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Leonard Lake was greatly influenced by a book titled The Collector where a man abducts a woman to keep forever as a sex slave. The book was fictional but when Leonard Lake met Charles Ng they discussed abducting, enslaving and torturing women. They called their plan Operation Miranda. Matthew Rosvally is the director of The Miranda Murders: Lost Tapes of Leonard Lake and Charles Ng. His film depicts the horrible acts committed in Northern California in the mid 80s, caught on film by the notorious killers themselves and recreated in an accurate linear fashion. Matthew is a writer, director, actor from Los Angeles, CA. THE MIRANDA MURDERS: The Lost tapes of Leonard Lake and Charles Ng-Matthew Rosvally.
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You are now listening to true murder, the most shocking killers and true crime history and the authors that have written about Gacy, Bundy, Dahmer, the night Stalker Dck every week, another fascinating author talking about the most shocking and infamous killers crime, room murder. With your host journalist and author Dan Good evening, Leonard Lake was greatly influenced by a book titled the call Elector, where a man abducts a woman to keep forever as a sex slave, the book was fictional.
When Leonard Lake met Charles NG, they discussed abducting enslaving and torturing women. They called their plan operation. Miranda Matthew Roswell E is the director of the Miranda murders lost tapes of Leonard Lee, controls in film depicts the horrible acts committed in northern California in the mid 80s car on film by the notorious killers themselves and recreated in and accurate linear fashion,. Matthew was a writer director and actor from LOS Angeles, California and the film that we are featuring. This evening is the Miranda murders, the lost tapes of land. Lake and Charles NG, with my special guest actor, Director and writer Matthew Ross fully welcome the program and thank you very much for agreeing to his interview Matthew Ross fully. Thank you Dan Good, to hear from you
thank you very much. I hope I pronounce your name correctly. I've been known to not do that, it's all good, my name is spelled weird, but the pronunciation is rose Valley. Thank you, okay. Well now I know I won't do it again. Thank you very much should Not all forehead now I'm not a problem. Matthew Rose Valley, let's, let's talk about your background that and why you were compelled to make this the Miranda murders. Well, to give you some background about me, I'm an actor from New York City. That became a filmmaker, and I moved to Hollywood, and I hooked up with my producer, who pissed me the idea of creating this film, I wish is a story that has not been told yet an I felt like it was a story that needed to be told. So I agree
good then we spend some time traveling across the country and visiting various locations, specifically Willseyville is where the murders happened and writing the project. Now we just spoke off AIR, about the actual tapes themselves. Tell us if you and your partner, who actually viewed these tapes. Yes, my producer is really good at what he does and he was able to get his hands on the original footage. Well, initially, a lot of our original research. We watched the footage.
Youtube, which is about. If I had to guess about five minutes. We read the book die for me, which is a very detailed book on you know the murders themselves and what actually happened up there in north California, and he was able to get ahold of the rest of the footage and we watched it and wanted to recreate it. That was the point of the film to be able to recreate thing that happened to these people because, like I said it's a story that hasn't been told, it's disappointing to know that These people have a forgotten, so we wanted to remember them by. Is what happened.
