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The Oakland County Child Killer /// Part 2 /// 233

2018-08-15 | 🔗

The Oakland County Child Killer /// Part 2 /// 233

Part 2 of 2


Four children were abducted and murdered in Oakland County, Michigan during the winters of 1976 and 1977. All of the victim’s were held captive for several days, one victim for nineteen. All four children appeared to have been well care for during their time in captivity. This week we revisit a case in an attempt to layout the final solution in one of America’s most haunting serial murder cases. And Captain and Nic crack a few beers and have a quick chat with J. Reuben Appelman the author the much anticipated book “The Kill Jar.” Beer of the Week - Scotty Karate Scotch Ale by Dark Horse Brewing CompanyGarage Grade - 4 and a quarter out of 5 bottle caps

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the there are going to be investigators work in these crimes who say to me, while you don't have all the information cause, you're you're, not privy to all of our documents and that's true. I I received several thousand pages of foyer documents, but there are probably a hundred thousand pages of documents. You know who knows what they ve got, and they will say that to me I say to them two things: one its impact simple to refute, the information that is in the book, because all that information was obtained from the documents I didn't make. It there's no conjecture or in some instances where I speculate. I say that I am speculated right. information that is based on that I alleges based on fact, that's in the book That information came from the documents. So wine,
no officer who prey firstly or currently works. This case can say that thing in my book is falsified. Its a true it's all, based on the documents, only other thing they can say is, but you don't have all the information, and so I say to you: yeah, that's tough in point so If you have all the information. Why don't you fucking tell me what you have and will work together, and I am not even talking about me- I'm talking in general about the family members of the victims and the other other people who have spent decades working this case emotionally, and I'm talking about the community's I'm talking about the the decade of children in about the generations. Are people raising their kids in a certain way because big they were touched by these crimes, it's important
recognize that serious crimes don't end with the prosecution of a suspect. I want to get into this for a second. The effects of those crimes linger in the atmosphere that linger in the lives of the loved ones of the victims in the lives of the community generations, man, and so in this instance. I was a member of that community. Ten, of thousands of others were members of their community. Those children are those. Tens of thousands are now a member of that community in the crimes lingering lingering linger for decades for decades for decades and multiple generations, salt, you tell me you, don't have all the information, then I say to you, give me the information prove that I'm thinking about this wrong, tell me something that you know tell me where I'm wrong say something They won't say anything,
because nobody is letting them because this case was not meant to be solved because this, case, case is correct we tied to some of the people politically entrenched in that. At community and financially entrenched in that community? The over the years captain there have been many theories on, who is the oakland county child killer, and how has the perpetrator been able to evade capture for all of these years? for we get into this too much. I do want to point out that we did cover this case back may of two thousand and sixteen episode twenty eight. If you have the stitched up and, if you don't have the app we'll go, get it
all of our episodes, are there I didn't want. Anyone to think that we are skipping over anything in this case. So, if you're thinking that just know that, on episode, twenty eight, we covered some different goals of each of these four murders and we all oh covered more of the doktor dando stuff, we covered the alan and frank theory, Man from the diner theory and I even set at one point that I thought that this could be the work of a man and woman teen, maybe a husband and wife. The purpose of these two episodes this week is to explore a much deeper theory and a theory. Now that might be looking, like its more likely than some of the others explored and captain this a theory that is quite similar to some of the thoughts that you had regarding the missing, person johnny gosh. So what we here was yesterday's episode, was kind of a primer regarding the four murders
Today we will explore a theory not discussed on that show before getting to the suspects that could be tied to this theory. Let's go through the original profile of the perpetrator. The task force developed a profile of the offender based on descriptions given by witnesses who saw timothy king talking to a man on the night that he was abducted. The profile bribed a white male dark complexion aged twenty five thirty five, which hair and long sideburns, because the person seem to be able to gain the trust of children. The taskforce believed that the killer was possibly a police officer, a doctor or a clergyman The profile describes the killer. As someone who was familiar with the area and probably lived alone, please
