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We like to think of women as nurturers, not murderers, but women do kill.California’s Deadliest Women is the definitive guide to the murderesses of the Golden State, a horrifying compendium of women driven to kill by jealousy, greed, desperation, or their own inner demons. From Brynn Hartman, who killed her husband, comedian Phil Hartman, to chemist Larissa Shuster, who dissolved her husband in acid, to dominatrix Omaima Aree Nelson, who cooked and ate her husband, the 28 women profiled in California’s Deadliest Women show that the fairer sex can be as evil?and as deadly?as any man. CALIFORNIA'S DEADLIEST WOMEN-Dangerous Dames and Murderous Moms-David Kulczyk.
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hi, I'm Jay, Farner, ceo of Quicken Loans, thirty percent of Americans who are planning home improvements of five thousand dollars or more will pay for those renovations with a high interest credit card. That may not be a great idea. A better idea may be to take cash out of your home with the Quicken Loans thirty year fixed rate mortgage. The rate today, in our thirty year, fixed rate mortgage is three point: nine nine percent APR four point: zero. Eight percent call us today at eight hundred Quicken or go to rocket mortgage dot com rates of exchange. At one point, two: five percent the receive a discount rate off across the permission and conditions because, like license in all fifty states and one hundred thirty the house of Roll journeys far and wide to bring you exceptional quality, kitchen and bath fixtures in all of this, you'll see the details of your own story: the story of a life. Well, crafted welcome to the House of Roll Radio
You are now listening to true murder, the most shocking killers in true crime, history and the authors that have written about them: Gacy Bundy, Dahmer, the night stalker Dgk every week, another fascinating author talking about the most shocking and infamous killers in true crime, history, true murder, with your host journalist and author Dan Zupansky it evening to think of women as nurturers, not murderers, but women. Do, kill California, Deadliest women is the definitive guide to the murderous, is of the golden State, a horrified
compendium of women driven to kill by jealousy greed, desperation, or their own inner demon from birth. Hartman who killed her husband, comedian, Phil Hartman, to K Miss Larissa Schuster, who does all of their husband and acid to dominatrix, name, a re Nelson who cooked and ate her husband with twenty eight women profiled in California's deadliest. Women show that the fairer sex can be as evil, and his deadly. As any man book feature in this evening is California's deadliest women, dangerous dames and murderous mums. With my special, best journalist and author David Cole check Welcome back to the pro Thank you very much for this interview. David Cole check. Well thanks a lot for helping me. So is a pleasure thank you very much and uh. Very fascinating, as you say, compendium of stories from California and this time
some deadly women now let's get right into some of these stories because there are so many and so many ones that I'd never heard anything of and pleasingly I'd never heard of them. So let's get right to a couple of these, and let's start, I guess to get the audience prepared some of the stories that are in here. Let's start off, With she's a man eater well that's one of my favorite favorite chapters in this book I didn't know about it when it happened. I stumbled on to this. Well is doing the research, it's a sad story. All these are sad stories. There's there are no happy stories in this book. There are no happy endings. Everything is horrible. It was. It was tough writing this book in some ways, because there was no let up of. There is no joy
this book. So in she's a man either or monnieri, she was born in Egypt in one thousand nine hundred and sixty nine, which could have been one of the worst years to be born in Egypt there's a war going on with Israel, and everything was just a big mess in nineteen. Sixty nine specially over there see. Is that a lot known about her growing up? But we do know that she had. She was forced to have female circumcision and that's pretty common back. Then it's there's a lot of things about it now to stop it, but when she was eighteen
she immigrated to America. She was five, but one beautiful woman, just very exotic and the tractor Billy built as the Beatles expect done being young and beautiful in this country. She never lacked for male companionship and We're probably really did need to go to school. So we have no idea whether education level was or even what her language skills were, how good she was of speaking English. But one thing is she managed to do when she got to America's that she kind of became because of her good looks and everything She became a not necessarily prostitute, but she was eye candy for rich people's parties. Things as we know now. You know big
stream Lee. You know Hollywood functions or Donald Trump functions. He hired beautiful women just to stand around and just make it seem like it's a better party and wherever they were trying to impress well. She she got her sexual thrills, though through bondage and one of favorite, sexual things. To do that's good because of her circumcision. She sex was painful dramatic for her, let you know like I said. No one really knows where life was like in Egypt before she came to America. Well, one of the favorite things to do would be to take error a guy in tying him up to their bad.
