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In 2003, he began to appear in gay ographic movies, occasionally working as a dancer and escort. In 2005 he appeared as a pin-up model in an issue of Toronto's Fab magazine. In 2007, he was an unsuccessful competitor in a reality series CoverGuy and underwent numerous cosmetic surgeries, auditioning for a reality show Plastic Makes Perfect 2 in 2008 and set up at least 70 Facebook pages and 20 websites under various aliases. On May 25, 2012, an 11-minute video titled 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick was uploaded to a gore site, depicting a naked male tied to a bed frame being repeatedly stabbed with an ice pick and a knife, then dismembered, followed by acts of necrophilia and cannibalism. The perpetrator uses a knife and fork to cut off some of the flesh and gets a dog to chew on the body. On May 29, a janitor discovered the decomposing torso of Chinese foreign student Lin Jun inside a suitcase, in the alley behind an apartment building in Montreal. A package containing a foot was delivered to the national headquarters of the Conservative party, another containing a hand was addressed to the Liberal party. Packages containing severed limbs were later sent to elementary schools. Magnotta fled Canada, becoming the subject of an Interpol Red Notice and prompting an international manhunt. He was apprehended June 4, at an Internet cafe in Berlin reading news about himself. Materials promoting the video appeared online 10 days before the murder. The high profile trial in Montreal lasted 10 weeks. Luka Rocco Magnotta pleaded Not Guilty By Reason of Insanity. First Degree Murder or Insanity? PSYCHO KILLER SUPERSTAR-The Luka Magnotta Debacle-Dan Zupansky.
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com, slash true murder. This month, a thirty day free trial and a audio book of your choice go to audible, dot com, slash true murder in two thousand and three. He Began to appear in gay, pornographic movies, occasionally working as a dancer, an escort in two thousand and five. He appeared as a pin up MA in an issue of Toronto's fab magazine in two thousand and seven he was an unsuccessful. Competitor in a reality, series cover guy and underwent numerous cosmetic surgeries. Auditioning for a reality show plastic makes perfect two in two thousand and eight and set up at least seventy Facebook pages and twenty websites under various aliases on May
The 25th two thousand and twelve, an eleven minute, video titled one lunatic one icepick, was uploaded to a Gore site depicting a naked male tide to a bed frame being repeatedly stabbed with an ice pick and a knife then dismembered, followed by acts of necrophilia. And cannibalism, the perpetrator uses a knife and fork to cut off some of the flash and gets a dog to chew on the body. On May 29th, ninth a janitor discovered the decomposing torso of chinese Foreign student Lynn, John inside a suitcase In the alley behind an apartment building in Montreal, a package containing a foot was delivered to the national headquarters of the conservative party. Another containing a hand was addressed to the liberal party packages containing severed limbs later sent to elementary schools MEG, not a
Canada becoming the subject of an interpol, red notice in prompting and international manhunt, he was apprehended June. Fourth, at an internet cafe in Berlin. Reading news about himself me cereal is promoting. The video appeared online ten days before the murder, the hype, file trial in Montreal lasted ten weeks. Luka Rocco Magnotta pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity, first degree, murder or insanity. The store that we're profiling this evening is psycho killer, superstar the Luka Magnotta to with yours truly dance with. Now Eric Clinton, Kirk Newman was born on July 24th. One thousand nine hundred and eighty two in Scarborough Ontario, Canada, the team
Donald Newman and Anna your can. He had two younger, so A brother Conrad Shane and a sister Melissa. The early years of the Newman's marriage appears to have been relatively happy and after initially living with Donald Newman's parents. The couple purchased a house for the family in Bethany Toronto. Donald Newman, worked in the warehouse of Lever Brothers factory in downtown Trono, while his wife, Anna York and home. School, the three Newman siblings for five Six years. The Newman family lost their home due to credit card debt in the family, had to move back Skin with Donald Newman's parents, The Newman children, however, finally got to go to school from grade six Eric attended Charlot Brown Junior high school in Toronto,
in nineteen. Ninety four: when Eric was twelve, his parents divorced. He as brother and a sister remained with their mother and her new partner LEO with whom and then had a further two children. Around this time, Eric went to live with his grandmother Phyllis your. In Lindsay on in the same southern Ontario area, Eric and attended L e Weldon secondary School during grades. Ten and eleven. In April two thousand and one aged eighteen Luka Magnotta Eric Newton was seen several times by community work there's in a crisis center at Ross, Memorial Hospital in Linz Ontario he had gone complaining of a sore throat, but said he heard voices. He was referred to a psychiatrist who said,
I'm not sure what we're dealing with bizarre, interesting presentation, The sick- I just wondered if there was there, were secondary gains that Eric Newman was looking for health workers noted that they suspected he might be faking August 26th, two thousand and one he arrives at emergency at Ross Memorial Hospital because he is out of medication. The medical file notes a personality disorder and he is prescribed medication the next day, Luka Magnotta returns to to emergency. Ross Memorial Hospital, haven't taken in our bottle of his prescribed medication. A diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia is noted in his medical file. Eric Newman makes an application for the Ontario Disability support program. Oh DSP, sighting textbook symptom
is a schizophrenia and it leaves and receives an award have thousand dollars per month in welfare payments. In two thousand and one Luka Magnotta lives at Harrison House Lindsay Ontario. He supported housing project group home for people with mental health issues. Apparently it's reported. He feels isolated in this group home. In two thousand and two and entering into two thousand and three Eric was now going by the pseudonym of sodium of Jimmy any branched out from. Working as a male model, as he claimed to marking as a male escort, offering his services to a male clientele describing himself as being bisexual or heterosexual, and strictly gay for pay into the
