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Three young women abducted and brutally murdered. For years, their killer remained a mystery as the cases turned cold. Then a Crime Stoppers call led to his arrest. Charming and handsome, serial killer Oscar Ray Bolin married a member of his legal defense team, and he toyed with the criminal courts for decades while on Death Row. This is the first book about Bolin and his victims. DEATH ROW ROMEO: The True Story of Oscar Ray Bolin-J.T. Hunter
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You are now listening to true murder, the most shocking killers in true crime, history and the authors that have written about them: Gacy, Bundy, Dahmer, the night stalker Dgk every week, another fascinating author talking about the most shocking and infamous killers in true crime, history, true murder, with your host journalist and author Dan Zupansky good evening, Three young women abducted and brutally murdered. For years there killer remained a mystery as the cases turned cold. Then it crime stoppers call led to his arrest.
Charming and handsome serial killer Oscar Ray Bolin married a member of his legal defense team and he toyed with the criminal courts for decades while on death row. This is the first talk about Bolan and his victims book tour featuring the evening is death row Romeo that roost Oscar Ray Bolin with my special guest journalist and author Jt Hunter will come back to the program and thank you very much for being this interview. Jt Hunter. Hey Dan glad to be here thanks for coming back. Thank you very much another wild tale I had not heard of, and I'm sure the audience is not so familiar with. So here we go with death row. Romeo, let's get right into this.
Can I ask you the typical question why you got involved with this? This is an incredible story and I think that's enough, I think, to know. Let's start with, as you do, you set the seen in January 25th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty six at church churches fried and in Tampa area and not Blanche, Holly twenty six years old. And you say: she's a daughter of Charles Holly, a lawyer, judge and state legislator from Pinellas County, tell us a little bit about Natalie Blanche Holly and what, where she's, working and what she's doing and tell us the encounter, then about with officer or deputy sheriff RON Valenti that same evening? Ok! Well! Well: Natalie Holly is a young young lady, twenty six years old
time and, as you said, she was working at it. Churches fried chicken restaurant. She was a night manager there on the on the evening of January 25th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty six and short pretty late. She works so the wee hours of the morning working the late shift particular right. She work. Your shift is normal, clean the place up locked it up, secured it and everything and left sometime really in the morning around one hundred and thirty or so. And she walk down the park. When I go in your car, along with. The co employee raptor was the. Restaurant down and lock it up, so they went their separate ways and the color we watch the you know: it's not really you're about the parking lot and drove down the street and later on that evening.
The deputy that you mentioned, let's see Hillsborough County Sheriff's office? His name was RON. Valenti is if he was pretty pretty young, a deputy sheriff and then on the force for too long just a couple of years. He was all working the late shift. And around around two hundred o'clock that morning so rough only about one slash two an hour after now. Do we get closed up and love the restaurant ability up when he was on his create a to a service call in in Tampa there and games to an intersection at Lake Magdeleine Road Middle RD wish there was the intersection. There turned right at a stop sign and saw two cars parked over on the side of the road. One of the cars had earned, see hazard lights, blinking, I'm the one, the one in front.
And then the other car was parked right behind it. So you know, obviously, this being a little unusual, have two cars sitting there with one of them with its emergency lights, Thinking the deputy pulled up there to check it out, it was going on and he pulled up the first car they're, the ones with the urgency lights. Look inside. You know. What is spotlight in there inside and Nobody was in there, so he car for a bit more to the second one that was behind it. There And found a man and a young man and a young woman inside that one in the front seats The man was sitting in the drivers eat, and then the young woman was sitting right next to him in the passenger seat. And deputy Valente came up there and you know you might imagine he and.
One up and said you know, hey what's going on, you guys are paying everything all right. You have an accident, you need the help, sort of thing, and you know the man behind the wheel said we're fine then I just I just ran out of gas and she was helping she's going to take me to the to the station. To get some more gas is basically what he told the deputy um And you know at the time the deputy little strange, the response that he was given because it the. If the man had run out of gas. It was kinda, weird kinda, weird that he was in the driver's seat there going to drive her car to get. Instead of her driving him to get out. So it doesn't quite mesh like what he said uh, but yeah definitely has to ask the woman directly. You know, or is everything ok and. And she she looked over at him and the band Dexter kind of
looked at her for a second, then she looked over the deputy and said yeah. You know everything is ok officer. And so you know, Valenti was satisfied. Everything seemed to be that was supposed to because the woman didn't indicate any so distress or didn't, seem nervous, or anything like that. So He was her answer, basically satisfied him, and so he said. Ok, you know be safe, have a goodnight and all that sort of thing and and drove on to way to to respond to the original call he had gotten leaving leaving the and I'm sitting there in the dark and the it turns out. You know later that the woman was Natalie Holly in the car. There. You also talked at the officer, was suspicious enough or did his job enough that he ran the two vehicle tags in the first car, a black one thousand nine hundred and eighty four: is you write a grand Prix,
Was registered to Oskar Ray and Cheryl Bolen? Ah, the vehicle stolen, so there was no red flags and, as you say, he is this patrol right you talk about an attorney named Gerald's age out on his usual Saturday morning, jog. And he found a woman tell us what he finds and to what he finds and then later with the crime scene. Techs find ok, so yeah so Gerald stage you know later that morning, so it was about two hundred am when, when the deputy came on uh- Natalie Holly in the car belonging to the born posturing, insurable on so seven thirty, five enough hours later? This is Cheryl stages without going for a jog and comes across. As you said, this is this by
lying in the weeds. There is a little bit off the road and overgrown Orange Grove. And you know he obviously races back and calls the calls the sheriff's office and they come out and respond to the scene there and find this uh this one woman's body there, she had been uh. She she had met him. A brutal end. It was pretty apparent. She'd been stabbed numerous times. You know later came to determine who, about ten times and her eyes are still open in depth. So you know this is the no still experiencing the the the violence. That's the shock of it and there was an apron wrapped around her with church's chicken on it.
