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Murder in Suburbia features the stories of more than 20 murder cases that have happened in the quiet streets of Australia’s suburbs and small towns.These stories show that the most brutal and harrowing events can happen in any street or neighbourhood.Featuring contemporary cases as well as some shocking historical murders, Murder in Suburbia proves you should never say ‘it could never happen here’. MURDER IN SUBURBIA-Disturbing Stories From Australia's Dark Heart-Emily Webb 
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You are now listening to true murder, the most shocking killers and true crime history and the authors that have written about Gacy, Bundy Dahmer, the night Stalker Dck every week, another fascinating author talking about the most shocking and infamous killer, true crime, history through murder, with your host journalist and author Dan. This is Nancy good evening. Murder in suburbia features the stories of more than twenty murder cases that have happened in the quiet streets of Australia's suburb, in small towns, these stories show that the most brutal
and harrowing events can happen in any street or neighborhood featuring contemporary cases, as well as some shocking historical murders. Murder in suburbia proves you should never say it could never happen here. The book they were featuring this evening is murder in suburbia disturbing stories from Australia's dark heart, with my special guest, all the way from Australia. Emily Webb journalist and author Emily Webb and if I could have helped out in that area, but you are on here now we have the available time I have all kinds of time here. I have the flexibility to go up to a couple hours, so we're going to have at least an hour if you can stay with us for tonight at this, this incredible book
Now I had it already introduced the book and in terms of the little you know very brief synopsis. You have about the book. I want to just ask: question of, if you could give our audience your personal background as a journalist and author, just how you came to your background, to be able to have access to some of these stories before we get into the selection of stories for this book, and so tell us a little bit about your your journalist, pick a background for our audience. Please no problem, I'm actually speaking to you from that a little room at my work place at the moment, I'm a I work for a newspaper group called leader hikers and that the male brain Michael newspaper that NEWS, Corp, Australia talk being doing will be about
six years, but I I've been a journalist for a lot of years. I think I did my connect. You been now ninety nine on various publications magazines and then I lived in London for a long time and did a bit of freelance and with the teacher but my husband. Actually, I met my husband. He was a police officer in the city of London, police of sort of good old age. You know I'm a little French in two ways with crime, but for the pasta, really need. I have a more on various Mophead been doing community news, saying account for meeting court stories. All that stuff, but I've always been really interested in crime- and you know like this book- was inspired really by um, a nun Mara, I'm thirty years ago, and
the woman look magazine, sort of the general area where I now leaving she actually where the work place. I worked at the cars, so I kind of started to do. Give me a date after I'll, be there an online multimedia projects, about unsolved crimes in Melbourne, satirist, which is where I lived, and yes it stemmed from there now. What I found fascinating is that in I'd set to the audience before we connect, it is that there are, if I'm, not correct, twenty eight
murder stories in this entire book. Am I correct yeah there are those quite a lot. Actually I mean some a longer than others, some at historical, so I'm trying to you know on used, had Akai stitches, several actually winding sheets families, lactic terms, family and places which now you've you've chosen to focus on murders that happened in Australia, suburbia and so we're talking about. I'm yeah want to be able to go through a few stories, but they're really demonstrate how, like I like, I said to the audience beforehand as that incredible stories, incredible the horrific nature of these murders that you've picked to sell. This is incredible, so tell us about why you you picked murders that would be in again the suburban area of Australia, but.
