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Vanishing Women ////// 39 TrueCrimeGarage.com In 15 months six women have gone missing or have been found dead from Chillicothe, Ohio. Six missing or dead women would be alarming in any city of any size but with a population of just over 22,000 people it's especially troublesome. This week in the garage Nic and the Captain will discuss this small town tragedy, each victim in detail and explore what a lot of people are asking... Is there a serial killer preying upon women in Chillicothe? Beer of the week - PsycHOPathy by MadTree Brewing Company Garage Grade - 5 out of 5 bottle caps

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Still, metals tat loves tools that work is hard as he does so. This fathers date given get he'll love to use right now, It always on the steel episode. Fifty seven battery dreamers it setting clues. If I say fifty seven battery tremor plus the eighty in battery and l wanna, one charger offer only two hundred and forty nine dollars and many mind since real steel find you Where did steal dealers thought come one. Ninety, nine! Ninety, nine emma s, s army offer ballot through six eighteen, twenty three eh participating dealers while supplies last. In new orleans, twenty twelve bearskin chair, I I drove to an address someone had given him that didn't exist ass. He stood in the park, lot, where the address should have been, he was shot and killed. I'm dvd umbra join me for the newest season of counter clock. As I dive into the motive behind bruces murder. A series of events that have never been fully investigated until now binge all fourteen epoch,
loads of counter clock season. Five, wherever you listen to podcasts. this episode is sponsored by you, the listeners and this nick, reminding you to go to church crime garage dot com in check, a garage sale. We have to show to choose from the purple viii neck in the tank top so a true crime, garage dot, com, click on the store page and get your shirts. Today. Now, let's get in a garage. I,
the welcome to true crime garage wherever you are whatever you are doing. Thank you for listening, I'm your host nick and with me the man calling the shots chicken, the levels poor knobs on the floor, the cap thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It's good to be seen and its
it's good to see you captain. a couple, five star reviews. Before we get started, we got makes the drive better by sean from Norman, our first agency investigate violent crimes. I love listening to your show, as I drive around oklahoma, keep up the great lessons. Shawn, From norman the actual Jacob here's one from one crime and craft brew lover to from tat. Elisa, I thought I would never find another podcast is perfect a sword in scale, but you guys have turned out to be the perfect companion. I enjoy the jokes jobs and jibs. You give great data About cases without letting the listeners get lost in two dark gory details, so you terran elisa. Will you say captain like guilty about Thanks for the kind words turn, I love that sort in scale part cast
got tony muncie bob's by the sea sick stars to neck and the captain there always respectful of the victims and the family. pretty other historical and geographical perspectives, love listening to these guys or bows by the sea will act, However, we are captain. This week's beer were drinking psychopathy by man tree brewing company down in Cincinnati now for a long time, listeners of the show we actually drink this back way early and season one before we were doing a beer of the week before we actually really knew what we are doing or having any listeners at all. But this is one of them or each week as a new experience. So but anyway, psychopathy one of my favorite beers of all time, brood right here in the great state of ohio down in cincinnati by mandatory brewing company about five at a five bought
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now, let's turn our attention to chillicothe the ohio, something sinister four women are dead and two more are missing, and families now suspect a serial killer has been hunting down the women one by one, curbing murder, mystery in a small ohio town or a serial killer could be on the loose six women vanishing over the past year. The bodies of them have been discovered.
this morning, investigators in the small ohio town hunting for clues after half a dozen women mysteriously disappeared in the last year, at least four of them now dead. Their bodies found near creeks or streams, many in the town of chillicothe on edge. So I'm now wondering if a possible serial killer is on the loose failing this way, the vanishing within the last twelve months, charlotte trego into Micah lynch gone in may of two thousand and fourteen in november, one the limits on christmas chance that the lauric last month timberlake later and just this past sunday on father's day, authorities recovering the remains of twenty six year old tiffany, said the circumstances are slightly different, but the victim stories, similar women who had fallen hard times, dignity, shrugs and possibly involved in prostitution.
investigators say they have already received more than one hundred tips. They are looking at closely for any solid leads David Alex important to give these women the attention they deserve. Thanks for your reporting, her killer kellers was standing in front of you. What would you say to them I want to know why why they take my daughter, the reason she wouldn't have her anybody tell a coffee is a town in terror. The women vanished off the streets and washed up dead in the creek. No one here feels safe from the monster stalking. His prey is the community scared? Yes, it drives, theoretically has changed the community. It's not even safe to walk, without somebody being with him something sinister women are dead and more amusing and families now suspect. A serial killer has been hunting down what women one by one.
the. Captain. This is a case that gained national attention last year and has gained you to stay in the news to this very day and, of course, we're talk, about the vanishing women case, that's taking place and chill a copy ohio. Now this has been to our attention, because a gain national attention last year right, but the recent of copy is only fifty minutes, south of Columbus. So it's it's pretty much in our backyard yet yeah you just Columbus's in this for for those of you that don't know that aren't from the area Columbus's in the center of the state, you hop on too
The three and you just go straight down south south for about fifty sixty miles you're in chillicothe. He now chuckles these considerably smaller than columbus. Obviously you know they have about under twenty five thousand residence. In that city, which is actually originally the first capital of ohio a long time ago, like what the early eighteen hundreds I'm not really for sure, but but now Columbus's the capital so late. We ve taken that from this at all. I got a little man at us because of that, but, like I said, there's only about twenty five thousand or less people in that city, which is actually smaller than some of the suburbs of columbus to give an idea of how small that actually is I never realised that she thought it was that small until iced are watching the show, I'm I'm with you. I actually thought that the numbers would be almost for that. To be honest with you, I thought that it was a bigger city than that. Now I have a good knowledge of the city and have been there are several times, but tat
You know I've never been there for a considerable amount of time. Why played gigs? There are now also political festivals. There as well when I went to school for audio engineering. I went just little south of chalk coffee in a little town, cod massey bill Okay, yeah there there are some things that I like that. I that I know of in chillicothe, the one being the sam burger have. You ever had awesome burger. It's like an old fifties, style diner, still to this day is kind of the popular place to go kind of the the home town placed ago. Enchilada the and also the tecumseh outdoor drama member, that the and about the shiny indian, it's a test really cool thing to see exactly what it is that its outdoor theatre, yeah and they horses running up and down hills and in cannons shooting often they have kind of water in their two Krieger river, something I spent I'm in
since I was young, but if it's pretty intense pretty intend scene, downtown sure, look avi, good, lookin town, good, lookin, city, nice, people down to earth people but tat. Get to that south side. He gets the fringes of chillicothe ie and I hate to say it. You note I apologise to the good people. Jello gabby, you gotta, take the with the bad here, but you know last summer was the last time I was in chile. Coffee just draw having through their and this was kind of before. I realise that there is an issue with these vanishing women and immediately in pockets of that city for first that small. What blew me away was like. I took me just fifteen twenty its ago holy shit, man, drugs, looks like you, you can just see it on the city, you can see how its detour aided the city and its people and others piles of cocaine on all the houses surrounding the house's. Nobody
No, but what I mean is you can kind of see it on the people you can they? downtrodden. You can see the kind of the the poor parts the sea to parts of the city of just been ravaged by drugs, and I know that experience, some problems, as we all did during the economic downfall. You know that took place seven. Eight years ago, you know when there were job losses in the housing market crash, and I know that that effect, that area little more than it did some other parts of ohio, so maybe still what you're, seeing the you know, ramifications of the correct correct, but somebody you may know this case from the vanishing women show that's going on discovery. Idee channel right now It is a it's been a five or six part series part right now you where they have been going through these individual cases and kind.
