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The Rawlins Rodeo Murders /// Part 1 /// 274

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The Rawlins Rodeo Murders /// Part 1 /// 274

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Back in 1974 the town of Rawlins, Wyoming experienced a terrifying summer as four females disappeared in just seven weeks. The ages ranged from ten to nineteen. The two older victims were last seen at the rodeo on the fourth of July. One girl seemed to have vanished into thin air as she was last seen walking in the busy part of town in broad daylight. 10 year old Jayleen Banker went missing from a different rodeo. The investigations provided no answers and no leads. The town of Rawlins was rocked and left to wonder what was happening to their girls. This week we take a deep dive into what is known today as the Rawlins Rodeo Murders. Beer of the Week - Citradonkulous by Wiley Roots Brewing Garage Grade - 4 and a quarter bottle caps out of 5

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the welcome to true graham garage, where view are whatever you are doing, thanks for listening, I'm your host nick and with me, as always, is a man that has a hobby of collecting weird side kicks. Why I'm here he is the captain. It's a better hobby than making dresses at a body parts. It's good to be seen, good to see you thanks for listing thanks for Tom afresh,
This week we are drinking situate. Donkey list by the good people at wily roots. Brewing company garage grade for in a court. Bottle caps out of five. Such ridiculous is an american double india, pale ale with Sidra hops and is delicious, and this week's beer was brought to us by these ridiculously awesome friends of the show right here for We have rachel and wayne new jersey, giving us a long distance cheers with her wine. A big south someone, my favorite beetle, songs, pinning lane and tucson. Next we have b with an iron thermopylae, wyoming big. We, like you, did to jessica little rock arkansas stop sending love from way out west. We have a roar in san, diego and last, but certainly not least, we have leroy in baltimore. So thanks everybody fulfilling the for this. We show, if you want to help us out for next. We gotta true crime, garage, dotcom click.
the donor but make sure you falls on social media. Facebook, twitter instagram at crime garage and that is enough at the bee's knees thing captain everybody gather around grab a chair grab a beer. Let's talk, some true cried when we are little kids, their stories that the older kids tell us supposed real life. The terrifying stories handed down from teenagers,
smaller children and then the small children get a little older and then they tell the same stories they one, sir much of these- are simply folk lore in urban legends stories of an escaped violent mental pace stalking lovers lanes with a hook for a hand, or one I heard in my hometown- about a certain hill. But if you park your car there on a certain night, the ghost of someone having died in a car accident. Many years earlier. Would throw your car down the hill into the tree lined ravine below killing. You. and later giving the appearance that you suffered. The same car accident and death is the ghost so many years before this week.
Case is much like these urban legends, in a sense that the story has been repeated for decades and like any good urban leginn. This is a cautionary tale about the horrific and tragic death you could have. If you don't listen to your parents, obey the rules. You talk to strangers for kids growing up in parts of wyoming in Oklahoma. They heard stories of what could happen to you when you do talk to a strange man or accept a ride from someone. You don't know, you don't come back. No one sees you alive again. What was and remains different for those kids compared to other children and other neighborhoods. When these kids grew up, they learn the stories they were told about miss
in children and a killer cowboy were real. This week we discuss the rollins rodeo murders. The this case has several names, but the one I find used most commonly is the rollins rodeo murders. This case may have and may have are the key words to pay attention to here, and that will become clear we dive into this thing, but this case may have or seems to have started and rawlins wyoming back in the mid nineteen seventies. Now, captain lot We don't know how we go about our business behind closed doors here in the garage, but about once a You and I have a case scheduling meeting and I love these times that we spend together. You come to the table with cases that you
I have in your arsenal- and I have some cases in my backpack as well, and we sit down and we discuss what cases should we cover for the next several weeks, and I gotta give you kudos my friend, because you came up with this case and I find it to be extremely fascinating. While you can thank the listeners, yes most of all is whether be cases you bring to the table or that I bring the overwhelming majority. The cases that we cover are listener suggestion. So we're very thankful to all of you out there for providing the to us and we receive a o Welcoming number of these case suggestions, yet my list is over a thousand now so I kind of frame that in their at the beginning, because coming up with this case, I had never heard of this one and look. There are obvious In many cases I have never heard of, but just like the boys on the tracks and the missing fort worth trio cases that we covered
of course, all available on the very free, very awesome stitched up. These are cases that have fast. needed me ones that I was not familiar with and, unless you were around. Area around the time of these cases you didn't know- about them either. And the rawlins rodeo murders is exactly like the boys on the tracks in the fort worth tree. Ok, is when you learn more about this, you will be asking yourself: why have I not heard of this one? Why is this case not more well known and I say not more well known big. I found evidence to suggest that people been living in the area had not known about these cases. The sum of the locals around these rodeo murder cases. I found one host on red it, where someone was saying they grew, in the area of one of these cases saying they didn't believe it was a true story.