And they're you know they were able to the and that the body was not only Holly and they ended up finding your car about four miles away from where the body was, which is It wasn't very far away from the church's restaurant, where she worked either and the you know talk, you know, kind of calculating world. You know so. She was going straight home after leaving work, which way she which we've gone. They determine where the where the car was located was consistent with the direct drive back to her house, and you know later on, they came to some. You know theory as to how what it happened, how she had been stopped and they figure that that bowl and may have bumped her get her to pull over on
on the road there. And then you know obviously uh put her under his control. You had it, you had a gun with them at the time you pulled her over and At the time that Officer Valente Olympic take him by the arm and spoke to them that he was bulls, pressing, a gun to Natalie's a waste of time, so that the that's, how Natalie, in the becoming the you talk about. The evidence was an athletic shoe print identifier,
men's track brand tennis shoes. There was some fiber carpet fiber, and so there was impressions, and there was some forensic evidence at that time. But you say as well, despite the barbarity of the barbarity of the crime Tampa Bay residents, attention was for another horrific event. Tell us a little bit about that before we talk about November fifth, one thousand nine hundred and eighty six well on the day that they found
Natalie's body, it was the same day that the the space shuttle, the Challenger space shuttle exploded. As you know, most people out that we're. I met her news event, so you know- perhaps not surprisingly, but that is kind of took center stage and I took a little bit away from the news or coverage of of Natalie's murder. Next talk about November, fifth, one thousand nine hundred and eighty six Ann his next victim Stephanie Collins, seventeen years old, born in Kansas, senior at high school. It was a little
about what she was doing where she was working and how she goes missing. Ok, so so Stephanie Collins, this is, later later on same year, she said she's, a senior. Senior at Chamberlain High School there in Tampa. Uhm, you know she was. She was by all accounts, the very well liked. Young lady there at the school and was active in the school choir and what not- and you know it being getting close to Christmas. She was Wanting to earn a little extra money, so she could buy some nice gifts for her, her family and friends, and so on this particular day on November fifth, she stopped by the police that she worked part time, which was an Eckerd drugs
there and in the camp in the Tampa suburb. There Carol what the name of the oh Alpha Dale Mabry Road, so she stopped by there. You know she pulled into the shopping center park, model and got out when Deckard and talk to the the figuring there to see if she could get some extra work and uh. You know he actually offered the letter worked at night because he needed somebody, but some she had a the choir concert coming up that she needed to prepare for their was choir practice that same night. So she wasn't able to take him up on the offer to work that night. So she you know thank them and walked out of the drug store to go back to her car, and that was the last time
anybody saw her alive around four hundred and fifteen in the evening November. Fifth, you write about her parents, tearful televised plea for her safe return, but you write December fifth, one thousand nine hundred and eighty six one month after Stephanie's, disc parents, a man named Donald Gibson spots. A group of vultures tell us what he first sees and what he discovers to his whore. Ok, so yeah this guy, he was use driving to work In the morning there on December fifth- and he is part this- the flock of birds- you know the large birds, gather up by the road. Is you know? Sometimes you see you know it road kill that sort of thing. So it is all that you know it at first. He thought
They might be turkeys or something but uh, but he got closer. He thought they were actually actually vultures, and you know in Florida we have these these turkey vultures. So that's what they ended up being and so he's a little curious about. It just wanted to kind of see what it so it so he he pulled up there and got out of his car and walk off to the side of the road. There dirt rd a little bit there, and then he saw what was attracting the birds and a pair here human feet and uh ahead. Human head. That was. You know the getting the attention of the birds they were. There obviously feasting on it. So he found this this badly decomposed body there
you know off the road there a little bit. It was wrapped up in in some clot we certified the the police quickly and they responded out there and and best the gated, the on this, this badly decomposed. You know well tonight, body out there wrapped up in a in a hospital how that hospital property on it and they you know they later were able to identify the remains as those of Stephanie Collins. So she had been missing just about a month exactly when her for her body was found. And you know similar to Natalie Holly. She Stephanie Collins been stabbed, but she also skull, injuries or scold easy been crushed in part of it.
You right on the same day the Pasco County, Sheriff's office, received word of another gruesome discovery. Moving crew discovered the body twenty six year old, Terri Lynn Matthews tell us what they found and what was her condition salute. What about her? so yeah so Terri Lynn, Matthews, twenty six same age is Natalie Holly, and this is the same day that they. Stephanie Collins is body, strangely enough, but the they found they found. Terry's body you know in a wooded area in a rural part of Pasco County providing was fully clothed, is reacted wrapped up in a That was, that was wet, which is odd because. There had not, there hasn't been any rain recently or anything, so it was strange that the
she chewed wrapped wrapped in or wet but like like Collins and Hallie Holly. Terri Matthews, it also been been stabbed repeatedly. She been stabbed in the neck and chest and tenon similar to. Stephanie call and she also had head injuries. Blunt trauma head injuries. Um and uh, you know, Matthews had been she worked at a at a bank in Tampa predecessor of Bank of America. Essentially she worked. She worked the night shift, typically do and work the night of December. Fourth, you know the the night before she had worked and after work and stop by your boyfriend's house and uh was was last seen. You know by him, leaving
About you know early in the morning about two hundred and fifty in the morning, or so in the morning of December fifth, which is in the morning her body was found actually uh. When she didn't call him later, just to say that you got home safely. Her boyfriend got a little worried, as you might imagine, and so he decided to go out looking for and your from your drove the route from from his play used to wear her house was where, where she lived with her parents in a little town called Missouri, Missouri town Florida, so uh is way there. He passed by the Post office in Land O lakes in spotted her car sitting there in the parking lot of the post office and pulled up to take a look and found a bunch of.