one thousand and three Lucas Biologic Father Donald Newman refers LUCA to his own psychiatrist because he notices LUCA. He notice. The LUCA has problems and Donald Newman's Medical records dated March seven, two thousand and three show that that Donald Newman, who was diagnosed with Schizo rainy and bipolar disorder was concerned for Eric's mental health because he believed that Eric was hearing voices at that time. According to his father, Eric spent a period of time, As a patient in a psychiatric ward, Non February, 28th, eighth to March Luke, I mean pardon me: Eric is a patient of psychiatrist. Doctor cerebellum, he sees this doctor regularly between several every 28th and in two thousand and three right, till two thousand and eight heat
this doctor on the very first appointment that he thought police were after him and he admits to hospital at that time because he claims he wants to kill himself on April. Six, two thousand and three Eric again is living in Harrison House in Lindsay Ontario. Where he's it I to Rouge Valley, health center nary center he's discharged start the following day with it, with a follow up an appointment and He's living at this Harrison House, he claims that he thought people were jealous of him and wanted him out of the home and he tells the doctor. I am I'm going to be a celebrity, a superstar. Fill in two thousand and three. He had several console patience with his family doctor Doctor Allen, and he was concerned about his weight loss and erectile difficulties, difficulties,
He the doctor, undertook some tests, including std screening, and he prescribed medication to help with the a rectal. And he gave him apparently nutritional advice, dietary advice now. Two thousand and three begins calling himself LUCA and he is twenty years old and he's featured His first gay pornographic video on October 30th of that year he sees doctor at and about is ongoing weight, loss and erectile problems. He see is an intake. Nurse later who noted from his medical file that he. Bipolar disorder and a mild form of schizophrenia they wrote and that he would be in being treated with Valium and anti psychotics and that he had had three hospitalizations because of mania.
Now on January, six, two thousand and four he moves from Lindsay on to Toronto and starts living with a greek family. He He continues with his modeling and escort career and he appears in a second gay, pornographic film in two thousand and four in all Biggest of two thousand and four he attends North York, general possible trono, complaining of stress and hearing voices. They conduct with CT scan, which was negative. Still in August ninth August 19th, he tells his psychiatrist DR syrup on blend that he has started going to the church of science. Apology and has now moved in with a jamaican family in September of two thousand and four. Luka Magnotta, which is what is going by now, is hospitalized for a week and a half suffering with depression. Two thousand and four Also charged in connection with A7
in thousand dollar fraud of a person mental disability, it run up a new numerous charges on this credit card total in the seventeen thousand dollars and the subsequent fraud. You. So in January of the next year,. He peers in an issue of a gay scene, magazine calling themselves Jimmy and describes himself as a twenty two year old, soccer fan born in Russia, who hopes to train to become a police officer. In two thousand and five. He also makes a further three gay pornographic films and, in March of that year, Luke of Caesars Doctor Doctor TAN and He tells him that they are trying to ruin his career by taking pictures of him and posting them online. He complains of hearing voices and paranoia, and he believes people are following him.
Doctor ten records in his medical notes that Lucas speeches odd fast and delusional, but not that he was not suicidal. In April, to May of two thousand and five is Lucas back living with his father and stepmother in Scarborough on. He again sees doctor TAN complain: people are watching him with Binoculars Doctor TAN's assessment. Finally, is that LUCA is suffering from schizophrenia made yeah, there's two thousand and five after receiving receiving a letter from Luke, Those mother Anna York in concern that son's mental health regarding the upcoming fraud trial, Doctor Servalan rights to Luka, not defense, lawyer Peter Skull stating that Luka Magnotta not is suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. He tells them that Magnotta had been hospitalized in twice in two thousand and three.
After he missed medication because he didn't come to to his outpatient appointments, in June of that year, two thousand and five Lucas is convicted on the three counts of fraud against Sears the brick an audio video. And uh he is spent sixteen days in custody during this The trial custody part made during the pre trial and era, he's a nine month conditional sentence which means no jail time with twelve months of probation on the can Shin he'd, here's to a treatment program for undisclosed, unnamed mental health issues on July 20th, two thousand and five LUCA access his daughter after Doctor TAN for referral to a new psychiatrist, because he wishes wishes to switch from his father psychiatrist.
In January two thousand and six LUCA is introduced to transgendered. Barbie, swallows that's her stage name and She describes a whirlwind romance between the two and she claimed she moves in with him into his new apartment. Luca makes another Gay video in two thousand and six and on July, seventeen, two thousand and six Eric Clint Kirk Newman, legally changes name to Luka Rocco Magnotta on 13Th of September Luka Magnotta sees his family doctor doctor Ten has stitches removed, My hair transplant complains of wrecked dysfunction and is prescribed by? And he says he tells Dr Tan at he changed his name, because he was being followed, Still in January of twenty, seventy tells his doctor Suhrob Lynn,
He started modeling and he tells Dr Sir Belinda at police investigating him. People didn't like him, he said, and he would they were receiving calls from the USA. In two thousand and seven Luka Magnotta appears in another issue of a gay magazine. He makes the br through into the world of reality. Television shows first giving an interview with naked news, calling them Jimmy. He gives a lengthy interview about his life as a high class escort and stripper Then, after apparently having plastic surgery, plastic surgery to look more like his idol, James Dean, he auditions for cover guy hoping to win the prize of further plastic surgery, but he's not put through to the next round. He nonetheless enjoys the opportunity to talk on camera about himself now
He tells doctor in August that are people are spreading rumors about him that he was dating serial killer, Karla Homolka. And he's also having trouble sleeping, insist, September. He. He appears on a radio phone in show on Tronos am six forty. And it gives an interview to the Trono son, denying rumors that he was dating, that Where is serial killer? Carla Mocha is widely spec too late at that time. That Lou. Ignore. That was the Entire source of many of those internet rumors, in two thousand and eight. Luka Magnotta's activities start to take on what some of called an increasingly dark and twisted edge.