hopefully in a remote areas, since he was able to keep the children for several days without friends, family were neighbors, knowing the interesting. Here captain is we're going to discuss the possibility of a perpetrator that was able to hold these kids captive for several days, but the possibility that friends did no was going on in may, have even been involved in the abduction, the captivity and murder of four children. So captain let's go ahead and introduce J reuben apple men, the author of the new book? The killed jar obsession, descent and hunt for detroit most notorious serial killer, which will be released later this week out here. The gentleman that you heard and our trailer earlier talking about hey I've put together a book. This investigation based off of information, that I was able to collect information
it was contained in the original in the original investigation ryan. So, basically, dear rubens theories, it's not one killer, that it's a multiple, maybe a group of people and regarding his investigation and these crimes we wanted to ask him about some specifics, mainly evidence there has been, left out of a lot of the media reports as well as possible. I witnessed sightings of vehicles that could have been involved and individuals that could have been involved in the park, creation of these crimes, so one of the big problems- I think with this and thus occasion- and you think so as well- is when they actually started goin to the public. Saying we're looking for this type of individual. There also saying that they're looking four gremlin win. We know that there was another car that was seen an earlier about. And then they never mention well
basically saying we're looking for this car, but there's this other car that we saw too, but we're not telling the public about that. Well, one of the biggest talked about clues in this case that has stood the of time here and still is discuss this day. Is that car is that blue gremlin However, a nineteen, seventy one la bonds was seen at jill, robinson murder, scene right, hold a lot of weight to this. I witness and the reason why has this individual one's own, that car in a vehicle left clues. As far as tire imprints in bumper imprints at the michalek scene, a blue gremlin with a white stripe, was seen at the possible abduction sight of TIM king. So at least two different cars, but maybe three or four different cars should have been discussed, and yet the focus on the car put on the blue gremlin, but the blue gremlin
which is weird here captain. It was still in the parking lot after tim was reported missing and the search was under way for the lost boy so making almost seem like it's it's not connected or if it was. Next it was left at the scene. For some reason, it would have been more logical to research, le monde as the suspect vehicle. There was a detailed, the script, of the pontiac le from the robinson site and was complete to the impotence at christine's scene when this was done. The inference came back to be that closer to of a lemons and not anything like a gremlins. So too, Time was possibly wasted on the wrong. well, there's a lot of information about various vehicles that it's important we stand, I say this all the time its color resonates.
The blue gremlin was really a red herring. The blue grumbling was something that was easy to put on posters. That stock in people's minds was really just kind, it's a distraction from the reality of multiple other vehicles, possibly being involved. More specifically, a pontiac lemans shows up in many of the police documents in it and when I say the police documents, I want to be clear with you that that I've read through and studied for years now, thousands of pages of internal documents from the michigan state police, the f b, I throughout all of that information. Multiple multiple instances of
vehicles show up besides the blue grumbling, so I like to put away all thought of the blue gremlin. However, there is one instance of now a blue gremlin blip, but a blue vega, which is the mirror of the blue gremlins. It is the same car different brand that shows up in that that that car was driven by two specific suspects in this case that become very important later on so but it let me back up for just a second and dress the pontiac them. Once there were other pony acts, there was a tempest. Those vehicles show up more than the blue gremlin and you can save yourself why? Why are we talking about the blue? And why does everybody even think about the blue grammar gremlin an end, the answer? It becomes very clear that when you're thinking about the blue, gremlin you're, not thinking about the other cars in that's intention to, as we have seen with the vehicles? The same be true with the evidence we ve always
told that the bodies were scrub clean, that there was no physical evidence, but your investigation would prove otherwise one of them most misleading parts of the narrative of the open county child killer cases that there was no evidence that, from the very beginning in the seventies, seventy six seventy seven many eight or nine into the early eighties news articles all the time. All the time highlighted the fact that there was no substantive evidence. found anywhere near the bodies that the bodies were meticulously scrubbed, that the clothing was meticulously washed They were looking for a loan serial killer of almost maniacal genius. You know prowess somebody who would never get found because he bade speculated were was so smart unaware of police, workin and meticulous, and you know, like a Hannibal Lecter sort This was somebody who is just too smart to be really tackled.
