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Tim McLean left Edmonton at 12 a.m. on July 30, 2008, on board a Greyhound Bus, destined for Winnipeg. At 7 p.m. the bus left one of the scheduled stops with a new passenger, Vincent Weiguang Li. Li, a tall man, with shaved head and sunglasses, sat near the front of the bus but moved next to McLean following a scheduled rest stop. McLean proceeded to fall asleep with his headphones on. Suddenly there was a blood-curdling scream and Li was standing over McLean stabbing him repeatedly in the neck with a huge knife. McLean struggled and tried to escape but couldn't as Li was blocking the aisle. The bus driver pulled to the side of the road as screaming, panicked passengers fled the bus. The driver and two other men tried to rescue McLean but were chased away by Li, who slashed wildly at them from behind the locked bus doors. Li then decapitated McLean and displayed his severed head to passengers outside. Li began severing body parts and eating McLean's flesh. By 9 p.m. Police were in a stand-off with Li, who taunted police, continuing cannibalizing and defiling the corpse. At 1:30 a.m. Li tried to escape out a window and was tasered and arrested. Body parts of the victim were found in plastic bags on the bus while one ear, the nose and the tongue were found in Li's pockets. McLean's eyes and part of his heart were missing.  Li, his face bloody, pleaded with officers, "I'm sorry. I'm guilty. Please kill me!"In March 2009 Vincent Li was found Not Criminally Responsible for the gruesome murder of Tim McLean in 2008. In May 2015 Vincent Li was released from custody from the Selkirk Mental Health Centre and is now a free man living in a group home. THE GREYHOUND BUS CANNIBAL KILLER-The Definition of Insanity-Dan Zupansky
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Three thousand eight hundred and twelve twenty two year old, TIM Mcclain had taken a job with the Red River exhibition in Winnipeg Manitoba and then travel to work as a carnival barker in Edmonton. Once there, though, so we decided rather to return home. He departed Edmonton at twelve, oh
One hundred am on July 30th, two thousand and eight on board Greyhound Bus, one thousand one hundred and seventy to Winnipeg via the Yellowhead Highway through Saskatchewan. He sat at the rear one row ahead of the washroom at around seven hundred pm. The bus left from a stop in Ericsson Manitoba with a new passenger Vince Weiguang Li Tim Mclean sent a text message around seven hundred and thirty pm to his father. Tim senior as the bus was leaving Brandon the last leg of its journey to ask whether he could come there for the night. His father was happy to hear from him and text it back to his son that, of course he could
Vince Weiguang LI was born April 30th, one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight in Dan Dong and grew up in northeastern China in the province of Liening living with an older brother, a younger sister and his parents. In nineteen. Ninety two Lee graduated from the university of from the Wuhan Institute of Technology with a bachelor of science degree in computers, And from nineteen ninety four to nineteen, ninety eight, he worked in Beijing. I computer software, Engineer Lee and his wife ANA, It's a candid on June 11th, two thousand and one Lee had studied as a computer engineer for four years and Chai no, but could not immediately find a job in his field in Canada. Leave
hospitalized in early two thousand and four after an incident where he was picked up by Ontario provincial police. Who found him walking along a highway following the sun turn on order from God. He was hospitalized briefly, but never sought medical help. Afterwards. He worked in Winnipeg at Grant Memorial church as a caretaker for six months later that year, in two thousand and four, you seemed happy to have a good job and was committed to doing it. Well, despite a language barrier, he encounter with other congregation members. There were no incidents, however, but quit Lee quit the job in spring of two thousand and five. He also worked in Winnipeg as a forklift operator. While his work, his wife, worked as a waitress. We moved to Edmonton in two thousand and six abruptly, leaving his wife alone
when it takes she joined him later that year he became a kit canadian citizen on November seventh of that year, his jobs included a supervisor at a Mcdonald's restaurant. The newspaper carrier an employee at Midland Foods and at Walmart he was prone to unexplained absences from work and sometimes took long road trips on the bus, while offering friends and family members. Long ramble, rambling talks. These former wife said he Be gone for long periods of time he took unexplained bus trips and sometimes rambled, despite the urging of those close to him, he refused to seek medical treatment. At the end of June, he was fired from Walmart following a disagreement with other employees early after Lee, asked for time off from his new delivery job to go to Winnipeg for
Another job interview at Approx, twenty one thousand two hundred and thirty, am on Tuesday July 29th, two one thousand and eight Lee boy. The Greyhound bus in Edmonton AB heading the thunder Bay via Winnipeg. He purchase take it under the name of long pent, he did not notify his ex wife that he was leaving nor what his destination was. He did leave her a note stating I'm am one, don't look for me. I wish you were happy before the trip he bought a very large knife at a canadian tire store. On July 29th. Around six hundred Pm Lee got off the bus in Ericsson Manitoba with at least three pieces of luggage. Although the bus driver, Patrick Delbridge, tried to advise him that it was not his stop. Lee stayed the night awake sitting on a bench next to a grocery.
