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In Pretty Little Killers, journalist Daleen Berry and investigator Geoffrey Fuller expand upon their New York Times bestselling ebook The Savage Murder of Skylar Neese to give you even more information behind one of the most horrific and shocking murders of our time. Including over 100 pages of new material, Pretty Little Killers shares the latest theories and answers the questions that have left many people baffled.After killer Shelia Eddy pled guilty to first degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison and Rachel Shoaf was sentenced to thirty years for second-degree murder, family, friends, investigators, and other key sources reveal the facts you would have learned if the case had gone to trial.Including specific details drawn from Rachel’s confession, Pretty Little Killers looks at the crime through the eyes of the victim and killers, providing intimate testimony from the pages of Rachel’s personal journal, Skylar’s diary and school papers, and court records.Berry and Fuller examine all this, including previously unreported details about Rachel and Shelia’s rumored lesbian relationship and explain why more than one investigator believes Skylar’s murder was a thrill kill.Most important, Pretty Little Killers provides a satisfying answer to Skylar’s final question: “Why?” PRETTY LITTLE KILLERS-The Truth Behind the Savage Murder of Skylar Neese-Daleen Berry  
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You are now listening to true murder, the most shocking killers and true crime history and the authors that have written about Gacy, Bundy Dahmer, the night Stalker Dck every week. Another fascinating author talking about the most shocking and infamous killers crime, history through murder, with your host journalist and author Dan. This is Nancy good evening. This episode is brought to you by square space. Square space- is the easiest way to create a beautiful website.
Log or online store for you and your ideas. Squarespace features and elegant interface, beautiful templates, an incredible twenty four slash: seven customer support, try square space at square space dot com and enter offer code. True murder, at checkout to get ten percent off square space, build it beautiful. In pretty little killers, journalist, dalene, very an investigator Jeffrey, fuller, x, end on their New York Times, bestselling ebook. The sad, murder of Skylar Neese, to give you even more information behind one of the most horrific and shocking murders of our time, including over one hundred pages of new material, pretty Killers shares the latest theories and answers the questions that have left many people baffled.
After killer Sheila, Eddy pled, guilty to first degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison and Rachel Shoaf was sentenced to thirty years for second degree: murder, family friends, investigators and other key sources reveal the facts. You would have learned if the case had gone to trial. Including specific details drawn from Rachel's confession, pretty little killers looks at the crime through the eyes of the victim and killers, providing intimate testimony, in the pages of Rachel's personal Journal, Skyler's diary and school papers and court records very in fuller, examine all this, including previous We unreported details about Rachel and she was rumored lesbian relationship and explain why. More than one investigator believes scholars? Murder was a thrill, kill most important
pretty little killers provides a satisfying answer to Skyler's final question. Why. Pretty little killers is a book that we're featuring this evening. The truth behind the savage murder of Skylar Neese, with my special guest journalist, author, daleen berry and once again audience apologize. I had trying to walk the lean very through the process of connecting through Skype. I thought we had to address the problem in the last few minutes and apparently not began a few minutes to have her. Possibly and again it's it's my fault for this, and I apologize and if I could, I'm gonna have to contact blog talk, radio and find out how to delete this episode so that the people don't have to suffer through this insufferable excuses
or not having everything together that I need to have together to have this show and have these fine guests come on via Skype or via any method that it like. So will just give it a few minutes. This is uh daily in berry, pretty little killers, juvenile killer, so very disturbing. The most people phenom that's growing, not route rather than dissipating in America. See more more of this as. Is mature and also startling evidence thanks to social media and social media being a real participant really in intimately involved in these try and later providing crucial evidence at trial
rating evidence as most people are. Their lives are inextricably inextricably involved with social media, tweeting facebook, etcetera connecting. So I apologize sorry, the lead probably having some real problems here, know what to do really with just suffer through a couple more minutes, and then I will definitely reschedule this episode if she is not so angry about not being frustrated and spending this much time just to get on
This show spending your valuable time. She's had some beyond bad luck in the last few weeks, so she's been very, very gracious and- and I appreciate her taking the time or valuable busy time to come on and talk about this incredible crime and her her wonderful book, pretty little killers, the truth behind the savage murder of Skylar, Neese and there's a quite a few things to discuss In this book, as well being in Canada, very very surprising, when I see the differences in states here, we go daily berry. Welcome to the daily, and thank you the audience obviously have to suffer through a few minutes of my seems routine excuses for yes, not coming out, so I apologize, I we Rex and introduce the the your book and sold great. Let me let me first asked the
question. That's one of my routine questions without giving anything away. How did you come to want to write this book, or how did you come to be the person that wrote pretty little killers Well, it happened in the town where I live and um another writer, and I got together and this It was just a fascinating case. It wasn't your run of the mill teenage runaway or teenage girl gets picked up by an Predator case. Now that we're giving you the Mandalay, no not at all, not at all. Now, when did you at what point did you know about this story? Again, you save in in your town so tell us exactly at the point that you became aware of this story and then how long after beef Are you officially
decided, or when was it at see? If you officially decide I'm going to write about this. I became aware of it almost Immediately when they started announcing that Skylar Neese was missing like mode People in the community, Morgantown is a small area and so people generally look out for each other and that's what we did But it wasn't until a year later, one, it became apparent that there was a lot more to the case than just run away that I got involved in it and my co author got involved in it. Now Skylar Neese was born in one thousand nine hundred and ninety six so tell us about Skylar, Neese and her parents and tell us about who she was where she from and tell us a little bit more about Morgantown and where in relation to the state capital will say. Where? Is this tell us geographically, where this is tell us a little bit more about that
Morgantown is in North Central West Virginia, which is located about ninety minutes, south of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and it is about two and a half hours north of Charleston, which is the state capital we're almost almost in the center of the state. A little bit north of it and Skyler and her parents, came from a lower socioeconomic level, you might say They had lived in the Cheat Lake area for awhile, which is one of the outskirts of Morgantown and then they moved across to STAR City, which is closer to Morgantown. It's kind of like a suburb, it's closer than she like? It's only about five to ten minutes from downtown Morgantown. Her father works at Walmart and her mother works at Ruby, Memorial Hospital Scott
It was an honor student who pretty much bounced and bopped along. Everywhere she went. She always had a smile on her face from what her peers said and her family, and she was well liked by just about everybody, and she was an honor student who wanted to go to college to become a defense attorney. Was that Family religious at all are, and was Skyler religious at all, interesting the family, her parents were not, they did not go to church and they don't profess to be religious. However, her aunt Carol was very religious. Skyler worked with her. What we, what we learned during the interview with Carol was she would share.
