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On Thursday, June 30 at 7:00 p.m. CST I will appear on CRIME BEAT on the ARTISTFIRST RADIO NETWORK with hosts Will Hyrb and true crime bestselling author Ron Chepesiuk. The title of the program is THE SERIAL KILLER where we will be discussing my book TROPHY KILL-THE SHALL WE DANCE MURDER and the mind of the serial killer. On the eve of the CRIME BEAT program I hope you will tune in for, for the very first time I will be reading excerpts of Sidney Teerhuis' incredibly shocking letters that specifically pertain to serial murder. Not for the faint of heart, these letters were the crucial evidence at trial and are the most shocking revelations ever written. THE SERIAL KILLER-SIDNEY TEERHUIS and TROPHY KILL.
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You are now listening to true murder, the most shocking killers in true crime, history and the authors that have written about him. Gacy Bundy, Dahmer Nights daughter. He came every week. Another fascinating offer talking about the most shocking, an infamous killer, who crime history through murder, with your host journalist, Ann Arbor, Dan, asking good evening to grab fans. This is your host, a dance capacity, the program, true murder, the most shocking killers in true crime, history and the authors have written about them today. We're going to have a special program because I
I'm going to be appearing. Is your cell phone bill out of control? Then this is your wake up call the new Tracfone wireless gives you unlimited talk and text, starting at twenty dollars a month, no contract plus unlimited carryover data with active service yep, the new Tracfone wireless now you're in Control C terms and conditions at tracfone dot com on crime beat on the artist first. Radio network with host will herb and true crime. Selling author RON, Epic, who has appeared on the program, the title of the program is the serial killer, and where will we be discussing my book? Trophy kill the shall we dance murder and the mind of the serial killer. On the eve of the crime be programme, I hope you are that that I hope you will to an end, for this will be the very first time that I will be reading excerpt of said. Detour uses incredibly shocking letters that specifically pertain to cereal
This is not for the faint of heart. These letters were the crucial evidence at trial and are the most shocking revelations ever written. I guarantee it so if you're still interested in listening and want to stay tuned, please brace yourself. This episode is called the serial killer, Sydnie tear hues, an trophy kill. First off. I just want to tell you about upcoming shows next week, I'm going to have an encore performance. I think it's appropriate. The Casey Anthony case Caylee Anthony the victim, obviously has garnered incredible attention in American throughout the world. I, however, have not done many programs, but if people
Our fans of this program they'll know that I interviewed Diane fanning one of the best true crime writers in America today and she had written a book previous to this trial, which is very unusual. As most true crime fans know, most books do not come out till after the trial has been concluded. Saint Martin's press decided felt it necessary or worthy at warranted writing a book before the trial, even occured. Now for those that say well, how could you write a book without the trial occuring? You can get the goods without the hysteria of CNN and Nancy Grace and some these people and speculation, the endless speculation or what will happen and legal analysts say this, and legal analysts say that at least I am fan
Diane Fanning has written a book. I believe the definitive book, regardless of the trial, because it does tell the story without the buyers and speculation and with without the hysterics amounting in raving about what such a bad mother. She was. So if it comes from a seasoned journalist, a true crime, best selling author and a fine author at that, Diane Fanny and next week will have an encore performance of mummies girl from last October, two thousand and ten, and so we will Turning for that encore performance on core program after that we are going to have our berry. Flowers is the first time we've had Detroit born, list noted, award winning journalist and who did ripper. Allergist are a bury flowers with his incredible book, sex slaves.
Masters, which was originally released in nineteen. Ninety Six- and I guess, did so well that they re released it again, ebook form so, anyway. We're going to be talking about that and get an opportunity to speak with our berry flowers, if you do get a chance, look at his vast incredible background of varied stories, an his journalism and also his books that he's written both fictional and true crime and nonfiction. After that, we have the pleasure of having Anthony Di Stefano back onto the pro. Graham he has written king of the godfathers an we interviewed him regarding that incredible book about the MOB New York, Ny City, mob american mobsters. He has he's another noted journalist with incredible true crime, pedigree and background, and we're going to be talking about his latest book called mob killer, and
I'll just tell you I'll give you a little brief on the mob killer. I he dissolved the bodies of some of his victims and acid and poured them down the sewer I hung grizzly souvenirs on nails in his junkyard. Charles Carneglia was a stone, cold killer, who fell in with the bloodthirsty John Gotti crew. As the infamous crime family rose to power with their murderous trail of sex, jealousy greed and revenge. Colonel Asia rose with them. This is the horrifying story, a method who fit perfectly into the New York Mafia in a hurry, harrowing journey inside a roof. This criminal underworld, Pulitzer Prize Winning reporter Anthony M Di Stefano Chronicles, chronicles one man's life in a world of depraved acts of violence and the stores that went with being a member of the Gambino family. This has been called thrilling. American crime writing by Jimmy Breslin. This is not a program to be missed,
it's a little bit out of the norm for me to do mob stories. But when you have the key Oliver of journalist, investigative journalist and true crime, author, like Anthony these M, Mr Vano, you should turn in because it's very much a lot of people have separate aiming to crime, obviously has stories about bikers and mobsters a gang members, and but in this particular case we are looking at which normally covered on this program, psychopathic killers and the very worst of the psychopathic killers. Still that's keeping in with that tradition. Now, so we're going to talk about trophy kill an for those that routinely listen to the program they prob They heard me talk for an hour about trophy kill, but on the eve of this programme and wise important, I think that were mentioned
