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The Murdaugh Murders /// Part 3 /// 549

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The Murdaugh Murders /// Part 3 ///  549


Part 3 of 4




This week we dive back into the very strange Murdaugh saga. Since 2015 there have been several mysterious deaths and murders all with ties to one family, the Murdaugh family of Hampton, South Carolina. Join us as we take a look at the unsolved murder of Stephen Smith and a weird death lawsuit from the sons of the Murdaugh’s long time housekeeper Gloria Satterfield. This week we wrap up our four part series about a family that is surrounded in mystery.


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here the guy. Now I wager Mary. He had gone wrong, reroute from our lire roger you, both in aiming to how we that euro We are aware not crap. A girl here How long were you hate it? Ok,
They were good. Ah, ah, ok you're narrow did before you get into crocodile forgotten reared regard, ok, we'll figure, but the girl there would never I'll ever going to war. Bamberger gonna take the lead on the narrow here. An awful thing you go to bed ruined, but, like you, not all fanny rural areas their noble anything in it. on the side of the room in a row here now. Alright? What's your name call that number or my lear paper? Okay, alright, mister, can the get a phone number. Ah,
among them all up. Is your home working call back by the word? Ok, but it is a good ricky beggar here, ok I will get an offer headed out that way to see what's going on. Ok, maybe roaring I am aware that my boy gaining a thought, all right, look anoplotheria! Didn't we
right are the bear. It is it's a nine one, one call we have a drive around on a country road and he finds a lifeless body lying in the middle of the road. The body is ideal. Try to be a one. Stephen smith, Stephen smith was just nineteen years old, when his body was found in the middle of a country road in hampton county south carolina who, Stephen smith, and what does his death, which was over six years ago?
on July, eight, two thousand and fifteen. What does this death have to do with anything with the murdoch murders case of recovering well that's because on june, twenty third, just three weeks after the murdoch's double homicide, killings, sled released, following statement. This says: sled has open an investigation into the death of Stephen smith by seized upon information gathered during the course of their double me. investigation of paul and maggie Murdoch, that really makes me curious on what evidence found well and not to really kind of put a marker on the severity of either situation there, both horrific tragedies but seeing this movie before right captain where we have a high profile case, a double harmless. There was one out delphi, Indiana, where'd later
they tell us hey during the course of our double homicide investigation. We ve been add on to other investigations of criminals. Activity that may or may not have anything to do with this double homicide so we ve seen this before, and it's always interesting when their uncovering these little tidbits and bread crumbs too, led them to potential other, perpetrators, or maybe it is in some weird way connected. We've seen this tangled web of them, och so far and only continues to grow and get bigger and more stranger as we go now. In regard to the Stevens smith case, there's some thought that door in the course of the pollen maggie murdoch, murder investigation that may have uncovered some information in regard to the Stevens smith case from Paul Murdoch's phone now
cannot confirm that that's accurate. I can confirm that that's true that the rumour that was swirling around about the same time, the sled announces? Hey we're going could be doing a full investigation into this stephen smith case. Watch interesting is you weren't actively investigating the Stephen Psmith case at the time. As far as I could find and we'll get to that end, and the reasons why? But in regard to the Stephen smith case, this to me is one of the biggest mysteries in the whole murdoch saga. What this young man doing out in them the country road in the middle of the night, all by himself when the dry? finds him he's already expired by this point. He's he's already dead and thank god that guy stopped and called into nine one one, because This is the middle of the night. It's pitch black out there. Anybody could adjust could have run the boy
over right, which could tamper with evidence at at at the scene, and you know I don't know how many clues we have at the scene, but, as you said, it could have taken. bad crime scene and made it even more. Or from an investigation Then she airy standpoint, or let me this point this out again that the smith case were looking at it gone of this is maybe an accident, maybe a hit and run, but let's go back. that phone Paul's phone you have to remember and the boating accident the cops that Paul's phone was there. They should a collected, Paul's phone as evidence and they never clearly, this is rumour and speculation, but obviously something during the course of that, Maggie Murdoch investigation led them back to nineteen year old, Stephen smith, who was killed over six years prior in regard to this situation here, captain what we