Studying em in an in presenting them to you. But what? What is Interesting here is, I think they set out to be a six part series, and they kind of delayed the release of the show itself, because the is a very active case. There you know: there's there's okay, so their six girls that they discuss in the show for of them have been found located they ve been found dead and two of them are still missing, Of course, this is a very active case and, as a matter of fact, just as of yesterday, they started a trial regarding one of these victims right, so why what discover idee came out and set. As you know, this was going to be a six part series. However, we're gonna release the five and because it active and because there's going to be updates and there's hopefully going to be things come to light soon. a delay, the season finale and we're gonna give you you know some. Hopefully
able to present you with some answers, and some things of you know just two, kind of wrap this thing up their hopefully solve one too. three or all six of these cases, s o. People that have, seen the show already a lot of this stuff that the information on that began will just be repeating that information that you, on the show, but if you haven't seen the show, I think it's worth checking out. I'm not each fan of the production of the show, but still interesting nonetheless, and I so enjoyed binge watching anything. So I've been watched, the blast for episode. Well, how about we start by going through the timeline here will will just start at the beginning. That seems like a reasonable place right captain so may eighteenth, two thousand and fourteen woman named charlotte. Trego is reported missing by her mother. her mother says that she hasn't seen her daughter in about two weeks, charlotte
actually last to have been seen on may third of two thousand and fourteen. This is about Thirteen days before one of the other girls would go missing Now she was last seen on the third of by her roommate in itself. Like. There was not like a great relationship with this roommate thing going on because they had done Did they couldn't live together? A more or then charlotte should be living there anymore. So short, is asked to leave. She's kicked out of the apartment or where their staying together, and that is last time that she has seen she in, and she has told people that just before the last time that he she has been seen, that she had a date with a guy named Andrew and after this date, Andrew, she is telling people you know this andrew guys, weird, I'm not gonna be seeing him anymore, and it's quite, but it's quite short,
after that time period that she's kicked out of the apart, How do you mean by date, Do you mean? Is the same prostitution type thing, yeah, ok There was rumour that charlotte was in the business. She was a working girl from time to time, and it's clear. If this were to be a prostitution type date or if this was an actual date. sounds a little to me like this andrew situ asian was probably a business relationship. now. What was going on with charlotte hits. we're going to start to hear some reports if this, in some of the same types of behaviour with several of these girl. she was a kind of a party girl she liked to light the party and after school, one ass. She got a older the party,
became a little harder. Little more hard core got The heroin, the drug problem that we were talking about and chillicothe ie is heroin, pills and heroin. and she was certainly a part of that sounds like most of these cases that the gateway drugget. They start with some kind of pain, pill and then gradually to her. yet, in some of these, girls have different situations where they they may have been led to drugs by one or a different thing, some of em by some tragedy or by a health problem, others just because they are- like the party or hung out with the wrong crowd? But this to be the situation with most of these girls now and all fairness to these girls we should say that it did. It appears that Most of them were fur time to time, trying to get you try to get clean. Trying to get off of the drugs It sounds like it was a bit of a you know: it's a struggle. You know you
want to be clean, but at the same time you're you're addicted to the stuff right. captain we're gonna move on down the timeline a bit. But I want you to remind me: let's discuss this andrew person that she went on a date with lay in the show guy, so then we had may twenty eight two thousand and fourteen thirty year old to Mika lynch is ported missing by her husband, Jeremy he says he hasn't seen her since may sixteenth reports last place her walking in downtown sheila coffee near sec. Street and bridge street, so it takes them. Bait basically are well week or so to reporter missing yeah he's well Four days I mean hee, hee, hee, calls in the missing report on may twenty eightth, and he says he hasn't seen her since the sixteenth. Now that throws up red flags rang. I mean this is first of all the people closer to you are usually looked at as such
ex anyway, when somebody disappears, but now in situation. He has failed to report. Her missing for several days I wonder, though, captain if this had to do with his lifestyle and her lifestyle. She was a little more hard core into the street lifestyle than some of the other girls area that we're talking about this she was last seen, is second street and bridge street. This is known to be a heavy drug trafficking and prostitution area in town, and actually she was going there to meet somebody behind a pizza shop and donato pizza store, right in that area. Now she could going to meet for drugs could have been going there to meet for prostitution. Type thing but this is where she's last seen now her. She had that health problem that we talked about
Tunisia is a mother of three two thousand and nine she was diagnosed with lupus begins taking pain medication, to cope with the pain from that disease and after she's she's, prescribed purkis ed and she's taking them to deal with the pain and, I think, started, taking a little more in a little more in a little more a perquisites super addictive yeah. They are and in it she graduates to heroin, which is what we see more than one of these girls than the pill, addictions very expensive, that's a terribly spencer of law. Here, how it happens is when they prescribe you somethin normally. That is something that we shall be taking any ways. Perker sets are things like that too. It first of all there too addictive to be giving people in the first place.