Your he spent twenty four hours, an Ericsson, as there was only one bus per day, stopping in the community. During that time he disposed of most of his personal assets by either selling them or burning them On the morning of July, 30th still at the bench he sold his new laptop computer to a fifteen year old boy, Darren BT for sixty dollars. Lee had made a sign asking for six hundred dollars, but Darren talked him down somehow to sixty dollars. Shortly before six hundred Pm Lee boarded the bus heading to Winnipeg, carrying TIM Mclean and thirty five other passengers TIM,
playing good off the bus for a cigarette break between Brandon and Portage Laprairie Lee forty years old, a tall man with a shaved head and sunglasses originally sat near the front of the bus but moved to sit next to Mclean following the rest. Stop. Mclean barely acknowledge Lee and preceded to fall asleep against the window. Pane headphones on. Mclean was slim and fit five foot five and around one hundred and twenty five pounds. At around eight hundred and thirty Pm Greyhound Bus, one thousand one hundred and seventy was approximately twelve miles west of Portage Laprairie on the trans. Canina Highway when a passing. Sitting one row ahead, heard a blood curdling scream and turned around to Sealy,
standing over Mclean stabbing him repeatedly in the neck and chest with a huge, Rambo type knife TIM Mclean fought hard and tried his best. Escape escape. Couldn't as Lee was blocking, the aisle Lee was preoccupied with Mcclain by now and continue to stab him. As he lay on the floor. He paid no attention to the other passengers as a bus was vacated and appeared, oblivious to the demands of bus driver Bruce Martin that he stop stabbing Mcclain after everyone had run from the vehicle. Lee came to front of the bus and tried to escape the bus driver was able to close the door on Lee's arm with the bloody knife extended. Lee pulled his arm back into the bus and re turn to the rear, where he continued defiling the body of TIM, Mclean, Martin called nine one. One Bernie sky driver of a second greyhound bus there was following grave
bus. One thousand one hundred and seventy to carry the passenger overload realize it was something very unusual in the fashion that driver Martin pulled over and abruptly stopped. Mister, Sir Crip stopped his boss on the shoulder right in front of greyhound bus. One thousand one hundred and seventy Sir Crip observed Lee at the back of the bus and entered the bus yelling repeatedly for lead to stop the attack. Lee responded by stating get emergency as sick aired. Lee was severing the head of TIM Mclean Secret left the buses he realized, Mclean was dead and couldn't be saved, lead travel to the front of the. Now, holding the severed head of TIM Mclean in one hand and a black hand, knife in the other, the bus door was closed and barricaded by a truck driver who had pulled over to assist shortly after eight hundred and thirty pm can bar
and other RCMP officers responded to a call about a man brandishing a knife on a greyhound bus on the Trans Canada Highway near Portage La Prairie, upon RCMP, The arrival a police vehicle was parked against the door to the bus to prevent leave from exiting they arrive. To, finally, being invented from escaping by another passenger, the bus driver in a truck driver who provided a chrome. And a hammer is weapons. The other passengers were huddled at the roadside, some of them crying and others vomiting. At one point, Lee was fiddling with the bus controls trying to open the door so that he could exit the bus driver, sick, rip, cut the power. Leave through the head of TIM Mclean into the stairwell and return to the back of the bus and continued to mutilate the body of TIM, Mclean, RCMP, corporal harder attempted to communicate with Lee and asked him to draw
