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Trish Haynes /// Part 1 /// 507

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In January of 2018, 26 year old Trish Haynes went to stay with people that she thought were her friends. In August 2018 the Grafton, New Hampshire Attorney General’s office issued a release announcing that state police were looking for Trish. It would be months before her family would learn what happened and to this day they are still seeking justice.

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the tuesday august, twenty eighth, two thousand and eighteen The grafton new Hampshire attorney general issued a press release announcing the division of public protection, the new hampshire state police and the woodstock new hampshire police. we're looking for a missing person, a six year old, trish haines was missing from the ground, then danbury area, the real This was not specific. about where or when trish was last seen, it said only
but she had been seen and the general area in late june are early July, seniors. attorney, general Jeff straddles him said quote Can tell you that a family member reported her missing. She has. been seen or heard from in some time. That's cause some concern. Why law enforcement is involved. In fact, fishes family had not heard from her since may sixteenth, too, one thousand and eighteen became very alarmed when her social security benefits checks were cut off and yet trish remained missing. They knew does she relied on these payments for her living expenses and the people, she was living with, they were very evasive when the family question where trish was finally in early june, family reported her missing to the woodstock police. It would be months before, they would know tricia's fate and now, three years later there still waiting for justice for trish this.
The crime garage- and this is a case of trish haines, the trish Daniel haynes- was born in Stuart florida on July, twenty second nineteen. Ninety two- she was the daughter of Toby Dale, durin and megan beth haynes, megan and toby were teen parents,
look: it's not easy to raise a child and at their young ages and really where they were both at in their lives. They decided that the best home that they could provide and best living situation that they could provide for trish would be to be raised by her maternal grandparents, stephen and sandra tewkesbury. The family lived in florida and moved to north carolina for a short time and then moved to new Hampshire. For a few years from when Trish was about eleven years old. Until early in tricia's high school years, then they returned to the southern part of the country
trish love fashion and dressing up. She took pride in the outfits that she put together, her favorite color was purple and she loved anything leopard print. She listened to hip hop music and loved pizza and red ball. She was also an animal lover and was very close with her family. According to them, Trish was a very loyal friend, sometimes to her own detriment. Trish was known by her friends and family as loving caring and trusting tricia's aunt valerie haynes Alvarez, who has become an outspoken advocate for tricia's case and whom my friend and help her just spoke with at length. In regard to this case, valerie was also very closely trish and was even present when she was born. She described trish to a reporter, as quote a sweet girl who was a little miss. I did. She was always looking for love in the wrong places and finding it valerie said
according to valerie trish found herself in one bad relationship after another. Unfortunately, Trish suffered to very serious concussions when she was a kid from to supper incidents, one of which involved her getting hit in the head with a baseball bat in a completely separate situation. Trish was also diagnosed with ptsd. This came to be possibly from her being salted by a male friend of her mother's. As a result, she received disability checks and relied on these checks for her living expenses so being raised by her grandparents trish was very very close with her grandmother sandy tewkesbury. There are many pictures of the two of them online smiling and hugging each other, but trish left her grandparents home in florida in two thousand. Sixteen this at the age of twenty two to move to new hat
sure to live with her boyfriend. Chris Hughes in north woodstock, the two of them met, while they were both living florida. But now, in our time on captain the two are living in new hampshire. They both had jobs at a popular restaurant called the landmark and the owners being the nice people that they are allowed. The two of them to live in, heart in the restaurant building, but trish new, very few people in that area. So she did not have a large support network and the relationship. Well, it went south rather quickly. Chris, it serve some time in prison and, according to the family, Trish told them Chris was abusive and the relationship was volatile and at times even violent. There are several stories of various types of abuse from this relationship. One we're chris pulled a knife honour and once when Chris falsely thought, the trish had cheated on him.
He made her shave her head, the restaurant owners andreas in irish childs, who love trash, told her to get away from chris, but she didn't trish ended up being arrested for domestic violence. This is a charge that she played guilty to and also obtained a restraining order against Chris when she tried to press charges against him for domestic violence. He convinced her that that would mean that he would have to go back to present, so she recanted her report and then was charged with filing a false police report. This whole thing really is just a big mess, but then in october, two thousand and seventeen trish move back to florida, but she could not escape prosecution on the false reporting charges and on december, sixteen two thousand seventeen. She flew.