and people get addicted to them and then, instead of taking you know two a day or three a day, they're taken five a day than six a day, then seven a day more than that doktor doesn't want to fill the prescription again. Then what happens? They turn to other people that have proscriptions than people that are selling them and then once they can't keep that have gone on any more in their tolerance keeps going up. The next thing they do is they have to go to Harold, yeah and heroin is significantly cheaper than the pill addiction. And it's also stronger its veto? It's a stronger high yeah, so you're you're getting more for less, I guess and right, but then what happens with heroin addicts? Is it's not about the high anymore as be you become sick. When I don't take, it If you dont have you, of heroin, then you're sick, and so you feel ill. You can't
go to the store. You can't do anything, you can't go party, you can't go talk to your parents, you can't do anything so then you have to take the when just so, you can function so that some well think about as like all their chasen, this high, but some of them are just not feeling sick. and after she is into this hair when addiction, she is no longer with her children, her children or and cared bork care for by other people and heard Husband, Jeremy have kind of hit the streets now they're there you know flopping here living their staying there, they ve become almost street people and she's out prostitutes. to feed their addictions and pay for them to get by just a scrape by a day she's last seen as we said on that may sixteenth,
where she's going to be picked up by a john in the area of the second street area, which is which is filled with drug houses and all kinds of criminal activity. May twenty Fourth, two thousand and fourteen to Mika lynch. His body is found by a kayak her in the waters of paint creek. Now, This is about a thirty to thirty five minute dry from downtown sheila coffee. This kind out in the middle of nowhere yeah copies. Pretty much in the middle of nowhere. But then you go twenty minutes away from europe absolutely in the middle of nowhere social he's only missing for eight days before they find her body. She missed four for the husband reports are missing and then four days later, they find the body and paint creek. Now they had to use fingerprints, who positively idee the bought,
to make a link is found nude and she has no marks on her body, no obvious signs of a struggle or the unit. There's no bullet holes, there's no stab wounds. There's you know! No. Ah, the cause of death for four to meet a lunch. What they want is she doing if she's doing heroin, then she would have track marks. Yeah. She could have some track marks honour and- what they do and finding is a significant amount of drugs and her system. You know, he's got morphine: cocaine and alcohol, and would later rule her death, an overdose december twenty fifth, two thousand and fourteen on chris, stay a pregnant twenty year old woman, shasta hemorrhage rick is the third one and to disappear. Shasta left her grey others house after telling her that she would return now secure Camera at a speed a gas station, would capture her entering and leaving Store at around three fifteen a m the next day
sure if same store. But when I used to play a bunch, gigs out have to stop right by cello coffee and fill up at the speedway all the time. So then there if one picks her and it's a scary. I think it's scarier when you know the actual store, so I was three fifteen in the morning I be roughly the time. I'd stop to fill up my car for to get home yeah, because then all of a sudden, it's not a story that of somebody that you never knew of a place that you ve never been and any something that could never happen to. You now it's real. This is a place you may have been or could have happen to someone you know, could have and do you know anybody that went in or out of that store right now, these last seen as we said on that security tape, now what their able to you're out from the security tape is she is travelling alone. They could they. Could she oxen and out of the store by herself appears that there's nobody in the vehicle yeah from everything they could see there
There is no one in that vehicle. Now. She is wearing clothes that are kind of appropriate for the weather and for the time he's wearing a pink honey and a grey pair of pants. Now this will play a role here shortly, because pajama pants or something, but It seems like very typical if you're gonna run to the gas station grab, some beer grab some smokes to stop your car. Now again, as three fifteen- and am yes so it's you know you just put on some casual relax stuff, so it is very appropriate for that that I am now I know she was driving, so I mean. Maybe I should read something into that, but you know what, when I watched the tape and it's just breathe, Lee. They just shower, enter these speedway gas station. But when I was looking for at a time of the evening and it being the holiday and somebody it had a situation, drug situation I was like for obvious signs that she was impaired
He would be intoxicated or were you know and she didn't seem that way, not to me yet now. It was very, very short footage, but she she wasn't stumbling. She wasn't, you know, didn't the face. Looked didn't, looks you know some show that show their in on their face. I know I do another captain does No- and you do on this number twenty six, the next day sheriff deputies find shasta is abandoned. Car about twenty minutes? Dr south east of chile, coffee the car is out of date. Ass in all, they find it because some calls it then. Yes, somebody calls in a car and within what they're saying is you know the pool responded respond, abandoned cars all the time. That's a common coming, call that they get, but this one's a little different, because the the person that found the vehicle says the passenger doors, are open on this car right the little light on
you know the little dome light is on inside of the car, because the doors are open. Now the these would report that this vehicle was found without you notes, has an empty gas tank Yet the battery is dead. Now the battery has died since the police could arrive to view the vehicle or to go through the vehicle. but they do find some personal belongings of shasta in the car as well. They find aid. Cell phone Andy shirt, yeah, they find a phone cellphone credit card, And even a small amount of blood in the vehicle as well As we said, she was last seen by her grandmother on christmas and grandmother received a text saying that she would be back now. There a lot of strange things with shasta as part of this case, and one of those being dead. Days later,
searching the area and use out some sent dogs and to try to track her and what they do their able to track her sent from the vehicle and the vehicles found near a bridge near he'd, be bridge and they walk, the dogs walk the as out to the bridge similarly mid way and the dogs, kindest, stand up on the rail and kind of ended indicating that you know the scent in ends here. The abbot also kind of indicates that doesn't just in their ends with going over them. The rail exactly it's not like the dog to skip sniffing I go may actually jumped on the rail and yeah in a boat crew would end up finding the body about one. My down the river. This is this size of river about em
down from where the car was part now The that she, had drown. Abbe because they found water in her lungs. now we should also point out here that they did find you know some so things in the talks report to you know she cocaine she had oxy coding and her system. and they also found superficial cuts, You know like me, attempts to cut ones wrist- or maybe these are defence ones who knows, but these are the things that are listed in the autopsy report. Now what That's interesting here is its reported that they find her car and I've seen multiple places report that they found her car. Well, they act, you didn't find her car was the car. She was driving car was loan to her by a by a friend by a male friend,
and actually they took a pretty they being. The police took a pretty hard core look at her boyfriend where the god it was known to be her boyfriend right and but he had a pretty pretty solid alibi and they there rule him out as being involved in this situation and they actually rule her death. A suicide. Does she had taken her own life jumped off the bridge, and it was you know they suspected that she was pregnant. Yes- yeah. The rumour, because she had told friends did she was in the early stages of pregnancy yeah. But the thing you're. The blows my mind captain is, she said to be very happy about this pregnancy Now I know that she was battling drug addiction. I mean she, she had had a drug and alcohol problem. You know started off just like some of the other girl started off with some pain killers gradual, two cocaine and heroin, and then she ended up getting clean. She was
she was young. She was only twenty years old, but she got clean for a good amount of time. Six months, seven months and her father who she was very close to passes away. If she and up going to jail for something and then she get clean, while in prison, yeah yeah. It's too help kick it off, but she maintain that after she got out on our own and on forty Her may maintain that, for a time, yeah and after her father passes away that kind of that train kind of fellow tracks. You know she went right back to where right back to the drugs now sometimes be it all people using that drugs as coping map mechanism for just life in general and then so when they do get sober. Sometimes the littlest thing, but this in this case a bigger thing, her father, passing away now puts her back on that that deadly track and The boyfriend did s said, had an alibi, but this