Envelopes, mail that was addressed to her parents it around on the ground there right outside the car. There. And obviously she was nowhere to be found. You say to that the now the pink and turquoise earrings pair of pink and turquoise things and her front her purse in the front seat. Now you talk about Oscar Ray Bolin. Born January, one thousand nine hundred and sixty two as far Oscar Ray Bolin Senior and Mary Brock tell us about his life and what you found and him growing up in the environment in Portland in yeah so bowling. You know he he was described by his mom's
being a little bit different than than her other kids user fees She she described as being very quiet and an odd acting as what she called all that, but. He he wasn't in trouble much growing up with. As far as you know, formal problems with. Authority or law enforcement seem to have any real real problems as far as that one, but he did, he did have some. Injuries when he was growing up when he was younger, he fell off a roof of a house and hit his head And you know, as you might imagine, he hit it so hard that it wasn't good. He got a he lost consciousness. Haddock
cushion and apparently had had quite a few concussions up. And when he was a little bit older use hospital wise for having the vitamin vitamin deficiency, vitamin k deficiency. June was described as a loner. I some. And did eventually at the you got more into his teenage years that actually end up having some adverse he counters, with with law enforcement. You know started having some some steps. Things like this, and but fifteen. He spent some time in juvenile detention. I let out on probation shortly after that and end up leaving home. Going out on his own and started working, you know just various various jobs, construction, jobs,
things like that is his his family members Phone carnival. And uh. He started working with them and some of the I will loose, and things like that, so that's how he he survived thereafter country moved out around that I'm used to say or soon after he meets Future wife, but at that time Cheryl Hafner and used again, if you say talks about the continued petty theft or victor, the nothing any more serious than that. I even save Sees a ten year prison sentence, but then it was suspended when your probation. But in the 80s bowl plans, to move to the Sunshine state to Florida with Hafner and he relocates the Pasco county.
Tell us what he does there and how we survive lives again in this area. Before we talk about one thousand nine hundred and eighty two and major it with Hafner, so he had a. He had relatives there in Florida, an You know, I think, part of the reason why he decided to relocate back down to four, or was he was just starting to have too many too many bad marks against them. So to speak up there where he was so, he kind of wanted to get away from all that so he had relatives there in Florida and you know they help them. Various jobs. We moved down there, he all kinds of all kinds of jobs. You know. Carpenter, welder security guard truck driver go all different areas in the Tampa Bay Area
and uh. You know that that kind of eventually ended up with uh with what you mentioned there about this incident in eighty two, but this girlfriend there he they had some sort of argument and he ended up forcing her into his car and basically basically held her hum. Sausage for for several hours in his car, just kind of driving around and stuff in the area there in Tampa Bay area. Um ended up getting arrested for it for false imprisonment, but the charges ended up being dropped subsequently, because his girlfriend Cheryl after refuse to cooperate in the prosecution of it. So.
So he didn't end up having to facing you sort of repercussion for that incident. You talk about soon after his brother, Arthur was killed in a hit and run, and it seemed to affect him. But in February eleven one thousand nine hundred and eighty three Hafner and Bolin were married in Brooksville FL and you say later, just a few months later- it grand theft again tell us what happens in the 80s between the couple and what their life could be characterized by. Well, they had a, he had a volatile relationship and they had some. They had some
sometimes in December of eighty five right before you're. There sure I'll give birth to their their son, their first child Christopher, born, uh. You know he was following a difficult pregnancy, the pregnancy it difficult for her. She was. Diabetic and and had a lot of medical issues going on with that. So well, he he was born, which you know obviously for most people. It would normally be joyous occasion, but in this particular instance didn't work out. That way is the child is Christopher, been born. Prematurely, he didn't have his to fully developed you know ended up, live in not even two days after being born, so this obviously impacted Cheryl quite a bit, but it also it also really hit hit bowl and to get really hard.
And sure went into a depression and and and and bowling it wasn't doing too much better. So it definitely was something that that impacted and. Deeply. You know he later later talked about it. You should he he thought it was was it was hard on him as it was on her. And you know it wasn't long after that that and that uh Holly to being killed less than a month after that you talk about within months, like you say that this. He was looking at the fast food restaurant and we get back to churches, Chicken and Natalie Hawley.
As you do in this. You talk about other arrests and that this was difficulty. The difficult pregnancy tell us about As you take us through the three murders, the investigation for police, what have they done in terms of linkage and what have they done in terms of gathering forensic evidence and what are some of the conclusions? They do have and they have made and tell us a little bit about the task force. That is assembled. Okay, well, you know there were some similarities between the three murders. Well, as far as the victims went- As far as. How they were how they, how they were last seen how they were abducted and then also as far as the
The evidence at the scene, there are some some common elements that later later came up as far as fiber evidence that was recovered at the scene. You know the good but the police. The Tampa rubbish, we their work in the case are, they are they were trying to They were trying to establish all these similarities and trying to come up with such and they you know they they ask for assistance from the FBI for a profile, Colonel personality profile of the the killer, so the FBI prepared that for them, so they had that information.
But there wasn't a lot of positive movement in the case as far as getting closer to finding out who did it. So you know to a few years later, uh after the after the last body discovery, Terry Lee Matthews several years after that and in the summer one thousand, nine hundred and ninety yeah Hillsborough County Sheriff, decided to take call the other. This. Source 'cause. You mentioned to be made up of personal from from his office Hillsborough County Sheriff's office. There. No, but also from Pasco County shares, office, Tampa Police Department and also personal from the FBI as well in this password, was
going to be devoted to trying to solve these three murders. The holy columns and Matthews murders, And the sheriff you know appointed. A uh, a captain there to oversee this on his name is Gary Terry. Veteran there the sheriff's office, and then there are couple of decades a lot of experience, so he was appointed to head the task force there It actually successfully overseen that had been put together. I'm just a few years before to work on and serial killer case there, another other serial killer case. The Bobby Joe Long case so Terry had experience had experience with that, so he he was uh. He decided he would. He would head up this task force as well in this case, to try these three
and you talk about go ahead. Sorry! Well, they kept working the case and not long after. Actually, this task force was for They got a real lucky break, they had a a call come in on a crime, stoppers Hotline in Indiana in Fort Wayne in July, 12th actually in the caller, provided some detailed facts about the three murders. The Holy Collins, a Matthews murders that it occured there in Tampa Bay. And the the information provided um. You know identified Oscar Ray Bolin as
And have been involved in those murders. You talk about the killer, I've been the collar. Pardon me. It was Daniel Kobe, who is Danielle Colby, and how does he get to be privy to this information? Well by this time, Cheryl after Oscar raise girlfriend, then then why's by this time, she in Oscar Ray had separated and divorce in Cheryl, had remarried and now Cheryl Kobe, so she'd merry married I'll kobe- and you know at some point had kind of guts so to speak, to her husband, her new husband and Sheeta the Daniel about things that she had.
