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The Short Family Murders /// Part 2 /// 603

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The Short Family Murders /// Part 2 /// 603

Part 2 of 3 


Around 9AM August 15th, 2002 a man named Chris Thompson went to his employer’s home. This was a scheduled work day and Chris was to be there at the home to start work that morning. When he arrived Chris found the overhead garage door to the home open. He found his boss inside the garage, dead. Michael Short had been shot once in the head. Inside the Henry County Sheriff’s department located Michael’s wife Mary. She too had been shot once in the head. As if things weren’t already bad enough, the Sheriff’s department could not locate the Short’s 9 year old daughter. What was the motive here in this double homicide? Where was the little girl? Join us in our Garage as we take a deep dive and look at a case that is now 20 years old and 20 years unsolved. This week we spotlight this case and the investigation that ensued over the years. Plus we look at some theories and suspects. 

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the mary and michael short were found dead in their home on the morning of august, fifteenth two thousand and two there, nine year old, daughter, missing from the scene, apparently abducted after the parents, were killed and then, over two weeks later, in our investigations I'm line here we are, and there is still no sign of little jennifer shore. Now things really start to get weird here in this investigation. So, in early september of two thousand and two, the sheriff's office engineered the exhumation of michael short. Now they would not say why, and they also did not say why the planned didn't include the exhumation of merit that strange, but MIKE,
was exude and sent to the state medical examiners office for forensic testing. The daily news leader later reported that court records indicated that Michael was examined in order to collect hairs that were not collected at autopsy. So this was to write a wrong or to correct an error. Sheriff cassell stated that the exhumation was done in order to correct an error, the oversight of not collecting hairs during the course of the autopsy. But he also commented that test proved that mary short was the biological mother of jennifer short, but would not address whether the same was true for michael show.
where'd. He said the exhumation had nothing to do with the paternity test and the investigators knew the answer of whether michael was Jennifer's dad and the information was important to the investigation. Ok, so wait a minute here so now we are concerned with paternity test and a double homicide case that involves a missing and presumed abducted. Nine year old kid fall out by a long line of question marks read so basically they probably talk to people close to the family and it might have been cut
understood by people close to them that that Michael, wasn't the father well- and this is interesting to me too, and that they have other reasons for doing this. But let's pretend that they're just simply thinking outside of the box here. You gotta give big kudos here for that as being a parcel. well the right, because what's the number one reason for child abduction and our country, it's based off of custody disputes, that's or a parent who has taken their own child that happens daily mits, unfortunately, is probably happened several times through the course of recording santos out in our country, and so you walk into the scenario and go well. Let's assume nothing and knowing the statistics on parents abducting their own children go well
double check and make sure that we have all of our facts correct before we really start to try to see this scenario for what it actually is. For those cases very strange, firm, multiple reasons, we have two parents dead river missing job We have the phone lines being cut, and then we have this message that was left on the answering machine which I'm assuming based on what was left. We don't know the context of that message, but I'm guessing that it is directly related to this crime or not at all. I mean this: is these that's one of the items that has disappeared from the reporting over the course of years in this case and in this investigation? That's going on twenty years now, but at this point in the investigation in September. So just a couple of weeks. After
this case breaks. It looks like police at least some are believing that there is a possible theory he that mary, so Mary is fourteen years, younger than Michael, so, where they working off of a possible theory that she may have had a fair or some type of relationship nine to ten years prior and perhaps jennifer was not Michael's biological daughter right and maybe the real father killed Michael and marion had come to collect his daughter for good. Well, as it turns out that was actually one of the working theories at this time and keep a mine. They're, trying to find this little girl right double triple down on the amount of of stress going on in this situation, because they are not just investigating a double homicide, they're trying to find a little girl so
clearly when you're, not getting answers when you can't find her when you don't have suspects in your double homicide, you start to get a little desperate so it it would be. It would be perfectly fine for us to assume that there's some desperation on the part of investigators at this point. In our time I yeah- and I know we give law enforcement shit sometimes, but could you imagine how wake up and knowing that your job is to try to find a nine year old that you know has been taken from her house that you know her. Parents have been murdered in their sleep. I mean that would be a stressful job and it would appear that the agencies working the case didn't simply arrive at that theory completely on their own. No because, in the course of their investigation, they discovered that a decade earlier, when my he was working at the plume sewing factory. She had been harassed by a man on more than one occasion who seem to be stalking her, and this was