The knife out of a small window located in the bathroom at the rear of the bus Lee the only response was words to the effect that he had to stay on the bus forever, as officers watched Lee continue to mutilate both the body and the head in the face of TIM Mclean, using both a huge knife and a pair of scissors, Constable Brown and Corporal Smith, Witness Lee Smell and then eat pieces of TIM Mclean flesh and lick blood from his fingers and hands Lee carried Mcclain's internal organs and various body parts throughout the bus. He grabbed Mclean said from the stairwell holding it by hair and shaking the decapitated head taunting police at approximately one hundred and twenty am four hours after the attack July. Third,
First, leave broke a window on the bus and threw out some personal belongings, a knife and a pair of scissors. He then jumped out of the box had first landing on top of the night. He was struggling screaming and refused to surrender his hands police found them with a taser numerous times before he served. It is hands and could be handcuffed and taken to a to a police vehicle found in Lee's. Pants pocket was a plastic bag containing ten Maclean's here knows, and Tom Lee blood smeared around his mouth on his face, pleaded with police. I'm sorry I'm guilty. Please keep Show the internal organs were recovered in plastic bags in four separate areas of the bus, the tip of the blade was found in the
in skull in the forehead area, just above the inner aspect of the right. Eyebrow TIM it claims eyes were missing as well as a good portion of his heart and were presumed eaten. Vincent Lee was formerly, are uh, the story reverberated throughout the world. Disgusting, shocking and horrifying everyone that heard or read about the incredible killing. Days later, when he appeared in a portage laprairie courthouse on charges of second degree murder, the only words Lee uttered were please for someone to kill him.
Second degree: murder trial of instantly began on March Third, two thousand and nine. Although Lee had admitted his guilt officers that night in two thousand and eight leave. Did not guilty. His lawyers argued that he was not recruit criminally responsible because he was mentally ill at trial, as the Carter said that Lee believe the voice of God was telling him to do it. The court heard it
that Vincent Lee believe the voice of God was telling him to kill Mister Mcclain and that by mutilating his body and eating parts of the fleshy would prevent him from coming back to life. The voice told Vincent Lee to get on the bus and sixth, next to TIM, Mclean, Doctor Stanley, Yaren told Lee's second degree. Murder, trial, jury year and is the head of man Tobi's forensic psychiatry program- and he said Lee was delusional, believing God had told him to board the bus carrying a concealed knife. Aaron said it appeared. Lee sat beside Mcclain merely because the young man offered him a friendly greeting.
A voice from God told him Mister Mclean was a force of evil One about to execute him year and told the Judge Lee believed he had to act quickly to protect himself. In response to that, in a state of panic and fearful for his own life, he carried out the acts that he did but leave believe the twenty two year old Mclean was still capable of coming back to life. So we continued to mutilate the body And scatter the parts around the bus, Mr Lee, did not understand he was killing an innocent bystander. He did not under stand. His actions were wrong. The air and said Leah is still psychotic and believes it's just a matter of time before God kills him. I used to have hallucinations and hear voices, but is on strong,
an anti psychotic medication. Vincent Lee is as much a victim as TIM Mclean, the psychiatrist stated. It would be in some sense easier if Mister Lee was an antisocial psychopath with a history of malicious, be hey We are isn't that he is, as I've come to know him a decent person. Again, he is as much a victim of this horrendous illness as Mister Mclean was a victim. No one who witnessed the horror was called to testify other than the two psychiatrists.