Suit is bad and then she would take his wallet and leave and no one knows how many times and actually happened, but there were at least two cases were guys called the police and filed charges and then drop them before they went to court because they probably got teased really badly at work and things about that and it's kinda funny 'cause I read. One thing is that one guy was like two two days: he was tide up to his bad, and so it was quite a mess when his friends piled up and stuff. So she fell in love with this pilot who was convicted of drug smuggling in the 80s, but he was just a middle aged guy. It's like fifty six years old at the time they got married. They only knew each other a few days and they got married so they seem to be getting along fine on November 22nd, nineteen
ninety one that's Thanksgiving Day in America, Everyone else was around having turkey and watching football games and hanging out with their relatives supposed to decide to have little bondage gate, and so she tide up Richard Nelson to their bed, and Then she took a clothes iron in feed him over the head with it. And to make sure he was dead. She took a pair of scissors and stabbed him a bunch of times in the chest, so that put her in the holiday Spirit and she dressed up in here, favorite bondage, close Richard like bread and put on her red high heel, shoes of red hat, put on blood red lipstick and she started to cut up her husband. No, please show that your apartment and December. Second, one of her former boyfriend's called and told the police
that she asked him to help dispose of plastic bags of leftover, turkey and body parts. So the police showed up at their place, and you know it's almost there will say, but his head was cooking on the pot on the stove. His hands were fried in cooking oil weather in opinion. An he had. Basically's guts were all in different garbage bags. One of the bags was in the back in the trunk of Nelson's Corvette and she told the psychiatrist said: she'd cooked his ribs in them in barbeque, sauce and ate them into told the investigators, nothing tastes as good as the man I married, it's the sauce that does it whoa yeah, that's really getting out there so enter trials. She claim
that that she was defending herself, but it didn't really fly because he was tide down and There's really no way that he could have threatened her physically, at least when that happen, She is currently doing twenty eight to life in prison. Right now,. Was there any explanation why I know you don't have it in here, but it was there any just that just begs the question: what was their motivation to to eat him? Yeah? No one knows She was pretty tight, lipped about it out. You know when she was arrested. I think she realized how far she actually with you know, that's definitely meant illness on her part. I would say I think it be very hard to to try to prove that she wasn't men.
We go by you know eating her husband over period of four five days, but she had she had to claim that Nelson had beat and raped her. So it was a self defense or provocation. Defense wasn't yeah yeah. She she she claimed that, but the other mutual friend said they have that they were actually a pretty. He treated her with respect, and it didn't seem that there is any kind of you know problems with them doing what they did. They they enjoyed a different kind of sex than most people inches to. I guess I don't mean to laugh, but this story actually got when I tell it. In front of a live audience. It gets pretty good la
off in some places for some reason or fascinated with Cannibal yeah, Oh yeah, absolutely taboo you can go sure. And yes, sir- and you don't normally hear people make that kind of claims about the ribs in the sauce. So that's unusual. So, let's, let's talk about that. Shopping spree killer, another fascinating case. More incredible this one, the former Dana Sue Armbrust I was born in nineteen. Fifty seven in Orange County and her mother was Beverly, Ombra, Stan and she was a model, so tell us a little bit about Dana Sue and how she grew up before we talk about what are like. Long dream was to be an so so we can just explain a little bit about this very complex character and this very fascinating tale, called the shopping spree killer, yeah
thanks, Idina Sue. She her mother was a former fashion. Model, and she always wanted more. She was a 70s Eighties party animal in the loss feed, the loose area. She married Russell Ambers, who is a hairdresser, and I guess they did pretty good together. She spent the money and he made it and she always spend more than what they earned and for some reason, Dana picked up on that when she was a little child. She was had this obsession with money. And she knew what was worth even when she was a little kid, and I recently gave one of my great niece is a dollar and she's about forty years old. She didn't know what to do with it. She just looked at it like. I don't even know what this is, but about Dana. She knew what it was.
Her mother. They got divorced and she was a scientologist and she spent all their money on the churches, classes and things like that. So she rented out her driveway some men that were in an rv vehicle. This is about in nineteen. Seventy three Something like that Beverly would go out, nightclubbing all time that parties at her house and that's how Dana grew up seeing this kind of stuff she had a boyfriend lived with their net, so she misbehaved in school. And gotten trouble gotten fights shoplifted and she had taking orders from anyone should sneak out of her bedroom at night and wonder the streets and things- and I think, is she lost her virginity to each twelve to One of the guys that lived in the rv in their driveway- well, it's been about nine.
