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WARNING: This book contains several crime scene photos that are graphic in nature and may be very disturbing to some people. Do not proceed if under the age of 18 or are disturbed by scenes of death and violence. One after another, young women disappeared without a trace in the night. One by one, their brutalized bodies turned up, the macabre crime scenes suggesting they shared the same cruel fate. Abducted, bound, and raped, all fell prey to an unknown killer, all became the victims of a deadly deception. DEADLY DECEPTION: True Story of Tampa Serial Killer, Bobby Joe Long-J.T. Hunter
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You are now listening to true murder, the most shocking killers in true crime, history and the authors that have written about them: Gacy Bundy, Dahmer, the night stalker Btk every week, another fascinating author talking about the most shocking and infamous killers in true crime, history, true murder, with your host journalist and author Dan Zupansky good evening warning. This book contains several seen: photos that are graphic in nature and may be very disturbing to some people do not proceed under.
If, under the age of eighteen or disturbed by scenes of death and violence,. One after another, young women disappeared without a trace in the night one by one, their brutalized bodies turned up. The macabre crime scene suggested they shared the same cruel fate, abducted, bound and raped. All fell prey to an unknown killer. All became the victims of a deadly deception, the book that we're featuring received is deadly deception, true story of Tampa serial killer Bobby Joe Long special guest journalist and author Jt Hunter.
Jt Hunter is not connected as of yet so we contacted Irv spoke this morning, so I'm sure he is just a moment later connecting to the program I'll just set the stage here that that we're gonna be talking about May 13th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty four mother's day, any uh Hillsborough County Sheriff Department and a lieutenant Gary Terry thirteen years on the force. Her ego welcome to the program journalist and author Jt Hunter thanks happy to be here. Thank you very much. Yes, I just introduced that we set the stage and he'll very hills, borough County and the Sheriff Department and Lieutenant Gary Terry.
So tell us what call he gets in what he sets off on this incredible journey here with Bobby Joe long, so tell us about this first phone call and what it contains, what he is told on the phone that day May 13th. Ok, well, yeah. He got a call Let's see the body of a young oriental female, then dialed by a couple of teenage boys You know remote area in a Tampa suburb there in Hillsborough County and he responded out there. You know, of course, the dm, the timing, but it being on mother's day. You know kind of got a reaction from him. Initially to have to respond to some. Being on a day like that He responded out there to the scene and
from the the victim out there. Now you talk about what they've she this woman is found in this at this crime scene here and you described, and you include the west, we didn't a warning. You can include these crime scene photos so tell us what the nature of the what they find at the crime scene in terms of of for her condition- and you as you describe please tell us what they find in that the as you say, is burnt into Lieutenant Terry's memory, so tell
what he's he sees and witnesses. Well, the victim of the victim was bound. Her hands were bound behind her binder back in she was face down. She was nude fully fully Newman. What had really laughter, really lasting impression on Terry was the the way that her body had been positioned. Her legs had been purposely spread. Why you know in order to shock, whoever found the body extensively, and it certainly did Shock Terry and the rest of the officers that were there at the scene. Terry had said you know, made a comment that he never seen a body displayed that that way before seemed like
really really frightened him to to think you know who would have done this and in our been been so, you will essentially to impose a body like this. You know let alone murdering this victim, but then give her body in the state on top of it, and you know- and it was pretty gruesome too, because the body had been there for awhile. So there was now I get Scroll round honor flies, Elect flies, and on top of it? So was it was a gruesome discovery and you know, as you said you mentioned, there's there are some crime scene photos of the victim as well as the other victims in the book as well, and they are you know, some of them are pretty pretty graphic. Pretty disturbing. Now you talk about the newspaper coverage. May 15th investigate
These are lacking for clues in girls death, but they do have a description. Five foot two and eighty eight pounds along by care. Then, but you say through fingerprints: they couple days later they have her as identified as again. Lana long. Twenty roll dancer at the Sly Fox Strip Club in. So anyway, she is originally from LOS Angeles and she's. Just recently in Florida you talk about what the me concludes. What did he find out from the medical examiner? What's his conclusion and then before we talk about just a couple weeks later and the next corpse found well, he said yeah they did, they did determine through fingerprint analysis. It was. It was line along and She had last been seen alive, leaving her apartment complex near the University of South Florida
may 11th. So a few days earlier and the medical examiner concluded. Been killed by strangulation. It was pretty pretty evident upon examination of the body that she been. She had been strangled to death now, while police are still gathering evidence, obviously not too many leads and obviously don't have any concrete suspects whatsoever. It's May 27th one thousand nine hundred and eighty four is you write healeys later, another nude corpse turns up in Tampa Bay Area and again Lieutenant Terry arrives at the scene. So what's different about this crime scene and this murder in particular. Well, there is a difference,
They're, similar to the differences in the the similarity of this one like us, like the perfect this, this victim's hands have both been tied behind her back by a similar type of clothes line. Rope ours was described in. But in addition, there was stab rooms on the second victim to her neck, so so severely that her naked headed, almost been decapitated. Slash was so deep on it and she also had blunt trauma injuries, her head as well, so little more violence ending for the second victim Right now you say three weeks later, there's. Pass without any new bodies and there's still working this investigation. Obviously you talk about June 24th and a man named Ronnie Barnes
he's a working at an Orange grove in pleasant grove. Tell us he discovers and uh both are next victim yeah. So this third victim yeah, this is Barnes, was okay and in Orange Grove out there little rural area around the Tampa area there and as he was, Boeing in and out of the trees there he noticed strong odor kind of a rotten meet kind of smell and it got worse the closer he approached a tree. So he got off the mower. You know there to go to to look at it and he found a another body. This one was pretty badly decomposed one
virtually almost mummified and knowing obviously notified authorities as soon as he found the they talk about the d com. So we, events that she waited an actual only twenty five pounds. Yes, she'd been definitely been out there for a while estimated time of death the weaker a week to two weeks earlier, so she but she's been there awhile, and you know, exposure to the Florida Sun in the summertime certainly could take its toll. Now what they find about. Elizabeth Laudenbach is that she's, a factory worker twenty two years old and live with their parents in North Tampa was last seen June. Eighth, but she's not a prostitute or dancer.