media way, although Hannibal lecter is was locked up, but the reality of case was not only that there was plenty of evidence that all that evidence was was quashed was was shoved aside, and you have to look back at the files and say now wait a minute. Not only is it not a scrubbed clean body, but it's actually a messy body, and you have to wonder why. That was why that was said in the main, the main thing that I found when looking through the documents, the main thing of importance to me. What we're looking through the documents is that all of it points to the fact that vary. On there is an extreme amount of evidence and there were extremely substantive leads and that there were people who, under today's standards of investigative and prosecutors procedure, would have been indicted for these crimes and ultimately found guilty salt, There was blood evidence. There was seen in evidence. There was fingerprint evidence,
there was human hair evidence there as animal hair evidence. There were carpet fibres, I say: will carpet farmers will win. That mean to you, let's say the least of the ovens. Let's say some carpet: fibers all the kids had the same carpet: fibers, let's say human hair, not just christine, had human hair on her there was human hair on multiple bodies. What are your thoughts on that bodies being placed out in public areas, outlay, open and maybe even suggesting that they were taunting the police. With the placement of these, yeah, one of the things people often talked about in the beginning of the case he continued to talk about throughout the decades. You said the bodies were not just dropped in planes site, but were neatly placed. This is another instance of having to forget everything you ve ever learned about this case and start from the beginning. The bodies were yes, they were dead in plain sight know they were not place neatly when people say Why was something dumped in plain sight? Instead of what like buried somewhere out in the woods or whatever
it doesn't make sense to a lot of people The answer is, it makes perfect sense, because this is not something that it was very well thought out on the part of the killer. This is somebody who just really wasn't thinking ahead methodically prepare for the murder of and dispose of, the bodies these children. This was somebody who went off the rails, had a body suddenly and had to dump it fast. These bodies were jumped out of out of the back of a car. I mean you look at timothy kings photo of his body at the drop now. The narrative tat we ve been given was that all of the bodies were neatly positions. Arms across their chests. This kind of shit, timothy king, looks the actual photo of timothy king at the drop site looks like he was just dont out of a car. quick as possible. His buckle down to himself face down in the snow he's
looks like a dude who just got tossed out of a car. When you look at this black and white xerox, I have this photo, and you see his body like that. no way, no way whatsoever to think that we are dealing with anybody who meticulously planned anything. This was this was somebody the terms of the dumping of the body at the very least who just need to get this body out of their car period. We say plain sight: There's two reasons: to put it in plain sight: one is one is because they're trying to make a statement, the narrative everybody's run with always two miles from this police station or something? Well, you know your entire quarters
almost anything, is two miles from a police station. If you're talking about a little area right or a couple of miles from the police station, they want to build this. This lore of, like the maniacal killer, who was taunting the police and all this shit, it's totally totally misleading. What really happened is that multiple people were complicit in the abduction, sexual molestation photographing and such of these bodies of these of these kids and at the point these kids were murdered likely by the same person in it in in at least proximity to other people, people who at least knew what was happening and then had a guy, the fucking body, because he didn't know to do he was not a smart person. This was not a maniacal person. This Work of a slob somebody who leads blood seamen, saliva, fingerprints, hair, dog, hair, carpet fires. all over. The bodies is not so
whose making a statement by then. You know be meticulous in the placement. You know proximity to a police station. You know a couple miles: where's on these were slabs man. These were just the prisons filled with criminals who are thinking ahead. That's why the that's? Why they're there this is not. This is not something that we really need to over think anymore. Once you go back and you start from scratch and you rid of all the narratives that you ve been told realize they were all line of bullshit. Just like this narrative of the bodies be in place, and I know you ve this before- and I know that others have thought this before, because that's all you, and in the news when you go when you, google, this case start your own investigative process and you start looking at all the ports and all the old pictures in the Google
images of all the all the suspects and all that everything's out there, but it's all out there from previous narratives. None of it is really based on the documents that were obtained by foia request in the last decade that have been studied by some of the family members, the victims that have been studied by me at this point and that have been studied by other police officers. You know I met with police officer jack called flash. He was one of the original taskforce members on this case. I had documents that he hadn't seen. So why is that? When you're talking about a task force member, a task, I remember a member of a trusted season detective one of a couple of hundred at the time who were working this case not having the information that he needed to solve the case.
