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Tracy Harkness /// Part 3 /// 630

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Friday, November 6, 1992 was a horrifying day that forever changed the lives of everyone who knew and loved 24 year old Tracy Renee Harkness.  Tracy was found beaten to death in her apartment that she shared with her 18 month old daughter.  There were no signs of forced entry and police ruled out burglary as a motive. Investigators said the attack on Tracy was a crime a passion.  Thirty years have passed since the murder and now Tracy’s family and the Grove City Police Department are hoping that new technology and DNA testing will lead to an arrest.  If you know who killed Tracy Renee Harkness call the Grove City Police department at 614.277.1710 OR to submit a tip and remain anonymous call 614.645-TIPS OR you can Email our show by going to our website www.TrueCrimeGarage.com

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well, it goes without saying captain, but I meant to say it anyway. It's obvious the detectives were eager to talk to a one david's he locked in they did so first on november. nineteen ninety two areas that covers, asian in that interview, David told police that he knew tracy since grade school. They had gone way back. and then they re connected a couple months earlier prior to her death when he ran into her at her mother and step. Fathers bore the name of the bar. Is the village pub he says entails detectives
then he moved in with tracy for a short period of just a couple of weeks, but they broke up and moved out of, Tracy's apartment, two weeks prior to her murder. He said that they broke up because he felt bad that he still had feelings for his ex janet and you'll. Remember from our last fm loud that it was a little more than just an ex girlfriend ex boyfriend situation between David and janet. They had been together for seven years and had two kids together? Try see it seems, Everybody is in agreements of what went down and how this relationship between Tracy and David fell apart, because he tells detectives look. I I broke off because I feel bad that I still have feelings for my ex janet Tracy is lying friends that she was tired of david being in constant contact with his axe.
And even hanging out at JANET's house all of the time the former girlfriend is janet, Craig go. Who was aged twenty three? in eighteen. Ninety two I'd be uncomfortable situation where you're seeing somebody and they have to go to their axes house, every single day. While this is one of those things, it's difficult right, because Tracy needs to be in constant decked with her ex regarding their child right, but its unacceptable her, to have david being constant contact with his axe regarding their children I can see Tracy's side of this right, because What we have here is david, who doesn't work very often ruin and he's probably his ex janet's beck and call- and we know this to be true, because he's going back daily to watch the chill and I could see how that would be very
unsettling yeah, you're young, your little emotionally sure- and you don't know, what's going on behind closed doors exactly if you are you're now rooming with someone who is going on the daily back to their axes house and you don't know it's going on during that time. But again we have these young adults trying to make their way through this difficult world. When we talk about people in their early twenties being young and dumb, I swear a lot I'm still have that soft spot on their head that's how young and undeveloped we all are at that time. Now, let's I've into this relationship between janet and David? so here we were also young and dumb at one point in we're still probably really stupid, I'm wearing a helmet to protect the soft spot. I had rightness detectives notes indicate there.