We're talking about one of these stories where there's three thousand people so tell us what I mean in America. A suburb is different than what we find in Canada, where we're in the middle of nowhere and there's not much of what you would call suburbia compared to America. So please explain what suburbia means an why you decided to focus on suburbia in terms of all this collection of horrific story, and murders sure thing. Well I mean I live in the suburbs. I grew up in the suburbs cannot find by g. Range Canada, but are asking a strike here in Canada. She has a lot in common, really so bad that you know, while the unit in Melbourne. You know the city of Melbourne, which is this. We have started to treating a Australia answer. Nobody needs day, capital city of Victoria and
our review now than you thought it should have been strolls I, which in our little shop and and and it you know from working class suburbs, more affluent suburbs, some of the stories that you change, we're. Probably more country town, I recall being are you enjoy? It was quite a lot of country, towns and obviously we have to be out back that number had so many. I was fascinated because you know I. I I wait for community needs hi box. You know, I grew I believe in Savage, I'm writing my family in the suburbs. I grew up in the topics and I think you know it sort of that bit of a cliche unite that behind the brick Vinny House. They can be summer, the most horrific things happening and certainly
I'm in my race said she discovered that that is true, sh right, no we're not going to be able to cover all of these stories, but, like I alluded to that, we will be able to discuss quite a few a few of the stories and that will illustrate just kind of what kind of collection that we're dealing with here, very, very we're covering all aspects of murder, all kinds of murders and trial. So, let's go with the very first story, because I think it's really sets the stage for what people can expect this book and that's the the burr would triple murders with actually calls just so in July, nineteen. Ninety two and was to in teachers and Henstridge and care and smeared, and so tell us about where these young, ladies, were they were student teachers near a university they had and uh
the roommate so set the stage for us. Tell us where this summit RD is what kind of house they shared, what kind of relationship they had an before. We talk about the evening itself. Just tell us that what these ladies were like and their living arrangement tell a soul about summit road in the house that they all shared short well- and this is a very victorious climbing australian history, so this murder barewood, is a suburb where they is made, is happened in actually from where I'm sitting right now talking to you, it's probably about five kilometers away. I'm sorry variable is a very established. Melbourne suburb. You know pretty, the nondescript. You know If you know, but we need houses, there's a big university
he's taking university, which is where the girls are with student teachers. So it's just a so nondescript suburb really and I mean tearing where they were actually girls from the countryside, so they come up from a country town to come. To study their teaching now living in. You know in a house in summit RD, which is a game, you know nothing out of the ordinary about that right and the third weekend Katie. He was actually one girl's brother in laws and he was up visiting through the night. He had caused to be traveling to Melbourne and he stayed overnight there. So that's, basically getting the same, so it was one thousand nine hundred and ninety two. I remember this crime very while I was in I'm still in high school when you can
I think it was. It was a massive massive news story and yet still one of the most notorious crimes in australian history. Now, on this July, 29th, one thousand nine hundred and ninety two, these these young girls, one of the girls, was Karen and so her mother was Jeanette, was down the street or very close by and Karen was actually moving out of the flat out of the house itself. They were, they had advertised for a another tenant to move in ateles out is her. Mother was down the street. She could have left that night
to head back, which she decided to hang around. Tell us a little bit about this. This scenario show will basically Karen was G, can read back to her hi, I'm Cara with Hamilton the next guy, for him was down, starting with some some friends down the right, each technicians dying. Doctor Hamilton to small country, town she's? Presumably going back to you know and maybe get a job in teaching so yeah they could have. I guess they could have gone home the night before, but the girls have been advertising for us for a roommate and they, you know just wanted to get all that sorted before all that happen, so you know obviously to share the rent and expenses. So basically it was the next day that will carry his mother discovered the three. You know the three young people
They didn't have when she went to go pick up here and she was waiting secure into meter at the family. Friends, hacking, the I'm straight, but when she didn't arrive, her mother went and looked in United- was no answer when she knocked on the door, so she had to Contra window and she found the most Unimat Hara now, what what did she find inside? This is not a squeamish audience. This is, like you say, one of the most serious crimes. What does she, what what is been done to these people? Well, basically,. Yeah it it, it did the shocking crime that was shot in the eye roll shot in the head. You know that you know their hands are tired, cable times and yeah.
Alright now executed, basically cold blooded executions, right they were bound and they were gags and they had bags over their heads and they were shot execution style, like you say, yeah yeah yeah now, which obviously the police are involved. Sh. What do the police when they look at the crime scene? What did they conclude or can they make any conclusions from the crime scene, so for what deductions do they make well basically said the victimology, I guess is Karen an impaler was that will that there was no link. Do anything you know dodgy. They were just. You know, young people cleanly The people that was not raising stink butt head in the involvement with anything, so I guess I could have scrubbed. You know that kind of seem off, but when they, when the place,
absolutely nothing really stole it. Yes, you are brokering the marshy date with it. The police are really baffled. You know each day the trade you can tap MAC Criminal records. There was a couple of hundred dollars take. And from the house that that place. You believe that was primary motivation to the crime. It was all my suck an afterthought so basic, they were really stumped that was struggling. Right and it was massive news- I mean you know on the front pages of the paper that was shocking. Was there any evidence or did they have any speculation that it might have had something to do with some kind of infatuation over one or two both of the women look? That was touted, as you know, theory