And he also say: there's no ligatures found, but there are tell us what other things in common with the other two crimes and are the other two crimes quickly linked. And what do they do and link, and how do they link this third murder with those two Yes, so there, investigators in crime scene technicians were able to recover some red fibers, the scene for this third victim, and subsequently these were match it was a german that they beat red fibers had to come from the same source, come from the same place as fibers that were found at the mine along. I've seen the first victim and then the the second victim as well. It was Michelle some, so they were there. The commonality of these red fibers that all three of
use crime scenes. So there's obvious. You know at this point to Gary Terry and his group. There is good investigators that you know these three were certainly linked and uh. You know they had. They had a serial killing on their hands. They talk about before. They can really do anything and we'll talk about soon. They contact the FBI, But before that even happens, you say near in another county, Pasco County line, you talk about, another person is found Eighteen year old, named Chanel Williams tell us about how they find here and what, if any, similarities and like you said, the differences regarding this murder. Well, like the other three,
the fourth one was the body was you know in a remote area, actually at the entrance of a a cattle ranch is, and there were similar things at the crime scene. You know the the the primary one being use red fibers. Turning up again, you know, there's a difference in in the spectrum that is accurate, actually had a gunshot wound to her neck and head, unlike the the prior three victims, so a little bit of difference in the the emerge. Here's the cause of death in the four victims, but a lot of other things in common, including you know, the binding of the hands and the red fibers, and these sorts of things. So certainly things linking them all. You say
laughter after in September of Lieutenant Terry Request, criminal criminal personality profile from the FBI and special agent Stanley Jacobson is prepares a profile so tell us what they look at the look that pardon me and what they concluded, at least for this preliminary profile, to help and assist police find the serial killer, yeah the FBI, profiling. Folks, there you mentioned special agent Jacob soon he was kind of took the lead on it, but so so he and his group they looked at the crime scene photos. Obviously it is. The common ways the bodies had been left and thing. They and they reviewed those and friends. Evidence found at the scene They also interviewed Terry, Terry and the other homicide detectives involved in the investigations
in the they. They took all that information in the course integrated it with their experience, in other cases, with other killers to come up with their profile of of of the you know, likely likely killer, and so you know they. Obviously they generated this. The psychological profile in hopes of eating in his men and in in trying to figure out who was doing his killings. Now have again, they don't have much time to wait to talk about October, Fourteenth two weeks after Chanel Williams Discovery another. Moment care and inspirate dense freight friend twenty eight years old, another Orange Grove on the east side of it.
In the same almost in the same area, she was last seen October. 14Th working at the area of Nebraska in Hillsboro, again tell us what they found there. That was common and. What is the reaction from police and, as you write about what is the reaction in the community in terms of panic? Well like the prior like these prior victims, Karen Stearns body have clear evidence of having bound her her hands and feet adjustable literature, marks as well as your neck, so she been bound very similarly to the prior victims and these red fibers again. This is the big closest thing they have. I guess, to a smoking gun at this point. If he's read, fiber.
Is this common. All of this come in to read the matching, the the all the prior killings as well, so sure enough, you know the Subsequent analysis by the FBI Labs firms that he's fibers, are all coming from the same same place. There all originate ng, the same same source, so of course that they can never figure out what the source is. This will go a long way to You know conclusively linking all these all these murders and as you can imagine, finding these kind of bodies pretty close in time together these similar circumstance The killings certainly raised alarm in the in the Tampa area around there. A lot of peop start getting really nervous and uh they worried. You know. Obviously, there's somebody out there that's up to.
Up to evil things, and nobody really had any clue at this point to what could be so anybody was a potential killer, so a lot of people were looking over their shoulders. You being careful and hoping that they weren't the next victim HUN. Yet it's not too, long after you talk about Halloween Eve October 30th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty four two hundred feet from the Pasco Hill or county line she the idea of many weeks later, but this is Kimberly hops twenty two year old last seen October. Fourth and police are frustrated, and now you could say, there's a good reason for people to be afraid, because, even though this is indie, 80s. This is an error, that's already past, where we've had some infamous people and you introduce somebody's incredible story.
If somebody offers their services so tell us about what police are there frustrated, but then somebody offers their services tell us who that would be well yeah familiar for the re, familiar name, as you mentioned, there probably won't be the most infamous serial killer and in our country, TED Bundy hit for his services. He heard about the killings and went so far as to send a letter or to the sheriff there in Hillsborough County. Offering to help out on the case and making some suggestions, including you know, to watch the areas where the bodies have been found to see if the killer came back. To relive the experience or you know even more. Yes, we to you know to try to,
Do something with the bodies there, as well as buddy himself was, was known to have done so he offered a suggestion, and you know, probably with not much else to go on. I'm sure the investigators were tempted to to to try to go down that path, but they they didn't. They didn't end up finalizing any sort of arrangement in order to enlist bunnies help, but certainly interesting possibility there. You do say that what they do, though, is maybe it's not from Bundy suggestion, but they say because there's so many victims have in c around in Nebraska Ave, which is a red light district or part of it anyway,
He signed a special unit to conduct night surveillance in in what you call the killer's hunting ground and yet still no solid leads yeah. Nothing to that point. We were still there so basically chasin a phantom at that point now again, not too much long longer after this did you have November fourth and someone's a teenage girls abducted on the way home from work. Tell us about what happens here, because this person gets to tell the tale yeah. This turned out to be the big break in the case, and it was early November second November. Second, this teenage girl with seventeen year old girl, her name, was Mcveigh she had
finished up working her night shift relate shift to the donut place there placed in Tampa, and she was on her way home. She rode her bike to work and in a rotor bike back home at night And she was battling her bike back home from work and end up having someone jump out from behind a parked band and knocking her off her bike in grabbing her. Taking her dragon across the street and put her in another part vehicle and abducting her, and this this this, this man had a gun and order when he grabbed her not to scream or he would blower brains out and uh. She believed him and he order to keep your eyes closed, so she couldn't see who he was so she never saw his his face
but but he did force her into his car and she was very much afraid that she was going to be killed So she decided what you would do is just go along with whatever. That and try to to make a mad or anger him and so when, when you order this trip. He did she did it and he ordered her to um sexual things for him. She complied and so ah after the getting a in the car and doing these things, he he drove off during the car, and I ended up taking her back to his residence took her in there all the while kept her either make sure guys were closed or blindfolded are at various times as well, and you know they park
park the car and got out told her that they were in office building and they're going to get out go inside of it. He let her of the car through the parking lot of through an entranceway in up some stairs and into into a room and ended up keeping her there and she described the the ordeal as a very kind of strange ordeal, because this sub doctor went from kind of back and forth on his attitude his mood and the way he treated her. You know at times he was very gruff with her and very rough and then you know suddenly he could change his demeanor and be very kind, and you know
Be very uh caring, almost towards her yeah was, would you rate is fascinating because it really gets inside likely the behavior he had with every one of these women. Except for this reason- and you do say one of the reasons why he says later- she really does have. This should really decides to have a strategy to cooperate so that she can survive so she's talking to him. She even talks about her own family, own Father, in the conversation at some point, but you talk about how he has after he's sodomized her, basically taking her into the shower and gently washing her and then blow drying her hair and tell she has pretty hair and remove when the blindfold for a little while so yeah. It's an incredible. One hundred and eighty degree difference from where he starts and where he think somehow had a
Shin ship with this woman. So she really does psychologically play into whatever she thinks he might really want. And really for her own survival. She's very, very clever in this regard is Angie yeah, that's the yeah! Exactly you say: that's really what was pointed to later as Sir, why she survive this encounter, whereas the the prior women and not been able to. You know she. She really did. She really did keep her keep her head about her during all of this, and I was able to survive it yeah there's a couple times he Kanzi tester, because he when a TMZ goes to a garage and then meanwhile she uses these opportunities to look around and read and remember details.
