in hunting in the area and its reported that these attacks all the ones that we are going to discuss here today, a coup
getting too little rock police department, they all took place in what they would refer to as the most dangerous area of the city and think that there are some things in our confusing about the details of this attack. In particular, but in all fairness, the report states that mrs walker miss walk. was awake, police arrived, but very hard to understand, and they even put in the report that she would not answer the officers questions now. could be she could not do to the nature of her injuries or was unwilling to for some unknown reason. We see this again. We see this a lot in some of these types cases and we can get into that more when we take a look at the victim ology here in this case
His walker is quickly transported to the hospital and thankfully the medics are able to save her life, I'm stay It that way, because often these medical personnel, especially the ones responding to calls and out in the streets they just don't get enough credit, so here they will get some regardless of the conflicting reports they come out about this particular attack and what are those conflicting reports. You ask well, it's the rapid c in the severity of the wounds to miss walker about half of the report's out their state that she was stabbed or cut fifteen times other state more than fifteen times and left to bleed out while The report's state, multiple stabbing cut wound but the wounds were not life, threatening at all. I guess Maybe both can be true on on many levels, depending on perspective, but regard
so the severity of her wounds. We have to rate things that happen here right, first and foremost, Deborah walker, survives run. Second, she is able to provide, a little rock police department, with a description of the attack and of the perpetrator as well. two things that we did not have in the first two Homicides, yes, we got lucky caught a little bit of surveillance, footage and the first one but here we have first hand. Firstly, a nod somebody they can tell us what happened, how those attack went down and what the attacker look and maybe even what he acted what this is also going to be good for too, as we have these three attacks and because we do have some surveillance footage based
What she tells us will be able to look at that footage and go. Is this the same killer right right, because, where at first, you may have given the proximity of time in proximity. Location in the first two attacks and the similar nature of the attack itself and the weapon used and the result of those attacks you can have this population, and these suspicions amongst law enforcement that maybe these two attacks were committed by the same perpetrator or perpetrators. But now you have confirmation right, you, you have maybe not one hundred percent, but you have heard describing it an attack that that. Plays out very similar to what they saw on that surveillance cameras, footage on the security camera footage, and then you have the attack in the middle there
unfortunately resulted in a homicide and it's all the same wounds. It's it's same age or same same debt, instrument is used essential. in in that attack as well. There were some of those details of her account right. Captain. Of course, the thing that helps so much right. We have her description, but wanting help so much and Deborah walkers. Is there someone Call this in very quickly. while she still awake, she still conscience. and then we have the added factor that little rock police department is able to respond to. This call very quickly once again- and here is what what we get. Never walker was quickly located by law enforcement and medical technicians. Walker was right. by ambulance to the? U a m s: medical center at the hall,
little she managed to survive or injuries, as we said during cop shooting miss walker said that she was walking in the area of nineteenth and martial streets when she was a ouch by a stranger, so somebody should does not know who pulled out a knife and stabbed her without provocation. To her description. The attacker appeared to be a young black mail with a slender build and standing over six feet tall. This is the third attack believed to be the third attack in the series, and it happened on April. Eleven which is over six months from the leave to be connected. Second attack, so Much more time has elapsed between two and three rights are attacking one The two is roughly it. Thirty day window and from attack two to three is a six months now and what what
have here too, is this location of the third attacks the location of attack number three is night the marshal. So this less than two. half miles from the previous attack. So it's really starting to look like some one has a comfort zone, one theirs was crazy. His what we do know from the surveillance footage and her account is. This causes slender, build, ok, check, check and he's above six foot tall check, check Its most likely the same dune yup, and, given the description that she provides dressed, very similarly to what they saw on the security camera? Footage from the first attack now what That is of interest to me here captain and who might think that this is a little strange but hear me out for a second.