they got older and learned that, in fact that was some thought. It was just a fiction, airy cautionary tale, told two: kids, you know don't get into cars with strangers urban legend, yes, so to get started. Let's go back to July. Fourth, nineteen. Seventy four or independence day and rawlins, which is in carbon county wyoming rollin. back in the mid seventys, the population is less than eight thousand people, and I ever been awhile roaming, but the town of rawlins is in the southern portion of wyoming. In fact, carbon county is on the states southern border, so touching the north colorado border. on July, fourth, nineteen, seventy four, the weather was pretty much average, at least historically with a high of a four degrees nineteen year old, carling brown in her good friend, also nineteen years old Christie Gross visited the lid breaches rodeo that day in raw
Why only later they were, the missing, when both young women failed to return home, very low Information is available regarding the circumstances of their disappearances, but neither our consent to have run away to start a new life somewhere else. In fact, according to the charles project, dot org website carlini case is, classification is endangered, missing and many believe she was murdered. Many years ago, probably shortly after she was abducted. Authorities could only trace back their whereabouts to the little breaches rodeo, as that was the last confirms, sightings of either woman, after they disappeared, the car they were travelling in was found abandoned in worland wyoming. So this is over two hundred miles away north, we will come back to this vehicle later trust me, there's there's some issues with this vehicle
Authorities initially believe that both card lean and christie left on their own, leaving the rodeo on their own, but the investigation as it began in carried on they started coming up with some other points abilities as time passed in this was when no one had heard from either woman. You know, as the time was going on, they thought it point they might resurface, but they never did according to the Charles project website. Carling brown is missing from rawlins wyoming since July. Fourth, nineteen, seventy four her date of birth. this january, fourteenth nineteen fifty five. So she would have just recently celebrated her sixty fourth birthday if she was alive today, She was nineteen years old when she was last seen. She was approximately five foot to five foot three inches tall and way between a hundred hundred twenty pounds, her distinguishing characteristics. She is a carcase,
with brown hair brown eyes and she has surgical scars on her big toes on both feet now. Regarding Christie gross, her skeletal remains wherefore. and but this was it until over nine years later, there was no sign of carlini at the scene and, as stated before, she has never been seen or heard from again Christie gross had been killed by two heavy blows to the skull. Her body was found october, twenty seventh of nineteen eighty three three miles south of sinclair I okay, so, for those of us not super familiar with the great state of wyoming, the two disappeared in rawlins and then their vehicle was found in warlike, wyoming, so roughly overtime. hundred miles or so north of They were last seen then, nine years later, christie grosses body is found three miles south of sinclair
is nowhere near where the vehicle was found. In fact, this is much closer to wear a thought. I believe they may have been abducted from bronze, yes, so Sinclair's, roughly just seven to ten miles east of rawlins, so just three miles south of that is The body was found. The information out there does not provide a great description of the state of the audi, although no one anywhere is saying anything like Christie was alive for years after her abduction, so I'm guessing the state of the body would have been extremely decomposed. So possibly they are abducted from the rodeo. She is murdered seven miles outside of the rodeo. Their cars found two hundred miles from there and possibly the other victim is
murdered somewhere else or is still alive correct. We also don't have a great description of where her body was found, but we already said: rawlins was a small town, while sinclair is significantly smaller than rawlins. In fact, I couldn't find any record that suggest sinclair ever even had a thousand people living there. The description does say three miles south of sinclair and there are open fields. Creeks plenty of wide open spaces looks like we have probably oil fields. binaries pipelines that sort of thing so the great wide open. So what we have here is a small town in a mysterious disappearance of not one but two nineteen year old girls, they went missing together the car. Found and then not until nine years later is Christy's body discover, but still to this day, Our lean, has never been located so before we get to deep into some other stuff.