We'll help she believes law enforcement later to be able to apprehend this person and it it. It does help in eating all the things he does get a peek at under this blind. Yes, she she did a is able to get little glimpses out of the blindfold. Will shoes in the car so she's able to see you know, for example, he he he. Sweet already had to stop and get some Money, so she was able to kind of peek out and look around and some landmarks, including some signs for some. This is the hotels along a road near the interstate and whatnot it yes later on after she was safe again, she was able to beat investigators to to these areas. To these landmarks.
And it's interesting too, because I don't know how you capture the horror that this woman is is in during for the couple Is because he's saying things well, I don't really want to. Let you go. I just might keep you and hugging kisses her forehead. So there's a lot of. Things where she doesn't she's, not out of the woods till she's out of the woods and he leaves her somewhere and she, then what does she do?. Yes, she she she she keeps you know it is, but she can in going along with it and it it really trying to make this connection with them, which seems to have done you know, since she she did was able to survive the encounter and- and you know he did Become more gentle with her and everything, and you know she
and told them that her her father was very sick and these sorts of things to try to garner sympathy with him, and so eventually he decided he was going to release her. You know he's. He said I like to keep basically that I can't you know, and you sort of things and finally ended up. Driving her way away and leaving her on a corner. The downtown Tampa area, and and left her there. So she was able to then make her way back home afterwards. Now we talked about the things that she could
see, but she was really hindered by that blindfold, but a couple really important things that help please and you talk about the the car and in the insignia. That's on that car that she remembered tell us what those two things that she did remember and it does lead police to to look for that vehicle. So tell us what she does. We currency and we count the police it's so, in addition to see in these hotel signs and various other landmarks outside, she was able to see inside the car at times as Well- and she saw the color and she's able to describe that. It was this red or maroon colored vehicle, and it had a white interior
and she also saw that this this wording this strip on the Ashworth said Magnum in silver letters. So she was able to tell the yes, There's about that, but ended up proving to be a key key. Point, as you indicated later on in you know she even was able to describe a little bit of the physical appearance of Dr. She saw a little bit of an shocks. Are you know his, his nose and ears and his general build you know from from both touching him and then also kind of what little peek she could get as well, so she's able to describe them a little bit.
But certainly the the interior of the vehicle was very important. Now you talk about just now. They have a description of the man in this car and, of course, there. You know that they have I'm dedicated officers ago, they're going to take that that information and do something with it in terms of looking out for that, as you say, a a a detailed search for that vehicle and then as a strategy as a result for the police- but November six to talk about a couple: young girls, horseback riding in Zephyrhills and again the strange order or coming, and so they find another body so tell us about what they find and what do detectives do next, yeah, on November sixth
You know there was a couple of women were out out: writing a for right on their horses in Zephyrhills, in the late morning, and they. Noticed. You know again, there is a smell, they noticed until you know they kind of follow that and then it let him too. Another body got very, very decomposed. And pre, pretty pretty skeletonized and you know they obviously alerted authorities to that and sure enough it. You know it turns out that this is another another victim of the same same killer, the still unidentified killer on yet another victim here
a November sixth, and they they weren't able to identify that victim until quite a bit later. Through dental records, I think, is what ended up being. And she had been dead for quite some time. Several weeks she explained the state of her body. And while they were still trying to figure out who that was another another victim turned out in the midst of this too, there is a task force set up. So tell us a little bit just about that task. Force being formed well because of the bodies were discovered in different jurisdictions around the area there. It was decided to perform this task force with all the affected agencies involved in
and the Hillsborough County Sheriff's office was going to take a lead since most of the most of the body's been from there, but they're also ones found in the Tampa police. Tomorrow restriction as well, so they were included as part of the task force as well in Pasco County too. So the multi jurisdictional pass with hills county sheriff's office, taking the lead, with no specific, with Gary Terry Kinda, overseeing the whole thing right now you talk about
distance and again the maroon car two door past couple officers, detective, Helms and Tampa PD. So tell us what happens when they pull over and what did they find? And so these two detectives were driving around the you know the Strip area kind of the red light areas you said earlier Braska Avenue, your eyes open and they sure enough they encounter. The moon. Two door car passed by him in the opposite direction: Ann and it seemed to match the description. At least I think they had had given about her abductors vehicles, so they really properly turned around and followed it and initiated a traffic. Stop hold it over and there was you know the one person was in the car driving it and.
