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From the author of VAMPIRE: The Richard Chase Murders  and The Bundy Murders comes an excursion into the truly weird and the bizarre: from a medieval-esque murder in a small town museum to the jilted boyfriend who decided that his former girlfriend needed to die on her twenty-first birthday.  And then there’s the demented son who returns home to live with his mother and stepfather, and one night in their beautiful mansion sitting atop a high bluff overlooking the Ohio River, slaughters them. KENTUCKY BLOODBATH: Ten Bizarre Tales of Murder from the Bluegrass State
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Tripoli thanks you for being there with loyalty rewards like when you get savings on triple a auto insurance, just for being a triple a member, and when you switch to triple a auto insurance, you could save more based on how long you've been a triple a member and how long you've had your current insurance insurance. Not just insurance, learn more about triple a auto insurance and loyalty, rewards click now or visit Tripoli, dot com, slash insurance. You are now listening to true murder, the most shocking killers and true crime history and the authors that have written about them: DC, Bundy, Dahmer, the night Stalker Dck every week, another fascinating author talking about the most shocking and infamous killer, true crime, history, true murder, with your host journalist and author Dan. This is Nancy good evening.
From the author of Vampire the Richard Chase, murders and the Bundy murders comes, an excursion into the truly weird and the bizarre for medieval ask murder in a small town museum to the jilted boyfriend who dis Why did his former girlfriend needed to die on her 21st birthday and then there's the DEM that son who returns home to live with his mother and stepfather, and one night in their beautiful mansion sitting, atop a high bluff. Overlooking Ohio River slaughters them the book. But we are featuring this evening, is Kentucky Bloodbath, ten, these are tales of murder from the bluegrass state, with my special guest, Journalist and author Kevin Sullivan, welcome back to the program, and thank you for agreeing to this interview, Kevin Solomon. Well, thank you Dan. It's always good to be on your show. It's always a pleasure to speak with you again Kevin and congratulations on your latest
truly bizarre collection here from Kentucky. So, I just tell us, I guess, we we just had you one recently for another collection from Kentucky, but tell us It's basically. What was your criteria this time out to be able to select? the stories that the Stories that are in Kentucky Bloodbath all yes, all of these stories go back to the time of the for a number of years when I was doing research into- strange Kentucky murders, and I was going through case files and add cold and you wanted to a lot of stuff when you do that. Obviously, but I was looking for some of the more bizarre cases strange cases, cases that had twists to them just things that would just jump out of you from the page and hope that the case file and the other book that we talked about
number of months ago was was death of a cheerleader and that had sickness, different bizarre cases in it, and so this is a continuation of that. And and big, these cases were some of them, as I had mentioned before, with the other book, with a kind of in LOS to history. Had a lot going in there and told these things out. Some some would would be well known and that I'm sure reporters would periodically in a white about them certain cases like of the ice man have to do with with that with tall eyes, but most of the cases were very big and has a in effect on the area where these happened at the time. But over the years these things had a tendency to kind of drift. Way and then the course, the other being in archives, and most people forget about
and so I was always glad to find something interesting. You know four out and not enough put to the page. Well, let's set the stage right now for with Karol Francis Mud. And she's twenty two years old and we're talking she's working at the stone. Castle museum in the small place called Bardstown KY. This is November. One thousand nine hundred and eighty two. In his museums have toy soldiers, an antique weapons an you introduce the character Anthony Russell Gallon. Yeah, our toilet, these twenty years old, so take right to where are? The mailman the postman Charles Meredith is walking by and ant any Russell gallon so set the stage for us for death by sword. Yes, uh gallon was a strange individual. He was obsessed
with age edge, edge weapons, especially swords and. What he did that morning and it the authorities don't know why he did it, but He was the first person to come into the museum and bars talent, like you say they had a they had they had these up. He displays of toy soldiers with battlefields, but they also had displays of like knights in armor and like we had a broadsword and they had various display offers small town like Bardstown, which is famous for a mild. Could the home, if it was it, was a nice place to be so museum, he he ended up there on the really, day after Halloween and n3 and.