real killer is for me to explain this completely. Let me do that with this thing that I've written myself concerning that and I titled it who else did Sidney, Tear Hughes murder in my nonfiction book trophy kill the shall we dance murder for hectic and publishing Trono. I refer to the notorious murderer, signature who's as a serial killer, despite dear, whose only being convicted of one murder. Now, why would I answered ass? He accused tissues of serial murder, now. The reason I have stated city Tear Hughes is a serial killers, because I am confident very confident, incredibly confident that he has at least two or more victims and materias would readily admit as much if Qua Jim properly. Now you may say. Well, what do you mean by question properly and who, in your mind,
who, in my mind, would be able to elicit that type of incredible confession from this killer from the killer himself. Now I believe that if someone recognizes a serial key expert or noted criminal profile, it was to express in interest alone in interviewing him ex extensively, then I believe it Sidney dear, whose would definitely reveal to that person information about the other as he has committed now. Why that's why? I believe that is because city to use as intimated, insinuated and alluded to other murders and has written, for example. This is page, seventy three and seventy four. When you kill someone, you experience a frenzy vehemence for what cannot be changed. However, sometimes, when body dies it twitches and makes noise, when you cut off a human arm or leg, then hold it in
admire it. You are overwhelmed with this ideology that the victim was sacrificed for the right reasons. Do you think I have the characteristics of a serial killer now this is, these are quotes from the killer himself, Synyster Tear use in his actions, his own words in his characteristics and all the characteristic surrounding the murder, post, murder activities, which include necrophilia, an organ removal and disposal, and then the communication with media- and I myself has provided clear evidence. I believe of Sydney to use as a serial killer based on the established serial killer criminal profile now city to use is clearly psychopathic and he came forward to police to direct them, too is murder, horror spectacle when he seized upon a unique opportunity in which he could achieve the infamy he so desperately wanted.
Now, once he realized that he was in possession of Susan Serandon Stolden stolen gold, neck lace, he then decided that he end his reign of horror with a murder so unforgettable that he would be infamous forever. His murder horror spectacle did get notice because of the Hollywood connection and stories abounded throughout the world, especially on celebrity sites dear, he said, granted the Winnipeg Sun and exclusive interviews immediately after he was arrested and based on his statements during those interviews. He was clearly cycle traffic and definitely wanted to talk by feeling that he had been questioned about similar murders that had occurred in Vancouver and Alberta. In the fourteen years he had lived out there. He has purposely led my self and other people. Anyone who has read these letters to believe that he likely has killed before in Vancouver and Alberta.
Now I will read that letter from you, and I will explain this, though, that of course when he talks about in the letter is that there were. He was question about similar murders that occurred in Edmonton and Alberta. However, I did the research and, of course get we're going to talk about the characteristics of this murder and just for those who have never, who have not heard past programs the signature who's directed, please this murder horror spectacle? And what do I mean with the murder horror spectacle? And why am I calling it? That is because the body was dismembered in eight pieces. It was posed and displayed for shock value and, when I say the body was cruelly reassemble for shock value. What I mean is that the
body was saint in half the body's, that did, the body of the victim was decapitated, so, for example, Sydney Teerhuis take took that decapitated head and put it back on the severed, windpipe and neck bone. Pardon me, but he put that head back head would have been for shock value. He had removed one of the eyes he had punctured, the other. I he had stab the chest sixty eight times in an almost perfect symmetrical pattern, not a random pattern. He had disarticulate the arms at the at the elbows and the legs at the knees disarticulated, not just randomly savagely cut. He had this articulated.
Very much very carefully, very much as the pathologist said at the trial, surgical, precision, dexterity and obviously, some now I urge our very clear knowledge of anatomy and also how to conduct an autopsy. He had careful die a carefully dissected one of the arms he had, and here is the thing that really sets this crime. This case this killer, apart from all of the other killers that you may have read about and been shocked by their their actions is that he had sliced the chest. Cavity, open, wash the body again posed and displayed this body. He had castrated the victim, so he put where the genitals would be. He put those back where they might be again posed
displayed for that one unfortunate police officer defined in that room, while the killer stood out in the hallway and got to again I experienced the thrill and the shock that he was trying to convey an too to perpetrate this. He had that ability to be able to stand out in the hallway and experienced the horror again for someone else, but of course that's not enough. They need to relive it and and reiterate and again recount a real, live and repeat what they have done to further shocked the world. Now, with the all of the organs missing, every single solitary thing, it would be a chest. Cavity was removed, not for those people who don't know this would be called the ripper. But when I looked at cop
this person, the ripper- I understood it, people didn't understand what the ripper term actually meant, and the ripper term refers to, of course, Jack the Ripper and why he was called the ripper is not only that he used a knife, but it will actually specifically refers to the right removal of the organs so Jack, the ripper characteristic, his em. All his signature, I would say, was to remove those organs, take them outside of the body and at one point as he escalated in his crimes. He had sent the kidney part of the kidney or half of the kidney to police authorities and a note identifying himself. So clearly these