I have to mention a newspaper article I found from november eleventh nineteen eighty three. This is when they are announcing that they have identified the unidentified body that was found in that. We now know to be the body of Christie gross. According to this article, they are interviewing deputy sheriff, Jeff, fake harsh, and I dont know what to think of this ass. A truly don't as this one article completely contradicts some other information that I have found in that we have by this point in the story already covered before we get, the contradictions there are some somewhat more detailed information in this article, Christy's body was idea, by using a partial dental records match. So just a a partial match, Jeff Faye cash says her. Death was caused by at least two blows to the head, so maybe more now for the contradictions which I find this to be Hugh
first this says the body was found a few miles north of sinclair, so exactly the opposite direction of what all of the other information states Next- and this is even more aggravating in this article, Jeff fake osh, says a van the women were driving was found at the fair ground, swore that's different, completely different. Then all the information that is current, that is out there we're talking about that was found two hundred miles away, he's referencing a van than they were driving, found the fair grounds where they were last seen. Ass tags bay in the van, but also you does wonder, is just as bad reporting or does fake hush not have the right information right because we're talking about he's he's talking about a case that they find the body nine years later, he's being interviewed, because I just found the body
He may be unclear as to what took place nine years later, and I say this frustrates me to know, and in this so much that the information contradicts itself so much it's more so that I spent hell of a long time trying to figure out which one was correct and I couldn't determine so your hearing, both of them only one of them is correct. We know that JANET franson, who has worked carlini browns case, says, quote: lead be clear. No one believes browns case will have a happy ending. We are pretty carlini brown, is a homicide case. France and worked for national missing an unidentified person system, nameless for short and had this to say of her work and the cases that came with it quote. A lot of these cases are homicide
without bodies when they happen. Local law enforcement didn't have any idea what to do with it. It wasn't that they were neglectful. It's just. They didn't have the kind of expertise, france and has worked very hard in her capacity to help close carlini case, but there are complications frances. The problem is, we can't find her family see, carlini was adopted and investigators no, the identity or whereabouts of her birth family. Those records are gone. Her adoptive parents, divorce, prior to nineteen, only four carlini lived in rawlins, with her adopted father and brother at the time of her disappearance, her adoptive mother lived in colorado Parleying graduated from rawlins high school in nineteen. Seventy three today, her adoptive mother Father and brother are all now deceased, janet France, and keep searching for any of us
lean, browns family that may be out there so that she can get dna samples to build a profile. So we have to think about this for a second here, captain the city asian is this: we have a missing woman. Who's been missing for a very long time. Should they find remains? Will they even be able to connect it back to car lean, because we don't have a dna profile of her now? What I have found- and this is in the wreck- But once again, I'm I'm once bitten twice shy about this, because we ve already seen discrepancies in these records. What I found regarding carling brown. No fingerprints are on file for her, but what is listed is it. There are dental records on file, and I say that I say that with a little hesitation, because we ve seen other cases that state that there are dental records on file only to find