You have to suspect that that was on purpose. A task force is allegedly brought together to solve the crimes, so when he didn't even have the information that I had from the foyer requests and again I talk about state police documents, f b, I documents city documents, Birmingham, ferndale, berkeley, socio, livonia, oakland, away counties. All of that nation. All that information points to totally shaking up all the narratives. That here www with and one of those narratives, is the placement of the bodies and, and it sucks to have to tell you that because, sure you spend a lot of time. Thinking about that when you, when you did you're investing online investigative work, but the reality is the photos of the bodies at the drop at the drop sites, the narratives from the drop sites, the individual statements from police officers who were at those dry
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everywhere books are sold on amazon and audible. If you want to check it out, make sure you do it's the book that will prove to you and everyone else that everything we ve always been told about the oakland county. Child killer is just True now moving on captain, I want to get into some of our thoughts. And something we opened up. This episode with with the thought that it was not one loan killer that possibly a group of individuals. we're working together and some involvement on some level and one two three or maybe all four of these cases now to do we're going to have to introduce you or re, introduce you to some suspects that we mentioned when we covered the case the first time some of these some of these aspects. We just briefly mention on our shoulders.
in two thousand and sixteen, but one that we did talk about, which is a great starting point, is Christopher bush, Christopher bush had been in police custody short before timothy kings, abduction for suspected involvement in child nah goofy. He committed suicide in november of nineteen. Seventy eight and bloodstain Ligatures were found in his apartment as well. They have drawn image of a boy closely resembling mark stebbins screaming in agony which was found pinned to the wall and which bush committed suicide. There has been no confirmed activity, howling suicide me may what the suicide was. He had shot himself and we'll get into that The thing that investigators and a lot of people keep going back to when they talk about christopher bush. Is it There has been no confirmed activity of the oakland county, child killer senses,
with so many a law enforcement have suggested that the wreak real killers dead and that the oakland county case is pretty much close. The we know who did it but he's dead, now, work, to go through why that statement and that mindset could be wrong out. Here's here's a thing here, captain in our previous episode. I think that I had said that bush had hung himself as you do, Ask me there and we pointed out he he shot himself. There is actually a tricky situation because it is believed no gun powder residue was found on his hands, so people people rightfully so quest. in that, if this was in fact a suicide or is there some kind of chance that Christopher Bush was killed, He was the fall guy for a group of pedophiles that he belonged to write so kill christopher bush place the gun in his hands or on his bodies leave bloody like
churches in the room with them. A drawling of step screaming and paint tat to the wall, and there you go police believe they have their killer right. then no martyrs take place after that right. Ok, so who could this group of individuals be that we keep talking they could be involved in one way or another in in these cases. Ok, so we started with christopher bush. Let's go about a guy named James Vincent gunnels, as a teenager, gunnels was repeated the sexually assaulted by christopher bush, at the bush families, late cabin bush, was convicted of this crime. Gunnels hair, was a partial dna match with a hare that was found on the blouse of Christine metallic victim number, three gunnels was questioned regard in his possible involvement in the oakland county, child killing cases and law enforcement claimed
the gunnels cheated on one of these tests and failed another failed. What test the polygraph polygraph test them? Sir saved seated, He's a tutor. Gunnels is currently living at the central michigan. Correctional facility is a very lengthy criminal record, but he could be really as early as june of next year. So we have suspect bush and we have suspect candles which was being molested and there's some thought that may be gunnels at some point became a accomplice bushes, that they were molesting individuals together at some point, regardless we have bush who was considered a suspect in the cases who was unknown acquaintance of gunnels and we find a hair on one of the victims of gunnels in gunnels. Either came in contact with this victim or she he had been in the same place that he had been at some point. So