You mentioned die for me by Don Lassiter and that's been a best seller and he was on the program right, the very beginning to murder back eight years ago and yet and it's familiar of up to prime fans, the hard court to prevent snow of this case. And these are amazing, rather lack of word for a dual of killers, certainly What story has not what story has not been told, for those people that read all this. What story has not been told that you are prepared to tell in this film? Well, I'm referring to the medium of film, especially when it comes to true crime. You get right. People go about John Wayne, Gacy and Monday, and a Jeffrey Dahmer people don't know about what happened to these victim, is in northern California of
to make insurance running an specifically like, I said, the media film. We wanted to express it because we wanted to show that. These these people are are not forgotten. Now you then these tips, sorry go ahead, oh no! No! It's fine! I was just I was just going to say this is my medium. I mean I mean it is. Obviously the book is a very in depth. It's great book but not everybody reads anymore. I I feel these days people tend to find entertainment,
Youtube and the internet and we felt the need to express what happened on film. So that's what we did. We recreated the footage. We saw the film and decided, let's make a movie that is as accurate as real as possible. And not to give too much away, because this movie debuts October thirteenth, tell us also where this debuts very very interesting as well. Tell us what what the date is and tell us where people might find this once they listen to this interview and are compelled to check it out, certainly it it it released on Amazon, Prime and Amazon, instant, video, So you can rent or buy it or if you have Amazon, Prime, you can stream it. The way of new media. I mean it. It's super interesting 'cause I was a. I was added dvd collector back in the day. I'm
many of you people sure might have been vhs collectors. I was too as a filmmaker. You know we decide to go with the new media, which is a streaming nothing doing no. Without giving anything away, because I know that you said you did sign a contract. Not to leak, certain information, of course that is understandable, but what other than the tapes themselves and what they depict. Then again, we won't go into every bit, but we know that this involves torture in something incredibly vile from these two gentlemen. So what is it what's the bigger story, though, that someone would take away from watching this other than just
eh, reenactment re depiction of the violence that is contained specifically on those tapes. In reality, you know there are horrible people out there an at the end of the day. I am a big fan of the horse genre and I wanted to express' how real life horror is a true thing and you need to watch every move. You make some time, Not to say I want to create mass paranoia, but I think it's important to be able to know what you're doing and no who you're talking to and have the foresight to be able to kick out when you're talking somebody who is dangerous. So that's really the point of the film too
honor the people who passed away and hum warm people that this is still a problem. There are still people out there like Leonard Lee Control Link and it just don't. These two killers have not been talked about very often in film, absolutely yeah, about some of the sources that you used to research. The store you mentioned Don Lassiter's die for me. What are some of the other information other than viewing the tapes themselves that you use for your, so this is a material. Well, it was definitely like I said die for me- is very, very good and accurate book. I of course read the collector the footage Bell:
has been very helpful and on top of that there were a few documentaries about the subject. I believe you can even watch them on GOSH a dare I say Youtube. I um I'm actually looking it up right now for fun. The bone yard? It's a very merry. Accurate documentary gives you you know enough information to get to know these people, but I mean as many sources as possible. We also read transcripts from the court cases I mean I do know ing in within the in the court for a very, very long time I he was able to keep, keep it. They so long that it cost to California plenty billion dollars. Time is the most expensive.
I always say that the AMOS in our state since Oj Rebel, yeah, a lot of legal documents and interviews and documentaries. I could find- and of course, without the people who have reached out as I've been reading the film that we Medicaid, but some people who actually lived in the area at the time well, which is the brand taking a mate now for those that don't know when we've alluded to, we spoke about it, but just briefly tell us, I copy of the collector as well, because it's it's not only Leonard Lake and Charles thing that look to this book for inspiration, and so I was curious and it is it. It is a facet book in a very it's, a very good book,
incredible how you could take it to another level after reading that, but for those that don't know about this briefly about the collector connection to Leonard Lake and and so hence the a up also the title: the Miranda murders and, as I mentioned there, plan their pro object to Miranda operation. Miranda. Well, Leonard Lake got inspiration from reading a book written by John Fowles in nineteen sixty three and the book is about a butterfly collector who L, love of the woman and kidnapped after what degree in the bunker in his I, basement and did not want to he wanted to convince her that he was worth loving and through the especially Stockholms syndrome.
She didn't necessarily fall. Much actually died in the book, but he but he was so attracted to the romance of holding a woman to the point that she would fall in love with him that he was to make it a reality. So he built the bunker in the side of a cliff which is Where he lived in the middle of the mountains and will see Dylan uh his women there and the girl in the book is named Maranda, so he called his project with the Maranda project, which is where the title the Moran murders comes from. In fact, if you look at the crime,
yes of the film which you can see at a shot, fest horror, factory, dot com. I believe we have well. I want to say about fifteen credits that are all Miranda. Because that's you know how many unnamed women he was able to to keep in this in bunker. What was the experience like the sounds not like a great question, but what but again what does it? What was it really like watching those tapes, your filmmaker you're, obviously, some a person that knows is true crime business and
you know the intersection, it seems between true crime. In true horror, it would seem what was it like watching these tapes? I mean it's tragic to see that these are the last moments of these. Human beings are a. It moved me and what I had to do was I felt the need to express their pain, so let people can arm themselves with the power and the knowledge that there are these people that are at charming, who you can do horrible things. It was uh. Sad and I mean I have to admit- I have a morbid curiosity, so I found it interesting. Firstly, I think people don't have the same technicality but sure. Ultimately,
it was a very upsetting now with this. What were the victims, how many victims and what was the range of age of these victims, the depicted Leonard Lake, is known to have what is called the. I want to say it the confession: it's a video of him sitting in his arm chair where he admits, that he finds women attractive as young as the age of twelve but usually about. Twenty one two I want to twenty five: he likes younger women use
smaller size, women and when the police came to the bunker and we'll see they found about uh enough bone fragments to determine it was up to twenty five victims and it wasn't just women that he killed. That actually brings up a really interesting topic and lake in Charlotte thing, we're kind of trying errors in the field of identity theft, because the way they were able to avoid the police so long as they found individuals who looked like them specifically Leonard Lake Charles Reading, was more under the radar and they would kill them and steal their identity and steal their. Their their drivers license and uh pretend to be men. Charlie gunner was his, I believe, was his best man.