Seventy or so her mother was diagnosed with cancer and seventy one and she saw her mother suffered. Going through upper chemo and things specially back, then it was when she decided to become a nurse and Probably have the knack of if she decided to do something she would, she would be totally success. Well at it, she would go beyond beyond what most people could do. Just anything she tried. She was great at so after Beverly, Dutch move them with her father and his new wife, and he had a quite a few whites. Actually, I think four and we came down to it and she gets a share, a bedroom with her step sister and girl, like that, going back to living with those strange stepmother and the strange step sister she was getting in nothing but trouble. So her brother or stepbrother from the first marriage
introduced to skydiving an and she became excellent at skydiving um. After her some other found some marijuana in her room. They kicked her out and she just moved in with her boyfriend, who is Twenty three years old, she was sixteen and her boyfriend was jumpmaster at the skydiving club, so she grew up being really athletic. Blonde hair Blue California girl went to Newport Harbor High School and she graduated. She started going to college together, nursing degree and she at the same time she started playing golf and she also got in the wind surfing, which is you know, the pioneering days, windsurfing, one thousand nine hundred and eighty maybe one or so she graduated from nursing school and became a nurse and making good
money being a nurse at that time, and she started going to wind surfing competitions and golf tournaments all over the West Coast and Hawaii and was enjoying pretty good life. Something you would have stayed that way. That would have been good, but she always wanted more. Her father got divorced and married again. And she wasn't sure about what she went New Zealand or no, she wouldn't Australia, and she went there to see if she could get work and it didn't work out. There is a skating time gray who went to high school with her she moved in with her father in a canyon lake, which is about one hundred miles e of LOS Angeles in the deserts called
Inland empire area. So this guy that lived nearby was the guy went to high school with her and he always had a crush on her and it's like, hey, you know just kinda good. She doesn't know anyone out here in that and this guy time great he was in a band called long shot, and they played all that LOS Angeles clubs and and seem to be doing really good, but the band wasn't SIRI feeding my record deal or anything like that. So we kind of put that away. He was also ultralight gear. Crap pilot and he would fly over pieces and things like that, hoeing banners and Is a real job with the construction heavy equipment operator, so that's good, paying jobs so so she went to she went off
Really bad and she just couldn't get work without having to just empty bedpans, and she had a lot of experience by then. So she came back in time. Gray picked her up at the airport and she they fell in love and got married and she got a job little in Catalina, Catalina Islands off the LOS Angelus, which is should come home for the week at least thirty day they bought a house and they started a marriage all in one company, were he was a universal life minister and they the band, they had a print shop and they would do everything that you needed to do to have a wedding. So you know things are going good Money is coming in and- and this is kinda hard is idina- she didn't know how to play any instruments and once that came up that they were going to have like a wedding band. She
almost immediately learn how to play the terms of keyboards thanks. She just had the MAC that you could just pick up anything and do it. So you know they were having a life. They bought a house and things and concerned canyon, Lake and Canyon Lake is like a gated city, and it's unlike these lagoons in lakes. You can't subscribe in there. You need card pass, or You need to know the combination, so people feel pretty safe. There uh they were living beyond their means. So may the second mortgage on their house and then the how some double broke and, There were no more jobs for heavy equipment. Operators became pretty tight specially with their double mortgage, and your credit cards are all maxed out and Dana never stopped going to weekly hair appointments and manicures and spa dates. She had a gold cadillac, she kept on going out and buying clothes and accessories
just like they were fully employed. So she started getting really mad about the lack of money that they had and that Don would to ask her not to spend so much and she just would not have it. No one could ever tell her what to do 'cause. She. She asked her step brothers for money and other relatives and she angered her whole family when she tried change of will under step brothers, great aunts who she was not related to at all. She had nothing to do with them and she relatives were just just having it with their they were they just couldn't. Couldn't deal with her anymore. She got a job at the Inland Valley, regional medical center as a labor and delivery. Nurse in stick extra shifts and by all accounts she was really good first, but she didn't get along with her coworkers at all, and He had been reprimanded for not getting along with them
She wanted to have a baby, couldn't happen, they just they just couldn't. Have they just couldn't do it so she Ernest, I'm Tom, discovered the that he really wanted to keep his being started being together. You really love this music, so we started a band and the guitar player in the band was gardening, Jim Wilkins and she immediately got a knife or he had a six year old son and she We found that attractive. It would be her surrogate son that she couldn't have and also during this time she was pink how long in between her husband, Dan and between this guitar player guy- and you know, then pretty much, through his hands up in the air and just looking make up your mind someday. So she got fired from her job
for stealing demerol another opiate sooner supposed to destroy what you don't use and she was false, false buying the new cratic inventory and she said that she, these are files, it fell on the floor, but they didn't believe her and they fired her so time at this time they were, they were separate and she had taken out a life insurance policy on him, and he didn't know about on Valentine's day in one thousand nine hundred and ninety four. She called him and asked the medium and he just didn't think it was a good idea and he stood her up. So she instead since she was in the area where they live their houses, known foreclosure. She still had her pants key for the gate of that air of that town and see Joe Pastor Old House, and she saw it.
Six year old, Norma Davis who live nearby and she was the former mother in law of her latest stepmother and it gets pretty pretty complicated in a way but she's no release this person, but she knows her through her stepmothers through to her stepmother. So she went over to her house and Normal was recovering from a triple bypass surgery. And she let her in like. Oh, how you doing she sat down in their chair and DINA Snook. Behind heard, strangled her with a Ford phone cord that seemed to be like her favorite weapon into started after she was done strangling her. She stabbed her good times with two nights and broke the nights off to the hilt. She was almost decapitated, they didn't find it for two days. So you know police are wondering who would do such a thing to this
help us old woman who would never done anybody rock there was high So any evidence around small shoe print smear blood phone cord and it was without a wall very they didn't know what was going on. Two weeks later. She she goes to the same place in canyon, Lake and there's sixty six year old June Roberts and she she was too it's stripes in the neighborhood, and she saw somebody outside should pull in and say Said he give a book about kick alcohol, addiction and you know, can I borrow it and she got up to go, use the to go up to go, get the book and she came up Kynard strangled her with another phone cord and she took cash into credit card sort of person left.