Korean store scene with when she was still married to bowling and dumb. Kobe ended up call crime stoppers. You know, after after that, sometime after that, And give them the information, and you know basically the the he told the crime stoppers there, the so that no one that been all in the murder, the the chicken woman, even going so far as described in the encounter with the the deputy alongside or to to decline. Well, you also talk about so that the associate's of bowling at that time had provided an alibi for him. So there was no further investigation, correct.
Yeah, you know they had a. They had run the information on the car back then. And you know, bowlers name had had had been there and the police records and what not and they had they looked at him. Early on in the case but like you said there was a. There was an alibi for him, so they kind of marked him off and kept looking. You talk about within twenty four hours, Captain Terry said Detective King and Corporal Lee Baker to Union City Indiana to interview in person, Cheryl Kobe and she met them at
Orland. It Indiana Police Department tell us what she told them in that interview at in the Portland Police Department. Well, the detectors when I'm thirty Indiana and they they interviewed and for shoes, refer you reluctant to talk to them, but but eventually eventually did, and she she told them. Give him a lot of information to make going to the three killings. She so pointed them too. Bolens half half brother Phillips as having been involved not directly in the murders but having been involved after the fact in disposing of bodies, and things like that, so so that that opened up a whole another area of a if free for the for the detectives there.
But she gave them enough evidence to. Allow them to to move forward with no form charges against Poland in indictment. You talk also that Daniel Kobe had other motivation other than altruism or public safety when he went public with this information or later, when he went public with this information as and and identified himself anonymous. Caller tell us a little bit about this little motivation for Danielle Colby to do this. Well, do you he he called you know, probably out of spite you know he and
Cheryl had rated and work together anymore, and you know he was obviously. Not in a good mood about that and not happy without situation, so he decided probably wanted to get back here a little bit and so figured by. Conveying this information that she is given him. You know under under under trust confidentially, that that we can get back For a little bit, you know either by getting that color former husband to hurt her that way, or you know, having her involved in it directly as well. You talk about uh that there were ten days of interviews and they secure
valuable evidence. What type of evidence did they get in those ten days regarding that they could use later well, it turns out that Cheryl had accompanied Bolin Oscar able two when he went to get rid we a bunch of the evidence in the murders, I'm Cheryl had had gone along with him back. Natalie Hollys car remember this is a car that right and the beautiful in They had had found them in so so Cheryl accompanied Oscar a back to that car and watched him as he wiped the car down you know got a you big branch, three branch that was on the ground and used it to wipe away the tire tracks from from his vehicle that had been left there at the scene and and also you know, get
rid of a of other items that might link him to the that murder and then also with respect to disposal of the the other bodies of Stephanie columns and then Terry Lynn Matthews. So they they got evidence in all these things between share and Philip Bolen. You talk about two that the police don't stop there, they ask her to be, it should be wired and then three days of visits in prison you, don't talk about any kind of guidance will say on what kind of questions to get to elicit this kind of evidence. But it is incredible. Some of the infirm asian that she gets from him at this visit, and you say, despite that, he's guard
so tell us to go a little bit about this initiative by police and what they can get from this. As a result, Boeing had been, it turned out that there are security has been. Arrested for another crime in it was serving time in uh in Ohio for this crime. He sentenced convicted of rape and. Was sentenced to prison in Ohio, so he was serving time in Ohio by the time this crime stoppers call came in by the time the Florida investigate got all this information, making Oscar race to these three murders. So so, once we got that with the park and Cheryl yeah, he said well, you know what we want you to try to get some more direct information from Oscar himself, so they set it up, so that she would go visit him.
