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STEVEN AVERY RETRIAL DENIED-Chad Keller and Juan Tescrue

2017-10-05 | 🔗
Chad Spencer Keller, author of Beyond Avery Road: Buting and the Beast, joins us tonight for Part 2 of his interview alongside Wisconsin Political Insider using the Pseudonym of "Juan Tescrue." Tonight's discussion will detail the recent denial of Steven Avery's new trial in Manitowoc County, as they speak about what happens next from here with defense attorney Kathleen Zellner. Going forward, "Juan Tescrue" and Keller will deliver evidence as to the importance of why all eyes need to be diverted to the politics stemming from Avery's 2003 exoneration and what was happening in Madison at the State Capitol during Teresa Halbach's alleged death in 2005. Keller states, "The case is political, the deck was stacked. It basically became a bi-partisan effort by both parties that leaves Steven Avery in the situation he is in. "Juan Tescrue" will be vouching for the severe "Conflict of Interest" that Keller presents in his book and hopes the two can shed light that Steven Avery never had a chance to begin with. It takes us back to the $36 million question, "Was Steven Avery framed?" Keller also exposes how the Electronic Monitoring of Juveniles Law could have protected Brendan Dassey and released him the very same month that he was arrested in, for his alleged confession on March 1, 2006. Joining us right now are my very special guests Chad Spencer Keller and "Juan Tescrue"... Can their evidence expose a factual miscarriage of justice inside of the Wisconsin DOJ and free Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey? STEVEN AVERY RETRIAL DENIED: Beyond Avery Road-Chad Keller and Juan  Tescrue.   
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You are now listening to true murder, the most shocking killers in true crime, history and the authors that have written about them: Gacy Bundy, Dahmer, the night stalker Btk every week, another fascinating author talking about the most shocking and infamous killers in true crime, history, true murder, with your host journalist and author Dan Zupansky good evening,
author of beyond Avery Rd Building and the beast joins us tonight for part two of his interview alongside Wisconsin political insider using the sodium one test grew tonight's discussion will detail the recent denial of Steven Avery's new trial in Manitowoc County as they speak about what happens next from here with Spence attorney Kathleen Zellner going forward. One test grew and Keller will deliver evidence as to the importance of why I all eyes need to be diverted to the politics stemming from Avery's, two thousand and three exoneration, and what was happening in Madison at the state capital during Teresa Halback's alleged death in two thousand and five color states. The case is political. The deck was stacked. It basically became a bipartisan effort by both parties that leaves Steven Avery in the situation. He is in one test. Crew will be vouching for
the severe conflict of interest that Keller presents in his book and hopes the two can shed light that Steven Avery never had a chance to begin with. It takes us back to the thirty six million dollar question was Steven Avery framed Keller also exposes how the electronic monitoring of juveniles law could have protected Brendan Dassie and released him the very same month that he was arrested in for his alleged confession on March, first, two thousand and six joining us right now, my very special guest Chad, Spencer Keller and one test group can their evidence expose a factual miscarriage of justice inside of the Wisconsin Department of Justice and Free Steven Avery and Brendan Dacite.
The book. Tour featuring tonight is beyond Avery Road and the story is Steven Avery retrial denied, with my special guests, journalist and author Chad, Keller and political insider. One test grew welcome gentlemen to the program, and thank you very much for agreeing to this interview. Chad Keller and one test grew thanks for having us on Dan. Thank you. Thank you very much, gentlemen. In light of the development just yesterday, twenty four hours incredible timing for this program tell us briefly gentleman with you first one. What is your reaction to the decision? Just tell us for those people that haven't been under a rock for awhile haven't heard this decision tell us briefly what the decision is in what is your reaction? The decision is made by a judge named Angela Spector,
Leave her name is who is from Sheboygan which is the county along the lake South of Manitowoc, apparently she's also had some other dealings with Stephen Avery, or is that something so in theory? She probably should have recused himself from the case, but didn't, but essentially what she did was bar his attorney Kathleen Zellner's motion saying that the evidence isn't justified to grant a new trial, I read her decision and honestly, you could pull quite a few holes in it of itself a couple of things Where were decisions that ok? I can see where you make the argument, but nothing as far as I'm concerned to wear. If I was a jury- and that was that was her argument, she wouldn't win the argument, in my opinion, but essentially uh. It is lower court ruling, it's
correct, your tweets say their higher courts. It's not the end of the world. You know, fortunately, for Steve, it's it's just like anything, you know. If you get hit in the face, you know unless it's by Scarlett Johansson or something it's probably going to be pretty pretty unpleasant and Chad tell you that that Steve is pretty bummed out about it, but it's not the final. It's not the end of the road. There are other appeals and she she said in September, but weeks that she does have new evidence. New witnesses and because the case was basically what what the judge said was that you you, you can't use the stuff that was found as evidence before. It's not that much of a detriment necessarily because younger had scented the motion based on new evidence. So I don't know how far that goes to where they can attach the new evidence to the old evidence, but
all in all in the in the big picture. I don't believe this is going to hinder Steven Avery's chances of being freed and specially with the information that Chad's book has brought forth. You add that to the stew and your going to have a pretty pretty yummy stew that hopefully puts the correct people behind bars. If that answers your question it does Chad. I want to ask you first, based on everything that you were, did you written about? Were you surprised at the decision and then what parts of this judge's decision her argument against this this and for this denial? What parts were you surprised with? We surprised at this decision tell us what surprised you and didn't
prize you with this decision yesterday. Well Dan, is Manitowoc County. So nothing really surprises me at the county level. What what is surprising is that the judge was made can small little arguments and just trying to beat it to death and just nitpicking at any little thing to keep Stephenville getting a re trial there in Manitowoc County, but the Zelda is going to try to file a new brief. She stated, I think, before Thanksgiving, it's going to go to the wind currents in court of it, which will be a court for Steven, and they have a retrial in. I think the playing field will be, he better leveled for him, but I mean there's. Things that need to go on before this trial takes place.