David and janet broke up several times over the course of their seven years together, and some of those breakups were due to what janet reports to police as David's violent temper. She said did he had assaulted her on several occasions and that you cheated on her multiple times over the course of that seven years, JANET said: did he hit her on occasion, and has given her several black eyes and a head injury now the woman you're a loser when be super clear about this. This is JANET's statement. This is what she is saying. We don't have confirmation of this in the form of the courts or law enforcement, because she openly express two detectives it. She refused to press charges against David but multiple people attested to seeing janet with black eyes at some point right:
She says that those black eyes came from David. We can't say We can't sit here and one hundred percent say that that is truth. In fact, we can only report what has been reported to police you decipher you decide for years Now JANET says that on the occasions it David would she on her. There was at least one occasion where she would go and confronted the other girl or the other one. but either way to me one. The relationships are not worth it, but to reproduce often a dangerous situation right. So we got this weird situation of you know tat. c on more than one occasion, fines. Self, in a relationship with a guy who may have just be out of a relationship, may still be in a relationship and she doesn't mind goin in confronting the other woman, but then we have the reverse of that on this same side, where janet
mine and going in confronting the person that her boyfriend, be running around with all these, the vigils would make great guest on the jerry springer show, so the short of it captain is tracy and David start. This relationship David, is kicked out of his place. It he lives with janet, goes to stay with tracy for a period of roughly two or so ex eventually tracy and David and their little relationship as well, because we have David, who is continually going back to janet's, to watch the children and help out So it's a messy situation, but it looks like it's in the process of being cleaned up. However, this is just a like two weeks before the murder of tracing harkness. The thing here is: I'm not gonna lie. I was incredibly suspicious of janet and I can
see. All the reasons to have a motive here rag- maybe there was some kind of interaction, some kind of confrontation between the two that got out of hand that you don't have to. We should point this out. There does not have to be a plan for murder. For there to be a murder, the the intent doesn't have to be homicide, the intent could be all. I went over there to talk things out with her or to discuss the situation her and we ended up in a knock down drag out. This, unfortunately, is the result, and now we need to get justice for our victim here, according to janet, she says that her and Tracy actually had a couple of talks that were not. as he is? One might anticipate, again. While I was very suspicious of janet or maybe janet in I d,
see a situation where janet and david do this together. Unless they completely went off the rails right, but JANET tells the cops did she was fined with the situation that her and David were over and she's fine with the situation, and while I dont know that that is true, I can only basic my opinion off of what c in the notes and how its described to us, but I really get the feel I mean We ve all been there right where you're, just kind of done was somebody looking at him, and you are, about everybody else out there I just kind of become numb, do whatever they do or sit like. I just don't care something I don't really have any feelings or emotion about it. Once I am able to move on from somebody. I dont know what jean that situation is other than she saying me and hammer
that was the end of it and theirs. But my gut feeling tells me that, like I believe her, I believe It's a minor points to this crime of passion. So it's like all you trying to take my mean. Ok, I'm gonna go overhearing. Come from you get out of here, I murder you and now I don't want the man. You know just at this horrible crime to be with him, and now you want to be with them, so I doesn't make a lot of somewhere, and I dont know if this is janet train. throw david under the bus, and I am in complete agreement with you if, if the relationship is over over than the obvious motive for janet to be. The prime aspect is kind of gone by that point. Now there could be some things beneath the surface it we are unaware of, but
though, with a weird reaction that we have here, is it when police first go out to find David, it's JANET that they encounter because they know where these I live in when they first encountered JANET she's busy she's in the act of walking groceries in from her car to their home or their apartment. I I can't recall if it's a home or apartment, but police are very blunt with janet. They say: hey we're here, to talk. to David and you because Tracy harkness has been killed and JANET's reaction according to the police is oh David killed. You know something to the effect of did david kill her or David killed her something that where she reacts inputs david right in the driver sea of being the perpetrator of this homicide. Now, as we That sounds. We should point out that if you are
phrasing, a question are presenting to somebody as we're here to talk to David, because this person was murdered right. I think, the natural reaction from anybody would be. They must be. talking to him cause he's involved, or they came in sight amount because he's involved raises implying, were why they would need to talk to him, but also, if it's true, that he was play abusive, then she knows that this douche bag is capable of. harm, in a woman of possibly murdering a woman right- and I just go out of my way to see that, in fairness to David, not that I see any reason for me to try to be fair to him, but I I don't know him. I wasn't there at the situation. All I can say one hundred per cent. As you have these accusations of domestic violence. You have evidence that suggests that those accusations are probably correct, but we don't have anything definitive saying this guy was convicted of them. ethnic violence right. So, in fairness to him, I think we bring it up that way. Now. The thing here, though,