here is. The police are called to the scene and they arrive on the scene of this. What's got to look like a hit and run on the surface. they arrive at four, a m where they found stephen lying in the road. Now he set a seven and a half inch laceration on his head. His skull was crushed. There was a gaping hole in his forehead and his shoulder was dislocated Stevens death certificate says he die due to severe blunt force trauma to the head, the damage stevens face and head was so horrific, so bad at first it was thought to have been a gunshot wound right then instigators decided that it was a hit and run, but by all accounts there was zero. That's a big! fat, zero evidence at the scene of a hit and run there's no skid mark snow car parts, no paint ships. I mean there's
no evidence of a vehicle having been involved in whatever. happen to stephen smet again do you know of this family is once there was a tragedy and there was a there's, a dead girl that they knew and instantly. Instead, caring about that loss and caring about that families suffering they instantly go in to cover up mode and protect ourselves protect our family mode yeah and in here in this situation with Stephen smith. It looks to me like they may not know the investigators. Not know exactly. What they are dealing with here right some more things from the scene when Stevens He still has a shoes on his phoning. These were still in his pocket and from what I've been told. Those are that's not typical. Of and run the other thing to is keeping, and the location and the time of day, it's dark out there, this
If country road, this is pretty open out there. He would have been a to see a vehicle coming from a good distance away and when in instigating the this whole saga. Really the first time that you hear about this evidence to me, it seems more like a drop point than it does an area that Somebody would be hit by a car while and also seems your captain that the local authorities, you know we have the the Carolina highway patrol therein the gaining their responding to the scene, but it sounds like with some squabbles over was this a m traditional homicide or was it an accident rate? The thing It is important that if it was if stephen was a victim or determined to be, is what we think we should say determined to be a victim of a homicide. Then the
south carolina highway patrol would not be the investigating agency. Okay, so what hand that over two sled, so that's It's so interesting that just three ex after the double homicide of pollen, maggie that we have. coming out in saying we or opening up an investigation into the death of Stephen Psmith. It seems like some thing along the way, has changed from hit and run too homicide, or at least That's the thought of law enforcement at the local level. Now the autopsy at the time did not help to clear, I think I remember their store arguing it is this a homicide or some kind of hidden run accident, the pathologists? This is doctor, Aaron press now rolled it to be a hit and run, but was not well to really clarify why she came to the conclusion of other than to say that well was found on the road
so no real evidence pointing to it other than where this poor Young man was found regardless captain the carolina highway patrol will continue to investigate this case as it were. back in two thousand and fifteen colonel. Can you give us some background on Stephen Psmith? Yes, it will be my pleasure there. Captain We said Stephen smith was nineteen years old at the time of his death, just a young man with a whole big, bright future ahead of him, he was a nursing student and stephen was working toward his life goal of becoming a doktor now and Strangely enough, we can tie to this case in more ways than one and why? way. Being that he's a former classmate of buster Murdoch. You know we spend so much time in episodes. One in to talking about the youngest son, appall murdoch. but we didn't spend a whole lot of time about talking about buster Murdoch, the the order of the two sons,
yeah the murdoch family had the name. and they're going re use it for a dog, but they never got a dog someone. They had a son, they decided to use the name. Buster now. Stevens body was found about ten miles from the murdoch's home, which sounds really interesting on the surface, but it was also in his bodies, also found less than ten miles from his own home. So I dont think that that really indicates anything now per media reports quote his death has never been fully explain, the police files have suggested that Mr Smith ran out of gas on the side of the road about three miles from where his body was found. The gas was reportedly dangling an open. An older man who I am to be in a relationship with even told investigators that he had been
on the phone with stephen and stephen told him that he was going to run out of gas and that some guys in a pickup truck were harassing him and has been mentioned before captain that he said In his own words says that he has been picked on from time to time from the guys in town words of small town and a lot of times, you have small mines, and I would assume him growing up that he barely had some harassment coming from the guys about his sexuality in january of two thousand and sixteen the highway patrol sergeant. His name is todd. Proctor obtained a search warrant for Stephen Psmith phone and phone records. The search warrant affidavit states that the death was under mysterious circumstances. Saying quote: the investigation has led to this individual not not being struck by a vehicle and pass.