from Florida back to new Hampshire, to deal with her legal proceedings. She stayed with a friend named Becky in north woodstock for two weeks, but Becky lived on a remote farm with no cell service and since trish was always on her phone like most young people and had nothing to do. This was not going to work for her yeah, but better than being in a situation where you're forced to shave your head
That is correct. So in the beginning of january she asked Becky her friend to drop her off in canaan and was picked up by two people. This will be ashley smith and her husband, douglas smith. Jr. They lived in Grafton, new hampshire, trish and Ashley were classmates during the years when Trish lived in new Hampshire in her early years, according to tricia's family back in grade school ashley was the mean girl, who kind of bullied trish and trish. His family did not approve of ashley or her family, but the two ended up connecting on facebook, now the trip was back in new hampshire and trish. Well, as we said, captain she needed somewhere to stay and she was only looking to be their temporarily because she has to go to these court proceedings and get this part of her life over with it.
Long so, like your sant seems, like Trish, was only planning to stay with them for a short period, but her trial. They end up kid and push back that's correct captain this situation, where she's going to be moving into and again just staying for a short time there home the smiths home is located at two hundred and twenty five main street the general plan was that she was going to live there for about two weeks or so, and that would make sense, because she's, moving in with friend with her friend ashley, who was there with her husband and their five and so we're already at seven people in this house. Trish is going to make eight, but that two weeks turned out to be longer than that. As you said, this is in part because that court date got pushed from january,
to April, so she would have to wait it out at Ashley Doug's place from this point. On trips, the family said the communication with her was spotty and unpredictable She told them that in early february her cell phone was lost or was broken, so they could only reach her via Ashley's phone. This was very strange. At least the family thought conversations were, you and far between and always were light on, Ashley's cooperation. They are going to have to go through Ashley's phone to talk to trash, she always seem to be near by actually did whenever they got trish on the phone. The excuse was that they had no cell service at the smiths home and they had to be in town to get actual reception, re and was not very communicative during these conversations, often cutting them short and waffling about what
was up to mine. We know that she has a tendency to be able to be manipulated, so you wonder, if she's being manipulated by ashley exactly are held down and some former being abused, her correct and be she had no phone trish stopped posting on social media as well. This would something that she would normally do very frequently. So this made it even more. This well for her family to keep regular communication with trish and not really to be able to easy tabs on her at all again and also in a lot of abusive situations. It's divide and conquer divide the individual from friends and family time past the family assume that trish had gone to her court date in April and then served the seven day sentence her lawyer had prepared her for, but then Tricia's grandmother thought she would have heard
her. You know, after the seven day sentence, ass trish was supposed to return to florida after this is all over with, but she didn't hear from trash and she couldn't get a hold of trust. She can get her phone. Even when she had a heart attack and was hospitalized at the end of April still couldn't get any communication with trish, but who had the heart attack, tricia's grandmother who she was extremely close with and who her. So, finally, her grandmother sandy did manage to get a hold of trish this again via ashley's phone, but this was only for a very brief conversation from what I've been told captain the last time, any one interest his family spoke with. Her was may sixteenth, two thousand and eighteen it's? Alright, everyone make a mental note here, may 16th, two thousand and eighteen over the next month and a half so roughly over the next
six weeks or so Tricia's, mother and grandmother tried repeatedly to get trish on Ashley's phone, but they were told that she wasn't around or that trish was too busy to their call ashley and her mother windy, place consistently told tricia's grandmother that trish had left and moved out and was living in vermont with a new boyfriend that nobody had ever heard of, but trip was safe and she no longer wanted to have any contact with her family. I know another event this before, but she's receiving checks for her disability. What were the amount Those texts- I do not know the amount of these checks, but I know that it would have been enough for her to basically think about it as like, a monthly
I happen to live in to eat and to survive. You know, so it would have been enough for her to rent a place to stay and enough to to get her by from month to month and I'm guessing. These checks are going to Ashley's house Where trish was stain, that is my understanding. So Ashley is telling tricia's family that Trish had a new boyfriend or that she lives with him now and that Trish really no longer wants to speak with her family doesn't want to speak with them. Moved out of state to vermont and then Ashley takes it a step further and says: hey Trish even said that she hates you so this is very unusual and our family frankly didn't really by it, but since there was no way to reach or get a hold of trish, they kind of his head to roll with it right. The other weird thing here is that Tricia's family, they didn't know ashley's