mark, possibly vaccine ours? Someone might have pain in our store, one of the gals. That light. I really couldn't find any evidence of that down the track, but that certainly walls that was investigated. Now. What was the reaction in the community and what was the reaction and how was it played in the media? Well, it was, you know you which font page needs, as you can imagine how the starters three big John's, where on the shop hi each. People were scared, because, usually you know, I did a scan topics are kind of treaty. You know I am back in the ninety day. Pretty should die. Kind of you know. Are you know really a rough topic or anything, nothing to indicate Eight have any activity, a lot that it was not even she's completely baffling asking flapping in that they seem to be normal weight. You know I from what I could say between the United be
Sheila and the beast, and there was no reason why that would target it. You know looking like you know, but polices works not there, which was a completely random attack. Well, yeah. Random attack really. But I have to work out. How did it come to be that they were attacked now they had no leads and how did they proceed there? You speak speaking in your book about four hundred people being questioned, but is there any appeal to the public yeah? There was lots of feels to the public. You know there was a lot of press conferences. I mean the families were completely devastated. Um, I'm sort of try So, if forgive me, if I get a few things about mixed up, because it's a lot to try on
right, but I I knew it was a crime that I absolutely knew when I write this book up. Alright, I've gotta write about these today has been written about before, but I think new true crime audience, wouldn't learn about ish, basically that would just you know that, going along trying to at what was happening but it was actually when there was an attach far weights after the murders. There was an attack on a couple in a parking now open in Central Melbourne in the city, and I will walk him back to their their car function, night, attended and so basically set upon by a man in a balaclava and twenty Mcdonald, and your card. I was trying to say you know, get get ready to stop offering him money. He grabbed the money. But you know what happened
next would really really fighting each for stem from their car at gunpoint and he directed them to a secluded area of the park, and he asked the woman to lie face down and he started to take out some cable type. So there's a link This was one of those things that you know with the link with the other murder and he started to launch her hands in the husband you in it sort of active. You know I don't know what would go through your mind. It's take. It is decided, despite He fought any sort of grab the offender yelled at his wife to run and she ran and ran and she happened to regards to around in the Gardens Movie Edison memorials, and there was a hospital at the time and now we're there and they she screaming at them. You know, He's got a gun. You know it's trying to shoot it, and so they security guards approached.
And I was shot out. Actually they survived and they tackled that tackled descend into the ground in the place arrived in. Basically that that's where it went on from there that started to discover you know that they may might have had date might have day after individualized approach, people killing five weeks, total yeah with the with the heads up one of the heads up, the security guard really doing a really brave and courageous rob us of doing this guy SH from Richard, realizing that once this killer had well at least he believed that this assailant, once he had his wife and in you vividly describe this to worry. He tells the woman to get on the ground. Even kicks
or even though she's complying. He puts the zip ties on and then Richard says he believed at that moment that he was going to be killed him and his wife. So then he saw that that Colston put down the gun for a moment and he leaped at his opportunity and then eventually he ran as well with his wife and then. What was interesting too is that when police found him, he had an entire key and if you few yeah like, I could tell you what's in that kit, but, yes, all It was. It was a terrable key chip that kind of key, would he was not there? Well, what's really key to the evidence at trial, I mean because they still have to have some really strong evidence is that he had a homemade silencer made out of an oil filter.
Tonight at a balaclava. He had high by voltage two thousand two hundred and twenty two caliber cartridges. He had handcuffs, he had thumb spell ties from yeah yeah your eyes and a really what cooked is goose was the ballistics matched the blasts were matched and but you know that that's not the end of the story, so the card Expounder story really sold. So this Colston in your research, who is this Colston guy because you talk about that, he is- is not an unknown person because in nineteen eighty eight he had he was captain bath.
Hub yeah. Well, this is this. Is the really really strange thing, basically so in one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight, so that was a year of straight bicentenary. It was pretty big year: hey try to sail around across the Tasman to New Zealand in, like a basically a little yellow. It was on my phone and He attempted this quite extraordinary space, we did pretty well and he would state should be. You know the media. Many actually styled the bike from group in which is up in Queensland sort of further app to New Zealand, and he was dubbed Captain Bathtub Free def it. So it was quiet yeah. It was quite bizarre. Sorry, this guy had no are you he is on the face of it. You know he was. He was archive at fifteen when you look a bit further back injury. She straight he actually was caught, tried
Shar mom from a very early age and I've covered that in the book he basically when he was fourteen, which would in the early 1970s. He actually had to. He believed in small countries have an interest. Only my auntie grew up not far from there and she actually the family she said are you know. Did you know that I need them is quite 'cause, you know small country, town community, and so basically he went to a very small small school and there were I'm teaching there and he was stroking many actually, if DR price them at gunpoint- and I fourteen any he him to drive. From Victoria. Into you South Wales, which is you know, another state. So if you imagine Sydney in New South wales- and basically you know he stopped to get
hi mom sure you get it at a road houses. We call them, I'm not sure what you call them in Canada, but they do get women with scoring helping at Truckee a truck driver rescued them. So basically he you know he got. Found guilty in court of certainty, but because he was a juvenile he he got three so that a boys home so looking at I've heard, I listen to your show a lot and I know in Canada sentence probably very similar, Australia? It's not you know it's hard cord America. But yes, I basically he got released and kind of move back home and No, I don't think rehabilitation was that good back then so yeah on he went so yeah. It's quite quite quite an extraordinary kind of background.