whoa foul play and quote we don't know what. If anything was found in those phone records here we have the highway patrol doing their due diligence to check the victims phone records. The highway patrol continued to investigate this case, even though again they do not investigate homicides and even though this case was believe to be a murder by several troopers looking into, but they didn't talk to many of the peace who were the subject of tips, and this b, where they kind of drop the ball little bit here, captain from the tipps it they're getting one of them, people would have been buster Murdoch that their hearing tips bout buster, murdoch and some of his friends, but there actually speaking with buster and these friends, some attempts were made to speak with these individuals
However, when phone calls went unanswered or emails went on replied to it seemed to be that that was enough to stop them from enquiring about buster and his cronies. A lot of this captain, coming from multiple sources and, what's being said, is that in the course of conducting interviews in the hit and run mysterious death of Stephen smith, in that case, investigators heard them Rock name come up more than forty times is. I was able to find more than half of the people interviewed I heard the same rumour that buster Murdoch was secretly gay and involved with Stephen smith, or had been involved with Stephen Psmith at some point again. Remember they work classmates. I believe the name of their high school that they, both the tender, was weighed highschool abc Fifteen news reported that case files indicated ten of eighteen people interview,
I highway patrol had mention, murdoch, possibly being involved in the death of stephen, with some indicating stephen buster may have been. In a relationship, however, law enforcement was never able to formerly tie buster Murdoch to that snore track down the original source of some of these rumours. Additionally, attempts to reach buster for questioning went unanswered. Records showed what happened. Was the highway patrol sergeant, proctor called bastard, damn about Stephen smith, but buster conveniently never answered his phone so proud or emailed him and never got a response, and it appears that that once that went down Captain sergeant proctor ran out of ideas in just kind of gave up on talking with buster Murdoch
yeah, and you have to remember this family has a lot of power in this community, and so at least there trying to investigate this, at least so trying who asked question it's a sticky situation. I wish it would have been pursued much more hard core than that have a situation where your hearing simply hearing rumours as the investigator. That's all that this stuff is, you cannot formerly tie buster to the victor here, you also can't get any hard core evidence to tie the two of them together but your hearing the same rumour over and over again, so it is something that does need to be tracked down and something that needs to be to be sore. in in figure out why you are hearing this person's name, his friends names. And why he's
hide to this story. Time and time again, when you're talking with people, they know the victim or that went to school with the victim. While your hearing from his partner about the harassment, your hearing from others about his arrest, and being bullied. That answer me takes. This investigation should not from just a murder, but I hate crime, more stiffer penalties for for that situation. So, like always, the the murdoch seem to be not answering questions and trying to protect themselves looks like that in some point, two thousand and sixteen the investigation into the mysterious death of Stephen smith, while that case and I dont know if we would call it a cold case, but it's simply stalled out and this would be until Paul Murdoch was shot dead when we have sled announcing that it was taking a new look at the case again, this is
six years later, while lastly, since they found something from this double homicide that led them to re, open this he's the whole world is wondering. How is this connected to the murdoch's everybody's going to want to know answers to that question and many more, but, of course let his going to address what the info? asian was the that they gathered in the murdoch investigation. What may have led them to Stephen smith- why there reopening this investigation and how its linked to the murder case- it's it's all very, it's all very confusing, but there's a lot stuff. It's obviously going on behind the scenes here that we are just not privy to this Stephen smith case when Flood announced that they were going to be examining the case, This is when we have seen and mother sandy smith. She told fits news, quote
been waiting on this day for two thousand and one hundred and seventy four days while she that on the night that Stephen died, apparently stephen ran out of gas, but his mother has said publicly and repeatedly the sheet does not Will not believe that stephen was accidentally hit by a vehicle. She told them in county guardian this. She believed her sons. Death was the result of foul play and a possible hate crime, because her son was openly gay and then we also have some other information coming from the family than it apparently at some point, even smith, told his twin sister but he had a fling with a boy and that the boy he involved with was privileged. Now we don't have, the sister naming any names, just the fact that her brother told her tat, he was involved