They were able to identify when he handed over driver's license Robert Joe Long You know they they kind of made up the story about why they pulled him over. There was hit and run accident nearby that they were investigating and his Vehicle kind of match, something that was involved in that was kind of the story they gave him, so they were able to interact with him a little bit. Ask him some questions. And take a look at his vehicle up close a little bit there. It And uh you know we're able to actually take some photographs of him in the car as well. He wouldn't let him search the car, but he he did agree to. Let them take pictures of the car and and hit himself as well and dumb, you know following that, they end up letting him go with go his own way there. After that,. But this is what you know another break in the case because of the
a close resemblance to what LISA they had described absolutely, but as you say the rules they use is to say they're stopping over something to take some photos of his car. They do notice the Magnum Insignia and all the description that, like you, say that LISA has given them and then they say: hey, ok, you're free to go thanks and he says: listen anytime. We need this just JT to stop for a second to talk about the sponsor of the program this evening, zip recruiter. A fresh new year has begun and if you're setting new goals for your business, it's extremely difficult to reach them without the
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Well soon, after after the stop, he actually called the police department and kinda complained about being pulled over and said he wanted to be notified when the car was found, these sorts of things, so he he was certainly a little bit concern and after being pulled over there that they might be on to him a little bit in the police. Meanwhile, they will have been subpoenaed bank records, room but N Tampa area trying to trying to find something that would correlate to win recently Bay Head said that her abductor, who had stopped at atm and they were able to find bank records that did um, seem to match that time. Three hundred and forty nine in the morning um And what does what those records actually were?
connected to the Barbeque alarms bank account and they also detect, is also were able to show a photo packer suspects Teresa midday, including the picture of long from his traffic, stop. Not they had taken when they when they pulled him over, they included out of the photo pack and she identified long out of as well so using those. Using all that evidence, circumstantial evidence, we were able to do it. I want both the rest arrest warrant of the for warrant vehicle, a magnum of those losses. Residents to. So they then they date of what's going on and there if they follow the police, followed him, To a movie theater there and you know when then what he wanted us to see a movie their own. They had detective stations in the. Looking on
inside the theater there and also little actual theater as well the movie. He was saying at the time call them out of their arrested. Him free came out of the theater invested in the parking lot. He had very interesting too, and we hadn't mentioned too, is that part of the forensic evidence that police did find at the crime scene was at least tire prints and they identified him as a good year. Fever attire invoked tire, usually from a cadillac. You would say, but anyway, the impounded the car, and so they got confirmation of what they suspected as well. In that regard, did me yes, yeah, that's what I was one of them keep part of the the evidence
we were able to to accumulate. There was the tires in like you, like you mentioned, H, usual Hiram. This was one type thing. It was the type that you could. You turn that I love so that the white walls are facing in the heart and sure enough to get these tires. Matching the ones that were on finding vehicle. Now you talk about how police proceed read with Bobby Joe long what's their strategy in terms of always trying to get them to not lawyer up ask for an attorney and actually give them some information. Makes things a lot easier, and so they go It was some sort of strategy to try to be able to elicit some sort of a confession: how to they approach Bobby Joe Long and what are the results? What do they get from him?. Well, yeah. They put him in a interview room
and uhm? Why did the the snow? Talk initially and and whatnot, and he was corrupt, cooperative and discussing the LISA Mcveigh's abduction- how he had gone about doing that and I'm kind of why he had decided to take her and uh what he did afterwards and these sorts of things and he was He was perfectly willing to talk about that and from there you know, they were hoping to get him to segue into these these murders. But he didn't He didn't just kind of go into it. They started asking kind of general questions about physical evidence, if he knows what that is things like here in blood fingerprints and got even more specific to mentioning fibers entire impressions and uh
really sort of engine in those things. Do they notice that long space is expression, change their little bit seem to being a little worried. Maybe and We start showing pictures, then of some of the victims and things and. Asking him. If he'd seen me the victims before, and you know he denied it yeah never seen him never picked up these people. Seen him before. They were one by one through all the victims of he denied all of 'em but uh. You know, after after they got through that they took a break For a while one went to the to the bathroom when he came back, they picked up right back where they were,
they actually told the look. You know we, we brought in a couple of these experts from Washington DC to help take a look at the evidence. We have things of no, we, we know your car has these for tires on it, insisting tire tracks that were left at several of the crime scenes and. And you know the more they mention these things. You know kind of more concerned. You seemed to look- and he finally said well sure seems like the complexion in this case is change, since you know, since we took this break, and he said I think I might need an attorney and the detectives interviewing him kind of looking- weather for a moment, but they kept going I said well, I ain't nothing's really changed. You know we're just we just you know. We know you did the things. We just want to know why you did it and kind of how you went about doing it. You sort of things
we have all the evidence already that we need you know to to connect these crimes we just you know when I hear your your side of it. So after after confronting him with all this evidence that they had a mass, so they gathered together. You know Bobby, he said for a little bit kind of quietly and then leaned back in his chair take a breath and my granddad and said alright, I guess I guess you got me good said yeah, I kill them and they estimate how many of them- and you said, all of 'em all the ones in the paper, and so so after that he He went ahead and in what went through one by one, the victims detail on how you come across the room and how he had gotten them
car and you know what he had done to them afterwards, given you wanna details about how he went about killing all these different one. You also talk about, like the e d discussed, all the room. Is he used to be able to lure these people and there were slight variations, but then he would get to having a knife. There was things he would ask. If they wanted to ride. But you also talk about what his motivation was. They wanted to know these, how he picked his victims, and so what does he say about now he picked his victims and also some of the bruises and some of the things that he disclosed to them. That actually later would put things together for them a bit better than they understood. Well yeah, he mentioned the some of the victims why he picked them. It was it just based on their appearance. You know how they look. Today we can address.