Now we won't give the whole story away, but you would think that this again as a slam dunk in court but as you say, Colston, never says anything and Colston pleased Innocent trial yeah. He does he. He does not say a word so to this day,. No, once awhile that's, why did it? He he's actually yeah? I won't. I won't give it away. I mean I can you know, He wanted out. Most notorious Preakness he's never to be released with one of the small group because We improvement. You would never to be released. Do you know what I found complete yeah, he basically appealed he appealed and it kept appealing appealing to the highest genomes Heights corporate final
it's like you know. I know I might your your ally a relation to die in your sins community. I'm one of the most frightening thing that I stand about its price. Was it police strongly believes that he actually randomly peach victims from you know, one should act from the newspaper because I found you there was an ad. Right by the phone, when they are, the girls had been leaving nature. Each other word was like a Dunkin had called hope you come around and I believe that he did Duncan, who was interested in looking at the half the night, sights follow it up with the people before who had. You are needed to have some
really interesting Lee. There could have been more victims on that night 'cause. They had been another person there quite quite soon. I think it was another perspective. Another perspective house tenants, so I mean there could have been for four people killed, I just found that completely terrifying that he and he lived quite away away from this place during the drama on our Bush in the Physical Hastings, and they actually could find in his straight directory that he had actually mapped sort of had marked sent. I just thought. I really believe that this was the best that they can estimate is. It was a thrill killing which I did find completely terrifying. What I found this coincidental too was that his first victims that he abducted when he was fourteen, were schooled cheers, yeah teachers, and these were assistant school teachers. It's
and I was scared, so they said well that was random. It was random, but at fourteen it and stocking yeah well, this is the thing and like they. They do actually think that quite possibly he might have, killed in between that time. In the your feelings, because it was, there is a right to choose his name in and who actually ended up murdering someone who's never been caught called the balaclava rapist to operated up here in Queensland, and they do know that he lived up around there at the time so yeah. I mean it. You imagine that you don't just suddenly go from that at fourteen. Nothing in Tuesday at eight am, and it's going to be good at it. But it's starting to trying yeah he was he's a hard guy to figure this one for sure, yeah
yeah and he's never never said anything. Now, let's go to another story. That's equally mind blowing. Here it's a suburban axe, killer with Nathan, haven't yeah and he's you know what I found interesting about this, and I I because just because it's in front of me right now, you got to explain why he was why he was considered a volleyball team, but he was twenty three. So, let's, let's talk about the situation that it's needs an advent in sort of the short hairs of the of the victim. So tell us about this. This background story how he comes to be working around this home around these.
Victims, MOE. Basically so he's his father. His parents are quite involved in Salvation Army, and so it will happen in the western suburbs of Melbourne and so basically nice in event was uhm. You know he's been doing some like handyman jobs for some of them meet at the Salvation Army. Aren't around there and put both his parents were members of the church. He was kind of you know a bit of an unusual character in our struggle. He lost his job. He worked at a local department. Store target lost his job, you know, probably not one of lost. You know after that sort of come easily to him that he was doing some handyman work and it ends up that. That's how under that died, he came to be in contact with the victim, so the mothers twenty eight inches of snow name, Steven, who's, ten and uh. So tell us what
going on in their lives and tell us a little bit about Stephen and his mother Well, you know I'm Steven and his mother were living in one of these properties, so you know he likes a bit of a struggle. You know I had that. I think you know are Ben Jerry's. You issues me down by relationships and just Don in palm, so that is how they came to be living in. You know in one of those those houses, come to the Salvation Army, send it the woman to woman. Want to do a best. You know like with their kids. You know, like you know, in life, sort of a bit tougher Yeah just trying to you know, get one single mothers pension and yet she was sort of a bit of that, not half.