Bible, passages or bible stories with Skylar, as she was growing up, and so I think it's because of Carol's influence that Skyler had a religious bent. Now, let's introduce her friends Sheila and tell us Susheela is and for our audience they meet when Skyler is seven years old in two thousand and three in the second grade and they meet at a little community and youth center? So tell us who Sheila is and a little bit about her life and tell us a little bit about Sheila Sheila Eddy came from an outline area about thirty minutes away from Morgantown in a little town called Blacksville and Knox. Ville is very rural she was the chai. Child of parents that Devos
works, pretty early on Greg and Terra Eddie and one of the very big events in her life with her father's accident He was in a motor vehicle accident and sustained a traumatic brain injury which left him to some extent disabled and then later on. He and her mother divorced. So she grew up essentially in a in a uh. You know single parents My she had. She saw both parents, but she was living with her mom, primarily an one of the major events after that that seemed to impact her life greatly, was her mothers, real nation, ship and subsequent engagement to Jim Hunt, and that seems to they are very for she'll at least seemed to be a very negative th.
Going to happen in her life, because her mother had a new love interest and it kind of took her away from Sheila to some extent. Wasn't there some initial on Sheila's park, part sort of enjoyment, The financial security and of the financial perks that the new husband could provide. That's actually what family, members and friends, said about her relationship with her stepfather and before he became her stepfather- was that she didn't really care for the relationship, but she liked the monetary and material benefits it can bring. Her. She should actually kind of went up the sort of the ladder in terms of economics, social economics. We
is her father, where stepfather having more financial means. Didn't she she did quite a bit actually now they had a friendship starting in the second grade an so they would do things in school and then outside of school as well, and and what was the relationship between the parents of Skylar and Sheila. How did they what extent that their friendship extend to. Well, it's interesting because when when they met it, was it was a summer. Graham and they Gradually, over the a few years out, sure that they became closer and closer and she loves mom Terra seemed the primary source of transportation for Skyler Because she had, you know it was easier for her to get you know she
worked in town, she worked in Morgantown, so she could pick Skyler up from town and take her out to their place and for a long time, Skyler would visit them at their home in Blacksville weekends. In the summer time she was out there a lot during the week days according to the neighbors and blacks. Now, in terms of the characters, you know, kids growing up some women, girls, boys, man, Sure at different rates in terms of experience will say sexual experimentation or say the the classic things, drug use or alcohol use, who is more, will say, inclined to be the rebel or rebellious Skyler or Rachel and tell us just a little bit more about their characters in comparison. Scarlett Tyler and Sheila. Pardon me. I wish I would have to say
it would be Sheila by Far Skyler did not. Seem to be a Hive and what was very interesting about the dining she had with her parents. Was she didn't really hide anything she did she pretty much was open about She did, and I think because of that she closer bond with her parents and she knew what was right and wrong and she knew she was going to get in trouble if she did something wrong. But she also knew that her going to overreact like a lot of parents to Sheila, on the other hand, seem to have a mother who who, Let her pretty do whatever she wanted and there weren't very many rules. It didn't seem like it seemed like they were more friends than mother and daughter and again her father wasn't in the picture as much and, of course with a traumatic brain injury, it's it sounded like based on the information. I could
after that. He didn't make many decisions when it came to her behavior or discipline. Now is Skylar and Sheila in any kind of serious. This Colaneri problems at school or with the law and say all of their high school will say, or our pop up to high school up to two thousand ten. Was there any incidence whatsoever now and that's the very interesting. Part of the story is that there had not been any noticeable behavior problems and what the teachers said and the students of Blacksville who grew up with Sheila was it. She seemed a very happy who got along with people. She seemed a little bit. I think, probably think the exact word maybe sketchy get down the,
road, but certainly not sketchy when she was in elementary in junior high? She was maybe not as up right is Skylar was but the kids liked her, but she didn't have any behavioral problems and she didn't have any relationship problems per se when it came to other students at Blocksville for the most part now Skylar and Rachel meet in at UHF. So tell us about scholar and Rachel and tell us it'll bit about Rachel show well up until Rachel shows entry into the friendship, and when I became a trio they were, they were freshmen at that time up until that point from from the age of seven or eight until ninth grade, Sheila and Skyler had been
had a friendship that was inseparable. It was unbreakable, it was just the two of them for the most part occasionally had they had other girls that would into that. But when Rachel came along in ninth grade, she. Seem to live on the edge to some extent away. Sheila did, and so it very fast that relationship between she and Rachel escalated and then Skyler found herself on the outside, looking in which was pretty painful for her. But this is a slow process and there are. There are incidents that happened. So what is the there is an incident in to eleven in that school, where they Rachel and you are talking about disposing of a body discussing or tell us about this. This is the incredible story and is important later on as well. It is and just to
Kind of finish answering your previous question. Whereas Sheila was more into boys, she was pretty boy crazy and she also like to smoke marijuana. She made that known for her tweets. Rachel was more very talented musician, actress singer and she had a goal of going to Broadway. All three girls were very academic in terms of succeeding in high school, but at that time they were in Sheila and Rachel ended up in the same biology class and in, in the fall of that year. Twenty eleven They were over heard by three others: students that we know of asking how you dispose of a body and she'll appear only use Skyler's name Rachel tried to
sure shush her the one of the one student at actually responded made a call. I'm not thinking that it was just a joke, saying watch that show breaking bad. They have stuff like that on there and he really didn't think that they meant it, and so, so because of that. Nobody really new to report. It tell us of Rachel's home situation and what her relationship was with her parents. Rachel also came from a broken home, her parents do when she was pretty young and she didn't have a really great relationship with her mother. There seemed to be a lot of fighting, but we the two of them there was definitely a lot of anger on Rachel's part towards her mother. She made it clear