later. That is not the case on Sunday august. Fourth, nineteen, seventy four! fourteen year old, Deborah re Meyer, went messy Deborah, actually lived in red lodge Montana at the time of her disappearance. She and her family were visiting relatives and rawlins wyoming on the day she went missing, never was last seen debate from a family members residents near the intersection of seventh and spruce streets she planned a walk to a local movie theater by what remains on record these days. There is not anything to suggest that she ever arrived at the movie theater. Then she never returned back to the home. This area, though, seems differ. For me, this is very much the downtown area and if, in fact, she was on foot
ring daytime hours. There is something I think very fishy about her. Having last been seen in this area, she likely travelled more on foot than where she was last see ok probably travelled a little bit further than the last time she was seen, but there are no witnesses there aren't any witnesses. This all her interacting with anyone or anyone, snatching her up. I'm depending on which direction she was walking, there seems to be a lot of houses and businesses throughout that whole maria. You know our minds, often we'll go immediately to vehicle was used in an abduction and least my mind, as you know, and rightly so, because often that is the result. What the result often shows However, in this particular story, I wonder about the businesses and houses in the area this this case. I wonder so much about because there,
simply no good public information out there so that I have to question this myself. We have a situation where a young girl goes on vacation with her family to visit other family members in this area, and we don't really have any public record of this disappearance. The only thing I could find was her parents stating that she was a good kid and she would have never run off, but no description of anything that could have happened to her there. day. We don't even know roughly about what time of day she was last seen or by whom. We don't know how long until she was reported missing, but we have a siting of her going downtown. That's that's what the information stay
it's an all, we can gather is that it would appear that police were unable to find any one at the movie theater that reported seeing her that day. So she is fourteen years old. So roughly fourteen nineteen victims age would be similar in both cases. It'd be too far off and if she's fourteen and looks sixteen than even closer made, Deborah has almost no digital footprint and her case is almost n o The way type case right, just tacked on to these other cases according to an organisation near and dear to my heart, the national centre for missing and exploited children Deborah at the time of her disappearance, was cocky, with brown, hair and eyes five foot for, and why about a hundred fifteen pounds. So a very similar general description as carly brown occur,
to find the missing dot. Org facebook page Deborah, has some distinctive features and they are as described. She has a pencil eraser size, growth on her left ear and she has a full set of dentures. Her clothing and accessories, worn on that day are listed, is unknown her finger print in, for
Action is not available. Her dental information and charting is not available, but on the brighter side it does say that her dna status sample submitted test complete. So it looks like at least they have dna on file with gilbert. To that he said the full set of dentures correct at fourteen correct. Well, that's pretty strange! So we have two nineteen year old females that go missing a month later in the same area yeah we have a fourteen year old, go missing. Yes, so you're talking about, we have a similar description of two of the victims here same similar general description anyway, we also
I have potential crimes of opportunity, abductions of opportunity, somebody spots, these girls right these young women and decides to pounce, while the fourteen year old would be walking and she was walking by herself from what little information is out there right and then you have the nineteen year olds they could be walked into their car. We don't know where they would have been abducted from right Well, here's a thing to you: gotta consider with the nineteen year old, the nineteen seventy four. What? If and I am not saying that that year plays much into it, but just kind of rustling sound rolling through this? In my own mind here, you're what have to wonder what the vehicle being found. That's that's why it's Aggravating where the hell this vehicle was actually found, because one thing I wonder about in a crime of opportunity. Do we have someone saying hey? Could you give me a lift?