married name or the address where ashley and her husband lived. So they had very little information about these people at all yeah, so trying to track down trish her family got in touch with Chris there actually reaching out to the ex boyfriend the abusive ex boyfriend thinking. Maybe Trish got back with Chris and she was just too embarrassed to tell her family- that I wonder how that conversation. when ring ring ring a ship bag. Is our daughter there well look, he might Chris might have like a grinch size, heart the small heart, but he has some heart because he at least says he's from what them is, as I have not heard from her and now I'm hearing from you guys that you can't locator now I'm concerned as well. How can I help right? So in fact even posted on his facebook page on her wall. At one point: where are you
now everybody's looking for Trish well, maybe not ashley and doug at least give him credit for doing that, in late may, Valerie again, this is Tricia's aunt called the plymouth district court, and this is very concerning this is when The family goes: okay, major red flags. Here, valerie discover the trish never showed up for her court date in April. Again, that's the whole purpose of her being in the state of new Hampshire. To begin with. This, of course, is very bad news her family was now left wondering if Trish was possibly on the run, from the law so Tricia's, grew my mother finally got ashley on the phone and told her that look if Trish didn't call them and tell them in her own voice,
this she was ok. Anne was deliberately cutting herself off from the family when that, while they were going to file a missing persons report with the authorities with the police, Ashley told them not to do that or they would never see trash again. She refused to answer any more questions texting that she just got out. a psych ward and couldn't deal with any of this and, as everyone can guess, Trish never called so following through tricia's family, called lieutenant miler of the north woodstock police to report trish missing in the first week of July, two thousand and eighteen lieutenant mylar was the one dealing
tricia's court case, so they were at least familiar with Trish and the family. Someone authorities had the idea to put a halt to tricia's social security benefits in an attempt to flush. Her out, remember, Trish, depended on these disks payments when cutting off her income, fail to make trish reappear so to speak. That is when it became very clear to all that something was very wrong. And now a word from our sponsor better help. It's my favorite sponsor it's one. I use most often it's what has changed my life so dramatic.
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My friend talk hands in the air. That is definitely not me. So, let's keep in mind at this point in our timeline. Trish is missing and it's her family did discovers that something weird is going on. They bring this to the local authorities, because her family is not local while, like you said, not only is she missing from her family, but this ashley person that she was staying with is saying shes only thing to do with you and and we're not going to tell you where she's at we're not going to give you any way to communicate with her, and then she misses this court appearance which would give her a b at least a bench warrant and then the authorities, like you said I think this is a great idea, cut off her money, because then she has to make contact with somebody. She would have no way of really survive being financially unless she was
able to latch onto somebody else or be dependent of someone else at this point, so I'm guessing that the family would still be hopeful at this point, the police just now catching this case are going to be looking for this young woman. The police themselves were able to find some witnesses who said that they saw trish at the two hundred and twenty five main street address in Grafton. Again this is the home of ashley and doug.
smith and their five children, but that was in the spring and no one had seen her since mid. May one woman who said she met trish at the house in the spring of two thousand and eighteen. Her name is faith partridge. She said that trish was unkempt and unable to make eye contact. Saying quote, she did not talk to me. She always looked at the floor. Other witnesses that the family has been contacted by since tricia's case went public have told them some very disturbing things. There was another couple living with doug and ashley smith at the same time as trish how many people are living there right as a fifteen people? This is travis and Sarah coulter and their two children.
The brady bunch of times too yeah. So you would have five adults and seven children living in this home all at the same time and look, I understand that people have to make uncomfortable arrangements or arrangements at some times in their lives that are not the most ideal, but I always thought that it's just a weird setup when I see multiple adults living with a bunch of kids it I've always just it's always been kind of weird to me- It's like a little people feel no known at, and I don't mean that at all I mean it. Just luck, I'm someone that that likes little kid. And I can handle being around them for small doses. Five minutes right so a person saying yeah I'll, For you from you for two hundred bucks a month all, but I have to live with your five children.