There are to many of her friends at university high school that she wanted to live with her father and that she wasn't happy living with her mother, so that generally seems to be the family dynamics up until the time Skyler was killed. Now tell us about the first real major incidents they were. There is a fight that breaks out at the Hollywood theater that's in March now tell us how they get to this point in. Is there any indication before that again tweeting? As I mentioned, to the audience, while we're trying to connect it was that tweeting
The twitter world and Facebook itself and social media plays an incredible role in this case in the in the crime itself and then in the prosecution later and in your book in terms of revealing all kinds of information. So so tell us about the climate of this very important connecting through social media. Before we talk about the fist, fight, The Hollywood theater well. Social media did play a very large role in the case because, basically, if you look back at their tweets, you could see a very disturbing pattern of internal fighting that was going on between the three girls, but especially between Skylar and Sheila, and you could also see signs that there was it's kind of a bowling, are jockeying for position within the friendship in large part from Skyler trying to become
Rachel at time she seemed very angry and hateful towards Sheila, and then it was the same. Away with Sheila toward Skylar also Sheila making a play. For Rachel in terms of being one upping Skyler for Rachel's friendship, so that was the dynamics of the tweets and They were pretty disturbing because they, when you look back at as you can see that There was clearly something going on that should have. You know, cause people to be alert to there being some some serious pro. Between the three girls. Now you talk about some of the people that were there right from the very beginning, you introduce a character named Daniel. It's very important to the story, so tell us about Daniel and his relationship, the Skyler batter was one of a few very close friends of sky
or from when she was little. She had. I want to say three very close friends before she met Sheila, Daniel Morgan and Hayden and Daniel. She became friends with him and Her father would go over to Daniel's house and do repairs and they would play board games and they just were very. In fact, he was the only boy that Skyler had a close relationship, throughout school and Daniel became a pivotal figure in all this because he knew the dynamics of the relationship between the three girls, so well that he suspected power play early on, because he knew that were Skyler had gone either Sheila or Rachel, or both of them had to know where she was, and so he became a very important
fire in the investigation because he was responsible for basically harassing racial shows until she she told what she now you talk about him understanding designed between the three girls, knowing them intimately and especially knowing Skyler. But knowing that, like you say, the three, the three girls I allude did alluded to it or we alluded to it in the synopsis of the book. What was their sexual preference? Was there anything to this lesbian rumor and what was the again? There are young. What was their level of promiscuity if that was even the case between those three? What was the difference? Well, it's very very different between the three girls. First of all, there's no indication whatsoever that Skyler had even had a sexual experience in terms of
intercourse with a boy or any type of sexual activity with a girl, and these kissing pictures of between the girls seemed to be the limit of what Skyler's activity was, but that wasn't the case with she Rachel Sheila was very promiscuous. She began seems like she began being promiscuous in and great right before the ninth grade. Right before she moved from Blacksville. She had a relationship with a guy Dylan Conaway, who you know he. Mentioned that in an interview he did so that the public knowledge and then after that she would have, you know basically hook up with guys and one night stands. If you will and she would go to school the next day and regale her circle of friends with her experiences Rachel, on the other hand, had a pretty steady boyfriend, Mckinsey Bonds, and she unbeknownst
people also had a sexual relationship with Sheila. Interesting now you talked about it, Derek Conaway. Sorry all I was just to the fight in the in Hollywood, theater, which was which broke out actually was precipitated because Skyler thought that Sheila was texting Rachel and she was jealous and she wanted Sheila to show her who she was talking to earn a cell phone and Sheila refuse. It turned out that she wasn't texting Rachel, but that fight got pretty hot and heavy really fast and it ended up with, Sheila and Skyler running from theater and their friend, Shania Hammonds following them out, but it got you came to blows, they came to blows inside the theater and it was basically over Skyler's jealousy that you know she
Sheila was being closer to Rachel, and she was to her to demonstrate the importance of this fight. How customary or typical was it for either one of these girls to get in a fist fight with anyone, not not at all? To my knowledge, we have heard about any other fights that Sheila was and Skyler started, becoming angry during last year of her life according to our parents and started acting out a little bit of time with her anger issues by beyond that there, there was no knowledge of that now. This fight is in late March, at the Hollywood theater for April and May of that year. Following this, what is the relation
ship like what how do Sheila and Skyler behave towards each other after this fight and and how? How is it regarded. Hi Rachel tell us a little bit about how they all felt about this, and how did they proceed with trying to repair their friendship or how did it for afterwards? Well it didn't. It didn't seem to get much better I mean I. Ideally they seem to pretend Rachel and Sheila. That is seem to pretend like it got better, but it it really didn't, and so they were plotting behind scenes with their. You know, level of intimacy whatever they had going on behind the scenes and Skyler was, for the most unaware of that because they were keeping it from her, but they also were acting out on twitter and not seem to be taking more predom,
course in the relationship in the in Looks when you look back at the tweets, was there a clear victor in the fist fight? Was that someone really get the best of the other person. Was there any humiliation or degradation involved in that fight? any serious injury, no serious injury, but it does seem like Skyler was more fizz Golden Sheila was and Sheila was definitely seemed humiliated, based on not the eyewitness account that we got now in June. There's another major incident at the beach or they're going to go to the beach, and then they have this huge argument. What is that huge argument about, or is that just an extension of this fight tell us if there was some source of this huge argument.