She went over to this high end shopping center and got a massage and got her hair done in her nails, done and went shopping with the money. So couple weeks later, just just like two weeks later, she. She says Lake Elsinore just little town nearby. That area she goes into. This antique store And there's only one woman there during the Hawkins used fifty seven mother of eight, and she was just you know the store just so Send you back bring whatever straightening up things and and Dana came in I asked if she had in the antique picture frames and they walked to the back of the store where they were and she grabbed the phone cord and star strangling her, and while she is fighting for life, gray was
whispering tour. Qe. Just just accept it, you know you get a die and she thought she killed her. She left her. There lay dead. She got five dollars in a credit card for that. For that murder she took twenty dollars out of the cash register, so she left her laying on the floor. In she she was unconscious for now are in the phone rang and it brought her out of her. However Como she had, she was able to call the police and just gave a description. So when Dana found out that she didn't kill her that she was able to identify. Are she went out and got her hair cut short and I dread, but the same time Riverside County there? You know they had like a share of subs. Riverside County is the largest county in America, and it's you know
almost as big as New England, it's just incredibly huge and there it's actually pretty poor county too. So they have. The resources are stretched pretty thin um. This cop was talking to to her step father's new wife and she was talking to the police. Detective 'cause, you know her grandmother was killed in This said that she told the cop that that Dana had a key to her house into the Canyon Lake Subdivision, and so they were starting to look at her. Ok, we're going to we're going to watch what she does. So she does it again. March 16th was just another two weeks. It seems like every two weeks she had to buy it every time she had to get her nails or air
she would go out and kill somebody and steal their money. So she goes back to Canyon Lake same street word, Norma Davis lived and she saw eighty seven DORA Vb come home from a doctor's appointment and I guess store it didn't really like her that much and she She claimed that she was Lausten, wanted to look at a map so she let her in her house and she got the phone cord tightened around her neck again and this time DORA really fight. She was a scrapper and they totally trashed out the living room broke things Some lamps fell down and she eventually scene and grabbed a clothes iron and smack during the head till she was dead That's the second murder. There's two murders in this book that if I close iron of all things yeah, it is.
Now. Let me ask you a question here: let's go back just a little bit because part of this we just missed of real key part here. A little bit is this. You talked about Jerry burst talking to detective Greco? What really, which movie ask about this thing here is that by the time detective Greco gets a search warrant. And is staking out the house at the both. At the same time, she is Dana is already killed DORA. Bieber was already killed in and gone on a shopping spree. So just take us a little bit back, because that's an incredible sort of meanwhile right in your book yeah. Meanwhile, while she was killing DORA, they were getting the search warrant. For the house and she went out shopping and the cops were waiting for her to come home and when she, I'm home the police. She had her car was filled with shopping bags
They came to search your house and they didn't know that she had just killed another person just a few hours before that. So they went to her thing- yeah, that's like they could have been a little bit sooner, but. When we put time we put these things together, yeah she. Killed somebody while they're waiting for her to rest, her soul, they found you know, purses and wallets and credit cards and then how few thousand dollars in cash which drew up taking now the June Roberts Baker Carroll found your order shipped up, but bring your clothes and jewelry, and you know so many things weren't even open door use. They still have their tags on it. So so they put the cuffs on Erin arrested, art and she
seems to be just as our daily to interrogate an interview in jail as she was testing her life as she was. You will you talk about that that about the striptease pardon color ideas about is odd yeah. She is a girl trouble with all the it beat the guards in the league separated or from the general population. So when the detectives in even reporters making to see her. She would do a striptease behind the bars just just to throw those guys off. She also made money selling pictures of her, get photos of her two people. She had all these pen pals. In jail. That were all writing her sending her gifts and things. She she should never let up on that.