all released to the public and an article they came out because once this theory some legs and starts run here right now. We have a situation where the investigators are going to be asking the public for information right. So this theory carries some wait right. One of the investigators captain nestor states in is asking the public for information. Article says especially hopes, as someone will remember, an incident that occurred in ninety ninety two or ninety. Ninety three: when a man apparently harassed mary short at the plume a plant, the man was asked to leave the parking lot of the plume a plant in the balls industry park on several occasions. That makes you wonder if it's a fair that womb wrong, like maybe she was having an affair with this guy, then she tried
break it off and he's not so fast. The man entered the plant on one occasion and plume officials were moved him from the property police investigating the short murders acknowledged. These incidents and that an unknown man was angry with mary, but ten years prior them. That's a long time to hold a grudge. This man was not recognized by Mary's co workers, but, interestingly, reportedly Mary had asked for no charges to be brought against the man. As pointed out by someone on web sleuths may be some one believed either that jennifer was his daughter or maybe just felt that she should have been his daughter anyway investigators released a ten year old photo of mary to show to the public to show what she look like at the time of these events and hopes that some of her old co workers may
I have a memory of these events and come forward and be able to fill in some of the blanks for investigators. So yeah the rough timing that law enforcement put on this incident nine to ten years earlier. It would appear that this may be what sparked not just the police's theory, but also that looking into confirming paternity status. I think that this is why law enforcement was checking on Jennifer's paternity. They thought that that just maybe mary, had actually engaged in relations with this guy, and maybe he thought jennifer was his daughter or was his daughter, now release in this photo where they able to get any leads on this individual. If they were, we do not know of that information. Here's the crazy thing, though, too and you're right captain that sub
that you really want to know more about it. Like that's one of the pieces imparts in this investigation that really stands out at the moment and you go okay. Well, even if, even if She had no affair at all, even if. No one would have any reason to believe that jennifer was their daughter. This is still one of those things that you want to know more about, especially when you have no real leads. It looks like at this point and when you have a situation where you have sheriffs coming forward We have no suspects. Tell me if I'm correct he he you just said couple minutes ago: law enforcement knows the answer to this question, but they're not giving us the answer. Correct they're they're sidestepping the the question
sidestepping the answer- and there is good reason for that- will get into that- and just in just a minute here, but I should point out: I want to kind of throw out a counter to what the person on web slew says. I don't believe one hundred percent, that mary Ann and again even question. If this even happened, but the statement of Mary said that she didn't want to press charges against the sky, that would imply to me a few different things: what the personal web sleuth! that it implies to them. Is that Maybe Mary knew this person felt sympathetic and didn't want to press any charges against him or didn't wanna call you no more attention to the situation right. I look at this in a different way.
one I dont believe that maybe there was even an opportunity for any one to press charges, because it sounds to me like just the simple act of tress passing into the plant. The company themselves could have press charges against individual; they don't need marries permission to do so number one and then number two where's, this guy's name where's. The paper trail on this dude. If you were the point where somebody was questioning should we press charges than his identity should be known and we can't fight. anybody this, as they know who the hell this guy was from nine or ten years prior. So this would be ninety two ninety ninety three and the The thing, though, to I've worked security. For a long time. We have had several individuals that we that we snatched up for trespassing or even harassing people,
and the majority of the time, the person who did not know the person that was trespassing or harassed? seeing them or people in the area, the majority of the time nobody wanted to be bothered with it. They just felt like it was a matter for security to handle and they didn't want to press charges. So it's not complete, Well, you out of character or completely uncommon for a person in this situation to not press charge. So all this is going to lead us to September twenty first, two thousand and two by this point. We have jennifer's aunt and uncle who were appointed as heard legal guardians this by the Henry county courts and a henry county judge, every one can continued to hope against hope that the little girl was coming home in coming home soon, but then, on september, twenty fifth about five or six weeks after she was abducted
Unfortunately, Jennifer was found in it was not good news a man named eddie albert who resided off of grogan road in stone, ville north carolina was startled when his dogs, blue girl, in zeke, seem to be playing with what he thought was a wig and his back yard. He threw it away, then his twenty year old ants are found, a tennis you, a few days later, his daughter LISA found some teeth which she assumed were and animals. But then eddies dogs were playing with what they thought at first was eternal shell. Well, it wasn't a shell. It was a small human skull with some hair still attached. Authorities descended on this area drained a pond. There was near by and fair
more bone scattered about in multiple locations near a small stream on the albert's property, the rockingham county share of said there were small fragments of jaw teeth and other bones strewn all over the place. End quote the skull was deemed to be from some one young, given its small size, the Henry county investigators travel to the area and were sent back with some hair from the skull to try to match it to hairs from jennifer's belongings. That were collected from the murder scene, but that's not how the identification was confirmed. It wasn't until early october the dna tests conducted by a virginia laboratory and roanoke.