We don't have a definitive answer for that Dan and fortunately, but the the best guess that we've come up with is that at some point, Sheila may have tried to involve or engage Skyler in a sexual relationship. Maybe may half of her at the beach, because if she could that sway Skylar. There would be no reason for Skyler anything over her, not that she was, but the perception that she was holding something over them would be remiss moved and they would feel safe. She and Rachel would feel safe in their relationship and that's the best guess we have, because, according to law, enforcement according to Sheila's mother, who was on the trip they don't know what it was about. Do you think there's some merit
To this you know the theory, I guess we're getting get a little bit ahead, but in terms of the this, exposing of that Skyler was a really something to that that that she something on Rachel and Sheila, and what and was it connect around misunderstanding connected to the sexual relationship they had it seems highly likely? If you look at the tweets, Skyler's tweets, there's two tweets, one that happens in late August, early September, of twenty eleven right before the incident. In the biology class, about disposing of a body and Skyler says something about telling the whole school watching knows so that could be perceived as a threat. The other thing She says and Jessica Colebank, who is started out
as the primary investigator before the FBI in the state police got involved. She said the tweet that Skyler put out to the world. Not long before she was killed. I think it was within the week time before she was killed and she sad just know. I know- and that was after she came back from Beach indicated that she was basically warning, though, that she knew? What was going on interesting now we're talking about June. Ninth, you say that there is some activity on twitter and it may have been an argument on June. Ninth tell us a little bit about that. What based on police reports, you say.
Well, Rachel came back from church camp and that evening she and Sheila Madden the University high school parking lot where they moreover, heard speaking in raised voices. In anger and a may well student asked them if they were fighting about him and they replied that they were angry over something Skyler had on her Twitter and Scott. That's it that's the tweet that Skyler Poo, there. Just now. I know- and she had called them out using some some foul language, and that was when they decided that we would suffer. Dayton kill her in July Now you talk about Skyler and her relationship. She's very close, he's very honest with your parents, but there are things that their parents don't know like
the foot stool that she uses to sneak out. So tell us a little bit about this. Sneaking out before we talk about July six. Yeah. Now that was the one thing that her parents they knew before. But they were not aware She was doing it as recently as she was an. I think, that's because Skylar was trying to figure out for herself whether she wanted to be more like Sheila or whether she Wanted to walk on the safe side, which is what she's always done until that point, and so I think she was torn between the excitement that she got from sneaking out at night to be with the other two girls, and so she snuck out that night, and you know that
ended up going with them under false premise is based on them telling her that they were going to go party when in fact they had planned to kill her. Now this is July. Sixth and her parents are unbeknownst your parents, they believe she's in her bedroom, so tell us what happens the next day when does save her father find out? When does everything change That's got to be the worst part of the story in terms of of David and Mary's what happened because he came home from work and the weight of family work. They had one vehicle. But they shared, and so he was going to. Have Skylar. Take him back to work and then she would have the car to go to work and
and he knocked on her bedroom door. She didn't answer and then when he tried to open it, it wouldn't open and he found that he couldn't. He couldn't get it open. So he couldn't raise. You know he couldn't wake her. He thought and that's when he grabbed a coat hanger and opened it and her bed hadn't been slept in. He called, their mother at work and Marie said well she's. It is gone shopping with some girls. You know her friends and he immediately suspected something strong and that's when he went into the bedroom again and realize that her window was up a crack and he went outside and saw the stool behind house where she'd had met, and then he knew that she snuck out and not come back. So he got very worried really fast and what's the next thing he did do I he called Mary and she she was coming home from work and when she got home from work they
we're just about ready to call nine one one one Dave from Wendy's, where Skyler worked called and wanted to know why she hadn't shown up for work and when married up that's when they called nine one one to report her missing and what was the police response? to the nine one one call and their assertion that she was missing and if this is not typical and that it would be urgent, what was there police reaction, what they say that to Mary and well, the police reaction was much different than what the initial media reports said. They came out. They can the area with them? They looked at surveillance, video from apartment building and they write up a report. They interviewed Sheila which 'cause she learned. Her mom came over at Mary's request and watch the surveillance, video of Tyler getting into this car in a and a grainy video, and when
everybody else. She loves, she knew whose car that was she said. No, so they took her value, and you know, obviously not believing that a pretty sweet face a sixteen year old girl could be involved in skylar's disappearance and then the unfortunate thing was that they wanted parents wanted an amber alert issued which, in the state of West Virginia that has to go through the state police headquarters, which is in Charles the capital, so STAR City police, where the instigation began made the call a couple of times to Charleston, after into Skyler's, in for patient, about her height and weight and weight, and all that physical data into the prime. Database, so that if she was found anywhere, people would know. You know that she
missing teenager, but they made the request and state police denied it because it said they said she didn't seem to be in danger. She had left willingly with someone she knew, so they would not issue the Amber alert and it was a big problem for her parents, as I'm sure you can understand. So there are friends that Dave and Mary know of so the very first that they did call Sheila. So what was Feliz, say about seeing Skyler and anything else about the incident today. What was so confusing Dan. She said that she at first she said when they called Sheila at first She denied theme Skyler and then she called back and said I have to say the truth we snuck out and we were gone for
About thirty minutes and she was back home and that's how they weird that she had left with someone else or but maybe even been abducted by someone else before she made it back into her bedroom window. But of course what they didn't know. At that time was it Sheila was lying about the time line of events and that she and Rachel picked Skyler up later well. This is the one of the more fascinating aspects of this and I don't want to pick on police, but this is our. Keystone cop moment. If there ever was one. I think, especially when you get used to watching CSI on tell vision. So I know it's unrealistic to expect perfection, but Sheila said that her and Rachel. Picked up Skyler at eleven and then drove around just nowhere specific and then drop her back off so police