seems like some of the friends weren't so excited about this boyfriend, and who knows, I don't know much about a mite there's little brother price weren't. That close any ways of she was gone in and out of drug addiction and their not drug. Annex themselves, though, how come they were as friends who knows. Maybe they, didn't like the fact that you know she's about what the wrong she's been hanging out with the wrong people for a long time- and it may be guys, it's another one of those wrong people and then, when she went missing, he ina posting of on our facebook page which is a little odd. You know you know: he'd have his per password and all that stuff instead just posted something on his page. He posted something on her. age. Saying hey, she's missing. If you know anything, let me know in his defence. So I was thinking about that. And- and I agree if at first glance I thought well. This is strange. She's posting on hers and even a peep should postpone his butt wouldn't more people that know her. That would might be able to
Tell us where she is be checking. They would be checking her facebook age in maybe see the cry for help now. I think it makes a lot more sense. I think the thing is people work as well. Why would he have her information? I log into her stuff which, which I don't know as a common thing, or not as a common that did boyfriends and girlfriends would that have each others He spoke password smile. I don't think it's that common, our guy, then. So it is a strange thing. I we can say with one hundred percent certainty. But another really strange thing here: captain is the clothing that we talked about in that video at the speedway gas station she's clearly wearing a pink hoodie, yeah and glue pants gray, long, pants and win find her in the sky oda. found wearing a green t, sure and green shorts very strange,
and I hope I may we don't know the exact amount of time that it would have find the hoodie and the pants in the car. To my knowledge, no, that the items that I have listed that were found in the car were a phones, multiple cellphones right, which have been been port as a butler, all belonging to lincoln credit cards and a small amount of blood was found in the view which could be from some of those superficial cuts that they found on her when they pulled her out of the river, now back in december. Twenty eighth of two thousand and fourteen wanda lemons, a thirty eight year old woman from Chillicothe e she's. reported missing by her mother. Her mother says that she hasn't heard from her daughter in more than two months. Wanders mother tells police. It is very uncommon for her daughter to go long periods of time without contacting her now what her mouth actually tells the police? Is this
He believes that she last spoke with her daughter Wanda on november third or number november forth. done remember the exact date, but it was one of those two days right now. what she says when she last spoke with Wanda wandering I'll see a mom it thanksgiving giving. What thanks incomes thanks goes no want She assumed that she would be getting a phone call from our eventually saying you know it mom sorry miss giving I'll see a christmas. Christmas comes Miss goes no wanda, and this is She has five kid, so you think the grandmother would want to see those kids during those time she's the mother, five in the grandmother of three Wanda herself now so after the two very important holidays come and go, and no wanda. This when she's reported missing now. I think that was pretty common for her to go a couple weeks or so without seeing her mother, and that might be why the mom It's so long to call. The mom said that you know I was pretty nervous after thanksgiving, but just kept thinking I
hear from her eventually now wandered case- doesn't really go anywhere. There's not a lot of information on her. What information we do have on her- is that she is similar to some of these other women who she was are going with an addiction with a heroine addiction and she was and thought to have frequented or known that. You know frequented that area that same area that we keep talking about that bridge streets. Second street area now one has a strange past where she was. She had lived in texas for a while now its thoughts that? She has done it strange that you live in texas, its trains the way the she lived there and what she had told people that she had. Lived in taxes. Kind of against her will that she lived in a hotel or a motel and she was living with a man. They had put her kind of put her out and had put her on the internet and was cut keeping her
and eventually she was able to flee and get away from this man, and she to kill. A coffee You know where she had some routes at her by her mothers there and she lived there and she was still a very much afraid of this text is man and if he would be able to track her down somehow speculated that may be Wanda just went the town on her own that she just went to that. She wants to be missing or she's taken up a different life elsewhere. But the thing is here that she is receiving some form of public assistance the police are able to figure out that the last time that she accessed that public assistance was on november. Third, now most of the time that stuff becomes available early in the month, the first of the month at some of the first of the month or the third of the month. in mind. This is almost the exact same day. Her mother believes that she last spoke with wonder and here's the thing about. You know
when when when a person with an addiction, is receiving some kind of money, but be it public assistance or hand out or they were sea or their working, a job or whatever view after feed that addiction and the thing. here that doesn't feel very promising. That doesn't leave me with much much hope for Wanda that public assistance hasn't been touched in a long time. You know if, if she, if she still needs to feed that addiction, that look assistance would have been touch law and even you got clean, you still need money, the live off of may eleven, two thousand and fifteen, a mother of two tiffany, sir she's hanging out with her friend jesse. Now they went to this bridge street and said industry, which we have already talked about, and they were therein. They met three men, three construction,
first and they went back to a motel on bridge street to party with these three men. I believe that was chillicothe e n. Yes, yes, it was. Now Jesse would say that at some point, these men getting a little aggressive with the with action with whatever is going on at that party. They get a little aggressive, Jesse gets a little uncomfortable and tiffany gets a little uncomfortable. However, they must have collected some money or had some money, because at this point they decide that they're going to leave because they're going to get some drugs. Just the two girls they go in, they get whatever they're going to get. They go, do whatever they gotta do they do their thing yeah and they end up back at jesse's place. Standing in front of he's home now Jesse lives, just a couple blocks from tiffany, sir. Jesse says when she's last talking to tiffany tiffany It mentioned that she kind of wanted to go back to that motel and party guys
it is a little weird. If there be an aggressive and being duty, I wondered the same thing, but the first thing that jumped, in my mind, was maybe maybe, if any, was chasing the dragon and there were some the drugs or for that evening, the parting was done ass. She wasn't ready to be done party or they didn't get the they wanted the disguise liquor it. Maybe thought was the only way to get some more money or get some more drugs would be back at that motel anyway, they decide that tiffany is going to go home jesse that she sees tiffany leave it is those. Sometimes you get go on get the party gone right and then just don't want to stop. You to be one of those guys. Please I clark and morning, and you dont want to stop. I dont get up I never stop. Jesse else. Tiffany. You don't want to go, see those guys again, you wanna go back to that party should just go home till
agrees and says that she's going to continue on and go to her grandmothers house. I guess it's her grandmother that lives couple blocks from Jesse's house now, She tiffany is known to go everywhere with her purse, In hand and cell phone in the purse a t shirt in at a cook diet, coke. some kind of popper some kind of drink in her purse, she goes everywhere, according to her grandmother, her father in her aunt everywhere, with these items now she never arrives at her grandmothers house and later on. When the police are trying to track her whereabouts, they would come up with a hit off of a cell phone tower. They come up with cell phone tower hit around too me three route: twenty three in marietta road. Now This is the last known activity did take that they can trace her too doesn't go to the grandma's house and then at some point that cell phone is
either shut, offer out a service or for whatever reason, there is no more pings. but this is the last time that she seen so These are going to start to find track down. These leads right, so they tracked down some of the construction workers one of them is a man from out of town there, both from out of town because are staying at this hotel. Typically, what would happen with these construction workers and now one thing with the chilly the area we talked once you get there can be obvious at parts of that town, that its did its ravaged by drugs. But the other thing when I was. There are several times last year and I'm sure you were as well one thing you ve noticed: there's a lot of construction going on at that time in the cello got the area. I have been there for a long while Definitely not assess back, but you know that a lot of times with these construction workers. Are these construction projects? They have to pull guys in from out of town, they may drive and our two to get there. So it's very common for