concluded, that the remains that war found were that of jennifer short and she had been shot once in the head. Just like her parents, she was dumped off of a small bridge into a stream on the albert's rural property We should point out that, unfortunately, it's been reported that only about twenty five to maybe thirty percent of her remains were ever recovered, which complicates things, but it appears that her manner of death was the same as her parents, with this sick shot to the head. Assume is also with a twenty two. I have not seen any information to indicate with what caliber of bullet they believe, killed the little girl right, but now that jennifer,
found your by goes immediately to art. What about those paternity test? Well, the paternity test actually showed that Michael was W. S was jennifer. Father and that angle of the investigation lead. Nowhere now sheriff cosette addressed this later when he said that you know he he's apologizing for not conclusively identifying Michael short as the biological father of jennifer until a press conference at which the he stating that dna test results confirmed they found jennifer, and she, in fact is dead. He's up advertising, saying that if the biological father or
person who thought he was. The biological father had jennifer in his possession that the sheriff and his office was afraid that this man would dispose of her learning that He was not the father right, so just the kind of move on from this idea here, because we know that it in the grand scheme of things it's it's part of the story, but it doesn't mean so much to our current astrogation into trying to figure out who killed, abducted and later killed these three people, because what he saying here is yes, that was an angle that we were working. That was a theory that we had. However, quickly once we went down road of that theory very quickly. We knew that Michael was the father, but the at that point. We don't want to publicly announced that because We were working under the idea that jennifer short was still alive,
Any news could potentially change that for the investigation, especially if whoever abducted her was keeping close eyes and close watch on the investigation yeah, which I understand, but also at the same time, you could still have an individual out there. That thought this is a possibility that she's, my daughter or a hundred percent convinced that's my daughter, and still kidnaps her yes, one hundred percent, he simply apologizing that he had to with her that information on purpose right from every one during the course of searching for jennifer shore but We have now, as we have a second crime scene, the area We're Jennifer's body was found and this location is about thirty or so miles south of these your family's home again this
a rural area. This is rockingham county north carolina. There was no known connection between this local sean and any in the short family. And authorities work, giving much out as to whether they thought this new location, was significant to their investigation. Now have to talk about another sheriff, because now we're talking about another location, grandmother county, so sheriff pay age, who is known for his tough law and order type attitude, and his love of the cameras would not comment about whether they thought Jennifer had been killed where she was found or if she had been killed elsewhere and then later dumped in the slope nor would he or anyone else comment on whether evidence indicated the little girl had been sexually assaulted or otherwise.
sovereign right to expand on that a little bit here captain this is one of those things. Where is it so incredibly for us, rating and spoiler alert therein. People out there that no this case, so we're not gonna hide from the fire it's. Twenty years later it still unsolved, but this is one of those things you go, it's been all these years later, there's so much that they have withheld from the public kid can we can. We start to release of this information. Is it probably too late really have any meaningful impact on the investigation to release any of this information now could be. But you know here we sit twenty years later, we have a lot of a lot of she's about these short families home that crime scene. But we now have questions about this secondary. I'm seeing the crime scene where the little girl was eventual. Found we don't know whether clothing was found,
You know that she was skeleton eyes by this point. We do know that bones were scattered. They could not tell whether she was assaulted one has reported on when jennifer was killed. We don't know if she was killed the same night did she was abducted, four days later or weeks later Skelton, to me would indicate that she was probably killed weeks before the bar he was found at least and it might,
even indicate that she was killed shortly after the time that she was abducted. Why I agree with you: they have some stuff that maybe I could release. But let's say this tape, this voice messages connected to the crime, the problem with releasing that, because that could be a possible than a fire of of the murderers voice its. But what is the content of that message? Is that appropriate to release to the public yeah it's difficult to save, as we don't know what that messages? We don't know if it is even connected at all to this case, but don't you so badly. Just wanna hear that message. Yeah, there's, there's a lot of things that I would like to know. In this case, I would like to know more about the bodies being found at the home I would like to know more about things like clothing
would want to know if there was any indication if the killer or killers spent any the amount of time in the home and in a you know any somebody out there has gone well. Of course they spent some time in the home, colonel bryan, no duh, thanks, I, what I mean is eggs How long were they in there? You know it's it. It's one of those crimes. Where'd! You go. Ok, there's! There's efforts made to carry out this crime, the cutting of the phone lines, the avoiding of taking the money. There is very weird things about this crime. The indicate to me that the person or persons responsible did not want to spend any length of time home their shots to the head, but then we had yet. Then we had the weird statement of well. There was, there might have been somebody that wrote something with their finger somewhere on on a window. There might have been