had a fling with a boy, and it was a privileged boy or a boy from a privileged family law. Enforcement is not open up their case files for us to take a peak right, so when you hear these rumours time and time again, you're gonna go talk to the community run talk to people that went to school with them. I guess to you that they have eye witnesses, or at least your witnesses. That also heard these words just taking a look at what little information has been put out there about the Stephen Psmith case and the Stephen Psmith crime scene he's found about three miles from, Are they find his abandoned vehicle? One point that I cannot shake is a fact. his mother has brought up time and time again that hurt I would not have been out there walking. The story trying to get somewhere trying to find gas and then accident
hit by this vehicle. I believe the general thought is that he was walking any was walking in the road and maybe a semi truck the see him and apparently he didn't see the semi truck or was too close to it that one of the mirrors smack as it drove by hit him right in the head and that's why we we have other injuries to other parts of his body and just the head, although it makes some sense, that's the thought, however, every he knows to get the hell out of the way of the semi truck and again we pointed out he would have seen this truck and a good distance away and we have to factor in that. Whoever hit him never bothers to report it or didn't know that they hit him, but thing that she says that I cannot shake and I have to keep circling back to. Is it stephen had a cell phone with them. That night she says I my son. He wouldn't have been out there walking. He would have called someone. Somebody would have went and pick
opera somebody would have taken gas to him or her. Called and got a ride from somebody I mean we know he had some communication with his partner or voice according to that man. Yes right according to that man, the thing is it true apples me, and I m really boggles my mind too, to describe. his mother and say you know what not only what he not call for help, but he would work Three miles before an accident would occur. I mean it How long were you gonna walk without calling anybody? It just doesn't ring true, it doesn't ring true. So what could have happened here is so but he could have been harassing him. He could have run of gas, just like the they may says that hey, I was on the phone with them, since some guys trucker harassing him and he's going to run out of gas. Well that all could have went down that way and-
His car may have ended up on the side of the road. I don't argue that I don't think that he walked to where his body was later found. and until somebody can prove to me that that is the case. I just have a hard time, believing that smith family, had an open casket funeral for stephen and this was so. Everyone could see what was done to him. His mother sandy said his head had to be reconstructed with putty for the view and there was something else the day this even passed away. Randy Murdoch was the second person to call the family after the court. This is according to stevens twin sister Stephanie, She has said on the record repeatedly that on the day her brother was killed. They receive. Phone call from the corner
Let them know that a loved one has expired. This can call that her father god received after being notified to the death of his son, from Randy murdoch, Alec, murdoch's brother. He saying randy Murdoch is telling the father that he wanted to take on the case and he would take on the case free of charge. The family told police at that. thought that this offer was weird Why would the murdoch's offer to help free of charge? Seemingly out of the blue. While this is the same thing that they try to do with the boating accident, let's get somebody on the inside, so we can control. The narrative
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All right. We are back and quick remind If you need more true crime, grads free your boss, check out our bonus, show cod off the record and want to see us live at brewdog in February. Well, go to our website click on the and page there are still a handful of tickets left to that event. Well, cap all of this lead up is leading us to yet another mysterious death tied to the murder. family? This is the death of fifty seven year old, Gloria satterfield, the housekeeper. and nanny for the murdoch's who had been employed by for twenty years, She died after a strange slip and fall or trip and fall accident at the murdoch's home on February. Second, two thousand and eighteen
supposedly she tripped over the family dogs fell down the stairs hit her head and suffered severe head trauma, while hospitalized from the fall gloria had a stroke, went into cardiac arrest and than died on February. Twenty six, two thousand and eight teen. Let's take a quick minute through list into this news, clip where they're gonna play a portion of that nine one one and anything everything
breaking news here at five sled released a nine one. One call is part of the investigation into the death of former prominent south carolina attorney, Alex Murdoch's housekeeper gloria satterfield died in two thousand and eighteen after falling at the murdoch's family home. According to a report from the Carlton county sheriff's office, the nine one one call was initially made from a person identified as maggie. Take a listen. What's going on up there, my housekeeper her foreigner cannot let her up. Okay, you said she saw on bleeding from the head. Yet again she on the ground or she is not on the ground, was on the ground. She'd gone to a concert, but no not really as she awake at all. Here's another clip where you hear maggie and it's believed to be poor. Responding to the nine one one operator he did not like responding appropriately, but here's a link.