The family and friends many wearing t shirts, with his picture on them wept openly. As a grisly details were read out in court, TIM Maclean's, mother Carol, the daily has said she wants the law, so anyone found not criminally responsible for a crime still serves time behind bars. Carol. The daily told CBC News prior to the trial that she does not want to see Lee ever released from custody But legal experts say the not criminally response responsible defense is rarely used and it doesn't mean the criminal walks away. Scott Free here and told the courts that Lee was briefly hospitalised in two thousand and four after was picked. Ontario provincial police who found him walking along the highway following the sun on order from God.
He was, however, not diagnosed as a schizophrenic at that time, nor was he prescribed medication and he did not contact MEL Mental Health officials afterwards at trial. Dr Jonathan Rutenberg said Vincent Lee was psychotic and was in no state to tell the difference between right and wrong. The attack was sudden and came as Lee caught a glimpse of the sunlight and heard gods voice telling him that Mcclain was a threat. The voice said do it now? If you don't he's going to kill you Now, two days later, on March, fifth, two thousand and nine trial lasted two days and heard from only two witnesses. Both were psychiatrist, who testified Lee suffered and suffers from schizophrenia. They testify
Lee heard what he thought was the voice of God, a little over a year ago, telling him to call, might kill Mclean or risk killing being killed himself. Vincent Lee was found not criminal, responsible for the gruesome murder and beheading of TIM Mclean on a greyhound bus in summer of two thousand and eight. These grow test. Axor appalling justice, John Scurfield, said in Thursday's ruling. However, the acts themselves in the context in which they are committed are strongly. Suggestive of a mental disorder. He did not appreciate the act he committed was morally wrong. He,
he was acting in self defense and that he had been commanded, my God to do so. Both the crown prosecutor ended. The fence agreed that Lee is a schizophrenic who was suffering a psychotic episode when he killed the twenty two year old, TIM Mclean. Leawood now forty one years old will now be remanded to a secure psychiatric facility where he will receive treatment. A review panel will decide in the next six weeks which facility he will be transferred to pending on whether he is considered a risk to others or to himself.
Case must also be reviewed on an annual basis by a mental Health review Board. The Regal Review Board will look at police reports from the crime scene and review transcripts of previous hearings, while also listening to evidence from psychiatrist who will treat Lee about his current mental condition and his treatment plan and prognosis. The public needs to so that when a person is found not criminally responsible, it does not automatically follow that a person will be released into the community judge. Scurfield said in his ruling people who are found not criminally responsible but who continue to pose a danger to the community, may be kept in a locked institution for the rest of their lives.
After the trial, legal analyst and criminal lawyers, Stephen Schork said the decision shows that the canadian criminal Justice- this is system, is humane and recognizes that those and psychotic states cannot distinguish right from wrong. We can't simply look at the actions we have to look at his mental state. We don't punish people who don't appreciate the nature and quality of their actions. I think that's a very positive, Feature of our system with the not criminally responsible declaration Lee will not have a criminal record, but on the agreement of both the prosecutor and the defense, his dna will be put into a registry, so that
It will be on file. In the event, Lee is one day released and the suspected of another crime scripture said it's a responsible position for the defense to take because clearly they're concerned about public safety, while the Mclean family knew to expect Thursday's ruling Maclean's mother heralded Lady says she will push forward with what she calls. TIM's law. She wants. Those were found to be not criminally responsible to have criminal records and to be treated in prison, not in a mental facility. The daily told reporters outside the court n C. Ncr should be changed to what she calls n a that would be not psychologically accountable but still criminally responsible, because the crime was committed here. Murder still occurred and not criminally responsible seems to negate that fact.