I don't know whether he I don't think he signed in, but I think he walked in and and the the woman that way working there. She she was all by herself. It never came out how exactly this happened, but. She is that being murdered. An what gallon did was. He had taken the broadsword from one of the displays and he had He had thrust that thing down through the top of her shoulder into her midsection and, as I recall it, it's stroke heart or severed be about, our heart did hit except give amount of damage, I'm sure she died very quickly and he'll. Know. I don't know how he managed not to get blood on himself, but
but he did and what was weird is that. Two brothers had shown up at the museum. A little bit low and they came in there and they they had so they were waiting to you know to to pay the price of, of addition and nobody they're. So they just started walking around the place. And one of the brothers had gone upstairs an and I think one one had stayed in like the bookstore area and He came back and. You know he had his brother following upstairs, because he he saw something that Bob but him and I you know a lot some people will see body they if, if they come upon something horrific like this but that they won't all off and no it's a real body, sometime it'll be obvious, and sometimes it won't and he
he couldn't believe what he was seeing ready for calendar, so he he had his brother. You know follow him back up and of course she was quite dead so that big game a mystery as to what happened to this girl and and Gallon wasn't arrested in a long time later- and in fact As I recall, the guy who broke the case was a detective. He I think he was a suspect for but they they didn't, have anything solid on there, but but the but a cold case. He came along later and he got to work back on case and ended up interviewing, a number of gallons friends and stuff girls he dated, and he was able to put more together about this and what came from.
Some people that knew him was quite strange actually the women he did and you know, like the one girl had said that he like to have rough sex and sometimes he would like to choke her, but not into like, consciousness, but she said something weird to like you look say sometimes you'd like to imagine himself to be a doctor, or perhaps with soldier, and some type of authority figure and uh. He was just quite strange and later when You know cops got on his trail. He lives next. I believe next door, two do a Kentucky State Trooper and this troop
or had witnessed him one time out when he had set up. Some boxes had some cardboard boxes and he it take the sword. He has. I want to japanese sword or whatever, but he is whipping this thing all around different directions. It was quite good with a sword and you know turn around and put it. Boxes slice beside him into the sword that he he would switch around. Something else or maybe just whack- these boxes up really quickly and it pops up notice of that but eventually you know he was apprehended through some things that he did only get the whole story away, but I'm a people enjoy being in this, but it's got a lot of twists and and If you could imagine those who is coming in and how creepy that must have been to be met with silence will only to find her dead body, and for
get some time. This is an unsolved case on Bardstown is rather small, and so that probably set a nice little shockwave through the commute, and if people want locking their doors, so you know they soon would. So it's a very interesting tale. You gotta Detec if you speak of a detective Robert Foster, who took on the case after about two and a half years, like you say it was cold for awhile, even though they had suspicions. Obviously, but what Was interesting is all the claims made from all the foster dis happens to go talk to his ex girlfriends that comes a wealth of information like fast meeting stuff like fascinated with done, things and dragons. The occult martial artist and edge weapons, like you said, but he's also according to Rosemary Lawrence, one of his exes he's a member of a black cult, devil worship, there's a lot going on here and then, when you talked about the crime scene itself,
You say in the book that this broadsword, not everybody, knows what I brought so, but a big sword like something Very long, three this tall. So it's a three foot sword. It was put through her. She was in you know she was bail bond this thing and then her throat was cut with a dagger a anger was in. In fact, a broadsword. People know I'll, explain here. They are so large that they're basically two handed weapons. It's not like You would stand there and joust with or you know it just do it like. With one hand behind your back. Like you see people fancy. No, swords were very long and they were very heavy and they and like battle swords and They carry a lot of weight and there are sharp on both sides of the blade and or you can really do some damage with those things and so good thing,
about that. He didn't just pierced her like with a straight on stick like you know like in her stomach. He brought that thing that yeah. You must. I had her on the ground I don't know how he did it, but you got that thing down through the proper, shoulder and granted all lay down! So I think I recall, like the autopsy report, talked about how quickly she died, I put that in the store, but I remember reading it in me a case file because of the piercing, overheard or something uh, but also was very fascinating and 'cause. You don't see this in a lot of cases. I mean there's some talk of. It may be a trial, but this is interesting evidence in this case where, when the police see some evidence from this guy. They sees a say, tannic Bible. Now, that's not your run of the mill thing books rituals witchcraft
and notebooks containing, say, tannic, writings and drawings. So this guy was. He was very serious yeah. He was, he was in fact he was by the time fall, sir, with he was in the marine corps, and he, it was. About to be kicked out. He was having some drug ish really some other issues as well. So yeah he's a yeah his girlfriend's. As I recall, they didn't have a whole other good things to say about them, but yeah, yes, said the yeah yeah a member of the black cult. She goes on sale you know, which is devil worshiping? So he is a very strange strange, individual, if you remember yeah, so he he basically confessed. On the way home after he was take, from, I guess
you, but it's the one on the east coast. Marine base, basically he he talked hearing a roaring in his head. Remember yeah, but he also said that out of a long, more yeah he also said he was on Quaaludes and he also but he couldn't remember so, let's be yes, he have said you said I could have killed her can't remember how those queluz running in my head, like a lawn, more yeah. So yes, wearing. What's the mall, which again would be you open this book, and this is a credible opening to a book, and I won't we won't dwell on this, because we've got to talk about all these other incredible stories. But again what I find most fascinating and some of the some members of the audience of contacted me too, because we there's a gap some of the true crime stories, as many bizarre, unbelievable stories, is one that Really has this.