You know I'm kind of revealing clothes or looked kind of sleazy or whatnot, and that was the reason why he had decided on some of them. He mentioned. And the you know once he you generally the way he went about it was you know Offering a ride- and you know a lot of the victims- were either prostitutes or dancers in the adult establishments nude bars in the Tampa area. So a lot of it involved, pretending like he was solicit some kind of going along with that to get him in the car, but not all of them were that way, so some of the some of the ones that that word he had other ways of getting them to lower their guard, offering help me out of it, look like that they were no
we shouldn't be driving. For example, they were drunkers. Thing, and so he needed to help them out in these sorts of things. So so. Definitely had these different ways of deceiving them to get and to lower their guard and get him into a position where he could. You know it some control over them. He also talked about other crimes, a specifically rapeseed done in what he said. Were my Miami and Fort Lauderdale and tell us how we came upon those victims. What was his ammo there? Yes, the other, really interesting aspect of this whole case is one of besides the the serial killings, the that Bobby Joe did. He also well before that he had really long history, it turned out of the sing a serial rapist and he
is known as the classified out rapist, because what he would do is he would he would scour the classifieds looking for things for sale. What times would be thing you know: furniture, household, furniture or appliances when sorts of things he would. You know, call the number on the listing there and from the conversation he would have on the phone he would be able To tell whether or not it was a you know, potentially a good good victim for him you know someone that he could be with their alone and and rape them and do what he wanted with them. So he was able to kind of figure that out, based on the conversations he had with these people answering the phone, women look to that, he spoke to and from there you know he would set up a a time to come by. You know pretending again,
and he was just there to look at this furniture or look at this house for sale. Sometimes it was for sale sign in the yard or something he saw only knock on the door? You know ask to see the house and he did it. During the time of day, when you know if there was husband or boyfriend or whatnot, that they would be more than likely at work and you know once he kind of get out that was indeed the situation. He read. Overpower the women and rape them, and you know he describe these rapes later some of real detail, the extent of the things he did with these women, and sometimes you know it was it- was younger girl to you, know young teenagers. He was doing these things too.
And he had a really long history of of doing this so left a lot of lot of victims in its wake, not just for the murder victims, but the Republicans as well. Absolutely it talks about later about the estimating these damage destroyed about a hundred people. Now you talk about that to he also after this interview where he says he's done this- maybe fifteen rapes at this. Interview. He says he would like to bring authorities to the remains of the other victims that they had not discussed, but you say overnight something changed. Who did he see and now what his attitude towards helping authorities. Yeah he had mentioned that there were these undiscovered ones that he would beat him to uh, but the you know, Kerry Kerry. Who was in charge of this again, you know this these investigators and been,
Really long hours on this case for a long time but in overtime, so much overtime over and over again and now, Heather Heather their guy finally you know just kind of a normal reaction. I guess to relax a little bit and you know they were so worn down, he figured well. You know we can continue this in the morning after we get a little bit of best way to sleep. You know But overnight the public defenders there in Hillsborough County learn love that he had been. You know taken into custody and they came and visited him and and talk to him so when winter
in his folks tried to start back up again where they left off Bobby refused to talk to them. You know based on those discussions with the put the fillers, so they end up with how many confirmed bodies through confession. Forensics and while bodies, how many they are, are they looking at before? We talk about, of course, the ensuing. Motions and delays and appeals- and so before we talk about that. What how many do they have him dead to rights on. Well, they have am linked eat, it does seem others, you know, plus the abduction of the rape of LISA Mcvey.
Right, the seventy year old that got away now how to Please proceed, I mean, obviously they think obviously he's hinted in in and Made it a rather other victims, you talk about sing a psychological evaluation as part of the core process as well. Again, you talk about an with this book, your research, his past so tell us about the psychological evaluation and then before you talk about what they find out in terms of his past yeah. So you know various medical experts. I have these evaluations of him and came to opinions about what was or Simon why he had done the things he did and you know, and of course all this is
slanted one way or the other. You know the ones that are linked to the prosecution of course, you're trying to get these opinions that. That Bobby Joe. You know, although he may have had some. So brain trauma and whatnot his past. He still at the time he committed these things. You still knew what he was doing was wrong and the experts link to the defense. Of course, you want to be able to have opinions that no he went his condition prevented him from from knowing that he was doing He couldn't help himself in these sorts of things. So so there are different opinions that were offered from different psychologists. You know when to want to that Bobby Joe to from sexual sadism from sexual, this girl, behavior and brain disorder, and that this
This medical condition that kind of caused him to enter this kind of altered state of consciousness when he committed these crimes and you know and uh, Psychologist concluded that he had bipolar psychosis, in an organic personality syndrome. Your brain damage, because they found Bobby Joe, had a pretty pretty extensive history of of different injuries to his head. As he was growing up and his background including when he was you know a young boy and as he got older, yet a lot of these and different including a major one when he was older. He was married actually in in nineteen. Seventy four get up a motorcycle accident early bad motorcycle accident is his car, basically sorry his motorcycle. These collided with a car when he was going.
About sixty five miles an hour and the collision Send him flying over the car and caused a lot of damage to his leg, but also to his head. And he was unconscious and locked in conscious and remain has meaning hospital for several months after that- and you know the people that were close to him, including his wife, testified about how, after this motorcycle acts,. You really seem to to change after that, the rooms, a lot of noted behavioral changes to your own falling out. So there is quite a bit of things in his background there from a physical psychological standpoint to you to be can
littered looking at these crimes, he committed- and you know, and on top of that they had also, apart from the kind of the physical trauma on the brain trauma, hits Rama those things. Apart from that, they also have psychological issues. Is based on his upbringing and his relationship with his mother. You know it seems, like the serial killers seem to have these kind of, Strange relationships with their mothers sometimes and have my any issues going on, and it seems certainly seems to be the case with Bobby Joe as well based on the history there. You talked about another physical and that created humiliation. Foreman shame was that he had a developed in large breasts during puberty. He produced
abnormal amounts of estrogen. So we had breast when he was a young boy and to the point where he they re. They remove six pounds of excess tissue from his chest area, and you also talked about his his relationship with his mother, but also just to this is added to talking about his mother in terms of of being a a so we had some again that seem to be carry on into his attitude towards women in general, at least as we'll see as the story develops. At the same time, it started with at least some his view on about his mother and boyfriend. So tell us a little bit about what he had said later about the relationship and his mother's behavior as well.