I mean that seems like the most plausible thing to me, especially if you find the vehicle two hundred miles away. A lotta had tried yeah and they may have felt a sense of safety in numbers because there's two of them in me, just one man or one young man or somebody asked for a ride you give me a ride. Just two miles up the road sure no problem or leave anyway. In boom, you're never seen again, one would think of it. In those terms, then we'd have to look at the perpetrator being somebody that doesn't live in the area, but possibly works in the area, and so you could take like the rodeo there. They normally have like at convention centers or whatever, where people work there periodically they might not live, they might live pretty far away, but the work in the area. So I wonder also the day that the fourteen year old goes missing was there's something in that town happening? Was there another rodeo or was there some show or play
her whatever there could have been. I mean these rodeos happen frequently, in this area and you'll see that We continue on through these cases, but the there's some very difficult things here with with this case, with with debars case in particular, for me, and you had asked me just briefly before we flip the mike's back on. Do I think the cases these cases are connected? Well, I think the timeframe I mean we have one month to the day between the abductions, so that plays a factor in in and a pro for, yes, they're, probably connected, two. You have the area. We have a small area where these two abductions take place so another another check in the yes box for are they connected? I hesitate to say that they are connected because of this. with Deborah case. There is no information out there and
What I mean by that is, as stated, her digital footprint is extremely small. If you find, information about her on the charlie project, or you know missing persons websites so on and so forth. Its all pay much the same information regurgitate it over and over again and its basically a short little paragraph where I find problems with her case is the last of evidence. The lack of information about this little girl, okay, so or the fact that she had a full mouth dentures. Ok, welcomes a strain it it's it's you, Nick. Yes in we don't know why she had a full set of dentures, but here's what I question further. If, if has dentures. Why are there no dental records in, and I know somebody laughing right now gone all this, because she does Amy teeth: wealth, would have some information. You paint somebody paid for those dentures somewhere, there's a record of those dangers and
even if it's in her home state of montana, why don't We have that information. You know we're too. About, Could her remains have been found between when she went missing in current day? Possibly I dont what it means to say that they have dna test submitted and that they have something on file. I dont know if, if, throughout the course of the years, the decades that have gone by, if certain remain more tested that were found. What I'm getting at is the problem I have here is look. We have the one single statement by her parents say she was a good kid. She wouldn't have run off right. I have a huge problem. that they there's no damn information about this kid. It's almost. She went out for a walk one day while on vacation with their parents. She disappeared in its was like she never even existed, but her parents were from the area correct. They live
in Montana. They were visiting relatives in rawlins wyoming. So I think that makes it difficult because we also don't know the financial status of her parents, so they could. It's not had enough money to stay in the area and keep looking for and also during the seventies with, although the the gas shortage on that stuff, maybe they just couldn't afford, keep travelling back of worth. Well, I get that in an I'm. I dont want to sound like I'm blaming the parents here, because I, where my my anger should be directed is maybe there's just a lack of good record keeping maybe that information was submitted. But again I question this whole thing, like we said, dentures were made. No dental records on file seem strange, seems fish. Nobody gives a time of when this girl was last seen with seem strange. Also what
the thing. Was she wearing what articles accessories did she have on her person? At the time? We don't know it says unknown. what why would it be unknown? How much stuff did she pack to go on this trip? And you can't go? you didn't see. I get it. Maybe you're busy hanging out with relatives that day you didn't actually physic They see her leave the home and walk away, but you can't go through the suitcase and go well looks like this is missing in this is miss.
she probably had that on her. That day was and again it's not like today and age, where you can have somebody go missing the same cleveland and then I live in Columbus. While I can do a bunch of work on the internet to keep the story alive or you make some phone calls. So again, it's it's. It's almost like this person disappeared, but we don't even know anything about her other than that she had a full mouth of fake teeth at the age of fourteen and to the the other, very sad part of her show her very short story is I almost feel like if there weren't these other cases. These other abductions, red shiva bishop, may have no record of her at all. At this point very likely her parents who passed away- I would love you know we Indeed, a shout out this week to someone a great and in wyoming in the state of wyoming I
love is somebody in the area has information or has old newspaper articles or something to expand. her story more so We can learn more about her possible disappearance. Re again, it could be like some public records that there might be a bunch of articles on this. Just never made it online, they're all these decades. Later, all these miles away and here's the other thing to that's a little weird captain. We do see this once in a while, but it's not extreme common. We have covered a lot of missing persons, cases a lot, a homicide cases, but very few cases have we covered where apart, a child is on vacation, are visiting another state or per someplace else, with their parents, and then they go missing there before they return.