And what did she admit or deny the crime? She ended up, pleading guilty to the murders of June Robertson Door BB and the attempted murder of Darina Hawkins. She was not charged with Norma Davis is murder, they we had so much honor and when she saw that she was going to get the death penalty for all this, she pled guilty and she was given life with no chance of parole
this thing. Yes, a very fascinating tale. Now, let's show okay, but I do find it odd about how the death penalty is dealt out because there's some people that were just killed, one child. She got the death penalty than those people like curtain, killed four killed. Three and almost go look for it. They don't get the death penalty right, but it's still the yeah it's when we think a lot about how the death penalty is issued here in America. Well, I mean there's this disparity and how it's applied, but. What kind of system do you have where one state doesn't have one in spend only one doesn't: does I'm definition of unjust. If you can put your toy. Over into another state and
Same crime would be a death penalty in another state. It isn't right so ultimate disparity would think so, Yeah all the way around cuz. You know I brighten the introduction. There was only for women that have been executed in mystic, and there's only been about a hundred women convicted of murder Can you hire history of California and you compare that to probably eighty thousand men to this group committed murder. Yeah overwhelmingly men yeah overwhelmingly and with the death penalty out of the four way, men that were killed only one did an actual killing the other ones. Did the planning in Barbara Graham, was completely innocent and now picked up a few criminal historians about this? But I've been my research in barber gram. She was like a third generation, Oakland prostitute. She had no
never had a chance. She grew up in foster homes and she was heroin addict a young age? She was just going to like just kind of a good time girl and she was in wrong place to run time. This guy named Jack, Santos and M at Perkins, where the ones that really did commit the murder and those two had a criminal ring in northern California For about twenty years up until they got caught in the late 50s, they would just go up. These lonely highways here in northern California, and they were see somebody at a rest, stop or something usually a sales man or something, and they would rob and kill the guy and dump body and some ravine and steal the car and maybe dump the car in a ravine or whatever. But there were all these
unsolved murders and and people disappearing, and they think that Santos, Ann Perkins could have been responsible at least his game for maybe fifty murders that happened between one thousand nine hundred and thirty nine one thousand nine hundred and fifty nine. Barbara Movie about her. I want to live those great is their last words when they were when they were put her in the gas chamber Guard said just you could deep breath and hold it, you won't feel anything and she said how the hell do you know. Well, let's see big way into talking about one of the most interesting, Stories in this book hands down, and when I had never heard of before- and this is the acid queen Larissa Schuster and we hello did to her in the introduction
This is the former Larissa Foreman is born in nineteen sixty in Clarence MO and she studied biochemistry and she met Timothy when they were both working at a nursery home I'm nursing home. Pardon me now this is a tale that you have gone quite in depth. And to show the character change, and this is very complex transformation at this woman goes through to become this acid clean, so tell us a lit a bit about the Larissa Foreman and this very successful person and talented person's well. That ends up being one of them interesting stories in your book acid queen thank this was a this was a real craft. It is your right to it probably took a lot. It took a lot of my time, reading it
well the much written about it other than his paper articles and things like that, and this happened in two thousand three and the present okay yeah and you might think of President California, it's actually the fourth largest city in California and it's basically agricultural city. They do a lot of packaging and canning of food products that grow in the rich, San Joaquin anything can grow there, so she Missouri girl most places you can just flat being. And she met Timothy Shuster and he was from an equally boring place, Cole Miller Miller, and so they met like you said they met in the air
that they worked out together and they got married one thousand nine hundred and eighty two and had a kid and then Marissa got this job supper at a research lab in Fresno. They packed up move there had another kid Timothy found a job job's administrator at Saint, Agnes Medical Center, I'm doing pretty good, you know it's Fresno is also very poor. Place And they have a good job in that area. You know look at high. You have a nice house, you have a nice car, you know thing is at your fingertips. You settled into a regular middle class life, belong to Lutheran Church and TIM was a mason and everything and Lewis and notice that the lab look like it wasn't doing too well she said to open around and she started Central California, research labs and it still
there. They are after. This was all done and done it was sold. So you know you can't have a have a for active at Fresno is is well now that fairly difficult. Because that's were you know, all the nations farming is you know for us. Now is the number one threat the county is the number one agriculture County in America and again you know the size of Connecticut or something, but. She got really successful at this- that she with their success, she became very mean and- she was at work a lot and so her husband became the caretaker of the family he take kids school made dinner, you know took them, here and there, and all that and meantime Larissa. You know she's chase and keeping up on scientific breakthroughs and techniques and thing
she is hiring scientists and directing lab workers, and you know very busy person she had to travel a lot to speak with clients and conferences and things, and so as this is, he was getting more successful. She got more obnoxious, and she was used to being the boss ' She treated her family the same way and she would make fun of her husband's sexual prowess in front of people that you know parties and things like that. She bragged about affair she had and how much money she made and no one really liked her? Everyone, like TIM, was a good, they all liked, and you know he had a good job himself. He he was
thinking over eighty grand a year. So it's not like he's pumping gas at a gas station or anything so their daughter Christine. She started having problems in teenage years and she just shipped her out the parents back in Missouri and, in the meantime, their marriage is on the rocks they filed for divorce. And they lived in separate sections of their house, but Melissa wanted everything. She did not want him to get a single thing, not even the blender out of their divorce when they got divorced, so she she went out to Missouri and fourth of July holiday in two thousand and two in Tsim moved out of the house which angered her and here's here's a person that she's done nothing but push out of her life and then, when he moves out, she got totally angry and she did not want it. One is, you know, split, so
money that they made together, which is California law. You get five thousand and fifty. So she she got custody over their son tail. And he got every other weekend. They would meet at the place where she got her nails done and she would always like yell and scream at him, and then she go and get her nails done and then she'd make fun of him. Some more so she's just got those big mouth and she's telling people that you know he died. My life would be great and things like that. She. Started, doing some really odd things. She ordered bite, chloric, acid, so ferric acid and some other kinds. They her company used maybe a couple of gallons a year. She was buying it by the boxful and
the shipping and receiving people. The first thought something was wrong and she said no, that's what they're getting we need it for for the business, so they didn't think anything of it. She's the boss, so somebody broke into Schuster's condo, while he was gone and It was Larissa in one of her employees is twenty year old guy and they stole some stupid things and just trashed out his house and she was like you know wow, he knew that it was her. He couldn't prove it moved into another place, got cameras and motion sensors. All these things and Larissa would leave these long. Seen. Obscenity laden messages,
that is message: machine neck. Let me outta my gosh. That must be money last time. She then bought from her company at fifty five gallon blue plastic barrel and she jokingly asked her warehouse staff if they think it was big enough to put a body in You know everyone just kind of laughed. You know it's like since, like humor, but Lewis of is really making plans, so she trapped she trapped him by calling and saying that, obviously she needed him over his house. You know she was injured and outside of this house and when he came outside twenty, when your guy, hey girl of stunned him with a stun gun and they put core format of Bridger double catches. The tide about tossed in back of a pickup truck and drove the rest is home where they could have had.