You know so it is his father had was was absent from his wife, largely in so it was. It was him and his mother and his mother works in, and The name of it escapes me at the moment, but his mother had worked. You know kind of a bar kind of topless, barber you know kind of our where the the waitresses bartenders are a little more friendly, I guess the customers and things, and so she worked at one of these kind of places in Would end up bringing different men home you all? The all the time and Bobby came to resent this quite a bit. He so like he is his relationship with his mom was being displaced by the use these various men that she was bringing home and he
really resent her and the way that she dressed in the way she flirted with these strangers all the time and brought them home and and you know it really really affected him and he we came to Xander quite a bit, and- and this was something that was pointed to later on a trial that that he had no projected these feelings for his mother. He had done projected them on to the woman that he was killing his his resentment things on on to them. What we do find too is that did he has some normalcy in his life in terms of at least outwardly easy gets married and in January nineteen. Seven before yes gets married, but he also enlist in the army in nineteen. Seventy two, what's his,
army record like what's what does that consist of from what I recall. He listed in the army, he Ultimately, not on do an early discharge? He was dishonorably discharged or not. Fulfilling his duties as you supposed to, and you know what incited with that was the this motorcycle accident materially changed his personality quite a bit, as described by his wife and some other folks.
So he no, he didn't, have an exemplary investment news is on or disarm discharge alternately. He has a relationships to you, talk about the he's working as an x, ray technician, so there is of the fullest full investigation. They do speak to people that were around before this killing spree begins to again to get picture of this guy's behavior and how he could have developed into the kill serial killer that he became. They do talk to some people just for that anecdotal story about what he was like and what he exhibit in terms of his behavior. Yeah they did the talk to a lot of people that he had worked with before. You know that, turned out. He worked with an x ray technician at different hospital.
Run South Florida, including in Tampa in They talked to a lot of the people that he worked with, that these hospitals and seemed to be the The some of the common threads to these interviews were that. For one thing: he seemed to resent female authority for sure And then another one was that he talked a lot about sex or trying to. Get with different girls or women and the things you would like to do with them sexually things of that nature, so those are on the common, the common threads they found, and he also did some inappropriate things with some of the patients at Times well, but you know other other people had worked with before, and some supervisors.
Described him as being you know, sitting like a you know, pretty decent kind of guy in some respects in the in the good worker, so it wasn't all negative recollections from the from the people that it I had known him right now. Meanwhile, you take us back to January eighteen, one thousand nine hundred and eighty five detective Baker gets a call from the sergeant price Tampa Police Department. They have been contacted by an inmate, so name Scheidler. So there's some letters anyway. Tell us what Bobby Joe Long is up to according to this inmate and what.
Their responses, you know so when, when Bobby was being held, you know he's a friend at another inmate in there. This dish dish either that you mentioned and head I had to come up with the escape plan, essentially, is what he was plotting in. He confided in insider trade get him to get in on this and help him out with this plan he had and what he was going to do was offer to we'd detectives, including Gary Terry You know some of his name investigators that done chiefly involved in the case to lead them to some other victims that haven't been discovered. Yet And you know he knew that if you do that, you know they would be more than willing to go out there with them in
His plan was once he got up there. He would've have somebody on the outside, with have concealed gun forum Bob under under a Bridget, a particular location. And you know once you got out there with the detectives he would Roll that gun and over our them and kill him and get away. So he he concocted this whole ski plan and then and there ended up learning. Investigators knew about it and then go scare them contacted the the police about it yeah and then so they discover. What's going to be what his plan is. Now you take us to, as you say, the Long's first Bobby Joe
young's first trial. This is April, one thousand nine hundred and eighty five only in Dade County- and this is for uh, the killing of those who this is for the killing of, and you you have, the fiber experts, Michael Malone and Prosecutor is Phil Van Allen. So tell us what this first this murder trial is for the other. First trial was misspelled there. Indeed, city use, this is for Jimmy Johnson right. Was actually she was actually one of the later victims found one of the last ones that was that was found but her trial ended up being the first one to go there in Dade City and it's Take long for.
The the verdict to come in once the once the trial started. It was just a week before the jury came to their verdict in the deliberations weren't long either. Not even an hour, zero to find him guilty of Johnson's murder and Florida's death penalty states. So what was that? Was it a death penalty case? Yes, so so he was. Is found guilty of first degree, murder unanimously, first degree, murder and So, subsequent to that the judge you know follows all the jury,
recommendation in sentence long to death, so that was his first first death sentence was for the murder of Johnson, and then he proceeds to not long after July 25th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty six. It gets a death sentence in the Michelle Sims case right. Yeah end in July. Eighty six is when- death penalty and the Michelle Sims case and and uh. You know. The mean time there was a a deal that was brokered and agreed to. For the you know, the other cases that he was involved in. So what ultimately ended up happening was that he pled guilty to date, eight of the killings and then also to the abduction and rape of LISA Mix.
Pursuant to this plea, agreement and. The reason why he wanted you to put your agreement was to avoid the death penalty as much as possible. You want to get it, Penalty in all these cases, nor death penalties- you get harder. It is to get him all reversed, among other things, so he entered in this agreement to get my sentence is instead on these on these killings, so he got and it at the end twenty six licenses within amounting to percent of the agreement. For these other. All these other murders right. You talk about the same time that the CBS television they have a report on Serial killers and the interview him and we count many of the murders he committed- tell us what he says, the gist of what he says in terms of
Trying to rationalize or comprehend what he did the crimes he did. Well, you know one of the interesting things you mention in the interview was the way he described it. Wasn't he didn't describe it as something he planned. Typically, it was more spontaneous thing that just kind of he described as like. This urge that just kind of built up until he couldn't resisted anymore, so he might just be going out to do something else to go To the grocery store to go play racquetball, you likely racquetball, something like that. Isn't he might come across some girl and you know he would get the surgeon will be able to resist it. So that's how he described it to this. The the CBS interview here, you know he's he. He went all the
talk about the way he went about these. These killings, rapes and killings, and always kind of followed the same sort of pattern. He said he said he I'm walking down the street and then there'd be like Abcd. He would pull over they get in you drive away, then stop somewhere pull out the knife Where is gun, whatever happened to have the time and tie him up, you know, so he could have complete control over him and then he would assault him and kill him after that and kind of it always followed the same sort of pattern mobile, yeah. You know, including this deception negative in the car. Initially in the. Going from there he
we'll talk about in that interview that he the did these maybe said, maybe a couple: two people have families, they gave a damn about them, but the rest of more just he said slots out on the street and he said: did you pick? You know? He said this about. Some of these people wouldn't be missed, And then he talked about LISA Mcvey, being an anomaly from his normal victim profile. Tell us about that and why that likely was quite true and really did Aidan her survival. Yeah, well, I'm like a lot of his victims. Lisa, wasn't she wasn't a prostitute? She wasn't someone working at these. Nude bars are these clubs she wasn't. Someone involved in that hole. Nebraska Ave street scene so
Bobby Joe. You know she was in a different category. He didn't associate her with use kind of what or what not and people that went to be missed. She was she was different so that you know I'm sure that helped her um in of itself and enabled her to kind of take on the solo sis. Girlfriend kind of role that she took on with him during the abduction which allowed her to ultimately to survive it. So he certainly certainly. Brought that up in you know mention that, as I was Reason why he decided to let her go is that she wasn't like the other one. She was different yeah. Now she gets to eventually you talk about the trials and then.
