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The Moody Massacre ////// 377

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On Saturday, May 28th 2005 in Bellefountaine the local teenagers were making their rounds to different graduation parties. This leads to a small overnight party at the Moody household. Between 6 and 10:30 am on the 29th someone shot five people, killing four in the home. Investigators also say that same shooter shot and killed two more people living next door. Crack a beer with us as we discuss a case that at the local level is highly controversial. Beer fo the Week - Who’d Like to Hold My Clipboard Papaya Garage Grade - 5 out of 5 bottle caps

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I The. Welcome to true crime garage where, if you are whatever you're doing thanks for listening, I'm your hosts, nick and with me, as always, is a man. Just like myself, like a normal and high functioning guy, but he is not. He is
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behind. state route, forty seven. Is a highway running from the indiana border union city to the village, of waldo it was state sixty eight. Until now in thirty three, when u s room sixty. Eight was commissioned since both roads through a common county logan in ohio since there is a rule There can be no ohio state routes the same number as: u s highways within ohio. The number was changed to forty seven logan, county ohio, the county is for honey,
sixty seven square miles and as the two thousand and ten census there was or forty six thousand people living in Logan county, the county is beautiful point of interest- include mad river mountain and indian lake most of the news, good and bad out of this area is provided from papers housed in nearby or neighbouring cities, most coming, of dayton in springfield ohio on an even more local level. In the may, twenty fourth edition of the bell fountain examiner: there was a pause sure of a young man. Above the picture. Says riverside high school, and you see. picture of a smiling eighteen year old, wearing a dark, colored t shirt. just enough gel in his hair to not only hold the hair in place, but also maintaining that wet. Look. He was going for this Was an advertisement
adulation the young man on his high school graduation, his grandparents, place, the ad include a simple and straightforward message to their grandson: that red good luck in your future, scott moody, love, grandma, grandpa schaefer, Scott was lucky enough to have a second congratulatory add placed for him, which again, sure his high school senior photo. This add was from his mother and sister and red good luck and have fun Less than a week later, grandma grandpa oh mother, sister and scott moody, would once again make the paper, but this time it was not for celebration, know this time. whose was only bad all bad, read the articles for the details, but the headlines were stunning and jaw dropping.
One read: no one knows what caused carnage in big, bold black letters on the front, age of the dayton daily news, it read: slayings stun logan county This is true crime garage. This is the story the moody massacre scott moody was born in bell. Fountain ohio for those familiar bell found is a great community. The captain- and I have been there on more than occasion bell fountain, is an hour's drive north west of where we are in Columbus, ohio
located in Logan county and just give everyone and idea the population back in two thousand and eleven was estimated at just between thirteen and food ten thousand resident. So this is a small community. Scott was one in the summer of nineteen. Eighty six he's the son of Steve move. in Sherry K, Schaefer Scott lived in belfast. With his mother and sister Stacy moody. They attended the first united methodist church sky. Father lived nearby in de graff, ohio with his other sons. This is Scott's. Half brothers, stephen, Christopher and Adam his family at least on his mother's side? Are all farmers, Scott included his family own, shake her farms? That's s h! A dash k e are for arms scott showed cattle in the local county and ohio state fares, winning several trophies and awards
was a member of both the riverside f f a and the liberty livestock for each club for wandering the ff stands for future farmers of america and is a large nationwide group that teaches leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education the four h program is similar to the f, but probably even larger. at least it seems to be more popular here in ohio, the four just stand for head heart, hands and health. I thought two of em stood for hoof, hearted, because they were farmers and had plenty of land to work. Scots grandparents Larry and Cheryl shaver, who we reference, in the trailer they lived just a or of a mile away the two: how is where surrounded by corn and soya bean fields. They lived on ohio, rout, forty seven so both scotsmen
this house and his grandparents home share a large property along rule. Forty seven on sunday morning may twenty ninth two thousand and five at ten five a m and emergency services call came in from an obviously panicked woman, identifying herself as Nicole accord to the dayton daily news, her voice trembled, as she scramble to explain to the life why she was calling and what she was seen during the placement of this call right because none normal nine one one cause not we have our merges, see happening right now. It is we have wreckage and- and this is the aftermath of the crime yet right, Nicole, tells emergency services. The following, my sister, just called me, said her mom and her had been beaten up and her mom isn't waking
Nicole goes on to say I can't wake her mom up. I can't feel a pulse and this cried out? Oh, my god, Scott the sun in girl, For an hour beat up to this is all from the dayton daily news now a sheriff's dept, d, a ride a short time later, after the call to times our report, for his arrival, one at ten, forty five and one at ten, forty six. This is pity why rick keep in mind. The sheriff's department is nearby so an officer was at the scene within seconds of the end of this emergency call. So, first, he finds nicole and her boyfriend Jeff the two that who went out to the house and place the emergency call then the deputy fines, stacy moody, is covered in blood being in a recliner in the living room
She had moved around the house quite a bit before the sheriff had arrived and we'll get into that and a bit she had been shot twice in the night nineteen year old, Megan Karas was found near by lying on a love see shot in the upper neck, found upstairs bedroom was sherry, Schaefer she's, the mother found her bed lying on. Her back their bedroom. There were two bodies: one was fourteen year old, page harsh burger shot. left temple and then lie she's lying on her right side facing the wall. Now next to her in, same bed, shirtless wearing jeans covered in blood legs dangling off the edge of the bed and according to sheriff henry's full, invest date of report carried by the oppress, clutching a wanting to rifle thumb on the trigger shot twice was scott moody, the first
shot going through his neck and into his sinus cavity investigators. Leave, the he then switched hands repositioned himself. Put the barrel in his mouth and again pulled the trigger stacy was the only one alive. Four people were dead, so let's go through this real, quick captain before we move on, because all of this stuff is going to be very important as we go through this that we have a complete understanding of what the first responding officer is seeing again as deputy. Why rick he's research wanting to the scene where he meets whole and her boyfriend Jeff inside the moody home. We find stacy, which she is the daughter that lives there ok, she's, fifteen years old, right she's in very bad shape, clinging to life, she's, the one that called nicole, saying, hey, I'm beat up, my mom's beat up too, and I can't wake her up right
let's keep my she saying, beat up because she's been shot twice the trauma she probably doesn't fully understand. What's going on at this more schumann, shot and then actually blacked out, so she might not even realize that she's been shot yeah. The ground level they find making cars. She Nineteen years old, okay, then upstairs we find three bodies were found. The mother we find the mother Sherry K, shaver who's, thirty, seven, she, scott and stacy's mother. We also find in his bedroom scott moody, whose eighteen years old and his girlfriend page harsh burger, whose fourteen year old, we're being told that we find scott with gunshot wounds and he's home in a rifle he's got his thumb on the trigger. They believe to be self inflicted, so you can kind of deduce that we have