Psychopathic serial killers wanting the press and media attention and to relive their crimes and to taunt the police in the victims, isn't a new phenomena, that's one thousand eight hundred and seventy, and there have been other cases well, of course, Jack. The rippers just the most famous and part of that is that it was never ever caught and so with Sydnie Tear use. He had created this horror spectacle about where, where this and no one has created this level of horror spectacle for police defined, and then he granted interviews with the media, I recognize you wanted to talk and of course-
then, I became involved corresponded with the killer to write this book and at some point after nine months of correspondence about which included all of his background and all of his exploits very interesting, quite intelligent killer, quite articulate and but very very psychopathic and narcissistic. Then I then asked him for details in the last three months of correspondence details, specifically about the murder that he claimed to not remember and those in the U S, we have a different system that it is about fault, even though our legal system is based on the british system. As many Australia and England, obviously, and America and Canada Wish- should have similar systems, and we do, for example. What, however, in this particular case, why? One of the reasons why it became involved in one of the reasons why it was and more mortified by this killer and his his
kredible murder is that he had the distinct possibility that the distinction minutes of actually having a murder reduced to manslaughter because he said because he said he claimed that he couldn't remember and that he claimed to be intoxicated an claimed to a blacked. Out to all. These claims means that the prosecutor has to prove believe it or not that he wasn't impaired on alcohol, so they spent an incredible inordinate amount of time going through that at trial. Now the correspondence that I got in the last three months clearly spoke about details of when the
murder occured, apparently at six hundred and twenty all the details. Every single horrifying graphic, disturbing chilling detail. This person included- and I let him say these disgusting and incredible things, because it was evidence now anybody that reads the book it looks at this case will realize the extent of what he had said in terms of damning incriminating evidence against himself. They used the letters and the diagrams which preferred referred, that included necrophilia the time of death. The drawings are just incredible and shocking and those letters the correspondence referred to the murder itself, the disposal of the internal organs, the dismemberment, the necrophilia,
the entire experience from the killer and the drawings that corresponded with what he had done and his fantasies and the victim as a human trophy and, as he had said, his dismembered creation was his ultimate work of art and he fast fashions himself as an artist and while he is in custody now he is reverted back to his artistic leanings. Anas is gaining aboriginal themed paintings. However, he read very much interesting that the Son of SAM Law, so that killers would specific, really not be able to profit from the Norder Iothia crime? It is about a thirty or thirty five year old law that was enacted so that SAM Berkowitz and other son
SAM Sam Burke with another killers of that ilk, would not be able to profit off the notoriety of their crimes. Now. What does that mean? While thirty, five years later, we had still not drafted a law to be able to deal with that potential issue and, of course, with this psychopathic killer, trying to taunt police all of society be enacting his revenge on his adopted family and all of society. Certainly this person more so than anyone you've ever seen, one to make sure that he was known for what he had done so Sidney. Tear Hughes has achieved the infamy he wants to a certain extent, but I believe I really do believe that, despite only having this murder that he is a serial killer based on established serial killer
no profile now I won't go into that criminal profile, but I will read something from. As I have just quoted a little bit, I will just read some of what he has said. So did you get a clear idea of why I believe is a serial killer? Besides the the select quoted I've made, and so I will read what's in what the two chapters that concern Sidney's letters were. Similarly, there there are some letters that are spread throughout the entire book, but the most graphic and horrific and letters that were specifically utilised at the trial are contained in chapter nine and, to a lesser extent, chapter eight. In chapter nine, I titled the chapter, the dreaded letters. And so these are the most important letters to the into
story and also the most important letters in the trial itself. Now I will just read the first letter I I've written it so that you, the information, is revealed in the proper order. Now this is from October sixth, two thousand four, and I will read from his letter. I still need a list of offshore banks in the Bahamas. That are not affiliated with the United States or Canada. I will have it set up, as the check will go directly into the offshore account. If you do this, Parents on seed you'll be with Charles Adler. I will give you in if you right after the preliminary hearing, if adlar asked you, where you got your information, just say reliable source, don't mention any names. As for this book title drunken defense, it's not eye catching. I want something more dramatic like human trophy or room three hundred and nine
or murder. At six hundred and twenty p m the time of greens, death or kill time or use greens last words, please don't kill me type- are right up what you have so far in the first chapter and send it to me. I need to get a sense of the art style of writing I'll proofread. It make any necessary adjustments. And send it back to you, send it in a large brown envelope along with another, an envelope inside with your return address. As for the book title trophy kill, it sounds perfect, except for the subtitle, the Sydney tear who story, I feel true, they kill murder in three hundred and nine would sound better or trophy kill the murder of Robin Green, something a little more shocking trophy kill slaughterhouse at the Albert I'm even she.