then always seems either a little desperate or a little weird to me, brain according to what the haines family has been told. Trish was basically enslaved by at least a smith, maybe all four of these adults taking care of their children, cleaning the house and suffering all kinds of abuses like beatings and strange accusations. Doug Smith is rumored to be a major drug dealer and the people he and Ashley were hanging around were not of the savory type. It seems, trish got caught up in this, and because she needed somewhere to live and also wanted to be loved and needed. She became dependent on the smiths. Ashley was manipulative and vengeful and would accuse trish of trying to steal dog away from her and would tell others that trish was sleeping with their men with the two men and
it seems like Ashley was the one initiating some of the beatings and the abuses they were dealt to trish people mean, let's face it. Nobody wants to sleep with Doug other than ashley, apparently people who, sadly, David was dug people who saw trish at this time. Well, those who were willing to talk anyway say she was clearly being abused, mistreated and victimize. There is talk of her being beaten and emotionally exploited faith. Partridge remember we mention her before she is a woman who saw Trish and said she looked at the shovelled. So now we have the brady bunch and the partridge family. Ok, this is a witness says that her husband was at the smiths home buying car parts, and he said that he saw Doug smith back hand trish after they learned
Chris was missing, but the fuck, the partridges, went to the authorities and told them hey. This is something that we saw. Another woman named Caleb fife, who was involved with Ashley smith's brother byron at one point, told tricia's family that she witnessed the smiths mistreating Trish anne. She said the smith and their extended family were very, very bad. People will, after Doug back handed her and then the partridge family cause the police there ever report Yes, they filed a report of this, but it was after Trish went missing. Okay, another woman named beverly, told the family that ashley and Doug abused trish and they were taking her social security money and that they pimped her out to various men to quote, earn her keep people seem like they need to be set on fire and then we'll try to put them out with gallons of gas.
Well, the reason. The attorney general made the announcement on august twenty eight, two thousand and eighteen that they were looking for Trish though. We read in today's trailer. Well, that was because, on that same day, several law enforcement agencies began conducting some very public searches for the missing young woman. These were not just the outdoor grid, searches using volunteers that we have seen in so many other cases. These were targeted search warrant, driven
official searches of specific locations where authorities had reason to believe trish might be. Here's an excerpt from a news report that says quote: Grafton authorities spent the day on tuesday searching a residential property for signs of a twenty six year old woman who has been missing for about two months: trish haines, who is five feet, six inches tall and weighs one hundred and ten pounds, has brown hair and brown eyes. New Hampshire state police, major crimes Officials focused their efforts on a home at two to five main street, and the land surrounding the property is owned by douglas carpenter. While he is the owner of parcel which is valued at about one hundred and ninety thousand dollars. According to property records, carpenters, prime,
residents. Residence is listed as south thomson main attempts to reach him were unsuccessful, Police deferred comment on whether anyone has been living at the property. The house sits on nine point five acres of land and has several outbuildings okay, so this house, the police, are searching. The two hundred and twenty five main street is owned by Doug carpenter, lives in maine. This was the house where trish was staying with her, so called friend, ashley smith and Ashley's, husband, Doug and all those kids, the smiths rented the house from this Doug carpenter. The search of this whole, went on for several days, and we now know that the police also search to other properties that same week and was located as six or eight wild men road and one was
located at ninety one french hill road, both in grafton population of grafton, fourteen hundred people, approximately by the way and all three properties were connected in some way to ashley and doug smith per w m. U r news! Ashley Smith recently stayed in each one of those locations. That's why they're searching all three of those properties and houses. So what is the smith family's response? to all of this trick goes missing there, not looking so great well, actually psmith poor w em. Your news quote. I woke up to a knock, the door smith said I was all excited about my kids first day. school getting them ready and a bunch of officers just showed up. She spoke with the reporter about Trish, whom she called her.
The friend and when she last saw her or heard from her quote, it's been a while smith said, I'd have to say at least, probably July or so june. I'm not good with dates to see like the abuse of her best friends. ashley told w m. U r that she couldn't understand why investigators were questioning her adding, hopefully, Trish will see this and she'll come out and show the public that she's, fine, the rapporteur asked, are you worried about her and she said I am worried sick about her. The reporter asked her. Are you worried about her and she said I am worried sick about her. Do you find that to be a weird statement now I think she's, bullshit and think she's just reacting and saying what she would expect to hear see someone say on tv if they were asked the same question now we
Have really any information here, captain about what the police were looking for, of course, they're, looking for trish and probably some of her belongings, but no specifics other than what our guesses would be as to what they were looking for at these three locations now Anything was collected or, if anything of tricia's belongings, where found on either of these premises are all or so on. There's just no public information in that regard. Now this puts us to September two thousand and eighteen timeline. This is when the media reported that something was found. In fact some Our guidelines were being removed from grants pond off of wild meadow road engrafted. Remember we ve heard that street name before this is point three miles point three miles from the start.