Otherworldly almost affect to this, where you have what was found on Carrol Mud's body and originally was. Back part of like a brooch like a pin attachment. And they didn't know really what it was, but they knew that they had, in their possession and later when they did so Sis evidence from from him they what they did find was the other part of that pen so tell us what that, with the significance of that ten was in in continuum of our talk about your is very recall. It was something it was like a satanic and was it not it star asleep, Was it? Yes, yes, and so you know, this is something so he I guess place I don't know. I can't I can't remember, I'm not sure
I don't even know if it came out if you place it on her body or if he accidentally left it at the scene. I'm not sure I can't remember But I didn't really say in your book did you know book, but what it it said, was the star had to invert it crosses and the number six hundred and sixty six. And it was on a small gold broadsword pin that when they put the two pieces together they fit perfectly, and that was in. Important in the trial as well to connect him further than he was already connected in this case, yeah. You don't see yeah. Yeah, I'm looking at it right now, because there's I recall it, the actual file is coming back to me. I've got written here. It's talks about it was found on her. I don't think it was ever determined by the it was broken by accident or
whether he left it is is like a calling card. I don't They ever made a determination of that, I'm not sure, but it was it was weird and it cost yeah use that that cereal microscope and They did what was known a ten point comparison. These things are usually very easy to match together whenever you have something at the broken off, even though they've been separated by some distance. It doesn't matter when you bring it back together? It's it's a it's a pretty! To compare them and make a match, of course, in the opposing attorneys will always try to tear that down, but yeah it was just yeah. It's weird: it's ok's does have a different feel to it. He cause. If you look at gallon and you look at how strange she was in this satanic stuff and you
look, how that worked out among the people that knew him and And and these girlfriends, whose some of them are quite close to him, I got to see him a lot of yeah, just as you said, a real real differently on it's a different type, murder. Most murders don't happen like this. They never did find out. Why. And I'm not sure that they know exactly how he did it. They just know he did it and and what drove him to the museum to be the first one in there is is anyone's guess. I don't think he ever talked about it. No, but you say in the book that for months after the murder just happened to write a little song called the
and also there was writings and rise won't go into that. But, needless to say, it's sounds like a typical psychopathic killer. To me. Sure yes, yes and he's free today- I mean I don't I'm sorry call He's he was released I don't know how much time you did but he's out there somewhere. He probably still in Kentucky. Well. He received a thirty year sentence, so you would think if they had any provision for time off for good behave, vera of some sort whatever that was eighty six years. You know so that would certainly be coming up to the thirty years and if there was any kind of parole, ability all it said in your book and all get what he was sentence two was thirty years, and so we don't know exactly what Kentucky parole, right ability was or what the deal was exactly net thirty years. Let's move to your next story, where again completely different, but
it's called blood in the moonlight, and this is Kurz December. Ninth, one thousand nine hundred and eighty three Albert and Mabel Bauer. And their sixty three years old, and this is the occurs in Louisville KY around, and this is their annual fraternity order of police dinner And Albert is the deputy sheriff and their son. Albert Junior twenty nine years old is had some problems moved back with his parents. Tell us a little bit about. Albert Junior and the circumstances that led to him moving back in with his parents in Louisville Kentucky well Albert. First of all, the home is. I have a picture of the In the book that picture doesn't really do it justice, it's a it's, a nice middle class home. What you can't see is it's about a half, a block from a
neighborhood high school, always like when you know you these high schools and stuff. Would be right in the neighborhood and You know it's just it's a nice area. And it's low crime and I don't know if they'd ever had a homicide in Louisville does have a good number of homicides, but those usually occur in in the western port of downtown when you get out into the suburbs, but there are k He's no homicides. But this was a particularly quiet area And it just goes to show you the things can happen. The parents were apparently quite normal. They were getting up into their older years? You know, and the sun had Albert Junior had had problems, I mean he had battled mental problems and he was also
on drugs and. He had been living apart from his family, but but decided to move back home and. You know there I've been issues and it. This is a terrible, terrible thing, but parents go through things like this and they start having. Issues with their sons or I guess in some cases, daughters, but invariably it's with the sun- and then they start showing some instability and then they should start showing instability with perhaps a penchant for violence. Parents always move as quickly as they should to take care of the situation and some often believe that. Uh. It won't really turn to violence, an so Power was living in their basement an on this particular night, though