a family that has been murdered and then the person that murdered them. Scott took his own life. But it becomes strange because there's two gunshot wounds that scott court of victor to self yeah and so deputy. Why rick hit first on the scene he describes. So role of the bodies he found as either blue or grey and color other than the bloodstream and for the most part they look like they were just sleeping that these people were just sleeping, but they were blue or grey and cold family member. Dead in their sleep. It can I remind you of the de facto amityville horror why rick asked stacy several questions, but she again is barely hanging on. She has been shot twice and had lost. lot of blood. By this point, she was we in and out, and only answered three questions? This is, as
Other deputies were arriving on the scene. Do we know what those three questions were the three questions she was able to answer now. I want you to keep in mind. She was asked more than just three I should like she's only able to provide answers to three cause against going in and out at this point the questions she answered were what is your name to what she says: stacy moody? How old are you she says? Fifteen? Do you know who did this? She says no! Just before being east in the back of an ambulance. She was asked again by a different officer. Do you know who did this and she says no now, thankfully, state He is still alive at this I am, however, law enforcement has they're not able to gain any insight into what she may have witnessed, saw or heard, or what have you they were pushing her for these answers, especially because she was in such bad shape. She is near death. You know they were a sheep,
She passes away shortly after this. We need to get some information from her before, because that was a reality here, so they rushed her out of the scene. She, would be placed into a helicopter and they're going to have a life flight. They're gonna have the lifeline. This poor stacy to ohio state university hospital in Columbus, ohio, so stacy who called mccall to come to the house, because she and her mother had been quote beaten up and we already this stacy was going in and out of consciousness, and this was immediately as she woke up, you know she's black now, moving around blacking out The reason for this we've been beaten up been beaten up. My mother's been beaten up that description, I think, comes from a couple of things. One She wakes up in obvious pain, horror, horrific pain, and does not fully know why, but to her
father who she would have seen lying face up in her bed. She here too have what what would look like two black eyes but this was only really due to the fact that she had been. She had been shot in the head. She had not been beaten up. In fact later, the Logan county sheriff's office would say that the saw no signs of a struggle at all, and there were no defensive on any of the victims, one is found in her bed too. So we can assume that she was possibly asleep. No deputy say. It was then that they went to investigate the neighboring farmhouse there. They had a kick in the door. they found two bodies on the kitchen floor. This is extra. Seven year old, Gary schaefer and sixty six year old, cheryl sue shaver. They were in the process of cooking breakfast
they found the sheriff, found two glass of orange juice on the table, and eggs were out ready to be cooked. Both had been shot. in the upper neck. We will know from I witnesses and from just the general timeline that whatever went down, they killed all six of these people and left. they see clinging to life. It went and between six a m and win the emergency call was placed at ten. Thirty five morning this all on. May twenty ninth so we know that it was after six, a m or have reason to believe that it was after six, a m because there are other people that stayed at the moody house the night before so we had three individuals. This is brett davidson. He was somebody who he was another high school student we have
since southerly this, I believe leave is: share ok shavers boyfriend, the mothers boyfriend. He left sometime that morning and I'm a little confused on exactly what time he left, but we all have Andrew danny who this is Stacy's friend. We know that was there he said that he watched a movie played some poor and left some time early in the morning, but does not provide a time, the reason why we believe that all of this stuff went down after six. A dot m is because the first person I mentioned Brett davidson. He says that he left the moody's at six. A dot m and everything was fine at that point. So we have, Individuals that were there the day of this massacre, they claim that there was no problems. No horrible and when they left correct, everything would have been fine at that point and we can
look if we believe their statements. I think it would have been obvious if any of this had gone down beforehand. Obviously you would have somebody would have heard gunshots, but not only that, Finally, maybe not, though I mean we, we don't know how large this property is men. It is a farm right but these individuals were inside the moody home. So talking about a great amount of work that setting the right. That's if we believe them were incorrect, but there you also have the fact that we have in chorus. Her her body was found on the ground level so bright somebody may have had to walk past her body to go out, war, but I guess we also have the deputy saying other than the bloodstain since in almost appeared, that these people were just asleep Yes, I also wonder due to the color of the bodies. how long there were were there and it seems to me like, if you're, getting a call at ten- and this happens between seven and ten,
and a small three our window. What it is that enough time for these bodies to turn this purpose gray, color, that the officers were saying that, they were also makes me wonder if, and I would assume they did this, but did they test for any ballistics on these, individuals to see if they fired a gun. That day well upon, intend and you're jumping the gun a bit, but what I do like and I have to agree with you, one hundred percent here, captain you're saying right from jump street. You got some questions there, some questions here, so I should point that this may twenty ninth two thousand and five. This was also the day of the local high school graduation ceremony, both scott moody and making chorus. Eighteen and nineteen respectively were,
graduating class right, so they would been walking across the stage that night. that day and obviously they're not going to be attending the ceremony, in fact the school actually notified of their deaths. Just a couple of minutes, I mean couple minutes before The ceremony was to begin air chairs remained em for the entirety of the graduation and soon is the Sarah ended immediately after you know the cap's were tossed in the air and the cheer. was over. Tassel move from one side of the hat. The other side, students, parents, teachers and everyone present was told to of their own, were killed that morning now the sheriffs I meant to keep the announcement of the deaths low key so that the other local kids could enjoy. their achievement. That didn't make the statement during the commencement speech right
but it sounds like some of the kids kind and knew something was going on all town, so small town and people were saying that as the ceremony was seating and as a drug on that they were, you could tell by the faces that you know these somebody knew something it was probably whispering it to somebody else and it was making its way around to to everyone so The sheriff's department they now it's to news and media outlets that they would hold a press conference later that same day at the sheriff's office, now. I want to point out something that I find to be incredibly strange here. Captain later on. a local reverend. This is reverend Jones would tell people that he heard on his police scanner. You know he's here listening in at home, where as he heard, on the scanner at noon that day the day of the shooting that the sheriff.