Sure at three zero, eight wild meadow road at that search location. So not very far now members of the public said that they saw what like an old, stackable, washer and dryer being pulled out of that pond. Now, unfortunately, inside that washer and dryer. In fact, inside the washer body parts were found, Interestingly enough that grants pond was search because of a tip that police received from Sarah to the woman who was living at the smiths house with her husband into kids rain. None of this was revealed by law enforcement. At that time,
nor was it addressed that Tricia's grandmother sandy was asked to fly to new Hampshire, to provide a dna sample to help identify the remains of were found in the washing machine. So that brings us to an autopsy captain on family malik time. This was conducted by new Hampshire, chief medical, examiner, doktor genie of all using dna. The remains or affirmatively identified as trish doktor devolve, was also able to determine that the manner of death was homicide. Dog topsy was finalized in two thousand and nineteen and estimated that trish had died around may eighteen, two thousand and eighteen two died around that date. Remember she actually had some contact with her family right around that same time, but that's when they lost contact with her correct. It's sad it's
really clear captain to me how they fixed the date of death. To that time of may. Eighteen, two thousand and eighteen, my guess would be because if we were fought your finding, some remains and not the body itself, it would be difficult to put a date on it and really a day as specific as that or even a round that specific time my mind goes to perhaps the Sarah coulter tip told police either exactly are about when the washer slash, drier was removed from the home and dumped or possibly also last time should solve truth that could be or it could be, the first the two men camping in the area later said that they witnessed some something something large in grants pond
It may be they remembered the day or about the date when that was that they witness that's crazy. The Finding of the remains in the top sea were all kept tightly under wraps. As far as the new Hampshire authorities would discuss the case, they were still saying: Trish was missing person for a while her a bitch where it was not published until the second half of two thousand and nineteen Although family was informed by the attorney general's office in late two thousand and eighteen that the remains found in the pond were trash here is what valerie later posted on the facebook page that is dedicated to trish haynes. This is quote her grandmother and I were sworn to secrecy in september, two thousand and eighteen, when they knew trish was dead, but we could not tell anyone else that she was dead. Not even family members who continue to ask if we had heard anything and suppose
The issue was a missing persons case. It was not until July two thousand and nineteen that we were forced to force the hand. the agency, when we went to a tv station, to complain about the lack of action on, and lo and behold that very evening or my interview was to air. The agency's office made a statement that went public first admitting it was a murder investigation and quote what was happening was eventually the rest of the family became impatient with the stagnant quote: missing persons, investigation about trash and valerie and sandy the ant and the grandmother were unimpressed with the fact that the murder was kept under wraps and the investigation seemed of
maybe going nowhere by that point, we're talking about months and months and months since the time that they are told we found the remains of your loved ones, and we ve confirm that it was a homicide, but we're still going to pretend, for think of our investigation that she's a missing person, so they pressed the ages office. They gave an interview to w, You are news that we spoke about several times already. So what happens here is W. Him are goes to do Jeez office and says: hey we ve. We received this information from tricia's family that gives the attorney general's office. The opportunity to put out that news release stating that we've been looking for this person, we've been looking for trish haines. So their official news release stated the following this. from the new Hampshire department of justice, which has miss haynes was
posted missing last year. She was last seen in the graft in danbury new Hampshire area. in may slash june, two thousand and eighteen. Since then, authorities have been investigating the circumstances of her disappearance during the course, of the investigation human remains were discovered in grafton new hampshire. Those remains were identified as the deceased as trish haines after the vol has also determined that miss haynes was the victim of a homicide. The circumstances that led to mrs haynes death are still being actively investigated, so trish haines and two thousand and eighteen she decides to move in with the smiths for a couple of weeks, because she has a trial that she has to appear at that gets pushed back to April
possibly push back again, but it seems like an around may as win. Her family loses all contact with her, but before that we have months and months of suspicious activity where they're trying to get a hold attrition. They can really only talk to ashley, yes or trish through Ashley and, as you said, communication was already difficult enough and then it seems to drop off completely around that court date time period and they speak with her one last time And then later, we're told that the medical examiner believes that the death that the homicide took place in mid to late may of that, here, which again would be right around that same time period when the communication dropped off completely
brain remember. We have actually now telling tricia's family look. She moved the vermont with some other dude. We don't know really much about it, but she said she doesn't want to talk to you any hates she hates you. Leave us alone, because we don't know where she went. One hundred percent we can't help you out here, shows over there's nothing to see. Then, on top of that, now we're getting all these people coming forward towards the family and saying look. We we witnessed abuse happening at the smith's family house, while she was still missing before the remains were found, we had some of those witnesses going to the police because they're like all weight this week, we were concerned about the situation before, but sometimes you let it sometimes you try to stay out of people's business
little bit and then, when you hear that this woman has gone missing, they did the right thing and I went to police and say: hey look. This is something we witnessed line there. Some, like you, said he'd red flags, yet Doug smith, a cave, Doug dingo bury, is reported back hander front of other people I mean so so so now, as far as abusers, I hear it seems to me that actually is abused, and dogs abuser as well. and now we have the other couple that living they're coming in having their own statements are, or were alleys cooperative with police yeah. It's a very weird strange situation, but I also want to kind of underline this to a couple of things. In fact, one.