You know during the visitation hours or what not at the prison there in Ohio. So she did that several times trying to get him to incriminate himself and uh. You know, while he would he would you discuss a lot of things. Kind of around the Peripheral area, I guess, of the crimes- you never really, you know, came out and directly incriminating. So if you give information that that would make it a slam, Dunk kind of kind of case, so to speak. He did say a lot of incriminating things, a lot of things that really showed that he had knowledge of these crimes and certainly. Certainly seem to be involved with them, which you know, there's a lot of quotation of it in the book. The conversation
between between Cheryl and Oscar Ray there in the prison. The things he's saying, even though he's you know he's he's being guarded. No, he actually doesn't he's worried that someone might be listening or some I like that, so so he's very guarded, but there is a lot of things. He says that I do really great some flags. So there's no actual confession: you talk about this column, pops Baker. After this and after they realize they're not going to get any information, he comes up from the back. Tell us about this konfrontation very, very interesting and fascinating. Well, you know, by the time they had several days of Cheryl trying to get this confession directly from for Oscar, but by the time that they figured, you know, they're not going to get any
being more than they have baker. You know one of the detectives from from Tampa there. He was listening in in it in a room nearby there, and so he comes out- and Confronts Oscar Ray about it, pressing I'm trying to get him to talk about it and uh Oscar Ray says: you know I you know I I I'd like find, but I'll talk to you about it, but but I think I need an attorney and this is kind of the magic words so to speak, the mentioning of the attorney and Gary Terry, the head of the task force there had had, so that before back in again- and this is in the Bobby Joe Long case or
the similar sort of circumstance where they're trying to get information from Bobby Joe I and he and you know, maybe needing attorney and they kind of get pressing him for information you. He said that, and you know it turned out later on that that, because a lot of problems with the prosecution of a Bobby Joe is a trial and stuff so learn from that for sure, and so once he heard this, this ocean from Oscar really about an attorney- he came out and so cold pop speaker. You know that we gotta stop here. We gotta stop this energy. You can't you can't go forward with it uh So you know whatever inclination that after a man had to talk to that time, you know it. It went away ended up subsequently speaking to an attorney and claimed up after that
you talk about there's a press conference August first, one thousand nine hundred and ninety. Share of Walter Heinrich and what's the statement that he makes about and also the statement he makes about other suspected murders. Well, yeah, this your movements, well, the press conference. Then, a couple weeks later, so you know now we're beginning of August a nineteen ninety. All this press convert. You know this is been three murder. I've been in the news, a lot So there was a lot of immediate attention going on with those, so he called this press conference to announce that they have this suspect in the murder of these women. Uh and uh also says that full one is
is suspected and some other murders in his work honey as well, possibly, five other murders. Hillsborough County there and then couple- runs out of state, so he so he makes that announcement and dumb no credit, so obviously the the investigators and their efforts and everything, but but also the crime, came through, obviously that really for the break that they needed that really cracked open the case through and you know also mentioned that, based on all the evidence in every they gathered the in like that there is a serial killer. Let us agree with the serial killer and they're talking about the electric chair and also this guys, busy and
you talk about Hillsborough County sheriff that these fight find a homemade handcuff key when he searches cell. So he's higher risk and then you about November, one thousand nine hundred and ninety he has a girlfriend again, it's just crazy. His first cousin Charlotte Kennedy tell us a little bit about some of the things and he's doing behind bars well he's making plans. You know he he comes up with now. We see this attempt to you meditation login the other hand, cups of what not, but he's also making plans with people. He knows you know, including his girlfriend. In one of the things that uh that they kind of that the at least kind of stumbled, on In monitoring him was that he was going to
have this plan where he would have her have Kennedy's girlfriend And another convict. The three of them would have. This came up with this plan where they would kidnap uh family members of several of the key people involved in his prosecution, namely, being that the sheriff there alter one family members of him also of his his son is. It was a judge. In the area there and then theory, theory from the sheriff's and then pops Baker as well, Kidnap members of their family and no they but let Oscar a out of but let him go or that things are going to happen, they plan to abduct him, take him out of state
and then they were going to kill him if uh bowling wasn't released. They also Find during this tape, conversation did Boland referred refer to a conversation with Douglas Tedrow Kennedy's brother. About the strangulation murder of a Dallas woman, Deborah Diane, stone. Tell us why they thought that she might be linked to this, and what do they do as a result of what is Terry do as a captain Terry, do as a result of finding out this information that seems to link him to Deborah Stone in Texas, well, yeah, there mentioned during the during the conversation there about Kennedy's brother, who was with Poland,
apparently during a murder that happened in March of eighty seven, which was shortly after the the time there were born, had been in Tampa and and. Hallie in Collins and and Matthews in December of eighty six, there had been had been killed. And you know after that, Bowman had made his way out of the state there and apparently had Involved in this murder in in March on the Dallas area, there. And. You know, then, later on, that same year had had into- raping another woman and getting arrested for that, which is how are you in prison in Ohio there so to bowl and was uh still fill out their active after going to be left Florida and you know. Obviously you would have kept going off yet and then.
In prison there in Ohio? For that rate as well, you talk about the Bowling ass at some point and he makes it where these afraid of this electric chair, but he asked to see Captain Terry. And there was some bond between him and Captain Terry in terms of that, at least, he would agree to talk to Captain Terry. Tell us about this call and what do they get if anything? As a result,. Well, yeah absolutely Terry had built up some sort of a four with Poland wanting to wanted to use that to to you, know, be able to get more information, the prosecuting with basically, but it built up. This report by kind of help in out was jailed Planes about conditions and things like that
and uh. You know so kinda had sort of a trust for my guess for Terry And one day you sent a request: I'm asking to talk to Terry, And talk to him about two murders that occured back in eighty five in the Tampa area: twenty two two girls, whose bodies have been found in floating in the Hillsborough River there, but sports here you can get over there and it's from the public defender's office speak into one, and you know what time you get out of that meeting didn't want to talk to Terry anymore. So again, you know talk to the attorney and ended up claiming up before he could, for the police can talk to him.
You take us to March one thousand nine hundred and ninety one and Boland Court in Pasco County Florida for the two Mary Lynn, Matthews, murder, first degree, murder, you say something the comments, no remorse charming. Manipulative you talk about that. But you also talk about an incredible again. Kredible seen in this book is very cinematic. Rosemary callous gets a call from her husband Bob, so tell us of a little bit about the first degree, murder and then just a couple weeks later after bowling sentencing for kidnapping and wrote. Very callous and the call from her husband Bob okay. So yes, in in March of eighty one they're born, you know.
Make an appearance there in court in in Pasco County in connection with the during the case. And uh: please not guilty to that uh and. Not long after that, a couple weeks after that uh Bob callous ends up pulling up his his wife, Is at her at her work there at a car dealership in the Bay area there and she picked up the phone and so. Notices. You know right away that that her husband Bob there sounds depressed and you know he tells her. You know honey. I love you, but I I can't take it anymore so that I shouldn't have had that boy working for us and almost immediately after that resume here's a loud bang have a gun being fired and
was a user husband. Bob kill himself. And you know the the boy that he referred to, you- that uh they shouldn't have working for them, was off. Reborn hired him. Back in November of eighty six. To to work further service there in the Tampa area, and you know he he kind of played on them and tell them. You need money that they and all the Sort of thing and when a call came in about a disabled vehicle, so they let him go out and respond to it alone, and even though you typically does not what they did was. With new hires and what not, but they let him go out on this job alone, and- Ended it ended up being end beginning December December. Fourth, eighty six yeah.