Close the investigation he says it was quote, declared closed mind you this is at noon, and we already reported that the first deputy arrived at the scene according to the reports at either ten forty five or ten forty six am so on fifteen minutes and you're able to close case it solve baby while Sherlock, dick we figured it out, clearly you're as surprised as I was by that statement. That's ridiculous! Now, but now we don't know. If that's true, though, erect. This is this is what one man says he's around in some I'm giving them a little little credit here, I like to know what he looks like well. We're going to a general rundown of what happened. Who is responsible, and why? Right because remember what the sheriff said that morning we we'll have a press conference coming up schedule? by the sheriff all set for seven p m and captain
I wanted to read this directly from a book called saving stacy by rob. Saint clair covers this case. The moody massive So this is from pages thirty, six and thirty seven at Then pm sunday evening, low county sheriff, Michael Henry straightened. His wrinkled t shirt adjusted his dale, heart, junior ball cap and step before a crowded group of porters, representing local state, and national media outlets. He says: quote: it's tough on us. We knew these people were familiar with kids, I feel so badly for these families. This community can't. Imagine what it's like to deal with this when you have six victims, it's very horrendous. It was a ram. age. These are the most trade shootings I've seen in this county and my thirty one years here, because
of the sheer number of all of the young victims sheriff henry waited a moment before he explained the details he estimated their between seven, a m and ten a m sunday morning, eighteen year old, scotland, he got out of his bed loaded. One or two caliber semi automatic rifle- walked a quarter mile to his grandparents, home and shot them as they made breakfast investigators had found Gary shaffer age, sixty seven, and his wife cheryl schaefer aged sixty six dead. On their kitchen floor, the sheriff went on to say that scott, most probably cross back over crop yields to his adjacent house, reloaded the rifle and went from bedroom to bed room shooting people as they slept. The sheriff commented that he believed the sequence was that Scott first shot riverside
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Get out you fired beings offered outback staghounds reliving a time. Try have women fried trade with russia with our new strawberry. Salad goes through the party in revival. They rely grilled trip on the body. They love with a cucumber crash or feeding a while after I am all the more they gone. Let's back. the cheers mates cheers to you and I will pass up the image of saving stacy by rob saint clair on our instagram page as well. So fantastic booking obviously it will be this week's recommended reading. I you wanna get into some. Let's say nit picking here before you get too far along in the story here. Court nick! Well,
this is probably gonna get some criticism for saying this, but I can't help myself. We had only hope. Yes, the hate, male role at the start of rob, sinclair's description of this share. Press conference he describes the sheriff sheriff henry, what he's wearing he's wearing a wrinkle t shirt and a deal. our junior baseball cap, brain look. I don't want to be too critical, but We we, I want to commend first, the sheriff for his words. Okay, they were our forwards and were emotional. It was an emotional statement and I also Then it was a holiday weaken the share probably was off for the weekend and did not intend on working. That day was,
called in because of this horrible massacre that took place. However, this is a press conference in front of local state and even national media outlets, or an elected official. If there was a time that that community, in his words, he says that the community he feels bad for this community if there ever was the time that the community needed to see the uniform. It was that day it was at that press conference you Had the chance to be the knight in shining armor and in and be the one that stood up there, you you are so to be the face of protect and serve, and this can come did he is hurting at this time in your hearing last car hat and they have all the answers. So they're probably also scared and nervous correct, correct any. if, if it was just like of, if it just happened, that press conferences
actually organically happened right at the scene of the crime or whatever, and he was forced to answer some questions. I guess hit that you're, not in uniform if I rushed to the scene, but he scheduled he's the one that schedule the press conference at his office for seven p m So there was time to look the part, let's say right now, if the sheriff and his men are correct if they are wrong Well, then, this is a closed case, but we have. we said questions, but we also have a major issue that is going to take place. Stacy the sole survivor. she says she would lead their say: mind you she's in very bad shape right. Would later say that she saw the shooter And it was not her brother, scott moody, so here's what Stacy had to say, let's keep in mind again her for, you'll state they had to life flight her to the best hoss
in the area to save her life, she was supposed to die later She would say that the medical professionals that saved her life intended to her they even fully understand how or why she survived, but she did so when she, was being asked question by it as she lay in the hospital bed, don't think we should assume that she knew what fully meaning she may not know that mos her family, was killed at that point when she, in his question. She may not know that the law, in county sheriff's office had closed, Her brother was a shooter, so Let's go back and using stacy's words walk through what she says that she witnessed at sunday morning. she says she woke up, but nothing in particular woke her up.