in this day of video, every their video cameras in most places. What did the police do and what do they see with the tape? It's so and with the timeline that Sheila has put forth. Well initially the belief was, but the police Didn't recognize the car, but when I interview Jessica Colebank, she said I suspected it was car, but we didn't have any evidence and there's still a question in my mind- and I think most of the public would agree that why didn't they just take the car and search it well, the police said they didn't, have probable cause, but you've got a missing teenager so that doesn't altogether make sense but in the end I will have to say that in the end, I I think that you would have had the confession from Rachel and the
sleep Lee later on from Sheila, which basically illuminated the need for a trial, and slam Dunk Ultima, at the end, but it, but it was very confusing to the public for many months, because the police did not reveal their the knowledge of what they had behind the scenes and what they suspected. Although I also believe that at some level psychologically, they did not want to believe that either to either of those girls could have done anything to Skyler. They basically said that said as much in that's. What I got from this as well is that they were hoodwinked just like, almost everyone else initially, and maybe that's not the way they should have thought, but in sort of the reverse of the way police. Typically, thank they just didn't matter the these little girls, these young girls, sweet girls were capable of something like this. So in in that vein, let's talk a little bit more about, I think, the most and
part of this case and a real Eureka moment for police much later. So, let's not give it away. But let's talk about this one thousand one hundred o'clock to one thousand one hundred and forty five and dropping Skyler off and what the police are in terms of a car and persons in that car dropping someone off at a certain time and what they didn't notice at that time again, we won't just will answer that answer the first part of the question so that we can it's incredible the you know what the fight Don't later what if I, if I understand the question Dan, what they saw in the video was grainy footage of a car that looked like it. I don't even know if you tell the color. If you could make a great car, but it was parked away from the apartment building and you could see Skyler enter the screen
the corner and kind of walk pretty fast with a purse or backpack. I forget which she had with her that night and she opened the door of the back seat of a vehicle and got in, and then the car drives away. Is that what you were asking about show sure and we'll we'll we'll we'll get the audience because I've I've dwelled on this and we'll talk about this in a few minutes, what happens later with police? Remarkably, they understand this and make a again a re components. So, at this time with police, not suspecting, these girls again: Twitter, the twitter world or twitter? Again, I don't know twitter world, I guess and face Social media light up with all the friends all these young people utilizing this skating there rumors there are peep will that are instigators. There are people that are seem to have better rumors and other people or more persistent, so tell us about some of these people an some of the site
Tell us a little bit about some of the information that was circulating. True and rumored information on social media, well, the the teenage teenage teenagers or the teenage world the university high students and also the Blacksville students which the high school there, Quite clay, Battelle and where Sheila had gone until she transferred to UHF when she became a freshman. Those two high schools were the students. There were tweeting either one of two things they were tweeting either. What you know or you know we know you're involved or you know where is Skyler, you know what happened to it or they were. There was a lot of. You could see a lot of emotional tension both on Facebook and twitter from the teenage
if they were first of all heartbroken that one of their own had gone missing, hard looking for the nieces heartbroken actually, for you know, Sheila and Rachel's, because their best friend was missing and then overtime, it kind grew into a crescendo where the stewed we're saying you, girls know something basically, and I think a lot of that came from Daniel Ho Vatter pudding forth the the premise that they had to be involved. It interesting, the role that Jennifer Woodall has on Facebook or what part of me Jennifer will hunt that has on Facebook and some of the things that she she does are. There is some truth to some of the things which is also creates a lot of pressure on Dave and Mary by circulating, harmful and damaging rumors and untruths on on summer post as well. Isn't not true yeah
it had to be. I can't even imagine what they went through. One of the most disturbing ones to me was that Skyler had she been in contact with Skylar. There was just hiding from her parents, she'd gotten pregnant and didn't you want her dad to know her mom knew but her father. She didn't want him to know and she was coming home. She was safe. That was just really disturbing to me to think of what they must have gone through when they saw things like that. It was also vicious rumors about in reality, should probably smoke pot. Occasionally, there's no real evidence of Much more than that, and then there was. Vicious rumors of of rumors about regarding drugs in her drug use. Yeah there there was but Skyler pretty much. I think that she probably experimented with some other
drugs from some of the accounts that that I got during interviews. But for the most part she she used marijuana and it's interesting because Daniel Ho Vatter said that she used marijuana to help her sleep, because she had a hard time getting to sleep at night. Now it's also interesting too, is that, coincidentally, there is a bank robbery. In this small town around the same time and police believe wrongfully, of course that there's some connection- and there's a good reason. Why there's connection we talked about Sheila's having a relationship at some point, some type of relationship with a Derek Conaway. So tell us about why police or pardon me Dylan his brother, so Tell us about that this bank robbery in this initial.
Understanding that the police thought there was a connection. Well, what happened was the state police we're investigating the bank robberies and they had gotten some information that there was some black veil characters involved and so they decided to check out some now criminal elements and went canvassing houses and one of the houses they went to was a Conaway house and they when they got there. They saw Dylan's older Derek he came from around the back of the house where he had been digging with a shovel and had to shovel in his hand- and they said specific say that when they joke with him about, during a body, you could basically see his heart pumping in his chest. He didn't have a shirt on. And he seemed to be very dim.
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proceed with the FBI. You talk about Gaskin Officer, Ronnie, Gaskins and Spurlock from the FBI. Tell us about their involvement. And how they proceed with the investigation from here. At this point. Well, it's city where Skyler disappeared from is very, very small area geographically and a Fortunately, once the car drove out, cited that boundary. Then it becomes the jurisdiction of eat, for the county or the state police depending on you know what they decided is going to take it over? So what happened ultimately was one of the superior's in the state police uhm, contacted Ronnie, Gaskins and Chris Bury and said you know: can you all check out these robberies and while they doing that they started talk.