Throughout two thousand and eighty sets up multiple accounts on Youtube to wage war against the family guy TV show, as he tries to get it banned Ann. Earning him considerable division and a legion of haters on Youtube, he also post several disturbing blogs about incestuous relationships. In January he Hookah Pedia, Shell pages created from two thousand and seven by Lou. Not about himself, and it is after lengthy discussion by wiki contributors and administrators concluding. Looking to was not a was a non notable model for an actor in FEB. Three two thousand and eight make auditions for another reality. Show plastic makes perfect two who hoping to win more plastic surgery and he was unsuccessful. Two thousand and nine he is
featured in another gay pornographic movie and in the 16th of May Luka Magnotta Facebook page is created the first of seventy Facebook's accounts. It is claimed that he created at that time. From June two thousand and nine to July two thousand and nine, he sets up a journal page and post forty four articles about himself and his life in the space of just over a week. After this, he appears for almost seems to appear from the and for almost a year October, two thousand and nine magnotta start seeing Doctor Robert Weinstein at North York, General Hospital. And he tells Dr Weinstein that he had a boyfriend when he was nineteen who had nose, bleeds and.
She painted the words I love you with blood on his apartment door and after nineteen, everything was different. He doctor, Weinstein, Diagnose Luka Magnotta Schizophrenic, somewhat unstable and he Taking a real estate agent course and the doctor Weinstein noted, that must be stressful. Now, on December, 21st, two thousand and ten army veteran Ryan Boyle was surfing the web in his office in Maryland, watching Youtube and the funny pictures thread on four Chan Now four Chan is a simple image based bulletin board, where anyone can post comments and share images This is where he encountered a still image of a video called one boy. Two kittens boil scroll through the scroll through the comments post from horrified users, hoping to the the man who posted the kitten killing video to the forum.
In the video was a figure in a dark, green hoodie officiating, two kittens with a vacuum cleaner in a plastic bag. In the back from the video clip people were speaking in a foreign language sounding possibly russian boy It was a big animal guy. This hit him personally. He wanted to see the guy pay immediately started. A facebook group save the kitty. Boil? Then click back to four Chan to get people over to his facebook page and noticed that another user had started up a page as well. He contacted the other pages administration, to ask to join forces. Boil became an administrator of the Facebook page, find the vacuum or kitten killer for great Justice
oil who would set up the group as an invite, only was getting a hundred requests for access per hour. Accepting each new member on the same day that Boil started find the vacuum are kit in killer. A woman on the West coast of the US using the internet, Alias body move saw the video on her facebook feed and found her way to the group. We've been following an animal mutilation case on four Chan and became intrigued at how you those were able to identify a Texas golf girl responsible for posting photos featuring the decapitation of a dog She found it fascinating how they use the data from the phone and the exist exchange image. File format which contains information such as file format often allow What time date in GPS data and match, But the images from the dog head with- background in I moving felt she could help find the person who murdered the kittens.
Now she wasn't the only one in Sydney Australia of forty seven year old woman using the alias nice punk, had become intrigued with the search. Another man. John Green saw one boy, two kittens on four Chan. He was familiar with pet torture. Videos range when the group on December 23rd Christy. Thirty four year old from Texas, joined and solve one mystery. Who is the one who made the original plea on four Chan at that I'm Christy ran the Gore site old, look, a forum which was the top search. Result for uh stuff, video called three guys: one hammer a user and baby Maggie TO had invented Youtube video for one boy, two kittens Took the video down immediately as they had a no animal cruelty rule.
Since she want him to get caught, though she posted the info to the bulletin boards on four Chan. The crew of avengers began to tossing around series. They started. Looking at obviously in the killers room that were visible, on the video. The bedspread was that created with an image of a wolf. Where was it sold the voices in the background where they actually russian the electrical outlets where the european or North American they pursued any visual clue that might help them identify the figure in the green hoodie. But after thousands of man, hours of group is no longer finding no closer to fine. You know the identity of the figure in the dark, green, hooded, sweatshirt. At the same time. In Hollywood, see a Barbie one, slash two of the Barbie twins, sister models who gay fame in nineteen. Ninety one after posing in Playboy
was receiving emails directing her to the one boy two kittens video along. I'm animal advocate Barbie, along with her twin sister Shane. At recently lobbied online for the animal crush Video Prohibition ACT which sought to ban sexual fetish videos featuring people. Most women, crushing small vertebrae animals with high heels or bare feet. The bill had passed on November tenth, two thousand and ten, which raised the twins profile in the media as enemies of animal abuse. Videos See a barbie join Avanc vacuum or kitten killer Facebook group and forming the group that she had media connections that could help spread. The word. To that end, Barbie, reached out to Joe Panzarella, who had been delusion with directing him to the video Panzer Well is one of the leaders of Rescue INC, a collection of bikers who fight against
animal abuse on Long Island, New York, the group had received now. Personal attention from there two one thousand and nine reality show on the National Geographic Channel which followed the bike. Boys as they confronted animal abusers throughout New York. It lasted only one season, but while the show is fleeting. It boosted the clubs online profile and Panzer Ellie says they were contacted from people from every part of the world concerning one boy, two kittens. Now in an attempt to get some clarity admits the disorder. Boil started a second smaller facebook group, calling it useful individuals. And invited the users from the main vacuum are kitten killer group who he thought had best skills, hackers, investigators, filmmakers artists to help identify the figure in the green hoodie.