Let me just check my facts on that one, but I'm yes, that's right. I believe he pretended to be Charlie, Gunner. And killed and sold it. You talk about actually going to the crime scene itself. In the remote Sierra Nevada, Foothills so tell us just as you do exactly. This is and then tell us about that experience and what you saw well me and my producer drove to Willseyville, which. Was, I want to say two or three hours away from San Francisco and uh, located in southern California. So was a bit of a drive to get up there in the first place and.
Driving, there was very eerie. You got the feet because, because the population is very small, we drove around the neighborhood, which was in the middle of the mountains, very sparse. Maybe a couple one hundred people at most and you got the feeling. People are there to disappear. If they don't want, should be seen or be known. So it's a very good place for a serial killer to take a victim, an we actually drove down gosh. Is it up. Or say: Blue Mountain RD, the road where we drove all the Down to their the property and it's, not there anymore, but it's it's a very precarious road. It's it's! It's not! It's not like a two way: ST. It's not like the way you would picture a freeway, it's a dirt road in the middle of the hills.
In a very in area- and you know you're about like a few inches away from the side of a cliff, and when I say clip I mean it's literally dirt. A bad thunderstorm would probably do try to route. So it was very ominous pm. Yeah, it was very intimidating, but there was a report will be needed to experience what it's like to Be there in order to tell the stories we had to know. In those tapes and injured fiction in this movie. As you say, this is an accurate depiction holding Thing back, obviously, yes, I know you can't give too much away and you don't want to give too much away except you. You have a trailer for this movie as well as well, but if you can give us a sense of the cycle,
all the the slave contract, these written rules, what exactly will you be depicting if you could give us a sense of that? Your talking about a style of filmmaking which something I would be very happy to share very early on in the process? I decided I wanted to make a movie that was similar in style to Texas, Chainsaw Massacre and the Blair Witch project where there was practically, if not zero Gore, I did not want to make a bloody movie. I wanted to make a psychological movie based off of what real serial killers would probably put on film and they probably wouldn't put on themselves stabbing people- and you know,
we've heard about snuff movies before where it's uh people torturing people on film- that that's not what I wanted to make. I want to make something that was then legitimately trying to psychologically change another human being and that's what we depicted the rules that Leonard the control saying put in the bunker, which was the place that they kept their victims was, designed to condition these women to become subservient to them,
it was don't look me in the eye. I will always keep my lips parted. I always keep my bed meats and um. It was a basic guideline for the perfect slave that they envisioned so that that's that's pretty much. What you see in the film were trying to create something that was based off of reality. An they thought, the footage we saw, which Free, like I said, pretty shocking, it's frustratingly privately accurate. You also know what, in the trailer the one water that I've seen, do you have yeah included? It seems
the relationship between Leonard Lake and Charles and we we, we know them as a couple that got together to do this. Maybe one person dominant the other, but is there something in that trailer that. Concerns the relationship that you are depicted in this film as well. I'm very glad you bring that up, because a big thing about the film is through exposition and through uh, Subtle encounters between the two you get to know what those two characters personalities were what these two people were at on the surface Leonard was a domineering master, but, Charles being by my producer, go Claveria was frequently more of the master. He was behind the cam
And he knew that it being behind the cameras. Of course, you want in front of the camera that it would be less in crib Waiting for him and he played this role of submissive, even though that's not necessarily exactly who he was, but you get to know how tricky these two people really work and you're gonna, be surprise by watching the film what their personalities really are, and this is also expressed through letter lakes, wife. Excellent, Caroline Blast, who was actually really active, active with the the markers and
we ended up getting a pardon by complying with the police right, but in the film it's explored a little further, just how active she really was, which, according to the research that we we took, was pretty active, But she's just as guilty, if not more so than in a letter, letting Charles Thank and yet she's walking the streets. Today else does this movie after say I mean you talked about. This cautionary tail and obviously you want the story to be told period. It is there something else, a bigger sort of sent.