obscene message that was left on the answering machine tape, me like, I also see a scenario to wear. If that answering machine, papers of any importance. Why wasn't just grabbed? the killer on his way out of the home would make a lot of sense. To me I mean you went to the trouble of cutting the phone lines, but of course that's why import some of these cases are still unsolved. It's not meant to make sent to all of us is not meant to make sense to you and I, when we sit here again, elevated thirty, thousand feet above looking down the scenario trying to make heads or tails of things, but there was a suspect. It came onto the radar shortly after the little girls remains were found. The daily news leader put out an article on the case dated October fifth, that says investigator say
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Nor does it have a second rail screw. You kind of stinky this send that comes onto radar here. Captain his name is garrison bowman aged sixty six- and this is somebody that we will learn was it sounds like a tip is received just a couple days after the murders that indicates the gas bowman aged sixty six as someone that police should be looking at and this tipp came in from a man named Gary lemons. He called the police and named a tenant or a former tenant of his depending on how you want to look at the situation as being somebody that they should look at. So the news and record reported they got their hands on a search warrant of the home. Their bowman was renting from
This gary lemons and sounds more like he was renting the property, but we'll get into that here in just a minute. So, according to the search warrants His former landlord gary lemons keys, harrison bowman's former landlord said that bowman told him then he had paid an unnamed mobile home mover, remember, Michael short, owns a mobile home moving company very lemon says oh man told him that he had paid an unknown unnamed mobile home mover in virginia again, where the shorts live, to move a mobile home he owned, but that the man never moved it.
either. The mobile home mover is going to pay him his money back or he's going to move the trailer or I'm gonna have to kill the son of a bitch. This is what lemons tells police that bowman told him. Well, there's your motive and he states that bowman told him this via a phone conversation and, of course, as we pointed out Michael your own, a mobile home, moving company in Virginia. We should be clear here because some people might be scratch in their heads a bit, but gary lemons and harrison bowman live in north carolina now. Lemons, Gary lemon said that on the night of august fifteenth, this is the day that the short family was killed, that he went to the home of harrison bone an bowman confronted him, and at that time he was carrying a gun and ordered gary lemons off of his property. Some time before that date, lemons
there. He saw harrison bowman drilling holes in the passenger section of the ford alkaline van. He drove and placing a false bottom in the Van harrison bowman left for canada. The day after the shootings. also found was a map that was left behind in this abandoned home was marked with a red acts in the approximate location of the short home in Henry county virginia before he left Harrison. Bowman gave some of his belongings away, including ten thousand dollars worth of carpentry tools and his mobile home, which he moved to a site on Webster row
jennifer shorts remains were found on grogan road. This just about a mile from the Webster road site. Gary lemons had called in this tipp about harrison bowman, just two or three days after the murders authorities had searched the home and mobile home,
and if he had vacated and started trying to track him down and the f b. I had spoken to harrison bowman on the phone from Canada, asking him about the case and look they're, probably also looking for that twenty two. But it wouldn't be that hard for this individual to discard that weapon, because there's quite a bit of distance between him and and where the murders took place. Yeah we have about thirty miles, or so we also have a good distance between where he used to live and where he is found in Canada. One thing that we should point out, though, that the bowman was not it look he's in another country. He could dodge them fairly easily and he spoke to them on the phone. The investigators on the phone,
several times this shortly after the tipp comes in. Remember they, when these tips come in when they first start looking at harrison bowman, they ve not found jennifer short yet, and so he's basically tells law enforcement. Yeah, I move from the area. I'm in can now. This is where I am. If you need to get a hold of me in the future, but I dont know who the the shorts are. I don't know their family is. I I've never been to that end that I can recall henry clay leave virginia highway to won t have never been to. That area is get a hold of me. This is how you can get a hold of me going forward, but basically I have no knowledge of this cry. Nothing to help you with your investigation. That seems to be good, enough for investigators early on. What's not good enough is once they find jennifer shorts body. Yeah that connects her way more to this
They find her body parts of her romanes located about a mile from the site. where he moved his mobile home too. Before leaving the area oh and by the way, the f b, I said that the person you're looking for might want to get outta dodge might want to flee the area shortly after the crimes. What I think as humans law enforcement armchair detectives, whatever you want to call us to dumb asses in the garage when you see a crime like this. This is an awful crime: two parents dead and the abduction of a young girl.