He had been to the lodge to have this dinner and. I know that Albert Senior excuse me other friend. He spoke with that night. They were good friends, and so they came home and I this was about. Maybe I don't know I think about oh, Not the part came around eleven, something like that, make negative laughter and Albert Junior was out or the. Evening and he had gone out and done some things, and he had Is somebody at a low bar and uh uh. The guy was kind of you know, okay, within about some things that he became very hostile towards him and he wasn't I mean people knew had problems but
He was even Akins a little bit strange to his friends as well. Well so he goes home and he slaughters his his parents and the he actually calls in to the police by one thousand two hundred and forty five that that early next morning and uh. No he's he tells the dispatch person there's been a murder, she where and he gives the address and the dispatch person asked Albert Junior. What happened easy? So I don't know, and then he just said you know he said both his parents are dead and uh. I talked to the police officer that arrived
see first, the guy said he pulled up and this this this fellow is Ballard. Standing out in the driveway. And if you look at the picture, it's on a hill, so I'm assu, we balance up, probably by the top of the driveway, and it's a very nine and when the You know what up on the stadium, because he's by himself uh is Say what it now right? He said looks like you get wet just some. Jacket car walks up to him and he could see flashlight on discoverable blood, And so he begins to tell the cops: are his parents are dead, an uh so that cause then to the house. I believe they entered in through the kitchen, and you know he's gay
his hand out and he's hopefully already suspicious as to you, know our junior but he sits him down a chair and he tells you not to move. He tells his for his own safety. At the end of the kitchen. I've seen these I've I've seen the crime scene photos, I wouldn't publish them and they and the specter pause. They already told you, you can have this for publication. I said I don't need him. I just want to see what the defectors walked into always want to see what they say when they're enter enter enter crime scene. But I don't I don't ever publish, really know these horrific pictures, but the pictures and I tried to explain in the writing and I think. Do a good job, but I just how bad it was. I mean there was blood everywhere in the kitchen
the floor was covered with blood. The counter tops the put cabinets, as I recall him, some blood on the ceiling. The mother had numerous stab wounds. He had used uh several knives. He had used a type of fork on her. Well, I think one of the miles was too. Sticking out of her was bench clearly, it was a crime of rage, and you know, even this beat Oh I'm sure he knew that once the detectives got there, I mean you know, I mean they. They they see things like this and they know this is. This is not some verb, sure it going bad. The father was laying in the living room? It looks like he is trying to make it to the front door, and he
had been strangled to death or do still around his neck But he also been hit in the head and he actually had a dent in his head. Like a wound in his head and it corresponds with a oh, like a mug pewter mug. If I recall these stories written so many years ago that that the detective matched up it was. It was a match to this thing at TED and also a handgun. I think it's been fired in the house, but no Miller was kept and so you know if you have these two dead people? Well, Please show up and they uh They know it doesn't take them long. In fact, they bought a that. You know track that Valerie Bauer had made some claims that somebody do
it may left and then what, when the cops came out all Sir blowers Dog, the dog track, the sent from but the door out all the way back around and they did it. Just didn't lead anywhere like away from the house, and you know it doesn't take the cops too long to figure out and he got some. Body who is murdered, his mother and father, but they do want to charge him yet with murder, so they charged him. We um possession of like quaaludes or whatever drugs yeah. And what was strange is that is a time when he was uh. Was arrested for that taken downtown. I got a picture of someone. Sure of them standing there. The police station
well on the jacket- and you know so they're building a case on the murder thing, but they want to wait a little bit so he makes babe so the family attorney Young get get. This guy right and uh that the detectives at The judge to. For the hold on him because he's a suspect in this number of, but she hasn't been charged or the judge said you know basically said my hands are proud because I can't stop him from making bail from this drug charge. So put the family day. I mean you know, he's not staying that out, but else now is crawling with with forensic people, and you know just all kinds of people there. So he puts him up and there's known as adult
house hotel, which is a, is a hotel in downtown Louisville. That is two thousand one hundred and twenty two stores, something like that. It's it's a pretty big false trucks, or maybe twenty four, I'm not sure But he's up on, like the 20th floor, something that I can't recall way up there right and so is the you know. You know, you know places are there in Forms the police where he is, but the police are working to try to get everything they need to quickly charge this guy. Well, powered gets it in that, for some reason, he's gonna take his own life. What he does is he he gets back and takes a well just a running leap. Crashers. Through the window- and I I say in the book he has a controlled ball. He did.