Nice see punk user russian language skills to theorize that the accents of the laughing voices In the background of the video just didn't match up with items in the apartment, the group work through the new year and by January Eighth, two thousand and eleven many believe they had found the kitten killer, a memo, turn on the profile of a facebook user called calling himself Jamsie. Ms a lot in his ass, he had Posted a video to his facebook page of a cat in a cage being set on fire and the photos on his profile were of a teenage boy with similar facial features to the blurry green green figure in the green hoodie. Was this the killer hands are really who recently a readily admits he's not a nice guy. Wasn't content to wait and see, along with the Barbi twins, who came up with a plan to bring jams the out into the open
My sister said we would have to learn this person said Panzarella. We would have to give him something irresistible Panzarella enlisted in a member of Rescue INC, who was a grade school teacher and a female bodybuilder, the woman, big Anna Facebook dialogue with Jamsie attempting to appeal to his narcissistic ego and to reveal himself after some back and forth jamsie admitted to the female body bodybuilder that he was in fact the hooded figure in the one boy, two kittens video case solved. Skewing thought they had their man, but the members of the Vancouver vacuum or kitten killer group. They wanted proof, we didn't think Jamsie was him, says Boyle. We thought he was just a troll.
The vacuum or kitten killer administrators were skeptical that this was their man, but the focus On Jamsie crams a lot in his ass at a welcome side effects less than a day after the group publicly identified jams is the culprit behind one boy, two kittens nicely punk Reese. The Facebook message from a user name Beverly can't the name of the kitten vacuum are you were looking for read the message? Is Luka Magnotta. Nicely forwarded the message to the administrators of the group: we googled Luka Magnotta, she says, then there we were. The search came back with the equivalent of a twisted twisted internet gold. Articles on Chin C user generated sites, sites detailing magnotta's jets
lifestyle, an hundreds of photos, LUCA on a beach LUCA in a sports car. Luka in a limo in a hot tub under Eiffel Tower is hairstyles. Would but his chiseled jaw, high cheekbones and bright blue eyes, remained the same: a twink James Dean, often shirtless always pouting, an almost always alone, there was a man not a video sideshow, showing a thin young man in multiple outfits and poses, and it was set to new orders. True faith. The articles and images were mainly from user generated sites, message boards and photo buckets, but there were a few from legitimate news outlets. A mocha rumor Runes models. Life read the headline to a video link from a September. Two thousand and seven final Sun Interview with Magnotta nada- he, which he
Why did he dated infamous canadian murderess Karla Homolka now, while citizen detectives were happy to finally put a name and a face to the supposed culprit. They were bewildered By what they finding on first glance, Luka Magnotta didn't seem real. Hundreds of posts about magnotta appeared on various forms. This is a fan page I made for Luka Magnotta, my new idol or on a Youtube page Luka Magnotta, arrested New Mexico for trying to gain access to area fifty one says local authorities or on a flickr page. I saw something tonight on Youtube where someone had stated that river and LUCA were cousins. Is that so on a river Phoenix fan website? May God himself as a source of these comments and questions.
It was established that he had created at least seventy sock puppet accounts on Facebook and at least twenty websites devoted to Luka Magnotta. His Google carpet bomb. He his name show up when people search for famous or infamous names, he was try control people to get famous says, moving about Magnotta bottom line then there's this unwritten rule the internet, says vacuum or kitten killer, group member green, it's called rule zero and it's you don't mess with cats. Not unless that is you want the attention. So Magnotta made one boy, two kittens an posted on December 21st, two thousand and ten. What better way to get famous moving then to fuck with cats.
But while magnotta made efforts to conceal his identity, he was also hungry for more notoriety. He posted photos of himself in connection with the video holding the cats on the bed, but no one recognized him. This is before the catfish secret weapon. Google search by image, and tonight the the image search tool. The time was crude. At best after three weeks of lurking in the Facebook great Facebook group devoted to his own, capture watching users toss out new theories, dissecting every clue in his video magnotta to want more. On January, eleven, two thousand and eleven, the Barbie twins worked with stream. Animal rights group negotiation is over to publish an article on their site, declaring Luka Magnotta as the kitten killer. So claiming he was
also known by the name, the Alias jams crams a lot in his after tension investigation, another anonymous tip, read resulted in the positive identification of the well known, bisexual, porn, star and model look Magnotta read the article commonly known for drugs, while parties and gay clubs His name is well known in Canada and the north in Northern United States regarding stories about him been involved with Karla Homolka. I hated serial killer, look at Twenty five lives in Multi France and travels frequently. Between his home in France and told Russia. Well, Much of the above information was wrong magnotta, it was now in the open. Magnotta felt enough pressure to meet with an attorney. On January 12th. He wrote to a Manhattan lawyer, name Romeo Salta. Now.