Many of the motions and reasons for appeal- maybe you can briefly summarize some of that until. We get to November twenty November. Second, one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight, where LISA Mcvey testifies and we get the entire story. The jury gets. The entire store in the world gets the entire story at that testimony. But what are some of the basic issues that keep cropping up to? Have we get to the point where there's trials for the Virginia Johnson case in the Virginia Johnson case. Yes, one of the big issues for these appeals was the the Are you in long confessed to the killings of all these women and the fact that before he did that he had mentioned that,
you know, I think I need an attorney or maybe I should have an attorney and the fact that you know the the interrogators at that point. Then it just immediately stop questioning they kept pressing forward with it, and so that was a big issue. You know this violation of now his rights in that respect, and so he's able to yet a lot of traction with the courts. With that Hello issue well, your you know. Another issue that came up is whether he had sufficient represent by his council. Another thing that used in the appeals in order it, you know, convictions overturned and get retrials and in end up having. You know several trials for the same. The same murder, you know you mentioned the Virginia Johnson case. And you know those are those
detailed more in the in the in the book itself. Yeah you talk about to the tips. The conviction intimate Michelle Simms case was one that they had pursued because of just more evidence that pointed to him. So they they did. They do go with the stronger case, obviously, and and plea bargain some other ones might that they might have some difficulty with in the end. How many years did it take to get to the point where he was finally convicted and given that the death penalty and- and also can you tell us a little bit about LISA Mcveigh's testimony what it did for her when you talk about postscript about LISA Mcvey as well? So
Tell us a little bit about Eliza Mcveigh's testimony and then how long it takes from the murder itself in the eight hundred and eighty four to some resolution. I guess finally, in this case well, LISA testify it in eighty eight and she talked in. Obviously she told the facts about getting. It good things and she was asked about why she hadn't tried to get away from him at various times, and she explained that she didn't want to piss him off. Basically, you know she don't want to anger. Houma provoke him in anyway, so she said just wanted to cooperate and you know hoping that that would give her the best chance of surviving and she was asked you know about how he had acted at various times during the abduction know. She was asked if you see
like a a sick person like a wacko, and she said yes and t at one time told her that he didn't know why he was doing it. Why right he's doing the things he's doing doing terminator? He was going nuts. And uh and she admitted that as well and you know the the bigger why she wanted justified to was to prevent him from. Being able to do this to anybody else, is a big motivating factor for her, so she she did testify and. You know following the various trials appeals and retrials, he was uh. Only finally, the death sentence was was upheld, ok in.
This is the early 90s. Ninety two, the Supreme Court, held his is and to Muslims case, and In the Johnson case that was ultimately, held as well. You would have on later on in the 90s but it was it was well after the murders. So it was. It was years and years on a long, long process before it was fun
a firm for these killings. I guess it was two decades over two decades before he was actually finally once and for all convicted of murder of the murders. Two thousand and fourteen, and stretching all the way into two thousand and sixteen you very recently whether the trial court had it uh properly and doing the things that it Is it allowed in and evidence and things so very long, drawn out legal process as these death penalty cases seem to seem to involve, but this one you know more than more than a lot of other serving yeah
so you know today, Bobby Joe. You know he hasn't had his execution date, yet he still he still alive. He stole on death row in Florida. You talk about that as well, but first, let's talk about somebody like me LISA Mcvey. What did this whole experience motivate her to do in terms of her career path, well? She actually ended up becoming the deputy sheriff it was the hills, for county sheriff's office, so the very agency that, helped her and brought her abductor to to just this I'll bring her a doctor justice. She ended up going to work that agency and not a lot of our work has been with as an advocate for children, children. And she's,
you know she she's taking it the use. This really dark time from her. Why? For this very negative experience and in a positive I using it as a motivation, other victims- and you know, try to try to bring some light out of out of the darkness that she experienced. Now we go to the Union Correctional Center in Raiford Florida, and you talk about that. Bobby Joe Long got a lot of women pen pals, as you write in the book, Tell us a little bit about what this left. Area was doing in there before we talk about this very, very cryptic thing that was said by again one of the most in famous.
Infamous serial killers of all, while he n long shared a cell or at least shared an institution, tell us a little bit about what Bobby Joe Long is up to, while behind bars. Well his appetite for use Women certainly didn't seem to diminish cuz he's in a while he's been in there. He reached out to women different ways that he could and including having things posted on the internet. You know this. This man, who was the classified ad rapists, ended up posting his own classified ads, essentially on the internet.
And you know the things he posted or included in the book, but essentially he's soliciting women and it all different ages. For sexual in first that he has, and women have responded to this. As you said, he certainly had a lot of pen pals lot of women. Female pen during his time there. So it's you know it. It seems: It seems really hard to imagine the, women knowing what he's done with what want to correspond to communicate with them about these kind of things, but they do yeah and he's been, you know, definitely Interested in having those kind of correspondent relationships, sexual relationships- no speak, so
those with an ongoing going, they talk about before TED Bundy's X. Q, Shin January, eighty, nine he before and did long while they were doing time together in Florida. What did Buddy Bundy tell an FBI agent about long yeah based on whatever Conversations can be hard with, with long certainly made an impression on Monday, because he did mention to an agent that had assisted the task force. When they were investigating all these murders Bundy you, that FBI agent. He said he said you know it's a good thing. You got it when you get when you did he's lucky, you got it when you did because his otherwise his numbers would have surpassed. My I mean you know, obviously referring to his murder victims.