couple of them, hotel, room or they're all hold in the same motel hotel holiday in what they'll too they do is they'll drive into town and they'll. Stay monday, thursday or sunday through thursday, and then they return home for the weekend and boom they're back there, the next week to pick up where they left off so on and so forth. Well, that's probably who she was parting with, because when, when the peace officers track down the construction workers to talk with them, as said one of them, the kentucky man in the other ones, from out of town. Now, here's the key thing here, though you know that, the police say that these gentlemen are very forthcoming, that date that they everything that they seem to want to not like. Please don't tell my wife and so that their very cooperative, however, the thing is here: the jesse states we were parting with three construction workers police, say you know now
fact down these two construction workers and talked with them, and we we feel that we have exhausted that lead, whelp who's, that third guy you know I first and would be, how long, where the hanging out, because there were hanging out that long. See may be that there are like maybe more than a couple people hanging out for low, but maybe she got confused that there were three, If they're hanging out for a long time, it's unlikely to me that should be confused at all others. You know three aims two and another confusing thing is that the family would come forward and say you know this jesse girl. Yet we know that she only lives a couple blocks from grandma's house, but we don't know who she is, and this Jesse person claims to have been tiffany best friend. Now maybe she was tiffany best friend on the streets. You know that second street, that drug infested area that part of town
maybe a mainly their newly best friend or something like that and in the family didn't seem to be so close with tiffany towards the end there there seems to be a quite a bit big disconnect I think a lot of times when people are going through drug addiction or alcoholism. Marie things sometimes job get to the point where you have to start porn away as a family and tiffany was getting to the point getting as to the point of being clean, she was she was making some changes in our life when when life dealt her a bad blow, her her boyfriend, her new boy for at the time he was ex military and had suffered some kind of wound or whatever, during war and complications too, that he ends up get blood caught the in passing away, an unexpectedly and this kind of said: tiffany right back onto the drug path, hard core at this point,
people that are not even on drugs. Anytime. You go through a traumatic experiences really derail your life. You know for a couple years I mean say now: you're gonna lean towards drugs appear not into drugs, but now. You might lean on the bottle, Wilmore well, his wonder, you know she had mentioned. Maybe maybe we should go back to that motor out. I wonder: did she decided to go back to that most by yourself after leaving jesse's place, went in to drop, was gonna driver Maybe you should get ride, she could walk. She couldn't hitchhike, I- and maybe she didn't even have to get all the way there. I I don't know the distance between the temple, and maybe the police are correct when they say yeah. We talked to two gentlemen and, and they came ford, and thereby in front about everything, that's keziah talk. the third guy, maybe that third guys involves
yeah and regardless there's that cellphone paying that they hit over by route twenty three and marietta road, those are so tricky may, because when you look at allow these cases specially nowadays minetta talk about the cellphone ping I think we have that technology down to a complete science It seems to be one of those things where depends on who you talk to. It sounds like some people are saying: hey this stuff is very accurate and then there's others that will the wool will strong argument that is not accurate at all tiffany is last seen a male and she's reported missing by her grandmother ruth on Twenty nine. Just eighteen days later may twenty two thousand and fifteen. There is a body found. and this is found near and abandoned, building and massey veil. This is a town, that's approximately five minutes, south of chillicothe e, mrs, where I went to school.
And little town a massive oil is a tiny little town, five minutes south of chillicothe. I lived there why I went to school, but it was like you. I had a campus housing which was basically does sheds. We just lived and heads there, like five of us in the shed pretty interests very accommodating place as very very nice, the taos or kind scratchy very nice, but the woman that is found near the abandoned building and massive ill she's two she's she's dead. She found dead bodies found and she's been. In the head three times now, a a name or a friend of a neighbor had seen blood trail. Now. This is an area where there are homes. You know in this abandoned building. We look to be like a business like it a business. It had probably recently gone out of business because it in looked terribly the lavish it or anything it yeah, I wasn't horrible, but it was definitely run down
and it was a smaller building. It wasn't a giant building of it was a small yeah. It looked like a little ranch house and there was a. It was a little ways off the road across the street from some homes and there's a like a guard rail that runs along side of the side of the building. There's she's her body was caught up in under the guardroom. Yet the thief. friend of the neighbor, had seen a blood trail and followed the blood trail up to the guard rail, and this is where she found this woman's body now, fallen that blood trail like if, if you see the blood trail on it put me in some people would just be uncontrolled there, they're just wanting not going to follow that. Yet I think I would follow it. At first, the rumours are going back and forth. While they are waiting for Paul yes and while police get there you know immediately
the media in the new start to arrive once they hear that there's a dead body that's been found and immediately. The speculation is that this is. This could be one of our missing girls. you, ve already been talking about and more recently, we have the fresh case of, many say who just went missing eighteen days prior right now, so that the immediate thought is it. This is probably tiffany, sir. Now what s taking place. Is it they figure out that this woman? She her name, is timber leak later, and he is a thirty eight year old woman who has a history of drug, tv in her life and its similar to some of the other stories that we have already heard you know she timberlake timberlake, had started off with painkillers and nerve pills and then went on to heroin, and it was at this point in her life, where
you know she's in the midst of this, this heroin addiction now she's found on a friday, The police very early in this area irrigation believe that she is not part of the same group of missing women that this this probably not connected to those prior cases, yeah well first he's not reported missing and then found. She's is found found its a homicide right. It's not exactly it's not a kidnapping or missing persons report. It's a homicide, their investigating the found body of timber leak later and the listen why they believed that it's probably not connected to the other ones is because the other, the other girls. Have some girls that have still not been found and in the other girl were found. They were found. You know within it,
days or weeks to find these girls. This this woman, nobody even knew that she was missing right, so they fine timber, lilies bonnie, possibly was missing for awhile. And we just don't know his number reported or messing correct, but they ve her body on a friday and the poor he's in the sheriffs department decide that you know what we're going to need to make a hard push on this case, At this point I mean the town is freaking out right. I mean you got women being pulled off the streets, and ever seen again and that they are seen their dead. Yet in europe talking about one year later. You know that the in may two thousand and fourteen we have two girls go missing. One is found Now we had the we had the suicide, the ruling of the suicide in the shasta case that took place. lay in two thousand and fifteen but eve
you throw that one aside and even if you believe that that was a suicide, there's some questions about that suicide and tiffany case She just went missing earlier that may Is this a repeat of last may, where we had to women go missing and we found one body couldn't find. The other are we doing this all over again the police say no. No, we weren't make a hard push on this one, because we need the panic too, and we need to realize that this is not part of that and that we Some of this under control here say that they want to have somebody and in jail by Monday? and they end up following some leads. They go to where they believe the kimberley might have last been seen where she may have let people she was hanging out with they check all the usual circles and able to follow up on one good lead and they find that she was last seen at a
They they they follow, lead that that takes them to a gas station. There's a car and they get the description of the vehicle and on the surveillance camera. They see what appears be timber in this vehicle? and they see a man is driving the vehicle so now they have a lead, and this man he he's he's, got on camera and he's. got some distinguish or mark marks about him, tat, you know. Yes, he has a look to you He's gonna harden. Look too he's he's kind of ugly well, he's got his kind of got a druggie look tomb and he's got a wild block to him as well. Any ill he's got some tattoos on the face and neck area and wrong with tattoos. No, but if you this guy, I am describing him perfectly and you couldn't stop with fondly well, they