And one of those things is getting certain people attached to the the new appeal off of it. And who are some of those people that need to be off of this appeal? As you say, right now, the assistant attorney General Thomas J, Farrell When is handling the appeal for Steven Avery and then Norman Gahn and these people were directly related to in affiliation with Peg lighten Slager's a political agenda at the time of this two thousand and five incident and that
they just they need to be re cues from this immediately. But is there anyone other than you official, a calling for this and demanding this, and and if there is how effective is that demands? How effective you looked at the man will be, but I think, a lot Avery supporters on won't these people recuse, but a lot of them and a lot of people are still blind about Thomas J Fallon, being third in command of the entire state and and they see KEN Kratz as like so called villain in making a murderer: the prosecutor, but but Crooked Kratz, the fall fall, guy occurrences absolutely and nobody in this case the person with all the power who stepped onto the scene when
we're Brendan Dacite was coerced and because I'm a part of the prosecution is Fallon. Fallon Fallon was starting in command of the state and he still in third income, end the entire state and- and that's That'S- the real state power that people have got to get her minecraft around to understand that he had the power to to throw the match in the original trial. Let's talk to one an ask: I want to ask the question about Brendan Dassie, not everybody's up to completely on speed what has happened with people have seen making of a murderer that first season. Surely
full of heard that the confession has been deemed to be coerced and we've heard about his mental capabilities or disabilities. Let's talk about, what's happened in the summer and the fall regarding Brendan Dacite, one test group well, essentially last summer when judged up in basically granted that writ of habeas Corpus, to really nasty Brad you'll decided to appeal. Within the ninety days and This is kind of where I'm questioning Bradshaw cool, because I I do know that Brad Schimmel is a member of the Republican Party and the years prior, leading up to the two thousand. Sixteen being election and even two thousand and fourteen election. There were numerous instances in cases where the opposing party,
I was trying to railroad his republican Party and to great, even though there were many infractions that realistically should have been looked at quite soon. He hasn't even looked at those particular cases dealt with blows to his party, but he can take the time you know to a case of poor sixteen year old kid- and you know appeal within ninety days, which is only three months. It could, where anybody who looks at that tape, Charles, could look at that even say. Hey at worse. You could say you know the kid. The kid was probably horse I mean anybody with eyes are going to say: yeah, it's pretty blatant, but they the time to actually appeal that they lost in the seventh circuit by two to one. They took the time to on a bomb that and they just recently held a hearing where an eye writer,
the writer, I don't know how to pronounce your name, the young lady for the innocent project. From that death. He was working with big leave their respective speeches is, and you could tell that there were some judges who were quite favorable. For dancing and other with words, and there are also, I believe, bird. I had a huge conflict of interest with judge site, yet these things go through all the time. So so, there's some instances within those instances that that need to be addressed and looked at but essential The were you know That's what we're waiting on is for this panel to make their next decision so that we can go forth to see whether or not Mister Dancy Range Victoria's, because if you raise the taurus, what does that mean? First Steven Avery is at a complete game. Changer. Are they going to say kind what they did yesterday and say well too? Bad
somehow doesn't count so is it going to be a really interesting turn of events. Quite honestly, if it wasn't so drawn out, it would make game of thrones and hausa cars in Orange is the new black nobody watching those shows because they want to see with these real life twists and turns have in the Wiscconsin political system that has a little bit of a tinge of corruption. Again, if that answers your question, has there been any comment from the producers of making a murderer to this decision, but also to the assertions in this book. Chat. As as far as the creators are concerned, a lot of them was was helped out by Jerome buting in the defense counsel for Steven Avery, while making this document
three and a lot of them are still Google. Is it's a hurdle dista to say of beauty Was involved with the state or not uhm, I have numerous facts that puts him in Lawton Slager's pocket actually, but as far as creators. I mean they jump started the creator dealing jumpstarted, the creators of reader. And they're all on the so I mean is Did you have any response back form from one just be
because of that aspect you assert in this book and we didn't get to it last time. So I'm going to ask you this, because it is fascinating. How far you go into this inference after inference fact evidence to to provide that incredibly compelling argument in this book in so many directions. We talked about the attorney general and her complicity in this and her connections. If you think there's corrupt police. Well, then, who was in control of the corrupt police? You pose that question. Well, you talk about Theresa Hall backs last day and her connection peg log in slugger lighting, the slugger to that particular day
to Theresa hold back Chad tell us about that. Treats the haul bag had visited of Stephen piece met on the morning that she allegedly died. That was our first visit to take photos. Those were autocrat? Your magazine and what's interesting about this case. Stephen p Schmidt lives in the same area as Peg Lawton Slager is in of find lack area and her campaign manager for her actual attorney general run whenever she campaign taught in Smith, is Steven P Smith, MRS blood relative So, on the day that Teresa is last seen alive by her first photographer session that she does she's. Actually,
visiting a blood relative of her campaign manager. An now now. What is what is so two conflicting about this is pig. Latin has declined to speak for twelve years now on any to do with the hall case. She'll speak. The Gregory Allen in the nineteen eighty five penny berenstein case that there wasn't enough witness identification. Approved Gregory Alan has the suspect of painting Ben fifteen and night Steven Avery, so she kind of protects Manitowoc County there, but she should speak up for her whereabouts, on where she was the day that Teresa to would likely died,
because Teresa was in her own backyard, so to speak. Now with that, you would think that you are not certainly not hiding any of these facts and you've been very vocal and promoting yourself and the allegations and assertions and the clay did you make in his book? What is the reaction from the Department of Justice to some of the things you just said and There is no reaction. What what do you conclude from that? Well there there has been an actual reaction, KEN red, we exchanged emails and- and he told me that he was going- so forward. My information, the Thomas J fouling Anne, would would be that I'd probably be in touch with. If I release my book for criminal defamation
L, A and and we're talking like, there's millions of supporters here in this is the state. Capital wins constant work. Thomas J fell on deaf ears and he's gonna forward information about my book straight to the assistant attorney general, a wince constant. I mean that that shows that the information web, is? Is? Is a threat to them? You know I mean I haven't heard anything else from Kratz, but wide open for for whatever they want to confront me within it, because I would like to actually then with the deposition in it because, but but they won't do that this point, because if they start releasing information about a lot slacker and amp
emails with Lotton Slager's on beauty with emails. Slager Kratz is fast bender do all these key people involved in these cases is going to blow this thing wide open, so so are actually just writing it off right now, because if they, if they die, drive into it. Then they're are opening up a can of worms, and I mean it's going to be very bad for the state and I'm just trying to get any. Body anybody in the meeting anybody to to get Lawton Slager to answer the questions in this book, absolutely one. You talked about that this is not the end for Steven Avery and that there is some optimism. It sound like from you for a federal appeal. If I'm not correct so tell us what you think. Those grounds are federally that they have this leg to stand on what they will base
or likely will, or what do you think is the strongest grounds that they have for this federal appeal? Well, the strongest grounds, in my opinion, that they have is is in a, I think. It's two hundred: what is it? Seventy three pages in a book called beyond Avery RD because it exposes things that has Nothing to do with what's already been shared out in the past and the present make connections to where it. You know it in himself will allow anyone to read to say well, there's an reasonable doubt to say that that It is not circular. Is it these people were tide in which, which I'm sure will get to before the end of the program. But even one or two as long as there's one or two that that's all you need matter fact? That's! What have
the OJ case. Of course, there is a little bit different, but the federal part of the appeal, which is the last one, which is what Brandon is, is the is the heaviest corpus. It is usually the hardest believe it or not in that manner, factor not graded, very often slander, standing but likely what's going to happen is the is the next appeals court will be the the the kicker slash winner, because then after that is the Wisconsin Supreme Court My guess is, if somehow For whatever reason you know, our information doesn't make it out there, which I I can't perceive, happening because you know quite frankly, we've got. On the night stand, but That would be where the real decision will be made when it comes to Steven Avery. Just younger is presenting it in her motions but again with Brandon. If
Steven Avery was was convicted on what Brendan's testimony was and bring when he gets thrown out. Well that changes that altogether. So when I said before, I, I don't think it's the be all end. All Stephen Avery, you know it. It's there's a lot, there's a lot more, the arsenal, but as far as I he you concerned the best weapon. That arsenal is exactly the stuff we're talking about in this exactly the stuff, that's in Chad's book beyond Avery RD again, because it, regardless of whatever it is they try to suppress, regardless of you, know, who said what, if you've got documentation, if you've got trails that tie everybody together. That say that this is a stacked deck. None of that other stuff matters I mean honestly in scenario even could have actually done it and still walk free because of the connections in the circular.