I am even sure. If you ask permission from Hollywood, you could call it trophy kill the shall we that's murder, it's what Richard gear and strand and called it perhaps on the cover because have afforded me green necklace and the title. So I guess I can say this. I will read a little bit more from Sidney. Tear whose he's talking about Dennis Nelson and for those people who don't know Dennis Nielson is infamous killer very much like Jeffrey Dahmer from Britain and this person fell. It felt very necessary to be able to talk about his crime. He was also a homosexual shaft, very much like Sidney and killed his victims were homosexuals and very much like Jeffrey Dahmer. He had a another added, even more bizarre element to his crimes and that he wanted to hang around or have his victims hang around. Even They were dead. So
there's another letter: this is January, twelve, two thousand and five you feel my situation is shockingly similar to the likes of Dennis Nelson. I find interesting. Do you think Nielsen had any influence I had it. Hadn't really thought about it. That way, the only time I ever entertained the thought of Dahmer or Nilsson was when I sliced open greens abdomen seeing the intricate design and coil of the transparent intestines only after playing with them. That I did. I want to experience what Dahmer Nilsen did biased during my arm deep inside greens, chest cavity and exploring his insides. What fascinated me about Dennis is was his first male victim and the skinhead I like to find out more about that. I would like to write to him. You wanted to list a missing organs: lungs part of the esophagus apple, epiglottis, digestive, track heart, spleen, stomach, liver pain,
Greece Aurora he order one of the eyes the other was punctured. They said there was little to no blood. There was no blood to be found and greens carcass green wasn't my ideal candidate. I could have picked anyone. I was looking for. Gay sex. This would have been no different from any other bar room sex encounter in a gay lifestyle. You meet, someone have sex, go your Mary way. So that's another letter from sinecure whose I will continue to read a little bit this January. Third, two thousand and five. We have covered a lot. Some of your questions. I can't answer simply because certain things haven't even crossed my mind. Green fulfilled my sexual needs.
What makes it even more gratifying is that this was greens last sexual experience before his death. There's nothing more beautiful. Knowing green had died, sexually satisfied when took off his underwear and tossed them on the floor would be his. There would be the for the last time I was the last person to have sex with green little did green you'd be dead in an hour and a half they would no longer exist. Sex with greens, dead body was intoxicating. The silence, remembered as I drove myself in and out of 'em the best sex I ever had. I can vaguely analyze the complexity of my thoughts at that tender moment. I enjoyed the sex so much because he was dead.
Fucking green, like a locomotive electrified me into a divine sexual vulgarity. When you kill someone, you experience a frenzy of vehemence for what cannot be changed. The triumphs and trophy greens physical body, had to offer when I carve them up was like working like was like working on him like a tramp Lee all having sex with a dead body was more powerful than anything. You could fathom the poetry of greens, viscera, annex explicable, beauty of his intestines elaborately coiled unfolded their rich aroma of fresh human meet the sound of steam steel, cutting into bone, ripping out the lungs with my bare hands when green was sawed in half the shreds of flesh hung from his rib cage, like colorless frond,
randomly stabbing his corpse butchering him for the mere pleasure of it, because I can, when you cut off a human arm or leg and then hold it and admire it. You were overwhelmed with this ideology that the victim was ultimately sacrificed for the right reasons. When I butchered greens, body watching the steel blade enter the body and the sensation. Pulling it out again, it was beyond any moral connection. I treated the corpse like a side of beef, like Green, was a dead animal portion him like a giant turkey, cutting off the arms and legs getting him scooping out the organs with I took my time I made an evening of it slowly dismay And greens body, taking a break every now and then to admire
for my culinary and meet after Green had been distant dismembered. I held open the giant cut in his abdomen and took a nice deep breath of his empty chest. Cavity. It was a sense of accomplishment. His flesh was starting to turn gray. His forearms were cold. The fingertips turn blue black under the nails. What sort of haunts me is that, after I had green on the bathroom floor and began to slice into his neck, I think he was still alive. There was a deep grown and a deep and a deep and a groan? Our sometimes when a body dies its witches and makes noise, even if he was,
live. I probably would have held him down and continued to chop his head off. What was really sexually gratifying was having greens penis on my pillow beside my face, while I masterbated what a beautiful sight knowing his body was cut the pieces in the next room anyway, do you feel compassion for green? Do you, I think what I did to Green's body was an act of love for him in a macabre manner, or was it last for a dead body? Would you consider what I did to Greens corpse a morals crime according to the law after Green died, legal, he was no longer person. Would it be safe to say I'm guilty of doing indignities to a corpse incredible stuff? I will continue. I don't think I have told you anything about the actual last seconds. Green's life, the actual murder, the stabbing hair by at the
point I wouldn't have anything to say to greens, parents. Why did the section of certain body parts I don't think I was finished- had gotten a chance to smash green skull and dissect his brain or to set the hands? feet. Do inmates treat me like a celebrity. Now don't get much fanfare, I'm yesterday's news. One may end made in particular, very Antonia. American bank robber found the gruesome details the greens demise entertaining as he said, he ass. He smiled and his american accent you're. One sixth
and then I reminded him a TED Bundy, what made it erotic or sexy was the dead weight of his body. The sound of friction greens flesh being dragged over the carpet the way his head nodded from side to side as arms dragging over shoulders and bumping into things when it masturbate at night. My sexual vanities fantasies very when a final fantasize about green. It's when I'm sexting is headless corpse after decapitated. I thought I'd like to remember green as a naked headless corpse on my bathroom floor before dismemberment this involvement, the masturbation to be focused on the missing internal organs? So here's a little with only one of these statements are true. What did I do with love and greens internal organs, where they a flash down the toilet, be that I seldom the George for fifty dollars see? Did I eat them in a cannibalistic ritual de where they tossed and be a fine dumpster near Hell sizes Centre, a were some tossed innovation,
I am a dumpster, near hillsides centre. Only one of these statements is true. What do you personally think I did? We greens organs be realistic. Number two greens murder is similar to who a Dahmer the Zodiac Killer, see John Wayne Gacy De Dennis Nelson three. Do you think I have the care the risks of a serial killer, yes or no? You think I enjoyed the entire event. The murder stabbing death of green and the necrophilia. Does this amendment from beginning to end? Yes, no, not sure and one other letter the case this case is more sensation. Then you can comprehend if we go to trial. I have news that will shock the world. There was a lot nobody knows of went on early morning hours of July, second, two thousand and three now I want to explain things
something because I I'm not sure if people know maybe why it's important that I've included this information, because, as some people have called this true crime book reviews borough bear from true crime. Uncensored they've used the word to gusting. Now I really would have our time trying to sell a book tat. It can be deemed disgusting, but I think y know what they're speaking about is the actual revelations from the killer being disgusting. I'm and you heard it. This is stuff that it mixes sex, an homosexual sex which is distasteful to many men and many people off for various reasons. Aww I have included. This is
because I could find no way to take it out and still give you the complete story of how this person this suspected serial killer. This serial killer, in my mind, thinks actually thinks we have eh treasure trove if it's in any appropriate term of actual will revelations from this killer deep inside his mind, not the mind of somebody looking for excuses, because he does trot these out. Obviously, in the book as well, everyone abused him. Everyone wanted to have sex with him. Sex was the biggest part of his life if it happened everywhere, everyone wanted everyone, abused them, he worked as a male prostitute. He says you know again. You have to just report on what these people say. Do they exaggerate? Do they embellish? Do they?