Who is its David? The police want to talk to you. all this information from JANET, oh jane it, but it's dave that they really want to talk to, and they do get the opportunity to speak with David on several occasions, but I see why, after talking janet people would be suspicious of her, I mean I see a lot of reasons to be suspicious of janet, but also reasons do not be, and a big part of that my mind keeps going back to the idea that a cut days after the murder when they go to speak with David and JANET David is not currently living at janet's. we have information that states clearly that David was in the process of trying to get back with janet and Jane telling police it. Look it's over dunham of moved on that somewhat backed up by the fact that he's currently living there when they go to speak with them. That's a very good point: let's go through a poor,
of an interview between deadly detective and David, see, lock and here's an excerpt from one of those interviews and its detective robin at says. What do you think about all of this, of course, is meaning the murder right see locks answers. I dont know why someone would do it robin it you don't have any clue david response. She didn't bother anybody. She would never yell at people or antagonize someone to do something like that. That's a bit of a weird statement to me, because I can see her pudding, self in harm's way a little bit when she's confronting axes are what have you and clearly not running around in the best of circles with some of these friends anyway. But I think what he's trying to say, let's pretend, but let's give him the benefit of the doubt right. Innocent Portal proven guilty he's never been charged
If anything in this matter, he may simply be saying: if he's innocent, he may simply be saying she would never let people were antagonize someone to do something like that, something this extreme, that they would have that extreme of reaction to their interaction. To get a little more about that interview, the detective ask: what have you heard about Tracy's death, to which David replies just what I've seen on the new someone forced their way in or something- and she had been here- with a big object, the detective ask when you were living there were tracy. How was she about locking up answer oh, she always locked the door. She always made sure question. Did she have a key made for you answer? I had a key, but I gave it back to her again. If that's correct, I mean he's not hiding the fact that he did at once we have a key? The big question then becomes where the hell is a key. Why,
and found in the apartment, and if it wasn't for you know, since they did not find it in the apartment, who has it and could it be this man, and could he in lying about giving that key back we don't know my problem is the keys are never found in her apartment, and I don't know where else she would place those keys and the fact that they never turned back up makes me lean towards the idea that David distant never gave the keys back. But now it's possible that that he is not responsible for this murder at all by he'd. Just lied to captain said I dare rebellion said by, did give her back these keys cause. You don't want to look more suspicious. The interview continues. Question would the same key fit the front and the back door answer I dont know I never used the front door. Tracy always used the
act now remember: he didn't live there for a very long period of time. So it's reasonable to believe that that he never used the front door at least never used the key to gain access to the front door. It would have been great to be a fly on while during this interview or interrogation. How are you, however, you want to view it, and then he is asked if JANET would have gone out to Tracy's apartment, to confront her or to say something to her or does he believe that she would have done anything to her to which he responds no janet's. Not that type of purse well fascinated answer, because they just lobbed up it's a soft ball. They put them
on the tea and you can hit all home run because if he was guilty of this, this would be a great way to point the finger at somebody else. Do you think JANET could be responsible for this? Is she capable? Oh yes, she's, capable pointing the finger somewhere else? There's your scapegoat right. If your guilty- and she doesn't know anything they do that what you may be guilty of that being jan there's your softball of their yeah. She was. She was as crazy as they come up. I could totally see a situation where she would go out there and confront tracing that should provide heat. He doesn't take advantage of that either he's too dumb or he doesn't see the opportunity or he has no reason to have escaped, go the weird thing about that Sir, though, to though captain is no actually that's not a great answer, because we of at least one occasion prior
this, where she did confront some one that he had run around on her with. So it's that whole. I say take that with the grain assault, because what we just can't figure out or make heads or tails of who is responsible for this homicide base, off of some of this information now. One thing that we need to really focus in on is: let's get back. Let's get away from these these characters here, get more into the timeline because it doesn't matter. If you sit here and look at this thing and say all right, I could see a motive for one two. Three, four: five of these different characters to have a motive to kill, Tracy harkness motive, doesn't matter you- can you can have a whole long line of people that dislike the? Well, there's a lot of people in this circle that you can find