And a bowl and take out their record truck and basically kind of just disappeared for hours. They can read them on the radio or anything in. From him again, and so until the next morning he showed back up. You know it was really disheveled dirty, looking messed up and no kind of upset and what not and uh Later on that day, they they were being there in the office, and the news report came on about the Matthews and Stephanie bones burgers It was strange because pasta, I got really excited when that coverage coverage came on kind of, ran back and got some of the other guys and wanted to look at it. So I was really excited about it, like you know, like those aren't those girls,
Really pretty and all this sort of thing- and you know later on. Obviously the understood. Why, because You just murdered him recently in. Certain sorry in the murder. Or before bringing back the next morning. So that's why Bob Allison had been so distraught about it because you know if you have hired him, he would not have the record truck to use and no, I was felt somehow responsible for the murder you know- maybe maybe you couldn't have pulled it off without the truck or something
So here oh yeah, he really hard and really it really weighed on him and you know with his his suicide. You take us to June 22nd, one thousand nine hundred and ninety one Bolan was unresponsive, rushed to hospital suspected poisoning, in his cell was a cardboard box. Three letters in his cell six, page letter to Captain Terry, tell us what the gist of what he wrote to captain Terry and what did he think he was doing in this letter. Yeah. And this all there they found my better and that letter was addressed to Terry and it basically told Terry that. You know if you want details of the of the murders of the columns Matthews in Hawley murders, and you can get those from from Cheryl. My Ex wife Cheryl
uh. That's, essentially what the letter said in, and you know he also basically APOLLO. Guys in a letter to Terry as well for or we're going out this way you know meaning that that he was intending to commit suicide and it turned out that Bohlen had Been you know, saving up his medications for a while in jail there and you know, tried to overdose to kill himself. You know they were able to. Say them by pumping out of stomach and whatnot. You took at the opening of the trial with the guardian angels, marching outside demanding for asking for his death and you save prosecution's star witness, is Cheryl Kobe tell us what she said.
At trial on the stand about that night. Okay, we testified about Holly case about the company in Oscar Ray. One night to go, get coffee at burger, king or something- and you know this- this was this- is located across the street In the churches, restaurant Hawley worked out and bowl and just kind of pulled up in the parking lot there Send the churches restaurant, which is kind of watching it for awhile for super couple hours there kind of staking it out so to speak. Yeah. This was shortly before all he was abducted, And uh, so we also testified bowling returning home.
Early in the morning, were in bloody tennis shoes womans purse with them and he told told whole, although Cheryl that said he had to talk to this woman fried chicken restaurant that they had scoped out earlier that night in told her that. No, he enjoyed having to kill her. In bowling mater go with him. Go with with him. Is he got rid the light. As we talked about a little bit earlier on. And she know she prided created details about details about getting rid of. You know the other evidence like the person clothing, things like that that might link him to the crime. You also talk about the next day. She called by investigators is very eerie scene as well. What what did she?
It investigated, whether they say in this close call. Well, they wanted to know about the you know, the license, plate number better come and she told them that you know it was. It was her. Plate But the car had been at the house all that throughout that whole night. And uh. That that you know it was there, so I've been out at another location. And they asked her why she lied in what was the response rate was with that in there with her. So you know she. Can you scared, yeah,. Now you say July 11th, one thousand, nine hundred and ninety one also Frank, Boland testified's,
But really her testimony was the key testimony. What was the verdict? What was a sentence bones was guilty, first degree, murder and see if the death penalty since the death penalty. By a majority vote of the jury, so he was sentenced to death. In that you then talk about October Tober. Ninety one Stephanie Collins, again Cheryl Cole be providing information. What does she we say about Stephanie, Collins and her party patient in that crime. Well was again is someone. For the the other circumstance, but you know Bolin tell her that
There's a in the in the trailer there and that he needs her help getting rid of it. And basically threatens are, if she's not going help them that. No something bad is help happened to her as well. Really saying something like you know, you could end up just like that person in the tree in the trailer over there in turns out that you know after he abducted stuff in here. Phones from the Eckerd Shopping Plaza that he had brought her back to the. The trailer there in in in there in the trailer and could be described, she saw the trailer First, there was blood on the curtains and carpets and on the walls she saw big butcher knife on the kitchen counter that was wet And she testified about riding with pulling down to.
Location there and watching him through columns his body into a ditch. You already really a so go ahead shortly after that she testified. That story came on tv about the Collins, murder, but the discovery of the body and bone. It said that's her, that's that's the girl that in the trailer. That's you talk about the two witnesses to testify hide that on the afternoon she went missing. They saw in a white van with an unknown male. This is unsettling to what did they see and again, it doesn't talk about what they did, but what did they did they witness when they witness, but they saw Stephanie in a in a in '
White Van with only didn't recognize and she seemed to be distressed about something she no waving her arms, excitedly and stuff, and oh. Certainly didn't seem. She wanted to be there. And you know it turned out that somebody testified Brielle that boo I had a friend who owned a white van and that you know this friend have with him that Van in the past. So potential leak there with it with the bands of all. You talk about another eerie scene in the as well. When investigators retrieved Collins's purse inside was a piece of paper For with a handwritten note,. What was on that note.