Round about way that that everybody The scenes work together on this to put Stephen in the situation he's in so Chad, you talked about Zell merited fenced attorney. Zellner is approach with this, and we haven't talked about that, and that is that she has another suspect she names. Another person of interest tell us who that other person, that other suspect is and is this- was this in hindsight, a good strategy. Is this the way to go Is is the way she must go? What do you think Chad, as far as your own, her suspect own tree, so huh bags Ex boyfriend Ryan Hillegas um, he was never protect
under the Danny LAW Own that was filed in motion during the pre trial. An is this a constitutional loophole where she can back door. The appeals courts by saying hey? We have a suspect here and does correlate some hurt, hurting is that Ryan hello is responsible for bludgeoning Teresa, the hall back to now. Why I think she's going that motive? If you take, Brendan Dacite and he gets his habeas approved and he went his case. Then the state no longer has smoking bullet because Norman gained one of the people. I I've been fight to get removed. He yeah there is No trial said we
did the contaminated bullet fragment and with deviated from protocol to make sense, and that was because of Brendan Dassey's confession. Now, with the confession gets returned over. Then the state no longer has a smoking gun, because Brenda's diocese This is no good and it no longer puts the two. In the garage with shoot? Shooting tracing ahead as the state alleged in the first trial. So then Zellner can can provide the information that for real I worked out and she doesn't have to prove that this ex boyfriends to kill their lcs do is provide reasonable doubt that tree so was bludgeoned to death and when you no longer have a smoking gun because the state bullet is it collaborated by bringing his testimony anymore, then, then, the state can't use that piece of evidence so that that establish is reasonable. Doubt that trees that could have
bludgeoned to death by Ryan Hill gas. It's a very good move on her behalf because I mean Fallon. And the prosecution team they kind of, does so displaying up and exhausted every appeal they could think of During the original trial and there's just one loop old that they didn't think about, and that was the Denny didn't protect that boyfriend says elder using that angle here, which is an actual, is a a really an angle to go through a long me purse
only I've done a lot of research on Ryan, I mean, as far as him being the killer. If he worked with the police in this, he could be the killer along, but we'll have to leave that for the elder, her experts to establish that now you talked about if Brandon Brandon Dacite is his confession is thrown out. But if you talk to the visit, there is another re trial will say. So what we're talking about? What happens? If you do talk about the state in the power of of the state so far to transform this innocent person into a guilty person and do all this stuff all this incredible behind the scenes stuff? Why would it not be continuing? So it sounds like you're optimistic that there,
could be some things but isn't Brendan. Dassie is any vulnerable to being able to be retried again and if the state already has his intention to do what they've done so far according to you, Chad and one, then why not continue with that as far as DHA, CB and retry play anywhere. That's up for the higher quarts to the Herman. I mean I, I can't make that determination now before the courts as far as the attorney general and as Attorney General Fallon insurable. They both share an office and fellow work egg and fell? And I believe, is duping Shamil to to process every
thing politically and in the judicial system to not let any of these people get retried. Because of any of this evidence comes the lie. I mean this is the road suite they've been they've, been trying and to sweep the and sweeping and sweep it, I mean- and this has this- has it just going on through Schimmel's current attorney general. This went on with the attorney general. Van Halen hauling? Who who preceded likeness tiger- and they are succeeded- lives like you're in the amount read it here on? This is Avery started appeal here and there they don't want any of this going to court. I mean these people were given a ward at the end of this trial, the the person who will lead Waco coerced Brendan dad was given an award Fassbender norming Norman is now considered a pioneer of of dna in Wisconsin Skansen for four.
Submitting mating contaminated bullet fragment. I mean you know this is this is have served all these people get these awards and as far as winning free trial do anything if they ever happen. The information of everything that circulates in my book. There are so many facts that just show that everyone was was connected in a bipartisan eh route. Two railroad Steven I mean it's is kinda is just it just blow your mind when you get to see how many people were working together on this, that had a political agenda and to me this entire thing is a political conviction, and that's why attorney General Schimmel assistant attorney general battling will not allow any of this to go to go to
a new trial, because they want to prevent that. I mean, in fact this does the days, and this is my opinion, this entire cases about that check just mentioned. How can crabs was saying that he's going to pass this on to Fallon and yet nothing happened well. Why? Well, because if he decides to open a court case, in definition that mean It opens up everything to be scrutinized that the one thing they don't want and if you think about what happened way back when right before this happened, everybody, except for two people, would oppose the Dennis Vogel? Who was the DA and Sheriff Tom concert? ok, and nobody in this is this is where I really start to question the motive. 'cause a lot you mentioned in your intro, it's a thirty six million dollar question Well me, knowing about the way politics runs was Constance got a pretty
balanced budget for the Department of Transportation. The transportation is going to budget shortfall of nine hundred thirty nine million dollars it's about almost billion dollars, thirty six million dollars is a sneeze to bureaucrat so when people say- ok, it was about the money sure perhaps, but the one thing One thing that absolutely stopped when Stephen: Avery got arrested. Okay and yeah. I could tell you all about that on how The gun charge turned into something else, because where the evidence was stored in man, but the one something that stopped was that investigation And if anybody ever watch is better call Saul, Bx filling cop MIKE Ehrmantraut says you know what a cop fears most. I'm getting shots not getting killed in the line of duty. It's prison right,
threaded, copper that you make him dangerous when that investigation, stout everything thing that we might have found out see the light of day into this day has seen the light of day. So that's why she will it everybody. Does it want this out? That's why founders want this out? That's why anybody don't found with the defamation case. Nobody wants to open this can of worms. They all wanted to just go away, so it screams the question: what is it and then you add that with everything you find in Chad's book on how use tide. Allow schlager it everybody's tied to everybody to everybody else. You have to really wonder what is it? What is it that hasn't been found, is it that hasn't been investigating. What is it that they're hiding so bad, but they're willing to keep an innocent? You know mentally challenged boy?