He didn't go and over he fell. He crashed through and then started to drop, and if he's order to drop, you made changes position and he will through the. The loop at explaining the gold house hotel? Is it just a straight hotel, but when you get down to the first floor, it expands out for conference rooms and I try to go out. A little bit almost looks like the I will look at the Un Building and New York, and so it comes back as it's it's higher, but it comes down and expands now in the building goes out well there was no way he wasn't it's a payment. He was going to get the roots and he without the words any came through the roof and his body was halfway
Hanging out of the roof now nobody knows this guys dead. This is not available tonight is around four hundred am or something made it go She was doing something, look for and cheers water dripping. Okay, the white man, there's balance is closer than your old jeans. A Brincar ripped off limits. We're in all these hanging through the ceiling and of course, he's dead, and so the place are called and uh. No. I have to come in and getting down and when the detectors went with. The homicide offices is notified like by then light now the next morning because they left the. Patient, they looked over in the direction of the golf house and they could see eh a curtain. Flapping
to an open window up and like what would be around the 20th floor and they figured Who's better, you know, that's that's that's where he and, and they were right, and so this guy killed himself and I've got. Pictures of meryl- the of the of the dead body What was interesting that he was able to you know can Kohl's fall. I don't know if he planned it that way, but he may, to travel that distance or not, and yet she speaks first. Interesting that you, you do mention that he was charged after his death posthumously for the murder yet and convict Now our next story is you, you title it rampage, and this is October. First one thousand nine hundred and seventy three yeah Geraldine Yves Waltz she's, forty two years old, we're talking about Lexicon, Lexington Tech Kentucky
picking up her daughter, her young daughter at the Sayre School and across, in the school was a federal building third floor. Looked on, assuming that there was a prisoner holding for federal charges and at around four hundred pm. There were several men walking on the roof of a loading dock according to witnesses, and people thought they were doing, work official work. And there were two meter maids working uh. He said he saw the them jump from third floor window. Yes, afk going through the bars so tell us about this daring escape and- and how this Geraldine Geraldini Walton, her daughter, get all caught up in this rampage. Yeah the Lex that is the second biggest city in Kentucky who will be in the first Louisville, very large meta,
also area, and in Alexa It is a nice ass city, but I would call more more like a town, it's it's! It's just it's nice and it's it's normally quiet Knowing these things don't normally happen there. They had Mama sides, but but this federal breakout was real different and the federal holdover. Apparently this kind. You know Wilmer Scott. He had a like a little hacks or something that had been able to songs with through a window and maybe somebody else is its own along it. It took to get this done, but he had got out on the roof and two other men had gotten on there with him Williams, Williamson and then another guy
Name, Collins and Sloan said you know that there was no way to get them out. It was, it was a nice day, there's no way to get down that they were just gonna have to job and so Scott just so he said I couldn't get off. Group I kept walking around and everybody was looking people a couple of Marshalls pulled in and people was staring from across the street, so I just backed up about thirty foot, I'm pulling and close my eyes and just run still there. Nothing under me. Of course he just dropped off and he was fine. Will you Sloane soon followed and he was fine, but so strange this other fellow named Collins, you know he took out that he tried to get off the roof without hurting him
well and he sat on the ledge and his gently is probably dropped in the past. He broke his leg. You should be glad, though he broke his way. Becaus. These other guys were going through commit murder, and he wouldn't be. Odds with that, but so anyway, you know, and so the the meter maid see this right and don't they yeah. They were quite upset because they knew these. Guys work going to get away well, the seder school. It's very close to the cat. Building- and I got picture of it in there and what peep, would normally do. Is they would line up their cars. All around this like circle and the kids would come out and you know all time the parents or whatever and off they go what he It was waiting for somebody. You know that day and her doors for,
get some unlocked and Sloan and Scott just got in there and comma the car and an and just took off, and they threatened her that they would take her live and it it was Scott that was doing all the talking Sloane was there, you know, Kind of like to go along with the ride yeah, he was just glad to be out, out of the lock up, but uh. They end up going to the walls. How, and they banned. They waited there, awhile Intel from something I said to her on the way out there very paranoid but then after that, they ended up. You know you know taking off and
unfortunate because they ended up- and I don't know if they solve this role or not, but they ended up getting inside the minister's house- and he was got home at the time but but his daughter was and the wife was in Louisville at a conference I live in a mess this conference and this guy was like I think I think he might have been a message. You know, minister, and so, Scotts phone. You know they get into this guy's house, probably call the girl guard no bus or something about a lot. But they got into the home and and when the father came home with the sun of course, they were already inside and they no back them up and made them sick and appear.