motives, for but it's like did. They have the opportunity where they even in the area. We have a timeline. There is not going to where we have detective saying that other individuals. If I had the rule someone out, it would be him not David. It would be michael because of the alibis because of his timely. Let's look at the timeline for David, see lock. So janet kicks him out roughly on October first ray and then later we know that tracy they are, ship ended as well, and so after there relationship ended, which is supposed to be weeks before the murder. We have David, see lock, who is staying at his friends home ran this man's name is randy, annie sleeping on randy's couch, and this is going on for approximately two to three weeks leading up to the mark
Now on that thursday, which is the the important date here in our time on that thursday november fit ninety ninety two the day in question, to the timeline David arrived at JANET's house? Remember: going over their daily? Do? Watch the kids take a shower. Do some laundry things like that here I've said Jane JANET's house around eleven, a m like every other day. He says that they had an hour because he wanted to move back and she says no. He says during the course of this argument. He heD budded the wall smart, and so, when detectives are speaking with him, he has visible cuts in bruce on his head, that's fishy! now either he's telling the truth- and he had, but at the wall during this argument- or these could be marks in it's he has on him because he attacked someone. It's very fishy. Janet backs up this portion of the story that David head, but the wall and says that he did have
scratches on his forehead afterwards, in at least one of the scratches was bleeding the police when they interview him, where's their taking photos of this injuries. These days, had in facial injuries that he has now this dumb ass kids into argument with genetic runs. It into a war and then later that night commits the crime. Both could be true. At the same time, exactly both could be true, or the other thing that we of course, everybody's going to want to know is winded. These injuries actually appear, even with janet backing up this portion of the story. When did these injuries first appeared now it it look? like going through all of the reports that Jana is now. The only person that reported to police are told police the day had witnessed these
branches or injuries to David prior to the martyr prior to thursday night after words after this fight after he had but the wall. Because that's always that's always the smartest thing to do in any situ just head, but the wall genius when he says that he left janet's. This would have been around three ten p m that thursday afternoon, he to work and only stayed until about six fifteen p m. He says he left. Early or ass to leave early because he had a headache this, presumably from ted budding the wall like is the wall. One police did confirm that he was at work for that period of time for that three hours in five minutes that day, based off of speaking with his employer and verifying the time sheets of that day. So after that he says
It goes back to janet's, they talked for a little bit and then from there he goes to stony frazier's done boehner. So this is a good friend of his and he says that he's at his buddy's house around six thirty, he went there for the purpose of borrowing, a pool cue, a lot of these individuals that There are involved in this mess, shot pool regularly. They played in these pull tournaments in these poor lakes. Billiard lakes, so around six forty five, says, he's walking into the village pop wearing, shot pool. He says for maybe forty five minutes or so sometime after seven p m. He said that he and some other eyes on. A pool team walked to friendly's. This is a different bar where they're going to go shoe pull. This was for an actual pull tournament that was scheduled
For that evening. It's amazing how much this guy does and how many hobbies he has when he doesn't have a job. Now there are reports from several people that are at this friendlies bar that David c lock was. so friendly. While he was there because their several reports of him being why on very drunk in two quite pissed off yeah use drunken public idle. no wind thee, derivation or where he became obviously angrier pissed off to the other patrons of the bar, but one thing that did go down, and this is reported by several people. They were at the bar that night that David see lock, started yelling at someone on the phone, so upset when he was trying to play for money right he's trying to play for like a hundred bucks right and because we talked about his sketchy work history. It luck. This guy doesn't have the hundred bucks to put up for his own game
of course, so he's drunk he's trying to borrow this money or get somebody to back him in this game and, of course, nobody's willing to back him and that's when he it's. The reports come from him being angry with people at the bar again, its heart, say how angry was he before this all happen? I think this is just a situation where he's it snowballing right. He was pissed off when he walked in there and he got more angry- that things were going his way. The thing that's weird, though, is There are several reports that say that he was on the phone and he could he was I heard on the phone now nobody knows who he was talking to, but he's calling the person a bitch we'll times during this phone conversation and yelling at whoever it is he's on the phone with this guesser pretend tough guy now. We do need to point out something here, though, that this person, whoever he was talking to-
highly unlikely that it was Tracy that he's talking to, because remember he is at the lingerie party until ten thirty p m so unless he managed to call her at this party right and get her on the phone? And then later, nobody at the party report that she took a call that she's getting yelled at devils seems of something people remember this shit he's talking to somebody else in my mind, not tracing yeah. I agree with you. It makes more sense exam there's no evidence of their in it doesn't make any sense either because she wasn't even home at the time. So again, he for him to be talking to trace a. He would have had to call the party that shit that we have no indication, he would have known the phone number and we have zero persons at that party, saying that Tracy took a phone call at the party or that she got upset because somebody was yet her on the phone there's zero indication that he was talking to me