who's, never even voted once in his life, probably never driven a car to keep that man in jail until at least fifty years old to hide watch. So the chances of this stuff be seeing the light of day on an accord, other than people getting behind us and and signing that petition to get these guys removed it out that's going to be the real kicker to this Chad. You make
assertions in here. We talked about call back and the inference that she was connected with people that were handling her and you make inferences in the book and all this would just say that some of the things that you say about latin schlager being involved with this and the state of trees, the whole back. You have some theories and you have so you you put out the idea that Theresa hold back may have had some other reason to die. That day. When we talk about the alleged murder, we talk about in the introduction, so Chad, let's just have it. What are you trying to say? What do you say regarding Teresa Holbach her death. What do you have to say? Well, it goes back to when Teresa leaves Fonda Lac that morning
the only person that really knows what time she's going to even arrive in the Manitowoc okay, yeah Stephen knows when she's going to get the New Steven, those once you there when she's there, but he doesn't know what time he's coming, but the person who can best give an estimate time for her arrival is the person who sees her after that first appointment, which is Stephen, P Smith's. So if he is, she, in his property and his blood relative is all right into which email is is, is tie and Smith and that one's like Rick I'm training manager for her attorney general run and any board. Member of the the bundle like boarding- I mean there is a really tight knit political group right there. It just goes to show that Lawton sluggers own alone political, with JEB,
the end of people involved in the news exactly when she will find a lack and what, in the in the book, I do own several incidents. Two inferences to Teresa Holbach, he and terminally ill, and I think this process was my spit up. I left on a lot of people out of it personally for civil litigation, an kinda introduced the terminal illness. So no one could really. Charles meeting living location, Stuff
just saying hey, young you're, saying that I killed her and I'm gonna sue you along yeah the terminal illness alone, references that are making the book. I'm I mean there's some solid facts there. I still think that whatever happened was complications between Fonda Lag in minutes after after she left Steven Avery's house, and then it was just picked up on You know, there's a report that says her. Her car was impounded pounding Toyota Rav four was impounded on on. The third of November, but then they say that they found it on the fifth on the Avery salvage yard, and I think a lot of those reports are just moved from the third up to the fifth, and they kind of just change over the name. So whatever happened to Teresa when she left Manitowoc
She left Lawton Slager's own backyard to begin with and that would be the people that would have the information on what time she was going to be in Manitowoc and it it is. This really discerning, because Lawton Schlager has kept quiet about this for twelve years and trees, visiting the blood relative, their own campaign manager, incredible. We're going to use this gentleman as an opportunity to talk just for a second, but our sponsor for this program. Blue apron, blue apron is the number one for which ingredient and recipe delivery service in the country, blue apron's mission is to make incredible home cooking accessible to everyone
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So don't wait blue apron, a better way to cook when we last left off. We were talking about Theresa Hall back, and I wanted to ask you: how does this fit in? And what do you think about to that last time- and this is something I'm stuck on- is the importance of the recorded messages on three CIS answering machine and her brother's involvement and the court did when there's an opportunity to question something so important. As the destruction of evidence tell us a little bit about Theresa whole backs brother, how much she should have known about this and how inappropriate is this? Well, let's, let's talk about
both the three so called Beck's brothers what's interesting is a long. My call back home, he was secured a job with the Green Bay Packers Ami was for first day, video assist, he was an intern and then he became one payroll help. There's a did the video director who was working with the Green Bay Packers since the 1970s Ekberg burn. He has just officially retired and MIKE been moving up the department over the last twelve years that a dog to Reese's alleged death and everything so date there's an interesting backstory on how haul bag was secured. This job- and that goes with the person who took over at birds, employment, is
the University of Wisconsin law. He he's a professor there and he knows lot in Slager good and an egg knows what it's like really well and hey when it comes down to my research. I kind of ty back hearing a dream: job of of of having the packers which accredited to lunch like you're, secure in that job. To and let's talk about, Pm Holbeck treats his older brother one month before sure Resa is dead and as she, she allegedly was killed October of two thousand five we'll be back up to September. Two thousand five. Her brother then became the vice president of the Chilton BAR Association and he went into partnership,
with this wall for the the two eight law firm and George W to Heck is a lifelong resident of freon, again the mail slot and swagger, and to hear any specialization with dairy farms and the handling of land, the land transactions after death. You had all this dairy farm stuff and he was like the go to guy and dairy farm he graduated in nineteen. Seventy three tell Hall back was a recent one. Your recent graduate and your pair in call back with two Hague, and it is a life long for in of Lawton Slager in front of Fonda Lac area. He actually operates
a funeral home within ten miles of what you slackers residential area, so for them to be partnered with a month before her death, along with my research he could earn to hit, was amazing. The president of the children bar along the seed money to open this. Order was again helped out. We have Barbie attorney General Laden swagger and what this gives them, as the children bar vice president and president of this association plus they're open this firm. They have all of the only get out you legality available at their law, firm to wash any medical records of Teresa's parents. Any medical records or to if you look at her death certificate,
It is the motion at your death certificates in the United States history and they they would be able to have privileged access to the US, and I feel that Lawton slugger had a had pared these two up because they knew they were. I have to wash something in her in her disappearance and her death alleged death, so so going on the hall Back brothers and where they staying, they got dream jobs. I mean they're they're, making they're, making hi hi hi in dollars right now and as far as repairing parents, long lunch later help them out with a milk grant m. I L is a dairy Farm Association Grant where they benefit so much annually from proceeds from this great. And it's like the ones like yours looks, like your hand, held the whole bag All of this fine
will gain before two reasons: death, invest. Something that concerns me is that to hitting and hall back are right there in the mix of it and best one of our lunch. Like your life long and if you look at every single in the military. Like a lot a lot of times, you really advance you advance because you're a combat, you're the right place at the right time, etc. Every single person involved in this weather, it was Glenn Kucinski now he is, you know judgeship whether it was to the older brother, I'm going to hit law firm and, I believe, made partner at twenty six years old and Whitehall Bach. I just recently saw a tweet where he base weekly. It said you know. Whatever twelve years ago, I turned a family tragedy into something good with of course you might look and say: ok, okay, you know with his sisters, death he got out for the cameras and
yeah they got him soon, publicity, etc, etc. But the way it's phrased it kind of makes you think. Ok now he's one of the head, video guys in the Green Bay Packers, which of course anything with the packers and was constant, is anybody's dream job, but If you read that almost you know is like all well, you know my sister's death was weak, weak knives knives. What kind of got me into you know the screen every single member he mentioned fahsbender, and we they got awards for all this. Everybody got promotions. Everybody got this it. With that milk rant, I mean, if you really dig into it, it's almost as if I'm perfectly familiar with how this works quote. Unquote little payout. Well, I tell you what you know you whatever donated this and I'll make sure that that played gets built in your in your district. It's better! So this is. This is the exact kind of political wheeling and dealing in corruption, and if it is, went to Hall Box family well, now that ask the other question: ok, well,