are able to get his license plate number from the surveillance cameras they tracked. They go to talk to this person now. They really want to talk to this guy, because this guy's got some priors and A guy, that's kind of people were a little afraid of this guy, so they go to his mind, I should apply not column thuggery than the well. They go to his address captain in he's not there and they figure. That he's no longer living there. While this present issue because he is a registered sex offender. When he is notified the police that he is changed, addresses that he has moved he's also wanted for or not wanted, but had a prior of armed robbery, so again, this is a bit of a dangerous man. They track him down down and he's living in an area that states closer to wear kimberly was found and
as soon as they knock on the door. He answers the door, they know it's him because again, he's he's got some marks on him. Did you tell all right. This is one officer puke right in his manner. It is this then said archives vaguely visit prop. You know this is our guy, so they get to talk to him. His name is jason mcquire. It now Some inquiry is a in arresting dude. he. He somebody that that once they get to looking into him he's got some things online. He is we did some some pictures of him with multiple guns. multiple firearms you know what I want Read that into that too much mean depends on how you posing, I guess. Well what I mean is I don't mean that everybody that takes a picture themselves with a gun is weird. What I mean is when you have guy. That's a suspect in a case where women's been shot three times
guy that is known to have committed armed robbery, whereas in still a big and of guns. He still taken pictures of himself with guns now, I m surprised not legally I just heard either side till I agree with you on that some of those posed as well he's. Even did his occupation. As a strange, few patients he's the listed as himself his titles. What keep of soul. That's right, I wonder how much that job pays its its minimum wage but more interesting is that at the location where they find jason query they also find the vehicle king, the description the vehicle that was in the surveillance cameras on the tapes and inside the vehicle. they find obvious signs of gunfire inside the vehicle and a large amount of blood as well well, he gave
please a valuable piece against him. When he was not register to have moved or be living at this new location, so the good thing the police and their investigation their able to their able apprehend him in put him in jail and hold him under the charge of failing to register, while they seek information against him in this homicide. Now the secure, would later come out and say that he feels very strong and very good about their case against J a query now he is facing several charges. Only the homicide charge, but he's all facing some charges. You know the failure to register as well as some gun inch gun charges that are involved in this case as well and you are saying that the product it doesn't believe that this one's connected He doesn't believe that its connected, because with timber early later, they would have thought
if she is connected to these other cases that she, have been reported missing. Just like they were, and is she have been missing for some time. They they knew Eddie quick ended this that there is a good chance that this is an isolated incident, because she had died shortly before being found, the trial against jason inquiry, has started. It started just a couple days ago on July eleven. Now there or in the jury selection process for his case and I ass if they had their pulling from over a hundred people to choose these jurors from now I did read a newspaper article that some of the Yours have been potential jurors had been too. missed already because they had they reported that they are watching. The vanishing women show answer that. That makes them in eligible to to be adjourn. This case, yeah that
trial just started and were we're hoping to find out. of information during the course of this trial and what would be interested to find out is: are they correct, mean is this jason mcqueary thing actually not connected in any way? There is a possibility that he could be connected to maybe one or something you're talking now. He knows more other missing women get in. There thought is that that this did up being a you know, a decision over drugs. They did really Clayton was shot because it some kind of argument and inside his vehicle theirs blood found in the press. Cuter said that at some point in the trial he will be able to present to the core I witness to the martyr, goes along with the police theory that they had thought. They'd
possibly seen a third person in now we on this? valence tape, looking to see what will happen with that trial? I think that the outcome is pretty obvious. I think that he looks awfully guilty and they are going to have plenty of evidence to they. Don't they don't make you guilty just cause. You are fugly well yeah, but I think that heat. The prosecutor seems to be pretty confident about the other guy case, bunch of that they have a mountain of evidence, but I'm cool is to see what will what details come out about this one Do we learn about timber early, the damn. What did we learn about? Who she knew who she ran around with? Maybe things that she had three seen or heard you never know gonna come out in these trials and the other to us. What is that person going to be able to tell us why he or she be able at that. I witnessed the murder well They have run in any of the circles of any of these disappeared or court or dead girls. And it will they be able to tell us anything
This gonna, be interesting to in the thing is with jason. What what does he? What do find out that he knows as well june. First, twenty fifteen, for multiple disappearances and deaths of young women and such close similar to each other. This convinces d philip coffee, police chief, to request state and fair assistance to solve these cases. The next day the man sing chillicothe women task force is form How this is linking Chillicothe police with ross county sheriff's office, the state beer of criminal investigation and the state the patrol, as well as the fbi, to now we're pulling together our resources and we're gonna start tracking down these these criminal women to figure out why these girls have gone missing. If we can locate any of the current missing girls and if we can find any more information on any of the ones
have found already will obviously they're gonna pressure from the community, but I applaud their effort because sometimes, and these small town cases. They are not willing to meet term it that its above their pay great. I guess you'd say well in because of where some of the girls have gone missing and because of where some of the girls had been found we have already. You know ross if county is involved in one of the cases at least the children, the police are are involved in a couple of them, so now. We're pulling our resources together, we're getting BBC. I involve the fbi. Involve the state. Highway patrol were really getting some muscle behind this investigation, just real, quick them want to go through. The the Victims in the women real quick, because you know we did cover a lot just so we're all on the same page, so real quick just to recap
in may of two thousand and fourteen, we have charlotte tregong, she is the girl that went missing from was last seen in may of twenty fourteen she's not been seen since that same money to make a lunch is reported missing and then found dead she is found dead in. They believe this to be an overdose. They find a lot of drugs in our system. They find her and paint creek and paint actually thirty miles outside of Chillicothe E. Ok, so then, in december of the same year, we have shasta who went missing and the find her and they rule that death a suicide as she's, the one that they believe jumped over the bridge and to the side of river, and then we also have wanda lemons, who is reported missing the same month, but reported as having been missing for approximately two months and never seen again either in may two thousand and fifteen? We have if any sayer, whose reported missing she's not been found,
Then that same month, late may of two thousand and fifteen timber, the bar of timber leak later is found she's. Never for missing, but now there to getting her homicide and they have somebody behind bars whose awaiting trial, in that case so now we're forming we've. We've joined forces here in june, while later that month in june, twentieth. Two thousand and fifteen the boy body of tiffany Sair, is found wrapped in a white cloth near culver, along cave road and high counting duct tape is all discovered near by for rule the death a homicide?
pleading liberal europe by brutal bainbridge warrior. We are due to be no body we're going to go on the wearer body. I didn't even know that you are sure. There's a veto bodyguard good morning made a whining morning, we'll get it also started out by why'd. You do that leader for LEO had that way want along the road to a deputy away,
it was her body that would pay manpower you ride along the coast proved there. Now we are back to camera for me were down there, but I won't make me a mom or dad might be that way. Cleaver. He is ma'am, it's a bit tough to hear, but basically what the caller is saying is that she and a man were in the area of cave road and this near, like a bat sanctuary, sanctuary and They discover the body of a woman The body is laying near it over, which is right by part of the creek and part of the body, is in the water and the collar. leaves it she is rat and that in a white cloth and she see some duct tape near the body as well.