Terribly. You know when these things happen to people. The best thing that people can do is survive is to go along with it and try to me panic call attitude- and I thank the minister- has I'm doing that, because Scott later tell investigators that this guy was because in the he is saying all kinds of things Sloan I mean Scott. Warn the minister, you know you know there there they tired and they are on the run and dangerous people- and you know should be doing that, and he said you know you said that cursing and he got done the map whiskey and out, and you call yourself a minister and you're. You know you're cutting us
Solo parent, that that agitated Scott quite a bit and of course, as is often the case, the girl ended up being raped but the friction between the Father, the Minister and Scott just kept kind escalating and it turned in the murder and No after a while and Sloan did not commit the murders, it was Scott, but the all three, killed, you know the minister, Anne and both both the son and daughter and Then, when they made the break they made their way up to, I think, was Falmouth Kentucky and uh. It was a guy there. I named remember his name now, but it's in the area. He was like the night clerk,
Do you remember that where he well, the way actually was Alva over Harper was the night. Yes yeah. Cheap man, anything yep yeah. The perma nation like something was going to happen to him and If you recall that and and he and he was killed there a by Scott and there were some contract workers that were staying at the hotel who were doing repairs shares in that area and I think a couple of them were killed and the whole point of this is that, with with with a gun in his hand, scott- could commit murder and would not even add an eye it is easy for him, the motor it it just didn't, bother him. Later when he was captured. He said he said if I got out
I would do it again. But what I found interesting- and I also put this in the caption of this picture, but alright, I said a pure homicidal, psychopath, Wilmer Scott no trouble killing defenseless people but refused to shoot it out with a single police officer. As far as I'm concerned that speaks volumes, our listen people. This man had no problem killing innocent people who who were not on but when he and small were confirmed, it was confronted after this shooting in this hotel by this loan police officer. I kid you not they gave up, he wouldn't shoot it out when it's amazing and yeah, pure sociopath and
so you know he got the death penalty, but he he told them that he would not. You know you know he was. He was going to take care of him thanks himself and he did he actually started the fire and a bunch of stuff up in the in his bed as a strange, strange individual, I don't know how much time zone dot, I'm sure he's been a long time, because no as far as the law was concerned, he was an accomplice to a all of this and sure, I'm sure yeah he's been along time in prison. I think you got life without parole, the the interesting thing was in this rampage and, and we didn't talk about the kind of terror inflicted right away when he kidnapped D Walt and she told- that she was waiting for her daughter and so that he they told her. They were going to do to her daughter, cutter up, raper and then the other rapes and murders,
and it was interesting- that the Reverend you know incorrectly. He defied them and said things like you're going to go to the electric chair, which is too far off, but it didn't help his case. We go Let's see a two cycle fasten ten hours: it killed six people and wounded two of them seriously and in that right, simple, ten hours of Randy Age, interesting very interesting, and you have to think that, had the minister dealt with him differently, there's a good chance. They all would've survived. I mean there there there there just is. I mean he didn't kill This guy would have been. Even gotten him just calming them. Well, Just be normal with him, then try to survive, but when you have that that aunt Aggie 'cause I'm going off and name calling I mean the guy was just ass,
going to be Gilbu cause you're dealing with. With a murderer That might not kill you if you, if you don't cross the Just let them do what they need to do, but you ' absolutely kill you. If you start, you know, you know causing problems so the shame, but I think that may have contributed to their deaths. Well, we never know exactly what they did say to the to the young girl and if it was any indication what he's what they said to the wall, a woman about the harder that maybe that didn't help either. So I mean I I you really need to be, but I guess in the heat of the moment. He he couldn't. You know right logic in his in his thinking: says right now. Our next story is the one called the Box Hill.