they're involved how? Why well? What happened this is your own sister. How far does this go? We directions disco, so it opens up an entire new can of worms on that aspect alone time once again, circularly back into audition back into this circular seat of political corruption. Is there something to the argument that this is a small place? We're not talking about super densely populated area of the entire area that we are talking about, and if we are talking about that, if we're gonna keep with a logical for going to speculate, we can speculate somewhat. Then what exactly was wrong with Teresa Hall back the
the family could allow this to happen. So, as you alluded to about an illness but again, what would that illness be? And where is any kind of evidence that that other than a speculation, the speculative nature well one day and the the x, surrounding that she she has genetic illnesses in her family. On her mother and father side of both cystic this, an mitochondrial myopia which stem from both her parents, Richard Hallback, died from from comp locations of an injury in Brevard County in down Florida near Cocoa Beach. And I think Everybody in my research, the that-
Rick me is that his wishes was when he died to Reese's brother, Patrice. Is uncle married, her mother, that was Richard Hall back the biological father's brother, married Teresa's, mother and one of the reasons for this. The the the whole backs stem from two hundred years, when they they planted their german family. They come they come to Wisconsin two hundred years ago, and it's to our knowledge of research into the the dairy farm? The way it's handled is that the youngest daughters, not the oldest sons, are really the ones who become to get the financial gain in the the family, so with
Reese is gone and Treasas heard her uncle and they have children. Then the two daughters who were who were conceived by the uncle now and a mother, though now we indeed primary game of the dairy farm state. So there's there's a lot of at things happening with the with the way that is put down to the youngest instead of the oldest, and I think this specifically designed, because if you have genetic illnesses, a lot of people, I lived old age. But if you pass it down to the youngest daughter, if you have play young daughter in the Hallback clam which you do then, then they get the the trust left over from the dare
and I mean there was a trust put in Teresa Holbach's name and TIM Hallback name prior to her death like one month and that would have been help established by George W to when TIM into him open the law firm. So as far as the evidence that she had illnesses. Kathleen Zellner actually has found a routine pharmacist that she was go. Twelve Deputy O'Neill who question- in the dassie and crib it's just just on November six, the day after the route four was found told Brendan Dad see a lot of people don't know this, but Teresa has medicine that she needs to keep on a daily basis that she needs to take and It later come out that a sheriff Jerry Eagle at Cal County was saying that she was perfectly fine
and this yada yada yada, but but then taken to conserve duration. The zero funeral trees on call back when, when they give the family back the cremains day hold a fundraiser for cystic fibrosis, and- and this is where a lot of her blue ribbon stuff comes room, but but I mean there there's evidence that shows that there are that she could have. Possibly. Being terminally ill, and I do think that these, This information has been washed and covered up by the hauled back into his law, firm. If you go back to the interview that Brandon did with that officer when they were up north in the cabin you can hear me hey, please Dave! You know we need to help her out Brendan she's sick. She needs her medicine. We need to get her her Medison now Wednesday, say of that is just cops trying to play tricks, but
if you've got all this other clues that I in you know, you tell me so just wanted to add that part to it. Certainly now you talk about what's next for Steven Avery and you talked about defense attorney Zellner. How soon can anything do and anything better happen for Steven Avery after this decision. How long will it be likely well day in has has made comments that she would try to get a new brief filed before thanksgiving. And then, when it's filed I mean you know: the courts depending on which court it is some of them can take. The three years is to go to court if, if never gonna be retried, so the actual determine
in a way, and he can be retried, there's no actual given date. At this time I mean they they they could deny it on. If eight, my guess is, if we don't do something to get, Norman Gan, recused, Thomas J, Fallon Rick, Brad, Schimmel, recuse from every part of this is that no none of 'em vaseline or a rear, a labor, get other trials and again is because they don't want this opened up and and there's enough evidence that I mean I mean I He like his show solid evidence that his own defense counsel was in lot in Slager's pocket and that some information I wanted to get out tonight also, but as far as a court date, there might not ever be a court date and less we. Drive this home. I mean I mean people need to do
their eyes from KEN Kratz start looking up to Thomas J Fallon, because he was head, Lawton Slager's right hand. Man during this heat come from peg lot in Slager's office. He was- her little minion so server, so I can call him can he come in and he took over and when you have that much power in a courthouse, I mean you're, pretty much twisting arms and I want to. I want to touch base on a case that happen. January of two thousand seven right before February two seven. When Steven Avery's case started, Thomas J fouling protected these two attorneys that have raped a purse, a female in Chicago land. And then the outcome of this case. These two Wisconsin Conson State
Certainly we're given a lighter sentence is no prison time, but they were involved in a in a sexual assault and rape of a of a female victim. The prosecutor that was the star prosecutor that work with Fallon. He was long criticized in the new media for these, for giving these wins. Conson attorneys leniency. So he resigned his position saying he was taking his dream job in Tennessee and he just left he just he. Just she just threw away, is prosecution, career and left, and that was because he was under reading by the media, but it goes to show you that this is only one month before fouling does Steven Avery's trial, but he's he's in cooperation with attorneys and the prosecutor of this case. So it goes to show you what he's doing in
Steven Avery's trial? He dean straying is Tom Balance, best friends, their colleagues, so Fallon mentions and making a murderer if they want to say hey Manitowoc County framed him because all this stuff, then they do so so at their own peril. Will the thing about that Strings office was right across from Fallon in Lawton, slackers, literally across the street. And- and so I mean on in the Oj Simpson case- there was a zeta nastro- there were less than than twenty five judges chambers meeting off record in this trial Steven Avery in just a little over two months. There was one hundred and twenty off record judge's chambers meetings with Fallon, Kratz, Gan Building and dean, and these were off
Rick I mean one hundred and twenty times over one hundred and twenty times. This was off record and if you're, in that position behind closed doors with Fallon, who, just one month, worked with attorneys in the prosecutor and and gave when you're turning around and and and be in charge of their own to the max for sexually assaulting and raping a female that just shows that he's working right along side with attorney them prosecutors. Any questions Fallon's own ethical role in anything to do with. Steven Neighbors trial, especially whenever he is peg. Lunch longer right hand, man and he was also deposed in Steven Avery Civil suit, Michael Grice back was deposed. Mark Rober was the post. They were not allowed to participate as a prosecutor
in the murder trial drop. Neither should Fallon had been able to to participate. If you were sorry, go ahead, I was gonna say you were asked you and a little while ago about like how small things are. Well, I don't know, state your residing in currently but forty out of the fifty states. Basically, you can't walk into a tavern or a restaurant and smoke a cigarette. Now decision was made by problem Only a couple one hundred legislators and the governor Right told, however many millions of people that, regardless of what you were the owner or whatever anybody else wanted you're going to in the actual people that wrote that bill that bill talking in the dungeons the pair. So when used chess talking about, you, know, stringer being across the street from each other. You talk about the court system. Dean string is part the law, firm of string, Bradley and Bradley now that
you Bradley Zara, fail in a female that just happened to be the son of the daughter, Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Ann Walsh, Bradley so when you talk about the state of five point, seven million people and whatever whatever chat, mentioned, twenty twenty five thousand attorneys. Somehow all these people kind of right in the sixties circles and reside together so and that also, if does go past this next appellate court and goes to the Wisconsin re record because Dean's during was the one that that was on the original trial in yet the so circle, with your work or is or whatever her name is she mentioned all the stuff you can't use from the past. Well, is that going to be grounded? Anwal spreads is going to recuse herself, because the original attorney that defended Steven Avery is part of the law, firm of string, Bradley and Bradley both of those her kid.