Yeah man she's, not she's, not fun, okay, I just I. I already got them on the way you asking questions, does not slow them down rams, knowing if she's conscious is one of the things that the medic needs to know. If she's responding at all to you know, do you know if she's ever had a stroke or anything before learn to what I already have them on the way to me asking questions does not solve them down in any way. These are relevant questions that I have to ask for the ambulance. Loitering close to seize this moment was okay for the losers movie or the others, or that movie over the course of show Ok, now, obviously, we don't have the whole clip to analyze, but it's pretty telling them both times when a member of the murdered family irritated with the nine on one operator that once they pushed back, what's the operator pushes back and says, look me asking these questions. Does
effect. What time the ambulance is gonna get there, and these. This is information we need to know it goes from, May I remind you, ask that I'm so annoyed to answer the question only by the mother, but also by the sun. Yeah ended the key thing here is when you're looking at these normal one calls and in giving a little and now sis on them, look there right when it, when you first get the push back from a man, can you quit asking us all these questions, basically, is what again, it's reported to be Paul Murdoch Who says that, on the nine, when one call you you go the situation of of thinking well, data what the nine one one operator asking too many questions cause? I don't know how to answer them as whatever situation. They are phoning in there. might be telling lies, are making it up, but
as someone who's, been in a situation where I've had to rely on nine one one and calling for the help of others. I can. I can to side with the murdoch's here with maggie in Paul. In that regard, that, in the situation I was in it was. It was me by myself and the other person was unresponsive and so I was caught in this catch twenty two situation of trying to answer the opera Your questions, but also feeling like I need to be tending to the person, that I'm calling about. I found myself in a situation where I caught myself getting a little fresh. With the operator, because I felt like my time better served for the person, I was calling about so it was different circumstances because there's a whole family there. So it's I like you on hey ma, am stop asking these questions because she's tending to her. They have multiple people making this.
phone calls right. Every situation certainly is, is different and unique, and so I'm just trying to offer a little alone. aside here on why this might be it it they don't come off. Well paul in his mother do not come off well sounding in this. This clip here and another run arrogant, I'm not running to there too Thence but I'm just offering up information as why they may come off as sounding arrogant or frustrated with the operator. I dont know that should say that the whole family was at the home when this accident took place. That's my understanding of the situation and so it very well may have just been maggie and Paul there along with Gloria satterfield, regardless of the the day, sir, the glorious succumb to her injuries, as said, while in the hospital twenty four days, later she has a stroke and goes in a cardiac arrest and then passes away the aft
math, is where things get really complicated for the murdoch's. An for this true crime story that we're trying to tell here today and that cousin December two thousand and eighteen, a lawsuit was filed on behalf of the satterfield adult sons. This law, sue is filed against Alec Murdoch. This was because, as the story according to the satterfield boys, that at glorious, funeral alec, tells the boys it look. This is this: is my wife, not necessarily his fault, but something that he somewhat responsible for because this happened at his home and that he take care of them by getting them money. They deserve some money for the death of their mother and that he, get the money from his personal liability insurance providers, so most of us out there have insurance
it will cover us if some horrific accident like this were to take place, or or whatever the situation is takes place at your home right that somebody can be compensated and it doesn't have to be going after the the homeowner personally, while our people to die from falls and specially stare falls, and then you and also the initial story, seems plausible anyways right the gets caught up with the dogs she trips boss, so Alec murdoch has a policy in place to protect him in the event of any thing happening at his home, so he says, hey I'm in a hook, you up with an attorney and what your gun have to do. Is you're going to have to sue me and then my insurance company will take care of paying everybody. So What he does is, he quote: unquote hooks them up with corey Fleming.