So much denying his involvement in the video more claiming truthfully as it were, that he was not Jamsie. The citizen detectives had a name and they had a face. What they were missing wasn't was a location, no one knew make that out actually was, and because of that and the fact that he was just a guy killing kittens says green and move. No law, foreman Enforcement agency was going to give time or effort to finding him rescue. Angst hands a relic came up with an idea. However, if they couldn't find Luka, maybe they could yet look at the come to them. He wants to be a porn star, says pens Aurora, I called the Barbi twins. They said we can get run. Jeremy, the Barbie twins in Panzarella hatched a plan to try and lower magnotta out of hiding by offering him a role in a porn movie with adult film Legend RON, Jeremy, the
what called for magnotta show up in a LOS Angeles studio to perform in a film one Sunset Rescue INC members would grab him, make a citizen's arrest and hand them over to the authorities. At first RON. Jeremy was on board, so long because he didn't have to do anything. Gay. We were playing along with him wanting to be a porn star, says Jeremy, but fans was up front, Jeremy about the risks magnetic show up early and Jeremy. Could be alone, with the kitten killer, the more Jeremy thought about it. The more the deception became too real for him. The plan fell apart. Either way green and moving broke away and started a new clothes facebook page and stopped posting in the public group we new LUCA was in there says, moving. They focused on
Analyzing, the numerous images they found on Magnotta online from one didn't to Russia to Miami Miami to Hollywood. It looked like he got around, but one particular photo sparked. Their interest And they were able to narrow down. Where was taken precisely. Among the hundreds of pictures that Mcdonagh sprinkled across the internet, many of which turned out to be photoshopped, there was one I'm standing on a balcony of a high rise behind them. You could see a Petro Canada, gas station Now there are more than one thousand five hundred Petro Canada stations across Canada, but armed with X. If data that move and pulled Shien Green focused on Trono. From there. They dug deeper and came up on one of the pseudo news articles in which Magnotta talked about the papparazi trying to photograph him outside his condo in Otranto suburb of Etobicoke Qu.
Now tell Coca small, so Green did a search and found only nine Petro Canada gas stations in the area. I started to Look at Google MAPS in the street view says green and the fourth one boom there was the building with Balcony so they had a name and an exact address and proof he was in Trono at the time. Now this was enough. Concrete information be taken seriously by the authorities in January One thousand and eleven moving and Green contacted the Ontario Branch of the society for prevention of cruelty to animals, Spca delivered a large document containing evidence from the video comparisons of Photos of magnotta was still from the video and reasons they Believe he was in Toronto.
See investigators and communications officer Brad do were was receptive and began working with the Toronto police. They were quick to jump on board and help us with this case is doer of the authorities. File was started on Magnotta ANA police visited visit, the building and likely talked with the landlord. The information was correct, the photo was taken there, Magnotta had lived there, but he had moved out two years prior. He left no forwarding address. The trial went cold. The trail went cold. Now the post on the vacuum are kitten killer. Facebook group b and Wayne and people moved on to other events a four month all puppy mutilated in Texas, a man accused of killing fifty five dogs and then Montana a dog attacked with a machete in Florida. Occasionally, a member would ask about the kitten killer.
Eventually boil rounded handed into of the vacuum: vacuum kitten, killer, Facebook group to move in green and nicely punk and they use it as an outpost for their newly formed animal beta project still hopeful. They set Google the news alerts for Luka Magnotta and waited second two thousand and eleven, a video titled python. Christmas appeared on the site, slicks posted from an account registered in The video showed a live kitten being fed to a python. Another. It was posted, showing a kitten duct tape to the end of a stick and being drowned in the bathtub. Green movement and the rest of the detectives began to research. These new videos. They found that Facebook pages discussing the videos have been set up just a month earlier and pictures of the cats were posted in November as well.
A month before the videos appeared said green. He was talking about it. That's LUCA's MO he tries to create a buzz. Now to try to determine where Magnotta was now. They spotted a photo of front of him in front of Buckingham Palace. Meg not had Photoshop themselves himself into photos of landmarks before but it turns out this time he actually was in Britain in December. On December eighth Son Uk Porter Alex W tweeted Taluka. If you want to talk, follow me and I'll dm you mag. I went to the sun newsroom to deny allegations that he killed the kittens the reporter Alex West then found them at the pub he was staying above and conducted a twenty minute interview. Then, on December, 12th and email. Someone calling himself John Kilbride, the name of
the infamous Moore's victims was sent to the sun. It ended with, so I have to disappear for awhile until people quit. Bothering me The next time you hear from Maine it will be in a movie. I am produce. Thing that will have some humans in it, not just I will, however, send you a copy the new video I'm going to be making. Once you kill and taste blood, it's impossible to stop. West said he contacted Scotland Yard, but Magnotta was gone again, green tea, to the RSPCA hey, providing them a link to the link, the dossier on Magnotta that that he had created and also reached out to West, with no luck.