First into the barrel and then poured eleven gallons of hydrochloric acid in three gallons of so ferric acid over him, and he was still live he was unconscious, but he was still alive. That's how she killed now, what happens she thinks that he's not going to be missed. But why is it that he's missed so quickly and and as a result, what happens when she was so self absorbed, with their own light that she didn't know that he had gotten laid off from his job and he was going to meet a friend of coworker for breakfast to discuss. You know just to the hash out some things and do a little networking and stuff, and he didn't show up and he didn't answer his phone and they knew that he would always do that. Sprint is drove over to his house and he looked inside me
that is, cell phone is wallet and watch while sitting there right in Plainview and knew that he would never leave you now with this. This is a you know fairly meticulous guy. He would always do the same things. So we took her son to meet. Just like he. She was going to drop him off for the weekend and he didn't, show up and she was like she thought that Larissa said tour manicurists that I can feel it divorce, is going to go my way and that you know. Oh, he didn't even show up pick up his son and I missed a are you supposed to have them, but the manicurist notice matter hands were so sweaty that are fake. Nails would stay on, so this friends called the police in no. You know what was going to
Missing people get missing all the time, the they and you go to Vegas or they go to why are kings Canyon, all the wilderness out there? So I don't know, maybe you just went up there and stuff, but never did show up what was the for me. The when the police have hurts very, very interesting when you put this in, Book you talk about the the strategy that the police employ once the idea that that schusters there there person, but they they have, the with the cell phone and and then the contact they have with pegon. So tell us how they figure that out in quick order and as result, what do they do to you yeah. So she said when they add her come in for the interview she said she didn't have her phone with her and they told
she could leave. They walked her to their car and when they got to her car, they saw that her cell phone was in there, so they took it and 'cause. She said that she never even called him forever. She just never did and they looked at his phone her phone and saw that he was let Natalie and speed dial. But she had called him like multiple times say: uh also notice that she had a breach, inside their legs, and he thought. Ok, this isn't right, they let her go. There thought ok, we're going to give her some rope and let her hang herself. And what does she what she do. What I'm talking about is a strategy that they employ once they. They have an idea that we're going something to do with this. So, as I say, a veteran police will go with the weakest person, the person that they think that they have the most information over and then
get him, so it's very it's testing how you capture that so tell us how they what they do. As a result than what information they get from for gone, alright, well, when, when, when Schuster left, she called the gone and they went to her house and took the barrel and put it took it to a rented storage area which she had an employee rent for her. So it wouldn't be in your name. They popped open. The lid animaze, just you know just wretched, they had to make more room in the barrel. They cut off his feet and poured through more bottles with acid and re sealed it. She went off on vacation, so these cops knew that got him he's only twenty one year old guy lived with his parents and they brought him in the question is relationship with their just kind of innocently and they they need. They can sweat this guy out. You could use basically just a kid
and you end up tell and by the third interview we ended up telling them that he had been paid. Two thousand dollars help them with the murder, And he had to ditch everything in a stun gun in a porter giant at a construction site and they went and found it, and then they got a search warrant to go through her property and they found the he found out about the storage lot. So wetness guy out, you know that that would be the easiest thing, because you know Larissa was well. You know she's educated. She was having does This woman, she was always planing like five steps ahead. You know this big on guy. He was just you know, just a kid just just a hick kid who got a job at this research place, so the police went into the storage, even opened it up, and
You know the whole place cleared out is horrible. Only his legs and hips were the only part of his body that wasn't dissolved in acid. Now there looking for for a Dana, Dana Sue yeah and she's very, very cocky and com. So what? What happens with you? again does she deny? How did she does she confess? Does she breakdowns? Tell us what happens with Dana sue when she's confronted with some this information. Now she respond. Oh, she was, she he was pretty pretty pretty cold would be the best way to describe it. The the service,
trick in the book to delay and derail the trial. It ended up being held in LOS Angeles County and they gone wouldn't have anything to do with because he was appealing his conviction. Lawyers told not to do anything. We use the you know the tapes they put all the evidence out for the better and had a lot of friends come up. They said that she spoken openly of her hatred and she wanted him dead and. The people that she her employees, told about how you know she asked the body would straight into it now we talked about renting a truck for her the day. The barrel was moved about the the storage unit and all that stuff, and they played two dozen phone messages that they discovered on answering machine from her that were just told
the fall and she was threatening him, leaving here that dust outline of the barrel that was in the garage and yeah. She she can see She just made everyone came up, you know, let's use she was. She was just totally hated that guy. So she took the stand and she each was just charming and articulate and she kept their wits and temperate page. He had two days of cross examination She an excuse for everything from purchases from the lab to her foul mouth messages, and she admitted that she helps bargone move the barrel to the storage unit. That was the only thing and she would admit to, but she said that she did not kill him and when she was sentence
to life without parole. She just sat stone faced while you know her, kids were crying in court and things, and she just didn't affect her at all. She just sat there stone faced in there. You know six hundred dollars, dress and can't hear do incredible. Story did not affect your doll. She got life without parole,. And yeah absolutely and what happened to the accomplice. He got thrown in prison for twenty years at least Well, let me assure together peeled or anything I wrote this book last summer and this is actually really pretty quick and did what I could with the research that I found, but he was in prison as of last year when I wrote this