Remember, corey Fleming he's the lawyer that Alec got to represent conor cook in the boating accident case by an corey fleming arranged for chad asked endorse a banker at palmetto state bank to serve as personal representative of glory as a state so Chad's job. We'll be to represent her sons, and her sons interest as far as law suits negotiations and settlements are concerned. Now per this plan, have west endorphin fleming, they then file wrongful death suit. On behalf of glories estate against Alec Murdoch, the lawsuit raised, a wrongful claimed, but did not allege any criminality on the murdoch's part and in core alec admitted that the accidental, death had occurred in his home, so his in parents company needed to pay up. This is
all fairly common staff. But when you through in a tragic boat accident, a double hull side, and then this weird foul play lash hit and run case surrounding the same people. While this becomes a very sick, situation in really just another mystery along the way but here we have another situation: captain where alec is getting involved and look the the Our situation is one whole different mess entirely, but this would be other unconventional for a person to comfort, in arrange for the other party. To sue themselves right. I'm going to have you captain sue me and going to help you do that by hooking you with an attorney and telling you what You should do
and leading you two suing may get all this comes off as very shade correct now, anybody on the outside looking in would say the same thing and go while this is. This seems very fishy, where the things get a d. see for all parties, involved in where things I think, just kick a little confusing for the satterfield is again the mother Gloria. She worked for the murdoch's for twenty years, this guy, is a successful attorney. He big time lawyer. They trusted him. That's that's where a lot of problems seem to be in this case people trusting people that they feel and out much later, they probably really didn't know that person very well and it made known them the way that they know them now, there would be no trust. This happens. Alai mean even with business
any time that there is a serious business decision. You should have outsiders that are not connected to you, help you so win This guy comes forward and says: hey Loki should sue me and there's a lawyer to do so. You can easily say. Ok, while this lawyer is not Alex's brother, it's not a family member, but he is still connected to Alex. So you go a thanks for the vice, but no thank you because this is now business transaction and I need to get somewhere has not connected to the situation in any way, shape or form. Ten months after the wall suit, Alex insurance company settled for five hundred and Five thousand dollars to compensate Gloria sons
their pain and suffering of this after fees taken the law firm, the satterfield boys, we're supposed to see a payout of four hundred and seventy five thousand dollars, then their attorney corey having submitted a second wrongful death claim and poorest. To this end, a second so meant a second insurance company agreed to pay four point: three million dollars of this amount. The boys were supposed to go. Two point: seven six million dollars after all the fees and payments to their lawyers per in order. I end by a one judge, carmen mole on may thirteenth? Two thousand and nineteen well seems like this all worked out in the end per what alec told the boys that they should get for the loss of their mother. However, glorious sons. Never any money at all
they didn't see any money. Not only did they do, they know get any money. It sounds like they didn't know about the settlements at all this until they read about it in the newspaper during the of the whole murdoch saga in two thousand and twenty one and report, says quote: they were never told of the settlements. They were never told of the court hearings. They were never told of the disbursements so even though they sign up to sue Alec Murdoch there. here attorney, Corey fleming kept them at a good distance. The point where they didn't know about the settlements. They didn't know about court hearings. They didn't know that money was being paid out in those lawsuits. So what tax gone here well, as our listeners can easily put it together. This whole thing has been engineered by Alec Murdoch? His buddy corey fleming, and then now they bring in another bad guy, Chad, west and north korea. Fleming
as we pointed out, was Alex Alec, Murdoch's college roomy and the godfather to his son, Paul, a connection not disclosed to the satterfield sons according to, HU there lol soon and chat, asked endorse, took on the role as a core appointed personal representative, a fiduciary, for the boys, who is supposed to represent their interests, in the admit, strain of the lawsuit. Instead, it appears that the three men entered into a scheme to keep the money. Legal fees one point four million dollars were collected by flemings, firm in which he was named partner. Are you went out? You do, up some good business for us guess what we're gonna make you a partner and what west dwarf god. We don't know, but it was all certainly a good chunk of change, or at least these wrapped up by his bank and Alec Murdoch pocketed the
asked. Yes, your hearing that right, Alec Murdoch teamed up with some of his buddies and shafted the poor, satterfield boys the same time as ripping off these insurance companies and keep and the money for himself and for themselves on this one based ponder this for a second, you have to understand that their mother died serving this family. It is not until after the double harmless years later. What three years later they learn? Oh by the way he did when those lawsuits we were granted a lot of money, but that doesn't brain back their mother, but it it helps out their family quite a bit and they didn't find out that there were awarded that money. They said about three years later, while they instantly know that their cheated right when they read that betray the newspaper that we