from what I've seen what I've experienced when it comes to the cases that we ve covered here in the garage. We talk about the situation of dug back handing trish in front of outsiders right people that don't live there. Usually, when there's signs of abuse like that in front of others, much more going on behind the scenes worst stuff And a lot more of it, and so that's of great concern number one, but then factor this in go back to the family, to tricia's family who are actively looking for her when she was still missing and then who knows if police think about their foresight to family members hold that she was actually murdered and we found her remains. Some of her remains it's my belief. Captain there's a chance. They were only told that, because one of them had to submit their dna, so they could test the remains to see if it wasn't for,
trish brain. Then they swore those two to secrecy. I impart wonder if they didn't need the d. nay to identify trish. If they were able to identify her on their own, is there a chance? They wouldn't have told the family? They were still. Behaving as this would be a missing persons case as far as the public was concerned, so much so that they told- a in the ant. Don't tell anybody and the family that we found her remains. Don't tell them. it was a homicide. Can you imagine your family members even extended family coming to you and asking you what happened? family members, and you you have to lie to them or say I haven't heard anything for months for month after month after month, you're hurting at all
kinds of emotional levels and you're not even able to tell these people what happened, to have them comfort you or to to talk about it together, you're you're, you're forced to lie to them yeah. Well, I'm looking at this right now and as you'd think about the witness that sees doug backhand her and he he hesitates. He doesn't you have to react quickly, because this is what can happen. You have to speak up when you see abuse if not you're, just as bad as the bees are well through your giving your than giving them more opportunity and, like you said if this is happening in front of people on the public Imagine the torture that is happening right. You know, listen, let's not sugar coat it, let's not even call it abuse. This is torture.
well, and I want to be fair to to those individuals they did come forward. They did tell the authorities about that, and we do not know the specifics. The details of that situation that man could have very likely stepped in and said, hey, Don't do that agenda yet under they again order, I mean where he could have pulled her. I pulled him off of her we'd. We don't know right right, we don't know for sure, but if you went to police and the dinner act on it tenants, I'm just saying when you see something say something Well, that's why they were searching those properties because they are police are immediately suspicious of the smiths. Once they ve been able to confirm a couple things. One trip was in fact living. air there is that report that came in once she was publicly announced to be missing. Of that couple coming forward in saying hey, we witnessed some form of abuse,
and that's why they were searching not only the smiths place that they were staying at the time when Trish went missing, but also these other two properties, because I think when they hear and get this legitimate Look. The person that comes forward has no dog in the fight, so you believed them. You believe that their saying, oh, I witnessed some abuse Ray you're goin, alright, well if they were abusing her or of or dog or just one of whom was abusing her, they may have done something horrible to this woman. This before you even know. She's dead may have done something horrible to her. They're, hiding and concealing the body somewhere, and so, let's search property that we can tie the smiths to now. After that, press release where the police and the attorney general finally admit, that it was a Aside in that they found remains
the valley news, pressed assistant attorney general Jeff, swells and about this case ass rails and said there wasn't much. He could add publicly. He declined to say whether authorities had identified any suspects. An haines is death. Saying quote: we don't typically named suspects. That's all I'm going to say at this point and close, but as we know, captain there or suspects, and currently there still are suspects currently in two thousand and twenty one- there are still suspects in several of them. Just hang was last seen in may of two thousand and eighteen she was reported missing. There were crime scenes that were identified remains were found in september of two thousand and eighteen again, some of the family. ordered not to share with other family members the findings and through
well two thousand and nineteen, where we left then our timeline, there's no arrests made There's no new leads dozen to be any new evidence, why? What are they doing with this investigation? This murder remains unsolved, the killer or killers have been held accountable. You pointed out captain. This is abuse. This is torture. If these people killed trish haines, I guarantee you the last ass for her or torture, so much more to get to stick around till tomorrow. But if you need more true crime garage in your life,
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