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all right: we were burnt shears everybody
to you, colonel cheers to other people in the back cheers throughout the people at friendly's bar as we discussed. Maybe not everybody so friendly at the bar, but the key thing here: cat and the crucial moment that we really need to discuss in our time line here, as we have david see locked who says that he stayed at friendly's bar until ten, thirty eleven or maybe eleven thirty p m that night, ok, ten thirty eleven may be eleven thirty. That night, however, we have multiple people at the bar. That say no. He left before that. He left to achieve. If we have a few different opinions on what time he laughter what time he was last seen by these different people, friendly's bar, but some people have him leaving the bar as early as nine. Some people have him
leaving the bar as late as ten fifteen. Nobody in the reports has him leaving any later than ten. Fifty. Not ten thirty, nine eleven, not eleven. Thirty like he said, that's a problem because you're one line to law enforcement, but to your essentially trying to establish if he knows what time the victim was killed. Yes, that's correct, so what we have here is his time line is not matching up with the witnesses the people at the bar gave it see locks as you know, regardless of what time he left the bar. He says that he returned to janet's that night walking there from friendly's bar now. I don't know the distance between those two locations, but I'm guessing that their. Rather
those everywhere that he talked about going leading up to friendly's bar he's on foot anyway. So I'm imagining that all this stuff is pretty close together now in janet's interview, she says that she's not real sure. What time David see lock arrived at her place after playing pull that night course. She originally says maybe eight or nine p m okay, so that doesn't really match up with what he sang and that doesn't match up with what people at the bar sat very freshmen b,
fresh dream for law enforcement, she does say that she she later says that she is uncertain to be clear, she's uncertain of what time he showed up that when, when asked of what time to give the she needed to provide a time, that's her got reaction, maybe eight or nine o clock, but does go on to say that she's not certain what time he arrives other than she says. I know that the kids were still up when he got there and I was busy cleaning the house when he arrives now. Janet says that she believes that David was at her home from nine to twelve, thirty, so
after midnight that night we do have another person who is there as well, and it's a little confusing to me if this person, one hundred per cent backed up the times that are provided, but this person's name is listed in because I cannot confirm if they gave a statement that they witnessed David, see lock there and present an accountant or from nine to twelve thirty. I'm not gonna give out their name. Here's the problem now, even if they did give that statement, which I have not seen. Let's say they did give a statement backing up in confirming the nine to twelve thirty p m. How much weight to give that statement, provided that you have multiple people are not talk about one or two or three people, I'm talking about a minimum of six people. They were at the bar and none of them have him leave
and in time to be there at nine p m now JANET's house at nine p m right it in even his own words. I stay till ten thirty eleven eleven thirteen and that doesn't go with what other people witnessed at the bar. So his whole time line is all jacked up and that's not good when you find yourself on a short of persons of interest and a homicide investigation, whereas he claiming that he went after right because east we know that he's not allowed to stay at janet, so my guess is: he probably goes back there. I do believe that he went back there some point because we have a nother person. The demand that he was staying with his friend Randy says that he picked up david, see lock from JANET's home around midnight or received a call around me
to go and pick him up seems like another stories losses. He then pick them up, and then he, along with andy into other persons they went to Meyer was a great time to get produce. I believe this was the mire located on bryce road at the time and they went there just to pick up a few things to wear david purchase, gum and cigarettes. Now police would later find a receipt for this purchase and randy. You saying that he returned David to Jan its home around one fifteen. After going to the mire now ran what then go and drop off the other two people that were with them and then he circled back picked up david from janet's
and then they returned to Randy's house where they both fell asleep watching tv yeah. Something doesn't feel right about that story, but no all those people, though, if their time frame is just off by a little bit. It still put some on the east side of numbers which is a good thirty minutes or so away from the murder, see that's correct now. The only things that I'm saying happen for certain here is that I believe that at some point after shooting pool, I believe the David did go to JANET's house now was that at was that at closer to ten o clock, like you know- or none of it adds up to on who you talk to you check it with the next person in line in the times all add bertillon time is how janet's times don't match David's times David's times, don't match janet signs. Davis times don't match the people at the bar stipes
It's all very walkie, and then you could say that maybe some of randy's times match up with with JANET's times, but really what I feel like we have here and I feel very confident saying this. It looks to me like we might have a two hour window of Where this person is unaccounted for and then not only that you throw in some weird things to you can already see reason not to believe everything that everybody is saying when all these times don't match up right right. So, let's throw this weird thing in there that we have the statement that David brought a pool q with him to go to meyer sides.