She also wondered why Lee was born in China was granted citizenship even after he had been diagnosed with schizophrenia. The thing is, though, that he was arrested by police and hospitalized in two thousand and four for walking towards the sun in order from God, however, he was not diagnosed at that time. A schizophrenic. Delete case brought mental illness, particularly schizophrenia into the national headlines, and some psychologists say, the trial had reinforced the stigma attached to mental illness. Annette Ofsted of the College of registered nurses of Manitoba, told Ctv that it's time to stop blaming Vincent Lee and start searching for answers about what went wrong in the health system. His illness left untreated, because this horrific event
Now? Why was it left untreated? She asked that's a fact that we have to look at as a society. Talk to Richard Sher says it's schizophrenia. Is schizophrenic have more to fear from society than vice versa? He said the majority of people with illness do not act violently. It's rare for skitzofrenix to express outward aggression. They are usually more isolated, very Alberty of the Schizophrenia society of Ontario said that with TIM's law. We understand why the family would take that viewpoint, but we also know, based on experience at the schizophrenia society, that the outcomes with treatment can be very good with proper tree Mister Lee will have greater insight into his disease. But, having said that, we have to remember schizophrenia and psychosis are characterized
By having a lack of insight that they are ill, she said, but with proper treatment and support, we believe people can recover from schizophrenia. Tim cleans, family lobbied for changes to the criminal code, pushing for victim protection legislation. They called TIM's law. And by signing the petition for TIM's law, people were showing support for dialogue that weighs the rights of all sides of the of the discussion. The proposed legislation would prevent a person found
criminally responsible of a crime from being released into the community. It would mean that the most violent unpredictable people who have committed a crime would face incarceration for life with no possibility of release. During this time, Karol did lately found work, cleaning houses at night. She also had to give that up to help care for grandkids, including her own TIM Mclean's child, who was born five months after TIM's death Carol, says her families long legal battle to keep her son's killer. Locked has left them struggling to stay afloat financially. She says that the fight has stunted her career growth, saw her lose out on income and forced her and her husband TIM to rack up debt and that they were pretty much at the end of their resource. Is the lady says she was forced to miss work?
extended periods of time as she attended hearings and dealt with legal issues related to Vince Lease trial. The lady has fought. Verdict of not criminally responsible ever since, and the recent decision to potential remove lead to a group home. Her family also filed a lawsuit against greyhound and the federal government for failing to take proper safety precautions. Tim Mclean's uncle Dave Malkoski created a gofundme e for the couple earlier this month, which raised more than six thousand dollars. A mccoskey says that the lately had been totally consumed by the horrible. True Julie and ask for help in getting their lives back. Now, five years later, one thousand two hundred people had signed her petition. The
Tim's law, she said it was a tough decision to close the delays foundation for life after accepting donations for the effort, but it had become a financial drain still. She said she believes she had made an impact she wanted to make people aware, and she thought that she had done that to the best of her ability. I have brought to the attention of the leaders of the country, the policymakers. There was a lot of information, a lot of talk that didn't exist five years ago. Killer is a killer. If you take a life, you forfeit your freedom for the rest of your life. Is said. The only thing that should change with a mentally okay
is that they should serve their sentence in a place where they can also receive treatment. As a result, Prime Minister, Stephen Conservative, Stephen Harper, the conservative government announced proposed changes to the criminal code that would include stringent restrictions for people found not criminally responsible for violent crimes. Among the changes the Prime minister is outlined, was a new legal designation, high risk non criminally responsible, accused a fan is given that designation would be ineligible for an escorted passes and would also have to wait three years before getting a review by mental health boards. Suppose that the annual review the review boards would also have to follow stricter guidelines and only
Courts would have the power to revoke that status. The changes were also expected to to a bigger role for victims at every stage as soon as trials were completed in June. Third, two thousand and ten in the first of annual hearings into Vincent Lee's progress, the Criminal Code Review Board ruled he can take walks on hospital grounds as long as he is escorted by. Two staff members the passes, started at fifteen minutes and increased incrementally to a maximum of one hour twice daily. At that time, the Manitoba attorney General Andrew Swann stepped in and put the decision on hold until new security measures at the facility were implemented. A year later June, third, two thousand and eleven
the review Board allowed decided to allow lead to spend up to a full day out hide the locked unit on the hospital grounds he needed to be accompanied by one staff member only. The board did not authorize group outings on the grounds, nor did it. Him escorted passes into the community by May 17th in two thousand and twelve. Less than a year later, Lee was allowed escorted trips into the community of nearby Selkirk about fifty miles from Winnipeg. The pass is started at thirty minutes and increased. Incrementally
Maximum of a full day levy would have to be escorted at all times by a one staff, member and a security officer. Further, he is allowed to make supervise full Dave trips further afield, to Lockport another nearby community, Winnipeg and nearby beaches. The board also Ruth League for unescorted trips on the grounds of the mental hospital starting for fifteen minutes at a time and working up to a full day.