when she wakes up. She sees a man standing over her bed and holding a gun She would go on to say that she, not know the man, but he was older with gray hair and wearing a blue shirt. So I read two versions of this statement here and I'm unable to discern which is, in fact correct. You know, which is the truth, I guess really, though the truth is captain. We we Not know and stacy just might not know for sure herself, but she said the man that she described as or a medium build or a larger build will come back to this description in a minute. now describing the gun she said it had a huge barrel. Soon as she sees the gun and you she is just I
open still lying down, she's, not up she's, not standing. The man shoots her in the neck. She said He then walks out of the room and she hears gunshots then the man returned to the room and again overtime, of Stacy shoots her a second time then again he leaves the room and Stacy says she. Then third, two more gunshots, now back to the description. Stacy says she does not know the man, so obviously it's not scott and Scott. Scripture. Well, my despair. Scott anyway he's eighty, years old. a hundred thirty five pound, so a smaller frame, a smaller build these guys short brown hair. Deputy, say that Scott not wearing a shirt when they found his body in his room. Stacy says the man that she saw that shot her was wearing
a blue shirt doesn't mean that he could have taken off the shirt, though correct. now on July twentieth, two thousand and five stacy she spent twelve days at I wish many of them in the I see you she is. Put it in the dayton daily news is saying I didn't realize what happened. I had no clue, I don't remember. Hardly anything IRA the last four days in the house: but other than that. It's just bits and pieces, the gunshots added to of her vertebrae. Seven an artery leading to her brain and damaged her vocal cords another very sad part of this story, because stacy was hospitalized fighting for her life. She was actually unable attend the services for her friends, her brother, her grandparents and her mother brain cells, so tough
here too, because we know that she has a lot of trauma and- kind of reminds you of like the central park, five case where the victim don't have much of a memory about the case now her memory in that case in the central park. Five case, never really comes back, so there is no details at all, but you just also wonder with these accounts of a larger, older man that she didn't know. Is this something that she and her state dreamt up or misremembered or or what yeah so if anybody's having a hard time figuring it out we're pointing out that there there's some questions about this case. We have the sheriff's department, saying scott mood, eighteen years old, who was scheduled to graduate that day, killed basically no most of his family right. It's only because it's your other lives yeah and kills himself.
and then we have state you saying my brother was not the shoe and I wanted to point out a couple couple things here, and there was kind of a long way for me to two to go on about but I wanted to point out to two things: one when she's be an asset stuff in the hospital, again. She may not know at that time that the sheriff's office announced her brother was the shooter, but I think that's important. that in our minds when where trying to figure out east See story correct because if she's telling the truth and if she is spot on, if she's, remembering everything correctly by then we we have a missing shooter here somewhere, and somebody made it look like scott moody killed. All these people one also. We have to short term to a guy committing suicide, which is rare in itself. It does happen. It does that you know some people, a media,
we see that and go oh, my god. Well, he couldn't have killed himself. He shot himself twice, but you also have a whole entity. That is saying this is not. s not in the realm of possibilities that this kid is capable of doing something like this. That thank you for saying that in and I think part of the thing to is not only do we have stacy saying that my brother wasn't the shooter we have the can. unity, a lot of people in the community or saying he problem. We don't believe he was the shooter and they they call that into question and call that it into major doubt, because I, the sheriff's office was so quick to announce the scott was the shooter again that sustained feels like I don't, have a thorough investigation here. I got that you found a gun in somebody's hands. Yes, but then, then, here the argument too, and I think we should spend some this time going through some of these things as to call into question
If Scott was the shooter or if he was not Points to him being the shooter, what points to him not being the shooter so right from the get here. We have a problem because we have the deputy who says, I found scott moody, his his eggs or hanging off of the edge of the bed. View can find pictures of this on the internet, and you can see his legs off of the bed at the at the bottom of the bed. Now he says that he found this rifle in got. You know he's clutching the rival he's got his thumb on the trigger there was an e m t worker who said that oh, I saw the gun, it was near scott, but it would you know it was within arms reach, but he was not holding the gun. When I saw him, I guess the simple test we can find out if Scott shot a guy that they are not yes,
Could you find that anywhere? Because I could not know was the first question I had of, unlike if, if there's a big question, if, if Scott was a family annihilator and killed himself or did somebody try to rain this poor eighteen year old kid. Why don't we just testing for gsr and then announce it to the public. We we It involves Yes gsr. We did. We ran ballistics on all the bullets that we found and they all came from this one gun that was in his I should now. I do want to point something here, there's an argument that it's not even in his possession right right and I do want to. I do want to point out a couple of things here, though it is possible that he did did, kill himself and somehow the gun got worked from him.