Whether not had had had a three digit number and three letters and then the name Ray and. There was some testimony that offer a went by the name ray, Family called him out and the Numbers in the letters were matched the license plate number of of his truck. So that was certainly a strange. Ultimately unexplainable item of evidence was found. Yeah, they never really did determine how that came to be there or why you say that he was pronounced guilty
sentence to death for the murder of Stephanie Collins. Then you talk about Phillip Bowl and fill a bowl and testifying at One thousand nine hundred and ninety two Pasco County trial for the murder of Terry Matthews now this is an incredible testimony. Well as as well at nineteen years of age is trial, but at thirteen Bolin was. Just to watch him, while his parents were away tell us what he experienced at thirteen years old with his uncle. So Oscar Ray showed up there at the house. One Bing download the the door there will come out and so uh, Phillip came outside there. He heard a strange, sound kind of this modding sort of sound. He said it sounds. Like his dog, had been run over or something and then he
top saw something why, in Are there on the ground, where that, where the noise is coming from it or something and uh wrapped up in a in a in a sheet big white sheet,. And he watched Oscar Ray so over to the the figure. Sheet there and do do several things, one of which was. Running water from a hose over the top of it essentially trying to trying to drown. Uh Terry Mathews is Terri Lynn, Matthews. There was disruptive in the sheets essentially trying to drown or by running water down on the bayes theorem. When I didn't seem to be working bowling grabbed our club. Basically, they had and fill up some raise it over. His head, like he was gonna strike, Terri Lynn, there Philip looked away, but he heard these
he's pumping sounds, which is something sounded the club striking, after using the head- and he heard that a few times and then the noise stopped. You talk about that as well. As his testimony. They was provided in court, a letter that bowl and it sent to fill November. One thousand nine hundred and ninety one tell us what he wrote to Phillip and why he asked for in that letter what three this initially trying to get Philip to to stay out of out of order not to come back there not not a lot to testify at his trial, so you you know, appealing to him to as uh as his brothers. His half brother appealing to him to no just to stay out of the out of the state.
Yeah. He obviously knew that he had some incriminating evidence against them. Now, with this sentence ng, it looks like he has dna testing. You talk about as well that when they did the more complex testing and matched Bolan guilty for Terry Matthews murder at the sentence ng, what did they try to or mitigate or whether they try to use as a tactic, to mitigate the sentencing and avoid the death penalty, whether they try to put forth? Well? There is the you know, the frequently is is: is they do? In these kind of cases? There was testimony of chrome psychologists about
one's mental state and whether he could have the capacity the mental capacity to no, it's actually know that he's committing these crimes and guilty of premeditated murder and all these sorts of things. So there was testimony from psychologist about that about you know whether or not he actually need he's doing or whether he was mental EO and these sorts of things or whether he had brain damage. Oh that was pause. The movie departing this way committing these kind of crimes and whether that should be Use them and not his responsibilities, to that the help county, detectives suspected and for other murders in the Tampa area. You mention a lease eyes and Kim Sicario,
Bonnie Jones and a share and hopper ah, and they also went into investigating him as a suspect because he worked in working Long haul, trucking from eighty five, eighty, seven, eighty seven involved the murders in at least nineteen states tell us what police do in terms of that pursuit. Of further or other murders that they could put on him. Well, I mean there, you know they had this information from Other sources about his involvement in these other murders you some of it, which was the bowling bragging to other inmates and things about Frank you committed edit,
so. You know they they they. They followed them up as best they could but versus hard definite evidence that could invicta some of the killings ultimately ended up being the three Natalie Hawley, this stuff, any columns in material in Matthews, leave it with a three that they really had the hard evidence on you know there was this other case in Texas, where they had a lot of well, this testimony, and, in that case as well, but well, the the Texas Sex Escorts decided not to prosecute bowling for that long. Decided, actually that you know they that he had the the three cases pending in Florida. But they would let him be be prosecuted there in Florida. For those.
You talk about now. We skip this, but this is the beginning of the book and you talk about October, fifth, one thousand nine hundred and ninety six. Before we talk about the the bar well that he puts state of Florida, entire country and but talk about October, fifth, one thousand nine hundred and ninety six, and Rosalie Martinez Character in the story in Rosalie. Had a had had was Mary to a prominent lawyer in the Tampa community. There someone retraced his family. Trace back to the early days of Ivor City, there in the cigar industry. Well,
that was family. You know well off and, and she ended up marrying into that family soaps originally was actually very well off in she. She works in the court system. There. She had a court reporting system. Recording company that that she ran uh and she up segueing, into working with the public defender's office in Tampa and as prices she ended up working on Oscar Ray Bolin's case in his and his trials and his appeals and retrials and So she met Oscar Ray in. Guess it was in ninety five, one thousand nine hundred and ninety five.
And she was immediately struck by him. Came Fascinated with him, I was a trap it to him. Kinda fell under his his charm. Oscar Ray could be pretty charming when he wanted to be. You know like like his model common with cereal colors, they can get very charming, sorry that they can put on when they want to. So she kind of fell under his spell and came to the got to the point where she essentially was in love with him and decided she wanted to be with him. Instead of with her husband in her family um, so she left behind her for well to do lifestyle and her. You know why of privilege, basically that she was living and
and dumb left behind her husband and left behind her daughters, and so she was going to marry Oscar a and even though he was convicted for the multiple murders. You talk about Just in the year earlier in ninety four, the Florida Supreme Court overturned his first degree murder conviction for the Natalie Holly case because of spousal privilege tell it just explain that a little bit, because this is very important to this case, moving forward yeah, so the spousal privilege in Florida just essentially says that one spouse can't be required to testify. Against the other spouse in court in criminal court. You know if it will somehow cause them to be exposed to criminal prosecution.