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Ever you find your favorite pod guest. arrival back were bag, sears mandate, jeers captain and usually I dont, get frustrated or angry until the second episode of a case. But while I'm voice being inventing my anger regarding the lack of personal information about a missing child right. I do want to discuss, The thing that we have mentioned before on the show, but a quick reminder: you can download the free f b, I child id kit. I rub recommend doing this. It's an easy way to store your child's most current information. God forbid, you need it for missing child situation. not only would you have recently nation of your child, but if you are out and about and something should have,
As long as you have your device that you have the info, you have the info of the person, your child, that is missing. You can pass at along, and hopefully that comes to help. Now we gotta talk about another case. Ok, captain this is august. Twenty third, so we're talking less than three weeks later ten year old jailing baker went to the carbon county rodya with a friend after the second performance. The two got separated at the fair grounds Jailing was to return home by ten. Thirty p m: when she did not her parents notified police at eleven p m and reported her missing jailing. Baker was just ten years old. Missing flyers were printed and distributed this, providing a brief description of the young girl standing five feet tall with light brown, hair brown eyes and she was last seen wearing an all navy colored outfit. It looks like authorities what
all out on the search for her conducting door to door, sir and even using two planes to assist in the search. This took place saturday afternoon, so less than twenty four hours after she was noticeably gone. also. They did one of my favorite tactics. When you have. missing child and no real leads Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for the old pervert round up police, announce that the investigation included the holding and questioning of sex There is believed to have been in the area at the time, but they were eventually all cleared. Authorities did announced publicly that they did not rule out the possibility of the child being kidnapped. However, no leads would indicate such they turned up in the early investigation by the thursday. After so just about a week, she went missing. The authorities announced the any leads that local searches provided were followed, but they went nowhere.
And now they were bringing in the f b. I for fear that the girl may have been abducted and transported across the state line. Then, eight months later, on April, twenty third nineteen, seventy five, a man out walking his dog, discovered the partially nude lifeless body of jailing baker. This was near the city's gravel pit about two miles west of rollins. I owe her body was found in the face down position. She was wearing only ten issues, socks and a teacher. Laboratory analysis of the girls clothing failed to produce any evidence. What they did learn is the cause of death was a head injury likely cause by a severe blow to the head, the county share, went on record stating that he has no doubt in his mind that the girl died where she was found. He said evidence at the scene told them so, though he would not specify as to what
Evidence was so even though we now know that two bodies of the missing girls would be eventually found the The thing to home in on here before we venture further, is it looking back at nineteen. Seventy four we had for missing girls and just seven weeks in rawlins wyoming so closing out the year of nineteen, seventy four they still unfounded embodies. Yet it wasn't until eight months later that the first body was found, and then the second bodies found nine years later for missing people and a small area in seven weeks is just I mean it's incredible one, the fact that three of the victims were last seen at a rodeo so that the strength yet in it that's what's troubling too, is the ok we're talking about rodeos here they're probably, would have been a lot of people both of those events. Yet we have any eye witnesses saying that we saw any of these missing people. Speaking with somebody or
at least anybody that was investigated at the time. Then we the young girl who was abducted very likely in a busy section of in broad daylight, but I saw a light to know what was happening in that town. They soon missing yeah in so it's almost like. Do you have a person it is if it's one offender, is it someone that is seeking out crimes of opportunity seeking out targets of opportunity taking themselves putting themselves in a situation where there is a lot of people, there's a lot of potential victims to choose from at these rodeos and then Do we have somebody, that's driving around downtown, looking for a potential victim, or is it just something that this person stumbled upon throughout the course of their debt, but also seems like the victims have similar, looks
well yeah la lot of, even though you have a varying a rare age range here, Brian, you have the variant by not suffused years yeah, so you have a similar height, similar appearance caucasian brown, hair brown eyes right and regarding these cases, though, looking at them as if they were a whole being that they would be all connected, it seems kind of very obvious to me. You know you mentioned the rodeos. Those one seem obviously to be likely connected again, I'm still out. And left field regarding debars disappearance, as we know so little about that case now. Are you ready to open up the floodgates captain them? I guess I'm the captain, our eye, I dont like floods. So why
the next week. How can I- but I do have to warn you open? You- can open them up and you have to work before we move forward? You might want to put on your raincoat, because there's going to be some shit I may wish to put on my sick. We are going too fast for tuesday. Timber, twenty sixth nineteen, eighty one in move our location to Oklahoma, city Oklahoma. So, seven years after the four disappearances and rawlins and many miles south east of rawlins thirteen year old, charlotte june Kenzie and thirteen year old, cinder jean palette attended the oklahoma state fair in Oklahoma city. with girls, were accompanied by their boyfriends. They were dropped off at the fair. Around noon. On that saturday, at about five p m charlotte called
family and told her family that she and sender were offered a job I carney to help unload plush toys from a truck at the fair. It was then that all for the two, I'll, send you boys left with an unknown man. Bright disk was sporting, a yellow identification workers badge. Now he took them to a truck stop off of I forty to meet the truck that they were going to unload right. But the tree was not. There was nowhere to be found, so the man then gave the boys the two boys ten dollars and told them to wait while he went to get the truck the man drove off with charlotte in cinder, the two thirds Your girls were waving out.