we want to be like that happened right. We won. We know we have stacy moving around the house and it doesn't seem like she's quite clear on what she was doing. You know she will He was not shot where she was found once the first responders arrived. She was not found where she was shot when her Nicole, rocked we all. Nicole Jeff who ran through the scene, checking people as they call emergency services and then, of course, we're going to have Debbie he's an anti who are moving things around at this crime scene as well, but you, this individual scott eighteen years old? What's his mo may. We know that he's graduating from high school. This is a big step in a kid's life the biggest step up to date, he's graduating high he's becoming a man and- and he wants to be a farmer, so that's ari the families
business, so he's going to go straight from graduating to working the job that he wants to work and there's a lot of people in this country that don't get to wake up every day and do what they loved to do. That's what he was set up to do so, what's the motive? Well, this case? In a way? Not only does it remind me of amityville whore, but it also reminds me in a way of job in a ramsay. What did we find when we took a deep I've into the ramsey case. We found that every bit information out. There was like a coin. It had two sides to it. One where everybody suggest hey. This item points towards the parents having killed this little girl, The other side of the coin saying this proves it they're innocent with with scott moody. What I found throughout this was Every statement is contradicted by a complete opposite statement, so
we have and it's just stacy moody this as its there's a there's. A dock mentoring. At short, it's good! It's on youtube. Porcelain, dolls, it's stacy's story, in our view, stacy for this documentary. It's about twenty, maybe thirty minutes law Iraq of recommend that you watch out as well, but She says in this documentary and she said at other times as well everyone in the community the entire community said that Scott would never do this. And I saw that in the newspapers as well even saw his former step father who lived with him for many years. I believe they did where's three years before the shooting he says, would have never done this, but. we have some other things that say
He might have done this ok from those our work. So let's go through this. What we know about scott moody one. We know that he was or is reported to have been close with his mom, but had not see his father, since he was sixteen years old and this is by scott's own choosing, he decided he didn't like his father. His father lived drive away from where scott lived, chose not to see him now, Stacy she survives this tragedy. She, would go to live with her biological father afterwards, had a weird girlfriend situation: okay, people point out his girlfriend. Fourteen some people get angry about that. I get it. Fourteen seems a little weird to me, but I remember when I was in high school. There was a lot of. School seniors they had freshmen girlfriends
Yes, so when you're senior you only dated fourteen year olds was well, you said no, not me, I'm the reason why I remember it was because when I was a freshman there was a couple of couples girls that I liked and I'm like one, I probably didn't, have a shot anyway, but they were dating seniors. I mean I knew you and definitely do so our friend situation, is a little weird. His girl the current girlfriend that was killed that day. That was found next to him bright, she's. Fourteen he knows her, because she is was and probably was it that at the time still a very close friend with his little sister stacy. less awkward, though yeah only been dating, for, I believe, two or three weeks at that time, though right, I think
what I find strange about the relationship, one thousand eight hundred and fourteen is that it seems like it was okay that she was staying the night. That night is what I'm guessing that'll strength If you're her parents- and you don't know that he's dating her- then you just think you, staying with stacy right anyway, let's move past that Why do I bring that all up because he had a long term girlfriend who split up with him within just a couple of months before this dish So he's coming off of a long term relationship where the girl, broke it off and she says later she says I broke it off because of because is anger issues that he would he would you know break into these anger fits outta nowhere okay, and so that's evidence. The point that it's possible yeah. Maybe Just something that he just never showed to people at school.
that's a possibility cause you wouldn't want to get in trouble, and so now you're at your house in need and have a may figure in your life. That's a high. our key in your house. The hierarchy you have is your mother, and but that might not stop you from going into these tantrums right, so we have a. We have a community that says Scott would never do this, but we have three people who make statements make it sound like he might do something like this. We already covered the girlfriend right these are all statements, three sources that say he was short tempered. He was angry and even abusive. At times there was the girlfriend, the former girlfriend. I'm sorry, I domestic violence council says that she was called by scott's mom. This was, I think, three months two or three months before the shooting his mother.
Saying I want help, because I want to remove my abusive son from my home. That was her statement. then we have okay, so the former girlfriend her name is Amanda arthur and she said that he scared her. And at one point he even said to her that he Wanted to kill them all referring to members of his family now or possibly the metallica right here. he would blow up for no reason as she said, but then there was other that she would, he would call her crying on the one in it. She said it was like for no reason she couldn't figure out what was going on with him this is possibly one of the reasons why I didn't want to have a relationship with his father. Maybe his father was trying to be the authority figure, and he didn't want that, and if you have these temper tantrums and it's not and for mother that, maybe is afraid of you or physically doesn't think
we can control you in any manner that maybe his father could and that's why didn't want to be around his father. So Stacey's father is the third source for, statements saying that scott was short tempered, angry and abusive. He says that gwen stacy survived and went to come, live with him that at times she stacy. The survivor tells him there in the months leading up to the shooting that scott quit referring to his mother as mom murmur mother- mama, whatever he called her, he was gone or by her first name at that point and the The stacy again this was from her father said that Scott was to where he was hitting and cursing his mother yeah. I tried
whole thing for a while, where you call your parents by their first names, it lasted like two days and and they were extremely upset, Well, and then you have You have another thing to write. A lot of people say well, he was eighteen, he was graduating. He was going to become a time farmer his family already has a farm he was into I he wanted to be a farmer. You have another group of people that says the farm. The pressures him becoming a farmer. Maybe he didn't truly want to be a farmer. He was being forced into it by his family right again the opposite side of the coin or us all possibly your motive. Is you get ready your family and now you get to take possession of the farm? but, however, went down didn't go to plan and then he does to take his own life,
really what the the sheriff believes is that something and we we don't know what in fact sheriff henry statement, what is that we may never know says, share Michael Henry, maybe you know I never know why, because what he saying Maybe there were a number of issues, domestic pressures on the farm unfold dreams. A recent assyria serious argument with his grandfather, Gary Schaefer, so the share points this out. You have any evidence of argument between him and his grandpa. We only have sheriff henry statement and but what he believes is that, once that first life was taken That was the only intention, but it's and off all these other things that they had to happen once you that Well, I'd really like to now. Is it to me it seems like what
What happened in the house that it would have started with the grandparents, They would have some evidence of that. But again we don't know what tests were ran and what weren't, and so that becomes very the you would think that, if he is showing signs of abuse, to his other. You could see something going down of hey it's time to gradually and he's gone, I'm not goin. She has all. Yes, you are, and that is just enough to spark that, but then that carries over to his grandparents house and then he comes back and take life, but but why would stacy say that somebody else was the shooter? it's what we have. We even have stacy's conflicting statements along the way. I agree, and I and I think that's you again- reason why this investigation needed certain tests done too
prove certain things, because I think it hurts trauma state that she is not too. Be a reliable witness not at all, and so it's like again now you now. You brought up a point which I his good did. She know what The claims were when she started making her eye witness account, because They also argue. Is there a possum that she would want to defend him in any way right, did she doesn't want her brother to be known for this right, because I'm we just covered the grant. A motto the motto case where his brother was constantly defending him: yoke: com, defending them up into the point where his brother killed him. That's why I think it was important to point out that she went when we don't know for certain when, given that state when she's telling somebody the shooter did was not my brother. That's not good
where'd she's, just describing the man that she says she saw with the gun. I think it's important to point out that she may not have known that the sheriff had artery announced that her brother was a killer, so if she I didn't know that then she's not defending him per se. I agree, but now, like we've stated multiple times, but then as our this is very similar to the amityville or case which started with the defeat of the fail yet to murders. Now, in that case, the brother which is in jail for the murders of his whole family has made all along that, it wasn't just him and his sister, that is cyst involve so so we have to then, as bessie enters look at this of again. I dont want to believe anything that she say and because of this trial
state at all. They headed by mrs Wallis on presumed because I think again what tests were done do we did? We have any test done to see if she fired any shots that day, Because, let's say there was I think going on in the family that we do not know about, and we have a tempered brother till. We have a tempered sister. Do we have the this family tree seems a little can using to me, whose brothers, and whose half brothers and and is theirs, obviously multiple, guys, odor, gentlemen, that were at the house, what's goin on their family life. What's going on in their mother's life is She simply stating I think it was older gentleman to throw off. the idea that this would be.