And Bundy had quite a few himself. So for him to say something like that certainly tends to give you a little bit of a pause yeah. You know the thing is is when you can impress a guy like TED Bundy which again is impressed everybody in law enforcement and and world with his ghastly crimes when TED Bundy. Did reach out to law enforcement, another time as well at least, but it seems quite telling that he seems to be quite impressed with the potential of Bobby Joe long yeah, and you know that's actually something that Gary Terry remarked about two, but if they hadn't God barbecue when they did. If you know, if he hadn't made this this, error and letting LISA Mcvey go you. They are not that lucky break
and we're able to catch him through that. You know Gary Terry remarked, you know, there's there's no talent. What is victim count would have been. He would have just kept doing it because You know he certainly didn't feel any kind of remorse for What is done? We never really expressed any true remorse for the for the killings and things, so he just would have kept you know the number right it just kept going up so search in line with what Bundy had had mentioned as well. What was his behavior like a trial, because again it seems to be that there was a couple things going on or at different times, so tell us what what behavior exhibited during that trial. Well, you know at various times during the trial. Long could.
Behavior could change from from just kind of being sold. I'm sitting there to to having outburst You know there are some occasions where he really exploded and made threats toward the prosecutor or whoever and. Isn't really show this kind of Jekyll and Hyde order personally we're going there, so he you know he he you could. You could certainly see from that how he could deceive these women. You know fool them into thinking. Is this nice gentle kind of guy and then of course he he
This hidden monster inside that, but that's unleashed later on, just as as they saw at different times in this courtroom to be here, yeah absolutely Now there, when you talk about, I would think that Florida, where I thought Florida would have a quicker route to the death penalty to execute. Why is it just because he's just finally got through with the twenty two years, all of the appeals and motions that he could possibly Have have exercised as his rights is it now that there is some weight for a date execute execution date for him or what is the climate in Florida right now regarding the death penalty? Well, there
You know fairly recently in Florida there there was a lot of challenges to the death penalty in the the. And how the death penalty could be imposed and it turned out that it was, it, was being to be improper unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, so the flow the legislature, had to go back and rewrite statutes for this and how eh criminal defendant can be given the death penalty, how they definitely can be imposed. So all that took awhile. To get sorted out finally has been, but but it certainly affected how, pending the film the cases were being handled, how they were whether they're moving forward or not, because it's another uh.
The challenge is being made by the all the people on death row and that certainly disrupted things, but it's also. It's also. Taken. Traditionally, it's taken over all. Even before that, you know a lot of these death row. Inmates spend many many years on their some of umph for deck, it's, I I don't remember off top my head with the average no death row. Inmate stay is before they're actually executed in Florida, but it's pretty lengthy. I mean this is a pretty lengthy process, so certainly Bobby Joe Long's, been on there longer than a lot of them have in the explanation for that is, I I'm really not sure why his cases have been there for so long. I certainly had these appeals drag on for a long time.
But he still hasn't had a go for it find yet for him he has a have a have a execution date set So you know the question of when that would occur. You know you really. Your guess is about as good as mine as far as that goes really just kind of depends on when the the governor decides that it's time. Do you think, in your opinion, from everything you've seen, because you cover murder trials in Florida and so you've seen a lot of what goes on? Do you think the with all the natural opponents to the death penalty on one side and then all the motions and appeals an expert, caring caution. It's afforded somebody that's been given the death penalty in Florida. Do you think it's worth it in terms of this twenty two years we would talk about nineteen nineties,
even where they reversed the first degree, murder, they've, reversed of first degree, murder, conviction after LISA Mcveigh's testimony. You know there was not sufficient for first degree, so that was an acquittal uh. You know twenty two years is, there is maybe the and the attempt to have the death penalty Just delay everything: is it really worth it? In your estimation, in terms of overall. And that is that is such a such a loaded question so to speak. You know it's it's. You know you there's, there's there's good arguments on both sides really, but it certainly seems like that. The victims, or The families of the victims shouldn't have to be.
You don't have to wait that long for justice you know you see examples where these family family is wait for so long that some of the family members die while these death row inmates. Still alive, still living there. You know waiting for their execution date, so it seems like there's thing wrong with it in that respect, Certainly you know we have to protect the rights of individuals in this country, make sure they have a fair trial and that were not executing innocent people, but on the other hand it it's such a huge use of resources. The years battling these things, and you know that's, so that's one of the arguments. Of course. Is it better just to give him a life sentence is, and you know 'cause it's ultimately cheaper, though
way and really I mean it, it's such a it just boils down to people's opinions a lot. I think you know some of the you know some of the victims. Families think it's better for one of these defendants to to. Rot in jail, so to speak in a live the rest of their years in the small cell but others want to see bye for now kind of justice. You know and see them actually pay the ultimate price and be put to death. Yeah I'd I'd whether I believe in the death penalty, which I do, I don't believe in it philosophically for other reasons, but I certainly do understand. I think I can understand how I would be asking for demanding it for it and in these cases,. Having insured again, I think part of it, as you mentioned, is just take so long. I think, having to have uh
Retrials can only make the victims, families believe that there's something wrong with the judicial system and not to say pro or con just to say. There is so, thing wrong with the delay of justice yeah, I mean, I think all of this, in a sense, would like to to see it kind of for a lot quicker and just be a. Judge, jury, executioner, bam, Bam, bam, kind of process. You know, on the other hand, it is is important to make sure that dumb that things being done properly in that police are pudding. These cases together properly the evidence is being properly sound, found and input force and and that prosecutors are doing their jobs properly oh, so you know, there are instances of abuse. You know both in.
Both in in law enforcement and also in prosecutors prosecuting the the crimes after the perpetrators are caught. So it is important to have that as well, but certainly the in our gut? It certainly is a lot of times there, this the Swisher desire that things could be expedited so much quicker than they are yeah, certainly just for the.
For the for the survivors and victims' families and yeah, I I've my my heart goes out to those people. Certainly every time I read the stories I want to. Thank you very much Gt Hunter for coming on and talking about deadly deception, true story of tap of serial killer Bobby Joe long. It's been a pleasure as always thank you very much GT hope to talk to you again real soon. Thank you very much thanks again, it's the as always, it's it's great to come on here and then talk about the things with you? You know it's too bad. The subject matter is is grim, it is, is it is, but but the discussions are always very interesting and engaging. So thanks again for helping me out. Thank you very much. You have a great night goodnight. Thank you.
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