From the relationship the times and the. The evil that these people perpetrated. Is there something else that has to be said or is said in this film um? You know, the film, I have to admit is dark and the topic is very dark and the subject is very mean spirited. But my philosophy is, you need to take that information and you need to grow from it. How do you arm yourself with the fact that the world was dark and make the world better? So I guess that's really the take away on top of the
Like I said, I'm a horror guy at the end of the day, and I guess I want to scare you a little bit so be it be afraid. But the inspired. Now, who will tell us of a we? We talk about you being a writer, tell us about the credits for this movie period. I'm actually not the only writer, I co wrote my producer Gil Club area, who was the one who pitched me the idea of the film he was as to the director of a shock, FEST Film Festival in Hollywood for about. Eight years- and I worked for him for about two and we got hooked up because I'm I'm, like I said, I'm an actor and He asked me to perform for him at in
that Barbara for his musical that he wrote and his wife directed and we spent some time in Vegas, which is where he had the condo, and we did a lot of our writing. He pulled up a picture of these two killers. We've said you think we can create. This movie. So then I I I said yes, so we went to Vegas and wrote the film and mean him start. He actually plays Charles thing. I play letter Blake we broke the film together. Let's see we had some very good actors and I have to give a lot of credit to go. He he's a very good producer 'cause. He convinced all of these actresses to play these real life victims, which I feel like a lot of film makers, are not capable of doing they're, not capable of convincing actress to play something so real.
Sure, but he did it and we gotta. Let me see, let me name drop a few people, Sarah Barrett and helping the Guillen Tamil Tam Esolen Joe Black. Alan Bernhoft, who performed in the doctor, Jekyll and Mister Hyde Musical to enter a gosh. I could just go off and I could just read the whole credits, but I'm very impressed with everybody who works on this film. They were, they were all very, very professional and they really cared- and I have to give so much props to Gil, because he was able to inspire.
Believe in my vision, for a good movie and we were able to work together as a team. How long did the movie take from writing to post production to be ready? I have to admit post production took a little longer than I would have liked. But I mean that's the case with any independent. It is very difficult to you know what you're done. Shooting I mean want you to, and you have to edit the film and you got to do special effects. Sound editing, let's see how long it take it took a I want, say it took half a year to make this film from the conception.
To the population maybe a little longer 'cause part of it was also I was doing. Production on other work with my producer kills. And that includes our web series, which the travel show about. I call Connor bounce by the way which will be does it harm locations and tree at standing Rock, where we filmed the protests at the time say I say it took a little longer than half a year. But uses an opportunity Matthew for to talk about sponsor for this program this evening, Brooklyn in now my my wife and I just received- are beautiful, Brooklyn and pack Gauge the queen sized seat sheets, their lux they're, very deluxe sheet package.