Situation, where it'd be too sibling. involved in the murder of their their friends and family I'm just saying that you have to, I think, as investigator, at least put On the table, yeah the other three guys that were present. Two of them were high school students and one is reported to be sherry case first boyfriend, the mother. Right again, that's those are simple test that you need to run because Well, they may have been run its it disappointing. There is right when you if community that calling into question your findings, why haven't you made those announcements and cant find his del. Heart junior hat wealth, the port, the problem here is: we have a sheriff's office who clearly close the case very quickly to quickly one hundred percent too quickly right.
Their statements are that this was also investigated by the prosecutor's office and I I'll be see. I break a bureau of criminal investigation, so may, if bc, I is there on the scene, I'm sure that they ran those test right. It's just disappointing to find out that that we can't we can't come to the conclusion that they got it right because they're not there presenting us with the evidence of such and there's an enough If the question to do so, and maybe people were out there gone, you know what they don't have to do, that this is not a trial. I get that, but when the community is confused and not can and that you got it right, give us a little something to go now. Not to now the sister on the bus like I did, but if her stay is correct in it was a older gentleman with a heavier build. Then it wasn't her brother and then we have somebody that is capable.
Of murdering a whole family in two locations walking around willy nilly yeah well in the his people will call this into question too, because look the sheriff's office didn't do a thorough in my mind. They didn't do a thorough investigation. What we I have here, though, is we have a doctor failure he's the coroner. You know he has to investigate anything where there's a there's, a violent death, be it a homicide or suicide or both- and you know, maybe, if they're right in this case, both right He was met with a musically with a roadblock from the sheriff's department when he he's trying to get his questions answered. They don't want to give him any information they're mad at him, because he was the one that went to o issue and got the statement from stacy the chairs
parliament. The Logan county shares department didn't even bother to go to o issue and talk to the sole survivor to get a statement from from her. Then it goes back to her age old question that we have asked a million times about these investigators, stupid or lazy the scene like. We got a bunch of lazy investigators on this case, So one thing that I think was pretty thorough as in as much of a roadblock as he was met with this doctor failure he did go as far too show: stacy a picture of a grey haired e m t member who was working on stacy at the scene right, so he he took it. further and said. Well, maybe this is the parson she's remembering right and die doesn't seem according to stacy. That's not who she said that she saw that day. Yet again, I think
stacy's opinion matters the ban. Now I know she was saying that her brother was abusive towards their mother It seems as if You can be abusive and not kill whole family law. Almost seems that what she indian by by her witness account okay, I saw this other other individual, but I also think my brother wasn't. He for this and load. But everybody has grown up in a family. where there's some troubled times for some troubled people, where We, the relationship between the older sibling isn't going as well and they have some temporary issues. For a small period of time, but that doesn't always equal a murderer or even a criminal, and it doesn't even seem like this kid had,
to a past other than his mother. Calling you you want to talk about behavioral issues if he had them that, as you point out there the only thing that we have going back six years for his school record here One disciplinary action against him and that was for being tardy in this. Six years we don't see any fighting any shouting or yelling at anybody. You know nothing that would go along with some of the behaviors that that we believe might have been going on. According to what stacy's other says, and what this domestic, islands, counselor rise dates. I get again we have multiple statements by the family. The crimes were committed against the family, so maybe it's again situational thing where at school. He was fine, but for some reason the dynamics of
household weren't, healthy and, and that caused him to not be able to control his temper and to be a jack wagon and be abusive towards mother, one thing that I find interesting to is the very same agency that we are criticising for them lack of an investigation or or lack of a thorough investigation. There Also the other suspect in this case there are people out there that believe that either the sheriff's office covered this up or look, the other way or maybe even was somehow involved. this shooting. Why is that? Okay, for, for a couple reasons, one detective there's a detective stout that was.
After that the massacre he's kind of in charge of keeping in touch with stacy and mind you stacy's, fifteen years old, at point. This is within months of her mom brother friends and parents being killed. They Their relationship starts to cross some lines. Answer boundaries. Yeah yeah he's like in his he's in his late thirties, ellen thirty's, fifteen is as lot worse than eighteen to fourteen I do want to point out. This is a bit of a for. The most part This is a bit of a he said. She said kind of because he says he didn't do anything wrong, she said that they did have some kind of physical relationship. The only thing that takes it past he said she said: was there knocked october, the same year of others, baby now
is the same year of the shooting. I believe it was in october He is living with her stepmother and her father right right. Her stepmother picks up the landline stacy's on the phone with somebody sheep accidentally, picks up the landline and she hears stacy talking to detective stout. they're making arrangements to meet up that weekend right that coming weekend. So immediately step mom gets off the phone contacts. Her husband and she saying we to get somebody else involved. An outside agency in this whole thing, because everything that this, the sheriff, office was rumored to be involved in which was drugs sex with underage girls. She goes. Oh, my god, it's true, I heard stout on the phone with with our daughter.