Being about Skyler's disappearance, and this was after they met, dare Conaway that day, who of course had nothing to do with her disappearance, but they didn't know that at the time and they started talking and then Mary. Please make the call the state police and ask them if they'll get involved, and then they get a call from their superior about going over to see they can find out from her. So they get involved by going to the nieces house and checking Skyler's bedroom at which point they see her diary and they It really are taken aback by They read the diary in terms of the type of person she was. They didn't feel like she was that. Type of teenager, who would just deliberately disappear and leave her parents to anguish, wondering She was so that's how they came to be involved. The FBI got involved, Morgan Spurlock in particular got involved because There have been a little girl three four years old. She.
And Western, which is about so an hour and a half from Morgantown. They still haven't, found her, but they thought maybe, when Skyler came up missing that there was serial predator teen female, underage kids, and so that the FBI got involved and the bank robbery. Now you spoke of the diary when the FBI examined it was there any reference to the stormy relationship between Rachel, Sheila and her cell, and if so, what did you say? There was to some extent she she didn't talk much about it, though the main thing she talked about, the one incident, That she mentioned was the she did mention a few things, but she doesn't go into it very much detail She mentioned things like
Sheila upset her by closer to Rachel and ignoring her and hurting her feelings, things like that she doesn't really go into much detail. In the diary. She doesn't really seem to be laying her heart out in her diary for site, for instance, like I would if I was hurt there's something, I would go into every single detail and recount it just I could have a clear memory of what happened, but Skyler didn't seem to do that. She just kind of jet, spoke in general terms. Now. The chatter on social media again we talked about its negative effect on Mary and Dave and
and all the parents were aware of the rumors. This is a small town. What did the parents do Mary and David? What did they do with this information at some point? What did they gleam anything from it? They were they trying to get What was their reaction with that information and what was their reaction with the police is re. Fonts or lack of response in their mind in their estimation. Well, they were pretty up satterlee on because the police did not reveal what they knew. You know the police oftentimes will withhold information because they feel If it can get out, then it's going to hurt the investigation, which, of course that can happen so yeah rightfully so they did that but Marian Dave were pretty good at following what they on Twitter. They even had some friends with their account
following the teenagers and trying to decipher, or even beyond, deciphering egging or prodding at Sheila and Rachel to get the to maybe say what they knew. And they marry especially followed the the social media activity really close. What was the relationship like between Terra and Mary and the parents of these girls? Well, what was going on in the dynamic between the parents Well, terra and and Dave, knew each other. Fairly well, but Mary Dave didn't know. Patrol the show hardly at all, I think they had barely met her butt. The relationship between
Sarah and Mary and Dave went back several years because their daughters have been friends since they were seven or eight, but they did. They didn't really, for the most part, interact much social, I think, a few times a day may have gotten together and done something, but for the most part they didn't, because everybody was working and yeah. They just didn't probably didn't have the time or the money to do that. Tell us what the breakthrough was again getting back to what the police have this Eureka moment where they're reviewing scratching their heads frustrated. They review the videotape again of the outside of Skylar's home. Tell us what that Eureka moment is and what they discovered. Well. They had spent days practically going over car details, they would look
but the side mirrors they would look at the sorry grill they would look at every single, the. Pay all of the vehicle they could to try to determine watt, make and model the car in the video was they got a big screen and they, Labor day over that for fur. Private land. Finally, as Chris Bury said, when the coffee and even taste, good anymore pudding. You, Countless hours overtime into looking through the video and walked in looking at other cars. They went home called it a day and it really late that night and they were each in their respective homes and Probably about the same time. They realized that it was Sheila's car, because nothing else made sense it. It was just that was the only thing that made sense to them
and that was a Eureka moment for the state police. The other part of it is that they realize that while they had video of the car dropping. Skyler off me. They only had half of the video. You realize only had half of the video which had asked her a And when that well they they actually yes, you're high. They did- and I forget that sometimes because for so long the public didn't know that, and neither did we, but they didn't see a car they didn't see. Sheila's car or the yeah Sheila said that she got back roughly. I don't know one thousand five hundred and thirty minutes before Skyla supposedly was seen leaving in the second car that that she's told everybody must to pick Skyler up
and so what they realize was they never saw Sheila's car pick Skyler up. They never thought she was car, bring her back and so they determined that it had that they only car. It was Sheila's car, because that was the only car in the video. There was no other car when you went behind that moment in time, and when you went forward in the video she car was the only one and that's why it had to I have been heard. It. Interesting that other people real thought it was suspicious that they would have went driving for thirty or forty five minutes dropped her off the. For midnight and then she would hung around either outside.