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Therefore, this rule, I know we talked about the research that you would have to do, but how extensive did you go into. To his actual life in preparation for this? How essential was it to know everything about the official wreck Leonard Lake everything about his past. How important was that to inform you with this rule? For this rule, I'm I'm a method actor waiting at the end of the day. So it's very important for me to know the back row the character and know who he is in as in depth as possible. After a while I mean the thing is I I did some research, the rock help to co write, but will that I felt I know I knew the man and I knew the way he thought and after a while, I started to take some method
steps? For example, I listen to the song, and this is going to sound very weird, because the song is not, from the perspective, killer, that I listened heavily to the song. Not your slave by Oingo Boingo, because I felt Leonard Lake in his mind, was justified and romantic at the end of the day. So after I got from the whole the horrors of who he was, I started to live it temporarily and pretend to be that romantic and that's what gave me the inspiration to be that person I also have to admit, as a kid I mean I was the lead, so you know I tapped into that. You know you. You tap into things that
you've experienced in your own life, and you go out of your way to get to know the person so. How much alpha like playing doing by the way I pay Dillons all the time I played bad people hit on Fillmore onstage frequently, so it's pretty NASH Well, for me to to be so much like, that was a little bit of his character that you brought to the screen? What was Leonard Lake thought of himself as one of these off the read a sort of an outlaw, a little pot dealer and again of a guy anti government sort of is the way he saw himself. Was this part of it? Well, yes, I mean that that's what it was, but I think he saw himself as somebody who was misunderstood
and as horrible as that sounds as a human being. I I don't condone actions, but as an actor I tried to to connect with the guy, and the way I was able to connect with him was he's a miss understood individual and that's the way I played it and that's what you you're probably going to see on screen? Well, that's what I meant by that question. Did he it's almost seems like he thought of himself as all of this I'm out aside the law and I'm off the grid, and then he saw his torture chamber's just a part of his individuality. It seemed and once he got Charles NG and he thought Charles thing is practically a family member, any lid it it. Actually, there is a film called house only the edge of the park that mine's me heavily of relationship,
eleven Lincoln Charles, which is between two killers who kidnap these people at a party, and they act very similarly to the way that I feel like Leonard Lake Charles and did and it stars David Hess who, but have to wait years ago, he's very familiar with playing killer, because he he that he also played killer in the last house on the last witch of the West Craven Aricept whoever directed Friday the 13th love him by the way it yeah it's. There is humanity in evil people, and if you want to play an evil character-
laughter. You need to be able to connect with that humanity can be comfortable with the fact they're playing somebody who's, a horrible person. So that's what I did. What was the somewhat redeeming aspects of Leonard Lakes character? That's a tough question because she was a very detached human being and he was not a very good human being, but I were to pick out the positive. He was very charming. He he was creative and. And we've been able to yeah yeah- I know I know- that's that's getting a little dark, but he was able to build a bunker in
side of a mountain next to his house. Soon as honest property and police had to dig it up. You know where to find it, so he was resourceful and I guess. I guess that's about it. I I honestly don't like him as a person but yeah. He was very bizarre stuff, but I would say how far do the tapes go? I I think I ventured into the question and didn't go quite through it. How far do they go in these tapes, considering that was the abduction there's the torture, there's a psychological torture.
Then there's murders how far and what how what to what extent do they go in the tapes and the and the and, to what extent do you depict in your movie We we go in from he's an artist by the way he brew. Some incriminating sketches of self heating, cooking, a baby and. We don't show like morbid, asked,
excellent cooking a baby, but we do depict that a baby is put in a pops. That's probably the darkest thing we do quite dark. We it's very dark, but with the big thing I wanted to try to emphasize was psychological horror yeah. What he's going to? create suspense in what is going to build the suspense, and how do we tell a story without stabbing anybody or shooting anybody or cutting anybody out Ann
We show all the way up to the. What was that about twenty of our victims? For those that, may I have an old three judge this by you say this is not a Gore fest, yet it absolutely no blood we had. We had no special effects, artist you to blood well for the for an audience that has red dye for me. No I'm not hey, listen! This audience devours books on cable, there's one book or the score books. Some people are.
Truly more wrapped up tonight. Pardon me so what I personally like about true crime as a genre is the suspense of. Tap dancing on the uncanny valley, the abnormal. What is inappropriate, but not quite you know, I'm not interested personally in Or fast, I'm not interested in seeing somebody get stabbed and get all blood everywhere. I I'm more interested in seeing the stepped up to that and
How do I prevent that from happening in me and the people I care about? So I tried to take um that approach with my film with this film. We talked about the relationship between Leonard Lake and Charles NG. How prominent is their interaction? In this I mean, obviously their partners. Cute like he also, I have to admit Thing I'm interested in is that many behind horrible people who are they and we do get to know their relationship and as we talked about earlier there.
A lot of research that went into getting to know who they were and how they interacted um, for example, one of the pieces of direction I gave my producer about playing Charles it was he had what we called behind the scenes. Tabuchi asks he would put out a mask in to play a role in order to blend in with society and depending on the group of people he surrounded himself with he put on a different buggy ask with Leonard Lake. He played submissive role in the movie was actually a lot smarter. The more resourceful with his coworkers. He also played a submissive all, but he tried to blend in with his family Was a lot more loving.