I don't know now mind you. If the reports are correct and he is drunk like they said he was. Maybe he just wasn't thinking just grabbed. It went out the door. Maybe he thought where there's a chance, we might go shoot pool run, I don't know, but but let's if he, if he's going to Meyer, and that's the only reason for him to be picked up in the first place, why take the pork you? Why does he need to go back to janet's briefly, while these other two are dropped off? it almost feels like to me like. We have some missing time from this individuals timeline and then we, other people around him that are trying their best to fill in the blanks that fill in those gaps. They just don't know they are the gaps are or what or what they should be filling it in what yeah? Because there's a part of you. If your friend was being question for a murder where maybe you're your gut is tonia, I friend one-
murder, somebody. Maybe he gets violent every now and then maybe he does some stupid stuff, but he's not going to murder somebody. You try to fudge your story a little bit to help out your buddy. I will say this: captain is the best person in the world JANET and David and a lot of these individuals here that we're talking about and were question
their movements were questioning their statements at least early on in the investigation. All of em appear to be attempting to cooperate with the investigation and cooperate with police, and I say this in the sense of their. There were searches that were going on of these people's homes in their vehicles and everything I saw captains says it. These were consensual searches that the police didn't have to work too hard to get permission to go in search of play. So that's one in favour of all of these individuals now up those searches, one of em in particular of interest, was a consensual search of janet's home and her car. This takes place on november.
On november twelve, the search of her vehicle revealed a format which lit up for traces of blood. A call hammer was found under the driver, see which had according to doktor nortons, women's given in the autopsy. The report states that
at least some believe that the claw hammer that was found in her vehicle that the measurements are similar that they align with those of the measurements given by the good doctor. So these items are seized, of course, and then that's when Janna is brought back in for a follow up interview. Well, look I I hate to bring this up all the time, and I know you can't use them in a court of law, but this would be a great time to get a barometer of if people are telling the truth, because we have people telling stories to line up the vase law enforcement and pulling out the old lie detector. So I can get a sense of who's telling me the truth or just to start scaring people into telling me the correct. door. Here's a couple things, and this is where the story gets even more confusing. So the first thing that the police want to know- and you can tell they ve Kind- really honed in on David at this point either
We find this incriminating possible evidence in janet's vehicle, so one of the first class They want to know is eight you ever let this guy drive your vehicle. Janet says: no, no, she did not ever let David dry. her vehicle and goes on to say he has his own vehicle he can uses on vehicle and then to ff
further along that story. She says that they actually had an argument, because, on that thursday night, she at some point prior to thursday gives David thirty dollars so that he could go and get tags for his car. He spent the thirty bucks on something else, doesn't get the tags for his vehicle and ask JANET if she, if he could borrow her tags from her car, cause his dumb ass. She grants him permission of course, they're in an argument because hey what you do with the money I gave cause it's thomas now, she's mad. She wants her tags back rightfully so she says that David gave them back to her on friday. So detectives, of course, have a lot of questions about him. A lot of questions about his car, a lot of questions about her
the car, but the questions that I think are the most important from the interview sergeant desk and ask janet: was there any work done on your car last thursday, janet last thursday? No sergeant desk ins was any work done on your car last friday, janet no desk and follows up okay, saturday and the answer for Janet is no. I want everybody to remember that, because, on the thirteenth jerry job, in a very good friend of David, see, locks and JANET's tells police that he was replacing the brakes and janet,