Later found dead. You don't want to think that it's over something so simple as buy one, this guy to move my trailer and he didn't want to or possibly can it or took my money right yeah, it just doesn't seem like it adds up or should add up, but obviously the evidence is starting to in this direction. On October third harrison bowman was arrested by the royal canadian mounted police and Una VIC, which is a town north of the arctic circle. An canada's north west territories.
He had been arrested in canada on august thirty, first for drunk driving and his failure to disclose previous criminal convictions in the. U s related to canadian immigration laws. So the way that this works captain is when he went across the border he is supposed to. Let them know hey, you know, have you ever been convicted of of a serious crime where you're coming from and he says no but when he was arrested on august thirty first and canada for drunk driving what they learn is well. He had in fact been arrested for d you I arrest back when he lived in the states, so he lies to immigration and violates Canada's immigration laws by not disclosing of that. Previous, do you
I rest so now he's arrested October third, but he's arrested simply for the the reasons of holding him to deport him back to the states, but also so he can be transferred to the custody of the persons in David, investigating the triple homicide, is so bowman was held in canada and the EU s authorities investigating these short murders flew up there to talk with him. They went through all of his belongings while he was held pending deportation back to north carolina. They publicly announced said they were talking to him as a material witness not as a suspect in these short murders. On october, fifteenth of two thousand and two by then bowman was deported and he arrived back in virginia back in virginia by october. Twenty second of that year now harrison bowman for his part,
swore up and down that he had no idea who the shorts were. He had no idea what had happened to them. He didn't even understand why he was being wrapped up in this whole thing. He denied saying me of those menacing things about mobile home mover to his landlord. He said. I never said that I was going to happen. Kill a mobile home over. I never discussed mobile home mover with my landlord. Why would this guy just make this up? He also states that When the landlord came to his home and says that I I was her, adding a gun and told him to leave the property while that happen either. I dont even own a gun. I've never owned, oh god, and he said too. He goes look. I get that it looks awfully suspicious that these people were killed. I'm up here in canada, but I was planning to move to canada for months. This wasn't just something that I just
I did in and moved here after they were killed. planning on moving here for months, the time for me, is just bad. The timing is just a coincidence for your investigation, so that was his defence, but it appears that there was some circumstantial evidence that bowman might have just killed the shortfall again, he live very close to where jennifer's body was found. That's a bizarre coincidence, because this really is out in the middle of nowhere. He also own mobile home. They indeed was in the process of being relocated. Michael short ones, at mobile home moving company, but it doesn't seem like we were able to find anything physically at his form residents or in his possession when they pick him up in canada there,
would tie him directly to this case to these crimes. The triple homicide would love to see this ass heads phone records well he's, certainly being looked at in this case and looked at quite well again back to his defense here. You know he is saying that he left for canada, but that was well planned. It was something that he had planned for months and he he also denied again stating that that he would have to kill the man that he paid in virginia to move his mobile home that if he didn't, the job worried and get his money were funded. He would have to kill him, so he denies this e says luck. Couple problems with this story is the statement about me, killing of her junior man to move my for him because he cheated me that never happened.