its bring another scumbag into the fold shelley and one The earliest telephone tips submitted to police christy, her bushes name is mentioned. This is a recording that has mysterious. We been lost or erased throughout the year course as, but in regards to that tip, in two thousand and eight, a victim of child molest, We will not use his name here. This victim testified in two thousand and eight when he was a child, he was forced into sexual activity with another boy that he believes was timothy king victim number. Four, he also testify I'd that he was later shown a polaroid picture of that same boy again, who he believe to beat him at the king. The picture showed the boy tied up in the trunk of what the victim believed to be Christopher bushes vehicle. He also testified tat. He was present when Christopher bush do
off timothy king at the home of a one ted lamborghini ted amber gain lives at the can ross correctional facility where he is scheduled to never be released. serving life without the possibility of parole. This is because in July of nineteen seventy six. This is on the time of the murders. Ted was, very busy committing fourteen counts of criminal sexual conduct eight times with a minor between the ages of thirteen and fifteen six times with a child under the age of thirteen years old. Amber gain is not only a sick disgusting pedophile pervert, but he is as slippery as they come, because, although he could these terrible acts and nineteen seventy six? He was not caught until he was found in parma heights, ohio in december of two thousand and six turns out ted lamborghini and his good friend this is richard. Lawson were
operating in a pedophile ring in detroit in the nineteen seventies and eighties once he's around Instead, here's the aha moment regarding the old statement of we know who did it, but he's dead, gets turned on its side here, so once finally, apprehended law enforcement publicly refers to lamborghini, as quote he as our most promising suspect in the oakland county child killer case lawson and lambert, mean operated in detroit cas corridor, Pedophile ring loss in wind caught pointed the blame for this murders at lamborghini, lawson, is serving a life sentence for murdering his boss and livonia in teen, eighty nine. He was arrested two thousand and five lamborghini rejected a please deal that would have reduced his sentence. Greatly
they required him to take a polygraph and answer questions about the oakland county, child killings and exchange. They would dismiss thirteen of the sex charges against him. Lamborghini said no gunnels that lie and cheats on one of the polygraph. Now we have this individual that will not take one, even though he's gonna get reduce sentence correct so now this is a disgusting and pretty it's already been, are disgusting to hear, but we nuclear power, these to know each other and how some of the other individuals know each other so that the cask corridor, better file ring was basically this. Ok, a group of men there, the cask quarter was a very poor. Basically, the project's, ok, and what they would do? Is they would pick up these boys who wanted food? they wanted money, they wanted things and they would give them things they
give them money, they would give them food, they would give them all three but in trade they were using them for sex and they would typical sodomize these boys photograph them, throw them in a bathtub hose them off and then return them However, they rarely harmed them in a physical way of let's say, eating them are strangling them. Anything like that because they dropped off these boys with the hopes that at some point they are gonna want some more money and they'll come back the another time. Bakers are so poor. and so these men took advantage in, they repeatedly raped these boys, and it was one two three four five boys. It was a lot of boys. They lived in this area, okay, so the thing here is: how does lamborghini get on least radar. While he got there,
because lawson remember his friend, richard lawson, who was involved in the same pedophile ring said hey. I was scared of lamborghini and I think he was involved in the murders while why he tells- enforcement about a very specific story. He said there was another pedophile that they hung out with his name is Bob more he was the owner of a bike shop that was near this cass corridor. So he's another in this pedophile ring he cap photo album of the boys, that of them were involved with at one one night, while they were hanging out in the bike shop lamborghini opens up the photograph book and he shows, loss in a photo of a white kid from the their side of a mile road and he said to lawson, looks like the king boy. Doesn't it and gave him a wink
you'll be glad to know that this other individual that we just introduced bob Moore, died in nineteen. Ninety six of cardiac arrest in his home, his pit bulls devoured, his carcass before the body, was discovered in my good archibald, Ed. Sloan he owned a nice, pretty name, he owned a nineteen. Sixty six pontiac bonneville might occur real dna taken from hairs found in sloan's bonneville matches dna found at it, he's, one of the body dump scenes. I actually believe that this dna matches dna collected from as many as three of the crime scene. We're gonna be clear here, though, because the tricky thing is, the dna is not matched to archibald slow, but just simply hairs found in his car back then sloan he was known to have lent out his call or to putting a people.