Are they pathological liars to a certain degree, or is there narcissism make them believe that everyone wants them? Everyone thinks there handsome everyone is abused him. I mean it's a mix of things as uh people that may have abused and when he was young, possibly could be. Again, all I want to do is just get to the gist of the most important thing. This person butchered this human being when he realized he had Susan Saran Duns gold necklace. Now. Why would he do that? Because he's a movie fan he's obsessed with celebrity and many people are, but when he realized somewhere on the day of July first, I think he I believe There's all the evidence that all the inferences- and I mean I'm talking about inferences- that never have any exceptions. They're all inferences that lead to the same easy
conclusion that I'm very confident about that. He is a serial killer, see why I believe that he would not actual. We talk about premeditation in this particular case because he knew enough about the law he's a smart individual who must be reading the papers like everyone else, and realize very much so about canadian LAW and canadian law procedures manslaughter because you say you're, drunk and even in
in particular case. It is absolutely ridiculous and absurd to believe a person wouldn't be cognitive of their actions for this entire period. It would take to carefully dissect and do an incredibly surgically precise, autopsy and then walk considerable distance, even if we believe, if we believe him that it was miles away where he dispose of these organs. But it was certainly not in a two or three mile radius around the hotel that he dispose of these organs. So we certainly went out of his way to dispose of these organs, which indicates to Maine, obviously, there's no problem, removing organs, dissecting certain body parts, but certainly taking those organs calmly and collectively in some kind of garbage bags and
walking miles with them or two or three or four miles to dispose of them. How he? You know it's inconceivable. It is very first murder and I'm not because of motivation itself. The motivation to come forward is very there. There have been the happy face killer. There have been certain people that were frustrated that the police could not catch up with them, the Btk killer, there's there's numerous examples of some of the worst serial killers contacting the police, because the police in the happy face Killer case, someone else had come forward, confessing, believe it or not, two murders that that he had commit so he contacted police and they had a hell of a time. Believing
at where he had a hell of a time convincing anyone that these other people didn't commit the murders, but when people are taking credit for someone else's murdered or and like you see it on fictional programs and based on true life, this is happened where, in the btk case, why he came forward is because a journalist they generated a story where they said he was likely retired or he's not going to do it again or basically, there are a lot of police agencies that are experienced enough to do some innovative things to be able to flush out these killers that had NBT case case had been caught. For over twenty years and they were successful because a lot of these people, obviously you could say, they're intelligent, but how intelligent you have to be to kill someone
is no. One really really cares about a homosexual. On this case. Visiting a city susceptible to alcohol and talks creation, or maybe even an alcoholic, I don't want to call people. You know these people are or a label people as anything, but certainly serial killers pick the most vulnerable people, people on the street, with addictions that are going to jump into a car because they're desperate for money and then from there the killer has a person is willing to go into a vehicle that society police, maybe them
the people, families don't really care as much about. So that's why they become victims in this particular case, with any care whose he lays out in his book, his m o his method of operations. His signature is again. If we do the restrictive traditional criminal profiling, we would then look for again. I think this is a total mistake. We would look for similar murders where all of the victims, internal organs were removed and they were stabbed numerous times some kind of pattern and then mutilated, partially dissected and then left posed and displayed truly reassembled for shock value. Well, why? There is that's not part of his signature. Is that I believe the part of the signature is complete
disposal of the victim after the experience now, why do I believe that, after he left Winnipeg at nineteen years age and moved out to Vancouver that he became a serial killer? Is that some point. It makes. No other logical sense to me is that signature whose had dreamed of moving out the Vancouver Vancouver full of people and care in America don't know is, is: are California the West Coast, the casual pot smoking is, is permit. You know the next province over its conservative and feel and in politically and socially, very much Texas and some of their laws, and, and so you
have a mentality that goes from our province, the province with ten provinces and politically, socially historically, they are different, make up of different kinds of people the West Coast Vancouver compared to win a pig when a pig is a MID west, a prairie town, eight or nine biggest city and Canada Old, not the most affluent coldest climate in Canada. Mosquitoes infested in the summer because of our soil is basically clay. We have a city that is about seven hundred thousand people with not much of a surrounding area is, is isolated, for example, for eight hours from Minneapolis by car we are eight hours to anywhere or ten hours or twelve hours by car to anywhere