About that. You know even the kind of machine I have talked to Josh Marquis with other people, and she was the act of late. Changes are described in our product, we'll see them luggage uses that she's getting paid this. Seventy four, you know not very much money, but it helps out with, like you say, her her meager income, getting seventy five dollars a week to to take care of this needs, and I haven't but but he's twenty three. I don't. I don't understand why he he was the like. I say in the book you say: stalker more vulnerable teen. It was the of little teen and now he's an older person, and now they know he's sort of a handyman. Is that how we? I don't understand how we I want to be eight. We actually live with him, how he he didn't actually live with him. So he didn't really have much to do with him, except for the fact that he had done some sort of gardening work on the property before kids, whose parents were involved in the Salvation Army and this Actually fine by them said the map
and Steven really wouldn't have had that much to do he team other than maybe seeing him around doing some sort of you know or jobs, kind of thing, so yeah she I don't have any raising to Shelly B worry about him, yeah right. So he comes to the house at what's going on in his life again it. It never justifies anything. But what's going on in this guy's personal life, that might be frustrating him And at this particular time well, he's you know, he's he's young and he's, and- and you know I thought colleges triplets actually said he was, you know- are very image. You all kind, young at all. He had it. He was married, get a nineteen year old wife and she was expecting a baby and still we're living with your parents. So you know that She was not having the right spice and I guess she just couldn't you know I, with the realities of response,
bloody united- that will raining ahead of him and he apparently to retreating to sort of you know that much was made at the time. You know he watching violent videos, and he was just very immature evil than to really deal with life that well well, that's. What I found interesting is that you list the actual video that he takes back. I think, on this fateful day or the other day, and it's like drill killer,
and then something about Cannibal Cannibal, yeah Cannibal Apocalypse in a martial arts, video- and I said well, that's odd- that they would specifically say those videos, but there's a good reason for that. So so he drops off those videos and that's the kind of stuff that he's consuming his wife is seven months pregnant and he's frustrated he's living in their parents home. But again, what's odd and doesn't work with this story is that he has again very similar to the whole spin. He has a bag, he has sort of a kit. Doesn't he does go to killing Cute essentially, and it's kind of well yeah he's like basically it's packed with large, and you know, and all I have to go and tumble and and that
see you guys there and he had it in his mind that something going to happen and really it's what I haven't? Actually, I think actually remembered it case that much when it happens I I'm still in school, but when I actually right actually yet discovered a few things that are right: the drug court documents judge or newspaper articles and yeah it was. It was a major news story at the time, yeah those trials in ninety five, but before we get to that before, we we get to this to this incredible crime. With the ten year old Steven will remind people and his twenty eight year old mother again they there's nothing to suspect this guy or not trust this guy whatsoever so tell us how they get in a situation that the mother is. The sun is alone with him, and the mother is where
at well. She should've been in the bathroom she paid in the shower. So I think when she are answered this time, you know I'm Steven answered the door. You know in so events there on the pretend to be need to look at the back. I wish to do to make America unite. It's David Chan. You know what I mean. You know, it's got no real reason to think otherwise, and you know yeah, I would actually mom that show. You know. Are you some? is here, and she was actually in the you know just finishing off in the shower. So basically, She came down in letting into the house and she had no reason to suspect that he be dangerous, so she's in the shower. She doesn't know really what's going on with the sun, what does the kinds of conversate what goes on with the sun and and Nathan? What's the conversation would what Stevens reaction to him
what are they doing? Basically, the he I stated just watching telly Archy sitting in that you know. Are you in that the land you're not hearing? You know, I'm sorry by admin going out to the backyard and sort of see he's pretending to kind of survive backyard and he comes back. He and he sort of pretended to law. All got a call from MIKE going to pick me up. I'm gonna light. He said the little boy g sitting. There you aren't watching is Kelly doing what eh he does and um the up, gottex off gotta, get ready you know. I've gotta go get ready for work, so she just popped up stairs, expecting that this guy would be getting picked up and what happened? Next, you know
who is I'm sure you would just never expect it to happen, and what does he do this guy with his tomahawk again? I've? Never I've never read in all the books, I've ever read. This is a new one, a killer with a tomahawk. Yes, it will basically um. The little boys got his back towards him watching Kelly and this event just suddenly takes the tomahawk out of his bag strikes the child on the back of the neck, which, according to the coroner's reports, killed him instantly mercifully, but you just can't even believe it like it's just it's her mystic And then he had a mobile morning on yeah it is, I mean you would have little boy would have been dead and then he sort of rinses the tunnel walk under the tab. Put it back in its bag, then
hunting not that and walked up to where the bathroom is where the mom's in the shower, and he horses are out. If shower time. Is you know about two one well actually sold her. She desperate in office time rush uhm, and then suddenly, this God has a change of heart. Is the judge remarked during the sentencing- and this was I can't do this any uhm, he skype. He he he basically there are you Sunday in a sort of very unemotional way and um tells the woman's called the place and then She does run screaming out of the house. Sorry, it's a completely bizarre stories. I need to kill. A cold is not about and this is our on- keep some of his son we can access, and basically this was yeah. I mean this is the identity of saving mother would never
truly revealed back to Kate in a stronger on main. His mother was a victim of sexual assault that that means your identities. You kept, right private and also there was other children involved started. You know you've got to check the identity of that cold state and why you Jay just coping statement. Sorry it's pretty unbelievable yeah. He brings this kill kit. The hits the kid over the head with the tomahawk keeps going. That is going to be rich, he's going to rape her and then he's going to strangle or any changes mind, and then he called his mother, but he's very remorseful in this he's crying when he calls his mother he's like yeah he's crying he's like child. And very immature. I think it display ages just complete lack of awareness and maturity, but yeah I mean what I really was up in back
by you know when I research climbing some of these kinds, it was people who necessarily would have had no violent episodes leading up. An extremely violent murder. That's what I can I'm intrigued by yeah. Now this trial was video televised which again being from Canada. This is an unusual. I think, we've just passed a law that I think appeals might be televised, but we are very against for our own reasons. I would imagine that have been debated, not the televised court cases and not every state does that in the US either, but there have been some famous cases that I think for the true cry fan it's thankfully they have been televised so tell us why this one was televised and was that controversial? This is one thousand nine hundred and ninety five, when the trial happen. So yeah close a little bit about that.