Friendly. You know unassuming. What America long winded eight Leonard Lake was a he. He was certain I'll list. He yeah big ego but didn't care and He didn't believe that he was going to get in trouble, so he we take steps in what he did too. You know avoid getting in trouble, but having that ego really protected him, her almost two years in this Movie is there any depiction of the meeting and of the first meeting between eighteen and lake or the beginnings of that relationship or.
Explanation on how they could have both got on the subject of the same. How they could have had two cycle past could have met. The film is shot like a an footage movie, it's meant to recreate actual footage and, as a result, the very first piece is actual footage in the film is. The first tape of Dan, acting like a normal family before the murders wow, but when it comes to the way they at in the first place? No, it doesn't dress that the beginning of the film does start off documentary style.
But I mean, if you're asking about the way they met their debt through a magazine because they're, both Ex Marines and like reached out and. Actually, let me like a lot of his victims even through. Magazine ads and newspaper ads, but no the film does not depict that particular aspect of the way he connected with people. It shows more the footage that he shot. So it never. What I'm asking is there any way again, I'm just curious what the film will show. Is there any depiction of the relationship I mean. Obviously we do see the relationship, but I just thought there might be some
indication in those original tape of how this big got to be again interested in the same thing. I don't know to me: it's always fascinating how somebody broaches the subject like this? If anyone about someone then later running to the police, it depicts their relationship in a really goes in depth with how they interact with each other what they meant to each other and what they were your ship wiles, but it doesn't specifically address the exact moment that letter like reach out the girl. Maybe you can tell us a little bit of walk us through some of the production process. Very interesting. Oh yes, certainly, I mean, like I said we we traveled to very early on. Me an my producer gil spent time,
and writing. We actually spent about two weeks in Vegas out of condo just All ideas are working from twelve to sixteen hours a day Ann I mean that that's my life. That makes me happy writing Ann. When it comes to the actual production I had to become the park, so I gained a lot of weights and I see right. Embattled myself away at lake look. Can I I dyed my hair and actually gilded very similar. Estimation we usually very rugged looking individual, but you know he did the bowl cut and he he lost some weight and shaved yeah. We,
really wanted to transform into these individuals and actually, if you'd, like some photos, I'll be happy to send you some. I don't know, I assume it's going to be in a website, I'm happy to share them with you, but we had to hire actors to play real. We had to hire people to play A hearty endeavor dogs and Lonnie Bond. You know we had to find people who fit the parts and we did as it so happens like I said, gilbran a festival. So anyway, a lot of actors. I've been a director in Hollywood for a couple years. Ann. I knew some actors, they all happen to be people that we shot a lot of the the will see built footage.
I mean the exteriors we shot at will see that we actually shot footage at location, but the interior of the cabin we shot in big, bear in northern California, even chopped up in Burbank, LOS Angeles. Our our director Global Ramos. She was amazing she, but there was a if you look at the original footage which you can see on Youtube, or at least five minutes of it. There's a blanket that letters like had she made it so did hand made it from scratch. ' 'cause we tried to find it and we couldn't find it, and it's something that I recall having as a kid, because you know it was just a popular quotes of pattern in the
the late 80s or mid 80s, but we couldn't find it. So she just said I'll make it and she did you talk. You talk about the impressive actors or cast of actors. To, for this normally They just love the writing if they love the writing their onboard or if they love your direction, something along those lines. But more so the story and also obviously the rules. But this is a. But different, and you have a you- have a different approach with this you're trying to do something a little bit different here. How did these actors these establish actors feel about the subject matter? Did they have any response? Specifically, the thing is
make a film, especially independent film. They have to be inspired and that's why I had such a great producer. That's why gil is so inspiring to me, because he was able to find a cast that actively wanted to play these roles. It's not just about finding people who are willing to play rolls it's about. Showing them that this movie is important, the story is important, then needs to be told, and you get the opportunity to play these real people. So I I have to chalk that up to my producer. He just he's inspired man. Tell us a little bit more about the premier and also just what the reaction has been so far. I guess obviously you've you are very, very happy with this, but it
been any anybody at all that you preview this with, as there's been any reaction, tell us what you or what you anticipate as a reaction once this is released. Oh certainly, we had many test screenings and people walked out because he was just that upsetting for them. The subject manner. But if you're a true crime fan- and you want to know more about real life- cereal The reason you wanna know about the true stories that have happened in reality of people violating other people. This is going to be right up your alley because we very active in telling something that was accurate. Um we had test greetings in Vegas. We had to
greetings in Santa Barbara CA, LOS Angeles, CA, uh, the the release of the film is, as we talked about October 13th, it's going to be on Amazon, Prime Amazon, instant video and it is probably the belief. Sensationalized to crime film. And when I say that I think is Henry Portrait of a serial killer and. Texas Chainsaw Massacre in silence of the lambs. Those are Hollywood films. There. Their story oriented this story, end oriented, but it's designed to tell the true ash actual story that actually happened. So if you want to see something that is based off of reality, the x reality in showcases, true horror, this is the movie to watch.