Ontario are most populous province and Andrano being about six million in the greater metro area. So getting back to Sydney moved out to Vancouver name a chef. Anne began his dream life out in Vancouver now who's played with drug addictions because his life didn't really workout the way he'd wanted. There's many people like that, but is even worked as a chef, and he made good money in Vancouver, which I mean compared to Winnipeg or some other places Hoover being believe, the third biggest city in Canada, all these opportunities for good wages, because it is affluent community Vancouver and surrounding area people go to retire to Vancouver, and there is a lot of money, and so, as a chef, I can't see him making anymore money regardless of moving to another problem. The neighbouring province of Alberta is where
he moved after nine or ten years of living in Vancouver, which he had always dreamed of living. In now it makes some people might say well because he's old being on cocaine and crack doing heroin and oxy cotton out in West Coast. Maybe he left Alberta for different past years for different influence or different friends. If we take that as one of the reasons, then, why would he leave Edmonton and then go to a small, very small community called Kenora, which is thousands of miles away again when you're continually ODI ing on crack when, when you're living from paycheck to paycheck because of major addiction, there is no real reason to move as a chef, because I can't I cannot believe for a second that there is really any significant amount of money to be made. Moving from your city, taking into consideration of that, does
cost to move to go to another job that will pay essentially around the same amount of money. Now. Another reason why I find it hard to believe that Sidney, Tear who's the killer would leave Vancouver is because Edmont in where he went to Alberta. The province itself is very much like Texas for a homosexual drug user uh And a very flamboyant gay person very well, not a flame being gay, but I'm just a person is very obviously gay and why he would plan to move to to a province to a city where it is noted for less than tolerance for gays. For drug users legally socially, so I find it that's the I find it quite odd,
Now, while he was in Alberta, he extended. He was in a drug treatment program for six months, so obviously they felt and he felt that he had to go into a clinic for an extent the amount of time I don't know about the rules of clinics, but four weeks, six weeks, eight weeks I may not seem to be the norm or even more than the norm. Six months is an ex then did stay with obviously Asturias, hard drug problem. Now part of this as well is that when he came forward, I think it's really for some of these people to because he is it talks about constantly about scraping, enjoy getting by a node in continually and but again, I really do believe that he was running away also from murders.
Why else would he put so much incriminating damning evidence about attempted murders, his mo, where he knocks out mended he picks up at bus stations and then anally rapes. These men, his total disregard for other people, trying to justify them as lesser people that just trash is very much like his heroes, John Wayne Gacy. So he clearly states the case that he is influenced by other serial killers, TED Bundy, John Wayne, Gacy
Jeffrey Dahmer Dennis Nilsen, and he is interested in their notoriety for the same reasons they are notorious killers. He would like to be known for those same types of things. So if your heroes are serial killers and you intimate allude to insinuate that your serial killer and then you ask the question which serial killer do I most closely resemble, and then you include quotes in your letters that refer to when a body dies. When you kill someone, it makes no sense to believe for a second
That this person is anything but a serial killer. In Canada, we have no consecutive sentences for murder, regardless no consecutive sentences for rape, no consecutive sentence is for murder, so once he has been convicted. Thanks to my efforts, this person was given the harsh sentence in our province for second degree murder, which is twenty five years before he's eligible for parole. Normally, if he was convicted of second degree murder, and in this particular case it would have been, Difficult, believe it or not, due to convict him of second degree murder, and we won't even get into why that's possible, but this person could have received the sentence. Will ever
example, it's a misnomer, they'll, say: well, he received a life sentence with the possibility of parole in twelve years, an in twelve years. Of course, if he's responding too real Ubilla tating a rehabilitation efforts in jail, whatever those are as significant or in significant as those are again, how would you cure rehabilitate a psychopathic killer? Again, I could pose the question. There is no way of doing that. I believe so a couple of years before he would be his first paroled possibility. They would prepare him for his eventual again. The word avenged. This is what they use eventual release into society
now by letting him out to the shopping mall into the movie theater. They believe this demonstrates his trustworthiness and his harmlessness. Now that he's been rendered harmless or safe, or no risk to the public and then they would use that information of his rehabilitation to indicate and give him the possibility, a poor and real some into release him on the streets with some kind of condition, and then they call that supervision. I do not know how going to a parole officer once a month or twice a month, for an hour or half an hour, is considered supervision. So in this case, because he received twenty five years to life, he received the maximum sentence, which is equivalent to the harshest sentence. We haven't.