Green and moving began. Feverishly analyzing the new activity, but LUCA had again disappeared inside the internet, but in January two thousand and twelve, the spotted something odd. A comment made from what they believe to be one of make not sock puppet Facebook accounts. On a facebook page of an obscure Montreal House, DJ name three star: it was something about. Without a connection of Montreal. A person would never have posted. In the middle of the video was a photo of magnotta's standing on a set of unique stone steps. It was not something that could be found in just any city. We started working on that picture. We took no notice of the trees, the foliage, the streetlights. We we
street by street city by city. They discovered that the same street lights and crosswalks from the photo were located in Montreal. The group quickly contacted a trying to detective who explained that the case was now out of his jurisdiction and they would need to file a complaint with the Montreal Spca after months and months of searching. They thought they might get some help. All they said was it's just cats there's nothing. We can do about it. We don't have time for this. They just kept pressing them, but they told the To go to the police Montreal, the a big city we didn't know exactly where he was. We didn't find a lot because he is on because a lot of it was on the internet. We didn't know when it happened and where it happened. When they went to a pro
prosecuted and again an arrest warrant. They didn't succeed at that time. Magnotta was not a murderer. On March Third opposes made in Blogspot dot CA, titled Neck Refi. The serial killer Luka Magnotta a month later on April 22nd and 24th for. Deals were posted by user, Rita Van Valkenburg on Youtube all with the same title: cannibal Serial Killer, Luka Magnotta, but in multiple languages On May 15th and anonymous Yahoo post talked about a video, circulating on. T or the onion router or the deep web. All I know is that it was shot in San Francisco. I've been trying to find it for weeks, the same day: Youtube User, Alex
Borich uploaded a video containing a still photo of a figure in a purple, hooded sweatshirt, holding an ice pick in a stabbing position. It was titled one lunatic one icepick video a thread on www dot, psychforms dot com started declaring that the one Luna take one icepick. Video was real and was created by buy a twenty year old in San Francisco. On May twenty fifth, two thousand and twelve, a video titled one lunatic one icepick was up loaded to the Gore sites, the. Why and see, and best Gore destinations for explicit videos and images of real life. Blood and guts the draw millions of monthly viewers. This seems
Lee edited edited video. It's going to be a opportunity for me to take a break right now when we just started to talk about the video that was uploaded on May 25th. Fifth, this central to this incredible trial in this incredible story: I wanted to mention that for all the fans of true murder, that this episode has been brought to you by audible, audible,
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Go to audible, podcast dot com, slash true murder, go for a thirty day free trial and choose one incredible audio book of your choosing and experienced audible. Today, that's audible, podcast, dot, com, slash true murder. Now the video that was uploaded on May twenty fifth starts off with a 80s band called new order, and Anna Song called faith very much like a rock video might be. There is some editing in the first.
Fifty three seconds or so with the soundtrack. In the background, we see a. Seemingly young man loosely bound with some rope but obviously alive. And seemingly not in any kind of distress with a towel or some fabric over his face. After that fifty three seconds it is With any kind of analysis, you see the purpose greater, enter into the frame and with a knife. Clad in a dark, hoodie and with a glove, he begins to stab this. Body over and over and over again quickly and in the mid section of this naked
or so that's on the bed. Now with a black towel over the victims had. And his arm over his chest and his left arm to his side. The body of course motionless and there is no blood surprisingly coming Of those wounds, as I say, the face is covered with a black towel or some fabric for a good minute. The perpetrator continues to stab and stab stab with this knife, looking like about maybe a six inch or so blade, not a huge knife. On the screen, it says the y dot com, noting the Gore site that first posted this. I believe.
Again, like I say there seems to be editing and then the next scene he does a close up with The camera now he's out of the frame himself, but it looks like he's, grab the camera and is using Zeroing in on a close up of the wounds. And again we see numerous wounds, there's red involve a There's no blood oozing out shirt after he then starts making long slices in the legs in the right leg of the victim and, again surprisingly, I there's no blood coming out immediately. But you can see very clearly: the slices are deep and long and resulting in deep gashes to the flash
Music continues and, as does the editing, there's a poster of CASA Blanca Movie on on the wall. Now he shows the victim with his head decapitated, close to the body, but definitely showing the head bloodied and decapitated now not without the towel or the fabric obscuring it. He now rotates Head grabbing it by the hair and near a scale I guess like a measuring guy tried to show the head but keeps twisting the head around. He then takes the knife, which is again is more editing. He proceeds to slice.
Alarm off near the shoulder. Just keep keeps sawing at this arm continuing to cut into the flesh. Again these this is obviously edited and we are seeing closeups of the actual app you Tatian he slices, into the back of the victim again long slices that very soon show up on the screen again, they Y n c dot com showing the Gore site that this has been posted to he's doing Kris Kross slicing.
On the back of the victim of the body now is on its stomach. The arm has been severed completely off. He grabs it by the wrist and is. Fondling, his own genitalia, with the hand of the severed limb. There is no bed sheet on the bed itself, there's fair amount rate amount of blood. On that mattress, he. Continues to defile this body with this limb Now he shows one of the limbs with the. Bone jutting out
The other leg almost completely severed off the man decapitated. Now on his stomach, the he continues to slice, now the entire leg off. The right leg. The next edit shows the body now on its stomach legless headless and the hooded figure mounts the body from behind and sodomizes the legless corpse again with the music Now it's edited and shows both legs cut off just below the butt.