we have time for one more story, and I think it's appropriate that we have very interesting tale. Now, for a woman that- and you put the story as Batgirl, because she was refer to his back girl in the press. First off tell us this is about Michelle coming Ski Minsky, Mansky immense. And and tell us about her early life, you talk about. Mentally and physically alief sexual abuse. She, I lived in New Liberty IA so tell us about this real trouble, youth, Michelle and As you write in the book about what it led to in early life talk about back yeah, but the shallow Kaminski was the only person I really felt sorry for in this entire book. When I wrote she grew up in a really bad
while she was physically mentally, possibly sexually abused. Ran away from home when she was fourteen years old immediately became a stripper dancer, stripper, prostitute and all over America from Hawaii to New York City. You know at the time when most teenagers are certain about acne. You know she was snorting, cocaine and dancing naked on stage and stuff She got married a couple of times. They'll never worked out. She never got divorced either when she's twenty years old. So for six years she it was basically a stripper slash, prostitute. She was very good. Looking beautiful, beautiful woman, she had tattoo of a vampire. Bite under neck, and this is one thousand nine hundred and ninety one with a little drops of blood in her arm. She had like a bat's playing like out of
belfry type thing where they got bigger and smaller, so she was working at the Mustang Ranch in Nevada and she kept a little apartment in a suburban Sacramento she had a you know, there's all done up like vampire house and stuff. She just really liked all that stuff. Now one of our favorite boyfriends, with this retired air force lie super name Phillip in the Hawker, and he was divorced just a little guy used to like to square dance and things, but his alcohol problem said getting the best of him. He worked as a civilian employee at Mcallen AIR Force Base and And in a pretty bad neighborhood, well, pretty poor neighborhood meet Joe by Mercedes Benz. It looked out of place it there, but in Hofburg and Michelle liked each other and she actually was very fond of him and she was over at his house one day March, fifth, one thousand nine hundred and ninety one. She took a bunch of Ellis
see that Michelle had pretty serious drug problem. It wasn't that she had to take drugs, it's just that she wanted take drugs and she would take whatever drugs or some she take LSD. She take coke, should snort, you know anything and stoned all the time. So she took some lsd and she was at his trailer home and she went Bezerk. She thought that Inhofer evil Spirit and she stabbed him to death and over thirty times, and in the shower, and then she stuck him in a bag and put him in his bedroom and took off in his car. So this one finds out. You know when work calls up and so say, well it dad hasn't been around a couple of days. We check on him, he went and he found his father dead, so fat girl disappears. The press called her back girl because of your tattoos and
yeah the vampire thing in Chino. She worked for the heavy eye makeup and all that kind of Morticia, goth girl and she disappeared and full time offer her lowlife. Drug dealing. Friends and and a coworker were just favorite, They were using her to get out of their own problems with the cops they were just telling them. Anything Gianna bomb there that she had guns and all these things and they meet her a lot worse than what she really was. So you know she was in the weekly World NEWS and inside get our current affair and court tv and all this stuff words Batgirl, and they finally found her two months later in Blaxy Mississippi. She was sitting on the beach and the she had painted silver and was in the back of a truck,
rented a: U haul, type truck and the captured by and well that's kind of odd. He just thought he talked to them and he found out that was you know this- wanted back girl so stupid day or two for the Sacramento police to get there and take her back and go through all those things and when they. The airport? You know after two months, two of you know hysteria You know what they saw was this twenty world girl had little nose and freckled face, and you know true, sister, afraid and twenty year old person she looked more like a college student, then and I wrote a murdering coke, loving weed smoking by could drinking in it. Are it good time girl and she tried explain what happened, but she had not had any kind
education at all, since maybe she was twelve or thirteen years old or her brain in other drugs that she packed just stunted. Her emotional and psych logical growth. She she was base. People, like a thirteen year old spurs, are reasoning, goes and uh. You ever try all they brought up or two Ex husbands and You know when they searched her apartment, they found she was doing now. These love letters to calm pyramid and the others and stuff making them think that they were. She was in love them inmates under money and gifts, and things like that. She ended up doing a plea bargain for his murder. And, yes, you are you know, here's the one person that the press made to look out like she was. You know vampire girl, and she was really just Innes
person who really had no chance in life even when they contacted her parents. They were just like. I don't know and seen in years. Yeah incredible, Yeah now you know, I don't think about her. I feel bad she's she's still in prison. I guess he wasn't the best inmate in She said more time put on. Her oh really understand. Well, that's unusual. Certainly yeah. In very troubled youth and then turned into a very troubled adult? Obviously, here now I just want to ask too we we talk one of the stories we won't get too. We don't have enough time, is the doctors, wife part two, but so well, story about Betty Broderick. You have the doctors, wife part one two and three so before I let you
So tell us a little bit about some of the stories that you that you, we have in this book before I let you go some of the ones that, We can look forward to reading and finding out about this book, deadliest women yeah Ipad. Actually there were I read about four doctors, white and there is actually about twice that many- that their stories just weren't as interesting as the ones that I wrote about, but something about doctors, wife's, a lot of them put their husbands through school and then they get dumped. You know once they get successful, so it seems to be something that happens quite often little. My fave.