Side or back in the room again for forty five minutes according to the sideline to be picked up by somebody else and then disappear from from there, with with association with some other person and again with no evidence of anything in no video of that as well. So that was very interesting now, given and that the police have this Eureka moment. They have this again, this very incriminating evidence and they got a couple of people that they thought were just read. Only very very innocent, how do they she was Sheila and Rachel, and Tell us about the polygraph examinations that they want for these women. Well, they basically harassment. They they interrogate. Did them repeatedly. They kept calling them to their office and they would question them and they finally set up the polygraph and the very end
the same part of the polygraph events was that Rachel leapt from her father's car. Practically it moving and ran off and ended up with she, those mother who then kept her effectively from going. Having her polygraph. So she, failed her polygraph Rachel? so I ended up thing she took one later on yeah, I'm pretty sure she took one later on, but ultimately she you know she broke down and confessed now before this confession. It's interesting. So, let's go just be
like a little bit here, because there is Rachel goes away and then there is Sheila to be questioned and so something again something happens without one of the girls unbeknownst to one of the girls. Something is happening. Someone is talking so tell us about this incident and what happens while one is away. Are you referring to Rachel being hospital? Yes, okay, so Rachel is, you know, she's been keeping this secret inside of her, and it's been literally driving, her crazy from all accounts and
over the Christmas break after she gets back from celebrating the holidays with her family, she has a break down of sorts, and I it's taken away by her parents to a psychiatric hospital where she's committed, and that is the first time since Kylo disappeared, that she and Sheila were separated and she was separated. They were separated for about a five day period, and when she gets out because she had missed her appointment. Her next interview with the police for her polygraph. They said you know, bring straight here do not take her home and that's what our parents did the police. Wanted that because they felt like for five day period He had not had had any access to Sheila and vice versa, so they thought like it would pop
It would be a really good time to get her to maybe break and tell what she knew right. So tell us about the interview itself and how police proceed in that interview and of You already mentioned it to the confession. So how do they get it? they they always strategize before they go into that room, no matter what they think they know, because it's without that confession. Things get sticky and it's it's something that they would rather have happened, rather not so tell us about this interview, something happened. When Rachel was in Chestnut Ridge, the psychiatric hospital, it seemed like whatever therapy she received there. She left a different person and she went in and pray That was because she was away from Sheila for five days, but when she came out Ann, entered the
our nation room. If you will the the conference room at her attorney's office, they stapled. Maybe it was a state police. Office- I can't remember for sure, but anyway, wherever she was located in the attorneys, were there in the state police were there. She basically said you know. This is what happened and what she told them. Let them die. Founded that date, they told me during an interview that they practically fell off. Their chairs. Gaskins dropped his pencil because all along the police believe that the girls were afraid to talk big They knew something that happened to Skyler, but they were not directly involved in it. At that moment, one Rachel revealed that they had double. Deliberately taken her out and stabbed her. They knew that they, you know I just couldn't believe what they were hearing. It was pretty pretty
traffic all the way around yeah it's interesting. They still were hoodwinked. An through the lawyers at said that there would be an immunity deal in case that they weren't they were just involved in some way, so they thought still lying. They knew they were lying, but they didn't realize the extent, and so this immunity deal. You still believe that she was involved. That's why there was an immunity deal so tell us why, again, everyone also know why and it's central question here white. What was the motive according to Rachel for this murder, Rachel said they killed her because they didn't want to be friends with her anymore but that is just such a thin excuse that no one believes it and ok now go ahead. Sorry. Well, do you want the real reason? Well, I
I can. I can, I don't hold you back so, okay sure give us the reason why you, you believe or what you found to be the real reason. Well, near. Nobody act with a motive in less to kill somebody, and let's say it had something else going on behind the scenes. You know psychosis or something something to you know you You're suddenly hit with all kinds of pressure, and you snap, you know all day, but this show on snap where that happens. But in this case it really does appear that these two teenage girls were afraid, that their relationship would become known. Now, that is to A key element in this case, however, there's a also the factor that Skyler was the killed Skyler was the girl. Two, who would chastise
Sheila. If Sheila went over the edge scholar was the one who told them. You know we really shouldn't do this or She would be bluntly, you know sharing with friends and other people, family members that you know they had smoked weed, and you know those types of things were not things that she. Rachel really were cooking, I'm talking about. So there was there were different factors, but the primary one seems to to be that they thought this relationship they had would be exposed. Now in this legal wrangling, and that's another really fascinating part of this book, because as soon as you think this story So I understand it. Well then: there's these legal twists and turns very interesting behavior. So the deal about the immune
city that's off the table when they, when they realize that wait. A minute. She's she's she's a coat killer here, but at the same time, because she's come forward first and the information first. We all know this from law and order that there is some sort of deal put on table. Tell us what kind of deal for her testimony for her being truthful and coming forward. First is given to Rachel. The deal was that she would get twenty. Eight to forty years, and I
trying to think if there was something else parole, I believe, possibility to parole after fifteen years. Yes, ten years, ok, ten years ten years, yeah and the other part, the other part of this story is too that they automatically take people that are under eighteen years or sixteen years of age and put them to adult court an adult center It is, but in this case they did did they right in the in the state of West Virginia you're automatically tried as an adult for a capital crime like murder that happens when you're a certain age. They were at the age that they were tried as adults, so that would make it man
sorry that they would end up in an adult facility when they turned eighteen. The other part of it, too, is the. What is the benefit, or I would say what did Rachel say to her benefit in terms of. Her involvement in this murder that it would benefit her rather than Sheila. Okay. Can you ask that again? I'm not quite sure I followed you was there anything in Rachel's confession that would benefit Rachel and to the detriment of Sheila. In this plea agreement, and this confession.
Well, just by virtue of the fact that she was the one to take them to Skyler's body and tell what had happened that gives her an automatic advantage, which is the the of what happens when there's more than more than one killer, but she didn't put any emphasis on one being a ring leader I get is to it. It's not going to benefit her really in the end, but you see often someone trying to put more response, the on the other killer will say you know she didn't seem to do that. That's, not the way Corporal Gaskins Outlined her confession and that doesn't sound like what she said when she was in the courtroom And apologizing what she said in the courtroom was interesting. She said that wasn't made that the girl- that did that, wasn't me, but she did not say that she was.