He is then, now shown with a knife, a steak knife and a fork Criss cross, cutting into the flesh with some difficulty trying to get a again. It's a quite a significant chunk of flesh from this victims, but ox, and then he takes that piece of flesh that he had some difficulty. Finally, cutting from the butt OX an appears to put the peace, a flesh on the fork to his own mouth, a small dog. He continues cutting with a knife and fork a small dog enters the scene and begins licking biting and new
Going on the flash of the league, the stump of the legs of the victim somewhat later, he shows stills of his handy work a the severed arm in the freezer of a fridge and the leg of the the decapitated corpse in various scenes. As I say, it's edited and finally, he takes the severed arm again lays on the bed remove his his clothes, but all you can see is wide widespread legs and him again, the filing the body part with his on his own genitalia masturbating with it and then shows at the end
What's close, ups of his finished handy work in close ups of the severed limbs themselves, the head and shows the measurement they had before and after being severed, and that is the end of the video now Luka Magnotta. Now Luka Magnotta me Magnotta, flew from Montreal to Paris on May twenty 26th using a false
passport under the name Kirk Trammell, his cell phone signal was traced to a hotel in Bagnolet, but he had left by the time police arrived Pornographic magazines and an air sickness bag were found in the hotel room. He had contacts in Paris from a previous visit in two thousand in ten and police were following a large frame man who had been in contact with Magnotta another man. He stayed with for two. Night did not realize who he was until he had left, may then then boarded a Eurolines bus at the bagnolet at coach station bound Berlin, Germany and arrive, may 31st Frank Rupert's. First, contact with make was, April or may two thousand and twelve when they hook. Stop buying an online chat line, chat, site called gay Romeo. Now
we initially expected Magnotta in Paris on June. Fourth, in steady, arrive May 27th. He spent a few days there first and arrived in Berlin on May 31st. He arrived in Berlin with a few thousand euros, no luggage an reportedly looking for a fresh start. After breaking up with his lover in the french capital. Oh oh for the four days the two men use Google translate on their respective laptops to communicate, as neither spoke, the other's language, they spent much of their. Time to get a shopping, eating and drinking they didn't have sex because magnotta was not his type and appeared much older than in his online profile age of twenty two or twenty three. During their time together, Rupert Rupert only knew use Kirk or by his gay Romeo username, William, two thousand three hundred and twenty three he took some photos of Megan
Because he said he wanted to set up a new gay Romeo account so begin begins, looking on as an s Gordon Berlin. They went Gay bars so make could talk to other foreigners about their escort experiences. The socialized for four days without anything on Ward, really happening may not was seem generous and often bought drinks and meals for others. On June. Fourth, two thousand and twelve, the pair had parted ways for a few hours, because Rupert was was not come to with the Q staying alone at his apartment, while he ran an errand Rupert told Magnotta You should go to an internet cafe to pass the time. It was In that time, apart that Rubert picked up, a newspaper saw a mug shot of make Nada along
side story describing an international manhunt for his arrest on suspicion of murder. Now contacted police and waited at a nearby station a man named Katter and Lee Isley was working at his job, and Internet CAFE in Berlin. An eleven thousand. One hundred am Aman, walked in wearing sunglasses and make up and said Bonjour internet now and leave this Lee was. He would describe himself as a news junkie recognize the face but face, but couldn't quite. Place it now from his work station. He was looking at the monitors of his customers and noticed that the man, And sunglasses was viewing numerous articles about a killer in Montreal that and Anna's lady and Ladies Lee had read about, and then it clicked. This was him. No and Leesley flag down a group, okay.
That's in training that happen to be passing by and they and the media really confronted magnotta, who initially gave me false name and quickly told them. You got me and they found on his monitor, Magnotta had been googling photos and articles about himself Meg, not it was nabbed and police seize personal items from river to apartment right at that time, the german police wished him a happy birthday and he told the police that it wasn't his birthday and police insisted. Yes, it is your birthday you could have been next. Now the murder tape was made from raw video files that were later recovered from Magnotta's camera
the full unedited tape included the actual sounds recorded during the murder. The. The long version of the video revealed that Lens Throat had been slashed prior to the brutal stabbings like his hence no blood, and that the likely cause of death was the cut to the throat. And in the long version of the video it is confirmed, not just hinted at that there was cannibalism, acts of cannibalism,. Luka Magnotta is arrested in Berlin. He waves, his extradition is brought back to Canada and this trial.
Begins and this trial ended in December. It is now February two thousand and fifteen. It ended in December. An at the trial, of course it took ten weeks and I called ok. The witnesses- and there was, as I paint think, of painstaking we brought you through all the ever. Since that was used for their psychiatric defense that he was insane at the time the murder that he was insane before that it was schizophrenic and ultimately, they had
Testimony from psychiatrist to say that he was insane that he was schizophrenic that he would been diagnosed as having psychiatric issues before and as a result, he would not be responsible for his murder. He did not could not discern right from wrong. Now at trial, Luka Rocco Magnotta said, voices instruct him to kill John. Amid his own fears of chinese student was a canadian government agent who had been sent to kill him. Anna psychiatrist testified at trial. Magnotta said something forced me to do it now, twenty months after this
Magnotta began providing the psychiatrist Allard with details of the events telling her Lynn replied to his advertisement on Craigslist seeking a bondage partner. You said he met Lynn. For the first time that night near a subway station before walking several blocks back to Magnotta's apartment. May not it told Allard that they drank wine and had sex and make not up was the first to be tied up. The complain, Lynn was going too fast and was hurting him striking him about the head. Now Allard said it: Magnotta then became very anxious and took some sleep medication, Ann. And that land also asked for some as well at one
I MEG said he saw a black car parked outside his building and became paranoid about a government conspiracy involving Lynn It said make Nada began, hearing voices telling them to tie up land and to cut it and to do it. He's from the government subsequently make not a slit his throat and decapitated them, Jean Lynn was the unfortunate victim of a psychotic man. Allert said mister magnetic Killed, We thought was a government agent. The psychiatrist testified that make said he city published the one lunatic one icepick, video of Lynn, in an effort to shut out the voices. Before his slaying, Lynn had reportedly consented to having there's sexual acts filmed. Six days earlier, Magnotta had a similar encounter with a unidentified man.