In February 27th, seventh 27th, two thousand and fourteen Lee was allowed to leave the mental hospital without an escort and visit Selkirk on his own. The board ruled he could start with thirty minute visits increased two full days. Supervision on his outings to the city. Reagan, local beaches were was to be relaxed and he was allowed to be moved to an unlocked ward at the hospital doctors from the Selkirk Mental Health Facility told the Criminal Review Board hearing that Vince
simply has made significant progress in his treatment. The indeed the risk of Le Re, offending according to his medical handlers, is only about one percent. Based on this new diagnosis, the review Board was asked give Lee extended privileges within the facility previously Lee was allowed passes to walk on hospital grounds, provided he had direct supervision. Now doctors are suggesting Lee is doing so well with the daily sixty to minute. Ninety minute walks that should be allowed general supervision, like any other patient at the hospital. A second proposal was made, involving Lee being permitted to take thirty minute excursions away from the hospital with in soccer, provided he is accompanied by all times by a peace officer. In a nurse his dog
say those passes can be extended by up to fifteen minutes per week, provided there are no incidents and it continues to make great strides within the request to the board. There is no indication that the community would made aware of Lee's presence in their neighborhood. In fact, his doctors suggest the accompanying peace saw officer should be allowed to wear plain clothes. To avoid drawing extra attention to Vincent Lee,. The at the hearing, the prosecutor did not raise any opposition to proposals. Lee was described as having a low risk of reoffending and described as a nice gentle guy. Ironically, Vinson
these sat quietly through the hearing shackled in leg. Irons, it is expected to Vincent Lee, will be given more freedom in the days to come. The board is expected to render their decision shortly. Mental health advocates agreed. It is unusual for a patient such as lead to get unsupervised leave after only five years in treatment, Manitoba Schizophrenia, society, executive director, Chris Somerville, said typically, patients are in treatment for much longer before having such freedoms, but Lee is not typical. Yes, it comes as a surprise that it would be so soon Summerville said, but he's done so wonderfully. As a patient Somerville said it similar to giving children more privileges as they earn more trust. The average length of staying in for in situ Nick is somewhere around ten to fifteen years on average, but this is
unusual. In light of the fact that he's responded so well the medication and treatment on July in July, two thousand fourteen one. The mounties, who responded to the two thousand and eight Manitoba bus beheading, Corporal KEN Barker, committed suicide. After years of suffering from post, traumatic stress disorder, Corporal Barker was amount of mountie for twenty seven years, except for a brief stint with a big fire department for the latter part of his career. He was a dog handler working with Axa, a Czech Republic born german shepherd But is one of Manitoba's few dog handlers? He worked irregular hours, frequently uncovering decaying corpses in the wilderness
on the night of July 30th, two thousand and eight corporal Barker an Axa, were among those called a Trans Canada Highway near Portage Laprairie. After reports of a stabbing on a greyhound bus, he was one of the first police officers on the scene. Family in former colleague said the fifty one year old Barker, who retired last month had already seen almost two decades of horrific crime scenes when he witnessed the grisly scene on the bus. That was the straw that broke the camels. Back is a strange wife. Sherry said, while family members say the beheading was the most dramatic incident Barker witnessed the former officer said it wasn't. The only one walder said her brothers treatment was coming along and while he was still a dog handler, he was stationed at the airport and bus depots. Instead of responding to slings.