he also own several other vehicles. At this time he owned a nineteen. Sixty nine black chevy pick up in a nineteen. Seventy one blue pickup archibald sloan, has been convicted of two counts of first sexual assaults against a male against male minors- and he is currently serving a life- sends ok no! That's a lot to take in, but what were pointing out here is that we have multiple. Individuals they have. No ties to one another and they have some tie to one or two of the crimes and coincidental, they ve all at some point been charged with sexual acts against minors. two of them serving life sentences because they have committed. So many of these crimes now we have to talk about a guy named Gregory green. Now this is taken directly
from bury kings website and blog. He is the father of victim number four timothy king, the task force, Ass, formerly advise the king family. That Gregory Green was a potential suspect and that he participated in the oakland counting child killings. This was discussed when the michigan state police reports were into the king family. Gregory Green was a known, pedophile, companion of christopher bush. The mission Stay police reports have extensive history of his pedophile convictions in california. Include one case in which green thought the boy was dead and dropped him off at a hospital. Okay. So to be, I dont through this in any more detail than I have two, but the the general budget. all thing in this particular case is this break
Red green not only enjoyed molesting boys, but he enjoyed choking them. At the same time, on one of the occasions- and I say one of these- because he did this to multiple victims- he thought he had killed the boy, so he drove to the house and he left the boy in front of the entrance just lying there by the boy ultimately was revived and so he lived luckily, he lived. He did have to serve jail time for this in California? Unfortunately, it was, a life sentence and he once turn from jail once he's out of jail. He returned to his home of flint. Michigan grew and bush. They were confidence and sir time together and they molested individuals together, including christopher bushes, younger cousin, while them list of sick fuck. This keeps
the new in ok. So we mention that Christopher Bush was spoken too by the police in regards to the oakland county cases. Ok, so was Gregory growing what they were able to get from these two individuals is one same story. It's a very troubling story that the two of us at some point, had agreed that one of them to get a day job and the other one should get a night job so that if they took it young victim captive, that one of them would be present during the day to watch over the victim and the other present at night to watch over the victim. However, when asked the question crystal Bush would not answer the question as to what they intended to do with the victim when they were finished with the child, berry king also in his blog states that, on more than one occasion, Greg
green stated that Christopher Bush had killed, marked steavens victim number one now green was sentenced to life in prison for violating a child and later he died in prison in t ninety six, so these guys are connected in some way and possibly had something to do with these murders. Half of them yeah. We're not definitively saying wanna be clear on that. We're not definitive. in saying that this is what happened up in oakland county worded simply pointing out that there are three things in reasons to believe that one or Bunch of these individuals were involved and possibly working, gather to dupe the police to make it harder on their investigation yeah. I think people knew that there was no obviously child poverty. You're goin on, but I think the idea
that there was rings or some kind of network, I think, was kind of probably not discussed a lot in the seventies is not even discussed enough today. Well, I think for us to get the break that is needed in this case. I think that James Vincent gunnels is the go to I think he saw That needs to really be talk to at length he's technically the only one with something to lose, meaning that the other are dead or currently serving life sentences and why The guy's richard richard lawson has already rolled on another person. He's already said: look I TED lamborghini did this and here's. Why read? But then we have, though I was the last group, guys that one of the things that they killed the first victim correct. But what I'm pointing out here is gunnels is the only one with something left to lose every all the
other individuals named in this story. That we named suspects and in this group Are either dead or serving life sentences? The the first sick thing about all this is that most of these individuals that we speak of as big of pieces shit as they are. They are probably at one time victims themselves and then you have gunnels, which we know was a victim and possibly became a accomplice, and I don't think that justifies anything I have actually have some suspicion that maybe he is the reason why bush is dead and maybe that's why you're not going to get a lot out of him, because maybe it is not this network of the sick, fox network of the sick fucks that did all this stuff and they
It destroyed these children and they left them on the side of the road as if they're trash, and I think, for whatever reason this this guy. That became a victim that probably got wrapped up in this, and it probably had something to do with these murders of these children then decided that enough was enough and he had to kill the guy. That was you, know, torturing him and and making him what he came near and it's just sick to know and have an understanding that these individuals were working together and here's the thing: rigour, less if they were working together in the oakland county child killer cases. We know this Some of them were working together in the cask corridor case, and you would mention the victims of the okay, the oakland county case being thrown out of the car disposed of like trash.
Same with those poor kids that were allowed to go home at the end of the day, they too were treated like trash by these men by by individuals named in this episode and victims, of course, aiding get choose to be victims if they were at one time a victim, but at some point in their life. They chose to vote demise, others, and that was a choice that they made willingly made in this case was very hard to research and very hard to put together considering. These individuals in the axe if they have committed against people and the community want people needed talk about this more often and know that it's part of reality and you have to accept that it there. It is happening, it's gone on, it's a problem and you need be aware of this, and maybe you can be part of the good guys to stop it.
Well, if you want to learn more pick up the kill jar by june, reuben apple man. You can also visit very kings blog, and learn more about the case there and anyone with information on any of the suspects that we have talked about or anyone information about the murders. Please please call eight hundred four four to seven seven, six sick you're mad for listening and for everything programme, garage check out, true crime, garage dot com or follows on instagram, facebook, twitter or untapped until next time be good behind in dublin.
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