He said that he had arranged for his mobile home to be moved on to his buddy John beazley, property for storage harrison bowman intended to give the mobile home to a person name, lorry butler, who is a friend in former employees of his who lived in michigan, and we should also point out that, prior to this that harrison bowman had been to canada several times before and had also been to alaska. So, as I like he's this opening up and leave in his life, this is So then he contemplated pray for, while not only that he saying that some of this suspicion that is cast on to him from his previous landlord Gary lemons is based off of a dispute. The two of them had leading up to the time that he was going to leave, So he was planning on leaving the area according to bowman anger,
To move to canada, and so an older man at this point. I believe sixty six years old and sounds to me. Captain, like his plan, was well. I'm I'm kind of done. I'm kind of retire- and it's always a dream, a mind to live up in canada now's the time for me to do this. So what we see by this individual is not only has he leaving this area he's rented this property from the scary lemons for years bright well over a decade that I could find and he says that the dispute happened one because Gary I turned on him once he was going to no longer be renting from him. He was gonna lose a renter, but he also says: look Gary just assumed that he was going to inherit. My mobile home that when I leave the area he would just take possession of it because I wouldn't be taking it with me and so
He said that a lot of this stems from a dispute over this mobile home. To me, that's a little difficult to believe that somebody would try to marquis up a framework for a triple homicide. I dont think framed as a good word. Maybe this happened and then Gary lemons just got suspicions suspicion. of this guy for for one reason or another. But what we do know about the situation is. It does appear that he had been making these arrangements for some time he had gifted the mobile home to a friend. He was given. The way approximately ten thousand dollars worth of tools that was his own business. he no longer needs a business because he's retiring and moving to canada summit His actions prior to the triple homicide would indicate that there may be some truth to his defence.
I, but I think this guy would have to admit that there's definitely a couple of things pointing into his directions, not just all fabric fabricated, so we have a suspect, but the this Chris thompson guy, the michaels employee, the one that was there the night before and then the one that found them. I I I wish we knew more about him and why lock long hasn't brought him to the forefront. Well, yeah I mean they. They looked at him several times a vintage interviewed him several times over the course of the year. We don't know a lot about christophersen, that's for certain, but the other. Thing here, though, to were not ready to move off of this harrison bowman because, as you said, he You me and everybody else involved would agree that there seems to be some reason, some possibly good reasons for them to be,
looking at him in considering them him as their prime suspect. Right, so I mean he's not just arrested and sent back. For his violation of of canadian immigration laws. Now he's he sent back because of that violation, but he's also sent back for the purpose of investigating him in this triple homicide, and we have, The sheriffs offices, as well as the fbi, who interrogate harrison bowman for proximately three and a half hours and he ends up being a local newspaper afterward, he said: look Nestor these referring to one of the sheriffs nestor told me right out, you did it. I know you did bowman said. I looked him right in the eye and said I didn't do it. I I know I didn't do it and god knows I didn't do it, and that was the end of the interview
now in Virginia harrison bowman faced a federal judge who ruled he could be old, pending his appearance before the grand jury, but on the thirtieth, both prosecutors and the defence lawyers asked that he be released as long as he promised to appear before the federal grand jury on november to Ok, so one thing we need to point out, though, to is even though this dude was in canada here wasn't dodging police, the police, made it well known that they were looking for harrison bowman well before they spoke with harrison beaumont, so the way he's not dodge. Dodging them at all and again he was in a whole different country. It would have been I'm guessing fairly easy for him to dodge them or to delay them finding him right, but what happens remember the person that he was gifting the mobile home to live the michigan she becomes aware.
that they are looking for her friend harrison bowman. She where he is and Canada she reach out to him and said: hey was a murder down there in virginia and south virginia right before you left for canada and police, are actively saying that they would like to interview you as a possible witness right. He contacts, police, harrison, beaumont The other way around it wasn't police, contacted him figures out how to get in touch with the law enforcement agency. That is investigating this homicide and he reaches out to them. So the friends of garrison, bowman gary lemons, pointed the finger at him in this august, fifteenth slayings of the virginia fee. molly there. This was all based off of an angry landlord who wanted a garrison, bowman's mobile home and had ordered him to move out weak spots.