Is very controversial and basically all that was televised was. It was videotaped footage that was made available for the tv news networks of the judges center in remarks, I was only focused on the judge. Look it was it They really major new story, so it which is one camera, was used to record the sentence. You know so you're not going to get in Oj Simpson style. Tell that straight men that doesn't happen in Australia. We don't have that kind of coverage of crime. So basically the premier at the time and the federal attorney of Australia were quite pretty pretty cool of United Judges uhm. You know allowing at least to happen. You know they. They likened it to being assigned justices and entertainment, and I I know you coming from Canada, United 'cause. I think my very similar definitely
We are a lot more reserved in our reporting of crime in Say, America. You know I'm a life completely on buying this stuff. That can be said before a trial or during a trial in America. It's just day. We would be done for contempt of court in Australia, freeze and tried to do any of that. So it's going to be absolutely straight down the line applauding yes, very strict so yeah. It's definitely been to equals an unusual. It was a shocking case. And it was an unusual of the legal price it was. You know it had never been done for showing a sentence on television now. This was a controversial trial too, because again in a lot of places, remorse after the fact like this is not taken as serious, but this guy
was believed in terms of his remorse. Wasn't a yeah! Well I mean the psychologist report. Psychiatrist reports You know our thank, I see great felt that he would, it would add, a reasonable chance to grade the location. You know after you know if he said the sentence that so basically yeah. You know it wasn't a case of these never going to be released. It was like he was given a sentence, if not for a period of now what you say in your book two and again it's little bit shocking, but he quietly released in two thousand twelve and the minimum amount of time and yeah? I think I think I think you do he said to that. I
chain minimum are very tiny but yeah it. So he was released two years ago, so yeah very quietly. I mean I was able to get that information from the Adult parole board, but yeah right, so he's living somewhere out there. I mean you know yeah, I think. People know who leave me. Him know that he is Harris, but I get here. What can you do really she's, not bothering anyone, I suppose, but yeah he is, he has been released. I mean I can't imagine that whatever happened in the US, if that was a similar. Hi, my name's Peter, to get out well and in some cases, but in most cases I don't think so and in Canada. Yeah we're we're more apt to let the person out after about two thousand five hundred and twenty three to twenty five
Yeah, sometimes you know what you know, but we have got more harshly in in terms of now. We actually have consecutive sentencing for serious crime like murder, up to seventy five years before we a person eligible for parole. Ok, yeah, that's that's yeah that quite strict, it is historically strict for Canada would say so now. One of the other stories I wanted to cover in the short period of time that I have you here is a murder in a small town, the row family massacre. This is an incredible case, and I can't even imagine the impact on Kapunda, which is population. Three thousand, so we're talking about again, very, very small town, any
Where really yeah. I was a little light on hand. She so tell us a little bit of a coupon that this little this little place and introduce this again very much like Colston had this reputation previously. This is it. We have a. Another reason why this compound is on the map and its people in Australia in and out other people in the in the world knows this little town tell us about that yeah. Basically, second, hundreds of small town and shot straight LEO. So that's one of our other state, it's quite a big state. Actually so you've got. You know, you know the very um famous wine growing region, the brass abeline you've got out backs out strehl ya. So you know I don't actually know much about stray,
but we've got a lot of different landscape. Santa can ponder a small. It's got about three thousand people, but you know up until two thousand and ten, which is when this crime happened. It actually had a bit of a reputation as the most haunted haunted town in Australia. I mean that was based on it. You know a television series during the but it it it had. You know a reformatory which, which is like way way way, would girls back in the early 1900s and basically ghost hunters and enthusia sts and kind of weed oats would come you know to come to go and investigate the rule. Just that reformatory uhm, so basically yeah. I don't keep the locals really likes that tag too much, but then in twenty ten and these crime made world headlines, and it is certainly yeah Def You want the western received in Australia, she
so I'll. Tell you about it. Yes, you talk about a sixteen year old Chantelle row in their parents rose and Andrew. Basically so they their you know their locals. I live in the town, You know that a liner in, like a carpet cleaning business Kelly sixteen. She goes to school, they moved to the town a few years before there's an older who now lives. You know away from home. You in the same town, but which is fiance and you know I just a regular family and it was basically when mister right you can check out for wacky business, how, went around. Should they happen. You know, if you see photos of the house, it's a very Nate, little lovely little where the boat half through the watch defense and roses on it, and he basically,