car on the day of the murder and he cut his hand and bled he did not know had sorry. He did not know he had bled inside of janet's vehicle. He said that he just noticed it. He just noticed the cut when he was finished with the work. washed up bullshit and then police are now asking this jerry guy and JANET hay was your vehicle operational on thursday night to which jerry is telling Police know that vehicles not operational because it had no brakes. I was facing the breaks. It was parked overnight at someone else's home and we, his name, is on record as saying that this jerry guy was going to do the work first thing in the morning. Another young, but the loser janet takes off the tags, gives to David for him to use, and then he gives the tags back on friday afternoon and now the vehicle was working again. We can base that off of the situation of
he's walking in groceries when she's notified on friday that I'm sorry when she is notified that friday or saturday that Tracy harkness was killed right. So this is this is where none of this portion of the case makes any sense. You can see what appears to be all their there's, never been any work done on my car await. We found blood in your car all test. The blood, though now all of a sudden there's been work. That was done and it was the mechanic guy help me out that probably bled inside of my car and he's presenting that information to the police. And then you have the weird situation of the trading back and forth of the plight of the tags or plates off of janet's
the all. During the time in question here and then you have david see, locks timeline not lining up with that of the people at the bar or JANET's or Randy's its again. I think what we have here is, I think we have a situation of some one, some ones are covering for somebody else trying to fill in those blanks in those gaps. They just don't know a. What did the police know that we don't know? We don't know what? Guy? to fill in what lies to create in none of these lies that are creating are covered anybody else's tracks along the way right, but you think lay said: if you have this man, that's filled of blood. You test the blood of its if its tracy's blood than winner winner trick him dinner. Well, that was even more weird. They run test on the blood. It comes back. It's not
in blood, so why? This is what I don't understand this guideline for them right, either somebody's lying here, because either work yes was done. Then you chose to lie about it or work wasn't done He chose to help you out lie about it, but why I hate the lie at all. If you're not trying to cover up Tracy's blood brain and then you have this weapon, that is a is a possible murder weapon, a tool. it is possibly a murder weapon, but then again, there's no blood or evidence that connects that tool to trace darkness or to them. Yeah, but we also have evidence, were it seems that we have
some kind of evidence that somebody tried to clean something up. There was some paper towels or some taos, and is it possible to get into this altercation? This murder goes down the path then decides to wipe their armed down today, blood on their arm? All I gotta, I'm gonna, make sure they clean off the blood. And then I clean up this. This message
on this weapon and now I got leave, but to me I I don't know if this evidence found in her car points to JANET more than it. I philip almost points more to JANET than it does to to David, while you would think so because she saying one it's her car and two that that she never let him use her vehicle. I think the better question is: did he have access to it? Not did you let him use it, but does he have access? Does he know how to know if she fell asleep? Could he take the vehicle? The thing here, though? Let's, let's pretend.
a minute that we know- and we don't know this, but less pretend for a minute- that we know that she was only killed by one person and only that one person may know the details of the time that they went to her apartment, the time that they left her apartment, how long they were at tracy's apartment where they went where they came from and where they went afterwards. Let's pretend that only one person knows why, in the situation, what a bunch of people be lying to the police and coming up with these stories that don't they conflict with one another, these stories conflict with one another to me ass. They that's because that's me as they don't know the details. If, if I'm your friend and you ask me to lie for you or if, for some reason I believe hey, I would be helping out the captain here. I don't know what happened? He's probably innocent of everything he's a good guy, but I don't do that. Turn turn on me, but
I should probably in. I might have to feel a little bitter exaggerate a little bit, but I keep going back to is that Clearly somebody's lying to police, because the stories conflict, all the stories cannot be true. It's physically impossible hold on hold on one. Second, though, because I think sometimes it goes back to your theory, you say lazy or stupid right, but sometimes it's it's liar or stupid, and there's sometimes I look there. There could be a good possibility that law enforcement is asking these people a few days later, and these people don't how much of a life they run here in there and everywhere we want this bar. We did this and they don't know exactly what time it was.