in the body is partially nude are fully nude according to the collar, they call police and they get they get police there. Now keep in mind this that same area, this cave road. This is Thirty, two thirty five mile area that we talked about, that that is thirty, thirty five miles away from downtown sheila coffee and this out in the middle of nowhere. This is where people we'll go to go hiking they go maybe to go. Sir in caves and to be out in the wilderness. Theirs. no other reason to be out there, but somebody the time to take her body out there and a place it there They would also find remember. We had said the tiffany was never without her purse, her cell phone, and in some belongings that her grandmother in her father said that she always carried with her while they fight
these belongings, not far from her body, they find em just down down the creek, a bed in a bag. Somebody had display of the belongings as well. This is in the same area. This is about a mile to two miles away from where they find two Mika lynch damning, his walking distance yeah you can walk from one to the other along the same strip? My question would be because been out there, speculation that it wasn't cloth that she is wrapped up in, but painters police said that it was possibly a painters cloth. You know like a drop cloth antsy then I wonder if it was duct tape. Taper was painters, tape I mean either one you'd using instruction, but then my class It would be the collar refer to it as duct tape and later the police would refer to it as duct tape as well, so we can assume instructed, but my would be think about where you were killed. Opera is wherewith
road go. Yeah. I know it's on a major road, but what I'm saying is: where would they road go where you could then reconnect onto me, your highway and think about those construction workers if they're from out of town, maybe the is ok. Well now, I I did this bad things: this girl and I'm gonna dumper body and I'm gonna dumper. body on the way back to my home town and I'm going to do her body about a mile or two away from where they find two Mika lynch who, yes it was rolled an overdose, but let's keep in mind, she was nude He was found in or near the water just like now forced over it just like tiffany and she didn't just get out the middle nowhere by yourself, but but Seventy, we don't see any punctual puncture wounds, we don't see me yeah their own. Yes, she she hasn't been shot. She appears to not have been
strangled it's obvious that she has been stabbed, what the thompson now they were a little. They kept the autopsy rulings under wraps for quite some time now did rely on them one because the soap in case did really some details and it was. It was earlier. Well, I'm sorry it was the same year, but what the homicide autopsy would reveal was that they had found cocaine, amphetamine, morphine delighted and alcohol. levels above the legal limit in her system again and another strange thing here is it there was Blood found in the body so they had to analyze tissue samples. I'm not certain why there would be no blood in the body I mean if there's a puncture womb right,
I said they said it's possible. Maybe she had bled out, but but again there is no. There is no puncture wounds. There's no gunshot wound yeah. Were you bleeding out from I? I guess you could bleed out through the nose. It's not unheard of. If you were to. If you were to abstain, some If you were take on some kind of answer really be other tell that if the nose was broken or not It seems very strange to me that there is no blood and that they are not and here's the other thing, though, to they were unable to determine how long she was out there. This is the wilderness They don't believe that she was out there very long. I know it's the wilderness, they don't believe that she was out there very long. They do, however, believe that she's been dead for some time, so that would that's weird, I mean that's weird. It's may because vocation, we don't think she's been out there that long, but we do believed that she's been dead. For, while the outlines She was this dead somewhere she's been missing for over five weeks, right
and they don't believe that she was out there terribly long. It's tough, though, because that such a vague description, aways right everything's vague about the autopsy that they release. They would up saying that the cause of her death of tiffany sayers death is homicidal violence, but again theirs. they must have seen signs of something and they're, probably keeping that close. The vast, because they need a visa. It could be a hard lead, and that might be why they're keeping close to the vast yet because person it's gonna know how she actually died would be the person that is responsible for her death and all responsible for putting her there. of course, law enforcement under all kinds of pressure here, because We found a couple of bodies. We only have one person sitting in jail and we see I have a few girls that are meant a couple girls at are missing right, so the rumour and what the people
of chillicothe. He want to know, Do we have a serial killer living amongst us? Do we have somebody that's pulling women off of the streets and killing them. are we just days or weeks or months away from finding the two remaining missing women dead Out in the wilderness, somewhere with again, not a whole lot of clues. So yeah certain thirty miles out of jail. Coffee, though well, and now that you have this, you have this task force your able To start casting a wider net and that turn a strange a strange man and a strange situation in charleston west virginia. Over two thousand and fifteen police are notified. Regarding a male of the name, Neil falls. He is a forty five year old man and they are not really certain about his background because
he has moved around quite a bit and has been a bit of. Question mark for the past twelve fifteen years living in multiple states. He lived in over ten or twelve states in the course of that time. Now how Does he come onto their radar, because he's in charleston, west virginia, and is there? Is a woman, their name heather Saul and she has a date with a man named Neil falls that she had met on back. Page dot com, she's waiting for him to arrive at her apartment. Well, knock on the door. Heather open up the door which it doesn't seem to me like you would want them to know where you live. I guess mister. This is one of the lucky ones where they just give him the address right away. He knox heather's door. Heather opens up the door and she met with a gun to her chest and it its neo falls and he says to her
I'm going to prison for a long time, and you to choose whether I'm going to prison for murder or for rape Now a fight ensues right. There a rake near and heather except the rake. She go to strike him with it or she hit him with it during the course of this struggle. Neil puts down the gun and he got to try to take the rake from heather. Well heather, being at the top for game she. gladly exchange the gun for the rake. Every time right, You know she there that involve further with the struggle for the rake. She grabs the gun, she picks it up and she shoots neil falls dead, get for her. Well. Why? here's the thing- maybe she miss, maybe Miss misunderstood him, maybe she's He thought he said, murder or rake she's, like oh yeah, raked the face bitch. Well,
the strangeness with MR falls doesn't doesn't end there. Ok find his vehicle. You call that he had dropped her apartment inside the vehicle they find basically a murder kit, where He had had things in the vehicle where it would be used to kill somebody at a martyr to and dispose of the body so add things in their like additional weapons. He had an ax, he had knives, he had a gun, he had duct tape. He had trash bags he had shovels, at painters might tarps had. He had all the things necessary to kill and disposal of a body in his vehicle, along with notes on several other women using back each dot com. No, they didn't find. There was not a on the list of items found in MR false car, a drop!