back window of the car to the two boys. As the vehicle drove off the two girls promised a call home again when it was time for them to be picked up from the fair, but that call would never come. But here we have something captain that we didn't have in the cases we have previously discussed here. We have potential eye witnesses, the two boys and these kids have some information to offer up to the investigators. First, the man had shown the kids and I d badge and the idee badge had them photo and name printed on guiding. Second, before stopping off too as they were told to unload this truck. The man's along the way and purchase two pairs of gloves and two roles of duct tape and, more importantly,
two boys remembered the name on the idee badge. It was donald, Michael corey by Wednesday september, thirtieth with the girls still nowhere to be found, and donald Michael Corey also where to be found, the police, along with the fbi, secured in a rest warrant for donald, Michael Courtney, charging him with two counts of kidnapping and tell its eyes were sent out to police stations throughout multiple states. As the man hunt for donald Corey was now in full swing. police could prove Corey was in the opel homer city area. This is as late as the day before the kidnapping when corey checked himself into a hospital in that area. Now Corey suffered pretty badly from an all. Sir hospitals were a regular thing for him, and we would see this as authorities began to track. Donald court
movements hoping to catch up with him as he seemed to be getting further and further away from Oklahoma city, Oklahoma, state police and the f b. I got news from jackson, mississippi that Donald Corey had sir fist just briefly there, where he used his idee and information to get demo injections of painkiller. He was using in regards to his also then on friday October, ninth, nineteen, eighty one oklahoma state police. They get the big break that they were looking for. This is a call the greenville, police and alabama? They wanted to know if the warrant for Donald Corey was still standing well Yes, they were told- and why are you asking? They responded because we have donald corey here at our police station. He walked in earlier today and gave us his information. Corey
is arrested. Now this is how this whole thing went down so yeah, this confusing yet cory went to a first baptist church. Okay, this was to apply for some assistance as he was not working and he suffering from this. Also at the church Donald Corey provided all of his information using his real name, drivers Since in real information, while they a system with the rules and alabama, and if you are applying for assistance- and you have an state driver's license, or I d. You then, must go to the local police departure. where they will run a background check and then send you back to the church with the proper paper work so that you then may file for assistants. Well, of course, they didn't send donald corey back. Instead, they called Oklahoma city and They very shortly afterwards sent him to jail gotta yachting daddy, daddy, daddy,
begin item again: okay, so donald Michael Corey, the man with three first names and never trust a man with three first names or a guy that goes by a nickname, or only one name right. I don't know what that means, or while you could just go by a name and it could not be real name. Ok, so just cause we have. This guy has same name as the name tag. Is this our guy, because we do have two eyewitnesses that they could put them in a line. and say: hey. Is this the donald donald duck that you're lookin for well input? Remember police could prove that he was in town in Oklahoma city the day before bryce than twenty four hours before the abduction of these two girls. So now we have Oklahoma who wants to view this guy either in alabama, but most likely they want to bring him back to Oklahoma. Corey seems somewhat cooperative at first, but tells the investor
there's. Yes, I was in oakland homer city there and we will just say, ok, see zone with the kid say going forward. So on September twenty fifth, he says he was in o k c when he went to the hospital for denmark all injections. For that also. But he says after the hospital he left the state. same day, according to donald corey, he was not in Oklahoma city. On the twenty sixth win, the two girls were abducted. To do enough. He works for the with the state fair, what's tricky regarding this identification badge? It seems to be that it was some type of work, identification badge right, but some information that I found stated that it wasn't for that fair grounds that it wasn't in regards to that exact area. Ok, police want to question him more, but corey gets.