But last fall things began changing marker, who had two adult children had been on medical leave since October two thousand and thirteen with Vincent Lee getting in the paper about his walks. He start experiencing flashbacks. She said. Can always said he didn't want to be known. As the Greyhound guy Sherry said, he said it first started at his first posting Nanaimo BC. The Greyhound incident was just one of many. It was multiple cumulative and he was just a sensitive fellow. He was predisposed because of his nature, two women rescued Barker from a suicide attempt in May, but no one got to in time that weekend in July, Corporal Barker was found dead in his basement of his manager.
Home. He had recently tired and was a strange from his wife, Sherry who we met in high school. She arrived at the house to find the front door open, then call paramedics after finding no one on the upper floors It was a very rapid decline in the last six months. He sent text messages like I think, I'm too broken to ever be fixed, and he would also say I wish I had. Can answer 'cause. Then people would understand February 23rd, two thousand and fifteen experts And the board allow Vincent Lee to be transferred to a Winnipeg Hospital Health Sciences Center with an eye to moving him to a community group home lease psychiatrist. Another and other doctors also recommend levy granted. Unescorted outings in Winnipeg, Dr Steven Kramer, said Lee's son
no, hallucinations in the past year and understands the importance of taking his medication. Kramer said. Lee's likelihood to reoffend violently is quite low February. Twenty seventh, the Manitoba Criminal Court Review Board, allows lead, have unescorted is to Winnipeg on May eighth, two thousand and fifteen. The man who beheaded A fellow passenger on a greyhound bus in Manitoba has been approved to move from a mental hospital to a group home in Winnipeg. A public rally against the ruling will be held Saturday afternoon at the Manitoba legislature. Called justice for TIM, Mclean, Maclean's mother Carol did Lady says she will attend my heart drops because this is solidifying. My fear that have had since the beginning of this.
I've been trying to make people aware of the fact that this individual is going to be walking amongst us again and just now that he's actually going to be out in the neighborhood that people are starting to hear what I've been saying. Recently, the board dealt with a request from the hospital increase privileges for Mr Lee's, so that the has.
Look at grad, an extended pasta, reside at a level five group home in the city of Winnipeg, John Stefanik, chair of the Manitoba Criminal Code, Reform Review Board, add a hearing at the board. In February, doctors recommended he moved to a psychiatric unit at Winnipeg's Health Sciences Center with continuous assessment, possibly be allowed to move to a level five group home in Winnipeg. It's not known if Lee has yet made the move or what the location of the facility where he may be staying. Stefanik said a level five group home typically has twenty four hour: staffing Supervision
and administration of medication and, at the very least, a curfew. Chris Somerville's, a ceo of schizophrenia, society of Canada, executive director of the Schizophrenia society in Manitoba, and he considers himself a friend of Vincent Lee's He is conducted. The only interview Vincent Lee has ever granted to media. There's an interview with the producers of Vice HBO News Program Vice and Chris Somerville. What is your relationship to Vince. B, Chris Somerville, it's been a relationship of repor and developing a friendship providing self help. Services to him. Support service in helping him understand his mental illness based
really being a non therapeutic person for him everybody's asking him therapeutic questions. We need somebody that can just talk to him as a person one on one Vince, please I can I just from the Creek Mental Hospital Doctor Steven Kramer says Lee runs a low risk of reoffending once back in the community. What does that really mean? It means a psychiatrist. Does risk assessment What they evaluate is whether or not he has insight into his illness any does have insight into his illness. They also evaluate weather is compliant with his medication and understands the need to take the medication which he is and does also. We assess whether he has any addiction problems which he doesn't and does he have any social pathic.