looks through the window and save the party is his business partner and your any wash and he's you know, obviously in absolute shock and she He brings a place and that actually became what happened was one of the largest homicide investigations, user constrained history So basically they said about trying to solve. Who did this? It was a police. He went into the same disk. What is the black box? You know there was blood everywhere at the three of them, and Bench Judge Phonetic Lee to death. Now these bodies were found in different areas of the home and might not correct. Yes, I showed how it found in her brain now believe she was the last victim I think the parents are sound like in the whole way. Why cannot by someone in the house and instead of thought up to
what was going on- and I imagine you quite you know, I know what I'm watching the middle of the night. You know takes me: two seconds to get my bearings and basically that'll, in a large now, if you are at least a literally knocks wielding maniacs, now that they believe that the police believe that there was only one killer or killers did they have any idea? And and we're do you talk about a blood baths? We talk in, we were talking incredible amount of blood, so this is savage over kill. Wasn't it yeah. So at first I venture what was happening was it. You know. I murder suicide was at more than one offended, but basically the police described it as being. There were more than one thousand bloodstain pattern, so you can imagine, Forensic investigation that would have been really really tricky to tear it was in every room on every wall, uhm
right right buy for their lives. I thank you. Go to stop the head shot believe that from from the Polym Anari investigation, that Shontelle was, the daughter was probably the it did the catalyst for it said I needed to start ensuring everyone who knew Shontelle And so yeah he's going up and down the street chasing up tips from the public and then yeah just working out why this happened and what was their break in terms of lead that led to a viable, interviewing you know kept coming kept coming Jason and he was-
I think he was trying to workout how remember exactly he was eighteen at the time you with a friend of Shontelle boyfriend, she had a boyfriend, so you know hanging around the grape and Jason actually immigrated to south to from Scotland, so he was how did you know and out Sada like even the weighty kind of very tall, very skinny kind of God beautiful, beautiful lining that someone. He thought it was kind of desperate a bit friends, and so he's name sort of kept coming up. It is you know she. He was friends with Shontelle and Dylan. But what was interesting is- and I think when he police talk, they say often it's what what's up in Houston, on mentioning in an interview. Why, right that sort of gives you the wife, during the interview, Danny can't sign, will will show on not my girlfriend. She can't mention
yeah. I haven't even really uhm initiated the discussion that there were anything but friends. So I think that a good investor That is going to like the easy going to pick up for that. So you know for dna testing, all the guys who had been in a party a few nights before at the boy friendship Sean tells inside I started to have a bit of a bit of an extra look at this Jason Downey. He was an apprentice mechanic at the time so yeah, but it was actually some information from people work, colleagues that sort of started to give them a bit more of an idea that he may have had some involvement. It turned up at work. You know die die in the morning that the body to beat downs, but he was late to work and he had cuts on his hands. He said that from a motorcycle accident he did give the place a dna sample baby sort of kept waving, destroy that he has fallen
bicycle then it was because it roll it up using motorcycle and then our asking all where you at the half at night, he's like nine, but I was outside the half and yet it just all became obviously for the severity of the crime. You know he's not able to get a sophisticated kind of action right and they found that the real clean she was. I stand a palm tree. Each engine help lock on the door, that actually belonged to him so they're like well. How did it get there if you running pouch explain that to us, so they were edging towards. You know. Nine him down for a spot, obviously even the maxi Maxie being vested
I should not have to make sure I had everything a lot before I charge team. It really tells a story, and it's it's. If you listen to this program or people that listen, this program know that often it's the really savvy work by detectives when they do have a suspect in their sights, then to be able to do the things that and ask the questions to be able to have these people try to answer the questions that lead them into talking too much and saying things that they shouldn't say, which then leads that investigator into being able to find the correct these guys this guy along? Are we talking about in terms of questioning. Finally get this guy to the cracked discussion now how to share how to create a scan through the book, because I thought remembering you might. Actually you bridges, read it right. Well, I knew I'd, be I just love it. I just know that is what it is anyway, yeah if you die.