or what time somebody laughed, and so it is possible that some people giving misinformation, but they don't even know it's misinformation. It's just the best they could do is the best answer that they could give law enforcement I think that holds any water at all, and I do want to clear something up, because I think you got my creed owes wrong here, so lazy or stupid. I put that on police and on detectives. When I see a prime with an investigation, I say to say it's either either lazy or stupid in some situations, when it comes to the flip side of that coin, suspects and people that may have been involved in a coup. I'm it's one of these situations. If not all of them is just another great example of either stupider liar brand and I think what what I'm good
yet here, though, the reason why I dont think that we can give them the benefit of the doubt saying. Look there just there, just They just don't know they don't know what we're happen that day they their confused about what happened that date, here's pretty clear, cut liar stupid to me your asked three times if you had any work done on your view, call right every single time you say no did you have any work done on your vehicle on thursday, no friday, no saturday now and then. we found blood in your car and now the sun is followed up with this year. If the person coming out of the coming out of the woodwork saying that hey, I was fixing the brakes on her car, both of those things didn't happen to people didn't get Kent so confused and in this
world that we live in, that one of em, saying now that I worked on the vehicle and the other once said? Originally, no, there was no work done on my vehicle right. So again, I don't know who is being covered up for what I do know is this David see. Locks timeline is a problem and it's only a problem for david see lock poses a problem because he has violent tendencies and he had no place to stay, and so there's motive for him to go back to axe girlfriends house to go hey. Can I stay here Again, like you said, does it have to be premeditated, but then he goes to stay and he goes hey ho. Let let let me stay here now. No we're done we're we're through I got to work in the morning. You need to go, and
he's not get in his way and just what what An earlier that day, things work on his way, and this dumb ass decides to fight a war with his head, So it's not how the roma possibility that he tries to hay asleep on the couch. No, it's not happening Why can you help me nobody sustained on the couch. Just let me stay on the couch.
all. Now, I'm not going to fight the wall, I'm gonna fight you and that's of a very real possibility. The other thing that strictly here to captain is remember. We talked about where you can kind of start, your belief of. When do we have the time of death? What time did that occur, and we would probably say that you're less window there would be probably ten forty p m, because everyone saying the tracy left the party at ten thirty. Yes, we know that it takes ten minutes ago, familiar to get from the party to Tracy's apartment. Now I we have people at friendly, saying there David left as early as nine thirty. We have him saying, on the flip side that I left at ten thirty, eleven or eleven thirty, only the killer
It was what time that they need to cover their, but for, if he left at the earlier part of that, where did he go if he is the killer? Where did he go for that time here, because it's only a fifteen minute drive from friendly sue tracy's apart now, keep in mind, we do have well both have him at the bar as late as ten fifteen, which that aligns a little bit more with what I believe the police suspicions were of David's timeline in comparison to tracy style. Racism does a very point so we should point out, though, that of all these people that are interviewed while there rumours that some people may have known are heard, who killed tracy find anybody. That's on this short list of persons of interest, what we are calling persons of interest that was openly accused
somebody else on that list of having committed this murder. In fact, everyone saying quite the opposite in regard to other persons on this list when asked by police there saying no, he or she would not have done this they're, not that type of person. They would never attack somebody or intentionally kill someone. The weird thing, though, just Go back to that. We found this in your car in your car wasn't worked on now. It was worked on the thing here, though captain is. Why is that lie created just because, they didn't find. Anything incriminating in europe in your vehicle still does not explain away why ally was created.
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