Which is twenty five years before you're eligible for parole. For example, Paul Bernardo, Karla Homolka, aware of these cases, compete with anything in the world in terms of horrifying. Incredibly charismatic and fascinating killers, Carla can Paul Bernardo and Robert Picton. The person accused of had evidence of thirty three women being killed on his farm, but he is said to an undercover officer. I needed one more for fifty, so possibility of forty nine, at least thirty three he has one murder conviction, not thirty three, so he has a parole hearing in twenty years, or so now it's on
likely, based on all of the public, outcry that this person would ever actually be released on parole and same with Paul Bernardo. However, this case, you know, didn't receive the kind of attention that those other cases they were not as fascinated with the killer or the victim. In this particular case, this is a faceless non important victim from a family that doesn't understand the system and has no status is not high profile, uh what can I tell you, it happens the Casey Anthony case with Caylee Anthony it's. There are certain victims that are much much more highly regarded and killers. That happened to be handsome and kids that are cute and women that have not ever been
trouble at all with the authorities whatsoever and a family of parents that are really, you know really going to the media expressing their concern, pushing the media for for help in trying to, in some cases, finding the victim or trying to get justice. So it all the optics of the victims, family. That looks good in his articulate and, of course, I'll say the right color in the right, so she economic status and same with the victim. So in this case it's Winnipeg, so outside of Toronto are big Mega City and Vancouver, which is the West Coast equivalent. It's just Winnipeg, it's just just Winnipeg, and it's a victim that doesn't matter so much and certainly a killer. Now, when you throw in the necrophilia and a disgusting, horrific and graphic details at this guy provides, this book is getting
Judge by its cover, judged by people, opening up and see the drawings that are there and in Canada we have no true crime market. We read american true crimes. We do have some book, about the Hells Angels in Canada and Bandidos. There was a massacre a couple years ago in Canada, so those stories titillate and fascinate people in Canada we don't have much in terms of mob stories per say, that's the definitely America as a whole gone mad, that that being their own phenomena, serial killers are not known. In fact, when Robert Picton was Merrily killing women at almost at women in the Vancouver area, on his pig farm and feeding the victims to the pigs again incredible. Incredibly gory details, they per a police officer within the Vancouver police said. I think we have a serial killer on the loose
They demoted him humiliated him, basically try to get him off the force and denied any of his observations and conclusions and refused to believe it was a serial killer loose. Obviously, there was at least one serial killer loose so again because there are no second of sentence is there is no or very little motivation for, and probably in with Canada's laws, not only no motivation or inclination to be able to question him further. They might have legal problems from any prospective confession that they would be able to get from him, because again, We just have a different system. We believe that we can rehabilitate everyone. We do have criminals rights enshrined. It seems too many people to go through the system.
There is much more rights for the criminal than there are for the victims, and we certainly don't have that kind of input that victims have in Amerika for two to elicit the kind of outcomes that those victims, family victims of the family of the victims, might want or push for or desire. So what we have is that there is not much incentive, motivation, inclination or interest in questioning Sidney to his further decline. This is disgusting revelations. However, there are numerous missing men in Vancouver area, an Alberta Ann across this country. An every victim deserves to be recognized as a victim and the families
need disclosure and to find out what on earth happened to their loved one. The tears used on very confident. I, for example, have approach to doctor Scott Bonn and Doctor Scott Bon as a professor of sociology at the Rutgers University in New Jersey and I've approached him about approaching Sydnie Tear whose because he's a serial killer researcher, slash expert to be able to elicit the kind of information that will certify, certainly that signature who's is a serial killer and to initiate further investigations, regardless of who's. Doing the maximum sentence in prison, it's just the truth. It's that that's what I'm committed to that's. Why did this? In the first place, I had my instincts in my intuitions as to what he was doing and that's how I got involved
and that's how I uncovered the information that I am covered in my research. I happen to study serial killers. I did interview Robert K, Ressler, and that interview is included in my book. Robert K, Ressler is one slash two of the team that created criminal profiling, along with John Douglas from the FBI. Robert Ressler is the person that coined the phrase serial killer and in two thousand and two ironically, I had the pleasure to interview Robert K Ressler about Jeff. Jamaran about John Wayne Gacy. Ironically, the information that I garnered from that interview is applicable, ironically, an incredibly applicable to this case, where I'm, actually speaking with a serial key
over a year and a half after that Robert K, Ressler Interview inside the criminal mind, he called it and we talked about the serial killer criminal profile now Sidney. Tear Hughes is a serial killer based on this profile and part of that profile is this need for fame. This need to relive the murders and the crimes themselves. The idea that he would commit this one murder at first. It took me probably two or three years to stop thinking logically like I would you would think, because they have a different mentality, sex and murder as fantasies combined indistinguishable that
who sings then you can apply your normal, rational thought and then and then extrapolate or make inferences. You have to understand the mindset of these people, so when you do understand the mindset, you kind of you will question why, if he is heroes, are serial killers. Why would he come forward after just one murder- and you say just one but the incredibles- horror spectacle has never never been equaled, never an. I hope it never is equal or surpass not even jack. The ripper did this no killer on earth in the history of the world has done what Sydnie tear who says done. There have been incredibly horrific murders and killers, but no one has taken all of the victims internal organs and done what this person is done. Now, when you
add he, the horror speculative spectacle did he created with the internal organs all missing, and this mutilated dismembered corpse for shock value, posing display for police to discover, but then granting interviews with the media trying to contact the major players in the city, but they just were not interested or they were, I'm not sure why they didn't see the story for what it was. It doesn't matter to me. I can't spend too much time on that, but why he went and corresponded with me and gave me the information that he did the way say that he did the providing the letter about the questioning by police in Winnipeg about other similar murders. As he said again, you have to take apart some
and say well, they. Obviously there are no other murders that are similar, but then you start thinking of well. Similar just means he did all these things to a body. He was capable in this case of removing and disposing 'em all the victims, internal organs. Why could he just not dispose of the entire body? Well, he could. He could have done it this time. Well, then, why did he come forward because on July second is the day he came forward. He provides in his writing in the book the stressors he went back to his home with this adopted family had taken him in and he talks at length about the sexual and physical.