Where is she going to rule on this case? You know again, Stephen Avery. So We talking about all this circular everything ties into another. It keeps going and go. It's like the energizer bunny and honestly we're scratching the surface. Here you know this. What is two hundred and seventy some pages and you've read it, but for anyone out there listening, I imported to read this book because it just going to blow your mind and the fact that nobody's looked into this before nobody's talked about this before then. This is probably the most important part, because again evidenced revenants. If you got somehow people working together to stack the deck for what ever the motive. For what ever the reason that we managed to bring this to light years, a petition signed that force that can make you know a higher power, the higher court. The people not involved in this, that take a look at this like for sample. The new US attorney for the Eastern District was Conson that hope
he's going to get cleared by the Senate sometime soon. Hopefully he's a good man. He can look into it with all this, which means it doesn't matter what the Dassie security does or what judges do Newman doesn't matter what zone are fine He goes in there and bring it to court for these people for this, but instead we found them. Steven Avery and Brendan have a real chance. Is there of having to go through the rigmarole of the corrupt, Wiscconsin Fox Valley court system. That's why they
it's so important right? Why do you think someone that was instrumental in having Stephen Avery released in the first place from the wrongful conviction, Michael Grease, back from the innocence project? I interviewed him and he said that Stephen Avery is guilty and then I asked does he not deserve another trial and everything that I've looked at in and not being as professionally qualified to make that conclusion, I still think in light or whatever then I looked at it deserves another trial with what do you make of Michael Grease back his his position in this? His role in this, and yet he thinks said he does not deserve another trial. What do you make of that? Well, Dan, if you want to get a life over his back on when
when Steven was exonerated and he was the one who approached Lawton Slager and and said: hey. We got some some uh miscarriages of justice going on in my office, Dennis Vogel in Tomkus Eric just sent. They were just found out that Steven had been sent off for eight in years in prison, now Michael grabs bag at this point own at this during this time, I believe he was doing what was right to prompt an investigation, but there's something that Michael Grise back failed to tell love you during an interview- and that's I don't know if you discussed how his brow was handling Avery Civil suit magistrate, federal a three judge, William rise back, he was
actually I am the one Stephen Avery Syllable suit. That's why he had gone to recuse himself, because Grad Michael was deposed now right. Well, you guys, but announced his resignation and recused himself on September twenty six. But there was some big things. Have meaning in Madison at the state. Capital during this time, and that was with Lawton slugger distributing these pamphlets that discern tunnel vision, jailhouse snitches electronic monitoring of juveniles contaminated evidence and and all these things were going on these pamphlets. Now you have to you have to take into consideration what a slugger took over the Avery task force on August thirtieth. So you have twenty six days later when
Right back is recusing himself, and this is only days after lunch, like your distributes these pamphlets. Now this condition that Hey had had restarted when she took over every task force and and we redesigned it to her own, like in in her own doing these people involved again? Where prosecutors, judges, crime, lab people, attorneys, etc, and Williams rise back in a federal magistrate. Judge would be pre maybe to the political information going on. He he's at a high tier level to know it's happening in the attorney general's office and with this political agenda. So when he resigns. He wants to make it apparent that he done it because Michael Grise back was deposed, but it's really because he didn't want no part of,
what insulators political agenda that was going on. He tells rise back to stay away from the case and grise back, but never touch it. Michael read back, never touched it at and I think those two brothers were protecting each other, but where Michael Grass back has I've lost all and you know I don't have no respect for me more. He didn't ever blow the whistle on what was happening with the pamphlets that were distributed by lightens lot in Slager. That could have protected not only Steven Avery but Brendan Dassie. You know when, and this was their political agenda to not have people wrongfully convicted. But here you got a federal magistrate, stepping down the because he would be in a position to know everything that's going on with this commission controlled by lot and Slager, and for that for Michael rise back to
just play like he doesn't know, what's going on there, he wasn't allowed to prosecute. He stayed away from the case. That's because his brother is telling him hey. You need to get away. You need to dissociate your dealt with this and Michael Grass Bank, you know if he knew what his brother, new and they've talked about, it then yeah. He would have no choice right now, but to say that Steven Avery is guilty because that's protecting him and his brother. So there's there's some questions there and I asked Michael Grass back these questions in my book, you know that he needs to step up and answer for the scene he needs to. He needs to stand accounted for for this dissociation of the murder trial for a back. What it is. This might be a good, segway and I forgive me Dan if, if you got other things-
this might be a good segue for what you talked about for Brendan, because you know this kind of thing and he mentioned it during the intro that how Brendan what could have been, let go the very month if they had, we have done what they done. So I just want to make sure we hit that you know before the end of the pro. So I don't know if that's something you may want to discuss now or since we had on it, but sure certainly. So, let's chat, ok! Well, what exactly one are you referring to at the moment like gone, just how how Brandon, because of the rules that they put in place, you know on February 23rd Wednesdays before, and it don't have to do it now. I just want to make sure that's an incredibly important part. Nobody knows about yet so
you know I don't I'm sorry. I didn't want to step on the dance totaled up and again, I want to make sure we discussed that could that that huge right and before we hear that damn and there's a little backstory here that making a murderer supporters of you then watchers around the globe were talking millions and millions of people that are. Aware of okay. My book exposes the timeline of Jerry Buting's involvement with he. He was a golden ticket, I mean one. One can vouch for me for the US along. There were twenty members. Cd today were task force and they were seated in a bipartisan effort by the state can capital, and when you became a member on this I mean that gave you privileged access to whatever was happening politically
Steven Avery's exoneration and gave you privileged access to the attorney general and and the high end. People working in the Department of Justice in the state, capital and building was one of these people cool. Now my own, my largest concern that I want to drive home about Jerome Buting, is that he had the golden ticket. He was. He was one of twenty people seated and with colleagues like Norman gain who who introduced this blood theory was Jerome, beatings, Coley for for two years and then for the it comes back on a murder, trial and prosecute and of