And certainly that's the antithesis of Hollywood that certainly true stories based on true stories or anything like that. Totally not true stories of very encouraged. Come excited to see. Is I'm glad to hear it. You know I would love to talk about Hollywood. I mean it's a huge conversation that I mean that that's never Hollywood's, motivation to Hollywood location is demographics and motivation is to tell something real. So I, if you want to see something real, this is it That's certainly true horror. It wasn't encouraging in these tests, viewings. That, even though there's no bloodshed, there's no gore that these people were still shocked and walked out. What's the question Was it encouraging, to a certain extent, to have that much
drop value without any blood being spilled? Yes, that tells me that the storytelling is affected right. It's not meant to be a full. Movie, it's meant to be well. I guess, if that's your mentality, maybe but it's Ultimately, in my opinion, meant to be a horror warning story. And people walked out, so that tells me that we did the We did the job right, sure sure the horrible nature of what these people have done and what they depict in these tapes. When you saw the test viewings Reaction, you
have any trepidation in with this releases, a little bit ahead of its time, possibly. I don't know I mean I I want to say yes, but that my ego talking, I, I've seen a lot of movies and I've seen some very horrible films and I think it's a throwback. So it's not what you would call. I hesitate to think ahead of its time, but I think it's right on the I think it's story that needs and I think the style is pack, but that's why Do you like it needs to be told now, because these days Hollywood tell Very carbon copied, create
like very controlled stories- and I think it's important to tell these kinds of stories- so it's something that's right for right. Now I think it just hits them There's no love story in this. Is there there's dark love story? There's the story between Leonard Lake is x? Caroline blast while like earlier, I I think, from my research. She was a lot more active again in the murders. Then. Then she not only let's on but has gotten. You know negative crap work. I think it's uh
love story but like not in the way Edward Scissorhands, a love story, yeah yeah! Well I just I was just keep somewhat kidding, because Hollywood always has to have a love story. Even Capote's somehow had one and it I I think I story a love story. It's a love. The man who loved his wife then wanted to try to create his wife by kidnapping other women. And turning and turning them into what he wanted, his wife to be it's a horrible story and it's not really loves it in his mind, it's a love story, but I think in the mail any audience of mine who you know as other faculties. It's not a love story
Yeah, absolutely I want to thank you for coming on and talking about them random murders for those people that might want to check out the website and if you could, I would like you to a post, your trailer, for the movie Miranda murders. On my face personal facebook page, I have a true murder. Facebook page only use. I just use my personal facebook page so fewer able to do that. Matthew. Two greatly appreciate it for those people that comment and also go to Facebook. Too listen to the program, I guess and to make comments. So if you could give us that, It is that address and any other contacts as well. If you could tell us, other work as well as direct people to somewhere where they could Your other film work, but certainly I would absolutely love to Cher messed up Facebook page all posted. You can go to shock that Torah factory dot com. I highly recommend going
to the Miranda murders on Facebook. The Miranda murders last page landing lake in Charles there's, probably to be for updates on there about the release of the film and where you can watch the film. If you want to see some of my previous work I have shots, as I said earlier, web series called holding routes which I'm we're working on with actually gil. My producer. And before that I shot a web, series called horror, show theater, which you can see on Sepulture productions, which is on Youtube and Facebook highly recommend going to the Miranda murders on Facebook. That's really where you want to go, and yes absolutely that sure. Eight information on your page, thank you for offering well. Thank you very. Much Matthew, Rosalie for the
random murders, the lost tapes of Leonard Lake and Charles NG. I'm looking forward to this, and, as I know, many many true crime fans and fan- is it true. Murder will be looking forward to this sounds very exciting. Congratulations. Thank you very much. You have a great evening thanks again for this interview. Thank you, but goodnight.
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