Which was the first one, happened in nineteen forty five in San Francisco and she killed her husband's a girlfriend. And then, when her husband found out, he went and committed suicide, but at the trial she had- and in small, plays or local San Francisco productions and oppressive reader said she's an actress everything she says his life, and this is Irene, Mansfeld ERR. Turning went up there in brought in all these people that she worked with all these actors and directors, and they all said Tuiti that she was a horrible actress, which is something that really backfired on the prosecution. There's another one case like that to where the prosecutors just put in two much in the one thing and they ended up getting a really. You know small sentence for what happened that woman only got twenty five months
but one of my favorite ones is, is one and it's this couple that were little down to their luck. They were seasonal workers up in vacation land up in the Sierras and they had saved a nest. Egg of five thousand dollars are going up open a bar there gonna bite BAR Alaska, but the husband, ended up spending all the money gambling care. While they were waiting out the winter up in Sonora and his wife killed him, they were living in a little cabin. She killed him. Chop them up and bury them alongside the cabin in two graves, only in six inches deep and then she told the people. That's I got this job I'll be going on. Man down the road hubby! You went out fire how to be get things done so later, like three four months later:
The summer time some people were running out that cabin and they just smell it, just smelled funny they start poking around and they found the two gray is one had his body and torso and the other one had like his arms and legs in it, and they ended up finding her fairly easy and she had a really rough life too something you know in in these stories: either Person had a really horrible upbringing or if they were brought up, you know with all lectures you could ever dream of. Right, there's really no rhyme or reason for any of us. Two extremes certainly. What other stories do you have in here in terms of sort of that
that offer a range as we did offer in this is talking about these four stories are quite different in each other. So tell us just a few more that people can look for two in this book. Well, I have a couple, maybe three or four stories about very young women, like one thousand four hundred and fifteen years old and committed murder, one and it was in fresno- were a twin, killed her twin sister and had no problem about it. She even told court. She would do it again if she had the chance. She could not stand her twin sister, but the other one is murder in kings. Canyon, national park, which so you would think, is the most most serene beautiful play center. But you know murders do happen there too low for couple of mothers that killed
Or we're trying to kill their daughters or did kill their families, so I got a couple of them like that course I had bump. Phil Hartman. The great come Bn, whose wife, right yeah, murdered and also have about this happened a few years ago, when I first moved here in two thousand and one, and that was Elsa Mcnaboe Ease who was a lifelong grifter and she finally married rich Ernie and spent all this money and then ended up killing him and bearing him. They have a great club field vineyard. Along with this, this young woman, who just didn't know anything she was just probably most ninety person in the world and her husband after he was dead and
He never did know his wife's real name because she had used so many fake names in her life. He really had no idea that who he was married to didn't matter because he was dead, but she ended up committing suicide in prison and then trade the pitch the whole thing on her accomplice, who is disturbed office assistant, basically sure. Love and greed, love and money things I want to thank you for coming on David. Once again, it's been a pleasure talking about California's deadliest women, dangerous dames and murderous mums for those that might want to look into your other work. Do you have a website? Facebook tell us how people might look into that other work and contact you if they yeah. I have a facebook page, just my name, David Cultured author page
And I also have a on page. I have four books out. This is my fourth book of California, crime, history and uh. This is my most focused one. This one is really razor focused on women who kill. And for those the sorry go ahead, hi just saying I'm coming around in doing bookshelves on on this locally. In California, between now and February, or so. Congratulations. I just wanted to spell your last name for people. It's kulczyk, that's right! We had any want to. Thank you very much yeah. Absolutely. I had that Ukraine.
Only creating the guy with vowels in his name so yeah. I feel well we're a little bit away. I want to thank you very much David. You have a great evening. Thank you very much. It's been great speaking with you, California's deadliest women. Thank you very much have a great thank you for helping me on Goodnight.
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