finally, one these lawsuits and settled out of court unbeknownst to us so well is all that money, while is going to lead them to sue basically Alec Murdoch again, but also now they're going to sue every that was involved, corey flesh Chad, west endorse and the companies that they work for basically suing any person were entity that made money the wrong way, the first time around, and they file that suit in september of two thousand and twenty one again. This is because Alec Murdoch allegedly diverted more and three point: five million dollars and death settlement money meant for the sadder fields too, and account controlled by him personally, ok, so the way that this works out captain his alec directed corps,
flemming has good old, buddy and power to pay the death settlement monies intended for the satterfield to an account called forge at a p o box in hampton south carolina cod forged forge now. The reason why he did this is there is another company, a legitimate company named forge kids Holding out I'll see that often did business with Alec Murdoch's price it firm, p, m, p, p d in lecturing these pay out settlements. So Alec used this name or created this fight. Company in a similar name to a legitimate company, so this gets brill confusing when somebody tries to go back and forensic, go through the paperwork and I too find out where monies got misappropriated, doesn't make sense so the satterfield have no idea
the settlements further were this second settlement for four point: three million dollars was never placed in any public court. Docket Souci, that's right never place in any public court dock at the fact that the whole thing was done off the record. If you nasty makes it clear that it was intended to be a secret. This second claim never filed in state court, so there is now public record of the settlement. Nothing is on the court record, that's a direct quote from the satterfield boys, new, a journey and look captain to put it plain and simple. This is not kosher, because under south carolina law settlement documents are posed to be a matter of public record filed in state court. What this means is that this was all done off the books under the
people on the de l and was clearly fraudulent. In short, Alec Murdoch, corey fleming and west indies used the satterfield boys as their ponds to line their pockets bought, and even if plan was less this money, not tom about it, I'm gonna take this money, turn it into more money. So then, I get a little bit more about the pie, but they still get their money. It still sam, well good news captain, because in october of last year, corey fleming and his law firm that he worked for agreed to a settlement with the sadder fields Corey Fleming and his firm have agreed to pay back all legal fees and expenses and will pay full power see limits to the satterfield estate now corey fleming he's forever cunning kidney he's. Admitting that he did anything wrong on the
contrary he claims that he too is a victim of Alec Murdoch, but here firm corey Flemings firm that he for, in which he was once named partner there. buying. Neither am I, after this it was announced they cut ta. is cory flemming and the south carolina supreme court promptly suspended corey flemings licence to practise law. This shows you the character of our murdoch. You have some way that served your family for all those years, something that should be as close as a family member to you. Any straight lie to her sons and say: do this and I'll help get you the money that you should be awarded? You get that money awarded to them from these insurance companies and that you probably have,
scamming for years, and you don't even tom about I'm assuming the plan was for him to keep the money Oh yeah leaders shows you how big scumbag. This guy is and then, when you see Paul's actions when he saw see busters actions this this man with zero character, does a low life scumbag. No wonder they had not a shred of good character in their body. What's amazing here to me captain is. It looks to me that there is a strong possibility that the satterfield may have never sued Alec Murdoch to begin with, and that Alex Murdoch pretty much spearheaded this whole also to begin with, He sees their tragic loss. These boys and I can call him
was there their young men, they were very close to their mother, very close to their mother, and yet he sees their tragic loss as an opportunity for him to make a few bucks and its I mean it's absolutely sickening now this other part, there's more to the satterfield lawsuit, and this or to me, as extra concerning captain. the sun's made it clear, the satterfield boy made it clear that they were never informed. What actually happened to their mother s? seems as though people still have questions unanswered questions all these years after glorious death as it exactly how She died in the marduk home per the new york times, quote Angela topper the coroner in hampton county south carolina said the duke that was never reported to her office and no autumn he was conducted now that alec murder
entire life is. A cloud of suspicion that the coroner requested a re opening of the Gloria satterfield death inquiry. The problem with all this is, you can't believe a word that comes from anybody in the murdered family be As for all, we know it wasn't accident, but you have to change the way the event happens in order for it to be a slam dunk case against the insurance policy. If that makes any yeah what really happened. A glorious satterfield remains unclear on September fifteenth spur by the law suit by the satterfield, letting the fraudulent insurance settlement plot and the law or from the corner and all the rumours and suspicions surrounding Alec Murdoch, sled announced that it
opening a criminal investigation into the death of Gloria satterfield and also going to investigate the alleged misuse of the insurance proceeds. So for those been score. We have one accidental death, one family come out of insurance money, one tragic boating accident, one tempted cover up and a double homicide How do we have anything left in this saga surprisingly enough there is
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