By trying to make some kind of arrangements, and apparently I think she was turning sixteen or had just turned sixteen a couple weeks before that. So of course, this thirty some year old, deuce fuck, isn't gonna emit to this of course? And in so, where does not going to believe her she's been through all this trauma. Why I'm not saying I dont believe or I but out, I did want to point out that we were there is weak be fair. You know it is a. It is for the most part other than that one witness ear witness statement. It is he said she said situation now he is charged, he gets charge several counts of. But it wasn't statutory rape? These were these, were or charges that he was brought up on course, khazars home departments in charge him with me charges, not if there are also doing the same thing. Well, what ends up
happening. I wanted to keep this part short, because there's still a lot of stuff to get to he ends up getting convicted of some very minor charges which and he resigns from the sheriff's office, and it doesn't sound like this was a a resigning that he he he was all I think anything I think the sheriff forced this man will resign because the sheriff's official statements was I could prove on several occasions this guy. Was going out and doing things that he had no approval to do. He was and out working his job like he's supposed to. He was out frightened the with this girl right now the reason why I say he said she said. I believe what she says and she says it was all consensual and I believe, most She says the only thing I take a little bit of issue with it and I get it because she's a victim and she
Probably embarrassed the reason why he only got convicted a very minor charges is because she refused to testify against him at at this trial rain. But what the local rumor was at the time was it some of the sheriff's deputies were up to no good that either they were involved in. They were I dunno legal activity is what the rumors were at the time that it could have been. Drugs could have been with these underage girls right, and so where this whole conspiracy comes into play, is the waiting to Robert saint clair that the night before the moody massacre, there was a call that came into the sheriff's office, and this was easy and scots grandfather called the sheriff's office to complain that some the sheriff's deputies were. having sex with his
daughter and her friends, and he's a he says he says you know, could have a share of Henry call me first thing in the morning now mind you it's a holiday week and share of henry is off. We already talked about that call me or have other officers come over and kill my whole family. So what what is thought, it might have happened. Is that the sheriff's department- and I shouldn't say Department- makes it sound, like everybody was involved right away, but a couple of these bad seeds couple of years back apples. Maybe they, Got somebody to go out and kill this family to put in thought that stacy was done. Unable to say any different And that when they arrive on the scene up or either before the shooter leaves the house. Let's put the gun in this, kids hands and now an open and closed case yummy. there's so many things that don't make a lot of sense. I mean
you're a quarter mile away and there's multiple gunshots to kill the grandparents and nobody wakes up at the household they are all still does get shot in there. Sleep yeah! So things don't make a lot of sense. It seems like there's more than one individual involved in this crime will keep find the grandparents they were up in that they were they were moving around. They were, they weren't leaping and somebody's surprise them and killed them in their sleep rather megan breakfast here, yeah ve, found on their kitchen floor so did two people come in and do that job now that from here too, is the alike people say well. Scott moody didn't even have any guns minds. the gun that was found was a twenty two caliber semi automatic automatic excuse me marlin rifle.
These people say Scott, didn't, have any guns, so remember the sheriff's official statement. His first statement was that, oh, he you know shot he he he got up loaded- is gone. Walk to his grandparents house, shot them in the kitchen walked all the way back and then killed. Everybody go on room to room and then killed himself right well, that stuff it has to change if, in fact, it's true that scott moody had no gods there later, statement will say that scott moody went who his grandparents house, with the purpose of getting a gun, because his grandfather it own several guns right, so he took the gun from his grandpa, killed them and then came back to the family. If Scott it is believed that he went down to their basement. Got the gun came upstairs surprise them killed. Both of them then went home, killed. Everybody then kill himself. again, but we don't have any type of motive other than possibly
he went into a rage and took some kind of temper tantrum. And that's only- again, we don't have a long history of that well, then here's another problem with the gun there's a lot of problems with the gun. You already pointed it out. No gs are that we ve been told of no ballistics. we've been told of okay didn't have any guns. Well, that's fine. The gun belonged to his grandfather. Well, there's an issue with that, Gary Schaefer the grandfather his brother comes out look? I knew all of my brothers guns he never here I never saw a twenty two caliber before at my brother's home right and he said he never would have bought a used firearm- the fao firearm, the rifle that was found either the scott moody or on his person, was like
just registered to a Kevin miller, was reggie as the owner of the firearm, and he said he recalls that he sold it to a ray gillen water. G. I l l E n w a e r Who is now now deceased? I don't, I don't think these two. people have any connection to the sheriff as or to the moody family. So it seems this gun seems strange. So what the chain of ownership of of this gun. Did it belong to the grandfather or somehow did it. Its way to scott moody in, in did Scott moody actually owned it? Just? Let's people coming forward didn't know about it and again this damn coin flip it up in the air and see what side it lands on, because you have several people to say: Scott didn't like guns, but You have other people say yeah. He He went deer hunting, the time or two heap he
I had a gun to shoot are you know past that would come onto the farm, Brian So really it's it's tricky in its difficult in. I think, but also to back up that the statement that the grandfather cod and wondered to talk to the sheriff about his daughters, sexual relationships with officers she would be able to back up story right, make us yard. You would think so in less sherry, tied about one inappropriate relationship with the for again. We don't have that statement from Stacy. We have the statements bout, the inappropriate actions by detective stout, but we don't have any statements that are backing up if, in fact, we should point out if, in fact, her grandfather did call the sheriff's office the night before complaining with complaint, or is this just something that cause there's
five times in cases where we can't find answers and we in and then they true crime world starts creating their own answers see this in a lot of cases where there's some police conspiracy, The only look at the Maura murray case. I mean people have brought that up for years that there's possibly a police, can spirit, see so Yeah, where you don't have a lot, maybe there were these test run, but they haven't been, though, statements haven't been issued to the community, and now we bunch of questions are we fill in the gaps with information that I have in mind. Do. We even know for a fact that that the grandfather called in- and that would give some kind of motive for kids yours according to robert saint clair, that that call was
The officer that answered that call took down a note. two because he's got a pass along this information to have sheriff henry actually call this person back right. So he said that there was some kind of paper trail, the dac than a call came in from the grandfather, but doesn't it may not state eggs Actually, what it is- and you point something very smart here and I don't think it's the True crime community in this case, it as it often is in most cases right. I think in this case. the true crime community to people outside of bell fountain outside of Logan county ohio. It's really on the surface. Just looks like some kid that lost it, that that something The brewing. Bubbled over and he impulsively killed his family and then himself. That's one on the surface. What it looks like right, you have the community that the low
schools that are unsatisfied with the answers that they're getting they're the ones that start to fill in the gaps they're the ones to fill in the blanks and now we have this whole conspiracy theory, and it go be on that because the sheriff's office to be to be frank, They were not they handsome boys on this department. They one hundred per Did we know that stout loses his job There was another officer that was caught on one. baby cams. You know you have to became that you set up in your living room. We're somewhere in your home he was going over to these people's home in having sex with the baby sitter while they were gone, but but here they watched the baby cam footage one eye there, like imaginary, imagine that you turn on the baby, cam footage to make sure that the babysitter is not screw
her boyfriend on the couch or or ignoring the baby and just watching tv, the whole time or talking to her friend on the phone. The whole time you put on the they became footage and you see- officer of the law in his uniform on your tv screen. Yes, he put on pause and go get some popcorn put some butter on it. Maybe some parmesan cheese him You know they see, they see that an offer of the law there and they're going well. What's why? Why would he be there and then right? Then the clothes start coming off and they're like well. We know why he's there now and check our laura he's another one that that is off of the floor. And how old was this babysitter I'm a little unclear of that it. The way it presented to me. she were under. Sixteen there were beat there would be severe charges against the sky. Maybe since there were not charge as well. When you mean, maybe they got video footage of the guy.