Murders- and this is June, one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven dentists, Bochum, Jefferson, county police, nine one one call how about a man gone, berserk and shots were fired and so tell us a little bit about this case here about and Kirk Yelling if twenty eight years old, just to say the stage here the this home is called Box Hill. It's a really nice estate. It is a really pretty home. It is section EAST of Louisville. If you go out of downtown Louisville, and you head out what is known as the river road and you and you travel lease you won't It won't take long within you know, before maybe
three or four miles you start hitting in an area where these beautiful Homes are in and up and it's a lot of just nice homes and and areas that run across that one along the river, the Ohio River. This is, a lot of old money is, and they publishing family. The binghams at you'll have a home it out here and it's just been a top thought for a lot of wealthy people in Louisville, for as long as I can remember, you know just many many years ago. It's all also a relatively quiet area. Okay doesn't seem to a lot of homicides, and but you know. The problems that were up in this one home. A lot of times. They would just be you know,
and his wife, but when this Son came home, his name is Kirk Ellington test again, he was assigned, who had many problems and probably would have been diagnosed. Even then, as a paranoid schizophrenic he had had, problems for a number of years and he had been living away and he had come home and as I recall, I think it was in the fall that year, and it's almost cryptic, but is mother had with no calendar Kirk arrived this and it it says it's a sad tale because, and
this is a young man who was clearly descending into madness, and they were tribes that I remember from the police reports. There were times when up. You know he would just yell at his mother tell her what he was going to do. Yeah threatening violence. Your she was told by her attorney. You know you, you know you need to have him committed. There were other people that were aware of some things. They thought that they should do something about the
you know the man she was married to Kirks stepfather, he was concerned, but he left it apparently from the record. He left a final judgment as to what should happen to well that their son, you know, oh to the mom. If she wanted to commit him, I mean he would no doubt be all for that. The mom could not bring herself to do that and she believes that that her hurt him greatly. She must have believed that he would on, but when you have somebody looking at you and therefore going up the mountain there screaming and there they're, saying all these things that they're going to do and it has to do with violence and murder, it's time to believe that that's real but the
we were actually right before they will murder. They were. It was packing up to move and they were gonna sell. This grand old and move somewhere else, and they had a few close friends and she had confided into to these women the problem she was having with her son and all of them were in agreement. Surely needed to do something about it. Just couldn't bring herself to do it at the father. He was you know he wouldn't talk about it as much, but there were some times when he would confine but he was more shutting out the battery. He didn't want talk about it too much. They probably thought if we can just weather the storm, it'll be ok, but they couldn't learn any storm. Becaus interrupted, interrupted
one night and just like in the case of Albert and naval power, they too slaughtered in this beautiful and just recently, we will put in the book together. I had to go up there and and photographs that looks nice today, as it did back then interesting back down here in Louisville, we had a thing with anybody ever called them ambulance. There would be a complicated she's very into I had a number of years where they had bad, they don't have that anymore. When I was researching this case, I was talking to the cops who was a police officer at the time he said you know at the time this happened, There would be a police officer with anyone like this and what, No. Why did the angle? I said you yes, I was aware of that and uh. So you know I guess anything will be
shots, fired or anything like that. But you know it just it's just interesting that something that horrible could happen there course, after the murder he takes his parents, car fix whatever I guess money you can get. I mean the place is a bloodbath. Oh, we know where these people killed and he drive to Denver any ditches the car near is a father's place. Is real father place an you know the police track him there Ann? No. Tell me an and they talk to you bad, but yes, always he's not here anymore and he had up what he had done is here. He had cut his own hands because, as he was murdering his parents, they were trying to put the fighter.
Apparently lab slip to whatever any it cuts and and some on his own hands from where, like the night since fucking or something so. He was actually being worked on in in Colorado. When I was to win the case, you know they got the case, fallen, throw that ball a lot conjures. There's your will leverage to the card use of the car of the store, the mother. Aspects things to make restored. A short this young man was extradited. He did more travel sites and spent Colorado about. I have a personal connection to this case because This this person would be judged too mentally ill to stand trial.