War bowman left rockingham county for canada. The and lord Gary lemons was furious because bohme, indeed it his nineteen sixty six mobile home to a friend in michigan dead of leaving it for lemons when bowman left rockingham county in august. This based off of the two long time, friends of garrison bowman, so the two friends are john beazley and this lorry butler we ve mentioned both of them already they're coming to garrison bowman's defence. Here, and they state that the situation is this? The gary lemons, a landlord, is ordering bowman off of the property and rockingham county where they live, does not allow
mobile homes built before nineteen seventy six to be moved and set up again with in the county according to the county planning department. That's why bowman gave it to a friend out of state. According to lorry butler person that he gave it to his only option for keeping what was valued at a fifth thousand dollar mobile home in rockingham county would have been to leave it hooked up on gary lemons, property sewed? Does that make sense to everybody out there that This guy was in a situation where either he has to move. This frailer this mobile home and gifted to somebody out of state or he would be either forced to sell it to
his landlord, gary lemons or just leave it there and gary lemons would take possession of an gary lemons would know all of this. So if he were to try to sell it to him, while he would almost forced to sell to gary lemons, for whatever price lemons wanted to offer to him. Well, you said that there were threats, but are these threats only heard by one individual? The only person the reported these threats was carry lemons and in his defence bowman states. Look, I didn't know who Michael short, was I never hired Michael short to move my trailer. He says that he has A mobile home mover in Eden, although this is not great for bowman he was unable to provide the name of the person that he hired in Eden, but he does go on to state on record. Saying: look you
get somebody from virginia to come down to north carolina to move your trailer. You get somebody local and he says, he's a contractor himself and he states as a contract. I know you never pay somebody in advance or you can just kiss that money goodbye. So he saying look base off of the threat. I dont pay people in advance, specially contractors to do work for me Right there would be no reason for me to get revenge on somebody, because I would never pay them in advance. He also goes on to point out what is just simply fact here is michael short on michael shorts, and they don't find anything paperwork or otherwise, to suggest that he did any work for bowman right or that he was actual to do any work for bowman or that he collected any kind of payment from bowman and bowman states. Look Michael short,.
He doesn't have a licence to do this kind of work in north carolina. I live in a different state, then michael short, and that is for the threatening gary lemons with the hand gun tell them to get. You know off of his property or or away from his home. He simply states. I never. owned a gun. So that's not true. I've never borrowed again. So that's not true on the alibi issues that he had some kind of secret compartment that he bill in his van bowman said had no idea how to build a false floor on the bottom. the Van bowman's two thousand and one ford van that he took to canada while they Urged it it's pretty easy for law enforcement to determine. He did not put a false floor in that vein, It is no secret compartment that was bill into that vat. So. where this idea, gary lemons, came up with
However, he arrived at that idea. He did tell that information to law enforcement and law enforcement can look at that van and no well this this one part. At the very least, you know we have a lot of. He said he said situations here, but this one part is not true This one statement, the gary lemons, gave us about bowman bill, a false floor in a secret compartment and his van. But that's just simply not true right. It's a lie, so we could then assume that some of these other accusations against him that they put him to be a good suspect are also lie. The other thought too. He sates about canada. He says I wasn't running from anything that was my third trip up in that country. I was going to canada with the idea of moving to canada. I just love it up there. I love the people. I love the country,
bowman said that he had been planning the trip for months and had given some of his tools to friends weeks before he laughed, and that was proof that he was leaving bowman's friends, John beazley and danny sizemore have both corroborated this portion of his story about the law enforcement and publicly in the media. About the map. Now remember there was a map on it and what the media was reporting was that this map had and acts that marked the spot on the map, and this was the same location as where the short home would have been located on on that map and above and basically says look. I don't have an extra nation for the map. I can't give you a great answer. Why. They would have a map with an x on it where the shorts family home was located in and found this map. In a place that I previously rented
He did say that it was. He believed it was his map. He said that he was an avid canoe or and that he typically underline, he would mean single line of locations he canute or wanted to canoe. So again, he's he's saying I don't. Denying that you found a map in my previously rent at home. I'm just don't understand what the x is, and I understand that the IMF that acts may implicate me for a triple homicide, but I dont make axes on maps. I make a single line. He did point out. That may be his wife- may have marked and acts on the map at one point for some reason or other she was are viewed in states that she does not recall ever marking an x on a map belong two bowman but then later we find out that this whole ex marks the spot of the trouble.
Homicide on the map, seems very shady a huge red flag on the part of bowman. We learn that there was not really one hundred percent truthfully were worded in the media. It was sensationalize debate, they did find em with an x on it, and the ex was somewhat near where the shorts home would be located. However, after look, at the map. They determine that it would be approximately five miles from where the short lived. So while it a good in the papers. It's not gonna, sound, so great in a court of law, and the other thing to this is found after bowman left the area. It's a possibility that somebody else put their acts on that map it's impossible.