In the pornographic video footage of of this stuff going down. You can't really wasn't me, you can't really have a sheriff's office just go our way to Heaven now We don't think that advocate actually happen. As me, the service car wasn't me, I was having sex baby sit on the bay became. Wasn't me I I want to point out something to regarding our recommended reading. Captain we said saving stacy the untold we of the moody massacre by rob saint clair. One thing that I I one it's it's a very easy read because it's it's incredibly interest. it's all it's a fast read because it's so page turner, but one thing that I really liked about his book is heeds not creating a narrative he's. And say this is what happened, and this is the conspiracy theory, and this is how it happened. He doesn't point that out at all, he doesn't try to they pull dragged around their odds and it says we don't know he he yeah. He doesn't try to drag you down that road. He just says: look here's all.
The inconsistency is, in this case down he's he's kind of saying the same thing that I think you and I are both saying here- We don't have enough information to determine if Scott moody was in fact the shooter a lot of things point to him being the shooter, but there's plenty of questions that you have to call into question. Yet tons of holes in the story and and tons of things that it simple as this department, that's under heavy questioning. Your job, is to serve and protect not to be having sex with under age. Girls that sick grow up and then, on top of that, so again serve and protect right, but it's also for you to keep calmness like I said, com people's nerves, if we think there's another shooter out there. So if you have answers to these questions, it's your obligation, and to present these to the community, to let them know that this is what we.
These are the tests that we ran. These are what the tests showed us and because- need to have some kind of confidence in your law enforcement, and it's pathetic that these that these officers would even call themselves officers, because this is not the action of every police officer out there. Now and most police officers are out there trying to protect and serve and and not try to get into the pants of. Under age, girls. Yes, it's not even the actions of everyone on that department at that time was act and what we ve pointed that out plenty a times. But if I'm officer on that in that department, I'm I'm gone One to the head of every department saying Is this information because these guys have? our name and our badge through the mud and and
we need to. We need to stop this and, and the community has rights to have these answers, but isn't it that that makes you question if they even have that they might not know that It makes me question if they even have that at all that leans more towards to me would lean more towards a conspiracy than anything I think it's been. You know it's been. ten years almost fifteen years. I think we we could. I thought going into this, that I was going to be able to answer all my questions that I had on it because so much time has passed, but obviously that's not haste, and I also want to give to shout out here captain I spoke with in southern italy and Jim. The browser, I think, is how you say his last name. both of them were. They did a lot of the newspaper coverage on this case at the time both were kind enough to pick up the phone and answer some,
I questions, even with the case being the fifteen years old, the sociality of guys? They didn't answer any of my questions. Well, I didn't call them. Don't think that you call I think this is a great case. Do even more of a deep dive into an and I'd like to hear people's thoughts, and questions that they have, that may be law enforcement will be checking the blog. So have you have any thoughts or opinions on this? Please go to true crime, garage, dot, common and leave it on the blog well and, as we said there, so many things to debate in this case, just with scott himself in the finding of his body in the state of his body, when they find it at the scene. I mean we have two shots for. One suicide pray. You can argue all day and night also the gun the trigger. Is found in his weak hand. Right handed, is found in his left hand. Now I will also say by that same or
or that, if some determine enough to kill themselves, they don't care if it's their weak or strong hand, that's being used, but the blood on scots bed is weird. so they find blood. Remember he was found at the bottom of the bed. With his legs hanging off of her bed, no sure no shirt on they find and all the way up at the top of the bed. In the way This has been described as not so much as blood spatter which it very well could have been right, but it's described as almost as Somebody moved the body that somebody drug bleeding scott from the top of the bed, all the way down to the and then left him in that state before fleeing the scene. The other thing that people call into question too, is with so much blood and if somebody went from room to room shooting each one these people, you can click
really see scots socks and some of the crime scene. Photos on his feet still on his feet and their prestige the Thank you to everybody for joining us in the garage. Please join us back here next week until then be good, don't let the.
How about we eat things up tonight. I also get a little fresh and some steam sizzle and fun about going out, again out your fire things up at outback, steakhouse for a limited time, try off bloom and fried shrimp will get fresh with our new strawberry salad go big bone in ribeye or that filet grilled shrimp on the barbie they cool off with a cucumber crush for a while on trial before they're gone. Let's back.
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