off or painters, Clotho or blanket was not on that list, but but items that you might use to clean up after a martyr there. Found on that list would have been rubber made tub full of tat was and also a container of bleach. Now again, we said that He had either travel to or lived in. Multiple states within the last fifteen years. This is this is a bad guy. This is a guy that was out to do bad things and may have done some bad things in the last while the fifteen years, some states that he lived or travel to include arizona california, colorado, georgia, I awoke Kansas, Kentucky Missouri Montana new mexico. Nevada and virginia we by one wanted this list of states, he wasn't in. While he was also clearly west virginia because that's where they found him dead, but it doesn't seem connected to these
kathy when they can't find a connection to amend. Actually, he has no footprint in chillicothe it right that we nor ross county that they know of at this date, but because, he's been in so many different locations. That's why they're areas. Could he have been here? another guy that comes on the radar of the task force Andrew morrison, well, who is Andrew now remember when we spoke about the first girl charlotte who went missing, is still missing to this day. She had old friends that she had gone on a date with a man named andrew, and now he got a little freaked out. Yeah she got freaked out. Andrew is weird. She didn't want to go on another date with him. Wasn't going to see him as aggressive but that's all they had with the dataset andrew didn't have a lot ass they moved in a car than I have any description of andrew right. Nobody knew anything about this person other than charlotte, who is now missing and can't tell us anything more about him. Well, what ends happening is frank,
counting, which is the county that Columbus resides in contacts Ross county. and they say you know we ve gotten word: did there general there's a guy down there that we are looking for. And his name is Andrew morrison. Now why we looking for him, because in franklin county, he, is wanted for some violent rapes of prostitutes in our county, five five counts of this. In fact, you ve got more than he is living or staying in ross county. We need your help to apprehend him. What find him now. Here's the thing there, will determine when he moved to the area when he moved into the area, and they determine that. This is in fact, after all of the girls had gone missing, and so there stating that that he's probably not involved because simple fact, however, pointed out at the beginning of the show it's a forty five minute to sixty minute drive from coal
as to chillicothe, he is depends on how heavy your foot is. Yeah. I mean it's not crazy to think that if he were violently raping prostitutes in franklin county that he couldn't have been doing it ross county now, they did say since he had been staying in ross county, he was known to have frequented prostitutes while staying there so he may be was up to his old tricks again, maybe he. This is something that had already done in the area before so they have have three suspects: they have suspects, be good ones or not, but we have jason mcquire whose waiting trial women find out about his trial- is going on as we speak. We have neil falls who's dead and we we, who knows what they want and cover with this guy right and we also have the andrew morrison, who he's gonna he's now: custody franklin, county and he's gonna face trial for his crimes in franklin, county at least they have fingerprints in dna on all three suspects now said,
I think that go a long way, but I dont think all six or connected, but that's the big talk of the town- and I think, did. The thought was when there were just five girls whenever just five women, some missing some dead even though one was reported in o d and one was reported as a suicide right there, still, as we said, the talk of the serial killer, the talk that these were in fact linked and connected to one another, and it was until the sixth woman timberline player who was found shot in the head and their able to track down jason query very quickly did that. it simmered down a little bit the discussion of a serial killer, because now this brings in a new element to the story. Here girl that live the same lifestyle that they had fallen. Victim to somebody free. in the same area, but now its firmly believed by the prosecutor. Investigators, that this was an isolated incident.
there's some interesting things. So in this case, because, first of all, I care I'm not fully convinced that shasta is dead, was the result of a suicide rate Not convinced did lynch his death was now a forced o d. You know she passed away of the the overdose it's very past. Could have been a forced, o d. You know there, sing, call it a hot shot, a hot low. That's you know when you in somebody with with the least those of narcotics, org or just you know. We have seen cases where people partying or people drug somebody drop a drug in their drink in in they pass away, and people have to the thing is to make a ledge was dumb, out there by somebody o d or no o d. She was placed out there. Why me, she owed. She o deed, whether was forrester not force, but summit dumped her yeah Somebody got rid of her and this
thing with with tiffany. So They found a lot of drugs in her system in somebody took the time to get rid of her body and to me, seem most likely to be linked. I think that what you have here is. I think that you have a lot of bad elements in the same area. I don't know that there's just one single bad element. I think that there is a problem Out of these six cases. There is poor, probably to that, are linked. Maybe three is something going on there, but there are some. Some of these are just isolated incidents yeah. I think they needed start doing, searches were the two women. Were found and maybe we'd some closure for the two seen women that are currently missing because we don't know they're dead, so or you know, dead or alive, so we can just assume that they are dead and and then those the case we or the family still deserve answers. Now. The police in the task force have done enough
a good amount of resources, urging that area where two meters lunches bodies were found and tiffany sayer. body was found. They ve spent a good amount using helicopters and sent tracing dogs and using plenty of resources to search at area, however, that's a big area and I think, Unfortunately, if they can pull together the resources and the funds to do it again, I think it's gotta be searched again and again. We need some answers on these women that are still missing I think the scary thing as yet been about a year or so, but what happens of another? girl goes missing or other body, is found of a different girl,
when we, when you and I were talking before we, we oughta, we keep saying girl, we dont mean that in a negative way, is this what were saying what we are grown men? However, we think of ourselves as boys are t hate. Still, I guess so when I, when I talk about women, were it's not, we don't mean it degrading way. We're not try and be disrespectful by saying girls instead of women, and you know what would you rather be called miss instead of man? I don't know but anyway, you and I were talking before we recorded before- recording and we would we talking about how we really felt that chillicothe, these that the good people of killer copy kind of wanted, a serial killer right kind of wanted. One thing the blame all these problems on. I think hard to admit that your town has gone has gone. Hill. So far and just drug problem is so bad right now therein, fourthly, a man This huge popular,
the town, so hopefully they concern clean it up and you think what, with their pop pop, They should be so I can speak relation being so small that they be. clean up the streets quicker, and this is not what they want their town to be known for nobody wants their city or town to be known. For this, this is not an area is not a terrible area, but they have been. I know a lot of people from silicon valley in the great people they have been ravaged by drugs. You know that there are still good parts of chillicothe there's a bunch of good people that live there, and you know what I know that they weren't able to unite against one bad element, because we believe that there's multiple bad elements involved in this thing and hopefully this is the end of it. But what was but but But all these women deserve weeds. you have to know what happened and their families serve to know what happened, but they all need justice every one of need justice, but did the. But the other thing to is the one good thing that I have seen is
the community is uniting against one bad element and they figured out. The bad element is the drugs and there they are there going to the streets. Banning together and their there, going to stand strong and they're gonna is this drug problem that that is hurting their city, bad I'm glad to see that their uniting against this. So you know the final on it is are six cases linked. My answer I don't believe so. You're answer would the same thing. I don't believe so. I think that at the end of the day, we might find two of em linked together the the two women that are still missing and treat me very much well. I will applaud the idee network for holding off on the season finale They were originally set to do six episodes, they release five so far, and they said that you know the season finale. We're gonna have to hold off on this, because we have an ongoing trial, and I do. I think that I,
did they thought this might have been solved by now, but it? But it's, but it is, in fact very not solved Look, it's embarrassing, shows a bay, that's interrelatedness case. You know it's a right now, The five part series check it out: I'm not in love with the production of it, just like the camera angles and lighting and certain things like that and some sometimes the pace is very slow or their very. repetitive, but it is interesting and a new really get a sense about what we're talking about. When you see these areas, where am I I think they were right to hold off on their season finale, because the new information is going to come out and I think that a lot of people in chillicothe he believed that we're going to find out some stuff during the course of trial, and I believe so as well. A sum of listeners have contacted me wanting to know if I believe the girls that have been gone missing from Zanesville, which is for the age of fifty minutes, east of columbus
I'll, probably be in forty five. fifty minutes, south columbus. If there's any kind I have not found a connection yet other then possible. Jug, Drug use and prostitution, but I'm gonna, get. looking into it and as always in it We get updates what date you sweets recommended reading we're gonna take a break from the actual true crime genre. Much to the dismay of the captain. However, this I very highly recommend this book. This book is called a good marriage by stephen king. Now, how does it relates to our show? Well Stephen king, based he got the idea for this book. after following the bt, kick bt k case, and why The idea is, is that he kay all of our listeners- know who he is now he had a. He had a very extensive more during career. Let's call it enduring course of those murders, he had had a wife,
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