in Steven Avery, while they're sitting on a commission with Peg lunch lager is the most severe conflict of interest. You have Griz back who recused himself. You have a federal judge that recuse themselves You have a lot of mark rower that wasn't allowed to participate in this prosecution, because they had dillons with the exoneration or were attached to the pool medical agendas, exoneration of Steven Avery and exam and we're talking to exoneration of nineteen of Stevens, one thousand nine hundred and eighty five charge in two thousand and three exonerating. So if you're working that end politically are the LA galatis of it. You shouldn't be touching this murder charge it specially when you're on the commission, with Peg Lunch, Leger and and and this is one of the biggest miscon directions for making a murder, and I'm going to throw it out
right here right now, people this this is been one of mine ones, hardest hurdles to overcome and people were brainwashed into how much of a hero, dean string in Jerome buting are shown to be on making a murder. But I mean KEN Kratz on a radio, show Winnie and reduces book dead, dead, butane helped even home, indirect, making a murder- and this is concerning because the only reason the state of Wisconsin Skansen allowed this trial to. The field, and I and I got the document is affected. I mean this is that no being gas is not no bullshit. This is a fact. Thomas J Fallon wrote a letter to judge Patrick Willis, who presided
Stephen Neighbors case and said: hey. We need to be the year, so the defense team of Stephen, they re record them, so Stephen Avery, can never calling in affect counsel council, and that is the only reason that they're the creators were allowed to even film this triangle, because the state asked for it and again you go back to dean, string being best friends with Thomas J Fallon and you go back to building and the pocket of Loggins blood. Slayer
it's just so disturbing of hell of how this is misconceived by all these people. They don't realize your own beauty is politically attached to this case and and all they see is just that he's a hero. But when you do the research and I'll wait for the town line out, it's not just like a day or two days he's a test a lot later for four years. He He is he's on Lakers Commission. When Commission, when Steven Avery has hired beauty industry to defend him, is it just blows my mind that nobody can see the severe conflict of interest I mean it was a bipartisan effort. You know of all this task force, but runs right there in the heart of the politics in Wisconsin and one. Maybe you can confirm that you know that these people shouldn't have been
working in the murder trial, if they were involved in the exoneration political or any other way period and that correct. You know when two judges when it comes in thirty years. You know everyone says well they're supposed to be in on on part of the non biased and all this stuff. But everybody knows it's human and in a way for all these little idiosyncrasies and all these things hiding it. I might actually by that. Are you okay? Well, maybe it's just you know one is existed to school. Extension. Three is pattern: how many three sports five hundred and sixty seven eighteen, one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine hundred two, how connections? Do you need before there's finally a patterns where you say: ok, something else is going on here. Now we're not exactly what well I've never heard good idea and again, what's the motive behind that you know: you've got people you're, accusing them selves, but other people that should have recused themselves. It didn't yet
you've got instances, I mean just the simple stuff. You know Jerry Buting is supposed to be this perfect expert and he doesn't cross exam, you know it doesn't get the polish or not. You've got a camera going Fallon or Gun and said well, we have to make the evidence you know fit to in order for it to make sense. I mean these things. They should have been absolutely thrown out of court and and there's an instance when cold ones understand and he said well. I got called away because somebody, you know so group of people found some evidence at the mirror caves park. He never said, oh what, whatever? What did they find? Go? Look at the look at the transcript. It's like, ok! Well, I got pulled away course. It's always colder pulled away, just say evidence whatever you never met, but you never ask it's like you know these simple things that these these quarter whole top attorneys should have done. They didn't and then you find out all about this: did you find out how they tie in it again? You know it. Yeah yeah yeah yeah
when people hear the story about about. You know the child, videos, he'd surveillance and what it could have done to Brandon and didn't it's going blow you, he was telling me about it, blew my mind. I was like how did anybody not know about this but then again, how did it did not know about all this stuff? So I mean chat. If you want, if you wanna tell that again, I don't know what time we got a remaining, but that store yeah that need to be told, so I don't know if you got any other questions data, but I like I said that that was going to that was going to blow people away. Well, let's hear it. Okay, okay, now this. This is your part of the time when I line of it. It kind of puts into perspective that when Steven Avery hires, View team and being
string as their defense counsel- it it. It connects Butte into Lawton Slager still on this commission whenever whenever data. Actually it is allegedly coerced in this confession, and and if you go to the charter statement of the Wisconsin Criminal Justice, the Study Commission And- and this is what replaced the Avery task for beauty and gets on making a murder and says says: yeah was part of the Avery task force, but what beauty and purposely leaves out is that he and PIG Latin Slager changed it into something else, and it was still happening at the time of of Steven Avery's pre trial in the time
of bread, there's coercion and when Stephen was in jail net. Now the the charter statement says the goal of our commission will not be easy to point. Fingers are assigned blame for past mistakes, as some might, understandably fear, and while the wrongful conviction of Stephen Avery and others are a major stimulus for this commission, the commission's role one not to be identified a specific cases, the wrongful conviction, okay. So so what does that do? And your charter statement they're saying that Manitowoc County we're not we're not going to state. They had anything to do with Stevens. With with his him, with with the the wrongful conviction and lunch lager like her December 17th, two thousand and three report,
protect Manitowoc, and now you have beauty coming on board beauty with seating in the beginning, by Mark Gundrum in two thousand and three to save money for the state and when he settles out- what you have been doing is preventing Stephen Steven Avery from going forward with this federal, we'll see so so beautiful job is accomplished now now what people don't realize is that alone there was they're an lie lies in his book. He lies in super orders magazine. He says: that's dean strain got him involved in this case. When really, if you go back to making a murderer on episode. Three starting at nineteen minutes Steven Avery places a phone call to Steven Glenn, who is his civil suit attorney and Steve England.
I have two attorneys that I have in mind for you. If you settle out, you can do you can get this money and you can on proceed with this criminal case, but Glenn. Does it never tell Stephen Avery that he's sitting on the commission where the big ones like so so is straining who isn't even a Bogdan this at the time? Does it take dean strain to get Jerome Buting involved when Glenn and Buting are meeting from August September October November December for January February and March all the way up until Brendan's confession, there may in every month and meeting in person, why does it gland, just ask beauty in in person, and this is what he did, but you don't wanna say that dean straining brought him in got him involved in the case, but that's not the way it works.