I thank you. I dive into that made it and basically on the six american to talk about a week later he voluntarily tended to Playstation Danny. He was escorted by colleague, sorry basically that coming down at a sidewalk. We need you to sign sign of state. In our other people, work done it and it was decided that was the best way to get him down there. Actually there is actually that was released on. These after the court case that showed him actually attending the playstation? Any kind of looks not that nervous he's got. Now he's cap on it going to Sonny's on it pushes Sunnyvale. He shakes hands with the detectives degrading at the door It would be a lot, has a banter apparently in the car, like his colleagues were joking, are you gonna get locked up my you know when you go down to the police station.
I didn't know that he was the prime suspect for that matter. Can people really scared that those are complete maniac on the loose amalgam they're going to be more murders so, but he was basically arrested and pretty much do enough for that. So it's about a week days also now what was the most unusual part of his trial? Would you say: I think you. The fact was that he had no absolutely no prior convictions for anything, Naruto You know I know, are you and she she of violent behavior at a late internet, from nothing to that kind of crime? Sorry, I think that, basically, what what was.
You know what was caught passing, but he did. He did plead guilty, but he kept telling his mom and his brother that he was in a sense. You know are excited. I basically have to unite. I just have to make sure that I could confirm that he played was guilty is to avoid him by now, but you know appeal on a technicality or something like that. You know it made up story saying telling his brother that the real killer was dressed in Dark Cloud, any sort of war hearing in the area, but yeah I mean I think, he's got a long time in jail to think about what he did now.
Yeah, even though he will eventually get released, he got some parole, but yeah he'll be nice. Fifty before it can be released well yeah, it is shocking to some people. I guess you know, especially in America, where some of these perpetrators would never ever get out whatsoever. Yeah yeah! Well, I think he got. I think he got the top as much as he could, which is thirty years. I think yeah thirty five years, not for all so that that's a big, that's a big sentence in Australia. Absolutely absolutely now we don't have that much time left. Maybe you can just briefly just describe just a couple stories that are well. I mean we. We only touched on three or four
So just tell us this, the the variety of just kinda stories that you have in this book before I let you go sure while they're gone Montel crimes, one in particular is that yeah called stabbing murder of a woman in Melbourne, Cornet Ellis and I just police announced a five hundred thousand dollars. A war rewards check information for that crime on this year and this year I spent a lot of free in the home side to check. Do you talking about that get out to the book on this from all the trade to this quite shocking child murders in the 1970s in Non Sydney, details of the particular bad run of that in the seventy. Historic start one like as far back as the I, I really enjoy
researching newspaper archive site down some really interesting stories there and there's sorry a terrible terrible case in case you must Australia, little girl who had gone off. She was choking sick, family and she just went to go to the bathroom. You know she's right she's, going to the bathroom and a twenty one year old who worked at the shopping mall like I should call it. He. He followed her into the disabled, toilets or push you into the toilet and was try actually salt air and actually killed her at map. That's probably one of the worst because he had been from England and he had had prior try around
You know attempted doing that, and actually there was a big rumor at the time that he was one of them. Jamie Bulger's killers have been given a new identity in Australia, that's not true, but that that circulated. So if you read the case, it's the little girls called Sophia agreed destroy around the world that he was actually in fact, Jamie Bulger killers? even in you, why can't you come to Australia, but that that is the tree? Well, yes, you've. You've picked the incredible collection of stories, and only I it's it's shocking and I get that's what people tune in to this program for and it was some some fascinating stories. It's amazing. What in what I'd said to the audience? First is that I I guess he got the skill from working in newspapers that these stories are very concise, very, very concise and not really sure STAR
they're, just very well written and concise and clapping credible stops all yeah. I guess you that's. When you buy a yes, you watching newspapers, you so to get used to your being contended with you, where, yes, absolutely and it's it's, I again I I love. I love the four hundred five hundred page book, but this is a real treat when you get an introduction to so many wild stories, but then you're not missing out by having a short story. This is a very, very concise, Tup, so and feedback. Thank you helpful feedback for me. Thank you for that, and he's picked out some just great fascinating stories that introduce true crime readers if they haven't read about australian crimes where they're going to be reading about australian crimes now, so I want to Thank you very much talking to come and talk about, murdering, sorry about the light calling I just it was just a not Medtronic. I couldn't I couldn't workout that wife I was down, so I hope people can You know.
Yeah. I like hanging and listen are you sure that they I'm sure that they well and of absolutely they'll, enjoy this interview taking in again some crimes from the a bird in Australia and it's very nice talking to you from Australian. So thank you very much for calling into the program and and being part of this. I want to thank you very much disturbing stories from Australia. Star cart. You can say that again, thank you very much, Emily Webb an hope to talk to you again soon. Yeah thanks Daniel I've got a new book coming injured in January. So hopefully we can speak again. Absolutely sounds good will have to make a date. You have a great night. Thank you! So much Dan, you too, bye, bye, bye,.
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