And so since in his in Oscar Race trial, since they had used testimony from Cheryl, you know taking him to these crimes. The testimony about her helping him get rid of the body or. Helping going with him when he got rid of evidence. Natalie, Hollys Car and all this sort of thing, all that kind of testimony the higher court rules Should not have been admitted. 'cause of the it's. Because of the privilege, though,. So they have the ordered for re trial and based on that same spousal per village. They have a problem with the other trial as well. So that's he's being successful in court, at least getting those things
re examined. You then talk about January 15th, one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven Rosalie Bolin appearing on Montel Williams, to discuss her relationship. Uh, tell us about this event and who also appeared and just tell us what about it again, a very on seen scene yeah. Well, this is this is in the midst of you know the This ongoing appeals and seeking retrials and everything that was going wrong with bones cases and you know which which, by the way just went on and on and on, and you know, ended up being decades worth of these things. You really you really play the system really effectively and getting these these retrials granted mulch trials in in in in each of these cases,
and then you know having the appeal, after that and getting other retrials and really dragged on for a long time, but yeah back in so January. Ninety seven, as you said so, Rosalie appears on the Montel Williams. Show you know expensively to kind of promote, is Kayson kind of defend them in, but not um, so uh so she's on their bowling himself is on there. Via video from from prison. There up state prison. And uh she was not in a good mood. Quickly not happy. What Rosalie was doing and trying to do, and bringing and June attention to Oscar Reyes appeals and what not. So she was pretty confrontational, with with Rosalie on the show about
How you know and really you know, I wanted to know how she could pocket dial Rosalie could do what she did, meaning. How could she leave her husband and daughter sure those with then Rosalie, you know defended her what she did she she said. I love them, meaning. And that she's willing to do whatever it takes to prove his innocence. You also mentioned Montel Williams. Again, this is fascinating. He says two Rosalie, you better hope he doesn't get out of jail. You better pray that your four daughters are walking down the street? When he's looking for somebody to rape, I thought that was amazing. I think he he was the voice of a lot of people to reaction to what happened. I mean the Rosalie marriage,
His decision to marry Oscar a I mean it was it was. It was a big deal when it happened. I mean he got a lot of coverage lot of media coverage. No, not just in Florida, the nationally, even even in national, Ian and uh. You know she end up appearing on twenty and twenty. The the wedding ceremony itself is was inducted telephone and on tv one. Twenty on the show Two thousand and twenty yeah in twenty and twenty even did a follow up of the store, great you know years later, so it was. It was a big deal, this wedding and you know a lot of people really were. I think I think why it was because people were just so. You know, probably combination of outrage and and fascination
just wanting to know. Well, how could somebody do something like this? How could somebody give up all all of these things give up life in this loving family and everything for the serial killer on death row yeah. You also ten murder trials in all ten. You say spending almost thirty years, but you say he's finally sentenced to death February two thousand and thirteen and in Starke Florida. Tell us a little bit as you do. This is rare that you you. Take us right into that death chamber and who of the family and have the law enforcement of any. Are there take us into that chamber, death chamber, alright, so yeah? So you know as
Said the this this this the never ending legal process. You know thirty years three, three decades really, appeals and and for this guy you can imagine the the cost to the state Florida yeah for all of the sudden. It's got to be astronomical for three decades worth of that stuff going on, but so you have to be the big finally do get to the point where he's exhausted. All of his appeals in his death warrant is signed by the the governor of Florida. And so he does have his execution date and um January seventh, two thousand and sixteen so last year. This is the In the you know, he needs me,
price for one last appeal there to the Us Supreme Court and his execution is supposed to come at six hundred o'clock pm at date, but that that comes and goes. You know, he's he's been all prepped in this. You know been been made ready for this: a sentence of death to be carried out, but the six hundred o'clock time comes and goes as this spring court appeals going on. The Supreme Court considers whether or not. To stay of execution or not- and you know hours later about so So lets his last shot at getting out of it and
the the sentences passed there in Florida State prison uh by the function, an Oscar last words and no service is reply. This sentence is carried out and there are no. There are members of a yeah yeah, but the couple of the the mothers of the of the free women they've been killed her there. You know they've, been dragged through the courts. This whole time obviously have gotten much older themselves in the process, but but Kathleen Reeves is there she's, the mother, Terri Lynn, Matthews, and she there to witness as well as
mother of one of the other victims there yeah. How old is mother Whitmer is there as well? So they are there. Natalie's mom by this time had had passed away. So she wasn't able to attend, but the other two were there to witness it. You also talk about Cheryl Kobe, couldn't couldn't didn't make the third trial because he had diabetes, complications and says she died from soon after, and you say, with this electric chair or pardon me with the lethal injection, he joined Danny Rowlands, Jenny, rolling, Aliene, Wuornos and TED Bundy in being executed in Florida. Just as we think the story ends, there's also the Supreme Court a week after Boelens Execu.
In the Us Supreme Court rules, Florida's, death penalty, unconstitutional and This decision gave the right to more than two hundred inmates to seek resentencing after reading about thirty years of retrials and appeals. What a mess. Anyway, you talked about Gary Terry retiring in two thousand and nine as well, and just tell us what you as you write, Gerry Terry. He's sort of conclusions after all this his thoughts and ruminations on this case. Well, when I spoke to Gary the mystery sorry about it, he you know he even now you still affected by by the cases and he's told will fill you know very much connected to them. You know you might imagine looking cases for a long time like that big big big tend to become part,
These people that are working on them, these investigators and definitely still impacted by it. Yeah that he wasn't prosecuted for uh really firmly believe that that Oscar Ray had had a lot of other victims. And he obviously was thankful that the this was finally carried out. You know he still. He talked you talk to me about still seeing in his head. Still seeing the crime seems, you know finding the body you seen the bodies out there. You know what Oscar had done to them. My mom and an Oscar Reyes, you know reaction afterward and how not He was about the killings and things and you know so, really impacted Terry, really it
an emotional level, so he use definitely. Excited happy glad to see that the justice Sittin served in the death sentence was finally carried out. And you know he credited the pride stoppers tip the pointed out, so you know that's really a great example of the value of the crime stoppers program, no this case here which it but for that that call the current stoppers tip might never been solved. Certainly. I want to thank you very much, Jt Hunter for coming on and talking about death row Romeo. The true story of Oscar Ray Bolin has been fascinating. For those that might want to take a look at, you have a facebook. Age or some contact, for you tell us a little bit about that yeah I'm on Facebook. I just wonder Jt Hunter,
And you know the book as well as my other books are all on Amazon. You just plug in that I federal death row, Romeo or Jt Hunter pop up there. More of the publishers website, Rj Parker Publishing, is also on the internet as well. I want to thank you again, Jt Hunter. It's always a pleasure. Having you come on talking about your incredible books, death row Romeo! Thank you very much have a great evening and hope to talk to you again soon. Thank you. Thank you. Take care. Take care
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