court appointed attorney and he tells corey to shut his mouth and no longer speak with the police, then quickly something started to fall apart for the investigators first, when koreas arrested, his vehicle does not match the vehicle. The boys say the abductor was driving so to be clear, Donald cory's vehicle that he's driving at the time of his arrest. It's his vehicle, its title damage registered to him. It's not like he's driving a stolen car, anything in the description of the the vehicle it went. It wasn't even a close match to cory's car don Corey drove a green oldsmobile station wagon. The boy said the abductor drove them to the truck stop in a nineteen eighty or nineteen eighty one model pontiac beige, grand prix pull.
Some alabama analyze cory's vehicle, and there is also no indications that the two girls were ever in this vehicle. It takes a couple of days, but donald Corey is sent back to o k c, there during the course of a lineup. Both boys fail to correctly identified donald corps as having been the man that the two boys saul dry, A way with the girls don't guiding, don't got it then to make the case against corey even weaker. He finally tells police he was in Dallas texas. The day the girls were abducted, receiving a damn are all inject in from a doctor. So not only does it appear that Donald corrie has an also, or maybe he doesn't. That is unclear. However, what is clear this is by cory's own admission. He is addicted to admiral and he's looking to get one or two demurral injections a day. That's his thing and it sounds like he was very.
Good at achieving this goal because he is getting doctors to give him these injections and often it's not all on the other up, and even though it was on the download these illegal injections in dallas the day of the abductions, Cory's attorney gets the doktor endows to back up d. Corey story, providing him an alibi for the day and with that, the charges against him and rightfully so are dropped, and they probably has no explanation of why this person would have. Name tag with his name on it other than he didn't have it in his possession. He wasn't sure of when he had lost the idea. Batch re was smart idea, grab a name badge with picture and I'm gonna, hey, I'm when hire you guys they take up with these girls. Who cares that they saw you, Maybe I'll pick you up the line up their remembering that bad
which then remembering the name yeah, and it's surprising too. If it's actual, it was actually Donald's picture on the badge which it was lucky for him that they didn't remember. That picture, It came out of the line up, yeah you're you're, taking them where they could not even remembered the face in this remember the picture then went it's that guy. Then what do you do You go where we got to be, will pick em out of line up, but we have a doctor. That's given an alibi. Yet in the thing here is, it sounds like there was trouble getting that the doctor wasn't very forthcoming. You know it took some convincing by the attorney to get the doktor to come forward with his alibi. I wonder if that's because of how much dumber all they're giving them well, it was in the illegal injection brain well to this day, send a pallet in charlotte kinsey. They never found at the time of her disappearance, send a pallet was five foot
call an eighty eight pounds. She is part caucasian part hispanic and has brown hair and brown eyes, since it has a small scar below the corner of her left. Eyebrow, her collar bone was previously broken, but healed at the time or before the time she vanished at the time of disappearance. She wore a dental retainer behind her lower front teeth. She was last. Seen wearing jeans, a white t, shirt, jersey with dark blue sleeves and the words Zz top on the front and eighty eight on the back. She was also wearing nike sneakers at the time of charlotte's disappearance. She was five foot to five foot, one inches tall. and wait a hundred two hundred five pounds, she had blonde hair blue eyes. She has a small dot shaped. Car below her left. I caused by pencil, led charlotte, has silver caps on her lower front teeth and pierced ears.
She also has a triangular shape, birthmark on her lower back near the waistline. She was I seen wearing a white blouse with maroon stripes, blue jeans and sneakers If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of send a pallet or charlotte kinsey. Please call the oklahoma police missing persons unit at four zero. Five two, nine seven, one one to nine or call crime stoppers at four zero, five to three five: seven: three: zero zero collars too. Stoppers can remain anonymous and may be eligible for cash reward. Please join us back here
garage tomorrow for the conclusion of this case. Until then be good, be kind and don't let the.
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