that gary lemons put the x on that map, yeah seems like there are some things to make some things of evidence to make. You want to look into this individual, but it doesn't seem like a lot of them, hold up and but then you just wonder, why would this guy? Just because they had a dispute? You'd want this individual looked into the warm aside, Well, the thing here is, we have a lot of he said he said scenarios with in this situation. We do have things proven to be wrong allegations by gary lemons, it were proven to be not factual, not correct, but gary That wasn't the only one he was. the only one that was pointing the finger at bowman for these homicides. In fact what we have
Was we have three men, Timothy samson, jerry mills and tony epperson, who two of these three men came forward, and stated that they may have seen bowman leaving the murder scene, the knight of the double homicide we have MR sampson who began anonymously, contacting a captain Bobby lawson of the rockingham counting sheriff's office in august of two thousand and three. So this is a year after the murders. MR sampson claim that he and another man, MR mills have been scouts. an area near the short home to conduct, burglaries and the date given on this. He states is august, fifteenth, two thousand and two
he states that when they were out there, he and Mister mills her to gunshots coming from the short family home, He then claim that he saw a man who resembled Abraham lincoln later identity. I'd as Gary bowman carrying a child who was wearing a nightgown from the short home souls when have this. He said he said scenario going on and you don't know whose right whose wrong one guy defending himself one accusing the other. Now we have these witnesses coming forward that somebody matching bowman's description. Was seen by these guys, Carrying I'm wearing a nightgown from the home after hearing to gunshots, but witherspoon, most damning piece of evidence against him is, would be these eye. Witness in your right here captain it looks very bad for
or garrison bowman that now we have these witnesses saying that they saw him fleeing the scene, carrying the the the child with him, as he's leaving the scene there's all kinds of problems with this investigation and not just on the garrison bowman front. So looking at the garrison bowman portion of this week, we have people coming forward, telling law enforcement. Look this guy he's he's would have been sixty six years old at the time we ve known him for ever, we ve never known him to be violent. We ve never known him to carry a gun. So we question all these things at this. Gary lemons is saying about him. Oh by the way We do know that in this, as fact we know, that garrison bowman took a polygraph task. We do
I don't know the actual results of the that test. What we do know is garrison or gary bowman has said on record that he was told that he passed that polygraph, but we only have his word to take for it, because police have never commented on that polygraph. Asked, but now we have these witnesses who are saying we see him leaving the area. The though becomes there must. I have been that great of a case against garrison bowman because it goes to a grand jury and they decide. There is not enough evidence or reason to charge him in the koran and he's pray In any cooperating for all of these parts and pieces of this investigation, what we end up having happen is that two thousand and five. This is a march of two thousand and five three men, Timothy
samson jerry mills and tony emerson were indicted for make up a bunch of lies to try to collect reward money in this case. Mrs S, sad because we want to believe I, when this no want to believe that they came forward to put try to put the now on sundays coffins. So they can get money, it's pretty despicable and not of all people, w F, em. Why news too had coverage on the story? They stay investigator, say: samson, mills and emerson all lie two officers about what they observe the night. The short family was murdered according to the indictment, samson and mills told police that they were in beset virginia, the knight of the short family murders, the two told investigators. They were scoping out the area for a possible by
glory samson claimed. He heard two gunshots coming from inside the shorts home and then saw man resembling Abraham lincoln carrying a child and a gone out of the house. Samson later identified the man as gary or garrison beaumont investigator say this whole story is a lie made up by samson, and mills In addition, the indictment alleges samson and mills also made threats against to law enforcement officers working the case. Both of these officers have had their lives threatened simply because they were doing their job,
by investigating the case, says john Brownlee. U s attorney for the western district of virginia timothy samson forty at the time of rude off county is charged with threatening to kill to law enforcement officers and forcing his daughter to falsely testify in the case also jerry mills. Forty two of guilford county, is accused of conspiracy, perjury and providing false information. Tony a person aged thirty, two of stokes counting, is a key of providing false information to the taskforce investigating the murders. So not only do police not believe their story of these witnesses they believe them so much that they can prove that they lied to police and charge them with conspiracy with perjury, with riding false information. They want
The d bags goes out of his way to threaten the lives of two of the law enforcement officers working the homicide case, yeah. What tea bags these d bags now I have become pie bags and her Clinton to look at them. As suspects, are. We won't go into the trials and convictions of these yahoos, the? U s, iter, john Brownlee said of the man. Mr sampson conviction makes it Clear that we will not tolerate one lying two investigators or wasting government resources in this manner, and MR apparition provided false information to investigators during seventeen. That's one seven, seventeen separate interviews. He wasted the investigators valuable time. cause them to spend limited resources
the and join us back here in the grudge. It's always excited when the case turns into a three partner so much more to get to stick. round until then be good became
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