But with Lynn something just happening in my brain. He said. Once wins body was dismembered. Meg, not a city hearing voices telling him to give it back to government and Various parts of Lin's body were sent in packages to political party offices in Ottawa. And two elementary schools in British Columbia make not Considered sending limbs torso but could not figure out how ask I body parts were mailed to to Vancouver schools, Magnotta told our. He discussed the western canadian city with Lynn. He hardly slept after Lynn, saying slaying, he said,
He did remember eating pizza at one point, and he said it's very scary. How I could do that referring to the killing. Now the obsession with government is spying was present. When is schizophrenia? Was in it, really diagnosed Allard, said and make Told Allard that antipsychotic medications help ease the paranoia, but he didn't take them all the time he said the fear of being spa. Put on led to frequent address changes, multiple online profiles, the use of a wig and various changes of cell phone numbers Allen, any changes name to make not part of that same fear, but also because he wanted get away from his family,
He chose the surname either for a video game, character or popular winery in Ontario's Niagara region. Well Magnotta, didn't think he was currently being spied on. He was convinced it happened in the past. And in earlier testimony Allert said, Magnotta told him about an email he sent. The british tab Lloyd for telling the murder of a human being. He said that this was only meant as a threat to a journalist who had ambushed him. After talking about the kitten killing video. Now the crown contended that the communication to the London son suggested Magnotta was clearly planning this laying up to six months in advance of lens killing. Ballard said he told. That make said he was only trying to intimidate the reporter Alex West and
He said that make not. It always thought the plant Is planned to kill someone. Was stupid and showed a real lack of judgment. Albert told the jury Magnotta thought his tactic of sending the email had worked because no story was published following his encounter with w Allert said that he Believed Magnotta was suffering from schizophrenia and was in a psychosis when he killed Lynn. He talked also about that Miqdad admitted making up his affair with convicted killer, Karla Homolka in two thousand and seven he said mag It was seeking notoriety, but primarily wanted people to believe he was the victim of harassment. He said Marcus story, spread quickly and Magnotta lost control. He said that make Nada said he was.
Proud of this. He felt ashamed. Allard admitted that Not a said, he hit his schizophrenia symptoms from Montreal doctors a few weeks before limbs, killing because he's reportedly afraid that revealing them would prevent him from moving to France to start a new life. It was a plan he hatched a few weeks earlier convinced the government was spying on him and he said If not, I went to great lengths to hide his schizophrenia because of the reaction others had towards his father, who also have the mental disease. I don't want to be like that. He told her. They were afraid of him the court. The asked why was magnotta wearing lens hat hours after the chinese students laying and dismemberment if he. Leave was an agent was it kept as a trophy.
It was meant as a message to the government. Why was the so called murder, video of Lin's, gruesome death, published on a Gore website and not sent directly to the government. Why did magna to leave his apartment at two hundred? Am if you thought government official spying him were in a dark vehicle outside. The trial lasted ten weeks. The very deliberated for three days and then ask the judge. A question is a personality. Sword considered a mental disorder and the judge answered back. Yes, the only question Have to decide was whether the mental illness rendered him unable to know right from wrong after eight one slash two days. Is the jury, came back with a first degree, murder, conviction on February, 17th, two thousand and fifteen.
Brooke LUCA Rocco Magnotta formally withdrew his appeal of a conviction. In the first degree, murder of John Lennon, the ultimately didn't want to go through a possible second trial. Magnotta not appeared before the Quebec Court of Appeal video conference from jail on Wednesday, where a judge asked He was a banning his appeal voluntarily. Magnotta replied that he was and didn't need more time to consider his decision. Now, the dropping of the appeal could facilitate a meeting between Lynne's father during land and magnotta. MEG, not Montreal lawyer. Anna Montreal lawyer, who represents John Lynch Family, said they'd, be open to a meeting with Menada when the appeal issue, was out of the way.
Lynn's, father doing Lyn once Magnotta to clear up many unanswered questions he has about his son's death. He wants to hear something. Some kind of response: Some remorse from the killer, his son and he Like to learn more about what happened that night make This Trono based lawyer Luc Leclair, said Magnotta too, to would be open to a meeting with Duren Lynn. I want to thank you very much for listening to this. Very dry recitation of an incredible crime there has been no, but so far about the Luka Magnotta trial. Some of the best information
and some really good writing. Despite my my poor attempt at narrating, it came from rolling stone article about animal activists being involved in the hunt for Luka Magnotta. So you look that up in a past issue of rolling stone, I believe it's animal Think I believe that the article is called and that's where I gave this incredible amount of information with all the. And ties and all these act This getting online and trying to hunt down this kitten killer and as they warned the authorities at that time- and I did mention they said this guy- these people end up being serial killers. They end up moving from Animal
the killers, and so while they're on the trail a little too late Luka Magnotta struck and that's why we call this episode: psycho Killer, superstar,. Remember this episode of true murder was brought to you by audible, the leading and digital audio books. Please go to audible, dot com, slash true murder for your thirty day free trial and a free audio book of your choice. Right now, goodnight. I've got to tell you about this cool show I discovered called small Business Revolution main street. It's a business makeover show with tons of awesome advice what I love about It is they do it all with heart, not the hype: set up drama of those other shows, we've all seen type.
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