And uh he was housed in a place called Central State Hospital. Can I have a brother you bed now, but I had a brother who is: phone is not on drugs and he two was at Central State Hospital and so long before I wrote about this guiding test, I would see him out there and there's no work to him once or whatever about not my brothers full of funny stuff. Are you set one morning? Maybe Sunday morning was. He said yes after after my brother had his breakfast, he said all this food was poisoned and offered my brother, who is breakfast my brother said. I know what boys by eight it isn't interested there they're waiting for me to fall over something. Do it, but just one day
I write about this in there without talking about my brother or the connection, there tiff goes in the bathroom and he gets a belt or something, Well, something I can't remember which, but it it's on my brothers wing. Ok on this, this wing, but they shared with other patients, goes back in the bathroom Ann. By the time I get there yeah, I can see right there. They put him on the respirator but killed himself Nobody really do it television, you too late, but it was weird and later when I did the case, how we back on you. That was, but I talked it, same way I had we get to the thing called the Iceman. I've, seen it all eyes out there as well, but it the strange strange case- and you know I'm sure when people read the story, the
because actually selling very well and it's getting a lot of the reviews and when you read the story, almost kind of you can just steal where this thing is going even for the parents were killed, you the where it's going and you want to be able to heal through the pages. Do something. If this kid? whatever you have to do to do so, but surely Alexander would just never sound the order. So you know so the sun will yeah. He just exploded, one might and then that was it. It all happened in that beautiful state that you can see this day. What I wanted to say what, before we go, wrap up this interview. What I wanted to say was the most fast, Any part of this story was for me was despite his clear cut. Insanity He was able to convince the father that he used to live with it nothing amiss. This in
other drugs in hospital. When police contacted him, he didn't anything about this and said well. I'm not sure, but he was probably released from the hospital and the very bizarre part of this story was. Is it when the police went to the store, went to the hospital he was still there blue and yellow yeah yeah, and so very you know to me when you're, clear, cut insane, but yet have the composure like a psycho path to be able to go again very very interesting that people could do that that you could, who your own father after you just slaughtered your mother. Where in your stepfather, yes again for no, no good reason whatsoever. No, no, the complete overkill they weren't laying a stone in his path. I mean they love the live there he ate there. You know he we weren't doing anything that could even
Even made him angry at them, and yet this was building at him and it you know- and I point out in the book I described is shouted out there in just so. She. The believe that she should she couldn't bring herself believe that for some would killer her, and I think, I think I think Albert may will battle works were in the same position. They didn't think her son would do that. But yet you know it happen. It's just horrible thing. Yes, certainly now we didn't get a check I have to go. We just covered just four stories out of this incredible tent. There is a wide variety right like as we demonstrated here from the insane killer, with some twists and turns at trial to the guy with the satanic Bible. And we have a list of other stories that really do call five, a weird and bizarre. I want to thank
you very much Kevin for coming on for those that might want to explore other books that you have. I know you with wild Blue Press and and yeah. You have been published before that. So tell us, where they might find out more information about your work and also, if like to contact you and send you message sure Okay, I have several publishers. I have been published by Mcfarlane. Well one little field publishing to Wildwood Press right now with life's about why blue presses that a if you're looking for any of my books, they list them all on my web page at wildbluepress, dot com also right. True crime blocks at Wildblue, press and all of that stuff is archive. So I have quite a bit of material that you could come there and read it and you know click into archived and it has listing of all my books if anybody the fire me an email,
if they have any questions or anything like that. You know you can also no message me on the at at Wildwood. As far as commenting on any of the stories, but you contact me directly. It's Kevin Underscore Sullivan Sullivan, thirty one Yahoo, dot, com, again that's Kevin, Underscore Sullivan at Yahoo. Dot dot, I'm sorry Kevin under Sullivan thirty one at Yahoo, dot com, and so you can. You can. You can email me there. I always answer all of my email so make sure doesn't get lost in the mix where at all, get back to you as quickly as possible. If you have any questions, Thomas, Well, it's been great talking to you and I want to thank you again for coming on talking about Kentucky Bloodbath
bizarre tales of murder from the bluegrass state. I hope to talk to you again real soon. I know you were real prolific writer, so I'm sure we'll be talking to you again real soon, alright, listen dance! you so much. It's always a joy to be on the show, and I will see you on the next show, as they say. Alright. Thank you Kevin. Do you have a great night good night? You too, bye bye, bye, bye, I've got to tell you about this cool show I discovered called small Business Revolution main street. It's a business makeover show with tons of awesome advice. What I love about it is they do it all with heart, not the hyped up drama of those other shows. We've all seen type Clinton the renovation guy he's on it in Amanda Brinkman. This marketing group from deluxe definitely check it out. You can watch it on Hulu, prime or small business revolution, DOT, Org.
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