Rates, any doesn't he's an ideal patient. He hasn't had any altercations with any of the patients. Since he's been at the Selkirk Mental Health center for six years. So he's really an ideal patient. How can so I can? I just be sure that Lee will not kill again once he's back in the community. They do that risk assessment and they do the best they can. We know that recidivism rates are very low and they do psychological exams This is re, offending are less than one percent. On average people who are released from the forensic unit, who found not criminally responsible, the recidivism rate, sorry about seven one, slash two percent mister Lees is less than one percent, because he's doing so well.
When Lee is re integrated into community, what kind of system will be in place to ensure he's taking his medication? Chris? Some of all he will probably be released conditionally, which means there will be conditions on his discharge That means where he will live, who we will hang out with who he has to meet and staying away from the victims family He'll be monitored in terms of his medication through regular appointments. What happens if Lee stops taking his medication after he's, released Well, he's learning how to monitor that just like how at the Schizophrenia society, Canada, we teach. Patients how to know when there's warning signs that they might be deteriorating. Where there's beginning signs of psychosis, he just become psychotic in a moment or overnight. There's warning signs of build up to it
He will learn those warning signs, just like people who learn how to manage their chronic illnesses. People have other chronic illnesses. Parkinson's epilepsy me Yes, they learn their signs and symptoms. Mister Lee will learn them as well. He is learned that and he'll know when he needs to check with his doctor. He won't be psychotic at that point. He'll just realize he needs additional help. Should members of his soon to be community, be afraid of Lee. No, I don't think people in the community should be afraid of him. I have a brother with schizophrenia, And if he was doing as well as Vince Lee, that would be great. He laughs. Why is the public responded so negatively to the idea of Lee's release? The primary reason they are up in arms about it or alarmed about it is because of the
brutal nature of how Mister Lee killed TIM Mclean. If he had just shot him, we wouldn't even be talking. It was a unique one of a kind first ever Type murder in Canada, which Lee eight TIM, Mclean's body parts. Secondly, the public is concerned about his release, because Well, they say: how do you make sure? How do you guarantee that the stand is medication? What does the public's response to the idea of lease potential release say about how we, the public, treat people with mental illness? It tells us that the canadian public number one is not informed about the Review Board, what it does and the risk assessment, process, they are not informed about the statistics about recidivism rates and that those statistics are very low. It also tell.
Is that many people do not believe in the concept of not criminally responsible? In other words, they don't believe in such a designation. They believe that you kill somebody liked him acclaim the way that Vince Lee did that it was a criminal act in that you were criminally responsible. You don't believe in the designation NCR because of a mental disorder that perpetuates stigma. So it buys into people's fears and their own social prejudice. It confirms their stigmas that they. Seen on television or Hollywood movies, because most people portrayed as men, we'll in Hollywood movies or even children's cartoons. Most of these are portrayed as being violent and untreatable.
People watch television and it simply confirms of them. These people are looney tunes, crazy psychos that do not ever recover you're, not going to explain mental illness to people like that who don't understand the science about mental illness, it's fruitless to try to convince them. Heidi Remke, an associate professor of sociology at the University of Winnipeg agrees. Societal prejudices play a significant role in the deep ization of instantly. He has written x, totally about Lee and how his case relates to the broader trend she calls blood last justice: it's a term she uses to articulate capitalizing on the emotional, especially fear resentment paranoia and anger. Grimke says the media's handling of the case contributes to the heat
rhetoric surrounding Lee and argues that experts on the subject are not included in the discussion, but who do they put on the mainstream media? The mother there's a reason why victims families don't participate in the justice process, their biased room key says: I'm not saying don't let her speak but be measured. It's irresponsible. At a hearing at the board, in February, doctors recommend Vincent Lee be moved to a psychiatric unit at Winnipeg's Health Sciences center and with continuous assessment, possibly be allowed to move to a level five group home in Winnipeg. It's not known of Lee's, yet made the move or the location of the facility where he may be staying a level. Five group home typically has twenty four hour staffing.
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