Tice to do it that she was a lot along, but but coerced her and it doesn't seem like that's what she said in the confession: either. What was the actual crime? It's a murder itself. What did they do? There was multiple sizes tell us about the actual I again she is beheaded. So tell us about that. Tell us about the entire ghastly crime. Well, they drove out to A rural area behind Blacksville, it's called brake It was just over the line in PA and Pennsylvania and they got the car under the pretense of going to smoke marijuana at a location where they had smoked marijuana before and They sent Skylar by to the car to get a lighter, because there, wasn't working and when she turned her back, they reached on
their their hoodies to where they had the knives under their arms and started attacking her the back essentially an she fought back, she ran away. At one point, she was able to get Rachel's knife from her and staff. Rachel in the leg, and then she was overcome by the two of them, Skyler was very strong. Rachel was also very strong. The the common belief is that Sheila would never have been able to carry out this crime on our own, and so there had to be to to to take her down when she was recap, counting the murder itself and everything that followed the murder, the post murder. What was her demeanor like? How did she react. She seemed really nervous gaskins told me in the interview- and he said she he even asked if she could have
Garbage can because she thought she might throw up interesting say, though, she also said that she told them Skyler had stabbed her and he they couldn't believe that and she said, her show you and she showed them the scar on now. What was kilos demeanor and what was Sheila's behavior and how did she live? React to all of this? It's been very bizarre. The courtroom scene of her stills, the a disquieting. She looks like she he doesn't know. What's going on around her very like a trial, like a child who just doesn't even get it and from what I've heard from people who
talk to her since she's been in prison in the letters I read she seems like this is no big deal. She does indicate that she did anything wrong and she seems to think that she's going to get out and no time and when she gets out she'll, go back to smoking, weed and hanging out in vehicles and you know getting high. What was the attendance like at the court at the court case itself in terms of parents of Rachel, Sheila, Skylar and friends? What was tell us a little bit of that sort of attendance, dynamic, an event it was very, very tense. There was on the right side if you're facing the judges bench he would have sky family friends and on the left side. Of the aisle. You would have Rachel's
family or Sheila's. Which hearing it was for their sentencing, and course you've got. I think it was probably the teenagers Were warning because the teenagers some of them were friends of all three girls and maybe didn't really even know where to set. But you could clearly see the pain and the suffering and that all of the family members were experiencing. It was very hard to watch. Now, if I'm not wrong Mary and David, along with a politician government official Commissionaire, I believe
What that would be compliment? Yeah? Yes, absolutely thank you and just did something that really, despite all this tragedy, there is some little bright spot with with the law change, so tell us about the, flight for the law and what happened just around the same time. It was not previously lot. Skyler's law, Chuck, Yo Command Tom Bloom Chuck had been a student and he's in An administration position over in Annapolis schools now, but he and Tom got together and Okay, along with Charlene March Marshall, a delegate from on county came up with Tyler's lost so that in the future whenever there's a missing child or teen, no matter the circumstance
the amber alert should automatically be put out to the public, so that there's no time lapse because, of course, the first four hours are crucial when you're searching for a missing child, and so that was the one good. Thing that came up all this and what the sentence for Sheila in the end, what was her sentence. She got a life sentence with a chance of parole in fifteen years. And it's because they were young, that by law they are able to have some possibility of parole. Otherwise, it would be deemed cruel and unusual punishment right, That seems to be the common thinking. Although it seems like there is some some amount not really argument but discussion about whether that's an accurate assess,
the way that law reads: I've read some literature sense, then that indicates that there are some cases where They do send teams. And don't give them for all, but it it's an interesting legal dilemma. That's currently being batted around in the court system. Just just a side note in Canada. If this were to happen, both of those girls would be given the maximum sentence in juvenile, custody, which, within three years, I believe that it would have almost no no, as long as they told I don't believe we could raise them to adult court. I do not believe, even with the conservative government and being in power about six years or more, that they Not they could not do that three years they would be released. That's a difference, wow that
incredible and people here, especially in the state of West Virginia, but a lot people from around the country who have followed the case, outrage that they even parole, they think they You know they should apply indefinitely: yeah yeah the possibility of building. What's the we are into election cycle next year, and they can reigning conservative government, they say it's just a political move, but they are trying to introduce legislature that is opposed by the opposition parties for the removal of the possibility of parole for the most heinous killers and criminals. That's what they're just putting forth now. Two thousand and fifteen. So there is no actual.
Life sentence and there first degree murder. It would be life sentence, but with the possibility of parole after twenty five years. So to some differences. I thought I'd throw in there because I I just find it fascinating that the difference is so that the same judicial system. I know there can be differences. There's differences in other countries. Other than America to, but this is a stark difference when I'm looking at this, you know, day to day in doing this through murders very, very jealous, tell us about Merry and Dave and sort. Where they were at the end of this, having achieved Skyler's law, but I mean just put through the wringer with this entire ordeal, I know that you got really inside this community and got inside these people's lives to tell the story. This incredible story so tell us about Mary
Dave after all of well. You know you know. Skyler was their only child right not their only daughter, she was their only child. So, of course, their lives were pretty much destroyed when she disappeared, And especially when they found out, she had been murdered and how how Terry her. Her suffering had to have Ben during that that murder, but they. I've had a hard time with it. As you can imagine, I don't think any parent and left side. Experience that extent the grief of that occur. But they could even imagine, but they've tried to speak out at different groups and churches and schools when they are invited and try to help community to We appreciate what to look for, in terms of other
Games for children want to watch for they've, save just bend. You know trying to get through it all and it's taken so long and others a civil suit that simple Alden. It is just going to take a lot of time for them to heal. I I don't know that you know that will ever be completely successful, but but they are better and I think that part of the part of the heart wrenching pain that they experienced, how to do Sheila, pretending to help them for Skylar and pretending to not know what is. Happened to her and then feeling like they had and betrayed by Sheila because they literally took up for Sheila when people on public media started back watching her and saying awful things: about her they would take up for Sheila originally yeah. I I regret that we didn't talk about that too 'cause. That was a dramatic. You know profound and very sad.
Go past six moments when he lives very out of it and in involved in in the in the search for her friend and and very, very emotional, and did some fine acting around that time. So again, just I can imagine the trail that at the family felt on top of the grief and in top of the just inexplicable horror of you, know social media and criticism and the police an action, so they thought- or at least they couldn't get any information and they thought their daughter was missing, but likely killed and and didn't know where the perpetrator was it all just and you captured all this in this book. So I want to congratulate you on pretty little killers, capturing this murder and mayhem and horror and really a books. So I want to thank you very much for those that might want to contact
I don't know. If you have a facebook page or you communicate that way, or how can people learn a little bit more about this or other work that you do? How can they connect with you Facebook, twitter and I also have a website and it's the all of my memoir. My first book is sister of dot com. Okay, I want to thank you very much Saline, taking out your valuable time to come on the pro. Sorry about all the technical nonsense at the beginning? I'm glad we got the have you on here and fully explain this book. So thank you very much for this interview and thank you and I hope, to talk to you again soon and have yourself a great evening. You, too, bye, bye, goodnight.
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