Physical abuse at the hands of his adopted family, his mother, had given him up when she was fifteen. This family in Winnipeg took him into foster care and then at July. Second, when he was three years old, that was the anniversary of his being adopted into this family in Winnipeg, this abusive, allegedly abusive family. That's when he came forward was July second day after he met this gentleman July. Second, he came forward to the police. Now, if I had just put that together, that would be again that would be so much weight to it, but
He put that together. He provided the information about the stressors very much like a serial killer. He understands that has to be some reason for it, so he talks about the stressor about going back to his neighborhood home. He just been back in town for three weeks. He was thinking about his abusive family. So a couple days later he meets a man. He's probably didn't have any intentions of murder that day, but when he found out. That he had in his possession thanks to the victim, stealing the jewelry from Susan Saran, Duns trailer. While she was on the set of, shall we dance, he then hatched a plan to achieve the infamy that he always desired, being a nobody being frustrated being a field artist and being a failed human by being hardly being able to stay alive or being continually squandering all his money getting fired from jobs, because he was
drinking or just missing, work or just his character in general. So it was as very much as you know, by reed all these books, it's the end of the road. They seem to be boxed in a corner, and this is what happens now. The other murders he alludes to. He talks about the other questioning and, I believe, that what he's trying to tell me is other people were killed in Edmonton and Alberta AR part me, Alberta, the Province and Vancouver British Columbia, and that is what he is given to me- is all that information that, when you put it all together, when you put all the characteristics, the post, murder activities, the shared characteristically has with the worst killers and in true crime. History. People don't lie about necrophilia, they don't brag about netgraph
Well, yeah. They don't brag about dismemberment. This person deserves to be recognized as one of the worst serial killers of all time, one of the worst killers of all time, because if they were to get if anyone were to get the actual information from this killer, I can't even fathom what else this person. Would want to say in have to say about those other murders. What happened. This is a person who wants to be studied that wants to be interviewed. That wants to
talk that wants to be known and wants to be infamous. We should use that opportunity now. I've have this book. Trophy kill has been studied by Professor Sue Williams and her class as one of the books about serial killing. This was called the social construction of a serial killer. An my book have included in with some of the biggest Katherine Ramsland Herald. Shanked are all these true crime, best selling authors who specialize in serial killing and they looked at the book and they made their conclusions, which I really don't agree with, but the book has been included in with other noted serial killer experts, books, Anne and it's been accepted in this university class as a serial key
and and the social construction. I have now approached Doktor Scott born. He is doing the again another construction of a serial killer, the again the how these serial killers are formed and he may have a problem with against any dear, whose officially only being convicted of one murder. So I will continue my quest my mission. To have this guy recognized as a serial killer, and that's why I'm going to America, because America recognizes serial killers and they recognize the profile they created the profile from their experience with serial killers. Canada may not care, but obviously people in America still are fascinated by again another unique serial killer and this serial killer wanted to talk and did talk and wow did he talk,
So anyway, I want to thank you very much for listening to this program. I hope I have in light, and you too, why I believe that Sidney, tear use is a serial killer. And I will tell people to that. If you there is no He bought version, but I am working on any but version and relaunch of the book in a book form with, a lot of reviews from true crime writers who have read the book so far, so I'm going to have that together and it should be available this year. Ebook book form- and I want to make a couple changes to the book. Now the Amazon version, the publish on demand version that you can get is seventeen dollars in the U S, and I will tell you explain why it is more expensive, the your average true crime writer, is doing to true crime books a year and making fifty three to cents rule. Lt on each book. I,
I had a small publisher, I'm not in America. I don't have the benefit of your many of your program to support I'm probably not going to sell as many books just based on certain things, especially It is a canadian crime and will not interest everybody in America, but if you you're interested in the mind of a serial killer in a psychopathic killer in a unique crime in a fascinating story of a journalist, it gets inextricably involved in a case, and you have the transcripts that you'd never get in most books and why have included. That is because it's the most powerful way to get this information to you about signature here in this incredible trial and Sydnie Tear used to kill her, took the stand, and you won't believe the stuff that he admitted to under cross examination very fascinating stuff. So that's what it is, the trophy killed the shall we dance murder. It is more expensive than your average
true crime book. It's four hundred pages in this bigger format. There's a lot of information jam packed into this book, and you will be first shocked by the murder. Self even more shocked by the revelations and then hopefully you'll be shocked by the differences on our judicial system and the conduct of the most experienced murder trial lawyer in the English speaking world, which is Greg Brodsky, which was the defense lawyer in this particular case. So it's an incredible story. Despite being a canadian story, please don't dismiss it. This guy has deserves your consider. Mission as a unique serial killer, that you must read this book to have any inclination on how the serial killer really really thinks. Anyway. I want to thank you for listening to the program, any comments
Please contact me. You know how to do that. Stay tuned next week for the Casey Anthony case by Diane Fanning It's called girl within encore performance and after that are berry. Flowers with sex slave masters, incredible journalist, incredible story, don't miss it and after that, Anthony Di Stefano with mob killer. Again, some incredible shows coming up near future and I'll keep you posted for stuff that happens in later in July, or trying to get the are you colonel lambs and other canadian story that rivals any in America. Colonel wines, with a book hold on a new kind of monster, very, very, very interesting case that captivated the world just in the last in this last six months or so so anyway. Thank you very much for listening. You the thing to true murder, the more shocking killers in true crime history, with your host dancer pesky, please join me tomorrow,
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