Go from one month between the first two attacks then six months from attack two to three brain Is this something? As weird is? Oh, it's a warm weather thing right or are these attacks simply triggered uncontrollably, and it's just happenstance did it's taken. place in the warmer months and little rock arkansas september would be a warmer month in April. Thing, You're starting to heat up again were coming out of the winter. Time is this? something I know, there's people out there, getting a warm weather thing. What are you talking about? But we are, discussing attacks that as far as the police are telling us every attack murder that they have linked other took place outside now. In this reed's of little rock, Is this individual and we see this in a lot of cereal cases. All
at times we are talking about an offender who is packing and killing people that run in similar circles, while the victim Maybe unknown to the perpetrator before the attack and why the attacker, maybe on to the victims, a lot times, their attacking people and killing people there, are amongst their same walks of life, so is this person a street person themselves right or is it simply that this person is not expect seeing homelessness. Is not houseless as we like the joke here in the garage, and they are not good, they're not going out and decide to hunt on the streets until it's come trouble for them? They don't Do it in the cold months, if we're law enforcement also, what can we deduce from this security? Footed
We see no vehicle. We have no eye witnesses, that c c this murder, without of coal or with a vehicle so it makes you wonder, is this guy going around and hunt in this area on foot, and it would be much more comfortable to do that and the warmer months of the year yeah or do they even have a license How old is individual were were not very certain about that. this is difficult. For me, how old is individual is because we do have are victim amiss walk. Whose survives- and she does describe her attacker, as appear to be a young african. African male slut and build standing over six feet tall, and when I look at the images that have been put out from law enforcement about the
first attack, I'm seeing the same thing as as what she is describing yeah. When I see that that footage I had to guess guessing that this killers, under the age of thirty, ok, and this is going to lead us very, very quickly, unfortunately, into attack number four this takes place the next day or the next night. However, you want to phrase it: The second attack happened, one month from the first six months from fact number two to three and then. Twenty seven hours from attack number three to number four, so the next day after miss walker survives the attack by our cereal Fender are serial killer. The next day officers were called out at six thirty, a m. This is too twenties and ten right avenue there they find
in forty year old, morland franklin and its report by police that he is suffering from serious injuries on foot shouldn marlon franklin was pronounced dead at the scene by medical personnel. It's on clear to me his exam stay when they found He may have, unfortunately, already passed by the I'm police arrived on. Seeing right, we don't get those details. What we do, what we can we can Four based off of the reports we are seeing is that, if he was still alive clinging to life when the officers, I the scene. He was not able to tell them anything or provide any information as far as who attacked. if I'm a detective work in these cases and is in the first thing that good to my mind that
he knows this, that is, this murder knows what's goin on his following this, and if you fight now that is, third victim didn't die. that's almost like! Well, I got it doesn't count Unless I actually kill somebody, so I need to go back out Go hunting again and as horrific as that is I'm glad you said that, because I suspect- and I believe that a lot of people suspected that is exactly what we have here. let me just tell you the days of me, holding back, there are over. So I'm not worried about everybody. feelings about everything like this is a sick son imagine. You know this as much as I do. This guy needs to be cut. You know this guy You take this serious because thing about think about how crazy of individual that has to be to go by this lady,
there he knew our name or not follows up in the paper or on tv. but probably get so much information so then has to go around the neighbourhood to get some more information. What are the local rumblings. What are the rumours os he's gonna live, I gotta go back out tonight I mean that that's a scary, individual well and you say, if he's following the case. if he's living in a house somewhere follow? the case in the newspaper watching the news then yes, following the case We can also have a situation where he is. Homeless himself and here's the The word on the street re write or we do know that the victim in the third attack was able to flee the scene themselves does Equally, the scene turn around and realise all shoes,
She was much better shape than I expected right when I laughed regardless of how that goes down. We just cannot count our blessings. Deborah walker survived now back to this fourth attack here, This was a subject down call as well. We have little rock police departments district. Fifty three responding to this call officer. Henderson on the scene within just one minute of the call coming into emergency services. again the shares similarities to all of the previous attacks. The vic ms down when the officer arrives there's no suspect inside the victim is spring from serious injuries and then quickly pronounced dead when franklin is listed as having no known address, and it stated that he is homeless. In the report we talked about a com, its zone for this attacker for this murder this address is
just one mile from the previous Knights, attack of Deborah walker, if you this upon on on the map of little rock It's a literally down the street. From where miss walker was attacked, twenty seven hours prior to that. All coming in about morland franklin being add or dying there. Front of this address now? I do not believe. Race has any real significance to this lashers motives However, do you believe that there is a chance that it could play a part in how you could identify the killer? How Could identify who is responsible for these attacks he said that some things that are different and are victim ology here is the first to vat
attacked and killed successfully by the slasher were both older white men both in their sixties, the third. It again unsuccessful. Thankfully, missed walker survived. We have female in her forties, the fourth attack, mister morland franklin He unfortunately does not survive franklin is an african american male listed at forty years of age, the so much more to get to come out join us April. Twenty ninth for my birthday bash. information and tickets are website at ukraine, garage dot com and until tomorrow,
Good be kind.
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