So so there's a big, a big discernment for Brendan's confession. Um is on March first, but if you back up to February Twenty Third Jerome Buting was the person who drafted and crafted the model policy for Peg Lawton, flaggers, juvenile monitoring of electronic juvenile against juveniles. So so, with her doing this and an budan doing before her, they could have protected Brandon Dassie, but both of them failed to do it. So I mean the main point we want to stress here, because usually you know we're just two guys right trying to get this information out there for one of our biggest hurdle has been the fact that you're wrong. If you thing is this hero, were you
just heard him say, and you know you can go right to the tape. You can go right to the episode and see it. So be an example. If, if there's a did, guy Room just died of a single gunshot wound copy Justin and there's a gun between Chad? And I I say I shot him that says no, I shot it. Okay, there's a chance, logically, that neither was shot him, but regardless, ok, regardless one of us is one right. So hopefully everyone followed that now, if you take and it is more information in the book. Ok, if your room, feuding is tide with Haylage. Longer schlagers time would found found in this tight with KEN Kratz Camcraft, titan with you, know the Manitowoc in Calument, please well enforcement department. So now you got true beauty who is in bed with all these people did hero right all right, but he says that it was Dean Strang right before all this happened right before they could have saved Brandon
from that recording infirm being prosecutor or persecuted and prosecuted. Yet they didn't so you've, gotta dean string ensuring feuding in this where he says that string was the one that called him yes even go. Who is Stephen, Avery Civil? sue. That Ernie, who use the one who got him out, ok, got him out and got to exonerate on the first one You seem right in the beginning of making a murder, he says. Well, you would have thought the Steven Avery was the worst criminal in the world. After all, the appeals that he lost and if it weren't for the fact that a couple of new ever He came forward in dna testing we probably still would have. Actually, I think you would have just gotten out last year on this original case, but now you've got Steven Glenn who's, also on all these committees miraculously again small world. Even though there's five point, seven million people in his constant, Steven Glenn who's, helping Steven Avery get out the first time call
Jerome buting who's tide in with all these people, and yet your own beauty says it was Dean, Strang again, just like the cop with the bullet lot. You can dictate that, regardless of whether or not something was done, one some of them is lying. So you have to decide which one that is who's tell is truth and why or who's lying and why? Because, if Steven Glenn alright is calling to roll beauty. For any of this start and buting ties in that forms the circle that I've been talking about this whole time and if that's the case and that stackers the deck, do you realize what we're looking at here and it and it goes to what are they hiding? What did that investigation? Stop? I kinda get chills thinking about it, because if what we're saying alright does coat
side and I'll be the first movement, you know what every single day every single one of these hundreds and hundreds of things. That could be, the coincidence, okay I have by you- have eyes- you realize that, if you're old enough to get around as well long enough that you know the even if there's a the phrase, a lot of course, but there's no such thing as a coincidence. What are we dealing with? What hiding this judge all of a sudden again slammed down- and this is the stuff that we need as as a nation in the world to get behind this and to find out the truth, because the only thing that's going to make this happen is one of the three things that they actually go through the court system to somehow rain Victoria's that you have an outside force. Like a US attorney, or the attorney general actually look into this and trump these people and They can do it. What they can hide or
get enough people around the world and not public pressure to say no. This needs to be investigated. This needs to be done because that is the thing that it throughout mankind's move mountains, and that is what this book is about. It that's what needs to be done so that I can stress that enough that people need- to read this. They need to understand this and that, and they need to know that, even if you think she wrote reading is a hero at least look at this with an open mind at least look at all the connections first and then make your decisions. Because everyone thinks you know anything in the world- you know there's a phrase. It says Big are full of people. That said, it could never happen to me. Well guess what happened to Steven Avery is happy the people that I know personally, which is how I got involved in this. So you know that that's what we need to bring to light server did
so much time, but it again at the essence of this whole thing and that's why we're fighting so hard it because this could happen to anybody in these men need to be free, and we don't know what's going to go through the judicial system, so we need to be as America This is an interesting human beings to get this out there it to make this right. I want to ask this question because we have very little time. I want to ask about the possibility of the making a murderer fan base because of mercury and making of a murderer fanbase, just just one little tidbit of information. A person like Alec
I don't know how influential he is, but we've seen what celebrities can do their money and their support and their fan base can help as well in the court of public opinion. How likely is making a murderer going to discern what you're saying and jump on your ship or is the making a murderer fan base demanding another trial could be effective with tell me what you think about this prospect: men as far as having anybody to Bacchus set up in the media or anything um. What really needs to happen is before any try a lever goes forward. These questions need to be answered before going forward. I mean Jerome could have literally walked across the street from Dean Strings Office in March. He was there on March first, the same day,
Brendan to was interrogated that same month, he could have walked directly over to lighten sliders offices, office and said: hey, you know, model reporter for the juveniles I just drafted for you on the 23rd like seven days ago. We need it to protect this kid, but which was no to be found. Yet she signed off on the evidence of the bullet in the garage and and Jerry Beard and has never blowing the whistle on lot in Slager. To this day, when we know all the May murder fans that is, force to be reckoned with, but Jerry. Will deny his affiliation with it. But but that's where my book comes in fact, you cannot change facts in the faq started. They had an affiliation for four years. It wasn't just he he's going to hang out with her, because he he's an attorney.
Do this. No, he had the golden ticket designate, by Mark Gundrum to get there. So as far as whoever gets behind as weather is making a murderer fans Alec Baldwin anybody I mean just any celebrity. What really needs to happen. These questions need to be answered that my book asses lot in Slager ask his rise back answer this yes ask Jerome Buting, I mean I mean Balanis recuse more than anything in the world. In this case. Right now I mean. If we're going to proceed forward were laying the fax out. We need somebody you stand behind us, Angius have a voice, make an impact. Or they'll they'll, never come home and not believe that Stevens
This is, I believe, Brendan Dassie Tennessee. I would invest in anything into this. If I didn't believe in their innocence, I mean, if you look at the facts in the timeline, is the political conviction and it needs to be exposed. Well, the throttle say on that mark was very good, but well I wanted to stay on that me know. Politics like it is actually was watching comedian Doug Stanhope talk about this past election. He said I for Gary Johnson because he follows my twitter and The problem with democracy there's another scene in the movie Tommy Boy, where were Dan Aykroyd side in the contract simply because live tv's there and he's taking everybody's watching it and then it so that diners hey you guys wanna watch this american gladiators. They say well, let's watch american gladiators. Now
when making a murderer came out. It was a huge fervor, but just like anything- and I said I think I said this is my first or second video- that I made that you could have died down because it doesn't because they, the court proceedings, are so much in in you know, they've taken so many hits, but hopefully we with this new evidence that we found this will Jenner even even bigger force. But you know- and again you know we're just we're just two guys. You know we're we're trying as hard as we can to to get some sort of. You know national platform because they get it in less we've got the backing into people, but you can't like or dislike that what you do not know we need it is out there you need to spread. The word you know hey Christmas is coming up. We got black cyber money, buy this book it in a given your relatives, if you're, if you're at all interested in making a murder. If you've ever had somebody, you know get screwed over by the court system hey this is this is something for them. You know
and again this is something to wear. You know everybody needs to be concerned because that it will never happen to me when it all. A sudden happens to you. It really hits home and just like You were saying earlier when you're behind bars, you have to wait. It's now like ominous sit there wait for three years and get to watch football and glad you know you're sitting in a prison cell, while the course churn and Chad knows this very well, and if I had my own personal experiences with that, but we need to have that same fervor that we had before, and I truly believe that if people find out about this, this is going to make Watergate. Look like a Harper Valley, PTA meeting. So we here the celebrities great if we can get national exposure to great, but whatever happens, we're going to need the public's backing, because the one thing I'll tell you about politicians, just with that american Gladiator, you get a politician on the issue that that twenty people call in and say I want you to vote this way. They will vote that way, even though their district is one hundred and seventy thousand people that will get
it will make them change, even though I guarantee you, the people. You know in the attorney general's office in the course they won't, but that doesn't mean we can't get peep. Empower that are above them to make that change in. To make this happen. I want to. Thank you, gentlemen. Our time is up. We were talking about Avery retrial denied and your book. The about Steven Avery and the beyond Avery Road, so I want to thank you, Chad, it's a killer, an want s, crew, that's an alias sodium! I want to thank you, gentle for coming on for this compelling program and just briefly Chad, can you tell us a little bit about the facebook page or how they might contact or look at this information tell us what the websites Facebook pages tell us about that
um anybody interested? They can go to www dot productions, dot, com and I'll come in a link on the blog M site where they can, they can purchase the book. Every it'll be up on in this interview in the comments. Well, I want to thank you very much Chad, Keller and one test group for incredible evening. Incredible interview. Thank you very much. You have a great night hope to talk to you, gentlemen. Again soon, goodnight, thank you. Thank you for having this damn good night.
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